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Solar Systo Togathering 2014


We're glad to present four new releases tonight! New album by the Moscow-based duo Cyclotimia traditionally released in cooperation with the labels Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records, and also three limited edition CDR releases from the St.Petersburg-based projects Mira Drevo, Kshatriy and Uhushuhu. As always, you can also listen and purchase digital releases at our bandcamp page - http://zhelezobeton.bandcamp.com.

May vacations coming soon, and this means the first big open-air in the forest! Solar Systo Togathering 2014 festival will once again provide enough of musical and spiritual power of all dimensions, including performances of many of our friends on the Noise Glade stage. Not to miss if you happen to be in our region!

Tonight's mailorder update also features new releases from such labels as Galakthorrö, Zoharum :retortae:, Operator Produkzion, some cassettes from the Danish label Blodrøde Floder and Russian BioSonar^Lo-End, and much more.

In a week we'll leave for a small vacation, so the mailorder won't be working from April 30th till May 12th. You can send us emails and orders, all messages will be answered upon return.

Till soon,

I. New releases

Cyclotimia - The Invisible Hand Of Market

"The Invisible Hand Of Market"

CD (ltd. 300)

The Invisible Hand Of Market
1. Paraclet
2. Cosmopolis
3. In Fieri
4. Perfecti
5. Voice
6. Technosphere
7. Digits
8. Ads Norns
9. Bethel
10. Golem, Inc

Oil & Gas Colony
11. Petroleum
12. Oligarchy
13. Nord Stream
14. Passacaglia
15. Foreign Affairs

16. Regresium

total length: 59:38
price: €10

* bandcamp.com
* youtube
* cyclotimia.com

The Moscow-based project Cyclotimia, well-known for its long-standing interest for the world of global finance, stockmarket speculators and multinational corporations, presents its new work "The Invisible Hand of Market". According to the musicians, this is not a conceptual album dedicated to the economic term of Adam Smith. In this case it's rather a metaphor "invisibly" linking together various compositions created during 2010-2013.

The album's program consists of ten polystylistical tracks combining such genres as "post-industrial", "minimal(ism)", "dark ambient", "experimental" and "downtempo". The main line is a connection between the "sacral" and the "futuristic", a combination of a liturgical atmosphere and electronic music based on the above-mentioned styles.

A separate part of the disc belongs to a 20 min. long electro-acoustic suite "Oil & Gas Colony" in five acts. Parts of vocal, classical string, wind and percussion instruments were recorded inside a dome of an abandoned radar station - a carbon fiber sphere 20 meters in diameter with a unique acoustic environment. This monumental work tells about the malignant nature of the resource-based economic model in modern Russia.

Mira Drevo - Islands

Mira Drevo

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Islands

total length: 47:54
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/mira_drevo

The second release of the St. Petersburg-based project Mira Drevo after their CD-album "Heavens of Lakes" (BioSonar^EleKtro / ZHB Distribution Division, 2012) is a live recording made on September 13th, 2012 at the Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). The performance was improvised without any backing tracks except for a few pre-recorded samples and field recordings from the shores of the Ladoga lake. Other instruments used by the three band members included wind and percussion instruments, voice, guitar and effects. With this set-up they managed to create a very smooth and organic circumrotatory flow of northern natural images: brooks stream among mossy stones, sparks from dry pine logs fly around charming away forest spirits and other imps, the wind blows through mighty seids and the boundless sky opens our minds, dissolving us in unity with the majesty and beauty of Mother Nature.



CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV

total length: 35:05
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* kshatriy.pro

During the 10 years of its existence Kshatriy has earned a strong reputation on the Russian dark ambient scene. Among his works are 3 full-length CDs on our label Muzyka Voln, collaboration releases with Vresnit and Bardoseneticcube and also several tracks on compilations including the recently released LP "Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol. 3" (Drone Records, 2014).

This recording is the first finished studio material recorded by Sergey Uak-Kib in 2005. Initially it was released by the author himself as a small CD-R edition, all copies of which were quickly spread between friends and collectors. This year the album was taken out of the archives, remixed and remastered and we are pleased to introduce it to your attention in a renewed form.

Cold, dark and empty cosmic-scale spaces turn into rare oases of living pulsations but this illusion of immersion in organic matter doesn't last long and dissolves in endless flows of sonic winds. The album features almost no melodic lines but its fractal-patterned structure gives the music the magical power that allows to keep the listener's attention captured throughout this short trip.

The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer silvery cardboard.

Uhushuhu - Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing

"Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Surface
2. Underwater
3. Underground

total length: 52:42
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* soundcloud
* utrovortu.ru

"U'hu! Shu'hu!" - hoot owls in a forest, as told by Daniil Kharms, and in the sky, above a rainbow, long songs pleasant for hearing are sung to a cherubim. Uhushuhu is a name of a project run by members of the creative group "Utrovortu" and their "Long Songs…" is the first studio record made after a few interesting performances at small underground city clubs and forest open-air festivals in the Leningrad region.

Following these songs we set off on a journey through structures and surfaces in a shell of experimental drone ambient. We will face sonic anomalies, random wanderings in unstable and unpredictable spheres, vague rustles and semblant echoes, spaces of various densities, mood and nature, hidden dead-ends, spontaneous phonations and labyrinths enclosed in themselves.

The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer cardboard with a stencil-painted cover.

II. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Exit In Grey "Shadows Of Stillness" CD:

III. Forthcoming Events

St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

Moscow, "Theater". More info...

St. Petersburg, "da:da". More info...

02.05.2014 - Götterdдmmerung
Moscow, "Art-Garbage". More info...

Volgograd, "Ikra". More info...

08-12.05.2014 - Systo Solar 2014
open-air, Leningrad region. More info...

10.05.2014 - Cyclic Law Session
Moscow, "Plan B". More info...

11.05.2014 - Total Drone Session
Volgograd, "White Horse". More info...

Moscow, "PIPL". More info...

24.05.2014 - Noise Pollution Fest Vol. 10
St. Petersburg, Phoenix Hall. More info...

Moscow, "PIPL". More info...

St. Petersburg, "Zal Ozhidaniya". More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Artificial Memory Trace -- "Tidal" -- CD -- €15
2013 Auf Abwegen, aatp40, (ltd. 300)

Ego Death -- "10 Ways To Go Emotionally Bankrupt" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Love Earth Music, LEM 118
Experimental ambient with lots of instruments and concrete sounds. A huge progress comparing to the early noisy records of this project. The album sounds psychedelic, fresh and interesting. Jewel case. [YAOP]

Hybryds -- "Music for Rituals" -- 2 CD -- €14
1992/2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 059-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum continues reissuing past works of one of the most interesting projects coming from the 1980s underground - Hybryds. The third installment in this series is the extended 2CD reissue of their first CD album ”Music for Rituals”. Sandy Nys talks about the album: ”Music for Rituals was first released in a hand-made pouch, on the German label ARTWARE. The music was like the first tape release, made in different places with different people on a 4-track Tascam cassette recorder. I also started making mail art music with musicians from far away in the world (no Internet back then) sending basic music on cassette which I used in the compositions. In this music, Yasnaia and her cello + voice became prominent as we started working together. The rarities cd contains some stuff I did with Alpha Project aka Mark Burghgraeve (Somnambulist, Mbryo, Klinik etc..). The saxapulation project was a mail collaboration with Barry Edgar Pilcher. A saxophone player from the UK, sending me sax improvisations on cassette. From those pieces I made small samples with a Korg delay capable of making samples of a few seconds (remember it were the 80 ties!). I mixed them together on the 4 track cassette to new sounds and compositions. It was released as a tape on 3RIOTAPES. From than on Barry started to be a Hybryds member with his sax contributions on the Hybryds releases. Beautiful girl hunter: I met Michel (I forgot his second name) in a pub in Antwerp. We started discussing astrology as he claimed to be an excellent astrologist himself. At the end of the evening after lots of drinks he told me he was building and playing kotos. A few days later he came by with 2 beautiful crafted kotos. It was a pity we only had an afternoon time, he showed me how to play this wonderful meditative instrument. We played a lot, but I did not record much, thinking this could lead to a new music collaboration. But Michel just disappeared out of my life. Another meeting in those times happened when I was running a video renting store and he rented some weird underground stuff. ”Girl Hunter” was a strange SM video from Japan. I mixed the voices of this movie on the few recordings of koto and some cello pieces from Yasnaia to create a fantasy world, the soft meditative music with the exotic Japanese voices telling weird stuff about life, sex, pain, lust and death. Luckily, the movie had subtitles and you can find it now on the Internet. The track disappeared unused in my archives and was specially remixed from the original 4-track cassette for this CD." [press-release]

IAMNOTHING -- "Absurdada" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 No Music Rex, Noise 017, (ltd. 21)
Field recordings from Boris Kurtanov (Monologue, Morbus Mundi, MNL9, Eisigwald, Anti-Verstand, etc. etc.). Life of Russian province, chain of home noises as if painting the picture of a usual day. An open window to nature, every minute something comes into live: summer storm, babble of birds, quiet voices of people used to quiet life where days look one like another. Dadaism and absurd suggested by the title are not really audible here (maybe only in some swashbuckling clownish claps and dance of the author himself), actually there's much more of heartfelt romanticism here, and thin voice of a flute in the last track sings that this is all eternal and nothing changes. We are the same as a thousand years before and our world is the same too. Time doesn't exist and all times are present here and now. A beautiful album, quiet, fresh and intelligent. [YAOP]

IAMNOTHING & Hal McGee -- "BorisHalofi" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 No Music Rex, Noise 016, (ltd. 25)
A collaboration of two experimental noise artists - Hal McGee from the US and Boris Kurtanov from Russia. Dadaism, musique concrete, field recordings, radionoise, samples, Siberian shamanic rituals. [YAOP]

Klank -- "s/t" -- CD -- €15
2009 Auf Abwegen, KLANK 01, (ltd. 500)

Lagowski -- "Redesine +" -- CD -- €10
2009/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 056-2, (ltd. 300)
Following last year's reissue of Legion's "False Dawn" in anniversary 2CD edition, Andrew Lagowski returns to Zoharum with an album of new music. It is his first physical album in 7 years under his own surname following "Temporary Distractions" released in 2006. In the meantime, he's been busy with live gigs, his arctic ambient project S.E.T.I. and reissuing his older material as Legion and Nagamatzu. "Redesine+" is his return to the dormant post-techno side of his music. It's very hard to pigeonhole Andrew's music. From sterile cold wave through underground techno to icy dark ambience, and that's just the tip of an iceberg. As Lagowski, he penetrates the world of rhythms and digital electronics as opposed to ambient albums by S.E.T.I. and defunct Legion. On his new solo albums he gathers 13 songs (79 minutes of music!!!) where he teases us with a myriad of sounds, samples and beats. Retaining the traditional elements of 1990s IDM and techno, he filters his music through an ambient sensibility, thus creating a completely new sonic spectrum. A very strong release in Lagowski's discography and one of the best releases in Zoharum catalogue. Mastering: Lukasz Miernik. This release is presented in 6-panel ecopak and is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide. [press-release]

Machinefabriek -- "Dubbeltjes" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 063-2, (ltd. 300)
Zoharum welcomes multitalented Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek to its fold. We are very happy that Rutger decided to choose our label to release his new compilation of rare works entitled "Dubbeltjes". It consists of 11 track recorded between 2008 and 2013. Rutger Zuydervelt talks about "Dubbeltjes": "Short playing time formats, like 7-inches and 3-inch cdrs, are great to work with. More than on regular albums, the durational limitations are useful to experiment with and to create really focused, cristalised pieces. Most of these tracks focus on a very limited palette of sounds. "Hilary" and "Jeffery" for example, are constructed using solely trombone recordings from (you guessed it) Hillary Jeffery (of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble). "Huiswerk" Part 1 and 2 were made using a simple setup of electric guitar and sampler. And probably a suprise in my discography are "My Funny Valentine" and "Oh Doctor Jesus", two jazz classics, in collaboration with bass clarinet player Gareth Davis. All these sets of songs have a very specific quality to them. These tracks are among my personal favorites. Most of them aren't available on a physical format anymore, so it's great to gather them on the album 'Dubbeltjes'. The tracks are presented as pairs or trios, as they appeared on their original releases. It's up to you, the listener, to either experience these combinations seperatly, hear the album in continuous play, or use shuffle mode to make new combinations." "Dubbeltjes" is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [press-release]

Maeror Tri -- "Meditamentum" -- 2 CD -- €14
1994/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 046-2 / New Nihilism, NN X, (ltd. 500)
After a successful reissue of a long-lost classic "Emotional Engramm", MAEROR TRI returns to Zoharum and New Nihilism with another album. This time it is a double, deluxe reissue of both volumes of "Meditamentum" (released previously on Holonom and Manifold respectively). Unavailable for many years, "Meditamentum" is a collection of tracks culled from tape releases and rarities hidden on many compilations. It spans the whole existence of Maeror Tri, starting with 2 tracks from 1989 ending with 3 tracks from 1996. It is a sort of "best of" Maeror Tri, as it tells the story of the bands progress. From rough edges of "Peak Experience" to dreamy soundscapes of "The Beauty of Sadness". "Meditamentum" is also a document of the underground tape scene of the 1980s and 1990s, and of a genius of MAEROR TRI as purveyors of mind-altering sonic experience. It's "Music for the Brain" at its best. The release is presented in a lavish gatefold Japanese vinyl replica designed by Marcin Lojek (Ibsendesign, responsible also for the cover for Zoharum's reissue of "Emotional Engramm"). Each volume is extended with a bonus track making the whole collection 155 minutes long and comprising of 23 tracks. The sound is greatly enhanced by our remastering wizard Lukasz Miernik. "Meditamentum" is co-released by Zoharum and New Nihilism to give you the maximum sonic experience. This double CD is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Mazakon Tactics -- "The Entrancing Cage" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-25
Sacha Mandler has been constantly drifting in-between styles from harsh noise wall to synth pop and back, but his longest living death industrial project remains strong in its ideas and sounds. After several releases on tapes and CDrs here comes the first full-length CD. Painful, dark and personal release that has been delayed to be released far too much, ranging from dark ambient to death industrial, to power electronics. Nightmarish soundscapes, recorded 2008-2010. [label info]

Mitternacht -- "The Desolation Of Blendenstein" -- CD -- €11
2002 Furias Records, F0400
Melancholic neoclassic music and martial ambient with a touch of viking metal from the Argentinian project. Jewel case. [YAOP]

Nexus VI -- "Electrolust" -- CD -- €11
2008 Art Music Group, AMG 326
Dark electro / EBM project from Tomsk, Russia.

Phelios -- "Images And Spheres" -- CD -- €15
2006 Eternal Soul Records, CD 04, (ltd. 500)

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Krysata Pasyot Mir" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2014 Spasi I Sohrani Records, (ltd. 40)
The most retrograde album by Po.No.(i)Za. Not only because of samples taken from broadcasts about the aviation from 1930-s and voice of old artists, but also because of frequencies and timbres - the material sounds like a gramophone record and it's pleasant. Double sleeve, two-sided cover and a collaged mini-poster. [YAOP]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Sour Human Fur" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2014 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT120, (ltd. 15)
Mid-frequency Lo-End Cyclical Noise / Musique Concrete. The work mainly consists of voice samples, pieces, scraps of "verbal fur of humanity". Traditionally, the album comes with a collection of author's art photos in digital format. Completely handmade package from old Soviet documents and photographs, all info handwritten, each copy has a unique design. [label info]

raison d'etre -- "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" -- CD -- €13
2000/2014 :retortae:, elixir 6, (ltd. 400)
The ambience of grim desolation: With 'The Empty Hollow Unfolds', originally released in 2000 on Cold Meat Industry, the ubiquitous Peter Andersson continues his exploration of internal desolation, be it of a spiritual base or purely of self. "The Empty Hollow" in question seems to be the soul; a soul that has unfolded into a vast, blasted industrial landscape, littered with warehouse debris that solemnly clatters like wind chimes born of refuge. The darkened shadows cast on 'The Empty Hollow Unfolds' are of an eerie, almost sinister allegiance, as if the maw at the center of infinity is yawning wide and the haled breath freezes souls; brittle souls that shatter before the immense veracity of such imposing internal devastation. Bones clang over chain-link fences. Metal creaks unsteadily. Bleak is an understatement, as the vast scope of emotions presented here is a sonic lament that lashes the soul. ’The Empty Hollow Unfolds’ is a grim travelogue from the land where the sun never rises; grievous keyboard passages overlaid by factory noises and the trademark chanting monks turns this into some of the most unsettling listening since the days of Lustmord's 'Paradise Disowned'. 'The Empty Hollow Unfolds' was voted as the single best release in the history of Cold Meat Industry, making it an important milestone and point of reference. The expanded reissue adds two previosly unreleased tracks to the album. The artwork is, as the original release, styled with somber photos by Martin Pels. Regular edition limited to 400 copies. [press-release]

raison d'etre -- "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" -- 2 CD -- €33
2000/2014 :retortae:, elixir 7, (ltd. 100)
Limited collector's edition (100 copies) comes with a bonus CD containing live material from 2000-2001.

Rapoon -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 2" -- 2 CD -- €14
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 057-2, (ltd. 500)
In December last year "Seeds in the Tide Volume 01" saw the light of the date and met with loads of interest. As promised we continue the series with the second installment in this collection of Rapoon rarities. This time, apart from compilation tracks, "Seeds in the Tide" features three (yes, three) rare releases. The first one being "Live at Klanggalerie" tape from 2000; the other 2 being "Pell Mell" and "Ep Et Vee" EPs, all the three released in very small quantities. "Seeds in the Tide Volume 02" is therefore your chance to grab these titles, not on eBay (where they fetch enormous sums), but in one collection at a reasonable price. All in all, the second volume contains 150 minutes of pure sonic bliss with a quality sign, just like any Rapoon release is. Once again, the tracks were faithfully restored by Maciej Bartkowiak. The paintings on the cover is by Mr. Robin Storey himself and the design duties were handled by Zoharum in-house designer Maciej Mehring. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. Note: this is the second volume in the series. Next year Zoharum is releasing the next volume covering rare tracks from years 2004-2007. This release is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "To West And Blue" -- CD -- €10
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 054-2, (ltd. 500)
Not a reissue, not a compilation, but something complete new. "To West and Blue" is 50th Rapoon album and 5th Rapoon release on Zoharum label. And this one will become a staple in our CD players for long time. 7 long, slowly evolving tracks appealing to your subconscious side. An album that is definitely not to everyone's tastes. This one gradually grows on you until you are captivated by its haunting beauty. But there is an underlying uneasiness in it. A sort of clash between reality and a ghost world or a world that is long-gone. With choral voices hidden beneath layers of treated sounds, "To West and Blue" is a stand-out album among Rapoon numerous releases. Robin Storey talks about this album: "These pieces are about the area grew up in in the UK. A peninsula of land which stuck out into the Solway Firth. Surrounded by the sea when the tide was in and surrounded by endless mudflats when the tide was out. When the water covered the ground the line between the sea and the sky was almost non-existent. A diaphanous boundary. The sea came in from the West where the huge skies hung without end in a vault of blue..." The 7 tracks presented on "To West and Blue" were mastered by Maciej Bartkowiak. The cover is based on photos by Robin Storey and the design was handled by Maciej Mehring. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Live In Cyberfeminclub" -- CD-R -- €10
1999/2011 Silphidae, SILPHA 1
A live gig recorded in 1999 in Cyberfemine club which has later become famous Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). Reissue of a CDR previously published in 1999 by Black Dead Rabbit Productions.

Requisitio Sensus Aeternum -- "The Only One Is Dead, Who..." -- CD -- €8
2011 A5 Production, AP006
A young Dark Ambient / Drone / Dark Neoclassical / Experimental Electronics project from Murom, western Russia, formed in 2008. Headed by Malum Torpor, Requisitio Sensus Aeternum bears that inherent in its very title, "the eternal search for meaning". When the meaning is lost, the desire to exist is lost. Therefore, the meaning must be sought in every way.. the meaning is hidden in the search of meaning. Presented in a DVD case. [Cold Spring]

Reutoff -- "NullRauM" -- 2 CD -- €17
2014 :retortae:, elixir 8, (ltd. 250)
Retortae is proud to present an epic work from the most world well-known Russian industrial combo called Reutoff which has just celebrated its 15 years of existance. NullRauM is a collection of all the tracks included in ReuTRauM series initially released as seven 7” vinyls issued by seven different labels in seven different countries as well as four tracks made especially for this collection. The entire period of its creation took around 15 years – as long as the project exists – and it could be considered as the band’s most important work to date. Complex dark drone ambient structures typical to Reutoff presented here in all their historical development, from the very first 7” released in 2000 by legendary Drone Records to the most recent tracks made exclusively for this release. The result is extremely pessimistic and profound reflexion of the old world collapse and desperate anticipation of the shape of things to come. Though NullRauM material is a collection of the tracks made during such a long period of time, today it looks really homogenous and holistic, and its mosaic elements have finally found its providential shape. Extremely recommended to absolutely everyone. The release comes in laminated full colour digisleeve with 16 pages booklet. [press-release] NOTE: Collector's limited edition coming soon!

RLW & Das Synthetische Mischgewebe -- "Die Eisenbuglerin" -- 2 CD -- €17
2012 Auf Abwegen, aatp36, (ltd. 300)

Shyopot Run -- "Vekovaya Zima" -- CD -- €8
2012 Lost Reich Rex, reich 13
Natural ambient / folk bound by verses from the very heart of Skald. White song of hope. Sacral light from the depth of a dungeon. [label info]

SPK -- "Case Study London" -- CD -- €20
2012 Therapeutic/Adverse Recordings, OPSPK 2

Strom Noir -- "Urban Blues" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 060-2, (ltd. 300)
Strom Noir debuts on Zoharum with his 9th full-length album entitled ”Urban Blues”. This renowned Slovak one-man project of Emil Mat'ko penetrates the textures of shimmering ambient, urban drone with delicate tints of post-rock. His next offering contains 8 compositions of staggering beauty and cinematic feel. "When you listen to music while walking in the city, background sounds and noises may supplement it in a non-recurring way and, even if you know the track by heart, your only feeling for the very first moment is that something is different… I have tried to capture this feeling of reverse dejа-vu on my latest album “Urban Blues” which presents a trip through the city – the city you believe you are familiar with, but, on the other hand, your feeling that something is wrong is increasing." This CD is packaged in a ecopak limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Te/DIS -- "Comatic Drift" -- CD -- €15
2014 Galakthorro, Galakthorrö 036
The Black Swan EP was sold out almost immediately, so we are now rush-releasing this new artist’s Debut Album. Tempted Dissident, or Te/DIS for short, here he continues what he started with Black Swan, and now it really gets going. The sound design has further matured and provides the ideal environment for the presentation of a voice, which, while intoning the cleverly constructed text, will always attract attention with its characteristic timbre. The voice is something special, and predestined for darkly melancholy compositions, which remain tenaciously in one’s memory. This is one of the strengths of Comatic Drift, the album awakens concerns over and above the mundane, and hooks into the aural canal with its driving angular sounds, while the vocals, in time with the pulsating analogue drums, spread doom and despondency. All in a completely unique fashion. It is easy to get into this new artist, who, with his coherent work, enriches Galakthorrö with a further interpretation of Angst Pop. CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Fast Ohne Titel, Korrosion" -- CD -- €17
2013 Black Rose Recordings, BRCD 13-1012

Trepaneringsritualen -- "The Totality Of Death (Programme A)" -- CD -- €15
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD66

Trepaneringsritualen -- "The Totality Of Death (Programme B)" -- CD -- €15
2013 silken tofu, stx.27, (ltd. 500)

Tyopliy -- "Zvuk" -- CD-R -- €4
2013 self-released
Only one 5-minute track played on a guitar with a reverb, one pleasant slightly melancholic tune repeating again and again, elusive like visions of a cozy slumber. Wonderful artowk made as a double full-colour digisleeve with a cut-out and set of cards, so you can change the cover depending on your mood + small handmade bonus. Quite a mysterious release made with love.

Whetham, Simon -- "Hydrostatic" -- CD -- €15
2013 Auf Abwegen, aatp39, (ltd. 300)

Xenophobic Ejaculation -- "SS-Division Wiking / Tampere Skinheads 1983" -- CD -- €10
2010/2013 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-94
CD-reissue of a cassette and LP versions of this album with a bomus track from "Must Be Ready / Hang The Nigger" 7" lathe cut single (Assembly Of Hatred). Primitive, raw and angry power electronics.

V/A -- "Epicurean Escapism II" -- CD+DVD -- €24
2013 The Epicurean, cure.2 / silken tofu, stx.29 / Peripheral Records, PR019, (ltd. 350)
CD: Ke/Hil, Anemone Tube, Post Scriptvm, Trepaneringsritualen, Dieter Müh. DVD: Con-Dom "We Who Were Living Are Now Dying".


Brume / Oublier Et Mourir -- "A Year To Live" -- LP -- €17
2013 Silken Tofu, stx.24, (ltd. 333)

Desiderii Marginis -- "Procession" -- LP -- €24
2013 Cyclic Law, 48th Cycle / La Esencia, LER006/2012, (ltd. 400)

Juhning, Herz -- "Paradise" -- 7" -- €13
2014 Galakthorro, Galakthorrö 035, (ltd. 659)
Although further development can be heard, supplying some surprising moments, these four new songs are distinctive because of the same catchiness which made the debut Faces so successful. Hard to control Elektronik has been made malleable, and with the help of some impressive vocals efficiently crafted into Hits. The yearning for Paradise chokes on desolation, the Imperfection of the Now being met with Imperfection – merciless, powerful – as a catapult into Life. 7" EP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Karjalan Sissit -- "Viinaa Pittaa Juua" -- 7" -- €9
2013 Eternal Soul Records, ES17, (ltd. 300)

Koner, Thomas -- "Novaya Zemlya" -- 2 LP -- €33
2012 Denoval Records, DEN148, (ltd. 350)
The artwork, by Jon Wozencroft, includes an essay by Thierry Charollais, "Thomas Köner's Novaya Zemlya: towards a metaphysical geography"... "Of course we find the unique Koneresque glowing drones that we know from his previous works. But we will also be touched by an unrevealed, barely perceptible sense of melody and harmony that Köner gradually developed since Kaamos (1998) and Nuuk (2004)..." Novaya Zemlya, also known in Dutch as Nova Zembla and in Norwegian as Gеselandet (lit. the Goose Land), is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe, the easternmost point of Europe, lying at Cape Flissingsky on the northern island. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "Just Say The Faith" -- LP -- €20
1998 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOLV 006, (ltd. 1050)

Te/DIS -- "Comatic Drift" -- LP -- €20
2014 Galakthorro, Galakthorrö 036, (ltd. 460)
The Black Swan EP was sold out almost immediately, so we are now rush-releasing this new artist’s Debut Album. Tempted Dissident, or Te/DIS for short, here he continues what he started with Black Swan, and now it really gets going. The sound design has further matured and provides the ideal environment for the presentation of a voice, which, while intoning the cleverly constructed text, will always attract attention with its characteristic timbre. The voice is something special, and predestined for darkly melancholy compositions, which remain tenaciously in one’s memory. This is one of the strengths of Comatic Drift, the album awakens concerns over and above the mundane, and hooks into the aural canal with its driving angular sounds, while the vocals, in time with the pulsating analogue drums, spread doom and despondency. All in a completely unique fashion. It is easy to get into this new artist, who, with his coherent work, enriches Galakthorrö with a further interpretation of Angst Pop. 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve, insert card. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]


Ciccone Youth -- "The Whitey Album" -- MC -- €20
1988 Enigma Records, 7 75402-4
The only one album by a side-project of Sonic Youth created specially for recording the cover songs of Madonna Louise Maria Ciccone. Nothing like the original band, music is wry, avant-garde and intoxicated. 10-panel matte booklet (one side - full clour, other is b/w). Cassette in a transparent case with white tampon printing. Made in Canada. [YAOP]

Hvide Naetter -- "Ordets Etaper" -- MC -- €5
2014 Blodrode Floder, 01, (ltd. 100)
The debute recording of a young Danish project clearly shows that everything sooner or later comes in a full circle: powerful analogue old school industrial with elements of power electronics played on simple electronics, stompboxes and live feedbacks, filtered throught the prism of new generation weltanschauung and released on a magnetic tape. The project's music is inspired by industrialization and the relationship between man and machine. Must have for the fans of raw but quality-made old school!

Mynoda -- "Music Of Caves" -- MC -- €6
2013 Rocket Machine Tapes, RM26
Composed by Jurij Sophijsky (Shebuzz) and Maxim Mamkin (Strup). Electroacoustic collages with field recordings, traditional instruments and analogue electronics.

Pustota -- "Vesna-207 Stereo" -- C-80 -- €4
2014 Biosonar^Lo-End, 041, (ltd. 14)
A springtime recording made on a Soviet portable tape-recorder "Vesna-207 Stereo" and modern electret stereo microphone. Hypnotic titmice, hyperactive sparrows, dynamics of child yard games and idle talks of pensioners walking around with dogs, remote highway rumble and other artifacts of a city morning. "...Portable 2nd grade cassette recorder "Vesna-207-stereo". "Iskra" electric machine factory, Zaporozhye. Made in 1982..." Ultra-limited edition and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box. [label info]

Pustota -- "Rezervnaya" -- C-50 -- €4
2014 Biosonar^Lo-End, 040, (ltd. 10)
Continuation of the series of releases with the results of manipulations with magnetophone cassettes. This recording is a reserve copy of an intermediate mixdown of various tape noises, played back with various speeds. The initial sound source was an empty tape treated with powerful electric magnets and physical destruction (rumpled). It was played back and re-recorded on various types of apparatus, with various speeds, etc. and this made the sound multi-layered and full of events, although still quite raw and simple. Amazingly, no other processing and effects, only interaction between tapes and tape recorders. Extracted from the depths of magnetic spattering, that noise which was fought against during the whole history of using magnetic tape as data storage media. Ultra-limited edition and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box. [label info]

Radiostalking -- "Pieksamaki" -- C-60 -- €4
2014 Biosonar^Lo-End, 042, (ltd. 10)
Nighttime radio capture made in the neighbor of a Finnish town Pieksämäki with the use of a scanning receiver Degen DE-1103 in SW range, recorded directly to Tascam DR-08 digital recorder. Radionoise, signals, morse and talks of international radio hams. Ultra-limited edition on used cassettes and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box. [label info]

Sansernes Rus -- "Retrospekt" -- MC -- €5
2014 Blodrode Floder, 02, (ltd. 100)
Side-project of a member of the Danish duo Hvide Naetter. Unlike the main project where they don't hesitate to use powerful sonorities, here Jens Konrad puts an emphasis on more atmospheric music with field recordings, synthesizer lines and samples from movies. But just like in Hvide Naetter here one can also feel parallels with the classical industrial sound of late 80-s - early 90-s. Must be appreciated by the fans of quality-made old school!


Juhning, Herz -- "Ambigram" -- t-shirt -- €18
2014 Galakthorrö
Unisex classic t-shirt, white print on black shirt. Image. Sizes M, L.

Haus Arafna -- "Aufgabe + Hingabe" -- t-shirt -- €18
Black classic (unisex) T-shirt with white print. Sizes M, L. Image.

Haus Arafna -- "Totenkopf" -- t-shirt -- €18
Black classic (unisex) T-shirt with white print. Sizes M, L. Image.

Frea market

Karna / Velehentor - Era Of Cold Hearts / The Asha Blaze - 7 Minutes Later - CD - VG+/NM - €5.10
Nurse With Wound - Brained / Gyllenskold - MC - €8.10
Nurse With Wound - Ostranenie 1913 - MC - €8.10
Nurse With Wound - Scrag - MC - €8.10
Nurse With Wound - The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion - MC - €8.10
Nurse With Wound - To The Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl - MC - €8.10
Siratori, Kenji - Digital Salvation - CDR - €8.10
Whitehouse - Dedicated To Peter Kurten - CD - €50.50

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

V. Back in stock

Ad Lux Tenebrae -- "Call of the Wild" -- CD -- €9
2008 Vegvisir Music, o:002, (ltd. 963)
First full-length CD of Ad Lux Tenebrae (or K Svetu T'my - in Russian language), released after several split, collaboration and CDR editions. The disk contains two rituals, first was performed in the evening of Jan. 23rd, 2008, second - during the night on May 24-25th, 2004. Shamanic Dark / Drone Ambient of Ad Lux Tenebrae is the sound of the most ancient and deepest layers of existence, irrational and anti-rational, utterly alien to nowadays people, the manifestation of human side not distorted by the influence of "civilization" and "modern society". Message from the source where the essence of Nature and human flow together. Music from pre-times and out of time. The noise produced by humanoid organisms crawling about piles of metal and plastic, now completely drowns the call from the source of all living. Musicians of Ad Lux Tenebrae act as media, conductors that embody this signal, not bringing anything personal in the act of creation. In their rituals they use the original instruments like tambourine, self-made drums, tube, flutes and other untitled instruments made by themselves. Every ritual is put into a completed action only once, and will never be repeated in future... First ritual is intense and uneasy. A ritual of purifying from momentary things and merging with something that was rejected long time ago in blindness and stupidity. This is a wind tearing apart rotten meat of momentary and dissolving in an inexpressible glow from beyond. The storm of the first ritual gives place to pacification of the second one, but this calmness is illusive. Just like a pillow of moss in the middle of a forest looks so calm and safe, but it hides deadly depth of swamp pit underneath. Ghostly lights appearing in the very border of vision in short yet infinite moment of daybreak twilight, they lure inside the thicket warped in ghostly mist. The road of this music is tempting and frightening, what's gonna happen with the one following it?.. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Raven, a permanent member of the band, passed away in cold autumn of 2008. Rituals of "Ancestor's Call" were among the last recordings done with his participation. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

ARC -- "Arkhangelsk" -- CD -- €10
2008 Epidemie Records, EPR 064, (ltd. 600)
ARC is a Canadian trio (Aidan Baker - guitars, flutes, tapeloops, Richard Baker - drumkit, percussion, & Christopher Kukiel - percussion) playing tribal guitar drone ambient with psychedelic and post – rock elements and very hypnotic sound. Their brand new album Arkhangelsk brings 4 compositions in 67 minutes and comes in nice 6 panels digisleeve and is limited on 600 copies. Arkhangelsk was recorded in Toronto, Canada in December 2007 in two separate sessions. The first consisted of improvisational performances on drumset and guitar and the second consisted of layering percussion, electronics, and woodwind tracks on those original drum/guitar tracks. Both sessions were done in real-time in single takes with a minimum of post-production editing or manipulation in an effort to capture the spontaneity of the performances. As such, Arkhangelsk maintains the typical ARC sound while simultaneously exploring more adventurous poly-rhythms and textures, combining influence/inspiration from such artists as Flyer Saucer Attack, The Boredoms, Tribes of Neurot, and Rapoon. [press-release]

Aube -- "Metalive 1997+1998" -- CD -- €15
2005 Neurec, NEUREC-2, (ltd. 1000)
Three live tracks: track 1 was first released on a split CD-R with Source Direkt sold with the special edition (20 copies) of their 7"; track 2 was first released on "MDML98", a G.R.O.S.S. CD-R; track 3 is previously unreleased.

Aube + M.B. -- "Junkyo" -- CD -- €15
2005 Noctovision, NCVCD-11, (ltd. 1000)
Junkyo means Martyrdom (torture and execution of a martyr, persecution of a person for their faith). "The martyrdoms is the hidden voice our sensible consciences. Yearning the evocative freedom." (Maurizio Bianchi)

Avrorin G. / Magnetone -- "Last Drop Of Orchestra" -- CD-R -- €4
2010 self-released
Mail collaboration of two little known artists, coming from noise and free-rock and electronic Russian underground. Magnetone plays cello, Avrorin uses prepared steel objects of Soviet industry. As a result we have dissonant industrial flow of din and howl. [from the author]

Behrens, Marc -- "20 Zonen" -- CD -- €15
2011 Aufabwegen, AATP35, (ltd. 300)

Coil -- "Porto" -- CD -- €28
2006 Extremocidente

Fanum & Exit In Grey -- "Dust Storm" -- CD -- €10
2013 Daphnia Records, ph13
A collaboration album of two Russian droners dedicated to the phenomenon of dust storms. The disc starts with a subdued rumble of radio frequencies, instantly rolling over the listener with a layered sonic wall outlined by a disturbing guitar tune. As if one's watching the coming of such storm behind a thick window glass of a weather station - it seems safe, but still somehow uneasy. Second track starts off with a more mild melody gradually covered by a web of sharp radio noises, still maintaining calmer atmosphere. The album is closed by a lengthy 17-min track with a guttural drone and remote rumbles, field recordings and melancholic guitar timbres, dissolved in omnipresent radio interference... Music for contemplation, but not for relaxation.

Haus Arafna -- "The Singles 1993-2000" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 015
The official re-release of all 4 vinyl singles on one compact disk, dated for 10 years anniversary of the band and the label. Contains "Sex U Mas", "Take One Get Two" (split-single with Karl Runal, CD release contains only Haus Arafna's part), "The Last Dream Of Jesus" and "Für Immer".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hybryds -- "Mythical Music From The 21st Century" -- CD -- €10
1986/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 041-2
This is the second volume in the ongoing series of Hybryds reissues on Zoharum and it coincides with the 30th anniversary of artistic work of Sandy Nys and company. "Mythical Music from the 21st Century", the first full Hybryds release, collects tracks recorded between 1983 and 1986 scattered on various compilations. Yet they form the first representation of their venture into the world of sonic rituals and magic. Their perspective on sound still has not been imitated or copied and even after 30 years they still sound fresh. In the words of Sandy Nys: "The first recordings were made in 1983. During the next years more recordings and musical rituals were created with different people in different places. In this first release about 20 people were involved. The recordings were a field trip, a diary of my life. The recordings became a story. The mythical story of NaHeMa. Most of the songs were sent for compilations on independent labels, yet the complete story was released in 1986 for the first time as a cassette on 3RIORECORDINGS (there was also a very limited edition in a box of 30 copies with the Dream Machine building prints.) In 1990 it was re-released by Nuit et Brouillard (France) as a cassette in a small box. In 1998 a limited picture disc in an edition of 666 copies was released by Triton (Germany). This version is shorter than the cassette one. This new CD release contains extras: the unreleased live version of "Sacred Voices," performed live on Radio Centraal and an unreleased mix of "Octahedron" by the Alpha Project." The album has been digitally remastered from the original stereo cassette master by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions. This is the ritual music at its best. Now you can enjoy it in the best digital quality. [press-release]

Hybryds -- "Soundtrack For The Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" -- CD -- €10
1995/2011 Zoharum, ZOHAR 022-2
The reissue of a long-deleted classic album by this legendary Belgian project. 'Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium' is an unusual album, even in comparison with other Hybryds works. It was created especially for the 150th anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Music composed by Sandy and Hermann (of Ah-Cama Sotz) was woven in between the sounds of dolphins, killer whales and the noise of the underwater world. The Zoo director wrote the following in the preface: "Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" is a musical journey of the similar stature as "20 000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Julius Verne. Let it be the best recommendation for those who haven't had a chance to get to know to one of the best and most interesting albums in the Hybryds discography. [press-release]

Hypnoz -- "Autumn Sun" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Absurd Vibration, 001, (ltd. 50)
After releazing his CD "Breath of Earth", Dmitry Zubov aka Hypnoz presents one more gift - the new album "Autumn Sun", consisting of tracks recorded from 2001 to 2008. This instrumental ambient tapestry complements his previous work in character and contents... Following it's simple title, "Autumn Sun" presents a collection of musical drawings which came into being through the moments of calm philosophic contemplation of nature and the outside world. Restrained and minimal pieces depicture images all-sufficient in their inner completeness. A light sleep of a soldier combining howl of the wind and restless ticking of passing time. A deserted hill among the equable silence of autumn fields. Last warm sunbeam fallen on cheek-bones of November, whited from cold. A sleepless night before Easter calling from the sky abyss with deafly heard call of angelic flutes. Morning dew showering under the feet with myriads of sparkling precious beads... Sparing guitar loops and drones, scrappy noises and sound effects extracted from analogue sound devices and synths - this is the toolkit used on "Autumn Sun". Monotonous soundscapes of "Last Night Before Easter" and "Deserted Hill" with droning guitar background turn into meditative ringing of "Embossomed With Trees" filling up all the space. Laconic watercolor sketches "Shining From Beyond" and "Sunbeam In November" make room for even more sleepy eerie rustle of "Flicker" and "Morning Dew"... This album invites for poetic dreaminess and other tranquil pleasures. The artwork features author's photographies. [Radiodrone]

IA -- "Labyrinth" -- CD-R -- €8
2013 Still*Sleep, CDR24
New album by Alex Copeland (IA), featuring Julien Demoulin & Ross Copeland. Alex uses voice & environmental recordings, creating deep drones, and guest musicians add emotional colours with guitars and some keyboards. Very calm and soothing ambient.

Karna "Era Of Cold Hearts" / Velehentor "The Asha Blaze - 7 Minutes Later" -- CD -- €10
2009 Nomos Dei, LEGIS VI, (ltd. 666)
Split CD of two leading Russian noise projects. This release contains 4 previously unreleased tracks from Karna's EP "Era Of Cold Hearts" and a 30-min long track from Velehentor, dedicated to the biggest railway disaster happened in Russia on June 4th, 1989 near Asha town which maimed and destroyed lifes of many people. The atmosphere of icy inhuman horror from Karna. Sonic minimalism and strict aesthetics of macro-implosion from Velehentor. Special artwork in super jewel case. [press-release]

KK Null -- "Galactic Tornado" -- CD -- €9
2008 Quasi Pop Records, QPOP CD051, (ltd. 500)
The album “Galactic Tornado” by Mr. Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL) presents the deep, dense & dynamic electronic music. It's unconditional, intuitive and highly emotional excellent audio-work. Combining synthetic sounds from various synthesizers and electronic machines with acoustic audio signals, the composer explores (from his own point of view) some artistic values of “psychedelic electronic sound” that were widly presented on space/electronic/kraut albums from 70s. Naturally, this CD could be recommended for listeners who prefer the contemporary experimental sound in its highest quality and for fans of “retro spacey” sound from the groups such as Popol Vuh, Cluster or even Tangerine Dream as well. Luxurious 6-panels digipack with silver lettering and spot varnishing feautures artwork with images done by Kazuyuki Kishino. [press-release]

KK Null / John Wiese -- "Mondo Paradoxa" -- CD -- €15
2009 Auf Abwegen, aatp26, (ltd. 500)
Constructed over the period of two years via mail collaboration this is a great and forceful collaboration between two artists that each have made a name for themselves with their unique approach to making sound. KKNULL is a master of feedback studies, working with looped scenarios to create dense and vital sound units. KKNULL has a long history as an experimental musician and is also the leading force behind proto-metal-group Zeni Geva and the dark-industrial project Absolut Null Punkt... John Wiese has recently collaborated with such acts as Wolf Eyes and Sunn O))) and is also a graphic designer in high demand. Usually he creates fragile but very erruptive lo-fi noise rumblings with an almost poetic touch. He has a musical past in the group Bastard Noise... Needless to say, both artists combine the best of both worlds in this crunching release! Comes in beautiful full cover digipak, designed by Government Alpha, typesetting by John Wiese. [press-release]

Konrad Kraft -- "Temporary Audiosculptures And Artefacts" -- CD -- €15
2011 Auf Abwegen, aatp33, (ltd. 300)
Trying to set musical events in a sculptural form, the Düsseldorf/Wuppertal based artist and musician Detlef Funder (a.k.a. Konrad Kraft), develops the temporary audio-sculpture. Knowing that a tonal event can never take the materiality of a real sculpture, Konrad Kraft attempts this special transformation with the help of various elements. Human imaginativeness, time, as well as the tonal event itself are the elements for the listener to form an individual audio-sculpture and to let it develop in their heads. The audio-sculpture with its acoustic body, around which various tonal/sound elements and events float, appears with a physical structure, a dimensionality. Tonal/sound elements are of various origins. In part elicited from nature, or being conjured up synthetically, or just being put together randomly, all elements are enhanced and altered sometimes significantly to the point that the character has changed completely and can hardly be identified. The term ‘artefact’ relates to the fact that sound fragments, through the synthetic alteration, are broken-up and only exist and appear as particles. They flow as ‘artefacts’ in the tonal range... It sounds like floating metallic sound units interfere with small concrete sounds in the foreground. It reminds us at times of some of the work by Illusion Of Safety, Controlled Bleediung and Cisfinitum. [label info]

Liver Mortis -- "Cut-Rate" -- C-40 -- €8
2009 Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, EST.009, (ltd. 155)
Liver Mortis (and the related label TF/PE) is one of the few newer American artists that has this truly twisted, perverted and violent aura radiating around them. Since the already great startup of the project in 2006 it has shown constant improvement. “Cut-rate” is again a step forward. Only two long tracks, but skillfully built up from short chapters in cut-up style. So there is actually a huge amount of material and sounds sinked into the tracks and composed to float forward. Low-end rumble, crackling synth, nasty feedback, dirty junk abuse, occasional buried vocals etc... High bias chrome tape with pro-printed covers. Also comes with 2-sided cardboard art insert. All this is sealed with special wrap covers and metal band. Handnumbered and limited to 155 copies. [press-release]

Lustmord -- "The Word As Power" -- 2 LP -- €30
2013 Blackest Ever Black, BLACKESTLP004
The Word As Power is the new studio album by Lustmord. Half a decade in the making, it’s an exploration of ritual music without dogma. For the first time in his 33-year career Lustmord places vocals at the centre of his abyssal ambient creations, coaxing incantatory performances out of Aina Skinnes Olsen, Jarboe (ex-Swans), Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Soriah. Those looking to properly decode the subject matter of the album are advised to study Simon Fowler’s fiendishly elaborate, double-spread cover illustration. Suffice it to say here that it concerns "the word" as written - signs, ciphers, symbology, semantics, etymology - and as spoken - myths, mantras, chants, invocation and evocation. Of course it’s also about the unwritten, the unspoken; that which exists beyond the reach of language. Sonically, The Word As Power is even more detailed, expansive and consuming than Lustmord’s followers have come to expect, with voices, electronics, immense sub-bass, field recordings and other acoustic phenomena harnessed and arranged to stimulate feelings of dread and desolation, certainly, but also escape, renewal and rebirth. [label info]

Nebelung -- "Vigil" -- CD -- €20
2008 Eis Und Licht, Eis057

November Novelet -- "From Heaven On Earth" -- CD -- €15
1999 Galakthorrö 011
November Növelet is more calm and romantic side of Haus Arafna, most of texts and vocals belong to the female part of the duet. Detached, beautiful and blameless as an ice sculpture music which simply has no analogues.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Omenya -- "Ancient Rites" -- CD -- €9
2005 Purple Soil, Pulse zero: two
Omenya is a project of Mark Davis who released his albums under this name on Tantric Harmonies and Klanggalerie. The closest analogue to Omenya can be called Rapoon - waves of smooth ambient in conjunction with sampled semi-ethnic percussion. Tranquil atmospheric music with ritual touch.

Rapoon -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 1" -- 2 CD -- €14
2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 038-2
2012 sees the 20th anniversary of solo artistic work of an artist extraordinaire Robin Storey under the moniker Rapoon. Since 1992 and the release of his debut album "Dream Circle", Robin has been exploring the potential of post-indutrial ambience enhanced with ethnic sounds of African and Indian origin and using trial-and-error techniques inspired by contemporary experimentalists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and krautrock giants such as Can and Faust to create elusive soundscapes too enchanting to ignore. With over 50 releases under his belt, he has become one of the most prolific household names in the world of experimental electronics. His works, sometimes harsh in nature, sometimes evocative or even gloomy, gained many devoted followers all over the world. Also in Poland, in Zoharum's headquarters. Together with Robin Storey, we prepared this first volume in the series of archive releases celebrating 20 years of Rapoon's existence. "Seeds in the Tide" will collect all the rare tracks released on compilations, small or limited formats. The first disc entitled "Keepsakes and Oddities" contains tracks recorded between 1993 and 1999. The second one is a reissue of the ultra-limited CDR version of the well-known "Messianicghosts" album which inclides the original version of the four tracks from that album that are significantly different from their later variants. The tracks were faithfully restored by Maciej Bartkowiak. The paintings on the cover is by Mr. Robin Storey himself and the design duties were handled by Zoharum in-house designer Maciej Mehring. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "Time-Loop Anomalies" -- CD -- €10
2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 030-2
"Time-Loop Anomalies", the next Rapoon offering on Zoharum after "Disappeared Redux", contains more than an hour of eerie, ethereal music lingering on the borderlands of dreamworld and reality. Robin Storey, the man behind the moniker, delivers yet again a subtle woven masterpiece, both being a bold step into the new world and in the vein of his earlier projects continuing recurring themes in his artistic work. [label info]

Rapoon -- "Vernal Crossing Revisited" -- 2 CD -- €14
1993/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 043-2
This is the 4th Rapoon release on Zoharum. And this one is really a treat. The double album celebrates the 20th anniversary of "Vernal Crossing" release, Robin Storey's third album. But it's not a mere reissue. The artist revisited the original and adapted it for the 21 century, hence the title. "Vernal Crossing Revisited" is two sides of the same coin: the first disc contains the original album (faithfully remastered by our label's favourite Lukasz "Wookie" Miernik) and the other one being the 2013 reinterpretation of the original. This is Rapoon at its most rhythmic stage. Prepare yourself for the journey to the desert. [press-release]

Stoukalin, Kirill -- "Programma 2" -- MC -- €13
2000 self-released, (ltd. 40)
Russian harsh-noise from Kirill Stoukalin (Organomehanizm). Last copy from the author.

Theodor Bastard -- "Sueta" -- CD -- €8
2006 Manchester Files, CDMAN 291-06
The new album "Sueta" contains some of the best performances recorded from St-Petersburg to Brussels. There are some real marvels there like a collaboration with the American sax genius Ethan Jordan, performed in Belgium, or the slow-paced opium-driven "AlBor" with an autopsied sitar, recorded in a damp squat in Dortmund. [Fulldozer]

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Monographie / Verstreutes 2" -- CD + BOOK -- €26
2006 Auf Abwegen, AATP16, (ltd. 600)

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Notturno" -- CD -- €15
1986/1992 Barooni, BAR 007

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Sinkende Schwimmer" -- CD -- €15
1991 Barooni, BAR 004

Tietchens, Asmus -- "Stupor Mundi" -- CD -- €15
1990/2012 Die Stadt, DS 114 / Auf Abwegen, aatp 41, (ltd. 600)

Toy Bizarre & Pierre Redon -- "Saisons" -- CD -- €15
2008 Auf Abwegen, AATP24, (ltd. 500)
This collaborative effort brings us some of the most beautiful and atmospheric instances of composition with nature. The four tracks, some solitary works, some creatied by using field sourcings of the opponent, feature subtle wildlife field recordings, detailed electro-acoustic passages, swelling metallic drones and amplified silences. [label info]

Triarii -- "Ars Militaria" -- CD -- €15
2005/2007 Eternal Soul, CD 02

Triarii -- "Exile" -- CD EP -- €13
2011 Eternal Soul, CD 12, (ltd. 2000)

Triarii -- "Muse In Arms" -- CD -- €15
2008/2011 Eternal Soul, CD 08

Triarii -- "Piece Heroique" -- CD -- €15
2006/2007 Eternal Soul, CD 05

Troum -- "Seeing-Ear Gods" -- CD -- €10
2006/2011 Zoharum, ZOHAR 017-2
'Seeing-Ear Gods' is the second collaboration between Troum and Zoharum. The album in question is the re-release of the obscure CDR which saw the light of the day 5 years ago on Discorporeality Recordings label. Here it is repackaged (3-panel digipak) and gloriously remastered by Anders Peterson (from Ghost Sounds mastering studio) responsible for dusting off other Troum / Maeror Tri releases. 'Seeing-Ear Gods' is quite different a release from 'Autopoiesis / Nahtscato' released on Zoharum last year. It's not as multilayered or varied, but at the same time is much more minimalist and hence very hypnotic. It works more on the subconscious level. It demonstrates how to create a mindblowing atmosphere with very little sounds involved. Just one track, divided into 6 separate parts, but be assured that you will press the 'repeat' button a lot of times. [press-release]

Voice Of Eye -- "Seven Directions Divergent" -- CD -- €15
2009 Conundrum Unlimited, CU3
Seven Directions Divergent (2009) is the latest release by Taos, New Mexico based artists Voice of Eye. Taking over a year to produce, Seven Directions Divergent is the third CD to be released on Conundrum Unlimited, and the fifth full-length Voice of Eye CD. As artists experimenting with sound we have been inspired by many different styles of music and noise. Seven Directions Divergent pays homage to some of the diverse musical sources that have influenced us over the years from traditional Sanskrit chants to Steve Hillage to cute Euro pop to shamanic transcendence. This is an ambitious project melding many different sources together with the ethereal beauty and yearning magnificence you expect from Voice of Eye. This CD transports the listener along a narrative history of our personal journeys of change and transformation as told through the medium of sound. Seven Directions Divergent was mastered by award winning engineer Jon Gold for the best sounding Voice of Eye release to date. Comes in a Digipack with beautiful full color artwork by Jim Wilson. [label info]

Von Hausswolff, Carl Michael -- "Perhaps I Arrive - Music For Ataturk Airport, Istanbul" -- 2 CD -- €17
2008 Auf Abwegen, aatp25, (ltd. 500)
This double disc set includes some of the most unusual sounds you will have heard from Carl Michael von Hausswolff. The story goes like this. Von Hausswolff was chosen by the 1997 Istanbul Biennal to create a sound installation for Atatürk Airport. His classic sound combining low frequency rumblings, very monotonous oscillations and hissy non-narrative sequences was deemed too confusing for the commutors... It was feared, von Hausswolff’s sound installation might be mistaken for an alarm and would be capable of causing serious panic at the airport. Hence the original soundtrack for “Perhaps I Arrive” was neglected. This music can now be heard for the first time on disc 1. Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s response to the artistsic restrictions was to produce the four tracks you hear on the second disc. These only make use of the very basic pre-set industry sounds included in the Yamaha QY22 and show a new side to the von Hausswolff sound. Very simple, post-nuclear lounge music. These four tracks – you guessed it! – where happily used in the context of the Biennal exhibition... Art is a three-letter word. (William S Burroughs) [label info]

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