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Our today's update festures fresh productions from the Russian undergroun labels, such as Dronarivm, Ufa Muzak, BioSonar^Lo-End, Paper Moon Republic (ex-Down Elcovka Records), Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Post-Materialization Music, new cassette releases (and even one reel-to-reel!) from Nazlo Records, Necro Stellar, EugeneKha, NEN Records, new cassette compilation by the UIS label, plus some new stuff from Kshatriy and vinyl edition of Theodor Bastard's album "Vetvi".

International scene is presented by the updates from such labels as Reverse Alignment (Sweden), Lichterklang (Germany), Triangle Records (Poland), and a serious update in the area of Japanese, American and European harsh noise and power electronics CDs and tapes.

Aside from that we have three issues of the collage zine Nothing/Forever and lots of items in rare / used list: from rather cheap CDs and tapes to expensive collector's boxsets.

Our new mix / podcast dedicated to the two latest mailorder updated is here: https://www.mixcloud.com/Kryptogen/zhelezobeton-mix-2-november-2016/. Enjoy listening!

That's it for now.


I. Reviews

Exit In Grey "Hysterics of the Eternal" CD:
Kryptogen Rundfunk "Liquid Circuits" CD:
Siyanie "Mystery of Life" CD:

II. Forthcoming events

11.11.2016 - Eternal Return
St. Petersburg, ul. Goncharnaya 15а. More info...

12.11.2016 - Shyostkaya Zherst'
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

Moscow, Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum. More info...

20.11.2016 - Electro Tippie
St. Petersburg, Hxgn. More info...

26.11.2016 - Rarefied Dreamforest
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

Moscow, Teatr. More info...

Moscow, Kitayskiy Lyotchik Jao Da. More info...

St. Petersburg, Vsyo Prosto. More info...

03.12.2016 - Mar'
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

03.12.2016 - Russian Droning
St. Petersburg, Ambar. More info...

Moscow. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Anenzephalia -- "Live Festival Karlsruhe 8.10.1993" -- CD-R -- €25
2006 self-released, (ltd. 100)
Live in Karlsruhe, Germany on 8.10.1993. This material was originally released on double cassette compilation by Tesco Organisation / Art Konkret, also containing the recordings of other festival participants: Söldnergeist and Contrastate. CDR comes with 12 page A6 booklet in a clear sleeve and is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Barrikad -- "Nordic Ideological Frontline" -- CD-R -- €4
2014 Aaltra Records, aa08, (ltd. 100)
Active since 2001, the Gothenburg-based unit BARRIKAD developed a very personal approach to harsh/industrial noise throughout enlightened excursions into semiotics and philosophy as well as showing his attachment for left-wing ideology and activism filtered by a genuine crust/HC attitude. Every track from his discography sounds like a statement. This CD-retrospective is the best overlook on his music: a collection of 10 tracks ripped off from selected works he released in the years on great labels such as Segerhuva, Freak Animal, Peripheral, Nil by Mouth and Phage Tapes among others. Pro-CDr, 2-panel slim-digipack in edition of 100. [label info]

Bizarre Uproar -- "Amputaatio" -- CD -- €12
2015 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-106
New 2015 full length from the legendary Finnish noise master. 2 long tracks of obliterating filth ridden power electronics. Somehow more dirge ridden and in the gutter than previous albums... Harsh, violent vocals and thunderous decayed bass tones clash against an oppressive percussive hell. Hail BU! [Unsafe And Insane]

The Boys Next Planet -- "Animal Fanny" -- CD-R -- €4
2007/2016 Emerson Lake And Headche / Monopolka Research Series
Jam-session recording of several underground musicians from Lancashire, U.K. Lo-fi improvisation on everything that could be found at the moment... Previously released on Monopolka's sublabel Emerson Lake And Headche, now available again from Post Materialization Music's Monopolka Research Series.

Colley, Joe -- "Hive" -- 3"CD -- €5
2009 Ferns Recordings, rhizome_03, (ltd. 500)
Source sounds from beehive, recorded 2003 Placer County, California using condenser, stereo contact and hive embedded contact mircophones. Raw unprocessed recordings, equalization, playback through cymbals, metal surface and Korg MS20 analog synthesizer. Final mix June 2003, Spiderbox, Oakland, California. [label info]

Column One -- "Prasident Der Sonne" -- CD -- €10
2010 Moloko+, plus71, (ltd. 500)
Highly recommended CD by Berlin-based multi-disciplinary art collective. Great electroacoustic dada collage and drone works. Digipack with 24 page booklet feat. collages by Tom Platt, Jürgen Eckloff, Stea Andreasson, Robert Schalinski, limited & numbered edition of 500 copies. [Tochnit Aleph]

Combative Alignment -- "A Broken Union" -- CD-R -- €15
2007 Avatar Records, AVATAR 13, (ltd. 123)
Last album of Combative Alignment released on their own label.

Combative Alignment -- "Everlasting Sun" -- CD-R -- €15
2003/2006 Avatar Records, AVATAR 01, (ltd. 100)
Expanded version of the Everlasting Sun 10" with 3 additional tracks. Packaged in a slimline DVD case with color cover.

Con-Dom -- "Acts Of Faith" -- 3"CD -- €22
1994 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 018, (ltd. 900)
Edition of 900 hand-numbered copies packaged in an A4 size glass frame.

Con-Dom -- "Control Domination" -- CD -- €44
1999 Armed & Loaded Recordings, ADW001, (ltd. 500)
Released in between 2 heavy slate plates with the Con-Dom logo pressed into it. Material recorded in 1993 but not released till many years later.

Corpseincinerating Furmace & Light Collapse -- split -- CD-R + mini-zine -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-095, (ltd. 20)
HNW. Pro-CDR. Design: booklet with graphic works Vitaly Maklakov, 12 pages, A5. [label info]

Crank Sturgeon & ID M Theftable -- "03.03.03. Half The Beast, Just You And I" -- CD-R -- €6
2007/2016 Emerson Lake And Headche / Monopolka Research Series
72-min long album of two British noisemakers - dilly funny absurd noise in vein of Monopolka.

Crawl Unit -- "Vs. Silence" -- CD -- €5
1996 Manifold Records, MANCD06
The sounds on this record, originally recorded between 1993 and 1995, were intended for use as "environmental sound for exhibition space". These pieces are remarkable for how their subtle and dense soundscaping continuously moves in and out of a foundation in silence. These five segments create an amorphous whole where silence is not only used as marks of punctuation, but fulfils its double role as both the source and the destination of sound. [Richard DiSanto, Incursion.org]

De Fabriek / Telepherique -- "PWZ" -- CD -- €5
1997 De Fabriek, FABPROD 16 / Apocalyptic Vision, Av011CD

Deison & Candor Chasma -- "Antimatter Circles" -- CD -- €7
2013 Show Me Your Wounds Production, LESION # 0014, (ltd. 299)
Recorded within a one-year span "Antimatter Circles" is the collaborative effort of Cristiano Deison and Candor Chasma (Simon Balestrazzi & Corrado Altieri). In this exploratory voyage in the depths of sideral space, the trio weaves dense sonic fabrics using electronic and concrète sources creating an immersive organic sound paired with crumbling arid noise. They spontaneously build aural gems that hide a frantic level of activity under their occasionally serene looks: turmoiled and thoughtful electronic fluctuations meet slow-motion drone hallucinations, ghostly creaking sounds mix with highly complex electro-acoustic and electronic textures, field recordings and synthetic pulses. This album unveils the mysteries from the deep and hides an in-depth research on aural aesthetics, a finely developed approach to sound, philosophy, and sound ecology. [label info]

Digital Noise Distortion -- "Slaves Build In Series" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Spatter, SP012, (ltd. 90)
Noise from Italy.

Ego Collapse -- "Silhouette Etudes" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 self-released, (ltd. 13)
A collaboration of Philipp Konieczny (Ego God, Germany) and Vitaliy Maklakov (Light Collapse, Russia). Extensive psychedelic cosmic Drone Ambient. Cold hum and surreal visions. Clear DVD-case, full-colour double-sided cover + 4-panel insert. Rare. [YAOP]

En Nihil -- "The Approaching Dark" -- CD -- €10
2013 Eibon Records, NIH087
The sound of ongoing apocalypse. Mixing extemporaneous noise bursts with solid dark ambient structures and menacing death industrial, US legendary EN NIHIL return with a brand new album. And what a come-back it is. The humans have left the earth. The universe is collapsing, and this is the sound of its death........ [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Esplendor Geometrico + Hijokaidan -- "E.G.Kaidan (Live In Tokyo 24 November 2013)" -- CD + DVD-R -- €20
2015 Alchemy Records, ARCD-232 / Geometrik, GR2135 / Suezan Studio, SSZ3023, (ltd. 100)
A collaboration live recording from SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, 24.11.2013. CD packaged in a digipak with 12-page folded booklet and obi. Booklet contains colour photos and liner notes in Japanese and English. Edition of 100 copies comes with a bonus DVD-R (video of the performance) in a white paper sleeve with clear window, both DVDr and sleeve stamped with "E.G.KAIDAN".

Frozen Ocean -- "Prills Of Remembrance" -- CD -- €13
2015 HAARBN Productions, HAARBN 028, (ltd. 100)
This album could be an awesome soundtrack. And it is, if you would like to mean a soundtrack to loosy surreal pictures flashing in your mind. "Prills Of Remembrance" is completely novel experience for Frozen Ocean: it contains nether metal, nor droning ambience but has the atmosphere of touchy melodies and simple silent rhytms instead. [label info]

Frozen Ocean -- "The Prowess Of Dormition" -- CD EP -- €10
2015 Apocalyptic Witchcraft, APW 005
A long EP of 25 minutes was intended to be a bridge from mostly electronic period in Frozen Ocean art back to metal addiction, but became something standing alone instead. For sure, it foretells what future releases of Frozen Ocean will look like, but at the same time it has its own face, frozen and injured but full of heavy rage. Midtempo atmospheric metal, "blackened" if you would like, with involuntary touch of pagan melodics and crystal translucent electronics; four long songs about winter, struggle and death, epic and inspiring; a hint of what you could expect from Frozen Ocean of tomorrow - all this is "The Prowess Of Dormition". P.S. "Dormition" as not the religious phenomenon (something unclear about virgin mary whatsoever), but as "death sleep". [label info]

Goatpsalm -- "Downstream" -- CD -- €9
2016 Aesthetic Death Records, ADCD 035, (ltd. 1000)
Supergroup consisting of Horth (Karna), Vaarwel (Frozen Ocean) and Sadist (Misanthropic Art, SS-18, Alienation Cold, Baal Zebuth, Deathmoor, Lashblood). Funeral Doom / Dark Ambient with shamanic chants, ethnic instruments and ritual drumming entrancing the listener and sending him back to those times when people still used stone instruments and lived in a magic world. Jewel-case with 12-page booklet. [YAOP]

Gopota -- "Knots of Fear" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-096, (ltd. 50)
Harsh noise / power electronics. The first album of the project with the name speaking for itself ("gopnik" in Russian means smth like "mobster"). Themes of violence, barbarism and other diseases of modern society. Critical realism served in a rough manner of execution. [label info]

Gorodezkii, Yura -- "Bordovaya Kofta 2015" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 self-released
An album of a Russian performer, quite varied in sound. From Drone Ambient to experimental Old-School Power Electronics with growling vocals. Everything quite stylish and really interesting. DIY style package: slim-DVD-box, handmade cover, A4 collage insert. [YAOP]

Gorovoy, Prokhor / Maklakov, Vitaliy / Vyazkiy Sharab -- "K.U. 17.03.2015" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-094, (ltd. 15)
Experimental noise session. Documentation of the creative meeting of three artists. [label info]

Haemorrhaging Fetus / Ferveur Noire / Sick Buildings -- "The Dense Gravel Of The Riverbed" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Militant Walls, #09, (ltd. 100)
An eminent study of harsh noise through another three drastically different approaches from three amazing contemporary harsh noise artists. Haemorrhaging Fetus pummels the listener with a concentrated and seething avalanche of crunched electronics that ride down a mountain of heavy rock and cliff formations. Ferveur Noire takes a more abrupt and violent approach with stabbing and grating shifts and movements, all the while keeping the constant suffocation obvious. Sick Buildings offers a concise, concentrated, and incredibly tense study of harsh sound, it's explosive quality, and the rumbling sub frequencies it disrupts before and after it's attack. Easily one of the most focused works I have ever heard, taking the entity of harsh noise to new levels of study and concept. The release features a 'crystal' pro-CDr with pro-printed inserts and disc artwork, both encased in a vinyl 'trigger' case. 100 ed. [label info]

Hijokaidan -- "Modern" -- CD -- €20
1989/2014 Alchemy Records, ARCD-067
Reissue of Hijokaidan's 1989 CD. Good Alchemy Series Volume 3, Part 6.

Hijokaidan -- "Modern (+1 Noise Remastered Edition)" -- CD -- €25
1989/2014 Reveil, TECH-25398
Remastered reissue of Hijokaidan's 1989 CD with a bonus track. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 25.

Hijokaidan -- "No Paris / No Harm (+1 Noise Remastered Edition)" -- CD -- €25
1988/2014 Reveil, TECH-25397
Remastered reissue of Hijokaidan's 1988 LP with a bonus track. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 24.

Hijokaidan -- "Noise From Trading Cards (+1 Noise Remastered Edition)" -- CD -- €25
1997/2014 Reveil, TECH-25401
Remastered reissue of Hijokaidan's 1997 CD with a bonus track. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 28.

Hijokaidan -- "Romance" -- CD -- €20
1990 Alchemy Records, ARCD-018
Recorded at Sound Market, Tokyo, Oct. 21, 1990. Good Alchemy Series Volume 1, Part 2.

Hijokaidan -- "Romance (+1 Noise Remastered Edition)" -- CD -- €25
1990/2014 Reveil, TECH-25399
Remastered reissue of Hijokaidan's 1990 CD with a bonus track. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 26.

Hijokaidan -- "Viva Angel (+1 Noise Remastered Edition)" -- CD -- €25
1984/2014 Reveil, TECH-25393
Remastered reissue of Hijokaidan's 1984 LP with a bonus track. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 20.

Hijokaidan -- "Windom" -- CD -- €20
1991 Alchemy Records, ARCD-038
Recorded at Sound Market, Tokyo, Oct. 1991 + live at Shinjuku-Antiknock, Tokyo, June 1991. Good Alchemy Series Volume 2, Part 2.

Hijokaidan -- "Windom (+1 Noise Remastered Edition)" -- CD -- €25
1991/2014 Reveil, TECH-25400
Remastered reissue of Hijokaidan's 1991 CD with a bonus track. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 27.

Hijokaidan & Otomo Yoshihide -- "Noise Join Inn" -- CD -- €25
2015 Reveil, TECH-26457
Collaboration album with Otomo Yoshihide. Comes with a bonus DVD-R from Alchemy Records.

Hilderend & Kamera Sensornoy Deprivatsii -- "Mantras For Sensory Deprivation" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-090, (ltd. 15)
Changing the world, a new world built on new foundations. New foundations and a new man, new kinds of creatures. The future is not drawn by God. The philosophical perspective on the subject of gene technology. [label info]

Hiroshige, Jojo & Haruo Ueda -- "Five Elements" -- CD -- €25
2015 Alchemy Records, ARCD-243
A collaboration album of the founder of Hijokaidan and Alchemy Records Jojo Hiroshige (guitar) and Haruo Ueda (electronics).

Hoarfrost -- "Anima Mundi" -- CD -- €10
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-27, (ltd. 300)
Anima Mundi - the world soul. Sometimes interpreted as the mythical Gaia or the mother of earth and all it's life and forms. The superorganism of the planet. With their fourth album, Hoarfrost explores the philosophical view of mother earth as the caring ancient goddess and the possibility that she's actually a Medea that will deceive and betray humanity, making us faithless and deprived of our will to survive. And in the end, facing total collapse. On "Anima Mundi", Hoarfrost collaborates with Katarzyna Bromirska (cello), Valdi Rzeszut (guitar), Dawid Chrapla and Tomasz Twardawa (noise structures) bringing us dark ambient industrialism... [label info] "I would highly recommend this to listeners who love to hear musicians step outside the normality of so much modern music. There is little here that could be directly compared to anything else out there. Hoarfrost have presented their most unique work to date." [Michael Barnett, Terra Relicta]

Incapacitants -- "As Loud As Possible" -- CD -- €25
1995 Zabriskie Point, POINT 13
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

Incapacitants -- "Asset Without Liability" -- CD -- €20
1996 Bulb Records, BLB-045
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

Incapacitants -- "El Shanbara Therminosis" -- CD -- €10
2007 Segerhuva, seger 21
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

Incapacitants -- "Ministry Of Foolishness" -- CD -- €7
1995 Pure
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

Incapacitants -- "New Movements In CMPD" -- CD -- €25
1996 Alchemy Records, ARCD-092
Pure Japanese harsh noise. Good Alchemy Series, Volume 4, Part 5.

Incapacitants -- "Operorue" -- CD -- €20
1995 Kubitsuri Tapes, SEX59009CD
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

Incapacitants -- "Quietus" -- CD -- €50
1993 Alchemy Records, ARCD-059
Pure Japanese harsh noise. Good Alchemy Series, Volume 3, Part 3.

Incapacitants -- "Repo" -- CD -- €35
1989/2001 Alchemy Records, ARCD-130
First CD reissue of the very first LP by Incapacitants.

Jazz Hijokaidan -- "Made In Japan - Live At Shinjuku Pit Inn, 9th April 2012" -- CD -- €20
2012 Doubtmusic, dmf-146
Recorded live at Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo on 9th April, 2012. Released simultaneously with Hijokaidan feat. Akira Sakata "Made In Studio" CD.

Junko -- "Noise Of Voice" -- 5 CD + DVD BOX -- €99
2014 Alchemy Records, ARBOX-1
A boxset of 5 CDs and 1 DVD of solo & collaborative recordings made by Junko Hiroshige (female voice of Hijokaidan) sometimes aided by various friends. Noise music made just with vocal cords of a fragile girl. Comes with a bonus CD-R from Alchemy Recprds.

Junko + Ansonic -- "Live at K.D Japon" -- CD -- €15
2011 Ellen, ELN-001
This album is a collaboration work in concert by Junko (Hijokaidan) and electronic sound noise unit Ansonic.

K2 / GX Jupitter-Larsen -- "Convulsing Vestibular" -- CD -- €5
2014 4iB Records, 4iB CD/1213/005, (ltd. 250)
30 years is a long time for 2 people from different corners of the world to come full circle and meet again. Old time buddies K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka) and GX Jupitter-Larsen (The Haters/Survival Research Laboratories) are both presented together on this split CD release after their paths first crossed in the 1980’s when they were actively involved in the underground populist artistic movement of mail art and homemade audio tape trading. In 1999, they met once again in Kyoto, Japan where they performed together on stage dressed up in Lucha Libre wrestling masks. This show also saw GX rigged-up in a championship wrestling belt that had been specially reconstructed to generate pure harsh noise through a built in microphone and distortion pedal. In many ways, this release presents a significant homecoming of sorts, where 2 old friends cross paths once more to showcase their unique styles of sonic mayhem together... [label info]

KK Null -- "Cryptozoon X" -- DVD-Audio -- €15
2014 Aagoo Records, AGO075
Audio DVD with quadraphonic and stereophonic mixes of "Cryptozoon X" commissioned by INA-GRM and premiered at the Festival Présences électronique in Paris, France on the 6th of April, 2013. Subsequently it’s been performed at some other festivals in Europe such as Festival für Zeitgenössische Musik in Hamburg, Germany.

KK Null -- "Cryptozoon X: Stereo Condensed Mix" -- CD EP -- €5
2014 Aagoo Records, AGO075
CD EP with short stereo condensed version of "Cryptozoon X" made as quadraphonic mix commissioned by INA-GRM and premiered at the Festival Présences électronique in Paris, France on the 6th of April, 2013. Subsequently it’s been performed at some other festivals in Europe such as Festival für Zeitgenössische Musik in Hamburg, Germany.

KK Null -- "Edging" -- CD -- €35
2013 Nux Organization, NUX-2013_0003
Soundtrack for dance theatre piece “Edging” (choreographed by Guillaume Marie/TAZCORP).

KK Null -- "Extropy" -- CD -- €25
2009 Hello From The Gutter, HFTG-007, (ltd. 500)
Recorded @ Prima Natura Studio 2007-2009, including field recording @ Stradbroke Island, Sheoak Falls, Great Oatway NP in Australia and live performance @ L'Embobineuse, Marseilles, France on March 10 2009.

KK Null -- "Inorganic Orgasm" -- CD -- €10
1998 Manifold Records, MANCD25, (ltd. 500)
Created with guitar & nullsonic at Prima Natura Studio, November 1997.

KK Null -- "Vulcanoid" -- CD-R -- €35
2013 Love Earth Music, LEM-131
Studio album from 2013.

Kromeshna -- "Noosphere" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_2, (ltd. 22)
Noise / Abstract / Field Recordings. World doesn't stand still. Biosphere mutates in noosphere: crunchy, rustling and horrible in its massive imperceptible processes. Exciting at the same time. Dive in this abyss of informational rubbish and mental noise with this album of the Ural-based project. CD-R with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

Kromeshna -- "Summer" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 YAOP, YAOP 075, (ltd. 50)
Recorded more than 10 years ago and finally extracted from the archives and published, this conceptual mini-album by Kromeshna takes a look on a summer day from dawn till dusk through the chrystal psychedelic prism of rhythmic Ambient / Chillout. Unhurried saturated romantic music for gourmets used to taste sounds, feelings, days, seasons... Jewel case, coloured cover, back insert made of vintage chintz with a pattern of summer flowers. [label info]

Kshatriy -- "Samantabhadra" -- CD-R -- €11
2016 self-released
Samantabhadra name means "Noble in Everything He Does", "Always Lovely". His body symbolizes the immensity of space as the nature of mind. Samantabhadra in union with his wife Samantabhadri (Yab-Yum union) symbolizes the original purity of the emptiness as the nature of mind. Their union is the unity of all in the non-duality, it is also a symbol of the indissoluble unity of bliss and emptiness... This music absolutely free of any duality concepts. [from the author]

Kshatriy -- "Special Offer" -- BOX
2016 self-released
Contemporary music industry has profound changes, today's ambient music distribution trends look more and more like "from hand to hand, from heart to heart". Understanding this I want to make my music closer to you, my dears! A new offer exclusively for my subscribers: special set which contains any numbers of CDs you want. Each box will be signed with your name, you can choose any music from my bandcamp page and make your own set. Also it's possible to make exclusive compilation from any tracks you want. All music will be professionally recorded to HQ CD-Rs using high-end recorder and carefully packed in digitrays with cardboard cover for all set. [from the author] The price of this edition is formed individually - 10 EUR for each CDR.

La Casa, Eric & Jean-Luc Guionnet -- "Inscape. Lille-Flandres" -- CD -- €5
2008 Monotype Records, mono019
As Inscape Eric La Casa & Jean-Luc Guionnet deal with 'site-specific listening installations', 'principally on the notion of 'background noise'. The review of their CD can never really deal with all the implications of their project (otherwise I'd be retyping the entire booklet), but they more or less scan the environment where a project is by means of audio and video, which are used in a live concert or an installation piece. 'Lille-Flanders' was made in 2004 at a disused postal sorting office, now a cultural space and a list of sounds is in the booklet. Best is to sit back and let the music just roll about. Cars passing, trains, water meter, the rain falling, incidental music from the nearby train station etc. Its all there. Other than LaCasa's solo work, this is more a collage like approach on sounds, with a bit more rapid mixing than in his solo work. It makes a small, but significant difference and it makes a beautiful piece of music. A very fine and solid work of field recordings. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

Legiac -- "The Voynich Manuscript" -- CD -- €12
2016 Dronarivm, DR-40
After last year’s sophomore release, The Faex Has Decimated, on Tympanik Audio, the Legiac project is back, but this time on the Russian based Dronarivm label, where the new album feels more at home. This time, the electronic duo of Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten take on a more meditative approach to their mildly glitch-infused, modular explored sounds, weaving in ambient textures, field recordings, and vast soundscapes. Titled after an early 15th century hand-written and illustrated codex, named after Wilfrid Voynich, the mysteries within this cryptic album can only be unlocked upon subsequent rotations, offering it up as a soundtrack to an enigmatic place, existing somewhere within imagination of these two prolific artists. The Voynich Manuscript slowly transforms its listener from a seemingly ordinary habitat, to a day-dream haze, to kaleidoscopic illusion – a sonic environment you thirst to visit once again… [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Nikimna" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-093, (ltd. 20)
HNW. Glossy A5 sleeve, photo insert. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "ZX Sedative" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_4, (ltd. 30)
Noise / Abstract. Digital intelligence was born at the very moment when two first computers were connected in a proto-network. Civilization hidden from human eyes somewhere in the depth of world wide web, with its own cities and infrastructure. Human vices and virtues exaggerated and hyperbolized in these virtual souls. And the great Info-river with cities of databanks and anti-virus fortresses standing along. Take a sedative and prepare yourself for an unhurried travel to the core of Alting. CD-R with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

Litvin, Arseny + Pulsating Veins -- "Noise For Pelicans" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-068, (ltd. 30)
Russian-Belarusian mail-art collaboration. Progressive HNW. Currently one of the best works in this style. [label info]

Litvin, Arseny / Pulsating Veins / Prokhor Gorovoy -- "The Rusty World" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_1, (ltd. 18)
Noise / Industrial / HNW. Old abandoned world. Completely rusty space. Gigantic wastelands of cities. Stinking monument to the victims of unsuccessful industrialization. Rats and last survivals swarming in piles of ruins of the deceased world. And rare explorers from the other worlds making leisurely touristic walks in protective suits. All this in thematic split recording of the artists from Russia and Belarus. CD-R with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

Lunar Abyss -- "Mitridat" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Biosonar^Lo-End, 056/2016 cdr, (ltd. 16)
A bunch of fresh tracks produced in early autumn in Crimea between the walks among the ruins of the ancient towns of Tavrida. The basics of these tracks were recorded at different times in various places, at the drone gatherings of Petrograd team and in nature. Artwork - DIY cardboard sleeve with environmentally-themed Soviet pocket calendars. [label info]

Lunde, Eric -- "Death To Eric Lunde" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Domestic Violence Recordings, DVR 06, (ltd. 66)
CDr with 3-D labelprint and a pair of glasses, containing raw unedited versions of tracks from "Ootheka", "Candyhole" and other material.

Maaaa -- "Abhorrence and Dismay" -- CD -- €10
2016 Triangle Records, TR-55, (ltd. 200)
"Abhorrence and Dismay" is the first MAAAA release in six years. Sergei Hanolainen has composed two post-industrial suites which explicitly and deliberately transcend the confines of the genre. The core narrative of the album is propelled by a rich palette of sounds including decaying tape loop manipulation, amplified objects, field recordings and torn harsh noise passages. "Abhorrence and Dismay" defies clear classification and is the artist's most mature offering to date. Mastered by Tommi Keränen. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Library Dream" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_3, (ltd. 30)
Drone Ambient / Noise. Shelves and old books covered with dust like with a blanket. Neither people nor timber worms won't disturb its dream stretched out to subjective millenia. Are you ready to plunge into the depth of their dreamy choir? Would you risk to send your astral body to their dreams risking not to go back? We just offer the gates there in a form of the album by this Ural-based artist and noise composer. CD-R with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly & Lefterna -- "Solar Mycelium" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-069, (ltd. 30)
Russian-Macedonian mail art collaboration. Hot dazzling summer landscapes. Rust and salt on the sand. Drone ambient mystery implicated with concrete sounds and field recordings. Full-colour cover, sleeve. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly / Litvin, Arseny -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2016 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-099, (ltd. 11)
Minimalistic noise plit of two Ural-based projects. Special handmade foldout paper package.

Marchetti, Lionel / Jean-Baptiste Favory -- "100 000 Annees" -- 2 CD -- €8
2008 Monotype Records, mono020
"Kitnabudja Town" by Lionel Marchetti is a fascinating and abounding composition, a colossal encyclopaedia to dissect with patience, an unseen sound collage that revives with the beloved techniques of the surrealists to reach a kind of automatic writing, a flux of thinking that is nor music, neither science, philosophy, neither eastern, nor western, at the same time electronic and shamanic... using studio techniques that we can discern as archaic, lionel marchetti bends and pummels his sources until their last death rattle, being not afraid of distractions and collisions. A dense, visceral and generous work... "Des Spheres" composed by Jean-Baptiste Favory. Comprising seven electronic improvisations, this piece is inspired by the movement of the seven celestial bodies closest to the earth with the sun as a central axis. Each planet is represented by two sounds: one concrete, the other synthetic. The concrete sound is not audible but modulates the synthetic sound in amplitude and frequency. The result is then processed using several effects to obtain a sound in constant evolution and partly random. Without seeking to reproduce an existing astronomic model whitch is taken for reality, the piece proposes a quasiorganic vision of what in former times was named "Thespheres" wherein the forces were realeased by the movements of celestial bodies, acted directly on mankind. [label info]

Masonna -- "Super Compact Disc" -- CD -- €25
1995 Alchemy Records, ARCD-073
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

Masonna -- "Ultimate Collection Vol. 2" -- CD -- €25
2008 Alchemy Records, ARCD-183
Pure Japanese harsh noise.

McDougall, James & Hiroki Sasajima -- "Injya" -- CD -- €10
2011 Unfathomless, U08, (ltd. 200)
Four long tracks of subtle field recordings made in Japan & Australia and brought together to form transcendental drone-weavings by these two rising sound artists... eighth release in this strong series by MYSTERY SEA, dealing with "spirits of specific places"; lim. 200 handnumbered copies, beautiful artwork as usual by DANIEL CROKAERT. [Drone Records]

Mikawa, Toshiji & L'eclipse Nue -- "Live Document: Flying Teapot" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dorei Recordings, DOR-024-CD, (ltd. 300)
This performance by T. Mikawa (mastermind of Incapacitants) and L'eclipse Nue was recorded live at Cafe Flying Teapot in Ekoda, Tokyo, Japan on 2015/01/24.

MSBR & Government Alpha -- "Planet Of Fluctuation" -- CD-R -- €15
2005 Xerxes, ES:46
Electro Acoustic Sessions 1997-2003.

Neighbor's Nightshade -- "To Heat the Flesh" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, 082, (ltd. 15)
Аmerican HNW meat. [label info]

Nkondi -- "Everythingthatisnttouchingmyeyesisgone" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Harshnoise, HN013
American pedal harsh noise on now defunct cult noise label.

Obozdur -- "The Small Bliss" -- CD-R EP -- €14
2015 Ostroga, OTR-046, (ltd. 11)
Ambient / loops / textures. A small piece for leisure and contemplation. The unique hand-made design. [label info]

Prurient & Kevin Drumm -- "All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord" -- CD -- €10
2007 Hospital Productions, HOS-201, (ltd. 1000)
Power Electronics from the US.

Schloss Tegal -- "The Myth of Meat" -- CD -- €10
2006/2008 Tegal Records, TR0016
This time Czech-based project paid their attention to the phenomenon of pleasure from torture and violence, psychopathology quite widespread nowadays. This theme is usually utilized by power electronics projects of American school, but here the approach is completely different. Well thought-out compositions in death industrial vein, eerie samples and dismal atmosphere. When recording this album musicians used such instruments as cleaver, mallet, knives, grinder and hand saw. The album was originally released in 2006 by the Russian label Waystyx Records. This is remastered re-issue with two bonus tracks.

Sewer Election -- "Wreck" -- CD -- €10
2016 Triangle Records, TR-54, (ltd. 200)
SEWER ELECTION is a widely-acclaimed project in the noise, industrial and experimental electronic music circles. “Wreck” is without a doubt one of the heaviest works Dan Johansson has put out in the recent years. Surprisingly enough, it bears some resemblance to HEINZ HOPF (a duo consisting of Johansson and Matthias Anderssen). Unique, uncompromising harsh noise crunch and punishing junk metal abuse. The album contains many other elements of the trademark SEWER ELECTION sound – tape manipulation, layers of subtle noise residue, an array of contrasts. A masterpiece. [label info]

Sky Burial -- "Corranach" -- CD -- €10
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-26, (ltd. 300)
As a means of giving music an expression unbound to narrowly defined genres, Michael Page created Sky Burial in 2006. Mainly dealing with noisy power electronics with project FIRE IN THE HEAD, Sky Burial entered the realms of dark ambient and sonic experimentalism. Since it's start this outfit has released several albums and we're proud to have the opportunity to release it's new opus "Corranach". The three mesmerizing tracks which comprise "Corranach" play a dichotomous dirge both grounded and ethereal. Sky Burial takes us unto a journey through internal structures and outer spaces, immersed in the Kosmische ethos. With "Corranach" Michael presents his most focused and refined work so far with a unique blend of industrial and ambient elements. [label info]

Slogun -- "A Breed Apart / The Die Song" -- CD -- €10
1996/2006 BloodLust!, B!064 / Circle Of Shit, C.O.S. 14
This is the third release in the "History of Violence" re-issue campaign and it unites two related, key entries in the early Slogun catalog. "A Breed Apart" was originally released on cassette by Slaughter Productions (SPT 86) in 1996, and it was packaged in a beautifully designed, oversized sleeve with a vellum overlay. "The Die Song" tracks are taken from the legendary Slaughter Productions six-cassette box set, "Listen And Die!" (SPT 100), from 1997. This rare, bizarrely packaged collection ("The Italian/American Power Electronics Massacre. 4 Hours And 36 Minutes Of Violent Entertainment"), was limited to 100 copies, and it also featured contributions from Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Atrax Morgue, Murder Corporation, Diktat, Discordance, Surgical Stainless Steel, Taint, Deathpile, Skin Crime, and Bacillus. Like the first two re-issue CDs (B!059 "Sacrifice Unto Me" and B!062 "Will To Kill"), the audio for this compiled and re-mastered version was prepared in Lille, France, by Jerome Nougaillon (Propergol), while John Balistreri's graphic design follows the standard that he created for the ongoing series. True Crime Electronics - FTW. [label info]

Solmania -- "The Basement Tapes And Discs" -- 9 CD + DVD BOX -- €222
2013 Youth Inc., YOUTH-252
Solmania is a Japanese noise music project, founded in 1984 by Masahiko Ohno. He was later joined by Katsumi Sugahara (ex Outo), who first appears on Trembling Tongues (1995). Ohno is known for making his own experimental electric guitars out of spare parts and using them in his live performances and recordings; the guitars usually take an extremely bizarre form, utilizing unconventional body shapes, extra necks, strings and pickups in unusual places, and various extraneous gadgets such as microphones. Most of their instruments are multi-neck guitars and harp guitars... This boxset contains most of the material ever released by Solmania.

Solmania -- "Live - Big Rig" -- CD -- €20
1999 Kubitsuri Tapes, S;E;X59-017CD
Solmania is a Japanese noise music project, founded in 1984 by Masahiko Ohno. He was later joined by Katsumi Sugahara (ex Outo), who first appears on Trembling Tongues (1995). Ohno is known for making his own experimental electric guitars out of spare parts and using them in his live performances and recordings; the guitars usually take an extremely bizarre form, utilizing unconventional body shapes, extra necks, strings and pickups in unusual places, and various extraneous gadgets such as microphones. Most of their instruments are multi-neck guitars and harp guitars... This is the last official album released in 1999. Very loud guitar noise amplified with contact mics and looped in harsh feedback, with ultimate psychedelic impact. The material was recorded at various live gigs in Osaka in 1997-1999.

Somnare -- "Bellum Esse" -- CD -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK032, (ltd. 270)
Neoclassic. SOMNARE is the musical incarnation of Pilar Molina (Aura Noctis, Aeldaborn) and DP Rey (Wrong, The YTriple Corporation, Neverdie), created in 2013. The idea behind SOMNARE is to dream from the perspective of your minds, a travel to the depths of your soul. Compromising the consciousness and subconscious, the percussion reflects the inner struggle of each person. The silence of its chords lead us to the most mystical darkness of our being, but at the same time the melody of the strings, takes us by through landscapes of melancholy. Nature itself inspires us, creates hope to learn and evolve again and again. There is still hope for lost souls. [label info]

The Soviet Sex Machines -- "I am your Soviet Sex Machine" -- CD-R -- €6
2005/2016 Monopolka / Monopolka Research Series
Reissue of an album from Monopolka label family - tireless Phil Volokitin & G. Avrorin make some Soviet sex noise! Two original silk-screened posters fit one into another.

Teatro Satanico -- "Der Tod In Venedig" -- CD -- €12
2016 Ufa Muzak, UFA72, (ltd. 170)
Macabre synth / Cold necro wave / Experimental. Here we have a unique release - reissue of the long sold out album, so unusual that its extravagance can only compete with the cause of such a collection of rare compositions. The album title sounds a bit pretentious, but it has very few lines of contact with famous literary and cinematographic sources. "Death in Venice" refers to the famous "Island of the Dead - San Michele", the necropolis, privileged refuge for the dead of this city on the water. This place is famous for the numerous burial places of renowed artists, and already in the second number we meet one of the "Cantos" by Ezra Pound who found his last resort in this place. Free poetry of this eminent American rebellion has to be heard, not read... music as expression, words as echoes, spoken long time ago. The Italians will never disown their sacred and forbidden figures of their culture, and the third number features lines from the monster novel, the mystery novel, unfinished, interrupted by the author's death - "Il Petrolio" by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Sound design, musical patterns, peculiar flow of images made of deadly techno rhythms and hissing layering synthesizer backgrounds. Spiral up further, another symbolic figure of Julius Evola is waiting for us. Text from the book "Meditations on the Peaks" disclosing the sacred symbolism of mountains as habitation of gods, where rulers and warriors go, where yogis achieve full liberation. The atmosphere is rarefied, so little oxygen that one has to breath deeply, feeling ringing in ears because of pressure, but the beauty has to overpower all unpleasant feelings. What next? The song with the same title as a theoretic book about suicide, we hear flappings of predatory owls in the night. From which world have these messengers come? Or was it a gondola that brought us to cypresses of San Michele? It's early to disembark, the rhythm pulls swings up and down, up and down. The original album is supplemented with three tracks, visions and insights continue. Charon hasn't yet received the payment for transportation, still lying under the deadman tongue according to the funeral rite... 9 tracks, 65 minutes, matte 4-panel A5 digipak. [press-release]

Telepherique -- "Zeit Des Endes" -- CD -- €20
1998 Les Disques Bruitistes
Recorded in summer 1997.

Thirdorgan -- "Bionic Ambient Music" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Harshnoise, HN022
4 tracks of brutal digital harshness. [label info]

Tortured Screams In The Walls / Light Collapse / A -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-086, (ltd. 20)
Great HNW-trip. [label info]

Trundley, Kev & Phil Monopolka -- "Secret Trundley Handshake" -- CD-R -- €4
2007/2016 Emerson Lake & Headache / Monopolka Research Series
Absurd noise / musique concrete. Live home recording with elements of collage: baby-talks, rhytms, tv-shows, toys, some strange sounds, noises and constant fuss in the background - this all combines in completely unpredictable ways and forms a dense soundflow.

U238 / 16P17R15019T15019T23Y16P -- "Asphyxiating Strategy / Utroba TZM N11 (1998)" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
1998/2016 Torga Amun, Amun-077, (ltd. 10)
This album is a reissue of a tape published in 1998. Total Hard Industrial / Noise (remixes of CONSECRATE, MORTHOUND, ACHEHATE, TCHORT... Extreme sound. Monolithic layers of power electronics and noise performances recorded on tape. Postindustrial strangulation. 2 x pro-CDR, 10 handnumbered copies. Exclusive design. A5 envelope. Cards attached to the album. [label info]

Waldeinsamkeit -- "Wanderlust" -- CD EP -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK037, (ltd. 100)
Neofolk. WALDEINSAMKEIT is a new neofolk experience conducted by Sathorys Elenorth (Der Blaue Reiter) in collaboration with various renown musicians from the German neofolk scene. “Wanderlust” is a 4-Track EP with exclusive tracks released for the 3rd Lichterflug festival in Germany with guest musicians Bjarkan (Detour Doom Project), Norbert Strahl (Stein) and Jay Kokopelli (Traum'er Leben). Overall topic of the 4-tracks is the yen to see distand places while the music was written and composed by Sathorys Elenorth. The lyrics to the songs were written by the various guest musicians. [label info] The CD is sealed in black paper envelope.

Werkgruppe Ludendorff -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK034, (ltd. 260)
Neofolk. WERKGRUPPE LUDENDORFF, named after a german bunkergroup from WWII, is a young, new german neofolk band that delivers one of the most stunnishing debuts of german neofolk-scene in years. The twelve songs of the album reveal an incredible compositorical maturity as well as great musical skills that could only be found in bands like Forseti, Dies Natalis or early Sonne Hagal. Lyricalwise WERKRGUPPE LUDENDORFF hold up the traditions and values which seem to be lost in modern society, just to name the love for home and nature in general as well as critical and open mind towards current social and political mindsets. [label info]

Xenophobic Ejaculation / Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes -- split -- CD -- €9
2015 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-131 / Viva Angel Press, VAP-004, (ltd. 300)
Power Electronics from Finland + black-grind from Japan, truly posonous mix.

YAO 91404 D -- "Energia" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT122, (ltd. 49)
First digital edition of the new YAO 91404 D full-length dedicated to the hydropower, turbibe builders, dams... The album is based on field recordings made at a dam of the destroyed Finnish HPP in Raivola, in a machine room of the Right-bank Water Canal of St. Petersburg and in other wonderfyl places. Hydronoise, Concete Industrial, poems by the worker poets of "Elektrosila", archive recordings from Soviet vinyl records, a story about Bratsk told in German language, low-end catacomb sound. DVD-box, all info hand-written in a certificate of the USSR Ministry of Power. [label info]

V/A -- "Hard Panning (The Ultimate Contemporary Cut-up Harsh Noise International Compilation)" -- CD -- €10
2014 Triangle Records, TR-53 / Somnolent Shelter Records
The hardest-hitting release of the year. Featuring well-established artists as well as relative newcomers, the compilation contains roughly 50 minutes of top quality, complex and dynamic harsh noise. HARD PANNING documents the evolution and redefining of the genre which came a long way since the early pioneers. A definite must-have. [label info] FACIALMESS, JAKE VIDA, T.E.F., KAZUMOTO ENDO, KAZUMA KUBOTA, JAAKKO VANHALA, MAAAA, PURGIST, DEAFAULT, AHLZAGAILZEHGUH, DEVELOPER, MANTICHORA, ENCEPHALOPHONIC, K2, LETTERA 22.

V/A -- "Japanoise" -- CD -- €8
2003 Little Mafia Records, LM022, (ltd. 1000)

V/A -- "Japanoise Of Death I + II" -- 2 CD BOX -- €15
2008 Steinklang Industries, SK-IN 12 Box, (ltd. 300)


The Grey Wolves -- "Tokyo Suicide Service" -- LP -- €33
2013 Tesco Archaic Documents, ARCHAIC 002, (ltd. 250)
Live in Tokyo 2004.6.26 sat. Shibuya NEST. Hand-numbered edition of 250 copies. Includes an insert.

Incapacitants -- "A Child Who Watched The Sky And So On" -- LP s/s -- €55
2012 Cold Spring, CSR12S01, (ltd. 100)
First in a series of limited monthly single-sided vinyl releases by the Cold Spring label. Limited to 100 copies in a white sleeve with hand-stamped obi strip.

LR -- "Exile" -- LP -- €33
2011 Posh Isolation, Posh Isolation_048, (ltd. 250)
LR = Loke Rahbek = Croatian Amor = founder of Posh Isolation. This material was recorded onto tape 2009-2010. Based on a poem of the same name by Hans Sahl. One piece for each line of the poem and one for the title.

Post-Materialists / Gargamelek -- split -- 7" -- €9
2016 Post-Materialisation Music, (ltd. 190)
Amazing free-jazz split record between two cult underground art-formations. Post-Materialists hail from Moscow and reproduce their vision of Sun Ra ideas. Gargamelek hail from St. Petersburg and play Honeysuckle Rose in his own obscure way! Everything is packaged with wonderfull drawning by Elizabeth Kolesova. Outstanding! 190 copies. 16 minutes. [label info]

Theodor Bastard -- "Vetvi" -- LP -- €23
2015/2016 Fulldozer Records, FD36LP, (ltd. 150)
Fulldozer Records proudly present the vinyl version of the last album by Theodor Bastard, one of the most mysterious and mythical bands from Russia. The album name is a Latin transliteration of the Russian word for branches bearing in mind the branches of the World tree which supports the heavens, connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and the underworld. It's music combines elements of world music, neofolk, dark wave and trip hop. The hallmark of the album is female vocal by lead singer Yana Veva, her unique voice filled by glory and in the same time by meditative serenity and mild warmth. The musicians use classic instruments as well as electronic instruments and numerous ethnic instruments. Theodor Bastard release their albums not so often, working for months in various recording studios in several cities and countries, searching for the best sound and arrangements. The work on this album took three years with plenty of musicians taking part in it. Continuing the theme of wanderings, which was the basic idea of the previous album Oikoumene, Theodor Bastard take their listeners from hot south to the fairy northern lights. A peculiar combination of the archaic percussions and folk instruments was used during the recording. Playing unusual ethnic instruments is still an important part of Theodor Bastard creative process. Russian horn, traditional Mongol violin morin khuur, ritual tibetian horn dunchen, ancient Russian gusli, cajon, jew's harp, dulcimer (string instrument like zither) - this is just a short list of musical miracles of the album. Many musicians were engaged in creating this sound kaleidoscope. That was a serious and laborious work. [press-release]

Theodor Bastard -- "Vetvi" -- LP + CD -- €32
2015/2016 Fulldozer Records, FD36LP / FDCD37, (ltd. 100)
Special edition includes: black vinyl 180 gram in a jacket and inlay with information, bonus CD Live In Dobrolet in cardboard sleeve - all these in cloth bag with logotype of the band. Ltd. 100 copies.

Whitehouse -- "Erector" -- LP -- €45
1981/2008 Very Friendly, VFSL037
Reissue of an early album by the cult PE/noise UK band.


Aberrant / Devonshire -- split -- C-26 -- €6
2011 WATERPOWER, WP017, (ltd. 25)
Noise / Power Electronics from the US.

Anenzephalia -- "Live In Boras" -- CS -- €12
2001/2016 Zaetraom, ZAETRAOM 014, (ltd. 200)
Legendary Sweden concert of Anenzephalia from 1996, previously released as CD on Death Factory, now re-released as handnumbered limited to 200 tapes edition on Zaetraom.

Antlers Mulm -- "Touring The Moon Bog / The Moon Bog: Other Tours" -- 2 CS -- €12
2016 NEN Records, NEN08, (ltd. 45)
NEN Records presents a Russian edition of 'Touring the Moon Bog', the most heart-felt Antlers Mulm's album. A project by the German musician Hans Johm is formally close to the post-industrial stage. However, Johm always avoided caps lock talking, and preferred to communicate quietly, even barely audible. Surprisingly, what he says strikes a lot stronger than "direct actions". Sensitive minimalism, darkwave of schizoid accentuation - in case of Antlers Mulm genre marks are far less important than the ability to cut the listener to the quick... ‘Touring the Moon Bog’ is a class on mental arrhythmia, guided by its special meter. To some extent this is a manifesto that your soul is not entirely yours, with a hint that it does not belong to you at all. Your I is like an empty plastic bag flying through the air, it has nothing to cling to, and the appearance becomes obviousness: you have no I. All that you got: a couple of habits, a yellowed photo, two broken oak-trees and a fleeting feeling of someone’s warm exhalation on your cheek. Of someone who has no I like you do. There is only the sky that does not belong and can not belong to anyone, and the remnants of the rainbow that melt on the horizon of which you’ll forget in a moment... ‘Touring the Moon Bog’ conveys this message by a strange rhythm, which always objects to your expectations. As the rhythm pounds like raindrops from the roof into a barrel of water, you slip into its fabric and realize that you’ve been deceived. There is no rhythm to the raindrops as there is no rainbow. These songs are a hymn to invented memories. They begin from nothing and leave at the right time, which could be any other. It is not arbitrary, as a law that wasn’t written for you, most likely because you do not really exist... Antlers Mulm managed to bring up songs not intended for us, while the participants involved in the remixing and covering, made them our own, harnessed and formalized. The formalization is arguable, of course, but there is no another. [label info] Second tape contains the compilateion of cover versions and remixes made by Pertti GrÖnholm, Forgttn, Kim Ki O, Frank Machau, Antlers Mulm, Sunset Wings, Llovespell, Myrrman, Frl.Linientreu, Alien Levi, Contemplatron and Reutoff.

Aube -- "Hydrophobia" -- C-60 -- €45
1991 Vanilla Records, Vanilla-15
The material of this tape is water only. Tape still shrinkwrapped!

Baader -- "s/t" -- C-22 -- €6
2014 Mazurka Editions, mzk 034, (ltd. 25)

Baculum / Being / Paranoid Time / Wince -- split -- 2 x C-40 -- €8
2009 self-released
Four American noise units made this split / collaboration double cassette release for their Midwest Harsh Noise tour in 2009.

Bianchi, Maurizio -- "The A.C.V.I. Tapes" -- 4 x CS BOX -- €140
2010 self-released, (ltd. 1)
Recorded between May and August 1980. This box set is limited to one copy only according to the artist, and was privately released by Maurizio Bianchi in 2010.

Bizarre Uproar -- "Viha & Kiima" -- 3 x C-40 -- €15
2012 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-64
Uncut versions of LP/CD tracks plus bonus stuff from same period. 3 x ca. 40 min tapes in soft poly-cases with raw xeroxed covers, all wrapped in colour collage unique for each copy.

Boar / Circuit Wound / Skin Graft / A Snake In The Garden -- split -- 2 x C-30 -- €8
2011 Phage Tapes, PT:163, (ltd. 100)
4 sides of harsh noise. Each artist has a different take on harsh noise so this release is really well rounded and is a good representation of the breadth of what can be accomplished. Edition of 100 in tall Norelco 2x cs case. Cover image by Simon Clark. [label info]

Brume -- "Autoportrait" -- C-46 -- €5
1991 La Legende Des Voix, LDV 00B
Second release in La Légende Des Voix's autoportrait series. Each copy is numbered, signed, and dated. Housed in a vinyl case.

Clew Of Theseus -- "Oran" -- 2 x C-50 BOX -- €22
2009 Cathartic Process, CP-18, (ltd. 20)
Clew Of Theseus' opus, "Oran," is a testament to the disease of the modern metropolis. Over 100 minutes of esoteric ambiance and power drones recorded by Ben Brucato, utilizing prepared guitars, oscillators, bells, reeds, cymbals, prepared piano, metal and voice. Boxed Set: Features the Standard Edition inside a two-color screen-printed box (printed by Neil Burke), plus a 44-page perfect bound art book that graphically tells the narrative of "Oran." Limited to 20 copies. [label info]

Con-Dom -- "The Will Lies Dormant" -- C-60 -- €5
1994 Control Domination
Two live recordings from 1986 and 1987. Author's reissue of a cassette published by Sounds For Consciousness Rape in 1994.

Con-Dom / Nails Of Christ & AMK -- "Have Faith" -- C-60 -- €5
Control Domination
Recordings from 1987 + bonus track with a remix from 1989.

Deeper Wells -- "s/t" -- C-20 -- €5
2010 WATERPOWER, WP008, (ltd. 25)
Power electronics / noise unit from the US.

Deterge -- "Anacoluthon" -- C-30 -- €10
2012 Anabolic Dimensions, AD-004
Epic and brutal PE masterpiece via Jim Haras of PTM / Fusty Cunt. [label info]

Deterge -- "Cancelled Expenditures" -- 2 x C-10 -- €22
2014 Fusty Cunt, FUC 122, (ltd. 20)
PE from the US. Double cassette housed in an oversize vinyl case with four inserts that piece together to make a whole.

Developer / Diaphragmatic / Heart Of The Whore -- "Death And White Glue" -- 2 x C-20 -- €8
2011 self-released
Three American noise units made this split / collaboration double cassette release for their tour in 2011.

Disgust / Gnawed / Nyodene D / RU-486 -- split -- 2 x C-10 -- €8
2011 Phage Tapes, PT:146, (ltd. 125)
4 tracks of slightly different styles from some of my favorite US power electronics artists. If you've heard any of these projects you know what to expect. Edition of 125. Packaged in a tall norelco with a 3 color screen print front and 3 color screen print inner j card. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Observe Casual Matter" -- C-90 -- €7
2015 self-released, (ltd. 13)
Collaboration project of Vitaliy Maklakov (Light Collapse) from the Urals and Philipp Konieczny (Ego God) from Germany. Long meditative album. Experimental Drone Ambient full of field recordings. [YAOP]

Electro-Haram -- "Khasav-Yurt" -- 5" reel-to-reel -- €12
2016 Nazlo Records, NzR060, (ltd. 5)
"The blessing for publishing one of the recent ritual recording session of now disbanded unit Electro-Haram came from the remote frintiers by a classified communication channel. This time because of the reason we don't understand ourselves we decided to release it on blood-red reels, perhaps this design solution was inspired by serious and thoughtful material of the album dedicated to the things incomprehensible by the representatives of Western civilization." [label info]

EugeneKha & West Remi -- "I.N.KH.E." -- CS -- €4
2016 45 Echoes Sounds, [45E-Tape01-WAS], (ltd. 20)
International collaboration of two ambient projects - EugeneKha (Russia) and West Remi (Ukraine / Germany). The idea of this work is a creation of soundtracks to the unexistent sci-f- moves. Digital version of this album was released by the Moscow based label 45 Echoes Sounds (curated by Eugene Kharitonov aka EugeneKha) in 2015, and now it's also released as a limited edition (20 copies) on cassettes. From the press-release: "I.N.KH.E." is a fictional planet in which name real names of musicians of this project are ciphered; "I.N.KH.E." is a science-fiction history about searches and conquest of the new world for mankind. "I.N.KH.E." is a declaration of love to the science fiction forcing us to think of the Future, to dream about impossible and to see unusual in usual. Fantastic stories which we read in the childhood and youth, inspired us on creation of this album. "I.N.KH.E." is the Russian-Ukrainian project contrary to political circumstances." [label info]

Ex.Order / Netzach -- "Collapse" -- CS -- €60
1993 Power & Steel, PAS 02
First edition housed in a 7" package with inserts. Limited to 60 copies. Signed by both artists!

Forecast / Sleep / Predator -- split -- 3 x CS -- €9
2012 Girl Tapes, 00
3-way split from the US noise artists.

Goudreau, Chris -- "Ultranegative" -- C-40 -- €6
2014 Elm Recordings, ELM-11, (ltd. 100)
Chris Goudreau from SICKNESS now performs under his own name. Live recording using modular synth, pedals and laptop.

Grave Molt -- "s/t" -- C-15 -- €5
2014 VAALD, (ltd. 25)
High heels on dirty pavement. Eternal autumn. After the party is over. [label info] Neo-romantic synth minimalism mixed with dictaphone field recordings.

Harshcore & Der Einzige -- "Live Bujun Dokument | Graz | June 11th 2009" -- CS -- €7
2013 Old Bicycle Records, Crash #09
Harshcore is a duo of Tommaso Clerico and Luca Sigurta, and there is a bunch of trumpet sounds, effects, electronics, theremin, rhythms, voices and objects among them. I think much of what they do find it's origins in improvisation around some sounds and effects. Not really noise based and at its best, mainly due to the extended trumpet with echo sound, not too dissimilar to the old Throbbing Gristle sound (Heathen Earth era). There is a fine sense of drama in the sounds here, and towards the end also a bit of humor. Der Einzige is the solo project of Matteo Uggeri, who also uses trumpet, but also laptop, percussions, aerosol and screams. Here everything is a bit more monolithic in approach, single minded towards the full on noise. Many screams indeed, much more echo on the trumpet and perhaps as such a bit more alike the wave of power electronics that followed in Throbbing Gristle's footsteps, but with a some what cleaner sound. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

The Haters / Hal Hutchinson -- "Xylowave 2010 / Amplifaction II" -- C-92 -- €5
2010 Der Bunker Records
The Haters are a noise and conceptual art troupe from the United States. Founded in 1979, they are one of the earliest and best-known acts in the modern noise scene. The group is primarily the work of the Hollywood, California-based artist, writer, and filmmaker GX Jupitter-Larsen, accompanied by a constantly changing lineup of other members... Hal Hutchinson has previously released several of his scrap metal sound recordings on labels such as Freak Animal Records, Unrest Productions and many others. In the last couple of years he has moved to incorporate analogue synthesizers, field recordings and other elements into his work, collaborating with projects such as Mania and Shift amongst others. These recordings are released on Hal’s Der Bünker label. Here, Hal presents a recording made entirely of scrap metal and concrete wreckage with a very primitive sounding end result. [Auf Abwegen]

Heart Of The Whore -- "Life Of Vapor" -- 2 x C-30 -- €8
2012 Phage Tapes, PT:142, (ltd. 85)
Harsh noise collaboration by Ohio masterminds Luke Tandy, Matt Reis and John Moloney. Edition of 85 in side-by-side Norelco case with shells stamped with a handmade lino cut. Cover collage by Nate Tandy. [label info]

I-C-K -- "Intrinsic Violence" -- CS -- €12
1997 La Nouvelle Alliance, L.N.A.002, (ltd. 120)
Full-length debut cassette released under the name of I-C-Kaos, later re-issued on LP by HauRuck! 12 tracks of old-school industrial / heavy electronics, featuring Geoffroy D. aka Derniere Volonte. Constructed with heavily throbbing electronics, rhythm programs / looping drums, samples and vocals in the way of early Dagda Mor or such German industrial / power electronics. Safe to say that this is most powerful and agressive material ever from this act. [Lust Vessel]

Incapacitants -- "Extreme Gospel Nights" -- C-60 -- €30
1993 Vanilla Records, Vanilla-29
Tape still shrinkwrapped!

Insone -- "O Rosto" -- CS -- €6
2015 Unseen Force, FORCE_LI, (ltd. 100)
Menacing Brazilian Death Industrial from Terror Noturno label head. Highly composed & dynamic, “O Rosto” brings forth a dense mix of sonic oppression drawing heavily from a rich history of dark ambient, industrial noise & power electronics while simultaneously offering a refreshing lens to a sea of material overwrought with trite displays of aggression & hate. Shares members with primitive black metal kommando VERME who debuted on the venerable Fallow Field earlier this year. Comes sealed in norelco case with tri panel j-car. Professionally duplicated on high bias cobalt tapes. Edition of 100. [label info]

Jah Excretion & Torturing Nurse -- split -- C-20 -- €8
2014 Cipher Productions, (sic 83), (ltd. 50)
Harsh noise split. Comes in a riveted rubber sleeve with photocopy collage artwork.

Jupitter-Larsen, GX -- "Fire 25/26" -- CS -- €5
2016 Post-Materialization Music, PM-003, (ltd. 100)
Two fire pieces wrapped in hand-made postcard and sent to frozen Russia by the greatest GX Jupitter-Larsen from The Haters! [label info]

Ke/Hil -- "Lessons In Brotherly Hate" -- C-60 -- €36
2013 Zaetraom, ZAETRAOM 008, (ltd. 100)
1st tape in a new serie of Ke/Hil recordings, the recording showcases a gig at the TESCO USA festival 12.11.2011, Philadelphia at John Brendas. Strong live recording of this project founded by B.Moloch and W.Herich (members of ANENZEPHALIA and GENOCIDE ORGAN). Also this is first ever cassette release from the label Zaetraom, a home of Anenzephalia.

Lngtche -- "Leng Hex" -- 2 x C-77 -- €8
2008 Black Horizons, BH-24, (ltd. 50)

Marhaug, Lasse -- "Hell Is Empty" -- C-32 -- €8
2006 Trash Ritual, trash007, (ltd. 100)
Experimental / noise from Norway.

Mutant Ape -- "Aye / Nay" -- 2 x CS -- €6
Turgid Animal
New recordings from MUTANT APE showcasing both the Industrial Power Electronics side of the project as well as the Harsh Noise terror you come to expect. Concept release about the choices, or lack thereof, that we face in the modern world. Where to go? What to do? Fit in. Very limited number of copies available in 2-way library case box with insert and artwork by William Watts. [label info]

Necro Stellar -- "Zvuki Posledney Suti (Sounds of the Last Point" -- CS -- €7
2016 Tape Cult, Cult-001, (ltd. 99)
New album of NECRO STELLAR is comprised of compositions created in 2011-2015, recorded and mixed during 2013-2016. The cassette edition is made of 99 hand-numbered copies. This album, just as many others, is characterized by the use of many styles and frivolous game with composition... Electro easily turns into rock and speedy, almost punk-style crossover; majestic ballads in psychedelic rock style with baroque and academic arrangements merge with electroacoustics, noise and industrial... Some songs are based on harmonies built on multi-layered gnashing microtonal feedback loops, created by the sound processing units... This new album was recorded entirely on vintage authentic technics, without any computer sounds. Aside from lots of analogue synthesizers and organs, vocoders and harmonisers, spring reverbs and tape delays, we can hear lots of author's metal percussion... [label info]

Nord -- "Live Materials 1980-1993" -- C-60 -- €99
1994 Vanilla Records, Vanilla-44
Tape still shrinkwrapped!

Pustota -- "Pereproverka" -- C-50 -- €5
2016 Biosonar^Lo-End, 057/2016 tape (ltd. 11)
Technologic re-recording of the results of tape noise research. Various kinds of interference and distortion, random result of equipment malfunction used as artistic component of the recording. Ultra-limited edition and DIY artwork in a cardboard box with fragments of photos and postcards. [label info]

RU-486 & Hierchiss -- "Live Collaboration 12-18-08" -- C-45 -- €5
2009 Destructive Industries, DI019, (ltd. 50)
Treading helpless and alone through murky swamp waters, wading into thick and suffocating terrain. This is a pairing of guitar undertow and muddled synth outer space. Analog driven and nightmare-like dreams coupled with the last rapid eye movement before a waking death. [label info]

Sarah's Charity -- "Fear Of Sound" -- C-29 -- €4
2008 Digitalis Limited, ltd#28, (ltd. 87)

Sarah's Charity -- "Illusion Of Enlightenment" -- C-30 -- €20
2009 Posh Isolation, Posh Isolation_011
Christian Stadsgaard's project what pre-dates Posh Isolation label. Several tapes and some other formats 2006 onwards. Very lo-fi recording what appears to be guitar noise and electronics barely able to penetrate microphone. It sounds as if sounds basically compete which manages to come through, and it gives recording charming broken & vibrant feel. However, tape is hardly anything that special or memorable compared to good stuff of Posh Isolation! Lo-fi drone noise one side, extreme painful feedback b-side. Competes with Prurient "arrowhead" with this... [Freak Animal]

Schlappi, Eric -- "Moon's Spawn" -- CS -- €6
2015 Unseen Force, FORCE_L, (ltd. 33)
UF is proud to release some of the first new recordings from Southwest based artist Eric Schlappi in quite some time. A dominant figure in the Tucson experimental music scene, Schlappi’s unique brand of rough modular experiments chained to an unmatched obsession with analogue synthesis has led to several mind altering performances through out the last year. "Moon's Spawn" offers a quick glimpse of things to come, full length “Poseidonis” is planned for later this year. Comes sealed in norelco case with with deluxe vellum 4 panel j-car & vellum art card. Duplicated on high bias cobalt tapes. Edition of 33. [label info]

Shikaku -- "Shikaku" -- C-20 -- €6
2010 Shit-Eye Cassettes, 666-08, (ltd. 66)
That this one's on Shit-Eye Cassettes kinda sums it up: Japanese scumnoise with heavy nods to The Gerogerigegege, Hanatarash and the Vanilla Records crew. [Cipher Productions]

Solmania -- "Morphine Nocturne" -- C-90 -- €30
1991 Vanilla Records, Vanilla-21
You must know who they are! Tape still shrinkwrapped!

Streetmeat -- "Show Me Your Work" -- 2 x CS + bizcard CD-R -- €10
2011 Fusty Cunt, FUC 51, (ltd. 50)
Bouncing harsh glitch static from Streetmeat who are M. Jones and Robert Newsome. This is a C60 + C0 and business card set released on Fusty Cunt in 2011. The b-card is a collaboration with Richard Ramirez. [Bleak Bliss]

Streetmeat / Baculum -- split -- C-10 -- €8
2014 Phage Tapes, PT:181, (ltd. 50)

Stringere Gulam -- "4YDF" -- CS -- €12
2015 Zaetraom, ZAETRAOM 013, (ltd. 100)
On their first release this German project attends you on a surreal psychonautic rollercoaster trip through the debris fields of human civilization. Dark alienated sound collages blended with fragments of mainstream culture build an ambience of dadaistic oppression. [Tesco Organisation] Rhythmic industrial, perhaps somewhere between Ke/hil & Dogpop. [Freak Animal]

Triugla Pechkina -- "Son Pechkina" -- CS -- €4
2016 Nazlo Records, NzR059, (ltd. 30)
Weird audio collages & experimental outsider techno / easy listening / leftfield stuff from an unknown Moscow project. Artwork is completely handmade and unique for each copy, containinh absolutely no info on the cover.

Urinals -- "s/t" -- C-50 -- €5
2010 Fallow Field, FF001, (ltd. 100)
First release for Fallow Field, a continuation of another now more or less defunct American tape label. Hypnotic rumbling buried under layers of rotten tape hiss, reel to reel loops and junk manipulations. A journey into lo-fi psychedelia. If HNW was short for Heavy Noise Waves, this would be it. Like a drugged up Macronympha jamming with Hair Police. 2 long live room recordings, rich with detail. Pure analog decay. 50 minutes on pro-printed chrome tapes, thick handmade cardboard artwork in poly bag. [label info]

Willful -- "Reverse / Restraint" -- 2 x C-20 -- €10
2008 Phage Tapes, PT:37, (ltd. 40)
Harsh noise from the US, member of Death Jenk and Grain Belt.

Xenophobic Ejaculation -- "Vala" -- 2 x CS -- €25
2011 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-63
Side-project of Bizarre Uproar. Two cassettes with printed shells in poly-cases, wrapped in outer paper cover.

Zeh, Jason -- "Polarity" -- C-50 -- €6
2012 Handmade Birds, HB-042, (ltd. 100)
This cassette focuses on the inaudible electromagnetic fields produced by the motors of a variety of cassette players. Side A is a slightly modified live recording made during a show at the Robinwood Concert House in Toledo, OH on October 9th, 2011. It involves the use of telephone coil pickups to play the electromagnet fields of cassette transcription machines, a cassette 4-track, a cassette walkman, a microcassette recorder, and a tabletop cassette player. The end of the piece features the use of "cassettes" that, instead of tape, have built-in contact mics to play the sound of the uptake reels spinning and dragging a short length of leader... Side B was culled from a series of recordings made at home during the Summer of 2011 in preparation for playing this new work in a live setting. It uses recordings of the electromagnetic fields produced by cassette players as source material. This material was then subjected to a variety of tape-based processes of manipulation... If you love cassettes, and have never owned a work by Jason Zeh, you are missing out. NOBODY IN THE WORLD is exploring such depths with tape-as-instrument as this master. We can only hope that someday a live DVD is made of one of Jason's performances... Edition: 100 CS50 Pro tape, red shell with white print. [label info]

Zeh, Jason -- "A Series Of Objects" -- C-30 -- €6
2013 Banned Production, bp217

Zerfallt / A Snake In The Garden / Einfgall -- split -- 2 x CS -- €12
2010 Gryd Complex, (ltd. 100)

V/A -- "The Moon Bog: Other Tours" -- CS -- €8
2016 NEN Records, NEN11, (ltd. 33)
NEN Records presents an international remix/covers compilation to Antlers Mulm 'Touring the Moon Bog' album. Antlers Mulm, a project by the German musician Hans Johm, is formally close to the post-industrial stage. However, Johm always avoided caps lock talking, and preferred to communicate quietly and even barely audible. Surprisingly, what he says strikes a lot stronger than "direct actions". Sensitive minimalism, darkwave of schizoid accentuation - in case of Antlers Mulm genre marks are far less important than the ability to cut the listener to the quick... 'Touring the Moon Bog' is a class on mental arrhythmia, guided by its special meter. To some extent this is a manifesto that your soul is not entirely yours, with a hint that it does not belong to you at all. Your I is like an empty plastic bag flying through the air, it has nothing to cling to, and the appearance becomes obviousness: you have no I. All that you got: a couple of habits, a yellowed photo, two broken oak-trees and a fleeting feeling of someone's warm exhalation on your cheek. Of someone who has no I like you do. There is only the sky that does not belong and can not belong to anyone, and the remnants of the rainbow that melt on the horizon of which you'll forget in a moment... 'Touring the Moon Bog' conveys this message by a strange rhythm, which always objects to your expectations. As the rhythm pounds like raindrops from the roof into a barrel of water, you slip into its fabric and realize that you've been deceived. There is no rhythm to the raindrops as there is no rainbow. These songs are a hymn to invented memories. They begin from nothing and leave at the right time, which could be any other. It is not arbitrary, as a law that wasn't written for you, most likely because you do not really exist... Antlers Mulm managed to bring up songs not intended for us, while the participants involved in the remixing and covering, made them our own, harnessed and formalized. The formalization is arguable, of course, but there is no another. [label info] This tape contains the compilateion of cover versions and remixes made by Pertti GrÖnholm, Forgttn, Kim Ki O, Frank Machau, Antlers Mulm, Sunset Wings, Llovespell, Myrrman, Frl.Linientreu, Alien Levi, Contemplatron and Reutoff.

V/A -- "Ny Dansk Romantik" -- C-45 -- €55
2014 Janushoved, Janushoved Nr. 1, (ltd. 61)
Olympisk Loft, Rosen & Spyddet, Internazionale, Lace & Collar, Genoasejlet, Mercury Ribbon. Clear unlabelled tapes come in clear PVC inner trays in oversized cassette cases together with a two-sided b/w J-card and a two-sided b/w foldout insert.

V/A -- "Ohio Volume One" -- 2 x CS -- €8
2014 A Soundesign Recording, ASR100 / SKSK, SKSK063, (ltd. 200)
A compilation of harsh noise projects from Ohio, USA: Collapsed Arc, Witchbeam, Plague Mother, Blackfire, Developer, Shredded Nerve, Being, Inbreeder, Imvixor, John Also Bennett, Mark Van Fleet, Ryan Jewell, C. Kirkendall, The Nevari Butchers, Interstates (Etc.), Moth Cock.

V/A -- "Port Out, Starboard Home" -- C-40 -- €33
2012 Posh Isolation, Posh Isolation 080, (ltd. 200)
Hvide Sejl, Olymphia, Amphetamine Logic, Damien Dubrovnik, Assault Guard, Erotikens Historie feat. Blodvite, Croatian Amor, Iron Pillar, Alleypisser, Forza Albino, Puce Mary, War, Snatcher, Body League, Caucasian Colony, LR.

V/A -- "Seven Towers of Shaitan" -- CS -- €5
2016 Oriental Prophecy, OrPr-01, (ltd. 50)
According to the Eastern myths of Abrahamic monotheism, in places where the seven fallen angels have been overthrown in antedeluvian times were erected cult constructions known as Towers of Shaitan... According to René Guénon, the Towers of Shaitan were a kind of antithesis of sevel poles (aqtaab) of Sufi tradition, sanctuaties of the opposite sign, "places of power" providing black magicians a communication with the Prince of Darkness and supporting the centers of counter-initiation guided by the "men of Satan" (awliya al-shaytaani), devil worshippers in true sense of word, those who prepare the arrival of the Antichrist (al-masikh al-dajjal)... The theme of Towers of Shaitan has been often discussed by Guénon in his correspondence in 30-ies, from which we can learn the approximate location of the Towers: "They [i.e. Towers of Satan] are placed in a form of arc going around Europe in some distance: one is located nearby Niger, a place known for the most dreadful sorcerers wvwn in ancient Egyptian time; second one - in Sudan, in a mountain region populated by "lycanthropes" [people who are able to turn into wolves] in amount of approximately 20.000 people (I've met the witnesses of this phenomenon here); third and fourth are in Asia Minor - one in Sirya, another in Mesopotamia [to the East from the Iraqi city of Mossul]; fifth is in Turkestan; and two others should be located further North, closer to the Urals or in Wetern Siberia, but I have to admit that until now I haven't been able to find out their precise georgaphic location..." Compilation participants: KRRAU, RAjFAjH, ZINC ROOM, QAMAT IS-SA'ATU, КАБУЛ, SOL MORTUUS, EGREGOR T'MY. 50 cassettes, each containig an A4 poster with a map and illustrations. [label info]

V/A -- "Visions Beyond" -- CS -- €8
2009 Black Arts Productions, Black Arts 16, (ltd. 85)
Genocide Lolita, Moribund, Cloama, Green Army Fraction, Haare, Bjerga/Iversen, Government Alpha, Mania, World Downfall, S.M.S.R., Halthan, Ames Sanglantes. Clear labeled tape comes in a ziplock bag with folding cover, an insert for each artist and an additional insert.


Aube -- "Luminescence" -- VHS -- €45
1994 Vanilla Records, Vanilla-37
All video images and sounds composed and designed at Studio Mecca I/II Kyoto 1993/1994 using fluorescent lamps and glow lamps as material. VHS still shrinkwrapped!

Con-Dom / The Grey Wolves -- "Consumer Electronics #5" -- DVD -- €8
2005 L. White Records, LW-V05, (ltd. 500)
The UK masters of cultural noise terrorism live at the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 5 festival on April 10th 2004. Their best live video recording / a great document of fantastic power electronics and heavy powernoise / social criticism - provocative, apolitical, controversial and cynical as ever. [label info]

Hijokaidan -- "1989.8.19 At Eggplant, Osaka" -- DVD -- €22
2008/2014 Alchemy Records, ARDVD-05
Professional reissue of Vol. 7 in the "Legendary Live Collection Of Hijokaidan" previously released on DVD-R by Alchemy Music Store. Comes with a bonus DVD-R from Alchemy Records.

Hijokaidan -- "Bible 1979-2014" -- 4 DVD -- €77
2014 Reveil, TEBS-10091~94
Massive boxset edition with 4 DVDs containing videos of most Hijokaidan performances documented from 1979 till 2014 including collaborations with Sabotage Organized Barbarian, Subvert Blaze, You'll Melt More!, Masonna and alternative appearances as Genbakustakaidan, Zuno Kaidan and Jazz Hijokaidan. Alchemy Records Special Edition Series – 37. Comes with an adiitional bonus DVD-R from Alchemy Records.

Incapacitants -- "Extreme Gospel Nights" -- VHS -- €45
1994 Vanilla Records, Vanilla-40
Live at Sengawa Gospel June, 1993. VHS still shrinkwrapped!

V/A -- "Hijokaidan File" -- DVD + book -- €44
2013 K&B Publishers, TDE-0772
A compilation of 12 video performances by various incarnations of the mighty Hijokaidan: Stakaidan, Genbakukaidan (ft. The Genbaku Onanies), S.O.B.Kaidan (ft. Sabotage Organized Barbarian), Subvert Kaidan (ft. Subvert Blaze), Toumeikaidan (ft. Toumeirovo), Acid Mothers Kaidan (ft. Acid Mothers Temple), Genbakustakaidan, Jazz Hijokaidan (ft. Akira Sakata & Sabu Toyozumi), BiS Kaidan (ft. Brand-New Idol Society aka BIS), Power Kaidan, Hatsune Kaidan (ft. Miku Hatsune), Zuno Kaidan. Comes with a massive book.

Frea market

Aidsblood - Mutant Depository - 2 MC - M/VG+ - 2013 - Factotum Tapes / Inner City Sound Systems - fact060 / SOUND018 - €7.10
Ambiansu - Tagebuch - CD - NM/VG+ - 2009 - Noori Records / New Approach Records - NR011 / NAR001 - Ltd. 500 - €3.50
Ash Pool - Together They Serve To Define The Process - MC - M/VG+ - 2011 - Hospital Productions - HOS-324 - €5.90
Bachir Gemayel - Blitzkrieg - MC - NM/VG+ - 2010 - Fusty Cunt - FUC 28 - Ltd. 50 - €4.20
Bad Sector - Ampos - CD - M/VG+ - 2002 - Power & Steel - PAS 17 - Ltd. 1000 - €7.10
Bad Sector - Polonoid - CD - VG+ - 2001 - Tantric Harmonies - TANTRA X7 - Ltd. 500 - €8.50
Bad Sector - Transponder - CD - M/VG+ - 2011 - Infinite Fog Productions - IF-12 - €3.50
Bad Sector - Xela - CD - VG+ - 2002 - Waystyx - waystyx 01 - Ltd. 500 - €5.70
Bizarre Uproar - Triumph - 2 MC - NM/VG+ - 2008 - Cathartic Process - CP-10 - €25.50
Bomonstre & Boris Jollivet / Lionel Marchetti / Joel Bastard - O Saisons, O Trombones - Sites Sonores Du Haut-Jura - 3 CD - NM/VG+ - 2010 - ARFI - AM049 - €12.70
Chemin / Guido Hubner (Das Synthestische Mischgewebe) - To Share With, What Is To Hear Devided - 2 MC - NM/VG+ - 1990 - Sounds For Consciousness Rape - SFCR 09 - Ltd. 200 - €17.00
Con-Dom - All In Good Faith - CD - NM/VG+ - 1996 - Functional Organisation - functional 009 - €8.50
Con-Dom - Calling All Aryans - MC - M/VG+ - Control Domination - €4.20
Con-Dom - Dragged Into The Gutter - MC - M/VG+ - Control Domination - €4.20
Con-Dom - Even More Racial Hatred - MC - M/VG+ - Control Domination - €4.20
Con-Dom - Have Complete Faith - CD - M/VG+ - 2012 - Unrest Productions - UNPRCD06 - Ltd. 400 - €4.20
Con-Dom - Live Assault 1 / Live Assault 4 - CD - M/VG+ - 2013 - Industrial Recollections - €4.20
Con-Dom - Live In Japan 2003 - CD - M/VG+ - 2007 - Teito Sound Company - TEITO-009 - €4.20
Con-Dom - Subjection - CD - M/VG+ - 2013 - Industrial Recollections - €4.20
Con-Dom - This Sickness Faith - MC - M/VG+ - Control Domination - €4.20
Con-Dom / The Grey Wolves - Intolerable - MC - M/VG+ - Control Domination - €4.20
Con-Dom / Nails Of Christ - Vilification - MC - M/VG+ - Control Domination - €4.20
Curved Blade - Be Like Death - MC - M/VG+ - 2010 - Hospital Productions - HOS-290 - €5.90
Deeper Wells - s/t - MC - NM/VG+ - 2012 - Maniacal Hatred - MH07 - Ltd. 50 - €4.20
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En Nihil / Gnawed - The Fall Of Humanity - MC - NM/VG+ - 2012 - Nil By Mouth Recordings - NBM31TAPE - Ltd. 150 - €4.20
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Fresh Water Girls - s/t - MC - NM/VG - 2012 - Girl Tapes - 04 - Ltd. 20 - €4.20
Gnawed - Various Tracks From Compilations - MC - NM/VG+ - 2014 - self-released - €4.20
Guionner, Jean-Luc & Eric La Casa - Maison.House II.V - CD - M/NM - 2003 - Vert Pituite - Vp0301 - €7.10
Gustafsson, Mattias - Dod Metall - 3"CDR - VG+ - 2009 - Husk Records - H#079 - Ltd. 50 - €4.20
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R.H.Y. Yau - Contiguous - CD - VG+ - 1997 - Pure - PURE 55 - €4.20
Russian Greed / Image Boosters - s/t - MC - NM/VG+ - 2012 - WGM Tapes & Vinyl ? - Ltd. 50 - €4.20
Sarah's Charity - Mirror Of Abundance - MC - NM/VG+ - 2008 - Peasant Magik - PM36 - Ltd. 100 - €7.10
Shooting Gallery - Glass Heel - MC - VG+ - 2010 - Posh Isolation - Posh Isolation_019 - Ltd. 50 - €12.70
Telepherique - Desensibilisierung / Kein Teil Dieser Welt - VHS - VG+ - 1995 - Drahtfunk-Products - DFP 050 - €7.10
Telepherique - Noise Generator - MC - NM/VG - 1993 - Drahtfunk-Products - DFP 039 - €8.50
Telepherique - Stahl Und Strahl - CD - VG+ - 2003 - Watystyx - WR 02 - Ltd. 447 - €4.20
Thirdorgan - Inorganic Wars - MC - NM/VG+ - 1994 - Art Konkret - ART 14 - Ltd. 68 - €8.50
Tortured Hooker - An Offenders M.O. Can Change. Static And Rigid Remains The Signature - MC - NM/VG+ - 2010 - Hospital Productions - HOS-274 - €5.90
Toy Bizarre - kdi dctb 02 - MC - NM/G+ - 1995 - Incense / Datapanik Controle - FRA-08 / TB02 - €8.50
Toy Bizarre - kdi dctb 07 - CD - NM/VG+ - 1996 - Pure / RRRecords - PURE 41 - €2.80
Toy Bizarre - kdi dctb 257 [A] - 3"CD - VG+/NM - 2015 - Auf Abwegen - aatp37 - €2.80
V/A - Adventures In Modern Electronics (Aube, Not Breathing, Pain Jerk, Smell & Quim, MSBR, Decibel Orgy, Kazumoto Endo, Thirdorgan, The Haters, Spastic Colon) - CD - VG+ - 1997 - Pinch A Loaf Productions - PAL-13 - Ltd. 500 - €12.70
V/A - Eros (Tongue Knax, Mordant Karma, Arv & Miljo, Blodvite, Endless Sea, Elisha Morningstar, Skin Graft, Developer) - 4 MC BOX - M/VG+ - 2013 - A Dear Girl Called Wendy - WE25 - Ltd. 100 - €37.50
V/A - Opus 1 (Desaccord Majeur, N.L.C., Brume, Maelstrom, Internal Fusion, Syllyk, Vrischika, La Nomenklatur, Tiburce, Cent Ans De Solitude) - MC - NM - 1992 - Les Nouvelles Propagandes - Les Nouvelles Propagandes - €4.20
V/A - Russian Roulette (Control, Eleczema, Cloama, Blutleuchte, Somnivore, Propergol) - MC - NM/VG - 2006 - Neuroscan.Org - Neuroscan.Org-TAPE-02 - Ltd. 66 - €8.50
V/A - Summer Scum 2013 (Amusiac, Blessed Sacrifist, Breaking The Will, Cavernous Body, Deterge, Gnawed, JML, Magia Nuda, Mass Comm, Muck, Orgasmic Response Unit & Hostage Pageant, Partly Zombish, Plagues, Pusdrainer, River Of Ichthyosis, Scant, Skin Graft, Sorcerer Torturer, STDFN, Strangled Cop, Striations, Swallowing Bile, Swollen Organs) - MC - NM/VG - 2013 - self-released - €4.20
V/A - Zelphabet - Vol. K (K2, Key Ransone, KK Null, Kluster 07) - CD - M/VG+ - 2010 - Zelphabet - €4.20
Virile Games - New Legion - 2 MC - NM/VG - 2011 - Second Sleep - SS039 - €12.70
Warburton, Dan / Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa - Metro Pre Saint Gervais - CD - VG+/NM - 2002 - Chloe - chloe002 - €3.50

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.


Nothing/Forever #1 -- zine -- €5
2015 Input Error
Black & white zine with collage graphics (no text). Featuring collages from Richard Rupenus (The New Blockaders), Zen Zsigo (Cremation Lily / Strange Rules), Kate Rissiek (Rusalka), Ewan Aparicio (Nothing/Forever), Jean-Baptiste Lévêque (Zugzwang Press), Eric Gallipo (CSTL). 24 pages, A5 format, quality digital print.

Nothing/Forever #2 -- zine -- €5
2015 Input Error
Black & white zine with collage graphics (no text). Featuring collages from Luca Vinciguerra (A Dear Girl Called Wendy), Matteo Castro (Lettera 22 / Second Sleep), Ewan Aparicio (Nothing/Forever), Kevin McEleney (Heavy Psych), Derrick Spotts (Purity Of Essence / Unseen Force), vnutrennosti, Luke Tandy (Being, Heart Of The Whore). 36 pages, A5 format, quality digital print.

Nothing/Forever #3 -- zine -- €5
2016 Input Error
Black & white zine with collage graphics (no text). Featuring collages from Matt Harrison (Aught Void), Zen Zsigo (Cremation Lily / Strange Rules), Reece Thomas Green (Alocasia Garden), birdofnothing, Ewan Aparicio (Nothing/Forever), Luca Vinciguerra (A Dear Girl Called Wendy). 28 pages, A5 format, quality digital print.

IV. Back in stock

7PM Ritual -- ":08:16:02:" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lichterklang, LK029, (ltd. 300)
7pm Ritual is the new project of the founding Stein members Norbert Strahl, Nic Sender and Oliver Sittig who reunited for spontaneous jam-session after a couple of years, which finally resulted in “:08:16:02”. The album is a dedicated and conceptional piece of work, based on one of the biggest tragedies of the past millennium. Musicalwise 7pm Rituals debut is the perfect blend of songs, influenced by Neofolk and orchestral, cinematic sounds bands that sometimes remind of early recordings of In The Nursery, but with a more folky edge. The songwriting as well as the sound quality are outstanding and there’s no doubt that 7pm Ritual and their musical diversity will leave a deep impact throughout the different genres mentioned before. [label info]

Adr-va -- "Pigment...#1" -- 3"CD-R -- €3
2012 Rostov Vox, cdr01, (ltd. 10)
Individual audio lo-fi series, part 1 - "Chatte". Manipulations with ochra, sand, terracota... and other materials and processing... Only 10 copies, each containing a photo card from the author. [label info]

Adr-va -- "Pigment...#2" -- 3"CD-R -- €3
2012/2015 Rostov Vox, cdr02, (ltd. 10)
Reissue - 10 copies in a piece of green cloth. Individual audio lo-fi series, part 2 - "Chatte - Reverse". Manipulations with ochra, sand, terracota... and other materials and processing... [label info]

Adr-va -- "Pigment...#3" -- 3"CD-R -- €3
2012 Rostov Vox, cdr03, (ltd. 10)
Individual audio lo-fi series, part 3 - "Les".
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ahlzagailzehguh -- "Memory And Hearing" -- CD -- €8
2011 Hospital Productions, HOS-327
Masterpiece of difficult collage noise requiring repeated listening. [label info]

Alo Girl -- "Bangkok" -- MC -- €7
2014 Nil By Mouth Recordings, NBM42TAPE, (ltd. 130)
The forms of prostitutes. Only faces, eyes and/or empty rooms, toilets, inns. Everything is very reminiscent of the 'smell of rotten stuff! "Bangkok" finds the always worthwhile and brutally creative Italian HNW/Harsh noise project Alo Girl offers up forty minutes worth of thick‘n’truly tortures noise matter. The tracks focus in on building up, shifting and often storm swirling layers of static roar, hammering noise down-pours and oceanic waves of noise tone with inserts of real interviews from the red light districts. The tape comes with classy & professional luxury cards set in black plastic bag with photo attached. [label info]

Altieri, Corrado / Gianluca Favaron -- "The System Of Objects" -- CD -- €10
2013 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1361, (ltd. 225)
Silentes presents a new collaborative effort between two prominent artists of Italy's electronic and experimental scene, Corrado Altieri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, Uncodified) and Gianluca Favaron (ab'she, Under The Snow, Z'been). Inspired by Jean Baudrillard's essay of the same name, "The System of Objects" offers seven compositions combining field recordings, analogue textures, computer music and concrиte sounds. Altieri e Favaron dig deep in the unconscious of the french philosopher, devising a hypothetical music score of his manifesto on the relations between objects universe and consumer society ideologies: drones and digital pulses, processed tapes and multi-layered frequencies make for a voyage to the borders of ambient, noise and radical experiments. [label info]

Artificial Memory Trace -- "Singtra" -- CD -- €12
2009 Waystyx, WR45, (ltd. 300)
"Created 2004 in Ireland from sounds of trains recorded in Prague 1994 by Slavek Kwi". A short (24 min) symphony of minimal concrete sounds turned into surreal, gentle and sublime atmosphere. Unusual cardboard package.

Bad Sector -- "Ampos" -- CD -- €10
1995/2012 Power And Steel, PAS17
After it's first limited CD release in 1995 this album became a much sought after item and finally the re-release of BAD SECTOR's classical first full time record sees the light of the day now. With AMPOS Massimo Magrini set a standard in deeply emotional dark ambient noise and many of his following releases went in that vein of evocative intensity and monolithic sound. In addition to the remastered eleven tracks of the original version this issue includes two bonustracks recorded with the same set-up from 1995 that closes the circle of this timeless masterpiece. Cardboard sleeve. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 1" -- CD -- €7
2007 Waystyx Records, WR30, (ltd. 500)
First part of 2CD project revealing interest of Massimo Magrini in history of Soviet computer technics and presenting ten years of Bad Sector creative activity. It includes as remastered released compilation and bonus tracks as never before released material. Contains compositions from "Survival Tool" 3"CDR (Cohort Records), "Polonoid" concert edition CDR (Bastet Records) and "BadBox" edition boxset (Tantric Harmonies), "Toroidal Body" 7"+ mCDR (Pre Feed/Eibon Records), "Dolmen" 7" (Drone Records), "Manifesto Industriale Italiano" (Old Europa Cafe) tape box set. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 2" -- CD -- €7
2008 Waystyx, WR43, (ltd. 500)
2nd part of rare tracks anthology. Contains material from: "Planar Energy" picture 7" (Smallvoices), "Scrignum Vitae" box with CD and objects (Old Europa Cafe), "Ten Years Of Madness" 2 CD (Achtung Baby!), "Land:[Schaft]" 2x10" (Cold Lands), "Hover" CDr (Bastet Rec.), "L'Ame Electrique Presents Old Europa Cafe" (Ame Electrique) + 4 previously unreleased tracks recorded in 2002.

Bad Sector -- "Xela" -- CD -- €33
2002 Waystyx Records, WR01, (ltd. 489)
This CD contains an edited, remastered version of the backing tape used in the Bad Sector's performance at Sonderangebot, a festival organized by Staalplaat in Berlin during August 1996. This is the original first edition in a heavy brass box treated with acid.

Bad Sector & Astro -- "Idio Blast" -- CD -- €10
2005 Insofar Vapor Bulk, IVBCD10, (ltd. 500)
Initial material for this released was recorded by Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) and then manipulated and re-organized by Massimo Magrini (Bad Sector). Resulting sound of the album reminds something Aube-like: attenuate abstract electronic waves with highly detalized structure, nothing like traditional Bad Sector sound at all. The artwork of this release deserves separate description: it's a cardboard meccano kit with engineering instruction, by following it's notes you can assemble technic-like construction of decent size, in which the CD with booklet should be put. Besides the album itself, the CD contains some extra-material from Astro in ogg format (player installer can be found on CD as well), screensaver and several wallpapers for your computer desktop.

Bad Sector & Astro -- "Idioblast" -- CD -- €10
2005/2012 Power & Steel, PAS 32
In 2005 a small Russian label, Insofar Vapour Bulk, proposed to Massimo Magrini to work on a recording made by Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro). It was a "drone-like" sound of a few minutes, Despite the difficult nature of the assignment, Massimo loved the very static and cryptic structure of the original. So, starting from this basic recording (without using additional sounds) he developed a 45 minutes long suite: it was like using a magic audio lens which revealed a myriad of hidden details in a microscopic world. The original Astro sound can still be heard at the beginning and at the end of the suite. The re-edition comes in beautiful cardboard case with silver-embossed printing. [press-release]

Baltic Flour Mills -- "s/t" -- CD-R + 3"CD-R -- €8
2004 Autarkeia, acd 002, (ltd. 250)
A common project of two lithuanian musicians - A. Raila and D. Ciuta. Two half-hour-long tracks, assembled from the samples recorded in abandoned mill building. Ventilation system dronings, door rattles and metal gnash are combines with pure noise fragments. True industrial music. Three-inch CD-R contains a small video-clip with this building.

Becuzzi, Gianluca & Turra, Luigi -- "In Winter" -- CD -- €7
2012 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1257
One more new Gianluca Becuzzi release on Silentes, this time in collaboration with Luigi Turra. Composer of musique concrete and graphic designer whose main interest is the musical balance between silence and the tactile perception of sound, Turra’s works were published by labels such as and/OAR, Unfathomless, Non Visual Objects, SmallVoices and many others. A lot has already been written about Becuzzi, here we would just like to remember his historic Darkwave / Industrial project Limbo, his more recent Kinetix and Noise Trade Company incarnations, and the long collaboration he carried on with Fabio Orsi. "In Winter" was recorded between 2008 and 2010, with Becuzzi mostly taking care of field recordings and programming, and Turra giving his own contribution playing acoustic guitar and piano. Light as the snowflakes that entitle them, these nine compositions offer dreamy atmospheres that rely on minimal structures and evoke visions of lonely and lazily wintry landscapes. Music for the heart and the mind, delicate representations of quiet moods translated into harmonic sequences that combine environmental synthesis with influences of a refined sophistication. [press-release]

Bizarre Uproar -- "Mass / FF" -- CD -- €7
2013 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-85 / Industrial Recollections
Mass CDr from 2001 was such a harsh noise bliss Freak Animal decided to re-issue it as 10" vinyl back in 2005. Now several years later, this material still stands pretty much unique in discography of Bizarre Uproar. All his trademarks elements of early days as well as material after 2005 is absent here. Instead you have highly textured, utterly heavy harsh noise wall! This CD re-issue include full uncut original recording (10" had few minutes missing) and as addition, extremely rare "FF" tape from 1999 what is nearly forgotten. It is hardly ever mentioned in any discograpy listings and artists himself had lost his copies. Luckily one copy remained in Industrial Recollections archives, this tape in blood drenched covers. Possibly made less than 20 copies represents perfect companion to "Mass", offering incredibly textured brutal harsh noise assault. In total over 50 minutes of playingtime stands as essential addition to anyone's Bizarre Uproar collection due it's unique approach. [press-release]

Bizarre Uproar -- "Unsafe and Insane" -- CD -- €7
2007/2013 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-86 / Industrial Recollections
If one should mark few milestones in Finnish noise, this is one of them. Bizarre Uproars return into activity after few years of small activity resulted flood of releases what could be said culminated in debute full length LP issued by Dogma Chase (Japan). Level of Filth & Violence has been target of vast amout of imitators and admired by loyal followers. Sweat, tears, piss, shit, chains whipping rusty metal objects, strangulation, scat smeared faces and black boots stomping life out of scum. Unsafe And Insane is finally released in CD format by Filth & Violence and Industrial Recollections. [press-release]

Cawatana -- "Decline Of Privileges" -- CD EP -- €7
2015, Lichterklang, LK033, (ltd. 270)
Five years after their last sign of life the hungarian neofolk legend return with a new 6-track EP, continuing the concept that has started with the "Advocation Of Privileges" CD. [label info]

Con-Dom -- "We Who Were Living Are Now Dying" -- DVD -- €11
2014 The Epicurean, cure.4 / Peripheral Records, PR020 / Silken Tofu, stx.31, (ltd. 222)
Mike Dando/CON-DOM has operated in the multimedia domains incorporating sound, film and performance since his early years. He confronts the audience in extreme ways, touching on taboo subjects suppressed or reduced to primitive stereotypes by the mass media of today. With a devastating barrage of noise he traces the unconscious religious subtext of modern mass society, crossfades religious and political (border) phenomena and relates them with violent and pathological aspects. In the six super 8 short films, created in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013, daily routine scenes are juxtaposed with grainy photos of criminals, dictators and clerics and book pages bearing crude, racist interpretations of Scripture, filmed line by line. Packaging: DVD digi pack, High quality 400 chromolux paper, includes woven patch with Con-Dom logo. [press-release]

Corazzata Valdemone -- "Stornellando In Grigioverde" -- CD -- €10
2015 Wolf Age, WAR 09
10 tracks of totalitarian Martial-Industrial and a touch of Italian Folklore. Inspired by the iron storms of the first World War. Special guests: Absentia Lunae, Art Inferno, Faust(O), Stefania Domizia.

Courtis & The Soviet Sex Machines -- "Histolisis Vol.1 / Razkolnikoff!!" -- C-60 -- €5
2005 Monopolka, This is Monopolka 60
Split-release between Argentinian Alan Courtis (Reynols, UL, etc.) and Russian band The Soviet Sex Machines (Phil Monopolka + G. Avrorin).

Crumer, Jason -- "Ottoman Black" -- CD -- €10
2008 Hospital Productions, HOS-215, (ltd. 500)
"Ottoman Black" is an album of midnight drones and true noise. Using powerfully clear electronics as a base for declarative noise bursts, Crumer manipulates the sounds with a resounding animosity. In the vein of Pedestrian Deposit and Air Conditioning, Crumer yields his mean streak to an array of silences over the course of the album. The theme here is personal relations; tracks like "Betrayal After Betrayal" have a conversational quality, both the screams and the muffles, the physicality. "Where Were You" is an actionist-influenced piece of torture. There's nothing not painful here, especially the quiet; the peaks are almost a relief. Ottoman Black is a stern and unforgiving universe. [press-release]

Cyclotimia -- "One Day In Wasteland" -- VCD-R -- €10
2003 Seeds Of Time Video, (ltd. 111)
25-min long film assembled from pieces of TV-news about the events of 11.09.2001 in the New York City with soundtrack done by Cyclotimia. A good reminder.

Cyclotimia -- "Wasteland" -- CD -- €7
2002/2005 Irond, IROND CD 05-1065
"We started to record 'Wasteland' in the end of 1999. We were inspired by the album 'The City' by Vangelis. A view of the Greek composer on modern city looked unreasonably "optimistic" to us... The idea of creating a soudtrack more suitable for contemporary megalopolis was born immediately. Impenetrable veil of stone buildings, blinding neon advertising lights, continual informational streams, supermarkets, stockmarkets, all-round crowds of ever scurrying people and cars... This was the picture of our "city". The recording took about twelve months, and by the beginning of 2001 the work was completely done. Listening to 'Wasteland' after five years we tend to consider that despite some technical imperfection our goal has been reached. It's worth mentioning that there's something more in common with Vangelis' work - we deliberately used some same sound libraries of the BBC company which sound in 'The City' album too. It's a strange case when the CD can apply both to the fans of "old school" electronics, i.e. Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and to the lovers of ominous darkness like Raison d'Etre, In Slaughter Natives, Lustmord, Bad Sector, Coil, Skinny Puppy." [from the authors] The album was originall released in 2002 by now defunct German label Stateart, and in 2005 reissued by Russian company Irond.

Death Jenk -- "s/t" -- CD -- €5
2012 Phage Tapes, PT:169, (ltd. 500)
Death Jenk was formed after the Gnawed, Custodian and Grain Belt tour in 2010 when all 5 dudes had a chance to play together in Milwaukee. This disc contains two studio tracks and two live tracks recorded in 2010 and 2011. The material is a mix of the three projects with Custodian cutting channels in and out while adding loops, Gnawed provides vocals along with some low end reverb produced from his metal crate and Grain Belt produces their usual metal abuse with tons of feedback. [label info]

Deathpile -- "Final Confession" -- CD -- €10
2005 Pain Compliance Productions, PCP 001
Collection of the best DEATHPILE material from rare and out-of-print releases plus one previously unreleased track (with guest DAVID E WILLIAMS). Includes all lyrics and extensive liner notes. This is the definitive DEATHPILE collection. Harsh American power electronics with layers of noise and aggressive vocals. Definitely one for fans of TAINT, GRUNT etc. As the title indicates, this is the final work of DEATHPILE. [Cold Spring]

Der Tod Und Das Madchen -- "d-Moll" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK007, (ltd. 300)
DER TOD UND DAS MÄDCHEN started out in 2009 finally presenting their debut now. The album "d-Moll" is a musical anthology of long forgotten lyricists, longing back to the death of Goethe. The elegies all evolving from the 19th century reveal the sadness and the pain of the loss of close relatives. Melancholy and transience, deathwish and madness, dream and reality cristalize themselves out of these thoughts and build the centre of "d-Moll". The area of romanticism, especially the so called black romanticism, focusses around these motives that are now being displayed by the album. Inspired by componists of the romantic times the extinct poetry is based on the dark and melancholic tunes of a piano, "Du Verwaistes Haus", based on a composition by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, being the only exception, standing out as an example for the decline of that classical epoch from it's instrumental basis. C.P.E. Bach was regarded to be the umbral composer even during his lifetime by the veracuty of his father. The closing words by the German imperator Wilhelm II. from 1904 build the end of the album, questioning the human arrogance with his words "the world is so big und we are so small, how come that we expect to circle everything around us". [press-release]

Emeralds -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2010 Hanson Records, HN 200, (ltd. 1000)
CD version of the self released/self-titled LP by Cleveland's Emeralds recorded Aug-Sept 2008. Proper follow up to their debut LP 'Solar Bridge', 'EMERALDS' takes the thick drone sound of that LP into an even more abstract and strange place. Visual music that lifts the listener up and transports them through tubes of sound occasionally to be swept into the opposite direction by an unexpected entrance into another world entirely. An intense journey that drops you off in a place just beyond death. Field recording contributions from Aaron Dilloway. Mastered for CD by James Plotkin. Contains a 16 page full color booklet featuring photo artwork by the band themselves. [label info]

Grunt -- "Europe After Storm" -- CD -- €10
1998/2011 Force Majeure, Force 003 / Industrial Recollections, (ltd. 500)
Reissue of the same titled CD originally released in a limited edition of 489 copies in 2001. Tracks 01-04 re-mastered from the "Europe after storm" tape released by Spite Recordings, USA, in 1998, limited to 50 copies, tracks 05-07 unreleased studio material, tracks 08-11 live at S-Osis / Turku / Finland, 1999. So, seven studio and four live tracks of Power-electronics / Harsh Noise by the headliner of the Finnish Industrial scene. Same artwork as for the first edition but housed this time in a clear jewel case. A co-production between Industrial Recollection / Freak Animal Rec. and Force Majeure. [press-release]

Heinz Hopf -- "Gothenburg" -- CD -- €10
2013 Triangle Records, TR-52 / Outcry / Random Monster, RanMon:1
After having delighted in a few excellent tapes and a LP it is time to enjoy this first CD of the duet from Gothenburg, Sweden. Dan Johansson and Matthias Andersson are some of the best at what they do. The noise is solid, dense like lead, free of intricate experiments and gloomy pathos. It is made of simplicity and power. Pure pleasure. [press-release]

Incapacitants -- "Mon, Ma? Mon!!!" -- CD -- €5
2012 Triangle, TR-50 / Cerosene / Outcry Records, (ltd. 500)
Continuing celebration of their recent 30-year anniversary iconic Japanese band INCAPACITANTS presents a new gift for their devotees. The newest CD contains 60 minutes of exhausting psychedelic kind of noise. Inedible mush made of whistling feedback and drilling high frequencies. Cumbersome, nasty debris of harsh noise. Digisleeve CD. [label info]

Incapacitants / T.A.D.M. -- "Stocks & Bonds" -- CD -- €5
1999 Self Abuse Records, SAD-08
Split CD from Japanese Noise gods Incapacitants and harsh unit Two Assistant Deputy Ministers (TADM). Also features one collaboration track.

La Pietra Lunare -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lichterklang, LK027, (ltd. 260)
La Pietra Lunare's debut is a concept album dedicated to the mysteries of Italy. It tells how, in the years between the two wars, in some small villages of the south it was believed that magic rites and amulets could have some form of will on daily life. Taking inspiration from some cult Italian books, such as Tommaso Landolfi's homonymous novel, these songs show how neofolk music has an esoteric origin through their real popular beliefs. Recorded in five years, the album includes guests from the italian neofolk scene, such as Egida Aurea, ZSP, Lupi Gladius and Antiqua Lunae. Their genre could be a strange kind of neofolk called "verist post-folk". [label info]

Macronympha -- "Studio 95" -- CD -- €10
2010/2013 Triangle Records, TR-51 / Cerosene / Outcry
Personally, I don't quite favor the bands with long discography lists, although MACRONYMPHA is an exception because you can never get too much of it. The CD contains studio material recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1995. Those 30 cassette copies that were originally released are now re-released in the CDs with a new mastering. Embarking on this multi-layered, heavy vintage noise be prepared for a lot of dirt, electronic signals, hissings and falling to pieces cassette tapes. Classics. [press-release]

Maeror Tri -- "Meditamentum I" -- CD -- €10
1994/2005 Manifold Records, mancd044
Re-edition of the CD previously published by German label Holonom in 1994. This was the 2nd full-length of Maeror Tri after "Multiple Personality Disorder". It contains retrospective compilation of cassette tracks dated 1989-1992. "This compilation is probably the more ambient of any Maeror Tri compilation, going for more textural guitar and drift than the rumbling, backwards-chord sound. Comes in an amazing brown artboard case and embroidered cloth sleeve, four-page booklet inside inspired by rough layouts of cassette-years past gives plenty of text to absorb with the sounds. Amazing sounds demand amazing packages and we wanted to make sure this would be a treasure for all who were ever interested in Maeror Tri." [label info]

N. / Obozdur -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Torga Amun, Amun-075, (ltd. 50)
Experimental noise industrial split from Italy & Russia. Two live records. Pro-CDR, 50 handnumbered copies. A5 black / white glossy envelope + photo insert. [label info]

Navia -- "Smert' Rozy (Death of a Rose)" -- C-60 -- €7
2016 BioSonar^Lo-End, 054, (ltd. 13)
From the dusty sacks of nonexistence we've put out this recording, checked it's level of uselessness and decided to make an edition of 13 copies. There is very little artistic component in these tracks, and nothing from the original sound of the project: no catacomb clangor and howls, only tape drone fainted with time... maybe it was a backing tape prepared for future mixdown, maybe some failed re-recording of endlessly processed, reverbed and distorted cassettes, but around half of it's time there are mostly magnetic tape artifacts. There is a whole box of similar cassettes with reversed tapes, distorted and delayed sounds of classical music and new age, but this is all intermediate material, which later has been turned into some layers of early Lunar Abyss recordings. The recording is dubbed on Soviet cassettes "Svema MK-60", cardboard box is decorated with Soviet pocket calendars. [label info]

Nigdeniya -- "Steppes" -- CD-R -- €10
2016 Ostroga, OTR-066, (ltd. 20)
Nigdeniya is a project by Vitaly Maklakov (Light Collapse, Kromeshna, etc.) and M.Nomized. This new album is dedicated to steppes and abandoned places and offers 4 long tracks - spatial dark / drone ambient compositions with industrial elements. CD-R comes with 20-page A5 booklet printed on orange paper.

Organomehanizm -- "Quiet Insanity" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, RKT-07, (ltd. 100)
New album of recently reactivated noisician Kirill Stoukalin from Leningrad — you must forget about Saint-Petersburg here for it's pure concrete hash, rusty metal, killing cold humidity and mouldiness of Soviet era city on the banks of Neva. Kirill was a founder of Reductio Ad Absurdum — one of the very first Russian Industrial projects which started in the same time infamous Alexander Lebedev-Frontov did (early 1990s). If you still haven't heard a track from it -- you are loosing some great experience of feeling pure old-school madness and simplicity in the vein of M.B. and M.O. "Quiet insanity" includes 8 tracks of decomposed vinyl records, analogue sound sources and various schizophrenic samples. [press-release]

PBK –- "Warfare State / Appeal" -- 2 MC -- €8
2011 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 028, (ltd. 100)
This music was previously released on two cassettes in 1988-1989 on PBK Recordings + two compilation tracks are taken from "Tape Iz Flesh; Thu Second Cumming" (1989) and "The Electronic Cottage International Compilation Cassette Series: Volume One" (1990). Double side box comes packaged inside an aluminum foil slipcover.

Pogrom -- "Liberal Cunt / Liberali Pyzda" -- CD -- €9
2010/2015 Terror, TR-41 / Filth And Violence, 32
Re-release of the first Pogrom album. Raw and primitive PE. [label info]

Post-Materialists -- "Junky Tapes" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-059, (ltd. 31)
Reissue of a cassette album previously released by Underground Pollution Records. Russian bluesy noisy industrial pop. Hand-painted sleeve, photo insert.

Pustota -- "Polya U-84 (Fields U-84)" -- C-60 -- €5
2016 BioSonar^Lo-End, 055, (ltd. 10)
Continuation of actualization of noise fields question. Fields: magnetic, radiofields, psycho-social... everything that can affect the sonic texture is used and documented. To maximize the natural effects of the magnetic tape recordings we utilize chains of consequently connected devices of various purpose and feed the recording of tape noise through them. We also don't use the art strategy of compositional and dramatic character - this program of recording can be used as a background for home activities, playing with children and just relaxation. The recording is dubbed on Soviet cassettes "Svema MK-60", cardboard box is decorated with Soviet pocket calendars. [label info]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass, Yellow Bastards?" -- CD -- €7
1997/2012 Provoloka, PRVLK 0004, (ltd. 375)
Fifth album of the veterans of post-Soviet noise industrial music, previously released by Ultra label in 1997 as a cassette edition of 30 copies. The reissue also features bonus track "Subfrontal zoomorphism accompanied by dysphoria" taken from "Zvukoterror-3" compilation (Ultra, U25, 1998).

RMEDL / K11 -- "Chthonian Music" -- CD -- €10
2010/2012 Cold Spring, CSR176CD
Reissue of an extremely limited 2010 release (x50 private copies). This multi-dimensional collaborative opera (audio installation and concept album) is a bridge between the conception of sound within the contemporary art scene, post-industrial culture and the avantgarde black metal musical scene. It focuses on creating a dialogic development between radical forms of concrete music, unorthodox sounds, conceptual arts and experimental recording practices of acoustic phenomena. The following artists participated on the release: Aderlating, Andrea Marutti, Burial Hex, Christina Kubisch, Deadwood, Francesco Brasini (Sevenguitars), Francisco Lopez, Gianluca Becuzzi, L’Acephale, Luciano Maggiore, Massimo Bartolini, Nordvargr, Philippe Petit, Seth Cluett, Utarm, Y.E.R.M.O... [label info]

Ryr -- "Shadow Of All Shadows" -- CD -- €10
2016 Ufa Muzak, UFA71, (ltd. 160)
Apocalyptic industrial. New chapter of the dark apocalyptic saga. Second part of the trilogy started with the album "Until the End of Time". Obscure transcendental atmosphere evolves in the new direction. Beton labyrinth provokes the visions of the supreme archetype, the war continues on the new level, echo rages in agony searching for the way out. Noise loops bring the altered state of cosciousness, trying to make out the difference between dream and reality, to find the secret door of all doors, to solve the Demiurge's second riddle. If "The end of time" was the beginning of the alchemy process, death of the world, a prophecy and a hope, then the "Shadow" is the red stage, the catatonic search in smoke and blood. Nostalgic madness, infinitely winding deja vu. We offer you to solve this puzzle, probably you've already heard all this long time ago... in another life... The album features contributions from ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIYE and T-WALD. 9 tracks, 55 minutes. Standard edition: glossy 4-panel digipak. [label info]

Ryr -- "Shadow Of All Shadows" -- CD -- €15
2016 Ufa Muzak, UFA71, (ltd. 20)
Apocalyptic industrial. New chapter of the dark apocalyptic saga. Second part of the trilogy started with the album "Until the End of Time". Obscure transcendental atmosphere evolves in the new direction. Beton labyrinth provokes the visions of the supreme archetype, the war continues on the new level, echo rages in agony searching for the way out. Noise loops bring the altered state of cosciousness, trying to make out the difference between dream and reality, to find the secret door of all doors, to solve the Demiurge's second riddle. If "The end of time" was the beginning of the alchemy process, death of the world, a prophecy and a hope, then the "Shadow" is the red stage, the catatonic search in smoke and blood. Nostalgic madness, infinitely winding deja vu. We offer you to solve this puzzle, probably you've already heard all this long time ago... in another life... The album features contributions from ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIYE and T-WALD. 9 tracks, 55 minutes. Extended edition: glossy 4-panel digipak, slipcase, 3 postcards, patch, sticker. [label info]

Schattenspiel -- "R/Evolution" -- CD -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK028, (ltd. 275)
Three years after SCHATTENSPIELs last album "Aus dem Dunkel" their new opus "R/Evolution" finally has been released. "R/Evolution" marks a big step forward for SCHATTENSPIEL with the addition of Miss Kitty as a permanent band member back in 2014, taking care of all female vocals and therefore adding more variety to the impressive compositions of Sven Phalanx and Lionel Verney. "R/Evolution" combines neoclassical and Dark Ambient influences with hints of Martial Industrial influenced soundscapes while the arrangements of the fourteen songs are outstanding. SCHATTENSPIEL found their unique and distinctive style proving that musical diversity and integrity can not be missed in todays underground culture. [label info]

Schnitzler, Conrad -- "Windvogel" -- CD -- €8
2009 Waystyx, WR44, (ltd. 187)
Conrad Schnitzler is a genuine legend in the krautrock and electronic music worlds. Schnitzler studied under Joseph Beuys before joining an early Tangerine Dream. Their first album Electronic Meditation shows a band highly influenced by Schnitzler's unique, singular approach. Schnitzler left Tangerine Dream to form Kluster with friends Dieter Moebius and Hans Joachim Roedelius. When Schnitzler left Kluster they changed their name to Cluster eventually merging with Michael Rother (of Neu!) to form Harmonia, a group who Brian Eno once called the most important rock group on the planet. Schnitzler also founded Eruption in 1970 along with Klaus Schultz, Manuel Gottsching (Ash Ra Tempel), and Klaus Freudigmann... Looking back at Conrad Schnitzler's career it becomes obvious that he was an architecht who helped draw the blueprints for some very significant musical movements. Perhaps overlooked, or at least desperately underappreciated, it hasn't slowed Schnitzler down. Since leaving Kluster Conrad Schnitzler has composed dillegently for electronics and piano. Now located in Dallgow Germany he continues to accumulate equiptment and recordings of what he says is "cold, hard electonic sound." [Important Records info] Comes is a blue/white fold-out gimmick "kite" cover.

Stalnoy Pakt -- "ROA" -- 3"CD-R -- €15
2008 ALF Produkzion, ALF Produkt No. 11, (ltd. 30)
This Stalnoy Pakt material is dedicated to the phenomenon of ROA (Russian Liberation Army), who fought for Hitler during WWII. Historical collaged martial industrial. First 30 copies come in handmade artwork with a special stripe & "ROA" woven patch.

Strup / Indra -- split -- CD-R -- €3
2012 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT70, (ltd. 60)
For this split Strup has prepared 9 untitled tracks of psychedelic atmospheric Old-School Industrial in vein of Throbbing Gristle and De Fabriek. Indra offers one 25-minute Musique Concrete piece evolving from urban field recording to powerful deep rough drone. Sleeve. [label info]

Svalbard -- "Der Letzte Blick Zuruck" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK006, (ltd. 450)
SVALBARD was started as an ambient one-man project in 2006. It's music was based on the mixture of Dark Ambient and Neoclassic. During the winter of 2007 the first demo titled 'Stille' was recorded and soon SVALBARD received the invitation to take part in the international fest "Crivia Aeterna". After the band's first performance it's conception was reworked and the following year SVALBARD performed their new program together with the new member [K.S.] who since then has become responsible for the lyrics of the project. After this performance the band received their first contract with "Der Angriff" (subdivision of Russian label "Indiestate") and released their first EP 'Treue Vaterland Jugend'. During spring and the summer of 2009 SVALBARD was working on their first LP 'Heimkunft' that was released on the German "Lichterklang" label in 2010 and gained a lot of respect from fans and media worldwide. 2012 now sees the release of the second fulltime album entitled "Der letzte Blick zuruck" again on Lichterklang, strengthening their songwriting skills and sharpening SVALBARD's individual character as that, being the perfect blend of pathetic dance hymns and military pop appeal combined with the depth of russian melancholy and new gained folkloristic influences. The album is released as a standard jewelcase edition including 8-page-booklet, mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum, Triarii) at the Blue Lounge Studios Berlin. [press-release]

Taphephobia -- "Anomie" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Reverse Alignment, RA-3, (ltd. 200)
This productive Norweigan act released its debut album "House of memories" this spring on Belgian label Nothingness records and have now signed to Reverse alignment. On Anomie Taphephobia steps forward in the progress of it's guitardrone based dark ambient and evolving into it's own path building soundscapes upon soundscapes in a meditative/hypnotic way. Professionally made CDr in a limited edition of 200 copies in jewelcase (handnumbered). [label info]

Verney 1826 -- "Ex Libris" -- CD -- €10
2013 Lichterklang, LK016, (ltd. 260)
The main concept behind "Ex Libris“ was to create a collection of songs that are linked to a book or to an author, which have a very special meaning to Verney 1826’s mastermind Lionel Verney. In collaboration with the Italian Gothic band Victim’s Ball, mezzo sopranist Anna Aliena and the German neoclassical project Schattenspiel, 12 tracks can be found on "Ex Libris“ with a wide musical diversity ranging from Neoclassical parts, Martial Industrial and Dark Ambient to Neofolk. All these different influences make the album an outstanding and timeless release. Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum). [label info]

Verney 1826 -- "The Ghosts Of Yesterday" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lichterklang, LK026, (ltd. 275)
Verney 1826's new album is nothing but a masterpiece of orchestral arrangements, neoclassical influences and an overall martial and almost cineastic gothic atmosphere, which stands out among the current stereotype releases of the Martial Industrial genre. While it's 2013 released predecessor "Ex-Libris" was a conceptual work of poetry that influenced Lionel Verney over the years, "The Ghosts Of Yesterday" is an album of 17 tracks based on historical events that speak for themselves, offering a wide variety of songwriting skills and numerous guest musicians (among them Schattenspiel, Bjarkan Ar Valda, The Victim's Ball) that leave their mark on the respective tracks. [label info]

Von Thronstahl -- "Conscriptum" -- 2 CD -- €10
2010 Cold Spring Records, CSR118CD
Cold Spring are proud to announce a double CD of rare, alternative versions, new and unreleased material from German Martial Industrial legends Von Thronstahl! The sounds on "Conscriptvm" range from Orchestral to Industrial, Neofolk to military-pop and Martial rock, all with the unmistakable, unique sound of Von Thronstahl! This is definitely a release for fans of the early 'classic' Von Thronstahl sound, which gained them the solid reputation they have today and could be considered a companion piece to 'E Pluribus Unum'. Around 140 minutes of fantastic music presented in a luxurious 6-panel digipak. [press-release]

Weihan -- "Bloodslitin a Steininum" -- CD -- €10
2014 Lichterklang, LK025, (ltd. 260)
Stronger than ever before and seven years after their last album, WEIHAN return with their impressing new album "Blo?slitinn a Steininum". While the previous album of the belgium project were characterized by the divergency between Neofolk and martial based influences, Jurgen and Miguel used the long period to strengthen their music on a more sophisticated and variable version of Martial Industrial that is conceptionally founded in norsk sagas and sacrifial pagan rites. The title of the album therefore might also be translated as "The colour of blood on stone". "Blo?slitinn a Steininum" emphasizes WEIHANS outstanding position in that particular genre. The album was mastered by Axel Frank at the "Blue Lounge Studio" in Berlin. [press-release]

Werra -- "MMI - MMV [Revisited]" -- CD -- €10
2012/2015 Lichterklang, LK031, (ltd. 300)
While the German neofolk was in its early days the year 2001 saw the foundation of the German neofolk-duo :werra:. Over the next couple of years several songs saw the light of the day, all written at several bonfires within nature’s palm. They were recorded and reworked between the years 2003 – 2005 and due to private circumstances it took some more time before some of them were used for a number of compilations which gained a lot of interest. The request for a complete album became so overwhelming that now, eleven years after :werra:’s foundation, the debut „MMI-MMV“ was released by the German label Lichterklang. The eight songs reveal the spirit of the early German neofolk, that means a return to the traditions of our ancestors as well as the search for own cultural identity and the longing for a new and hopefully better world. The digipak-album contains all material thus far recorded by :werra:, including 2 songs with Cornelius Waldner (Sagittarius) as a guest-musician. The mastering took place at Luftschutzkerker in 2012. This is the re-release of the debut album including 5 unreleased bonus-tracks. [label info]

V/A -- "How to Stay Young & Healthy in a Modern World" -- 2 CD-R -- €7
2006 Abgurd, AB-28, (ltd. 200)

V/A -- "Nihilist Assaultcore" -- CD -- €10
1994/2010 Industrial Recollections
Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance, Daniel Menche, Fuck The World/Cunnyplug, W-Project, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy and monstrous 20 minute contribution from Incapacitants! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! [label info]

V/A -- "Terror Campaign" -- CD -- €10
1994/2010 Industrial Recollections
Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Taint, Con-Dom, Daniel Menche, Macronympha, Nimoy, Odal, Goldenrod, Fascist Imperium, Contagious Orgasm! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting! [label info]

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