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Anthesteria - Eis  Closing The Eternity - Forever and a Day  Creation VI & Uhushuhu

By the end of this year we are exited to present you three new editions! These releases are long-awaited indeed as they have been matured and prepared for last several months and even years!

Firstly, the third CD in "Znaki / Die Zeichen" series established with the kultFRONT label - the album by the St. Petersburg based artist Anthesteria, collecting rare compositions created in 2003-2010 and several previously unreleased tracks.

Secondly, the album by the Russian drone ambient scene veteran Closing The Eternity "Forever and a Day" recorded back in 2004 and only now getting its material form on the Muzyka Voln label.

And thirdly, the collaboration work of two projects of the "new drone wave": Creation VI and Uhushuhu "Δ" - laconic yet quite condensed trip through the vast spaces of your inner psychoforest.

Fresh additions to our mailorder iclude releases by such labels as Observatoire, Still*Sleep / Semperflorens, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, Ostroga, NEN Records, BioSonar^Lo-End, Wachsender Prozess and some more...

You can listen to the selected tracks from this and previous mailorder update in the new podcast:

Due to Russian traditional extended New Year celebration, the mailorder will be closed from December 30th to January 9th. You can still make an order or reserve some titles by email, all letters will be sorted out in order of appearance. I will remind that we still have the 50% winter sale (check out the catalogue) - don't miss your chance!

We wish you all have a good rest, less often get sick, more often enjoy life and love the world you're living in!

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Astralfluidz - Mysterium Magnum  Sal Solaris / Flint Glass - 11.03.16

Here's the new edition in the ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division series - the debut full-length album of the Ästrälflüidz project from Vladimir, Russia, dealing with Alchemy and The Great Work. Atmospheric neoclassic of high grade - a rare choice of style among Russian musicians!

We are also trusted to have the exclusive distribution rights for the new kultFRONT release - the split-tape of Sal Solaris / Flint Glass with the recording of their gig happened in St. Petersburg this March.

Other new stuff in our catalogue: the new album of Detour Doom Project (Aquarellist), tapes of Boevye Cikady and Govorit Radio "KOSMOS" (Biosonar^Lo-End), latest releases by such labels as Frozen Light, COD noizes / COD noir, Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Post-Materialization Music, Cold Spring and Reverse Alignment.

Today we start our traditional winter sale! The terms of sale are simple: order 10 or more CDs, tapes or records marked with the [-50%] sign and get them with 50% discount. The sale features about 1.500 items from our main catalogue + a part of used & rare list marked with green colour. The sale will last until the end of winter. For you it's a good chance to get some recordings for a good price, for us - to free some space and gather resources for new releases which with no doubt will happen soon!

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Our today's update festures fresh productions from the Russian undergroun labels, such as Dronarivm, Ufa Muzak, BioSonar^Lo-End, Paper Moon Republic (ex-Down Elcovka Records), Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Post-Materialization Music, new cassette releases (and even one reel-to-reel!) from Nazlo Records, Necro Stellar, EugeneKha, NEN Records, new cassette compilation by the UIS label, plus some new stuff from Kshatriy and vinyl edition of Theodor Bastard's album "Vetvi".

International scene is presented by the updates from such labels as Reverse Alignment (Sweden), Lichterklang (Germany), Triangle Records (Poland), and a serious update in the area of Japanese, American and European harsh noise and power electronics CDs and tapes.

Aside from that we have three issues of the collage zine Nothing/Forever and lots of items in rare / used list: from rather cheap CDs and tapes to expensive collector's boxsets.

Our new mix / podcast dedicated to the two latest mailorder updated is here: Enjoy listening!

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Kryptogen Rundfunk - Liquid Circuits


We keep faithfully providing your stereo systems with new portions of drones, noises, strange tunes and atmospheres!

Sixty-fifth ZHELEZOBETON release is the album by the St. Petersburg based project Kryptogen Rundfunk. In fact, this is the project's first big studio work in the past 12 years. The album is based on the live program performed in 2013-2016, and the last live versions of this program will be presented during the Baltic Tour in Latvia, Estonia and Finland on October 10th-15th, where Kryptogen Rundfunk goes with the label mates Neznamo and Uhushuhu.

This time the mailorder update is not so large - due to lack of time, mostly spent on preparation of the new release and organizing the tour. Nevertheless we got some releases from the labels 213 Records (France), Frozen Light (Russia), Cold Spring (UK), Malignant Records (USA), Drone Records (Germany), as well as many other varied CDs.

Baltic Tour starts on Monday and will last for a week, so the mailorder will be closed from October 9th to 16th, but the new update with many more specialities and fresh ZHELEZOBETON podcast is scheduled for the end of October - early November. Stay tuned!

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Exit In Grey - Hysterics of the Eternal


We gladly present our new release - the new album by Exit In Grey "Hysterics of the Eternal", published in cooperation with the Moscow-based label Frozen Light. Two long meditative tracks filled with lots of radiowaves, all sorts of samples and droning guitar parts. If you enjoy the works of Exit In Grey, don't also miss the CD by his side-project Ion And Sophus "Love of One" in this mailorder uopdate!

The update itself features titles from such labels as Galakthorrö (Germany), Reverse Alignment (Sweden), Force Majeure (France), Les Nouvelles Propagandes (France), Aliens Production (Slovakia), Twilight Records (Argentina) and Russian imprints Aquarellist, Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Frozen Light, Dronarivm, Infinite Fog Productions and Intonema.

This time I've selected a few tracks from this update and made a sort of DJ mix showcasing various stylistical verges of our mailorder. You can listen to it here. Hope you'll enjoy it!

One more thing - the mailorder will be closed for 2 weeks from September 10th to 25th. I will answer to all emails, coming during this time, upon return.

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Siyanie - Mystery of Life


As it is known, the nature of mind is unlimited joyful radiance, and tonight we have a good reason to resonate with this thought. We gladly present you the new album by the masters of modern Russian ritual ambient scene - Siyanie "Mystery of Life". Profound and beautiful full-scale work comprised of a mosaic of live and studio recordings. The CD was published by joint forces of Moonsun Productions, Frozen Light and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division.

New mailorder supplies arrived from the European labels Databloem (Netherlands), 1000+1 Tilt (Greece), Cold Spring (UK), Wrotycz Records (Poland) as well as from Russian labels kultFRONT, NEN Records, Ksenza Records, Down Elcovka Records, Ostroga, BioSonar^Lo-End, UIS, YAOP / Polevoy Dnevnik / Operator Produkzion, Nazlo Records, and such projects as Creation VI, Hum, E.T.I., Nytt Land, plus, like always, huge amount of various other stuff!

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Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute


During the white nights what can be better then some extra darkness? "Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute" - our new cooperation release with the kultFRONT label, a compilation album by Russian experimental sound artists dedicated to the famous film director and musician David Lynch, featuring: Reutoff, Light Collapse, Dvory, Skripp, Wunderblock, Relic Radiation, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Sal Solaris, Arcuation, Povarovo and DMT.

More over, here we have a massive mailorder update with new releases and restock from our friend-labels: Autarkeia (Lithuania), SSSM (Japan), Gradual Hate Records (Spain), Dark Vinyl (Germany), Cold Spring (UK), The Ceiling (Canada), Valgriind (Russia), plus really fresh stuff from Russian labels NEN Records, Ufa Muzak, YAOP, Polevoy Dnevnik and Noyade Records, and huge amount of various other items with affordable prices!

Please keep in mind that many items we have only in single copies, so don't hesitate to make an order or ask for reservations!

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Mira Drevo - Sledy na Snegu  Zinc Room - Window of Erich Zann

After a long period of silence we're ready again to bring joy in melomaniac hearts with the new music from our label and mailorder! First of all, with our two new releases. A live recording of Mira Drevo made in December 2015 will recall us the mood of gone winter with its mild ambient with a touch of folk music (the edition is available on CD-Rs and cassettes), and the CD-reissue of Zinc Room's album "Window of Erich Zann" will please the ears of rough industrial fans.

The mailorder update features about 150 new items, among which - arrivals from the Polish labels Zoharum, Rage In Eden and Nefryt, Spanish Gradual Hate Records and German Lichterklang, plush such Russian labels as Ostroga / Heart-Shaped Box / Torga Amun, Frozen Light, Down Elcovka Records, Intonema and Kotä Records. There are also new works by Exit In Grey, Bardoseneticcube, Cyclofillydea, a few tapes from the depths of St. Petersburg's underground (G. Avrorin, Purpurniy Dyadya, >o<, Pri Doline Mak), a collaboration cassette of Mathias Grassow and Closing The Eternity in astonishly beautiful handmade package from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, and much more!

Because of leaving to the Solar Systo festival, mailorder will be closed from May 6th to 11th, so all orders will be sent upon returning! Also there's gonna be a week-long break in the end of the month: from May 21st to 29th.

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Sal Solaris - Thresholds  Church Of Howling Dog - Umbra

Today we're glad to present you our new releases. First solo album by Sal Solaris in 15 years, published in cooperation with the musicians' own label NEN Records, and also the debut album by the Ekaterinburg-based project Church Of Howling Dog, inevitably plunging into the instrumental rock psychedelia! More info about both editions - at their pages.

Among the fresh additions to the mailorder catalogue are the new albums of our beloved projects Bad Sector, Majdanek Waltz, Six Dead Bulgarians, Russian labels Sulphur Flowers, Shadowplay, Ufa Muzak, COD Noizes, La Notte Di Architetto, BioSonar, two new doom jazz CDs on Aquarellist label, noise releases by Japanese Gravity Swarm Records with great artworks, arrivals from Malignant Records, Dark Vinyl, Galakthorro, Terror and much more...

Record collectors may be interested in vast additions to our rare & used list.

That's it for now!

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First mailorder update for this year - and quite massive one! About 150 completely new items and about a hundred more previously sold out items back in stock.

We're pleased to present the new releases from the Russian labels Frozen Light, Observatoire, Post-Materialization Music, Nazlø Records, Ksenza Records, Dronarivm, BioSonar, Nadeln Prod. + such projects as Sistema Bezopasnosti, Corvuz and Six Dead Bulgarians.

The international scene is presented by a serious block of releases of the German underground label Attenuation Circuit + new stuff from Cold Spring (including new albums by Troum and Z'EV), Slovakian electronic wizards from Aliens Production, Polish martial forgers Rage In Eden and Ur Muzik, and from some other labels like Drone Records, Helen Scarsdale Agency, SSSM and :retortae:.

Our winter sale is still in action! If you want to supplement your record library with a weird music for nice price - now it's the right time to do it! The action will continue until the next mailorder update in March.

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