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Four small but nice editions round up the activity of this year. Fresh ambient wave representatives from St. Petersburg, Archangelsk and Turku (Finland) plus the solo album of a respected classic of St. Petersburg's post-industrial school hailing back from the times of Ultra label.

Distro updates feature CDs from one of the most currently active European labels Zoharum (Poland), new split-CD by Russian ambient acts Lunar Abyss and Vanum, latest vinyls from the Estonian martial / folk label Fronte Nordico, some author's (re)issues by Kirill Stoukalin (Organomehanizm, ex- Reductio Ad Absurdum) and paintings by the Siberian artist Vitaliy Maklakov known for his projects Kromeshna, Light Collapse, Obozdur, etc.

With this update once again we start the traditional winter sale. If you order ten or more items marked by the sign [-50%], you buy them for half-price. Some of the items listen in the rare / used list, lightened by green colour, may also be bought with the discount.

In Russia we always have long New Year holidays so we'll take an opportunity to fall offline from December 30th to January 4th. All answers - upon return as soon as possible!

Happy celebrating for everyone!
Hope we'll all get a good blast and rest during these days!

Best to all of us,

I. New releases

A.T.M.O.M. - Andromeda


CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Earth Shine
2. Moonlight
3. Andromeda
4. Astrogenesis
5. Dust
6. Plasma
7. NGate (feat. Glasberg)
8. Abstract Earth (feat. O.N.E.)
9. Orbital

total length: 59:31
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* soundcloud
* vk.com/club.atmom

A.T.M.O.M. (At The Moment Of Madness) was founded by Taras Voloschuk in 2009, and has released many works on such web labels as GV Sound and DNA Production including a couple of collaborations with Bardoseneticcube. Experts of the Russian experimental scene might also know his other projects Toxi-X (harsh noise), Nano Synthetic (rhythmic noise) and Fractal Flints (noisecore). Taras is also the organiser of a series of festivals called Noise Pollution, featuring many acts of the Russian noise underground. However he is not only into noise music, and the A.T.M.O.M. project shows the more atmospheric side of his versatile talent.

"Andromeda" starts with tranquil and quite canonical space ambient. Unobtrusive contemplative melodies and flashes of electronic signals gradually turn into dense layers of synthesizer drones, enwrapping in a dark sonic abyss like the irresistible force of gravitation. And this hypnotic minimalism of airless space outlined by mild noisy spirals finally transforms into rhythmical dashes and sketches bringing us back to the near-Earth orbit.

A couple of tracks were recorded together with Glasberg and O.N.E. projects, mastering done by the sonic magician Kshatriy (kshatriy.pro). The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer cardboard.

Ogni Videniy - Sounding Emptiness

Ogni Videniy
"Sounding Emptiness"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Scattered Embers
2. The Pass
3. Immersion
4. Sleeping Pads on the Bottom
5. Ashes from the Tablecloth
6. Wollo
7. Empty Reflections
8. Sounding Emptiness

total length: 62:15
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* myspace
* vk.com/ognivideniy

The Northern city of Archangelsk has given the Russian ambient scene several beautiful projects and among them is certainly Ogni Videniy (Russian for "Fires of Visions"). Their previous releases came out on such labels as Vetvei and BioSonar^Labyrinth and this is already the fourth album, not counting a collab with Six Dead Bulgarians "2137" (Vetvei, 2011).

The album is dedicated to the phenomenon of emptiness in its Buddhist meaning: not as absolute "nothingness" but rather as endless potential manifestation of everything existent in the world. Unlike previous works with more ritualistic feeling, this album shows Peter A. experimenting with more abstract electronic sound. Here one finds almost complete absence of traditional singing bowls, bells and pipes - instead the space is seized by home-made analogue sound generators, processed field recordings and mysterious textures. Plangent background drones fixate the perception and the forefront is filled by gurgling, croaking and swarming microsounds creating an utterly psychoactive shroomy atmosphere inhabited by enigmatic entities.

S36NZ-Okh - Meditzina Katastrof

"Meditzina Katastrof"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Meditzina Katastrof
2. Sanatorium
3. Island Of Renaissance (Yersinia Pestis)
4. Masha/Dasha
5. P424 (Snegir')
6. Sweet Dreams
7. Vaccination of Work
8. Official Version

total length: 70:09
release date: December 25, 2014
price: €7

* bandcamp.com

S36NZ-Okh is the solo project of the St. Petersburg-based musician, painter and illustrator Kirill Rozhkov, also known for his joint work with Alexander Lebedev-Frontov in T.A.U. and Stalnoy Pakt projects. Two previous S36NZ-Okh albums were released by the Ultra label in 2000 and 2002 and the material for the third album "Meditzina Katastrof" was recorded in 2003-2004 and kept in archive for ten years waiting to be released.

As the title suggests ("Medicine of Disasters" as translated from Russian) the album is dedicated to the medical theme, particularly to medicine as a tool for healing social problems: anthropogenic, biological and other disasters, although practically useless in our reality. Musically this is a saturated mixture of dark electronics and dramatic old school industrial. Each composition is a separate story filled with tangible cinematic images. Every track features exclusive samples such as the fragments of correspondence of a German cannibal with his victim eaten in parts by mutual agreement, or a functional description of a "Snegir'" onboard recorder from the "Kursk" submarine, etc. All this is skillfully combined with industrial noises, sound loops, synthesizers and electronic rhythms making a solid collage filled with a sense of collapse of the modern social model, fatigue and the impending doom of humanity.

Umpio - Opium Electronix Vol.IV

"Opium Electronix Vol. IV"

CD-R (ltd. 111)

1. Circuito
2. Temperatura
3. Plomo
4. Terreno

total length: 47:02
release date: December 25, 2014
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* umpio.com

Umpio means "vacuum" in Finnish. This is a project founded by Pentti Dassum in 2006. Pentti has been playing guitar and bass in a variety of punk, death-metal, rock, jazz and experimental bands since the early 90-ies, and also has a huge sound engineering experience obtained from working within the Finnish musical underground. However in his own project Umpio he devotes attention to making sounds from metal junk, contact mics, circuit bending, various analogue and digital electronics and whatever comes in his hands, recording extraordinary material from harsh noise to hypnotic ambient.

The "Opium Electronics" falls right into the latter category. The first cassette "Opium Electronics Vol. I" was released by the Russian label Rokot in 2012, then two CD-Rs followed on Pentti's own imprint Nekorecords and now the fourth installment comes out on our label. Four tracks mold in a single sonic flow. Soft enveloping electronics that sounds like a plush cocoon wrapped around one's head. Background textures humming gently, waves of mild noises rolling softly, forefront sounds slightly scratching the ears... detachment and abstraction not providing any determined images but giving free scope to the listener's imagination.

II. Forthcoming events

26.12.2014 - Recipes of Eternity VI
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

27.12.2014 - Cold Sun
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

30.12.2014 - New Year Noise-Drone Party
St. Petersburg, "Manhattan" club. More info...

St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

Moscow, China Town Cafe. More info...

St. Petersburg, "Dada Underground" club. More info...

17.01.2015 - Death Sound Corruption: Sigil I
Moscow, Ypsilon Studio. More info...

St. Petersburg, "Zoccolo 2.0" club. More info...

Moscow, "Dom" cultural center. More info...

Moscow, "Dom" cultural center More info...

St. Petersburg. More info...

St. Petersburg, "The Place" club. More info...

Moscow, "P!PL" club. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Closing The Eternity -- "Northern Nights Ambience" -- CD -- €35
2012 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-21, (ltd. 25)
New album from legendary Siberian ambient project! CTE is one of the most important and longest living projects on the Russian ambient/drone stage. For more than 10 years, ‘121’ (Velehentor; CTE) delivers an impressive output of his original sounding drones on various labels. "Northern Nights Ambience" has been recorded as continuation of the limited 7” vinyl "Northern Lights Ambience" (Drone Records Germany, 2006) and is without a doubt, the so far ‘coldest’ album by CLOSING THE ETERNITY. Soft, harmonious and freezing drones full of absolute serenity and beauty of a permafrost, ignorant human breath. [label info] LTD. 25 COPIES WITH METAL LOGO-MEDALLION.

Czajkowska, India & Sebastian Madejski -- "Tance Snu" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 081-2, (ltd. 500)
”Dances of the Dreams” (”Tance Snu”) is a sonic journey through unexpected and undiscovered worlds of human imagination. This sonic journey is accompanied by the aura of oddity or mystery straight from the fairytale land. From a rich array of sounds, colours and surprising ideas, the artists extract haunting, subtle melodies. Here early music entwines with ambient, oriental melodies with experimental sounds, folky lightness corresponds with elements of neo-classical... The duo of India Czajkowska and Sebastian Madejski created a very suggestive album by means of early instruments (viola de gamba, psalterium) flute, piano, synthesizer, guitars and two unconventional voices; an album that is very hard to pigeon-hole. Having drawn inspiration from tradition, it brings a lot of freshness into seemingly fossilised structure. It is a surprisingly interesting, intriguing and delightful album for numerous listens... For fans of neoclassical/new folk sounds of Ataraxia, Jack or Jive, Rajna, Louisa John-Krol, Collection D'Arnell-Andrea. [press-release]

iN sCissorS -- "The Circus Of Ichneumons" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 071-2 / Beast Of Prey, BOP 79, (ltd. 300)
iN sCissorS returns with its fourth full length release "The Circus of Ichneumons", delving deeper into the cinematic themes hinted from previous works. Within the four acts of the album, expansive melodies ranging from baroque to ethereal and avant-garde create the soundtrack for a film or a theatrical play, that aches to be realized. Vincent Andelmoth is the director of this dream act, Aimaproject the main narrator and the rest of the cast is full of special guests, including Maciej "Dragos" Mehring from Bisclaveret, Evor Ameisie, Michiel Spape from H.E.R.R. and Annamaria Bernadette Christian. This imaginary travelling company introduces to us the life cycle of the ichneumons. The mysterious members of this circus satirize the pestilence of man over nature and its similarities with the parasitic insect. Parasites can be found amongst all species. [press-release]

Inner Vision Laboratory & Nepenthe -- "Ambit" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 066-2, (ltd. 400)
Two years after well-received "Perpetua" album, INNER VISION LABORATORY returns to Zoharum with their new album entitled "Ambit". Not a solo venture, but a collaborative effort with young, but promising NEPENTHE project. The album was 3 years in the making when they were searching for a common language and fiddling with sonic matter using the Internet in this respect, they have created a monolith - a very cohesive, yet symbiotic world. It might be easily labelled as "ambient", yet they break the patterns of that style. "Ambit" is composed of 7 compositions, clocking in at 50 minutes. It is composed of beautiful, yet unsettling melodies, for those who are fascinated with sounds coming from Cyclic Law and Loki Foundation labels, but also for new-comers to the genre. For those open-minded for something new and touching, a kind of music painted with the whole palette of colours and sounds. [press-release]

Jarl / Envenomist -- "Tunguska Event" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 083-2, (ltd. 300)
A long time ago we discovered little known musician called Erik Jarl. We really liked his first albums and we were watching his music mature over the years. So when Erik contacted us with the offer concerning releasing his album we jumped at the chance. Erik has teamed up with David Reed aka Envenomist to create a sonic reenactment of the Tunguska event. It was ”was a large explosion which occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, at about 07:14 on June 30, 1908” [Wikipedia]. It flattened 2,000 km2 of the forest and it caused glowing sunsets on the horizon. There are many theories concerning the cause of this particular event. Some scientists claim it was connected with an asteroid or comet that burst in the air above the region, others claim that it might have been a small black hole passing near the Earth. The mystery is still unsolved... The music, presented here in five parts, is full of oily drones and industrial blasts intertwined with unsettling ambient textures. The sound on this recording is of complex and mature nature, which hardly comes as a surprise when thinking about years both musicians spent mastering their skills (David with Envenomist and Luasa Raelon; Erik both in IRM and Skin Area, and solo known simply as Jarl). It is an interesting piece of work for those who search for something on the fringes of electronic music... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Lunar Abyss / Vanum -- "Ulm-Gra / Pelena Sna" -- CD -- €10
2014 Biosonar^Labyrint, 026, (ltd. 222)
This split-release of two Russian projects was delayed almost for two years, which makes it even more interesting. Lunar Abyss presents two tracks of solo immersions of Evgeniy S. in the droning waves, saturated by tube cascades, and the third track is recently found unreleased fragment of a concert from 25.10.1999 in the Experimental Sound Gallety - 21, the remarkable performance for the project which provided material for creating two albums: "Cosmologamma" and "Zeleznaya Voda"... Later come four pieces by Vanum from the city of Tolyatti, which continue the shamanic mood and isolationist discourse. The compositions are based on the sound of Soviet analogue synths with minimal processing which makes them airy, bright and hypnotic at the same time. This is not relax music, it mesmerizes and brings to a pleasant stupor, full of psychedelic vigor, a veil of a dream calling up visions... The CD is packed in a cardboard sleeve with a hand-made stamping, each copy is numbered. [label info]

Maninkari -- "Continuum Sonore Part 7>14" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 085-2, (ltd. 300)
Maninkari, a duo hailing from France, should be a well-known one for ambient lovers. They have already released six albums on renowned labels such as Conspiracy, Neuropa or Basses Frequencies. Their influences range from classical music through jazz and free improv ending with ambient and drone. Therefore, it is not easy to classify them as a modern post-industrial electronica combo. The duo works quite intensively. They have just prepared the second volume of their 2012 ”Continuum Sonore” album. What enchanted us about Maninkari while listening to part 7-14 ”Continuum Sonore” compostion of is their easiness in creating beautiful, but haunting melodies drowned in cinema-like atmosphere. It is not surprising as the duo have created music for films of Thomas Pantalacci. Their other advantage is varied instrumental textures. Apart from regular synthesizers and not so common persussion, they use atypical instruments, such as bodhran, viola, cimbalom, santoor. It brings them closer to the neoclassical genre. The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. [label info]

MNL9 -- "Godless Flesh" -- CD-R -- €6   [-50%]
2014 No Music Rex., noise 020, (ltd. 33)
New album of Russian underground project MNL9 run by Boris Kurtanov (also IAMNOTHING, Monologue, Morbus Mundi, etc.). Schizophrenic collage of street and field recordings, TV programs and harsh digital noise. Uterine hum with scratchy noises and rare electronic signals. Flute, factory rattle and mad distorted voices. Quiet insanity along with a remote sound generator, radiowaves and fractal echoes. The album contains two bonus tracks. First - a cut-up from very lo-fi home-made grindcore tracks, second - dense oppressing machine-like noise.

Nagamatzu -- "Neural Interval" -- 2 CD -- €13   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 084-2, (ltd. 500)
Thanks to music lovers from all around the world, forgotten gems from the analogue era hidden in basements have been popping up in the digital age. We have witnessed (re-)discovery and (re-)appreciation of new age, library music, acid house, post-punk and many others. One of those hidden gems from the 1980s is Nagamatzu with Stephen Jarvis and Andrew Lagowski (known for his ambient/electronica releases on Zoharum amongst the others). In their 10-year tenure, they pioneered their own peculiar instrumental version of the so-called dark wave, a mixture of goth-tinged post-punk with pulsating, danceable electronica... Nagamatzu released 3 tapes and a 12” vinyl back in their heyday. They gathered good reviews, small but devoted following, but once they drifted apart, their music was lost. Fortunately, not to all. First, some tracks kept popping up on Andrew Lagowski's website. Later, Josh Cheon from San Francisco-based label called Dark Entries re-released their two cassette-only album on vinyl. Now, it is time to present their analogue output in its enirety on CD... ”Neural Interval” collects all the three tape albums from Nagamatzu: ”Shatter Days” (1983), ”Sacred Islands of the Mad” (1986) and ”Igniting the Corpse” (1991). It also adds ”Space Shuttle Shuffle” 12'' (1987) and an unreleased version of ”Lift Off” as bonus tracks. It gives you an insight into still little known work by this excellent duo (or trio at times) who should have been a mainstay of 4AD, Beggars Banquet or Factory back in the 1980s. We hope that thanks to the vinyl reissues of Dark Entries and Zoharum CD anthology the band will achieve such a kind of recognition they truly deserve... The CDs are housed in a digipak with an additional poster booklet inside. [label info]

Omutt -- "Tales From Onego" -- CD-R -- €8
2014 Katze Worx, (ltd. 15)
Spacious Dark Ambient creeping like a fog over an empty lake's surface, from the creator of Galaxy The Incubator / Altar Of Sorrow / Dime[drone]. Twilight symphony in 9 parts with fragments of field recordings. Handmade artwork, every cover contains attached leaf. Each copy comes with beads made of rowan berries. Great album in a very limited edition. [YAOP]

Organomehanizm -- "Tactical Nuclear Impact" -- CD-R -- €10
2008/2014 self-released, (ltd. 39)
This recording made in 2008 was released on "SWALKA" compilation by Mind Control Production from Barnaul, Russia. This release contains the original track and the remix, total time - ca. 20 minutes.

Organomehanizm / Strup -- split -- CD-R -- €10
2014 self-released, (ltd. 39)
Two pieces of sound abou the same time from two quiet known noise performers from the CIS (Russian and Belarus), recorded in 2012.

Rapoon -- "Fall Of Drums" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 078-2, (ltd. 500)
It has been a year since the release of highly-acclaimed album entitled "To West and Blue". After various archive releases (the second volume in the rarities collection entitled "Seeds in the Tide" plus expanded reissue of a classic album "The Fires of the Borderlands") and new albums on other labels ("Psi-Transient" and "Conduits And Estuaries"), Robin Storey aka Rapoon presents a carefully woven new masterpiece called "Fall of Drums"... The new Rapoon album marks his return not only to the analogue electronics territories, but also to ethnic rhythms which he was known for in the very early days of his solo project. We are back to Middle Eastern territories, to deserts, opium hallucinations and ghosts whisper amidst the sand. 4 long hypnotic tracks of staggering beauty take us on an hour-long journey into your subconsciousness. In other words, it is another top quality album from Robin Storey... The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

Rapoon & Promute -- "Machine River" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 079-2, (ltd. 500)
Not only is Robin Storey aka Rapoon a very prolific solo artist, but also he collaborates with many musicians from all over the world. He has already worked with Mykel Boys, Wyrm, Pas Musique, Kinder Atom, Cisfinitum, Pacific 231 et al. This time he teamed up with Shaun Sandor aka Promute to create 8 haunting tracks... This is the story of their meeting in the words of Shaun Sandor: "This collaboration between Rapoon and Promute is a direct result of the 2011 Endless Form Tour. For several nights in a row in different cities I sat in a swirling mist of sound conjured by Rapoon. The music easily generated notions of timelessness and seductive landscapes. In all of this, I was realizing that the electro-acoustic set that I was performing seemed to be a natural compliment to the music of Rapoon. I created several dozen tracks of homemade instruments, prepared guitar and bass, and sitar and sent them to Robin Storey to manipulate, process and edit. I asked my friend Des Kashyap to contribute some vocals as well, and he agreed. Robin added his music and vocals as well and did the arranging and mixing"... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Extract from Slaughter in a Pigeon Hole" -- CD-R -- €10
1999/2014 self-released, (ltd. 39)
These tracks were used to "fill the space" after the "Slaughter in a Pigeon Hole" album released on a CD-R by Black Dead Rabbit Productions in 1999. Reissued only for the true connoseurs and manic fans.

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Subaracnoid Analysis of the Pathological Process" -- CD-R -- €10
1998/2014 self-released, (ltd. 39)
Reissue of the original cassette released in 1998 by Relax Key label which later transformed into Aquarellist. The cassette contained various unreleased tracks recorded by the band in 1995-1997. This CD-R is the exact copy of the master-tape used for dubbing the cassettes of the original edition.

Stoukalin, Kirill -- "Programma 2 Prolog - Furious Womb Taming" -- CD-R -- €10
1999/2014 self-released, (ltd. 39)
The recording was made in 1999 for "Ultragamma" compilation released by Ultra label. In fact this was the debut solo recording of K. Stoukalin (ex- Reductio Ad Absurdum), which was later reworked and released under the name of "Programma 2". This release contains three tracks: the original mix, the "Programma 2" remix, and the copy taken from "Ultragamma" tape. All three tracks were not modified in any way, preserving the original sound quality. Recommended only for true fans and collectors.

Stoukalin, Kirill / Organomehanizm -- "Buystvo Midiy" -- CD-R -- €10
1999/2014 self-released, (ltd. 39)
This recording was made in 1999 and released by Ultra label on a tape as a bonus track for Organomehanizm "Bez Masky". In fact, this work has no relation to Organomehanizm project and was recorded as a separate composition, being included on tape only to fill the empty space. "Buystvo Midiy" (rus. for "Mussels Rampage") - the work was dedicated to some feminas living in St. Petersburg on the Red Communication street, particularly to madame Kuku: in some days they were so affected by magnetic fields and space rays that those events couldn't be missed by the author. This reissue is dedicated to all feminas of ST. Petersburg without exception, and at first hand to unforgettable madame Kuku. [from the author]

Tundra -- "Tajnie I Glebie" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 076-2, (ltd. 350)
Apart from countless reissues and new materials by renowned projects, Zoharum searches for new faces. This time it is a duo based in the same town as the label, namely Gdansk, called Tundra - an electroacoustic project of Dawid Adrjanczyk and Krzysiek Joczyn, whose inspiration is, first and foremost, space, both in its physical manifestation and the spiritual meaning. Beside samples, field recordings and sound manipulation, they use acoustic instruments. "Tajnie i Glebie" (Mysteries and Depths), their new recordings, is a temporary departure from the region of improvisation for the sake of studio work. The first full-length album of Tundra is a continuation of the previously chosen path; soundwise, it is based on the sonic contemplation of space. Here it is mostly of spiritual nature. The starting point situated in the subarctic region is left behind, and is replaced with wanderings among symbols scattered in the infinity. This path leads to a point which seems to be familiar to us, but it is not its beginning of the journey... By using various means of expression, the duo reread the canon of experimental music and explore new sonic territories. Six compositions presented here serve the purpose of a soundtrack to imaginary journeys into places where peace and chill reign simultaneously. These are akin to more ethereal songs from the World Serpent realm, but also academic compositions or free improv. The sounds on "Tajnie i Glebie" lose tracks and inspirations luring the listeners with an ambiguous atmosphere at the same time. [label info]


Arnica -- "Tot Creuant L'Ultim Bosc" -- s/s LP -- €17
2014 Fronte Nordico, AR II, (ltd. 150)
Fronte Nordico is proud to present its second release from this great band from Spain after its successful 7" "Mascaradas" released in 2011. This new one-sided LP called "Tot Creuant L'Ultim Bosc" ("Crossing the Last Forest") is a journey through a misty, dark and lonely forest. The last one on Earth, the last connection between our Soul and Land. What will happen when all the green becomes grey, and all the leaves turn into ashes? Musically this offering is articulated by traditional instruments like wooden flutes, Sac de Gemecs (catalan bagpipe), drums or acoustic guitar and includes two short pieces recorded in the woods by the riverside. From old camp tunes - celebration of what was once - to the forest's rage standing up against humanity, this new offering is a spiral trip to ourselves inner forest. Very recommended to all fans of forest-induced neo-folk. Regular edition: silkscreened die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with picture in the centre, attached full-colour 12" info sheet, black vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico die-cut inner sleeve. [press-release]

Arnica -- "Tot Creuant L'Ultim Bosc" -- s/s LP -- €42
2014 Fronte Nordico, AR II, (ltd. 50)
Advanced edition: full-colour 60 x 90 cm flag with Arnica logo tied up with ribbon and sealed with brown wax by the genuine Fronte Nordico logo stamp, two 10 x 15 cm full colour cards, silkscreened die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with picture in the centre, attached full-colour 12" info sheet, black vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico die-cut inner sleeve.

Die Weisse Rose -- "Treue um Treue" -- LP -- €19
2014 Fronte Nordico, DWR I, (ltd. 150)
The first collaboration between Fronte Nordico and this well-established Danish martial band. "Treue um Treue" has been recorded live in Dresden on 07.12.2012, the material is strong and powerful and sounds like the best old school works made when this genre was new and young. Being both powerful and melodic as well as very emotional six tracks presented on this recording will make the brave hearts beat stronger. The complete tracklisting is: A Martyrium Of White Roses / Kyrie Eleison / At The Doorsteps Of Our Temple / Unser Leben Geht Dahin wie Ein Geschwätz / Nicht Schuldig / As The Last Of The Rose Petals Are Shattered, the total length is 30 mins. The sound have been carefully mastered to prepare it the best way for the vinyl release. Regular edition: silkscreened die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with picture in the centre, attached full-colour 12" info sheet, black vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico die-cut inner sleeve. [press-release]

Die Weisse Rose -- "Treue um Treue" -- LP -- €46
2014 Fronte Nordico, DWR I, (ltd. 50)
Advanced edition: black & white triangle 60 x 90 cm flag with a rose logo tied up with ribbon and sealed with brown wax by the genuine Fronte Nordico logo stamp, two 10 x 15 cm full colour cards, silkscreened die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with picture in the centre, attached full-colour 12" info sheet, black vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico die-cut inner sleeve.

Myrninerest -- "Jhonn, Uttered Babylon" -- LP -- €33
2012 The Spheres, THE SPHERES ONE, (ltd. 500)

Myrninerest -- "Journey To Avebury" -- s/s 12" -- €16
2012 The Spheres, THE SPHERES FIVE, (ltd. 1000)


Lunar Abyss -- "A-A-A" -- C-60 -- €6
2014 Biosonar^Lo-End, 044, (ltd. 23)
Two sides of this hour-long cassette contain soundtracks previously available as bonuses for author's ultra limited box editions of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum "Atanimonni Aitnatsbus" (Substantia Innominata, SUB-16) and Lunar Abyss Deus Organum "Atimudra" (BioSonar^Labirint, 025/2012). Both tracks are based on small fragments of live recordings and home sessions. Dreamy psychedelic atmosphere in shimmering multi-layered and parallelled sonic flows, no particular introduction, no particular ending. A good option for your walkman during forest and river trips. Artwork - cardboard box with hand-painted image unique for each copy. [label info]

Pustota -- "A Foggy Cape (Tumanniy Mys)" -- C-80 -- €4
2014 Biosonar^Lo-End, 045, (ltd. 15)
Two sides of this cassette contain two incarnations of the project. First one contains the recordings of sea tide made on various kinds of dictaphones, second one has waves of static tape noise, ancient Soviet cassettes create their own barelt perceptable tide against the shore of silence. Ultra-limited edition on second-hand cassettes and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box with three small calendars from the collection of an unknown Crimean school girl. [label info]

Pustota -- "Optimal Level" -- C-40 -- €4
2014 Biosonar^Lo-End, 043, (ltd. 13)
Another fact of manipulation with the cassettes. Playing back and re-recording on various types of devices, various speeds and other manipulations. The search for an optimum monotonous hiss for low key background listening in a kitchen or a garage. Extracted from the depths of magnetic spattering, that noise which was fought against during the whole history of using magnetic tape as data storage media. Ultra-limited edition on second-hand cassettes and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box. [label info]

Zinc Room & Obozdur -- split -- MC -- €9
2014 Ostroga, OTR-027, (ltd. 30)
Two Ural-based projects. Midnight tradition and shamanism. Bottomless quagmire and cries, sinking into the night. Dark ambient Industrial / death industrial, field recordings and recordings of forest performances. Design: 30 cassettes dressed in exclusive cardboard covers. Each case features a unique oil monotype. Each cassette painted in tricolor acrylic texture. Comes with a photo card of a real wooden idol from a small village Maly Atyazh from the Urals. [label info]

Frea market

Erthad - Gma - CDR - VG+/NM - €1.40

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Maklakov, Vitaliy -- paintings -- €50 - €100
2014 Vitaliy Maklakov
Some of you might know Vitaliy Maklakov for his musical / noise зкщоусеы Light Collapse, Kromeshna, Obozdur, etc. and labels Ostroga and Heart-Shaped Box. But not many know that in his everyday life Vitaliy is a teacher of fine arts in a schildren's art school in a small town of Kamensk-Uralskiy in the Urals region of Russia. He is also a graphic designer and a painter himself, taking part in many international graphic works exhibitions, and this year he had a personal exhibition of paintings in his native town. You can order Vitaliy's paintings from us, the gallery is presented in his blog. Mainly the paintings are made with acrylic on paper, the size is 42 x 59,4 cm (A2 format).

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Bisclaveret -- "Theu Anagnosis" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 072-2 / Steinklang Industries, SK82, (ltd. 333)
BISCLAVERET returns with a new album entitled "Theu Anagnosis". It is a concept album, similarly to the previous 2 albums. In 8 compositions here the musicians captured a mystical-philosophical treatise of sorts. The first part of it, namely "An Introduction to Reading God", was presented on 7" vinyl split with Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim. By means of lyrics and music the duo creates apparently surreal own world of sounds devoid of "here and now." They propose their own vision of the Absolute which is seen through the eyes of mystics, madmen and free thinkers. The band invites us on a psychedelic wandering into the depth of ego, on a metaphysical adventure in the world of music painted with various colours, shapes and stories. Dreams of a madman? Calls of a scholar? Experience of a hermit? It all melts in a lava of many cultures. Yet here it creates a crystal, but heterogenic image. What is it like? Check it yourselves. The album is co-released by Steinklang Industries & Zoharum. Edition with black cover (222 copies). [label info]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Thaw" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 073-2
Of the Swedish wave of ambient acts from the 1990s, Desiderii Marginis is one of the few still active and definitely one of the finest of those few. Far from being a typical project in the vein of Brian Eno/Lustmord, Johan Levin, the mastermind behind Desiderii Marginis, has created and developed its own unique sonic palette merging digital and analogue: melancholic electronica with electroacoustic elements and intravenous rhythms. From the early days his music met with positive reactions resulting in albums on renowned the legendary Swedish Cold Meat Industry label, and lately also on Canadian Cyclic Law... Over the course of 20 years, Levin released 7 full-length albums, a 3-way split and a collection of rare pre-debut demos plus numerous tracks on various compilations. His latest offering entitled "Thaw" compiles the latter and adds 3 tracks from the split "Lost Signals from Unknown Horizons". On the one hand, it is simply a collection of rare tracks, but, on the other, it may serve a purpose of a "best of" album. With the chronology unaltered, it gives you the full picture of the project and its progress. It is a history lesson of the last 20 years in sonic melancholia of Desiderii Marginis. [press-release]

Hybryds -- "Soundtrack For The Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" -- CD -- €10
1995/2011 Zoharum, ZOHAR 022-2
The reissue of a long-deleted classic album by this legendary Belgian project. 'Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium' is an unusual album, even in comparison with other Hybryds works. It was created especially for the 150th anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Music composed by Sandy and Hermann (of Ah-Cama Sotz) was woven in between the sounds of dolphins, killer whales and the noise of the underwater world. The Zoo director wrote the following in the preface: "Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" is a musical journey of the similar stature as "20 000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Julius Verne. Let it be the best recommendation for those who haven't had a chance to get to know to one of the best and most interesting albums in the Hybryds discography. [press-release]

The Infant Cycle -- "Playout" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XI, (ltd. 250)
The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994. It may seem surprising, but all these 13 years he remained in the underground of experimental music, and his name is well-known only to inveterate enthusiasts and explorers of this strange phenomenon. The project has put out 6 full-length albums on cassettes and CD-Rs, several singles and an amazing series of minions called "Clear Shape" released in ultra-limited editions on transparent vinyls of unusual forms (square, hexagon and triangle). Jim has also recorded a lot of collaboration works with such musicians as Big City Orchestra, Dronaement, Orphx, Aidan Baker, Delphium, etc., some of them were published by his own label The Ceiling... The Infant Cycle's music has never been notable for tensity or ornateness, instead of this it focuses on the subtle aspects of sounding of separate timbres and their combinations. Such textural orientation allows to create a completely peculiar effect, and the seeming minimalism carries into the contemplation of the infinity of possible microsound combinations. In this connection, Jim knows how to get on with both rhythms and drone ambient prostration. Among his favourite instruments are Poly-800, shortwaves, feedback, field recordings and altered vinyl records... Vinyls deserve special mentioning. Jim carved the runout grooves of records and thus created simple and unembellished (yet in some ways, unpredictable) rhythm patterns. Once he decided to start a project severely limiting the sound sources to one carved playout and the operational sounds of his old 4-speed Califone record player. Additional noises were generated by running a razor blade along the platter while it was spinning (the blade at different altitudes, and the platter at different speeds which was picked up by the needle), and the tone arm being vibrated into different tones by a violin bow (amplified via the needle)... An early track (called, fittingly "Playout (Early)") appeared on "Lágrimas De Miedo N°8 - Sund", a compilation CD coming with the eighth issue of France's "Fear Drop" magazine (2001). Two excerpts were also released as a free promotional 5" by The Ceiling to announce the then-upcoming CD release of "Playout" on the American label Merchants Of Sound. But the label soon folded out, and the recording was lying and lying in the bins of The Infant Cycle's archive. And now we are infinitely glad to have an opportunity to present this work to your attention!
[mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Lagowski -- "Redesine +" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2009/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 056-2, (ltd. 300)
Following last year's reissue of Legion's "False Dawn" in anniversary 2CD edition, Andrew Lagowski returns to Zoharum with an album of new music. It is his first physical album in 7 years under his own surname following "Temporary Distractions" released in 2006. In the meantime, he's been busy with live gigs, his arctic ambient project S.E.T.I. and reissuing his older material as Legion and Nagamatzu. "Redesine+" is his return to the dormant post-techno side of his music. It's very hard to pigeonhole Andrew's music. From sterile cold wave through underground techno to icy dark ambience, and that's just the tip of an iceberg. As Lagowski, he penetrates the world of rhythms and digital electronics as opposed to ambient albums by S.E.T.I. and defunct Legion. On his new solo albums he gathers 13 songs (79 minutes of music!!!) where he teases us with a myriad of sounds, samples and beats. Retaining the traditional elements of 1990s IDM and techno, he filters his music through an ambient sensibility, thus creating a completely new sonic spectrum. A very strong release in Lagowski's discography and one of the best releases in Zoharum catalogue. Mastering: Lukasz Miernik. This release is presented in 6-panel ecopak and is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide. [press-release]

Phurpa -- "Mantras Of Bon" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 075-2, (ltd. 500)
PHURPA is one of the most interesting recent music phenomena. Founded by Alexey Tegin they create meditative music with its roots in the ancient pre-buddhist tradition BON. Their concerts resemble shamanic mysteria where sounds, singing and rhythms invoke trance-like state introducing the listeners into the realm of dead gods and the times of culture that is already gone. The musicians themselves stress the spiritual nature of their activity. They have carried their message to many cities all over the world. They played gigs in Paris, Bristol and Amsterdam among others, and also took part in prestigious festivals. They are a staple of Moscow concert scene, where they hold live sessions lasting a few hours. One can look for a similar band in vain, a band that approaches the sound matter and its creation in such an accurate way. They use traditional instruments, but also human bones found in Tibetan wastelands. They meditate and practise the way of singing called "rgyud-skad." The magic and strength of their music has been appreciated by Stephen O'Malley among others, who released one of their albums on his own label... Zoharum would like to present the latest album by the band entitled "Mantras of Bon." It is an extraordinary release, even for such an extraordinary and unusual project as PHURPA. More than 70 minutes of music here is divided into two parts. The first one, featuring Alissa Nicolai on vocals, shows the band from a completely different angle; the other one presents the most important and interesting sessions recorded over the past few years, with a recording from CTM festival where they impressed the audience with "kuntunzangpo." "Mantras of Bon" is an excellent introduction into the adventures with PHURPA, the world of Tibetan music filtered by contemporary reinterpretation free from rigid rules. It may enchant both those looking for interesting sacral music and the ones searching for a new form of sonic statement. [пресс-релиз]

Rapoon -- "Vernal Crossing Revisited" -- 2 CD -- €13
1993/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 043-2
This is the 4th Rapoon release on Zoharum. And this one is really a treat. The double album celebrates the 20th anniversary of "Vernal Crossing" release, Robin Storey's third album. But it's not a mere reissue. The artist revisited the original and adapted it for the 21 century, hence the title. "Vernal Crossing Revisited" is two sides of the same coin: the first disc contains the original album (faithfully remastered by our label's favourite Lukasz "Wookie" Miernik) and the other one being the 2013 reinterpretation of the original. This is Rapoon at its most rhythmic stage. Prepare yourself for the journey to the desert. [press-release]

Ritual Front -- "The Sun of the Dead" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Bunkier Productions, BXIV, (ltd. 214)
New mini album of Russian combat-folk project on Polish label! Aside from four cool songs of their own (one of which is sang in Polish language), the disk contains a cover-version of a song by cult Russian cold wave band Chimera plus an instrumental track recorded by Belarussian musician Voist Angiras (M.O.B.A.S. / Pragnavit). In comparison with their debut album one will surely feel the professional growth: rich arrangements (aside from traditional guitars, keys and percussion you'll hear violin and flute parts) and doubtless improvement in sound quality.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Troum -- "Dreaming Muzak" -- CD -- €10
1998/2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 074-2, (ltd. 350)
"Dreaming Muzak" is the first full-length material od TROUM duo originally released on tape in 1998 and later re-released on a limited CDR (100 copies only) in 2005. This edition is the first one on a regular CD. The material was thoroughly remastered by Lukasz Miernik (who is also responsible for the sound of the previous MAEROR TRI reissues on Zoharum). "Dreaming Muzak" is composed of 2 drone ambient compositions so characteristic for the TROUM style. They were created as a muzak tuning our brainwaves into the proper dreaming stadium. The following prerequisites have been accompanying the duo for many years, hence they have become their credo executed on many excellent records and gigs. It is "Dreaming Muzak" that constitutes an excellent introduction to the adventures with TROUM and their music. The cover design is based on the artwork of Wiktor Jackowski. This edition is released in a 3-panel digipak stroctly limited to 350 copies. [press-release]

Vetrophonia -- "Shumographika" -- CD -- €14
2005 Strange Sounds Records, SSR-05013
The latest release of this band for today. Vetrophonia are Nick Soudnick (ZGA) and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt) playing together orthodox- avantguard industrial. Prodigious blend of flows and short cuts of noise, gramophone wheeze, singing, barking, rattling and synthesized nightingale roulades, thoroughly structured in a dense soundtrack either for fantastic future or for fantasies of feverish-delirious state of mind. Anyway, dashingly involute sound plot won't make you bored during the whole disk. Vetrophonia are as always up to the mark!

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