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During the last month our catalogue had been traditionally updated with new releases both from the Russian underground scene and from some respectable European and American labels. Many cassettes this time! Here we go... the new releases from Observatoire (Rostov-on-Don), BioSonar (Pustota, Radiostalking, Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd) from St. Petersburg, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (Yaroslavl), fresh releases from Operator Produkzion camp (YAO 91404 D, >o<, Tchernoblyad, Anti-Verstand), video-DVD by Yuri Elik & Bardoseneticcube and a couple of releases from System Morgue's own label - Noyade Records: side-project Thelxinoe and a single-sided lathe-cut 7" record with a track by System Morgue in mono for true fetishists! Plus - new releases from such artists as Majdanek Waltz, Astrowind, Noise Wendy (G. Avrorin), Bolverkstorm, and such labels as Diophantine Discs / Tape Fiend, Helen Scarsdale Agency, Cold Spring, Force Majeure and more...

Best vibes,

I. Reviews

NEZNAMO "Aiwyasto" CD:
LUNAR ABYSS "Aikana Uni" CD-R:
OGNI VIDENIY "Sounding Emptiness" CD-R:
UHUSHUHU "Geoscience" CD-R + DVD-R:

II. Forthcoming events

07.07.2015 - Four-Stroke Cycle
St. Petersburg, music bar "Ionotheka". More info...

18.07.2015 - Summer night of ambient music
Sevastopol, cafe "Chrystal". More info...

Moscow, club "P!PL". More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

>o< -- "Blossom In A White Night" -- CD-R -- €8
2015 self-released, (ltd. 3)
Psychedelic Drone Ambient / New Age, imbued with a spirit of the most beautiful and mysterious season in the North - the white nights. Sounds fly between placid pines and stretch like a smoke over a lake frozen in a mirrorlike peace. Bird songs and night rustles, flutes and gusli, vibraphone and toy rattles, electro organ and harmonica, bells and viking cowhorn, post-dawn twilight filled with flower aromas and ghost sounds heard in a dream... Last piece is a two minute solo on a synthesizer with a gloomy prog sound - a dedication to the favourite band Premiata Forneria Marconi. Disc edition - only 3 copies in special plastic boxes of flower form, with cardboard hand-written inserts and mirroring stickers. [YAOP]

Anti-Verstand / Totalmehehe -- "Cyclodol / Haloperidol" -- CD-R -- €6
2015 No Music Records, Noise 022, (ltd. 33)
This isn't really a split release: Anti-Verstand's track "Cyclodol", being a soundtrack to the use of this anticholinergic drug (the original will be released soon) was reworked and edited by Noumen. As a result, the non-emotional anti-human almost-HNW track turned into an existential drama, spiritualized by the narratives of Noumen and flavoured with historical and religious samples and field recordings from a lunatic asylum. Two solo tracks by Totalmehehe are approximately in the same vein, multi-layered and verbally imbued, utilizing noise samples from Merzbow and other masters of noise. The result is unusual, raw, honest and certainly conceptual, like in all projects by Noumen: MNL9, IAMNOTHING, Morbus Mundi and others. Art bruite in its best. A5 cover. [YAOP]

Astrowind -- "Semikarakory" -- CD -- €10
2015 Frozen Light, FZL 019, (ltd. 292)
„We will go to Semikarakory!” Latvian composer, musician and sound designer Kirils Lomunovs/Astrowind consistently develops alternative music style Paleopsychedelic Ambient falling into the limits of the Dark Ambient genre, and still is being inspired with the art of an actor and director Alexander L. Kaidanovsky. The delivered to the listeners „Semikarakory” mini-album is a logical sequel of the previous Astrowind album „Kaidanovsky”. The „Semikarakory” mini-album is dedicated to the full-length director’s work of Kaidanovsky – “Zhena kerosinshchika” (engl. „Kerosene seller’s Wife”) [1988]. This is an imagined walk in the dreary territory, where every being dwells in the anxious suspense, in an unquenchable thirst of freedom, haunted by the whing of the broken glass. “The chips are haunting me.” Every chip here is a painful reminder of hopes’ delusion. Insanity here is the only way to hide. Everyone here hopes for a miracle, dreams to soar up high above reality, to reach for an absolution, but even angels cannot escape this smothering space. The liberation lies within music. Three-panel A5 cardboard. 292 copies. [press-release]

Brume -- "Anastomose & Other Stories" -- CD -- €10
2013 Nefryt, N 023, (ltd. 444)
A collection of rare Brume tracks previously unreleased on CD. "Anastomose 1 & 2" was previously released as a picture 10" LP by Ant-Zen in 1996 and remastered from DAT-master in March 2013. "Seven Trumpets" was previously released as a cassette by Voluntary Whores in the end of 2012 and remixed, overdubbed in March 2013. "Charlemagne the 33rd" was previously released as a 7" EP called "Charlemagne" by Membrum Debile Propaganda in 1997. Side one was remastered from DAT-master in March 2013. A5 gatefold cover. [label info]

Clan Of Xymox -- "Breaking Point" -- CD -- €7
2006 Gravitator Records, GRR 007
Goth Rock / Synth Pop. Russian edition of the 2006 Clan Of Xymox album.

Clan Of Xymox -- "Creatures" -- CD -- €7
1999/2006 Gravitator Records, GRR 006
Goth Rock / Synth Pop. Russian edition of the 1999 Clan Of Xymox album.

Clan Of Xymox -- "Hidden Faces" -- CD -- €7
1997/2006 Gravitator Records, GRR 005
Goth Rock / Synth Pop. Russian edition of the 1997 Clan Of Xymox album.

Clan Of Xymox -- "Notes From The Underground" -- CD -- €7
2001/2007 Gravitator Records, GRR 055
Goth Rock / Synth Pop. Russian edition of the 2001 Clan Of Xymox album.

Clan Of Xymox -- "Out Of The Rain" -- CD EP -- €8
1997 Tess Records, Tess 16
Three song single for the 1997 album "Hidden Faces".

Dauby, Yannick -- "Chang, Factory" -- CD -- €8
2015 Kalerne, kal05
A dystopic essay, "repeated gestures in a decaying factory, empty ritual for a globalized reverie", using field recordings taped in Xinzhuang, Taiwan. Dauby does an excellent job, conjuring up a bleak but endlessly detailed, claustrophobic world, where events materialize subtly, gaining power before you're aware of it. Nothing is too spectacular, the sounds brewing for a good while, assuming prominence, burning or rotting away. Theres an overtone-rich hum on occasion that sounds like a ghost-choir of Tuvan singers. Gradually, sounds one might normally associate with factories intrude, though murky and ill-defined, as though smothered in wool: repetitive, banging, mutedly clinking. It passes through a more watery phase, equally desolate and beautiful before concluding with a sequence soft ringing tones, bell signals heard through an acidic haze. Exceedingly well-crafted and through out, an excellent, subtly frightening soundscape. [Brian Olewnick, Just Outside]

Dauby, Yannick -- "Vescagne, Salese" -- CD -- €8
2015 Kalerne, kal06, (ltd. 250)
Dauby treads far different territory on this release--two tracks, the first recorded in a lignite mine in Vescagne (inactive), the second on an Alpine mountain, Caire Archas. "Lignite" is mysterious while also being rather luminous and transparent, bearing a number of surprisingly "musical" sounds, zither-like strums and resonant, warm booms. Clearly composed and, I imagine, processing the field recordings a good bit (I could be wrong), it works very well, calm but with a subtly disturbing undercurrent, as though Dauby is disturbing an area that would rather be left on its own. The second cut is full of air, ice and snow, very much outdoors, with crows cawing, snow crunching, wind flowing... as well as distant engines. The presumably electronically-produced drones add quite a bit of drama to the central section of the work. When they dissipate, leaving behind its echo and a wash of liquids, the effect is somehow very magical. It ends with several minutes of...I'm not sure, except it sounds like someone slogging through heavy, packed snow, deep in a crevice. Both pieces are very strong, really well designed and realized of this type. [Brian Olewnick, Just Outside]

Dauby, Yannick / Frederic Nogray -- "Panotii Auricularis" -- CD -- €10
2015 Universinternational, uiCD020
Singing birds recorded in Taiwan, France and Honduras in conversation with an analog filter in feedback and a modular synthesizer. With this work, Frйdйric Nogray and Yannick Dauby confront nature recording to the edge of its musical possibilities. Three electroacoustic compositions, three strange and hypnotic landscapes gather in a long-awaited edition finally released with all the care it deserved. The records comes with an illustration by Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes, in a sleeve letterpress printed at atelier m.u.r.r. [label info]

DDAA -- "Hazy World" -- CD -- €10
2014 Nefryt, N 026, (ltd. 444)
New studio album of this French avantgarde legend. Recorded especially for Nefryt! Gatefold A5 cover. [label info]

Frozen Ocean -- "The Dyson Swarm" -- CD -- €13
2013 Kristallblut Records, KBR013, (ltd. 500)
Space Dark Ambient Metal. 6-панельный лакированный диджипак.

Frozen Ocean -- "Oneiric In Geocentricism" -- CD -- €6
2011 Nihil Art Records, NAR 017, (ltd. 500)
Drone space/dark ambient.

Frozen Ocean -- "A Perfect Solitude" -- CD -- €12
2012 Wolfsgrimm Records, W.R.011, (ltd. 300)
Atmospheric metal / ambient. Digipack.

Frozen Ocean -- "Vestigial Existence" -- CD -- €8
2011 Deleting Soul Records, DSR003, (ltd. 500)
Atmospheric / depressive black metal.

Frozen Ocean / Petrychor -- "Autumn Bridges" -- CD -- €10
2013 Wolfsgrimm Records, W.R.013, (ltd. 300)
Blackened shoegaze / post-rock versus atmospheric folk / black metal.

Gnom I Snegovik -- "Last Snowman" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Cubby Control Records, CCR-013
Movements, noises, drones, horns, bleeps, textures, voices, vibrations -- Last Snowman is a departure even for GNOM I SNEGOVIK, since all tracks (except the last) were recorded in a multitrack program rather than live with a couple of microphones at a concert or rehearsal - the usual method of recording employed by GNOM I SNEGOVIK. Moreover, all participants were recorded independently, under the simple rhythmic/harmonic sketches sent to them via email by GNOM I SNEGOVIK frontman Danila Grethenevsky (now playing solo as WHISTLER aka SKRIPP). And, accordingly, the musicians had not even heard what others had recorded. The final product is a collage of the recorded tracks. The author and performer of texts on the album is Belarusian free-jazz saxophonist Frederick Samotny, also known under the alias OOS SADAM. [press-release]

Gunter, Bernhard -- "Impossible Grey" -- 3"CD -- €8
1997 Metamkine, MKCD 023
18 minutes of the electroacoustic noir, minutes of quite hiss on the edge of complete silence, exploding with bass thunder and industrial clangor, pierced by abstract rustles and drones. Release from the famous series "Cinema for Ears" from Metamkine. [YAOP]

Hexentanz -- "Nekrocrafte" -- CD -- €14
2004 The Fossil Dungeon, FD021
The debut full-length release of Hexentanz presents a dark ritualistic examination of the Witches Sabbat coupled with themes of medieval necromancy. Composed with actual period instruments, synthetic ritual devices, human bones, and authentic arcane chants of medieval and modern witch cult practice. Collaborative project between The Soil Bleeds Black and Psychonaut 75. [amazon.com]

Iron Fist Of The Sun -- "We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR204CD
In a scene dominated by outsiders, Iron Fist Of The Sun still seems to stand alone. “We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps” sees IFOTS maintain his exemplary, melancholic, cold industrial, with sinister frequencies and tumultuous, mutilated vocals. The album utilises new recording methods and extraordinary, intoxicating song arcs that will leave the listener still hearing and absorbing the album long after it has been filed away. “Follow no-one… yield your own footsteps”. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Kerovnian -- "Far Beyond, Before The Time" -- CD -- €10
1999/2015 Cold Spring, CSR24CD
Reissue of the long sold out and sought after Dark Ambient masterpiece from 1999, with 4 previously-unheard bonus tracks. “Far Beyond, Before The Time” was the first genius offering of Kerovnian, spewing forth the bleakest, Blackest Ambient ever released. This music comes from the deep abyss, the bottomless wells, the blackest pits. Coupled with ultra low sonics, is the deep language of Kerovnian – words of a 1000 year old mixture of Persian and Greek. First released in 1999, “Far Beyond…” has received wide critical acclaim as an essential album of the genre. We’re very proud to finally reissue this masterpiece! The album was mastered by Denis Blackham. First edition was Ltd x 1000 copies. The 2015 edition comes with 4 bonus, previously unreleased tracks, recorded during the same sessions. For fans of Lustmord, Inade, Atrium Carceri. [label info]

Khost -- "Copper Lock Hell" -- CD -- €10
2014 Cold Spring, CSR202CD
With their debut “Copper Lock Hell”, Birmingham-based duo Khost provide an intense wall of sound. Drop-tuned, monolithic structures of super-heavy chords, interspersed with chilling, pagan soundscapes made for worship at the altar of extreme sludge-industrial-doom. Found sounds, glitches, esoteric / gnostic ideas form the backbone of this hefty release. The whole experience is tense and unsettling, and is a solid primer for their live shows. Khost is Andy Swan (Iroha, Final, Atrocity Exhibition), who is joined on live shows by Damian Bennett (Carthage, Deathless). Guests: Tunnels Of Ah, Kevin Laska (Novatron, Transitional), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Jo Quail (SonVer). [label info]

Lopez, Francisco -- "Untitled (2011)" -- CD -- €10
2014 Nefryt, N 025, (ltd. 444)
Field recordings from Amazon, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Morocco. Prepared & assembled by Lopez at his Mobile Messor studio in 2011. Gatefold A5 cover. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd -- "Experiri Dive" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Biosonar^Labyrint, 029, (ltd. 23)
This small edition dics opens the new edge of sonic revelations by LUNAR ABYSS. The concept-defying suffix Dormit Odd - "strange sleeping one" - this says it all... or maybe understates, as you wish, - continues using Latin: Dormit is a sleeping one, an entity (unlike Somnio, the pricess of dreaming), and Odd is just odd, that's it (although in the Nordic tradition this word is used to determine the energy flow, like Chinese "chi" or Tibetan "la"). The project lies in the field of drone, these are analogue-synth semi-acoustic soundtrack for dreams, flat like a pond surface in a still clear weather; all natural sounds and fieldies used for a sole purpose of pacifying mind and quick getting asleep. An impulse for this idea was found in our own release Lunar Abyss "Aikana Uni", which basis was recorded accidentally while dreaming, by a flow of sounding equipment settings and instruments, and later reworked. Starting from this release, we take it as a rule this strategy, the results of which will be published under the name of Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd. [label info]

Majdanek Waltz -- "Lvcifer" -- CD-R -- €10
2013/2015 Nadeln Prod., NaP.VI-b, (ltd. 50)
Second edition of this 28-min one-track album by Majdanek Waltz (first one came out in 2013, limited to just 13 copies). Handmade oversized package.

Maklakov, Vitaliy + Freiband -- "Zondag" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-040, (ltd. 31)
Cassette experiments with textures of sound processed with the aid of computer programs. Glossy envelope A5. Pro-CDR, 31 copies. All sound sources by Vitaly Maklakov. Processed by Freiband May 2015. Composition finished Sunday May 3, 2015. [label info]

Moloch -- "Die Isolation" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR210CD
A new opus comes from the woods of Carpathia. It is a despairing portrayal of the souls that are lost in the winter woods. Hypnotic sounds, like a thousand blades in a dance of a winter blizzard, leaving thousands of cuts digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summoning death, dissolving within echoes on the mountains. This album delivers cold, misanthropic and desolate mid-tempo, Nordic-influenced Black Metal, alongside melancholic Dark Ambient tracks. Crunchy distorted guitar minimalism, primal thrashing beats, and an overall raw necroish execution are reinforced by howling, tortured, grim vocals that recall the old Burzum era. For fans of Burzum, Striborg, Xasthur, Trist, Darkthrone. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

MZ.412 -- "Hekatomb" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR172CD
Hekatomb is the manifestation of MZ. 412’s monumental performance @ Cold Spring’s 21st Anniversary at The Garage, London, March 2011. The fortuitous congregation on that curse’d evening bore witness to the band’s first EVER complete live line-up: Nordvargr, Drakh, and Ulvtharm. Powerful, pounding Industrial, desolate drones, dense electronics, grim nefarious rituals, reigned over by the malevolent intonations of Nordvargr. This satanic, blackened ritual from the creators of Black Industrial will evolve from memory, to history, and into legend. “Hekatomb” features different versions and interpretations of MZ. 412 material spanning 23 years. Presented in a 6-panel digipak featuring images from the ceremony. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Noise Wendy -- "II" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 self-released, (ltd. 100)
One of the projects of the St. Petersburg based noise musician G. Avrorin (Alisa-Yhtye, Huren Aquarium, ex-Monopolka, etc.), toughly chopped collage of various micro scraps of music, movies, cartoons and noise. The work is utterly meticulous, intense and unpredictable, a real caleidoscope. "Noise collages and husk of 10 years of development, powerful overproduction and other sins of pop industry." (from the author)

Noisewerrrrk -- "Prekariat EP" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2008 silken tofu, st09, (ltd. 100)
German analogue Power Electronics in vein of Sektion B, The Grey Wolves and The 120 Days. Mini-DVD-box. [YAOP]

Obozdur & Sirotek -- "Unknown Substances" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-037, (ltd. 20)
Mail-art collaboration of two Russian artists. Vitaly Malygin and Vitaly Maklakov. Obozdur (Vitaly Maklakov) - inspired by international collaborations of Zan Hoffman, Vitaly wrote 15 short compositions consisting of cod, musique concrete, experiments with tape, field recordings and much more... Sirotek (Vitaly Malygin) - creative recycling of materials from Obozdur. Album design uses graphical work by Vitaly Maklakov. Glossy envelope A5, 3 photo inserts, pro-CDR, 20 copies. [label info]

Prioratvm -- "Sancta Inquisitio" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 FinalMuzik, FMSS10, (ltd. 150)
A project of Mirco B. inspired by the legend of the Priory of Sion. Four tracks of wonderful neoclassic Dark Ambient / Neofolk, dedicated to the Holy Inquisition and all its victims. Digisleeve with atmospheric b/w pictures. [YAOP]

Pustota -- "FON-21" -- CD-R -- €4
2015 Biosonar^Lo-End, 048, (ltd. 21)
This recording is yet another imprint in in the "FON" ("background") series - series of multilayered mixes of previously obtained noise material based exceptionally on tape noise and physical artifacts, manifested during multiple re-recordings with the use of apparatus of various classes. In fact, PUSTOTA project calls on the aesthetics of historical usage of ausio cassettes, and everyday music fans aspirations of avoiding noise effects on phonograms which created the whole class of noise-reducing systems. So, this series shows exactly that noise in all its glory, extracted from the depths of magnetic spattering, that noise which was fought against during the whole history of using magnetic tape as data storage media. This time we have made a disc edition specially for our digital listeners. Design features Soviet pocket calendars from the collection found in a dump in Sevastopol (all different, don't be surprised). [label info]

Resgestae -- "Etat D'Urgence" -- CD -- €10
2015 Force Majeure, Force 008, (ltd. 500)
Debut album from this Greek act. Resgestae composes contemporary power-electronics with both "cultural terrorism" and an esoteric aesthetic. Using extreme frequencies, samples and tones, Resgestae creates post-industrial, cinematic soundscapes, incorporating true political, social and economic elements. "Etat d'Urgence" is no more than a social control soundtrack, an experience in our daily lives of fear. Recommended to all those who like Post Scriptvm and Propergol. Digipak. [Cold Spring]

S. Biasin Trio -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €12
2005 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 17, (ltd. 333)
A collaboration project by Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Officina Elettromagnetica...), Stefano Biasin (Teatrino Della Volpe, Bass Tards!) and Gianluigi Russolo (Therabaqud Leic, Subliminale). Experimental electro-industrial with elements of various underground electronic genres. Cardboard cover. [YAOP]

Sigmarsson, Sigtryggur Berg -- "So Long" -- CD -- €10
2015 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS027
A journey through time, perhaps, for a daydreamer floating in a small boat amidst the radiant hues of a midnight sun. That daydreamer in this instance is the Icelandic artist Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, best known for his electro-surrealism in Stilluppsteypa. He has long been an artist of extremes and absurdities -- mania fueled performances, wildly scribbled drawings, and Haflerian audio shock-therapy, on one side; and on the other, a profound meditation on austere shape, form, and mood cast through similar media. Sigmarsson will intermingle these sentiments in slippery juxtaposition and assemblage, with beguiling, haunting, and / or charming results. So Long aligns itself firmly within that latter aesthetic of crypto-minimalism which began to germinate some 20 years ago. At that time, Stilluppsteypa was a trio who had recently eschewed their art-punk trappings, drunkenly scheming to corner the market at Documenta with deconstructivist drone and 21th century circuitry. Sigmarsson would find himself in his own studio, crafting sympathetic works to Stilluppsteypa; but these were directed inward as wounded, naked, and vulnerable concoctions reflective of Sigmarsson getting lost in his own little world. So Long quietly simmered in his head over the years; and with the completion of this album, we now have a sublime gesture of polar impressionism flecked with hallucinatory ambience, Vaseline-smeared crackle, and hauntological displacement. This album had originally been planned for release through the impeccably curated Intransitive Recordings, but that publishing house shuddered its doors before this could see the light of day. Sigmarsson self-released a condensed version of the album on the artbook / cassette If You Have Any Questions, Let Me Ask. The Helen Scarsdale Agency is delighted, honored, and humbled to publish this dronescaping threnody in its full radiance and blur. [press-release]

SiJ -- "The Earth Shrine" -- CD-R -- €8
2015 Pantheon, PAN013, (ltd. 80)
Second "shrine" from imaginative world of SiJ music expands the colorful landscapes of ancient myths and legends, merging tribal pulses with timeless ambient flows. Entraining mind with mysterious sounds, this album isn't just telling stories, but invites the listener to solve enigmas of hidden shrines and symbolic tales. From here and now - to infinite beyond. [label info] All tracks written, mixed and mastered by Vladislav Sikach 2013-2014. Field Recordings, Synthesizer/Keyboards, Bells, [Metal] Percussion, [Bamboo & Metal] Wind Chime, Toy Piano, Flute, Singing Bowl, Contact Microphones by Vladislav Sikach. Percussion by Robert Rich, Bill Laswell, Robin Storey/Rapoon. Field Recordings by jymdavis, AhmadSA, D W, everythingsounds, annhawks, Sclolex. Singing Bowl by Tim Six/Creation VI, eliasheuninck, the_very_Real_Horst, Coleco. Duduk by Ilya Fursov/Textere Oris.

Skullflower -- "Draconis" -- 2 CD -- €15
2014 Cold Spring, CSR190CD
Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk from the strings of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies. Churning mantras and drukpa elegies for two erased darkside tree limbs: that of the Draconian in Khem, and of Drax Priory in West Yorkshire, which together with Bhutan are the Dragon Lands. The twilight language of flowers is spoken and wolves are raised, finally, Kali dances. For fans of Bathory and Popul Vuh. Comes in a deluxe 6-panel outsized double-digipak with a 16-page booklet. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

SOL -- "Where Suns Come To Die" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR186CD
Where Suns Come To Die is an exploration of growing older; the disappointment that follows and the omnipresent dissociation from the world and life as such. In a mixture of sampled classical songs from the beginning of the last century and recorded instruments such as reed organ, horns and strings the music reflects on a nostalgia and a feeling of disconnection to the modern world. Holding on to what last shreds of beauty still lingers Where Suns Come To Die is a reminder that life is with end and we all must offer ourselves to the soil. Where Suns Come To Die consists of four tracks featuring Thomas Bojden of Die Weisse Rose on vocals. [label info]

Sutekh Hexen -- "Become" -- CD -- €10
2012/2014 Cold Spring, CSR199CD
First CD edition of Sutekh Hexen’s critically acclaimed reel-to-reel / 12" “Become”, along with an exclusive bonus track, ‘Vestibule’, serving as an extraordinary junction in the listening experience. “Become” centres on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. The release serves to bridge the gap between “Behind The Throne” and “Monument Of Decay”. Adorned with stunning artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen and source photography by Patricia Cram. Mastered by James Plotkin. Digipak. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Tchernoblyad -- "Atomophobia" -- CD-R -- €7
2009/2015 Torga Amun, Amun-088, (ltd. 30)
Side-project of YAO 91404 D, reissue of a cassette album released in 2009 in ultra-limited edition of 3 copies. "Experimental noise from Russia. Nuclear technology and the problem of its use. Atoms for Peace and nuclear weapons. During the Cold War. Historical notes and sad picture of the future... Design: black and white glossy envelope + 3 photo inserts. Pro-CDR, 30 copies." [label info]

Thelxinoe -- "Apeirophobia" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 Noyade Records, NR-03
The new 20-min recording by the Moscow-based project Thelxinoe (duo formed by Peter L. (SYSTEM MORGUE) and Alexey Zaharov) continues the line of the debut release: guitar overdrives and drones wrapped around the sound of saxophone. This time it turned out not so dark, but more psychedelic. Floating guitar tunes drowning in sonic storm remind the late recordings by EXPO'70 and in general everything sounds quite pacifying. We can also remember DVORY with their trademark mixture of guitar drone and minimalistic trumpet solos... [Pied Paper]

Trepaneringsritualen -- "Veil The World" -- CD -- €10
2011/2015 Cold Spring, CSR205CD, (ltd. 1000)
»All seals have been broken« proclaims a demonic voice on the titular track of Veil The World, and that is something terrifyingly evident in the music contained therein. On Veil The World, Trepaneringsritualen veers from crepuscular ritual moods to rabid death chants revealing, even celebrating the imminent end of flesh. Veil the World – originally released in a very limited and ultra-lavish box by Kosci Tapes in 2011 – marks the half-way point between the earlier, more atmospheric works of T x R x P, and the more visceral aggression of the later material... Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magick and the hidden realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient & death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, and oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation at others, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerizing visions of the end-times... Originally released in an edition of just 40 tapes in 2011, we’re very proud to announce the CD reissue of “Veil The World”. Remastered and presented in a 6 panel digipak, T x R x P once again assert themselves as the true masters of Swedish Ritual Industrial. Ltd x 1000 copies only. Anyone who saw the show at SE:UK Industrial Alliance knows this is *essential*! [press-release]

Tunnels Of Ah -- "Thus Avici" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR206CD
“Firstly, the punishment is meted out day and night, kalpa after kalpa, without a moment’s interruption or relief. Thus Avici”. ‘Thus Avici’ is the second album from Tunnels Of Ah (Stephen Ah Burroughs / Head Of David). The title references ‘the sutra of bodhisattva Ksitigarbha’s fundamental vows’, a section of which Burroughs reads daily in homage to Ksitigarbha whom Burroughs pledged ‘entreaty and supplication’ under solemn tantric oath 20 years ago. Tantric buddhism, christian mysticism and personal magick make up the subject matter for ‘Thus Avici’. Where traces of 2013's ‘Lost Corridors’ album can be heard, ‘Thus Avici’ is a harder, more focused offering. Shards of distorted noise, ritual drums, caustic drones and haunted vocals make ‘Thus Avici’ a dark hallucinatory swoon into the hinterland of the Tunnels Of Ah. The dull blue light of brute-world calls. [press-release]

Umbra / Ildfrost -– "Possum Play Falcon" -- CD -- €12
2002 Fluttering Dragon, fdragon024
Contrasting, conceptual split CD by two great bands. Umbra present 4 new, previously unreleased tracks steeped in perversion, madness and nightmare ! Stirling stuff !! Next Ildfrost embark on an enchanted journey filled with delicate soundscapes and full of magical melodies. 7 new songs from legendary Ildfrost are included on this album - 7 exclusive tracks of sheer beauty and melody ! A very special split-album presented in a beautiful, gorgeously produced digipack. [Steelwork Machine]

Verhoren -– "Death Is Safe" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 FinalMuzik, FMSS05, (ltd. 210)
What can we say? We're proud of this album! It is fantastic, we LOVE it! Verhoren is a one-man project of solitary, often depressive, mood pieces. Intense, impressive, emotional moodscapes for the lost: this music touches the heart and imagination of anyone into dark ambient music, cinematic soundscapes and / or even dark wave atmospheres. Influences include: In Slaughter Natives, Neu!, Dead Can Dance, Raison D'Etre and Skepticism! We'd also add Lycia, Swartalf and first class CMI projects. [label info]

Wojtas, Dariusz vs Z'EV -- "Pro Pagan Da" -- CD -- €10
2012 Nefryt, N 022, (ltd. 350)
Ex-Hati former & his new recordings processed & mixed by legendary Z'EV. Gatefold A5 cover. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Resident" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-039, (ltd. 31)
Dedication to the eponymous series of Soviet films. Spy game, traitors, dirty secrets and fears, political and religious movements inspired by the special services. All this set in a bad dream, mixed in a tart surrealistic cocktail. Pro-CDR, 31 handnumbered copies. [label info]


"Voices of Birds" -- 7" -- €7
Melodia, 33Д-0009855-56
Field recordings of birds with no comments: canary, half-collared flycatcher, scarlet grosbeak, reed warbler, thrush nightingale. [YAOP]

:Of The Wand And The Moon: -- "I Crave For You" -- 7" -- €16
2001 Prophecy Productions, PRO 039 / Auerbach Tontrager, AB 004, (ltd. 1000)

System Morgue -- "Inkeri" -- lathe 7" s/s -- €9
2015 Noyade Records, NR-04, (ltd. 10)
One 5-minute track of lo-fi monotonous guitar drone textures. Single-sided lathe-cut record, mono, only 10 copies.


>o< -- "Blossom In A White Night" -- C-34 -- €5
2015 YAOP, YAOP 074, (ltd. 29)
Psychedelic Drone Ambient / New Age, imbued with a spirit of the most beautiful and mysterious season in the North - the white nights. Sounds fly between placid pines and stretch like a smoke over a lake frozen in a mirrorlike peace. Bird songs and night rustles, flutes and gusli, vibraphone and toy rattles, electro organ and harmonica, bells and viking cowhorn, post-dawn twilight filled with flower aromas and ghost sounds heard in a dream... Last piece is a two minute solo on a synthesizer with a gloomy prog sound - a dedication to the favourite band Premiata Forneria Marconi. Handmade and handwritten cover made of cotton paper, cassette with photo-stickers. [label info]

Adr-va -- "Voix De Mythe. Predchuvstvie - Ombre - Parties." -- MC -- €5
2012/2015 Observatoire, obs * i(l65)|myth 039, (ltd. 65)
Now on cassette too! Reissue of two minions released in 2009: "Voix De Mythe" (Abgurd) and "Predchuvstvie (Ombre Parties)" (Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond). "Voix De Mythe: A new mini-album from this Russian project which album Cold Sea Week released by Abgurd in 2007 got good acknowledgement. The new material is completely acoustic without usage of any musical instruments. Only field recordings and feedback. Everything melts down into electroacoustic drone ambient of live tension." [label info] "Predchuvstvie (Ombre Parties): One 18-minute track created from the field-recordings made somewhere on military objects. Released in a very limited edition of 14 copies by Komissar Hjuler's label Der Schöne-Hjuler-Memorial-Fond. Slowly droning and hissing sound jelly, wrapping the listener with unnoticeable hypnosis."

Ajilvsga -- "Swamp Bird" -- C-46 -- €7
2010 Tape Fiend, K7F008, (ltd. 100)
Murky, dense, and noisy drone/industrial works from this Oklahoma-based duo. [label info]

Antez + Mathieu Calleja + Miguel A. Garcia + Artur Vidal / Gregory Buttner / Hector Rey -- "Malasana / Kaktus / Myxini" -- MC -- €5
2014/2015 Observatoire, obs * RD#4, (ltd. 100)
Cassette edition. "Malasana": This recording was made in an area of Madrid called Malasana. The name recalls the Spanish struggle against the French troops of Napoleon, which took place at the beginning of the XIX century and is famously represented in the paintings of Goya. Nowadays, despite the increasing gentrification of the area of Malasana, it remains a place well known for night-time unrest and counter-cultural disobedience. This cultural climate draws parallels with the way improvised music relates to confrontation. Many musicians feel that improvised music clashes against, or is at odds with, social institutions, as in the case of Madrid, where modern or contemporary music is almost completely ignored by popular culture. In this recording we can hear a different kind of confrontation. Musicians seem to be trying to fight, both against themselves and against the temptation of presenting what they already know. They seem to be seeking out strategies for creating music collectively, without falling back on cliche, imitation or cultural habits. The listeners of this recording are invited to consider if the musicians have succeeded in this attempt. They are also encouraged to interrogate their own listening, as both a cultural practice shaped by social environment and as an area for a similar internal contest... "Kaktus": For this track I recorded the needles of a cactus played with my fingers. After some digital processings I edited them into a composition in 5 parts. In parts 3 and 5 the cactus recordings are combined and modulated with sinus-waves... "Myxini": Recorded in Bilbao during the summer of 2012. No overdub. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Baraclough -- "Own Machinery Standards" -- C-44 -- €7
2010 Tape Fiend, K7F009, (ltd. 100)
Droning and psychoacoustic industrial & field recordings from this London-based trio. [label info]

Battista, Alba Francesca / Michel Titin-Schnaider / Masayuki Imanishi -- "Radical Demos #5: Digital / Tranceform / Acoustics" -- MC -- €5
2015 Observatoire, obs * RD#5, (ltd. 100)
Cassette edition. Alba Francesca Battista (1987) graduated in Musica Elettronica, Piano and Physics. Her compositions and papers are selected for many international contests, she is the author of two books on electroacoustic music and works as Electroacoustic Professor for the Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Electroacoustic Composition at “D. Cimarosa” Conservatory of Avellino, Italy... Michel Titin-Schnaider - "composes on a computer, mainly based on instrumental sounds. His music is intuitive (free of any kind of technical or predefined language). Electronic treatments, virtual or real instruments, field recording are mixed on works of expressionist style. He produced 7 albums. On his works the music evolve by micro variations, as a continuum... as in the real world: with accumulations of tension, loss of sense, increase of complexity, anxiety or relaxations..." Masayuki Imanishi is a Japanese sound artist. Sound is made of paper, field recording, radio, microphone, object, sometimes a cat. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Bolverkstorm -- "Pest Of Disarmament" -- MC + CD-R -- €12
2015 Strely Peruna, SP 025, (ltd. 20)
Quite experimental and abstract work by Bolverkstorm, not much in common with previous martial / neofolk albums. Here we get into a calm atmosphere with gloomy hues. Many found sounds: wind blows, electronic signals sweep, some disjointed percussion, rare inclusions of instrumental melodies, all this is set in a logical narrative. From time to time the events thicken, with more rough noise structures appearing, as well as militaristic rhythms and clang of weapons... suspense hanging in the air, but gradually dissolves in overall sound flow. Great work in terms of sound, composition and atmosphere. 20 copies of a cassette with a handmade insert, the album is also duplicated on a blank CDR.

Clew Of Theseus -- "The Bursting Container" -- C-50 -- €7
2014 Tape Fiend, K7F010, (ltd. 100)
Unique and experimental ambient/drone recordings from this American project. [label info]

Crosbie, Alistair -- "Seven Starlings More" -- C-46 -- €7
2009 Tape Fiend, K7F005, (ltd. 100)
Captivating and beautiful experimental drones from this Glasgow-based sound artist. Offset-printed j-card. Edition of 100 numbered copies. [label info]

Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain -- "Of What Remains" -- C-30 -- €7
2008 Tape Fiend, K7F001, (ltd. 100)
Aggressive, anguished noise and more haunting material from this American noise artist. Offset-printed j-card. Edition of 100 numbered copies. [label info]

Dysthymia -- "Guardian Of Emotions" -- C-60 -- €7
2009 Tape Fiend, K7F006, (ltd. 100)
Depressing and noisy analogue industrial works from this American project. Offset-printed j-card. Edition of 100 numbered copies. [label info]

Haynes, Jim -- "Scarlet" -- MC -- €5
2015 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS030
Jagged bursts of strobe lights. Cackling radio signals bristling with interference. Sawtooth patterns of tactile noise. Torn flesh. Scabbed wounds. These are some of the building blocks to Jim Haynes' Scarlet. This crucible of unkempt rhythm and noise-pulse turbulence was decomposed and sutured together from the various sources of electromagnetic and psychic detritus into an unstable mutation of sequential error. The eight tracks of Scarlet stand as vastly radical and obsessive variations on the theme of repetition through trauma. Each of the tracks may have begun with the same system of building blocks, but quickly spiral into disparate orbits, time-lag accumulation, tunnel-vision mania, schizoid detours, amplified seances, and teleological endgames. This strategy of rupture and release was first noted on Haynes' 2012 album The Wires Cracked, but has become all the more unhinged here on Scarlet. The analog tone generation and shambolic futurism harken to an earlier era of industrial immolation, with Haynes' echolalia of Le Syndicat, Mika Vainio, and Martin Rev stridently tracing and electrically bleaching the forms of those antecedents without the benefit of drum machine, sequencer, and whatnot. Bruitisme, indeed. [press-release]

Kirchenkampf -- "Sidereal Lament" -- C-64 -- €7
2014 Tape Fiend, K7F011, (ltd. 100)
Epic and cosmic experimental ambient music from this long-running American artist. [label info]

Laubeuf, Vincent -- "The Poetics of Vacuum" -- MC -- €8
2012/2015 Observatoire, obs * 043 / OtO, OtO 003, (ltd. 300)
Cassette edition, chrome tape. New album by Vincent Laubeuf, co-release with OtO (Japan). Born in 1974 in France, Vincent Laubeuf studied acousmatic and instrumental composition with Denis Dufour in conservatory of Lyon (France). His encounters with Pascal Dusapin, Brian Ferneyhough or Gerard Pesson completed his compositional training. Now he is invited to such studios as Imeb (Institut international de musique electroacoustique de Bourges), Ina-GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales de l'Institut national de l'audiovisuel, Paris), Grame (Groupe de recherche appliquee en musique, Lyon), The Muse en Circuit and he writes for such ensembles as Syntax, In Extremis and the Contemporary Orchestra Ensemble (EOC). His works has been performed in France at the Palais de Tokyo, the Grand Palais, at the festivals Synthese (Bourges) and Extension (Paris), in the Multiphonies cycle (Paris) and outside of France in Geneva, New York and Tokyo. He is a composer of instrumental and acousmatic works, a sound installation designer and an improviser. Since 2006 Vincent Laubeuf is the artistic director of Motus and of the Futura Festival. In 2008, he won the 8th international competition Luc Ferrari, with is work “Peregrination de Tokyo”. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Preyers -- "Sacrifice Zones" -- C-40 -- €7
2014 Tape Fiend, K7F012, (ltd. 100)
Intense and haunting industrial noise from members of SIXES and Dajjal. [label info]

Pri Doline Mak -- "s/t" -- C-90 -- €5
2015 Produkty, pr#001
Produkty is a young label from St. Petersburg dealing with noise and ritual music. Their first release came out on April 13th. Eponymous album of Pri Doline Mak project ("poppy by a valley") is filled with the sounds of graves and semi-destroyed wooden buildings of St. Petersburg, also with the whispers of old cassette tapes, psychedelic effects and thorny noises. Two men participate in this project. They use heavily processed live instruments: guitars, banjo and other sound sources fed through the mountains of analogue transformations and recorded on tape in "on air" mode. [tape yard]

Pustota -- "Mikrorayon" -- C-46 -- €4
2015 Biosonar^Lo-End, 047, (ltd. 13)
PUSTOTA presents field recordings from the basing sites. Summer 2013, St. Petersburg, a walk in the yards of the Khrushchev-time buildings with a recorder and unprejudiced documenting of sonic flow... main thing is to catch the right moment. On the edge of worries and rest, full of emptiness, life in a neighbourhood. Cardboard box with a cassette comes with Soviet pocket calendars from the collection found in a dump in Sevastopol (all different, don't be surprised). [label info]

Radiostalking -- "Opory" -- C-60 -- €4
2015 Biosonar^Lo-End, 049, (ltd. 11)
Two monotonous radio pieces, radionoise plays, sound of immersion into the noisy cosmos of radiowaves, a dive in the ocean of ripple, for lonely journeys and clearance of mind from the objects of reflection. Recorded with the use of tube marine radio receiver "Volna-K" (a special telephone-telegraph receiver used for radio communications on boards of coasting and deep-sea vessels, also as a back up receiver in the navy). Packed in a craft roll. [label info]

Satellite Clouds -- "SML Queen" -- C-50 -- €7
2010 Tape Fiend, K7F007, (ltd. 100)
Cosmic and epic experimental synthesizer soundscapes from this Swedish sound artist. [label info]

Strom Noir -- "Esoptron" -- MC -- €6
2015 Pantheon, PAN021, (ltd. 50)
Our long-time favorite ambient music maker joins our label for this tape. Warm, contemplative guitar tunes of Strom Noir are very good for listening on repeat in your quietest time of day, when nothing will distract you. Ambient impressionism in its best, reflecting and radiating all and everything around - through the music, through the self... All tracks conceived as headphone music. Written and recorded by Emil Matko between August 2012 & November 2014. [label info]

Tanzi, Dante -- "Double Miroir" -- MC -- €5
2013/2015 Observatoire, obs * akusma | 047 cassette, (ltd. 200)
New revised cassette edition with improved versions of several compositions and one new track "Eightactions". "Eightactions is an acousmatic game based on the transformation of eight short sounds, coming from different sources. After selecting the sound objects, each of them was subjected to eight transformative actions. The relationships between 'original' and 'derivatives' objects have been codified and sorted by the evocative quality of sounds. The final assembly was aimed to formulate some contrasting emotions within a linear writing in which each short event is prepared from previous." [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]


Bardoseneticcube & VJ Yuri Elik -- "Psychedelic Transfer" -- DVD-R -- €7
2013 ML, MLV-01-13
A live recording of the audio-visual program "Psychedelic Transfer" made on 31.03.2011. About 50 minutes of slowly evolving multi-layered psychedelic video projection by Yuri Elik accompanied by as much psychedelic ambient-noise music by Bardoseneticcube.

Frea market

a;GRUMH… - Black Vinyl Under Cover - LP - NM/VG+ - €14.00
Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa - CDR - €3.80
Adriva - Equites Mini - CDR - €6.60
Amateur Ant / Mtombo - Electric Anthill - CDR - €3.80
Belorukov, Ilia / Andrey Popovskiy / Anton Mizenko - s/t - MC - €3.80
Bhatia, Amin - The Interstellar Suite - LP - VG+/NM - €14.00
Bianchi, Maurizio + Maor Appelbaum - Environmental Meditations - CD - VG+ - €6.60
Bianchi, Maurizio & TH26 - Arkaeo Planum - CD - NM - €6.60
Boneheads Vs. Hotdogs / Concrete Belly - split - CDR - €7.40
Borisov, Alexei & HEC - Live In Paris - CDR - €3.80
Brandkommando - Patria, Socialismo O Muerte! - CDR - €5.00
Building 33 - .End - CDR - €3.80
Cat.n.Bone - Butterfly - 3"CDR - €2.80
Cat.n.Bone - Sniff a Tree - CDR - €3.80
Cat.n.Bone / Ego Death - Unveiling The Wicked Dead Glass Behind A Curtain Of Thin Tissue Under Any Circumstances - 3"CDR + 3"DVDR - €3.80
Currents Of Death - Cretodoh - CD - €9.10
Dapnom - Makai - MC - €3.80
Dirty Projectors - Rise Above - CD - €2.80
DN23rd - Signals From Outside & Unconnect - 2 CDR - €9.10
Duncan, John & Peter Fleur - The Scattering - CD - VG+ - €6.90
Ego Death - s/t - CDR - €2.80
Ego Death - Luciferium Aeternum - CDR - €2.80
Enmerkar - s/t - CDR - €7.40
Fear Konstruktor - Preparation Of Humanity - CDR - €3.80
Fripp, Robert - Exposure - LP - VG+ - €9.10
Frozen Ocean - Likegyldig Raseri - CD - €6.60
Frozen Ocean - Trollvinter - CD - €7.40
Frozen Ocean - Vestigial Existence - CD - €6.60
Genetic Transmission - s/t - CDR - €7.40
Genetic Transmission - Music For Vienna Aktionists - CDR - €7.40
Geriht - Inulite - CDR - €3.80
Geriht - Sinret Eid - CDR - €3.80
Geychenko, Sergey - Text - CD - €5.00
Geychenko, Sergey - Piano Pieces - CDR - €5.00
Gorduw - XIX CIF. 30/15 - CDR - €3.80
Gorduw - XVII CIF. SS Army - CDR - €3.80
Gorduw - XXIV CIF. Underground Dark Chill Out - CDR - €3.80
Gravol - Abstractum Pro Concreto - CDR - €5.00
Grinding Halt / Totalmehehe - split - CDR - €5.00
Hatestorm - Cursed Rituals - CDR - €1.70
Hudak, John - Don't Worry About Anything, I'll Talk To You Tomorrow - CD - NM - €6.90
Invisible Hand - Babalon - CDR - €3.80
Kinetix - Selected E_missions - CD - NM/VG+ - €6.60
Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - Mina Rangaistan Loukkaajaa! - CDR - €7.40
Krutogolov, Igor - White - CD - €7.40
Light Collapse / Cat.n.Bone - split - CDR - €2.80
Light Collapse / Plazmat - split - CDR - €5.00
Litvin, Arseniy / Vyazkiy Sharab / Konstantin Kozlov - Winter Noise Sessions - MC - €2.80
Lopez, Francisco / Lawrence English - HB (promo) - CD - M/VG+ - €7.40
Lopez, Francisco / Steve Roden - Le Chemin Du Paradis - CD - NM - €7.40
Maa / Out Of Focus - split - CDR - €5.00
Matter - Pinkly Lips - CDR - €3.80
Mauthausen Orchestra - Where Are We Going? - CD - NM/G+ - €5.40
Mizutani, Kiyoshi / Daniel Menche - Song Of Jike - CD - VG+ - €7.40
Moloch - Cosmic Depression - CDR - €6.60
Monologue - Demo Compilation 1 (2004-05 a.b.) - MC - €3.80
Murohamma - Dotch Teney - CDR - €5.00
N.B.S. - From Space Chaos To Cosmic Noise - CD - €5.00
N.Strahl.N / Pythagora - Shift Coordinate Points - CDR - €5.00
N|B|K / Natural Obscenity In Sexual Experiments - split - CDR - €6.60
Natural Obscenity In Sexual Experiments - Ego - CDR - €5.00
Natural Obscenity In Sexual Experiments - Постижение казуальных сфер - CDR - €5.00
Noise Novosibirsk Institute - Reriya - CDR - €5.00
Noise Unit - Agitate / In Vain - 12" - NM - €7.40
Nova-Sak - Ignominy - CDR - €3.80
Omut Mora - Arevehord - MC - €3.80
Orchid - Cold & Hunger / Das Syndrom Der Einsamkeit - MC - €3.80
Picizmo / B.I.C.S. - split - CDR - €5.00
Saturn Form Essence - MS 0302+17 - CDR - €5.00
Sektor X - Rzeczywistosc - CDR - €6.60
Sound_00 - She's the One - CDR - €3.80
Stagnum - Limp - CDR - €1.70
Sunchariot - Exzorcizm - CDR - €6.60
Sunchariot - Fictio - CDR - €6.60
Sunchariot - Right Sun / Ritual Head - CDR - €9.10
Sundin, Ronnie - Sleepwalk - CD - VG+ - €5.0
Tchort - Pentagram Errection - CDR - €3.80
Tydish / Maaaa - Enjoy - CDR - €3.80
Unit-Ass - Warlust Style - CDR - €3.80
Uruk-Hai - Lothlorien - MC - €3.80
Uruk-Hai - Tawantinsuyu - 2 MC - €6.60
Vollenweider, Andreas - Down To The Moon - LP - NM/VG+ - €9.90
Von Hausswolff, Carl Michael - Three Overpopulated Cities Built By Short-sighted Planners, An Unbalanced And Quite Dangerous Airport And An Abandoned Church - CD - NM - €6.90
Vyazkiy Sharab - Audiograms for Descendants - floppy disk - €3.80
Vyazkiy Sharab & Arseniy Litvin - Artificial People - CDR - €6.60
Water & Fish - s/t - CDR - €2.80
V/A - Macrurus Conversation (Эон Для Народа, Струп, DYKG, Ересь, Омутъ Мора, Inside The Mind, Кискин Жар, Рыбий Глаз, Гном И Снеговик) - MC - €3.80
V/A - Tribute For Lyni (Morpeth, Ataraxy, 21 Gramms, TROJ, Animal Machine, Ecoute La Merde, Nezumi, Julia LaDense, Ego Death, Cat.n.bone) - CDR - €2.80

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

IV. Back in stock

>o< -- "Abyssal Jar" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT03, (ltd. 90)
Archaic minimalim of sound - accordion and some mouth harp - but at the same time the whole palette of associations and emotions: shamanic rituals, cold drive referring to old school industrial, disturbing atmosphere of the Great Storm premonition, typical for military/martial, dark-ambient contemplation, severity of early Prokofiev and Shostakovitch. This recording seized to bones, to the depths of unconsciousness, to those parts of the archetype which still remained in the last people. Deliberate minimalism of artwork seems to offer the listener to find his own visuals to the album in his subconsciousness, in his genetic memory... Blue cardboard cover. [press-release]

>o< -- "Sampo" -- CD-R -- €7
2006/2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT17, (ltd. 17)
Long-awaited digital reissue of the legendary album. North ritual material. Mountain river exorcism, rite "forest" industrial. Ecstatic to death endless song on Ultch language and a drone-industrial "live track" played on a steel wire pulled through the attic of an old village house. Handmade sleeve, all info is hand-written. [label info]

Anenerbe Music Club -- "The Night Porter" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Collapsar Publishing, mpec-01-2014, (ltd. 100)
Second album of the cult Moscow band Anenerbe Music Club made in retro-aesthetics and dedicated to the underground "new wave" music culture of 1980-s, true ex-Soviet nostalgia.

Asula Mori -- "Veter" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT10, (ltd. 89)
Mystic Sympho Dark Ambient from the middle of Russia. Using traditional rock-group indtruments (guitar, synthesizer, bass, vocal) they create enigmatic dark meditative cold music pierced with damp wind, never-ending melancholy, wandering in gothic dusk and very cinematographic at the same time... DVD-box with handmade cover made of hand-coloured paper. [press-release]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Telloram" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT08, (ltd. 156)
New album from the most blazing Russian ambient project. Dehumanized technogenic desolate space noise-ambient with high concentration of radionoise. Your ticket beyond the bounds of galaxy. 156 copies in handmade package from polypheme. [press-release]

Becuzzi, Gianluca & Orsi, Fabio -- "Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines" -- CD -- €12
2006 A Silent Place, ASP12
Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines' is the brand new album released together by Fabio Orsi and Gianluca Becuzzi. This album will be certainly followed by other cooperations, considering the big friendly artistic sodality between them. Fabio e Gianluca are a strange duo, considering the big differences of their artistic back-ground. Fabio Orsi is a young and unexpected talent. After his first album, "Osci" (LP, SmallVoices 2005), produced by Gianluca Becuzzi, he got a lot of positive feedbacks, worldwide, by the most important international media, confirmed by his second official release "For Alan Lomax" (CD, A Silent Place 2006) splitted with cosmical Italian duo My Cat is an Alien. Gianluca Becuzzi is a very well known character of the Italian experimental scene since from the 80s, under many different alias. Recently known as Kinetix, Gianluca latest release is the very well appreciated "Memory Makes Noise" (CD, SmallVoices 2006) a great electroacoustic pearl. The unexpected uncounter between different forces, experiences and visions of this two artists is prefectly melted in this album: strong and tied, an imaginary place where folkway and research, past and present, distance and closeness, mud and clouds, ghosts and machines meets. Shreds of ballads, guitars and old keyboards floating on the vibrant surface of this faery river and disappear, towed off by drones and rumors, pouring between distant voices and centenary blues songs from the Alan Lomax archive. Raptur and sweet lostness: this is the main sensation. It could be listed as Avant-Folk, or Experimental-Blues, Ambient- Roots or contemporary aesthetics and aching nostalgia... [press-release]

Bianchi, Maurizio & Fricke, Siegmar -- "Endokraniosis" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 TIBProd., TIBCD065
The first very clinical collaboration of Maurizio Bianchi and Siegmar Fricke entitled "Endokraniosis" was released in the beginning of 2006. Siegmar Fricke, qualifying his works nowadays as "Pharmakustik" - syncopated rhythmic compositions, artificial robotic voices, clinical ambiences, shares the same fascination for clinical sound-abstractions and electronic modulations as M.B., and did several collaborations with him. [Rotorelief]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) + Telepherique -- "The House of Mourning" -- CD -- €10
2006 Cold Current Productions, C.C.CD002 / Radiotarab Records, Rt003
The second chapter of collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi (MB) a fundamental artist of the plenary experimental music scene and the Telepherique (an amazing project from the roster of Ant-zen records) The CD is based on the bible book of Ecclesiastes, chapter seven, verses two and four "BETTER IS IT TO GO TO THE HOUSE OF MOURNING THAN TO GO TO THE BANQUET HOUSE, BECAUSE THAT IS THE END OF ALL MANKIND; AND THE ONE ALIVE SHOULD TAKE IT TO HIS HEART... THE HEART OF THE WISE ONES IS IN THE HOUSE OF MOURNING..." "The House Of Mourning" is that purifier building in which there's deep sorrow and disheartened grief due to the lack of our beloved ones ... when someone is paying a condolence visiting that house of affliction, he is reminded of his own inexorable mortality. To consider our existence in the gloomy house of mourning, ultimately and invariably culminating in death, gives us a healthy, balanced view of our fragile life. Some time spent with the sadness or grieving, helps us appreciate the simple things in our troubled condition. This is not the easiest lesson to learn, but it is a necessary one because when we give sober thought to serious matters it brings good benefits later, when life seems resolutely distressing and ostinately depressing. In the end, "The House Of Mourning" is the common admonition to our foolish arrogance". [press-release]

Birds Of Tin -- "Altarwise" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 24, (ltd. 500)
We are very pleased to present the latest recordings by Birds of Tin: a project we have long admired and fate finally brought us together. The two lengthy tracks of "Altarwise" were recorded in late 2004 and remastered earlier this year. The first track is a 30-minute experimental work that gradually moves through a wide range of sounds (echoing chimes, mysterious noises, subdued clanking, drones). The second piece is an epic 46-minute composition of deep ambient/drone music that manages to float freely through the listener's imagination while keeping his attention... While many modern day experimental artists have moved on into the computer realm, Birds of Tin has remained true to the experimental sound of tape loops, lo-fi samplers, and collections of unique toy instruments running through small fx boxes. The sound of the work may have become more cohesive and seamless over the years, but the methods have largely remained the same. Birds of Tin was always about creating and expressing by opening the heart and mind to the muse... in this way the sounds flowed through the artist, not from the artist. Birds of Tin is honest music. As the quote from Jackson Pollock states emphatically, every artist paints what he is. In the case of Birds of Tin, the sounds are no mere window dressing..this is who he is... Brooke Oates' Birds of Tin project has been active since 1996. His previous works have been released on such labels as Manifold, Solipsism/Self Abuse, Syntactic, XZF, and Hypnos. Additionally, Birds of Tin has collaborated extensively with such artists as Rapoon, Mechanism, and Augur... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Bolverkstorm -- "Ewigkeit" -- CD -- €7
2014 Valgriind, VG54, (ltd. 500)
Martial \ Neofolk. "On the second album "Ewigkeit" Russian project Bolverkstorm presents the continuation of the sonic pictures of "9 Steps To Death" depicting the sensory perception of a white warrior's death, soldier or officer, in significant military conflicts of the historical realities. The breath of project - is pagan death in a battlefield, a clear derogation of the christian image of death of "those persecuted to death". May it be a mass massacre of people masses brought to war by the rulers, or a death of a volunteer warrior from a piece of metal, love and contempt for life at the same time - "der letzte sieger ist der tod". The eternal spirit of war burns the wicks of people fates, the fight for higher ideals borders with death - but the fates of those contempting death spark brighter. From the deep roots of antiquity to the young branches of modern weltanschauung - this spirit is constantly whispering to us over the clank of swords, rumble of cannons and rustling bullets..." [label info]

Catatonic Factum -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT45, (ltd. 45)
Painted in cold sullen colours of non-agressive Industrial, icy Space Ambient and sometimes even brutal Harsh Noise, this album is a documentary precise portrait of the civilization in the end of Kali-Yuga, the hell on Earth, the most horrible anti-utopia which became the reality. Gloomy reign of machines managing everything, zombie people dully doing their work in hope to damp their fear of themselves for at least an hour, cybersystems without masters, because everyone - from the almighty corporation heads to the last bums - are the slaves of the idiotic solidarity of weakness. Gmashes and rustles of the unknown aggregates, morse peeps, radio intercepts of office talks (which stink of depression and fear much more than any contemporary "suicide rock"). Even the appeal to the glorious pages of the national history is impregnated with pompous hollywood reek of mass-culture. A remarkable audio-film about our common concentration camp. Strongly recommended. 45 copies are packed in the pages and photos from the report of the US Mine Department of the Interior from 1973. Each copy is unique. [press-release]

Catlin, Tim -- "Radio Ghosts" -- CD -- €10
2007 23five, 23five 011, (ltd. 500)
The name Tim Catlin may not be terribly well known amongst the avant-guitarist circles; but his recorded output clearly stands amongst the best that Glenn Branca, Keith Rowe, and Jim O’Rourke have mustered from their six strings hard wired into the histories of electroacoustics, minimalism, and post-punk experimentation. Based out of Melbourne, Catlin is a guitarist who incessantly tinkers with the mechanics of his instrument, envisioning it as alternately as a mimetic sculptural object and a pure sound generator. Through his experiments with alternative tunings, atypical string gauges, and Rube Goldberg contraptions of interconnected motors, speakers, and radios, he seeks out the rasping textures of strings vibrating against each other, the acoustic phase patterns of two microtonally tuned strings, and the electrical purity of circuits feeding back upon themselves, essentially creating a polyglot drone symphony cast in smoldering monochrome... Radio Ghosts arrives nearly five years after his debut album Slow Twitch and showcases Catlin’s unassuming expertise with the finer aspects of the mechanically prepared guitar. For all of its dynamic frequencies and crosshatched vibrations, Radio Ghosts is devoid of Marshall stacks, Sunn amps, and stomp boxes, as Catlin captures the acoustic phenomenon of the guitar’s transient vibrations and steers clear of any tricked out sonic demolition. Instead, Radio Ghosts focuses upon the minutiae of the guitar: wood, strings, and amplifier. Through his refined, tabletop guitar techniques, Catlin prefers to set his guitar in motion, allowing the process dictate the course of action with minor edits and sleights of hand from the composer himself. Catlin’s drone guitar work is simultaneously capable of expressionistic illusions (e.g. cicada choruses, industrial grind, uncanny ephemera from the radio waves, etc.) and a sonic transcendence of pure sonic introspection. Given that the final piece on Radio Ghosts replaces the guitar with a crash cymbal that Catlin agitates through similar processes, Catlin’s work shows that Organum does not have exclusivity on the bowed cymbal for creating epic, tactile sound fields. [press-release]

Column One -- "Early Apes 1993-1995" -- CD -- €10
2011 Nefryt, N 021, (ltd. 500)
Remastered LP "Dream Box Experience" + alternative version of tracks from "This Is My Dream", "An Analog Anthology - Never Mind The World" & one track unpublished never before. Comes in very nice A5 folder includes 6 cards extra. [label info]

Column One -- "Early Tapes 1992-1994" -- CD -- €10
2011 Nefryt, N 020, (ltd. 500)
Unknown versions of tracks from: "The Individual Box", New-Re-Generation", "Various Dreamdances", "Coincidentia Oppositorum", "THX1138", "Two Flowers For The Travel" & "Odyssee" + 4 tracks unpublished before. All material is remastered by Robert Schalinski. Comes in A5 folder includes 8 cards extra. [label info]

Dante Augustus Scarlatti -- "Recycled HNW" -- MC -- €6
2011 Auris Apothecary, AAX-059, (ltd. 405)
Dense harsh noise wall built from layers of strings, organ, drones and more, dubbed onto recycled tapes with hand-printed inserts and minimal packaging. [label info]

Dasein vs. Bardo -- "Prima Materia" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT56, (ltd. 72)
Moscow based noise act Dasein (a side-project of Fanum) reworks the compositions of another Moscow project Bardo (aka Sergey Gabbasov, pre-Vazhes), played on Tibetian ritual instruments, into a 20-minute mysterious drone noise ambient nocturne. Dense low rumblings of pre-matter, enigmatic sounds flowing through low-frequency layers, chilly night music for contemplation over the riddles of the universe. Handmade cardboard sleeve, cover photo by Orleane. [press-release]

Dead Land -- "Harbingers..." -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT36, (ltd. 36)
Death Ambient с with obscure raw industrial sound. This is the debute album of this project and it represents the research of the phenomenon of a harbinger-man, a harbinger of storm, war, chaos... it's divided into 3 parts: birth, where life meets death and youth with decrepitude; boyhood, where a man closes himself inside settling down in solitude; and finally the third stage - madness, where reality borders with dreams and where this man is born - a Harbinger... Among the influences the author mentions Oophoi, Klaus Wise, Staruha Mha, John Grzinich. Package: handmade sleeve with a slit and info-sticker, made of textured cardboard with fabric and spattered with ink + printed insert with photo and track-list. [press-release]

Duncan, John & Carl Michael von Hausswolff -- "Our Telluric Conversation" -- CD -- €10
2006 23five, 23five 008
23five Incorporated proudly presents Our Telluric Conversation — the second collaborative album from John Duncan and Carl Michael von Hausswolff. This is an album which Duncan describes as having been galvanized by magnetism. In a semantic sleight of hand, Duncan and Hausswolff reveal magnetism through a duality of meanings. One on hand, they speak of the physical phenomenon of charged objects that exert an attraction or repulsion upon other objects; yet on the other, magnetism can be defined the psychological influence wielded by charismatic individuals. Our Telluric Conversation maps out the complexities that emerged through the collaborative pursuits of these venerated sound artists... [label info]

Flue -- "Beyond The Edge Of Nowhere" -- CD -- €10
2007 Diophantine Discs, n = 7, (ltd. 500)
"Beyond the Edge of Nowhere" is Flue's first full-length album, following the trio's debut 7" in 1999 on Obuh. This is a wonderfully atmospheric and experimental recording: the enchanting and mysterious sounds are created largely from guitars, bass, and synth, imparting an extremely unique feel to the work. It is certainly a very active work, with many diverse elements and threads fused and juxtaposed together (often simultaneously) into a cohesive whole, lasting for fifty minutes... Flue consists of three figures from the Bay Area experimental music scene: Mason Jones, Jason Stein, and Chris Miller. Mason is known through his solo work, the classic Trance project, and his Charnel Music label. He has also been a member of many groups, including SubArachnoid Space and Culper Ring. Jason has been a member of SubArachnoid Space and Tekachi, and Chris has also been a member of Tekachi. This album features guest contributions from Geoff Walker (Gravitar)... The CD comes packaged in an elegant blue paper wallet with silver printing. [press-release]

freq_out -- "freq_out [0—∞Hz]" -- CD -- €10
2003 Ash International, Ash 5.8
'freq_out' is an international group consisting of sound artists, architects, composers, producers, sculptors, mathematicians and visual artists and curated by Swedish artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Each artist is assigned a frequency range with which to work. This process is carried out in situ, each using a workstation consisting of a mixing desk and PA system. All the resulting compositions are then amplified together in the space to create a sound installation or performance. The project reveals how space-specific certain frequencies can be, but also how other sounds can be separated from their source and 'thrown' around the space. It also shows how sound 'fits' (or not) into the space provided by exploring the complexities of frequencies and their interaction. The final mix not only reveals the innate properties of the frequencies, but also the possibilities when they are combined. This CD contains sound material prepared by the artist for their first event which took place at Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2003. 12 tracks are provided by participating artists (Petteri Nisunen & Tommi Grönlund, Brandon LaBelle, Hans Sydow, Jana Winderen, PerMagnus Lindborg, J.G. Thirlwell, Kent Tankred, Mike Harding, Jacob Kirkegaard, BJ Nilsen, Franz Pomassl, Finnbogi Pétursson) and 13th track is a 'collective' arranged by BJ Nilsen.

Frozen Ocean -- "Depths of Subconscious EP" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT29, (ltd. 56)
Arctic cold electronic Drone Dark Ambient. Northern icy sound of Kammarheit- and Northaunt-school. 24-min. mini-album in simple b/w package with photos made by Grin (Indra). [label info]

Frozen Ocean -- "Trollvinter" -- CD -- €12
2013 self-released, (ltd. 500)
A conceptual album based on Tove Jansson's book "Moominland Midwinter". A skillfully composed mix of dark ambient, neoclassic and rhythmic electronics. Packed in a digipak with a booklet, all in a slipcase.

Garet, Richard -- "Areal" -- CD -- €10
2012 23five, 23five 016, (ltd. 500)
In working with sound, video, and installation, Richard Garet has made an artform of interference. In previous work, he's employed photosensors to control a particular audio signal through the erratic nature of a violently pulsing abstract film. He's flooded a performance space with fog to disperse multi-channel video work into an ephemeral yet sculptural mass, accompanied by an equally diffused sound design. And here on AreaI, Garet continues his ongoing research with electromagnetic disturbances through radio... Garet treats the radio process of transmission and reception as a routing system for the audio signal, all the while deliberately agitating and distressing the nodes that direct the course of that signal. For example, an electrical motor might be situated near a radio's antenna disrupting its ability to properly receive a transmission that Garet is broadcasting from nearby. Through the controlled use of electro-acoustic techniques (some rough and volatile, some refined and delicate), he organizes the signal distortion, the crackling static, and the ever-present tendencies for feedback into swarms of chiming resonance, electrically sourced harmonics, tactile bricolage, and impressionist din. As much as Garet's process pushes the interaction of sound and electricity to the brink of self-immolation, Areal balances his crunched textures with extended passages of radiant blooms of blurry noise and drone, finding common ground between the glassine density from Rhys Chatham and the splintered excursions of Kevin Drumm. [press-release]

Grunt -- "Someone Is Watching" -- CD -- €10
1998/2011 Force Majeure, Force 001
Finally re-issue of this 1998 tape! Perhaps 8 years ago started re-issue project has slowly moved towards completion. Back in 2005 Hermetique remastered original tape material for CD. And now finally out and available! Late 90's style noisy PE from Grunt. Themed on surveillance, control society and big brother paranoia. [Freak Animal]

Guilty Connector –- "Mother's Bloated Corpse" -- CD -- €10
2003/2008 Utsu Tapes, UT-25
2nd edition of this 2003 album from extreme Japanese Noiser Guilty Connector. This album collects together the best tracks from various compilations and small run releases, as well as unreleased material from this multi-dimensional Japanese artist. Harsh noise, metal junk, collage and experimental sound recordings. A must for fans of GxCx and a perfect start for new fans too! J-card sleeve. [Cold Spring]

Hasegawa, Hiroshi & Vitaly Maklakov -- split -- MC -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-034, (ltd. 60)
Studying invisible at first glance processes in nature. The movement of air particles and disclosure of mentality mushrooms. Secret Laboratory of Russian-Japanese subconscious. Modular analog synthesis and endless intellectual drift, invisible pulsations of the world. Artwork and design is done by Vitaly Maklakov. [label info]

Haynes, Jim -- "The Decline Effect" -- 2 LP -- €20
2011 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS021, (ltd. 350)
Parapsychology introduced the notion of the decline effect as a statistical phenomenon of diminishing results whilst investigating extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis. Where initial findings might substantiate proof of such abilities, further studies would almost always demonstrate the contrary. As such, this ontological disappearing act stands in allegorical parallel to the entropic art of Jim Haynes and frames his 2011 opus of the corroded drone and a compacted disintegration of sound... This San Francisco Bay Area artist has long defined his work through the pithy phrase: "I rust things." The Decline Effect continues his investigations with electroacoustic decay through four bodies of evidence left behind from ephemeral aktions, shipwrecked electronics, re-engineered field recordings, and transmissions from the ether. Haynes composes through all of these sources through a patient suturing of sympathetic elements, whether they be textural, tonal, visceral, heavenly, sodden, or monolithic. Here, embers foretelling a nuclear winter gently waft upon industrial chorales amassed from an army of fidgeting motors; the sulfur-laden hiss from volcanic vents erupts from an organic thrum into boiling crescendos of environmental noise; geiger counter palpitations stream along a leaden sea of modulated radio noise; a warm explosion of sun-bleached distortion caresses the evanescent halos from an undulating mesmerism inexplicably not sourced from a guitar and / or digital patch authored by Christian Fennesz. On The Decline Effect, Haynes' broken minimalism orbits somewhere near the work Joe Colley, The Hafler Trio, Nurse With Wound, and BJ Nilsen... The 2LP of The Decline Effect is strictly limited to 350 copies, comes in a handsome gatefold sleeve, and sports the necessary download coupon. Zener cards not included. [press-release]

Hladna -- "March 2003" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT85, (ltd. 60)
Ultra powerful initiative Power Electronics with deep earthy bass pulsations and shamanic energy. Ritual rhythms take all your bowels out and leave the body whirling around the bonfire like a frantic phantom with glassy eyes. Slim box, embossed cover. [label info]

Hum / Misery -- "Landmarks In Mistscape / Vjosla Navjih Rek" -- MC -- €14
2009 Linija Shuma, SHUM 0009, (ltd. 33)
Split-cassette from two Russian musicians. Wonderful handmade box package.

IAmNothing + Light Collapse -- "Levelheaded / Urban Machinery" -- 4 CD-R BOX -- €8
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT69, (ltd. 19)
A great collaboration of two leading Russian industrial artists - Noumen (MNL9, Yadokhimikaty, Morbus Mundi, Hyperborea, etc.) and Vitaly Maklakov (Obozdur, Kromeshna, 581C, etc.). Three-hour long canvas of rough pulsating retrograde Industrial and urban lo-fi drone in vein of early releases of Industrial Records and Ultra, and old records of NON. Dedicated to the founder of Japanese "School of pure land" in Buddhism Sinran Shohin and all the fathers of dadaism. Artwork contains technological scheme unique for each copy. [press-release]

irr. app. (ext.) -- "Cosmic Superimposition" -- CD -- €10
2007 Errata In Excelsis, eie06
On the single 45 minute track that comprises Cosmis Superimposition, irr. app. (ext.) presents a revolving set of organic fluctuations that wax and wane in accordance to a well-tuned internal logic. Glassine ambient passages of processed environmental noise slide into the sustained harmonics of bowed metals which in turn couples with the off-kilter phase pattern of an exhaust fan whose motor is not quite properly aligned. All the while gurgles from streams, clatter from subterranean actions, singing bowl reverberations, and dark elliptical cycles of blackened electronics pock the stately progressions of Cosmic Superimposition’s dronemusik foundation. Yet, none of these elements shatter the spiraling atmosphere of the contemplative, occasionally melancholia album which parallels the spectral sounds of The Hafler Trio, Organum, and Christoph Heemann... [Helen Scarsdale Agency]

irr. app. (ext.) -- "Kreiselwelle" -- CD -- €10
2009 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 016
irr. app. (ext.) is the sound-engineering project of Californian M.S. Waldron, whose liminal slippages and detourned croons have been spotted recently on stage in Nurse With Wound. Yet for all of the antics that are required for the NWW spectacle, Mr. Waldron still dedicates himself in the parallel pursuits of irr. app. (ext.) with a discography that reads more like a wunderkammer of uncanny investigations into futility declared as its reverse... Kreiselwelle is the third and final installment to a body of works that irr. app. (ext.) has composed under the influence of Wilhelm Reich, the unorthodox 20th Century psychologist who proposed amongst many hypotheses, an interconnectivity between energy, organisms, and the entire cosmos. The title to this album translates as ‘spiral wave,’ a structuralist form which Reich had observed throughout nature within numerous systems, whether that be the grand arcs of galaxies down to the radial symmetries of micro-organisms. For Kreiselwelle, Mr. Waldron returns to the same collection of field recordings which began this trilogy that includes Ozeanische Gefühle and Cosmic Superimposition; however, he restricted himself to those sounds with spiralling origins: resonating springs, the sounds of the ocean cyclically churning over pebbles on the beach, the wafting of air around various objects, or simply a lamp-shade spinning in place. The resulting recording develops as an organic sublimation of one sound transforming from one state into another and then another. Motorized sounds of mechanical toys set askew settle into a tremolo phase pattern of electrical vibrations. These in turn morph into a cauldron of slow locomotive rumbling, which beget one of many glassine drones that float throughout Kreiselwelle. Many of the sounds seem to have origins in objects that are broken, obsolete, or just plain wrong; but through Waldron’s deft alchemy, these sounds are allowed to flourish in this richly dark and oddly serene amalgamation. [press-release]

irr. app. (ext.) -- "Ozeanische Gefügle" -- CD -- €10
2001/2004 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 002
irr. app. (ext) is the work of California-based sound artist Matt Waldron, whose collected body of work is far too important to continue to be forgotten. During the past decade, only two full albums -- Dust Pincher Appliances (2003 on Crouton) and An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured; Tissue Expanding in Conversation (1997 on Fire, Inc.) -- have seen the light of day despite the fact that perhaps a dozen albums have been completed. The public silence for irr. app. (ext) was never by Waldron's design, as numerous recording deals collapsed, one after the other. The story becomes all the more of conundrum as these misadventures of neglect and ignorance occurred despite Waldron's high-profile collaborations with Nurse With Wound and Stilluppsteypa. If a humble organization like the Helen Scarsdale Agency can have its say, then we speak to remove whatever curses that have haunted irr. app. (ext.) in the past and provide the world with the opportunity to revel in the spectacle and the beauty that is Matt Waldron's art. Had things gone differently, Ozeanische Gefьhle would have been one of the lost irr. app. (ext.) recordings. That would have been a shame for Ozeanische Gefьhle stands as an impeccable composition of post-surrealist dronescaping rivaling such masterpieces as The Hafler Trio's Kill The King, Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Chalk's Sumac, and Nurse With Wound's Soliloquy For Lilith. The title has origins with Freud and earlier thinkers; yet Waldron came across Ozeanische Gefьhle (which translates from the German as "oceanic feelings") in his studies of Wilhelm Reich who referenced the term to describe the natural state of every healthy organism as connected to and engaged with the world around it, with its energies flowing from the center outwards. For Waldron, Reich's ideas became the starting point for a metonymic exercise seeking to discover that which is near a signifier and spiral beyond each successive discovery along a complicated aesthetic thread by way of intuition and accident. The album tumbles through a series of sympathetic dronings, field recordings, and performative gestures, continuously traversing the emotional polarities of psychological tension and externalized jouissance. The album begins with a heavily processed flutter of sustained woodwinds accompanied by thunderous rumbles in the distance before dispersing amidst Bernhard Hermann-esque slashings of discordant strings. Later on, the grotesque pathos of a Wurlitzer organ dissolves into a blackened emptiness that envelopes the complex resonant frequencies from Waldron's slow, deliberate performance upon bowls and bells. Despite the incredible depth of his source materials, Waldron displays an uncanny intellect that reflects all of his wandering passages through the lens of a melancholic ambience. Simply put, Ozeanische Gefьhle is a wonder to behold. [press-release]

Kahn, Jason -- "Vanishing Point" -- CD -- €10
2009 23five, 23five 015, (ltd. 500)
The American sound-artist Jason Kahn is an exacting technician when it comes to the principles of noise. However, his application of noise in composition is not that of Merzbow or Masonna, with teethgnashing explosions of distortion, feedback, and volume; rather, Kahn's psychoacoustic techniques employ the specific frequencies of white, pink, brown, and blue noise in works that reflect the ideals of minimalism. These are sounds that regularly occur through the constant vibration of machinery; and Kahn is more than happy to appropriate such events through field recording. He also generates complementary noises through systems that involve the rattling architecture of a drum kit or through his trusted analog synthesizer... Vanishing Point is a 47 minute composition, which Kahn has dedicated to his daughter who died shortly before Kahn began working on this piece in 2007. For all of the phenomenological studies and stoic mesmerism attributed to much of his catalogue, Vanishing Point is a subtle and hypnotic elegy for rattling metals, timbral vibration, gossamer static, hissing field recordings, and those aforementioned colored noises. Soon into the piece, Kahn introduces a flickered ghost of melody whose luminous tones manifest ever so slightly against his contrails of noise. The upper register hiss and statics of these layered noises slowly drop in pitch and frequency over the duration of the piece, revealing subharmonic rumblings and an oceanic current that tugs at the agitated textures of Kahn’s surface noises. This glacial, minimalist shift renders Vanishing Point elegant and meditative... In Kahn’s own words, "At first I thought of the title in reference to Louise's passing, that point where she vanished from our lives, but on further reflection I came to see the compostion as dealing with other vanishing points. I address the idea of one’s sense of time vanishing, being immersed in sound and entering a place of timelessness. There is also the idea of boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound vanishing, as in this piece I draw on both sources. And finally, in the sense of aural perspective extending to the point where we imagine it ending, as the compostion stretches on towards its vista, slowly vanishing." [press-release]

Koude -- "Since..." -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT20, (ltd. 46)
Second album of this Russia project oriented towards classical "live" drone ambient. The sound has become more monochrome, viscous and sticky, more meditative and dramatic, sometimes even a bit theatrical. And still Koude has the most concentration of existentialism in the drone scene... 46 copies in full-colour glossy sleeves. [press-release]

Koude -- "Towards the False Light" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT19, (ltd. 33)
Harsh psychedelic Drone Ambient played primarily on electroguitars with a minimal dose of synthesizer and metal percussion. Atmospheric, anxious, existential technogenic-shaman's sound, very much close to Ural's project Ad Lux Tenebrae and meditative tracks of old Communism. Due to author's request the edition is limited to 33 copies, so you better be quick... [press-release]

Kronum Masochrist -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT32, (ltd. 12)
What will happen if to chop technogenic crispy noise ambient in short pieces of noisecore time-study? Seems like the author created vast tapestries and then took the most successful extracts from them, resulting into sort of small "the best of...". Experimentality. Impersonality. Laboratorial noise. Respect. Only 12 copies in leatherette containing sleeve with the info + disk with sticker. [press-release]

Krutogolov, Igor -- "Muzika Elektronica" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT14, (ltd. 98)
Absolutely fresh view on experimental music. 9 pieces created with the help of rhythm-box, washing machine, bowed bass guitar and voice demostrate a big variation in styles and a pile of non-trivial ideas. Power noise with dub melodies, harsh trip-hop, machine near-industrial fragments, ear-tearing bass noise in vein of Richard Ramirez, powerful electronic beats resembling best works of Taya Niye and Cloning Experiment Failure, pieces of early S.P.K. and even ambient interludes. Mighty and replete. Cardboard sleeve with photo and glued radio component + lo-fi insert with info. [press-release]

Lavelle, Brian -- "Fallen Are The Domes Of Green Amber" -- CD -- €10
2007 Diophantine Discs, n = 10, (ltd. 500)
With "Fallen are the Domes of Green Amber" Brian Lavelle continues in his more recent direction with experimental drone music, while also incorporating some of his earlier recordings into the pieces. At over 70 minutes, the album consists of two lengthy and picturesque tracks. Both are extremely focused, complex, and dynamic -- they evolve, gradually and intricately. Beautiful (yet also melancholy) and abstract, the two pieces are quite distinct from each other in their own respects, yet fit together to form a seamless and monumental overall work... Recording under various guises since 1990 (though generally under his own name), Brian Lavelle's work has covered a large cross-section of experimental music ranging from more noisy works in the past to his more ambient/drone material of recent years. He has released material on such labels as Audiofile, Bake, Afe, Microwave, and Freek. Additionally he has collaborated with artists such as Richard Youngs, Alistair Crosbie, and Emil Hagstrom. Brian also runs the Dust, Unsettled and Quinquaginta labels, and operated one of the earliest mp3-labels: techNoh... The CD comes in a beautiful green printed wallet. [press-release]

Lethal Dose 50 -- "21st Century Awakening" -- CD -- €10
2006 Nuit Et Brouillard, NB CD 05
LETHAL DOSE 50 is the poison dose injected into the veins of persons sentenced to the death penalty in some states of the United States.… but LD50 is also a Belgian trio which has been existing for years in the fields of electronic musics. After a self-released first tape and a first CD-R, we are proud to offer you the first fullength CD by this talented unit. Using some digital instruments – synths, samplers- as well as some analogue ones –synths, rhythm’n box, effects-… LD50 develops an atmospheric music which is at the same time dark but warm, cosmic and experimental, melodic and deep, meditative but aware, often underlaid by some sampled voices and sound-collages, sometimes intermingled with/ intersected with some hypnotic rhythms. Being fully mastered and definitely original compared to some nowadays releases from the dark-ambient genre, "21st century awakening" will both appeal to the nostalgics of the 70ies and 80ies sonorities -old-school space-electronics from the 70ies and 80ies such as TANGERINE DREAM, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS-.as well as to the lovers of some nowadays dark ambient acts such as SCHLOSS TEGAL, INADE, HERBST 9 or FIRST LAW… LD 50 is certainly the sole musical project able to set a bridge between these two tendencies, these two sounds, these two periods… Fans of sterilized lap-top generated or of cheap new-age ethno-ambient can go their way. "21st century awakening" will appeal as much to the soul as to the body, to the mind as to the heart. At first listening, this record may seem a little bit strange to you, like being out of phases, but the following listenings will draw you into an endless spiral similar to the one painted on the sleeve. Allow yourself enough of freedom for that... CD re-mastered by Christian RENOU, housed in an original A5 size silk-screened fold-out cover. Paintings by Leyla ERSEN. 64 minutes/10 tracks. [press-release]

Light Collapse & M. Nomized -- "Combinat" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT15, (ltd. 84)
Trance-redionoise, chaotic and hypnotizing, sometimes resembling classical material of Sadogipnoz "Heavy Gravitation", sometimes "de-cycled" Lo.By..., sometimes - solo works of Light Collapse. Very dense album with lots of ingredients. This reissue is supplemented with a bonus-track "Severoprorva" from Light Collapse. Limited to 84 copies in handmade cardboard retro-industrial covers with usage of punched tape from Soviet computers. [press-release]

Lo.By... -- "G.G." -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT07, (ltd. 39)
Methodical loop noise inducing to manic activity. Industrialized noise greetings to comrades Marinetti and Russolo. Played completely on tape loops. Handmade sleeve from imported :) gray film. [label info]

Lo.By... -- "Prodolzhoj Dejstvevet'" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT06, (ltd. 51)
Cyclic harsh-radionoise. Completely sick collage of the most sharp ether cuts. Who said that schizophrenia isn't contagious? Lo.By... will inoculate you with the virus and you'll continue to act... 51 copy in special PVC cases with cut out logo, milled by Danil from YAO 91404 D. [label info]

Lopez, Francisco -- "Live In San Francisco" -- CD -- €10
2005 23five, 23five 007
Over the years, the sound-arts organization 23five Incorporated has sponsored numerous Lopez performances in and around San Francisco; and it is only fitting that 23five should publish this document of live recordings from San Francisco, with one track culled from the infamous Hexaphonic show at The Lab in August 2000, and the other from an intimate performance at 3feetofftheground in July 2001. The spectral timbres and ominous somatic fluctuations of those performances inspired some audience members to gush: “It was just amazing how he layered the tracks together into massive lump of sonic force. Totally different from what can be heard on many of his releases which tend to be minimal and silent. I was craving for more. Lopez rocks!” Live in San Francisco comes with a blindfold to enhance the phenomonological experience of Lopez's dramatic composition. [label info]

Lunar Abyss + Kromeshna -- "Kopalhen" -- C-60 -- €7
2014 Ostroga, OTR-032, (ltd. 33)
Two Russian project from St. Petersburg and Kamensk-Uralsky. This collaboration album is like diving into an old northern tale. Tale that has no beginning and no end. Discussions with mushrooms and endless wandering between worlds. Design: 33 chrome tapes dressed in exclusive cardboard covers. Unique handmade design. Also attached are two photo cards with wall art remains of an old abandoned children's summer camp. [label info]

Millis, R. -- "Relief" -- LP -- €15
2013 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 025, (ltd. 400)
Our man Millis is a Climax Golden Twin and a noted curator of globe trotting / time traveling esoterica, amongst other accolades. In the former category, Millis and Jeffery Taylor steadily release some of the most headscratching amalgamations of avant-rock, decontextualized temple music, heightened-state minimalism, and collaged field recordings this side of the Sun City Girls (including the soundtrack to the cult film Session Nine); and in the latter, Millis has published a number of acclaimed anthologies for Sublime Frequencies (Scattered Melodies, This World is Unreal Like a Snake in a Rope, Phi Ta Khon, The Crying Princess, etc.) and Dust-To-Digital (our personal favorite, aptly titled Victrola Favorites). With his fingers in so many jars of jam, it can seem like an uncommon occurrence for Millis to release solo work although he is one to smear his sticky hands all over himself in performance, installation, and collaboration. Thus, The Helen Scarsdale Agency is delighted in presenting his latest opus, Relief... A fever dream of blurred harmonics and ethnomusicological spelunking, Relief repeatedly returns to variations on a peculiar yet beautifully serpentine drone, whose twinkling acoustic properties meld the hallucinatory mouth-music of the Bangladeshi Murung people and the curved air hypnosis of Terry Riley. Millis bookends and interrupts his mysterious miasma with comedic interludes snatched from his lauded collection of antique 78s, maudlin piano tone-clusters, and teleported crescendos of spectral ballroom waltzes. More Nurse With Wound than The Caretaker, this polyglot raga-drone of daytime somnambulism and psychedelic slipperiness speaks to the uneasy borders at psychological, cultural, and geophysical states of being. Oh, to be a human on this planet. [press-release]

Minamata -- "Niigata" -- CD -- €10
1986/2007 Zone De Confusion, Z.D.C.02, (ltd. 1000)
Re-issue of the third tape of this legendary French group, originally recorded in 1985 and released on the cult French label LES NOUVELLES PROPAGANDES as N.P.002 in 1986. Two tracks coming from compilations recorded at the same period, "Wo sind Sie?" and "Nacht und Nächte", plus one unreleased 17 minute-track recorded in 2002 were added to these 40 mns. Pure old-school industrial & hardcore electronics with lots of metal sounds & percussions and echoed screamings. This is truely the sound of agony… Housed in nicely designed digipack. [press-release]

Mind & Flesh -- "Martyr Generation" -- CD -- €10
2012 Force Majeure, Force 007, (ltd. 500)
"Martyr Generation" is the first CD by the Oslo / Norway based musician Anders B. under the MIND & FLESH moniker. While initial recordings of his first industrial band, KATABOL PROCESS were done in summer 1996, Anders started up to compose alone under the name BABYFLESH around October 1998. Starting from that point, two full-length releases were recorded and produced: "Curiosity killed the Angel", CD-R on Slaughter Prod. in November 2002 and "New wave of Cynicism", CD on Vendlus Records in February 2005. Sometime in 2010, Anders B. decided to change the name into MIND & FLESH as he lost any connection with what could refer to "BABYFLESH" as a name for a musical project. The nine tracks of "Martyr Generation" were recorded between 2005 and 2008. Among them two feature collaborations with other musicians. The music of MIND & FLESH is a mix of dark & heavy analogue electronics and pounding rhythms with processed vocals. His sound can be filled under the Death Industrial genre, without any doubt. Hypnotic and powerful at the same time... "Martyr Generation" comes in a nicely designed three-panel digipack in a limited edition of 500 copies [press-release]

Misery -- "Circles of Life" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT16, (ltd. 160)
Rolling are rings of magnetic tape repeating cyclic rhythms of shaman's drum, rolling is the Earth and seasons alternate, trees grow with new yearly rings... A retrospective of live recordings of one of the oldest Russian post-industrial projects: 2 long live tracks and a 25-min. video. Archaic shaman's harsh ambient of completely analogue origin. Limited to 160 copies in a handmade cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

Moth Electret -- "Tocasen" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 19, (ltd. 500)
"Tocasen", Moth Electret's second record, is an engaging and intense hour-long work of experimental ambient music. Landscapes of mysterious worlds are forged from a variety of drones, processed sounds, and other recordings. Within these seven tracks the sounds pulse and flutter through a beautiful and complex metamorphosis. Stig Berg has been recording music since 2000 as R|A|A|N and as a member of Aesthetic Meat Front. His first Moth Electret release came out on Mystery Sea in 2007... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Murmer -- "We Share A Shadow" -- CD -- €10
2007/2009 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 011, (ltd. 475)
Murmer is the pseudonym for Patrick McGinley, a man with several passports which have taken him to many a foreign land in search of found sounds of the unsettled, the forgotten, the mysterious, and the beautiful. His field recordings of activated environments (e.g. resonant industrial spaces, windswept telephone lines, bowed branches, gasping ventilator systems, etc.) originate from all of the locations where he has traveled; yet, the documentation of these sounds is the not the terminus of McGinley's work. He is far more interested in extracting a particular emotional, transcendent, or metaphysical kernel from those sounds, and then recontextualizing that germinated sound into sympathetic compositions of magnificent dronemusik... We Share A Shadow continues where Murmer left off with the exceptional Husk album (in collaboration with Jonathan Coleclough), in spiraling his manipulated field recordings as a slow revelation of the environmental sonorities that undeservedly go unnoticed each and every day. Singing frequencies of a bowed piece of metal undulate against a grey tapestry of rain and rasping insects. Golden overtones from shimmering drones quell what agitated textures reside in McGinley's active field recordings, rendering the aggregate sound a nocturnal opiate with considerable potency... Package features hand water-coloured artwork and letterpress printing. [label info]

Murmer -- "What Are The Roots That Clutch" -- CD -- €10
2012 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 022, (ltd. 400)
It was a cavernous tone that broadcast from a ventilator duct that inspired Patrick McGinley to begin collecting field recordings and working them into his slow-arc compositions. At the time when he heard that particular tone in that particular city at that particular time, he had no gear to recording device on hand. Over the next fifteen years (and counting) McGinley has eased into a peripatetic lifestyle, wandering the European countryside and forests (but never straying too far from the thrum and spark of civilization) in search of the same epiphany with his head rattled to the sound of a cavernous air duct... Around 1996, McGinley adopted the moniker Murmer for his compositional work; and though his work often steps into the quieter realm of sound construction, much of his field recordings and resultant compositions privilege interference and disturbances that occur within any given sound ecology. Those sounds could be the elusive tone from that ventilator, the polyrhythmic chorus of chirping frogs, the abstracted roar from an Arctic wind tearing across the Black Sea, or the metallic skree from a bowed antenna perched atop a Soviet-era observatory. What Are The Roots That Clutch marks McGinley's first full album in nearly 5 years, but it marks an elegant continuation of his previous album We Share A Shadow. The five chapters of this album can't easily be associated with any specific location; instead McGinley overlaps and crosshatches his field recordings and abstractions into acousmatic passages with ghostly, half-melodic qualities. Even the two unprocessed recordings of the album are impossibly complex in their accretions of sound. McGinley's composed pieces embrace lithe, mysterious drones whose mossy, damp atmosphere perfectly situate with tactile crunches, tactile events, and signal noise generation. Eels and leaches would not be out of place in such an environment; but the subaquatic murk snaps into a hallowed manifestation of ritualized minimalism at the album's finale -- one that LaMonte Young and Angus Maclise might have conjured in 1968 with clattering percussive elements and a hypnotic blur of harmonic drone... What Are The Roots That Clutch is limited to 400 copies and comes housed with letterpress artwork. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Nigulesugci -- "Dalit / Now Free" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT37, (ltd. 40)
Esoteric ritual noise. Radionoise, industrial clanks, noisy drones, Indian melodies, meditative singing. Buddhism. Dedicated to Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Packed in silver plastic with engraved number, red paper. [label info]

Nordvargr, Henrik Bjorkk -- "The Dead Never Sleep" -- CD -- €12
2005 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 073
The undisputed master of nordic darkness & leading mind of MZ.412 returns once again from his cellar with a new offering for OEC. Following the success of the more experimental CD "On broken wings towards victory", "The dead never sleep" is a massive journey of classic Scandinavian darkambient, but with added outbursts of more violent layers and haunting electronics. Without comparison, this is the only fix of darkambient you need this year to satisfy your needs. Take heed as the dead souls surrounding you slowly twitches and claws to come back to haunt you... [press-release]

O Paradis -- "Pequenas Canciones De Amor" -- CD -- €10
2008 Tourette, tourette 005
Sixth full-length release from our favourite Catalonian troubadour, with a somewhat more light-hearted and poppy spirit than their previous CD. 17 tracks of the stripped-down, lugubrious Latin pop which is the trademark sound of the band Pure Mediterranean sunshine. Also features a cover of Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me, Babe". File next to Spiritual Front, Division S, Mushroom's Patience etc. Digipak. [Cold Spring]

The Oratory Of Divine Love -- "Meditatio" -- CD -- €10
2008 Diophantine Discs, n = 16, (ltd. 500)
One of the children of John Gore (aka 'kirchenkampf'), The Oratory Of Divine Love presents here their third CD: a fifty-plus minute track of ambient electronic drone that, with gradual progression, features melodies and voices filtering in and out throughout the sound. Though a generally contemplative recording, the piece is quite engaging and will elicit the attention of all who enjoy experimental and drone musics. Previous recordings under this name have been issued by EE Tapes and Waystyx... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Propergol -- "Tormentor" -- 7" -- €5
2003 Nuit Et Brouillard, NB V 01, (ltd. 1000)
First 7" and vinyl release for this French confirmed project. "Tormentor" is dealing with usual PROPERGOL’s intimate obsessions and again music is nothing less than a reflection and an exploration of his confused and chaotic innerworld... Tracks are made of nervous, repetitive and hypnotic pulsations as well as noise injections and vocals in the typical PROPERGOL’s style made of anger and despair underlying his personal oversensitivity... With this 7", PROPERGOL takes you both to a trip to places overwhelming with imagination and to a mental journey on the sinuous and unhealthy roads of neurosis when your own imagination is becoming your most intimate enemy. Like a nice musical score on schizophrenia... Deluxe packaging on a glossy fold-out cover plus postcard. [press-release]

Psychic TV -- "Hacienda" -- CD -- €10
1984/2013 Cold Spring, CSR187CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV, 5th November 1984, Manchester. This was PSYCHIC TV’s first show at NEW ORDER / FACTORY’s legendary HACIENDA club! For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling (Zos Kia, Coil), Paul Reeson, and Alex Fergusson. This is the complete show with unseen photos! [label info]

Psychic TV -- "Live At Thee Marquee" -- CD -- €10
1988/2013 Cold Spring, CSR189CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV’s complete, unheard show, recorded at the prestigious Marquee Club, London, 20th May 1986. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best. Ltd x 1000 copies, featuring an 8-page booklet of unseen photos. [label info]

Psychic TV -- "Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light" -- CD -- €10
1985/2013 Cold Spring, CSR188CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV in a unique line-up – a unique show, recorded 19th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais, London. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Max Prior, Mouse, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Dave Ball (Soft Cell), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow, Coil, Current 93). This is a completely unheard show, with unseen photos! [label info]

RV Paintings -- "Samoa Highway" -- LP -- €15
2010 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 019, (ltd. 500)
RV Paintings were born in California. Humboldt County, to be exact. It is nearly impossible to imagine their origins being elsewhere since the brothers Brian and Jon Pyle, who currently pilot RV Paintings, constantly mine the metaphysical properties of their homeland through a heavy-lidded psychedelia. The redwood trees that majestically rise from the rugged terrain may have been one of the endemic objects that inspired RV Paintings to "jam nature;" but Humboldt County's other major cash crop -- marijuana -- cannot be far behind. As much as the Pyle brothers channel a psychotropic animism through sound, their diaphanous drones and foggy ambient tangles spring from a schematic intelligence that belies any method acting of getting stoned and jamming in a room... Samoa Highway is the second full album for RV Paintings, following the nature jam transmissions of Trinity Rivers published by Root Strata in 2007 and a well-suited split LP with Taiga Remains from Blackest Rainbow. Just as the debut payed homage to the rugged river system that cuts through forests and mountains of the region, Samoa Highway refers to the lengthy bridge that runs between two coastal communities in Humboldt County, one of which houses a municipal airport. A swarm of drone guitars announces the opening of the record on "Millions," with a shoegaze wash collapsing into rarified tone purity and bulging through a metallic buzz. Field recordings of airplane take-off and firework explosions punctuate the undulating bleary smear of the Pyle brothers' guitars. The result is one of levitation, even as RV Paintings seem to be plugging their guitars and electronics directly into the moss, soil, and mycelia of the Humboldt forest. Echo-soaked flutes, maudlin strings, scabrous noises unearthed from the bottom of the Pacific, and a cinematic arcs of guitar shimmer complete the beautiful and haunted miasma of Samoa Highway that falls somewhere between Taj Mahal Travellers, Organum, and The Caretaker... Brian Pyle may be best known as one of the founders of the Starving Weirdos and records his solo work as Ensemble Economique. Samoa Highway stands the first piece of vinyl published by Helen Scarsdale Agency and includes a code for a digital download. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies. [press-release]

Sala -- "Plotina" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Observatoire, obs * миф|(л65) 042, (ltd. 65)
New myth, new great record from the Lithuanian sound artist Audrius Simkunas gives us a terrifying and low roar of a dam (replacing the background drone and we have a very successful chance to observe the development of this theme) and there are sometimes manifested signs of the environment - you can hear the voices of birds and the rustle of plants... Try some! [label info]

Schafer, Helmut -- "Thought Provoking III" -- CD -- €10
2012 23five, 23five 017, (ltd. 500)
Thought Provoking III is the final document from the electro-acoustic composer Helmut Schäfer who died in 2007. The Austrian artist spoke of his work as "characterized by the use of very intense and direct musical language which powerfully describes his personal experience and reflections on society structures, the blindness of modern and informed masses and everyday functionalism in between civilization." That intensity of expression manifested itself through performances and collaborations that took Schäfer around the globe, including presentations at Documenta X and ARS Electronica both in 1997. For all of his tireless work, Schäfer's recording output is relatively small, focusing mostly on his collaborative work with noted musical extremist Zbigniew Karkowski... Schäfer posited Thought Provoking as a radical shift from his brutalist electronic engineering to a spatialized, open-ended composition based on the muffled tones from an ad hoc instrument he built from salvaged church organ pipes and hair dryers. The first presentation of this work took place in his home town of Graz, Austria in 2003; the second was a collaboration with violinist Elisabeth Gmeiner in Vienna two years later; and the third & final performance occurred in 2006 with percussionist Will Guthrie and Gmiener at the St. Andre Church where he first presented it in Graz. After Schäfer's death, Guthrie reconstituted the rehearsal takes from that performance for this recording of Thought Provoking III, attempting to re-imagine the controlled energy of those sessions with Schäfer's aesthetic framework at the forefront. The bellowing hums from Schäfer's organ pipe and hair dryer contraction ebb and flow amidst intermittent percussive flourishes, subtle gong overtones, sustained violin trills, and fizzling electronic mark-making. On the second track of this disc, long-time friend Zbigniew Karkowski presents a smoldering electro-acoustic remix of Thought Provoking III as a fitting tribute to Schäfer. [press-release]

Seele -- "The Deep Side of my Soul" -- CD -- €14
2007 Silentes, 200617
After the previous Silentes cd: 'Berlin', Seele offers a new, entrancing excursion into urban atmospheres. A rhythmic trip thats deeply moving and coloured, mixing different styles with remarkable originality. Seele uses synthetic sounds, drum machine grooves, ambient textures, alluring female vocals, iridescent chants of the orient, exotic instrumental sounds, rapper-esque vocal phrases, arpeggios of pizzicato strings, and deeply evocative piano melodies. An unbelievable blend of sonic elements clash to create a new sonic fabric that has never been experienced before. Uncharted musical terrain for the listener seeking a completely new direction in sound. [press-release]

Shift -- "Altamont Rising" -- CD -- €10
2014 Cold Spring, CSR195CD
Ferocious and misanthropic new full-length from Sweden’s son Shift. “Altamont Rising” is a calibration of the cosmic equilibrium in 7 chapters presented by Shift. The album deals with the consequences of man defying nature with Altamont as an example of what happens when pushed far enough. Three works / events stand as inspiration for the album: Apocalypse Now, Valhalla Rising and Altamont Free Festival. “Altamont Rising” is a brutal amalgamation of malicious vocals, drenched in heavy, claustrophobic death industrial and harsh noise.. [press-release]

Shoemaker, Matt -- "Erosion Of The Analogous Eye" -- CD -- €10
2009 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 015, (ltd. 300)
The studio of Matt Shoemaker is alive with electricity. Impossibly complex wirings channel signal in and out of analog synth modules, an array of curious aluminums boxes with unmarked knobs, slinkies strung from ceiling to floor creating a set of giant spring reverb units, accelerometers attached to consumer electronic errata, and even a few conventional tools like guitar stomp boxes and a bruised computer. For all of the convoluted engineering that goes into Shoemaker's equipment, the resulting mesmerism in sound appears effortless and strangely organic... Shoemaker has enjoyed a semi-obscure career through his polymath activities that bridge such electronic experiments with a choice library of globe-trotted field recordings and a broad knowledge of avant-garde cinema. For Erosion of the Analogous Eye, Shoemaker waves his hands about his laboratory to construct an ever-evolving album for mutant dronemuzik. His electrical seas of synthetic bristling undulate with placid regularity, only to find Shoemaker contorting these brain-melting psychedelics into cancerous, atonal bellows. Out of his allotropic shifts, one can find swells of irradiated static transform into the graceful chime of temple bells; and electrical phase patterns slip into deep forest murmurings dotted with narcoleptic birds calls. On one hand, this album is prescient of the revival for progressive electronics currently underway in the flood of US post-noise projects; it's easy to triangulate this between Emeralds and Heldon. But on the other hand, Erosion of the Analogous Eye is the continuation of where Shoemaker had begun with his early work on Trente Oiseaux with its grotesques exaggerations of field recording into this beguiling piece of art... The artwork on Erosion of the Analogous Eye features unique hand-dyed abstractions mounted onto letterpressed paper. This has warranted a very small pressing of 300 copies. [press-release]

Shoemaker, Matt -- "Spots in the Sun" -- CD -- €10
2007 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 010, (ltd. 400)
Spots in the Sun is a grotesque, sonic landscape with details exaggerated out of proportion and narratives folded upon themselves in a magnificent abstraction of electro-acoustics, rarified field recordings, and particulate matter plucked from ether. Shoemaker works in monochrome, shaping his gray tonalities into rhizomes of shadow which occasionally erupt in brilliance of hyper-realized clarity. While the familiar sounds of encircling birds, turbulent weather, and temple bells litter Shoemaker's recordings, the sonic topography describes a vulgar and hostile landscape where fits of delirium and circadian arrhythmia are common human responses. Shoemaker achieves these complex metaphors through labyrinthine drones spiralling through irradiated fog and glassine vibrations, punctured by the scars of a landscape in perpetual revolt. In many ways, Shoemaker's Spots in the Sun could be mistaken for Bernard Parmegiani at his most focused or even John Duncan at his most gracefully brutal... [label info]

Sil Muir -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 22, (ltd. 500)
Italy's Sil Muir presents to us here their first full-length work. It is a beautiful, yet melancholy, hour-long recording carrying us along that sleepless journey from dusk 'til dawn. Powerful and gentle drones shudder and shimmer through these four dense and amazing tracks. Sil Muir is the collaboration between Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known, Afe Records) and Andrea "Ics" Ferraris (Ur, Airchamber3, Ulna). Their only previous appearances are a lengthy compilation track on Transf.Order and a collaboration with Horchata on taalem... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Simbolism -- "First Wave" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT28, (ltd. 48)
Infinite solitude of Space and elegiac autumnal sadness in three symphonies of atmospheric Neoclassics. Limited to 48 copies in DVD-box with full-cover artwork. [press-release]

Somniorum -- "Anabiosis" -- CD -- €9
2003 Chimaera, [xm 4] / Fight Muzik, FM22CD, (ltd. 333)
A project from St.Petersburg, playing really beautiful guitar drone-ambient in the vein of soft, harmonic recordings of Troum. Deep psychedelic work.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Stormhat -- "Addicted to Disaster" -- CD -- €10
2008 Diophantine Discs, n = 15, (ltd. 500)
The work of Denmark's Stormhat melds a variety of elements of experimental music, from ambient/drone to field recordings and feedback. With his first pressed CD, Peter Bach Nicolaisen gives us a wonderful hour-long journey though field recordings, reverberating & scraped percussion, and drones. An excellent recording, sure to appeal to fans of all related genres, "Addicted to Diaster" provides a wonderful and engaging listen. Stormhat's work has previously been released on Cohort and A Beard Of Snails... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Taiga Remains -- "Works For Cassette" -- LP -- €15
2014 Helen Scarsdale Agency, hms026
Here be the final drone / hypnogogic statement from Taiga Remains. The man behind Taiga Remains has now shelved this moniker; but he's far from hanging up his hat, as he now works under his given name Alex Cobb -- also known as the philosopher king who benevolently reigns over his Students Of Decay. There are those at the Agency who can claim to speak with the poetics of corrosion, and we have long admired the sympathetic aesthetic in Cobb's gorgeously elegant compositions for guitar, bells, tape hiss, and whatnot. A sadness of things hangs in the air for Cobb's suspended mantras as these pieces evolve through a state of perpetual (un)becoming. For Cobb, the decaying sound is a steady dissolution of one chromatically rippling pattern into another which in turn diffuses into another and the cycle continues; but for every slippery note that pools into watery aquifers, Cobb distances himself from discursive and didactic languages that affix specific meanings onto work. He prefers a mystery and an ambiguousness to hang upon his crepuscular minimalism where the audience can entertain guided excursions of subjective thought. For us, these radiant guitar drones flecked with impressionist melodies bath in the snow of a thousand radios placed throughout Easter Island offering forth their eerie, luminous and beautiful sound that floats amongst those stoic heads that gaze beyond the horizon of the pacific ocean towards infinity, or oblivion if you prefer a more sublime reading. As the title to the album states, this album originally published in small cassette editions, long out of print. The material has been gloriously mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin... Those with an ear for Andrew Chalk, William Basinski and those long-form passages from Natural Snow Buildings will find much to celebrate in Taiga Remains. [press-release]

Tarab -- "I'm Lost" -- CD -- €10
2014 23five, 23five 019
A schizoid-concrete opus of environmental sounds heightened, stimulated, decontextualized, and teased into a psychic puzzle of industrialized and post-industrialized detritus, I'm Lost marks another milestone in the ever impressive catalogue from Australian sound-artist Eamon Sprod, who adopts the moniker Tarab for his endeavors. The title is one that explodes with a multitude of meaning. There's the geographical frustration in losing one's way as the surrounding landmarks fail to match with whatever technology may be in use (e.g. a sextant, a compass, an iPhone, a torn map, one's poor memory of a childhood neighborhood, etc.). There's the psychological implications of being lost from the existential narratives that we have scripted for ourselves due to broken relationships, failed jobs, dead relatives, natural disasters, the hand of God, etc. In addition to these possibilities, Sprod proposes that the notion of "lost" could also be an inversion of the idea of the "found object" or the "found sound," instead becoming the "lost object" or the "lost sound." Sprod's semantic wordplay is hardly a conceptual gimmick, as he fully immerses himself in the confusional framework while maintaining a consummate technical prowess over his field recordings. The compositional approach is rhizomatic, with dead-ends, wrong turns, and reprisals of these same dead-ends and wrong turns, offering a blackhumor sneer at the stubbornness of humanity's inability to learn from our mistakes (e.g. pollution, blight, poverty, disease, etc). Within the album's harsh edits and disjointed collages, Sprod renders sound with dysphoric associations through his vacant drift, crumbled gravel, scalding plasma-tube frequencies, and putrid factory noise. I'm Lost achieves the same psychological gravity as heard in the works of Sudden Infant, P16.D4, and John Duncan with an even greater sense of dislocation from those pioneers of radical tape splicing. [press-release]

Tarab -- "Take All The Ships From The Harbour, And Sail Them Straight Into Hell" -- CD -- €10
2009 23five, 23five 014, (ltd. 500)
The title to this album from Tarab (nee Eamon Sprod) is striking enough in its allusions of damnation, with a watery grave a potential outcome from human activity impacting the earth. So, it may be stating the obvious that the corroded locations where mankind has scarred the surface of the earth feature prominently in the work of this Melbourne based sound artist. The residual elements of these sites become the agents for metaphor and allegory in Tarab's work, documented through field recording and sympathetic actions with found objects from those sites. One such location that features prominently in Take All of the Ships... is Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. Once the home of an immigration station at the turn of the 20th Century and later a Nike Missile site for the US military, Angel Island now rests in the hands of the US National Park Service, which has left some of the buildings to succumb to the forces of decay. From the sounds culled from this site and others closer to his antepodean home, Tarab diligently overlays and stiches together a highly tactile composition with very little digital treatments to speak of. Take All of the Ships... opens with an ominous rumble whose frequencies appear to emerge from the center of the Earth and liquefying the surface upon impact. As these tones ebb and flow, Tarab unveils as revolving series of exaggerated details from a hyperbolic gash of two heavy pieces of metal grinding against themselves to a toxic chorale of nighttime insects to sand, wind, and surf detourned into sedimentary white noise. Tarab's compositional sensibility shifts throughout the album, at first sparsely situating these sounds into shadowy vignettes. Gradually, Tarab coalesces this sublime opus into an arcing crescendo which exhibits sustained harmonics rarely heard in the best of the contemporary dronemusik technicians much less from the realm of sound ecology. [press-release]

Tarab -- "Wind Keeps Even Dust Away" -- CD -- €10
2007 23five, 23five 010, (ltd. 500)
Eamon Sprod (aka Tarab) professes a romantic attachment to the notion that the world is falling apart, a terminal process only enhanced by the intrinsic obsolescence from the output of consumer culture. Yet, this Australian sound artist is not one to wallow in the nihilism of such poetics, rather he counterpoints these thoughts with the allegorical implications of his nom de plume. Tarab is an Arabic word that doesn’t readily translate into English, but it might be best defined as the ecstatic surrender one can experience when listening to music. Through installation, performance, and composition, Sprod reinterprets the physical detritus of the landscape within a hypothetical topography where dirt, soot, and smog emerge as privileged materials, in to which he has grafted the potential for a transcendent response... Field recordings are fundamental to this creative process, bolstered by sympathetic sounds activated by Sprod’s own hands rummaging through crumbling leaves, rusted bits of metal, broken concrete, and shattered glass, just to name some of the more obvious sources. Wind Keeps Even Dust Away is only the second documentation of Sprod’s compositions; yet, it is an accomplished work on par with the best of contemporary sound ecologists (e.g. Chris Watson, Eric La Casa, Toshiya Tsunoda, etc.). On this album, Sprod presents an intertwining series of compacted collages that tease aquatic references from abandoned and overlooked sites of the arid Australian landscape. Every sound of a pipe gurgling with water is but a mirage of sand, rust, and dirt cleverly tricking the audience’s collective ear... With its subtle transitions and evolving sound structures, Wind Keeps Even Dust Away figures into the models of psycho-geographical wandering, as Sprod explores sets of roughly cut textures, resonant frequencies, and atmospheric vibrations that are intrinsic to an imagined space and then shifts into another with its particular idiosyncrasies. While the ecstasy that the word tarab implies may not be an immediate reaction to this album, wonder and discovery certainly are as experienced through this exemplary album of re-engineered sonic dislocation. [press-release]

Telepherique -- "Zivilisatose" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 14, (ltd. 500)
"Zivilisatose" represents the culmination of Telepherique's twenty-year career. Having explored all throughout the realms of industrial, ambient, rhythmic noise, and field recordings, Telepherique has created a distinct sound which manifests itself in new and unique ways on each release. With "Zivilisatose" we are mesmerized by flowing and mysterious ambience, and challenged by unusual rhythms and noises. This, a very personal CD to Telepherique, is also their final full-length recording... Since 1989 Telepherique (and its various side-projects) have released nearly one hundred releases, beginning with many cassettes on their own Drahtfunk-Products label. With subsequent releases on such labels as Ant-Zen, G.R.O.S.S., Noise Museum, SSSM, and Afe, their work received a wide exposure. In addition to solo recordings, they have released numerous collaborations and splits with artists such as Contagious Orgasm, MSBR, Ultra Milkmaids, Brume, Aube, M.B., De Fabriek, and Roger Rotor. "Zivilisatose" also features artwork by TJ Norris... Housed in a custom printed color wallet with 4-panel insert. [press-release]

Trepaneringsritualen -- "Perfection & Permanence" -- CD -- €10
2014 Cold Spring, CSR198CD
Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magick and the hidden realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient & death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, and oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation at others, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerizing visions of the end-times... “Perfection & Permanence”: a hymn to Isis; a further exploration of the duality of the holy harlot, the black skinned Magdalen, mother and concert of the Christ; Yeshua Ben Yosef, son of MAN; the shameful dead, those who sold their brothers, condemned to forever roam the earth; to transgress the abyss, to mortify flesh, towards cosmic renovation. It is lonely, it is awful; on the verge of physical death, but still unable to understand; absolute perfection may be attained through WILL. A conversation with angels, in archaic tongues; Eirikr inn Sigrsaeli sold his blood and kin to desert rats for corporeal power. Eirikr, we spit on you.; from across the abyss, it rises. Ceaseless, blood-churning, terrible; an incoherent accusation by the mirror image, he who’s blood was shed to atone another man’s sins. Without bloodshed there can be no salvation. [press-release]

Watermann, John -- "Calcutta Gas Chamber" -- CD -- €10
1993/2006 Cold Spring Records, CSR52CD
The idea for this project came about after a visit to Calcutta in 1990, and through the nightmarish experiences during that short visit. The concept of aurally conveying the horror of a gas chamber was realised through field recordings in an abandoned electrical power station in Brisbane in 1992. The sounds are grating and harsh, a mixture of field recordings and electronic manipulations. One can rarely pinpoint a location or action but the images the sounds conjure up are of all sorts of nefarious activites related to death by machinery. The sleeve notes take you into the horror that is the Calcutta Gas Chamber. John Watermann started the re-design for this re-issue (originally released in 1993 on US label ND), but tragically passed away in 2002 before its realisation. A beautifully composed and produced CD, completely remastered and re-packaged. [label info]

Whetham, Simon -- "From The Mouths Of Clay" -- MC -- €5
2014 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 029
For 3 months in early 2013, Simon Whetham had the space and opportunity to develop his work, ideas and methods, taking part in the inaugural residency of a lab project run collaboratively by the Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Antioquia and Casa Tres Patios in Medellнn, Colombia... Combining and building on recording and playback methods and ideas with found objects, discarded technology and methods of his working practice and others such as Alvin Lucier and Nicholas Collins he investigated sonic, acoustic and phenomenological qualities of the gallery space and faulty or used equipment that was donated or found in nearby market La Cascada... Following on from a 'recreation' of “I am Sitting in a Room”, the process was applied to a selection of 3 prehispanic burial urns and 3 examples of more recent variations on this theme. The internal resonances were captured and then played back inside the urns utilising small speakers, or through them using transducers, the process repeated to uncover tones held within the clay and the space within... The result was demonstrated as an 8 channel installation, with each of the 6 vessels singing with it's own voice and 2 speakers playing lower tones created by the vessels using the same process, but using a microphone inside each and a larger speaker placed against the outside. This work combines sound material from the installation and further investigations carried out during the residency period, recorded in the space, from inside the vessels or reproduced inside and through them. [press-release]

YAO 91404 D -- "Stahlwinterbosheit" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT18, (ltd. 51)
The very first album of YAO 91404 D recorded in November 2001 and never released before. Raw old-school industrial, Einsturzende Neubauten infected by early Burzum, trance-inducing chants supported by ratlle of metallic constructions and howling of electro-engines, manufactured hysteria, apocalyptic militarism on Marshak's poems, cover-version of cult Russian industrial/avantguard project Communism, and finally - thunder-like speech of Benito Mussolini to the accompaniment of Luigi Russolo's noise apparatus... Self-made plastic "metallic" folder A5 format with imprints of engraving with the views of blockated Leningrad. [press-release]

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