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Polkka Love Machine  Pustota - Greatest Hits  X3D5 x Noises Of Russia - Theurgy
Hattifnatter - Barometrizm  Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro - Inner and Outer Space  Reutoff - No One's Lullabies

Let's start the last newsletter of this year with the six new editions! Hot Finnish guys from Polkka Love Machine will guarantee you a lovely evening with your girlfriend to the sounds of their eponymous album released on cassette and CD-R in cooperation with Aquarellist and Saaren Levy labels. A selection of hollows with various degrees of immersion - in the "Greatest Hits" collection from the Pustota project! Fresh, juicy and tart collaboration album of the Volgograd-based project X3D5 and the all-mighty Noises Of Russia! A departure to the parallel worlds following a hypnotic psychedelic drone from Hattifnatter (again, both on disc and cassette). Exploration of the inner and outer space made by Bardoseneticcube and Shinkiro. And finally, the CD edition of the recent album by Reutoff "No One's Lullabies". A lot to listen to during holidays! :)

The mailorder catalogue was updated by some stuff from the Russian scene - the new works by Lunar Abyss, YAO 91404 D, cassettes by Reutoff and Cisfinitum, releases by such labels as Spina!Rec, Operator Produkzion, Bookwar Records, Frozen Light and Aquarellist. The international scene is represented by the new long-awaited album of the dark German romantics November Növelet, plus new releases from the Italian label Silentes and Japanese SSSM.

And of course tonight we start our traditional winter sale featuring about a thousand titles from the catalogue. The terms of sale are still the same - when ordering ten or more items marked by the sign [-50%], you can buy them for half-price. Some of the items from the rare / used list, marked by green colour, may also be bought with the discount.

Wish you joyful and heartful holidays!
See you next year!

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Uhushuhu - Long Songs Pleasant For Hearing  Uhushuhu - Geoscience  Uhushuhu - Onega
Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111 - Synapse  Ogni Videniy - Skeleton in the Closet for God  Six Dead Bulgarians - Distributive for Installation

During last month we were really busy preparing the new releases and now it's time for them to see the light of the world. The gears of samsara are spinning, time-loops are locking in, and on the second decade of the XXI century Zhelezobeton releases its first cassettes! All three albums by the St. Petersburg project Uhushuhu are now on magnetic tape: "Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing", "Onega" and "Geoscience" - three editions of 55 copies each.

However we don't plan to give up with the small editions on CDRs - three albums from Ogni Videniy, Svetlo111 and Six Dead Bulgarians are out in our traditional kind of packaging. And of course it's also possible to buy all our releases in purely digital form at Bandcamp:

By the way, we now also have a label account at Instagram: Join us if you use it. And most probably you already know about the Facebook page :)

As for the distro update, not so much this time... but of course something interesting is there: a couple of beautiful handmade releases from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, new stuff from Lunar Abyss / BioSonar^Lab, new cassette from NEN Records with powerful Serbian dark techno, a few newbies from Operator Produkzion / YAOP, a couple of lathe cut 7"s from Bookwar Records, a previously unknown album by Coil "Backwards", dug from the archives by the English label Cold Spring, Brazilian import from Essence Music: Troum & raison d'être collaboration and the new CD by Merzbow plus some other random stuff...

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Sol Mortuus - Extinction



We're glad to present the new cooperation release between Evil Dead Productions and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division - the album by the Yekaterinburg-based project Sol Mortuus "Extinction". Viscous ritual ambient performed mainly on acoustic instruments - music interpretations of the Ural legends and tales of the northern peoples.

Like always, our distro catalogue has been updated with lots of musical oddities and rarities of all kinds. Russian underground never sleeps! We got new items from NEN Records (Stpocold and Sal Solaris + Heinali cassettes), Frozen Light (Astrowind, Moloch and more), Operator Produkzion / YAOP, BioSonar^Lo-End, Semperflorens, Observatoire, Spina!Rec, Intonema, Aquarellist (extended reissue of Rapoon's "Tin of Drum"), Chernaya Zemlya, plus cassette version of the latest album by Reutoff "No One's Lullabies" in exclusive packaging.

We also got the series of compilations from the German label Chamber Music, a collection of releases from Thomas Beck's (tbc) label Wachsender Prozess, from the Italian imprint Naked Lunch Records, reissue of the classical album by Yen Pox & Troum "Mnemonic Induction" on Transgredient Records and 3-LP set by Trepaneringsritualen on Retortae.

Autumn promises to be intense. Stay with us, listen to the right music, be good bunnies!

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Looks like this is the first catalogue update featuring more new cassette releases than those on CDs!

Russian scene is presented by the new releases and some reissues from the Rostov-based label Observatoire; we also got a pack of cassettes and vinyls from the Moscow-based Bookwar Records; plus new albums from the projects YAO 91404 D and Voluntary Torture. A couple of new CDs we got from the Ufa Muzak label.

We also got almost the complete catalogue by the French label Les Nouvelles Propagandes (La Nomenklatur, Minamata and more), fresh stuff from the Lithuanian Terror and American Helen Scarsdale Agency.

In September we're going for a long vacation, almost completely offline from September 4th till 28th, so the next update will most probably happen in October. As always, you can surely mail us your orders and make reservations during this time, all mails will be answered upon return!

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DMT - Ultimatum  Mushrooms and Kshatriy  Reutoff / Bad Sector - 21.11.14

Today we bring you two new editions!

First, this is the CD by DMT "Ultimatum", released in collaboration with the kultFRONT label in "Die Zeichen / Znaki" series after the album by Sal Solaris "Die Scherben 2004-2010".

Second, the reissue of an early work by Kshatriy "Mushrooms" recorded back in 2006 but still yet unavailable for wider audience.

And third! We're trusted to be the distributors of the 25th release of kultFRONT: the split-cassette by Reutoff / Bad Sector "21.11.14", recorded live in St. Petersburg last autumn.

New distro items: latest Bad Sector album "Cephus", releases of the Italian ambient label Silentes and German field-recording publisher Gruenrekorder, a drone compilation cassette "Eintauchen" and more...

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During the last month our catalogue had been traditionally updated with new releases both from the Russian underground scene and from some respectable European and American labels. Many cassettes this time! Here we go... the new releases from Observatoire (Rostov-on-Don), BioSonar (Pustota, Radiostalking, Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd) from St. Petersburg, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (Yaroslavl), fresh releases from Operator Produkzion camp (YAO 91404 D, >o<, Tchernoblyad, Anti-Verstand), video-DVD by Yuri Elik & Bardoseneticcube and a couple of releases from System Morgue's own label - Noyade Records: side-project Thelxinoe and a single-sided lathe-cut 7" record with a track by System Morgue in mono for true fetishists! Plus - new releases from such artists as Majdanek Waltz, Astrowind, Noise Wendy (G. Avrorin), Bolverkstorm, and such labels as Diophantine Discs / Tape Fiend, Helen Scarsdale Agency, Cold Spring, Force Majeure and more...

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Today's mailorder update features: first cassette release of NEN Records with hot techno-industrial from the founder of Sal Solaris (Rostov-on-Don, late 90-ies), cassettes from Russian underground labels Nazlø Records and La Notte Di Architetto, new albums by Theodor Bastard and YAO 91404 D, digital version of Lunar Abyss "Concerts Mixture" cassette, vinyl reissue of the first Troum album "Ryna" + collector's edition of Reutoff "NullRauM" compilation from the Estonian label :retortae: and lots of various other stuff... Have a nice listening!

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Neznamo - Aiwyasto  Peal Grim  Creation VI & Ugasanie - Birds of Naukan
Uhushuhu - Geoscience  Lunar Abyss - Aikana Uni  Cisfinitum - Live Earth

Today we'd like to present you six new editions released with our participation:
  • new long awaited album by Neznamo "Aiwyâstô" on Muzyka Voln imprint;
  • Neznamo's side project - Peal Grim with the self-titled album of deeply melancholic guitar noise / drone, released as cooperation between Moonsun Productions and ZHB Distrubition Division;
  • a cooperation release with the ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label - an album by Creation VI & Ugasanie "Birds of Naukan", dedicated to the ancient Eskimos sanctuary - "Whales Alley" in Chukotka. First 20 copies come in special art boxes, lovely designed and hand-crafted by Aloe of ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ;
  • new album of the St. Petersburg-based group Uhushuhu, skillfully combining elements of ambient, drone, electroacoustic and field recordings. The album also contains video version, specially programmed by VJ B≜H⊗G.
  • a recent work by Lunar Abyss, recorded by the author while sleeping :)
  • a live recording of Cisfinitum performing an unusual program this February in Moscow, supporting Nadja Earth.
But that's not all!

In the wake of the recent "Cosmonoise" fest, our friends from the kultFRONT label blast out a space audio-greeting with the fragments of live recordings from Govorit Radio "Kosmos", Cisfinitum and Sal Solaris. You can stream and download the release here:

By the way, the members of Sal Solaris have recently launched their own small label NEN Records and released a new EP as a web download. They have some interesting plans in mind, keep an eye!

Meanwhile, disto catalogue has got some updates too: few releases from an old underground Russian label Spirals Of Involution, fresh CD on Ufa Muzak from the same town, new album by the Siberian neofolk ensemble Sistema Bezopasnosti, including the fancy collector's edition, plus some recent releases from such labels as Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Posession Productions, Impulsy Stetoskopu, Fourth Dimension Records / Lumberton Trading Company, and other...

It happened so that in few days I'm going on vacation and will be away for three weeks, from April 25th to May 20th. All emails and orders will be answered in order of arriving as soon as I come back. Thank you for understanding!

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Cosmonoise 2015


Spring finally pervades our minds and bodies, vital forces wake up from hibernation and prepare to bloom in full power. Just take a look at a concert list for the coming month - at least a couple of gigs every weekend! One of the most important events for us is the traditional COSMONOISE festival, which is going to happen on the Day of Cosmonautics - April 12th. This time it will feature performances by two Moscow-based projects - CISFINITUM and SAL SOLARIS, - who play in St. Petersburg quite rarely. A company for them is provided by the ever-present psycho navigators GOVORIT RADIO "KOSMOS" and the visual magician VJ Yuri Elik. If you're somehow around, try not to miss!

But this is only in a month. And now we have gathered some amount of new releases from local labels, such as Still*Sleep, Eternal Return Records, Infinite Fog Productions, Spina!Rec, Intonema, new album by Rapoon on :retortae: label, reissue of a classical Muslimgauze album on Aquarellist, new releases by Lunar Abyss + Ogni Videniy, Zinc Room, and a bit of second-hand items.

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The first distro catalogue update in this year features mostly Russian releases:
  • Yaroslavl-based vigilantes Ufa Muzak present the new album by T-Wald, dedicated to Hermann Hesse;
  • quite young label Sulfur Flowers expands its catalogue of Russian neo-folk-rock music with a couple of new CDs: Nytt Land (Ylande) and Nightwood Movies;
  • if you're more into fluid ambient and textural sound art, take a look at the new albums from Dronarivm and Observatoire labels (as well as some international releases from and/OAR, Unfathomless, Elevator Bath and Winds Maasure Recordings);
  • small underground labels - Operator Produkzion, YAOP, Heart-Shaped Box Prod., Ostroga, Frozen Light and Down Elcovka Records stay true to themselves with new small (often handmade) avantgarde, old school and noise editions;
  • worth mentioning is the new label from St. Petersburg specializing in dark minimal techno / experimental music - La Notte Di Architetto with three cassette releases. This kind of techno we enjoy indeed!
  • plus new recordings from such projects as Lunar Abyss, Stuzha, Monocube, Nigdeniya and more!
Just to remind you - we still have this winter sale where you can order 10 or more items from the disto catalogue marked with a [-50%] sign, and have them for half-price. Sale also refers to some items from the rare & used list (marked green). We'll keep the sale running until next update, approximately in early or mid-March.

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