Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111 - Synapse

Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Interneuronal Express
2. Serotosoma
3. Post-Synoptic

total length: 42:50
release date: November 12, 2015
price: €7

"Synapse" @ bandcamp

Ogni Videniy: soundcloud | vk
Svetlo111: soundcloud | vk

A collaboration of the two projects now based in St. Petersburg and often performing together at city gigs and forest festivals. Three long psychoactive tracks filled with gritty analogue noise, farced with scraps of electronic signals and soaked in a syrup of harmonious drones. Despite the abrasive texture of sound and use of rather sharp effects, the atmosphere of the album is quite contemplative. Like the severely frosty northern night with polar lights: the air bites your skin and burns your lungs, but you just can't stop staring. The key point is the right adjustment of perception and selection of warming elements!


Both Ogni Videniy, a duo of Petr Abysov and Alexandr Chulkov and whose music we reviewed before (Vital Weekly 772 and 971) and Svetlo111, of whom I never heard before are now all based in St. Petersburg and often play together 'at city gigs and forest festivals' (the latter surely have a curious feel) and together they recorded three tracks of electronic music. Music that is quite ambient in approach but it is not exclusively or necessarily quiet. It has that long sustaining character but is much more vibrant. It seems as if sounds are locked inside a system, and swing back and forth between parameters; music like a pendulum. It has a rather crispy feeling, music with sharp edges. I imagine all three players to use analogue synthesizers and a variety of sound effects to create this very rich music; almost psychedelic music. Effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanging are used crudely but that works very well. At forty-three minutes I still thought this was a bit on the short side and I wished this had been longer. This is some mighty fine ambient-industrial music; music to play loud and get lost in. Where are those forest festivals, I wondered?

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