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Good night, dear friends!

Let's start the last newsletter of this year with the six new editions! Hot Finnish guys from Polkka Love Machine will guarantee you a lovely evening with your girlfriend to the sounds of their eponymous album released on cassette and CD-R in cooperation with Aquarellist and Saaren Levy labels. A selection of hollows with various degrees of immersion - in the "Greatest Hits" collection from the Pustota project! Fresh, juicy and tart collaboration album of the Volgograd-based project X3D5 and the all-mighty Noises Of Russia! A departure to the parallel worlds following a hypnotic psychedelic drone from Hattifnatter (again, both on disc and cassette). Exploration of the inner and outer space made by Bardoseneticcube and Shinkiro. And finally, the CD edition of the recent album by Reutoff "No One's Lullabies". A lot to listen to during holidays! :)

The mailorder catalogue was updated by some stuff from the Russian scene - the new works by Lunar Abyss, YAO 91404 D, cassettes by Reutoff and Cisfinitum, releases by such labels as Spina!Rec, Operator Produkzion, Bookwar Records, Frozen Light and Aquarellist. The international scene is represented by the new long-awaited album of the dark German romantics November Növelet, plus new releases from the Italian label Silentes and Japanese SSSM.

And of course tonight we start our traditional winter sale featuring about a thousand titles from the catalogue. The terms of sale are still the same - when ordering ten or more items marked by the sign [-50%], you can buy them for half-price. Some of the items from the rare / used list, marked by green colour, may also be bought with the discount.

Wish you joyful and heartful holidays!

See you next year!

I. New editions

Polkka Love Machine

Polkka Love Machine

Polkka Love Machine

MC (ltd. 177)

A 1. Ammattimies
A 2. Pihlajapuu
A 3. Kaasu
B 1. Ensirakkaus
B 2. Tietäjä
B 3. Tositarkoitus

total length: 28:57 + 26:07
price: €7

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Ammattimies
2. Pihlajapuu
3. Kaasu
4. Ensirakkaus
5. Tietäjä
6. Tositarkoitus

total length: 55:02
price: €7

"Polkka Love Machine" @ bandcamp

Polkka Love Machine is the title of a performance made by the Finnish theatrical group Sabotanic Garden founded by Pasi Mäkelä and Jussi Saivo. The piece appeared in 2009 and has toured extensively ever since in France, Germany, Austria, USA, Czech, Estonia and Finland. Now it's been turned into a musical project in which Pasi and Jussi explore the depths of ritual eroticism.

What we hear is a set of six laid-back songs with a lo-fi sound but refined old-school approach. Slooow rhythms, hum of amplifiers, bluesy splashes of vibrating guitars, subtle electronic tones and ghostly auditory hallucinations... Retired jazzmen on mushrooms and sedatives? A session of deep seductive self-hypnosis? Or a result of super hot sauna overdose?... In any case, a great collection of Finnish love-making music.

Jussi Saivo is also the member of such projects as Tiermes and Aural Holograms and a chief of his own Saaren Levy label. Pasi Mäkelä aside from performing with Sabotanic Garden plays weird music as PAM and co- operates the micro-label Meteorismo.

Pustota - Greatest Hits

"Greatest Hits"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Zamescheniye
2. Polumery
3. Samozavodka
4. Komada Trake
5. Mikrorayon
6. Rassloyeniye
7. Tumanniy Mys
8. Vasilyeostrovskiy Peregruz
9. Posle Vsego
10. To Da Syo

total length: 72:45
price: €7

"Greatest Hits" @ bandcamp

A collection of the best pieces by the conceptual project Pustota maintained by Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss, Hattifnatter, Boevye Cikady, etc.) to explore various forms of manifestation and convergence of the acoustic spaces and artifacts. Repeatedly amplified noise of old magnetic tape, work of tape-recorder mechanisms and technical faults, electro-magnetic interference, running through the tube cascades of the old amplifiers, impersonal urban and field recordings caught on cassette dictaphones - all this is tesselated in a sort of mosaic of textural sonic events. All compositions except one were previously released in extended forms by BioSonar^Lo-End label in tiny editions of 7-15 cassettes with deliberately absurd handmade artwork.

X3D5 x Noises Of Russia - Theurgy

X3D5 x Noises Of Russia

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Sphinx
2. Nonexistent
3. The Mirror
4. The Day of Anger
5. Russia is Bliss, Russia is Light
6. Eternal Peace

total length: 52:44
price: €7

"Theurgy" @ bandcamp

X3D5: facebook | soundcloud | в контакте
Noises Of Russia: website | facebook | vk | bandcamp

Dead Christ, letters of Escher, The Last Judgement, dark ambient with vodka, daemons of anxiety, feverish rhythmic noise with a rash on mucous, a rope, a bullet, icy haze and everything you are afraid to know about the fate of our Heavenly Homeland in the new album of X3D5 x Noises Of Russia "Theurgy". The Gloom Of Motherland, how sweet it is, how homely!

"Our adversaries try to distinguish certain persons who are devoted to illicit arts, whom they call sorcerers, and who, they say, practise witchcraft, from others who seem to them worthy of praise because they practise theurgy. In truth, however, both classes are equally bound by the false rites of the demons when they worship under the names of angels" (Saint Augustine).

Hattifnatter - Barometrizm

Hattifnatter - Barometrizm


CD (ltd. 333)

1. Barometrat
2. Ieram
3. Echolotus
4. Lutump
5. Floksary
6. Renasyr

total length: 49:53
price: €10

MC (ltd. 55)

A 1. Barometrat
A 2. Ieram
A 3. Echolotus
B 1. Lutump
B 2. Floksary
B 3. Renasyr

total length: 23:54 + 25:44
price: €7

"Barometrizm" @ bandcamp
"Barometrizm" @ CDBaby
"Barometrizm" @ iTunes Store

Hattifnatter: soundcloud | vk

Hattifnatter is a collaboration project by Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss, etc.) and M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk) formed in 2007 for free-form exploration of the psychoactive electroacoustic ambience and only now matured enough for this first full-length studio album. The material has been recorded in 2007-2013, infused and distilled, redefined and again sent to distillation and transformation to finally form into six compositions full of weird oneiric images.

Through the clouds of omnifarious rustles, hisses and crackles one can see the landscape built by analogue pulsations and multiplied echoed acoustic percussion clatter. Swarming in the bush of field recordings and random sound combinations are the little voices of the unknown creatures. The air of atonal guitar drones is soaked in melodic tunes, feedbacks and colourful multi-layered effects... Just like the doctor prescribed... Soulful mastering by Kshatriy (http://kshatriy.pro).

The physical manifestation of this release is made as a CD in a 4-panel cardboard digisleeve and as an audio cassette. The digital version can be bought on bandcamp, CDBaby and iTunes.

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro - Inner and Outer Space

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro
"Inner and Outer Space"

CD (ltd. 333)

1. Fluctuations
2. Evolution
3. Inflation
4. Afterglow
5. Dark Ages

total length: 52:44
price: €10

"Inner and Outer Space" @ bandcamp

Bardoseneticcube: website | facebook | bandcamp | vk
Shinkiro: facebook | bandcamp

This is already the second collaboration album of Bardoseneticcube from Russia and Shinkiro from Japan, this time under their own names. The first disc "Four Noble Truths" was released under the combined title of Bashin on the French label Athanor in 2011 and was dedicated to the basic principles of Buddhist teachings. The meditative and contemplative subject continues here as well, now being focused on the aspects of inner and outer space.

We submerge in the dark thick matter of sound, fluid, transparent and stratiform. Woven from abstract electronics, omnifarious samples and transformed voices, textures are smoothly interchanging, always showing new visions in the black mirror of our viewport. Makes you wonder - does the perceivable exist separately from the percipient? In any case this is dark, nocturnal, cosmic music, not devoid of epicism and dramatism. Worth having in your playlist for the next space travel!

The disc is packed in a matte 4-panel cardboard digisleeve with artwork made by Vitaly Stromchinsky (X3D5, Eternal Return Records).

Reutoff - No One's Lullabies

"No One's Lullabies"

CD (ltd. 333)

1. New World Disorder
2. Slumber Song
3. Edge of Oblivion
4. Dead Templar's Groove Manuscript
5. Ice in my Liver
6. Nameless Tune with No Fate
7. Requiem for Android
8. Stille Leuchtet in dem Dunkel
9. About the Stars (live in Heaven)

total length: 70:15
price: €10

"No One's Lullabies" @ bandcamp

Reutoff: website | soundcloud | bandcamp | facebook | vk

"No One's Lullabies" is the 9th album by Reutoff, one of the best-known Russian projects on the international post-industrial scene. Over the course of one hour they will be performing their "lullabies" which won't let you sleep though... The whole panopticon of borderline mental states will unfold before the eyes of our attention. Every track is a masterfully performed decadent dance of emotions and feelings. Steady industrial rhythms, an unhasting but assertive semi-drunk waltz, circus-like grotesque with wicked medieval shades, comatose jazz swinging in dark tones and epic electronic doom that could also fit well in the repertoire of their brother-project Otzepenevshiye - all imbued with remarkable spirit and slightly inflamed imagination.

The material entitled "No One's Lullabies" was initially produced as a cassette mini-album by the German label Sea State in 2014 in a small edition of 80 copies in unconventional handmade packaging. The extended version with four additional compositions was put out by Reutoff on their bandcamp page as a web-release. Now we're glad to present the CD version of the album for the happy owners of CD-players and optical drives! The CD-edition contains an exclusive bonus track with a live version of one of Reutoff's rare compositions. The disc is packed in a matte 4-panel cardboard digisleeve, artwork features paintings by Fabrice Billard, the chef of Divine Comedy Records.

II. Reviews

DMT "Ultimatum" CD:
Kshatriy "Mushrooms and Kshatriy" CD-R:
Lunar Abyss "Aikana Uni" CD-R:
Ogni Videniy "Skeleton in the Closet for God" CD-R:
Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111 "Synapse" CD-R:
Six Dead Bulgarians "Skeleton in the Closet for God" CD-R:
Sol Mortuus "Extinction" CD-R:
Uhushuhu "Geoscience" CD-R + DVD-R:

III. Forthcoming events

25.12.2015 - Alchemy Of Noise: Third Experience
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

25.12.2015 - Y S P E N I E
Moscow, "Brusov" ship. More info...

St. Petersburg, "Ionotheka". More info...

Moscow, "DOM". More info...

St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Bi Nostalgia -- "Clear And Not Clear" -- 2 CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201212
Another due reissue of valuable New Wave materials “Made In Italy” that stretches around thirty-seven tracks contained on a double CD. Bi Nostalgia was the solo project of Luca Rigato, already part of the duo Endless Nostalgia. Composed and recorded between 1984 and 1987 (with the addition of one more recent unreleased track), all songs have been completely remastered from the original master tapes of "Anthems for Losers", "Dances of the Pessimism", "The Seeping Mouth”, “Cathedrals EP", "Art Is Not Much" and "Philokalia", all published on Bi Nostalgia’s own label The League of the Gloomers. These tracks introduce the listener to the author's innermost world – a convinced exponent of a “losers aesthetics” but also a skilled craftsman maker of detailed soundscapes of great density and abstraction – that confront himself with his reference points: ambient music in general and the European / American serialist composers. Touching new age fascinations, refined sonorities, epic atmospheres and elementary compositive structures. A finely crafted visionary pop music, enhanced by arrangements that give to the compositions a seductive sense of lightness and purity. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio + Saverio Evangelista -- "Micromal Sonorities" -- CD + A4 booklet -- €14   [-50%]
2007/2015 13, sps1508, (ltd. 250)
A collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi and Saverio Evangelista (Esplendor Geometrico). Originally published only in Japan in 2007 and deleted since long, it's now time for this long awaited re-release, which - along with the CD - features the photographic work "Micro" by Stefano Gentile, inspired by the album. [label info]

Bleiburg -– "Musique Grotesque" -- 2 CD-R -- €20
2007 SkullLine, SLCDR007-07, (ltd. 50)
Bleiburg goes back to the 80-ies - 28 solo tracks in vein of electro / italodisco / ambient / minimal / experimental. A truly grotesque recording... [YAOP]

Bleiburg -– "Occidentem Appello!" -- CD-R -- €14
2006 SkullLine, SLCDR006-07
Devoted to II WW in Croatia, this album comes with inserts, one Bleiburg pin and a iron-wire crucifix. For that release Stefan Rukavina is using a phenomenal amount of different sounds, samples and effects. Maybe a slight exaggeration but one but we are more than happy with. He’ll happily create this blackened ambient atmosphere, complete with resplendent pounding percussion, one minute then hit you with a piece of electrifying experimental permutation the next. The whole aural structures are incredibly well put together and an unremitting dark force to be reckoned with. [Old Europa Cafe]

Brewer, Spencer -– "The Piper's Rhythm" -- CD -- €12
1991 Narada Equinox, CD-3018
New Age / Ambient from early 90-ies with lush arrangements and jazz motives. [YAOP]

Buffett, Peter -- "Lost Frontier" -- CD -- €10
1991 Narada Mystique, CD-2012
Amazing New Age / Ambient inspired by the Wild West landscapes. [YAOP]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Voltage Controlled Amplifier" -- 2 CD -- €14
2014 SSSM, sssm-112, (ltd. 500)
Contagious Orgasm's noisiest album to date! The sound material on "Voltage Controlled Amplifier" originates from 1989: 4ch MTR cassette, 4 tracks, 100 minutes, over 3 previously unreleased tracks. A cinematic landscape at the tip of the loops, electronic sounds meet ethnic 'cute & paste' music. From ambient music to metal percussion and a whirlpool of noise. "Seeking Sensation Scale Music!!". Comes in a gatefold digisleeve. [label info]

Contagious Orgasm + Instinct Primal -- "Giant Fish" -- CD -- €10
2014 SSSM, sssm-113, (ltd. 300)
Giant Fish is the result of creative collaboration and sharing of sounds between Contagious Orgasm and Instinct Primal. The album is a rich mixture of deep, dark, funereal and space ambient with rhythmic beats. Some tracks demand your full attention and there is no escape. Some can have a hypnotic effect on a sensitive mind and trigger a whole new inner world of abstract ideas and imagination. Clear your mind after a difficult day and immerse yourself. The sound is made for a experience listeners who like to enjoy a daily dose of "primal orgasm". Released in a four panel cardboard sleeve. [label info]

Dadhikra -- "The Arctic Home" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT123, (ltd. 120)
THe long-awaited first full-length album of Dadhikra, recorded during five years. Vedic post-industrial canvas inspired by the books of Bal Gangadhar Tilak "The Arctic Home in the Vedas" and Rahul Sankrityayan "Volga Se Ganga". The album filled with dances of dawns around the North Pole, cold breath of the Arctic Ocean, glimmer of midnight Arctic sun, mysterious atmosphere of the white night, pierced by the bird voices, singing of Vedic rishi and crackles of a ritual fire, Rigveda hymns, exploding with the assertive pace of nomads roaming through taiga, finding an unexpected parallel in the march of the Indian National Army of Subhas Chandra Bose. Long way from ritual post-industrial images of the Arctic Motherland gone under ice, through the taiga noise and drone, leading to a hot as a tropic day track "Jambudvipa", inaugurating the coming of Aryans to India. The album is closed by the short track "Dadhikra", shining in a drone among the patter of the sun stallion Dadhikra - as a sonic autograph from the project. Half DVD-box, cover made of hand-painted paper. [press-release]

DBPIT & XXENA -- "Drawings At An Exhibition" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 FinalMuzik, FMSS11 / Dischi Gatto Alieno 11, (ltd. 150)
A collab between the Post-Industrial Trumpeter and the painter XXENA - soundtrack for her exhibition. Experimental post-industrial music with processed trumpet sounds. Digipak + 11 cards with full-colour reproductions of XXENA's paintings. [YAOP]

Deison + Gianluca Favaron -- "Nearly Invisible" -- CD + A4 booklet -- €14   [-50%]
2015 13, sps1510, (ltd. 230)
Cristiano Deison and Gianluca Favaron met in 2011 when the latter was a guest on Deison's "Night Sessions" album on Silentes. Both involved in many projects and music collaborations - Favaron with Lasik Surgery, Maribor, Zbeen and Under The Snow, and Deison with Mingle, Matteo Uggeri and Maurizio Bianchi - during the summer of 2015, at last free from previous engagements, they finally decide to mix their sound attitudes and give life to "Nearly Invisible", an album where they process concrete sounds, field-recordings, digital impulses and analog tapes. A sort of "rational improvisation" where the two artists have a conversation talking through the sounds of their surrounding realities. A slow overlapping of contaminated drones, embedded with manipulated noises describes "nearly invisible" environments visually captured by the companion pictures taken by Stefano Gentile. Rough images, textured, dirty; details that open windows onto landscapes where you can recognize panoramas, shadows and structures. All of this is presented in a high quality package. [label info]

Endless Nostalgia -- "Homemade Gloomy Pop" -- 2 CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201211
Finally available as a double CD, this collection is dedicated to Endless Nostalgia, one of the cult-band par excellence of the Italian electronic New Wave of the Eighties. Better known for the single "Me & My Alter Ego" released in 1984, this electro-pop duo from Verona, Northern Italy, produced a large number of cassette releases that have become very sought-after items nowadays. This generous and well-structured collection is a testament to the quality of the formation that was centered on Luca Rigato (Bi Nostalgia), an author whose inspired melancholic vein of composition was gifted with a postmodern crooner voice and an enviable pop sensibility. The thirty-seven tracks on this reissue were recorded between 1982 and 1989 and constitute a valuable anthology that collects a few unreleased pieces, the two songs from the 12” published by Anemic Music (IRA Records) and completely remastered material taken from the following cassette releases: "Two Days of Light", "Memories In Heaven", “Lost" and "The Art of Nothing". The "Endless Nostalgia" of an Italian way to music that had nothing to envy to the international scene; electronic rhythms and harmonious melodies, simple dreamy songs that were never ordinary, easy and immediate music arranged with a superb mastery. [label info]

Engel Der Vernichtung -- "s/t" -- 2 CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201209
Oltrelanebbiailmare presents a double CD that collects the particular proposal of the never forgotten Engel Der Vernichtung from Rieti, Central Italy. Born in 1985 as a project by Federico Festuccia and Roberto Feliciangeli - soon joined by Daniele Arisi and Paolo Campanelli - the group took its disturbing name of "Angel of Destruction" from an Einstürzende Neubauten song. After several performances in deconsecrated churches and abandoned factories, Engel Der Vernichtung debut in 1986 with the cassette "L'Art de la mort". Their style is characterized by electronic sounds and classical melodies similar to those used by Dead Can Dance, while the lyrics are often taken from the works of famous Italian writers and poets such as Dacia Maraini, Valerio Magrelli, Giovanna Sicari and others. On the first CD of this collection we find all the tracks originally included in the Mini-LP "L'amour fou" released in 1988 and the complete album "Angels in the Dust" published in 1990. The second CD offers an extensive set of unreleased tracks recorded in a subsequent period. A touching journey around and inside feelings, between the sacred and the profane, an exploration of the subconscious where rationality is lost in favor of the most irrepressible and deep instincts. [label info]

Favaron, Gianluca + Stefano Gentile -- "Entretien" -- CD + A4 booklet -- €14   [-50%]
2015 13, sps1509, (ltd. 230)
The project originates from "in black" images taken by Stefano Gentile. Takes that flow in the most hidden sides of the soul. Gianluca Favaron gives sounds to these images with notes that don't leave room for imagination. Field-recordings and electronics to tell the same visions, the same soul moods. This release includes a 16 pages A4 booklet featuring the photographic work by Stefano Gentile and a CD with the sounds created by Gianluca. [label info]

Frozen Ocean -– "Aokigahara" -- CD-R -- €10
2011 Le Crepuscule Du Soir, LCDS091
40 minuted of the blackest drone with subdued field recordings, dedicated to the Japanese "island of the dead" - Aokigahara. A5 format full-colour cover. [YAOP]

Klangkrieg -- "s/t" -- CD -- €14
1993 FünfUndVierzig, FÜNFUNDVIERZIG 65
Klangkrieg's first CD presents a selection of their early works in the field of electronic and electro-acoustic music. The recordings have been made in between 1988 and 1993. With their atmospheric and cinematic character they already indicate the future direction of the duo of Felix Kubin and Tim Buhre: intense tracks that seem to be scores of non-existing short films and stories. [label info]

Langemarck -– "The Malta Experience" -- CD-R -- €14
2009 SkullLine, SLCDR062-09, (ltd. 100)
Here is the second Album from Stefan S. LANGEMARCK. A journey through one of the most mysterious islands in Europe. Industrial-music program in the style of "home & Youth" of Darkwood. Sound is more experimental Ambient with Martial collagen. ***QUEER AS NEOFOLK!!*** Like: Boyd Rice, Darkwood, Mogwai , Sunn O))), NON, Current 93, ZR19.84, Death in June. [label info]

Le Masque -- "Le Rose E I Gerani" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201213
"We left imaginary letters to the bather and her pose. We sang the petal, the albatross and the course. We sensed the altitude in the pit of the stomach and we worshipped the roses and the geraniums. Towards evening, at the latest, we preferred the dusk to the so-called white night. Worldliness there seemed something from another era. Therefore we refused any invitation; better alone than discreetly badly accompanied." The new Le Masque album is a true manifesto of their creed and history, an important work that describe their world. It's a story worth listening and reading. Definitely one of the most original and important releases among Italian music in recent years. [label info]

Le Masque -- "Si Costeggia La Terra" -- CD -- €13   [-50%]
2015 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201516
"Our first record (The Happy Flock) is from 1984. After 30 years Tiberio Boncristiano and I decided to 'celebrate' the lost time, here found again, producing a strictly acoustic style collection. The only new track from this antology is called "L'infinito". From the lyrics of the song we take the title of the album "Si costeggia la terra". It's impossible to do it anymore, it's impossible to reach the top of the mountain. Here are the Gods. We are humans, we must walk on the dark or sweet side of thinghs. It's destiny". In this way Edgardo Moia Cellerino, Le Masque vocalist, presents this really important work. Born from the collaboration with Alessandro "Asso" Stefana (guitarist with Vinicio Capposela, Mike Patton and others), "Si costeggia la terra" is the definitive collection of these poets of Italian music. Le Masque always sing nostalgic moods; this album is an essential work, and a milestone in a career that now spans over three decades. A collection of poetry to read and listen, and to love unconditionally. [label info]

Limbo -- "My Whip, Your Flesh" -- CD -- €13   [-50%]
2015 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201517
Limbo was an influential eclectic music project created in 1984 by Gianluca Becuzzi, one of the most important personalities on the italian electronic/electro-acoustic and experimental scenes. Since 1984 Limbo has releases 10 LP’s, plus 2 mini albums, 3 anthologies, 1 split box-set with Militia Christi and 1 tape. Limbo also appeared on various compilations and performed live in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Over the years, Limbo frequently changed record labels, line-ups and musical styles, always maintaining strong dark and electronic elements. Characteristic of its artistic approach is the exploration of rhythm/timbre, as well as the highly dramatic mood created by both sounds and subjects examined (i.e. technology and mysticism, science and neo-primitivism, thanatology and extreme erotic practices). The aesthetic quality, its conceptual/formal coherence and the continuity of its developed languages, all helped to create the “cult” status that still surrounds the name LIMBO on the internaional underground circuit. In September 2008 Spittle Records (the label which released the debut mini-LP “In Limbo” back in 1986) released "Early Works (1984-1987)", a double-CD compilation including a re-mastered version of the whole musical production of Limbo in the first four years of career. The second re-release is the Author's Cut of "MY WHIP, YOUR FLESH", the band's debut album of 1989, for the first time on CD featuring the original track-list (modified at that time for timing reasons on vinyl), the original uncut versions of the songs, a re-mastered high-quality sound and restored artwork. [label info]

Low Cave Sounds -– "Voices In The Ground" -- 2 CD -- €14   [-50%]
2015 Frozen Light, FZL 029, (ltd. 103)
Low Cave Sounds can be described as a darkest incarnation of Hangsvart, a musician who stands beyond such projects as Abysmal Growls of Despair (Funeral Doom Metal), Catacombed (Drone Doom), Caelum Natus Ex Mortuus (Dark Ambient), Plagueprayer (Horror Doom Metal) etc. LCS music is very deep and claustrophobic, absolutely dark and totally uneasy to listen and to understand. A heavy Drone stream from the deepest and darkest caves where no light shines and no wind blows. Just stones, stalagmites, moisture and the sound of steps by creatures we’d better don’t know… “There are some things in our world, which must rest for eternity. But sometimes, in the deepest caves of the Earth, where no light shines, there is a sound that echos under the stones and wakes our nightmares.” File under: uneasy listening. 2 CD in 3-folders digipack with 4-page heavy-paper booklet. Limited edition of 103 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

Lullabier -- "Fitoterapia" -- CD -- €8   [-50%]
2012 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201215, (ltd. 300)
Clocking at 33 minutes and 33 seconds, "Fitoterapia" (Phytotherapy) is a concept album that deals with avoidant personality disorder through the metaphoric story of a man who abandons society to live in solitude in the woods, discovering too late that human nature itself leads to socialization. It's a cohesive work, written and recorded within a few months, and influenced by extended ambient music listening sessions: Lullabier has merged martial slowcore, melancholy folk, field recordings and drones in a brief disc, a further proof - if we needed any - that you don't need to shout to be right. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "O.D.A.L." -- CD -- €10
2015 BioSonar^Labirint, 32/2015, (ltd. 222)
The ending of 2015 is marked by the release of a landmark album by L.A.D.O., the whole year was full of live gigs and studio recordings, but none of these consonances was included in the album, waiting for the next year to be published. More over: the album is a mystical machine manipulating with the aspects of time and concepts of sound in time. If you're familiar with the project for a long time, you'll surely remember the typical timbres and vibrations, but you'll also feel their other, secret aspects. If you're just getting to know L.A.D.O., the album will be a splendid illustration of the creative direction. A simple yet effective method of transforming the sonic flow is reflected in the album's title "O.D.A.L." and in the title of the tracks. Shamanic drone ambient with the abundance of layers of all kinds of origin, multi-dimensional worlds of consonances and acoustic phenomena. Perfectly fits for psychedelic tea parties and drowsy journeys in the depths of the cell memory riding the mitochondria. The edition is limited to 222 numbered copies. Handmade sleeve adds warmth to the relationship between the artist and the listener. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "O.D.A.L." -- CD + 2 CD-R + С-90 BOX -- €30
2015 BioSonar^Labirint, 32/2015, (ltd. 22)
For the dedicated fanse we have the interactive version of this edition: two more CD-Rs with the tracks created in the same way as on the album, but not included in the main track-list because of duration limit. And also a cassette with two 45-min mixes made of the album and bonus tracks, for the walks with a walkman. If possible, you can listen to all three CDs and the cassette simultaneously on several audio systems located in one or more spaces in any combination (also in combination with any other Lunar Abyss albums), which will create new dimensions in the psychedelic perception. Fetish kit: the album of visual collages in the form of cards and a pendant-amulet with a runic combination for luck. Special reinforced design - a box with hand paintings and elements of natural and technical culture, unique for each copy. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd -- "Tertius" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 BioSonar^Labirint, 31/2015, (ltd. 23)
The continuation of the oneiric sound design series from the LUNAR ABYSS project. The third experience, notable for the minimalism of foregrounds and the rich texture of extra-far backgrounds of hearing. Plain monotonous drone and hiss of magnetic tape blends with field recordings of sea and forest birds. The absence of musical claim and structural materials of recordings make it akin to the works of the PUSTOTA project. The sonic program is designed for the deep relaxation and drowsy journeys to the border worlds. Artwork - cardboard sleeve with an applique work of postcards and colour cardboard. [label info]

Makoto, Kawabata -- "The Tales Of The Dream Planet" -- CD -- €14
2009 Housepig, HPIG-15, (ltd. 500)
The mastermind behind Acid Mothers Temple (and a zillion other projects) parked his spaceship long enough to fish this cd out of his beard and give it Housepig, before closing the hatch and rocketing back into the stratosphere. What he brought back from the Dream Planet is two tracks of long, overlapping guitar drones; glacially melodic, meditative and a touch otherworldly. Curl up in your favorite dashiki, let your hair hang down, fire up some incense (or anything else) and let Kawabata spin you a tale! This cd is presented in a dvd-style clear poly case with full-color four-panel jacket, and is limited to 500 copies. [label info]

Mitchell, Bruce -- "Hidden Pathways" -- CD -- €7
1987 Narada Mystique, ND-62003
Great rare New Age / Ambient with jazz elements and esoteric motives from the respectable American label. [YAOP]

Norma Reaktsii -- "Agarta" -- CD-R -- €10
2013 UFA Muzak / Shum Shturm Proizvodstvo, C1, (ltd. 54)
Esoteric drone ambient from Russian underground.

Norma Reaktsii -- "Under Pieces Of Hammer" -- 6 CD-R boxset -- €27
2015 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT118, (ltd. 33)
Boxset with full project's discography, including the following albums: "Telluric Enegry", "Tectonic Charge Condensation" (both from 2005), "Ekho Stikhii" (2006), "Vril", "Silver Thunder" (both from 2007), remastered versions of the album "Chaosgazer" (2008) and mini=albums "Agartha" and "Dying Land" (both from 2009), tracks from the split with Ruuhi (2008) and "Valgriind Compilation" (2012) and an exclusive track "Beast Of Nav'" (2008). Six discs in separate illustrated sleeves with the new design, packed in a handmade cardboard box including an insert printed on vintage textile paper. [press-release]

Nostalgie Eternelle -– "Notre Debut" -- CD -- €14
2011 FinalMuzik Eighties, FME2, (ltd. 600)
Nostalgie Eternelle was a German duo active from 1986 to 1991. Stefan Heinze (well-known as Inox Kapell) and Dieter Mauson (later member of Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, with Siegmar Fricke) recorded a large number of songs in just few years, distributing them mainly through self-released tapes and international cassette compilations. “Notre Debut” is a collection of twenty (!) remastered tracks from Nostalgie Eternelle solo cassettes and compilation tapes, 1988 – 1991, now available on CD for the first time in a handnumbered digi-slim sleeve. Classic 80's dark minimal synth-wave, distant obscure vocals, thrilling synthscapes, including influences from icy electronic music and d.i.y. industrial. [label info]

November Novelet -- "The World In Devotion" -- CD -- €15
2015 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 037
In recompense for the long waiting time, November Növelet is rewarding its dedicated listeners with a carefully created complete work of art, which complements its celebrated precursor Magic, in a splendid fashion. The new album shows a further development – the magical mixture continues: Mrs. Arafna’s unique vocal timbres, a beguilingly resigned performance full of melancholy, couched in deep black analogue electronics embossed with the characteristic Növeletic stamp. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European Condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless Synthesiser music, and thus experience – The World In Devotion. CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]

Old Man Of The Desert -– "Untitled Compilation" -- CD-R -- €5   [-50%]
2015 Frozen Light, FZL 026, (ltd. 50)
Post-black metal / Shoegaze. A compilation of tracks from the sub-Moscow one-man band.

Reptilicus -– "Eight Fits" -- CD -- €12
1998 Staalplaat, STCD 132
This release marks the return to Staalplaat with their fourth CD, after 'Designer Time' (1993, co-produced by The Hafler Trio) 'O' (1995) and Sobs (1996, inc. remixes by The Hafler Trio). This Icelandic band seemed to move into techno areas, but this is a different geyser of tea. Finally a new release, but probably the last, by the icelandic duo (R.I.P.) who have included old timers like A.M.McKenzie, Hilmar Orn Hilmarson and Godkrist on board. We have here only one long track "it was a boojum you see" in four main parts, recorded livy hangout bar in Reykjavik the Twenty-Two. We get quite the opposite from the usual "dancy industrial pop" tunes to a pretty abstract floating improvised soundscape, a kind of a live side of Reptilicus not too many people knew. Electronic noises, synths and samples are heard and often fed through effects, we have two guest appearances by percussionist Birgir Baldursson and the legendary Dr.Mo?i(who practically lives in that bar) playing guitar. But what really catches your attention is all the bird sounds wich make you wonder if Reptilicus perhaps were a couple of male ducks during a breeding season. But overall this is a nice documentation, especially beacause it is so different from their previous works. Well, I mean it is a boojum you see... [Clear Spot]

Rumunija / Obsrr / Vilkduja -- "III" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Terror, TR-20, (ltd. 300)
Almost an hour of the best bands from Lithuanian underground. These projects have earned their status with their excellent live shows and usually highly limited releases. And no matter how people try to put them in frames of certain styles - slow neopolka, sharp minor, post-folk, country antigothic or so, the main thing to listen to them is the spirit that they breath. I guess dark cabaret would be the most suitable term of all. But well, you have to listen to that yourself. This is an album for autumn with a dose of melancholy, sadness, light and romance. Nothing to do with noise this time. 300 copies. Digipak CD with booklet. [label info]

Sad Parade -– "Tapes Analogue 1992-1994" -- CD -- €7   [-50%]
2015 Frozen Light, FZL 020, (ltd. 300)
Post-Punk / Darkwave / Goth Rock. Frozen Light presents a collection of early recordings by the legendary Finnish Post-Punk / Darkwave band Sad Parade. This compilation includes «Faction Of Indian Food» and «Unicorn Tape» demos as well as «Live Without Sequensers» concert. All these records are presented on factory-pressed CD for the first time! All the sounds were restored and (re-)mastered, band leader Aku-Tuomas Mattila shared memories on the booklet pages. We recommend this Music to all Post-Punk lovers and genuine 90s underground fans! CD. Jewel box with 8-page booklet on heavy-paper, limited to 300 stamp-numbered copies. [label info]

Shift -– "Sleep Paralysis" -- CD -- €14
2009 Freak Animal Records, 048
Extremely greasy, sub-bass album from the masters of the British analogue Power Electronics, filled with phobias and aggression. For those who love Grunt, Control, Mourmansk 150, Subliminal, Brethren. Jewel case. [YAOP]

Shinkiro -- "Cycle of Rebirth" -- CD -- €10
2015 SSSM, sssm-114
Shinkiro (aka Manabu Hiramoto, also known as Kotodama), has released previous works on labels such as Ant-Zen and Athanor. "Cycle Of Rebirth" is a conceptual album inspired by the desire realm in the philosophy of Buddhism. The 5 cycles are based on dark ambient soundscapes, blended with hypnotic rhythms, with an industrial edge and haunting melodies. The elaborately composed pieces create a magical and mystic world through amazing atmospheres. Comes in a gatefold digisleeve. [label info]

Summer In Prypjat -– "...Et Pereat Mundus" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 SkullLine, SLCDR038-08, (ltd. 100)
Atmospheric neoclassical Martial Industrial for the fans of Apoptose, Triarii, Toroidh, Wappenbund, A Challenge Of Honour, Karjalan Sissit, Stahlwerk 9. Jewel case, full-colour glossy cover + sticker. [YAOP]

Synomorph -– "Recorded In Hell" -- CD -- €12
2006 Apocalyptic Radio, AR 029, (ltd. 300)
This is the debut full-length album from this German act. "Recorded in hell" mainly contains Extreme Power-Electronics, sometimes with ultra processed vocals, pounding rhythms with some quieter moments. In the way of some STEINKLANG acts. 18 tracks/Total length: 67 14). Ltd.ed.to 300 copies. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Taghairm -– "Splinters" -- CD-R -- €20
2004 self-released
An unknown jewel of Russian dark folk / post-punk. The debut album from 2004. Slim-box, black & white cover. Unique. [YAOP]

Theodor Bastard -- "Beloe: Hunting For Fierce Beasts" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2010 Twilight Records, TW 1.71
Theodor Bastard is one of the most successful contemporary Russian music collectives. The history of the band goes from the late 1990’s. The band works between genres that can be defined as world music, darkwave and trip-hop. The trademark of the band is the unique voice of Yana Veva and unimprovable sound-producing by Fedor Svolotch. Yana Veva has a rare vocal timbre and she uses a special vocal technique that refers to Arabic and Indian vocal tradition. "Beloe" (in Russian it means ‘whiteness’) is about the inner purification – struggle with demons existing in all of us. The album is in Russian and filled with Russian folk motives. Maria Akimova plays gusli in some of the compositions. As the session musicians Mila Fedorova (cello), Eugene Fedotov (guitar), Elena Tishina (harp) and Boris Bardash from Ole Lukoye took part in recordings. [Fulldozer]

Viridanse -- "Gallipoli 1915 E Le Altre Storie" -- 2 CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201208
Another double OLBM CD that testifies the remarkable work carried out within the New Wave phenomenon by Viridanse (from Alessandria, Piedmont) between 1983 and 1987. Despite its short existence, the group has left an important trace in a time when the world of music was already full of proposals. Influenced by the English Wave and the Florentine scene, Viridanse debut with a split-tape shared with The Art of Waiting. In 1984, Contempo Records produces their 12” EP "Benvenuto Cellini" and - the following year - the album "Mediterranea". During this period the group gets good reviews from major magazines and often performs live on stage in North and Central Italy. In 1987, after the breaking-off with Contempo, the band produces a new demo tape entitled "Psycho Session" before disbanding the following year. The first CD of this collection contains the EP "Benvenuto Cellini" with the addition of seven songs recorded live in Alessandria in July 1984. The second CD offers the entire album "Mediterranea" and a selection of four songs from the "Psycho Session" recorded in 1987. With nothing to envy to their contemporaries Litfiba and Diaframma, Viridanse have produced a very interesting repertoire; listening to this collection we notice a versatility that goes far beyond the usual New Wave schemes, living on music influences that range from funky to progressive without overlooking a rock and vaguely psychedelic imprint. [label info]

Von Hausswolff, C.M. -– "Basic" -- CD -- €14
1999 Table Of The Elements, TOE-CD-42
Noise ambient, microsounds and field recordings. Jewel-case plus five transparent silk-screened plastic cards. Perfection. [YAOP]

YAO 91404 D -- "Gassho-zukuri" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT124
New full-length album of YAO 91404 D is comprised of an improvised set recorded in August 2015. Avant-garde chamber tapestry inspired by the traditional Japanese wooden architecture, especially by the country houses in gassho-zukuri style - played on acoustic instruments, drums and metal percussion, resembling some blend of Japanese folk music, works of Toru Takemitsu, Sato Masaru and Hayasaka Fumio, classics of experimental music like Igor Stravinskiy, Krzysztof Penderecki, Asmus Tietchens, Zero Kama, Einstürzende Neubauten and electroacoustic works by Jeph Jerman, Illusion Of Safety and Mathieu Ruhlmann. Loud but meditative. [press-release]

Zr19.84 -– "Frei" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 SkullLine, SLCDR023-08, (ltd. 84)
Very great neofolk meets military ambient. *** The other side from Riccardo Z. *** Like: Current 93, Von Thronstahl, Rose Rovine E Amanti, Death in June. CD-R 10 tracks (51 min) in a round metal movie can, 3 insert and banderole, handnumb., lim. 84 pieces. [label info]

Zr19.84 -– "Repente Omnes Tristitia Invasit" -- CD-R -- €14
2007 SkullLine, SLCDR017-07, (ltd. 84)
Powerful Martial Industrial from this Italian project, inspired by the European history of the XX century and the aesthetics of dadaism. Steel movie film box, two coloured inserts + pin. [YAOP]


Cisfinitum -- "Dolmen" -- 7" lathe cut -- €10
2015 Bookwar Records, book21, (ltd. 50)
Evgeniy Voronovskiy presents his new release, the title track of which has been recorded inside the Volkonskiy Dolmen. This is beautiful light ambient, quite untypical for the label, because it's the first time Bookwar Records releases real Music. Great sound, exclusive tracks, b/w photocopied stickers, covers made of blue paper, small edition. [label info]

Da-Sein -- "Tautology" -- 7" -- €20
2015 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 039, (ltd. 539)
Behind the heideggeresquely infused name Da-Sein lies concealed a musical duo residing in Madrid. Musically imprinted with the spirit of the early days of Industrial, and their love of the sound of their MS 20, they create music for which there is no better place to materialise than in the Galakthorrö-Kosmos. The platter, with its four songs, is full of variety, but is true to itself. It covers a spectrum from danceable to destructive, held together by much darkness and the female vocals, distorted, fragmented – a Powerful Debut. 7" EP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

YAO 91404 D -- "Ronde / Psychotic Majority" -- 7" lathe cut -- €10
2015 Bookwar Records, book32, (ltd. 10)
The militant experimentalist from St. Petersburg with a 7" of pure Russian industrial. No electronics - only metal junk and a microphone on a junkyard in a forest. The material was recorded on a tape dictaphone and then cut on plastic directly from this cassette. First press - green covers and stickers, only 10 copies. Hoy! [label info]


231 + Foresteppe -- "llllllllllll" -- MC -- €5
2015 Spina!Rec, sr021, (ltd. 25)
This is a collaborative work by Egor Klochikhin from Berdsk and 231, a family group from Saint-Petersburg. A history teacher records ambient albums in his room in Berdsk which are in tune with Russian timeless and sentimental lanscape using cassette loops, toy instruments, field recordings and other objects and sounds at hand. A family of architects in their apartment in a sleeping area in Saint-Petersburg are doing from time to time home art with their children, calling this manner of their lifestyle as mom-and-pop. Individual interests of each family member find their own place in joint activities and they build the process so that each participant has an equal role independent from their age and skills. One of such joint activities resulted in making a family group which released 7 albums on bandcamp in 3 years. On this album two extreme conditions of home music merge into a bright soundscape, unpredictable and structurally precise at the same time, sometimes they conjure beautiful compositions or even songs, sometimes they scatter into the sounds and voices from the children’s room. [press-release]

Cisfinitum -- "Live In Sevilla" -- C-90 -- €7
2015 Bookwar Records, book35, (ltd. 40)
Listening to this cassette is like sailing the gigantic abandoned ship, with all crew dead in the deep, and you remain in viscous solitude standing abaft, staring at waves and listening to Cisfinitum. A long Spanish concert split in two unequal parts, happened 4 years ago on a festival in a far city of Sevilla. This is uneasy abyssal ambient with bad temper and complicated fate. According to the author, "most of the material for the gig was prepared in Himalayas, in Babaji's ashram and during the trip across Nepal, all this being reflected in the music." 90-minute recycled cassettes, photocopy aesthetics with ragged edges, only 40 copies, book35, we're lucky again. [label info]

Ich Bin Nintendo / Mars-96 -- split -- MC -- €5
2015 Spina!Rec, sr022, (ltd. 25)
The fourth split of Mars-96 closes the series. The material thereon is the last recorded studio session of the trio and you will find there what the ensemble has been promoting: improvised noise rock, no wave, psychedelia and drone. Norwegian group Ich Bin N!ntendo known for its noisy music made on guitars, drums and yelling in microphones joined us on this album. The recordings of their tour in Japan became a fitting addition to their own discography and to the catalog of Spina!Records. [label info]

Relic Radiation -- "Detante" -- C-20 -- €5
2014 La Notte Di Architetto, LNLx1
Minimal / dark techno. New EP by label owner -- Relic Radiation -- continuing the theme of `Fracture' LP released earlier this year: dark droning textures, lofi percussions and smashing beats. [label info]

Reutoff -- "Montecristo. Serial Perversion Edit" -- MC -- €8
2015 NEN Records, NEN02, (ltd. 45)
The new album by the all-mighty postindustrial formation Reutoff is a rather weird opus. It looks like a black comet that once set ablaze the skies of the Earth, then sunk into an interstellar abyss for years and now returns, saddled by space demons and with a fleet of UFOs on the tail... More than a decade has passed since recording the source material. For the first time it sounded at the birthday party of a Very Respected Person, well known in the circles of the film business tycoons and who was in correspondence with Kenneth Anger. A video from this mysterial event is still safely marked 'Top secret’, merciful memory of eyewitnesses largely erased the details and only the soundtrack continued to haunt its authors requiring rethinking and reincarnation. As it turned out, ghosts of Reutoff’s ‘absent era’, that aligned with the dawn of Putin’s ‘stabilnost', knew how to wait... However, ‘Montecristo. Serial Perversion edit’ is not just a fanciful crane fly in amber that musicians tucked into the alchemical crucible, forced to spread its wings and release a poisonous sting. There are more new unheard tracks than dangerous antiques, and they waddle souls of innocent listeners in their hypnotic cobwebs even tighter. Demons of the past have gained strength in prison, brought their brothers-in-crowbar-hotel and party harder than ever. Montecristo is back and he knocks at your back door, baby!... All tracks created, recorded, reconstructed and rearranged by Reutoff in 1997-2015. [label info]

Saturn Form Essence / Strup -- split -- MC -- €5   [-50%]
2015 Vibrio Cholerae Records, VHR263, (ltd. 66)
Restrained space dark ambient from Ukraine and very experimental psychotic post-industrial from Belarus, sometimes stretching it's experiments to raw metal.

Saturn Form Essence / Mynoda -- split -- MC -- €5   [-50%]
2015 Vibrio Cholerae Records, VHR262, (ltd. 66)
Space Drone Ambient from Ukraine and Experimental Dark Drone from Belarus (side project of Strup). Tape limited to 66 copies with 2 sided pro-cover inlay. [label info]

SiJ & Paul Minesweeper -- "Message" -- MC -- €10
2015 Aquarellist, aquarel 32-15, (ltd. 50)
"In ambient music, space is often perceived as something inspiringly scientific or uncompromising, cold and cruel. In this work the authors intended to combine all impressions that an observer of the limitless expanse can feel. "Thick jelly" of nebulae turns into a relentless blackness of a black hole and lonely celestial bodies send us sonic messages unfathomable to the run of mankind. What will the listener find in this work depends only on him." [label info] Chrome tape, packed in a linen bag.


Lustmord -- "Things That Were" -- t-shirt -- €23
2013 Vinyl On Demand
Black t-shirt with silver printing, from the "Things That Were" boxset. Image. Size M.

V. Back in stock

@C -- "0° - 100°" -- CD -- €9
2010 Monochrome Vision, mv31, (ltd. 500)
The new album of this portuguese duo (consisting of Cronica label owner Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) is the long electroacoustic composition, which demonstrates the full range of soundprocessing diversity and creates the stunning images of great potential... Pedro Tudela (1962) and Miguel Carvalhais (1974) collaborate as @C since 2000, developing their work along three complementary approaches to sound art and digital music: procedural composition, concre`te sound and improvisation, with one foot in the fields of experimental, contemporary sound art and the other on live performance (where they also regularly collaborate with the Austrian artist Lia, performing as an audiovisual trio)... "77" started to take form in early 2007 and was developed until late 2009. Many of the sounds in this composition were created for the soundtrack of an installation by Lia and Carvalhais, dealing with concepts as liquid motion, flow, turbulence, percolation and phase transitions, which inspired the creation of several sound files sorted in three different groups, one for each section of the installation. During the process we had the chance to spend some time in the Atlantic island of Sa~o Miguel, where we made several recordings of the ocean, rivers, streams and volcanic furnaces, that complemented the remaining sounds. The installation soundtrack was devised as an open and modular composition, to be dynamically recomposed, as a library of sound files that we later used, transformed and shaped as "77". Three work in progress versions of this composition were presented live, in 4-channel mixes: in December 2008 in Porto, in May 2009 in Barcelona, and finally in October 2009 in Perugia, the first two in acousmatic setups, the later with Lia's live visual work. All these presentations shaped and shifted the piece to its final form, presented in this release, indexed in 8 movements to be listened sequentially. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

>o< -- "Sampo" -- CD-R -- €7
2006/2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT17, (ltd. 17)
Long-awaited digital reissue of the legendary album. North ritual material. Mountain river exorcism, rite "forest" industrial. Ecstatic to death endless song on Ultch language and a drone-industrial "live track" played on a steel wire pulled through the attic of an old village house. Handmade sleeve, all info is hand-written. [label info]

Altieri, Corrado / Gianluca Favaron -- "Decomposed Days" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 13, sps1406, (ltd. 225)
"Decomposed Days" is the new collaborative effort by Corrado Altieri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, Uncodified) and Gianluca Favaron (Ab'she, Under The Snow, Zbeen), two major artist in the experimental electronic scene. Released one year after "The System of Objects", a tribute to Jean Baudrillard, "Decomposed Days" relates to the possible connections between space, time and memory, making reference to imaginary movies as well as existing ones (like Peter Greenaway's "Vertical Features"). The album's five compositions are built with a crosspollination between musique concrete, abstract noise textures, radical computer music and techno splinters, leading to surreal territories. [label info]

Altieri, Corrado / Gianluca Favaron -- "The System Of Objects" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1361, (ltd. 225)
Silentes presents a new collaborative effort between two prominent artists of Italy's electronic and experimental scene, Corrado Altieri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, Uncodified) and Gianluca Favaron (ab'she, Under The Snow, Z'been). Inspired by Jean Baudrillard's essay of the same name, "The System of Objects" offers seven compositions combining field recordings, analogue textures, computer music and concrиte sounds. Altieri e Favaron dig deep in the unconscious of the french philosopher, devising a hypothetical music score of his manifesto on the relations between objects universe and consumer society ideologies: drones and digital pulses, processed tapes and multi-layered frequencies make for a voyage to the borders of ambient, noise and radical experiments. [label info]

Becuzzi, Gianluca -- "Nothing Is What It Seems" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2011 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1152
Almost 70 minutes of music, nine pieces of a sonic mosaic full of ideas and inventions… More structured compositions places side by side with more abstract numbers, built with a wide range of sounds, extremely variegated both in timbre and origin. Elaborated electronic treatments applied to sounds and noises of a concrete nature, field-recordings, drones, electronic hisses, shaked metals, cracklings, human and animal guttural cries, synthetic pads, ethereal and undecipherable voices, mechanical loops, noises from the everyday life… An incredibile and unpredictable sound universe without borders and without time... [press-release]

Becuzzi, Gianluca -- "Trax To Trax" -- 2 CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1256
Here comes Gianluca Becuzzi’s fourth release on Silentes. This electronic / electro-acoustic composer and sound-artist boast an enviable curriculum: active since the first half of the ‘80s as founder of the historic Darkwave / Industrial project Limbo, since 1999 his artistic production is characterized by a strong experimental imprint and by a clear tendency toward abstract aesthetic forms and micro/macro noises/sounds. Among his recent artistic production - in addition to what he has published under his own name - we should at least mention his projects Kinetix, Noise Trade Company and Grey History, and his many collaborations in duo with Fabio Orsi. "Trax To Trax" is a double CD that collects tracks recorded between 2006 and 2011, most of them have already appeared on compilations or on limited edition CD-Rs. Among the musicians who have collaborated on some of these tracks, we’d like to mention Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C.), Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions), Fabio Orsi and Pietro Riparbelli/K11. Surrounded by dark presences we enter this listening experience enjoying Gothic scenarios covered with electronics and noise, pressing and suggestively evocative, in a relentless series of images and sensations, in the emotional crescendo of a close confrontation with our inner world. [press-release]

Becuzzi, Gianluca & Fabio Orsi -- "Dust Tears And Clouds" -- 2 CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1359
Following the previous albums released, among others, by Last Visible Dog and Digitalis, "Dust Tears and Clouds" is the fifth full-lenght work born from the collaboration between Gianluca Becuzzi and Fabio Orsi. Becuzzi is an electronic / electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the first half of the '80s. Founder of the historic Darkwave / Industrial project Limbo, since 1999 his artistic production is characterized by a strong experimental imprint and by a clear tendency toward abstract aesthetic forms and micro/macro noises/sounds. Among his recent artistic production - in addition to what he has published under his own name - we should at least mention his projects Kinetix, Noise Trade Company and Grey History. On the other side, Orsi sits among the most interesting names of the European electronic and experimental scene. Following his early output on A Silent Place and Smallvoices, his music works have been published by many other labels worldwide, including Porter Records, Boring Machines and, of course, Silentes. His talent has become an estabilished reality thanks to his abilities in finding a nice balance between experimentation and melody. "Dust Tears and Clouds" combines two CDs in a single release. The first disc, entitled "Dust Tears and Skinny Legs Poets", was recorded in 2007 and remained unreleased until now. It contains eight highly evocative tracks that feature American Folk samples recorded by Alan Lomax mixed with guitars and electronics. This work can be seen as the ideal follow-up to the acclaimed "Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines". The second disc collects the three long tracks previously released by Foxglove back in 2007 as a 3x3" MiniCD-Rs extremely limited edition, with the welcome addition of an unreleased fourth track. Here Becuzzi and Orsi offers two solo efforts and two collaborative numbers; the voices and samples that graced the first disc are absent and the musicians create denser experimental plots soaked with field recordings, synthesizers and effects. Overall, the two Italian artists showcase a broad range of solutions and, once again, they create a rich work whose repeated listening will reveal more and more details. [press-release]

Becuzzi, Gianluca & Turra, Luigi -- "In Winter" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1257
One more new Gianluca Becuzzi release on Silentes, this time in collaboration with Luigi Turra. Composer of musique concrete and graphic designer whose main interest is the musical balance between silence and the tactile perception of sound, Turra’s works were published by labels such as and/OAR, Unfathomless, Non Visual Objects, SmallVoices and many others. A lot has already been written about Becuzzi, here we would just like to remember his historic Darkwave / Industrial project Limbo, his more recent Kinetix and Noise Trade Company incarnations, and the long collaboration he carried on with Fabio Orsi. "In Winter" was recorded between 2008 and 2010, with Becuzzi mostly taking care of field recordings and programming, and Turra giving his own contribution playing acoustic guitar and piano. Light as the snowflakes that entitle them, these nine compositions offer dreamy atmospheres that rely on minimal structures and evoke visions of lonely and lazily wintry landscapes. Music for the heart and the mind, delicate representations of quiet moods translated into harmonic sequences that combine environmental synthesis with influences of a refined sophistication. [press-release]

Bianchi, Maurizio -- "Pharmelodies" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1254, (ltd. 300)
A colossal and epic post-ambient symphony in three movements, where echoes of string instruments, deep drones of indecipherable origin, layered synthetic waves, slowed-down and distorted dark sonic masses challenge time with a para-immobility in constant turmoil, in an unpredictable, progressive and sometimes cyclic combination of statuesque sonic forms whose physiognomy is often known and familiar, while at the same time elusive, disturbing, arcane and mysterious... Another highest and unmissable chapter in the immense, infinite sound material forged by the greatest and immortal alchemist of Italian non-musical experimental scene. A limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies in cartonsleeve. [press-release]

Combative Alignment -- "…And Outside Glows The Red Dawn" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2005 Malignant Records, TumorCD24, (ltd. 100)
After several releases, including full length vinyl releases on LOKI and their own label Avatar, and a 7" on Eternal Soul, the first full length CD from this powerful and visionary German project on US label Malignant now. Can perhaps be seen as Combative Alignments benchmark, offering 6 tracks that work as a virtual musical thoroughfare to a more dreamlike, illusory state. Deeply brooding atmospheres, where omniscient layers of drones and reverberating sound currents meet measured, ritual percussion as performed under the glowing, gloomy haze of a primordial sunrise. And Outside Glows the Red Dawn shines a dim light on a world of obscure origin, full of dark Germanic mysticism and unearthly sonic terrain. On a whole, this is a more focused, deeper, and fluid recording than you've heard before, yet triumphantly carrying on the tradition laid down by previous releases. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Invasion" -- CD -- €10
2009 SSSM, SSSM-111
From the outside space to the inner space. Processed field recordings & electro-acoustic sound art collage, a mixture of constituted delicately industrial and noisy ambient sounds. [label info]

Creation VI & Ugasanie -- "Birds of Naukan" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XLVI / Pantheon, PAN017, (ltd. 80)
Creation VI is a Russian-Ukrainian project from the new wave of drone music. Started in 2006, the project has released many works on net-labels, cassettes and CD-Rs, both as solo and as joint efforts with many other musicians. The project members Tim Six and Aloe also run their own label ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝUgasanie is the alias of Pavel Malyshkin from Vitebsk, Belarus. He also has a decent luggage of published works including several albums on the highly acclaimed dark ambient label Cryo Chamber. Their collaboration disc "Birds of Naukan" is dedicated to the so-called "Whales Alley" - a big ancient Eskimos sanctuary in Chukotka, built from huge bones of the Greenland whales. The album investigates the sacral nature of interaction between man and the world in rituals where the very essence of human intention merges with the information field of the Earth. The musicians use shaman's drum, vargan (mouth harp), throat singing, singing bowls, synthesizers and percussion, carefully crafting ritualistic dark / drone ambient compositions. The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 80 copies in a sleeve of designer cardboard.
[bandcamp]   [+]

Fanum / Karna -- "Something Else" -- CD -- €10
2014 ZHELEZOBETON distribution division, ZHBD-05, (ltd. 100)
A split-album by two brother projects from Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, each of them having a serious discography under the belt: Fanum has released two solo works and several collaboration recordings with such projects as Exit In Grey, Kromeshna, Vazhes, etc., and Karna has eight solo discs and two collaborations with Melek-Tha and Velehentor... On this album we will hear two long suites in classical industrial dark ambient style. The track by Fanum is an unhurried drift through deserted mechanized spaces, slow loops of soft noises and streams of vibrant drones. It seems like birds singing somewhere? Or is it just a rusty flap creaking in the wind?.. The composition features many field recordings, the origins of which are not so easy to guess. Sound fabric sways like waves, sometimes rolling over with assertive density, then retreating and creating a rarefied atmosphere with sweeps of rare electric flashes and phantom echoes... Karna presented the final recording of the project here: a monotonous post-apocalyptic soundscape imbued by cold moonlight. Lifeless space, painted with pulsating low frequencies and grainy crackling of the electrified air. The composition is minimalistic at first sight, but it gradually sprouts with various layers and structures: rare metal clangs and machine samples, electronic strokes, a grid of simple rhythm and a quiet synth melody underlining the overall atmosphere of desolation. Like an automated sand mining colony somewhere on the outskirts of the galaxy, long abandoned, semi-ruined, living out its remaining days in vacuum, zero gravity and oblivion…
[bandcamp]   [+]

Faryus -- "Night Forest Reality" -- CD -- €10
2008 Faria Records, FAR-20, (ltd. 500)
"Night Forest Reality" describes a world which does not exist in daylight, arising when the last dying beam of sunshine fades from dark shaggy branches of old trees, when air becomes damp and hearing sharpens. A constant feeling of someone's presence borders the periphery. From the impenetrable darkness in the heart of the wood, a cool wind forces leaves to tremble, hardly distinguishable in the twilight. It only imparts its vibration and a touch of cold air to the face, a suggestion of swaying branches, sparkling streams and the rustle of revived grass. Dew drops barely sparkle in the gloom, reflecting the stars blinking in bottomless moonless depth. The night wood, frightening and attracting, living an invisible life, populated by unfamiliar ancient beings. Almost nothing visible in the impenetrable darkness, but exposing its mysteries via sounds of the unseen, of that which should not be seen." [D.I. Abigor]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Favaron, Gianluca -- "Equivalent XI" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 13, sps1405, (ltd. 200)
Following the publication of the extremely limited single-sided 12" record “Surfaces”, which occurred just a few months ago and is now hopelessly sold-out, Gianluca Favaron returns on 13 with a new solo work released in the prestigious "Private Sounds" series. Besides having published a few solo works, Favaron is part of Under The Snow along with Stefano Gentile and collaborates with Ennio Mazzon on the Zbeen project. In the past he has released music as Ab'she and was part of Lasik Surgery along with Pierpaolo Zoppo. Among his most recent releases we remember his collaboration with Corrado Altieri entitled "The System of Objects". "Equivalent XI" continues the path undertaken with "Surfaces", also benefiting from some excerpts that were already included in the aforementioned work, which are proposed again on this new CD. Starting from simple recordings of sounds produced by everyday objects (…such as paper, scissors, kitchen stuff etc.), treated mainly with two delay machines, Favaron has collected eleven compositions. The idea behind this new release is to create some patterns based on the repetition of small sound particles obtained from a single source. In the eleven tracks on the album, mostly of short duration, we witness the proliferation of particular sound events that, sometimes wandering alone or sometimes by congregating into small throbbing and vital lumps, generate a vibrant microcosm characterized by short loops, slowly but constantly evolving. In some cases, as for example in the more long-lasting closing number, the simplicity of the construct and the infinitesimal tonal progressions are appreciated for their intrinsic hypnotic quality. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. [press-release]

Haus Arafna -- "Blut + Nachblutung" -- CD -- €15
2006 Galakthorrö, 006
Before someone else does it for us, we'd rather do it ourselves: the debut album from Haus Arafna is, after 11 years, once more available. In re-freshed sound quality, and with a new look: a 24 page monster booklet which is filled to the top with blood-enriched pictures and texts, with which the listeners can also enjoy themselves visually. In addition to the well-known "Trilogie des Blutes" from 1995, there are three bonus tracks ("Nachblutung"), to listen to, which also stem from this period. These have, however, only now been fully completed in order to be included in this re-issue from mr. and mrs. Arafna. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Haus Arafna -- "Butterfly" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 014
Third album is finally here, after five years delay. New Haus Arafna album... well, it's very different from all previous works. Some of you who already had opportunity to listen "Fur Immer" 7"-single will definitely understand what I mean. The old fans should be amazed. No, there is even more fascination of the beyond and general darkness. Just like the prominent horror movie which is well done without dead bodies, blood streams and other superficial features of borrowed violence - no need for that while really frightening. All the senses are submerged into fathomless pit of human soul, still continuing torture and threaten with inexplicable force. An awful prophecy and damnable firmness - a bitter grin turns to deadly mask. This album is not so easy to understand, for me it took at least five times to play it back again and again, then something more or less distinct began to standing up against me. On the other hand, there are many people who didn't heard any previous Haus Arafna song, the new generation - seems that for them "Butterfly" should be more accessible. I even think that it could bring much new flesh into the fans camp. According to musicians, this is their first album sincerelly devoted to the true love sense, and logical develpement out of previous releases - like it always was and, I hope so, always will be. [Dmitry Vasilyev, "Independent Electronic Music"]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "Children Of God" -- CD -- €15
1998 Galakthorrö 008
The second album of legendary German angst-pop band. Horror from the dark corners of consciousness, rage, putrid cold and absolute electronic insanity. "Our paralysed Agnesle with the pretty hydrocephalus learns to speak only to tell her heart's desire: let me die in gas".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "New York Rhapsody" -- CD -- €15
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 028
This is no typical Haus Arafna album. It has already celebrated its premiere in September 2009 as part of the New York Fashion Week. Haus Arafna had accepted the offer to create the soundtrack for a show featuring the fashion designer Katie Gallagher. Somewhat of an unusual venture into a new environment, and in front of a new audience, this was obviously an exciting challenge for creative artistes, and for “Industrialists”, considering the extreme style of expression, a very pleasurable experience. The emphasis laid on the various elements on this album is different to that of the earlier releases. That is why Haus Arafna has preferred to delay the issue of “New York Rhapsody” until after the release of the “official” album “You”. Angst-Synthesizer, raw electricity, metal percussion, artfully reduced electronic textures and unusual vocal performances combine into a “sound from the Abyss” with deep ritual undertones. No sign of “Screams’n’Shouts” here. Instead Haus Arafna has created Angst-Pop hits and Industrial Monsters with an extra dose of darkness, almost as if the March into Destruction has to be sweetened somewhat. Well-dressed, of course... CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "The Singles 1993-2000" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 015
The official re-release of all 4 vinyl singles on one compact disk, dated for 10 years anniversary of the band and the label. Contains "Sex U Mas", "Take One Get Two" (split-single with Karl Runal, CD release contains only Haus Arafna's part), "The Last Dream Of Jesus" and "Für Immer".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "You" -- CD -- €15
2010 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 025
"You" is an album of contrasts and leads the listener along carefully selected levels of suspense through the full gamut of the Arafna-esque art of sound creation. The spectrum extends from dark jewels which permeate nerve and brain, to great boulders which avalanche their way through the intestines. A peculiar hybrid of various Industrial Music styles forming a malicious monster, remarkable for its changeability and the unexpected. Difficult to control, cunningly applied analogue electronics meet sawing Angst-synthesizer ensembles ingeniously accompanying scream, -speech, -distortion vocals to the beat of noise and steel. That has proved itself, but today’s music from Haus Arafna is generally more advanced, more to the point. All probably created just for "You". CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

In Meditarivm -- "Drift In Sodom" -- CD -- €12
2013 Old Captain, OCCD08, (ltd. 200)
Archaic, elemental, sodomite and penitent epos with deep waves of subsonic bass sounds, soft tinkling bells and melancholic chants. Meditation music for the darker minds. Olegh Kolyada`s 1998-2008 Panoptikvm Series including the tracks originally released as “Mare Internum” EP by Drone Records as a part of 7” series. Edition of 200 copies in 4 panel Digipak. [press-release]

Jennifer Gentle -- "A New Astronomy" -- CD -- €10
2005/2006 A Silent Place, ASP13
Official re-issue of the ultra rare 2005 Sub Pop release (Ltd x 100 copies), now in a digipak. This album is dedicated to Giovanni Paneroni, amateur astronomer and misunderstood genius. "A new astronomy" is probably the most eccentric and out-there JG release to date. Recorded mostly in Marco Fasolo's bedroom on a 4-track cassette machine, the album was conceived as the imaginary soundtrack for some of their most bizarre, vivid dreams - obviously interspersed by the occasional nightmare. It's made by grainy, hallucinated musical scores trying to depict the beautiful, the scary, the annoying and the simply absurd inhabiting dreams. It runs the gamut from ghostly ambient drones to brain-damaged acoustic sketches, covering everything in between - furious guitar freak-outs and a homage to British 60's producer Joe Meek included. [label info]

Lullabier -- "Veritа Rivestite D'Ombra" -- CD -- €8   [-50%]
2011 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201107
Delicate and fragile dreamy atmospheres, melodic and hypnotic ambiental light touches, sonic landscapes... now semi-acoustic, then nearly shoegaze... lyrics with introspective views, whispered by a simple and gentle voice, mainly based on evocative and shining, delicate and expanded, electric guitar riffs, on discreet rhythmic bases, sometimes followed by more simple ethereal folk guitar chords, in a singer-songwriter mood. An intense album, simply elegant, and at the same time competent and extremely touching... [label info]

Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd -- "Experiri Dive" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Biosonar^Labyrint, 029, (ltd. 23)
This small edition dics opens the new edge of sonic revelations by LUNAR ABYSS. The concept-defying suffix Dormit Odd - "strange sleeping one" - this says it all... or maybe understates, as you wish, - continues using Latin: Dormit is a sleeping one, an entity (unlike Somnio, the pricess of dreaming), and Odd is just odd, that's it (although in the Nordic tradition this word is used to determine the energy flow, like Chinese "chi" or Tibetan "la"). The project lies in the field of drone, these are analogue-synth semi-acoustic soundtrack for dreams, flat like a pond surface in a still clear weather; all natural sounds and fieldies used for a sole purpose of pacifying mind and quick getting asleep. An impulse for this idea was found in our own release Lunar Abyss "Aikana Uni", which basis was recorded accidentally while dreaming, by a flow of sounding equipment settings and instruments, and later reworked. Starting from this release, we take it as a rule this strategy, the results of which will be published under the name of Lunar Abyss Dormit Odd. [label info]

Nimh -- "The Missing Tapes" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0610
Unique stratospheric sounds from another dimension: Processed electronic emulations of traditional Thai (and other indigenous) instruments, esoteric percussion, breathing, drones, feedback, shortwave radio, disembodied voices floating in air and hazy field recordings all combine is a most intoxicating manner. With this CD NIMH returns to a more adventurous style, pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation past anything before. An amazing 50+ minute sonic travelogue of electro acoustic experimentation... [press-release]

Nimh -- "Travel Diary" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0929
Finally collected on a single CD, and released in a completely re-edited and re-mastered version enriched with new sounds and parts, Silentes present all the music created by Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh during 2001/2002 using ethnic instruments only, in a total “unconventional” way, with the addiction of treated/processed field recordings. A real challenge beyond every stylistic and “geographical” border; an original and evocative dark-shaded ethnic-electronic-ritual music, born from the “voice” of ancient and often unknown traditional ethnic instruments mostly collected in the Far East, without using synthesizers and any other electronic/synthetic source at all. An absolutely original “Travel Diary, unpredictable and unrepeatable… [label info]

Nimh -- "The Unkept Secrets" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2008 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0718
After few months of distance from the escape of "The Missing Tapes" and the relative "Rework" by Aube, Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) sets aside the ethnic-lysergic visions that have characterized the previous album and continues along the distance of sonorous search and fascinating experimentation electronic, already undertaken with works which "The Impossible Days" and "Subterranean Thoughts", ulteriorly expanding just the range of sounds and instruments set, revealing the own "secrets" through new, dark but stylistically a unclassifiable CD, in which it arranges with extraordinary originality and in an absolutely personal and unknown elements of drone music, dark ambient, electronics, ritual, ethnic, field recordings, and enriching in particular every track with the recurrent presence of evocative sounds of electric guitar in varied filtered and elaborated way. The search goes on... [press-release]

Nimh / Nefelheim -- "Whispers From The Ashes" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2004 Weird Amplexus, WAX09
Ideally inspired by the Inquisition era, like some titles of the tracks may suggest, Whispers from the Ashes presents Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) and Nefelheim joined together for the production of a dark oriented CD that alternates obscure and haunting atmospheres with more gloomy and sometimes dramatic and highly evocative episodes... In a blend of low frequencies, metallic sounds, echoes of distant voices and human screams, whispers, concrete noises, ritual processions, suddenly an acoustic guitar chord, some reverberate piano notes, the sound of falling rain, bits of thundering percussions emerge... Like in a disquieting voyage to a far away past, in a stakes and witches age, featuring persecutions of heretics and superstition... A wonderful trip in vein of Raison D Etre and Cold Meat sounds. [label info]

Norma Reaktsii -- "Tectonic Charge Condensation" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 Valgriind 06, (ltd. 50)
Radionoise recorded with an old pre-war radio-gramophone with resoldered components. A project of the founder of the young Russian D.I.Y. label Valgriind. Minimalism, handmade artwork (cardboard, drawing). [label info]

Norma Reaktsii -- "Telluric Energy" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 Valgriind, VG 08, (ltd. 50)
Four tracks of pure unprocessed radionoise.

November Novelet -- "From Heaven On Earth" -- CD -- €15
1999 Galakthorrö 011
November Növelet is more calm and romantic side of Haus Arafna, most of texts and vocals belong to the female part of the duet. Detached, beautiful and blameless as an ice sculpture music which simply has no analogues.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

November Novelet -- "Magic" -- CD -- €15
2007 Galakthorrö 019
This magically-charged jewel of electronic music consists of twelve new songs. The analogue foundation combines with electric vibraphone and 8-bit surrealism transformed into sound. Melancholic synthesiser melodies and the ethereal voice of Mrs. Arafna melt into a fragile beauty with emotional depth. Unpretentious and lost, a gripping experience. In spite of all this exploration of the depths, there is also the opportunity to roll up the carpet. Mr. and Mrs. Arafna have conjured up a few dance hits, which because of their minimalism and cultured morbid charm, should kick off the party mood for the creatures of the night. These contrast well with the slow pieces – tinged with a breath of experimentation, resulting in a many-facetted, and at the same time very balanced, Angst Pop album. The long time in waiting for the release of this new record will soon be forgotten in sheer listening pleasure. CD in de luxe matt finish gatefold digipac plus 16-page booklet incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Orsi, Fabio -- "Qui Vicino" -- CD + book -- €14   [-50%]
2014 13, sps1404, (ltd. 250)
Born in the province of Taranto, in southern Italy, after many years spent in Naples and now based in Berlin, Fabio Orsi sits among the most interesting names of the European electronic and experimental scene. Following his early output on A Silent Place and Smallvoices, his music works have been published by many other labels worldwide, including Last visible Dog, Porter Records, Boring Machines and Silentes. His talent has become an estabilished reality thanks to his abilities in finding a nice balance between experimentation and melody, sounding intimate and abstract at the same time, using drones of a concrete and electronic nature, acoustic instruments, field recordings, synthesizers and computer treatments for his compositions. In addition to his solo work, we would also like to mention his many collaborations with Italian saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Valerio Cosi and Gianluca Becuzzi a.k.a. Kinetix, and ex-Limbo, that projected their visions into a different perspective... "Qui vicino" does not contain any note or credit, just a touching dedication from which we deduce the intimate nature of the composition. Ideally divided into two parts of roughly equal duration, the track offers a dark evolving guitar drone that slowly take shape and then dissolve to recreate itself in a more placid and radiant way... "Qui vicino" is released in a limited edition of 250 copies that comes with 16-pages A4 booklet containing stunning pictures taken by Orsi himself. [press-release]

Under The Snow -- "Delta" -- CD -- €10
2011 Silentes, cd 201129
Extended sonic fluxes of synthetic imprinting mixed with delicate acoustic and electric guitar chords and riffs, crowd noises, fading melodic scrubs of unknown origin, feedback, echoes, pulses, vibrations, hissing waves in continuous movement... but also sudden pauses, unbelievable interludes of folk blues radio spots, crystal water sounds, static, evolving and dramatic electronic tracks, metallic ticking. An extraordinary collection of sounds and atmospheres for this new, ambitious and exploratory project by Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaron. [press-release]

Volume Sick -- "Night Raider" -- CD -- €8   [-50%]
2011 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201105
A "lost" album from 1993... Well known for their "Six Razor Blades" album published in 1991 by Contempo Records, Volume Sick were born from the ashes of Rinf (one of the first italian new wave projects) and published also a couple of 12" before disappearing... Now we have the chance to finally discover this album, originally recorded for a possible Contempo releases but "lost" after the bankrupt of the famous label. The album is produced by Paolo Favati (well known for his wonderful work with Pankow during the 80's and the 90's)... Night Raider sounds actually in the same vein of Talking Heads, with a weird sense of humor and great rhythms. Guest on one song Billy Blade from Italian legendary band GazNevada! The drawing on the front cover is an original made by Tanino Liberatore. Don't miss it! [press-release]

Watkiss, Thomas -- "Ancestor: Phase I - Silence" -- CD -- €10
2008 The Seventh Media, VII0801-CD, (ltd. 1000)
After nearly a year of writing, recording, rewriting, re-recording and finally completing in the studio, the first full length of the 'Ancestor' triad from Thomas Watkiss is now available. Recorded in 2007 and mixed in early 2008, 'Silence' clocks in at just over 63 minutes of somber forms, ambient soundscapes, drones and found sounds. Ltd x 1000 copies in a digipak. [Cold Spring]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" -- book + 2 CD -- €15
2014 ZHELEZOBETON distribution division, ZHBD-06 / Own Editions, (ltd. 300)
We are pleased to present this unique double release produced by our label along with the "Own Editions" publishing house, the translator Olga Roschina, the illustrator Daniil Grazhdankin and a number of musicians from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Odessa. The first part - the "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" book - is the first ever bilingual illustrated edition of all known Kafka lyrics (in German and Russian). The second part is the musical compilation based on the material of this book... As it turned out Kafka's works and their atmosphere are close to musicians from very different cultural layers. It's the point where many musical styles interwine: radical chanson and neofolk, female choir and collage electronics, post-industrial and dark ambient, rampant neoclassic, minimalistic improvisation and post-rock. The compilation features I. Belorukov, A. Popovskiy + D. Sorokin + B. Shershenkov, Pustotsvet, N. Sudnick, UtrovortU, Uhushuhu, Chumaho DRU, Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe, Eject, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Majdanek Waltz, Monocube, Sal Solaris, Sequoian Aequison, The Tune 3.0.
[bandcamp]   [+]

V/A -- "Kosmoloko" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 016
According to plan, the third part of the 10 years of Galakthorrö jubilee edition. This is a compilation comprised of two new and exclusive titles each from Haus Arafna, Karl Runau, Maska Genetik, November Növelet und Subliminal, together on one disc. The artists have lovingly presented their diverse and individual styles. A birthday present for Mother Galakthorrö. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Kosmoloko 2" -- CD -- €15
2012 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 029
Kosmoloko 2 appears now as the the second Label-Sampler from Galakthorrö, following Kosmoloko from the year 2004. The term “Label-Sampler” means that only performances by Galakthorrö artists are presented. All the included material is exclusive, having been created by the artists especially for Kosmoloko 2. No title has ever appeared before in any shape or form. This collection therefore contains no rehashing or previous left-overs. Kosmoloko samplers do not contain B-grade material. Kosmoloko is, so to speak, the opposite of the usual run-of-the-mill sampler concept, proving itself to be a mini-tour through the current Galakthorrц programme. Each of the artists is trying to garner interest, and to win new listeners for themselves, thus improving quality at all levels. Haus Arafna, Hermann Kopp, Herz Jühning, November Növelet, and Subliminal, contribute two titles each. Will they win themselves new afficionados? CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Juhning, Herz -- "Ambigram" -- t-shirt -- €15
2014 Galakthorrö
Unisex classic t-shirt, white print on black shirt. Image. Sizes M, L.

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