Uhushuhu - Onega


second edition:
2 CD (ltd. 200)

vol. 1 (2015):
1. Onega

vol. 2 (2015-2021):
1. Nega-O (Creation VI remix)
2. Onega (reshape)
3. Caravan

total length: 41:34 + 60:49
release date: February 4, 2022
price: €14

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“Onega” is Uhushuhu's second album, originally released by ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ in early 2015 and later re-released in cassette format with a remix by Creation VI and an alternative version of the material by Uhushuhu themselves.

Archaically natural, truly psychoactive drone, woven from hundreds of sounds that appear and disappear. Thick as a pre-dawn haze, haunted by the spirits of the forest and river nymphs. Flowing under the water like a transparent fog, descending deep to the smallest of shells on the muddy bottom of an ancient lake. Ripples on the liquid surface, stones dancing in the dark, tales of mosses and their inhabitants, the lightness of dew, the dizzying helicity of snails...

The 2022 reissue comes with a second disc containing two bonus tracks from the cassette version along with one previously unreleased 26-minutes composition. The edition is presented in a matte 4-panel digisleeve with a new design by Lilia Akivenson and limited to 200 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

Previous editions

Uhushuhu - Onega

first edition:
CS (ltd. 55)

A1. Onega
B1. Nega-O (Creation VI version)
B2. Onega (Reshape)

total length: 41:35 + 41:35
release date: November 12, 2015
out of print

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