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I. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Hypnoz "A Score for Iron Blues" CD-R:
Jiituomas @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levyh/hypnoz-score.html
Culture Is Not Your Friend !: http://cinyf.wordpress.com/reviews/hypnoz-%E2%80%93-a-score-for-iron-blues/

Kryptogen Rundfunk "Live 2005" CD-R:
FdW @ Vital Weekly: http://zhb.radionoise.ru/eng/zhb-xxxii.html#vital
Jiituomas @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levyk/kryptogen-live.html

Majdanek Waltz & Sal Solaris "Tenebrae" CD:
FdW @ Vital Weekly: http://zhb.radionoise.ru/eng/zhb-xxxiii.html#vital
Jiituomas @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levym/majdaneksal-tenebrae.html

II. Forthcoming Events

15.07.2011 - Media Night "Fathers and Sons"
St. Petersburg, Fontain House Garden. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue


Aan -- "Salamaa" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Ikuisuus, is-003
Aan is a duo by Kulkija and Uton. These recordings are from their first meetings ever (at least in these psychophysical bodies) in Helsinki and Tampere, late 2004. Music is full of strange sounds and dark atmospheres, deeply in the very heart of the so-called mystical forrest folk illusion. Astral travelling, dreams from the other side... some beings in the source, dancing their song for life, death & mysteries. [label info]

All-Stars Noise Collective -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Shit Noise Records, SNR 091
Mail collaboration between Armenia, Ego Death, Erekta, Napalmed, RedSK, Earth Incubator, Ecoute La Merde, Fever Spoor, NRYY. Laconic artwork. [YAOP]

Allerseelen -- "Rauhe Schale" -- CD -- €14
2010 Aorta, AORCD13

Antracot -- "Neurokinesis" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Steinklang Industries, SK-IN 14, (ltd. 77)
One hour pure Japan-hardcore-noise by this German ultra-noise act. A brutal wall of noise with rumbling and screaming sounds. This album was released especially for their concert in Tokyo/Japan on 27.10.2007. 60 min. / 1 track. [label info]

Arnica -- "Numancia" -- CD -- €14
2010 Ahnstern, Ahnstern47

Babylone Chaos -- "Flying Bodies Under The Clouds" -- CD -- €10
2010 OPN Records, OPNCD0014, (ltd. 500)
Brand new release mixing dark soundscapes, concrete sounds and weird voices!!! A really amazing new piece of music from this French one-man project (Botchan Karisen). Babylone Chaos has long been an avid proponent of chaotic, oppressing climates and deals in suffocation and saturation. Artwork by MineUchi, with images by Yoshihiro Oimatsu. Mastering by Ruelgo (Le Syndicat). Ltd x 500 copies ina 6-panel digipak. [Cold Spring]

Backworld -- "Come The Bells" -- CD -- €14
2011 Discalcula, DISCAL 05

Bad Sector -- "Chronoland" -- CD -- €13
2011 Power & Steel, PAS 30
This new album of Massimo Magrini is the soundscape for a mind movie and another masterpiece that picks up where the previous work CMASA left off. Twelve beautifully crafted chapters of music segueing between morphing layers of thick drones, haunting melodies and crackling vocal transmissions. Chronoland unfolds a fascinating and cineastic atmosphere of frightening ambient melodica with dark soundwaves deeply imbedded in the music and bursts of electro-acoustic effects. This release is another step forward into the sound cosmos of Massimo Magrini with new directions but always in the unique way of BAD SECTOR. [press-release]

Bardo, Igor -- "My Sweet Nightmare" -- CD -- €12
2011 Some Place Else, SPEXI057, (ltd. 250)
Igor Bardo is a Russian musician and sound artist. He is best known as the mastermind of Bardoseneticcube, which is one of the leading experimental/post-industrial groups from Russia. He describes his music as Surrealism: “Pure psychic automatism by which it is intended to express, either verbally or in writing, the true function of thought. Thought dictated in the absence of all control exerted by reason, and outside all aesthetic or moral preoccupations.” (Andre Breton)... My Sweet Nightmare is Igor Bardo’s debut solo album, containing about one hour of first class psychedelic electronic listening music. The surrealist soundscapes will be instantly embraced by fans of Bardoseneticcube, yet the artist manages to conquer heaps of new ground at the same time. Free from the burden of expectation related to the fame of his main band, My Sweet Nightmare has mr. Bardo take us on an adventurous journey deep down into the rabbit hole. Themes such as religion, psychedelia, sleep paralysis etc. are explored with eerie atmospheres, bliss-inducing frequencies and cutting edge studio experiments... Igor Bardo formed Bardoseneticcube in 1998. The group have released dozens of albums on various labels throughout the world, and their powerful audiovisual live performances have gathered fame in Russia, Europe and Scandinavia. Igor Bardo has also collaborated live and on record with numerous Russian experimental artists. [press-release]

Beyond Sensory Experience -- "Tortuna" -- CD -- €14
2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 049

Bizarre Uproar -- "Liha-Evankeliumi" -- 3 CD -- €22
2008/2011 Freak Animal Records, FA-CD-045
2011 re-press! Due demand, and intention to keep releases available, new edition of this massive set is available! The most bizarre and cruel Finnish industrial-noise project! This is re-release of private edition of 10x 3"CDr series. Rhythmic industrial noise and painful harshness, feedback, vocals and junk abuse. Includes 2 bonus tracks, including long piece of previously unheard assault! Different from version done some years ago, now 3 discs packaged inside triple jewelbox type of box, and now black & white artwork & booklet with disturbing images!! Essential for lovers of filth & violence! [press-release]

Blackhouse –- "Shock The Nation!" -- CD -- €11
1995 Discordia, DISC 028
Blackhouse are an oddity in the Industrial scene, because their music features Christian themes and lyrics! The duo of Ivo Cutler & Sterling Cross come from the heart of Mormon country, Salt Lake City, and have baffled the scene since they began opposing the libertine power electronics of Whitehouse with their Bible-obsessed messages. Unlike bland Xtian pop, Blackhouse preach the good word over the wicked sounds of raw beats and harsh electronix. They see no contradiction in their art, because as they say: "There is no war more holy than the fight for peace." [discogs.com]

Blackhouse –- "Stairway To The Gospel Word" -- CD -- €11
1994 Discordia, DISC 022
Blackhouse are an oddity in the Industrial scene, because their music features Christian themes and lyrics! The duo of Ivo Cutler & Sterling Cross come from the heart of Mormon country, Salt Lake City, and have baffled the scene since they began opposing the libertine power electronics of Whitehouse with their Bible-obsessed messages. Unlike bland Xtian pop, Blackhouse preach the good word over the wicked sounds of raw beats and harsh electronix. They see no contradiction in their art, because as they say: "There is no war more holy than the fight for peace." [discogs.com]

Blood Box -- "Funeral In An Empty Room" -- CD -- €14
2011 Power & Steel, PAS 29

Borisov, Alexei & Olga Nosova -- "Selected Works" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 self-released
Alexei Borisov is a veteran of Moscow electronic stage, creator of groups NOCHNOY PROSPEKT, F.R.U.I.T.S. and VOLGA. The music basis of his solo works is free improvisation created with digital and analogue technichs combining the elements of noise, industrial, psychedelia and minimal rhythms, vocal parts and guitar intrusions. Olga Nosova is a vivid representative of new generation of Russian experimental music. She's a member of several established Moscow bands - Brom, Syncopated Silence, Yad, Motherfathers. This compilation presents the selected recordings of this duet. [Fulldozer]

Brighter Death Now -- "Breaking Down Nihil - Live" -- 2 CD -- €25
2011 Der Angriff, Nr. 39, (ltd. 50)
Der Angriff and Indiestate Distribution proudly present a very special 2CD release of one of the most influential and famous power electronics projects in the world, a favourite child of Cold Meat Industry mastermind Roger Karmanik - Brighter Death Now. Recorded live during short Russian tour made in September 2009, it is unique since the lineup was made of Russian artists and only Roger himself was a part of the common European live incarnation of BDN. The persons behind Anthesteria and LamiaVox have joined him in Moscow while the guys from Bardoseneticube and 414 were together with him on stage in St.Petersburg. The basic parts of the tracks have been sent to them all in advance, so they have prepared their own vision of this material, thus it was nothing like a spontaneous improvisation or jam-session, but pure conceived and well-organized collaboration. Both shows have been recorded on a multi-channel devices, then carefully mixed and mastered, so the final quality is close to the studio one without losing any bit of the raw energy of live performance. The result is a very fresh and unexpected look on the well-known BDN compositions such as "Innerwar", “PayDay” and “Testing” which should be interested not only for devoted followers of the project but for the wider audience of power electronics / death industrial fans. The real gem in our roster, not to be missed! The release is limited to 450 copies and comes in a special embossed foldout envelope with cardboard inner sleeves. CD 1: MOSCOW (24-09-2009): Innerwar / Oh what a night / Payday / I wanna die / Destroy / I hate you. CD 2: SAINT-PETERSBURG (28-09-2009): First floor / Testing / Leave me alone / Dodsambient / There is nothing left in this world / Female blood. [press-release] Mastered by Kshatriy. Special edition of the release which is limited to 50 copies, it contains embroidered BDN patch and sealed with a BDN logo wax stamp.

Camerata Mediolanense -- "MDXXX" -- CD -- €14
2010 Creative Fields Rec., CFRCD007, (ltd. 1000)

Cisfinitum / Svetlana Kalistratova -- "Seelected / Invariants 21" -- CD + DVD -- €15
2011 Saratov State Radischev Museum of Fine Arts, (ltd. 250)
New album of Cisfinitum is a collaboration work with Moscow based mathematic and painter Svetlana Kalistratova. Limited edition of 250 items included CD "Seelected", DVD "Invariants" with 3D graphics stereo-video and short movies based on fractal paintings and Cisfinitum music, and booklet with reproductions of paintings, texts and info about artists. [from the author]

Clau D.E.D.I. –- "V.I.T.R.I.O.L." -- 3 x 3"CD-R -- €11
2006 Misty Circles, MCR32 / Old Europa Cafe, OECDR 012, (ltd. 200)
Re-edition of a very limited & long time sold out tape! Legendary solo project by ClauDeDi of Ain Soph dealing with magic & esoterism! Close to the first Ain Soph age but more extreme! Real pre industrial-esoterims.... For purists & adepts only! Professionally printed CDR with special square shaped disc and on CD label numbered to 200 copies packed in oversized folding cover... [press-release]

Costa, Gustavo -- "Slow Life in the Age of Hyperstressed Communities" -- CD-R -- €7
Setola Di Maiale, SM1910
Composed and recorded between 2007 and 2010. Gustavo Costa is a Portuguese musician and composer who lives in Porto, well known as an excellent drummer/percussionist, he is involved in many projects, ranging from free improvisation, free jazz, to ensemble of modern compositions, to hardcore punk. This disc presents his latest compositions, in which the complex sound material is organized with great skill and sensitivity. A very good sound research that blurs the nature, "what I hear is acoustic or electronic?". Then their stratification, their layout, together with variations, make it a work of great interest. Here there are deep musical ideas, near Mauricio Kagel or Pansonic, but these are just names to give a general idea. [press-release]

Dannagoischd -- "Emm Dichda Ondrholz" -- CD -- €14
2009 Percht, Percht13

Death In June -- "Peaceful Snow" -- 2 CD -- €22
2010 New European Recordings, BAD VCCD54

Derrame Sanguineo / Sektor 304 -- split -- CD-R + zine -- €8
2011 Latrina do Chifrudo, LC CD006, (ltd. 50)
Old and new. Derrame Sanguineo was a project of Gustavo Costa, infamous drummer of multiple projects like Motornoise, Most People Have Been Trained To Be Bored or Lost Gorbachves and Iur, a visionary (or mad man) devoted to Industrial music. The tracks presented here are the only recordings ever made from this project and are a good example of the Industrial music production in Portugal during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Industrial music from the turn of the century, delivering harsh vocals, powerfull lyrics and programmed beats fuelled by hatred! The second part of this release belongs to Sektor 304, a rather new force that delivers 3 unreleased tracks from their early beginings, including the only recorded track from Intonarumori, Sektor’s prior identity that had in its line up legendary names such as Tshueda from Hospital Psiquiatrico and J.A. from Wolfskin, now remixed to fit the sound of Sektor 304. Junk metal abuse and tribal drum loops. The whole package comes with a 20 page booklet with artwork by A. Coelho and screenprinted covers by Oficina Arara. [press-release]

Disleksick / Ego Death –- split -- CD-R -- €5
2010 Coffin Crawl Records, CCR-027, (ltd. 15)
Noisecore / Noise Punk from Canada versus wry atonal Free Jazz Noise from Greece. Sleeve + insert. [YAOP]

Dmitry Rodionov Experience -- "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Heart-Shaped Box, HSB-043, (ltd. 41)
"The work over this album took about 6 months of winter and spring 2003, mostly in Scherbakovka village in Sverdlovsk region. "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" is filled with the sense of frosty Ural winter, loneliness and warmth of village life. The main line of the album is the composition "New Year's experiments" split in 4 parts. In general, all compositions are like "dreams" seen in frosty winter nights in a Ural village. All these "dreams" are divided in several periods of waking up, marked as "Origin through". One of the tracks - "Influence of the moon" - was inspired by an exhibition of Marina Kutyavina (http://www.mariku.ru). The exhibition was called "Angels and Moons". The track "Gagarin" tells about the first space flight of the Soviet cosmonaut Y.A. Gagarin. "What has felt the man who was the first in the history of Earth to fly in space? Must be something on the edge of insanity. Total detachment from reality". "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" is a conceptual work in which the author refers to his childhood memories. "Music has the ability to take you through the time... Just like, for instance, a smell which you liked in childhood can recreate the image from your childhood, if you close your eyes". [from the author]

Endless Hypersomnia –- "Past Reflections: Madness, Sadness, And Torpor" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Smell The Stench, (ltd. 50)
Young but already becoming popular Black Industrial project from the school of of Mr. Nordvargr & Co. Powerful industrial tracks resembling early MZ. 412 turn into Black Metal themes and dark ambient soundscapes. [YAOP]

Esche -- "Wendigo" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Valgriind, VG45 / Alarmstufe, STUFE02, (ltd. 186)
Over the banks of melting waters breathes the Wendigo's last whisper of fierce winter. Under the roots bound by blizzard, behind the ancient bark, in the stone heart of the forest this music has it's roots - the metaphysical incarnation of the spirit of winter's Frost and Hunger. A border between autumn and winter cycles, a natural attempt to hide in wolfish grass and survive the Snowstorm. A call of blood of the last North. Second full-length album by Esche released by common will of Valgriind and Alarmstufe prod. Field recordings, guitar, mouth harp, synthesizers, voice, percussion and various electronics are here to fix this mysterious ritual. Artwork done by Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit & Vetvei Art). [press-release]

Filigranas Negras -- "Filigrana, Tripas E Sangue" -- 2 CD-R + zine -- €18
2010 Let's Go To War, LGTW #013 / Latrina do Chifrudo, LC CD003, (ltd. 20)
Soundtracks for occult performances. This package contains the ritual psychedelic ambient music CDR “Pentagramas Bordados em Panos de Linho” and the experimental sludge monster CDR “7 Cruzes Invertidas” along with a graphic fanzine filled with pictures and drawings all inside a beautifully hand-crafted package made out of a piece of canvas used in a 2006 performance by this group, so all packages are slightly different. [label info]

Frakmundt -- "Uufwarts E D'Fouse... " -- mCD -- €12
2010 Percht, Percht17, (ltd. 1000)

Gerostenkorp -- "Terre Brulee" -- CD -- €10
2009 OPN Records, OPNCD0010, (ltd. 500)
"French Experimental artist Gerostenkorp produces a tribalistic stomp that treads similar ground in different areas to Pain Teens and Swans. Gerostenkorp provide a futuristic soundtrack that works on subtle atmospheric ambience throughout. Ghostly ambient qualities dominate this album, yet it also changes its approach frequently. "Terre Brulee" seems industrial only in its electronic futurism, yet seems reach out further in its sound and ambitions. There is a sense of seductive French Neu Wave where the song overtakes the ambient passages" (Judas Kiss). Features guest appearances by Von Magnet and Terroritmo, bringing a theatrical dimension to the addictive tribal-oriented rhythmic Industrial soundscapes. Presented in a sumptuous 6-panel digipak. [Cold Spring]

Gorduw -- "Ress Veriints" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Torga Amun Rec., 027, (ltd. 50)
Famous Russian underground project from Siberia mostly active in early 2000ies. The album was recorded by its mastermind Dr. Feitnathoroth during 2005-2006 in prison (where he was serving a sentence). 65 min. Folvork dark electronic with elements ambient, noise, beat… CD-R, DVD-slim box, 50 copies.

Gorduw -- "XI Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Pulsar 44 (Gultu Euphoria)" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Torga Amun Rec., 025, (ltd. 48)
Famous Russian underground project from Siberia mostly active in early 2000ies. Folvork sympho industrial / dark electronic with elements ambient, noise, beat… Cardboard sleeve.

Goteki –- "Goteki O/S: Corrupted Files" -- CD -- €11
2004 Wasp Factory, WASPFAC026
The remix album of the Cyber Gothic style godfathers - the UK band Goteki. Tracks made in vein of EBM / Cyber Gothic / Electroclash / Future Pop featuring Echo Image, Seize, Icon of Coil, The Chaos Engine, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Carol Masters, Graeme Norgate, .Intron.Depot., Glis, Deathboy, Project 65, Yendri and auto-remixes.

Howden, Matt / Wakeford, Tony -- "Wormwood" -- CD -- €14
2003 Tursa, TURSA 031CD

Hrefnesholt -- "Uraungst" -- CD -- €14
2010 Percht, Percht16

Inderst Elia / I: Wound / Medit / B9 / Origami Galaktika -- "MCP Monsterdammerung 2001 - Future Trash" -- CD-R -- €7
2001 Black Orchid Productions, 044
Hypnotic minimal ambient music. This time we can hear “more” beats as we used to hear from B9&Origami Galaktika. Collaboration recorded live at Fabrikken, Oslo, Norway. [label info]

Kirlian Camera -- "Odyssey Europa" -- 2 CD -- €18
2009 Out Of Line, OUT 373 | 374

Kriegsfall-U -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2011 Epidemie Records, EPR073
A new eponymous album of Hungarian project KRIEGSFALL-U. Uncompromising sacral martial industrial with apocalyptic neo-folk elements declaiming in Hungarian. Delikatessen for lovers of old Derniere Volonte, Der Blutharsch, Sophia. Luxurious digipack edition with 12 pages booklet. [label info]

Kromeshna + Bardoseneticcube -- "Lilac Honey" -- CD-R -- €7
Ostroga, OTR-019
One collaborative 21 min. track from St. Petersburg based Bardoseneticcube and Kromeshna from Ural. "Like psychedelic balm pouring in florid patterns in eternal search for otherworldly clouds" [UFA Muzak]. A5 paper sleeve with a herbarium.

La Maison Moderne -- "Day After Day" -- mCD -- €9
2000 Hau Ruck!, HR!07
La Maison Moderne is a side-project of Der Blutharsch and mixes a sense of humor with the spirit of wine drinking. Some might not care for it while others might enjoy this strange mix. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Larrnakh -- "Like The Silken Shrouds Of Loneliness" -- CD -- €10
2011 Epidemie Records, EPR074, (ltd. 500)
"Like the Silken Shrouds of Loneliness" is the folower of one year old debut album "Now Will You Believe?" (Steinklang Records). You can find there eight apocalyptic neo-folk compositions with industrial and dark ambient elements, sung in English and Hungarian. [label info] Larrnakh is a project of a Hungarian musician Soros Gergo, ex-member of Cawatana.

Lethe -- "Nowhere" -- CD -- €10
2010 A5 Production, AP-04
Lethe is a one-man Dark Ambient / atmospheric project by StormChild from Kiev. With very occult, dark and obscure apocalyptic ambient music, "Nowhere" captures the cold, dead atmosphere of the ghost town of Tschernobyl. 8 tracks and around 43mins of music in a DVD case with professional artwork by Dmitry Mayatsky. Ukrainian import. Not to be confused with the Japanese minimalist composer of the same name. [Cold Spring]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Lumina Sector / Ego Death –- "Light & Darkness" -- CD-R -- €3
2010 Sewer Records, SEWER 042 / Vmr Recordings, VMR 8
Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics. [YAOP]

Lunar Abyss -- "Drema + Solntse" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Lo-End 008-cdr, (ltd. 20)
Two concerts recorded in summer 2011 at forest gatherings "Dreaming 1" ("Drema 1") and "Holidays in the Sun" ("Kanikuly na Solntse"). Recorded on air on Zoom H4 portastudio without any studio editing. Nice live atmosphere, good sound quality. For those familiar with Lunar Abyss worls it would be nice to spot some familiar elements in the sonic canvas. DIY fetish artwork in cardboard box with a set of found postcards and photos. [label info]

Machine De Guerre -- "Vanites" -- CD -- €10
2011 OPN Records, OPNCD0015
A dark disc from the catacombs of Paris and the debut album from Machine De Guerre (War Machine). Reminds of Haus Arafna, Le Syndicat Electronique or Millimetric. For followers of Industrial, Minimal Electro and Coldwave. Presented in a very nice 6-panel black and white digipak. [Cold Spring]

Microspora -- "BOM" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT90, (ltd. 67)
Psychedelic ambient, somethimes rthythmical, sometimes turning into a retrograde droning of an electro organ, sometimes spiced up with concrete noises. Reminds the experiments of the electronic music pioneers in 60-70ies. Handmade cover, all info handwritten. [label info]

Missing Dog Head -- "Unigami" -- CD -- €10
2011 Delphy Rekords, DER 025
Portugese improvisatonal free rock project featuring Martin Philadelphy, Chris Janka, Gustavo Costa and Helge Hinteregger. As if they're infected with the "virus of slowness" of Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, but not entirely... Very unhurried but pleasant compositions vary from "almost jazz" and "almost country" to completely improvised soundscape tracks and never try to catch listener's attention, rather dissolve it in their slowness and contemplation of this beautiful music created with a standard rock-band instrument.

MZ.412 -- "Domine Rex Inferum" -- CD -- €10
2001/2011 Cold Spring, CSR145CD
Reissue of MZ. 412's 2001 Satanic masterpiece! The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey through a claustrophobic vortex, filled with sinister dark ambient and threatening Industrial atmospheres. "Domine Rex Inferum" is a less noisy affair than previous MZ. 412 albums, maintaining lower frequencies for a more intimidating experience... Originally limited to 2000 copies, now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

MZ.412 -- "Infernal Affairs" -- CD -- €10
2006/2011 Cold Spring, CSR146CD
7 years after possibly their darkest and most subdued album "Domine Rex Inferum", the Black Industrial pioneers step things up with a bombastic Industrial magnum opus! Opulent orchestral arrangements sit perfectly alongside cavernous dark ambient and blackened noise to create another monumental release from the Swedes who have dominated the scene since their inception in the early 90s. Reissued with two extra tracks in a stunning matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

MZ.412 -- "Nordik Battle Signs" -- CD -- €10
1999/2011 Cold Spring, CSR144CD
Another Satanic tour de force from the overlords of Swedish Black Industrial! "Nordik Battle Signs" is a disturbing ordeal of Power Electronics, malevolent vocals, Industrial Noise with an explosive harshness. This Satanic ritual features the militaristic drumming of an infernal army, a collaboration with Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio and one track featuring voice-based noises from the band's fan-base... Remaster of the 1999 album with new artwork, drastically improved and completely remastered audio and 4 extra tracks (including the spectacular completed version of the long deleted 'Legion Ultra' 7") in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nicole 12 -- "Black Line" -- CD -- €10
2011 Freak Animal Records
New album finally out after many years of waiting. From atmospheric to utterly violent power electronics sounds. 10 tracks in 40 minutes. [label info] Side-project of Mikko Aspa (Grunt).

:Of The Wand And The Moon: -- "Lucifer" -- CD -- €14
2003 Euphonious Records, PHONI022
The third album of the danes around Kim Larsen follows the path, driven in on the previous album “Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness”, which could be described as mystical, atmospherical and melancholic folklore of scandinavistic impressions. The well known nordic influences are still existing in the lyrics, but on “Lucifer” they get enriched with occult borrowings. “Lucifer” and “Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness” were recorded at the same time and both albums combines an extraordinary, almost magical – and always very dark – atmosphere. With “Lucifer”, the trilogy that once began with “Nighttime Nightrhymes” is now completed. So now even the first chapter of :Of The Wand And The Monn:’s career is completed… and until the next chapter begins, “Lucifer” will enchant your dreams… [press release]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "Do Angels Never Cry, And Heaven Never Fall?" -- mCD -- €15
2010 Out Of Line, OUT 425, (ltd. 1000)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "Songs 4 Hate & Devotion" -- 2 CD -- €18
2010 Out Of Line, OUT 433 | 436

Phase II -- "Afterglow" -- CD -- €14
2010 Ahnstern, Ahnstern29

Placement & Adriva -- "Geometry In Distant Agriculture" -- CD -- €9
2011 Observatoire, obs 026, (ltd. 400)
A collaboration album of the UK project Placement performing ambiental "landscape music" since 1997 and Russian project Adriva, conceptually not using any synths and giving more respect to field recordings and analogue noises. The album was recorded in 2010 and inspired by Russian steppe and shores of Azov and Black seas. The music combines mild guitar drone ambient with electroacoustic elements and raw yet somehow soft and unobtrusive field recordings made in these regions. Very calm and relaxing atmosphere, pleasant mellow and deep sound. May please the fans of Exit In Grey / Five Elements Music works.

Psychward –- "Headless Bodies" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Magik Crowbar, MC008
Recycled noise from excerpts to loops that have been used in various live performances to quote samples that have been floating around. Very limited. [label info]

ROME -- "Nera" -- CD -- €14
2006/2010 [Trisol] Music Group GmbH, TRI 392 CD
ROME was founded in 2005 as a main output for the songs of Jerome Reuter, Luxembourg. Long time since a debut album was so eagerly awaited as by ROME, and Nera, which is the title of this brilliant piece, is "black" indeed. The atmosphere weighs heavy on the soul - a burden of flowers. However, ROME manages to include warmth and affection in its cold world of steel. The main characters in this language of lurking are defeated men - not unschooled by pain - in seedy places. ROME songs are full of citations, abstractions and ideals. The marching and counter-marching of doubtful armies luring our love away, with licit grace, icy and bitter irony. Gentle phantasms of desire. The reversal of sympathies. The aspects of eternity, spiritual hunger, treachery and corruption, shame and honour - being more than mere traps for the unsophisticated. These are some of Nera's interlocking themes in a world scorched by the wastefulness and cruelty of war. Nera is the meticulous patience of rage. Get it now and make it your friend, before it devours you. [press-release by Cold Meat Industry]

Shift / Sick Seed -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2011 Freak Animal Records
Shift at his most aggressive here. Monolith track from harsh crackling industrial noise with aggressive voice to thick and heavy droning sounds with subtle spoken word sampling. Sick Seed presents 3 tracks of caveman power electronics. Ugly, fierce and nasty stuff. Packaged in jewelbox with 3 full color insert cards. [label info]

Sikhara -- "Bardos State" -- CD -- €10
2006 URCK Records, URCK2020
The tribal percussion project of Scott Nydegger has performed over the 300 concerts in 26 countries. The project has always existed in a constant state of motion, touring and living in a nomadic way that has come to define it. In 2003, Sikhara began a self-imposed exile in Europe and fortified the line-up with French drummer Yann Geoffriaud most know for his work with the famed French power-violence unit George Bitch Jr. Sikhara also has many sattelite projects, including backing Iggy and the Stooges sax-wielder Steve Mackay and regularly appearing with ex-Can front man Damo Suzuki. They are a core band in The Radon Collective, an international community of touring experimental artists. Bardos State is Sikhara’s 2nd release recorded on three continents and released by Radon, Soopa and Urck Records. [press-release]

Sonne Hagal -- "Helfahrt" -- CD -- €14
2002/2011 Luftschutz Entertainment, Luftschutz 013
After some vinyl releases Sonne Hagal, a neo-folk formation from Germany, now delivers its first regular album. And Sonne Hagal is immediately promoted to the highest division! They have created twelve neo-folk pearls, that compete with the best acts in this field. The first song, 'Memory, Hither Come', directly has a lot of atmosphere, through the warm voice and the strings, reminding me of OF THE WAND AND THE MOON. Speaking of this Danish act, Kim Larsen has added guitar and vocals to the excellent track 'Raidho', a bit further on the album. Andreas Ritter of Forseti also contributes to two tracks of "Helfahrt", with vocals and his typical accordeon. Acoustic guitars, fine strings and pleasant vocals are the main musical ingredients. Sonne Hagal plays a traditional style of traditional neo-folk. 'Song of experience' for example, reminds of classic Death in June. But the music on this album never sounds boring or stale. Therefore the sound is too fresh and the melodies too good. There is also a good variation of uptempo ("Midwinternight', 'Futhark') and slow ('Song of Innocence', 'Raidho') songs on the album. Most lyrics are in German and deal a lot with runic themes, according to titles like 'Futhark', 'Midgard' and 'The runes are still alive'. [Funprox]

Soudnick, Nick / Popovsky, Andrey -- "Utyugon" -- CD -- €10
2011 Free Culture / Pushkinskaya-10
The famous musical instrument and "the first analogue synthesizer" Utyugon was designed by Timur Novikov and Ivan Sotnikov and played an important role in the history of Russian experimental music. Besides, if we take into account the eyewitnesses' recollections we will see that the first Utyugon concert became the pivotal moment in Sergey Kuryokhin's music. "Sergey Kuryokhin took part in such concert for the first time. Before the concert he was a jazz musician and did not play his avangard experiments, but when he saw Utyugon he became inspired and got much enthusiasm". (from the Timur Novikov lecture). "Utyugon is the instrument that produces sounds. This instrument consisted of the table from which irons ("utyug" is Russian word for "iron") hung down by means of special strings. The irons pendulated, touched each other and produced very strange sounds that could be amplified by means of electronic equipment." (Timur Novikov). "Utyugon was an old rectangular kitchen table. I can suppose that it was found in dump or was left by the former flat owners. On the one side of the table there were nails that held the old irons and these irons were hung with guitar strings. Near the strings there were guitar pickups that firstly transmitted the signal to the cheap flanger and delay and then to the amplifier and speakers. On the other side of the table there were various kitchen knives that were stuck to the table and their vibrations were also taken by the guitar pickups. Maybe there were also piezoelectronic pickups from the cheapest old turntables." (Sergey Letov). Utyugon was preserved by the artist Valery Valran ans now is in the Museum of the New Academy of the Fine Arts. Several performances with the restored Utyugon took place in ESG-21. The material of the CD is the collaboration of Andrey Popovsky (Miro project, ESG-21 art director) and Nickolay Soudnick (ZGA, Vetrophonia) called "Vibrations for Utyugon in 12 parts". It presents the compositional scope of using Utyugon and modern devices for sound processing and sound mixing.

Spectra Paris -- "License To Kill" -- CD + DVD -- €18
2010 Out Of Line, OUT 414 | 415

Spiritual Front -- "Rotten Roma Casino" -- CD + DVD -- €20
2010 [Trisol] Music Group GmbH, TRI 399 CD

Stalag 328 -- "Kriegsfreiwilligen" -- CD-R -- €9
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT86 / Inner Decay, IDFA #02, (ltd. 115)
Harsh Martial Industrial, based on powerful artillery rhythms, background soundscapes, dark and excitatory atmospheres and different vocals. The debut of the project coming from Lvov, Ukraine, released by the joint forces of two labels. The album is dedicated to all soldiers died during the Great War of 1914-1918, all those who haven't returned home from this senseless slaughter, and all fallen under Ipra. Colour printed discs, hand made artwork made of vintage technologic paper, 2 full colour inserts. [press-release]

The Stupid Set -- "You Guys Don't Exist!" -- CD -- €11
2006 Astroman.It, ASTRO 005
Experimental Post-Punk / No Wave ancient band from Italy, formed in 1977. Unconventional cover versions of "Louie Louie" and "Hello I Love You", harsh guitars, drum machines, atonality, screaming. For the lovers of Tasaday, CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea, The Birthday Party and Lydia Lunch. [YAOP]

Sturmpercht -- "Stürm ins Leben Wild Hinein!" -- CD -- €14
2004/2010 Percht, Percht02
Due to many requests for a digital version of the first Sturmpercht LP, we decided to rerelease this obscure pearl of Alpine-Folkmusic on CD now... This album is pure weird Alpine-Folk music with martial drinking-songs, alpine battle-hymns and strange fairie-tales out from the deepest Austrian and Bavarian forests, all embedded in a breath of black Monty Python humour. [label info]

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa -- "Lacrymae Rerum / Muleacenani" -- 2 CD-R -- €14
2004 Old Europa Cafe, OECDR 004, (ltd. 150)
Re-edition of these 2 tapes out years ago on OEC in the digital format, completely remastered sounds & new covers... Hard ethnic, esoteric looping & spheric sounds, maybe the two TQTR best albums now in a unique box ! A great italian project inspired by German & English classics like Kranioclast or Haflet Trio... A must for all lovers of real "industrial" sounds! Limited edition of 150 copies in jewel-box + full color cover & professionaly printed CDR + printed disc cover! [press-release]

Temple -- "Rastvor" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rapen Winter Records, RWR-0109/T, (ltd. 50)
Psychedelic Industrial Ambient, resonating pulsating tracks with field recordings, mouth harp and cold urban taste. Pro CDR, jewel-box. [YAOP]

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Die Nacht Aus Blei" -- CD -- €18
1994 Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, WULP 017, (ltd. 900)

Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie feat. Morbus Mundi / Transistorwald -- "Act Of Total Nonrandomness" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Valgriind, VG43
Martial Industrial Noise split / collaboration from three Russian talented artists. An esotheric work inspired by the ideas of Miguel Serrano. [YAOP]

Veprisuicida -- "La Rivoluzione Egofascista" -- CD-R -- €8
1997/2011 ALF Produkt, N16, (ltd. 75)
Reissue of a cassette from 1997. Regular black & white artwork.

Veprisuicida -- "La Rivoluzione Egofascista" -- CD-R -- €11
1997/2011 ALF Produkt, N16, (ltd. 43)
Reissue of a cassette from 1997. Handmade colour artwork + bonus-track.

Vishudha Kali & Moon Far Away -- "Vorotsa" -- CD -- €10
2011 self-released
Joint album from two famous Russian acts! Amazing voice of Count Ash and firm analogue sounds from VK which goes deep into Slavic chronotope. North Russian folklore, ritualism and intellectualism, tradition and avant-garde, Archangelsk and Saint Petersburg... Absolutely unique music, which possibly can be labelled as folk-ambient. Ltd x 500 copies in a 6-panel digipak. [Infinite Fog Productions]

Volga -- "Pomol" -- CD -- €10
2007 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB005
Another album by this prolific Moscow-based group. Thirteen wonderful tracks that, helmed by the powerful, dynamic, expressive and unique voice of Angela Manukjan, sway between electronica's moody yet accessible outer reaches, folk and other traditional music, plus the same kind of sensibilities ensnared so well by contemporary pop's more wayward souls such as Bjork and Sigur Ros. This music encapsulates the heart of a contemporary Russia both celebrating its cultural heritage whilst embracing its place on an international map forever worth visiting. [press-release]

Vresnit -- "Zhatva" -- CD -- €10
2011 Vetvei, V18 / Radiodrone Records, RD-01, (ltd. 363)
Joint release of Vetvei label and Radiodrone web-zine. New album of Vresnit, the project from Yaroslavl is devoted to harvesting, separation of grains from weed. Six Dark Drone Ambient mysteries which have been recorded in 2009 were grown from the processed tape field recordings, live flutes, analog electronics, hand bells, trance rhythmic structures and voices . Latter are chating special verses and imitate the natural sounds. Cause and effect... We reap as we have sown... The meditation over fire as breath-movement of Space Itself. Life of vibrating space, in which each phenomenon is self-similar and has set of displays. Comprehension of greatness of Action and oneself in it... Balance, transition, watching the light, and watching the watcher of Light. Mastered by Kshatriy. Design presented by six-panel full-colored envelope and card Vresnit & Vevei Art. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Woodland Choir -- "Serenity Rise" -- CD -- €10
2010 Epidemie Records, EPR072, (ltd. 500)
Woodland Choir is neo-folk project of a brilliant Hungarian musician Attila Bakos (you may know him from the last THY CATAFALQUE album where he sang all clear vocals). The album Serenity Rise brings you 9 fragile pure acoustic melancholic neo-folk songs in English language. Essential for fans of acoustic melancholic music and projects as Tenhi, Liholesie, Nest, October Falls, Neun Welten. Limited edition of 500 pieces in four-panels digipack with eight-pages booklet. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Photocore" -- 7 x 3"CD-R -- €24
2011 YAOP, YAOP 040
The result of three year work, new full-length album of YAO 91404 D "Photocore" consists of a collection of seven archive Soviet photographs from the times of industrialisation, and soundtracks for them. Field recordings made in workshops and fields, railroads and under water, clanks and drones of metal constructions, steel rhythms, roar of motors and abrasive rasps, atmospheric pieces of folk and academic music. Locomotive operation and recording of it's sound on the 5th track done by the machinist, coal heaver and musician Sergey Gabbasov (Bardo, Vazhes). Retrograde, mostly analogue sound. Handmade 12-page photo album, separate disk for each track. [press-release]

V/A -- "Aural Bowels" -- CD -- €10
2010 Let's Go To War, LGTW#012 / Latrina do Chifrudo, LC CD004
A gathering of the musicians that annually perform the “Matanc,as Festival” in Porto. This is ritual, occult music from the depths of this city. This compilation shows a large variety of experimental music and it is an excellent showcase for the musical scene from Porto. Contains tracks from Satan’s Zombies Paranoid, Besta Bode, New Traditional Fang Music, Pvppa, Caverna, Brutos da Natureza, Filigranas Negras, Tendagruta and Sparagmos. [label info]

V/A -- "Oak Folk" -- CD -- €14
2010 Aorta, AORCD14
Agalloch, Allerseelen, Arnica, Changes, Dannagoischd, Frakmundt, Hrefnesholt, Klammheim, Splinterskin, Sturmpercht, Waldteufel, Werra.


Lunar Abyss -- "Drema + Solntse" -- C-40 -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Lo-End 008-tape, (ltd. 13)
Two concerts recorded in summer 2011 at forest gatherings "Dreaming 1" ("Drema 1") and "Holidays in the Sun" ("Kanikuly na Solntse"). Recorded on air on Zoom H4 portastudio without any studio editing. Nice live atmosphere, good sound quality. For those familiar with Lunar Abyss worls it would be nice to spot some familiar elements in the sonic canvas. DIY fetish artwork in cardboard box with a set of found postcards and photos. [label info]

Orchestral Pit's Cannibals -- "Alienthesis" -- MC -- €9
1996 self-released
Outstanding virtuoso Grindcore from Russia from mid-90ies. Ultra rare collector's item. [YAOP]

Pustota -- "Samozavodka" -- C-40 -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Lo-End 007, (ltd. 11)
Technological field recordings. Recordings of mechanisms and technical objects working in highly overloaded mode. Rumble and crackles, clicks and rattle, vibrations and hiss. Uktra limited edition, DIY fetish artwork. Recommended to crunch-rattle-cooperatives and private collectors. [label info]

V/A -- "Sonno Ferrum" -- C-60 -- €6
2011 self-released
Junk metal Finnish noise compilation featuring Grunt, Bizarre Uproar, Sick Seed, Umpio, KSNK and Mania.


V/A -- "Deadly Actions Live Retrospective 1994-1996" -- VHS -- €23
2001 Nuit Et Brouillard, NB Video 01
Hybryds, Anenzephalia, Deutsch Nepal, Allerseelen, Soldnergeist, Brighter Death Now, Mental Destruction, Genocide Organ, Stigma, Dive, Endvra, Predominance, In Slaughter Natives, Con-Dom, Asche, Zoviet France, Iugula-Thor, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, The Grey Wolves, La Nomenklatur. Video compilation (PAL format) of all bands that performed at Deadly Actions I-III. Exceptions: Morthond (not recorded), Contrastate (artist decided recording was bad quality), Dagda Mor (no reason). Allerseelen was not recorded live, but created a video to be put on this compilation. Numbered edition in large box with metal plate on cover.

Frea market

Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price

A.B.G.S. - Bunkerbeschallung - CD - 1991 - CoC - CoC 10 - Ltd. 1000 - €25,00
A.B.G.S. - Echte - CD - 1992 - CoC - CoC 13 - Ltd. 514 - €15,75
ACTUS - A Way To The Empire Of Strength And Order - CD - 1993 - Novum Organum - NOE CD 001 - Ltd. 777 - €37,50
ACTUS - Again And Again - CD - 1998 - Staalplaat - STCD 111 - Ltd. 875 - €13,00
ACTUS - Das Unbennenbare - CD - 1995 - Novum Organum - NOE CD 002 - €13,00
Aeolian String Ensemble, The - Lassithi / Elysium - CD - 1998 - Robot Records - RR-16 - €11,75
Ain Soph - Aurora [1st ed] - CD - 1992 - Cthulhu Records - CR 12 - €13,00
Al Gromer Khan & Amelia Cuni - Monsoon Point - CD - 1995 - New Earth Records - CD 77119 - €10,50
Alio Die - Il Tempo Magico Di Saturnia Pavonia - CD - 2003 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL023 - €11,75
Alio Die - Incantamento - CD - 2001 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL018 - €13,00
Alio Die - Le Stanze Della Trascendenza - CD - 1999 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL016 - €11,75
Alio Die - Leaves Net - CD - 2001 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL019 - €11,75
Alio Die - Password For Entheogenic Experience - CD - 1998 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL015 - €11,75
Alio Die - Sit Tibi Terra Levis - Introspective - CD - 1993 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL000-001 - €15,75
Alio Die - Suspended Feathers - CD - 1996 - Aqua - A9602 - €14,25
Alio Die - The Hidden Spring - CD - 1998 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 04 - €13,00
Alio Die - Under An Holy Ritual - CD - 1993 - Projekt - PRO 39 - €11,75
Alio Die & Amelia Cuni - Apsaras - CD - 2001 - Projekt - PROJEKT126 - €11,75
Alio Die & Antonio Testa - Healing Herb's Spirit - CD - 1999 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 13 - €13,00
Alio Die & Francesco Paladino - Angel's Fly Souvenir - CD - 2004 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL027 - €11,75
Alio Die & Jack Or Jive - Mei-Jyu - CD - 2005 - Projekt - PROJEKT167 - €11,75
Alio Die & Mathias Grassow - Expanding Horizon - 2 CD - 2003 - Release Entertainment - RR 6578-2 - €14,25
Alio Die & Nick Parkin - Aquam Metallicam - CD - 2000 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - EEE 42 - €11,75
Alio Die & Robert Rich - Fissures - CD - 1997 - Fathom - 11076-2 - €13,00
Alio Die & Vidna Obmana - Echo Passage - CD - 2000 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - EEE 41 - €11,75
Alio Die & Yannick Dauby - Descendre Cinq Lacs Au Travers D'Une Voile - mCD - 1998 - Aqua - A9803 - €11,75
Altai Ashram - Mantras of Belovodie - CD - 2003 - Kvadro-Disc of Altai Kagan - KTL02-699 - €10,50
Altai Ashram - Sjamanic Transformation - CD - 1999 - Stemra - STN8461 - €10,50
Altai Ashram - Thynbhura - 2 CDR BOX - 2003 - Fight Muzik - FM09 - Ltd. 55 - €13,00
Altai Ashram - Thynbhura - CDR - 2003 - Fight Muzik - FM09 - Ltd. 420 - €8,00
Amygdala - Memento Mori - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101812 - €15,75
Anchorage - The Bleak Wooden Tower - CD - 1996 - Hyperium Records - 39101592 - €31,25
Anchorage - Tranquilly The Maelstorm Starts - CD - 1994 - Hyperium Records - 39100992 42 - €37,50
Anima Mundi - Another World II - CD - 1998 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 019 - Ltd. 470 - €11,75
Aqnazar - Raqs - CD - 2004 - Buda Musique - 822672 - €10,50
Aqnazar - Rumi - CD - 2004 - Buda Musique - 822682 - €10,50
Art Of Primitive Sound - Musical Instruments From Prehistory - The Paleolithic - CD - 1993 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL003 - €13,00
Atherton, Michael - Ankh:The Sound of Ancient Egypt - CD - Celestial Harmonies - 13174-2 - €10,50
Atman - Personal Forest - CD - 1997 - Drunken Fish Records - DFR-34 - €15,75
Atman - Soundreams - CD - 1995 - OBUH Records - D 1 - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Atman - Tradition - CD - 1999 - Drunken Fish Records - DFR-45 - €15,75
Aube - Blood-Brain Barrier - CD - 2000 - Ytterbium - YTTERBIUM 03 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Aube - Dazzle Reflexion - CD - The Releasing Eskimo - IGLOO 007 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Aube - Duplex-Sphere - CD - 2004 - Ultra-Mail Prod. - U.M.P.-002 - Ltd. 445 - €10,50
Aube - Flare - CD - 1997 - Iris Light Records - (re)LIGHT 2 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Aube - Flood-Gate - CD - Vanilla - VANILLA-27 - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Aube - Infinitely Orbit - CD - Alchemy Records - ARCD-088 - Ltd. 800 - €22,00
Aube - Recontextual Abstraction - 2 CD - 2002 - Gender-Less Kibbutz - GLK 15 - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
Aube - RM4 - CD - 2002 - Ultra-Mail Prod. - U.M.P.-001 - Ltd. 945 - €10,50
Aube - Set On - CD - 2000 - Manifold Records - MANCD37 - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Aube - Stared Gleam - CD - 1997 - Iris Light Records - i-light 003CD - Ltd. 1000 - €10,50
Aube - Substructural Penetration 1991 - 1995 - 2 CD - 1998 - Iris Light Records - i-light 008CD - Ltd. 1000 - €13,00
Aube - Timemind - CD - Alchemy Records - ARCD-133 - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
Aube - Triad Thread - CD - Armonika - KA01 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Aube & Karkowski, Zbigniew - Mutation - CD - ERS - ERS CD001 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For Dying Children... Act I: Reprise MCMXCVIII - CD - 1998 - Dark Symphonies - DARK 3 - €13,00
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For Dying Children... Act II: The Garden Of Crystalline Dreams - CD - 1997 - Dark Symphonies - DARK 2 - €13,00
Bad Sector - Ampos - CD - 1995 - God Factory - Ltd. 777 - €15,75
Bad Sector - Bad Box - CD + CDR - 2001 - Tantric Harmonies - TANTRA X2 - Ltd. 170 - 1 €47,00
Bad Sector - Xela - CD BOX - 2001 - Waystyx - waystyx 01 - Ltd. 489 - €25,00
Bad Sector & Astro - Idio Blast - CD - 2005 - Insofar Vapor Bulk - IVBCD10 - Ltd. 500 - €25,00
Bad Sector & Contagious Orgasm - Vacuum Pulse [1st ed.] - CD - 2000 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 032 - Ltd. 470 - €10,50
Bad Sector & Tommaso Lisa - Reset / Rebis Periferiche [sp. ed.] - CD + mCD - 2005 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 075 SE - Ltd. 345 - €28,25
Banabila / Saka - A Living Thing - CD - 1998 - Steamin' Soundworks - STEAM 98003 - €10,50
Banabila / Saka - Nightmirror - CD - 1993 - BR Projects - BR 160992 - €10,50
Bardini, Gregorio - Eurasia - CD - Officina Sonica - €10,50
Big Road Breaker - Disinterpretioned - CD - Muzamuza Records - MUZA 09 CD - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Big Road Breaker - Don't Fuck With The Angels - CD - 1995 - Muzamuza Records - MUZA 05 CD - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Black Raven - The Solitude of Ravens - CD - Allegoria - IAO005 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Blackhumour - Peace In Our Time - CD - 1993 - We Never Sleep - WNS 015 - Ltd. 1000 - €10,50
Blood Axis - Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden [1st ed] - CD - 1998 - Cold Meat Industry - CMI.X - €10,50
Brume - Battery Hens Sabotage - CD - 1992 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 001 - Ltd. 498 - €22,00
Brume - Drafts Of Collisions - CD - 1997 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 02 - €10,50
Brume - Erection - 3"CD - 2001 - Kling Film-Records - KF-02 - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Brume - No-Body - mCD - 1991 - La Legende Des Voix - LDV 004 - €22,00
Brume - No-Thing - CD - 1991 - Staalplaat - STLTD 06 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Brume - Permafrost - CD - 1994 - Art Directe - AD III - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
Brume - Zona Ventille [sp. ed.] - CD - 2001 - Elsie & Jack Recordings - eaj 008 - Ltd. 100 - €13,00
Brume & Artificial Memory Trace - 1st Encounter - CD - 2001 - Alien8 Recordings - ALIENCD 026 - €10,50
Brume & Nomuzic - Transports - CD - 1997 - Cheeses International - CI09 - €10,50
Brume feat. Vrischika - s/t - CD - 1998 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 016 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Caprice - Elvenmusic - CD - Prikosnovenie - PRIK048 - €8,00
Chaos As Shelter - In the Shelter of Chaos - CD - Rectrix - TF5 - €10,50
Chaos As Shelter - Midnight Prayer / Illusion - CD - Crowd Control Activities - CROWDED24 - €13,00
Cherche-Lune - Dun Emrys - CD - 1994 - Prikosnovenie - PRIK005 - €15,75
Cindytalk - The Wind Is Strong… - CD - 1990 - Midnight Music - CHIME 01.03 CD - €10,50
Cisfinitum / Svetlana Kalistratova - Seelected / Invariants 21 - CD + DVD - VG/NM - 2011 - Saratov State Radischev Museum of Fine Arts - Ltd. 250 - €10,00
Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae - Nearby Being - CD - 2006 - Epidemie Records - EPR 060 - Ltd. 500 - €8,00
Coinside - Malleus Maleficarum - mCD - Ars Eleqtrique - AE 001 - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
Cuni, Amelia & Werner Durand - Ashtayama (Songs of Hours) - CD - 1999 - Amiata Records - ARNR 0299 - €10,50
Darkness Enshroud - Unveiled Ghostly Shadows - CD - Moribund - DEAD15CD - €10,50
Das Zeichen - Aufgewacht - CD - 1999 - Hyperium Records - 39101992 - €15,75
DDAA - La Conference Maracayace - CD - 2000 - Illusion Production / Editions Cactus - IP 040 / CD 005 - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
DDAA - Nouveaux Bouinages Sonores (Dans La Periode) - CD - 1992 - Front De L'Est - FDL CD 09 - Ltd. 675 - €37,50
De Fabriek - Compressie Slag - CD - 1993 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 09 - Ltd. 700 - €15,75
De Fabriek - Made In Germany - CD - 1991 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 02 - Ltd. 500 - €22,00
Der Blutharsch - Gold Gab Ich fur Gisen - CD + VHS box - WKN - Ltd. 1000 - 2 €68,75
Die Form - L'ame Electrique - CD - 1995 - Hyperium Records - 39101562 - €18,75
Die Form - Suspiria De Profundis - CD - 1994 - Hyperium Records - 39101102 42 - €18,75
Doyle, Roger - Charlotte Corday Thalia - CD - Artware - ARTWARE 06 CD/DOM BW 04 - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
Doyle, Roger - Oizzo No - CD - Artware - ARTWARE 005CD/DOM BW 06 - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
Elektrode (Die Form side-project) - Die Operative Maschine - CD - 1993 - Hypnobeat - 85921054 - €15,75
Entre Vifs - A Scent of Strengtth - CD - Staalplaat - ST CD 053 - Ltd. 600 - €8,00
Exotoendo - Endorcism Process - CD - 1998 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 015 - Ltd. 500 - €11,75
Five Thousand Spirits - A Tapestry For Sourcerers - CD - 1995 - Sempiterna Mutatio - SM 004 - €13,00
Five Thousand Spirits - Mesmeric Revelation - CD - 1999 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 12 - €13,00
Frames a Second - Disorientation Xpress - CD - Spectre - E07 - €15,75
G*Park - Geopod - CD - Zabriskie Point - POINT 12 - €11,75
G*Park - Yack Park - CD - Zabriskie Point - POINT 6 - €11,75
G.L.O.D. - s/t - CD - 1994 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - eee 22 - €10,50
Galerie Schallschutz - H.A.A.R.P. - CD BOX - Tesco Organisation - TESCO 053 - Ltd. 100 - €62,50
Gandarva - Ananda Mantra Mala - CD - 2000 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - €13,00
Gerrard, Lisa - The Mirror Pool - CD - 4AD - CAD 5009 CD - €10,50
Gillis, Manon Anne - Euragine - CD - 1994 - Sounds For Consciousness Rape - SFCR CD005 - €25,00
Gillis, Manon Anne - Rementact - CD - 1989 - Rangehen - RCD 153034 - €25,00
Gothica - The Cliff Of Suicide - CD - NM/VG+ - 2003 - Cruel Moon International - BC-009 - €7,50
Guignol's Band - Galdr - CD - 2001 - Sinope - SIN12 - €13,00
Hagalaz' Runedance - Volven - CD - Wilffackel / Well of Urd - WUR002 - Ltd. 1000 - €10,50
Hands To - Sfo - CD - Zabriskie Point - POINT01 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Haus Arafna - Blut [1st ed.] - CD - 1995 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 006 - Ltd. 884 - €84,50
Haus Arafna - Children Of God [1st ed.] - CD - 1998 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 008 - €31,25
Hybryds - The Atavistic Fetisj - mCD - 1994 - 3RIOART - 3RIOART 006 - Ltd. 999 - €15,75
I.A.M. Umbrella - Gift Of Roots And Wings - CD - 1993 - Rays And Genius Collective Music - RG CD001 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
I.A.M. Umbrella - Nowhere - CD - 1993 - Dragnet Records - Dragnet 009 - €10,50
I.A.M. Umbrella - The Sound Of Shadows Breathing On Themselves - CD - 1995 - Drag & Drop Ritual - DDR 3631 - €10,50
Iditarod, The - The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat And The Angel - CD - 2002 - Bluesanct - INRI 065 - €14,25
Iditarod, The - The River Nektar - CD - 2003 - Bluesanct - INRI 071 - €14,25
Iditarod, The - Yuletide - 2 CD - 2003 - Camera Obscura - CAM 063CD - €22,00
Iditarod, The and Sharron Kraus - Yuletide EP - mCD - 2003 - Elsie & Jack Recordings - eaj 014 - €14,25
Illusion of Safety - Probe - CD BOX - Staalplaat - ST CD 012 - Ltd. 100 - €13,00
Imminent Starvation - Nord - CD + 7" + t-shirt box - Ant-Zen - €22,00
Inanna - Storm I-III [special ed.] - CD - 1993 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 002 - Ltd. 50 - €25,00
Instincts - The Mystery Visions - CD - 2002 - Cyclic Law - 01st Cycle - Ltd. 1000 - €13,00
Invisible Empire, The - Chants Before The Last Battle - CD - 1998 - Oktagon - OKT 001 - Ltd. 600 - €13,00
Jaramar - A Flor De Tierra - CD - 1999 - Opcion Sonica - OPCD120 - €13,00
Jaramar - Entre La Pena Y El Gozo - CD - 1993 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - GLP047 - €13,00
Jaramar - Fingir Que Duermo - CD - 1995 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 074 - €13,00
Jaramar - Que Nadie, Nadie Creera el Incendio - CD - 2002 - Opcion Sonica - OPCD175 - €13,00
Jaramar - Si Yo Nunca Muriera - CD - 1997 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP082 - €13,00
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Denega - CD - 2001 - OBUH Records - D14 - €13,00
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Ethnocore - CD - 1999 - Fly Music (Poland) - €13,00
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Ethnocore 2: Nytu - CD - 2000 - Drunken Fish Records - dfr-48 - €13,00
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Ksiega Utopii - CD - 2000 - OBUH Records - D11 - €13,00
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Water Dreams - CD - 2002 - Fly Music (Poland) - €13,00
Kent, Stephen - Landing - CD - 1994 - City Of Tribes Records - COTCD-003 - €13,00
Korpses Katatonik - Sensitive Liberated Autistiks - CD - Nekrophile Rekords - Ltd. 500 - €50,00
Lahka Muza - Cesty Svetla Plynu Temnotou - CD - 2000 - Black Flames Records - BFCD 006 - €15,75
Lahka Muza - Chvenie Absolutna - CD - 1995 - Indies Records - MAM 018-2 - Ltd. 500 - €15,75
Lahka Muza - Sen Ohraniceneho Zivota - CD - 1998 - Sonicca - SC 0004-2331 - €15,75
Lahka Muza - Tien Bolesti - CD - 1992 - Zoon Records - TLIS 005 CD - €31,25
Laraaji - Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance - CD - 1987 - Editions EG - EEGCD 19 - €10,50
Laraaji / Roger Eno - Islands - CD - 1995 - Sine Records - SIN001 - €10,50
LAShTAL - Thoum Aesh Neith - CD - 1986 - Nekrophile Rekords - Ltd. 1000 - €50,00
Les Secrets De Morphee - Chuchotements - CD - 1999 - Prikosnovenie - PRIK029 - €10,50
Lights In A Fat City - Somewhere [2nd ed.] - CD - 1992 - City Of Tribes Records - COTCD-001 - €13,00
Lights In A Fat City - Sound Column - CD - 1993 - Extreme - XCD 023 - €13,00
Lilith - Redwing - CD - 1994 - Sub Rosa - SR 096 CD - €10,50
Love Is Colder Than Death - Atopos - CD - 1999 - Chrom Records - CRO 6222 - €10,50
Love Is Colder Than Death - Mental Traveller - CD - 1992 - Hyperium Records - 39100372 - €25,00
Love Is Colder Than Death - Oxeia - CD - 1994 - Hyperium Records - 39100952 - €25,00
Love Is Colder Than Death - Teignmouth - CD - 1991 - Hyperium Records - 39100042 - €25,00
Love Spirals Downwards - Ardor - CD - 1994 - Projekt - PROJEKT 51 - €10,50
Love Spirals Downwards - Idylls - CD - 1992 - Projekt - PRO 36 - €10,50
Lucisferrato - Ingermanland - CDR - 1999 - Black Dead Rabbit Productions - Ltd. 100 - €10,50
Maeror Tri - Language Of Flames And Sound - CD - 1996 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 008 - Ltd. 1000 - €22,00
Maeror Tri - Meditamentum - CD - 1994 - Holonom - HOL 01 - Ltd. 500 - €25,00
Maeror Tri - Mort Aux Vaches - CD - 1997 - Mort Aux Vaches - Ltd. 600 - €25,00
Maeror Tri - Myein - CD - 1995 - N D - NDCD08 - Ltd. 1000 - €28,25
Maeror Tri - Venenum - CD - 1999 - UNE (r)ecords - UNE 01 - Ltd. 200 - 1 €43,75
Manic P. - God's Tears - CD - 1993 - Hyperium Records - 39100742 - 1 €47,00
Mantra, Michael - Sonic Alter - CD - 1994 - Silent - SR9449 - €22,00
Matutina Noctem - Anima Meam - CD - 1997 - Adipocere Records - CD AR 042 - €13,00
Maybe Mental - Lotuses On Fire - CD - 1993 - Odd Size - CD OS 14 - €13,00
Mechthild Von Leusch - Aith Ochnal, Rungholter Tanze, Zweites Buch - CD - 1993 - Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien - WULP 016 - Ltd. 1000 - €15,75
Militia [1] - Elvengamello - CD - 1997 - Materiali Sonori - MASO CD 90072 - €13,00
Militia [1] - Macdara Woods - CD + book - 1999 - Materiali Sonori - MASO CD 90113 - €13,00
Militia [2] - Nature Revealed - 2 CD - 1998 - Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH-24 - €18,75
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The - A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New King - CD - 1995 - Arthur's Round Table - ART 03 - €25,00
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The - Amara Tanta Tyri - CD - 1994 - Arthur's Round Table - ART 02 - €22,00
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The - Rest On Your Arms Reversed - CD - 1999 - Arthur's Round Table - ART 12 - €22,00
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The - s/t [1st ed.] - CD - 1993 - Arthur's Round Table - ART 01 - €25,00
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The - The Smell Of Blood But Victory [sp. ed.] - 2 CD BOX - 1997 - Arthur's Round Table - ART 11 - Ltd. 2000 - 3 €93,75
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The & Deutsch Nepal - A Night In Fear - mCD - 1996 - Arthur's Round Table - AR 08 - €18,75
Moors, The - s/t - CD - 1998 - Hyperium Records - 39101942 - €15,75
Mynox Layh - Intra In Caelum - CD - 1990 - SDV Tontrager - SDV 023 CD - €15,75
Mynox Layh - Respectus - CD - 1989 - Staalplaat - STCD 047 - €18,75
Mynox Layh - Save The Anima & Remixes - mCD - 1992 - Hyperium Records - 39100173 16 - €15,75
Mynox Layh - Terminus Claritatis - CD - 1994 - Hyperium Records - 39100962 42 - €15,75
Nenia C'Alladhan (Sopor Aeternus side-project) - s/t - CD BOX - 2001 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 137 CD - Ltd. 120 - €125,00
Ni Riain, Noirin - Celtic Soul - CD - 1996 - Earth Music - 01048-81506-2 - €10,50
Nightmarish - Pompeji - CD - 1996 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 007 - Ltd. 488 - 1 €40,75
Nocturnal Emissions - Blasphemous Rumours - CD - 1992 - Staalplaat - STCD 025 - €13,00
Northam, Michael & Franklin, Martin - An Opening Of The Earth - CD - 1993 - SDV Tontrager - SDV 030 CD - €22,00
Oldfield, Terry - Icon - CD - Carlin / NewWorld - NWCD 291 - €10,50
Omala - Germ - CD - 1993 - Hyperium Records - 39100662 42 - €15,75
Omala - Relicon - CD - 1991 - Frequent Frenzy - FREQCD003 - €15,75
Once A Barge - Conditio Humana - CD - 2003 - Holzruna - 001 - Ltd. 300 - €15,75
Ophelia's Dream - All Beauty Is Sad - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101782 - €15,75
Ora - Rosea - CD - 1996 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL010 - Ltd. 450 - €13,00
Organum - Desola - mCD - 1995 - Robot Records / Aeroplane - RR-09 / AR18 - Ltd. 1000 - €13,00
Organum - Ikon - CD - 2001 - Robot Records / Siren Records - RR-23 / Siren 06 - Ltd. 700 - €13,00
Organum - Sphyx - CD - 2002 - Robot Records - RR-30 - Ltd. 700 - €13,00
Organum - Submission - CD - 1994 - Complacency - CPCD9401 - Ltd. 2000 - €13,00
Organum - Veil Of Tears - CD - 1994 - Matchless Recordings - MRCD24 - Ltd. 1500 - €13,00
Organum - Volume Two - CD - 2000 - Robot Records - RR-18 - €13,00
Organum / Eddie Prevost - Flayed / Crux - CD - 1995 - Matchless Recordings - MRCD27 - Ltd. 1000 - €13,00
Orplid - s/t [1st ed.] - CD - 1998 - Eis Und Licht - Eis001 - Ltd. 500 - €15,75
Othila - s/t - mCD + zine - 2001 - Cynfeirdd - Cyn 010 MCD - Ltd. 493 - €10,50
P.A.L. - Release + Untitled - CD + mCD - Ant-Zen - ACT.93.3 - Ltd. 749 - €18,75
Parkin, Nick - Descent - CD - 1997 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL013 - €13,00
Pavlica, Jiri & Jan Skacel with Hradistan a Hoste - O Slunovratu - CD - 1998 - Indies Records - MAM098-2 - €10,50
Pelican Daughters - Bliss - CD - 1994 - Silent - SR9456 - €13,00
Pias. Ed - Ancestor's Halo - CD - 1998 - Extreme - XCD 043 - €11,75
Placement & Adriva - Geometry In Distant Agriculture - CD - G/NM - 2011 - Observatoire - obs 026 - Ltd, 400 - €5,75
Price, Kate - Deep Heart's Core - CD - 1995 - OmTown - OMCD 44859 - €10,50
Price, Kate - The Isle Of Dreaming - CD - 2000 - OmTown - OMCD 48526 - €10,50
Proscriptor - The Venus Bellona - CD - 1995 - Cruel Moon International - BC-000 - €13,00
Psychonaut - The Witches' Sabbath - CD - 2000 - Athanor - ATNR 007 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Rajna - Ishati - CD - 2001 - Projekt - PRO00113 - €10,50
Rapoon - Navigating By Colour [1st ed.] - CD - 1999 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOL 71 CD - Ltd. 1000 - €18,75
Rasa - Devotion - CD - 2000 - Hearts Of Space - 11099-2 - €10,50
Rasa - Shelter - CD - 2003 - New Earth Records - NE2401-2 - €10,50
Reyes, Jorge - Authentic Precolombian Music - Ek-Tunkul - CD - 1997 - Spalax Music - CD 14977 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - Bajo El Sol Jaguar - CD - 1992 - NO-CD - CDNO 02 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - Comala - CD - 1993 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 001 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - Ek-Tunkul - CD - 1994 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 004 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - El Costumbre - CD - 1993 - Extreme - XCD 021 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - Mexican Music: Prehispanic - CD - 1990 - ParaMusica - PMCD-010 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - Mexican Music: Prehispanic Mystic Rites - CD - 1994 - ParaMusica - PMCD-115 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - Nierika - CD - 1993 - Silent - SR9326 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge - The Flayed God - CD - 1994 - Staalplaat - STCD 069 - €22,00
Reyes, Jorge - Tonami - CD - 1995 - NO-CD - CD-NO 10 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge & Antonio Zepeda - A La Izquierda Del Colibri - CD - 1992 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 042 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge & Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De Piedra - CD - 2002 - Geometrik - gr-2108 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge & Steve Roach - Vine ~ Bark & Spore - CD - 2000 - Timeroom Editions - Timeroom Editions 5 - €13,00
Reyes, Jorge & Suso Saiz - Cronica De Castas - CD - 1991 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 031 - €13,00
Rich, Robert & Lisa Moskow - Yearning - CD - 1995 - Fathom - HS11050-2 - €13,00
Rongwrong - The Story Of Alfons Czahor - CD - 1996 - OBUH Records - D 2 - Ltd. 500 - €15,75
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores - Novenna - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101842 - €15,75
Roth, Gabrielle & Boris Grebenshikov - Bardo - CD - 2002 - Aquarious - AQ2076 - €10,50
Roth, Gabrielle & Boris Grebenshikov - Refuge - CD - 1998 - Raven - 36998-5982-2 - €10,50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Bones - CD - 1989 - Raven - 36998-5894-2 - €10,50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Luna - CD - 1994 - Raven - 36998-5948-2 - €10,50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Ritual - CD - 1990 - Raven - 36998-5905-2 - €10,50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Totem - CD - 1985 - Raven - 36998-5862-2 - €10,50
Saiz, Suso feat. Jorge Reyes - Katuwira - CD - 1998 - NO-CD - CDNO 20 - €13,00
Schulze, Klaus - Historic Edition - 10 CD - 1995 - Manikin - KS 11-20 - Ltd. 2000 - €62,50
Sian (Aube + Monde Bruits) - Sink / Assign - CD - 1997 - Manifold Records - MANCD23 - €10,50
Sigillum S - Bardo Thos-Grol - CD - 1991 - Unclean Production - UPR 0691 CD-01 - Ltd. 1080 - €37,50
Smooth Quality Excrement - Bird And Truck Collision - CD - 2000 - Influx Communications - influx 4 - Ltd. 1000 - €10,50
Soil Bleeds Black, The - Alchemie - CD - 1999 - World Serpent - WSCD 024 - €10,50
Soil Bleeds Black, The - March Of The Infidels - CD - 1997 - Draenor Productions - DPR002 - €10,50
Soil Bleeds Black, The - May The Blood Of Many A Valiant Knight Be Avenged - CD - 1998 - Draenor Productions - DPR005 - €10,50
Soil Bleeds Black, The - Mirror Of The Middle Ages - CD - 2003 - The Fossil Dungeon - FD 013 - €10,50
Soil Bleeds Black, The - Quintessence - CD - 2001 - World Serpent - WSCD 033 - €10,50
Sola Translatio - Ad Infinitum - CD - 2001 - Eibon Records / Hic Sunt Leones - Sol028 / HSL020 - €13,00
Sola Translatio - Mother Sunrise - CD - 2001 - Hypnos - hyp2130 - €13,00
Sonnwin - Fehu - CD - 2000 - Lichtbringer - Ltd. 1000 - €13,00
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - ...Ich Tote Mich… [2nd ed.] - CD - 1994 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 003 CD - €22,00
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Dead Lovers' Sarabande (Face One) - CD BOX - 1999 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 029 CD - Ltd. 3000 - €109,50
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Dead Lovers' Sarabande (Face Two) - CD BOX - 2000 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 032 CD - Ltd. 3000 - €100,00
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh - mCD - 1995 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 018 CD - Ltd. 3000 - €28,25
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell [1st ed.] - CD + book - 2003 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 369 CD - Ltd. 1999 - €78,25
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Songs From The Inverted Womb - CD BOX - 2001 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 666 CD - Ltd. 3000 - 2 €68,75
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller [1st ed.] - CD - 1997 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 021 CD - Ltd. 3000 - €37,50
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Todeswunsch - Sous Le Soleil De Saturne [1st ed.] - CD - 1995 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 012 CD - Ltd. 3000 - €31,25
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Voyager - The Jugglers Of Jusa [1st ed.] - CD - 1997 - Apocalyptic Vision - AV 027 CD - Ltd. 3000 - 1 €40,75
Spear - In Search Of Sparks - CD BOX - 1997 - OBUH Records - D 6 - €25,00
Spear - Sapphire Flower [spec. ed.] - CD + CDR - 2001 - Ignis - DI 010 - Ltd. 230 - €25,00
St. John, Kate - Second Sight - CD - 1997 - All Saints - ASCD34 - €10,50
Stille Volk - Hantaoma - CD - 1997 - Holy Records - HOLY 24 CD - €10,50
Stimmhorn - Inland - CD - 2001 - Make Up Your World - make w11 - €13,00
Stimmhorn - Melken - CD - 1996 - Rohrender Hirsch - Rohr 9601 - €13,00
Stimmhorn - Schnee - CD - 1997 - Rohrender Hirsch - Rohr 9702 - €13,00
sToa - Porta VIII [1st ed.] - CD - 1994 - Hyperium Records - 39101162 42 - €31,25
sToa - Urthona [1st ed.] - CD - 1993 - Hyperium Records - 39100592 42 - €31,25
sToa - Zal - CD - 2002 - Alice In… - AIW 116 - €10,50
Stone Breath - The Long Lost Friend: A Patchwork - CD - 2003 - Perun - Run 0404 - €13,00
Stone Breath - The Silver Skein Unwound - CD - 2003 - Camera Obscura - CAM 061CD - €13,00
Stratvm Terror - Pariah Demise [1st ed.] - CD - 1995 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 006 - Ltd. 1000 - €22,00
Syllyk - Ascendre a L'Ombre du Vent - CD - La Legende Des Voix - LDV009 - Ltd. 500 - €10,50
Toniutti, Giancarlo & Siegmar Fricke - *KO/USK- - CD - 1997 - Pans'ur Pans, Cjase Me - M->R(n+k)/04Rn - Ltd. 500 - €28,25
Trance - Audiography - CD - 1993 - Staalplaat - STCD 043 - €13,00
Trance - Augury - CD - 1995 - OBUH Records - D 4 - €15,75
Trance - Automatism - CD - 1991 - Charnel Music - CHCD-2 - €13,00
Troum - Ryna - CD - 1998 - Myotis Records - MYO.003 - Ltd. 500 - €31,25
Troum - Symbiosis [sp. ed.] - 3"CD BOX - 2002 - Transgredient Records - TR-02 - Ltd. 200 - €31,25
TUU - All Our Ancestors - CD - 1995 - Waveform Records - 85102-2 - €25,00
TUU - Invocation: Archive [1st ed.] - CD - 1995 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL009 - €22,00
TUU - Mesh - CD - 1997 - Fathom - 11078-2 - €13,00
TUU - One Thousand Years - CD - 1993 - SDV Tontrager - SDV 027 CD - €25,00
TUU & Nick Parkin - Terma - CD - 1998 - Fathom - 11087-2 - €15,75
Ukiyo (Die Form + Aube) - s/t - CD - 1994 - Hypnobeat - CD 3422-2 - €14,25
Uman - Purple Passage - CD - 1997 - Six Degrees Records - 314-524 396-2 - €10,50
Unicorn Ensemble - Chominciamento di Gioia - CD - NHN / Naxos - 8.553131 - €10,50
Unicorn Ensemble - The Black Madonna-Pilgrim Songs from the Monastery of Monserrat (1400-1420) - CD - NHN / Naxos - 8.554256 - €10,50
Ure Thrall & Fruitless Hand - Forbidden Fruit - CD - 1999 - HydrX Delusions - hydrx one - €10,50
Venerable 'Chi.Med Rig.'Dzin Lama, Rinpoche, The - Tantric rNying.ma Chant Of Tibet - CD - 1998 - Durtro - DURTRO 041CD - €13,00
Vinterriket - Wege In Die Vergangenheit - CD - VG+ - 2007 - Nordsturm Productions - NSP010 - ltd. 1000 - €5,00
Violence & the Sacred - The Song of Labrador - CD - Artware - ARTWARE 06 CD - Ltd. 500 - €8,00
Voice Of Eye - Mariner Sonique - CD - 1992 - Cyclotron Industries - CYCI CD - 111 - €18,75
Voice Of Eye - Vespers - CD - 1994 - Cyclotron Industries - CYCI CD - 222 - €18,75
Vromb - Interluder - CD - Pflichtkauf - pflicht 006 - Ltd. 1000 - €10,50
Vromb - Jeux De Terre - CD - 1993 - Tesco Organisation / Batarr - TESCO 014 / TAR 01 - Ltd. 1000 - €18,75
XVII° Vie - La Prana - CD - 1996 - Prikosnovenie - PRIK009 - €13,00
XVII° Vie - Llewella - CD - 1997 - Prikosnovenie - PRIK014 - €13,00
Yasnaia - Oniro - CD - 1996 - World Serpent - lilith 01 - €14,25
Zero Kama - The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H. - CD - 1991 - Permis De Construire - PER 023 - €37,50
Zoviet France - A Flock Of Rotations - CD - 1995 - Charrm - CHARRMCD10 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Assault And Mirage - CD - 1995 - Charrm - CHARRMCD11 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Collusion - CD - 1992 - The Grey Area - SION 1 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Digilogue - CD - 1998 - Soleilmoon Recordings - sol 62 cd - €15,75
Zoviet France - Eostre - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD5 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Garista - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD1 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Gesture Signal Threat - CD - 1995 - Charrm - CHARRMCD9 - €25,00
Zoviet France - in.version - CD - 1996 - Charrm - CHARRMCD24 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Just An Illusion [1st ed.] - CD BOX - 1990 - Staalplaat - STCD 005 - Ltd. 500 - €31,25
Zoviet France - Loh Land - CD - 1992 - Staalplaat - STCD 018 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Look Into Me - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD14 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals - CD - 1995 - Charrm - CHARRMCD8 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Mohnomishe - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD4 - 1 €47,00
Zoviet France - Mort Aux Vaches: Feedback - CD - 1998 - Mort Aux Vaches - €37,50
Zoviet France - Norsch - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD3 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music [1st ed.] - 3 CD BOX - 1994 - Staalplaat - STCD 024 - Ltd. 500 - 1 €47,00
Zoviet France - Shadow, Thief Of The Sun - CD - 1990 - DOVe - DOVeCD066 - €53,25
Zoviet France - Shouting At The Ground - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD12 - €25,00
Zoviet France - The Decriminalisation Of Country Music - CD - 2000 - Tramway - TRAM 1 - €13,00
Zoviet France - Untitled (Hessian) - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD2 - €25,00
Zoviet France - Vienna 1990 - CD - 1991 - Charrm - CHARRMCD15 - €25,00
Zoviet France - What Is Not True - CD - 1993 - Charrm - CHARRMCD17 - €25,00
Zoviet France / Jim O'Rourke / The Hafler Trio - Unentitled - CD - 1995 - These Records - THESE 11 CD - €25,00
V/A - Les Envahisseurs (Balaam Galang, Catharsist, Plug-In City, Vromb) - CD - 1995 - Batarr - TAR 02 - Ltd. 500 - €13,00
V/A - Ophir (Tuu, Desaccord Majeur, Moments Presents, Muslimgauze, Hybryds, Largo, Internal Fusion, Nightmare Lodge, Ah Cama Sotz) - CD - 1994 - Desaccord Majeur - D.M.009 - Ltd. 580 - €13,00
V/A - The Beast 666 & The Archangels Of Sex (Sleep Chamber, Zero Kama, Ain Soph, Ewald Spiss, Metgumbnerbone, Korpses Katatonik, Hunting Lodge, Toy Muzik, Post Mortem) - CD - 1992 - Nekrophile Rekords - Ltd. 1000 - 1 €43,75
V/A - The Promises Of Silence (Hybryds, Djen Ajakan Shean, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Jeff Greinke, Art Of Primitive Sound, Ora, Alio Die, Robert Rich, Saffron Wood, black tape for a blue girl, Temps Perdu?, Ashley/Storey) - CD - 1993 - Projekt - PRO 41 - €13,00

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.

IV. Back in stock

Abandoned Shelter -- "Yersinia Pestis" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Construct.Destroy.Collective, CDC009, (ltd. 166)
Abandoned Shelter is the first non-Slovak release on C.D.C. The artist comes from Bulgaria and creates great darkambient, heavily atmospheric, with eastern-european undertones. Yersinia Pestis is a conceptual album dedicated to the Black Plague, which will take you to dark places in medieval times, when the horror of the Plague was omnipresent. CDR in square DVD cover, limited to 166 handnumbered copies. 8 tracks, 40 minutes. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ad Lux Tenebrae -- "Ancestor's Call" -- CD -- €10
2008 Vegvisir music, o:002, (ltd. 963)
First full-length CD of Ad Lux Tenebrae (or K Svetu T'my - in Russian language), released after several split, collaboration and CDR editions. The disk contains two rituals, first was performed in the evening of Jan. 23rd, 2008, second - during the night on May 24-25th, 2004. Shamanic Dark / Drone Ambient of Ad Lux Tenebrae is the sound of the most ancient and deepest layers of existence, irrational and anti-rational, utterly alien to nowadays people, the manifestation of human side not distorted by the influence of "civilization" and "modern society". Message from the source where the essence of Nature and human flow together. Music from pre-times and out of time. The noise produced by humanoid organisms crawling about piles of metal and plastic, now completely drowns the call from the source of all living. Musicians of Ad Lux Tenebrae act as media, conductors that embody this signal, not bringing anything personal in the act of creation. In their rituals they use the original instruments like tambourine, self-made drums, tube, flutes and other untitled instruments made by themselves. Every ritual is put into a completed action only once, and will never be repeated in future... First ritual is intense and uneasy. A ritual of purifying from momentary things and merging with something that was rejected long time ago in blindness and stupidity. This is a wind tearing apart rotten meat of momentary and dissolving in an inexpressible glow from beyond. The storm of the first ritual gives place to pacification of the second one, but this calmness is illusive. Just like a pillow of moss in the middle of a forest looks so calm and safe, but it hides deadly depth of swamp pit underneath. Ghostly lights appearing in the very border of vision in short yet infinite moment of daybreak twilight, they lure inside the thicket warped in ghostly mist. The road of this music is tempting and frightening, what's gonna happen with the one following it?.. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Raven, a permanent member of the band, passed away in cold autumn of 2008. Rituals of "Ancestor's Call" were among the last recordings done with his participation. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Allerseelen -- "Edelweiss" -- CD -- €14
2005 Aorta, AORCD11
This outstanding collection of newer musical works of the Austrian artist ALLERSEELEN is a co-production of AHNSTERN and Allerseelen's own label AORTA. the 74 minute CD in luxurious 6-side digipack contains a selection of the best ALLERSEELEN songs, many of them for the first time on CD. also some unreleased Industrial-Folk hymns will give pleasure to the listener's ears. at a bigger part of the songs, ALLERSEELEN was supportet by guest-musicians: Demian (O PARADIS), Rosa (CIRCE), Gaya (HAGSHADOW), JOSEF and Herr Percht (STURMPERCHT) help to give this album a very special touch. [label info]

Analog Concept -- "Technological Progress Kill Spirit" -- C-65 -- €7
2009 Holy Cheever Church Records, HCC - 016, (ltd. 60)
Analog Concept is a one-man project of a person also involved in Vega Stereo duet from Moscow, Russia. On his solo works Alexey creates cold minimal electro ambient based on old Soviet analogue synthesizers and field recordings. [Fulldozer]

Asmorod -- "Hysope" -- CD -- €12
2006 Steinklang Industries, SKD 12
A fascinating introspective deep ambient work that distinguished itself from the mass of uniformized dark ambient releases. Niiko (now the only member of Asmorod) used the word Hysope (French word for Hyssop) as a symbolism of spiritual purification. In ancient times, Hyssop was used for the cleansing of lepers (Leprosy may represent sin... but lepers were not necessarily sinful) and used for cleaning sacred places. It is alluded to in the Scriptures: 'Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean' (Purify me from my sins, and i will be clean; wash me, and i will be whiter than snow. Psalms 51:7). Two tracks from that album feature choirs by eLL from Sui Generis Umbra. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Bad Sector -- "CMASA" -- CD -- €13
2009 Power & Steel, PAS 23
In 2005 Massimo Magrini was invited to provide a soundtrack for the M3M art exhibition in Pisa/Italy. The exhibition was based around images of the seaside and the rivers estuary of Pisana area with CMASA airplane factory built there in it's centre vis a vis of archaic marine cottages. This marvelous seaside scenery mixed with vintage industrial locations, together with some kind of nostalgia, created an unexpected but amazing mood. To sculpture a soundtrack of this scenery Massimo Magrini was asked to use acoustic and natural sounds too and so he added for this work treated piano and snippets of acoustic guitars together with water sounds and metal samples. This may sound unusual for a BAD SECTOR release but all those new elements are perfectly blent into the massive and ambient soundwaves for what previous releases are known for and making CMASA probably to the most emotional album of Massimo Magrini to date. All initial exhibition sounds where regenerated, remastered and re-assembled during 2007-2009. Digipack. [press-release]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Bad Heaven" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Ostroga, OTR-006, (ltd. 222)
Dark drone ambient, dedicated to the theme of Russian orthodox church. Choirs, bell ringing and meditative drones. Limited to 222 copies in full-colour sleeves. Cover is a reproduction of an icon found in the deserted village near the Ural. Inserts - burnt images of oppressive sky over the doms of Russian churches - photos made by Noises Of Russia.

Blood Axis -- "Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden" -- CD -- €12
1998Cold Meat Industry, CMI X
In November 1997, Blood Axis was invited to fly to Sweden and present a special live performance for the Cold Meat Industry 10th Anniversary Feast. The show was recorded on digital multi-track directly from the mixing board, and the resulting tapes were brought back to USA and re-mixed and re-processed by Blood Axis temselves for an exceptional result: a crystalline and intense summoning of everything from haunting heathen mantras to electronic aggression, traditional European melodies to crushing bombastic anthems. [press-release]

Blood Axis -- "The Gospel of Inhumanity" -- CD -- €12
1996/2001 Storm Records, STRM05
The debut album and an absolute milestone in military-verged Neoclassical music. Coming in the original digipack artwork. A blend mixture of military rhythms classical parts with traditional instruments and the strong voice of Michael Moynihan.

Borisov, Alexei & K.K.Null -- "Xenoglossia 2" -- CD -- €9
2006 Electroclub Records, 2006EC 002
Xenoglossia-2 is a continuation of joint experiments of Russian guru of electronic music Alexei Borisov and legendary Japanese K.K.Null. First Xenoglossia has been released in 2002 by Insofar Vapor Bulk (edition of 500 copies) and was highly praised by experts of experimental electronics. Meanwhile their new work was prepared to be released by Electroclub Records. The CD contains 15 untitled tracks with electronic collages of digital noise, abstract ambient and experimental, gathered by crumbs from live recordings of Xenoglossia tour in Russia during autumn of 2005. [label info]

Borisov, Alexei & Anton Nikkilä -- "Where Are They Now" -- CD -- €9
2007 N&B Research Digest, NBRD 008
Borisov and Nikkilä are sticking around for many years, occasionally collaborating here and there and helping each other with their solo efforts, too. Moreover, they are both involved in N&B Research Digest label, which is intended for all their current projects. "Where Are They Now" is the most recent N&B's release, out in 2007. Besides the usual juggling with textual images inducing the nostalgic feelings, they succeed also some stylistic experiments: sometimes all we can hear is jazz, although it's all made by electronic means (excluding the guitars). Some tracks recorded live during the gigs in several european venues, as far as Borisov uses to play his sets in very different and unpredictable way. So what about is this album? Well, as we getting older we got obsessed with our memories more and more, as they are growing too. Seems that musicians are trying to recollect these memories in somehow chaotic and say confusing approach. But they apparently succeed with this, because we are all the brothers in time, so it's always charming and transparent idea to share and commemorate. [Fulldozer]

Closing The Eternity -- "Noughtwards" -- CD -- €10
2009 Epidemie Records, EPR068, (ltd. 600)
After very successful album „Nearby Being“ (2006, in cooperation with Ad Lux Tenebrae project), we bring you a new album of mysterious project from Russian Ural. 74 minutes long composition called “Noughtwards” is full of dark harmonic drones and subtle pulsations, and is meant to multiply your inner self by zero and to take you off... noughtwards. The album is coming out in nice six pannels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces. [press-release]

Cold Fusion -- "Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt I" -- CD -- €10
2010 Rage In Eden, RAGE 73
"Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt" – the experimental radio engineering outpost created in Germany in July 1940. Cold Fusion’s next record; this time you will find some compositions on the CD that were available earlier on previous publications, i.e. "Parabellum", "63 days", "The Sound Of Nothingness". Additionally, the CD has been enriched with several tracks that have never been published before. Graphic design by Lukasz Pawlak - REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Cold Fusion & Rukkanor -- "Silk Road" -- CD -- €10
2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 62, (ltd. 500)
The Silk Road is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes connecting East and West by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time. Many artistic influences transited along the Silk Road, especially through the CentralAsia, where Hellenistic, Iranian, Indian and Chinese influence were able to intermix. "Silk Road" - a split of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor is a road album, connecting past with present, East and West, classical oriental melodies with modern arrangements. 9 tracks, 43 minutes, CD in digipack. Limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Corporal" -- CD -- €10
2010 Industrial Recollections
Compiling early SSSM label compilation tape tracks from 80's and early 90's on one disc! Logical addition to previous 3 C.O. titles under Industrial Recollections. [label info]

Contemplatron -- "Antarabhava / The Six Realms" -- CD -- €10
2005 Wrotycz Records, WRT 002, (ltd. 500)
The Sanskrit word "Antarabhava" means "the intermediate state" and in particular refers to the state between the death and the moment of the next birth. This is the sonic journey of the soul wandering through the nooks of another worlds. The second part describes the six realms which, according to the Buddhist tradition, symbolizes six destructive emotions: ignorance, hatred, enslaving desire, jealousy, pride and greed. Each track is dedicated to the different emotion and all of them sounds like tunes from the outer space. The cd comes in a cardboard sleeve and is limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Coph Nia -- "The Dark Illuminati" -- CD -- €12
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi163
The Thelemic Warlord is back; and after years of silence and solitude Aldenon once again presents us with a true masterpiece - "The Dark Illuminati - A Celestial Tragedy in two acts". This is an epic saga of eight illuminating pieces trying to penetrate the core of the Darkest Light. Aldenon's characteristic growling coupled with Linus's bombastic drums and Karin's serene voice come together in a tapestry of ritualistic, penetrating and sinister ambiance. Included are three timeless classics in new and improved formats... Choirs, strings and intricate orchestrations bring about an unforgettable tale that won't leave any listener untouched; possibly giving rise to more questions, than it poses answers. So what is it? The Dark Illuminati - The Dark Enlightened.... A global elite attempting to enforce a world government? An organization controlling world affairs? The New World Order? Or a Secret Few, merely seeking to preserve the Dark Light....? Well... The Stage is set. The Music begins to play. But the Script has been lost. [press-release]

Darkwood -- "Flammende Welt" -- CD -- €14
2001 Heidenvolk, HV 04
"Flammende Welt" is the third album by the German band Darkwood. After leading us into a neo-classical soundscape and battlefield atmosphere on their album "Heimat & Jugend", they now close the circle to "In the Fields" and present a heroic acoustic album with German and English vocals and an omnipresent touch of melancholy. Martial tunes and samples complete the historical tale on the Folk of Destiny. [label info]

Dasein -- "Vakuum" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 B-rush, B-23, (ltd. 36)
A sude-project of Russian act Fanum. Vague roaring canvas. Cardboard sleeve, insert. [label info]

Death In June -- "93 Dead Sunwheels" -- CD -- €22
1993 New European Recordings, BAD VC CD 93

Death In June -- "Take Care and Control" -- CD -- €17
1998 Neroz, NEROZ 42, (ltd. 1000)
Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch contributed to this album and continues a theme consistent to Douglas P.'s collaborations over his long career. A platter of scathing militance and surreal atmospheres backed by a wealth of experience makes this a truly masterful release from the commanders of dark industrial. [label info]

Der Blutharsch -- "Everything Is Alright" -- CD -- €14
2008 WKN, WKN32
A collection of rare compilation and vinyl-only tracks and remixes recorded in 2002-2008.

Der Blutharsch -- "The Moment Of Truth" -- CD + mCD -- €14
1998/2004 WKN, WKN22
Re-release of the long soldout 10", mCD material on one CD and with the track of the ultra rare 7" "Thank you!". Comes in nice 6 panel digipak.

Der Blutharsch -- "The Pleasures Received In Pain" -- CD -- €14
1999/2000 WKN, WKN8
Another milestone in neoclassical industrial music, this is the third Blutharsch album originally released in 1999. Comes in an Digifile cover.

Der Blutharsch -- "Time Is Thee Enemy!" -- CD -- €14
2003 WKN, WKN 20

Der Blutharsch -- "When All Else Fails!" -- CD -- €14
2001 WKN, WKN15

Der Blutharsch -- "When Did Wonderland End?" -- CD + DVD -- €17
2005 WKN, WKN25
Finally, the all new album strike by Albin Julius (vocals, drums, percussion, harp, harmonium, piano, synth and programming), Marthynna (vocals, percussion, drums, tambourine), Bain Wolfkind (vocals, guitar, snare drum), and Jorg B. (guitar, bass guitar), aided by Paola Andrea Riascos of Terroritmo (vocals), Christine K. of Graumahd (clarinet), Matt Howden of Sieben / Sol Invictus, (violin), Alessio B. of Varunna (cello), Didi Bruckmeyer of Fuckhead (vocals), and Douglas P. (lyrics) is on its way. With the deluxe foil-blocked package comes a limited DVD with a clip for the track: "So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me." [label info]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Deadbeat" -- CD -- €14
2001 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.86
Mjölby: hick town, epicentre of Swedish counter-culture, a power-plant transmitting anti-art currents over the national grid. Home of the legendary deathseekers Brighter Death Now, of the infamous scatologist Raison d'Etre, and not least of the decadence afficionado Desiderii Marginis. 'Deadbeat' is Desiderii Marginis' magnum opus, a bewitching tale from a midwintery Sweden veiled in darkness, firmly maintaining their ranking among the upper crust of the Mjölby avantgarde. Listening to Desiderii Marginis is like travelling in time, back to the days when you first discovered CMI and instantly became enchanted. By watching and learning from old mages like Raison d'etre and Morthound, Johan Levin has aggregated different styles, but eventually the music is still distinguished by his highly personal touch. Close your eyes, and find yourself moved to desolate windswept forests - where mist lingers around leafless branches, moonbeams just barely break through, and distant howls both entice and frighten. These are emotions so familiar and so novel at the same time, evoked by classic CMI material that both looks back and points forward. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Seven Sorrows" -- CD -- €14
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi173, (ltd. 2000)
Seven Sorrows is the sixth album by the renowned swedish dark-ambient project Desiderii Marginis, and a most eagerly awaited follower to the highly acclaimed album of 2005, That Which Is Tragic And Timeless. With the material on Seven Sorrows Johan Levin, the mind behind Desiderii Marginis, has dug deeper than ever before within the creative depths and so ventures even further into the darklands of dispair and solitude, deeper into the vibrant shadows of the human mind. Since the very debute in 1993, Desiderii Marginis has, with every new offering, refined and reinvented the trademark sound, and this release is no exception to the rule. Strummed guitars and dulcimers blend seamlessly with soaring strings, raging drones, the sound of twisted metal and spoken word. Diverse sources, yet tamed to an intriguing and alluring whole that slowly spin it’s web around the helpless listener and drags them into the vortex of dreamlike darkness. First 2000 copies in a 6-panel digipak, artwork photos taken by the exceptional photographer Birthe Klementowski. [press-release]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Strife" -- CD -- €14
2004 Cold Meat Industry, cmi131
’Strife’ is, as the name implies, a sort of reflection over the rather pityful human desire to engage in all kinds of conflict. Everywhere and always. There is admittedly a healthy aspect of conflict or competition – the clash of ideas, ideologies, opinions and the like. But often strife takes the form of mere pointless destruction for no purpose. That particular lack of meaning is what this album is all about. ’War is a continuation of politics’ von Clausewitz wrote in the 1830’s. But if there’s no political visions to realize, no higher goal to pursue, no new beginning, no rebirth, then what? Guns go silent only to discover that nothing has really been accomplished. Old structures of injustice remain, recent conflicts are added to old ones. Does this sound depressing? I think it is. The music on this album is not intended to sound like the blazing guns of a world at war. It is what it is simply because these kind of thoughts went through my head as the music was made. I have had no ambition to address any particular issue, I’m definitely not trying to promote, or badmouth, any political or ideological points of view. Politics are firmly rooted in the present. Strife itself is eternal. The music is, as always, a strictly personal way to deal with and express the ever present madness of man. Nothing changes, everything is new... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Desiderii Marginis -- "That Which Is Tragic And Timeless" -- CD -- €14
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi146
Desiderii Marginis was formed in 1993 and is the spawn and emotional outlet of Johan Levin, who is also the sole member. The musical hallmark of this act can best be described as eerie dark-ambient, often on an almost epical scale, sadness in it's splendor. These things are also the subject matter of Desiderii Marginis' songs in general - 'That which is tragic and timeless'. The american painter Mark Rothko once said that art should deal primarily with 'that which is tragic and timeless'. For this release Desiderii Marginis decided to pick up this idea - not as a dogma or rule, but rather like a distant echo, encapsulating and encompassing everything that I have ever tried to accomplish in terms of music. Epic sounds of solitude - music as comfort and refuge, as a mirror of all the shortcomings and flaws that constitutes the human nature. The ordinary world is explored, mapped and claimed. Still, the landmarks of our inner continents are remarkably few, and they remain unnamned. But the journey goes on… [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Falkenstein -- "Urdarbrunnen" -- CD -- €14
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 04 / Kraftplatz Records, KRPL 02

False Mirror -- "Derelict World" -- CD -- €12
2010 Malignant Records, TumorCD47
"In the beginning it looked like an ordinary storm..." After three years of intense work, Dark Ambient disciple False Mirror returns with his third full-length journey, aptly entitled "Derelict World". With the timeless drones of his debut "Chronostatic Scenes" and the icy soundscapes on his highly acclaimed sophomore masterpiece "North" still resonating through space, solo artist Tobias Hornberger delivers "Derelict World", his most massive and epic undertaking so far. As its two brooding predecessors, also his third work of masterfully crafted Ambient has become a monumental alliance of dark drones, frostbitten soundscapes and warm vibrating tones from the deep bowels of the earth. Famous for his skilled use of field recordings from an extremely diversified range (some of the recordings stem from an old monastery, the medieval city of Ulm or the Arabian sea) and for his ability to cloak the superior forces of nature into menacing, yet beautifully devised sounds, "Derelict World" also offers a truly apocalyptic concept that blends perfectly with the dense wall of sound on this mysterious Ambient challenge: Nothing less than the end of humanity, brought upon this world by the relentless forces of nature forms the basis on which the resonating and thundering tracks develop into chimaeras of terrible momentum, ever-changing and ever-increasing their dramatic potential. Devised with sophisticated software he solely created for composing this album, False Mirror easily evokes elemental feelings like sublimity, fear or trepidation - culminating in an impending sense of doom that never leaves the listener and brings to life the destructive side of nature that surrounds us every day. From the sheer force of a tornado set loose to the beguiling calm within the eye of the storm, "Derelict World" is a 74 minute long sonic journey into a desolated, depopulated world. A 20 page booklet with a conceptually linked short story written by author and journalist Bjorn Springorum accompanies the release. The album is moreover equipped with a number of hidden messages that lead to a rewarding "Bonus World" on falsemirror.de. "...and the rest was silence." "...One of the best dark ambient releases in recent years". 9.5/10 Orkus Magazine. "The False Mirror album is one of the best CDs I've ever listened to!" M. Sturtzer, Phelios. [press-release]

Fanum -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €9
2008 KERPG, KERPG_11, (ltd. 68)
Black mystical drone. Concreteness read eternity rotations great completeness. Ogrubelosti broken pity beauties and purities. Leaving not humanity pulsation. The Atonal tune Sky. The Drone eternal flying heavy birds. Carrying read. False. Choking in ETERNAL FLAMES. The Death with the Sky. All-embracing. Return and finish. The Overheated thick masses. The Pressure and Pain. The Thermodynamic balance. The Echo will sound the Deceased a name, reflected from lowered Chill. Wars. The Black bag, double black\white booklet 20/16, Cd-r in envelope will drink up on booklet. [press-release]

Fin De Siecle -- "Nine Barns" -- LP -- €5
2007 OPN Records, OPNLP001, (ltd. 300)
‘Nine Barns’ is the final work from the French duo of Stephane and Florence, the latter’s violin work and vocal treatments feature more in this release than other fin de siecle albums. Organic sound is what is trumpeted in the press release and fin de siecle’s finale to their oeuvre strikes that mark squarely. The skitter of the Florence’s violin squeals and cries dissonance and minor harmonies as she saws tremolo, her flourishes subtle and enigmatic, nosing back and forth in the echoic chamber of ‘Nine Barns’. Samples, vocals and percussion are employed with as much minimalism as the organic stringed instruments for the most of this album, though many tracks stand apart from the experimentalism with unique countenance; the biting anti-fascist ranting poem of “Daddy” over fuming noise and chimes, the first usages of percussion in “The Feast”, “Stranger” – backbeat opposed to freeform jazz gel song with symmetry... Such Spartan cinematic sound lends ‘Nine Barns’ an independently filmed movie soundtrack feel, a tailor made uneasiness best suited to the anxious and the awkward of Lynch, Quay Bros. or Jodorowsky. Ambient drones and warmed noise pool and seep, electronic oscillation flickers like mosquitoes above the surface, wind lulling ripples of strings and pianoforte into delicate patterns. It’s a very gentle release with no loud effusions, but sits uncomfortably in its miasma of spare shapes and lineations. [Heathen Harvest] Low price because of creased sleeve corners.

Gyvata / Pragnavit -- "Broliai Karelin Jojo / Ad Gloriam" -- CD -- €10
2010 Crivia Records, RITUAL03, (ltd. 350)
Crivia Records presents its next release: a split between young Lithuanian band GYVATA and Belarussian project PRAGNAVIT, dedicated to the glorious anniversary - 600 years of the Battle of Grunwald. Belarussians and Lithuanians celebrate their great victory just like hundreds of years ago! The release consists of two parts: first is the debut album of GYVATA "Broliai Karelin Jojo"; second is the new work by PRAGNAVIT "Ad Gloriam"... The band GYVATA from Klaipeda is yet little known outside Lithuania, but after the release of "Broliai Karelin Jojo" the situation will undoubtedly change - because in front of us is one of the most promising groups in the Lithuanian folk scene. The young musicians succeeded to show the root Baltic music from the completely new and unusual point of view, by giving modern sound to ancient melodies and not breaking the thousand year old harmony. We should also mention the important fact that one of the band's members is Donatas Bielkauskas more known for his project DONIS. Altogether there are twelve musicians in GYVATA! "Broliai Karelin Jojo" features five tracks of the Lithuanians... There's no need in presenting the Belarussian project PRAGNAVIT from Mogilev. This is one of the oldest dark ambient bands in Eastern Europe whose albums are well-known outside of Belarus. The musicians behind the project, Vojst and Kastus Kancavy couldn't stand aside of celebrating the great victory of the Great Lithuanian Principality and here presented the new edge of their creativity - militant, symphonic and aggressive. "Ad Gloriam" features five tracks of the conceptual album dedicated to the Battle of Grunwald, and the sixth bonus track dedicated to heroes fighting for freedom of Belarus under Stalin's regime... Crivia Records puts a lot of attention in the quality of its releases, so the mastering work for this CD was done by famous German musician Axel Frank (WERKRAUM), who have worked with such musicians as DER BLUTHARSCH, CHANGES, FORSETI, GAE BOLG, STURMPERCHT, TRIARII... The release is presented in spot-varnished mat digipak with the artwork featuring works by the well-known Belarussian painter Pavel Tatarnikov. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Herbst9 -- "From A Dark Chasm Below" -- CD -- €14
1999/2005 Loki Foundation, Loki21
The legendary and long deleted first album now finally available again in a remastered version! Complex, textural ambience, consisting of layer upon layer of kinetic, luminous tones and ephemeral nuances of time. Nearly 70 minutes of finest ritual ambient music, mesmerizing rhythmic percussions with deep and sonorous dronings. Herbst9 construct sonic rituals gleaned from the ruins of minds scraped hollow and left to decay while the natural sound stands with this release and the archaic motives developing visionary sequences. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

HIV+ / Babylone Chaos -- "split" -- picture 10" -- €10
2008 OPN Records, OPN EP02 / Divine Comedy Records, DCR 999 / BKO Media, BKOMEP 01
Following their previous collaboration under the name of Univers Carceral with Divine Comedy records, HIV+ & Babylone Chaos, two well known musical projects within the French industrial scene, join once again their talents to give birth to this new 10”ep picture disc. Both the visual and the music show the maturity of the french underground industrial scene, which has constantly drawn out through the years the picture of a dark vision made of rough and incisive sounds. This sonic object released through OPN records in collaboration w. BKO media & Divine Comedy Records has to be considered as the final testament from HIV+. For their final release under this moniker, Pedro & HIV+ give us 3 tracks to be considered as an electronic & industrial manifesto, covering in an amazing way the “Warm leatherette” track from The Normal. For their part, Babylone Chaos, after their ‘Les machines e'carlates’ album, have composed 2 epic and tortuous tracks bringing the listener in an introspective journey between old school noise and concrete music. [press-release]

Institut -- "The Struggle Never Ended" -- CD -- €12
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi143, (ltd. 1000)
Lirim Cajani's project Institut should be well established now, having played a lot around Europe over the years. This newly recorded effort, the first CD without earlier member Johanna Rosenqvist, is a solid tribute to the struggle of the little man. A strong delivery of faith to the oppressed and a raging ripper for your right to only remain. The sound is more up-front live-centered, almost totally devoid of rhythms throughout and with a lot of anguished and hateful vocals. Full of drenching static and simple but effective walls of noise and reverberating samples which surely works sufficiently incisive. Kill your inconveniences! [press-release]

Klammheim -- "Heimwarts" -- CD -- €14
2009 Heimatfolk, HF 10

KolpakopF -- "АGNOIA" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Heart Shaped Box prod., HSB-049, (ltd. 40)
Dark ambient created under the influence of Borges stories. Project coming from Ryazan, Russia. Sprayed CDR, 40 copies, slim-case, full-colour cover. [YAOP]

KolpakopF -- "Fire and Algebra" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Heart Shaped Box prod., HSB-047, (ltd. 40)
Dark ambient created under the influence of Borges stories. Project coming from Ryazan, Russia. Sprayed CDR, 40 copies, slim-case, full-colour cover. [YAOP]

KolpakopF -- "Prostranstvo Ugroz" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Heart Shaped Box prod., HSB-048, (ltd. 40)
Dark ambient created under the influence of Borges stories. Project coming from Ryazan, Russia. Sprayed CDR, 40 copies, slim-case, full-colour cover. [YAOP]

KolpakopF -- "The Sky Is Out of Order" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Heart Shaped Box prod., HSB-050
Psychedelic drone ambient created under the influence of Borges stories. Project coming from Ryazan, Russia. Double sleeve. [YAOP]

Lambwool -- "Mono" -- 12" -- €5
2009 OPN Records, OPNLP-0002, (ltd. 300)
The format of this EP is quite different from the previous two Lambwool albums. Rather than a number of shorter tracks, it contains one long piece of music divided into two parts to fit the vinyl format, much in the vain of Tangerine Dream and other German electronic groups from the 1970's! [label info] Low price because of creased sleeve corners.

Light Collapse -- "Pop" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-018, (ltd. 31)
Concrete Radionoise. A portrait of Russian radio-ether. Handmade sleeve from a page of some glamour zine. [YAOP]

Light Collapse & Cat'n'Bone -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Torga Amun Rec., 023
Harsh Noise from Ural based Light Collapse versus industrial ambient substance from Murmansk based Cat'n'Bone. Slim box. [YAOP]

Light Collapse + LN 313 -- "Making External Space" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-034, (ltd. 32)
Cosmic technogenic noise ambient, collaboration work between two projects from the Ural, Russia. Handmade cover from a page of an old technical magazine + a couple of inserts. [YAOP]

Light Collapse & Vomir -- "Torgamun" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Torga Amun Rec., 026, (ltd. 50)
Harsh noise wall. 44 mins. DVD-slim box.

Liles, Andrew -- "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions" -- CD -- €10
2006 Fourth Dimension Records, FDCD68
A fantastic new album by the highly prolific Brighton soundsmith, featuring work remixed/re-organised by Nurse With Wound, Colin Potter, Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear), John Coleclaugh, Ruse, Band Of Pain, Bass Communion, Auto Manipulator, Irr. APP (Ext), Darren Tate, The Hafler Trio, Unsong, Vidna Obmana and Freiband. [label info]

Liver Mortis -- "Cut-Rate" -- C-40 -- €6
2009 Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, EST.009, (ltd. 155)
Liver Mortis (and the related label TF/PE) is one of the few newer American artists that has this truly twisted, perverted and violent aura radiating around them. Since the already great startup of the project in 2006 it has shown constant improvement. “Cut-rate” is again a step forward. Only two long tracks, but skillfully built up from short chapters in cut-up style. So there is actually a huge amount of material and sounds sinked into the tracks and composed to float forward. Low-end rumble, crackling synth, nasty feedback, dirty junk abuse, occasional buried vocals etc... High bias chrome tape with pro-printed covers. Also comes with 2-sided cardboard art insert. All this is sealed with special wrap covers and metal band. Handnumbered and limited to 155 copies. [press-release]

Machinefabriek -- "Daas" -- CD -- €10
2010 Cold Spring, CSR128CD
The tracks on Daas have been carefully picked to form a provoking, haunting journey. What the tracks have in comon is a sense of nostalgic graininess. As with the music of Philip Jeck, The Caretaker or William Basinski, these tracks are full of degrading melodies and dusty ambience... 'Daas' is the previously unreleased opening track of the album, and feautures contributions by the great Richard Skelton. This track was made as a reaction to the piece 'Koploop'. 'Flotter', 'Koploop' and 'Grom' were previously available on small run self released 3" CDRs. Sold out for some time now, these tracks deserved a wider audience. These three long tracks also seem to come from the same galaxy, making perfect sense when put together. 'Onkruid' was a track previously released on 'A Room Forever', as an expensive and extremely limited 12" boxset, now brought to a wider audience... Presented in a matt-laminate digipak. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

MZ.412 -- "Burning The Temple Of God" -- CD -- €10
1996/2010 Cold Spring, CSR140CD
This is the ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act's controversial black metal side and recalling the Norwegian church burnings of the early 90s. Nightmare inducing ritual old school industrial, alongside raw black metal, this album has been hailed as one of the greatest albums in the genre by noise and black metal fans alike! It could actually be considered the first real crossover album between the genres. Remastered and extended version of the 1996 album with bonus tracks and alternate takes culled from the original masters. Housed in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

MZ.412 -- "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi" -- CD -- €10
1995/2010 Cold Spring, CSR136CD
First of 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series, with a new album planned for next year. 1995 bore witness to the resurrection of nefarious Swedish horde MZ. 412 (previously manifest as Maschinenzimmer 412) - Nordvargr, Drakh, Ulvtharm and Shaitan. This ground-breaking, genre-defining album saw the inventors of "Black Industrial" blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. "In Nomine..." captures the darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. This remastered version features two previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions and all new artwork. Housed in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

N|B|K / Light Collapse / Obozdur -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Ostroga, OTR-016
3 tracks of dark and "honest" Death Industrial from now defunct Russian project N|B|K + 2 tracks / projects of pulsating and devouring Noise / Dark Ambient from Ostroga label. Mastered by SGI (Vetvei). Black & white A 5 sleeve with archo-industrial images. [Vetvei info]

Neznamo -- "Zavet" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Vetvei, V10, (ltd. 111)
This is the last part of Neznamo's 'MY' trilogy. 'Zavet' finishes this song devoted to the Tradition. First two parts, 'Seme>Zemlya' and 'Utrata' were published by Moonsun Productions. Themes of 'Zavet' - the Fall of Tradition, Defeat of Spirit, and their future Revival. Eternal Primary Myth of Death and Rebirth appears here as sounds and echoes. This release presents majestic Drone Ambient canvas weaved of drones and noises created with wind, string and percussion instruments and field recordings. Decorative design presented as full-color six-panel envelope. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nightmare Lodge -- "Blind Miniatures" -- CD -- €10
1999 Red Stream Inc, RSR-0128
Soul-stiring, dark string orchestral architectures building into an orgasmic frenzy of floating beats, maddening juxtaposed rhythms, and many unidentifiable sound creatures. It is a moody trip through a red terrain of distorted filled thoughts and sensations, haunting passages of subdued and quiet minimal soundscapes. [label info]

:Of The Wand And The Moon: -- "Nightimes Nightrhymes" -- CD -- €14
1999 Euphonious Records, Phonio18
The first fulltime album from :Of The Wand And The Moon: with the hammer track "Sol Ek Sa" and other masterpieces in this genre of music. A must for every folk / Neofolk fan and collector! [label info]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio & Spiritual Front -- "Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium and Nihilism" -- CD -- €15
2005/2009 Cold Meat Industry, cmi144
Italy's most enigmatic band, Spiritual Front, join forces with the leg-fetishists from Sweden, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. The idea of this collaboration was conceived already in year 2003; and now, after considerable anticipation, this most incredible little creature has finally been born to seduce and deprave a whole world with promises of salvation through nihilism and sexual depravity; all accompanied by some of the most wonderful tunes of apocalyptic-neo-suicidal-pop-folk. Third edition in super jewelcase. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Pomassl -- "Skeleton" -- CD -- €9
2006 Laton, 038
Franz Pomassl is the forward person in the new generation of austrian electronic music scene. In the end of 80s, he founded Laton label, which was primarily focused on radical forms of soundart and experimental techno with various stylistic and conceptual additions. In the recent works, he goes to push the limits of analogue synthesizers with computer-aided instruments, and often resides somewhere beyond the audible ranges. But in the beginning, his music was completely different - pure techno tracks, released on vinyl singles by Sabotage label (that one known for dj-mixes of eurodisco hits). This album includes re-released tracks from that time, and makes a charming variety in the die-hard line of recent extreme works. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Puissance -- "Back in Control" -- CD -- €14
2007 Equilibrium Music, EQM011
Puissance's second full-length album, one which has consolidated their status as forerunners in the Industrial/Militaristic scenario, which hereby starts to take on a more Neo-Classical orientation. Deluxe remastered edition with one bonus track. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Puissance -- "Mother of Disease" -- CD -- €14
2008 Equilibrium Music, EQM021
"Mother of Disease" is the third full length album produced by Puissance, and also their third re-issue on Equilibrium Music, following the early "Let Us Lead" and "Back In Control" releases, and last year's new album, "Grace of God". Much like it's predecessors on this fine collection, it has been re-mastered and enhanced with one bonus track, presented in a matte-blue deluxe digipak edition. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

ROME -- "Confessions d'un Voleur d'Ames" -- CD -- €26
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi172
Only a few months after the release of its first full-length album NERA, ROME is back yet again to show that it's here to stay. CONFESSIONS D'UN VOLEUR D'AMES is a call from a world where love and despair are locked in an embrace. A black craving in the fangs of war, the joys of stealth in a riot of blossoms. This second album is much calmer and rather more personal than NERA. These confessions are often dark and poetic, sometimes brutal, but most of all intimate. Again you will find traces of all kinds of genres of obscure music; ambient, neo-classical, dark wave, apocalyptic folk, martial industrial. ROME couldn't care less about boundaries of genres. However, the tone is less militant, the main themes being treachery and sacrifice, temperance and composure. With a distinctive slice of military suicide pop fiddled into their sound, ROME has established itself as one of the most lively and interesting "martial" folk acts up and about. These confessions prove that ROME has become a force to be reckoned with. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

ROME -- "Nera" -- CD -- €26
2006 Cold Meat Industry, cmi164
ROME was founded in 2005 as a main output for the songs of Jerome Reuter, Luxembourg. Long time since a debut album was so eagerly awaited as by ROME, and Nera, which is the title of this brilliant piece, is "black" indeed. The atmosphere weighs heavy on the soul - a burden of flowers. However, ROME manages to include warmth and affection in its cold world of steel. The main characters in this language of lurking are defeated men - not unschooled by pain - in seedy places. ROME songs are full of citations, abstractions and ideals. The marching and counter-marching of doubtful armies luring our love away, with licit grace, icy and bitter irony. Gentle phantasms of desire. The reversal of sympathies. The aspects of eternity, spiritual hunger, treachery and corruption, shame and honour - being more than mere traps for the unsophisticated. These are some of Nera's interlocking themes in a world scorched by the wastefulness and cruelty of war. Nera is the meticulous patience of rage. Get it now and make it your friend, before it devours you. Presented in another beautifully debossed 4-panel digipak. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Rukkanor -- "Deora" -- CD -- €10
2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 55
This title needs no special introduction. In answer to huge demand after sold out first edition, here comes the reprint of this critically acclaimed album, with new artwork made by Michal Karcz. An original mix of styles and cultures. Oriental melodies and rhythms, live percussions and synthetic beats, ethereal sounds and electromilitary marches, gregorian and muezzin chants, symphonic and jazzy instruments. Electrocrusade back again! [press-release]

Rukkanor -- "Despartica - Face Two" -- CD -- €10
2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 64
The mixture of styles and musical ages. Echoes of 70's electronic, new romantic of 80's (OMD, Numan, Heaven 17, Visage). A bit of industrial, a pinch of EBM, a touch of synth-pop. Second part of the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry. This time in more gothic and electromantic "musical sauce". Achtung! No martial nor neo-folk songs. A very last album of Rukkanor. 11 hits :-), 44 minutes, CD in digipack designed by Michal Karcz. "...Only by breaking with what is already achieved, man can create the space for new events." [press-release]

Sangre Cavallum -- "Troadouro - Retrospectiva 1997-2007" -- 2 CD -- €16
2007 Folcastro, F 001
A worth hearing retrospective over 10 years, made from unreleased, rare and rough material. Troadouro contains 44 rare and collectable songs. It includes songs from “Alborada do Douro”, their debut tape of ritual folklore, and it follows with excerpts of rehearsals, demos, a live song with Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee of Blood Axis, a home version of Wir rufen Deine Wolfe with Gerhard Hallstatt of Allerseelen and a lot of exciting unreleased songs in their unique style. The double digipack CD is released by FOLCASTRO, the new Portuguese label connected to Sangre Cavallum. This new folklorist and field collector label researches in the area of ethnomusicology and lore along with the new paths of folk music. But its work goes beyond the purely musical level. It will release field recordings, soundscapes, bioacoustics, bruitage, audio art illustrations and phonographic documents about traditions and environment from northern Portugal, Galiza and other ethnic regions of Iberia and Europe. An expedition to the world of pagan tradition with a contemporary interpretation. A clear co-operation with the Alpen song hunters of Ahnstern. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sonne Hagal -- "Jordansfrost" -- CD -- €14
2008 Luftschutz Entertainment, Luftschutz 011
SONNE HAGAL's second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies. Closely connected to Europa's folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions. The songs, performed in German and English, reveal rediscovered poems as well as self-written lyrics. The atmosphere of the songs varies from intimate, quiet parts to fresher, light-hearted and lively sounds up to heavy distorted parts supported by real or electronic drums. Each song unfolds its own universe, interconnected by the central idea of "Jordansfrost": the constant changing between light and darkness, the seasons or even life and death themselves. A number of well-known international artists supports the band in their intention to create more than just music: a whole philosophy. Amongst others you'll find: Of The Wand And The Moon (DK), In Gowan Ring (US), Waldteufel (US), Ernte (GER), Lux Interna (US), Darkwood (GER) and Black Sun Productions (CH). The cover artwork uses exclusive paintings by Fabrice/Divine Comedy Records (FR) and underlines the depth and beauty of these 45 minutes of German Darkfolk. Special Digipak comes in three different artworks. [label info]

Streicher -- "Der Sturmer / Hammerskins / Compilation Of 90's" -- CD -- €11
2010 Industrial Recollections, IR-STR-05
5th part of Streicher collection presents two full tapes: "hammerskins" and "der sturmer" and additionally all his compilation appereances from 90's except War Against Society. 70 minutes of material is guaranteed Streicher skins hatefuck! Original master tapes used for maximum sonic damage! [press-release]

Strup / B165U4ARA / Light Collapse -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-036, (ltd. 31)
Experimental noise, Strup from Belarus versus two projects of Vitaliy Maklakov (Obozdur, Kromeshna, 581C) from the Ural. DDVD-box, full-colour print. [YAOP]

Sturmpercht -- "Schattenlieder" -- CD -- €14
2009 Percht, Percht12
Three years have passed since Sturmpercht released their cult-album "Geister im Waldgebirg". Now the masters of ALPINE FOLK are back with their new album "Schattenlieder - eine kleine Nachtmusik fuer Waldteufel und Berggeister". The album features 20 diverse and unique songs full of alpine mystic, heathen legends and tales about strange fairies and pagan rites. "Schattenlieder" entrains you into deep forests, arcane mountains and dark chasms and guides you to hidden places in the depth of the central European forests, where hunters meet strange creatures from dusk til dawn. The atmosphere of the album varies between gnarled songs about creepy fairies, catchy folk hymns and dark songs about the hard life in high alpine regoins. The lyrics deal with alpine myths, forest tales and hunter sagas. "Schattenlieder" is the perfect "soundtrack" for misty autumn evenings as well as for dark winter nights. The album features a large variety of instruments and sounds: obscure, strange, folky, psychedelic, but always original and weird, in Sturmpercht's very unique way. "Schattenlieder" is a completely unpredictable album - each track is a "standalone", but contributes to the overall ambience of this alpine folk masterpiece and in the end the album creates a round, whole atmosphere. With almost 80 minutes of scary/dreamy folk songs, the album definitely sets a new benchmark within the Alpine Folk genre... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Taphephobia -- "House of Memories" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 NOTHingness REcords, NOTH0024, (ltd. 111)
Dark ambient soundscapes from this ex-Northaunt member. CD-R in slimline DVD case with full colour cover. About 35 minutes. [label info]

Thighpaulsandra -- "Chamber Music" -- CD -- €10
2005 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB002
When asked to describe Thighpaulsandra's work to somebody recently, it was difficult to find the rightwords to serve any justice. Perhaps the best thing to therefore do is simply respond by illustrating this highly accomplished and visionary musician has been known for his assistance with groups and artists as diverse as Coil, Spiritualized and Julian Cope as much as his own albums during recent enough memory. The album he has recorded for LTCo, 'Chamber Music', certainly compounds matters, too. Combining musiqueconcrete, quasi-dimensional electronics, ravaged hums, atmospheric tones and allmanner of different instruments nodding into focus, it's his most cohesive work todate. To simply declare it the result of an active imagination would still fall far short of giving it enough credit. Active imaginations have, after all, been known to deliver much less than a solitary Thighpaulsandra track. [label info]

Traum'er Leben -- "Ursprung" -- CD -- €15
2007 Lower Saxony, LS0701, (ltd. 480)
The first professional pressed cd from this great folk band, know from their Split cd with Seelenthron and Thrinitos! It is limited to 480 copies. You will get beautiful folk songs in best tradition! A must for fans and collectors. [Steinklang]

Vazhes -- "Seid" -- CD -- €10
2009 Vegvisir music, o:007
Ritual noise / Folk. Many centuries ago noiades, the shamans of ancient Sami, have put seids (seita) on their current places. The centuries have gone, Sami went to the North under pressure of other peoples, wars passed by one by one, but seids still stand on their places. The true harmony never disappears. One can try to forget or destroy it, but nothing can replace it - there are only poor and paltry attempts of replacement to something different which has nothing in common with the natural way of living. Saids can be destroyed, everything connected with the traditional culture can be destroyed, we can forget and refuse everything thinking that it should be this way. But by doing so, a man undoubtedly opposes himself to Nature, instead of being an integral and harmonic part of it as it is in the traditional culture. By breaking the connections with Nature, according to the same law of natural harmony, a man will disappear himself... "Seid" is the debut album of Vazhes, a project by ethnographer Sergey Gabbasov. The album consists of 4 tracks, two of them "Seid" and "Krishna" are recorded by Vazhes, one is a collaboration between Vazhes and Fanum, and another one is created by Vazhes and Akpan. The album is dedicated to the struggle between chaotic and destructive world of contemporary people and eternal natural harmonic principles, embodied in traditional cultures... The beginning - existence and sound of the North - vibrations of stones, Northern lights, spirits of anchestors and crunch of ice. Silence frozen over the icy rocky spaces. Here and there seids, ancient like the North itsels, stand towards the sky. White stillness. Then, suddenly, Hindu kirtan and aggressive heat of radical religious fundamentalists. Struggle to death and Exodus. From ice and tundra to desert and top of the world. Roaring wind among the blinding white peaks promising oblivion. And drying wind taking away the last water and life. And finally, the raging summer storm over the forest swamps of the Ural and Kama river... Thunder and lightnings in the sky, the eternal forest and purifying water streams which feed the rivers and give birth to life... A way from North to South and back to North... Away from the dirt and thoughtless insanity of the modern world! [press-release]
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Vetrophonia -- "Turning Virgins into Doves / Fabrika Groz" -- VHS + zine -- €5
1996 Ultra Video 01, (ltd. 500)
Performance of the futuro-industrial project of Nick Soundnick and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov in St. Petersburg on August 3, 1996. Bonus - video track of Veprisuicida (solo-project of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov). VHS comes with a fanzine "Fabrika Groz" #1 - art-edition done by ALF, contains interviews with Reductio Ad Absurdum, Chervi (Worms), some translated interviews with non-Russian artists and graphic materials. In Russian language.

Werkraum -- "Early Love Music" -- CD -- €14
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern23
14 progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love. 14 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times. Together with friends of the groups CHANGES, LADY MORPHIA and STURMPERCHT. "Early Love Music" is not just a Folk album. "Early Love Music" is a quantum leap for the new Folk generation of the third millennium and an enhanced assortment of early and new Folk-styles. Progressive- and Psychedelic Folksongs mix up and alternate with British and German traditionals in the vein of early Donovan (HMS), Spirogyra, Shirley Collins, Mellow Candle, Ougenweide,... just to name a few. Some songs even have a songwriter-like character, as if they were played somewhen in the mid 60ies in a dark Britanny forest by a suicidal Jackson C.Frank or Shawn Phillips. The complex arrangements and large variety of instruments even remind to The Incredible String Band and some early Acid-Folk bands. As a dot on the i, "Early Love Music" brings 2 coverversions of Donovan's ingenious fairytale "Jabberwocky" and Steeleye Span's traditional-hit "The Blacksmith". With "Song for Erik" Nicholas and Axel have created the sadest song ever sung, filling every father's eyes with a lake of tears. "Early Love Music" comes in a highest-quality 6-side-digipack with 16-page lyric-booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Werkraum -- "Kristalle" -- mCD -- €10
2005 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 10
The new mini-album of WERKRAUM is not only fascinating because of it's gracile perfection in composition and musical virtuosity, but also through it's musical diversity, supportet by Nicholas Tesluk and Robert Taylor (CHANGES), by Nick Nedzinsky (LADY MORPHIA) and by Antje Hoppenrath. Fulfilled with traditional melodies and psychedelic moments, WERKRAUM guides the listener in a magical world of acoustic sounds and picturesque poetry, telling from ancient fairiedays. The 6 beautiful Folk-songs of this mini-album together fill handsome 32 minutes. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Wermut -- "Anna" -- CD -- €12
2005 Punch Productions, PP012, (ltd. 1000)
The third album of post-apocalyptic minimal electro twosome WERMUT tells the story of Anna, a wooden Colin Archer yacht, which was build in the late 70s by Reiner and Petra, out of the desperate need to seek beyond their horizons. The cherished boat would lead them on a magic three-year-long journey to Scandinavia, Ireland, over the Atlantic and back. A tale of passion, of revelation, of freedom …but also of loneliness and introspection. WERMUT and their guest musicians HIS DIVINE GRACE and FRL. TOST give us the soundtrack to this outer and inner quest. A soothing mixture of acoustic music, electro-wave anthems and “fall on your knees”-ambient, this much awaited first CD combines magnificently both the folk and retro-electro influences of “Les cinq-a-sept post-neoistes” (OEC) and “Hoffnung” (Treue um Treue). A conceptual, melancholic and visionary new album from a band which defies all labelling. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Autumn Blood (Constructions)" -- CD -- €10
2009 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB012, (ltd. 500)
A limited edition album gathering some of the artists who've so far appeared on the label plus several affiliates we like very much. Features exclusive material by Lawrence English, Peter Christopherson, Birds Build Nests Underground, Steven Severin, Volga, Theme, Andrew Liles, Zenial / Banabila, Formication, Sion Orgon, Human Greed & LeeDVD, Colin Potter. [label info]

V/A -- "Avtogen-Shaitan" -- 2 CD-R -- €9
2007 Ostroga, OTR-015
International compilation gathered by Ural-based label Ostroga. Theme for the compilation is it's title - any associations with these words: "avtogen-shaitan". Cyber Christ, M.Nomized, Bardoseneticcube, Cisfinitum, Eugeny Gnoystrelev, Yakdrizzle (With Hair), Indra, Tchernoblyad, Indu Mezu, Zinc Room, Fire In The Head, IDX1274, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Bidoche Musique, N-616, Aeterna Anima, Light Collapse, Cat'su Ox Tey, Flutwacht, Misery, Instant Movie Combinations. Artwork for each copy is completely different.

V/A -- "Juche" -- CD -- €15
2008 Kim Il Sung Rec.
In the breedin-oven for years this finally sees the light of the day! In a world full of lies only one country stands above the rest. North Korea. A nation built completely on self reliance. A country of innovation, A land of technology, wide highways and accomplishments that surpass any other nation in the world. 8 Industrial bands want to tell you how they feel about North Korea in this beautifully packaged compilation compleatly manufactured in North Korea featuring compositions and full artwork by: Anenzephalia, CON-DOM, Ex.Order, Genocide Organ, Militia, Operation Cleansweep, The Grey Wolves, and Turbund Sturmwerk. Limited to a mear 15 million copies grab a copy fast before they sell out. Most of the bands on this Compilation haven?t participated in compilations for years, so this in an extraordinary event having them altogether on one great CD, expect the best. Pact in gold imbossed oversized deluxe booklet! [label info]

V/A -- "Like Music To Their Ears Vol. 2" -- CD -- €10
2004 Mechanoise Labs, [mn022], (ltd. 300)
Strong power electronics / noise compilation, assembled from the tracks of musicians from the whole world. The participants are: Nagasaki Fondue, The Mark Dutroux Slideshow, Control, bETON bARRAGE, DVT, Cutman, Government Alpha, Mourmansk 150, Foutredieu!!!, This Is Not Red Paint, Rupor Udara, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Sulphur, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Navicon Torture Technologies, Angel of Decay.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

V/A -- "Total Time" -- 2 CD -- €8
2003 NN Records, nn 055
Boxhead, Critikal, Porch Nap, ID Molotov, Spies Boys, Yestestvoispytatel, Dark, Vies / Kapus, Kotra, Zvuki Ot Nekoli, Neizvestnost, Theodor Bastard, Dog 5, 412, Fitz Ellarald, Andrey Kiritchenko, Idioritmik, BRZB (Alexei Borisov + Dmitry Zubov aka Hypnoz), Mr. Z, God Fans, Denshi, DJ Kolombo.

V/A -- "Wilde Jaeger" -- 2 CD -- €16
2007 Percht, Percht10
WILDE JAEGER is a unique compilation of Alpine Folk Music, Pagan Ritual Music and authentic field-recordings from the darkest woods and deepest valleys to the highest peaks of the sacred Central- European Alps, as well as of other pagan and alpine regions in Europe and the USA. Wilde Jaeger is accompanied by an astonishing 24-page booklet, housed in a highest-quality 6-sided digipack with cover- paintings by Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Participants: Svarrogh, Werkraum, Sangre Cavallum, A Minority Of One, Allerseelen, Heiliges Licht, Waldteufel, Scivias, Hamramr, Haberfeld, Ernte, Teatro Satanico, Fanes, Sturmpercht, Magdalena, Elli Riehl, Jagerblut, Hekate, The Joy Of Nature, Soulsearch, Jahrtal, Foresta Di Ferro, SagenToeterRiharcSmilesTrollFerd (Riharc Smiles), Thelema. [label info]

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