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The time has come for the new batch of updates! Here you'll find the new arrivals from such labels as Lunhare (Italy), Essentia Mundi (Romania / Germany), Lona Records (Hong Kong), The Eastern Front (Israel), Zoharum (Poland), a big selection of releases of Siberian underground old school label Folvork'prod, new CDs from Observatoire and BioSonar^Lo-End, also a concert bootleg of Deutsch Nepal (Aquarellist) and new CD by Sal Solaris "Zwielicht" (kultFRONT / 7 Hz) - their interpretation of the "intermediate phase" of creation of "Tenebrae" - the collaboration album with Majdanek Waltz. And of course many various post-industrial classics and deep underground.

The concert presenting the release of the above-mentioned album "Tenebrae" with participation of SAL SOLARIS, OTZEPENEVSHIYE and MAJDANEK WALTZ will happen in Moscow in cultural centre "DOM" on December 16th. We will have some merch at the show, so if you have a chance to visit it and need something from our catalogue - contact us and we'll bring it there for you.

During the New Year time we will make a break in the work of the mailorder.
Going offline from December 31st to January 11th.

With best wishes for a great New Year!

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It's time for our mailorder newsletter, and among many other additions we can mention new releases of Russian labels Operator Produkzion, YAOP, Noo Slava Bogu and projects Interior Disposition (InterioRepertoR) and Uedineniya (7Hz), plus also new stuff from infamous German label Galakthorrö, Polish Wrotycz Records and Ukrainian Quasi Pop. And of course many many more...

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Good day!

Here we are back to work after a long break! But not for a long time again :) Mailorder will take another 1.5 week-long pause from September 15th to 26th. But while we are here, we're glad to present our catalogue updates:
  • for the connoseurs of Russian scene - new releases from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov, Ural's projects Zinc Room and Velehentor (first vinyl release), arrivals from the labels Rapen Winter Records, Observatoire, Operator Produkzion, and UFA Muzak;
  • new and old editions from the European labels Taâlem, Old Europa Cafe, Auf Abwegen, Silentes, SmallVoices / A Silent Place, almost full current catalogue of the American label Malignant Records, and a lot of CDs from another American label Crucial Blast specializing mainly in extreme and experimental forms of post-metal music;
  • deluxe vinyl editions of the masters and newcomers of dark folk and martial industrial music from the Estonian label Fronte Nordico.
That's it!

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Hi everyone,

Short summary of today's episode:
  • new discs from Bad Sector, MZ.412, Cisfinitum, Placement & Adriva, Veprisuicida, Vresnit, YAO 91404 D, Igor Bardo, Vishudha Kali & Moon Far Away, Lunar Abyss, etc.;
  • new releases from French OPN Records, Russian Operator Produkzion, and Finnish Freak Animal, plus a bunch of CDs from the Portugese industrial underground - some projects of the musician Gustavo Costa and his label Let's Go To War;
  • more that 300 CDs added to 'rare & used' list.
I'd like to note that mailorder will have a vacation in the period from July 28th to August 14th.

Let everything you do will be good!

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Majdanek Waltz / Sal Solaris - Tenebrae Dear comrades!

Out today's update feature:
Have a nice insight!

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Hypnoz - A Score for Iron Blues Kryptogen Rundfunk - Live 2005 Hi everybody!!

Our today's update contains a lot of good news!

Firstly, we have two new releases: a new album by the project Hypnoz from Moscow region and live recordings by St. Petersburg based project Kryptogen Rundfunk (detailed info comes below). Also, you can watch a short teaser for an upcoming collaboration album of Majdanek Waltz & Sal Solaris "Tenebrae" on youtube: The CD will be released in cooperation with Shadowplay Records approximately in late May.

Secondly, we take an active part in preparation of the experimental electronic stage "ElektroShalash" ("electro hovel") at the open air festival Systo Palty Togathering which will take place on May 6-11th in a secret place somewhere in the woods. During four days about 60 projects and DJs of various styles will perform there, on one stage combining the music from ethno, experimental techno and idm to ambient, drone, noise, breakcore, etc. (full list of performers comes below in events section). The gigs will be enforced by theatrical performances and VJ art during the nights. This event is truly gonna be a festival of forest psychedelic culture!

Thirdly, like always, our distro catalogue has been updated with new releases by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Troum, Nick Soudnick, Ion & Sophus, Sistema Bezopasnosti, and new stuff from such labels as Aquarellist, Wintage Records & Tapes, .ANGLE.REC., Autarkeia, Zoharum, and much more!

The last but not least is that we're having a vacation - from May 4th to 19th we will be away from the virtual space, but we'll read and answer all your emails as soon as we return.

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This sunny spring day we are happy to present you the results of our mailorder work in last month. The spring has come ans so did the time to listen to some new music! Particularly from such labels as Auf Abwegen, The Ceiling, Cold Spring, Old Europa Cafe, Cyclic Law, Freak Animal / Industrial Recollections, Infinite Fog, Glacial Movements, Afe Records, and Malignant Records. We also have new cassettes from Grigory Avrorin (Huren Aquarium), Pustota project, reissues of Reductio Ad Absurdum albums and many new vinyl records!

Let there be light! ;)

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Privet everybody!

The current mailorder update contains a good portion of various discs and some tapes from such labels as Diophantine Discs, Databloem, Rage In Eden, Infinite Fog Productions, Semperflorens, Ufa Muzak, Abgurd / Rokot, Silentes, BioSonar, Vetvei, Old Europa Cafe, Essence Music, Topheth Prophet, Tormented Whores of Da'ath, etc.

Listen and enjoy!

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