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Today we announce the already traditional winter sale! Just like it was in previous times, if you order 10 or more items marked with [-50%], you get 50% discount for them. There are about 1250 items in distro catalogue taking part in this action. Sale items in rare & used list are marked with green colour. Since the New Year holidays are coming very soon, all your orders will be reserved and sent out after January 7th.

Have a happy 2013 and let it be full of fun!
Thank you for staying with us all this time!

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In this newsletter we happily present two new releases on ZHELEZOBETON, by the way marking the 10 years of labels activity. You can listen to them online fully and if you like, you can buy digital versions at our Bandcamp page.

Fans of "honest" digital purchases and users of Apple devices may be pleased to know that our previous release - The Infant Cycle "Drop-out Center" is now available for sale through iTunes Store, and also through several other digital distributors, such as CD Baby and Amazon.

Well, and we also continue our research of the immeasurable universe of the experimental underground on a physical plane. In this update I'd like to specially mention the new albums from such Russian projects as Lunar Abyss Deus Organum (CD in 3 different versions of artwork + a painting based on cover art!), Pustota (continuation of the Lo-End cassette series), Exit In Grey (the debut CD!), Interior Disposition, completely new work by Alexander Lebedev-Frontov & Valeriy Rakcheev (Microspora), a single by the Cyclofillydea band, several reissues of the veterans of St. Petersburg-based noise Reductio Ad Absurdum, and also other new stuff from the labels Ufa Muzak, Operator Produkzion and Semperflorens.

Some new stuff from the international scene, such as new CDs by Cold Meat Industry (two albums from two Russian girls!), plus new releases from Der Blutharsch, Derniere Volonte, ROME, and new stuff from the labels The Ceiling, Silentes and Rage In Eden.

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The Infant Cycle - Drop-out Center   Mira Drevo - Heavens of Lakes

After the celebration of the Great October Revolution, with great pleasure we commemorate the 20 years of existense of the Canadian experimental project The Infant Cycle by releasing his new album "Drop-out Center" full of elaborate hallucinogenic sound constructions.

Along with it we present the debut album of the St. Petersburg based project Mira Drevo "Heavens of Lakes", released by the label BioSonar^EleKtro (run by Evgeniy Savenko / Lunar Abyss) in cooperation with ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division. The album is based on authors personal impressions of the journeys made around the Ladoga lake, its islands and environs.

As usual, there are updates in our mailorder catalogue. Among the rest should be mentioned the releases of Moscow based label Dronarivm, new album of the German classics Troum, and lots of other experimental music from gothic and minimalism to post-metal and harsh noise.

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Today we continue to immerse in the depths of underground sounds with various degrees of accessibility, detachment, paranoidality and enlightenment. Here we have the microsound research of Russian label Observatoire, a collection of editions by German Attenuation Circuit, first release of Myrkr label (a sublabel of Vegvisir Music), the debut album of the project GaldrareyniR coming from Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, a single by Lunar Abyss, three new cassettes in BioSonar^Lo-End series, and other joys of sonic mindwarping and limitless flight of imagination.

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New arrivals from such labels as Galakthorrö, Malignant Records, BioSonar^Lo-End, Operator Produkzion, YAOP and Noo Slava Bogu, and also a big update of "rare & used" list.

There will be another short break soon - from September 15th to 23rd.

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This time the newsletter isn't that big, but quite interesting in its contents anyway. Among other things worth mentioning are:
  • new albums by acknowledged projects in post-industrial and experimental music: Biosphere, BJ Nilsen, KK Null, Thomas Köner, Dead Voices On Air, Desiderii Marginis, Arcana, Derniere Volonte;
  • three new deluxe vinyl editions from Fronte Nordico label;
  • ultra-limited author's fetish edition of recent 10" by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum;
  • new album by veteran Russian project ZGA dedicated to 100 years of Russian futurism;
  • two new releases by Moonsun Prod., which picked up the slack of creative activity of Sergey Ilchuk (ex-Vresnit, now Siyanie) from now defunct label Vetvei.
I'd like to notice that mailorder will be closed for 2 weeks from July 20th to August 5th. I will answer to any e-mails with the orders as soon as I return on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Prophetic Moss


Today our update features: Besides all this, we are glad to take part in the forthcoming forest open-air festival "Prophetic Moss" which will happen on July 5-8th in the woods in secret place in Leningrad region. Once again, we present our own stage with musicians working in various genres of experimental music out of forms and definitions. If you're interested in this event, don't hesitate to ask more about it!

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The previous newsletter was out just some days ago, but what can we do if there's already a lot of material for the new one?! Among the arrivals are a couple of new releases from each of Russian labels Aquarellist and Ewers Tonkunst, discs from the Austrian conglomerate Steinklang, including also such labels as Ahnstern, Percht, Vrihaspati Recordings, etc., and lots of noise releases from various corners of the international underground scene.

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Our today's newsletter is completely comprised of new arrivals in the mailorder catalogue: That's it!

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Corvuz - Invisible Landscapes

Systo Solar 2012


On this joyful spring day we are pleased to present you our new update!

First of all to be mentioned is the first CD in the series of ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division dedicated to the promotion of releases put out by the authors themselves or through other labels. This is the debut album of CORVUZ from the city of Oryol, Russia, performing "classical Russian" kind of dark ambient.

In fact, this is the biggest update we ever had in the history of the mailorder! About 180 new releases are added, and abot 150 previously sold out items are back in stock. Among the rest we should mention new releases of such labels as underground Operator Produkzion and Radiodrone Records, black and white Monochrome Vision, new Russian label Alone At Last, US industrial giant Malignant Records / Black Plagve, Italian icy dreamers Glacial Movements, Czech EBM-electricians Monopolrecords, and also the new CD by Siberian old school industrial project Zinc Room and three new cassettes of the project Pustota, once again proving the emptiness of nature of sound, releases, and actually everything in this world.

It's of course great to sit at home and listen to music rotating artworks in your hands, but what can be better than live experimental music in the woods of the Karelian isthmus?! From May 4th to 9th in the Leningrad region will happen the traditional SYSTO SOLAR 2012 festival where we work on creating the Droning Glade - space designed for immersion in the nature of sound in all its unusual forms. This stage is for the music in all experimental styles: soundscapes / drone / dark ambient / noise / idm / sci-fi / lo-fi / lo-end, etc. Some more info (yet most of it in Russian language) is presented at the official website - - and in our group at Vkontakte - Welcome!

Bacause of working at the festival and taking rest from the internet, the mailorder will not function from May 3rd to 11th.

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Rapoon / Dead Voices On Air / Reformed Faction

Rapoon / Dead Voices On Air / Reformed Faction


Tonight we have a great pleasure to present the new release of Muzyka Voln label - second CD album by Russian dark drone ambient project Kshatriy. The album is available in normal edition (6 panel glossy digipak) and special collector's edition (first 30 copies), and also as a digital download at our label's page on website. There you can also listen to the whole album.

This time the new additions to mailorder catalogue are not that numerous, but this is gonna be changed soon in the next newsletter! Meanwhile we have some new discs from Russian labels Cold Graey and Valgriind, new release with archive recordings from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov, a cassette by Hattifnatter, two compilations of various underground music from St. Petersburg-based Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), a collector's edition of Rapoon's CD "Messianicghosts" (Aquarellist) and some other stuff.

I can remind you that we still have a mega-sale action, when you can order 10 (or more) items from the catalogue marked with the symbol [-50%] for half-price. The action will go until the next update (approx. late March - early April). For collectors this is a good chance to supplement their record libraries and purchase presents for themselves and their friends, and for experimental / industrial DJs - to get the material in quality format! :)

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Rapoon / Dead Voices On Air / Reformed Faction


Today's main news is sale action! The conditions are simple - if you order 10 or more items marked with [-50%], you get 50% discount for them. The sale includes approx. 1400 items, including CDRs, CDs, cassettes, some vinyl and t-shirts. The rare & used list also contains sale items, they are marked with blue colour. Don't forget that Excel files may contain several pages, this file has separate pages for CDs, vinyl and cassettes. The sale will go on until the end of March.

As for the fresh arrivals in the mailorder catalogue, we have plenty of them too, and a good part of it also goes under sale conditions! We can highlight the following stuff: Also it would be good to note that we're going to have a break from February 23rd to March 5th.

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