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Hi everybody!

During last month we were really busy preparing the new releases and now it's time for them to see the light of the world. The gears of samsara are spinning, time-loops are locking in, and on the second decade of the XXI century Zhelezobeton releases its first cassettes! All three albums by the St. Petersburg project Uhushuhu are now on magnetic tape: "Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing", "Onega" and "Geoscience" - three editions of 55 copies each.

However we don't plan to give up with the small editions on CDRs - three albums from Ogni Videniy, Svetlo111 and Six Dead Bulgarians are out in our traditional kind of packaging. And of course it's also possible to buy all our releases in purely digital form at Bandcamp: http://zhelezobeton.bandcamp.com.

By the way, we now also have a label account at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zhbrecords. Join us if you use it. And most probably you already know about the Facebook page :)

As for the distro update, not so much this time... but of course something interesting is there: a couple of beautiful handmade releases from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, new stuff from Lunar Abyss / BioSonar^Lab, new cassette from NEN Records with powerful Serbian dark techno, a few newbies from Operator Produkzion / YAOP, a couple of lathe cut 7"s from Bookwar Records, a previously unknown album by Coil "Backwards", dug from the archives by the English label Cold Spring, Brazilian import from Essence Music: Troum & raison d'être collaboration and the new CD by Merzbow plus some other random stuff...

That's it for now, best vibes for all of you!!

I. New editions

Uhushuhu - Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing

"Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing"

MC (ltd. 55)

A 1. Surface
B 1. Underwater
B 2. Underground

total length: 24:56 + 24:56
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* soundcloud
* utrovortu.ru

"U'hu! Shu'hu!" - hoot owls in a forest, as told by Daniil Kharms, and in the sky, above a rainbow, long songs pleasant for hearing are sung to a cherubim. Uhushuhu is a name of a project run by members of the creative group "Utrovortu" and their "Long Songs…" is the first studio record made after a few interesting performances at small underground city clubs and forest open-air festivals in the Leningrad region.

Following these songs we set off on a journey through structures and surfaces in a shell of experimental drone ambient. We will face sonic anomalies, random wanderings in unstable and unpredictable spheres, vague rustles and semblant echoes, spaces of various densities, mood and nature, hidden dead-ends, spontaneous phonations and labyrinths enclosed in themselves.

Second edition - 55 copies on white cassettes with stickers, two-sided full-colour cover.

Uhushuhu - Geoscience


MC (ltd. 55)

A 1. Firm Ground
A 2. Windbody
B 1. Loam Glade
B 2. Coal Harbour

total length: 25:00 + 25:00
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/uhushuhu
* facebook.com/uhushuhuu

The third studio album by the St. Petersburg-based group Uhushuhu continues the line of the two previous works: "Long Songs Pleasant For Hearing" (Zhelezobeton, 2014) and "Onega" (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, 2015), namely - long spatial tapestries filled with a whole host of electronic and organic events drifting on a leisurely contemplative wave.

One can listen to this music endlessly, it seems to be created of several layers of semi-transparent mirrors reflecting everything that comes in the field of the musicians' imagination: smooth synthetic pads, singing birds and (perhaps?) whales, radiowaves and a heavenly female voice, lurking whispers, instrumental loops, field recordings and various found sounds. All this creates a complex electro-acoustic image, surely still pleasant for hearing to the connoisseurs of the ambient genre.

Analogue version - 55 copies on black audio cassettes with stickers, two-sided full-colour cover.

Uhushuhu - Onega


MC (ltd. 55)

A 1. Onega
B 1. Nega-O (Creation VI version)
B 2. Onega (Reshape)

total length: 41:35 + 41:35
price: €8

* bandcamp
* facebook
* soundcloud
* vk

Together with the ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label we are happy to present the cassette reissue of the second album by Uhushuhu - "Onega". The first release was made by ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ in January 2015 on CD-R, a small edition of 33 copies in beautiful handmade packaging. It was sold out very quickly and now we've decided to re-release this recording on cassette along with two other albums ("Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing" and "Geoscience").

The sound of "Onega" was described by ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ as "archaic earth hum; water ripple near dusk; stones dancing in the dark; tales about moss and its inhabitants. Ease of predawn dew, heady spirality of snails." We can only agree with these laconic and concise characteristics.

Besides the album itself the original disk contained a bonus track - a remix by Creation VI who stand behind the ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label. It is also included on the B-side of this cassette and even more - there is an exclusive 27-minute reshape version from Uhushuhu themselves mixed in a different tonality.

Artwork - clear cassettes with stickers, two-sided full-colour cover, outer cardboard slipcase.

Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111 - Synapse

Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Interneuronal Express
2. Serotosoma
3. Post-Synoptic

total length: 42:50
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* soundcloud.com/ogni-videniy | vk.com/ognivideniy
* soundcloud.com/svetlo111 | vk.com/publicsvetlo111

A collaboration of the two projects now based in St. Petersburg and often performing together at city gigs and forest festivals. Three long psychoactive tracks filled with gritty analogue noise, farced with scraps of electronic signals and soaked in a syrup of harmonious drones. Despite the abrasive texture of sound and use of rather sharp effects, the atmosphere of the album is quite contemplative. Like the severely frosty northern night with polar lights: the air bites your skin and burns your lungs, but you just can't stop staring. The key point is the right adjustment of perception and selection of warming elements!

Ogni Videniy - Skeleton in the Closet for God

Ogni Videniy
"Skeleton in the Closet for God"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Desire Realm
2. Beautiful Devas
3. Formless Realm
4. Clear-Seeing Devas
5. Skeleton in the Closet for God
6. Falling in an Ice Well
7. Unconscious Devas
8. Devas Delighting in Magic Creations
9. Above the Forms

total length: 53:15
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* soundcloud.com/ogni-videniy
* vk.com/ognivideniy

The new album from Ogni Videniy following the "Sounding Emptiness" disc delves again into Buddhist themes, this time - the spatial Buddhist cosmology. Every track is dedicated to a certain state of mind and its corresponding plane of existence of sentient beings, from material worlds to the realms of pure consciousness.

Nine compositions with intense sonic structures, like fractal canvases with no end and no beginning. Each of them with its own atmosphere: from mild and rarefied to dense, noisy and pulsating; all being pierced by elastic electric drones with lots of hues and parallel resonating forms.

Perhaps this is a kind of music that devas are hearing in the depths of their meditative absorptions. However, no matter how high the level of their staying in non-material worlds is, the most valuable is still human life because it has the best opportunities to make decisions and choose the right path.

Six Dead Bulgarians - Distributive for Installation

Six Dead Bulgarians
"Distributive for Installation"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Starting
2. Trying
3. Testing Part I
4. Sliding
5. Finding
6. Testing Part II
7. Anonymizing
8. Stoping

total length: 59:16
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/sixdeadbulgars
* facebook.com/Six-Dead-Bulgarians

It's hardly necessary to present the Arkhangelsk-based project Six Dead Bulgarians, for anyone familiar with the Russian experimental scene must have probably heard some of their numerous works recorded over the 20 years of the band's existence. Aside from the project's permanent mastermind Alexander Chulkov the recording of this album also featured Mikhail Karlos (acoustic instruments) and Pyotr Abysov (Ogni Videniy project, electronics).

The album's title is connected with its concept according to which consciousness is seen as software of a human being subject to accumulation of errors and demanding for adjustments and updating. The material of this recording is a kind of distributive which one can install in his consciousness to improve its work without having to reinstall the whole system. The aim for the musicians is finding the optimal parameters of all systems suitable for building the network which connects human beings.

It's always a pleasure to appreciate a nice theory and in practice this recording will surely fit the taste of lovers of calm and serene music with a meditative touch. Eight relaxed and sometimes minimalistic compositions in a wide range from ultra-mild ambient with ethnic percussion to raw analogue electronics and pulsating downtempo rhythms.

II. Forthcoming events

14.11.2015 - Interstellar Wind - Droning Evening
St. Petersburg, "Tayna". More info...

Moscow, "Theater". More info...

20.11.2015 - Alchemy of Noise: Second Experience
St. Petersburg, Museum of Sound (ESG-21). More info...

Moscow, Eto Ne Zdes'. More info...

Volzhskiy, Marks. More info...

St. Petersburg, Museum of Sound (ESG-21). More info...

12.12.2015 - Industrial Soundtrack For Urban Decay
Moscow, "DK na Tryokhgorke". More info...

13.12.2015 - Industrial Soundtrack For Urban Decay
St. Petersburg, "Erarta". More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Anti-Verstand -- "Cyclodol" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT119
Cholinolytic mid-frequency Harsh Power Electronic Noise, full of indescribable psychotic drive, soundtrack for the use of cyclodol tablets. Artwork inspired by A. Lebedev-Frontov's project "Pila". Listen very loud!!! Sleeve. [label info]

Black Lung -- "The Coming Dark Age" -- CD -- €10
2005 Ant-Zen, act 194
"The Coming Dark Age" features a electrotechno and sociopolitical theme through avant-garde instrumental work, possessed by wildly experimental elements which is often juxtaposed by variations of deep electro, techno, crunchy breaks, neo space rock and startling abrupt rhythmic changes through to industrial-ambience. This album can be seen as a conceptual / musical continuation and expansion to the "Karmageddon" 12" which was released on Ant-Zen earlier this year. [label info]

Coil -- "Backwards" -- CD -- €12
2015 Cold Spring, CSR203CD
After the ground-breaking release of 1990's “Love’s Secret Domain” album, Coil were not dormant; the main project was “Backwards”, which was started in 1992, updated considerably between 1993 and 1995, and transferred in 1996 to New Orleans, where it was finished in the magic of the Nothing studios of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). The album saw the fruition of Jhonn Balance‘s recent vocal coaching, producing haunting, passionate vocals, while reaching new heights. 23 years after its initiation, these tracks have been beautifully preserved by Danny Hyde and are finally available in highest quality audio. Differing substantially from the later, remixed incarnation, “The New Backwards” (2008), “Backwards” contains the original versions of Coil’s much-loved tracks; ‘A Cold Cell’ and ‘Fire Of The Mind’, which have appeared on various compilations over the years, and are now presented as originally intended. This album is the essential bridge between “LSD” and the later “Musick To Play In The Dark” series. It is an essential conduit, to understand the journey that was taken. It was to be released… it should have been released… but because of issues with grey men it wasn’t. It is now, so enjoy. (Danny Hyde).

Garcia, Miguel A. / Ilia Belorukov -- "Wolkokrot" -- CD-R -- €9
2015 Inexhaustible Editions, ie-001, (ltd. 100)
These six weird pieces of Wolkokrot are the first public results of Miguel. A Garcнa and Ilia Belorukov's long-distance collaboration. Various electronics, sound samples, field recordings as blurred reflections of memories from the past, present and future... Miguel. A Garcнa from the Basque Country is one of the most dynamic sound artists in the Spanish scene. His works focus mainly on electroacoustic improvisation and composition. He uses sounds taken from electronic devices residues, often interrelated with field recordings or acoustic instruments, in the search of an intimate, intense and immersive experience. Has collaborated with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Wade Matthews, Seijiro Murayama, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Lee Noyes, Richard Kamerman - among others... Ilia Belorukov is a saxophonist, improviser and composer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is heading to the directions of lowercase electroacoustic improvisation, free jazz and modern composition. He practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone and various electonic devices. He has played with Keith Rowe, Radu Malfatti, Norbert Möslang, Lucio Capece, Birgit Ulher, Annette Krebs etc. [press-release]

i.m.m.u.r.e. -- "Nowhere To Remain" -- CD-R -- €6
An album of the now defunct project from St. Petersburg, which was a part of Forbidden Sounds Group. Perhaps someone remembers i.m.m.u.r.e. by the album "The New Circle" released by Zhelezobeton in 2009. "Nowhere To Remain" is a two-track EP also published by the web-label DNA Production, but this disc also contains three bonus tracks, making total time up to 54 minutes. Mild melancholic and melodic experimental / dark ambient. The CDR is packed in a piece of PVC, sewn with threads and hand-painted.

Ksandr -- "Ilinoise" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Forbidden Sounds Group
An album of the now defunct project from St. Petersburg, which was a part of Forbidden Sounds Group. Stylistically - from IDM to completely abstract sonic experiments, noise and technogeneous ambient. Handmade foldout cardboard sleeve.

Ksandr -- "Octasunsquare" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Forbidden Sounds Group, fsg07
An album of the now defunct project from St. Petersburg, which was a part of Forbidden Sounds Group. Five long tracks flowing one into another. Everything starts with the environmental sounds (rain, birds, cars passing by, steps), then low ambient tunes start blending in, layered pads and harmonic modulations, slowly getting more dense and dark. At some moment everything is subtly transformed into rhythmic post-industrial piece with Eastern European radio program instead of vocals, metallic clanging and working mechanisms. Last track suddenly features piano solo, playing a melancholic tune. All in all, quite atmospheric and diverse album. Handmade foldout cardboard sleeve.

Ksandr -- "Self Hypnosis" -- CD-R -- €6
Forbidden Sounds Group
An album of the now defunct project from St. Petersburg, which was a part of Forbidden Sounds Group. One 70-min long track, slowly evolving drone ambient with electric basis and field recordings, binaural sinwaves and looped fragments. Handmade foldout cardboard sleeve.

Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd -- "Subsequent" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Biosonar^Labyrint, 030, (ltd. 23)
This small edition continues the dreaming series of the sonic experiments from LUNAR ABYSS project. Following the experience of the new age movement in relaxation music, especially developed in 1990-ies, the project extensively uses the sounds of nature and field recordings of various natural elements for relaxation of attention, mixing them with pulsating monotonous drone - working on deep levels in dormant state it launches the chains of images emerging from subconsciousness. Before listening we recommend to take a few drops of alcoholate of Paeonia anomala - this mild natural relaxant helps the body to accept the droning vibrations in the optimal way. Package - cardboard sleeve with an applique work made of postcards and coloured cardboard. [label info]

Merzbow -- "Konchuuki" -- CD -- €13
2015 Essence Music, ESS023, (ltd. 400)
Brand new album by the undisputable master of noise and his third installment for Essence Music. Four blistering sonic assaults from the depths of Masami Akita’s nauseating fluorescent cosmos. Throbbing machine screams and screeches, pulsating analog rhythms and piercing frequencies. Looped and layered with sonic detail, the album is another important chapter of harsh psychedelia that stands up on Merzbow’s extensive discography. Inspired by the world of insects, Konchuuki – a coined term meaning “insect machine” – comes presented on our deluxe tip-on, sturdy gatefold mini-LP packaging featuring beautiful artwork by the incredibly talented Serbian illustrator Vladimir Stankovic, including an elaborated striking moth pop-up! Limited to 400 copies. [press-release]

Nadja -- "Autopergamene" -- CD -- €13
2010 Essence Music, ESS013
Call it drone-doom-dirge-shoegaze or any other in vogue nomenclature you like. It doesn’t matter. The music is so sublime and superb that we consider a waste of time trying to further categorize the spiraling sounds exhaling from a Nadja album. They are simply the true originators of this bred of blissful, seriously intense and ominously ethereal heavy sounds and one the few acts – along with the genius solo work from the duo’s main composer, Aidan Baker – we are truly obsessed with these days. That said, we are more than glad to welcome the Canadian duo to Essence Music with an immense masterwork! Autopergamene – a spell or charm wherein you write in blood, on a fragment of skin, what you wish to happen – finds Nadja at the peak of their sonic language of slow-blooming, heavily nuanced ambient guitar constructions and slow motion, lush, epic heaviness. Divided in three colossal movements, the album starts with the blissful, paced and almost orchestral – much aided by three guest members on strings and Aidan’s trombone, flute and piano – “You Write Your Name in My Skin”, travels through the straight up, super distorted and fuzzed out rumbling sludge riffages of “You Write Your Name in My Head” and its semi-growling processed vocals to finally unfold the nearly half-hour long “You Write My Name in Your Blood” that gracefully starts with delicate, lush acoustic guitars glacially giving birth to an enormous, shimmering and heavily layered symphonic wall to then submerge and bring in a hazy, sparkling and almost passionate, yet twisted, duetto of Aidan-Leah’s male-female voices. Breathtaking. Lavishly assembled in a custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging housing a 6 cards set with beautiful watercolor paintings and artwork by the gifted Portuguese artist L Filipe dos Santos. Superb mastering via James Plotkin. [press-release]

Pisaro, Michael / Denis Sorokin -- "Mind Is Moving IX" -- CD -- €10
2015 Intonema, int017, (ltd. 200)
Intonema is proud to present the first CD release of an album by a Wandelweiser composer in Russia! In April 2013 Denis Sorokin played Michael Pisaro’s “Mind Is Moving IX” at the Teni Zvuka Festival which became its Russian premiere performance. Since that time we have been working on the release, we made several recordings in different spaces, listened and discussed all the details with the composer and the performer. In 2015 we entered the final stage when in June we recorded the version which you can listen to on this album. Michael Pisaro’s delicate and precise placement of sounds of guitar, radio, stones and whistling in silence was wonderfully rendered by Denis Sorokin and recorded by Ilia Belorukov. [label info]

Radiostalking / Kryptogen Rundfunk -- "Code 55 / Elektrostatika" -- C-60 -- €4
2015 Biosonar^Lo-End, 050 cdr, (ltd. 15)
Digital edition of the cassette split. Two radionoise projects from Petrograd. Each side contains a 30-min track. An ocean of radio interference and clear channels of selective radionoise, analofue oscillations and droning tubes, felt-like walls of rustle and drape-like pockets of crackle... branches that don't exist, chandeliers that will never be. Snore of the invisible giant in other realms of dreaming. Packed in a craft-paper lo-end pouch with an attached print of informational character. [label info]

Schwefelgelb -- "Dunkel vor den Augen uns" -- CD-R -- €7
2013/2014 self-released
Self-made reissue of a 12" EP previously done by Enfant Terrible label. The original label info says: "Schwefelgelb is a techno duo from Berlin... but they play techno in their own way... this is Grossstadtmusik... like an updated version of DAF... Techno Body Music if you want it or not... raw proto EBM but done with the aesthetics and technology of today... and moving into bleepy techno in the later-day LFO style... but more important... this is non-stop decadent party music..."

SiJ -- "Way to Dream" -- CD -- €12
> 2015 Pantheon, PAN035
Last rays of setting sun reflected from the azure sea surface picked up the purest, deepest dreams and flew away like a rapid sailboat. The light fades over horizon, giving way to lullaby of twinkling stars... This most personal album in SiJ discography is dedicated to his beloved, and its transparent sound awakens a romantic dreamer in every careful listener. Born somewhere between the sky and sea, in silent evening dialogue of elements, melodies of this album are lining up in compositions like a guiding stars, so everyone could find its own "Way to Dream"... Cardboard envelope with CD disc in blue hand stitched cloth bag, small aquarel painting attached. [label info]

Tchernoblyad -- "Atomophobia" -- CD-R + DVD-R + 2 MCs + book boxset -- €27
2009/2015 YAOP, YAOP 035B, (ltd. 10)
YAOP present special collector's edition of the second full-length album by Tchernoblyad. The release is packed in a gas-mask bag and includes CD-R with the album, DVD-R with a collection of Soviet b/w educational movies about civil defence, two audio cassettes (completely analogue copy from the master-tape + about 40 minutes of exclusive material recorded specially for this edition), ancient Soviet book on nuclear theme from 50-80-ies (unique for each copy) and four printed inserts. Only 10 copies, only 4 of them for sale. [label info]

Troum & raison d'etre -- "De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu" -- CD -- €13
2015 Essence Music, ESS024, (ltd. 700)
Ever wondered how a mix of Troum and raison d'être would sound like? Here is the long awaited answer. Four years in the making – carefully forged between 2011 and 2014, - De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu showcases a magically crafted alchemy between these two titans of the drone and ambient realms. Troum navigate through cavernous, subterranean spaces where cyclical sounds reverberate towards impressive crescendos of icy noise, luminous drones and dramatic, guitar-driven ghostly melodies. Their truly unique gorgeous soundscapes shine in a perfect symbiotic movement with the Swedish dark ambient maestro Peter Andersson. Engulfed in a hauntingly beautiful kaleidoscope of grey-ish melancholia, raison d'être comfortably walks deeply into Troum’s vast territory, delivering his very own trademark of eerie tones, ominous sacral ambience and crystal clear constructions. Airy lush enigmatic atmospheres live together with dark breathing, reverberant transformative drones. Rich and gorgeously layered. Mastered using the K-14 level standard, the album comes lavishly assembled in a custom, sturdy 6-panel digisleeve packaging with amazing minimal artwork by the award-winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostariz. Limited to 700 copies. [press-release]

Welcome Black -- "Different Shades Of Perfect Black" -- CD-R -- €12
> 2015 Pantheon, PAN035
With every minute it unfolded more and more in all directions. It was pitch black at first, but then some colors were added. Some light. Some life. But it was only for a brief moment of growth and soon enough it was only black color all around. There were some movement, and maybe new light was waiting for its birth, but after all — it was just different shades of perfect black... Cardboard envelope with CDR in black acrylic-painted & hand stitched cloth bag. [label info]

V/A -- "Dungeon Lore - Chapter I: King In The Mountain" -- CD -- €5
2015 Dungeon Lore Foundation, DLF-001
First CD in a series of dungeon synth compilations published by Dungeon Lore Foundation: Evilnox, Order Of Dark Times, Uvodna, Dreams Of Kapische, Dom Vdovy, Eschato Logic, Keeper Of The Coast, Mira Drevo, Ajoura, Dagor-Nuin-Giliath, Elgra.


=84= / pasTish -- split -- 7" lathe cut -- €9
2015 Bookwar Records, book27, (ltd. 25)
Here an interesting record. Maxim M., better known as STRUP, has closed his project and started more strange act entitled =84=. This is his first release under this name. The author says: "my track is noise grind played on a drum and a singing bowl, instead of hi-hat - distorted bass played by a stick - it made some cool dirty noise enriching the rhythm, power and bestiality of =84= and lightness, ritualness and blow-off from pasTish." Other side contains operatic aria with an accompaniment of rustles and noises from the St. Petersburg project pasTish. [label info]

She Past Away -- "Narin Yalnizlik" -- LP -- €17
2015 Fabrika Records, FP017
“Narin Yalnizlik” is the second full-length album of She Past Away, whose debut album ‘’Belirdi Gece’’ is one of Fabrika’s most cherished releases and a dark wave classic. ‘’Belirdi Gece’’ sold out almost immediately, they were praised in numerous reviews, filled clubs across the world and have gained a legend status in the contemporary dark wave, gothic and post punk scene. Volkan is a uniquely gifted musician and Doruk a charismatic producer. Together they captured a feeling of delicate loneliness, they brought back the raw scent of the 80s and created this breathtaking, magnetic album. A dark jewel of 11 timeless tracks, where the strange accidents of fate find through these songs their way to our hearts and to the dance-floor. All tracks are composed and performed by Volkan, except the cover of “Gercekten Ozleyince” originally created by the epic Turkish band Kesmeseker and the adaptation of a Tobias Bernstrup composition “Uctu Belirsizlige”. The cover is a work of art, a painting of the artist Baris Malkoз. [press-release]

V/A -- "Synthotsvetie 2" -- 7" lathe cut -- €9
2015 Bookwar Records, book26, (ltd. 30)
Second part of "Synthotsvetie" compilation series from Bookwar Records on lathe cut 7" (first part was on cassette): Mutaphoria Lili, Pochemu Kommutator Molchit, Stories Of Dead Whores, Alexei Borisov + Sergey Kostyrko + Olga Nosova, Bookwar, Kollaboratsiya Zaher, Obozdur, Junkmeat, Syr Degrn. Total experimental underground in analogue mono sound.


>o< -- "A Spring Morning On Ristisaari" -- C-60 -- €5
2015 Polevoy Dnevnik, P(F)D 001
The recording made on early morning on Krestovsky island (Ristisaari) on a cassette stereo-recorder. Voices of thousands of birds, clucking of hens having breakfast in a mini-zoo, low steps of the first morning passers-by, dog training and distant hum of the awakening metropolis. The recording was done on tape with no digitizing or processing, not to be distributed via bandcamp, copies duplicated directly from the master-tape. Handmade and hand-written cover, cassette with photo-stickers. [label info]

A//O -- "Forward into Growth" -- C-60 -- €6
2015 NEN Records, NEN07, (ltd. 33)
A//O, aka atom/output is a project by the Serbian musician Peter Mirkovic, who defines it as a 'platform for researching the depths of techno and the culture that surrounds it'. Mirkovic challenges boundaries of techno by the following creative method: only real time jamming, no multitracking or overdubbing in post-processing. Signal from instruments goes straight into the recorder or the computer that plays the role of a simple recording device. This approach allows the musician to 'feel more connected to the otherwise pretty mechanical art form'. Indeed, A//O music has an ever evolving variability inherent to less 'structured' genres. Perhaps interest in electroacoustics on which Mirkovic was focused before manifests here. However, constantly changing, A//O sound retains persistent hypnotism; this is the art of peering into one point. Forward into Growth is an exemplary implementation of the aforesaid strategy. The title track is a frenzied onslaught of polyrhythms and noisy overloads; tension grows, as if the listener were sent to travel through rocky ground. Back into Safety is more conventional and resembles live performances of the project. However, this safety misleads: the track is stitched with an relentless synth loop, cyclical and restless as obsessive neurosis. A//O music is devoid of any calm and complacency, and so it reminds that the discomfort can be a source of movement and growth. [press-release]

Anti-Verstand -- "Radiovoy" -- MC -- €5
2015 YAOP, YAOP 076
Shortwave radio howl with clean sound. Psychoactive. Cassette in a sleeve. [label info]

Avrorin, Grigoriy -- "Watchman" -- MC -- €3
2015 self-released
Primitive naivist industrial recorded during the working shift of the watchman Grigoriy Avrorin.

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Zemlyanka" -- C-60 -- €10
2015 Aquarellist, aquarel 30-15, (ltd. 50)
"Zemlyanka" is the extended reissue of the work previously published in a very limited edition (23 copies) by the author's label BioSonar^Labirint under the name of "Huonus" (which means "dugout hut" in Finnish, same as "zemlaynka" in Russian). The material was seriously remixed, re-mastered and complemented with two new tracks. Ritualistic psychedelic ambient resembling early period of Lunar Abyss. 50 cassettes on chrome tape in white linen bags.

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Zemlyanka" -- C-60 + CD-R BOX -- €17
2015 Aquarellist, aquarel 30-15, (ltd. 10)
10 copies of "Zemlyanka" in extended author's hand-crafted edition. Desides the cassette itself it contains same material on CD-R, a set of photo-cards and various natural artifacts: pieces of bark, dried leaves and grass, rusty nails taken from a real dugout hut... each copy is unique!

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "... and died from pleasure..." -- С-90 -- €5
2015 YAOP, YAOP 078, (ltd. 15)
Hysterical extasy of distorted voice samples. Squeals, screams, statements and monologues, all chopped into a 1.5 hour long dadaist vinaigrette. The cassette is packed in two vintage art photographs of A5 size unique for each copy, all information is handwritten on old Soviet postcard. [label info]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Collagenaut" -- С-90 -- €5
2015 YAOP, YAOP 079, (ltd. 20)
A sort of art manifesto of the author. Mid-frequency cyclic collaged futuro-noise with retrograde lo-fi sound. Collaged artwork, cassette is wrapped in the documentation from the vintage Soviet audio devices. [label info]

Pustota -- "Fields T-15" -- C-46 -- €4
2015 Biosonar^Lo-End, 052, (ltd. 11)
PUSTOTA project presents the new point of view on the phenomenon of the natural noise. Fields: magnetic, radiofields, psycho-social... everything that can affect the sonic texture is used and documented. To maximize the natural effects of the magnetic tape recordings we utilize chains of consequently connected devices of various purpose and feed the recording of tape noise through them. The project intentionally skips the description of technologic nuances, not to drag listener's attention from the aesthetic component of the given sonic field. We also don't use the art strategy of compositional and dramatic character - this program of recording can be used as a background for home activities, playing with children and just relaxation. Unlike the tiresome street noise it contains exclusively the artifacts of electro-magnetic oscillating process. Cardboard box with a cassette comes with Soviet pocket calendars from the collection found in a dump in Sevastopol (all different, don't be surprised)). [label info]

Frea market

Control Lights & Six Dead Bulgarians - Nature Is Bygone… - CDR - VG+ - €4.30
Tervahaat - Tervahaat - CD - NM - €6.50
Vromb - Transmodulation A.M.P. - 7" - VG+ - €20.20

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IV. Back in stock

Becuzzi, Gianluca & Fabio Orsi -- "Dust Tears And Clouds" -- 2 CD -- €14
2013 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1359
Following the previous albums released, among others, by Last Visible Dog and Digitalis, "Dust Tears and Clouds" is the fifth full-lenght work born from the collaboration between Gianluca Becuzzi and Fabio Orsi. Becuzzi is an electronic / electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the first half of the ’80s. Founder of the historic Darkwave / Industrial project Limbo, since 1999 his artistic production is characterized by a strong experimental imprint and by a clear tendency toward abstract aesthetic forms and micro/macro noises/sounds. Among his recent artistic production - in addition to what he has published under his own name - we should at least mention his projects Kinetix, Noise Trade Company and Grey History. On the other side, Orsi sits among the most interesting names of the European electronic and experimental scene. Following his early output on A Silent Place and Smallvoices, his music works have been published by many other labels worldwide, including Porter Records, Boring Machines and, of course, Silentes. His talent has become an estabilished reality thanks to his abilities in finding a nice balance between experimentation and melody. “Dust Tears and Clouds” combines two CDs in a single release. The first disc, entitled “Dust Tears and Skinny Legs Poets”, was recorded in 2007 and remained unreleased until now. It contains eight highly evocative tracks that feature American Folk samples recorded by Alan Lomax mixed with guitars and electronics. This work can be seen as the ideal follow-up to the acclaimed “Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines”. The second disc collects the three long tracks previously released by Foxglove back in 2007 as a 3x3” MiniCD-Rs extremely limited edition, with the welcome addition of an unreleased fourth track. Here Becuzzi and Orsi offers two solo efforts and two collaborative numbers; the voices and samples that graced the first disc are absent and the musicians create denser experimental plots soaked with field recordings, synthesizers and effects. Overall, the two Italian artists showcase a broad range of solutions and, once again, they create a rich work whose repeated listening will reveal more and more details. [press-release]

Cock E.S.P. -- "Greatest Dicks" -- CD -- €11
1996 Pure, PURE 39
Legendary noise circus from Minneapolis with the report of their best and worst recordings from 1993-1996. Powerful living Harsh Noise with wild energy. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Grunt -- "Europe After Storm" -- CD -- €12
1998/2011 Force Majeure, Force 003 / Industrial Recollections, (ltd. 500)
Reissue of the same titled CD originally released in a limited edition of 489 copies in 2001. Tracks 01-04 re-mastered from the "Europe after storm" tape released by Spite Recordings, USA, in 1998, limited to 50 copies, tracks 05-07 unreleased studio material, tracks 08-11 live at S-Osis / Turku / Finland, 1999. So, seven studio and four live tracks of Power-electronics / Harsh Noise by the headliner of the Finnish Industrial scene. Same artwork as for the first edition but housed this time in a clear jewel case. A co-production between Industrial Recollection / Freak Animal Rec. and Force Majeure. [press-release]

Kerovnian -- "Far Beyond, Before The Time" -- CD -- €10
1999/2015 Cold Spring, CSR24CD
Reissue of the long sold out and sought after Dark Ambient masterpiece from 1999, with 4 previously-unheard bonus tracks. “Far Beyond, Before The Time” was the first genius offering of Kerovnian, spewing forth the bleakest, Blackest Ambient ever released. This music comes from the deep abyss, the bottomless wells, the blackest pits. Coupled with ultra low sonics, is the deep language of Kerovnian – words of a 1000 year old mixture of Persian and Greek. First released in 1999, “Far Beyond…” has received wide critical acclaim as an essential album of the genre. We’re very proud to finally reissue this masterpiece! The album was mastered by Denis Blackham. First edition was Ltd x 1000 copies. The 2015 edition comes with 4 bonus, previously unreleased tracks, recorded during the same sessions. For fans of Lustmord, Inade, Atrium Carceri. [label info]

Noises Of Russia -- "Live in Volgograd 31.08.2013" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 ElektroIndustria, 14EIСDr
Live recording of the Noises Of Russia gig at "Meeting at Volga - 2" festival (date and place featuring in the release title). In addition to the permanent band members Gosha Solnzev and MC Prorock, they were joined by the musicians (also the owners of the significant Russian industrial labels) M.M., author of "Kryptogen Rundfunk" and owner of "Zhelezobeton", and Ivan from "kultFRONT", and also Anton Walewski ("MXY7 Ohka"). Listening to this recording albeit at a considerable temporal and spatial distance from the scene, I can only state that in that evening in the lap of nature many minds were most probably blown away, and many were fixed after preliminary complete formatting - that's the feeling one has after listening to this gig, after which it's necessary to stay a while in silence and simply have a smoke efen for those lacking this bad habit... [maeror3.livejournal.com]

Orsi, Fabio -- "Find Electronica" -- CD -- €9
2007 A Silent Place, ASP21
"Find Electronica" is a wonderful album full of fine lyrics, structured as a long drone / ambient suite divided in two portions which are the frames of the articulated central track. A strictly personal exercise on the "Weird Folk" theme, hypnotic and seductive. The "found" electronica meets the sonorities made by the six chords, projecting enchanted landscapes on a vibrant horizon, with an intimate sensibility. Abstract and emotional, deep and dreamy. Digifile. [press-release]

Orsi, Fabio & Valerio Cosi -- "We Could For Hours" -- CD -- €6
2008 A Silent Place, ASP26
"We Could For Hours" is instability. It represents the will to open the gates of unknown. It is the dark, whispered sounds and hidden truths. Chaos. And now here it starts, everything takes form, sensations rise, objects acquire colours, distorted vision but still a vision of reality... Silence. Sounds follow themselves but always hidden in a veil of mystery, words are mute, everything is listening attentively to the enchanting melody of nature... Everything is nothing. Nothing is the time. Time becomes memory and memory brings us to happy thoughts that rise first, then fall in the end. Hallucinations. The precariousness feeling is overwhelming us, tollings of a clock without hands are molesting our ears and they scan the slow and endless flowing of life. Too late to be back. There's no possibility. We have to live desolate countrysides burnt by an August sun. Lysergic vision. Void. [press-release]

Psychic TV -- "Batschkapp" -- CD -- €10
1999/2012 Cold Spring, CSR162CD
Recorded at Batschkapp, Frankfurt, West Germany, 10th December 1984. Originally issued as a bonus CD for the first 1000 copies of 'Were You Ever Bullied At School - Do You Want Revenge?' (CSR27CD, 1999). That first edition sold out immediately and has not been available in any form for 12 years. Personnel: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Paul 'Grimsby' Reeson and John 'Zos Kia' Gosling. [press release]

Psychic TV -- "Ov Power" -- CD -- €10
1985/2012 Cold Spring, CSR160CD
Live at Klecks Theatre, Hamburg, 16th September 1984. Originally issued as a vinyl bootleg in 1985 in an edition of 500 copies. Completely remastered and expanded. Psychic TV at their most Industrial. For thee realization ov this project Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, John 'Zos Kia' Gosling, Paul 'Grimsby' Reeson and Alex Fergusson. [press release]

Psychic TV -- "Paramartha" -- CD -- €10
1985/2012 Cold Spring, CSR161CD
Recorded 22nd September 1984 at Pandora's Music Box, Rotterdam. Originally issued as two bootlegs in 1985 - 'Paramartha' and 'Unclean', now remastered and cleaned from the two, to create the full live show, not heard before it its entirety. Participants: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Paul 'Grimsby' Reeson and John 'Zos Kia' Gosling. [press release]

Psychic TV -- "Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light" -- CD -- €10
1985/2013 Cold Spring, CSR188CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV in a unique line-up – a unique show, recorded 19th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais, London. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Max Prior, Mouse, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Dave Ball (Soft Cell), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow, Coil, Current 93). This is a completely unheard show, with unseen photos! [label info]

Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie / Ryr -- "Supreme Penatly of Decreation" -- CD -- €6
2014 Valgriind, VG 52, (ltd. 500)
Martial \ Ritual Noise \ Ambient. "This is not a usual split-album. This disc is a kind of report material and a transitional moment. It contains both old compositions, previously released on compilations and albums in their original variants or in those versions waiting for their hour in projects' archives, and also completely new material. 14 mantric hymns directed to the nameless and speechless Gods dwelling out of limits of atomic lattices, 14 steps to the pedestal with a cup full of burning wild foreign flames lit by ancient Titans from the rays of the Black Sun. A travelogue and a map of a pilgrimage to the borders of the conditioned and finite world." [press-release]

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