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Our todays newsletter contains various new releases from such labels as Ultra, Dubinogolovaya Korobochka, Silentes, Epidemie Records, Cold Graey, Abgurd / Rokot, Impulsy Stetoskopu, Semperflorens / Still*Sleep, Eternal Pride Productions, Zhivu / Vetvei, UFA Muzak and lots of others...

We congratulate you with the holiday of Summer Solstice, and let the good music be with you!



26.06.2009 - Breath of Earth
(Yarogora, Leningrad region)



A Challenge Of Honour -- "Ashigaru Revealed" -- CD -- €10
2008 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 012
"Warrior's way means death. When there are two ways to choose, choose the one that leads to death. Don’t argue! Direct your thoughts to the way you’d prefer, and follow …" The latest work from one of the most prominent and outstanding Martial / neoclassical European projects. Continuation of music Odyssey began 7 EP - box-set "Ashigaru and dedicated to warrior’s traditions of medieval Japan. Graceful and epic cocktail of atmospheric neoclassical passages, Japanese drums and rhythms. The album is released as appealing digi-pack, its design in classical Japanese style was created by Peter Savelkoul. [press-release]

Aghast -- "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis" -- CD -- €12
2009 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 014
Aghast was a project by Nebelhexe and Nacht, released in 1994. This album was released back then by legendary Cold Meat Industry and now we present a great re-edition in DIGI-CD. "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis" is real dark and gloomy ambience, played in a classical dark wave vein. Minimalism in musical content, compensated by spooky and ice-cold vocals that will haunt you. Macabre enchantresses in lovely disguise will seduce you to end your life and take you th their ghastly realm from which you will never rise. Hear gods cry and angels fall. Listen to the horror and beauty. Let Aghast bewitch you! [press-release]

All My Faith Lost... -- "In A Sea, In A Lake, In A River .. ...Or In A Teardrop" -- CD -- €10
2002/2009 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-04, (ltd. 1000)

Arcane Device & Tietchens, Asmus -- "Speiseleitung" -- CD -- €18
1996 Raum 312, CD RAUM 06

Bain Wolfkind -- "The Swamp Angel" -- CD -- €13
2008 Hau Ruck!, HR!92

Bible, Jeremy & Henry, Jason -- "Ound" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-55, (ltd. 100)
American artists JEREMY BIBLE & JASON HENRY work in the field of electroacoustics, digital sounds and field recordings constructing deep and smooth Drone Ambient with light touch of experimental and slightly noisy sounds. During the year 2008 they released some albums throught their own label Experimedia and through other labels: Gruenrekorder, Resting Bell and Gears of Sand. The last one is known for its releases of NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI and AIDAN BAKER, in which ranks the JB&JH duet stands proud and self-confident without any allowance for the yet short musical career. [press-release]

Bizarre Uproar / The Cherry Point / Gelsomina -- "split" -- CD-R -- €9
Rokot, RKT-03, (ltd. 100)
Three Harsh Noise substances that you know perfectly well created three 18 minutes long tracks sounding mangling and indivisible. Pro-done silk-screened CDR in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

Blame -- "Water" -- CD -- €10
2007/2008 Klangdynamik Records, KD 06

Bradley, Paul & Cria Cuervos -- "Moraines II" -- CD -- €11
2007 SmallVoices, SVR 07025

Brighter Death Now -- "Where Dreams Come True" -- CD -- €13
2009 Cold Meat Industry, CMI196 / Jinx, JINX CD-003

Camerata Mediolanense -- "Campo Di Marte" -- CD -- €22
My Castle, MY CASTLE 07

Camerata Mediolanense -- "Madrigali" -- CD -- €22
My Castle, MY CASTLE 08

Cat'n'Bone -- "Pencil" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 20)
Beautiful and interesting Old-School Industrial / Musique Conrete, exploring the cultural and sonic phenomenon of a pencil. Paper sleeve with a sticker, 8-page A5 booklet, a set of 6 pencils, rubber and blade. [YAOP info]

The Cat's Orchestra -- "Cosmic Sculpture" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu09-49
The project from Kiev joined Zhivu with it's debut album. This is what relates - walking through the old streets impregnated with so familiar scent which can be felt somewhere deep in yourself. This music is lumped from confined tracks as against other Zhivu releases. It's more variegated, fantasmagorical sometimes. Nicolay Sirov defines it's sculpureness using 5-string guitars, bass, synth, drums, trumpet, radio, kitchen staff, vocal and other materials marking it with next genres: Psychedelic \ Indie \ Experimental \ Folk \ Noise. Album may be viewed combined with several parts, which are rather different in their dynamics, tempo, nuances. Music does not have quality. Music is everlasting dialogue, the dialogue Me-You. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Charons Nymfer -- "Se Doden Pе Dig Vantar" -- CD -- €11
Ominous Recordings, OR004
Charons Nymfer interprets Carl-Michael Bellman in the most modern way so far. Harsh noise, folkrock, metal, original material composed the same way as old folk music from the 1700th. Angstridden, haunting, interesting to say the least. The limited edition is handnumbered by Dick Lundberg. [label info]

Closing The Eternity -- "Noughtwards" -- CD -- €10
2009 Epidemie Records, EPR068, (ltd. 600)
After very successful album „Nearby Being“ (2006, in cooperation with Ad Lux Tenebrae project), we bring you a new album of mysterious project from Russian Ural. 74 minutes long composition called “Noughtwards” is full of dark harmonic drones and subtle pulsations, and is meant to multiply your inner self by zero and to take you off... noughtwards. The album is coming out in nice six pannels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces. [press-release]

Coil -- "The New Backwards" -- CD -- €22
2008 Threshold House, THBKK4

Cold Fusion & Rukkanor -- "Wunderwaffe" -- CD -- €13
2005/2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 50

Coph'antae Tryr -- "Kyrleet" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Cold Graey, MF13, (ltd. 57)
Classic dark-ambient, orchestral performance is sometimes reminiscent Hoedh. Such a feeling that this music is born at the same time with all the famous works of this kind. Spaces that arise when listening to Kyrleet is not so easy to call an just audible. They are real, involve the audience and left to wander, swim, float on the foggy mountains, snow-covered steppes, and most unimaginable places, which, nevertheless, closely to tangible and ambience are not giving a chance to escape. The disc is brought again and again, playing on repeat, and had failed to understand what is real and what is not. Too good, incredible for debut. The release presented as a handmade DVD-size-sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

The Days Of The Trumpet Call -- "Purification" -- CD -- €15
Trutzburg Thule, TRUTZCD004

The Days Of The Trumpet Call -- "I Saw No Temple In The City / Reminiszenz 1999-2006" -- 2 CD -- €20
2008 Trutzburg Thule, TRUTZCD003

Dead Voices On Air -- "Hafted Maul" -- CD -- €18
1995 Invisible, INV 038 CD

Death In June -- "The Wörld Thät Sümmer 20th Anniversary Extras" -- mCD -- €12
2008 New European Recordings, BAD VC9/20
Contains the six extra tracks from the release The World That Summer from 2006, packaged in a full-colour card slipcase.

Desiderii Marginis -- "Years Lend a Golden Charm" -- CD -- €12
2009 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 016
To gain a deeper understanding of what is, it is necessary to examine what was – to go to the sources and the origins. With the emergence of this brand new offering by Desiderii Marginis, ‘Years Lend a Golden Charm’ we are invited to experience the very birth of what is now a well established and worldwide recognised project within the dark-ambient industrial scene. The contents of the new album is made up of some 73 minutes of material from the first three tapereleases from 1993. Highly sought after by collectors but only available in a mere dozen of handmade copies, these songs are now finally made available to a greater audience. When you listen to the music with the knowledge that hindsight brings - it is obvious that these are the roots and the foundations, not only of the first full length album ‘Songs Over Ruins’, but of every succesive release up to the latest ‘Seven Sorrows’. In 1993 there was no set course, no long term plan – and still, maybe it couldn’t have turned out any other way? [press-release]

Deutsch Nepal -- "Benevolence" -- CD -- €18
1993 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.21

Die Weisse Rose -- "A Martyrium Of White Roses" -- CD -- €13
2009 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.197

Down In June -- "Covers... Death In June" -- CD -- €16
2008 Nerus, NERUS 12

Falkenstein -- "Urdarbrunnen" -- CD -- €13
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 04 / Kraftplatz Records, KRPL 02

Food For Fantasy -- "Fruits of Fantasy" -- CD -- €11
2008 Spheric Music, SMCD 2013

Food For Fantasy -- "The Secret of Dreamin'" -- CD -- €11
2006 Spheric Music, SMCD 2012

Funkstillesender -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 Abgurd, AB-57, (ltd. 50)
FUNKSTILLESENDER along with ZFK, PUBLIC IMMORALITY and KOMATOSERZUSTAND was a part of mysterious alliance that existed in Lipetsk, Russia, in 2004 and 2005. During that period the projects created a solid amount of very talented albums that cloaks the listener with scorching Harsh Noise (ZFK and PUBLIC IMMORALITY) and hollow Radiodrone (FUNKSTILLESENDER and KOMATOSERZUSTAND) in a masterly fashion. The mini album we have here contains two last tracks that appeared in 3 years after the author's death in May of 2005. If you had listened previous albums of FUNKSTILLESENDER you know what to expect: lo-fi drones and trance radionoise united in a monumental all-devouring clutter. There is nothing to add — just listen to the message from Beyond. [press-release]

Grunt / Cloama -- "Valkoinen Kuolema / Belyi Smertz" -- CD -- €14
2002 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-CD-009, (ltd. 500)

Hybryds -- "Soundtrack For The Aquarium" -- CD -- €25
1995 Daft Records, D1003 CD

The Infant Cycle -- "Trialism - Clear Shapes Stereo" -- 2x3"CD-R -- €8
2009 Abgurd, AB-47, (ltd. 100)
Reissue of the "clear forms" lathe cuts that were released by The Ceiling in 2002, 2003 & 2004, and B-sides of those that were put online by mp3-label Sonus in 2005. [label info]

Irezumi -- "Endurance" -- CD -- €12
2008 Snowblood, snow01

Jaaportit -- "Voimasuo" -- CD -- €10
2009 Epidemie Records, EPR067, (ltd. 600)
A new album of frosty Finnish project JÄÄPORTIT. Seven atmospheric compositions blending together dreamy etheric ambient, cold rhythmical nordic electronics and melancholy post-rock. The album is thematically dedicated to the world under human kind transformation. Intense, strong and polymorphous album hardly to fit in conventional categories, because it's kind of a musical labyrinth, definitely worth of exploring. The album is coming out in nice six pannels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces. [press-release]

Jannerwein -- "Abendlauten" -- CD -- €13
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 05

Jerman, Jeph -- "Prayer * Tactus" -- CD -- €10
2009 Semperflorens, sf01
Track 1 is made from Tinguely's machine, Tibetan prayer wheels, burden basket, drum; track 2 - from stones, volcanoes, shortwave, wire, VLF. Constructions of field recordings mixed with object improvisations. "Prayer" is peripheral sounds existing around "religious" activities of different faiths. "Tactus" deals with geologic or geophysical sound traces finely layered. As above, so below... [label info]

Karjalan Tazavalla -- "Uhtua" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 UFA Muzak, UFA 29, (ltd. 91)
Death Industrial / Power Ambient. Karelian republic as Uhtian republic. Wonderful sonic document of the second "opus magnum" of this project from Petrozavodsk. This disc is a dedication to the Uhtian republic, which was founded in 1920-s in the northern Karelia and wanted to separate from Russia and become part of Finland. Two revolutionary revolts happened but were suppressed. This is history. During the running time of this disc you'll hear: iron walls of death industrial, cold currents of death ambient, and whisper of dark noise - this would most efficiently describe all the dreams that haunted the musicians during the recording of this material... Väinämöinen arises from Tuonela and warns people: don't make evil deeds and you won't be in that horrible situation where mean people are... 5 tracks, 54 minutes, CD-r, black carbdoard handmade digi-folder + stickers and cards. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Khaos Theory -- "From the Darkness of Khaos" -- CD -- €9
2008 Military Industrial Komplex Records
Khaos Theory is a military industrial metal band from NYC sounding sometimes like hardcore version of Laibach. "The concept for "From the Darkness of Khaos" is to reveal the hidden governments of the world and expose them into the light and minds of the 95% ignorant in today's world. Each song deals with a specific topic on the Iraq war, 9/11, Multinational corporations, Religion as an ignorant tool of enslavement, and the hidden elect or Illuminati secret societies which are slowly changing the world we live in to a uni-polar Orwellian state where only one government has the means to control and subjugate your life. Songs like "Kein Entkommen" give a vision of Corprate tyranny over the common man as they slowly destroy natural resource to gain profit to become an establisment that is too powerfull to stop. Thus none escape the grasp of total control they have. "Black September" is a song about the planes destroying the world trade center and changing the outlook of the western thought towards third world states. "The West Will Conquer" is a song that has a militant and patriotic anthem like any good propaganda piece to inspire a people to become active and involved in their countries agenda. The current album contains these tracks and many others like "Khaos Theory" and "From the Darkness of Chaos". Some songs are more dark and futuristic industrial, where as other songs are more classical and neo-militant". [from the press-release]

Kraus, Sharron -- "The Fox's Wedding" -- CD -- €15
2008 Jnana Records / Durtro, DURTRO/JNANA 004

L'Orchestre Noir -- "11" -- CD -- €13
1998/2006 PREcordings, PRE004

Le Masque -- "Colloquio" -- CD -- €10
2008 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD200801
Born in Milan in 1979, Le Masque are one of the finest Italian wave band. This cd contanis the reissue of the legendary 'Colloquio' EP (released on Supporti Fonografici in 1986), influenced by the melancholic writings of the Italian Crepuscolari poets (the lyrics of the title track are an extract from Carlo Vallini's poem "Un Giorno"), plus a live recording of Le Masque exhibiton at Club tenco in 1990. In 1984 they also released their first mini-lp 'Happy Flock' on the legendary italian label Mask Production, runned by Lisfrank, this name will remember something to the minimal synth lovers. [Mannequin Mailorder]

Maskinfett -- "Stinkhole Universe" -- CD-R -- €7
Ominous Recordings, OR001
This pulse-oriented harsh, industrial noise from Sweden. The debut albums contains some of Maskinfetts greatest moments. This should be of interest for fans of Merzbow, Smegma and more such, since it's filled with sickening cluster, harsh industrial noise, and pulses. [label info]

Mortart -- "Cold Hands" -- CD-R -- €6
Imbecil Records 019
The material was recorded in 2003-2005. Classical death industrial from southern Russia. Monotonous low frequency droning, sick sound loops, slow percussion, loops and loops again... Contains one live track.

Mortiis -- "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent" -- CD -- €13
1995/2007 Projekt, PROJEKT192

Nedicry -- "Sincere Frustration" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Cold Graey, MF14, (ltd. 57)
Sincere frustration develops the theme of the first album in the neo-classical way. Even sharper, even deeper. This album is able to raise the wind up inside you, wake you up and call you. Where? Direction is not as important as the impulse. Especially for us, packed into the ground and lost our faith. A strong string section, the solemn and wistful, the restless and thoughtful. Music. Able to awaken and inspire. Oversized sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

New Risen Throne -- "Crossing The Withered Regions" -- CD -- €13
2009 Cold Meat Industry, CMI193

Noise-Maker's Fifes -- "Legnica" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 003, (ltd. 120)
This recording comes from a show which took place in the theatre in Legnica while Ars Media Presentations on 5th October 1997 during second tour NMF in Poland. Recorded live direct from mixing desk. Edition of 120 numbered copies. Cd comes packaged inside an aluminum foil slipcover. [label info]

Nordvargr -- "Helvete" -- CD -- €10
2008 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 013
The newest creation from Villa Bohult, the Nordvargr family burial vault. This time the «cursed poet» Wrest from the USBM Leviathan Cult and Drakhon (Beyond Sensory Experience, MZ. 412) have joined the night sessions of the never sleeping Swedish zombie. It would be totally insane to be waiting for something life-asserting, light and positive for the three of them. «Helvete» is just the overwhelming Darkness and the ice-cold all-filling Terror. Meditative and sinister Dark Ambient rhythms are filled with the ominous whisper of Wrest and Drakh. Deep and lengthy drones as well as the charming atmosphere of the Swedish industrial decadence. At the end of this trip all of those nostalgic for the times of the «Burning The Temple Of God» MZ. 412 will be fully rewarded for all the years of waiting... [press-release]

Northam, Michael & Vidyarthi, Jatin -- "Golden Shadows" -- CD -- €10
2009 Semperflorens, sf02
"A document of the Khoj residency, Jatin and myself took a bit of time (with the help of the Khoj crew) to make a short edition of a collection of our sessions and recordings we did together... Strange mix of improvisation, minimal acousmatics and field recordings (perhaps the first project of its kind from India)." [Michael Northam]

Nurse With Wound -- "Thunder Perfect Mind" -- CD -- €18
1992/2002 United Dairies, UD 040CD

O Paradis / Escama Serrada -- "La Corte Del Rey Pescador / La Reina Este Mala" -- 2 CD -- €25
2009 Tourette, tourette 007/008, (ltd. 300)

Odal -- "Smashed Up Reality / Damned Nihilism" -- 2 CD-R -- €12
2009 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 013, (ltd. 120)
"These recordings were made in ‘87 and ‘88 orginally for Vis a vis the label of Gerogerigegege in Japan, but for some reason it never released on vinyl. 15 years later I received the orginally masters back, but there were rumours that RRRecords had some copies for sale, but that has never confirmed. However I always thought that there’s an curse on this project and it is! Thanks to Rafal that he gives some of these Odalsounds an place". [Peter Zicken / Odal]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "ONANI" -- CD -- €15
2009 Cold Meat Industry, cmi191

Orplid -- "Greifenherz" -- CD -- €15
2008 Auerbach Tontrager, AB 020 LTD, (ltd. 2000)

Pugna -- "SORBET_IZDAR" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-45, (ltd. 100)
SOBRET_IZDAR is an incantation and a rough test of the strength that are destined to stagger a human at the crucial point. Everything collapse except the one with the solid transcendent foothold. Awfully buzzing, morbidly dissonant and clattering guitar-and-synth-based Drone of the distant explosions with terror-struck meditation. Recorded in 2006. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)" -- CD -- €21
1999 Staalplaat, STCD 141

Rice, Boyd / Tovey, Frank -- "Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing" -- CD -- €25
1984/1996 Mute Records Ltd., cdstumm20

Schroeder, Robert -- "Brainchips (Instrumental Version)" -- CD -- €11
2005 Spheric Music, SMCD 2011

Schroeder, Robert -- "D.Mo Vol. 2" -- CD -- €11
2008 Spheric Music, SMCD 2017

Schroeder, Robert -- "Harmonic Ascendant" -- CD -- €22
1979/1990 Racket Records, RRK 715020

Schroeder, Robert -- "SphereWare" -- CD -- €11
2007 Spheric Music, SMCD 2016

Schroeder, Robert -- "Taste It" -- CD -- €11
2009 Spheric Music, SMCD 2018

Seplophobia / Post-Mortem Junkie -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
Rokot, [RKT-02], (ltd. 76)
Horror Noise masterpiece by two sovereigns of death pulsations, dehydrating distortions and blackened twinkles. Post-Mortem Junkie is a project of horrendous Ryan Oppermann of Redrot, Klinikal Skum, Neuntoter der Plage, Xombie, etc. Previously released as the limited to 50 copies cassette through musicians own labels STOP/EJECT and Skeletone. [label info]

Solanaceae -- "s/t" -- CD -- €13
2009 Heidrunar Myrkrunar, Heim006
The new side project of :Of The Wand And The Moon:.

Soldnergeist -- "Global Media Control" -- CD -- €22
1996 Art Konkret, ART 22

Sturmpercht -- "A Wilde Zeit" -- CD -- €13
2007/2008 Percht, Percht09
An extended reissue of the limited CDR. The album contains all songs from the previous vinyl releases: "Der Tanz Des Tatzelwurmes" 7", split 7" with Jägerblut, "Alpine Bann- Und Segensspruche" single-sided LP + CDR, "Der Marsch Der Wampelereiter" 7" + three previously unreleased tracks.

Svarrogh / Defile Des Ames / Arnica -- "South European Folk Compendium" -- CD -- €13
2009 Ahnstern, Ahnstern37

Tetragor -- "Made in Madness" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-56, (ltd. 100)
TETRAGOR is a siberian project from the city of Kemerovo. In 2005 it recorded Made in Madness which can be described stylistically as mystic Dark Industrial. Archaic symphonies sound from millions miles away, obliterating tread of Time, rigidity of Chaos, primeval essence of heteroaseity. The album brings reminiscences of the early albums released by mighty Cold Meat Industry - ILDFROST, MEMORANDUM, MENTAL DESTRUCTION - with its aesthetics of introvertive religion of Kali-Yuga. [press-release]

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Marches Funebres" -- CD -- €25
1989/1994 Multimood, MRC 008, 2nd edition

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Notturno" -- CD -- €22
1986/1992 Barooni, BAR007, 2nd edition

Velehentor -- "Bleaching of Penury" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, RKT-04, (ltd. 100)
The album that is tributed to the events of poisoning of a human by a human. Two long Harsh Noise tracks in the all-burning style of Government Alpha and two short interludes with ear-mangling glitches. [label info]

Veprisuicida -- "Oskoplenie" -- CD-R -- €9
1997/2008 Dubinogolovaya Korobochka, DK-3, (ltd. 69)
Re-release of Ultra cassette from 1997.

Veprisuicida / Organomehanizm -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €9
2001/2008 Dubinogolovaya Korobochka, DK-2, (ltd. 69)
Re-release of Ultra cassette from 2001.

Voe_Ero -- "Pamyat" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu08-128
Memory about that was always, about the dearest people, about deep connection, about a fight, about our children, soaring in skies and going by land. We are links in an enormous chain. But anxiety on what be going on and to our place in him. What does take a place?... Again living improvisation record in characteristic stilistike and melodic, for this time most raw from all of written down. By the clean eyes of child in the World. There are not rehearsals, in this life nobody enables you to rehearse. Stream of the deep experiencing for the moment of flying in critical moment, extremely short interval of time, is all of life before eyes. As symbolical sleep. you living and beautiful when you are those, who you are. Time as is there a clock? No, time is deep thoughtful. Guitars, drums and perkussion, vocals and flutes, dear mother, sun and birds. Post-rock \ Psy-folk \ Experimental. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Voe_Ero -- "Spasibo" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu10-39
Eighth title in project history marked new grounds for band. A base for the album is live recording on 21.03.98 in GEZ-21 (Spb) in performed by 5 members of project. New live sound - an departure from past band's recordings but with the same gist - singing madrigals to Life as heard by band members. Spring, Mother looking at Son - she will lead her child into new world. World full of joys and sorrows, stones roots and opened arms. Song lost in itself, a lull sung by somewhat aloof, but dancing and smiling people. Psychedelic \ Folk \ Post-rock. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Vresnit -- "Vjuga.Ljet.Duj." -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Vetvei, V05, (ltd. 181)
Sky and Earth meld into one where Vjuga Ljet Duj begun with a moment when nestling will begin to see, and then their Mothers give clear statements. Tightly wrapped it soars down, like a raven and enters the House through the roots. It is a journey-exploration and proclaiming each of 9 lines stated in Circle. With deep vibrations we enchant the symbols seen in dreams and ask the people who never spoken using words. Rough ritual ambient sung by voices of three worlds animals and shaped in acoustic-analog form. Iron percussion, loud words of caves and dimensions wrapped in smoke scent. We look after and expect, glorify the Law a song with inexhaustibility of form and content. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Watermann, John -- "Ambiguity" -- CD -- €40
1990 Nightshift Records, NR010

Watermann, John -- "Babel #1" -- CD -- €25
1993 Stille Andacht, STILLE 02, (ltd. 1000)

Watermann, John -- "The Dead Calm Of Bashing Coca Cola" -- CD-R -- €9
1989/2009 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 010, (ltd. 120)
One of the best in WATERMANN'S discography. Very specific postindustrial with plenty of various sampling styles, cut-ups and incredible sound set-up. Album was digital remastered. [label info]

:zoviet-france: -- "Loh Land" -- CD -- €18
1987/1992 Staalplaat, STCD 018

V/A -- "Dreams of MySpace" -- CD -- €11
2008 Spheric Music, SMCD 9101

V/A -- "Last Call Of Gjallarthorn" -- CD-R + zine -- €10
2009 UFA Muzak, UFA 27, (ltd. 100)


Monument Straha -- "s/t" -- C-40 -- €5
2009 Ultra, U 4, (ltd. 30)
A hard case of late Soviet proto-pseudo-quasi-gothic from rainy Leningrad of late 80-ies. The released was announced by ULTRA as far back as 1995 but because of mysterious disappearance of the master tape in the archive depths of bass player Yuri Kovalsky and it's lucky discovery just in the end of 2008, the release is made only now in mass edition of 30 copies for especially steady maniacs. Sound a la Joy Division or Bauhaus, sepulchral lyrics, the atmosphere of invigorative dread and black humour. [press-release]

Sekt / Terror Regime -- "Learn / The Ominous Drone" -- MC -- €6
Ominous Recordings, OR003
The Sekt-side is an experimental ambiental journey into darkness, frustration and control. So hypnotizing and scary that it is a must have! The Terror Regime-side is as usual misanthropic harsh noise, complete Terror Propaganda. Less vocals than earlier, but a live(?!) track has been added. [label info]


... -- "No" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Valgriind 07, (ltd. 50)
Philosophical noise, sonic manifestation of the ideas of the school of Madhyamak-Prasangik. Most of the material is comprised of cover-versions of the tracks by YAO 91404 D and Merzbow, performed live without audience, plus something else. Handmade artwork (collage, paper envelope, cardboard with a hand-pront and inserts). [label info] Three long tracks. First sounds like this: background accidental music (from radio or TV), someone howls monotonously and melancholically, and either rhythmically or spontaneously taps on a metal bucket. A couple of times all this is interrupted by fragments of a lecture on eastern philosophy. Second track starts with the sounds of house cleaning, then radionoise appears with a looped voice phrase, again metal clinks, then comes amateur non-harmonic guitarplaying and other absurd sounds. The third track is conceptually the same: jingles, knockings, farting noise, looped phrases, verses and accidental sounds.

Allerseelen -- "Abenteuerliches Herz" -- CD -- €13
Aorta, AORCD07
"Abenteuerliches Herz is a great album. Raw, powerful and complex. It is very exciting to see someone take the neo-folk music genre and completely redefine and broaden its scope. To see an artist infuse this genre with so many diverse musical approaches and infuse it with Mediterranean flavor has been a very unique and enjoyable experience. Allerseelen’s Abenteuerliches Herz truly stands out as an original and innovative release. I highly recommend this album to everyone. The music is very approachable and seductive. Faeries coming from many different music scenes will find both something familiar and something new in this music. All of the songs lyrical content is poetically esoteric and open to interpretation. The music is also good just for the experience. If you love innovative music that is redefining limits and boundaries you have to get Abenteuerliches Herz!" [Malahki Thorn, Heathen Harvest]

Allerseelen -- "Flamme" -- CD -- €13
2003 Aorta, AORCD10
"Apocalyptic folklore magnetico pop.. The music on these two records is warm and sensual with apocalyptic pop, folklore magic and flamenco magnetico. Fine catchy melodies, infectious groovy rhythms, a lot of joie de vivre ambiance, lovely strings and a varied musical menu. Accessible and original at the same time. There are no weak moments. Some of my favourite songs are the sing-along 'Sonne golthi-ade (Josef)', the intimate classical songs 'Ob auch mein Herz so funkelt' and the almost Latin 'Sturmlied'. On the album even a DAF cover is present: 'Als wars das letzte Mal '.?"Flamme" sparks with the lovely choral 'Kamerad', the cheerful 'Lowin', the irrestible dancehit 'Goldener Lebenswein', the mysterious 'Knistern'... With this record the temperatures are rising again..." [funprox.com]

Allerseelen -- "Neuschwabenland" -- CD -- €13
Aorta, AORCD05
"It is not only the packaging that possesses the texture of ice. A shimmering world of subterranean glacial caverns. One's consciousness is mesmerised by siren-like strings and metallic chimes, that glisten like frozen stalactites in this palace of ice. Sophisticated upbeat numbers veering toward pop territory in terms of its melody and construction, gelid love-songs. The addition of string and brass sections imbues the whole with a sense of subdued tension which acts as the perfect vehicle for Kadmon's pondering, poetic lyrics. Backdrobs of pulsating bass, sweeping reverberations. Wonderfully expressive violins provide a respite from the cold. As always with Allerseelen, one is left feeling enthused and invigorated by a brilliant listening experience. With concepts and music of this quality, Kadmons looks set to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge sounds for years to come." [Judas Kiss zine]

Allerseelen -- "Venezia" -- CD -- €13
Aorta, AORCD06
Dedicated to Mediterranean culture and music, this album was inspired by the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. The albums music moves between powerful and rhythmic oriented tracks to soundtrack-type grooves, encompassing the decadent, inspired, hypnotic and surreal. Based on R.M.Rilke and inspired by Nietzsche and E.Pound. Lounge and downtempo industrial. [label info]

Arcana -- "Le Serpent Rouge" -- CD -- €15
2005 2005 Projekt, Projekt 171
This 6th full-length album is Arcana as you have never heard them before. With melodies from the orient, feelings of the hot Arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the Duduk and the Hammered Dulcimer, Arcana has on this release moved further from the original sound that we have heard through out the years. Along with the fabulous art of Agnieszka Szuba, this album is a release you can't miss. US edition. [press release]

Arditi -- "Spirit of Sacrifice" -- CD -- €15
Regain Records, Blood 019
The 2nd full-length album by Arditi continues to explore the darker tones of militaristic industrial, combining dark ambient passages and neo-classical orchestrations.

Ariu Kara -- "Medlennii Skaner Stalkera" -- CD -- €9
2005 Lagunamuch Community, LMC300, (ltd. 300)
Ariu Kara is a musical component part of audio-visual project Ariu Lab, created in 2001 by industrial photographer Anastasiya Krutova. Ariu Lab deals with documentary, video installations and visual design. Ariu Kara records sound for all visual parts of the project. Ariu Kara plays gloomy music of post-human future, dead earth, covered with snow of nuclear winter. It's music of dark overcastted sky, and huge rusty broken cars, living alone in their own eternal cycle. They assemble creatures from odd details and disassemble to assemble again. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Asmorod -- "Hysope" -- CD -- €13
Steinklang Industries, SKD 12
A fascinating introspective deep ambient work that distinguished itself from the mass of uniformized dark ambient releases. Niiko (now the only member of Asmorod) used the word Hysope (French word for Hyssop) as a symbolism of spiritual purification. In ancient times, Hyssop was used for the cleansing of lepers (Leprosy may represent sin... but lepers were not necessarily sinful) and used for cleaning sacred places. It is alluded to in the Scriptures: 'Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean' (Purify me from my sins, and i will be clean; wash me, and i will be whiter than snow. Psalms 51:7). Two tracks from that album feature choirs by eLL from Sui Generis Umbra. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ataraxia -- "La Malediction d'Ondine" -- CD -- €13
2007 Twilight Records, TW 1.36
One of the most important and famous act into the medieval music is now part of Twilight Records. Ataraxia has a long career into the scene and lot of albums wich let the band in the higger status of the genere. Now Twilight Records is releasing the old and exellent album LMD, wich take inspiration on the Greek mithology, one of the more beautifull works of the band. This time with a new cover design and in a nice digipack. The following are few words regarding this album concept: "...envelopped by the waves, dragged by the streams of the rivers, sucked by the gloomy overflowingats of the laOnkes the echo of the up and down of many female souls repeats itself an infinite number of times, we've heard that dirge, we've transformed it into some songs and we are repeating the same tune like the echo of an echo to you, oh listener... Ondine were nymphs of the streams, of the marshes, of the lacustrine surfaces, they were both women and Goddesses, a medley far from perfection, Ondine could kill dragging us in the whirlpool of their pain and death, always consumed by water, Ondine could love passionately, just like women, with all the sublime burden of their primordial instinct. La malediction d' Ondine it's also a curse, the neurologists describe it as an apnoea that happens while sleeping, if someone doesn't wake-up in time it will probably wake-up somewhere else, anchored to the seaweeds braids of a deep sea or stranded on a branckish smell beach....." [press-release]

Aube -- "Reworks Nimh Vol. 1" -- CD -- €10
2007 Silentes, SME0611
Another must have work by audio decomposition-genius and sound-sculptor AUBE. Ethnic-electronic sound sources (as with "The Missing Tapes" by NIMH) transfigured and remodeled into completely new sonic lifeforms with state-of-the-art audio processing algorithms. Residual fragments of the original sound-sources occasionally appear in the mix like aquatic fauna swimming to the surface for a brief second. A magnum opus in four movements. Intensely facinating work by the unparalleled master of experimental sound design. AUBE is peerless. A minimal mosaic of sound that takes the listener on a slow-motion expedition into the very fabric of tone. A ocean of sound-grains for the listened to swim in. Spoken language doesn't (yet) contain words that properly describe these sounds... an absolute must have for the experimental music devotee. [press-release]

Aube -- "Reworks Stefano Gentile" -- CD -- €10
2005 Silentes, sme 0501
Glacial sonic tensions, hypnothic electronic sequences, loops alienated stratifications, isolationist dark atmospheres, slow and progressive accumulations of changing sonic masses... An extraordinary work of restoration and revision of original material by Stefano Gentile developed by Aube, japanese great master, and able manipulator and contemporary electronic-experimental music reworker. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 1" -- CD -- €12
2007 Waystyx Records, WR30, (ltd. 500)
First part of 2CD project revealing interest of Massimo Magrini in history of Soviet computer technics and presenting ten years of Bad Sector creative activity. It includes as remastered released compilation and bonus tracks as never before released material. Contains compositions from "Survival Tool" 3"CDR (Cohort Records), "Polonoid" concert edition CDR (Bastet Records) and "BadBox" edition boxset (Tantric Harmonies), "Toroidal Body" 7"+ mCDR (Pre Feed/Eibon Records), "Dolmen" 7" (Drone Records), "Manifesto Industriale Italiano" (Old Europa Cafe) tape box set. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 2" -- CD -- €12
2008 Waystyx, WR43, (ltd. 500)
2nd part of rare tracks anthology. Contains material from: "Planar Energy" picture 7" (Smallvoices), "Scrignum Vitae" box with CD and objects (Old Europa Cafe), "Ten Years Of Madness" 2 CD (Achtung Baby!), "Land:[Schaft]" 2x10" (Cold Lands), "Hover" CDr (Bastet Rec.), "L'Ame Electrique Presents Old Europa Cafe" (Ame Electrique) + 4 previously unreleased tracks recorded in 2002.

Baghiri, Amir -- "Bluebox Collection" -- 4 CD -- €30
2000 Arya, Y10, (ltd. 600)
Incredible! Over 280 minutes of new and often magnificent sounds from Amir Baghiri. This limited edition box set contains 4 brand new albums: CITY - LIVE - NIGHT - SLEEP. The music is more rhythmic on the album CITY with industrial noises, and slower ambient on SLEEP, from movement and chaos of a city to deep meditation. Amir (also with the help of many friends) is quite adept at shifting gears for each disc, and shows all his power in creating magic atmospheres that lead you on an unforgettable trip. The 4 CDs are packaged in a clear big jewel box with a 16-page booklet including full notes and photos. [Backroads Music description]

Brume -- "Anthology" -- 13 CD box -- €120
2008 Waystyx, WR50, (ltd. 100)
13 CD Brume anthology, consisting of releases from WR51 to WR63 in special box with red silkscreen, limited edition 100 copies. For peoplr who bought all 13 CDs separately an empty box with black silkscreen is available for free.

Cisfinitum -- "Bezdna" -- CD -- €10
2005 Monochrome Vision, (mv02), (ltd. 500)
New album of Moscow-based project Cisfinitum shows final turn from gothic influences to electroacoustic music. Very strong and unusual album with precise and deep sound. A whole bunch of Soviet analogue synthesizers were used on this recording, even the famous ANS. Plus some traditional acoustic instruments processed to full unrecognizability.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Darkwood -- "Notwendfeuer" -- CD -- €13
Heidenvolk, HV 10
Darkwood proved to be one of the most prolific and outstanding German neofolk bands. This upcoming studio album is certainly the most forceful recording so far. It combines martial acoustic songs and dark folk tunes, using acoustic sources like guitars, classical instruments, organic drums, and distorted basses. The 10 tracks dedicated to Youth & Fire are the perfect soundtrack for Winter Solstice. They shall evoke the burning need for a great change, forcing hands into hands. The standards already high after "Flammende Welt" and "Herbstgewölk" are even set higher now. [press release]

Death In June -- "All Pigs Must Die" -- CD -- €16
Leprosy Discs, Leper CD4
Here it is! You begged for it?! Death in June is back with the guitar and other traditional instruments, such like accordeon, flute and trumpet. Together with A. Ritter of the German folk-band Forseti and the famous trumpet player Campbell Finley, Douglas P. recorded a new album very much in the style of his folk highlights, "Rose clouds.." and "But, what ends...". The album is splitted in 6 folk orientated and 5 experimental tracks, remember records like "Wall of Sacrifice". Inspired by Charles Mansons night of Helter Skelter, Douglas P. found a way to haunt his own nightmare. Comes in extraordinary coverdesign and deluxe manufacturing with embossed titles and debossed images. [label info]

Death In June -- "Black Angel - Live!" -- CD -- €16
2008 Leprosy Discs, LEPER CD8, (ltd. 2000)
Live recording made on 24.05.2000 at The Esplanade, Melbourne, Australia. Band consisted of Douglas P. & John Murphy. Songs performed: Ku Ku Ku, To Drown A Rose, Omen-Filled Season, Symbols Of The Sun, Giddy Giddy Carousel, Kameradschaft, She Said Destroy, The Honour Of Silence, Golden Wedding Of Sorrow, Runes And Men, Fall Apart, But, When Ends When The Symbols Shatter? Signed by Douglas P.

Death In June -- "Nada!" -- CD -- €16
New European Recordings, NER BAD VCCD13
Finally re-pressed! "Nada" is one of the most classical recordings of Death in June till today. Tracks like " C'est un reve", "Leper Lord" and "Carousel" are unique, a release when DIJ was with Patrick O'Kill aside of Douglas P. and a s special this CD contains the "Born Again" material as bonus now! This release comes in a very nice deluxe digipak, with embossed metalic-foilblocked titels, as nice as the new versions of "But what ends..." and "Rose clouds..."! Contains a extended 16 page booklet with new artwork and all the texts. [label info]

Der Blutharsch -- "Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil!" -- CD -- €13
Wir Kapitulieren Niemals, WKN3
Re-issue of the album which set a milestone in the pounding neoclassical marching music.

Derniere Volonte -- "Obeir Et Mourir" -- 2 CD -- €32
Nuit Et Broulliard, NB.CD.06
Re-issue of the mythical double tape-boxset released by La Nouvelle Alliance in 1998 in a limited and numbered edition of 120 copies (L.N.A. 01). Only 90 were finally edited that time. All original material was entirely remastered and seven unreleased tracks from the same recording sessions were added for a tolal length of about 140 mns/28 tracks. Unlike to the recent releases of this French one-man project "Obéir et Mourir" includes neither any singing nor pop-influences. The sound here is a great blending of dark ambient soundscapes, militaristic percussion samples and tape-voices taken from World War II' documentaries. Powerful anthems march in front of melodic tracks and oppressive atmospheres reflecting perfectly the climate of the 30's and of the 40's made of fury, pain and tears… "Obéir et mourir" is nothing but an audio and visual illustration of these dark days... The two CDs come in cardboard cover with a 14 postcard-set, housed in a deluxe dark green boxset with embossed front-picture and bronze printings. [press-release]

Exit In Grey -- "Twilight Waters" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Abgurd, AB-41, (ltd. 100)
[S] and (S), who live in Pushkino city in Moscow suburbs, created their project EXIT IN GREY four years ago. During the last couple of years they worked with their solo-projects as well. Those are ABANDONED HEAD of (S) and SISTER LOOLOMIE and FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC of [S]. EXIT IN GREY is 100% example of Drone Ambient: hypnotizing field-recordings of city and nature, their own unique methods of musicianship, harmonizing guitar, synths and singing bowls helps the musicians to follow their chosen path of Archaic and Emotional. «Twilight Waters» was recorded in the year 2005 and was released by the musicians own label Daphnia Records in ultra-limited edition «for friends-only». Gloomy and cold, streaming through underground caves sound collages. Transformed droning streams of ever-water and noises of oceanic spaces co-work with guitar-based drones and singing bowls. Calm and introvert recording for dilution and absorption. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ezhi i Petruccho -- "Istorii" -- CD -- €7
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC600
Russian spoken word / ambient project, devised in late 90-s by Andrey Andrianov. Some time later the musician Andrey Dergachev joined him and they have recorded several philosophic stories about two fictional characters Ezhi and Petrucco, and then released their first album. Since that the project has become more and more famous and popular, attracting the attention of radio stations, animators and just all the interested listeners. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ezhi i Petruccho -- "Skazki" -- CD -- €7
2007 Lagunamuch Community, LMC-1000
Russian spoken word / ambient. Ezhi and Petruccho? Who are they? First of all, these are names, just like "water", "stone", "law". The stories about them repeat the eternal genre of "tales by a fire". After two thousand of years we actually continue sitting by a fire, although we have learned how to get water from a tap and electricity from a socket. Basic names don't change. Sounds and names cause each other and again go into silence. We've just found the way into our "inner ArTek" and continue walking light not losing sight of each other... "And Ezhi was a shaman", - says Andrianov in a very wise hypnotic voice. And the music of Dergachev catches you and carries away into the timeless existence. Here, in a half empty room a cup of tea or mulled wine and a chequered plaid are waiting for you, and the stars are goggling in the window. After all, the real tales are told long after midnight. [label info]

Galaxy The Incubator -- "Radi[o]zhog" -- CD-R -- €7
self-released, (ltd. 12)
Almost instantly sold out (this is the last available copy) self-released album of the project coming from Petrozavodsk, Russia. 7 tracks of intuitive raw radionoise + remix of Ural's project Light Collapse. Packed in hand-written registration journal found in ruins of former Petrozavodsk Radiofactory. [YAOP description]

Genocide Organ -- "Remember" -- 2 CD -- €20
1997/2007 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 067
The 10th birthday of "Remember" sees the re-release, containing an extra of 50 minutes live material. Total Time: 139min.! All material was remastered for this release by Propergol and the artwork is completely overworked. It gives an oversight on G.O. performances from the beginning until the year 2000. Powerful, provocative and subversive, just different! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hildebrand, Gustav -- "Primordial Resonance" -- CD -- €13
Cyclic Law, 15th Cycle
Gustaf's second full lenght is a unique, evolved experience offering you to embark upon an odyssey through ancient and lifeless surroundings. Sweeping ambient soundscapes and delicate textures mingle with the distant shrieks of surreal machinery - conjuring up images of abandoned and forgotten places, clouded skies and dead cities where time has been standing still. A captured moment from a strange no man's land lit by a perpetual gloom, Primordial Resonance is a voyage only limited by the imagination of the listener. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

In Gowan Ring -- "Hazel Steps Through A Weathered Home" -- CD -- €13
2002/2005 Shayo, Shayo005

Indu Mezu -- "Chdetoria" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Misfake, MF08, (ltd. 57)
Long awaited release. We finally assembled all compositions to reach integrity of album and create masterpiece. Some tracks was published before and some not. Music varies from rythmic noise to glitchy ambient with higly saturated sound full of details. Higly recommended. [press release]

Instant Movie Combinations -- "5.Now" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2008 Abgurd, AB-34, (ltd. 50)
One of the very first tracks recorded during the summer of 2004. Grand static Drone Ambient for sleep experiments. [press-release]

Instant Movie Combinations -- "For the Travellers Sadly Walking in Ever Mist" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Cold Graey, MF07, (ltd. 57)
The first three drone noise tracks are taking the listener to the reflective journey, similar to the one illustrated on the cover. It is the deepest and most complex IMC's work by now, which carries you in a stuffy moonlit midnight, where you must be ready for any suddenness. The three tracks are followed by two additional tracks for a more profound perception. The release presented as a luxury handmade poster-digipack. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

L'Homme Eternel -- "Maladie Orientale - Sessia" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Observatiore 21, (ltd. 50)
L'Homme Eternel is a collaboration project of two Russian musicians: Denis Shapovalov (Adriva, Sunchariot, Matter) and Alexander Selivanov (Mortart). The second work of H.E. is made in the same vein, but more chaotic and surreal. It doesn't contain flowing tracks as before, but still has the mesmerizing ritualistic feeling. Like in the previous album here the most interesting think lies in live improvised sonorities. Sounds are like alive creatures from other dimensions inhabitating the surreal jungles, they frighten and surprise one's consciousness. In general, this is a rough and abrupt work. [label info]

Lustmord -- "Heresy" -- CD -- €13
Soleilmoon, Sol 99 CD
It's not often that an album comes along that both initiates and defines a genre. From the deepest vault at Soleilmoon, precisely such a cherished but long unavailable classic has been remastered, repackaged and re-issued. "Heresy", the album that launched and defined the dark ambient genre when it was first released in 1990, has been hailed by critics and fans as one of the most important works of its time. Nearly 15 years after its release it regularly features on top-ten lists of ambient music. "Heresy" was recorded in various subterranean locations and manipulated in the studio with Andrew Lagowski providing engineering and additional programming. It was the first Lustmord album to feature extensive sampling and computer assisted sound design. Recent improvements in sound technology permitted Lustmord to re-master and significantly improve on the original recordings for this new version, which comes in a digipak and even bears a new catalog number. Based on recognition established through recordings like "Heresy", Brian Williams, the man behind Lustmord, went on to work as a sound designer in Hollywood and has over 40 major motion picture credits as well as TV, games and now commercials. His resume includes musical collaborations with The Melvins, Adam Jones (Tool), Chris & Cosey, Coil, Paul Haslinger (Tangerine Dream), SPK, Robert Rich, Current 93 and Nurse with Wound. He has done remixes for Jarboe (Swans), Venetian Snares, Lori Carson and Mortiis. From 1985 until 1999 he ran Side Effects Records, the label launched by SPK, releasing more than 30 albums. As Lustmord he has released 11 albums since 1981. "Heresy" stands as Lustmord's signature work, the gauntlet that birthed a genre, and this new edition shows even more why it's been a best seller for such a long time. [press-release]

Lustmord -- "Metavoid" -- CD -- €13
Nextera, ERA 2008-2
Originally released in 2001 and being out of print for some years this is the seventh Lustmord release, and the first since 1994's "The Place Where The Black Stars Hang". "Metavoid" presents the logical development of that unmistakable Lustmord sound, and pushes further into new depths which raised global interest in Lustmord's originality as the musician and sound engineer. "The human mind is, and will forever remain, incapable of comprehending the many depths and layers that encompass the universe within which we live. We construct ever changing theoretical and semiotic perspectives in an attempt to map and decode the unknown, but meaning remains incomprehensible. Through endless corridors of silence and dread, deeper than vacuum, beyond infinity and the realm of measurement, ideographic patterns do not emerge. Our role is insignificant, and is futile at best. The sum of knowledge is nothingness. Outside the narrow confines of our intellect, larger forces are at play, and some things may best remain unknown." [label info]

Lustmord -- "The Monstrous Soul" -- CD -- €13
2000 Soleilmoon, SOL 97 CD

Lustmord -- "The Place Where The Black Stars Hang" -- CD -- €13
Soleilmoon, SOL 141 CD
"The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" was first released in 1994 on Side Effects, via Soleilmoon and while the earlier Lustmord album "Heresy" (Soleilmoon) gave birth to the "dark ambient" genre, it is "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" that defines it. It's a work regularly cited by critics, audiences and musicians as being amongst the very best and most influential albums of its decade. "Black Stars" has been unavailable since 2002. It has been re-mastered and given new artwork for this edition. The differences are subtle yet powerful, giving the album a more nuanced feeling of space and detail than ever before. Oft imitated, but never equaled, Lustmord: The Power of Sound. [label info]

Mortart -- "All Sounds Is Beauty" -- CD-R -- €6
Imbecil Records 014, (ltd. 47)
Frank lo fi true industrial / death ambient for the most abnormal fans. Rumble of factory iron, insane shouts like "My father is Elvis Prestley!", tape noise, feedback. Horrible! Hand-made sleeve with serigraphy.

Mortart -- "Annihilation" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Imbecil Records 017
As it was noticed by critics "in all Mortart's albums slow death approaches to the listener, but in each album it looks a little different". Here it's incarnated as three long and very slow tracks, filled with senseless scraps of human speech and deep low frequencies. Compositions breathe with despair and blackness in listerer's face.

Mortart -- "Klinik" -- CD-R -- €6
Imbecil Records 011, (ltd. 40)
Probably the most abstract Mortart album - 2 tracks of minimalistic ambient extracted from manipulations with electronic devices.

Nedicry -- "Sincere Wounds" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Cold Graey, MF11, (ltd. 57)
This is a magnificent piece of old-school dark ambient. Melodically consistent sound that is unusual for the modern ear refers to the foundations of independent industrial as well as the grands of neo-classics. The bands as Reguard Extreme, A Challenge of Honour, Der Feuerkreiner may be recalled. Nevertheless, Nedicry emphasizes string section. It will be a pure discovery for those who seek the ways to feel by the means of music. The release presented as a handmade DVD-size-sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Nordvargr -- "Interstellar" -- CD -- €13
2008 Beast Of Prey, bop 5.5, (ltd. 444)
New album of Swedish dark sounds artist, co-creator of such projects as MZ.412, TOROIDH or FOLKSTORM. He is also co-creator of many initiatives, plays in many music projects, records albums all over the globe, and is responsible for mastering of many albums in Villa Bohult gloomy cellar. So, ladies and gentlemen, before you, for the first time in Poland, maestro Nordvargr. Over 40 minute album inspiered by power of space, infinite distances and emptiness. Nordvargr himself speaks of this album: „...To me there is no greater evil than the emptiness of space, totally hostile and unfriendly to all life - an opposite to existence, at the same time the mother of all we know. ...” The album is mark out by heavy and meaty sound, strong dark ambient exhaust for creation of whom Nordvargr used only field recordings and sounds made by space objects transimtted by satellites. Unconventional release in black cardboard, that after folding makes 150mm x 150mm size package. Black paper with silver printings. Inside there are three inserts showing various space images. Everything very dark and black, handmade and numbered in 444 copies. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nosesoul -- "Ethik Blues / Winterbirds Helped the Passengers" -- CD + DVD -- €15
2007 Silentes, 200719
A fascinating album of ambient music that straddles the worlds of comfortable quiet sounds (that continually morph and expand)... and darker more introspective tones (that arouse a more turbulant and mysterious character). Atmospherics for nightfall. Large enveloping soundscapes that completely overtake the senses. Similar in many ways to the unmistakable style of OPIUM. Evocative drone-core infused with subtle vocal elements. "ETHIK BLUES" is the soundtrack of the DVD "WINTERBIRDS HELPED THE PASSENGERS" (a truly wonderful movie by FRANCESCO PALADINO). One hour of pure sonic-bliss to completely loose oneself in. An amazing milestone for ambient/isolationistic music lovers, and definitely not to be missed by fans of this genera. [label info]

O Paradis -- "La Boca Del Infierno" -- CD -- €13
2005 Punch Productions, PP011
"La Boca Del Infierno" (Hell's Mouth) is by far the darkest and most suffered album by Ô Paradis. As tracks go on you sink in a sort of dantesque circle, the boundary between joy and suffering,life and death, where Eros and Thanatos melt and become the same thing. The cover couldn't be more explicative! Is this the door to life and joy or isn't it more true that it's the door to hell and its torments? Here Ô Paradis laid himself bare. Sounds have become more industrial and dreary than ever. The warm and melancholic mediterranean ballads, dear to the heart of the catalan project, get oriented in more experimental directions; here melancholy leads to a truly dark and choking anguish. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

O Paradis -- "Serpiente de Luna, Serpiente de Sol" -- CD -- €13
2003 Aorta, AORCD08
Most of the songs are based on samples, exquisitely knitted together over original bass-lines, and topped off with Demian's somewhat mournful and nostalgic vocals. Despite being richly produced, some of the songs have a bare, folky quality about them, with Demian's Spanish vocals creating an air of impenetrability to my Anglo-Saxon ears. This is not a negative, just something that underlines the difference between this project and its patron. It is also something that is less noticeable when concession are made to, how does one say, catchiness, such as on the simply gorgeous 'Por Cuidar de Mi, Amor', in which a beautiful synth line carries the song along. One could say that the folkier songs are solid and beautiful, whilst tracks like 'Por Cuidar', and the equally gorgeous 'Palabras', are just transcendent. The clarity of the album‚s production is worth emphasising, as is the stunning foldout digipak. [label info]

Opium -- "Algorithms" -- CD -- €10
2007 Silentes, 200615
A stunning new offering by Opium. Classically elegant and extremely refined ambient music. Multi-dimensional sounds that are warm and enveloping. An emotional travelogue, starting dramatically, then taking the listener down a slower path, comfortably easing you into a long and fascinating sonic trip, where the sounds grow wide and large, and finally crumble inward, then regenerate, returning for another phase. A new sonic alchemy, and an entirely new world of soothing sounds for the adventurous listener to visit. [press-release]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "Make Love and War - The Wedlock of Roses" -- CD -- €13
Cold Meat Industry, CMI.84
This remarkable recording embarks further on the previously determined and unmistakably distinct path of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, eloquent odes, accompanied by the imposing sounds of acoustic guitars, drifting strings and tactile eroticism.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "Make Love and War - The Wedlock of Equilibrium" -- CD -- €13
2001 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.94
Perfected and refined, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio returns once more with the second chapter of "Make Love, And War" - The Wedlock of Equilibrium. Darker, improved and additionally urging, Make Love, And War / The Wedlock of Equilibrium presents an additional 40 minutes of immaculate equilibrium on the illusive boundary of conjectural extremes. Accompanied by the sounds of acoustic guitars, cyclic soundscapes and martial percussions, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio presents another ten songs on the threshold of the sensually seductive and morally reprehensible, gospels on the verge of the conjecturally acclaimed and what's soon to be inflamed. Make Love, And War / The Wedlock of Equilibrium embarks further and beyond the previous accomplishment and success of Make Love, And War / The Wedlock of Roses, and congregates into an amazing work which completes the bond of Love And War, making two become one, Roses & Equilibrium = Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Passione Nera -- "Research EP" -- mCD -- €10
2008 Cold Meat Industry, cmi185
The "Research EP" marks the first offering from the ever-growing Roman outfit Passione Nera. Originally conceived by Andy in the dying days of 2005, it would not be until the spring of the following year that the band took its first steps, and embarked on a journey that would eventually see the project evolve into a 4-piece band (by early 2007). Initially, the songs were stripped-down acoustic guitar compositions with the occasional addition of piano, accordion or organ. However, as the band grew and expanded, the songs were redefined and their sound changed. Today, Passione Nera has evolved from a folk-pop creature into a fully-fledged chamber-pop ensemble. The band keeps one watery alcoholic eye fixed on the cinematic tradition, with melodic landscapes that are dusty and melancholy. These melodious scenes are then wrapped up in lush, orchestrated songs with acoustic and electric guitars taking the center stage, and additionally enhanced by a large array of other instruments. It is as if these songs were written on the backs of 1960s postcards brought back from some imaginary journey into “Americana”, then bred with French-pop, cross-fertilized with baroque-pop, and finally molded into a soundtrack for the broken-hearted, the disenchanted and the misunderstood. The "Research EP" features appearances by Simone "Hellvis" Salvatori (guest vocals on "Sinking"), and Piergiorgio "PJ" Ambrosi (additional arrangements and co-production) of older brothers Spiritual Front. [press-release]

Propergol -- "Ground Proximity Warning System" -- CD -- €15
2006 Annihilvs / Stridulum Recordings, APEX004 / STR-010, (ltd. 500)

Pugna -- "Dra" -- DVD-R -- €10
2008 Kerpg, KERPGXII, (ltd. 96)
Drone noise. Aliened by volume. By the increase of touching speed of falling. By increasing absence of recurrence. Archaic renewal. Prototype. Tunnel. Immersion and relativity. Drawing, cleaning certain surface. Mutualabsorption. By a fight and unity. Rough fabric sack 17x15, ferrous sheet 13x13, rope, black and silver paint. [label info]

Raison d'Etre -- "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" -- CD -- €14
2000 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.78
This is a grim travelogue from the land where the sun never rises; grievous keyboard overlayed by factory noises and the trademark chanting monks turns this into some of the most unsettling listening since of Lustmord's 'Paradise Disowned'. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Raison d'Etre -- "Enthraled by the Wind of Loneliness" -- CD -- €16
1994 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.27
The follow-up to his brilliant Prospectus I, is another mesmerizing soundscape with ambiental chants and rituals. Dark decadent and beautiful music, ideal for cold nights of lonely contemplation. Digipak. [label info]

Raison d'Etre -- "Metamorphyses" -- CD -- €13
2006 Cold Meat Industry, cmi158
Transformation is the key to the psyche. Breath and feeling intertwined is the given links for the search of inner wisdom and to unlock the hidden inside us. _Metamorphyses_ is a journey into the deep inner; a drama of the sublime and trancendental transformation of the psyche through a katabasis ritual of six transitional stages into a final completion. _Metamorphyses_ is a key to the psyche. Hypnotic, introspective and yet more difficult. As the seventh fullenght album from raison d_etre _Metamorphyses_ is in many aspects different from previous works by Peter Andersson. The organic flow and the use of drones has been extended creating a varied output of both calm/meditative and harsh/intense sound structures. The transformation in sound is also present in the feelings; demanding, tempting and deceptive are only a few elements that characterize the ordeal the listener has to withstand. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Raison d'Etre -- "Prospectus I" -- CD -- €14
1993 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.18
A stunning blend of the modern 'soft' gothic sound and the timeless chants of Catholic rituals. It it at once a beautiful sound, yet also filled with melancholy. Nine movements in samples, loops, slow powerful drums, orchestrations, bells, keyboards, chants, echoes, sustained notes... feeling like the inside of a factory or a haunted monastery. Another one to sit alone in the dark with. [label info]

Raison d'Etre -- "Reflections from the Time of Opening" -- CD -- €14
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi138
Re-issue of the CD initially released on Bloodless Creations which contained early tracks from 1991. New version of this album includes 7 new tracks: 3 tracks from compilations, 2 previously unreleased tracks and 2 re-mixed tracks from "Prospectus I" album.

Raison d'Etre -- "Requiem For Abandoned Souls" -- CD -- €14
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi128
One of the persons in the extended CMI family that doesn't need a particulary long introduction is Peter Andersson. His Raison d'Etre was one of the first acts to be featured on CMI, and over the last ten years he has kept refining their signature sound over an extensive discography. Three years since the previous album, the new offering 'Requiem for Abandoned Souls' is a kind of climax, a career peak that all previous albums have pointed up to, where the music sets a perfect backdrop for the theme as spelled out by the album title. The key to understanding Andersson's vision for this album lies in the track titles; read separately, or taken together as a poem. The toll of a church bell escorts the listener on an existential voyage through the world according to Raison d'Etre, a bleak place populated by shadowy souls abandoned of all hope. But don't let that scare you away, because this remarkably beautiful collection of songs is a true remedy in this age of chaos; when the outside withers away, the inside fills with emptiness, and there's nothing left to believe in. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Raison d'Etre -- "Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations" -- CD -- €16
1995 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.38
Dark mesmerizing atmospheric / ritual chants. An expedition into the hidden parts of your inner self. [label info]

Rapoon -- "Obscure Objects of Desire" -- CD -- €13
2008 Vivo Records, vivo2008039CD
This album is about yearning. That aching emptiness that still exists when all rational processes have been exhausted. The unobtainable, all consuming and immaterial. The irrelevant and the irrational. The dark torments and the light hearted banter. The victories and the defeats. The achievements and the failures. The loves and the losses. When all are accounted for there remains only... the obscure objects of desire. [from the author]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Rice, Boyd and Friends -- "Baptism By Fire" -- CD + DVD -- €20
CD/DVD set contains live material recorded on the shows in Los Angeles, Bologna and Adelaide. Boyd Rice playing with Douglas P. and John Murphy. DVD is in PAL format, multizoned.

Sangre Cavallum -- "Veleno De Teixo" -- CD -- €13
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern28
The northern Portuguese Sangre Cavallum return with a new and outstanding folk album. It is titled “Veleno de Teixo” meaning Yew Poison and it is a collection of tributes to women and to the cult of mother-goddess in pre-Christian era. "Veleno de Teixo" contains a brand-new set of 16 powerful songs between pagan folk and power-psych atmospheres. Inspired by the music and ethnography of their homeland Callaecia/northern Portugal. It is laboriously produced, capturing the revolutionary minds of these musicians. Among many traditional instruments they play the hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, flutes, folkloric guitars, war-drums and many times these acoustic instruments are transformed with heavy distortions and meet the psychedelic bass and vintage guitars. It also features the new singer Emanuel Melo da Cunha on a fine debut. "Veleno de Teixo" is a step forward in their wonderful path and a pleasing example of how tradition is a living thing when folklore meets folk rock or dark industrial music. Includes great artwork and a 16 page booklet with psych-photo art and beautiful texts. 63 min. / 16 tracks. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Seele -- "Berlin + Remix Project" -- 2 CD -- €10
2005 Silentes, 200404b, (ltd. 300)
Project by Amir Baghiri and Stefano Gentile. Techno-noise and deep ambient... industrial sounds and triphop... This album is simply our postcard from Berlin... heart and soul. And take note also about Seele remix project on www.amirbaghiri.de. A limited edition of this album comes with a extra CD with a couple of mix and some loops that you will can use for create you own remix of this music. Also a ghost track is included. [label info]

Sturmpercht -- "Geister im Waldgebirg" -- CD -- €13
Percht, Percht 07
One year has passed since the Austrian / south Bavarian Alpin-Folk formation Sturmpercht released their last 7". Finally now here is their long awaited new album! "Geister im Waldgebirg" is a journey through the deepest central-European forests and mountains with all their strange creatures, fairies, myths and legends. The sounds and lyrics on this album are engrained in old pagan rites and cults, in hunters-legends and in tales from darkest woods and the people living there. The songstyles vary from powerful Martial-Folk hymns, over fragile Folk-balads, to weird songs about strange people and creepy animals. Several great artists supported Sturmpercht in the making of this album: first af all Axel from WERKRAUM, who is a basic Sturmpercht-member since quite a while now. It's Axels perfect guitar- and flute playing and his skillful hands in mixing, that the Folk-songs have this brilliant late 60ies/early 70ies touch now. The close Sturmpercht-friends ALLERSEELEN, SANGRE CAVALLUM and WALDTEUFEL have also recorded fantastic songs especially for this album. Allerseelen and Sangre Cavallum also contributed several sounds from their large archives and Waldteufel additionally gave his voice for "Riesenbruder". Sturmpercht is the only Folk-band, who created their own music style named "ALPIN-FOLK", which is absolutely unique up to now. Anyway if you prefer straight or weird Folk: there is no way around this album for all kinds of Folk-Lovers. This album will be your closest friend in dark and frosty winter nights! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Svarrogh -- "Balkan Renaissance" -- CD -- €13
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern24, (ltd. 500)
The Bulgarian Black Folklore ensemble Svarrogh of Dimo Dimov has recorded another masterpiece of Ritual Folk music. "Balkan Renaissance" is already the 4th Svarrogh album under the banner of the God of the Sun. This mystic sound-journey drags you along to the ancient heart of the Balkan mountains, its caves, rivers, villages and people with their deep mythological roots. Svarrogh's sound is absolutely unique, not only because of the beautiful mandoline-playing and the bagpipes, mixed with droning synths, which envocate the return of the Sun. Svarrogh creates a musical look through a grey window to discover the dark past of Bulgaria's 19th century and its Renaissance, after years of Osman opression. On "Balkan Renaissance" you can listen to original passages of famous Bulgarian poets and artists like Dora Gabe, Elisaveta Bagryan, Elin Pelin, Dimitar Talev or the amazing poems of Ivan Vazov. On this album, Dimo Dimov also pays a tribute to the genious music of Allerseelen with the song "Kamerad". And as a special feature, the CD will also contain a so called Martenitsi. Martenitsa is a Bulgarian heathen/pagan tradition related to March 1, which has its origin in the establishment of the Bulgarian state in 681 AD. Mart is the Bulgarian word for "March". According to Bulgarian folklore, the month March marks the beginning of springtime. Therefore, the first day of March is a traditional holiday associated with sending off the winter and welcoming the spring. Key-figures in these ancient traditional rites are the Kukeri, the demons who banish winter and invite spring and fertility. The Kukeri are the Balkan counterpart to the Austrian and south Bavarian Perchten. This album is full of traditional-, pagan- and ritual Folk music, Neo-Classical songs, Martial drummings and it has even some Industrial moments. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Svarrogh -- "Yer Su" -- CD -- €13
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern34

Svarrogh (feat. Allerseelen & Sangre Cavallum) -- "Temple of the Sun" -- mCD -- €10
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern27
Welcome to Svarrogh's "Temple of the sun". Bells and whispers are droning through empty places, through empty cities. Black Forests, silver skies, and deep blue seas drown grey, abandoned vastness into a flow of lightened wine and honey. "Temple of the Sun" is a decadent and transcendental journey with mandoline, tamboura, mighty synths, bulgarian folklore, deep balcan voices and european ambient as well as blizzard guitars and several elements from the black metal past of Svarrogh. This mini album is a macrocosmic european theme - although still mainly bulgarian and balcan - a gathering of pagan culture with fragments from modern world. Wine and honey will flow through grey streets, through cities of glass, weeping giants cry out in sorrow - welcome to Svarrogh's temple of decadence! This mini-Album also features some extraordinary guest vocals: Gerhard (Allerseelen - Aut), Valerio (Symbiosis - Ita), Juris (Beverina - Lv), B. Ardo & Rangel (Sangre Cavallum - Por). All these artists participate in their own native languages. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Telepherique -- "Musique Montage" -- CD-R -- €13
2007 Blade Records, wmda075, (ltd. 200)

Telepherique -- "Stahl und Stein" -- CD -- €11
2007 Waystyx Records, WR32, (ltd. 425)
Specially for Waystyx Telepherique represented the work, devoted to the Himalaya expedition in 1937. Made with usage of big amount of old analogue synthesizers and field recordings, it very objective reflects the atmosphere of those times. [label info]

Thorofon -- "Final Movement / Bloodheat" -- CD -- €14
2002/2007 Klanggalerie, gg94, (ltd. 500)
A milestone in Thorofon's back catalogue, 'Final Movement' was released on the band's own UMB label in 2002. A very limited version of the album had a 10" included which is also present on this CD re-issue. And in addition, we have thrown in a previously unreleased track so the playing time is extended to nearly 80 minutes. Thorofon are a German-based duo consisting of Genevieve Pasquier (who also records as a solo artist) and Anton Knilpert. Although their sound is very unique, their roots lie in classic 80's Industrial - 'Final Movement' starts where SPK stopped in the mid Eighties. 'Bloodheat' is more your Cabaret Voltaire or Portion Control. A killer album first time on CD. [press-release]

Troum -- "Darve Sh / Ajin" -- CD -- €13
2008 Nefryt, N 016, (ltd. 404)
Two rare vinyls as one CD. The ritual face of Troum! “DARVE SH” was released in February 2003 as 10”-vinyl on Beta-Lactam Ring Records (mt030) as part 10 in the “Lactamase” - series. “AJIN” was released in December 2005 as a picture-12” vinyl on Equation Records (E=mc11). DARVE SH: etymological persian source for “Dervish”, it means “doorway” (metaphor for being between this word and the netherworld. AJIN: hebrew for “Eye”. It also means “Colour” or “Source” and is the 16th letter of the hebrew alphabet. The right eye that looks into the sky for transcendence, the left eye that looks to the ground to the worg of god (one that dances and the other that speaks) -> balance of contradictions. [press-release]

Troum & All Sides -- "Shutun" -- CD -- €15
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 089
Finaly, after several historiacal releases as MAEROR TRI, the acclaimed German duo is going for their first full-legth release on OEC as TROUM! This is, as they say, their most complex work to date made mixing 25 different tracks into one unique long (over 50 muinutes) composition! TROUM for this album is collaborating with the femal ALL SIDES project which makes this release even more intriguing! & it's their first full length album since Tjukurpa 3 dated 2003... Troum (ancient german word for "Dream") aim is to lead the listener into a hypnotizing dream-state of mind, and use music as the direct path to the unconscious pointing to the archaic essence of human psyche! TROUM works for creat alterated states of mind, they work on human unconscisus sphere... Their post-industrial drone music is created using a wide range of instruments like: guitar, bass, voice, accordiaon, balalaika, flute, mouth-organ, melodica, gong, field recordings & more, to create a sort of trascendental dark & atmospheric ambient industrial. TROUM dosen't work with synths, samples or computer soundscapes! The sounds are created "by hand". You can feel in this album: mysticism, ancestral power, ancient rites, the nature of your beeing... but also a collapsing world, the sounds of a falling universe, the deepest and more far star burning.... as well as the more inner part of yourself moving & pulsing! A journey through space, body & soul! This album comes in a special round metal-box! [press-release].

Von Thronstahl / Rose Rovine E Amanti -- "Schwanenspiel" -- 2 CD -- €22
2008 Wolfhall, WHR001

Waldteufel -- "Heimliches Deutschland" -- CD -- €15
2000 Ultra!, ULT003
Heimliches Deutschland features German neofolk from Markus Wolff (vocals) and Annabel Lee (violin), with assistance from Annabel's partner Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis) providing percussion, and B'eirth (In Gowan Ring) playing flute. The songs and anthems - inspired by Germanic paganism - have a very organic and folkish feel and generally proceed at a fairly slow pace, imparting a ritual quality. The relaxed and essentially simple approach is nonetheless highly effective and evocative. [...] The CD booklet is attractively illustrated with symbols of Germanic paganism. [from the review of Rik, Flux Europa]

Wappenbund -- "Heimatflamme" -- CD-R -- €15
Rare and unreleased tracks including the hit "Vörwarts". Tracklist: Fremde Fahnen, Heimat, Mahnmal, Heimatland, Messe Solonnelle, Heimatflamme, Die Wappen von Siege, Imperium.

Wappenbund -- "Kinder Des Lichtes" -- CD -- €15
Greyland Records, GR14
Neo-classic with a slight industrial touch. Sometimes quite symphonic, sometimes even lovely "military-pop". Much more melodic work than early recordings of Wappenbund.

Wappenbund -- "Schlacht - The Final Chapter / Blood & Fire" -- CD-R -- €15
2007 Greyland
CDR in gold-colored tin box, combining the first tape and mini CD together for this remastered re-release, and containing a 3-page booklet with a wax seal.

Wappenbund -- "Zeitenwende" -- CD -- €15
Greyland Records, GR007
Third CD-edition of this classic Martial-Industrial album. Disturbed frequencies meets grasping melodies accompanied with powerful percussions. Raw and unpolished. Handmade package.

:zoviet*france: -- "Digilogue" -- CD -- €15
1998 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 62 CD
“Digilogue”, originally issued in 1996 by Soleilmoon as a limited edition vinyl album, is presented for the first time on compact disc. The music recorded for “Digilogue” examines the subtle and shifting nuances that contrast the Digital and Analog worlds. :zoviet*france: have always professed their fascination with the failings of the technology by which music is produced, recorded, mass-produced and played back, and have frequently adapted the faults that their own machines develop into means of reshaping sound - the basic material with which they work: “All audio equipment distorts sound to some degree and, eventually through mechanical and electrical failure, fucks it up. Since indeterminacy as a compositional parameter has been a constant in our work, this often produces what we regard as interesting new developments. “Digilogue” was recorded using a mixture of failing analogue equipment and high-end digital equipment, and monitored in our studio exclusively on damaged hi-fi speakers. Sound can be as dirty and as clumsy as anything else we perceive with our senses. This is just as true of sound generated in the digital domain, much as we would all like to believe the claims of near-perfection made by audio equipment manufacturers.” Three tracks from original recording sessions are presented for the first time on this compact disc. They were omitted from the original release because there wasn’t space for them... [label info]

V/A -- "Deep Sea Shipping" -- CD -- €7
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC800
Deep Sea Shipping is the first compilation on Lagunamuch, an electronic label in Moscow. This compilation has united many russian-speaking artists living in Russia and abroad. Deep Sea Shipping is a term borrowed from the maritime logistics and navigation. It perfectly reflects the whole internal component of music on this compilation. The concept of Deep Sea Shipping is rooted way back in the mythical worlds of H.P.Lovecraft, as well as in the realm of sci-fi stories. Moreover, the word 'deep' is of key importance here, because initially all the tracks on Deep Sea Shipping were stylistically aligned with each other and interconnected by such concepts as deep-tech, deep-ambient and deep electronic. Depth and diving is part of each composition, no matter how the genres may vary. Musicians: Selffish, Lazyfish, Abstract Avenue, Unit21, Oloolo, Sever, Riverz End, Holden, Unbound Persistence, Batiskaf, Total Reboot, Kriipis Tulo, Father?, 0id. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Forseti Lebt" -- CD -- €15
Noltex 005
This compilation was gathered in support of Andreas Ritter (Forseti), who suffered from a heart stop in May 2005. Most of tracks are exclusive and unreleased. Line-up: Sonne Hagal, Sonnentau, B'Eirth, :O.T.W.A.T.M.:, Death in June, Waldteufel, Lux Interna, Northman, Fire + Ice, Darkwood, Primus Inter Pares.

V/A -- "Kalte Container" -- CD -- €13
2001 Radio Luxor, RL 23401
An assortment of remixes and covers of Kirlian Camera songs. Cover versions from Shining Vril, Naevus, Collection D'Arnell-Andrea and remixes from Wumpscut, 6 COMM and Allerseelen and many more. This is the regular cd edition.

V/A -- "Looking For Europe" -- 4 CD + book -- €40
Auerbach Tontrager
The history of neofolk - for the first time on CD - the compilation accompanying the seminal book "Looking For Europe". Exceedingly lavish 4-CD box, clothbound and gold-embossed, extensive 100 pages booklet featuring liner notes, rare photos, and a lot of information on the artists. The release features many rare, exclusive, and previously unreleased tracks, as well as the hits of neofolk - a unique document of music history. Included artists: Scott Walker, Nico (ex-Velvet Underground), Laibach, The Strawbs, The Royal Family And The Poor feat. Peter Hook (New Order, Joy Division), Test Department, Death In June, Sol Invictus, Magnet, Shining Vril, Hagalaz' Runedance, Empyrium, Genesis P. Orridge/Thee Majesty, Fire + Ice, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Der Blutharsch, Kirlian Camera, Orplid, Forseti, etc. [label info]

V/A -- "Wilde Jaeger" -- 2 CD -- €17
2007 Percht, Percht10
WILDE JAEGER is a unique compilation of Alpine Folk Music, Pagan Ritual Music and authentic field-recordings from the darkest woods and deepest valleys to the highest peaks of the sacred Central- European Alps, as well as of other pagan and alpine regions in Europe and the USA. Wilde Jaeger is accompanied by an astonishing 24-page booklet, housed in a highest-quality 6-sided digipack with cover- paintings by Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Participants: Svarrogh, Werkraum, Sangre Cavallum, A Minority Of One, Allerseelen, Heiliges Licht, Waldteufel, Scivias, Hamramr, Haberfeld, Ernte, Teatro Satanico, Fanes, Sturmpercht, Magdalena, Elli Riehl, Jagerblut, Hekate, The Joy Of Nature, Soulsearch, Jahrtal, Foresta Di Ferro, SagenToeterRiharcSmilesTrollFerd (Riharc Smiles), Thelema. [label info]

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