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November has brought us many new items, near 90 releases on CDs, vinyl and tapes, plus some stuff is back in stock. Russian scene is productive: fresh sounds from such projects as Lunar Abyss, Mykoriza, Uhushuhu, Notum & Neznamo and labels BioSonar^Lo-End, Status Prod., Ksenza Records, Ostroga / Monotype Series / Torga Amun, Observatoire, Aquarellist. From the international scene we can highlight the cassette release of Derma (old side-project of Massimo Magrini / Bad Sector) on the Swiss label Luce Sia, the releases of the US label Live Bait Recording Foundation, English Cold Spring and Ukrainian Volok Records / Red Engineering Production. But there are much more, of course...

More over, today begins the traditional WINTER SALE. The conditions are easy – order 10 (or more) items from the distro catalogue, marked with a [-50%] sign, and they will cost half the price. As usual, the sale will go on until the end of winter, but we have many releases in single copies, so maybe you shouldn’t postpone your order if you want to buy something specific.

A part of the second hand list is also included in the sale, these items are marked by green colour. Please send your orders by e-mail or Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

That's it for now! You can listen to the November mix made of this month new arrivals at the mixcloud:

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Our October mailorder update features new works by the Russian projects Cisfinitum, Veprisuicida, Lunar Abyss, Theodor Bastard and fresh releases by such labels as Databloem, Dronarivm, Operator Produkzion, Frozen Light, Nazlo Records, etc.

We also got back in stock the encyclopedia of Italian experimental music "Viva Italia", written by Dmitry Vasilyev and covering the period from 1955 to 2015. A monumental work, available only in Russian language, the book comes with a 4 CD compilation of Italian artists. More info about this edition is here:

Please send your orders by e-mail or
Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

As always, our October podcast is available on mixcloud:

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Modelbau - Ypsilon

Theodor Bastard - BossaNova_Trip


Autumn is the harvest time and we also have finally a couple of releases ready for picking up! MODELBAU "Ypsilon" – a project of the well-known Dutch musician and journalist Frans de Waard, two long pieces of ultra-minimalistic sonic fields and abstract meditative vibrations. Available on cassettes, discs and digitally.

The release is dedicated to the memory of the untimely departed music journalist and publisher Dmitry Vasilyev (Independent Electronic Music, Monochrome Vision, Alone At Last). Besides, Frans de Waard has also compiled a great tribute to Dmitry on his own label Korm Digitaal. It's free to download on the label's bandcamp page:

The second release is THEODOR BASTARD "BossaNova_Trip" – a reissue of one of the early works by Fedor Svolotch, recorded in 2002, long time before the formation of the band's current line-up and musical style. Ascetic electronic minimalism, mathematic poetry and music of digital glitches. A joint edition by Fulldozer Records and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division.

This time we got not so many additions to our mailordr catalogue, but there's still something: mysterious 3" CDRs from the Canadian label CEIL, hot Finnish stuff from Umpio & Co., new EP by Majdanek Waltz, an album by Ilia Belorukov, a tape by Mykoriza (Lunar Abyss side-project), some recent releases by the Russian labels Aquarellist / Dark Jazz Records, Pantheon and MIC Label.

Worth mentioning is also the special offer on the collector's edition of SIYANIE (Vresnit + Neznamo) albums. Now you can order these releases at reduced prices: "Homo Multidimensional" CD (with 15 additional cards printed on silver cardboard, all packed in an envelope) – €15; "Mystery Of Life" CD (with 17 additional A5 cards printed on silver cardboard, all packed in an envelope) – €17. The bundle of both editions will cost €25.

Like always, order by e-mail or Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

Traditional mixtape made from the September's updates is available here:

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Our August mailorder updates features over 50 new titles on CDs, vinyl and tapes!

If you enjoy dark-ambient & drone music, you probably should try the CDs of the labels Winter-Light (Netherlands), Purple Soil and Nextera (both from Czech Republic), and if you're into harsher side of things - check out some stuff from Aliens Production (Slovakia), Les Nouvelles Propagandes (France), 4iB Records (Singapore) and the new releases of Galakthorrö (Germany).

Russian scene is presented by new releases of the projects Pustota and Bardoseneticcube and the labels &#8734, Post-Materialization Music and NEN Records.

The new podcast featuring the tracks from these releases is here:

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Vetrophonia - Russian Universal Robots


Today we have a special reason for the melomaniac joy – the first vinyl release! Yes, we had one record on ZHELEZOBETON before, but that was a 7" lathe-cut on polycarbonate (ZHB-LXIX), and now we have a real factory-printed 12"EP with the reissue of the last year's Vetrophonia "Russian Universal Robots" tape, prepared together with the new Alexander Lebedev-Frontov's label Ultrasomnambula U. The edition is only 100 copies, so we recommend to hurry until it's sold out!

The mailorder update features new releases from Wrotycz Records (Poland), Wachsender Prozess (Germany), Drone Records (Germany), Volok Records (Ukraine), and some editions of the Russian labels: new CD by Exit In Grey (Frozen Light), double-CD reissue of the classic Muslimgauze album "Vote Hesbollah" (Aquarellist), new tape by Pustota (BioSonar^Lo-End), and a couple of releases from the St. Peterburg's underground label [electrotapes archive].

The July mix assembled from these updates is here:

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This time it took a little longer than usual to prepare the newsletter, but we finally refreshed its design. Some day we'll rework our main website, if we get to it... but for now we remain in the archaic reality of web 1.0 :)

Over the past time, we have received releases from such Russian underground labels as Ksenza Records (Tomsk), Intonema (St. Petersburg), Post-Materialization Music (St. Petersburg), Evil Dead Productions (Ekaterinburg), Paper Moon Republic (Novosibirsk), NEN Records (Moscow / Rostov-on-Don), Infinite Fog Productions (Kemerovo), Status Prod. (Voronezh), as well as the editions of the European labels Greytone / Dusktone (Italy), OPN Records (France), :retortae: (Estonia). As always, you can order anything from this newsletter just by sending us an email.

Fresh mixtape comprised on the tracks from this mailorder update is available here:

Also, we're going on a small vacation. From June 16th till July 1st the mailorder won't function and we'll answer to all emails sent during this time in the beginnng of July!

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Last month was quite active for the mailorder and we received a lot of interesting new music, both from Russia and abroad!

Worth mentioning are the beautiful cassette releases of a small St. Petersburg-based label Pearly Snowdrift and the releases of the Moscow-based D.I.Y. label Kill Ego. Aside from that, COD Noizes has reissued five classical albums of Six Dead Bulgarians, both on CDs and tapes, NEN Records published a couple of new cassettes in outstanding packages, the long-awaited collaboration album of Reutoff & Deutsch Nepal has finally arrived, and also we got a big selection of releases from the triumvirate of projects IAMNOTHING / MNL9 / Nigulesugci performing ambient / noise with Christian Orthodox background.

International scene is presented by the releases from such labels as Nefryt (Poland, electroacoustic), Liсhterklang (Germany, neofolk), Epidemie Records (Czech Republic, post-rock and post-metal), Phosgen Records (Germany, noise / PE), Motus (France, acousmatic) and Cold Spring (UK, industrial).

The April mixtape is now available at mixcloud as usual:

Just as a reminder - our mixes are broadcasted by Resonance Extra (UK) every 4th Thursday of the month at midnight GMT, and by Sector Radio (RU) every Saturday at 11 p.m. GMT+3 (Moscow time) in loseless quality.

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Here's what we managed to collect during the last month:
  • Russian scene -- small edition cassettes and CD-Rs from BioSonar^Lo-End and Operator Produkzion / YAOP, new thematic compilation from UIS Records, dedicated to the Islamic revolution in Iran, and also tapes of various formats from the ever-inventive Nazlo Records;
  • European scene -- tapes and CDs from the Greek experimental underground: E.D.A. Records, E.C.T., 1000+1 TiLt & some more labels, new arrivals from the Berlin-based publishing company Cyclic Law (new works by raison d'etre and Phurpa plus the reissue of the classic debut by Desiderii Marginis), a couple of recent releases by the Polish/English label Fourth Dimension Records and the new album by CoH from the Estonian :retortae:.
And of course a little bit of this and that, as usual...

Fresh podcast of the "Zhelezobeton Radio" compiled from the tracks of this update is available here:

By the way, our mixes are now broadcast by Resonance Extra (UK) every 4th Thursday of the month, midnight GMT, and by Sector Radio (RU) every Saturday at 11 p.m. GMT+3 (Moscow time) in loseless quality. Tune in!

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Today's update features lots of Russian underground releases from the labels Still*Sleep / Semperflorens, Provoloka, Nazlo Records, Frozen Light, Pantheon, Ostroga / Heart-Shaped Box Prod. / Torga Amun, Ufa Muzak, Intonema, and some international releases from Diplodisc (Italy), Cold Spring (UK) and Steinklang (Austria).

For those who wanted to check out our winter 50% sale but didn't have time to do it - this is your last chance! The sale offer is valid until the end of February. See the main distro catalogue and the list of used & rare titles.

Podcast assembled from the new arrivals is available here:

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Porch Nap - Antidot (Selected Works 2007-2017)


We gladly present the new work by the St. Petersburg-based glitch / noise / techno project Porch Nap, a collaboration release by Fulldozer Records and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division. After a long period of silence this project finally comes back to the scene with the new material, part of which was recorded in cooperation with several more or less known experimental musicians. All info is just below.

Our mailorder update features new releases of Russian underground labels Post-Materialization Music, Intonema, Status Prod., Paper Moon Republic, as well as releases by the French label Les Nouvelles Propagandes and Japanese SSSM.

Like always, you can order by email - mm(AT) Don't forget, we still have the amazing winter 50% sale, and you can still buy a lot of items from our catalogue for half-price!

Fresh podcast made of new arrivals is available here:

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