ZHELEZOBETON news - 11.11.2020

It's time to sum up the outcome of the last 1.5 months of our distro's work. During this time ca. 50 new CDs and more than 70 new cassette releases have been added to the catalog... hardcore music lovers will definitely not be bored!

Those who follow Russian underground scene might pay attention to the releases of such labels as NEN Records, Podzemnoe Techenie / YAD, YAOP, Valgriind, Kill Ego / TAKOE / Begushchij Chelovek, Provoloka, MIC Label / Winter Solstice, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ and Paper Moon Republic.

Researchers of the international scene will probably be interested in seeing the new editions from Fourth Dimension Records / Lumberton Trading Company (UK/PL), Live Bait Recording Foundation (US), Heerwegen Tod Production (PL), Janushoved (DK), Margen / áMARXE (ES) and Abhorrent Creation Tapes (FR).

As usual, it's recommended to accompany the catalogue study with a proper soundtrack:

And here's a small bonus for those who like my mixes (if there's anyone): a live set from the Drone Stage (Gudelnaya Polyana) of the Solar Systo Togathering 2020 festival with ambient / drone tracks mainly from mid-2000s:

Full archive of our mixes is available for download here: https://yadi.sk/d/Bs4Vf88v3TF4WT

Like always, just send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. Reservations are possible for reasonable time.

Take care & see you soon!

I. Forthcoming events

13.11.2020 – Pogruzhenie
St. Petersburg, Parabellum. More info...

14.11.2020 – SSI: Noiseroom
St. Petersburg, Музей Звука / ГЭЗ-21. More info...

St. Petersburg, Ionoteka. More info...

21.11.2020 – Industrial Accident II
St. Petersburg, Fish Fabrique Nouvelle. More info...

St. Petersburg, Ionoteka. More info...

05.12.2020 – Zabloojdenie
St. Petersburg, Balty. More info...

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

[13:75+0:11MLD] -- "Fields Of Jupiter" -- CD -- €7
2014 Black Death Production, BDP019, (ltd. 500)
Space Ambient / Dark Ambient from Poland. "Fields of Jupiter" is [13:75+0:11MLD]'s second full-length album, though first time on professional CD. This time the album focuses on Jupiter, the biggest planet of our Solar System. Some of the sounds are from Voyager's space probes. Three lengthy 3 tracks (almost 45 minutes) of cold and deep music. [Cold Spring]

ANTI-VERSTAND -- "Mulyazh V Pishchu Ne Prigoden" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_55, (ltd. 18)
Noise. Old School Harsh Noise, recorded live without spectators, without preparation and overdubs July 15, 2020. No electronics, just a contact microphone, macro objects (different for each of the three tracks) and tons of feedback. A ritual noise tribute to the classic styles of K2 and early Merzbow with a rabid psychopathic concept that harks back to the golden days of post-Soviet noise at the turn of the century, performed by Comforter, LLG, Reductio Ad Absurdum, Veprisuicida and Khlyst. Absurd scriptures and wild little heads. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in transparent jewel-case. [label info]

AT1385 -- "Home Audio" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Kill Ego, KLLG013, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Electro / Breaks. A project of the Russian musician Alexander Tikhonov with a compilation of tracks recorded in 2005-2015. Powerful rhythmic electronics. CD-R packed in a slim jewel-case with an obi-strip.

BELORUKOV / BOSSHARD / DENZIER / MARKVART -- "Bizarre Perspectives" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Акт-Продукт, akt-produkt 41
Free Improvisation / Electroacoustic. Swiss violinist Patricia Bosshard and Franco-Swiss saxophonist Bertrand Denzler, active in various fields of modern improvisational and composed music, play together with Russian experimental musicians, whose range of activities is also rather wide: Ilia Belorukov plays here alto saxophone and electronics, Alexander Markvart uses feedbacks of a prepared acoustic guitar and extracts sounds from a variety of objects. The recording was made at the Sound Museum at the end of 2017, Bosshard and Denzler appeared then in St. Petersburg as representatives of ONCEIM – Orchestra of New Musical Creation, Experimentation and Improvisation, and performed together with St. Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra... 5 thoughtful and contemplative improvisations, in which it’s not always clear what instrument is the source of sound. Any of these improvisations is a trace or a document of a meeting, which, anyway, opens rather bizarre perspectives... The release has a physical form – CDr in a cardboard envelope (that is also rather strange at this difficult time). [label info]

CHERVI -- "Evil Game" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Ultrasomnambula U, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Darkwave / EBM. The second album of Chervi (Worms) from the distant 1997, forgotten, damned and unrevenged, never previously released, from the cassette archive of Yuri Kovalsky (also member of MERTVIJE HIPPY and MONUMENT STRAKHA). Now found and remastered. 20 hand-numbered copies in cardboard sleeves with a bonus-track unavailable in the download version. [label info]

CONNIFFE, BRIAN feat. SIMON MORRIS -- "The Day And The Night Of The Body" -- CD -- €10
2020 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB031
Spoken Word / Dark Ambient. New two track album from Ireland's Brian Conniffe, previously known for his work with NURSE WITH WOUND and a MLP released on LTCo at the very end of 2013. One of these lengthy pieces features the late Simon Morris (CERAMIC HOBS) providing spoken word he wrote exclusively for it. The CD also arrives in Dolorosa De la Cruz artwork and includes a 4pp. booklet... Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre musician who has worked with a long list of collaborators covering a diverse stylistic range. Although perhaps most active as a member of a variety of synth-pop acts in his native Ireland, his most interesting work is that of far less conventional - deliberately uncommerical and even intentionally esoteric - experimental projects, characterised by a fusion of the darkest psychedelia with disquieting ambience. The most noteworthy of these possibly being the limited edition collaboration of NURSE WITH WOUND’s 'Musique Pour Faits Divers' (2016)... This album was recorded from 2007 to 2009, and consists of two expansive pieces, which - as the title suggests - are characterised respectively by bright and nocturnal atmospheres, and retain an intense physicality undiminished by the occasionally abstract nature of the wide-ranging sound pallet utilised. The first piece is symphonic tapestry of colourful noise and alien-sounding drones, constantly shifting and avoiding monotony, reminiscent in places of the work of LABRADFORD, THE HAFLER TRIO, JOHN DUNCAN, and AUBE at their best. The second piece is altogether darker and more defiant of description and comparison, based around a long text written and spoken by the late Simon Morris (author and frontman of the CERAMIC HOBS), which moves from its surreal yet possibly familiar beginning into an astonishingly breathless and tumultuous confessional, a true voice of the lost. The disquieting use of samples provided by Morris provides an intense sense of the uncanny... [label info]

DAY BEFORE US & ANTIKATECHON -- "Complaintes Au Bord D'un Autre Monde" -- CD -- €10
2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 019
Dark Ambient / Neoclassical / Industrial. Heerwegen Tod Production has the honor to present the next release straight from the borderland of dark ambient, neoclassical and industrial music styles. The two projects – French „Day Before Us” and Italian „Antikatechon” decided to join forces and create an album together... „Day Before Us” is the dark ambient project with neoclassical compositions full of women declamations. Wonderful keyboard compositions are just woven into the music background and they seem to be the cradle of a classic atmosphere. There is the place where we can feel the spirit of the past and it is filling today`s emptiness... „Antikatechon” is the project specializing in long ambient hypnotic sessions with industrial emotions. Such a combination of styles generates definitely very unusual sounds. They seem to be different but still connected in a very interesting way so they complement each other and form a kind of a symbiosis... This combination of both styles generates an unprecedented wall of sounds, seemingly from different dimensions, while cleverly combined in such an amazing way that both these projects they complement each other, passing from the gentle nature of Day Before Us into the more acute form of expression represented by Antikatechon, almost in perfect symbiosis. Music representing a lot of elements, which can be safely called a journey through various dimensions of ambient sounds, combined into one whole... This generates a very original atmosphere, which is impossible to pass by without emotions. The graphic design reflects the theme of the album. It consists of classic women figures in black and white pictures. They are presented in monumental poses and look alive, just like from old photographs taken „post mortem. This is the 62-minutes musical journey with an original atmosphere and a large load of emotions. [label info]

DESOLATE HEAVEN / DEFUNCTUS ASTRUM -- "The Ashes Of Cosmic Uncreation" -- CD -- €5
2020 Valgriind, VG62
Black Metal. Split-release containing two albums of two black metal projects from Minsk, Belarus: DESOLATE HEAVEN "Ashes" (2017) and DEFUNCTUS ASTRUM "Cosmic Uncreation" (2014).
[bandcamp]   [bandcamp]

ENVENOMIST & MURDEROUS VISION -- "Liminal Presence" -- CD -- €10
2019 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF054, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Conceptualized and created throughout the first 8 months of 2019, Liminal Presence is not intended to be either a collaboration album, nor a split. Rather, a 70 minute journey into interstellar light drifts and sleep transformations. Floating and mystical ambient and underlying dark nightmares. Where the whole is greater than the sum of it's individual parts. Packed in a 6 panel wallet, limited to 300 copies. With collage work and graphic design by David Russell Stempowski. Mastered for optimal drift by Derek Rush. [label info]

GALAXY THE INCUBATOR -- "Invisible Strike (Semitransparent)" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Den Noiser Memorial Archive / Valgriind Glasir CDR Series, 13
Radionoise. To commemorate Den Neuser's 35th birthday on October 12, 2020, Den Noiser Memorial Archive, Glasir CDR Series and YAOP have co-released the previously unissued 2009 Galaxy The Incubator's album "Invisible Strike (Semitransparent)", which has been discovered more than 10 years later in the Valgriind archives. A dense and massive Droning Radionoise, dedicated to the history of the world's first long-range ballistic missile "V-2", its development and experience in combat use. Given the importance of space topic in Den's work, the concept of an album dedicated to the rocket that laid the foundation for all astronautics is not at all coincidental for GTI. Rare photos of "V-2" were provided from the collection of the famous researcher and thinker Katarij. [label info]

GOAT THRON -- "Aktion T4 - Vernichtung Von Lebensunwertem Leben" -- CD -- €7
2007/2014 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 004
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Power Electronics. 15 years ago was born conception of raw and radical black metal duet named Goat Thron. After furious of begining, non-existance for almost 3 years and finly changed style form black metal to dark industrial / noise / dark ambient mixture, we wish to present re-released compilation album named "Aktion T4 - Vernichtung von Lebensunwertem Leben", with a tracks from demos recorded between 2004 and 2006 a.y.p.s. Included SELBSTMORD cover “A profusion of dust” this album is over 78 minutes of unstandard and radical dark sounds released on CD. [label info]

GOAT THRON -- "I Believe In One Great, Unbroken And Death-obsessed Chaos" -- CD -- €7
2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 018
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Noise. Once again Heerwegen Tod Production is responsible for the release of the latest Goat Thron album. After "Plugastwo", this is the next venom outbreak straight from Funeral primitive craft in creating sick visions of Dark Industrial / Noise / Dark Ambient. This time there is a kind of a clash of the dark side of nature with bloodthirsty human and mechanical creases from mining and heavy industry. The project is accompanied by the radical message and ideology. „I believe in one great, unbroken and death-obsessed chaos” sounds just like industrial concrete but it is also a tribute for the glory of destruction divided into 8 satanic hymns. This is over an hour prayer for the apocalypse and slavery which molest and destroy all the emotions. Dehumanized music and graphic design reflect raw and direct message presented by Goat Thron for many years. Because of its radical content, not for political correctly and religious citizens! [label info]

GOAT THRON -- "Plugastwo" -- CD -- €7
2016/2018 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 010
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Noise. We present to you re-release on CD of dark industrial noise / dark ambient project from Lower Silesian copper mine region. The one-man band turned into a duet and with common efforts they have created new cold album, full of total eclipse, annihilation and hateful amok. As usually there prevail traditional extreme machine "music" recorded in copper mine ZG Rudna, including in itself primitive but at the same time hypnotic sounds by analog and digital synthesis from various unordinary sources. Also your attention will not avoid obsessive voice recorded in abandoned bunkers. Because of its radical content, not for political correctly and religious citizens! [label info]

GOAT THRON -- "Ruthlessness" -- CD -- €7
2013/2015 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 005
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Noise. With a big proud we published the 4th release of the radical project from Lower Silesia. Cloud of negative emotions which are flowing out like a bullet rain to destroy life and world. Full of hatred, violence and sadism, the ritual of desolation, merciless and of political incorrectness with anti-human sounds, dived in insane screams with satanic lyrics of perdition ritual. 60 minutes of murder celebration, war and cruelty, torture and violence are included into the uncompromised medley of primitive and raw industrial, noise and dark ambient. New edition on CD which was earlier released on cassette by Werewolf Promotion. Because of its radical content, not for political correctly and religious citizens! [label info]

GOVERNMENT ALPHA -- "Affective Imagery" -- CD -- €10
2020 Abhorrent Creation Tapes, ACT001, (ltd. 500)
Noise. The brand new studio album from cult Japanese harsh noiser Government Alpha. Mangled scraping, droning junk noise, pitted against walls of insane, stomach-churning noise. Definitely one for those with a love of uneasy listening, with GA's queasy trademark cut-up artwork to match. A beast of a release! Nine tracks (48 mins) recorded at Xerxes Studio 2019. [Cold Spring]

IL LAZZARETTO -- "Il Necropolista" -- CD-R -- €11
2020 BeTon Raw, BTRW 16, (ltd. 30)
Post Mortem Electronics album dedicated to the life of the magician, necropolist and researcher Anatoly Moskvin from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, who was forced to undergo compulsory treatment for creating and collecting dolls made from children's corpses. Death Industrial of the oldest possible school (as it would have sounded if performed by Maurizio Bianchi in the late 70s, if there was such a style at all), stitched with eerie field recordings, montages of necrotic sounds, depressing ultragothic solos in the spirit of local aspen jallo and electronics so primitive that it is itself a symptom. Overnights in cemeteries, a ritual wedding with a deceased 12-year old girl, sewing on shrouds and mummified skin, night family celebrations, digging in trash cans and other amusements of a provincial intellectual in 9 tracks of endlessly sick psychedelic pleasure. Black and white cardboard sleeve and mini poster booklet. [YAOP]

MO*TE -- "Taste Die Mad" -- CD -- €12
1998/2019 Audio Dissection, AD21 / Industrial Recollections, (ltd. 200)
Noise. Cult Japanese noise project. Originally released as a C46 by Spite (U.S.A.) in 1998, in an edition of 50 hand-numbered copies. Mastered at Audio Dissection Mastering, Italy in January ’19. Comes in a Digipak. Edition of 200.

MOB MANHANDLES BEATLES -- "Negativizm" -- CD -- €8
1995/2019 Provoloka, prvlk 0012-0001 / Sovetsk – 0001, (ltd. 480)
Industrial / Noise. Mob Manhandles Beatles was an early industrial / noise project of two brothers – Andrey and Alexander Alexeev who were among the first in Russia to record and distribute noise music through their label Spirals Of Involution, which they launched in the first half of the 90s. This material was first released on cassette in 1995.

MONOBEAT ORIGINAL -- "Arbeitstitel" -- CD -- €10
2020 aMARXE, 0920, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Krautrock. Monobeat Original is the new project by Werner "Zappi" Diermaier, drummer and founding member of the legendary Krautrock band FAUST. An odyssey of dark-tribal-ritualistic-krautrock with a cinematic bent. From the atavic to the post industrial and the renewal of a distant and hypnotic Krautrock. Music from a future too far away. [label info]

MORKETSVIND -- "Mysterier / Clouded Sky" -- CD -- €6
2020 Valgriind, VG67
Neoclassical / Dungeon Synth. Two albums on one CD. Beautiful neoclassical piano music in the spirit of LEBENSESSENZ and cold resonant Dungeon Synth, imbued with the spirit of the European Middle Ages. [YAOP]

MORKETSVIND / VINDEN -- "Highland River Etudes / Vinden" -- CD -- €6
2020 Valgriind, VG68
Neoclassical / Neofolk. Split-release of two projects from the same author. Medieval Neoclassic music based on the austere sound of the harpsichordand and thus acquiring a baroque flavor, and simple instrumental Neofolk, recorded alternately indoors and in open natural landscapes. An excellent edition for all lovers of a romantic medieval atmosphere. Jewel case. [YAOP]

1998/2018 Provoloka, prvlk 0009-0001 / Moscow – 0001, (ltd. 480)
Industrial / Drone / Noise. In 1998, the Moscow Holocaust Soundtrack cassette was released on the Moscow label Insofar Vapor Bulk. Side one contained the experiments of Ivan Kirichenko (LYUDI NA LDU) with feedback and noises, side two - a recording of joint sessions of Ivan and Evgeny Voronovsky (CISFINITUM). "There was no equipment, except for a microphone, a speaker and a cassette recorder, everything revolved around this simple combination. I was very fascinated by the idea of feedback. Just a microphone, a speaker and a guitar pedal..." [Ivan Kirichenko]

MURDEROUS VISION -- "Abscission" -- CD -- €10
2019/2020 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF055 / Chthonic Streams, MYRK 075, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Abscission is "the shedding of various parts of an organism, such as a plant dropping a leaf, fruit, flower, or seed. In zoology, abscission is the intentional shedding of a body part, such as the shedding of a claw, husk, or the autotomy of a tail to evade a predator." Danger is lurking, and the only way to survive it may be to lose a piece of yourself... The 2019 limited edition cassette Abscission has been remastered and expanded to 7 songs totaling 50 minutes of some of the best work of the project's 26-year existence. Includes contributions from Theologian, Telladictorian, and Derek Rush (Dream Into Dust). [label info]

MURDEROUS VISION -- "Surface Bone" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF053, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. This material was created in collaboration with Jeff Curtis (Iron Oxide, Vengeance Space Quartet) for 3 specific performances in February 2019, in Cleveland Ohio, Oakland California and Los Angeles California. The studio versions of this material are presented on both the CD and Digital versions, while the Los Angeles performance is presented in it's entirety exclusively on the CD. Edition of 100 copies; packaged in a cardboard sleeve with signed and hand-numbered insert. [label info]

NOISESMETANA -- "Space 43 / Is it your future??" -- CD -- €8
1996/2019 Provoloka, prvlk 0011-0001 / Bryansk – 0001, (ltd. 480)
Noise / Cut-Up / Sound Collage. NOISESMETANA is a mythical project. According to the apt expression of one of those interested, "only those who read old noise fanzines from the 90s know about NOISESMETANA." For the first time the name was found in the catalog of the St. Petersburg label "One Touch" 10-15 years ago. After asking Philip Wolokitin (as the person behind One Touch), I learned that “yes, there really was such a project”, “it was quite a long time ago” and “contact with the author was lost”. A dozen years later, thanks to Alex Alexeev, a cassette with a demo of this project fell into my hands and later I managed to communicate with the author. As it turned out, it all started in the first half of the 90s, in the city of Bryansk - after the author got acquainted with the 7" by AUDIOSTENCH / SATANIC DEATH and the DISPHAGIA band of the Alexeev brothers (SOI tapes). After some time (namely in 1995) Sergei himself decided to try his hand in the field of harshnoise and in 1996 released a demo record "Space 43" on his own label Miasma tapes. This was followed by both standalone releases and splits with various noise projects - among which there were no less mythical St. Petersburg TALONOV NET, Canadian DAN-CHARGE with "Humpty Dumpty", ERIK DISORDER with "A cunt with a bowl of reefer in it" and the aforementioned Alexeev brothers with LLG and WEAK ANAL MUSCLE. In addition to Smetana, Sergey organized several more projects - THREE CRIPPLE FREAKS (harshnoise), G.N.P (lofi / shitcore), also the Miasma tapes label is mutating into the publishing house Oral Diarrhea tapes (there were about 20-23 releases in total), releasing several more splits with LLG and Barnaul-based project LANAKROMOLEB. This disc contains tracks taken from the "Space 43" demo and from the triple split "Is it your future?" also featuring GOREGOD and LLG. [label info]

OF SWINE AND SWILL -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2009 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF028, (ltd. 1000)
Industrial / Psychedelic Rock. Like an ancient bottle of Absinthe found buried in some dark cellar, you've discovered something very unique here. Elements of the classics, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind perfume the air as an aural louche, sonic clouds swirling with Industrial soundscapes a la Deutsch Nepal or In Slaughter Natives, with a touch of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Stephen Petrus (Murderous Vision) and John Potter (Flintknap/Murderous Vision) created the initial concepts for Of Swine and Swill as childhood friends. Musical discussions turned to all night experimentations. Recording sessions turned into weekends, then weeks of nothing but the music. Over the course of the summer of '08, Stephen and John blended their rock and electronic roots into a finely honed project, with over an hour of material recorded. With the addition of Rick Pflueger (Reichardt Van Grieken, Rambler 454) contributing vocals on two tracks, and eventually joining the project full time, the circle has been made complete. Without the constraints nor boundaries of any one genre, the music of Of Swine and Swill is very personal, introspective and emotional, a palette of color, aggressive yet subtle. Atmospheric, yet never a passive listen! The album features a 8 page full color booklet, which includes all lyrics and artwork by both John and Stephen. [Fishpond]

PARANOIA INDUCTA -- "Viri Probi" -- CD -- €10
2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 017
Dark Ambient. Heerwegen Tod Production has the pleasure to present Viri Probi, the third part of Lux Mundi, eagerly awaited by all the Paranoia Inducta fans. Lux Mundi follows Gloria Laus and Pia Fraus (released by Beast of Prey) and addresses the issue of atrocities committed by Roman Catholic Church. The disc (released in jewel case) contains 49 minutes of emotional, dark and dynamic ambient music which perfectly complements two previous parts... The darkness of the music stresses the wicked nature of Catholic Church, the dynamic performance of sacral parts refers to monumental structures of temples where all the crimes and persecution against those who did not accept Christian values, were taking place... Viri Probi (act III) is another great achievement of Anthony Armaggedon Destroyer talent and his unique approach to the music (or as he calls it anti-music). It can be compared to Cold Meat Industry, projects of Desiderii Marginis, Raison d'etre or Megaptera. All the followers of Paranoia Inducta will find themselves mesmerised by liveliness, dynamic and expresssion of his music... [label info]

PROXIMA THULE -- "Integralnye Sny" -- CD -- €8
2020 MIC Label, MIC 015, (ltd. 100)
Dark Electro / EBM. "Integralnye Sny" (Integral Dreams) is the first full-length release of the Odessa post-industrial project Proxima Thule. The disc contains a diverse and powerful fusion of EBM, dark-electro, future pop and synthgoth. The 11 chapters of the dark futuristic manifesto contain some undoubted dancefloor killer tracks like 'Alive Dead', 'Worms', 'Man and Machine', hysterically philosophical 'Time' and 'Your New World', prophetic 'Future' and 'Liars'; apocalyptic 'Void Over the World' and 'We Will Stay'. Bonus - oriental rave song 'Hydra Says', dedicated to the memory of Keith Flint... Proxima Thule says. Proxima Thule opens up sores. Proxima Thule accelerates the locomotive. [label info]

RAMLEH -- "The Great Unlearning" -- 2 CD -- €14
2019/2020 Fourth Dimension Records, FD2CD121
Noise Rock / Industrial. The 2CD version of the group's fantastic new album, originally released during the summer as a 2LP by Egyptian label Nashazphone. An absolutely stunning collection of songs by Gary Mundy, Anthony Di Franco, Stuart Dennison, Martyn Watts, Philip Best and Sarah Froelich that draw from post-punk, ravaged psychedelia, raw electronics and, of course, their own background as purveyors of music both intense and uncompromising. Packaged in a 6-panel foldout sleeve similar to the previous 'Circular Time' album. Quite possibly album of the year at Fourth Dimension HQ... Of the original 2LP release Brainwashed said: "Like 2015's 'Circular Time', 'The Great Unlearning' is another massive release from Ramleh, though a bit more concise as a double record, rather than a double CD. While 'Circular Time' was definitely a rock album, this one features the band further merging their two styles. On the whole it works as a perfect culmination of the project’s sound, from the ultra low fidelity tapes of the early 1980s, into the dense noise rock of the 1990s to the polished production of today. In just short of 80 minutes, 'The Great Unlearning' manages to summarize everything that has made Ramleh so brilliant for the past four decades, and hopefully a hint as to what will come next from Mundy and Di Franco in the future." [label info]

ROBINSON, EUGENE S. & PHILIPPE PETIT -- "Chapel in the Pines" -- CD -- €10
2018 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB028
Avantgarde / Spoken Word / Art Rock. The very latest set of collaborative work by Oxbow's frontman and a master of sonic architecture, Philippe Petit, this time also including Percy Howard on vocals. Aided by two of other musicians, the five pieces here are built around brooding spoken word accompanied by a range of electronics, guitars, percussion, piano and metallic sounds moulded into suitable backdrops. Anybody familiar with the previous collaborative albums will be able to grasp the sometimes ravaged nature at work here. Utterly commanding, Chapel in the Pines ebbs into a space where the literary meets contemporary abstract sound in absolute harmony. Includes 8pp. booklet of Eugene's words. [label info]

SCAB, DOM F. -- "Crosswords" -- CD -- €10
2005 Margen, 0105/3
Berlin School. Crosswords is the latest release by Spain based synthisist Dom F. Scab. This new CD is a fantastic concept album which brings visions into every listeners' eyes and mind. Beautiful melodies, atmospheres and sequences with excellent keyboard work are the Scab trademarks and are plentiful on this inspired work. Crosswords is full of delightful surprises and fresh and powerful sounds in an irresistible kaleidoscope of electronic musical styles. Any open-minded, adventurous musical lover will return to this magical CD again and again. [label info]

SCAB, DOM F. -- "Necessary Fears" -- CD -- €10
2006 Margen, 0206/2
Berlin School. Spanish synthesist Dom F. Scab has quite a large discography and has established himself as an important figure in electronic music. He is taking the Berlin school of spacey sequencer-driven electronics in new directions. Twelve Stories (2004), Crosswords (2005), and Necessary Fears (2006) all have strong influences of Tangerine Dream circa Stratosfear, plus a few instances of more Vangelis-like material. Never too abstract or experimental, his music is full of classic Teutonic sequencing blended with melodic elements. [Cue-Records]

SEALED IN BLOOD -- "Coemeterium" -- CD -- €7
2012/2013 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 001
Dark Ambient. We present the third full lenght album of burial dark ambient project Sealed In Blood. Named “Coemeterium” is darkest album in all existence of this Lower Silesian project. Graven night, cold and gloomy autumnal atmosphere with drone echoes, gongs and creaking living elements. Full of death, fullmoon in the fog, dark side of nature, catacombes, graveyeards and ancient burial ceremonies is the content for this album. Firs time on CD! [label info]

SEALED IN BLOOD -- "Death Is The Part Of Life" -- CD -- €7
2014 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 003
Dark Ambient. We wish to proudly present the 4th full-lenght album of dark ambient project from Lower Silesia (Poland). Inspirated by death, graveyards and ruins, music is a 58 minutes of dark and mysterious sounds of death copper mine industrial waves and full of life forest topped by keyboard and dark acoustic compositions. [label info]

SEALED IN BLOOD -- "Streams Of The Boundless Elements" -- CD -- €7
2007/2019 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 013
Dark Ambient. The first full-length album of one-man project from Lower Silesia (Poland). Over 67 minutes of cold dark ambient misanthropy, journey through the forest lands, inspired by the dark side of nature. [label info]

SEALED IN BLOOD -- "You’ll Forever Be The Monument Commemorating The Souls Condemned By Life" -- CD -- €7
2009/2018 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 011
Dark Ambient. Re-released and remastered second full-length album of this Polish dark ambient alter ego of Funeral (GOAT THRON), originally issued on CDR/tape and now on CD proper for the first time. Hypnotic drone and cavernous dark ambient, with sacred neoclassical elements and deep vocals. The sounds were recorded in caves, graveyards, forests, mountains and a copper mine. Cold, tomb-dwelling and misanthropic dark ambient with a great cover made by Krzysztof Chorazy. [Cold Spring]

SELECTED KILLING -- "Secret Tombstone" -- 3"CD -- €8
2019 Freak Animal Records, FA-CD-108, (ltd. 300)
Power Electronics. ENCEPHALOPHONIC + GRUNT. In times when you hear people complaining about power electronics being misogynist, violent and painful to listen to, you tend to ask some guidance where to find such vile material! It is often surprisingly rare occasion where such releases are found. Freak Animal is proud to offer SELECTED KILLING, project including ENCEPHALOPHONIC on high voltage ripper electronics and GRUNT being responsible for conceptual acoustic sounds and vocals. Each track is build solely from vocal track, one layer of electronics and one acoustic sound element. Despite tripped down form, you will hear surprisingly diverse results. Utmost loudness and ear ripping power. [label info]

SYNCORE -- "Fear Contagion" -- CD -- €7
2020 MIC Label, MIC 017, (ltd. 100)
Electro / Industrial. The first EP from the joint project of the HOLOCODER member (Sergey Korotaev), Alex Sect (PURGE) and Rodion Skityaev (CONFLICT, OUTPOST 11). MANUFACTURA (USA), TO AVOID (Germany), ALPHAMAY (Germany), MY LOVE KILLS (Germany) worked on the remixes... Human vices through the prism of a world pulsating in its death throes. The fear that turned all humanity into biorobots. The Apocalypse is not just TV-actors painted in gouache. This is real life, where each of us monotonously drives a nail into the lid of our own coffin. [label info]

THEOROTH -- "Darkness Never Fades" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Valgriind / Glasir CDR Series, 11
Atmospheric Black Metal / Dungeon Synth from the Russian project coming from Mikhaylovsk, the Urals.

THEOROTH -- "Wounds Of The Monumental Majesty" -- CD-R -- €5
2017/2020 Valgriind / Glasir CDR Series, 12
Atmospheric Black Metal / Dungeon Synth from the Russian project coming from Mikhaylovsk, the Urals.

THIRDORGAN -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2020 Abhorrent Creation Tapes, ACT002, (ltd. 350)
Noise. A new album by the famous Japanese Noise project of Akihiro Shimizu, who's also the boss of Alienation Records.

UESUGI, YASUYUKI -- "Mental Suffering May Help Shorten My Life" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_54, (ltd. 20)
Noise self reflection from a person with autism spectrum. Gray groans and moaning due to exhaustion by social bombing. Signals of continuous empathic overload and timid attempts to build a protective cocoon. But post-modern is still merciless. CD-R with printed surface, packed in green jewel-case. [label info]

UNDO TRIBE -- "Diamond Eye" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Kill Ego, KLLG006, (ltd. 50)
Minimal Techno / Lo-Fi. Side-project of Garish Cyborg, operated by the boss of Kill Ego label and dedicated to the hypnotic sound of minimal/acid techno. CDR packed in slim jewel case with an obi-strip.

UNDO TRIBE -- "No Place To Run / Letargy" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Kill Ego, KLLG010, (ltd. 50)
Minimal Techno / Lo-Fi. Side-project of Garish Cyborg, operated by the boss of Kill Ego label. CDR packed in slim jewel case with an obi-strip. "At that time we were listening to a lot of acid techno - and only discovering this sound - TB-303. And also the hypnoticity of monotonous minimal techno. These tracks were recorded on the same wave, over one or two weeks. A couple of tracks were recorded literally in a row, within one day. This particular edition of KILL EGO is a kind of 'best of' release with tracks previously published only in web format". [from the author]

VITOULIS, SAM -- "April 4th 1984" -- CD -- €10
2003 Margen, 1103/2
Ambient / Berlin School. April 4th 1984, the new album by Catalan Sam Vitoulis, is his more ambitious piece of work. Influences comes out from Berlin School, Vangelis symphonic and melodic structures and film music. He performs it on electronic instruments such us Yamaha CS-80, Moogs, Mellotron... There are amazing sequences, great melodies and orchestrations, and exciting rhythms. April 4th 1984 is an album of very impressive and intense music with exquisite arrangements and seductive landscapes. [label info]

VITOULIS, SAM & SERGIO KOVAL -- "Leonard" -- CD -- €10
2005 Margen, 0105/1
Ambient / Berlin School / Neoclassical. Over twelve months in the making, Leonard combines qualities of the work of both Koval and Vitoulis, who make music in the legacy of synthesizer artists of the 70's such as TANGERINE DREAM, MICHAEL HOENIG, VANGELIS, etc., while pushing out into territory previously unfamiliar to both... Leonard is a collection of 16 epic, open and spacies tracks. Combining the classic patters and timbres of modular analog synthesizers with the latest digital devices, Koval and Vitoulis explored a murky, moody domain evocative of both the interstellar void and the infinitely more mysterious expanses of myth and the mind... Amazing sequences orchestrations and choral arrangements, high-class melodies and the intemporal flavour of vintage synthesizers (Yamaha CS-80, Moog, Mellotron). [label info]

WINTAAR -- "Innersorrow" -- CD -- €5
2019/2020 Valgriind, VG65
Black Metal. One-man Atmospheric Black Metal band from Mikhaylovsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. "On this album, I definitely returned to atmospheric and measured music. You can call it depressive, but I prefer the definition of “introspective”. Although it concerns almost all of my music. But the album was spontaneous and painful. My dark thoughts, doubts and experiences at the end of the summer, waiting for the new winter..." [from the author]

WOLLO, ERIC -- "Silver Beach" -- CD -- €10
1987/2005 Margen, 0105/4
Ambient. This is a classic electronic album from the eighties recorded by the Norwegian composer Erik Wøllo in 1986. Silver Beach is Erik’s most rhythmic album consisting of fifteen intense and stunning tracks from his early career. At the time, Electronic music was still in its early stages, and the MIDI revolution had just started to influence the way artists made music... The original Silver Beach album (tracks 1-8) was released on vinyl on the Norwegian label Cicada Records in 1987. In 1988 the album was released on CD (also Cicada) and included the additional and very rhythmical tracks “Little Big Tune” and “Mountain Train.” The album was re-released on CD on the Spanish label Margen Records in 2005, remastered and fine-tuned with 5 additional previously unreleased tracks from the same era. [Projekt]

YOUNG TRIBE -- "Mushroom Season" -- CD -- €8
2020 MIC Label, MIC 014, (ltd. 100)
Techno / Tribal. MIC Label presents the debut EP of the YOUNG TRIBE project. Thunderous audio mix of urbanism and forgotten tribal rituals. Constant movement of atmospheric patterns, overdriven bass and swinging rhythm section. The disc is released in a limited edition in the Digipack format, which will adorn the collection of all connoisseurs of underground Tribal electronics. [label info]

ZAKLON -- "Uslied Zmiorzłamu Soncu..." -- CD -- €5
2010/2020 Valgriind, VG61
Black Metal. One-man black metal band from Minsk, Belarus. Reissue of the album previously released in 2010 by the Belarus label Possession Productions.

ZINKL -- "Dance Music For Insects" -- CD -- €10
2002 Margen, 0202
Electronic / Prog Rock / Experimental. Munich based composer and sound designer Zinkl proved himself with his first albums as a musician, who never treads beaten tracks. Between the worlds of electronic music, progressive rock, jazz or world music Zinkl seeks his artistic freedom and creates most unusual soundtracks for imaginary movies. With his new longplayer "Dance Music For Insects" Zinkl continues what he started with the musical science fiction adventures on his third album "Plexus Andromeda": Once again he has dedicated a whole album to a very special topic. Insects, Zinkl says, may seem banal at first glance, but on closer examination (i.e. through a magnifying glass) show themselves to be bizarre monsters, "unbelievably robust and resistant and extremely strange." Thus the notoriously inventive Zinkl confronts the listener with accordingly bizarre and strange sounds in his purely instrumental dance music for the multi-legged animals. Again his affection for cryptical humour, for drolleries and funny horror makes his music flourish beautifully. Still there is an important new aspect to Zinkl's music: There is a new emphasis on grooves, the architecture of the songs is more open, amidst all the sophistication sensuality has gained more ground. In short: "Dance Music For Insects" is the most accessible Zinkl album to date. [BSC Music]


BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE UPROAR -- split -- 7" -- €14
1994 Thumbprint Press / DP, DP-1, (ltd. 200)
Noise. Split 7" by the American and Finnish noise projects. Blue vinyl, letterpressed cover, an insert.

1993 DP, DP-6, (ltd. 200)
Noise. Split 7" by the Finnish and American noise projects. Black vinyl, comes with an insert.

BLACK STATE -- "Offensive Weapon" -- 7" -- €14
2016 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-158 / Filth And Violence UK Division, FILTH&VIOLENCE UK DIVISION-6
Power Electronics / Noise. "2 brand new sides of filthy material from Black State. The sounds they are known for, perfect on vinyl format." [Stoic Strength]

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM -- "In My Heart" -- picture 10" -- €12
1998 Ant-Zen, act 80, (ltd. 480)
Experimental / Rhythmic Electronics. A picture-disc by Hiroshi Hashimoto/Contagious Orgasm, who gets lumped in with "Japanese noise" but isn't really noise at all. A whole lot of his music is rhythmic, even tribal, with lush soundtrack-like passages. [Bleak Bliss]

SLOTH -- "10th Anniversary 7"ep" -- 7" -- €14
2004 Painiac Records, (ltd. 100)
Sludge Metal / Experimental / Noise.


1:11 -- "Cut#001.216" -- CS -- €7
2019 TAKOE, TAK008E, (ltd. 10)
Industrial / Rhythmic Noise from the Russian musician Andrey Vorobyev (aka EGREGOROS, ex-RUINS OF MELANCHOLIA).

60CIRCUITS -- "Aquatic Radio FM" -- CS -- €7
2020 TAKOE, TAK014E
Dub / Experimental / Vaporwave from a dreamy Moscow-based project.

ABIOTICA -- "s/t" -- CS -- €7
2020 TAKOE, TAK012E, (ltd. 10)
House / Techno. Russian retro project exploring the sound of romantic house music of the 90s.

ARMADURA -- "Pangolin" -- CS -- €9
2020 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 117, (ltd. 140)
Ambient Rock. "Language of the sprite transformed into a poetry of movements. A grandious bird with wings aflame." [label info]

ARV & MILJO / LR -- "Pask" -- C-20 -- €14
2012 Joy De Vivre, JDV015
Industrial / Ambient. Composed by Arv & Miljö (Matthias Andersson) using sound sources from LR (Loke Rahbek).

AUSGEWALT -- "Phantasma Flesh" -- CS -- €7
2020 Kill Ego, KLLG031
Rhythmic Noise from Russia.

2011/2020 Winter Solstice, WS 008, (ltd. 40)
Indie Rock / Alternative Rock. Cult Russian indie-rock band from the city of Samara. Recommended for the fans of Pixies.

BELORUKOV, ILIA / JAON KAHN -- "Studio Album" -- CS -- €9
2020 Notice Recordings, NTR056, (ltd. 100)
Free Improvisation / Experimental / Noise. This studio recording of Jason Kahn (voice) and Ilia Belorukov (modular synthesizer) is tense and taut, as dry, crumbling sonic swathes manifest both as machine and human, facilitating an almost ceremonial liberation. Kahn has historically been known for electronic sounds exhibiting stasis and abrasive, enduring minimalism; as of late his work has been primarily concerned with his own unaltered voice. Belorukov’s work exists within the realm of improvised noise and electroacoustics, as he prioritizes a wide range of collaborations. Kahn's voice provides a stark contrast to Belorukov's jagged synthesis, like examining oneself close-up in a mirror. Here, these prolific musicians share a unique, intimate intensity through drastically different approaches. [label info]

BELORUKOV, ILIA / VASCO TRILLA -- "Laniakea" -- CS -- €9
2019 Astral Spirits, AS095 / Monofonus Press, MF198, (ltd. 150)
Free Improvisation / Electroacoustic. Ilia Belorukov – alto saxophone, fluteophone, electronics. Vasco Trilla – percussion. Recorded at Vasco’s studio in Barcelona on July 16, 2017.

BESTIALIZER -- "Atavistic Aggression" -- C-40 -- €8
2012 Narcolepsia, narco026, (ltd. 81)
Noise. "Remorseless murder pact carved by the legions of the blade. Blood mixed with shit mixed with blood." [Northern Heritage]

2013 Angst, ANGST_02 / Scorze Records, scrz025 / Suicide Autoproduzioni, scda003, (ltd. 100)
Industrial. Tape by M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) in cooperation with M.D.T. (Museo della Tortura). Two industrial, long-lenght, deep-listening tracks from Italy.

BLACK SKY CHANT -- "I'll Sleep Untill I See The Moon" -- CS -- €6
2012 Aguirre Records, ZORN23
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. Black Sky Chant is Russian Sergei Dmitriev, already known to some of you through his wonderful Karelian compositions as BEDROOM BEAR. On his first release as BSC let us have a look into his beautiful dark dreams infused by radio signals... [label info]

BLATANT FOG -- "Aversion" -- CS -- €7
2019 Begushchij Chelovek, БЧ021, (ltd. 10)
Noise project from Obninsk, Russia playing on analogue synthesizers.

BOXHEAD -- "...Time Wich Belongs To Us" -- CS -- €8
2004/2020 Winter Solstice, WS 004, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Noise Rock. Winter Solstice presents the album "...time wich belongs to us" of the Moscow-based electronic project Boxhead, filled with otherworldly electronic pulsations, guitar passages in the spirit of the later Einsturzende Neubauten and filigree work with noises. The addictive rhythm of each composition. Nothing superfluous... The material presented on the cassette was recorded in 2000-2002, partially released by the NN Records label. The audio cassette also contains previously unpublished material, which was also revised by the author specifically for this release. [label info]

BURIAL HEX / JOSHUA NORTON CABAL -- split -- C-20 -- €7
2008 Cult Cassettes, (ltd. 96)
Dark Ambient / Noise.

BURIAL HEX / SKIN GRAFT -- split -- C-32 -- €8
2008 Cult Cassettes, (ltd. 96)
Dark Ambient / Noise.

CABALIST -- "Chromo Of War" -- CS -- €9
2020 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 115, (ltd. 110)
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Techno. Danish project run by Susanne Benther Mouritsen (aka GERSEMI, YURI, SHELL FANTASY, etc). "Scenes from a tainted field, actions move and pierce like javelins, swords and shields, a streamed crisis - a lost summer." [label info]

CHEMICAL WAVES -- "Lasting Forever" -- CS -- €8
2020 Winter Solstice, WS 005 / ScentAir Records, MIC/SA 001, (ltd. 20)
Cold Wave / Post Punk. A sound with post-punk, darkwave and coldwave echoes, so deep and intense in decadent atmospheres, dark hues in a dark landscapes. Immerse yourself in intense emotions, sometimes warm and sometimes glacial. The Chemical Waves that you are inhaling in your body will leave you with an indelible trace. It’s a project of Marco Cattani, member of HALO EFFECT and THE MARK... There are things destined to last forever. Things that remain in memory, inextricably linked to fragments of life, to memories, flavors, colors and emotions. “Lasting Forever” is a journey inside a photo album that, track after track, recalls stories, like a sequence of snapshots. An album full of great international guests, ranging from different shades and genres, darkwave, cold-wave, new-wave, and intimate instrumental textures. Like in a collection of the best songs by each artist, this work brings together some of the most successful performances of each guest and many songs destined to remain impressed over time. After the success of the previous one, “Even When We Fall Apart”, Chemical Waves, Marco Cattani’s project (HALO EFFECT and THE MARK), returns with an exciting new album that will not disappoint its listeners and will surprise the new ones. [label info]

CHERNOPLOD' -- "Demo'20" -- CS -- €7
2020 Siege Golem Tapes, (ltd. 10)
Black Metal / Folk. Two demos of the Chernoplod' project in audio cassette format. Side A - demo of 2018, side B - demo of 2020. Demo'18 consists of 2 compositions. Raw black metal with a folk bias due to female vocals, singing "folk" parts and lyrics of the tracks. Demo'20 adheres to the same vector, but it has acquired a more "cutting" sound and three more songs. Also there is more emphasis on female parts and more thoughtful instrumental textures. Both releases and lyrics are on opposite sides of the same cassette. Recorded in the attic near the village of Chernoe Zakhonye,​Pskov region, Russia. [from the artists]

CHEWING ELEPHANTS -- "Cassette" -- CS -- €7
2019 YAD, (ltd. 10)
Noise Rock / No Wave / Lo-Fi. The anthology of Chewing Elephants opens with the album 'Cassette'. The most spontaneous of all three, it also has all the charm of the first pancake. Rushed arrangements, made on the go, complement the lyrics, also composed spontaneously. The album, which should have been recorded in the kitchen, appeared in the basement of a rehearsal base. The title track is a good example of analog mixing as it was recorded over a dance music tape. The result is a "natural collage". Songs with a dance background in the most direct sense of the word. [label info]

CHEWING ELEPHANTS -- "Everything Shrank Inside" -- CS -- €7
2019 YAD, (ltd. 10)
Noise Rock / No Wave / Lo-Fi. The cycle is continued by the most hit album "Everything Shrank Inside". The pinnacle of Chewing Elephants' creativity. Songs written in the train on the way to rehearsal are accompanied by wandering and the rollcall of mismatched instruments. The psychedelic sound and love lyrics create a spring mood. I can't even believe that people who consider themselves producers will later consider this project futile. [label info]

CHEWING ELEPHANTS -- "Ferro" -- CS -- €7
2019 YAD, (ltd. 10)
Noise Rock / No Wave / Lo-Fi. The album "Ferro" closes the trilogy - an example of the fact that metallization of sound doesn't necessarily tend to make it heavier. Noisy recording, as if slightly rusty. The lyrics are imbued with the theme of distance and the desire to travel. Light autumn sadness. The band had one more record, after which began the history of the BROOKS band. Until then, here's the unprecedented declassification of archives. For connoisseurs only. [label info]

THE CRAWLING CHAOS -- "s/t" -- CS -- €7
2017 Отвар, #5, (ltd. 30)
Noise Metal / Sludge / Avantgarde Jazz from Moscow. Too experimental band, it just ain't possible to describe their full genre palette here, varying between doom, black metal and grindcore, flavoured with saxophone noise. Among the members of the group are the members of IL and DEKONSTRUKTOR, and this certainly says something! [Outown]

CREMATION LILY -- "A Body Of One's Own" -- C-30 -- €10
2013/2015 Strange Rules, RULE-082, (ltd. 72)
Industrial / Noise. Reissue of a self-released cassette from 2013.

CREMATION LILY -- "Drug Trafficking Case Histories Greek Island Yellow Sand" -- C-25 -- €17
2013 Strange Rules, RULE-045, (ltd. 54)
Industrial / Noise / Power Electronics.

CREMATION LILY -- "Votive Mirror" -- C-20 -- €14
2012 Strange Rules, RULE-027, (ltd. 39)
Industrial / Noise / Power Electronics.

DETERGE -- "Prince Of Palo Alto" -- C-30 -- €13
2018 Bacteria Field, Bacteria Field 062, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics from the US.

EINLEITUNGSZEIT -- "Die Menschzerstörung" -- CS -- €17
1995 Crewzine
Industrial. A great example of classic raw industrial sound of 90s from Slovakia.

EINLEITUNGSZEIT -- "Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation" -- CS -- €17
1996 Crewzine, CREW T08
Industrial. A great example of classic raw industrial sound of 90s from Slovakia.

ELECTRO-HARAM -- "Temporary Temples" -- CS -- €7
2020 TAKOE, TAK011E, (ltd. 30)
Sound Collage / Experimental. Side A recorded live at Powerhouse, Moscow on 6/9/19 featuring DarkBlack. Side B recorded live at Efremov’s flat on Nalichnaya street in Saint-Petersburg on 23/8/19 missing Salimkhan and featuring Mårble. Cover artwork by @luisbuduale. Performed, recorded and released in the name of mental and psychopharmacological freedom for all the living creatures, who deserve it with the approval of Higher Council of Electro-Haram warlords community gathering held virtually from ⴰⵎⵓⵔⴰⴽⵓⵛ, Den Haag, თბილისი and ⱀⰰⱃⰻⱌⰰⰵⰿⰰ Ⰲⰻⰽⰻⱂⱑⰴⰺⱑ. [from the artist]

ETERNAL RELIC -- "Illness" -- CS -- €8
2020 Winter Solstice, WS 008, (ltd. 30)
Dark Ambient. Great dark ambient project from Severodvinsk, Russia. Electronic pulsations, mesmerizing, cold soundscapes, otherworldly noises and an atmosphere of madness. Lovecraft fans will definitely love it. This kind of music fits not only for reading books, but for letting go of sins! Ten claustrophobic instrumental horror stories that will please all fans of the genre. [label info]

EVENINGS -- "Anhedonic Comas" -- 2 CS -- €10
2011 Second Sleep, SS035
Experimental / Dark Ambient from the US musician Miles Haney. C-52 + C-26 tapes packed in a 5" reel box.

EVERYDAY LONELINESS -- "Omissions" -- C-50 -- €10
2012 Second Sleep, SS050
Experimental / Drone / Minimal. A project of Jon Borges (Emaciator, Vasculae, Monorail Trespassing label) from the US. "This is one of the few special ambient/atmospheric albums that I revisit regularly becuase the content resonates with me and takes me to a particular mental state. The compositions are pretty basic and that's the point, these are basically just collections of various decaying tape loops, masterfully stitched together to create a very unusual sonic fabric. Non-cliche darkness, tense melancholy. Beautiful." [Dawid Kowalski].

EXETEXE -- "System Error" -- CS -- €7
2020 Kill Ego, KLLG033
Drum'n'Bass / Experimental from the depths of Moscow underground scene.

EXTREME KINDNESS / KRONA -- split -- CS -- €7
2019 Begushchij Chelovek, БЧ018, (ltd. 10)
Noise / Industrial split of two Russian projects from Tolyatti and Moscow.

FAKE MOVEMENT -- "Special Mobile Dub Force" -- CS -- €7
2020 TAKOE, TAK013E
IDM / Dub / Experimental from Moscow. "Fake Movement is instant music, quick-cooking noodles of Russian underground, a scam with thimbles on an unfinished playground, a broken toy disguised as a new one, a "doll" instead of crispy bills. There is no point in straining. There is a point in relaxing, as deception is inevitable." [from the author]

FUTILITEIT ORCHESTRA -- "Burning Bridges" -- CS -- €8
2020 NEN Records, NEN42, (ltd. 45)
Synth-Pop / New Wave. «Eighties, I’m living in the eighties!», — the bug-eyed prophed yelled, and we listened to him with our mouths open. Thirty-odd years passed, the prophet sailed to isles and the eighties gave their way to the twenties. What happened?... In the scheme of things, nothing changed. This record is another confirmation of world in constant. Sedated disco, linear stand at the inner «tshun!» command, songs about the art of falling apart, that your parents went amiss and that you have found low key. Consider this as a cult offering to the spirit of pop mu-sick never became really popular in its days, but sprouted years later. A revision of simple sound techniques, evoking sensations far from simple. An applied eroticism of unjustified expectations and broken promises, a truly perpetual world engine, making everyone dance in its motion... What else remains, when we have no Joan of Arc and even no girl with an oar slipped into the images of time, but only a corpse, wrapped in plastic? Just take this piece of polymer mass and stop the world... Two-sided color inlay sleeve in a jewel case. 45 hand-numbered copies. Color stickers on both sides of a tape. Cases come in a numbered mail envlope with a marked separation line. [label info]

GALAXY THE INCUBATOR -- "Invisible Strike (Semitransparent)" -- C-48 -- €6
2020 Den Noiser Memorial Archive / YAOP, YAOP 101, (ltd. 35)
Radionoise. To commemorate Den Neuser's 35th birthday on October 12, 2020, Den Noiser Memorial Archive, Glasir CDR Series and YAOP have co-released the previously unissued 2009 Galaxy The Incubator's album "Invisible Strike (Semitransparent)", which has been discovered more than 10 years later in the Valgriind archives. YAOP is responsible for producing the cassette version of the release. A dense and massive Droning Radionoise, dedicated to the history of the world's first long-range ballistic missile "V-2", its development and experience in combat use. Given the importance of space topic in Den's work, the concept of an album dedicated to the rocket that laid the foundation for all astronautics is not at all coincidental for GTI. Rare photos of "V-2" were provided from the collection of the famous researcher and thinker Katarij. [label info]

GORDON, DALE -- "Sex in the Family" -- C-20 -- €15
2007 Institute Of Paraphilia Studies, (ltd. 50)
Noise / Power Electronics. More immoral yuck from Finnish singer/songwriter Mikko Aspa, again using sleazy paperback art as a cover for paraphilic prurience. Aspa's name is nowhere on the tape, though. Instead, this is by "Dale Gordon, Ph.D" and it's not simply a c10 of rough aural abrasion, it's a "study". It must be science! [Bleak Bliss]

2014 self-released
Noise. 4 way split with different people, which I have been preparing to publish for three years. Forhazis, Thirst for Consumption, Merry Bread and my collaboration with Belial. A lot of noise and rumble, nothing progressive, just exceptional harshness. [Grigory Avrorin]

HAPANUHAJA -- "Selkärangan Räjähdys" -- CS -- €7
2019 Begushchij Chelovek, БЧ018, (ltd. 10)
Rhythmic Noise. Nine short tracks lasting from 20 seconds to 1.5 minutes.

HVILEDAG -- "Minder I Fire Satser" -- CS -- €9
2020 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 118, (ltd. 140)
Ambient / Experimental. "Drawn within a circle, dialogues lost in raging tides. Arpeggio rain plays upon the roof, serenading the unfolding fall." [label info]

IATEMYSELF -- "The Architect of Glass Puppets" -- CS -- €7
2019 Psychomor Rec, pschmr #01
Noise / Drone from Moscow, Russia. Sharp sound, yet contemplative atmosphere.

IATEMYSELF -- "Washed Away" -- CS -- €7
2018 TAKOE, TAK001E, (ltd. 10)
Noise / Experimental / Drone from Moscow, Russia.

INCAPACITANTS / MACRONYMPHA -- split -- C-60 -- €14
2018 Bizarre Audio Arts, (ltd. 50)
Noise. A split release from Japanese Noise maestros Incapacitants (Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa), and US Power Electronics act Macronympha.

J.NEHRU -- "Anshlag-Anshlag" -- CS -- €8
1998/2020 Winter Solstice, WS 009, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Industrial Rock. This band was a kind of "Russian Psyhic TV" in the 90s. They played music which was well-known in the world, yet completely incomprehensible in their native city of Tula. However they played live a lot and participated in small and big events on the local stage. Now this music sounds no less interesting than early releases by Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, The Residents and many other interesting bands, although we don't want to make such comparisons. This is the history of the Russian underground music, a must-have for everyone who's interested in it. [label info]

J.NEHRU -- "Cha-Cha" -- CS -- €8
1998/2020 Winter Solstice, WS 010, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Industrial Rock. Cult album by the legend of Russian underground from Tula. In fact, this is a compilation of the best tracks recorded in 1994-1997. This was the time when experimental and post-industrial music was basically unknown in Russia, but these guys played noisy industrial rock, guitar drone and hell knows what else... [label info]

J.NEHRU -- "Raduga-Duga" -- CS -- €8
1998/2020 Winter Solstice, WS 011, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Industrial Rock. This cassette contains the album "Raduga-Duga" recorded in 1998 and the recording of a live gig performed at "Big Tulish Noise" festival on 20.03.1993.

KHMER NOIR -- "Bring Back The Age Of The Guillotine" -- C-60 -- €15
2011 Styggelse
Power Electronics.

LEMONES -- "Parasites By The Trashboard Side" -- CS -- €7
2018 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 50)
Noise Rock / No Wave / Lo-Fi. The convulsive debut of the Belgian constructors. Absolutely senile no wave with magical lyrics. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Red Album (L’Album Pour Enfants)" -- C-40 -- €4
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_56, (ltd. 17)
Noise / Experimental / Sound Collage. Lo-Fi sound collage from the yard boy's childhood, passed through the schizophrenic noosphere of the present. Sultry summer days and war games. Dedicated to THAT MOST ARMAGEDONIAN TOAD. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Red Album (L’Album Pour Enfants)" -- 6" reel -- €28
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_56, (ltd. 17)
Noise / Experimental / Sound Collage. Lo-Fi sound collage from the yard boy's childhood, passed through the schizophrenic noosphere of the present. Sultry summer days and war games. Dedicated to THAT MOST ARMAGEDONIAN TOAD. Recorded at recycled soviet reel tapes and packed in a cardboard box. Side B duplicates side A. 3 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

LOCUST CONTROL -- "Quaebec" -- CS -- €7
2019 TAKOE, TAK010E, (ltd. 30)
Dub Techno / Electro Dub from Moscow.

MACRONYMPHA -- "Back In The Bedroom... Back Inside The Dungeon" -- C-60 -- €10
2016 Bacteria Field, Bacteria Field 033
Noise. Mixed by Joe Roemer (2016) from new sounds with Leonardo Sabatto and 20 year old Macro voice samples... Along with a few old collaboration cut ups from Taint and Mlehst.

MACRONYMPHA -- "Live at Aziz" -- C-62 -- €14
2010 Mother Savage Noise Productions, (ltd. 30)
Noise. Recorded 3/21/1993 live at Aziz, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. High quality recording featuring live versions of some of the material found on the Ninetythree tape mixed with heavy low end noise. 50 minutes live set plus 10 minutes of studio material. Edition of 30 copies issued by Rodger Stella.

MASKHEAD -- "Tied and Sodomized" -- C-20 -- €9
2016 Hiisi Productions, hiisi 008, (ltd. 50)
Noise. The new filthy perversions from the MASKHEAD. Journey into the world of extreme perversions continues.. 20 minutes of pure torturing metaljunk whipping and pedal penetration. Professionally dubbed tape comes with stylish b/w cover art. Because of the content, it's not recommended for easily offended people! [label info]

MILK-MAN*S=KRANTRANSPORT -- "Air Fields" -- CS -- €8
2020 Winter Solstice, WS 003, (ltd. 20)
Minimal Electro. Winter Solstice presents the album "Air Fields" by the Russian post-industrial musician Jay MilkMan who was an apologist of the construction and installation theme. The material presented on this cassette comes from two albums "30M" and "Air" which the musician didn't manage to release during his lifetime. The listener will discover minimalistic electro in the spirit of Kraftwerk, with the atmosphere of new buildings and airfields. The album will appeal to all fans of minimal electro and synth-pop. [label info]

MOYA81 -- "Sensoria" -- CS -- €8
2020 Winter Solstice, WS 007 / ScentAir Records, SA 002, (ltd. 20)
Minimal Electro / Synth Pop. Sensoria is the second release by MOYA81 on Scentair Records (Moscow). This rare release is a crossover of old school Synth music; Italo Disco, New Beat and EBM on a unique, perfect and simple creation. This album works marvellously for synth music lovers, dancefloor or sci-fi movies. [label info]

OLEORESIN CAPSICUM -- "Barbed Wire Burger" -- C-30 -- €7
2008 Turgid Animal, TA306
Noise. Side project of Gabriele Giuliani, of DEAD BODY LOVE and DISCORDANCE fame. In my opinion he's the very best Italian harsh noise artist. [label info]

OORCHACH / POGROM -- split -- C-40 -- €10
2010 self-released, (ltd. 98)
Industrial / Power Electronics. Split by two Lithuanian projects.

OTTAVEN -- "Endless Loops From Morocco" -- 2 CS -- €10
2010 Second Sleep, SS028
Field Recordings / Sound Collage. Giovanni Donadini is one of the most “young” prolific musician in italy today. For over a decade he do lots of great things. Touring the entire Europa, Japan and USA, putting out tones of shirts, prints, zines, cloths and working 24h a day in his silkscreen studio close to Alps (canedicoda.com). If you know Giovanni personaly, and see how he plays and paints, you can simply understand how everything is connected to his being and how everything results as a private experience. Ottaven in this box, works with collages of field recordings taken during a trip he did in Morocco, in 2001. No kind of editing but the creation of small loops that perfectly joins with longer ones. This simple structure captures listener's immagination and leave him free of taking a visual trip, as if he were watching to a documentary. [Soundohm]

PREE TONE -- "Brights" -- CS -- €7
2014 Freak Friendly D.I.Y., ff012, (ltd. 50)
Noise Rock / Psychedelic Rock. A trio from Kiev, Ukraine. Created at the intersection of the revolution and the war in late winter 2014. [label info]

ROTAT -- "Hate Is Good" -- CS -- €7
2017 Obsessive Fundamental Realism, OFR-014
Power Electronics / Noise from Finland.

SHISHKIN LES / MIROED -- "@shishikoedo" -- CS -- €7
2020 Siege Golem Tapes
Doom Metal / Drone / Experimental. We are pleased to present you the first collaboration with our destructive alter ego Miroed (miroed.bandcamp.com), which is dedicated to the fifth anniversary of our joint tour/concert activity. To create it, we united in one big orchestra of 7 people: three vocals, two drums, keys, noises, lots of guitars and even an accordion! This song is about thousands of kilometers of roads, about hundreds of strangers, dozens of countries and cities, about the dirty and best clubs in Europe, about luxurious villas and squats with rats, about hundreds of hours of music and rehearsals, about tons of drunk and smoked, about the seas and mountains, about the people who were with us on this looong way, and after all about our friendship. Saga of the endless cycle of death and rebirth of Shishkoed, which destroys everything in its way... [from the artists]

SOGRA -- "Rzhavye Steny / Lodochnaya" -- CS -- €7
2017 Отвар, #17, (ltd. 30)
Measured minimalistic Industrial with the elements of field recordings at the junction with monochromatic HNW. One of the numerous projects of the Ural-based musician Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR, labels Ostroga, Heart-Shaped Box, Torga Amun, Zaimka, etc.).

ST. FRACTALIUM / EVAMUSS -- split -- CS -- €7
2019 TAKOE, TAK006E, (ltd. 30)
IDM / Glitch. St. Fractalium - a duet from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia with two rather sharp tracks. Evamuss is a project by the Peruvian musician Christian Galarreta (aka SAJJRA) with one long smoothly evolving rhythmic composition.

SYMBIOSIS / WINTERBLOOD -- "Contemplando La Rotazione Degli Astri Attorno Ad Un Punto Immobile" -- CS -- €5
2012 Black Death Production, BDP009, (ltd. 333)
Dark Ambient. A split-tape from two Italian projects with over 70 minutes of pure, mysterius and gloomy Dark Ambient. [label info]

SYMPHOCAT -- "Hear Waterfalls / Inner Waterfalls" -- 2 CS -- €14
2020 Pantheon, PAN158, (ltd. 30)
Ambient. Symphocat is a moniker of Ilia Pucheglazov, Russian ambient music composer and live gigs curator, working with numerous electronic and experimental music initiatives, institutions and festivals in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and other cities. Ilia is also known for his netlabel SSI [Simphonic Silence Inside], keeping a prolific catalog of electronic & ambient music... The album is interpreting the theme of internal, spiritual waterfalls and a philosophical discussion about water element through ambient and meditative music. "...In this album, I wanted to show internal currents, streams that flow into rivers, and then flow through rapids and waterfalls. The album includes a wide variety of compositions and combinations, where melancholic, lyrical ambient, composed together with atonal and chaotic minimalism and separating this invisible border piece of field recordings making possible to rebuild the perception..." ~ Symphocat. Double cassette release with o-card envelope dubbed in real-time on hi-quality type I tapes. [label info]

TECHNICHESKIY PRUD -- "Severyaninskiy Bridge" -- C-44 -- €7
2020 Podzemnoye Techeniye, pt006, (ltd. 18)
Experimental Electronics / Lo-Fi / Field Recordings. The second album of the percussion-noise project Technicheskiy Prud ("Technical Pond") is devoted to the study of the architectural acoustics of the Severyaninsky Bridge in Moscow. The 40-minute 3D sound maquette consists in half of noises recorded mainly under the bridge: commuter trains, bus routes, long-distance trains, freight cars, etc., as well as the sounds of objects found on the spot. The acoustic diversity is mixed together with synthesizer experiments made during the same period. All material was recorded and mixed in a month. This is an impression album in which the transport hub is viewed as a polyphonic instrument: technogenic rustles merge with instrumental textures, creating a feeling of presence and consideration from several angles simultaneously. The sound structures are complemented by photographs taken on site during the recording process. Each cassette is unique. [label info]

TLFN -- "Symbolic" -- CS -- €7
2019 TAKOE, TAK009E, (ltd. 30)
Techno / Industrial from St. Petersburg, Russia.

TREMORKIKIMOR -- "Grunt" -- CS BOX -- €13
2020 Pantheon / Utrovortu, (ltd. 25)
Drone / Folk / Psychedelic. The debut release of this Russian project relating to UHUSHUHU and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label. Handmade box with a herbarium... "The first album of the combined girl's drone-noise ensemble is dedicated to the soil and everything that is hidden in it. "Grűnt" is comprised of a home session with a little further refinement and a seasonal lullaby with a tender name "Lunaria". This release is a joint publication of the labels "ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ" and "Utrovortu", it has a beneficial effect on the cultivation of aloe, hibiscus cuttings, as well as mulching wormwood. Each copy is designed by hand." [from the authors]

VAUPEL, O. -- "Syv Begyndelser" -- CS -- €9
2020 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 116, (ltd. 140)
Experimental / Industrial. Danish musician who is also responsible for such projects as MANON LESCAUT, TELLURIC CURRENT and TRUCE. "We chased a silver Moon, bound by chains of air. An intention trails before her like translucent vaporous hair." [label info]

VSEGDA MNOGO -- "s/t" -- CS -- €7
2020 Kill Ego, KLLG032
Acid / Techno.

WRONG HOLE -- "Esthetic Savings" -- C-20 -- €7
2013 Joy De Vivre, JDV022
Noise project of Nial Morgan. Furious frenzy and oppressive saturation from this California talent, 20 minutes of best-quality harsh noise on the cutting edge. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Sportfront" -- C-36 -- €6
2020 Luxury Terrace, LuxTer 02, (ltd. 22)
Industrial. The sports theme is not very spoiled by attention of musicians, and in the field of experimental music it is completely exotic. Some of the examples that can be recalled offhand are the prog-ambient "Ode to the Good Messenger" by Eduard Artemiev, the Musique Concrète canvas "Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme" by Muslimgauze and the industrial album "Jačati Tijelo Sportom" by the great Croatian act SAT Stoicizmo, although there is not so much sport as one might expect from the title. The new cassette of the industrial project YAO 91404 D released by Luxury Terrace is intended to continue this list. Based on a solid foundation of futuristic ideas from the second quarter of the 20th century, this work is made in the style of the old-school Mechano-Industrial: it boils with a heavy, thick and powerful machine sound - matching the rough blackness of the album artwork. The resilient dynamism of groovy machine rhythms is saturated with excerpts from old football broadcasts, tearing apart the dynamics of antediluvian radio receivers with a roar of jubilant stadiums. Truly fighting work, once again confirming the immutable dogma that sport is, first of all, a sublimation of war, no matter what conclusions are drawn from this. Limited edition of 22 hand-numbered copies. Black and white cassette covers and stickers. Extra photo sticker included. [label info]

YS -- "Loops for Michael Jordan & Loops for Psyduck" -- CS -- €7
2020 Begushchij Chelovek, БЧ025, (ltd. 10)
Sound Collage / Plunderphonics from the Moscow-based musician.


"DEGENERATE #4" -- zine -- €8
2005 Freak Animal / Kaos Kontrol
A predecessor of Special Interests zine, issue #4, summer 2005. Barzel, Boyd Rice / NON, Brethren, C.O. Caspar, DVT, Fire In The Head, Haare, I.Corax, Niko Scorpio, Poiekt Hat, Segerhuva, Snip-Snip Records, Spatter Productions, Grunt USA tour report + articles & reviews. A4 format, 48 pages, English language.

Flea market

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - Loop Floor - 7" - VG+/NM - €6
EXPLORING JEZEBEL - She Extracts The Last Drop Of Torture… - CS - NM/VG+ - €22

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III. Back in stock

ASTARIUM / UVODNA -- "Odalism" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2017/2018 Valgriind / Glasir CD-R Series, 04
Dark Ambient / Darkwave. Reissue of the split, previously released as a 3.5" floppy disk. This edition finally features the audio tracks in full quality. ASTARIUM performs shamanic Darkwave with a mouth harp, and a track by the Siberian project UVODNA is closer to pagan neoclassics and late SUMMONING. Double sleeve. A beautiful release in all aspects. [YAOP]

BINARY DIRGE -- "Sultriness In Brains" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Valgriind / Glasir CD-R Series, 06, (ltd. 44)
Radionoise. The new release of this Russian project from Novosibirsk. Static mid-frequency radionoise saturated with the painful atmosphere of stuffiness, poisoning, devastation and radioactivity. Vinyl case, black & white cover plus insert. [YAOP]

CXXVII -- "Terminal Vertex" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Kill Ego, KLLG015
Industrial / Dub from Moscow, Russia. CD-R packed in a slim jewel-case with an obi-strip.

DADHIKRA -- "Siberia" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Valgriind / Glasir CDR Series, 02, (ltd. 28)
Ritual Ambient. Recorded as a continuation of a 7" with the tales of the Yukaghir people, this album is also inspired by the traditional culture of the Siberian folk. Mouth harps, shaman's drums, throat singing, wooden flutes, noise of raindeer herds - all these ingenuous but convincing instruments create a chtonic canvas in the tones of viscous dirty brutal sound. The music is so energetic and emotionless at the same time, that it can fit well for any kind of pastime, mood and way of listening. A step on a firm hillock among the champing swamps - on a steady way to the ideal. Cover handmade of vintage cardboard, every copy looks differently. [YAOP]

DAN DRESDEN -- "enihsnuS" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 Kill Ego, KLLG018, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Experimental from St. Petersburg, Russia. CD-R packed in a slim jewel-case with an obi-strip.

GALDRAREYNIR -- "Gal Anda VidR / Modra Wyrta" -- CD -- €5
2012/2020 Valgriind, VG63 / Garðarsk Uruz, URUZ ᚲ
Ritual / Dark Ambient. Garðarsk Uruz continues to explore the Nordic heritage of the Volkhov area, this time in cooperation with the brother label Valgriind, addressing to the works of the unique Ritual Ambient project GaldrareyniR from the ancient city of Holmgard (Veliky Novgorod), which hardly has any analogues on the world music scene. Dense and raw like swamped forests on the banks of the Volkhov river, a ritual canvas saturated with the live sounds of traditional instruments, inspired by the runic practices and the tradition of Edda. Having joined forces, the two labels have released the full discography of GaldrareyniR on two factory CDs, as his works were previously released only on self-made CD-Rs. The first CD includes the full-length album "Gal Anda VidR" from 2012 and a previously unreleased 15-minute track "Modra Wyrta". Jewel case. [label info]

GALDRAREYNIR -- "SolarLjod" -- CD -- €5
2014/2020 Valgriind, VG64 / Garðarsk Uruz, URUZ ᚷ
Ritual / Dark Ambient. The second disc from the reissue of the full archive of works of the Volkhov-area project GaldrareyniR contains its second full-length album "SolarLjod", originally released in 2014 as a small edition DIY CD-R. Nordic ritual action full of hypnotic vibrations of a mouth harp and a tambourine, dark forestal drones and an abundance of raw guitar clangs accompanying runic spells. Jewel case. [label info]

GARISH_CYBORG -- "2004-2006 selected tracks vol.1-3" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Kill Ego, KLLG002, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Leftfield / Experimental Electronics from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "Didjeridoo / Particle Tower" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Kill Ego, KLLG012, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Experimental Electronics from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project. Two-track EP.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "Echo Sessions" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Kill Ego, KLLG004, (ltd. 50)
Dub Techno from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "Gradieren" -- CD-R -- €5
2013 Kill Ego, KLLG001, (ltd. 50)
Guitar Ambient from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "Mermecolion" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Kill Ego, KLLG005, (ltd. 50)
Dub / Reggae from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "Second Sun" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Kill Ego, KLLG003, (ltd. 50)
Experimental Electronics / IDM / Ambient from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "Unification" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Kill Ego, KLLG007, (ltd. 50)
Dubstep / Acid Electronics from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GARISH_CYBORG -- "You can lose everything" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Kill Ego, KLLG011, (ltd. 50)
Dub / Dubstep / Experimental Electronics from the Moscow-based underground polystylistical project.

GOAT THRON -- "Ultra Humiliate!" -- CD -- €7
2009/2012 A5 Production, AP013
Pagan Black Industrial / Dark Ambient duo from Lower Silesia, Poland. Reissue of the band's second album "Skrajne Upodlenie!" (originally a limited CDR from 2009 on Heerwegen Tod Production). Mechanical, sadistic and threatening blasts by Funeral, with obsessed and psychopathic vocals by Chaos (aka Walking Death). Ill and diabolic sounds with controversial content. Ritual screams, orgies, sadistic practices and torture, mixed with extreme sounds, created specifically for this project. "Who loves evil in every aspect, who loves to give pain and suffering". Nearly an hour of destructive music. Ukrainian import. [Cold Spring]

INSCISSORS -- "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" -- CS -- €5
2009/2013 Werewolf Promotion, WP255 / Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 010, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" in brief means "The World's Requiem" or "The Earth's Requiem" and in the case of this album the second explanation given fits better to its concept and thematology. It is a requiem for the destruction that has befallen Earth/Nature inflicted by humans. It describes a world deserted and the only inhabitants are life forms that used to dwell beneath the Earth's surface even long before the Nature's fall and they still do after it... An excellent follow-up to 'The Veratrine Evangelicum', more structured and mature. An album that will grow on you after a few listens. For fans of Sanctum, Mental Destruction, Sui Generis Umbra, Bisclaveret, Dead Man's Hill. [Zoharum] This is the cassette reissue with new artwork: 10-panel full-colour hand-numbered cover and stickers on cassette shell.

INSCISSORS -- "The Veratrine Evangelicum" -- CS -- €5
2007/2013 Werewolf Promotion, WP254 / Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 009, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. Greek project IN SCISSORS created dark ambient/experimental album "The Veratrine Evangelicum" based on religious thread, where main idea was to make soudtrack to some place deep in underground. Wet, dense atmosphere, stench of fust and thrills which you can feel in ancient tombs or fallen sanctuaries. In Scissors takes us there to show forgotten, frightful ceremonies, cultivated by groups of fanatics. For them Promised Land is... under the surface. [No Angels Productions] This is the cassette reissue with new artwork: 10-panel full-colour hand-numbered cover and stickers on cassette shell.

KSHATRIYAS AGAINST TIME -- "Dämmerstunde" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Glasir CDR Series, 08, (ltd. 50)
Dark Ambient. A collection of the best tracks from the French traditionalist Dark Ambient project. Obscure mystical atmosphere, austerity and minimalism. Black & white sleeve. [label info]

LEBENSESSENZ -- "Die Rauber / Introspective Fragments part 2" -- CD -- €5
2009/2014 Valgriind, VG 53, (ltd. 500)
Neoclassical. Masterly passages of an old piano, melodies from the depths of memory, original analogue neoclassic from the famous Brazil author. A new view on the forgotten concepts of German and Austrian composers of the second half of XVIII century, through the prism of the end 90's Varg Vikernes's art. Reissue of VG 30 in more effective CD format with a bonus part consisting of various tracks recorded by Newton Schner for various bands as intros. [label info]

MACHISMO -- "Bodies in Perfection" -- C-20 -- €7
2015 Terror, TR-13
Power Electronics / Noise. The first thought that comes to my mind after seeing Machismo, Striations, Abuse Patterns titles or Depravity, Anabolic Dimensions labels, is filth, inconvenient themes and oppressive darkness full of aggression. This is the perfect example of USA power electronics scene - no clear structure, no compromises, no lyrical deviations from the core of noise. 20 minute tape full of raw hate, dedicated to victimizers and oppressors in best vein of USA power electronics. [label info]

MACRONYMPHA -- "Keystoned" -- C-60 -- €10
2015 Bacteria Field, BF022, (ltd. 100)
Noise. All new Macronympha. Recorded early 2015. Released on bacteria field cassette label. This is the first Macronympha release containing no source material from other various collaborators (Roger or Tom). Old techniques mixed with new direct from Joeseph Roemer. Limited to 100 copies. [label info]

MAJDANEK WALTZ / SAL SOLARIS -- "Himmel Des Reichs / Der Himmel Über Berlin" -- CD -- €10
2008 kultFRONT, KF-X, (ltd. 500)
Split "Himmel Des Reichs / Der Himmel Über Berlin" is a re-issue of the most energetic recording of MW with remastered sound, with special support of their associated from SS. In fact the release continues the theme of MW's single "Cranes" - the theme of inanity of the confrontation between the two forces of brother-soldiers. And yet two poles can be distinctly seen here, divided both stylistically and ideologically. If four tracks of MW are the hymns of one of the confronting sides, performed at the meeting point of anxious military-industrial and dark-folk, four tracks of SS are the ambient-industrial memory of those who was at the other side of the front. The CD is accomplished by a thematical videoclip of SS "Der Himmel Über Berlin" created from archive video-materials. The author is a clip-maker Oleg Potiy (VJ Dornier Wal). The artwork contains rare photographs from 1939 when the fighters of both poles were still confederates. [press-release]

MECHANICS OF TRANS -- "Outsiders" -- CD -- €7
2017 Provoloka, prvlk 0006-0001 / Kemerovo – 0001, (ltd. 480)
Provoloka continues to explore the little-known depths of the Russian industrial underground scene of 90-ies. Mechanics Of Trans was a project from the city of Kemerovo, formed by the musicians under the names of Chigibox, REAL and DMA. The material was recorded in 1998-1999 using computers, voices, noises and bass-guitar. Psychoactive ambient / noise.

MORE ACID -- "Digital Influx" -- CS -- €5
2016 Kill Ego, KLLG020, (ltd. 50)
Acid / Techno / Experimental from Russian underground project.

NECRONAUTO PULSAR -- "Nebular Karzer / Hibernation" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Glasir CDR Series, 07
Industrial Noise project by Alexey Gluhov (Ensemble Of Christ The Savior And Mother Earth). A compilation of two works previously published by Zymotic Productions. Powerful dark nervous sound with an abundance of metal rumble. Black and white cover plus A4 insert, reproducing two abstract photographs taken by Alexei. [YAOP]

NORMA REAKTSII -- "Compilation" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Valgriind ‎/ Glasir CD-R Series, 00
Noise / Experimental. A compilation of rare tracks, reworks and versions from the cult Russian Experimental Noise project. Slim DVD-box, limited edition. [YAOP]

NORMA REAKTSII & DADHIKRA -- "Floods Into Nothingness" -- CD -- €5
2016 Valgriind, VG 58
Ritual Ambient / Experimental / Noise. Collaboration between two Russian projects from Tver' and St. Petersburg. Neoclassic / drone versus folklore elements.

NORMA REAKTSII & DADHIKRA -- "Spawn of Life" -- CD -- €5
2017 Frozen Light, FZL 053, (ltd. 300)
Ritual Ambient / Experimental / Noise. Frozen Light presents new conceptual work of the Tver project Norma Reaktsii and Dadhikra (YAO 91404 D) from St. Petersburg. The album “Spawn Of Life” is dedicated to the biological process on our planet, the inexorable course of Life in all its manifestations, from Archean stromatolites to mammals of the Paleogene through a lot of amazing and astounding forms. In the name of the songs temporary Dating according to modern geologic time scale used, they represent important moments in the history of evolution. Recommended o everyone who live! [label info]

NORMA REAKTSII / MR. TINKOBLE -- "Leninfall / Crosses" -- 2 x floppy 3.5" -- €5
2018 self-released, (ltd. 38)
Industrial. Excellent split of two virtuosic projects with a different look at the aesthetics of Old-School Industrial. TNorma Reaktsii starts with vague old-fashioned industrial rumble dedicated to dethroning the unhealthy cult of Lenin, which brought so much misery to the peoples of different countries. Mr. Tinkoble presents spatial pompous industrial, based on the hammer-like rhythm and feedbacks, and inspired by the aesthetics of the cemeteries. Two floppy disks with stickers and tracks in mp3 Surround format are packed in a printed envelope and are provided with a download link for wav files in trimmed and full format. Assembled and numbered manually. Recommended! [YAOP]

OTZEPENEVSHIYE -- "Methadrone" -- C-90 -- €15
2020 NEN Records, NEN107, (ltd. 72)
Industrial Metal / Drone Doom / Experimental. In our estimation (saying “our”, I mean Оцепеневшие), Methadrone (side A) is a documentation of the best concert performance in all the years the project has existed, a performance played by the best ever line-up. Asterius (Sal Solaris), VoPoH (Cisfinitum) and Myrrman (Reutoff,) came together on stage. The event was rendered a certain specialty by the appearance of the newly found VoPoH behind Polivox – he took the place of Dmitriy Zubov (Der Golem), the now deceased third member of the project’s very first lineup. So just take it for granted: there were gods on staget that night, and they always sing one song about the main thing... Methadrone is an "afterhum" that people usually hear – it starts so early, on the edge of the human hearing, that no one understands when something went wrong, and one feels 'just' uneasy - always 'a bit'... Methadrone by Оценепеневшие takes in quickly, and you feel as if you were inside a solid monolith. It grinds the joints of published and unpublished compositions. It slops, falling into swampy holes and abandoned missile silos. It makes feel "cold" under one's knee. It howls relentlessly peering into windows of night Russian suburban trains. It sniffs like a fool, hoping for the best and getting stuck in weird postures. Tilting the head back, it mumbles in longing for pain and beauty. Because everything is good. Because nothing matters. It brings you on the verge of laughing or crying, as there is nothing left beyond. Nothing but the icy desert and the horizon of no return – and you, having no maps or plans, stuck between the two... We produce Methadrone, which imperceptibly tortures everyone reminding of the fact that beauty and icy desert are so adjacent, and we produce it in the most concentrated and bioavailable form, recalling the principle that similia similibus curantur. Methadrone by Оцепеневшие is an inoculation against the habit... The B side has no need to go into details due to it's laconic and enigmatic nature. It's also a recording of a live performance, a special 'expurgatory' one, played on April 7, 2018 at Model T Club (Moscow) (thanks to Ritual Booking). Same staff, no doomgaze, no guitars, only samplers, effectors, tapes, synthesizers and vinyl. Listening is necessary to get practical knowledge, what the prefix 'metha' in the word 'methadrone' means. Adding "Hypothese №2" makes the tape work like an optical system: one side reveals the ferocity of the other, and vice versa... 72 black сassettes with a black sticker on each side hide within a vacuumised embossed pack with a couple of black medical gloves, a black medical mask, a postcard, some new Оцепеневшие on self-isolation photos and a download coupone. NB! Vacuuming the package caused some expected wrinkles on the photos and the postcard. Here we point to complicity with materials. They draw a direct analogy to the folds and contractions that occur on the subject's surface as a result of prolonged self-isolation and quarantine limited social interaction. [label info]

PARANOIA INDUCTA -- "Sanctified Destruction" -- CS -- €5
2004/2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 042, (ltd. 33)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Paranoia Inducta is one of the flagship projects representing the Polish Dark Ambient and Industrial scene since 2003. Anthony Armageddon Destroyer is the character who has created many great albums under the name Paranoia Inducta.That`s why we are proud to present to you the reissue of the first two albums, this time on cassette tapes, as a form of return to the roots of this anti-music style, as defined by Anthony. The second one - "Sanctifed Destruction" is a dehumanized kaleidoscope of a radical anti-musical attitude, a roller of industrial sounds, adorned with dark ambient nothingness. The album simply paralyzes the senses of hearing, soothes the pain of existence, and at the same time involves us into tumble of all emotions and a hypnotic machine session, where human feelings are replaced by machine trance. Both tapes are limited to 33 pieces, hand-numbered, include about 150 minutes of heavy music, like tank, crawling on human nature, causing extreme emotions.Both tapes are a prelude to the latest Paranoia Inducta album which will be released soon in Heerwegen Tod Production! [press-release]

PARANOIA INDUCTA -- "The Unholy Place" -- CS -- €5
2004/2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 041, (ltd. 33)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Paranoia Inducta is one of the flagship projects representing the Polish Dark Ambient and Industrial scene since 2003. Anthony Armageddon Destroyer is the character who has created many great albums under the name Paranoia Inducta.That`s why we are proud to present to you the reissue of the first two albums, this time on cassette tapes, as a form of return to the roots of this anti-music style, as defined by Anthony. The first of them - "The Unholy Place" is a unique vision of the original machine loops, combined with a dark, suffocating atmosphere and an apocalyptic vision of the world, located in the sounds of non-standard compositions.Long and melancholic songs are combined with the dynamics of the world of destruction, where the fall of civilization shows anxiety passing by in sounds. Both tapes are limited to 33 pieces, hand-numbered, include about 150 minutes of heavy music,like tank, crawling on human nature, causing extreme emotions.Both tapes are a prelude to the latest Paranoia Inducta album which will be released soon in Heerwegen Tod Production! [press-release]

PHENGOPHOBOS LETARGIA -- "The Ice. The North. The Wind" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Glasir CDR Series, 09, (ltd. 50)
Raw lo-fi Drone Ambient, flowing with its cold waters and depressive tones in the abyss of Lovecraft's dungeons. A project by Alexey Glukhov (Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Crude Mother Earth). Black & white sleeve. [label info]

RADIOSON vs. KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK -- "Dissoluteness" -- C-40 -- €15
2020 NEN Records, NEN33, (ltd. 33)
Noise / Experimental. This collaborative product by [S] and M.M. is a black twin of their previous work [W]interloop[s]. If [W]interloop[s] is dominated by a filigree play of frequencies and a needle-frost coziness – “Dissoluteness” opens the door into anarchaos of technogenic frustration pressed by purposeful randomness... The recording comprises fragments of radio broadcasts, EV-phenomena living their own lives, haunting signals and phantom sounds. It almost took years to create the opus, as the experiment was very time-comsuming. All sources went through the tape again and again with one and only purpose – to amplify defects and artifacts to the utmost. Repeated re-re-re-recording of the phonogram resulted in a canvas of unpredictable landscape, woven from interferences of ornate structures... A modest masterpiece of degenerative arts and crafts, a discreet monument to unkown victims of psychotronic wars – in a form of an art object... 33 сassettes hide in a hard A6 book cover with an A5 instruction sheet (with partly highly classified information) fixed with a cord inside. Every of 33 sheets (the circulation is strictly limited) is numbered by hand. A black tape case with die stamping on both sides is attached to the cover with a 40cm hand cut twilled ribbon that evokes pleasant memories of medical bandages and tying up Soviet case files (for VERY special cases, no doubt). Cover artwork is produced in mixed techniqnes with deliberately limited use of digital instruments by Ivan Spitsyn (Nizhny Novgorod). [label info]

REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM -- "Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass, Yellow Bastards?" -- CD -- €8
1997/2012 Provoloka, PRVLK 0004, (ltd. 375)
Fifth album of the veterans of post-Soviet noise industrial music, previously released by Ultra label in 1997 as a cassette edition of 30 copies. The reissue also features bonus track "Subfrontal zoomorphism accompanied by dysphoria" taken from "Zvukoterror-3" compilation (Ultra, U25, 1998).

REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM -- "Live in Youth Theatre on Fontanka 13.03.98" -- CD -- €8
1998/2017 Provoloka, prvlk 0007 / Leningrad - 0003
The recording of the first of only two live gigs by an old Russian noise act Reductio Ad Absurdum, digitized from the cassette release by Ultra label, complete and authentic copy from R.A.A. leader - Kirill Stoukaline. Contains bonus-track "Brain Impulses Absistence" from the tape compilation "Ultragamma" (1999, Ultra, U35).

REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM -- "Sovmehkastratsiya" -- CD -- €8
1996/2009 Provoloka, PRVLK 0002, (ltd. 375)
Reductio Ad Absurdum is one of the most interesting and original noise projects emerged from the post-Soviet Russia. They started their collective experiments in 1994, having recorded and released almost twenty albums, part of them was released by Ultra and Black Dead Rabbit Productions, another part by their own label Plodovitaya Suka. "Sovmehkastratsiya" was released on a cassette in far 1996 by Ultra as a limited edition of 30 copies. After almost 15 years this album is now available on digital media with an additional bonus-track taken from "Zvukoterror" compilation (Ultra 14, 1996). The musical component of this album won't leave untoched the lovers of oldschool analogue noise: noisy trance of Noizeclot, aesthetics of Dog As Master's "Conduit" period, inclination to alogical rhythmics of early Esplendor Geometrico - the music of Reductio Ad Absurdum combines all these approaches making their own, easily recognisable style. [press-release]

SEALED IN BLOOD -- "Accursed Sphere" -- CD -- €7
2015 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 006
Dark Ambient. The inspiration for record of 5th release of dark ambient project from Lower Silesia was forgotten, omitted and devastated places around Polkowice. Traditionally the greatest role played such items as ruined shrines, forgotten cemeteries with overgrown monuments and remains of funeral halls. At the same time away from human settlements it`s possible to find the places with old oak trees which are integral part of landscape. Then it goes night with its autumn aura, mist and moon accompanied by ritual anthems. All these factors are creating mighty, hard and gloomy atmosphere around the last release of Sealed in Blood. One hour songs contained of misty sounds in music traditionally builded on individual foundations of the mining and industrial areas environment, on instruments of own production, keyboard expressions leading by vocal sounds recorded in abandoned bunkers. All this stuff is perfectly captured on the picture painted in 1982 by local artist Wasowski. It exactly reflects the concept of the release on the front included the raw graphics photos made by Funeral. [press-release]

SEALED IN BLOOD -- "Dying Temple" -- CD -- €7
2018 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-CD 012
Dark Ambient. We`re proud to present you the new release of dark ambient project from Lower Silesia. This time as CD edition.Comparing to the last three releases “Dying Temple” is not conceptual album but the release which continues the atmosphere which has been developed for many years and has much in commonwith Sealed in Blood music in the beginning. Each one of 7 compositions leads us through unique history and transfers the listener to different places which have always been the inspiration for project creating. Unfortunately most of these places were devastated, industrialized and become more urban in order to increase the territory „Żelazny Most” sump reservoir. That`s why its named “Dying Temple” and it is try to preserve as well as the unique climate, hypnotic joining of human minds with the past and heritage of the spirit of nature, and time seriously tarnished and devastated, through the mindless progress of civilization pushing the contact of closeness to nature with a man in the abyss. [press-release]

SEKTA PHOENIKSA -- "Vozdeystviye (Impact)" -- CD -- €8
2009 Provoloka, PRVLK 0001 / Tomsk - 001, (ltd. 250)
Old-school industrial band from Siberian city Tomsk, Russia. First album was recorded at 1999 and reissued on 2009 on CD. Insane synth pulses and mad psychedelic guitar sound - if you love old Throbbing Gristle sound (end of 70') - this is for you! [label info]

T-WALD -- "Landeinwarts: In Memory Of Hermann Hesse" -- CD -- €5
2014 Ufa Muzak, UFA 66 / Valgriind, VG 56, (ltd. 300)
Symphonic ambient / Neoclassic. The album dedicated to Hermann Hesse opens like his book, from the very first lines inviting to the inmost fabulous world of his impetuous imagination, intellectual fiction tightly related to the moments of his own life. Hesse set himself against the society and was running from it into his dreams, in journeys, in complete dissolution in nature which was the confirmation of the existence of God. He couldn't imagine life without creativity, having truly healing force, being able to bring up a personality, giving answers to the essence of things. Hesse wrote about that in his last philosophical surrealistic novel "The Glass Bead Game", in which an order of intellectuals invents the universal art influenced by Buddhism and mathematics in addition to music. Like in the aesthetics of Romanticism, kept up by the German classic, the idea of progress and civilization is opposed by returning of a human to the roots of nature, so in the music of T-WALD one can hear quiet whisperings of wildlife spirits, always having a powerful impact on the ability to create. The album touches the key points of the writer's world of imagery. Deliberately quiet recording prepares the listener for the attentive contemplative mood, in which he would open again and again the faery grottos inviting to take a rest in each of them, being imbued by the magic. Light weightless melody, like a breath of wind from Bodensee, carries long faded smells, voices, rustling of leaves and splashes of water from the past. There is no return, the only thing left is the book read long ago and buried in a pile of dry leaves, and the eternal music in a long abandoned empty house. "Oh, was not all suffering time, were not all forms of tormenting oneself and being afraid time, was not everything hard, everything hostile in the world gone and overcome as soon as one had overcome time, as soon as time would have been put out of existence by one's thoughts?"... 9 tracks, 45 minutes, 6 panel cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

TEMNOYAR -- "Nordscapes" -- CD -- €5
2009 Valgriind, VG 18
Pagan Electro. Majestic sounds from the North landscapes. 3 unreleased mini-albums, combined with general concept. Excellent graphic design supplements music. [label info]

THURSO -- "ISowilo" -- CD-R -- €5
2016/2019 Glasir CDR Series, 05, (ltd. 44)
Burning ice and frosty flames in two tracks of Thursian Black Industrial Electronics from the new project hailing from the banks of Volkhov river. ThUrSo (= Thurisaz Uruz Sowilo) pierce with such powerful, raw and dank synthesizer sound that it's better to compare it with the works of Ildjarn, Wulkanaz and Arckanum rather than any electronic producers. Stalactites are flaming, volcanic lava is poured on a glacier and freezes still... the opposites merge in one in anticipation of Ragnarök. White cassettes with hand-painted stickers. Limited edition of 44 handnumbered copies in DVD boxes with fullcolour covers and inserts. [YAOP]

ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIE / RYR -- "Supreme Penatly of Decreation" -- CD -- €5
2014 Valgriind, VG 52, (ltd. 500)
Martial / Ritual Noise / Ambient. "This is not a usual split-album. This disc is a kind of report material and a transitional moment. It contains both old compositions, previously released on compilations and albums in their original variants or in those versions waiting for their hour in projects' archives, and also completely new material. 14 mantric hymns directed to the nameless and speechless Gods dwelling out of limits of atomic lattices, 14 steps to the pedestal with a cup full of burning wild foreign flames lit by ancient Titans from the rays of the Black Sun. A travelogue and a map of a pilgrimage to the borders of the conditioned and finite world." [press-release]

UNGUTH VAENTRON -- "Tomb Of The Ancient Northking / The Lair Of Warlords" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Valgriind / Glasir CDR Series, 10, (ltd. 50)
Cold epic Dungeon Synth from a Russian project from the Urals, pierced by the icy breath of the Northern mountains and ancient tales. Contains two mini-albums. Black & white sleeve and an insert. [label info]

URUK-HAI -- "The Battle" -- CD -- €5
2005/2016 Valgriind, VG 60, (ltd. 300)
Black Ambient / Dungeon Synth. The most famous album from Uruk-Hai with a special bonus.

URUK-HAI -- "A Night In The Forest" -- CD -- €5
2004/2016 Valgriind, VG59
Reissue of a classical Dungeon Synth album. New sound remastered from the original demo from 2004.

URUK-HAI -- "Northern Lights" -- CD -- €5
2005/2011 Valgriind, VG 47
Black Ambient / Dungeon Synth. Among those musicians who have read of tons of heroic fantasy books and spent hours listening to the music of Varg and Summoning and then rushed to torture guitars and synthesizers creating "inspired epic music", Alexander Wieser and his Uruk-Hai are the most pleasant to me, being a usual listener. He manages to create really epic compositions imbued with the spirit of ancient tales, soaked in spirit of bloody battles or beauty of fairy worlds where the dreamy author's nature tries to get with the help of rich fantasy. "Northern Lights" is a reissue of a cassette from 2005, with excluded track "Moria" (caused by of lack of space) and new bonus tracks instead old ones. This album material perfectly shows the essence of Wieser's music. On the one hand, it is black metal rawness and rage of Burzum (although the instrumental cover-version sounds very peaceful), on another - fantasy-like "otherworldness" of Enya (whose track "May It Be" is sung by some Hildr Valkyrie good in everything except for the fact that she is far from being Enya, and it speaks for itself)... When many adherents of "black ambient" play on two-three synth keys, Wieser manages to compose simple but heart-stirring electronic symphonies... A good work of Uruk-Hai waited for more effectrive media and meeting larger audience. [maeror3.livejournal.com]

VENGEANCE SPACE QUARTET -- "The Decaying Of The Year" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF049, (ltd. 300)
Stoner / Psychedelic Rock. For the most part, "The Decaying Of The Year" was created and recorded spontaneously over a 3 hour period, on a warm late summer day. This concept is a holdover from the way VSQ practices in Lull's garage, or drunkenly blazes through live shows in a variety of Cleveland venues. Spaced out improvisational jams for fans of Ramleh, Electric Wizard and 60's era Floyd. Limited to 300 copies in a 4 panel, full color wallet, featuring Pinhole Photography and Hand Lettering by Jeff Curtis. [label info]

VENOMOUS RIG -- "VSTrange" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Kill Ego, KLLG016
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Experimental. The Venomous Rig territory is a representation of the past, present and future: about where our civilization came from, where has it came to, and where it moves to (or, more precisely, does NOT move?), all performed as streams of consciousness. The fundamental influence on these flows, as an element of the present, is made by industrial aesthetics and man-made environment. They fascinate just like the first step of a child - the first real step of a young civilization in understanding and reclamation of the surrounding reality. They frighten at the same time - because it is the time to move on and set forth another leg for the next step, otherwise the child will fall by inertia, the civilization will destroy itself, leaving only a mutilated planet for the future. Believing that pure intuition is more strong and truthful than logical thinking, making the conceptual works, but being against constructing and writing compositions, here we have a one-time recording of the streams of consciousness without further layering and editing. After all, sometimes the less you think about something, the more you understand it ... Are these the moments when the work of the mind suddenly reaches a new, higher level? [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Atmen Oszillationen" -- CD-R -- €5
2011/2017 Valgriind / Glasir CD-R Seies 03, (ltd. 44)
Industrial. Digital reissue of the album previously released on tape in 2011 by YAOP. The original press-release: "Electroacoustic psychedelic canvas created from processed recordings of heart and lungs auscultations. New full-length album of YAO 91404 D, almost 1 hour of sound. Vague retrograde sound ranging from Droning Noise Ambient to Old-School Industrial, physiological concretics and industrial shamanism." Thick paper sleeve, each copy contains three x-rays with hand-drawn runes.

YAO 91404 D -- "Coal" -- CD -- €5
2011 Valgriind, VG 48
Industrial. Pure old school industrial with raw tape sound. Two long soundscapes made of roughly recorded industrial and machinery noises (sometimes coming to the levels of power electronics), metallic percussion and sampled fragments of Soviet movies and gramophone records. Sonic flow in mine worker's mind suffernig from long sleep deprivation and claustrophobia in heavy conditions of work below ground.

YS -- "Loops" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_53, (ltd. 15)
Experimental / Sound Collage. Monochrome dance carousel of cultural phenomena. A party of revived sculptures, reasonable melodies and attic rhythmic constructions. A suitcase full of confetti from the pieces of television and radio productions.The perfect soundtrack for your disco without guests. Double-CDR with printed surfaces, packed in Double-Half-DVD box. [label info]

ZAHNRAD x HANKA -- "1939-1940" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Valgriind / Glasir CDR Series, 01
Brilliant Death Industrial / Power Electronics collaboration of the two projects dedicated to the events of the Winter War 1939-1940. Cold and severe deadly sound in best traditions of the German PE school, pierced by the icy detached voice reciting poems of the Soviet poets from the newspapers of those days, the sound buzzes, smokes and explodes. Great work, probably the best reflection of this theme in the experimental music! Much more interesting than "White Death" by Grunt. Sleeve. [YAOP]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Foliage Of Glasir" -- CD -- €5
2013 Valgriind, VG 55

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