"Your sister, – he says, – plays very well. Doesn't she want to study at the conservatory?"...
"No, – I say to him, – she already studies a ferro-concrete speciality".
Arkady Gaidar. "Timur and his crew".


After a rather long break we're back with a new issue of ZHELEZOBETON news! This catalogue update turned out to be quite impressive: more than a hundred of new releases on CDs, tapes and vinyl, plus about the same number of previously sold-out items, returned back in stock - so there is definitely something to listen to and read about!

Local Russian scene is presented by the releases of Shadowplay, K-Records, Podzemnoe Techenie, Evil Dead Productions, Paper Moon Republic, Zaimka, Nazlo Records, as well as the new works by the projects Navia, Uhushuhu, Codex Occvlta and Pustota.

Items received from international labels include many releases from the Italian conglomerate St.An.Da. / Silentes / 13 / Oltrelanebbiailmare, and also from La Nouvelle Alliance (FR), Reverse Alignment (SE), Tides Of Cluster (SE), Aliens Production (SK), Steinklang (LV), Aussaat (DE), Drone Records (DE), Aural Hypnox (FI), and more.

The new podcast is waiting for you here:

If you wish to download any of our previous mixes, use this link: https://yadi.sk/d/Bs4Vf88v3TF4WT

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Exit In Grey – Control Points   Mira Drevo – Dreams of Abandoned Villages

We are pleased to present to you two new editions made with our participation. After a long hibernation our label Muzyka Voln is back in business! Together with the Moscow publishing house Frozen Light, we released a new album of drone-ambient project Exit In Grey and we strongly recommend to plunge into the abyss of its melancholic contemplative harmonies!

The second release is a joint venture between the Electrotapes Archive and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division, a new full-length work by the folk ambient project Mira Drevo, dedicated to many abandoned villages of the Russian North. Authentic field recordings, minimalistic electronics and soulful female vocals will tell you the tales of the impermanence of existence...

Over the past two months, our distro-catalog has been replenished with a considerable number of various editions – the new releases by the Russian labels Nazlo Records, MIC Label, BioSonar^Lo-End, NEN Records, Operator Produkzion, Intonema and projects Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Myortvye Hippy, etc., as well as the additions from our foreign colleagues from Opa Loka Records (DE), Volok Records / Red Engineering Production (UA), E-Klageto (DE), Cold Spring (UK), Lichterklang (DE) and many more.

If you appreciate the vinyl format, we recommend you to check out the vinyl section of our catalogue. We've just received many interesting 7"s + significantly reduced prices for many records!

Just in case, a reminder about the last month of our WINTER SALE! Until the end of February, you can still place an order for 10 (or more) positions marked with the sign [-50%] and purchase them at half price.

In the second half of February (more precisely, from February 16th to March 2nd) the mailorder will be on vacation, but as always, you can send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru, all of them will be processed upon return.

In the meantime, here is the January mix with the fresh stuff from our catalogue!

The complete archive of our mixes can be downloaded here: https://yadi.sk/d/Bs4Vf88v3TF4WT

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