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A.T.M.O.M. - Andromeda  Огни Видений - Звучащие пустоты  S36NZ-Okh - Meditzina Katastrof  Umpio - Opium Electronix Vol. IV

Four small but nice editions round up the activity of this year. Fresh ambient wave representatives from St. Petersburg, Archangelsk and Turku (Finland) plus the solo album of a respected classic of St. Petersburg's post-industrial school hailing back from the times of Ultra label.

Distro updates feature CDs from one of the most currently active European labels Zoharum (Poland), new split-CD by Russian ambient acts Lunar Abyss and Vanum, latest vinyls from the Estonian martial / folk label Fronte Nordico, some author's (re)issues by Kirill Stoukalin (Organomehanizm, ex- Reductio Ad Absurdum) and paintings by the Siberian artist Vitaliy Maklakov known for his projects Kromeshna, Light Collapse, Obozdur, etc.

With this update once again we start the traditional winter sale. If you order ten or more items marked by the sign [-50%], you buy them for half-price. Some of the items listen in the rare / used list, lightened by green colour, may also be bought with the discount.

In Russia we always have long New Year holidays so we'll take an opportunity to fall offline from December 30th to January 4th. All answers - upon return as soon as possible!

Happy celebrating for everyone!
Hope we'll all get a good blast and rest during these days!

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15 Poems by Franz Kafka

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It's been a long time since our last update, amd the time has come - along with the new release produced together with the wonderful publishing house "Own Editions". This is a small book with absolutely unique content - complete illustrated collection of poems by Franz Kafka in German and Russian languages, and their multi-faceted musical interpretations on a double CD compilation. See more info just below.

The mailorder update features a lot of Russian editions this time. There are new works by such projects as Dom Vdovy, Nubiferous, Kaztalien, CDs and a t-shirt by a long-standing Siberian project Liholesie, a cassette with the archive live recording by Dm. Zubov (Hypnoz) and G. Avrorin on a new label Secretly Chuvashian, a vinyl record by Alexander Selivanov (ex-Mortart), two new cassettes by Lunar Abyss (collab with Kromeshna and split with System Morgue), new hi-end CD-R from Kshatriy with recent live material, CDs from St. Petersburg's minimal improv label Intonema and cassettes from Spina!Rec.

Also worth mentioning are the new CDs from Aquarellist label: the latest album by Rapoon in both standard and collector's editions, and the album by Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones side-project called Noroeste.

We also got some new discs from the nice Slovak electro-ambient label Aliens Production, some records from the American Helen Scarsdale Agency and a whole collection of rare Russian industrial releases from late 90-ies - early 00-s found by our long-time supplying partner, including early releases by such labels as Ultra, Ufa Muzak, etc. (sorry, but their prices are not for the faint hearted!).

That's it for now, till soon!

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During the last three weeks we have received new arrivals from the German post-industrial label Attenuation Circuit, ambient / drone / groove releases of the Dutch family of Databloem / Practicing Nature / Bluebox, souvenirs from the Japanese noisician Government Alpha and his label Xerxes, new CDs from Russian labels Alone At Last, Monochrome Vision and Shadowplay Records. If you're interested in Russian scene, check out the new albums by Theodor Bastard and Bardoseneticcube, together with a series of author's archive reissues by Kirill Stoukalin (Reductio Ad Absurdum, Organomehanizm).

We'll have a short brake soon, being offline from October 18th till 30th.

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It's been two months since we published our last mailorder update, and now, right after the Equinox (and also New Moon), the time has come to refresh your music collection!

New items from Russian small underground labels Pantheon, Ufa Muzak and Down Elcovka Records, as well as from well-known international companies like Cold Spring, Peripheral Records, Steinklang / Ahnstern / Percht and GH Records + many other diverse musical material. Also many prices are lowered in the list of rare & used. Check it out & enjoy your time!

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Kurutta Ippeiji (A Page Of Madness)  System Morgue - Feu  Fanum / Karna - Something Else

Our sub-label ZHELEZOBETON Film, aimed for publishing video recordings, made two releases in 2006 and since then has been in hibernation until today. And now, after almost 8 years we have a new disk in this series - "Kurutta Ippeiji (A Page Of Madness)" - the silent movie from 1926 made by an avangarde Japanese director Teinosuke Kinugasa with a great new soundtrack by the protagonists of Russian futuristic music - Vetrophonia, a duo from St. Petersburg. The film has been released on a DVD in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Besides, we also have two new disks in ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division series: the debut CD-release from a Moscow-based guitar drone project System Morgue "Feu", inspired by the literature of Ilya Masodov and Charles Baudelaire, and the Moscow / Rostov-on-Don split from Fanum & Karna "Something Else" in vein of classical industrial dark ambient. Both are released in 4-panel digipaks limited to 100 copies.

Our mailorder catalogue update features new CD reissues of classical Maeror Tri tapes "Ambiguitas" and "Subliminal Forces", plus new stuff from Russian underground labels Frozen Light, Eternal Return Records, Vegvisir, Evil Dead Productions, several cassette compilations from UIS label, and also releases from the European labels Terror (Lithuania), Zoharum (Poland) and Steelwork Maschine / Steelkraft Manufactory (France).

We'd like to drag your attention to the fact that we're leaving for a vacation from August 1st to 17th. You can still write us and send your orders - they all will be answered upon return!

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Tonight we present quite a big update to our mailorder catalogue in all kinds of experimental music. Less known but really interesting releases from the French label OPN Records, delicate sound art and wild electro-acoustics from the US imprints 23five and Helen Scarsdale Agency, Italian soundscapes from Silentes. Russian (post)-industrial from kultFRONT and Operator Produkzion / YAOP and much more!

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The new portion of distro catalogue update: new releases from such masters as 1000shoen, raison d'etre, split-CD by Reutoff & Sal Solaris, tribute to Russian project Reutoff from the prominent European post-industrial acts, Nine Inch Nails remixed by Coil, plus a bunch of Russian underground releases from the labels Ostroga / Heart-Shaped Box Prod. / Torga Amun and Valgriind.

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Cyclotimia - The Invisible Hand of Market  Mira Drevo - Islands  Kshatriy  Uhushuhu - Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing

We're glad to present four new releases tonight! New album by the Moscow-based duo Cyclotimia traditionally released in cooperation with the labels Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records, and also three limited edition CDR releases from the St.Petersburg-based projects Mira Drevo, Kshatriy and Uhushuhu. As always, you can also listen and purchase digital releases at our bandcamp page -

May vacations coming soon, and this means the first big open-air in the forest! Solar Systo Togathering 2014 festival will once again provide enough of musical and spiritual power of all dimensions, including performances of many of our friends on the Noise Glade stage. Not to miss if you happen to be in our region!

Tonight's mailorder update also features new releases from such labels as Galakthorrö, Zoharum :retortae:, Operator Produkzion, some cassettes from the Danish label Blodrøde Floder and Russian BioSonar^Lo-End, and much more.

In a week we'll leave for a small vacation, so the mailorder won't be working from April 30th till May 12th. You can send us emails and orders, all messages will be answered upon return.

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Today, like always, we try to pour lots of balm into the ears of the true sound connoseur. The highlights are the new albums from ritualistic Finns Aural Hypnox, delicate sound art, improvisations and field recordings from Observatoire, OtO, Helen Scarsdale Agency and 23five, new releases by Infinite Fog Productions (Aghast Manor, Cisfinitum, Neutral, Maeror Tri, etc.) and a bit of militaristic aesthetics from the ever-marching Ufa Muzak label.

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Here comes the first catalogue update in 2014 which contains new releases from such labels as Databloem, Cold Spring, Steinklang / Percht / Ahnstern, Monochrome Vision, Dronarivm, Pocket Fields, and also new CDs from such projects as Troum, raison d'etre, Hum / Maw, Midal E Garda (Six Dead Bulgarians), Der Blutharsch, Atrium Carceri / Sabled Sun, etc.

I can remind that the winter sale action is still active! You can buy some items from our catalogue for half-price, and this offer will last until the next update somewhere in March. Don't miss your chance to fill your collections and record libraries with the unknown music!

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