Hum / Kryptogen Rundfunk - Wolf's Fluid / Daytrip Express

Hum / Kryptogen Rundfunk
"Wolf's Fluid / Daytrip Express"

7" lathe cut (ltd. 33)

A. Hum - Wolf's Fluid
B. Kryptogen Rundfunk - Daytrip Express

total length: 9:16
release date: July 17, 2017
out of print

"Wolf's Fluid / Daytrip Express" @ bandcamp

Hum: soundcloud
Kryptogen Rundfunk: website | soundcloud | bandcamp | VK | facebook

Two Russian projects reworking each other's materials. Hum uses the archive live recordings of Kryptogen Rundfunk's gig from 2006, made on a dictaphone with jammed tape. The result is a viscous boiling mass of sound of an unidentified origin... In return, Kryptogen Rundfunk creates an audio collage from old tape field recordings made by Hum, providing an eventful track with a plot leading nowhere...

The artwork is made in the style of neat lo-fi fetishism. A lathe-cut 7" record with mono sound, covers made of translucent paper, an insert with information and download code. Numbered edition of 33 copies. Digital version is also available on bandcamp.

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