ZHELEZOBETON news - 17.12.2020
Dear friends,

Here it is, the last distro update in this year! New artifacts from the Russian underground: fresh CD by Zinc Room, dedicated to Edgar A. Poe (Evil Dead Productions), new material by Exit In Grey on Frozen Light, two beautiful mini-boxsets from Kshatriy, two new tapes from NEN Records, two more tapes with industrial techno from the micro-label &#8734, solo works by 1g0g from Noises Of Russia, art-punkish stuff from Post-Materialization Music, and for special fans – tapes with raw black metal and dungeon synth from SwordArm Production (sub-label of Valgriind).

More items from Europe: cassettes and CDs from the Catalan label Marbre Negre, several releases of the cult Italian publishers ADN Records, working from 1984, new vinyl album by Troum + several other releases from the German labels Raubbau and Ant-Zen, and a pallette of CDs and CDRs from the French DIY-label Facthedral's Hall.

All this pandemonium is represented in our December podcast:

Besides, today we start our traditional WINTER SALE. As alway, the conditions are simple – order 10 (or more!) items from the distro catalogue, marked with a [-50%] sign, and they will cost half the price. This sale will continue until the end of winter.

A part of the second hand list is also included in the sale, these items are marked by green colour. Please send your orders by e-mail mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

Happy Solstice and other holidays!
Don't get ill!


I. Forthcoming events

20.12.2020 – Mmmesss Market
St. Petersburg, Lastochka. More info...

26.12.2020 – SSI: Noiseroom
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum / ESG-21. More info...

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

1G0G -- "Quiet Cube" -- CD-R -- €6
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Experimental. The alboum “Quiet Cube” is a live concert recording, that have been played on a performance of buto theatre “ODDdance”. This performance had taken place in St. Petersburg, in a famous sculpture studio of Anikushin, as a part of “Museums Night” 2008. During the performance the audience are programmed to a result of invisible process, follow the instruction, they are crook on a fish-hook wich was suspended by the artists. The audience had no possibility for usual breathing, they need a respiratory system: an idea, conception, message, fictitious form. [label info] Author's edition by 1g0g (Noises of Russia): printed CDR surface, slim jewel-case.

1G0G -- "Voises of Dead" -- CD-R -- €6
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Sound Collage. Solo project by one of the founding members of NOISES OF RUSSIA Gosha Solnzev aka 1g0g. The programme "Voices of the dead" is dedicated to the sonic exploraion of the so called "electronic voice phenomenon", discovered by Friedrich Jürgenson in the late 50s of the XX century. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (voices of the dead, Raudive voices) are the voices of anomalous origin appearing while making records on tape recorders or other electronic audio devices in special conditions. EVP researches claim and have proof that this is a possible way of communication between physical and some other non-physical planes of existence... One 47-min long track, author's edition: printed CDR surface, slim jewel-case.

2KILOS &MORE -- "entre3villes" -- CD -- €10
2009 Optical Sound, os.048 / Jeans Records, jeans records 07
IDM / Ambient / Post-Rock. French duo 2Kilos &More was formed in 2003 by Séverine Krouch and Hughes Villette, but their first release, a mini album entitled 9,21, wasn’t published until three years later on artisanal Paris-based imprint Taâlem. This was followed a year later by a full length album, 8Floors Lower, on Jeans Records, with a second album, Entre3villes, on Optical Sound issued two years later. Krouch and Villette also joined the ranks of French performance art collective Von Magnet, famed for mixing electronic music with flamenco and oriental music, in 2008, and with whom they have performed regularly ever since... [themilkfactory]

2KILOS &MORE -- "Kurz Vor5" -- CD -- €10
2012 Audiophob, auphcd018
IDM / Ambient / Experimental. 2kilos &More is a French electronica duo from Paris created in 2003 and consisting of Séverine Krouch und Hugues Villette (Von Magnet). Before finding their way to Audiophob, they released one 3"CD and two albums on different labels as well as a lot of other contributions to compilations and movie soundtracks. The new album "Kurz vor5" is once again produced by Norscq (The Grief, Atlas Project, Von Magnet, dDamage, Colder, remixer for Meat Beat Manifesto, Depeche Mode etc.) in his Parisian studio. The duo has invited Phil Von (Von Magnet) and Black Sifichi (a great spoken-words artist from New York who worked with Black Dog, Burnt Friedman, Simon Fisher Turner, Rodolphe Burger, High Tones etc.), two important voices from the independent French scene, to feature three new vocal compositions. Using samples and digital sounds, the duo composes by improvising on long evolving sound waves. They shape every song like a journey through sonic universe, playing with tension and surges punctuated by instrumental interventions (guitars for Séverine or drums for Hugues), often reminding us of the cinematographic world of David Lynch or Steven Soderbergh (Solaris). [label info]

ASTARIUM -- "Growths Of The Past" -- CD-R -- €6
2020 NitroAtmosfericum Records, NRN-066, (ltd. 20)
Majestic, monumental Neoclassical / Dungeon Synth from the snowy expanses of Siberia. Includes a Burzum cover. Full color envelope. [YAOP]

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -- "Perverse Liturgy" -- CD -- €10
2013 Raubbau, RAUB-016
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Power Electronics. “Imagine yourself outside in your favorite place in nature.” - Atrabilis Sunrise invites us again to get our brains twisted with the next strike. “Perverse Liturgy” continues the bad trip across raw and dark soundscapes that nobody makes more enjoyable than Padre P.C. This record runs like a freight train through your ears. Loaded with dark drones, maniac vocals and all the rough industrial patterns we were longing for since the last release. Never too fast, never too slow, the tracks vary between soothing dark ambient spiced with noisy sampling and distortion to straight-forward industrial beats. The echoing vocals, distant or more pronounced, perfectly match this madness. Looking back on almost ten years of continuing success in this genre, the master of acid death industrial truly knows his trade: he serves us with 8 pieces making up almost an hour for us walking at the edge of sanity. [label info]

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -- "Pillgrimage" -- CD -- €10
2010 Raubbau, RAUB-009
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Power Electronics. Atrabilis Sunrise's "Pillgrimage" is a story about psychedelics, religion and unconditional surrender; a possible soundtrack to an unnamed road movie involving more drugs than "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", more bad trips as in 'Easy Rider' and more sportive activities than seen in 'The Passion of Christ'... This songbook counts eleven tracks of some of the best death industrial you will most likely encounter for some time. Eleven 'psalms' written and orchestrated by the frenchman Padre P.C. who created Atrabilis Sunrise after the demise of Catharsis. Under this pseudonym he released several CDR's and one white vinyl 7" on Formosan Rec, the predecessor of Raubbau... "Pillgrimage" is an untold tale of the noughties; made of sleepless nights in the country, weird meetings and brought to you by drugs and other kinds of banned cults. For better, for worse. "Pillgrimage" is the journey towards the unknown through the combined eyes of the children of god and the children of the corn. [label info]

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -- "Snoezelen Room Larks" -- CD-R -- €7
2006/2008 3patttes, 3patttes009, (ltd. 103)
Industrial / Power Electronics. Second album by the French project Atrabilis Sunrise (ex-Catharsis). The original CD-R released on P.C.M. in 2006, and was limited to 50 copies. This is the reissued edition released on 3patttes in 2008, limited to 103 hand-numbered copies.

CARCINOGENESI -- "Scintille" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN111, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Noise project from Italy formed by the members of N., KRUELECO and NECROZOICO. Single one hour long track, pro-CDR packed in A5 cardboard cover.

CHALUNG-GRA -- "Kalonga Incantations" -- CD-R -- €7
2004 Facthedral's Hall, FHcd009-2004, (ltd. 50)
Drone / Industrial / Dark Ambient project by the French musician Marc Reina aka Le K., also a member of SIZZLE, and later INGODEME. Original debut album CDr limited to 50 copies and released in 2004.

CHALUNG-GRA -- "Mostaferi" -- CD -- €10
2017 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD17-2017, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. 13 years later his debut album “Kalonga Incantations”, here the 2nd one of Chalung-Gra, decomposed in 4 new soundscapes of deep dark industrial ambient, composed & mixed winter/spring 2017 during cassette recording sessions. Le K. backs with more darker & claustrophobic ambient than his debut album which was entirely digitally composed. “Mostaferi” explores the same kind of soundscapes but with a different procedure: a computer generates all the composed audio sources, patched to internal & external effects, recorded and assembled on 4 tracks cassette, digitally mixed with no overdubs. Mastered in tube amp by SomniaK. [label info]

CHIANURA, PIERO -- "10 Tumbleweeds" -- CD -- €10
2017 Apparèmment Des Notes
Ambient / Instrumental Rock. The first solo album of Piero Chianura, the central figure of the Italian avant-progressive unit LA 1919 in the 80's! Although there is a single name on the cover, it is a work of a group, as Piero Chianura was supported by other musicians, such as drummer Federico Zenoni who is working with him together in LA 1919, guitarist Luca Formentini (FLOS), and producer Stefano Castagna (FLOS, SCREAM TEAM). Pleasant instrumental music centered around Piero Chianura's piano and synths, but it's quite an experimental ambient where some anomalous elements appear in the details. [Art Into Life]

COPH NIA / MINDSPAWN -- "Erotomechaniks II" -- CD -- €10
2016 Raubbau, RAUB-047
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Raubbau is delighted to present this transatlantic collaboration, sequel to the enormously well-received, yet regrettably rare first part of 2005. ‘Erotomechaniks II’ is a dark ambient delicacy in seven parts, all very concise tracks with a defined structure, never getting lost in sound as such. The overall subject matter is perfectly specified by the title: the meeting of machinery with eroticism, of precision with yearning, of industrial with human sounds... It was after his occult pop masterpiece ‘Lashtal Lace’ in 2014 that Mikael Aldén aka Coph Nia felt a certain creative drain, so obviously he turned away from the song structures and emotional range of said album and sought to return to what is his own roots as well as his shared history of dark ambient industrial with US-based artist Mindspawn: Gene Williams is a recognized multifaceted visual and musical artist, as much a seasoned producer (active since around 1980) as he is obscure. The combination of these two creative minds makes for the special tension of their collaborative work. ‘Erotomechaniks I’ was one of those albums that were received with rave reviews and enormous enthusiasm, but never found the wide audience it might have deserved due to the limited nature of its release. Now, with a definite resurgence of interest in that particular style, it’s the perfect time for Erotomechaniks II... It’s from the very first hum of ‘Hive Mechanics’ that the listener feels a fragile comfort, an inescapable enchantment to the otherworld, before the antagonistic metal scrapes set in - and from there the trademark dualism of the album perseveres: the continued clash of the carnal with the constructed. Erotomechaniks II is perfectly balanced, with the industrial sounds never pushing towards overt aggression, and the human sounds - like the subtle moans in ‘Lust Transformer’ - never diverting the abstract nature of the album. All of the tracks clock in around the seven-minute-mark and build an intriguing suspense; that, combined with the sublime sound design, makes Erotomechaniks II a prime choice for the dark ambient massive. [label info]

CRAG FORGE -- "Forbidden Crags" -- CD -- €10
2019 Non Posse Mori Records, npm-009, (ltd. 500)
Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient.

DAUBY, YANNICK -- "Chang, Factory" -- CD -- €10
2015 Kalerne, kal05
Musique Concrète. A dystopic essay, "repeated gestures in a decaying factory, empty ritual for a globalized reverie", using field recordings taped in Xinzhuang, Taiwan. Dauby does an excellent job, conjuring up a bleak but endlessly detailed, claustrophobic world, where events materialize subtly, gaining power before you're aware of it. Nothing is too spectacular, the sounds brewing for a good while, assuming prominence, burning or rotting away. Theres an overtone-rich hum on occasion that sounds like a ghost-choir of Tuvan singers. Gradually, sounds one might normally associate with factories intrude, though murky and ill-defined, as though smothered in wool: repetitive, banging, mutedly clinking. It passes through a more watery phase, equally desolate and beautiful before concluding with a sequence soft ringing tones, bell signals heard through an acidic haze. Exceedingly well-crafted and through out, an excellent, subtly frightening soundscape. [Brian Olewnick, Just Outside]

DEADROW77 -- "Dark Waves For Little Greys" -- 2 CD -- €13
2016 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD14-2015, (ltd. 500)
Industrial / Electro / Darkwave. Operating out of the south of France, Facthedral’s Hall has been releasing music since 1997, all of it on CDR until now, with Deadrow77’s double-CD collection (500 copies available) the underground label’s first formally manufactured release. That’s not the only interesting thing about the project: the album’s twenty-nine instrumentals were recorded by Fabien Della Roma, a farmer who grows organic Saffron in the Oriental Pyrenees mountains, in his caravan using an Arturia MiniLab 25 synthesizer as the sole sound-generator. The majority of these spontaneous improvisations were recorded in a single take and have been sequenced in chronological order, the first CD presenting those produced in 2013 and the second in 2014. Each track is a self-contained electronic scene-painting of ambient-electro character; they’re mood paintings, too, that range between the darkest of excursions to ones of considerably lighter disposition. There are few dips in quality, and Deadrow77 guides us through everything from gothic cathedrals to underground caverns on this in-depth darkwave collection. He’s clearly got a gift for melody, and that each multi-layered production came into being as an improv makes the accomplishment all the more impressive. Titles such as “Ghost Trap,” “Carbon Circus,” and “Knockin’ D. Lynch’s Door” convey some of the tracks’ musical character all by themselves, and the arrangements are rich in sonorities, rhythms, and textures. From the jaunty (“Poob Knight”) and medieval (“Queen’s Death”) to the spacey (“Leaving Earth”) and meditative (“Birthnight Today”), the release has all the bases pretty much covered. The Arturia MiniLab 25 synthesizer obviously has much to offer with respect to the range of sounds that can be coaxed from it (one could be forgiven for thinking that a harpsichord’s featured in “Melancholia Tribe,” for example). Still, at 110 minutes there’s more Deadrow77 material here than one admittedly needs, and a single-CD overview drawn from the discs’ content would have sufficed. That being said, it’s hard not to be struck by the huge number of different song-like variations he’s generated on Dark Waves For Little Greys armed with nothing more than a single synthesizer and his own creative imagination. [Textura]

EXIT IN GREY -- "Path Of Doubt" -- CD -- €10
2020 Frozen Light, FZL 079, (ltd. 150)
Guitar Drone. This strange year has already met the two albums by sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey, and now Frozen Light presents to your attention the third one - "Path of Doubt". Essentially "Control Points" and "K7" albums contained archival material that had been gaining strength for several years. But "Path of Doubt" brings fresh records to the World. One long track of traditional Exit In Grey Guitar Drone Ambient, always recognizable and always different. Physical version - CD in a three-panel digipack, 150 copies. [label info]

FALGAR -- "De Sangre Y Sol" -- CD -- €10
2019 Non Posse Mori Records, npm-005, (ltd. 500)
Neofolk from Puerto Rico. "For the few, who by a clandestine instinct that boils in their blood, evokes the symbols of the eagle and the swastika; and despite all the wounds that this world has left on them, they continue to take the paths of the sun." [from the artist]

FIZZARUM -- "Frisson" -- CD -- €10
2017 Ant-Zen, ACT355
IDM / Experimental. Fizzarum is a unique word, a cunning manipulation of latin, russian and english. The word itself has no meaning apart from being the moniker of this music project from St. Petersburg / Russia which was founded in 1996. Very few Russian electronic artists have achieved success - however, with wide-spread impact worldwide, Fizzarum’s first album 'Monochrome Plural' on the UK indie label Domino did. Eighteen years have passed since this legendary release, during which they have been finely tweaking their delicate brand of sparkling electronica on twelve inch and digital format, this exceptional band in its present form of Dmitry Dubov and Albert Rasyulis have finished their second long player 'Frisson' and Ant-Zen is proud to present it to an expectant audience... Influenced by various sources like the abstractness of Autechre, Jean-Michel Jarre's synthesizer craftmanship, and even Depeche Mode for their melodic romanticism, Fizzarum specializes in a very unique fusion of beautiful warm soundscapes, precisely set conceptional beats and expertly-placed digital glitches which they describe as 'a reflection on the things we don't have in our reality.' Although the complexity of the compositions is blatantly in the foreground, the search for memorable, exciting melodies remains the pair's main concern. Accurately laid out rhythmic sequences, digital textures and touching, warm sound waves generate atmospheres of soothing ambience with a proper dose of stirring experimental enrichment... Fizzarum execute their magnetic formula of retro-idm, masterly combined with contemporary electronic music's ingredients. ‘Frisson’ is one of the most beautiful and touching works these genres have to offer. A release impossible not to respond to, or to escape from. Highly recommended. [label info]

GYAKUSATSU -- "Weiße Straße" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN128, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Gyakusatsu is the solo project of Òscar from the catalan band Persona and Marbre Negre label, besides being involved in other projects either alone or with other people such as (Urge to Kill, Heulen, Brutal Cioran, Mekurabe, Opera im Keller, DAO...). In this project he explores noise, industrial and harsh sounds. It is based upon religious repressions and extorsions along history, the brutality of our society and the interest in serial killers, sex perversions, etc. The lyrics are Òscar's texts and also Ancient Testament excerpts, serial killer's speeches, etc. The sound of Gyakusatsu mixes samplers, handmade instruments and gadgets' noise, different distortion pedals and synthetizer, and of course, distorted voice. [label info]

GYAKUSATSU & CARLOS VILLENA -- "Harmonices Mundi" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Marbre Negre, MN016 / Mantricum Records, mantricum 026, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Noise. Marbre Negre and Mantricum Records present the new stuff by Gyakusatsu and Carlos Villena "Harmonices Mundi". The release is divided in 5 parts (part I by Gyakusatsu / part II by Carlos Villena / parts III, IV & V split between the bands). Excellent combination between the styles of both bands, noisy textures in an ambiental atmosphere. Harmonices Mundi is based upon the Johannes Kepler's theory of the universal movements according to geometrical models and musical scales, retaking the old topic of the celestial spheres and its universal music. [label info]

IDLEPHON -- "Intensive Collectivity Known As City" -- CD -- €10
2014 Tympanik Audio, TA083
IDM / Industrial / Ambient. The city is alive with whispers and its movement is blurred and feverish. A soothing and evocative urban sound, comprising images of the purposefulness and anonymity of life and machines in this vast oppidan. The sound of beings rushing past in the street, blurred faces, urgent whispers, warnings? Abandoned buildings stand stoic, guarding their stories with a cautionary glare. An old swing in a forgotten playground sways in the wind, shadows lengthening as this urban sprawl settles with the fading daylight... The sound of ritual gongs in the city’s temple echo through the dusk, winding down ancient tunnels, punctuated by radio waves and the ebb of wary modernity. Ambiance and rhythm seep through this interurban soundscape, haunting and beautiful, calibrating the subconscious and aligning the soul. Complex and intricate beats blend with textural tones, signed by distant voices and enticing melodies to create this serendipitous world where responsibilities are disregarded and time is seemingly infinite. A glimpse at what lies beneath the ordinary. [label info]

INGODEME -- "Endless" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2019 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD21-2019, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Ambient. First track of this EP was composed by Le K. (CHALUNG-GRA, SIZZLE, etc.) exclusively from cassette loops, precisely 24 loops of Korg Monologue (raw with no effects), recorded on 4 tracks portastudio on the endless tape. "In six times I recorded 4 mono loops/tracks that I captured with my computer. I let the 4 tracks play endless for about 9 minutes, turning equalizer buttons and playing volume faders during the process. On my computer, I superimposed all the recordings, and I made a quick mix by adding some internal effect plugins. I didn't try to resynchronize the loops between them, I just added all the audio files on the multitrack software, letting the chaos reorganize the rhythmic pulsations..." The second track was also composed from cassette loops, precisely 20 loops of Boss DR-5, and facebook videos (Gilets Jaunes, Wolf Cries), recorded on 4 tracks cassette recorder on another endless tape. In five times, Le K. recorded 4 mono loops/tracks captured on his computer. He used the same Ineko delay during the recording of all tracks and let the 4 tracks play endless for about 9 minutes, playing with buttons and faders. "On the multitrack software, I resynchronized the audio files between them by the same delay effect present on each recording, and I made a mix with internal plugin effects." [liner notes]

KSHATRIY -- "Sustained Variations for Prepared Piano & Excellent Reverberators" -- 3"CD-R BOX -- €19
2020 self-released, (ltd. 25)
Drone / Ambient. This recording is a completely atypical use of the grand piano for classical musicians. Music was born without touching the keys. This sound recorded inside the instrument with complete destruction of the attack of each touch. In this way, a large number of samples were created that harmoniously blend together and smoothly flow from one to another creating a single canvas of abstract sound creating the embodiment of majesty and perfection inherent in such natural processes as sunrise and sunset, the change of seasons , inhaling and exhaling, birth and death... Wooden box with gold print contains mini-CD & floral composition of dried plants: mosses, tree leaves, flowers, spruce cones etc. Each one is unique! [from the author]

KSHATRIY -- "Sustained Variations for Prepared Piano & Excellent Reverberators (Part 2)" -- 3"CD-R BOX -- €19
2020 self-released, (ltd. 25)
Drone / Ambient. This recording is a completely atypical use of the grand piano for classical musicians. Music was born without touching the keys. This sound recorded inside the instrument with complete destruction of the attack of each touch. In this way, a large number of samples were created that harmoniously blend together and smoothly flow from one to another creating a single canvas of abstract sound creating the embodiment of majesty and perfection inherent in such natural processes as sunrise and sunset, the change of seasons , inhaling and exhaling, birth and death... The next variation of «Sustained Variations for Prepared Piano and Excellent Reverberators» comes with a deepest interpretation of the balanced use of the harmonic and dominant tones of piano... Wooden box with gold print contains mini-CD & floral composition of dried plants: mosses, tree leaves, flowers, spruce cones etc. Each one is unique! [from the author]

LONSAI MAIKOV & NEW ORTHODOX LINE -- "Sobornost" -- CD-R -- €6
2016 ElektroIndustria
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Experimental. A collaboration album between the French project LONSAI MAÏKOV and the side-project of NOISES OF RUSSIA – NEW ORTHODOX LINE. Five tracks of solemn dark ambient with vocal recitations, sound collages made of field recordings and ritualistic industrial music. Composed, recorded, engineered, produced and mixed between 2012 and 2016 A.D + by Lonsai Maïkov and New Orthodox Line crew. Mastered in May 2016 by Dissonant Elephant. Author's edition by 1g0g (Noises of Russia): printed CDR surface, slim jewel-case.

MALFETE -- "The Old Ghost Tower" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Feu Follet Productions, FFP0002, (ltd. 50)
Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient. A Halloween night, wandering in the cemetery of Père Lachaise. I'm lost in my darkest thoughts, the most dismal... Contemplating the ghost tower that dominates the scene... This album is dedicated to Ace Thomas "Quorthon" Börje Forsberg from Bathory. This album was recorded at Père Lachaise during March and August 2019. [from the artist]

MARKAB PROJECT -- "Music For Chaomantic Meditation" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD20-2018, (ltd. 50)
Ritual Ambient. For this 6th release of Markab Project, the three rituals of “Music for Chaomantic Meditation” , are composed by Napharion Zviadadze (member of the avant-garde & experimental Black-Metal band ARYOS) and mastered by J.S. at Asymetrix Studio. The complete layout of the record is signed Dist De Kaerth, who has also photographied Maat Ab Chao as model for the cover. Packaged in transparent polycase. [label info]

MINITEL -- "Abimes" -- CD -- €10
2016 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD16-2016, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient. The music by Minitel, a project by Iconoclast (I'm sure that is a pseudonym), was already recorded in 2006, but for unclear reasons was shelved until now. That, plus the fact there are only 300 copies, is all we know. The cover also doesn't reveal much more than that... This one is actually something I enjoyed from beginning to end, even when the opening piece 'Vitriol' is drenched with reverb. The other four (and much longer) pieces are all in the realm of moody drone music. Much of atmospherics floating around. It's hard to say what it is used here, but my best guess would be synthesizers or guitars, lots of effects, and maybe something in terms of field recordings, but I have no idea what that should be really here. This is the kind of dark ambient music that one usually find on such labels as Malignant Records; it is not the most refined kind of ambient, but projects like Minitel explore the all the low end frequencies to their maximum use, and cutting out all those sounds that shed even the smallest bit of light in this music. This is not a release with music you never heard before, but I thought it was very well made, with great care for deep, hidden sonic details. [Vital Weekly]

ONLY A MOTHER -- "Dusty Nuggets" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Apparèmment Des Notes, (ltd. 50)
Experimental / Art Rock. Only A Mother was a band existing in some form or other from 1988 to 1998. The members were Bobbi Benson (bass, vocal, etc.), Doug Gourlay (drums, etc.), Marko Novachcoff (various winds, etc.), Frank Pahl (strings, winds, vocal, etc.), Mary Richards (violin, vocal, etc.), Ken Stanley (guitar, vocal, etc.). The following Only A Mother tracks are from several different recording sessions for various projects over a 10-year span. Once I started digging around I was surprised at how much material had never been released. This could have been a multi-disc set but these are my faves. I felt compelled to release these dusty nuggets... enjoy! [Frank Pahl]

PAHL, FRANK -- "Dustier Nuggets: The Eighties" -- CD -- €10
2015 Apparèmment Des Notes
Experimental / Folk / Toypop. Apparèmment Des Notes is a sub-division of the famous Milano-based label ADN, dedicated to reissues of obscure music from the past. This is a compilations of tracks by Frank Pahl that appeared on limited edition cassettes in the 80's and unreleased tracks that reveal the skills of the leader of ONLY A MOTHER and one of the masters of American contemporary folk music... Very anomalous folk, rock and pop music full of scary elements that match strange line of ADN releases. [Art Into Life]

PERSONA -- "Ruines" -- CD -- €10
2009 Marbre Negre, MN04
Neoclassical / Dark Ambient / Industrial. Based on the concept of ruin upon the time, this release contains 19 tracks related to styles such as dark ambient and industrial and has touches of lyrical voices, martial percussions, etc. Released as a digipack with a full colour 24-pages booklet containing an essay and lyrics from the band. [label info]

PERSONA -- "Sota Setge: Memòria De Sant Ferran" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Marbre Negre, MN019
Neoclassical / Dark Ambient / Industrial. A new piece of history with the shape of a musical journey. A soundtrack for the four centuries of story of the fortress of Figueras. Witnessing the history of Catalonia, Spain and France, Sant Ferran remained unfinished until nowadays. This is a passage through what have been and what could have been. Featuring the song "Capitulació: l'entrada del francès" by Le Silence des Ruines. Professional Cdr in digipack edition. [label info]

PERSONA -- "Sota Setge: Memòria De Sant Ferran" -- CD-R BOX -- €15
2013 Marbre Negre, MN019, (ltd. 57)
Neoclassical / Dark Ambient / Industrial. A new piece of history with the shape of a musical journey. A soundtrack for the four centuries of story of the fortress of Figueras. Witnessing the history of Catalonia, Spain and France, Sant Ferran remained unfinished until nowadays. This is a passage through what have been and what could have been. Featuring the song "Capitulació: l'entrada del francès" by Le Silence des Ruines. Special edition in a wooden book-shaped box with two stickers and a magnet, limited to 57 copies. [label info]

PERSONA / LE SILENCE DES RUINES -- "Lo Straniero / Offret (The Sacrifice)" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Marbre Negre, MN075
Neoclassical / Dark Ambient / Industrial. New PERSONA CD, this time a split with the fantastic French group LE SILENCE DES RUINES. PERSONA presents us six songs based on the movie "Lo Straniero" by Luchino Visconti, based on the novel by Albert Camus. Songs that move between the Dark Ambient, the Martial and the experimentation, with magisterial moments in charge of the voice of Desirée... For its part, LSDR offers us a single 35-minute song, based on the latest film "Offret" by Russian director Andrei Tarkovski. Dark landscapes composed by the piano, environmental music and small martial touches. [label info]

SINIGAGLIA, RICCARDO -- "Watertube / Ringspiel" -- CD-R -- €7
1985/2017 Apparèmment Des Notes
Ambient / Experimental. Remastered version of the ADN Tape from 1985. "Exquisite ambient synthesizer electroacoustic music, published in 1985, using soothing sounds a la Musci & Venosta or Brian Eno’s ‘Thursday Afternoon’. Riccardo Sinigaglia was born in 1953. His discography includes ‘Riflessi Sensibili’ (1985) and ‘Correnti Magnetiche’ (1989), both on ADN. ‘Correnti Magnetiche’ (1985-1996) was also the name of a studio and the band he founded in Milan with Mario Canali in 1985, and including people like Flavia Alman and Sabine Riffe. A founding member of italian ambient project THE DOUBLING RIDERS along synth players Pier Luigi Andreoni and Francesco Paladino, with several LPs on ADN. Worked with Piero Milesi. Founding member of R(AND)OM MEMORIES in 1985 with Christina Kubisch and Roberto Laneri. Took part in the Roman pop band TIROMANCINO’s CD ‘La descrizione di un attimo’ in 2000, along Frankie Hi-NRG and Daniele Silvestri. Featured in several compilation discs as well..." [Continuo]

SIZZLE -- "Muermotivo" -- CD-R -- €7
2003/2004 Facthedral's Hall, FHcd012-2004, (ltd. 26)
Experimental Electronics / Rhythmic Noise. A project by two French musicians: Marc Reina aka Le K. (CHALUNG-GRA, INGODEME, etc.) and Anthony Vega aka Somniak, and this is their third album originally released by P.C.M. in 2003. This 2004 re-issue contains 3 bonus tracks: 1 track made for the “Elegy#5” compilation on EE Tapes, 1 remix by ATRABILIS SUNRISE & another by PI CAB ALTER. One of the tracks is taken from the first SIZZLE demo cassette “Facthedral” (1998). [label info]

SONATA ISLANDS KOMMANDOH -- "Quasar Burning Bright" -- CD -- €10
2020 Alma De Nieto, DNN 019 C / Chant Records, CR2004SO
Avantgarde Jazz / Progressive / Experimental. Sonata Islands Kommandoh is a hyper-eclectic ensemble founded by flutist and composer Emilio Galante in 1998. Switching genres, approaches and even core members with each project, the ensemble explores far-reaching territory from the worlds of jazz, classical, rock, experimental and - especially on their latest album “Quasar Burning Bright” - electronic music. Some of Sonata Islands Kommandoh’s ambitious past projects include “Torre Aquila,” a multimedia project with soloist Markus Stockhausen, “Sonata Islands goes RIO” with music by avant garde veteran Fred Frith, a jazz rewriting of “Das Lied von der Erde” by Gustav Mahler, and their first release for Chant Records, “Zeuhl Jazz,” dedicated to the spirit of legendary French progressive rock band MAGMA. “Quasar Burning Bright” finds the ensemble in top shape, seamless weaving modal sounds and free jazz with deep-groove funk, a touch of metal and a healthy dose of synthesizers and other electronics. The resulting sound is hinted at by the album’s title, the dazzling luminescence of an invisible and far distant star surrounded by both vast space and unexpected explosions. [label info]

SPASM OF CHARITY & ASTARIUM -- "Radiation Of Happiness" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Marbre Negre, MN082, (ltd. 50)
Dark Ambient. Monumental and obscure work performed by the two Russian artists, on the one hand SPASM OF CHARITY is a Dark Ambient / Drone and on the other ASTARIUM moves within the Symphonic Black Metal / Neo-Classis Ambient. The result is 5 joint songs created by the two bands, except the track 5 that is written by Oleg Temiryazev (ULTIMARATIO), between the years 2009-2012 the basic material and later in 2016 the final songs were recorded. Dense and dark music. [label info]

SYNAXE -- "Quadran" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2019 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD24-2019, (ltd. 20)
Experimental Electronics / Ambient. A project by the French musician Patrice Bal aka PI CAB ALTER. This is the second release by SYNAXE, four new tracks in a more experimental way than the debute album "Antiphonaire". This new EP is complementary to "Quadron" published in parallel. Mini-CDR in a small jewel-case.

SYNAXE -- "Quadron" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2019 Facthedral's Hall, FHCD25-2019, (ltd. 20)
Experimental Electronics / Ambient. A project by the French musician Patrice Bal aka PI CAB ALTER. This is the third release by SYNAXE, complementary to "Quadran" published in parallel. Four new tracks in a more experimental & ambient way than the debute album "Antiphonaire". Mini-CDR in a small jewel-case.

VELVETINE -- "Crematorial Dance" -- CD -- €10
2016 Facthedral's Hall, FHcd15-2016 / Fréquence De Coupure, VEL-005, (ltd. 500)
Industrial Rock / New Wave. Formed in the 90’s under the name SEPTEMBRE NOIR, the band changed its name in 2006 to VELVETINE. Band member are: Peache (Pierre-Henri Mandine) on guitars + manufactured instruments; Stef.A (Stefan Mandine) on lead vocals + guitar; and Le K. (Marc Reina) on electronic percussion. Their debut album, ‘Septembre’ was released in 2007 and they followed that up with several EPs and a couple of videos, so ‘Crematorial Dance’ is their second full-length release... With the opening track “Far Away” VELVETINE sets a strong dark tone with this impassioned creeper. Part of Stef’s vocals are in French, and part in English, but you’ll have no trouble getting the gist of the alienation and angst. The second track, “Ulan Bator” (sung completely in French) brought the inevitable comparison with BAUHAUS. It’s not only Stef’s sort of vocal similarity to Peter Murphy, but also the psychodramatic intensity of the band’s musical style. It became even more evident on “Along the Way”. The mood and phrasing, very Bauhaus, but still very French. These guys may not be Goth, but the maudlin music and lyrics should perk up the ears of every goth and emo who hears it. The music is as simple and uncluttered as BAUHAUS, yet refined in ways BAUHAUS never was, and often fragile and poetic as on “Broken Harp”. VELVETINE cooks up a real NIN-style stomper on “Resolution” and kicks it up a notch or three on “The Shuttle”. The rhythm aspect of this band is interesting too; Le K. uses a programmed drum base while he manually plays percussion over the top. The dense, distorted guitar give the music a metallish aura, but it’s really far from metal. I really like that the lyrics are in both French and English; it is surely a refreshing approach to this type of music. The exception though is the last track, “Maha Mritunjaya”, a Great Death-Conquering Mantra from the Indian Rigveda. VELVETINE puts it across with aplomb and a forceful dramatic flair. Way cool! ‘Crematorial Dance’ is an album that can’t help but grow on you. In fact, during the course of listening to the music (for a fifth time) for this review, I’m upping the rating half-a-star because it’s just that damn good! [Chain D.L.K.]

VROMB -- "Choregraphie" -- CD -- €10
2015 Ant-Zen, ACT313
Electronic / Experimental. For more than twenty years the Canadian project Vromb a.k.a. Hugo Girard has masterly transformed a plethora of different inspirations into sound, resulting in a multitude of releases based on many topics. For the realization of his recent opus, Girard drastically changed his approach: instead of choosing an exterior subject he wanted to transcribe the tones and voices generated in his own mind, keep hold of them and etch them onto record, and thus he is the choreographer of imaginary sounds which become physical musical entities... 'Chorégraphie' demonstrates Vromb's incredible skills at handling his analog electronic equipment, which means in large part the sound manipulations are created by directly using the machines with only a little part of computer assisted sequencing, audio montages and overdubs. Subliminal trance-inducing beats, mighty pulsating sub basses and repetitive sequencer textures enriched with surrealistic ambient dronescapes and Hugo Girard's recognizable voice generate a steady but everchanging semi-ritualistic flow which was, is, and will be associated uniquely with the sonic world of Vromb... A wonderfully composed album which allegorizes the disposal of the sounds created by an artist's inner self, and at the same time an essential listening for those with a different view. Highly recommended. [label info]

WERESS -- "The Dungeon On The Moon" -- CD -- €10
2019 Non Posse Mori Records, npm-006, (ltd. 500)
Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient from France. "A wonderful piece of music... The cover sets the tone for the album so to say. Dream-like, otherworldly, mysterious and full of wonders. The overall sound is somewhat "lighter", more filled with wonder and awe than the usual gloomy, murky dungeonsynth, making this release stand out from oh so many same-sounding DS projects". [Bulletride-Actionwear, Bandcamp]

ZENONI, FEDERICO -- "Biomeccanica Egocentrica" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Apparèmment Des Notes / Casa Editrice Libera E Senza Impegni, (ltd. 50)
Free Improvisation / Parody. Federico Zenoni is an Italian self-taught drummer, who played in such avantgarde / prog bands as LA 1919, FITZCARRALDO, BEAUTY IS IN THE DISTANCE, etc. This is his solo album with quite unserious music recorded in 2004-2005.

ZINC ROOM -- "Poe" -- CD -- €9
2020 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 025
Industrial / Noise / Dark Ambient. The first part of the musical trilogy by Zinc Room, the album "Window Of Erich Zann", is dedicated to the work of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and it's one of the wildest, most frightening and non-standard works honoring the Master of Universal Horror. And now the second part takes you to the very origins, to the roots, to the father of modern horror, to Edgar Allan Poe... In "Poe" Zinc Room manages to keep on the crest of three fundamental principles: 1) to preserve the original and recognizable sound, staying true to the chosen style, while reaching new, even more whimsical and melodic level of the compositions; 2) to diversify, expand and deepen the technique of presenting the material of each individual composition, and the picture of the album as a whole; 3) boldly, nontrivially and at the same time subtly and accurately convey the atmosphere of the works themselves, the time and places they are happening in. What else is needed to pay tribute to the great Po? Welcome to the heart of the modern horror father creations. Here you'll find yourself inside the stories of the great Master. So what is it like? Surely you did not suspect that these stories, so familiar to you from a young age, can become so frightening, excitingly new? Cast you down to Maelstrom? Now you are inside: for sure you did not suspect that, and this is the essence of a trap. And this is how traps work - at the most unexpected moment. Welcome to the trap. [Grygory Shobolov]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Ode To Marco Veronesi" -- CD -- €10
2014 Agnostic Dumplings Nursery, AgDuNu 001, (ltd. 300)
Avantgarde / Experimental / Industrial / Noise. A compilation dedicated to the late Marco Veronesi, who founded the ADN label, in the 80's with Alberto Crosta, Piero Bielli and Rudy Pavesi. Without ADN and Marco the Italian / International experimental scene would have been much less important and relevant than it was, including releasing the very first Sigillum S LP, "Boudoir Philosophy" and introducing thousands of people to endless examples of gorgeous noise and industrial provocation. This compilation features a number of artists who were fundamental in the development of ADN during the 1980's: ANGELO AVOGARDI, BENE GESSERIT, CELLULA ASCOLTO ATTIVO, CHRISTINA KUBISCH, DDAA, FRANCESCO PALADINO, LA 1919, LA STPO, MERZBOW, RALF WEHOWSKY, RICCARDO SINIGAGLIA, SIGILLUM S, T.A.C., TASADAY, THE MOTOR TOTEMIST GUILD. 300 copies in poster cover.


BRUITS GALANTS -- "Male Magick / Le Repos Du Guerrier" -- 7" -- €7
2019 Hammerstein & Waldteufel, H&W007, (ltd. 300)
Harsh Noise / Experimental Industrial project from France.

TROUM -- "Vorbei der Tod" -- LP -- €29
2020 Raubbau, RAUB-078, (ltd. 200)
Drone. Raubbau proudly features one of the most respected artists in the ambient genre - for over two decades German duo Troum have taken the clues from their dreams and translated them into a transcending sound of majestic beauty. Their drone-based compositions are mostly on the calm and soothing side, but never lack a little edginess and experiment to spice things up... The 'Vorbei der Tod' LP clocks in just over 40 minutes and emphasizes a sacral, ceremonial approach. Troum follow their hands-on approach of using acoustic instruments and guitar sounds rather than electronics, and create a universe of sound from there: according to its thematic backdrop the A-side is dominated by what seems like the residue of organ sounds and religious chants, whereas the B-side is more serene, immersive and hallucinatory, before the final 'Theme Dream' provides a ceremonious finale. The LP format is definitely the perfect fit for this material... One is simply baffled just how expressive and captivating music so quiet and roomy can be. Put on repeat to discover more of those little details, and rest assured: death is over. [label info]


2020 Marbre Negre, MN118, (ltd. 25)
Harsh Noise Wall / Power Electronics. Split of two Italian projects. ANONYMOUS MASTURBAUDIOUM is a HNW-project inspired by nylon fetish porn, CRONACA NERA is a Power Electronics unit formed by Adriano Vincenti (Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte, Senketsu No Night Club, Detour Doom Project, Uoltam, Zoloft Evra, etc.), Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula-Thor) and Giovanni Mori (L.C.B., Suction Melena, etc.). The cassette is packed in a black PVC-bag with a mini-poster.

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -- "Perverse Liturgy" -- CS -- €7
2012 P.C.M., P.C.M. 13, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Power Electronics. “Imagine yourself outside in your favorite place in nature.” - Atrabilis Sunrise invites us again to get our brains twisted with the next strike. “Perverse Liturgy” continues the bad trip across raw and dark soundscapes that nobody makes more enjoyable than Padre P.C. This record runs like a freight train through your ears. Loaded with dark drones, maniac vocals and all the rough industrial patterns we were longing for since the last release. Never too fast, never too slow, the tracks vary between soothing dark ambient spiced with noisy sampling and distortion to straight-forward industrial beats. The echoing vocals, distant or more pronounced, perfectly match this madness. Looking back on almost ten years of continuing success in this genre, the master of acid death industrial truly knows his trade: he serves us with 8 pieces making up almost an hour for us walking at the edge of sanity. [Raubbau] The cassette comes with an additional booklet and a pack with beads and a cross.

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -- "Pills, Larks & Todestrieb: Live At Maschinenfest 2011" -- CS -- €7
2015 Raubbau, RAUB-034 / Pflichtkauf, pflicht 061, (ltd. 100)
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Power Electronics. Finally, we are able to relive through the chills and shivers that Padre P.C. caused at Maschinenfest 2011. The recording of his debut concert 14 years after his first release in 1997 clearly exceeds every expectation: acid death industrial at its best - Atrabilis Sunrise messes with our synapses as we wander between drones and distortion... While we enjoyed studio versions of some of the tracks before, the live setting adds a completely new dimension. We become one with the audience again, the humming takes us further and further into the abyss where coarse noise floors mixed with heavy beat cannonades jump straight at us... This recording is an unparalleled blend of everything we want from a first class noise project like Atrabilis Sunrise: thick layers of dark ambient, blasting rhythms and distorted screams straight from an industrial mastermind. [label info]

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & GABA -- split -- C-50 -- €7
2019 Marbre Negre, MN106, (ltd. 58)
Experimental / Dark Ambient. GABA is the project formed by Enrique Garoz de Diego (TUBE TENTACLES) and Garazi Gorostiaga (Euskal Herria - Madrid). The duo starts at the Larraskito Club in 2018 and since then we continue to expand our imaginary based on fantastic literature, science fiction, nature and esotericism. For this occasion we present a split in the Marbre Negre label with the pioneer of Italian industrial music Maurizio Bianchi, a work in which we have put much illusion, chains, screws and surgical sounds... Give us back our dairy reserves or we burst the airports and fly all frequencies! [label info]

CATHEDRAL NIGHTMARES -- "s/t" -- C-60 -- €6
2020 Dödens Kultur, DK№06, (ltd. 33)
A wide range of catacomb Lo-Fi Black Ambient from an underground band from East Prussia. Sophisticated gloomy guitar instrumentals (sometimes asking for the paradoxical term of Speed Metal Ambient), echoing ritual ethno-industrial frescoes in the spirit of NAVIA, old-school noise constructions, dark frenzied vocal avant-garde. Intoxicatingly endless depths of darkness. [label info]

DANNY SKRIPP -- "Old New Gods" -- CS -- €10
2020 NEN Records, NEN40, (ltd. 45)
Dark Techno / Industrial. Old New Gods by Kharkiv producer Danny Skripp is a product of double use. On the one hand, it is the pulse of basement darkness to trample your feet in a collective convulsion. On the other, it is the soundtrack of complex individual experiences to be chewed in private. The key image for the author is a forest thicket, a traditional symbol of mystery, uncertainty and spirit. Orientation in the forest, i.e. in the emptiness turned inside out, requires special skills. Just in case, we remind you how to get out of the forest, if you get lost: 1) do not panic, breathe deeply; 2) concentrate not on personal sensations, but on the environment; 3) follow the linear reference points: along paths, along power lines, downstream; 4) listen to the sounds of the bassdrum... Black & white foldout booklet, cardboard slipcase, three stickers. [label info]

2020 Soviet Deadman Tapes, SDT24 / Post-Materialization Music, PMM#111, (ltd. 30)
Noise / Sound Collage. Split by Russian and US projects. Dee Dee Darkfolk presents his 22-min track starting with a 5-minute cut-up collage with spoken Q&A about the life of punks, taken from old Soviet TV programmes, followed by raw destructive noise outblasts of distorted acoustic and electric origins. Contains saxophone solo by Phil Monopolka. Jeff Hartford aka Noise Nomads provides a track of heavy synth-based noise / drone. Artwork contains an insert and a riso-printed poster.

EWEN, SANDY -- "Live At G Spot Gallery" -- CS -- €5
2020 Post-Materialization Music, PMM#105, (ltd. 50)
Free Improvisation / Electroacoustic. Sandy Ewen is an experimental guitarist, artist and architect based in Brooklyn NY. Ewen's guitar playing playing is centered around found objects and extended techniques... Limited edition of 50 copies on recycled cassetted with two-color hand silk-screened cloth cover.

GRATONER -- "The Reminiscence" -- C-54 -- €5
2019 &#8734, &#004, (ltd. 15)
Ambient / Techno / Downtempo. Events are flashing before your eyes, leaving the traces of feelings, fragments of actions and echoes of sounds in memory. Every day they become less and less clear. Saturation gradually decreases, turning everything into a gray microfilm of images that are hard to recognize. Mountain ridges, shores of the seas, cities you visited; people you loved; overwhelming feelings you experienced - can you remember all this now? The gray night sky hangs over a colorless metropolis full of the same events, feelings, movements, sounds. The snow slowly falls on the frozen river; you gaze into the lights on the opposite bank. How to keep memories? What will be left of them in a year? And after ten years? Blink of an eye - and it seems that you are falling. You shudder, waking up at the airport. Passengers are settling down comfortably, quietly tossing in their seats, waiting for their night flights. The dream-focused images blurry even more, leaving behind a longing for the things that are long gone. The snow is falling outside the huge window of the waiting room... Echoes of memories, vague images and longing for the things that are gone - a tour of the museum of the past, framed in five compositions of introversive ambient techno / downtempo by gråtoner - electronic producer currently based in Moscow... Black cassette, wrapped in dyed fabric. Includes insert with a copy number and digital download code. [label info]

HAGBARD CELINE -- "FreeCore, The History" -- CS -- €7
Smell the Stench
Breakcore, a project of the German musician Alexander Dreyhaupt (aleXdee, Worlds Ab-art), who started producing hardcore / gabba in 1994 and later changed his style to idm / breakcore.

HOROLOGIUM -- "Starvation Musings" -- C-22 -- €8
2020 Marbre Negre, MN116, (ltd. 75)
Martial / Dark Ambient / Neoclassical. New EP from this Polish project from Zielona Góra with 4 tracks recorded in 2018-2019. Cassette comes with a 37 x 37 mm square pin.

2020 Glass Jelly Souffle, n22, (ltd. 22)
Indie Rock / Psychedelic Rock. American-Russian indie paradise. I wonder if they meet each other in real life sometime, that would be a total party. Silkcreened covers on red and purple sheets, glued to jewel boxes from the local dump. Really random ones, so you will never know what you'll get. Same goes to me. [label info]

JUGENDWERKHOF -- "Schandwandlung" -- C-60 -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN113, (ltd. 20)
Noise / Power Electronics from Berlin, Germany.

KADAVER -- "The Man Who Didn't Want To Feel" -- C-40 -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN119, (ltd. 22)
Noise / Power Electronics from the Israeli musician Michael Zolotov. High volume = maximum results. [label info]

MIND SKELP-CHER / THE INFANT CYCLE -- "Fractured Cassette 95" -- CS -- €7
1995/1998 Doomsday Transmissions, DDT17
Experimental / Drone / Sound Collage. 1995 caught both projects at their most collage-oriented, soaked in ambiguous atmospheres; dark yet never descending into dark ambient cliches. Spiky sonic images, obscure track titles, and substance hangovers in cassette form. [from the artist]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Techno Arabaqua" -- CS -- €20
2020 Staalplaat, Muslimgauze Tape 4, (ltd. 300)
Techno / Experimental. It is material from The Muslimgauze sound sketchbook. It's 21 years (wow) after Bryn Jones death, and still unreleased tracks are popping up. Like this new Techno Arabaqua tape. A tape where Bryn brings techno dance music, different from what we are used to hear from Muslimgauze, but not in itself. Again menacing rhythms and compelling percussion are the main ingredients. The 24-minute Techno Arab Aqua B will not let you go and might land you on the dance floor. You will find captivating and beautiful techno tracks on this Muslimgaze tape. [label info]

NAPREENKO, IVAN -- "Boris Godunov. Music for a Show" -- CS -- €8
2020 NEN Records, NEN44, (ltd. 45)
Soundtrack / Dark Ambient / Techno / Industrial. Soundtrack by founder of NEN Records (see also Оцепеневшие, Sal Solaris, Θ16f) or "Boris Godunov", a show based on texts by Alexander Pushkin (Electroteatr Stanislavsky, 2019). The show is a part of the graduation performances program for "Experiments of non-adaptive theater" (MIR-5), a Boris Yukhananov's workshop on individual direction. Directed by Sergey Vasiliev. 45 hand-numbered copies. Two-sided color inlay sleeve in a jewel case. Comes with a postcard 'Boris Godunov' by Natalia Nikulenkova. [label info]

THE NEW MOVEMENT -- "Les Anti Préludes" -- reel -- €10
2018 Post-Materialization Music, PMM#XY02-12, (ltd. 50)
Noise / Musique Concrete. An "anti-record" dedicated to Franz Lizst, with piano "anti-preludes" (piano was destroyed during the recording) and raw synth and scrap metal noise. Comes as a C20 cassette reel (no shell!), packed in a small matchbox with attached artwork and a match to burn it.

OTTORZHENIYE TKANEY -- "Demo 2020" -- CS -- €5
2020 SwordArm Production, SA11
Psychedelic Raw Black Metal from Ingria / Russia.

ROOTFOREST -- "Rehearsal Demo" -- CS -- €5
2020 SwordArm Production, SA05
Raw Black Metal from the Urals, Russia. The last demo (this time recorded more densely and heavily in terms of sound) before the release of the full-length album. Chrome tape.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE / GIL GALAD -- "End Of Days" -- C-40 -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN115, (ltd. 20)
Drone. Saturn Form Essence is a space drone project of the Ukrainian musician Sergiy Fjordsson aka MOLOCH. One 20-min long track of minimal vacuum droning. Gil Galad is David Pitzmann aka SUPERROR from Austria. Three tracks of none less minimalistic apocalyptic drones.

SONYATM SLEEPSTATION -- "The Beauty of Sleep" -- C-62 -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo084, (ltd. 25)
Drone. This cassette is designed to apply in two sessions during an hour before sleep. Both programs are loop-based compositions with no real beginning or the end, just snapshots of the eternity to touch. Side A offers a meditation background for harmonizing your breathing and brainwaves, washing away all the tensions and thoughts. Side B is designed as a sleeping aid or dreaming muzak if played on repeat... Experiment with loudness levels and equalizer for better-personalized results. Please don't listen to this recording while driving or operating any kind of machinery. While listening, watch your breath and focus on the point an inch above the middle of your brow line. [label info]

TIM SIX -- "Drones of Passage" -- C-60 -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo052, (ltd. 25)
Drone / Ambient. A live recording by Tim Six (aka CREATION VI) made on November 22, 2019, at Serdce Club in Saint Petersburg, supporting Bird of Passage (NZ) European Tour.

TREMBLAY, DENIS -- "Sleep Better" -- C-60 -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo086, (ltd. 25)
Ambient / Drone / New Age. This groundbreaking work in the psychophysiological field has been ten years in the making. Subjects underwent a series of tests with undeniable positive results on their sleep cycle. The composition itself contains different oscillating frequencies to suit your natural abilities and preferences! [label info]

UESUGI, YASUYUKI -- "Choices Are Equal But Results Are Unequal" -- C-36 -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN124, (ltd. 20)
Noise / Analogue Electronics from the Japanese artist.

UOLTAM -- "Tarchna" -- C-14 -- €7
2020 Marbre Negre, MN127, (ltd. 20)
Ritual Dark Ambient / Noise. A secret project born from the mind of Adriano Vincenti, the mind of MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE, SENKETSU NO NIGHT CLUB, DETOUR DOOM PROJECT, etc. Dark ambient drones with black metal veins inspired by the sounds dear to the Aurora Borealis Records and some bands of the Italian occult psychedelia. Inspired by Etruscan mythology and Etruscan necropolises.

VELJ -- "Test Type" -- C-60 -- €7
2019 &#8734, &#005, (ltd. 9)
Techno / Industrial / Trip-Hop. On the roofs of skyscrapers, “ghosts”, who can go up dozens of floors above the ground, observe the flows of the city's lifestreams, calculating and correcting them; they trace the diverging waves of vibrating skyscrapers; they listen to the events and feelings encoded in the humming of cars and the clatter of passers. The squad with sound devices descends deeper into the pitch blackness, that becomes alive in the slightest flash of light; scanners lead them through a labyrinth of concrete corridors to the halls where artificial creatures are born. On a saturday night lonely man goes to the empty streets to awake a new heart; his steps are rhythmic and this rhythm goes to the very center. Everything happens under the cover of darkness... Live set by the Russian project VELJ from the city of Samara: three futuristic stories about different events of one city + cover of BURZUM... Black cassette in thick cardboard box with "ghosts" cover, wrapped in hand-dyed fabric. Includes three inserts with lyrics and digital download code. [label info]

VOMIR -- "Tape for PMM" -- C-90 -- €7
2020 Post-Materialization Music, PMM#110, (ltd. 30)
Harsh Noise Wall at its best. 30 copies on recycled tapes with riso-printed covers, packed in library cases.

WINTAAR -- "Winter's Curse" -- CS -- €5
2020 SwordArm Production, SA04
Atmospheric Black Metal from the Urals, Russia. "Again, WINTAAR comes out with an unpolished and wild, but often atmospheric winter black metal album. Three tracks are fantastic and are somehow typical for WINTAAR's rumbling version of black metal. "Come, Cold", "Ghost Of The Cold Winds" and "I Stare Into The Howling Night". If you enjoy inspired underground black metal with rough melodies you should check one of these tracks." [H.L., Bandcamp]

XV PAROWEK -- "Blurry Animal Of The Evening" -- CS -- €7
Smell the Stench
Experimental / Noise from the Polish noisician Bartek Kalinka.

Y'HA-NTHLEI -- "The Beyond One" -- CS -- €5
2020 SwordArm Production, SA03, (ltd. 150)
Experimental Black Metal. Russian one-man project from Novosibirsk formed in March 2012. Style - experimental black metal with drone / doom / dark ambient influences. "The new full-length album of the Novosibirsk project, as always R.C. (the man standing behind Y'ha-Nthlei) performed into godless vile rituals, becoming a relay between our world and those who are waiting in the wings beyond its threshold. "He is a soul-eater ... It is not so difficult for him to come into our world as the other Ancients, although why this is so remains unknown. Whatever the reason, he serves the Ancients as their messenger among people..." As always, Y'ha-Nthlei plays a completely insane experimental black metal, driving the listener into a psychotropic trance. "The Beyond One" clearly shows that the project is growing creatively, and this album has become a new taken height!" [NitroAtmosphericum Records]
[mp3]   [mp3]

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CATHARSIS & DRAPE EXCREMENT -- "Homo Homini Lupus" -- CD -- €7
1999 Black Plagve, infest02
Homo Homini Lupus is the second release of the Malignant Records side label Black Plagve. Black Plagve is devoted to releasing some of the finest artists in the death industrial and black ambient fields. The two bands represent the pinnacle of what this most fertile field of dark music has to offer... Catharsis is the project of French artist Pascal Catharsis. His half of this split CD is rife with hatred, anger, and negativity. Grinding, pounding slave-ship rhythms head through monstrously thick dark smog. Tortured, anguished voices howl in the background while melodies sound the arrival of a murderous tyrant, who makes blood rain onto the charred and blackened battlefields... Drape Excrement is a side project of the mind behind the power electronic group Soldnergeist. While Soldnergeist attempts to bludgeon the listen with its terrifying sonic blasts, Drape Excrement crawls about in a subtler manner. Of course, Drape Excrement is equally nefarious, and no less pleasing than Soldnergeist or the Catharsis part of the split. Drape Excrement's 7 tracks are filled with black walls of corroded atmospheres and ghostly wails and moans. "Anger, Remember to My Words," however, gets downright aggressive with its violent, searing electronics and flanged vocals... Homo Homini Lupus is an excellent CD by two death-industrial juggernauts, beautifully packaged with artwork by Phil Easter of Stone Glass Steel. Most highly recommended. [Nirav Soni, ink19]

CHRISTOPHAGOS -- "Howl Of Blizzard Swamps" -- CS -- €5
2018/2020 SwordArm Production, SA01
Black Metal / Noise. First release of the new tape sub-label of Valgriind. Noise Black Metal project of Alexey Glukhov (Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Crude Mother Earth). Reissue of an album previously published by Zymotic Productions. Black & white cover. [YAOP]

CIRCLE OF IRON TAPE -- "As Kosher As They Wanna Be" -- C-30 -- €5
2007 Monopolka / Emerson Lake & Headache
Lo-Fi / Noise. Another star from our local perverts. One long track starts from cynical insulting and horribly innacurate black metal - throws up few surprises and goes really heavy in places. Picture is the best one i did, really. [press-release] One more project of Dmitry Zubov (aka HYPNOZ, ZUBOFF SEX SHOP, BRZB).

COCK COBRA -- "Zink Een Niew Lied" -- C-10 -- €5
2007 Monopolka / Emerson Lake & Headache
CC is all dressed up, screaming and shouting through a dutch catholic religious service on tape, chanting and yelling crazy fucked up lyrics with a lot of feedback and harsh noise power! Made with contactmic’s, tapedecks and a small synth. [press-release]

DECONDITION -- "Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin" -- CD -- €10
2014 Force Majeure, Force006, (ltd. 497)
DECONDITION is Arttu LAINE, a Finnish musician living in Helsinki. "Sukellan tuntemattomiin syvyyksiin", "I dive into unknown depths" in english, is his debut CD after a first cassette released in 2006 on Freak Animal Records as FREAK-TAPE-022, "The Universal Nothingness". It contains thirteen tracks recorded before and after the "Universal Nothingness" sessions, at different times. Using electronics, sampler, effects, field-recording, junk metal, processed vocals, some tape-voices, DECONDITION creates hypnotic, repetitive pieces of noise, mixing power or rhythmic electronics with real industrial sounds. The atmosphere is obscure, weird, and very personal, most of the tracks dealing with the death and the resurrection of the ego. Housed in a six-panel digipack, limited to 497 copies. [press-release]

GE-STELL -- "Seizure" -- CS -- €7
2017 Marbre Negre, MN068, (ltd. 40)
Industrial / Experimental. "Seizure" is a concept album wich explores tools, development and political / social implications of the early modern psychiatric movement. Released on blue cassettes, package includes a disposable medical mask.

GUTTURAL STRAP-ON -- "Vargavinterns Annalkande" -- CS -- €7
Smell the Stench
Grim Swedish Death Industrial performed on analogue electronics, sometimes resembling Anenzephalia and projects of Ryan Oppermann. Recorded in 2003. [YAO]

2020 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 150)
The name Mail Bomb refers us to mail-art, the cultural movement of the 1970s and 1980s. It originates in naive art and amateur art. A common feature of the work is emphasized experimentalism and unconventionality. Mail-art expands the scope of concepts such as "artwork", "author", "boundaries of artistic creation." The authors are polystylists and media artists, which shakes the prevailing typology of styles ... In the middle of the 20th century, the phrase "mail bomb" was used to name the bomb that was sent to important people. Also in the case of our magazine, which will mainly be distributed by mail, it will become an art bomb in the recipient's mailbox ... After decades, we tried to bring together artists who have worked in this style for many years and contemporary followers of this direction. Among the participants of Mail Bomb there are world-famous authors such as Andy Bolus (awards), Ludo Mitch (awards), Lee Ranaldo (guitarist of Sonic Youth). Participation in the magazine attracted them because of their many years of love for underground art and innovative approaches. But besides prominent artists, Mail Bomb magazine pursues an educational idea. And that's why, along with the rest, local little-known artists took part in it ... One of the key topics of the magazine, as well as style, is the combination of a work of art and its visualization method. When creating the works, uncommon printing methods are used: linocut, risography, silk-screen printing, which allow you to get an unexpected and unique product each time. Technologies blur the line between the author of the image and the artist of its replicated embodiment and make the creative process collaborative ... Since many artists represented in the magazine are closely connected with sound art, it was decided to release an application in the form of audio cassettes, which are historically closely related to the movement of mail-art. In the 1970-1980s, the audio cassette was considered the cheapest and simplest medium. [label info]

MOROSE MONTHS OF MELANCHOLY -- "Skorbotniy Schlyakh" -- CS -- €5
2020 SwordArm Production, SA02
A compilation of the archival recordings from 2000-2005 from the Ukrainian Dungeon Synth project from the city of Kharkiv. Classic tracks in the best traditions of the genre are diluted with the interludes played on folk instruments and rare inclusions of Black Metal. Black & white cover. [YAOP]

NAMBLARD, MARC -- "Chants Of Frozen Lakes" -- CD -- €10
2008 Kalerne, kal01
Field recordings of an unusual natural phenomena: the sounds of a frozen lake singing. Marc Namblard, sound artist and naturalist living in the northeast of France, has spent several years listening to and recording an acoustic phenomenon occuring in the winter time. The tiniest crackles inside the ice of frozen lakes produce mechanical vibrations. Under specific atmospheric conditions, these impulses propagate in the ice, whose tension makes it similar to the skin of a drum. The acoustic result is an unbelievable blend of drumming sounds and etheral resonances. This CD retraces the whole phenomena : in 55 minutes, one can discover the different steps of what happened at Lac de Pierre Percee (a lake close to Marc's village) on the 16th of January 2006. It began with the frost falling on the vegetation accompanied by birds in the distance. The first brief percussive sounds announced the ice beginning its work under the first sunrays. A little bit later, the ice started to crackle : sounds became longer and more intense. At the end of the session, ice was breaking everywhere, the lake was singing. The phenomenon vanished with the appearance of a slight breeze... This soundwork gathers some of the most beautiful moments of hours and hours of Marc's recordings into a whole piece, but there was no processing or overdub in the production of this publication : the aim is to propose to the listener an experience of what he would expect in the front of the lake (with the exception of the temperature). Marc's recording technique is based on ORTF stereo configuration using condenser microphones and high-end preamplifiers. “Chants Of Frozen Lakes” can easily be classified in the domains of Naturalism, since it is based on straight observation of natural events, and in the field of Sound Art as it proposes a very intense listening experience. Therefore, this CD should delight listeners of nature sound recording, experimental music as well as electronica. [press-release]

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "Invisibility & Labour" -- CD-R -- €6
2005 Electroindustria, 04EICDr
In the program "INVISIBILITY and LABOUR", which was successfully performed at the international music festival SKIF-7, we placed the emphasis on the increasing of the psychical influence on the spectator/listener. Intonation changes typical for non-stop performances - and NOISES of RUSSIA always make non-stop performances because we consider conditional both the bounds between the different compositions and creative finality in all its manifestations - so the intonation changes became stronger and more notable. Noise curtain gave place to sweet quiet harmonies, conceptual hysterics to ethereal whispers, dark sound landscapes to airspace full of rustles. The result of such suggestively sometimes was unexpected and seemed like shock treatment. The noise with the special attention to radio waves began to play the main role in the influencing on listener/spectator. The same importance had texts used by the participants of the project. At different times we used for compilations lyrics of such groups as SWANS, CURRENT-93, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, old Sumerian poetry, Maya mythologies, texts of Catholic mass, works of Russian poets Vladimir Buritch and Velemir Khlebnikov and our own poetry. [press release]

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "Live in Volgograd 31.08.2013" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 ElektroIndustria, 14EIСDr
Live recording of the Noises Of Russia gig at "Meeting at Volga - 2" festival (date and place featuring in the release title). In addition to the permanent band members Gosha Solnzev and MC Prorock, they were joined by the musicians (also the owners of the significant Russian industrial labels) M.M., author of "Kryptogen Rundfunk" and owner of "Zhelezobeton", and Ivan from "kultFRONT", and also Anton Walewski ("MXY7 Ohka"). Listening to this recording albeit at a considerable temporal and spatial distance from the scene, I can only state that in that evening in the lap of nature many minds were most probably blown away, and many were fixed after preliminary complete formatting - that's the feeling one has after listening to this gig, after which it's necessary to stay a while in silence and simply have a smoke efen for those lacking this bad habit... [maeror3.livejournal.com]

ODRZ -- "ODRZ67" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Marbre Negre, MN090, (ltd. 50)
Industrial. Three tracks collective CD; in each one is present an ODRZ female guest musician. Braconidae, Laura Agerli and LaMetàFisica. From gloomy electronics to dark and harsh noise, for a feminine journey within "other" sounds. [label info] 50 copies in cardboard digifile with full-color artwork.

PODOZRITELNYJ PREDMET -- "White Drops of Bodhichitta" -- CS -- €9
2019 Pearly Snowdrift, PS07, (ltd. 10)
Ambient / Drone / Tribal from the depths of the St. Petersburg tape underground. Chrome tape, transparent cassette with a white film application on a clear case. No info on the artwork. Limited edition of 10 copies.

SONM -- "赤" -- CS -- €7
2018 Pearly Snowdrift, PS06
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. The idea of recording was originally conceived as a soundtrack to an experimental theatrical performance in the summer of 2017. As a result, a series of sound improvisations took shape of independent work, which slightly differs from the previous releases of the SONM duo in its sound and visual design. Transparent tape cassette, hand painted in marbling technique. A full-color cardboard slipcase with the author's collages. [label info]

SUNSET WINGS -- "Farewell" -- CD -- €10
2012 The Eastern Front, Front 033, (ltd. 500)
Neofolk. The album was composed, written and arranged by brilliant collective from Russia - Sunset Wings especially for The Eastern Front label. "Farewell" is solely for those who love beautiful music and beautiful lyrics. Leitmotif of the "Farewell" is famous "Farewell To The Fatherland" by Polish composer, diplomat and politician Michal Kleofas Oginski. [label info]

THEOROTH -- "Nights Shine In The Five Towers" -- CS -- €5
2020 SwordArm Production, SA07
Dark Neoclassic / Dungeon Synth from the Russian project coming from the Urals. "In the five towers of the Forgotten Lands, the avatars of the Ancient God sleep in impenetrable darkness. The highest vampires, representing a single personality. Rather demons than old bloodsuckers, they fly out to the call of the night and sweep through the sky. Over the dried, lifeless forests, where burn the fires of the dead gods rituals. Scarred by billions of swords of hundreds of nations, they await their hour of incarnation into a single entity. In their eyes are the ghosts of many moons of dead worlds, and the madness of one of them, who almost completely fell into a necrotic coma, makes them suffer at every awakening..." [from the author]

ZELJE -- "Delta" -- CS -- €6
2018 Pearly Snowdrift, PS05
Ambient / Drone. Spinning and rustling of tape loops of an old creaking ferris wheel with a single booth in an abandoned amusement park made of wood. The full moon circle with background clatter of wooden mechanisms and whirring of gears. The air is filled with the golden dust of dawn, raised by the wings of night moths. The beginning of a cycle is equal to its end... Yellow tapes with transparent labels, two-sided full-color cover. Limited edition. [label info]

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