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Here it is, the last distro update in this year! New artifacts from the Russian underground: fresh CD by Zinc Room, dedicated to Edgar A. Poe (Evil Dead Productions), new material by Exit In Grey on Frozen Light, two beautiful mini-boxsets from Kshatriy, two new tapes from NEN Records, two more tapes with industrial techno from the micro-label &#8734, solo works by 1g0g from Noises Of Russia, art-punkish stuff from Post-Materialization Music, and for special fans – tapes with raw black metal and dungeon synth from SwordArm Production (sub-label of Valgriind).

More items from Europe: cassettes and CDs from the Catalan label Marbre Negre, several releases of the cult Italian publishers ADN Records, working from 1984, new vinyl album by Troum + several other releases from the German labels Raubbau and Ant-Zen, and a pallette of CDs and CDRs from the French DIY-label Facthedral's Hall.

All this pandemonium is represented in our December podcast:

Besides, today we start our traditional WINTER SALE. As alway, the conditions are simple – order 10 (or more!) items from the distro catalogue, marked with a [-50%] sign, and they will cost half the price. This sale will continue until the end of winter.

A part of the second hand list is also included in the sale, these items are marked by green colour. Please send your orders by e-mail or Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

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It's time to sum up the outcome of the last 1.5 months of our distro's work. During this time ca. 50 new CDs and more than 70 new cassette releases have been added to the catalog... hardcore music lovers will definitely not be bored!

Those who follow Russian underground scene might pay attention to the releases of such labels as NEN Records, Podzemnoe Techenie / YAD, YAOP, Valgriind, Kill Ego / TAKOE / Begushchij Chelovek, Provoloka, MIC Label / Winter Solstice, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ and Paper Moon Republic.

Researchers of the international scene will probably be interested in seeing the new editions from Fourth Dimension Records / Lumberton Trading Company (UK/PL), Live Bait Recording Foundation (US), Heerwegen Tod Production (PL), Janushoved (DK), Margen / áMARXE (ES) and Abhorrent Creation Tapes (FR).

As usual, it's recommended to accompany the catalogue study with a proper soundtrack:

And here's a small bonus for those who like our mixes (if there's anyone): a live set by DJ Kryptogen from the Drone Stage (Gudelnaya Polyana) of the Solar Systo Togathering 2020 festival with ambient / drone tracks mainly from mid-2000s:

Full archive of our mixes is available for download here:

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Well, we continue our senseless and relentless ride through the waves of obscure music, collecting artifacts on compact discs, vinyl records and magnetic tapes along the way.

This month features a big update from the respected Russian label Infinite Fog Productions, as well as from DIY micro-labels Nazlo Records, Paper Moon Republic and electrotapes archive.

The international scene is presented by no less DIY family of the Greek labels E.C.T. / S.E.C.T. / RU.MO.RE. / Concrete Noise, new albums by the German projects Haus Arafna and Te/DIS on Galakthorrö, reissues of the old school new age / ambient works from 70s on the Austrian label Fact Of Being and the new big compilation on Danish Janushoved.

All this you can hear in our September mix:

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In the past two months the work of international post has been restored and we were able to receive packages from several European labels: At War With False Noise (UK), Aliens Production (SK), Cold Spring (UK), Zoharum (PL), Narcolepsia (PT), and an interesting compilation "Intonarumori: Ieri ed Oggi" recorded with the use of restored noise instruments of Luigi Russolo and published by the labels Diplodisc (IT) and ReR Megacorp (UK).

Russian labels also pleased us with new releases, we got new discs and tapes from Status Prod., Paper Moon Republic, Garðarsk Uruz, Dödens Kultur, Glass Jelly Souffle, Global Pattern, NEN Records, Dark Jazz Records, and from the guitar drone projects Accasari и Exit In Grey.

From August 29th to September 6th the mailorder will be on vacation, but as usual you can send your orders to or, they will be processed upon return.

The August issue of Zhelezobeton sonic panorama awaits you at this link:

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The Sand Rays – Remembered Vol. 2 (more EPs in coalescence)   Cyclotimia – Regnum   Cyclotimia – Regnum

Today two long-awaiting publications will finally see the light of day: a compilation of EPs by the Canadian project The Sand Rays, working in the field of abstract isolationism, and a new mini-album by the Moscow electronic industrial duo Cyclotimia, which continues the anti-utopian line of soundtracks to the existence in the world of global capitalism.

Not so many additions to the distro catalogue this time: several new titles from the Russian labels Operator Produkzion, Dödens Kultur and Garðarsk Uruz, several CDs from the Greek label Eclipsis (and their sub-labels OKO Records and Lalia Records), plus a small assortment of noise tapes and records from various international labels and projects.

As usual, you can send your orders by email to or We can always reserve your order for a reasonable time.

Don't forget to turn on the soundtrack for today's update:

Full archive of our mixes can be downloaded here:

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Seems like it's the first time in our history we have more new items on tapes than on CDs! Since the international postal services have seriously slowed down, most of the update consists of the titles from the Russian underground scene – from the labels COD Music, Operator Produkzion, YAOP, Nazlo Records, NEN Records, Post-Materialization Music, Glass Jelly Souffle, BioSonar^Lo-End, Frozen Light and a couple more. Only a few packages managed to break through to us from abroad – those were from Cold Spring (UK), Industrial Recollections (FI) and Janushoved (DK).

Please note that we're sending international packages only by registered mail with tracking, so even if they are delayed in transit, they won't get lost and will be delivered sooner or later! As usual, you can send your orders by email to or We can always reserve your order for a reasonable time.

A kaleidoscope of selected tracks from the current update is available on mixcloud:

Full archive of our mixes can be downloaded here:

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Despite such a surreal time, or perhaps thanks to it, we continue to persistently explore the sound dungeons in search of interesting artifacts!

This time we're glad to present you the new releases from the Russian labels COD Music, MIC Label and their cassette side-affair Winter Solstice, BioSonar^Lo-End, Aquarellist, Speculum Diaboli, as well as fresh releases from such projects as Chaotic Bound Systems, Radioson vs. Kryptogen Rundfunk and Theodor Bastard.

International communication today is quite slow and we have not so many new titles from the worldwide scene, yet there are some! Those are the latest releases by the Romanian dark ambient label Essentia Mundi, the Dutch Winter-Light and Finnish Parapheral Sound (ex-Some Place Else), as well as a serious collection of assorted industrial/noise releases – just what we need in this hard time!

As usually, you can send your orders by email to or We can always reserve your order for some acceptable time.

And here's the April mix with the selected tracks from this update:

If you are really listening to these mixes, here's a small bonus, assembled on the occasion of the Cosmonautics Day from the most spacey tracks released by our label:

Full archive of our mixes is available for download here:

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After a rather long break we're back with a new issue of ZHELEZOBETON news! This catalogue update turned out to be quite impressive: more than a hundred of new releases on CDs, tapes and vinyl, plus about the same number of previously sold-out items, returned back in stock - so there is definitely something to listen to and read about!

Local Russian scene is presented by the releases of Shadowplay, K-Records, Podzemnoe Techenie, Evil Dead Productions, Paper Moon Republic, Zaimka, Nazlo Records, as well as the new works by the projects Navia, Uhushuhu, Codex Occvlta and Pustota.

Items received from international labels include many releases from the Italian conglomerate St.An.Da. / Silentes / 13 / Oltrelanebbiailmare, and also from La Nouvelle Alliance (FR), Reverse Alignment (SE), Tides Of Cluster (SE), Aliens Production (SK), Steinklang (LV), Aussaat (DE), Drone Records (DE), Aural Hypnox (FI), and more.

The new podcast is waiting for you here:

If you wish to download any of our previous mixes, use this link:

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Exit In Grey – Control Points   Mira Drevo – Dreams of Abandoned Villages

We are pleased to present to you two new editions made with our participation. After a long hibernation our label Muzyka Voln is back in business! Together with the Moscow publishing house Frozen Light, we released a new album of drone-ambient project Exit In Grey and we strongly recommend to plunge into the abyss of its melancholic contemplative harmonies!

The second release is a joint venture between the Electrotapes Archive and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division, a new full-length work by the folk ambient project Mira Drevo, dedicated to many abandoned villages of the Russian North. Authentic field recordings, minimalistic electronics and soulful female vocals will tell you the tales of the impermanence of existence...

Over the past two months, our distro-catalog has been replenished with a considerable number of various editions – the new releases by the Russian labels Nazlo Records, MIC Label, BioSonar^Lo-End, NEN Records, Operator Produkzion, Intonema and projects Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Myortvye Hippy, etc., as well as the additions from our foreign colleagues from Opa Loka Records (DE), Volok Records / Red Engineering Production (UA), E-Klageto (DE), Cold Spring (UK), Lichterklang (DE) and many more.

If you appreciate the vinyl format, we recommend you to check out the vinyl section of our catalogue. We've just received many interesting 7"s + significantly reduced prices for many records!

Just in case, a reminder about the last month of our WINTER SALE! Until the end of February, you can still place an order for 10 (or more) positions marked with the sign [-50%] and purchase them at half price.

In the second half of February (more precisely, from February 16th to March 2nd) the mailorder will be on vacation, but as always, you can send your orders to or, all of them will be processed upon return.

In the meantime, here is the January mix with the fresh stuff from our catalogue!

The complete archive of our mixes can be downloaded here:

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