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Cyclotimia - Styx  Cyclotimia - TimeBank  DMT - Selected Funbient Works 1-4

The final update for this year as usually includes a lof of useful information for music addicts :)

First, I can't but mention the three new releases! The new album of Cyclotimia "Styx" is definitely the most "non-format" release for our label, and a "backward experiment" for the band who deliberately tried to make it as mainstream as possible. A supplement for this CD is a collection of compositions recorded in various years and combined on a disk called "TimeBank". These two releases are put out together with the labels Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records. One more release is a double album of the project DMT "Selected Funbient Works 1-4" made in cooperation with the labels kultFRONT, Aquarellist and Monochrome Vision.

Second, our mailorder has been updated with a pile of new music. The list of rare and used vinyls was rearranged, so that all records in mint (unplayed) condition were moved to the main catalogue. Besides, the prices for the most part of these records were reduced.

One more thing: we uploaded a photo gallery with the pictures from the fest "Otgoloski" which took part in Moscow on December 9th. The performers were Akpan, Misery, Vresnit, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum and Neznamo:

And now I'd like to say goodye to all of you and take a well-deserved rest: drink some sweet vodka, lie in snowbanks, listen to silence and abandon myself to other simple entertainments! All your orders and other enquiries will be proceeded as they are received after January 8th.

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Today's update feature wide range of music, among which I can mention the new releases of Russian labels Aquarellist (Phurpa and Rapoon), Biosonar^Labyrint (Lunar Abyss Deus Organum & Co), Waystyx (new CDs by Maeror Tri, Brume, and RLW), Operator Produkzion, Sickcore, Spermodeath, etc., and also the new albums from Hladna (new projects Babayoga and Vedunkoloverti), Veprisuicida (reissue of two early split-releases) and The Infant Cycle.

If this can be interesting to anybody, an interview with me has been published in recent issue of Connexion Bizarre webzine. You can read it here:

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Sister Loolomie - Signals  i.m.m.u.r.e. - The New Circle  Sphere Rex - For Electronics and Piano

Today on our programme:

  • three new releases on ZHELEZOBETON / Muzyka Voln;
  • concentrated schedule of gigs for November in St. Petersburg, Moscow and a bit in Yaroslavl;
  • new discs, vinyl and cassettes in mailorder catalogue;
  • attention to radio listeners! Radio "Echo of Moscow in St. Petersburg" (91.5 FM) launches a weekly based broadcast run by Nikolay Nelubin "Midnight. XXI century" dedicated to our music. Although it's all in Russian language, they promise to use "minimum of words and maximum of sounds". The programme is transmitted on the night of the Monday/Tuesday after midnight (Moscow time). Can be heard in St. Petersburg and suburbs, other cities can listen online here (with 10-15 minute delay). First programme is dedicated to the St. Petersburg project Anthesteria. After the air the recording will be available at the radio station website.
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Kshatriy - Slepok Soznaniya13.10.2009

We're glad to announce the new release of our sublabel Muzyka Voln! This is the compact disk of the project Kshatriy "Slepok Soznaniya". Fractal dark drone ambient based on the cocept of consciousness of a warrior.

As usual, in our distro catalogue update you can find lots of different interesting music, including new albums of Exit In Grey, Five Elements Music, Hypnoz, new releases of Monochrome Vision, Still*Sleep / Semperflorens, and many more.

Also, we're now taking pre-orders for the reissue of Velehentor "Dyatlov's Pass", made by Infinite Fog Productions as a deluxe 3 CD set in 6 panel digipak. The retail price is 29 euro. If you're interested in buying it via our mailorder, just drop us a line by e-mail.

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In current issue you can find lots of new music from Russian artists: a set of releases from DIY label Ambulacranarx records (Ufa), a new CDR from Operator Produkzion (St. Petersburg), a couple of discs from Substratum (Moscow), new recordings & side-projects from Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, DN23rd and Hladna.

As for international artists, we can mention the new CD from Flatline Skyline (Mechanoise Labs), 10" vinyl from Olhon (Substantia Innominata) and reissue of Troum's "Sigqan" CD (Transgredient Records).

Of course aside from above mentioned stuff you'll find many more interesting CDs and vinyls. Enjoy!

Attention! Another break in the work of mailorder is going to happen from September 24th to October 6th.

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This is the time for some ZHELEZOBETON news! As always, in the following block of information you will find a couple of reviews of our releases, announcements of industrial/experimental events in Russia, and many new, rare/used and back-in-stock items in our catalogue.

I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that mailorder will have a break - from August 20th to September 7th.

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Our current newsletter contains mailorder arrivals from such labels as Dark Vinyl / Memento Mori (Germany), Diophantine Discs (USA), Valgriind (Russia), Lagunamuch Community / Peace Technologies (Russia), Transgredient Records / Substantia Innominata (Germany), Hypnos (USA) and some others... Also huge amount of CDs in "rare/used" section!

In the nearest future we are waiting for the new releases by Bad Sector, Inade, Rome and labels Galakthorrö and Glacial Movements - stay tuned!

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Our todays newsletter contains various new releases from such labels as Ultra, Dubinogolovaya Korobochka, Silentes, Epidemie Records, Cold Graey, Abgurd / Rokot, Impulsy Stetoskopu, Semperflorens / Still*Sleep, Eternal Pride Productions, Zhivu / Vetvei, UFA Muzak and lots of others...

We congratulate you with the holiday of Summer Solstice, and let the good music be with you!

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ZHELEZOBETON newsletter is with you at the first day of summer! Due to the force of laws of the universal space energy, there will be a short break in mailorder activity: from June 5th to 15th. Nevertheless we'll be glad to answer your mails and orders later.

And today's newsletter contains:

  • selections of releases from the great labels Beta-lactam Ring Records (USA), Zeromoon (USA), Taalem / Kokeshidisk (France), Faria Records (Russia), etc.;
  • new albums and reissues from Maeror Tri, Hybryds, Jacob Kirkegaard, Hum, Exit In Grey, Ierophania and others;
  • lots of new stuff in the flea market (see rare and used below);
  • aside from this, many sold out releases are now back in stock.
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A short announcement at first: because of leaving for the Systo Palty Togathering festival mailorder will not function from May 6th to 12th.

And now a short description of today's newsletter:

  • new editions and re-editions from Russian projects Veprisuicida, Bardoseneticcube, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Boevye Cikady and YAO 91404 D;
  • a big selection of releases of now defunct Polish label Soulworm Editions (1998-2004) which has released a whole layer of various experimental music on CD-Rs with high quality artwork;
  • CDs from Austrian label Laton focusing attention on Russian and European experimental / IDM / ambient scene;
  • and new discs from varous industrial labels such as Old Europa Cafe (Italy), Essence Music (Brazil), MNDR / Sick Art / Psych.KG (Germany), Reduktive Musiken (Germany), EE Tapes (Belgium), Some Place Else (Finland) and many more.
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Here's our regular newsletter with lots of additions to the mailorder catalogue. Hope you'll find something interesting for you here!

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While someone's consciousness cringes at the fear of losing superfluous earthly blessings, we continue the feast during the plague! In today's newsletter as usual you'll find a lot of new interesting music, and the info about the local events. By the way, because of leaving for concerts the mailorder will not function from February 11 to 20.

Since Russian rouble has fallen down quite a lot in comparison with euro and usd, we've recalculater the postage tariffs and now they are quite cheaper. You can check out the table at the info page.

Forthcoming events:

11.02.2009 - Underwater Currents
(St. Petersburg, untitled cafe on Goncharnaya ul., 27. Beginning at 21:00. Ticket price - 150 rur.)

(Moscow, cultural centre "DOM". Address - "Novokuznetskaya" subway station, Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky per., 24, building 4. Phone - (495) 953-72-36. Beginning at 20:30. Ticket price - 1000/1200 rur.) More info in Russian...

12.02.2009 - Finis Mundi
(Nizhniy Novgorod, "Record" cinema centre. Address - ul. Piskunova, 11. Phone: 4-373-121. Beginning at 19:00. Ticket price - 200/300 rur.) More info in Russian...

14.02.2009 - Finis Mundi
(Kazan', "Habermaas" club. Address - ul. Baumana, 58. Beginning at 19:00. Ticket price - 250/300 rur.) More info in Russian...

15.02.2009 - Finis Mundi
(Cheboksary, "Tunnel" club. Address - ul. Elgera, 20. Beginning at 19:00. Ticket price - 200/250 rur.) More info in Russian...

(Moscow, cultural centre "DOM". Address - "Novokuznetskaya" subway station, Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky per., 24, building 4. Phone - (495) 953-72-36. Beginning at 20:00. Ticket price - 300/400 rur.) More info in Russian...

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