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In this last update for this year we're glad to present you new releases from Still*Sleep and Semperflorens labels, a big amount of CDs from Polish martial industrial label Rage In Eden, a couple of new cassettes from BioSonar^Lo-End and new works by Russian acts Dvory, Rajfajh and Prognostic Zero.

Besides, we open the now traditional winter sale! Conditions are the same as in previous years - when you order 10 or more items from the mailorder catalogue marked with the symnol [-50%], you buy them for half-price. Some items from used & rare list also included in sale, they are marked with green colour. The sale will last until the end of winter.

Please note that we'll be away for the New Year holidays - from December 31st to January 7th. During this time we'll stay offline, but you can still send emails with orders - they will be sorted after the holidays and items reserved on a first-in / first-out basis.

Thank you everyone who's been supporting us during this year! Wish you all good health and undying strength of spirit!

Happy New Year!

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Sal Solaris - Die Scherben 2004-2010   Exit In Grey - Shadows of Stillness

In the last moments of fading autumn we can't but please the connoisseurs of experimental music with the new material, so we happily present our two new releases!

First CD materialized by collaborative forces of kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON labels offers the retrospective of recordings of the Sal Solaris project from Rostov-on-Dom / Moscow - "Die Scherben 2004-2010", also opening "Die Zeichen" series aimed to publish archival works of Russian post-industrial artists.

Second release made by our ambient side-label Muzyka Voln is the new album by the Moscow-area based project Exit In Grey "Shadows of Stillness" - a wonderful example of contemplative drone ambient, radiating profound tranquility, which we often lack in our hectic lives.

Distro catalogue update features the long-awaited new CDs from many renowned international sound painters, such as b>Bad Sector, Lustmord, raison d'etre, Rapoon, Reformed Faction, Control, Hybryds, and also Russians Closing The Eternity, Bardoseneticcube, Lunar Abyss, new arrivals from the labels Attenuation Circuit, Vegvisir Music, Monochrome Vision, Alone At Last, Heart-Shaped Box, Torga Amun + much much more!..

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This catalogue update, as usual, features lots of interesting music, among which we can mention new releases of the local projects Tlen, Interior Disposition, Bardoseneticcube, Pustota, and labels Evil Dead Productions and Operator Produkzion. Great amount of CDs, records and cassettes are added to the list of rare & used items... Wish you true pleasure of discovering & listening to new music!

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Today in our newsletter you will find fresh arrivals from Tesco Distribution (новые альбомы Atrium Carceri, Lamia Vox, Position Parallele, Spiritual Front), new items from such labels as Cold Spring, Glacial Movements (Aidan Baker, Celer, Netherworld), Old Captain (Cisfinitum, In Meditarivm), Sickcore and Operator Produkzion, new cassetrtes from the Lithuanian label Terror, a nice choice of CDs by the French specialist in installations and field recordings Eric Cordier (plus his projects Afflux and Revenant), and much more.

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Today we got a small update with releases of the Lithuanian label Autarkeia, reissues of the first two albums by raison d'etre on Old Europa Cafe and some new stuff from Russian ultra-underground from YAOP and BioSonar^Lo-End labels.

In a couple of weeks we'll have a break in mailorder activity - from August 2nd to 19th.

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Prophetic Moss 2013


Extraordinarily hot summer this year in St. Petersburg, and packed with events too. For us the biggest event is making our own stage at the PROPHETIC MOSS festival where about 30 interesting projects will perform during two nights. Great music should also be found at two other stages, so if you somehow happen to be in St. Petersburg area in mid-July, welcome to the forest!

Today's mailorder update feature great variety of non-standard music from ambient and industrial to harsh noise and even new wave. Russian musicians / labels are represented by two new releases by small but nice label Pocket Fields, a couple of cassettes from Destroy Sounds Records, new tapes by Pustota project and a selection of new wave / synth-pop releases by Other Voices Records.

European stage pleases the ears by new releases of the cult label Galakthorrö, the Austrian conglomerate Steinklang Records and the active Polish label Zoharum (reissues of Maeror Tri, Hybryds, Rapoon and lots of interesting Polish projects).

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Systo 2013 - гудельная поляна


Thanks to everyone who visited our "droning glade" at Systo Solar 2013 festival, supported us with participating, good music and attention! Hope for a new chance to see you in the woods sometime in the mid-July :) But the forthcoming month in the city won't be boring too - see the dense list of events down the page.

This time our mailorder catalogue was massively updated with manifold of experimental music, among other things including the new works by Cisfinitum, Soilcult, Pustota, Radiostalking, Vyazkij Sharab, and such labels as Force Majeure, The Eastern Front, Impulsy Stetoskopu, Cold Spring, Ufa Muzak, Macrurus, etc.

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Systo Palty Togathering 2013



Today's newsletter isn't that big so its contents will speak for itself. Instead, I'd like to say a bit about two local forthcoming events, so if you have a chance to be in St. Petersburg in May - you'll know how to spend your time with pleasure!

First is the traditionnal annual open-air festival Systo Palty Togathering (May 8-12th) where we're involved in making the "drone glade" - a stage dedicated to the experimental music with elements of ambient, industrial, drone, noise, ethno/folk, shoegaze and rhythmic electronics. What may be better psychic tempering than few days of music in a chill springtime pine forest on the Karelian isthmus?!

Second event - Krankenfest - takes place on May 18th in "Arktika" club and is dedicated to heavy rhythmic industrial music, featuring two Polish projects: WIELORYB and SABES. We're going to have a CD stall there - come by if you have a chance!

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Otzepenevshiye / Vir' - For a Knife


Winter doesn't want to surrender here, we got a snowstorm behind the window, and the best soundtrack for it just released in a series of ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division - a collaboration album of two Moscow-based projects Otzepenevshiye / Vir'. Detailed info about the disk can be found at the release page.

And the traditional mailorder update includes latest releases from the labels Aquarellist, Heart & Crossbone, bombastic martial albums from Rage In Eden and melancholic neofolk from Bunkier Productions. The lovers of analogue sound may appreciate the cassettes of the Lithuanian label Terror, new cassette from Pustota project, and a nice 7" record from the Moscow-based band Post-Materialists.

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Archon Orchestra - Cenotaph   Kshatriy - From Heart to Heart

In the last day of leaving winter we have matured two new editions on Muzyka Voln, and our mailorder catalogue was refreshed by the new works of local projects Siyanie, Dom Vdovy, Koma Project, Wukowar (new project of Michael A. from Ritual Front), latest releases by Monochrome Vision and Operator Produkzion labels, and works of such masters as Robert Rich, Troum & Aidan Baker + a whole array of the most diverse experimental music for any taste.

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Here's the short summary for today's catalogue update:
  • new releases from Russian acts DMT, Zinc Room, Majdanek Waltz, Akpan, Dvar, and also electroacoustic / drone sound researches from the labels Observatoire, Dronarivm и Still*Sleep;
  • fresh vinyl records from the Viennese label Laton - the rhythms of skwee and some more;
  • several collector's reissues of Klaus Schulze works released in Japan for local market only;
  • one of our suppliers digged out a pack of rare releases of late 90ies - early 00s from 8th Moon Art / BioSonar label;
  • updates from the European labels Silentes and Cold Spring.
Keep in mind that some of the CDs still take part in our traditional winter sale [-50%], which will last for another month - until the end of February. Don't miss your chance to enlarge your collection of interesting music for half-price!

Due to leaving for some gigs in Paris, there's gonna be a short break in our work: from February 6th to 12th.

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