"Your sister, – he says, – plays very well. Doesn't she want to study at the conservatory?"...
"No, – I say to him, – she already studies a ferro-concrete speciality".
Arkady Gaidar. "Timur and his crew".


Vetrophonia – Dadacacophonia Dao   Petrograd Drone Gathering – Puerhwave

After a relatively long hiatus in publishing activity, we are finally pleased to present a couple of new releases! The first is a new full-length album by the respected duet of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov and Nick SudnikVetrophonia "Dadacacophonia Dao". A mind-bending audio collage with trademark sonic density and multitude of meanings. Released on cassettes in 70 numbered copies.

The second release is published as part of the Zhelezobeton Distribution Division series together with the BioSonar^Labyrint label, it's a CD with live recordings of Petrograd Drone Gathering from 2016-2019. Factory-pressed CD in cardboard boxes with silk-screen printing and hand-made inserts, edition of 112 copies.

New distro stuff from local Russian scene: tapes, CDs and records from such projects as Tremorkikimor, YAO 91404 D, Zhavoronskaya and the labels Fulldozer, Evil Dead Productions, Extra Notes and Paper Moon Republic. Other updates from different parts of the globe came from Zoharum (Poland), Janushoved (Denmark), Input Error (UK), Rumour Rest (USA) and The Ceiling (Canada).

Some of this you can hear in our March podcast:

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The time has come again to plunge headlong in the abyss of dark, unusual and obscure music! About 150 new titles have arrived in our distro catalogue, including new items from the Russian labels Agfa Archive (sub-label of Ufa Muzak), Iconic Promo (reissue of the very first tape by Zuboff Sex Star, videotape with the movie "Tinnitus" dedicated to Dmitry Vasilyev, and a lathe-cut from the project Dark Glass), the debut album by the Russian-Dutch electro-industrial duo Razmotchiki Katushek (released by Zaplatka), new ambient albums from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ and Global Pattern (including one more VHS with video art), as well as many kilometers of magnetic tape from Nazlø Records, Akt-Produkt, Metamodernoise, Post-Materialization Music, Glass Jelly Souffle and BioSonar^Lo-End.

New international stuff features the reissue of Maeror Tri "The Singles" CD from the Belgian label EE Tapes, some classic releases from Dutch Staalplaat, and a decent amount of CDs and tapes from various European and American artists performing ultra-heavy styles of electronic music (PE/HN).

February mix with selected material from the update is waiting for you here:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the WINTER SALE! We were able to free up our shelves a bit and raise funds for the upcoming titles. You still have the last chance to shop with a 50% discount – the sale will continue until February 28th.

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January usually seems to be a quite lazy month, but not this year, just look at all this new stuff! Fresh releases from the Moscow label Frozen Light, a reissue of an early album of a Russian experimental new wave band Notchnoi Prospekt (Fulldozer), a cassette with remixes of tracks by Kryptogen Rundfunk (kultFRONT), a collection of editions from the St. Petersburg art community UtrovortU, a couple of new recordings from Pustota (BioSonar^Lo-End), an album of the Russian project Jagath on the cult UK label Cold Spring...

Aside from the local scene – a massive update from the Ukrainian labels VOLOK Records and Red Engineering Production, new records from German Drone Records, and a first solo album of its boss and a member of the legendary bands Troum and Maeror Tri Stefan "Baraka[H]" Knappe on taâlem, new tapes from Danish Janushoved, a selection of releases from the UK project Delphium and his label Aquese Recordings, plus a lot of CDs from the Dutch ambient label Databloem got back in stock.

As always, selected tracks from these updates are featured in the January mix:

And a bonus mix again, this time a recording of a vinyl set, played by DJ Kryptogen at a cryptorave party "Noise Walk With Me":

I'll also remind you that we're still having the WINTER SALE. If you order 10 (or more!) items from the distro catalogue, marked with a [-50%] sign, they will cost you half the price. A part of the second hand list is also included in the sale, these items are marked by green colour.

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