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In the last moments of fading autumn we can't but please the connoisseurs of experimental music with the new material, so we happily present our two new releases!

First CD materialized by collaborative forces of kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON labels offers the retrospective of recordings of the Sal Solaris project from Rostov-on-Dom / Moscow - "Die Scherben 2004-2010", also opening "Die Zeichen" series aimed to publish archival works of Russian post-industrial artists.

Second release made by our ambient side-label Muzyka Voln is the new album by the Moscow-area based project Exit In Grey "Shadows of Stillness" - a wonderful example of contemplative drone ambient, radiating profound tranquility, which we often lack in our hectic lives.

Distro catalogue update features the long-awaited new CDs from many renowned international sound painters, such as b>Bad Sector, Lustmord, raison d'etre, Rapoon, Reformed Faction, Control, Hybryds, and also Russians Closing The Eternity, Bardoseneticcube, Lunar Abyss, new arrivals from the labels Attenuation Circuit, Vegvisir Music, Monochrome Vision, Alone At Last, Heart-Shaped Box, Torga Amun + much much more!..

All the best,

I. New releases

Sal Solaris - Die Scherben 2004-2010

Sal Solaris
"Die Scherben 2004-2010"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Rotten Reverie
2. Prometheus
3. In the Orbit
4. Class on Dreaming
5. Battle Swans
6. With Me
7. Rush
8. Pripadok
9. Start
10. Trepet
11. Out
12. I.U.z.M. (Art of Caring the Dead)

total length: 77:27
price: €10

* bandcamp.com

kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON labels are glad to announce the new CD by one of the most outstanding Russian post-industrial projects - Sal Solaris. This release follows the logic of the "Der Ruf" compilation CD (2006, Der Angriff) and collects the tracks recorded at different times on various occasions. Among other tracks the disc contains compositions from the compilations "The Black Square" (2006, kultFRONT), "Iznutri" (2007, Ewers Tonkunst), "Rush for Black Celebration" (2008, kultFRONT), "Heliophagia III" (2009, Heliophagia), "Art of Caring the Dead" (2009, Dodozavr), "Heliolatria" (2010, Heliophagia), also tracks from the split 10" record with Stahlwerk 9 (2004, Der Angriff) and several previously unreleased compositions.

When describing the sound of Sal Solaris reviewers often mention the neologism "power ambient" and we can't but agree with this term. The music of this duet coming from Rostov-on-Don and Moscow combines the elements of dark, often space ambient, post-industrial and power electronics, a collage approach and a dense saturated atmosphere, not relaxing but rather stimulating the listener. A collection of works created during various years allows to trace the live dynamics of the project - from the austere ideological persistence of the "early National-Bolshevist period" to the more sculpturesque and psychedelic compositions, including some naive but remarkable exercises.

The works feature contributions from many band friends, including Russian cosmist writer Ivan Polikarpov, lead artist of "Crazy Pierrot Cabaret" Sergey Vasilyev, piano player & composer Anna Antropova, decadent cynic and erudite DJ Deutschmark, master of noises Nikolay Lepesa, trombone player Seung-hui Cho and even Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskiy.

The artwork is done by the famous visual artist and media philosopher Oleg 'cmart' Paschenko (http://holesk.in | http://www.conclave.ru).

With this CD kultFRONT & Zhelezobeton labels open the series named "Die Zeichen" aiming to publish the archival works of Russian post-industrial projects.

Exit in Grey - Shadows of Stillness

Exit in Grey
"Shadows of Stillness"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. The Sunset Dust in our Hands
2. Shadows
3. Speaking with Silence
4. So Beautiful and Quiet Place

total length: 47:02
price: €10

* bandcamp.com

Exit in Grey is one of the main musical incarnations of Sergey [S] from Moscow-area town Pushkino, who is also known for many other projects including Five Elements Music, Sister Loolomie and labels Still*Sleep and Semperflorens. Starting from 2004 Exit In Grey has released over a dozen of albums on CD-Rs and cassettes, mainly on his own label Daphnia Recordsand also on such labels as Mystery Sea, Abgurd and YAOP. His first factory-pressed CD "Perception" came out last year while "Shadows of Stillness" becomes the second album released in this format.

Exit In Grey has quickly developed it's own recognizable style - very calm, a bit melancholic drone ambient with gentle melodies and rugged textures made of found sounds. Four compositions of "Shadows of Stillness" follow the same path: harmonious currents of droning guitars and reed organ are framed by slow waves of resonances dissolving into each other, signals and loops crafted from field recordings, sounds of a Polyvox synthesizer and very long frequency radiowaves from the Earth's atmosphere and space bodies.

The album is dedicated to the beauty and grandeur of Stillness which we can so rarely notice in our everyday bustle...

II. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Kshatriy "From Heart to Heart" CD:
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III. Forthcoming Events

St. Petersburg, Summer Bar. More info...

29.11.2013 - Fractal Show
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

Moscow, "Plan B" club. More info...

Samara, "Podval" rock bar. More info...

St. Petersburg, Contemporary Art Center. More info...

St. Petersburg, "MOD" club. More info...

Moscow, "Theater" club. More info...

Volgograd, "White Horse" art bar. More info...

Moscow, Blur Cafe. More info...

St. Petersburg, Summer Bar. More info...

St. Petersburg, da:da: clubMore info...

Moscow, "DOM" More info...

28.12.2013 - Recipes of Eternity V
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

>o< -- "Abyssal Jar (+ bonus)" -- CD-R -- €17
2013 self-released, (ltd. 1)
Special souvenire edition of a long sold-out album "Abyssal Jar" with a previously unreleased bonus track. Jewel-case mounted in a sturdy folder covered with calico. The release features analogue photos from the project's archive, all info is handwritten. [from the author]

16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P & Obozdur -- "Dream Of Ekoist" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Torga Amun, Amun-053, (ltd. 15)
Field recordings / cold drone ambient. Used: archival tape recording (projects: RT2, U238, 16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P, ELECTRIC MIDWIFE AND RADIO INFERNO, OBOZDUR) with 93 to 98 year. All the compositions were used record cod radiation from the plant for processing and storage of radioactive waste, RT-2, Krasnoyarsk. One of the songs recorded with the project TCHORT. For each copy of a special insert, old piece of film with Soviet propaganda. [label info]

A / Disgorged Faeces -- "Nier / Sjondeildarhringinn" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-061, (ltd. 24)
HNW-split of projects from France and Belarus.

Abyzm / Light Collapse -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Torga Amun, Amun-057, (ltd. 21)
Ambient noise wall / harsh noise wall. Split of projects from USA and Russia.

Albatross -- "Treasure Island" -- CD-R -- €8
2012, Anenerbe Music Club, 001, (ltd. 44)
Albatross - is a side-project of a Moscow-based post-punk band Anenerbe Music Club, with more psychedelic and experimental rock music. Packed in a 7" cover, 44 copies.

Arditi -- "Leading The Iron Resistance" -- CD -- €13
2011 Equilibrium Music, EQM033
Faithful to their path, Arditi return with "Leading the Iron Resistance". After the more orchestral approach found in their previous album "Omne Ensis Impera" (EQM020) and the use of folk elements that characterized the "Statues of God" EP (EQM027), on their fifth full-length recording the Swedish duo partially emphasize the Industrial side of their music, with the extensive use of loops and recurring themes adding a semi-obsessive tone to the Classical-themed militaristic sound-sculpturing... "Leading the Iron Resistance" is a work that raises a warning flag against the false freedom of our age, and which seeks to inspire new ways of resistance through Unity. A work that documents values and virtues that now seem lost, echoing through muddy recordings filled with blaring horns and somber narrations from days past. A work that beckons a call to arms, set to the pace of martial percussions, stirring orchestrations and powerful choirs. A work that instills the forging a new Man, under the leadership of Arditi! "Leading the Iron Resistance" is released on matt-coated Digipak CD with silver hot-foil finishing on front. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Astral & Shit + Kromeshna -- "Emyd Lub" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2012 Ostroga, OTR-023
20'56 mn unique track issued from a collaboration between two Russian musicians. The result is an instrumental droning ambient piece, mixing electronic and concrete sounds. Nice sound. Housed in a special painted enveloppe. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

b°tong -- "Ov Elf And Haarp" -- CD-R -- €9
2010 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1003
A concept album by Swiss dark ambient/drone legend B°tong which uses the conspiracy theory on the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research project (HAARP) as its basis while simultaneously infusing it with subtle and highly sophisticated artistic irony. Deep electronic drones invoking the echo of enormous rooms and sound collages oscillating between the crackle of polar snow and echo location devices pinging through secret command bases combine to form a soundtrack of subliminally brooding horror while sometimes allowing for surprising lighter moments. These lighter moments include the almost meditative, tonal marimba sound in “Pagan Field Trip” (track 6), which is however replaced by “Stars Right Be Wrong” (track 7) taking the listener straight back into the dark with reverberating whispers and bat-like delay screeches. This album is “cinema for the ears” without the cliche, because reading the liner notes about HAARP, an attempt by the US Navy to turn the aurora borealis in a giant antenna for broadcasting in the ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies), conjures up images from a conspiracy/horror thriller on the subject, which makes it possible to listen to this album as a sort of radio drama (almost) without words. After the respective oeuvres of film composers Graeme Revell (formerly of SPK) and Brian Williams (Lustmord), this album is further testimony to the common ground between “dark” ambient and atmospheric soundtracks. [press-release] Limited edition of 50 copies in a handpainted CD-bag.

Bad Sector -- "Kosmodrom" -- 2 CD -- €17
2005/2013 Power & Steel, PAS 33
Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD and CD/MCD edition which has long since sold out. Now available again - remastered and expanded! The 2xCD box includes the original album and the MCD with five extra tracks, which turns the second disc into an additional full length release. Includes 12-page booklet... In BAD SECTOR's 20 years of existence Massimo Magrini has developed a sound aesthetic of harmonious sonic drones that marked its beginning with the first album AMPOS in 1995. Many releases and a decade later the ground breaking work KOSMODROM was published and sold out within a few months. Dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the Russian pioneer of astronautic theory, the key element in BAD SECTOR's music (bringing together science and sound) was brought into the foreground with this release. Original Soviet sound devices like the Aelita synthesizer and the electro-optical ANS (which Coil also worked with) were mixed with heavily processed sources from space missions, adding an unearthly human dialogue to the electronics. The sounds on KOSMODROM are deep and droning, pulsating and constantly flowing with processed rhythmic sequences, supported by a bed of radio signal recordings. A timeless masterpiece of deep ambient electronica! [press-release]

Bad Sector -- "Kosmodrom" -- 2 CD + t-shirt box -- €37
2005/2013 Power & Steel, PAS 33, (ltd. 100)
Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD and CD/MCD edition which has long since sold out. Now available again - remastered and expanded! The 2xCD box includes the original album and the MCD with five extra tracks, which turns the second disc into an additional full length release. Includes 12-page booklet + t-shirt... In BAD SECTOR's 20 years of existence Massimo Magrini has developed a sound aesthetic of harmonious sonic drones that marked its beginning with the first album AMPOS in 1995. Many releases and a decade later the ground breaking work KOSMODROM was published and sold out within a few months. Dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the Russian pioneer of astronautic theory, the key element in BAD SECTOR's music (bringing together science and sound) was brought into the foreground with this release. Original Soviet sound devices like the Aelita synthesizer and the electro-optical ANS (which Coil also worked with) were mixed with heavily processed sources from space missions, adding an unearthly human dialogue to the electronics. The sounds on KOSMODROM are deep and droning, pulsating and constantly flowing with processed rhythmic sequences, supported by a bed of radio signal recordings. A timeless masterpiece of deep ambient electronica! [press-release] Available t-shirt sizes: M, L.

Bad Sector -- "Unification" -- CD -- €13
2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 162
After seven years one of the most experimental Bad Sector release, based on the concept of gravitational waves and the unification of forces of the nature, finally found its final form. The original 20 minutes program has been expanded into a full length CD, containing cold (and sci-fi) atmospheres: an amazing soundtrack for your mindtrip to the deepest places of the universe. A really challenging work, thousands of miles distant from the Ampos’ fuzzy harmonies, but strangely still related to it through invisible connections. [label info] According to physical theories, large cosmic events, such as explosions of supernovae and collapses of binary stars, produce big changes in mass configuration. These changes spread as waves all over the universe. Special devices, called gravitational interferometers, have been built to detect these waves. VIRGO, a gravitational interferometer housed near Pisa, in Italy, is the source of “Unification”. This work contains the real, rough signals that VIRGO sent out when it was first checked, together with the target signals, computed by physicists, that VIRGO is looking for. A CDr released in 2006 contained a first short version of this project. The basic original sounds have now been reviewed and reassembled to provide a different, extended release. While keeping connected to the scientific and technical issues, the idea of this project is to emotionally describe the human struggle for a more complete and unified vision of the basic forces of nature. [Massimo Magrini / Bad Sector]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Baghiri, Amir -- "Light Textures" -- CD-R -- €14
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACLE 1002, (ltd. 55)
With his second album on Attenuation Circuit, internationally renowned ambient music composer Amir Baghiri pays homage to Persian polymath, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet master Omar Khayyam. Both the music and the cover image by Kati Astraeir pick up on the theme of (inner and outer) space implied by Khayyam's interests in astronomy and philosophy. Amir Baghiri’s work encompasses many flavours of ambient music. Compared to his first release on Attenuation Circuit, “Prayers for the Earth” (ACLE 1001), this album is more “ritual”, with occasional percussion thrown in for good effect, while the overall feel is more sombre and cooler than that of its predecessor – perhaps reflecting the uncharted depths of the universe and “the mysteries of eternity” that Khayyam refers to in the quote on the back cover. Sampled footage about space travel connects the story told by the music to the actual history of space exploration. Anyone who has ever relaxed watching “Space Night” is going to love this, and for fans of Amir Baghiri’s work this limited edition album with its beautiful “origami-style” packaging and great artwork is a must anyway. [press-release]

Baghiri, Amir -- "Prayers for the Earth" -- CD-R -- €14
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACLE 1001, (ltd. 120)
Amir Baghiri is among the most prolific composers of ambient music. His work, both solo and in collaborations, encompasses diverse varieties of music for immersive listening (abstract, noise, minimal experimental, dark, tribal, etc). This new album, completely without beats yet slowly pulsating like breath or the waves of the sea, evokes both the geological slowness of tectonic shifts and cosmic travel: music that makes the listener take time to create their own imaginary spaces. Born in Iran and now based in Germany, musician and painter Amir Baghiri has been composing music since 1980. During his time at school and university Amir was the founder and keyboard player of a band called Red Fly, later he played keyboards and percussion in the award-winning free jazz band The Pygmies. This band performed at several well known places and festivals across Asia. Amir also composes for many different media, with his work including orchestral soundtracks and sonic transformations for feature films, commercials, and documentaries. [press-release]

Baker, Aidan -- "Live At Lab.30" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACLAB 1004, (ltd. 50)
Canadian Aidan Baker is one of those guitarists who, like Fennesz, have been redefining the electric guitar as an electronic instrument in the last 15 years by extending it with all sorts of digital equipment. This beautifully minimalist 20-minute piece is an in-a-nutshell introduction to his vast body of work. Baker starts with a reduced guitar figure, loops it and then keeps layering other loops on top of it, all in a live improvisation. This sounds deceptively simple, because the process tends to quickly become very complex, with the player reacting to an ever-changing sonic evolution which he set in motion, but which he does not totally control. However, the music never becomes noisy or messy but instead keeps growing denser and more intense. Perhaps this is what John Cage had in mind when he defined experimental music as music that imitates nature in its mode of operation? The way Aidan Baker’s music creates a complex organism out of a simple core seems to closely resemble the process of cell division. [press-release]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Ambiwax" -- CD -- €10
2013 ML, ML 0513, (ltd. 250)
New album from the acclaimed Russian master of surrealism and sonic psychedelia - Igor Potsukailo. Dense cocktail made of twisted and warped electronic passages, industrial rhythms, voice samples and all kinds of sounds not possible to identify... "Transparent bubbles of consciousness collapse and dissolve in scraps of conversation from a weird movie. There are no motives, just a brush dissecting the Moon" (from the author). The album is also available as a free web-release: http://sendem.ru/releases/40/ambiwax.html.

Closing The Eternity -- "Superstring Paradigma" -- CD -- €19
2004/2013 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-38, (ltd. 71)
Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of "Superstring Paradigma" and this can become a reminder about one's age). It seems this recording was just recently released by Fight Music label as four mini-CDRs limited to 44 copies, but much water has flowed under the bridge since then... Well, nevermind how much of it has flowed, "Superstring Paradigma" stays one of the most wonderful space drone recordings, obviously deserving new incarnation in a digibook. [label info]

Control -- "Transgression" -- CD -- €12
2013 Ant-Zen, ACT299
'Transgression' represents Control's second appearance on Ant-Zen after the highly regarded 'The Resistance' release in 2012. On this album Thomas Garrison remains loyal to his significant, unique approach of power electronics and death industrial, ready and willing to penetrate the open listener's mind and body. The eight album tracks convey drastic, mesmeric atmospheres carried by the perfect balance between harsh sonic outbursts and accentuated subbass pulses. Sharp noise layers are accompanied by seething dark ambiance, subliminal rhythms and the distinctive, arcane vocals Control is well-known for. While listening to 'Transgression' you will find yourself captured inside an inescapable web of varied moods and feelings which can only be intensified by the experience of a Control live performance. Do not miss! [press-release]

Deep -- "If You Drive A Traktor" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Attenuation Circuit, ACL 1006 / Dhyana Records, DHY 073, (ltd. 100)
With a line-up consisting basically of two bass guitars and effects, Deep have been extending the textural and compositional vocabulary of the rock bass guitar for the past 15 years. In the two instrumental tracks (30 and 15 minutes) of this album, they are at the height of the powers. They manage to combine driving indie-rock flavoured riffs with walls of sound reminiscent of Earth or Sunn O))) to create ambient atmospheres but still retaining a sense of groove. Although Deep sometimes use distorted power chords and bowed drones in some places to pile up static walls of sound, for the most part the album has a definite mid to uptempo groove. However, through quasi-mantric repetition of the chords and layering of the two bass parts, the feel conveyed by the music is not “speed,” but rather a soothing, trance-like quality that is always based on subtle melodic lines indicative of the fact that earlier Deep releases, mainly featured on the band’s own Dhyana Records label, have proven them capable of writing compelling indie rock songs (complete with vocals) in the vein of Dinosaur Jr or Notwist. This album is co-released on Attenuation Circuit and Dhyana Records in tribute to the ground-breaking work of Dhyana Records for the formation of the experimental music network that now supports Attenuation Circuit. [press-release]

Deep -- "Live At Lab.30" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACLAB 1001
Deep play ambient post-rock on two electric bass guitars. An unusual line-up for a festival dominated by digital music, but a truly experimental approach to this instrument. The music of Deep explores spaces, both acoustic and mental, something that is clearly audible on this recording. Without using a PA mixer, the duo set up their speakers and themselves amidst the audience and allow the room acoustics to interact with their music. Furthermore, the effects they use also create different “sound spaces”, from harmonic flanged chords travelling through large echo chambers to distorted walls of sound closing in on the listener. [press-release]

Deleyaman -- "Fourth, Part Two" -- CD -- €13
2011 Equilibrium Music, EQM034
The sister release to 2009's "Fourth, Part One" (EQM026) sees Deleyaman incorporate a second full-time guitarist into their line-up. A new member who brings also a new dimension to this peculiar band, by adding and expanding on the elements of Post-Rock / Shoegaze which Deleyaman had already hinted at on previous recordings. Deleyaman's singular style, which blends Darkwave and Alternative Folk into one, collects and re-invents elements of different genres into an artistic vision which feeds as much from literature as it does from ethnic-tinged experimentation and ethereal music. "Fourth, Part Two" portrays Deleyaman as introspective as ever, with the use of poetry (which on this recording comes from the works of Edna St-Vincent Millay, Karl Shapiro, Ralph W. Emerson or Sydney Lanier, among others) taking on a prominent role, as the voices of Beatrice and Aret weave closely into the music to provide each word with its appropriate setting and mood. Presented in Digipak format, with a 20-page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Disgorged Faeces + Light Collapse -- "Fetal Bleeding" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-058, (ltd. 12)
HNW collaboration of projects from Belarus & Russia. Painted CDR, 12 numbered copies.

Disgorged Faeces + Light Collapse -- "Traveling Waves" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-060, (ltd. 12)
HNW collaboration of projects from Belarus & Russia. 12 numbered copies, handmade cover.

Diskrepant -- "Through The Odious Framework" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACM 1013
This 20-minute piece is the first part in a triptych of 3” CD-Rs that Diskrepant will release on Attenuation Circuit in 2012. From glitches and metallic, piercing high frequencies emerge shifting layers of microtonal harmony. There’s far too much going on here to call it drone music, though. Noises like the static on an old vinyl record or small sounds from foggy fieldrecordings add a feeling of suspense to the apparently calm music, as if hinting at a secret, untold story. Swedish sound artist Per Еhlund started to experiment with sounds as Diskrepant in 1997. He started exploring the possibilities of feedback, voice and effects and from there it went. He now works mostly with his computer, combining sounds from analog modular systems, acoustic, concrete sounds, field recordings and effects. Live he uses contact microphones, vibrators, gadgets and effect modules to form gloomy soundscapes and noisy, abstract sound environments. [press-release]

Emerge -- "Live At Lab.30" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACLAB 1006
In his first ever performance at lab.30, local Augsburg artist EMERGE used coins and digital effects as the sole sound sources. Working with contact microphones and samplers, he creates a huge variety of metallic textures ranging from scraping microsounds to the ecstatic thunder of percussion. Abstract though they are, these sounds invite the listener to travel through imaginary steel mills and building sites, through urban wastelands and into a hazy digital future. This recording has a lot to offer both for listeners who are into crispy glitch electronica and fans of the more visceral sounds of Einsturzende Neubauten. Thanks to amplification, EMERGE pulls this off without stealing equipment from building sites, using just the tiniest pieces of everyday metal, namely, small change. [press-release]

Emerge -- "Reeligible Redye" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 Attenuation Circuit, AC 11
This is the studio version of the performance at Echokammer on 20.03.2009. Basic sound material provided by Sebastian Giussani. The disk is packed in blue jewel-case.

Emerge -- "Retentive Disrupt" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 Attenuation Circuit, AC 11
This is the studio version of the performance at Lab.30 on 06.11.2009. Basic sound material provided by Don Vomp with electric violin. The disk is packed in yellow jewel-case.

Freiband -- "Mutatis Mobilis" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1028
Made in 2012 this release is a tribute to the creative experiments made possible in the 80s by the advent of the 4-track tape recorder, and whoever still owns one should get the limited cassette edition of this album. On a 4-track machine, listeners can create different mixes of these humming, pumping, whizzing ambiences that evoke steampunk-style industrial settings as well as the sounds of a harbour. On a normal tape deck, each side is a stereo track in its own right. The tracks from the CD can be loaded into a multi-track audio software, such as the freely downloadable Audacity, to digitally recreate the experience of the 4-track recorder for the 21st century. Freiband used both source material of their own creation as well as material from Aalfang mit Pferdekopf’s album “Mutatis Mutandis” (ACT 1001 / ACR 1014) which is in turn based on sound sources by Freiband’s Frans de Waard. This collaborative spirit rooted in the 80s tape scene and continued in today’s digital world by the many collaborations on Attenuation Circuit, among many other labels, shows how important the 4-track recorder was as the first medium that made “studio” work accessible to a wide range of artists with an experimental approach to sound. With “Mutatis Mobilis”, the liberation of creative energies on the part of the producer is extended to the listeners. A seemingly old-fashioned medium is used for a musical work that offers active participation on the part of listeners, more so than most formats of the so-called interactive digital world. [press-release]

Gorduw -- "Numblab / Electron" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2012 Torga Amun, amun-038, (ltd. 28)
45 & 70 min. Folvork dark electronic with elements ambient, noise, beat… 2-CD-R, hand-made carton pack, 28 copies. The album`s was recorded by Dr. Feitnathoroth during 2007 in prison (where he was serving a sentence). [label info]

Horned Gate -- "Burial" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Torga Amun, Amun-048, (ltd. 21)
Creeping, slowly fading black ambient / death industrial. Scary. DVD box. [YAOP]

Hybryds -- "The Silent Whisper" -- CD -- €13
2013 Sleepless Records Berlin, SRBawake011CD
Hybryds 2nd release on Sleepless records Berlin. Dark ambient and industrial, ritual music created by Magthea, TraumaSutra and Madeline Arndt. Impressive and disturbing vocals from Madeline Arndt blend in cold sounds taking your mind to dark places. Sometimes harsh and bleeding sometimes soft and healing. Rhythms from digital beats and ethnic percussion to bring body and mind to different levels. Music that takes control of your secret wishes. A sonic journey scratching the veins of your brain. With guest vocals from Dark Poem. [label info]

If, Bwana / Sustained Development / Elektrojudas / Emerge -- "Crossgrained" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACC 1009
The three solo tracks performed by If, Bwana on this live recording are based on sounds played on the bassoon, flute and guitar and make a wonderful introduction to his work with layered, pitch-shifted acoustic instruments. This stuff is among the best you can get in contemporary drone music - rich in texture, sensuous, emotional, and still abstract enough to "clear the mind". On another two tracks If, Bwana is joined by his local support group at this July 2012 gig in Germany for an unlikely but happy marriage of his layered sound textures, 50 Hz hum, and lots of electroacoustic sound gadgetry. Supporting If, Bwana at his concert in Augsburg, Germany on 4 July 2012, local artists Sustained Development, elektrojudas, and EMERGE teamed up for a free improvised set using sampled bass guitars, miked-up wave drums and induction coils, monotrons, and smartphone apps, also documented on this 2 CD set. Another two tracks resulted from the trio joining If, Bwana for a demonstration of the possibilities of experimental music, which are endless provided they are approached in an open-minded way. In this case, two very distinct idioms – calm, contemplative drones and fidgety, highly interactive glitch/noise improvisation – fuse perfectly thanks to the alertness of the players. [press-release]

Jupitter-Larsen, GX & Vitaly Maklakov -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-068, (ltd. 50)
A collaboration work by two noise legends from the US and the Urals, Russia. Dense thick brain-tamping droning noise with layers of creaking decomposed field recordings. Full-colour double-sided cover. [YAOP]

Le Syndicat MMX -- "Chaos Superior" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACC 1012
Le Syndicat MMX is the live faction of Le Syndicat, the French project whose energetic approach to noise(s) and random sound collage has been a tremendous influence on the European experimental music scene since the early 80s. The 7 original tracks on this hour-long album are extracted from intense live sessions in which the trio of Ruelgo, Popsonne, and Scramble System use everything from laptops and noise generators, home-made and toy instruments to a didgeridoo and screams to create noisy, but always surprising free-style improvisations. The self-declared “bruitisme” of Le Syndicat has always followed the original intuition they found, at a very early stage of their lives, in Russolo’s “Art of Noise”: That there can be a sonic art beyond the music vocabulary if one takes the noises seriously enough to sculpt them until they take an artistic shape. What sets Le Syndicat and Le Syndicat MMX apart from many other less intelligent practitioners of noisy and machine-like sound is the fact that they have never relied on ideological or visual shock tactics to make their music appear “taboo-breaking” or “provocative” – their approach is more akin to abstract expressionism in painting or perhaps free jazz in music, using their material (action painting with sound, throwing it around to see/hear what will unfold) to create interactions, structures, and intensities instead of symbols or slogans. The artists themselves define their goal as follows: “Use of accidents as constructive elements and finally, pleasure to manipulate the sound material outside of any cultural formating and systematism of musical styles. Just looking forward to the next trance act, and the absolute freedom of creation via live manipulation of sound.” This new album, hilarious and refreshing as it is, proves that this concept is still very much alive and successful and, thanks to its variety of sound sources, still yields great results while many other machine-music approaches conceived at the same time have by now coagulated into reactionary posturing. [press-release]

Light Collapse -- "s/t" -- 6 CD-R -- €20
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-063, (ltd. 14)
Radio Noise. Archival records of the project. Pulsating walls and spontaneous texture from the wrong side. 6 thick envelopes dressed in a unique oil monotype. On the inner envelopes of colored paper applied digitally altered the project's hand-drawn graphics. The outer envelope is made of special paper decoration. Each product is unique. 14 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Aseleti" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-064, (ltd. 10)
Pure radio noise, CD-R, archive recording, fixation of a crumby psychedelic signal. Only 10 copies, handnumbered. Each copy contains an abstract paining made by children at the age of 1 and 2 years old. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Purl Stitch" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Torga Amun, Amun-050, (ltd. 19)
HNW. DVD-box + photo insert.

Light Collapse -- "Snow Interpolation" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-057, (ltd. 22)
Pure radio noise, painted CD-R, handmade sleeve, 22 handnumbered copies.

Light Collapse & Hogra -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Torga Amun, Amun-055
Russian analogue hypnotic HNW (dedication Edvard Munch) and original american power electronics. Design: graphic pictures from the archives of Light Collapse, envelope A5, pro-CD-R, attached insert. [label info]

Light Collapse & Vomir -- "Holy Sect" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Torga Amun, Amun-054, (ltd. 16)
HNW, CD-R, 16 copies, hand made, each copy is unique. Сontinuation of the series begun in split with the American project RedSK. Here, two new walls were built for the house of the absurd. [label info]

Ljudi Na Ldu -- "Garden Of Reminders" -- CD-R -- €8
2012, Day Of Forgotten Life, DFLCDR12-024, (ltd. 12)
Very little known, yet really interesting project by Ivan Kiritchenko from Moscow. Unhurried majestic (dark)-ambient filled with both abstractional forms and melodic compositional parts. Ultra-limited release on author's home label. A very well thought-out and beautiful work, recommended!

Lustmord -- "Metavoid" -- CD -- €12
2001/2013 Ant-Zen, ACT304
Legendary sound artist Lustmord (Brian Williams) creates the sound that gave birth too and epitomizes the genre known as dark ambient. Williams began working under that name in 1980, and since then his dark sound sculptures have been highly influential not only in music genres such as ambient and industrial, but also in film and games. Lustmord's sound investigations are exquisitely crafted manifestations of horror that balance sublime sound references with the body's natural queasiness about ultra-low frequencies. Lustmord has previously extracted the eeriness from field recordings made in crypts, caves, and slaughterhouses, and combined it with sonic incantations and the haunting wail of tibetan horns. His seamless treatments of acoustic phenomena encased in digitally expanded bass rumbles have the quality of nightmares from the the blackest abyss... Ant-zen is proud to announce the re-release of Lustmord's critically acclaimed and ground-breaking album Metavoid which was originally released on May 21st 2001. Metavoid presents the logical development of the unmistakable Lustmord sound and pushes further into uncharted depths. Dark ambient currents and growls, padded with strings and angelic voices, are interrupted by effected voices, tribal/industrial percussion and sound effects. There are definite instances of pure melody and orchestral sounding strings and arrangements juxtaposed perfectly with the breaks of choir samples and stark, cold, metallic noise. A most accessible work that could easily have been a film score - a soundtrack for the apocalypse. [press-release]

Lustmord -- "The Word As Power" -- CD -- €16
2013 Blackest Ever Black, BLACKESTCD004
The Word As Power is the new studio album by Lustmord. Half a decade in the making, it’s an exploration of ritual music without dogma. For the first time in his 33-year career Lustmord places vocals at the centre of his abyssal ambient creations, coaxing incantatory performances out of Aina Skinnes Olsen, Jarboe (ex-Swans), Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Soriah. Those looking to properly decode the subject matter of the album are advised to study Simon Fowler’s fiendishly elaborate, double-spread cover illustration. Suffice it to say here that it concerns "the word" as written - signs, ciphers, symbology, semantics, etymology - and as spoken - myths, mantras, chants, invocation and evocation. Of course it’s also about the unwritten, the unspoken; that which exists beyond the reach of language. Sonically, The Word As Power is even more detailed, expansive and consuming than Lustmord’s followers have come to expect, with voices, electronics, immense sub-bass, field recordings and other acoustic phenomena harnessed and arranged to stimulate feelings of dread and desolation, certainly, but also escape, renewal and rebirth. [label info]

Lustmord -- "Zoetrope" -- CD -- €12
2002/2013 Ant-Zen, ACT305
Legendary sound artist Lustmord (Brian Williams) creates the sound that gave birth too and epitomizes the genre known as dark ambient. Williams began working under that name in 1980, and since then his dark sound sculptures have been highly influential not only in music genres such as ambient and industrial, but also in film and games. Lustmord's sound investigations are exquisitely crafted manifestations of horror that balance sublime sound references with the body's natural queasiness about ultra-low frequencies. Lustmord has previously extracted the eeriness from field recordings made in crypts, caves, and slaughterhouses, and combined it with sonic incantations and the haunting wail of tibetan horns. His seamless treatments of acoustic phenomena encased in digitally expanded bass rumbles have the quality of nightmares from the the blackest abyss... Inspired by the Franz Kafka short story 'In the Penal Colony,' Zoetrope presents the haunting visions of a man imprisoned within the inner depths of his own mind. He tries to escape his torturer's talon grips, only to discover the truth about himself and the world of oppression which has driven him to this inescapable fate. Consisting of both the music and extensive sound design of the movie, melded and mutated to recapture the atmospheric nightmare of the world that is Zoetrope, where walls breath and dreams become nightmares. Originally conceived as a two month music and sound design project, it quickly evolved into a three year journey into madness, as Zoetrope the movie became a complex exercise in pure cinema and sound. In this score, Brian Williams maintains the focus on aleatoric sound manipulations made of echoing effects, tormented voices, industrial artifacts and slightly neglect the specific rumbling and layered electronic textures that were heavily substantial in his previous efforts. [press-release]

Minoy & PBK -- "Cloisters" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1025
Among the artists from the late-80s experimental tape underground who inspired the music of EMERGE and the founding of Attenuation Circuit, PBK is one of the most important. PBK in turn cites the late electronics and voice experimentalist Minoy (1951 – 2010) as one of his major influences. It is with great pleasure, then, that Attenuation Circuit presents this digital reissue of what PBK describes as the “first Minoy/PBK release after the experiment of Disco Splendor. Features a Minoy mix, including many of his trademarks: howling, anguished vocals, the bizarre remaking of song standards (a tortured electronic version of 'Me & My Shadow') and a strange, echoing sound courtesy (of) running the entire mix through the Rat Shack mixer's spring reverb!” “’Noise ambient',” as PBK has come to define his musical approach developed in collaboration with Minoy, “is indeed a fine term for such music,” as Vital Weekly once wrote: “They plough their way through the extensive use of analogue and digital keyboards, playing stretched and sustaining sounds, with small rhythmical loops underpinning these desolate fields. Minimalist dronescapes and rusty samples.” As Minoy apparently stopped making music after the original mail-art tape scene had gone digital, this is, to our knowledge, only the second digital release ever of his vast body of work. We are happy to help in preserving this material as, according to PBK, “the things he did record represent, to me, a pinnacle, they are some of the most remarkably beautiful and imaginative work-of-art albums released on cassette in the 1980’s. We will save what of it we can and I hope it inspires future generations as much as it did me.” [press-release]

Muslimgauze -- "Martyr Shrapnel" -- CD -- €14
2012 The Muslimgauze Preservation Society, TMPS 14, (ltd. 250)
The CD is comprised of orphaned tracks from various masters by Bryn Jones from 1996 to 1998. Limited edition of 250 copies in a brown arigato jacket with hand-stamped front and back and various inserts: Two 2.5" x 2.5" stickers, a full color sheet with cut-out army figures, 4 page booklet. [label info]

N. -- "Communication Overload" -- CD-R -- €6
2008/2012 Torga Amun Records, Amun-046, (ltd. 60)
Old School Power Electronics from Italy.

N. -- "Fatal Event" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Torga Amun Records, Amun-045, (ltd. 60)
Power Electronics / Death Industrial from Italy.

Northaunt -- "Barren Land" -- 2 CD -- €18
2004/2013 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-34
"Barren Land" was the second full-length release from Northaunt (originally released 2004 on Fluttering Dragon). Recorded 2002-2003 in Spitzbergen, an island in the arctic region north of Norway; a desolate place that inspired the most arctic album by Northaunt. "Barren Land" is a masterpiece of nature-inspired ambience; a release that returns the listener to the icy floes of Norway, not only figuratively but also literally, with samples woven into a poignant ambient work that is a worthy heir. Seeking to underpin humankind's intrinsic relationship with nature, the music delves far more than simple reverb and endless drone; melodic guitar performs contrapuntal to glacial drifts groaning as giants, evanescent lisps of male and female voice grace the skies like aurora, plaintive piano swirls in the eddies of gelid and industrial storms. In addition to the "Barren Land", you will find extra CD including the mini-album "In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death" (2004), the unreleased track "Winter II" (2004), as well as an absolutely new composition "Hopeless Dreams", the first track recorded by both members of Northaunt since 2006. This expanded edition is presented in the in finest digibook with a 12-page booklet, including additional information and photos from 2002-2003 by Haerleif. Highly recommended! [press-release]

Obozdur & Ashley Blues -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-055, (ltd. 23)
Harsh noise / experimental. DVD-slim box, painted CDR, 3 photo inserts.

Ottavi, Julien -- "The Black Symphony" -- CD -- €10
2013 Monochrome Vision, mv46, (ltd. 500)
The new solo work by renown french soundartist is the true symphony, divided into several parts titled like "Adagio", "Allegro", "Menuet" etc. but without any hints to traditional instruments or classical orchestration - just the pure white noise structures... Julien Ottavi is part of a generation of audio artists to emerge in the 90`s that indicated some of the directions that music and soundart is taking. While at art school, he organized a series of concerts, bringing international artists from the experimental scene to Nantes, drawing touring musicians to movements happening outside of Paris. This became not just a destination but a nexus for collaborations. This resulted for example in the group Formanex to perform graphical scores of electro-acoustic music, and in Apo33, an artists collective to facilitate, nurture, and disseminate creative audio practice. In this way, Julien represents the energy and initiative of a present day artist – activist through practice, organizing as performance, publishing as networking, open source and open aesthetic. This fluidity of working across boundaries of style and role are seen in his music, physical with computer, performative and reflective. (introduction by Atau Tanaka). [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

OWL -- "Tapes 97-99" -- CD -- €10
2012 Freak Animal Records, cd-068 / Arkisto, ARK-04
These collected works of Finlands OWL could be simply squashed into the categories of "radio noise" and "electronic interference collages" but that wouldn't really be right. We're rather talking about an isolated vision of sound exploration with primitive equipment. No awareness of the existence of any kind of "noise scene" (this came later), no rules, and pure enthusiasm for sonic ugliness. A glimpse into the dark vaults of atonal pleasures, executed with crude boomboxes, one cheap multi-fx unit, no distortion (!!) and rudimentary recording techniques. Almost all overdrive here is purely from tape saturation and the results are creepy, fuzzy, intense and very active. A powerful trip unharmed by outside influences. Here is an album of essential tape overload mania from a young mr JH who later got busy making several zines, Anal Barbara, XXXX, Schmuck noise, and more. Packaged in cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

Pacific 231 + Lieutenant Caramel -- "Aunt Sally" -- CD -- €14
2013 Alone At Last, AAL[5], (ltd. 500)
France-Ireland collaboration / 2009-2012, Pacific 231 and Lieutenant Caramel: composition/field recordings, guitar, electronics, acousmatic art and cut-ups. In 2012, Philippe Blanchard and Pierre Jolivet made another voyage to Middle East and found themselves in Beirut by the invitation of Sharif Sehnaoui, well known experimental guitarist, composer and contemporary artist who brought the art of noises to Lebanon for many years (he is a member of the "A Trio" with Mazen Kerbaj and Raed Yassin, the "BAO" band with Kerbaj, Charbel Haber & Tony Elieh). Thanks to common friend George H. Rabbath (University Saint Joseph) who was accompanying them during their stay, the french duo made some field recordings and returned to studio work that took 3 years, to share with us their wonderful impressions converted in surrealist musical forms. Limited edition of 500 copies in special packaging - custom made of navy-blue color paper with silver ink silkscreen print, assembled by hand. Comes with the set of 6 postcards with photos from Lebanon. [label info]
[mp3]   [youtube]

Post-Materialists -- "Junky Tapes" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-059, (ltd. 31)
Reissue of a cassette album previously released by Underground Pollution Records. Russian bluesy noisy industrial pop. Hand-painted sleeve, photo insert.

Pustota -- "FON-39" -- CD-R -- €5
2013 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 012, (ltd. 13)
New album of one of the side-projects of a well-known St.Petersburg based noise activist E.S. mainly known for his project Lunar Abyss Deus Organum. This recording is one of the imprints in the "FON" ("background") series - series of multilayered mixes of previously obtained noise material based exceptionally on tape noise and physical artifacts, manifesting during multiple re-recordings with the use of apparatus of various classes. In fact, PUSTOTA project calls on the aesthetics of historical usage of ausio cassettes, and everyday music fans aspirations of avoiding noise effects on phonograms which created the whole class of noise-reducing systems. So, this series shows exactly that noise in all its glory, extracted from the depths of magnetic spattering, that noise which was fought against during the whole history of using magnetic tape as data storage media. CD-R with printing on the surface of the packed in signed by the hand a minimalist white envelope designed with sand paper and tied with a copper wire. In addition to the disc in the envelope is a small card with the number of copies and individually for each copy of the image of packaging magnetic tape of the last century. [press-release]

raison d'etre -- "Within The Depths Of Silence And Phormations (Redux)" -- 2 CD -- €17
1995/2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD183
'Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations' takes the listener deep below the world of the ordinary into the catacombs of the subconscious, the worlds lying within us so few ever live to explore. This is music meant to stimulate the mind, to inspire one in their explorations of self and solitude. Layers of ethereal atmospheres and the collage of choirs, strings, bells and occasional voices slowly bleed together to create music for society whose spirituality has been rendered impotent. Soaking in this world, one is left with the impression of overwhelming sadness and profound desolation. This is the sound of all hope nullified. 'Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations' is an expedition into the hidden parts of the inner self and is bridging feelings of deep melancholy to blessful joy as it seeks for the true essence of human existence. Original released in 1995 by Cold Meat Industry the album has now been restorded, re-recorded and mixed to render the modern standard of sound quality still maintaining the perfect balance between subtle and harsh, dark and pure of the original mix. 'Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations' is accompanied with a second disc bringing tracks from various compilations from the period together to form a strong twin album. A unity with double joy: Wallow in the melancholy! The album comes in a 6-panel digipak with awesome photos by Martin Pels. Mastered according to the K-14 level standard. [press-release]
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Rapoon -- "Psi-Transient" -- CD -- €12
2013 Aquarellist, aquarel 25-13, (ltd. 400)
"Brief moments of seemingly grasping something previously hidden from view. Snow melting on a deserted concrete platform at a station with no name in an urban wasteland. White trees, limbs outstretched as if barring the way into the deeper woods and the darkness. Bone sentinels. A faint memory of once knowing and now forgotten. Elusive and dreamlike the ghosts return." [Robin Storey / Rapoon]

Rapoon -- "Psi-Transient" -- 2 CD -- €30
2013 Aquarellist, aquarel 25-13 b, (ltd. 100)
Collector's edition of this album comes with a bonus CD "Live at Los Angeles Contemporare Exhibitions 19th july 1996" and completely different artwork - black cardboard digisleeve with silver silk-sreened images.

Re-Drum -- "Eclipse" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1030
Re-Drum aka Russian artist Pavel Aleshin claims that his music sounds like “a broken AM radio in the heart of a ghost city,” and this album goes a long way to substantiating this claim. The sound quality is not at all broken, but very clear. Yet the slow drift of long, sustained electronic sounds reverberating in what could be imagined as empty passageways, certainly invokes a deserted nocturnal cityscape or, as one title claims, “night in a dead Lunapark.” Contrary to what might be expected from these statements and also from Re-Drum’s earlier releases of deep drone/noise soundscapes, the music on “eclipse” does not have a particularly scary edge. It may convey a certain sense of yearning and melancholy, but the overall feel is one of warmth and calm contemplation. And there is indeed quite a lot to contemplate in these four compositions, all about 10 to 15 minutes long. While the music makes full use of the psychedelic potential of repetitive microtonal drones, in other layers of the composition there is also a lot of interplay going on between sampled acoustic instruments and undecipherable ambient noises. Great music for a state of wide-awake trance. [press-release]

Reformed Faction -- "Save Our Ghohsts Vol. 2" -- CD -- €15
2013 :retortae:, elixir 2, (ltd. 450)
Retortae is proud to present its debut release - Reformed Faction "Save Our Ghohsts" dilogy, the masterpiece from the people who could be considered as ones of the most influential in industrial music, the founders of the legendary Zoviet France Robin Storey (Rapoon) and Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air). The sophisticated delicate ritual ambient which is transferring the transcendent nature of some special places, bringing a thin air subtle atmosphere of dawn and dusk foggy moments. The below text is an authors preview of this great sound excursion to the mystical area which should be kept secret to save its ghohsts from noisy people attention... "On one occasion, we received an anonymous letter from someone containing a photograph that included these words, "Save Our Ghohsts". Intrigued by the possibility that we are not alone, and with little else to do during one of our typical damp, cold, windy and generally unpleasant winters, we thought we'd try to explore the phenomena of paranormal activity. We believe that the imagination is a gaping chasm. Further, paranormal activity can be rationally explained. Or so we thought. So, with the aid of a spiritualist medium (who shall remain anonymous), night vision cameras, field recording equipment, EMF meters, flashlights and dowsing rods we set out to several locations in the North of England that have reported high and sustained levels of paranormal activity. In order to investigate Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) we also recorded noise from randomly tuned shortwave radios, between the hours of 2 and 5 am on no less than 10 occasions. We cannot reveal details of the locations that we visited, neither do we wish tell you what we saw or what we experienced. We have made use of the sounds that we recorded during these nocturnal investigations and from the EVP recordings in both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of "Save Our Ghohsts". [press-release] Volume 1 released by Retortae label on a 12" LP (elixir 1).

Rose Sobchak -- "Sun-Protecting Pillar" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-038, (ltd. 20)
Harsh noise from Russia, CD-R, handmade artwork, cover unique for each copy.

Rose Sobchak vs. Amateur Ant -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Torga Amun, Amun-024, (ltd. 46)
34 min. Fat harsh noise & radio frequency noise. CD-R, carton pack, 46 copies. [label info]

Rose Sobchak + Voluntary Torture & Obozdur -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-045, (ltd. 50)
Noise, harsh noise, split containing a collaboration live recording of two projects coming from Moscow region, and an archive fixation of a creative binge of Obozdur from the Urals with lots of his friends in a drug-store house (including Antosha from B165U4ARA). CDR, 50 copies with an insert - a painting done by a lazy boy. DVD-box. [label info]

Saint Peters Cross -- "111-Dirt-222" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Metarealist Records, META 07
Satanic death induatrial / harsh noise from Ukraine. "Metarealist Records presents first full-length album of the project. Now Saint Peters Cross became a duo featuring brutal growls and insane screaming of Pt74 (Krabath, Joan Miro). Comparing to the split release (Saint Peters Cross / Krabath / Joan Miro), the sound became more ambient, but no less obscure and harsh. Beside samples from movies, in this recording were used bass and electro guitar, flute, synthesizers and field recordings. The album emphasizes the dirt of the modern world. It doesn't even take it out from the depths of human taints and darkness, it just uncovers what is on the surface and furiously thunders against it." [press-release]

Saint Peters Cross / Krabath / Juan Miro -- "The Wrath / Arum Rapasopis / Artist" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Metarealist Records, META 06
6th release of Metarealist Records presents 3 projects from Ukraine. The split is opened by Saint Peters Cross - orthodox death-industrial / ambient project of label owner - K. Saint Peters Cross continues the path of Mental Destruction who started in early 90s, but makes it in his own way, only taking the overall ideological attack vector from the Swedes. Next comes Krabath - with renewed sound and ideas. Now the connection with the same-named Czech animation film is lost, and Krabath tries to develop the idea of descructive discrepancy between educational programmes of modern society and natural impulse of childhood. Musically all compositions are woven from the sounds of various toys and voices of children of various age. Fans of dark experimental ambient should definitely appreciate "Arum Rapasopis". And the closing act is Joan Miro - noisy power electronics, insane brainchild of Pt74 also standing behind Krabath. "Artist" has already been released as a split with Moscow based project Fungoreia. Blind fury, insane atrocity with industrial sounds of a broken meat grinder - all this will bring pleasure to the lovers of formalistic art. [press-release]

Secret Corner -- "Under" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2013 Frozen Light, FZL 007, (ltd. 20)
An EP of processed field recordings done by the window of a usual Moscow apartment. All sounds are occasional, nothing was recorded by purpose. Edition of 20 copies with full-colour printed cover, all info hand-written in silver ink.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sombre Presage -- "Integrisme" -- CD -- €7
2007 Occultum Productions, CULT 029, (ltd. 500)
Dark / black ambient from France with lots of black metal influences.

Sound_00 + Lefterna & Kromeshna -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2012 Ostroga, OTR-024, (ltd. 24)
2 tracks of experimental drones, first done by Macedonian projects Sound_00 & Lefterna, second by Russian Kromeshna.

Splendor Solis -- "...letum - non omnia finit..." -- CD -- €10
2013 Vegvisir music, o:006, (ltd. 347)
Apocalyptic Folk. Splendor Solis (lat. Shining of the Sun) mixes typical dark folk insruments, neoclassical compositional methods and early European musical heritage. Theirs lyrics are inspired by medieval European theology, apocalyptic symbolism, and also by theosophical doctrines and mystical branches of buddism. Splendor Solis' debut album is dedicated to the infinite reincarnation of soul of a man. The album has been created using acoustic instruments only. Music of Splendor Solis is nice, harmonious, not very intricate but melodious right along. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with 12-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. [press-release]

Star Turbine -- "Inner Space / Outer Space" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1011
Pulsing machine samples, spaced-out waves of electronic sounds, far-away music from a half-muted radio, metal being beaten by a guitar or the other way round. The music of Star Turbine, the duo of Sindre Bjerga from Norway and Claus Poulsen from Denmark, is built on such seeming opposites that they both work to collapse in their live performances with electronics and prepared amplified objects. The two takes on this live album were recorded on two subsequent dates of Star Turbine’s “Inner Space / Outer Space” tour in Hamburg and Aalborg (Denmark) in April 2012. They navigate the wide open space between mechanical objects and electrical mains hum, creating imaginary galaxies from mundane materials. “Like all the output of Tangerine Dream squished up into a 1 second sample then dragged out again on a low res JPEG,” is how Star Turbine describe their sound, but the music here sounds much more hand-made and visceral than this suggests, and you can feel that, although everything here has to do with electroacoustics, there are no presets used and everything is played by hand, intuitive and improvised. The amplified object may not be the new folk guitar (yet), but this music sure proves that the prejudice against electroacoustic music being “all computers with no room for human action” is utter nonsense. [press-release]

Strup -- "Disc of music. Album for painting" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Torga Amun, Amun-058
Rare and quite probably unique album made as a "noise audiobook" combines existential parabolic prose in a heartfelt author's voice with iceberg-looking layers of psychoactive noises on the edge of low-key power electronics and laboratorical digital art-noise. A very unusual phenomenon in the whole worldwide post0industrial scene, worth of discovering! [YAOP]

Strup + Obozdur + Light Collapse -- "Dietary Regime" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Torga Amun, Amun-028, (ltd. 21)
Impulsive autistic industrial (mail-art collaboration). Dedication to the consumption of people by people... CD-R, hand-made slim-box with inserts. [label info]

Umpio -- "Opium Electronix Vol.III" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Nekorekords, NEKO-24
One long drone track with minimal yet quite rich & evolving textures and waves obtained from sounds of taped seismic subharmonics, broken motherboards, refrigerator and a computer program. Finnish quality.

Verde -- "Petoviha" -- CD -- €10
2013 Karkia Mistika Records, KARMI-039 / Nekorekords, NEKO-025 / Untergeschoss, UNTER21
Verde delivers once again a massive collection of never beginning and never ending soundscapes in the spirit of Throbbing Gristle, Jandek, INA/GRM, NWW and more electronic and kosmische end of Krautrock with echoes of early 70s Miles Davis, without sounding like any of these. Rintala and friends make strange, strange music with homemade instruments, DIY modular synth electronix, and field recordings of seashores, birds, children... Verde is not really a band, but a place where rocket science, electroacoustix, man's dis/connection with nature and kindergarten-like joy of sonic discovery intercut in bizarre harmony. [press-release]

Vishudha Kali -- "Psenodakh" -- CD -- €10
2013 Vegvisir music, o:004, (ltd. 350)
Ritual Ambient | Ethno-noise. Dark/drone ambient very ritualistic and with some ethno-noise influences. This opus consists of 4 long ritual tracks recorded with sounds of breathing and vocals, acoustically processed through natural and exclusive equipments. Music of this album was heard by author while long sojourn far in Caucasian mountains at the shore of partly ice-covered alpine Psenodakh Lake (Fisht-Oshten pass). Psenodakh means "lost in the middle of moutains". Vishudha Kali presents hymns to the nature mysteries kind of wind, water, stonefalls, wild animals and birds as well as chants on Sanskrit. Firstly album was released at Vishudha Kali's own label Fight Muzik with limitation of 333 copies. New release limited to about 350 copies. CD contain 4 tracks. Fourth track includes two parts: Vishudha Kali song named “Ritual from fire” and song “Haidakhandi Aarti Sankirtan” - very rare archive record of Hindustani saint Mahavatar Shree Haidakhan Babaji made by officiary of Soviet Embrace in India. It was previously published only on die hard edition of this album as additional CD-r limited to 33 copies. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with eight-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. [press-release]

Vyazkiy Sharab & Arseniy Litvin -- "Artificial People" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-056, (ltd. 26)
Experimental noise from two young Siberian projects. Painted CD-R, DVD slim-box, sticker.

V/A -- "Composition Ro" -- CD -- €10
2008 Flying Swimming, fs00005, (ltd. 50)
Second release in Flying Swimming's Composition Series: Rashad Becker, Haswell & Hecker, Trevor Wishart.

V/A -- "Inspiration: Zen" -- CD-R -- €8
2012 Ambione Foundation, AF-12-(05)Com-N/CD, (ltd. 12)
A compilation of Russian ambient artists. Made as a web-release, there's also an ultra-limited edition on CDR with full-colour artwork. Extrasystolie, Deep Dimention, Halgrath, Hvarna, Necro Stellar, Xalm Retribution, Item Caligo, Bardoseneticcube, Ljudi Na Ldu, Carrefour D'Espaces, Waves of the Presence.


Ain Soph -- "Ars Regia" -- LP -- €25
1986/2013 Trips Und Traume, TT20

Alkin Engineering / Vector Lovers -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €10
2003 Static Caravan, VAN 62

Amina -- "AnimaminA" -- 10" -- €12
2005 The Worker's Institute, TWI 1

Autechre -- "L-event" -- 12" -- €16
2013 Warp Records, WAP345

Gapik, Cezary -- "Contrast I" -- LP -- €21
2011 White Box, WHITEBOX 008, (ltd. 400)

Igorrr -- "Hallelujah" -- 2x12" + CD -- €38
2012 Ad Noiseam, ADN165LP

Kareem -- "Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)" -- LP -- €28
2013 The Death Of Rave, Rave003

Lustmord -- "The Word As Power" -- 2 LP -- €26
2013 Blackest Ever Black, BLACKESTLP004
The Word As Power is the new studio album by Lustmord. Half a decade in the making, it’s an exploration of ritual music without dogma. For the first time in his 33-year career Lustmord places vocals at the centre of his abyssal ambient creations, coaxing incantatory performances out of Aina Skinnes Olsen, Jarboe (ex-Swans), Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Soriah. Those looking to properly decode the subject matter of the album are advised to study Simon Fowler’s fiendishly elaborate, double-spread cover illustration. Suffice it to say here that it concerns "the word" as written - signs, ciphers, symbology, semantics, etymology - and as spoken - myths, mantras, chants, invocation and evocation. Of course it’s also about the unwritten, the unspoken; that which exists beyond the reach of language. Sonically, The Word As Power is even more detailed, expansive and consuming than Lustmord’s followers have come to expect, with voices, electronics, immense sub-bass, field recordings and other acoustic phenomena harnessed and arranged to stimulate feelings of dread and desolation, certainly, but also escape, renewal and rebirth. [label info]

Reformed Faction -- "Save Our Ghohsts Vol. 1" -- LP -- €18
2013 :retortae:, elixir 1, (ltd. 150)
Retortae is proud to present its debut release - Reformed Faction "Save Our Ghohsts" dilogy, the masterpiece from the people who could be considered as ones of the most influential in industrial music, the founders of the legendary Zoviet France Robin Storey (Rapoon) and Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air). The sophisticated delicate ritual ambient which is transferring the transcendent nature of some special places, bringing a thin air subtle atmosphere of dawn and dusk foggy moments. The below text is an authors preview of this great sound excursion to the mystical area which should be kept secret to save its ghohsts from noisy people attention... "On one occasion, we received an anonymous letter from someone containing a photograph that included these words, "Save Our Ghohsts". Intrigued by the possibility that we are not alone, and with little else to do during one of our typical damp, cold, windy and generally unpleasant winters, we thought we'd try to explore the phenomena of paranormal activity. We believe that the imagination is a gaping chasm. Further, paranormal activity can be rationally explained. Or so we thought. So, with the aid of a spiritualist medium (who shall remain anonymous), night vision cameras, field recording equipment, EMF meters, flashlights and dowsing rods we set out to several locations in the North of England that have reported high and sustained levels of paranormal activity. In order to investigate Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) we also recorded noise from randomly tuned shortwave radios, between the hours of 2 and 5 am on no less than 10 occasions. We cannot reveal details of the locations that we visited, neither do we wish tell you what we saw or what we experienced. We have made use of the sounds that we recorded during these nocturnal investigations and from the EVP recordings in both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of "Save Our Ghohsts". [press-release] Volume 2 released by Retortae label on a CD (elixir 2).

Richter, Max -- "Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons" -- LP -- €28
2012 Deutsche Grammophon, 476 5040

Schulz, Waltraut & Herbert Roth -- "Im Thuringer Land" -- 7" -- €7
1974 AMIGA, 4 45 039
Patriotic folk shlager songs from the Thuringia land. Rariry. 45 rpm. [YAOP]

Spiracle -- "Evestrum" -- 7" -- €7
2010 Drone Records, DR-100, (ltd. 300)
SPIRACLE is the original project of Japanese artist HITOSHI KOJO (currently residing in Switzerland), known to some for his label OCTPIA & some solo-releases (recently also part of JÜPPALA KÄÄPIÖ). On this, the first SPIRACLE vinyl release, two pieces of sublime Drone-Muzak are placed, mesmerizing and mind-expanding sonic clouds. The two tracks EVESTRUM and EXUSIAI are "focused on the physicality and the osmosis of the sound" as HITOSHI describes it. The acoustic basis-material comes from a glass harp, resonated trumpets, metal sheets & electronics. A kind of sonographical report of a process that a "subtle spiritual existence merges into a physical body and becomes tangible through the senses." The unbelievable cover-artwork as an object is paradoxically representing an invisible world. Filed under: Astral Body Drones. Transparent vinyl, silver labels. Extreme handmade (& completely white) cover using cotton wool, gauze bandage, thread & special paper. Silver printed inlay. The final statement of Drone Records and the last release of Spiracle! [press-release]

Suchy, Joseph -- "Tau" -- 7" -- €8
2000 Tonschacht, tonschacht 005, (ltd. 500)

Tobin, Amon -- "ISAM" -- 2 LP -- €30
2011 Ninja Tune, ZEN 168

Tobin, Amon -- "Supermodified" -- 2 LP -- €35
2000 Ninja Tune, ZEN 48

Wyrm -- "Divination Bones" -- pic 7" -- €8
2010 Drone Records, DR-99, (ltd. 250)
We are happy to present the second ever PICTURE 7" in the Drone-series (first one was CRANIO-CLAST / DR-44) by this promising project from the United States formed by ALLAN ZANE and LIZ LANG. ALLAN has worked with JOHN MURPHY (SPK, SWORD VOLCANO COMPLEX, etc.) in the past and also released with RATS WITH WINGS, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, IRR.APP.(EXT.), etc.. and solo works. Forthcoming CD includes the works of VAL DENHAM and PBK. LIZ is also active as AURACENE and has had a very successful CD with RIVER GUERGUERIAN. The droning world of WYRM (an old word for "serpent") appears to be at the same time raw & inaccessible, but then also subtle and mysterious. Crackling noises, granular sounds, waving drones, and more undescribable acoustic objects form an "other dimension" of its very own. The music seems to point to existential archaic areas in our mind that are unaccessible but somehow known. A definite must for fans of abstract drone experimentalism in the way of early HAFLER TRIO or BRUME. Filed under: Divination Drones. Picture 7" designed by ALLAN ZANE. Extreme handpainted cover with sticker designed by LIZ and ALLAN ZANE. Beautiful parchment inlays. Plays on 45 RPM! [press-release]

X-TG -- "Desertshore / The Final Report" -- 2 LP -- €29
2012 Industrial Records, IR2012CD

Zoviet France -- "7.10.12" -- 7" + 10" + 12" -- €43
2012 Industrial Records, IR2012CD

V/A -- "Pop Ambient 2013" -- LP + CD -- €21
2013 Kompakt, KOM 269
Leandro Fresco, Michael Mayer, Jens Uwe Beyer, Triola, Marsen Jules, Mikkel Metal, Anton Kubikov, Wolfgang Voigt, Leandro Fresco, Terrapin.

V/A -- "Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 001" -- LP -- €14
2013 Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse, RH001
Bidol Cath, Rgyeue DF, Cosmo Woslowski.


Circle Of Unexisted -- "Silly Gravesongs And Pathetic Ballads About Unexistent Being (Enhanced Edition)" -- C-90 -- €7
2013 YouRock, YRK 01 / YAOP, YAOP 058, (ltd. 66)
Extended reissue of the debut full-length of the fathers of "transgressive rock". Depressive cocktail of post-punk, post-rock, minimal kraut in vein of Can, German Oak and Ash Ra Tempel with harsh incisions of rhythm section, moans of post-Joy Division guitars, mouth harp solo and rare appearances of suffocated vocals. Squelsh of November rains in forgotten cemetaries. Two bonus tracks. [YAOP]

Lunar Abyss / Dvory -- "Ynyqay / Crystal Mind" -- C-90 -- €8
2013 BioSonar^Lo-End, 037, (ltd. 37)
Split of drone projects from St. Petersburg and Tver'. Multi-layered psychedelic ambient from Lunar Abyss, a live recording. Classical drone-ambient from Dvory, expanding space with guitar waves and a trumpet, quite velvety sound. Artwork consists of handmade exercise book with various fetishes attached, all info handwritten, each copy is unique. [label info]

Lunar Abyss / Kromeshna -- "Nagadvipa / Tropic of Cancer" -- C-90 -- €8
2013 BioSonar^Lo-End, 036, (ltd. 23)
Two Russian drone projects from St. Petersburg and Kamensk-Uralsk, two visions of hypnotic drone ambient. Waves of northern lights, vibrations of Earth, electronic manifestations of static sound. Packed in a cardboard DIY-box with Soviet postcards depicting rivers, lakes, mountains, etc., all info handwritten, each copy is unique. [label info]

Pustota -- "23 Rovno" -- C-46 -- €5
2013 BioSonar^Lo-End, 034, (ltd. 9)
A sonic documentary, recorded on an open microphone from the defunct Grundig portable cassette recorder. Two sides of the cassette - two extreme positions of volume knob. Electrostatic drone-noise, saturated, mild, coarse, with drifting modulations caused by working engine and current oscillations. Aesthetically quite hypnopositive background for "watching". Ultra-limited edition with DIY fetish-artwork in a cardboard box. [label info]

Frea market


Current 93 - SixSixSix: SickSickSick [russian ed.] - CD - €6.80
Current 93 - Swastikas For Goddy [unofficial] - CDR - €5.20
Dalaba, Lesli - Timelines - CD - €15.80
Drumm, Kevin - Imperial Horizon - CD - €10.10
Goyvaerts / Morgan / Buggenhout - White Smoke - CD - €13.10
Lopez, Francisco / Michael Gendreau - TDDM - 2 CD - €15.80
Miguel, Sei - The Tone Gardens - CD - €13.10
Moondog - Elpmas - CD - €22.50
Nine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have Been: Live [unofficial] - CD - €3.80
Nurse With Wound - The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion - CD - €28.20
OPJK_3 (Fabio Martini / Andrea Reali / Danilo Sala) - Algebrica - CD - €13.10
Ottavi, Julien / Dion Workman - Misenlian - CD - €13.10
Pere Ubu - Warning Bells Are Ringing (Pere Ubu Box Set Preview) - CD - €13.10
Sachiko M / Toshimaru Nakamura / Otomo Yoshihide - Good Morning Good Night - 2 CD - €18.00
Schulkowsky, Robyn / Nils Petter Molvaer - Hastening Westward - CD - €5.20
Tmrx - Difficulte De Comprendre Dans Le Bruit - CD - €10.10
V/A - The Last Famous International Gluttons (Palo Alto, Missselfdestrrruction, Phnonpenh Model, Sprut, Dr. Subman plays Maisie, Jealousy Party, Joyce Whore Not, Doctor Nerve, Grafenberg, Bebe Rebozo, Maisie, Trumans Water, Fat Elvis, Dominik Gawara, Diledadafish, The Rudy Schwartz Project, I.S.O., Orbitale Trio, RI.GI.RI., Motor Dimension Idols, David Fenech, Flying Star Fish, MSBR demi(S)ex Maisie) - CD - €20.30
Werchowska, Nusch / Mathias Pontevia / Heddy Boubaker - Glotosifres - CD - €13.10
Wolfe, Julia - The String Quartets - CD - €3.80


Fenn O'Berg (Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke, Peter Rehberg) - In Stereo - 2 LP - €36.00
Kallabris - Hund Vor Die Tur - LP - €21.40
Kallabris - Shanghai - LP - €24.80
Kallabris - The Standard Of A Fly - LP - €21.40
Kenney, Jessika & Eyvind Kang - The Face Of The Earth - LP - €22.50
Tankj - Craquer Les Liants - LP - €20.30
Teitelbaum, Richard / Carlos Zingaro - The Sea Between - LP - €28.20

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

V. Back in stock

@C -- "0° - 100°" -- CD -- €10
2010 Monochrome Vision, mv31, (ltd. 500)
The new album of this portuguese duo (consisting of Cronica label owner Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) is the long electroacoustic composition, which demonstrates the full range of soundprocessing diversity and creates the stunning images of great potential... Pedro Tudela (1962) and Miguel Carvalhais (1974) collaborate as @C since 2000, developing their work along three complementary approaches to sound art and digital music: procedural composition, concre`te sound and improvisation, with one foot in the fields of experimental, contemporary sound art and the other on live performance (where they also regularly collaborate with the Austrian artist Lia, performing as an audiovisual trio)... "77" started to take form in early 2007 and was developed until late 2009. Many of the sounds in this composition were created for the soundtrack of an installation by Lia and Carvalhais, dealing with concepts as liquid motion, flow, turbulence, percolation and phase transitions, which inspired the creation of several sound files sorted in three different groups, one for each section of the installation. During the process we had the chance to spend some time in the Atlantic island of Sa~o Miguel, where we made several recordings of the ocean, rivers, streams and volcanic furnaces, that complemented the remaining sounds. The installation soundtrack was devised as an open and modular composition, to be dynamically recomposed, as a library of sound files that we later used, transformed and shaped as "77". Three work in progress versions of this composition were presented live, in 4-channel mixes: in December 2008 in Porto, in May 2009 in Barcelona, and finally in October 2009 in Perugia, the first two in acousmatic setups, the later with Lia's live visual work. All these presentations shaped and shifted the piece to its final form, presented in this release, indexed in 8 movements to be listened sequentially. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

1g0g -- "Cover Me From Any Evil" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 New Orthodox Line, NoL+CD-R01, (ltd. 150)
Apocalyptic breath noise. 1g0g alias Gosha Solnzev – the composer of electronic music. His compositions often created from stylistically disparate musical elements are defined by specific composition of music space and by density of sound stream. The voices of turning machines, church singing or piping, drops of rain knocking against the metal roof, dog's barking, tree's whisper, howl of the wind, organ accords and any other sounds are changing in his hands enormously and serve as real-time source material for creating of giant acoustical constructions of very fanciful forms. [press-release]

Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf -- "Mutatis Mutandis" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1014
Mirko Uhlig, “one of the better and unfortunately lesser known drone masters of Germany” (Vital Weekly), makes his first appearance on Attenuation Circuit with this album recorded under his Aalfang mit Pferdekopf moniker. This 45-minute acoustic dream journey is a wonderful example of Uhlig’s talent for combing calm dronescapes with the most subtle element of tension while the ambient acoustics of field recordings conjure up an imaginary resonant room. The three tracks are based on sound material by Frans de Waard published on a tape compilation for the 25th anniversary of the Korm Plastics label, which can be heard at the beginning of the album. As Frans de Waard explains in a spoken introduction to this album, listeners were invited to remix the material, preferably with 4-track cassette recorder. The music on “Mutatis Mutandis” is Mirko Uhlig’s response to this invitation, so it is a fitting gesture that the album is also released as a cassette in tribute to the important role that 4-track machines and the tape distribution scene have played in the development of experimental musics. Thanks to Frans de Waard’s guest vocal intro, the cassette is a “tape with the sound of its own making” similar to Robert Morris’s seminal sound sculpture “Box with the Sound of its Own Making”, but the music also makes for very pleasant listening on the CD version. [press-release]

Ad Lux Tenebrae -- "Call of the Wild" -- CD -- €10
2008 Vegvisir Music, o:002, (ltd. 963)
First full-length CD of Ad Lux Tenebrae (or K Svetu T'my - in Russian language), released after several split, collaboration and CDR editions. The disk contains two rituals, first was performed in the evening of Jan. 23rd, 2008, second - during the night on May 24-25th, 2004. Shamanic Dark / Drone Ambient of Ad Lux Tenebrae is the sound of the most ancient and deepest layers of existence, irrational and anti-rational, utterly alien to nowadays people, the manifestation of human side not distorted by the influence of "civilization" and "modern society". Message from the source where the essence of Nature and human flow together. Music from pre-times and out of time. The noise produced by humanoid organisms crawling about piles of metal and plastic, now completely drowns the call from the source of all living. Musicians of Ad Lux Tenebrae act as media, conductors that embody this signal, not bringing anything personal in the act of creation. In their rituals they use the original instruments like tambourine, self-made drums, tube, flutes and other untitled instruments made by themselves. Every ritual is put into a completed action only once, and will never be repeated in future... First ritual is intense and uneasy. A ritual of purifying from momentary things and merging with something that was rejected long time ago in blindness and stupidity. This is a wind tearing apart rotten meat of momentary and dissolving in an inexpressible glow from beyond. The storm of the first ritual gives place to pacification of the second one, but this calmness is illusive. Just like a pillow of moss in the middle of a forest looks so calm and safe, but it hides deadly depth of swamp pit underneath. Ghostly lights appearing in the very border of vision in short yet infinite moment of daybreak twilight, they lure inside the thicket warped in ghostly mist. The road of this music is tempting and frightening, what's gonna happen with the one following it?.. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Raven, a permanent member of the band, passed away in cold autumn of 2008. Rituals of "Ancestor's Call" were among the last recordings done with his participation. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Aghast -- "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis" -- CD -- €14
2009 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 014
Aghast was a project by Nebelhexe and Nacht, released in 1994. This album was released back then by legendary Cold Meat Industry and now we present a great re-edition in DIGI-CD. "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis" is real dark and gloomy ambience, played in a classical dark wave vein. Minimalism in musical content, compensated by spooky and ice-cold vocals that will haunt you. Macabre enchantresses in lovely disguise will seduce you to end your life and take you th their ghastly realm from which you will never rise. Hear gods cry and angels fall. Listen to the horror and beauty. Let Aghast bewitch you! [press-release]

Amon -- "Nona" -- 10" -- €11
2003 Weird Amplexus, WAX07V, (ltd. 300)
After a long release-pause here's a new 10" vinyl from one of the best dark ambient-acts. Nona is a fascinating soundjourney into pre-verbal spheres, mysterious and truly beautiful noises move in slow but dynamic waves through time and space. "Nona" takes inspiration from a case of xenoglossy (the ability to speak in an unlearned and unheard foreign language, often associated with past-life recall, states of trance or hypnosis and mediumship) discovered in Great Britain around the early Thirties when a woman in state of trance expressed herself in a language which was recognized as ancient egyptian. This voice from the past was called "Nona" or "The One Without a Name". [label info]

Anenerbe -- "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" -- CD -- €8
2007 self-released, (ltd. 500)
Russian band Anenerbe was formed in the beginning of 2000-s and follows the asceticism of minor post-punk aesthetics. On their performances and recordings the band use a grotesque mix of decadent irony with sickly sadness, excited self-mockery with despair and hopelessness. The themes of their songs are deep and varied, they contain inner claustrophoby, vicious transformations, destructive eroticism, pompous militant mysticism, eternal return, private interpretations of eschatologic and gnostic apocryphs, etc... [press-release]

b°tong -- "The Soul Eater" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1020
“The Soul Eater” was originally released on Montreal-based label Gears of Sand in 2011 in a now out-of-print limited edition of 100 copies. After two original releases by Swiss dark-ambient meister B°tong, Attenuation Circuit is pleased to make this highly atmospheric, delicately composed album available again as it is certainly “textbook material” (Frans de Waard) of how to create spine-chillingly dark moods without any self-indulgent wallowing in predictable delay effects. In “Vital Weekly” # 776, Frans de Waard described “The Soul Eater” as “firmly fixed in the field of very dark ambient music, of what was once called Isolationism. Sounds get locked into some circuit and stay there to live a life of their own. A cavernous sound of metallic rumble, spooky voices, animal cries and transmissions intercepted. I think I made the reference to Lustmord before and it still applies to this new release. Utter dark, highly atmospheric and simply very good music. It has a certain menace about it, like waiting for some mass destruction that, thank god, never arrives. Intense music, that doesn't come with a warning: don't play this in the dark on your own.” [press-release]

b°tong -- "Un_B°Tong" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2011 Attenuation Circuit, ACM 1007
B°tong’s second release on Attenuation Circuit is, as the title suggests, quite atypical for the dark ambient soundscapes the Swedish-Swiss artist is best known for. In six rather short tracks, B°tong explores the sonic possibilities of digital audio manipulation of several sound sources, mainly recorded voices used as sources of pure sound, not linguistic information. The results feel somewhat like an unlikely combination of lowercase electronica and Mille Plateaux-style cuts’n’glitches and updated audio poetry in the tradition of William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Henri Chopin. “Un_B°tong” opens up a new direction in the artist’s work while remaining true to the spirit of experimentation with non-musical sounds that has been informing cutting edge music for about a century now, including the original practitioners of “industrial” music that have been inspiring B°tong’s work. Those with ears tuned to today’s rather limited definition of the genre as “dark” music of some sort or other may find the intellectual playfulness of B°tong’s approach on this release too lighthearted, even humorous, considering titles like “Colourful, Comfortable, Weatherproof” or the tongue-in-cheek combination of biblical quotes about the devil with the “subliminal” message “B°tong isst heimlich” (“B°tong eats secretly”) almost hidden in the cover copy. For those interested in truly contemporary audio experiments, however, this crisp little outing has a lot to offer within the space of its 18 minutes. [press-release]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Bad Heaven" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Ostroga, OTR-006, (ltd. 222)
Dark drone ambient, dedicated to the theme of Russian orthodox church. Choirs, bell ringing and meditative drones. Limited to 222 copies in full-colour sleeves. Cover is a reproduction of an icon found in the deserted village near the Ural. Inserts - burnt images of oppressive sky over the doms of Russian churches - photos made by Noises Of Russia.

Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae -- "Nearby Being" -- CD -- €14
2006 Epidemie Records, EPR060, (ltd. 500)
A collaboration between two Russian projects - three long tracks recorded with the help of singing bowls and bells, metal percussion, exotic ethnic and handmade instruments. Fascinatingly deep shamanic drone ambient, in vein of Klaus Wiese but much darker.

Disgorged Faeces / Vomir -- "Psychotic Disorder" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Torga Amun, Amun-052, (ltd. 24)
HNW split of projects from Belarus & France.

Dmitriy Rodionov Experience -- "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 Heart-Shaped Box, HSB-043, (ltd. 41)
"The work over this album took about 6 months of winter and spring 2003, mostly in Scherbakovka village in Sverdlovsk region. "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" is filled with the sense of frosty Ural winter, loneliness and warmth of village life. The main line of the album is the composition "New Year's experiments" split in 4 parts. In general, all compositions are like "dreams" seen in frosty winter nights in a Ural village. All these "dreams" are divided in several periods of waking up, marked as "Origin through". One of the tracks - "Influence of the moon" - was inspired by an exhibition of Marina Kutyavina (http://www.mariku.ru). The exhibition was called "Angels and Moons". The track "Gagarin" tells about the first space flight of the Soviet cosmonaut Y.A. Gagarin. "What has felt the man who was the first in the history of Earth to fly in space? Must be something on the edge of insanity. Total detachment from reality". "Seventeen Moments Of Winter" is a conceptual work in which the author refers to his childhood memories. "Music has the ability to take you through the time... Just like, for instance, a smell which you liked in childhood can recreate the image from your childhood, if you close your eyes". [from the author]

Emerge -- "Canvas - Live" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2011 Attenuation Circuit, ACM 1001
This live performance by EMERGE was given in the context of a painting exhibition and creates a dynamic set ranging from metallic percussion, rumbling drones, and sometimes sursprisingly groovy loops. All sounds are created from sampled noises made by paintbrushes and other painting tools. The live performance was recorded on the finishing night of the exhibition „hörbar in Farbe“ (‚audible in colour’). The CD accompanying the exhibition, also released by Attenuation Circuit (ACS 1001), contains a studio version of “Canvas”. Although the live improvisation uses sounds from the same source as the studio recording – sounds created by one of the exhibiting painters using brushes, glasses, canvas, cardboard, and other materials –, the two versions are very different in terms of their compositional structure and sonic textures because the samples were treated to a wide range of live manipulations in performance. [press-release]

Emerge -- "Contrition" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2011 Attenuation Circuit, ACM 1004
On the two 10-minute pieces that make up this release, EMERGE uses samples from bass guitar (track 1) and prepared electric guitar (track 2) to create reverberating sonic environments that combine his characteristic dark drones with chords and melodic fragments that lend these compositions an unusually warm, acoustic sound. EMERGE aka Sascha Stadlmeier is the founder and curator of the Attenuation Circuit label. Underlining the label’s collaborative spirit, EMERGE has invited label artists Eazy and Gerhard Zander, with whom he also collaborates in live improvisations (see “Betrachtung”, ACC 1001), to contribute snippets of their playing the bass guitar and prepared electric guitar. While most of EMERGE’s earlier works process their source materials way beyond any possibility of recognition, the two compositions on this disc are markedly different. Not only does the processing sometimes enhance the acoustic, analogue, and rather delicate feel of the source instruments, instead of sculpting the source materials into massive, bass-heavy blocks of sound. What also adds a new dimension to EMERGE’s catalogue of austere, abstract dronescapes is the fact that the two pieces, especially track 2, use a varied palette of seemingly rather referential sounds, conjuring up associations that range from the zoomorphic to the oriental. [press-release]

Emerge -- "Declension" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACM 1010
In this composition, EMERGE combines his hallmark metallic and aquatic sounds with drone textures that are unusually close to the original sounds of his source material – in this case, two electric bass guitars played with effects pedals by Attenuation Circuit recording artists Deep. The result sounds less like musique concrete than most other EMERGE releases, but has a rather harmonic, yet doom-like quality. Despite the droning textures that hold the piece together, the composition sounds not at all blurred, but remarkably transparent, with each layer of sounds clearly differentiated from one another. From seismic subsonic bass tremors to rhythmic loops that at times almost suggest (or mock?) a danceable beat, however briefly, this recording is probably EMERGE’s most accessible to date, even for listeners more familiar with rock or metal formats than experimental sound art. Thus, this very varied 17-minute composition makes a good introduction to the work of the prolific artist. [press-release]

Hamnskifte -- "Fodzlepijnan" -- CD -- €10
2012 Myrkr, 1-2012, (ltd. 1000)
Black Metal | Folk | Drone Doom | Ambient. First record from a mysterious Swedish duo, whose sound is inspired by, according to the band themselves, Burzum, Earth, Skepticism, Nortt and Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg. But imagine those influences channeled into something more medieval sounding, and WAY more post rocky, a sort of droning medieval slowcore laid beneath softly buzzing metallic rumble and shimmer, and you'll get an idea of Hamnskifte's sound. This is drone and ultimately slow meditative Black Metal with hypnotic medieval folk melodies recorded with guitars, drums, bass, organ, bodhran drum, bells and some self-invented percussion instruments. Originally released to the world in the spring of 2010 by, now-defunct, American label Starlight Temple Society, as a limited edition of 125 copies. [label info]

Hamre, Carsten / Vlad Jecan -- "Enter Inside" -- CD -- €7
2007 Wroth Emitter, W.E. 015
Karsten Hamre is a very busy person. Through the years, the list of names and titles he's worked with have increased exponentially-- each band and title an exploration of a sound and ambience that was destined to become solely his own. From the quixotic brilliance of Penitent, to the dark elegance of Veiled Allusions, and now also a solo project bearing only his name. What often is remembered most about Hamre's work is an ambience that always feels nautical. There is ever a sense of vast, oceanic space. It is expressed in various ways through his works, but it seems always to be there. Many of the sounds seem to come from under water, or inner water. They hint at the dark things hidden in our histories, in our religions; in the decayed and rotting backyard pools of post- Apocalypse suburbia. Karsten Hamre takes a minimalist approach to his typically lush (albeit delightfully creepy) soundscapes. The result reminds me of works such as Geir Jenssen's "Biosphere", with bits of Lustmord and K.K. Null thrown in for both ominous rhythm and outer darkness. [Lunar Hypnosis Magazine] Vlad Jecan manages to combine sounds of different types and horizons, distorted sonorities who yet express profound calmness, a fast slide of cosmic images placed in front of your eyes and just then you will hear sounds that reflect the grey emotions lurking inside yourself. The music of an emotional paradox, depressing yet mirthful, distorted yet calm. [label info]

Hladna -- "Talaya Voda" -- CD-R -- €18
2007 Hladna, (ltd. 16)
Author's edition of the old recordings from 1998-99. Very raw ritual ambient/noise saturated with ultramundane drones and metal rattle. Mostly meditative but sometimes brutal. Primordial music. The disk is packed between two rusty metal sheets tied with bolts.

Inorganic Blossoming -- "Autumndrones" -- CD -- €10
2010 7Hz Records, 7HZ 03 D / Infinite Fog Productions, IF-13 / Chernaya Zemlya, ЧЗ:г, (ltd. 292)
An ambient / drone project from Kemerovo, Russia. Three tracks last for 28 minutes and appear in a form of quiet contemplative harmonic ambient with mild noise accompaniment and rare glimpses of mysterious melodies. Masterfully created arrangements, flawless timbral decisions and optimal length of the tracks are the three trumps of "Autumndrones". This music instantly compells attention from the very first sounds and sometimes it's really impossible to turn away from it - you just catch yourself listening to this recording for fourth or sixth time in a row. To keep it short, this is a cimpletely amazing recording from the talented project, and one of the best ambient recordings in my collection. [Dark Industry] The CD is packen in DVD-size corrugated cardboard sleeve with a dry leaf.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Kahn, Jason & Francis, Richard -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2009 Monochrome Vision, mv28, (ltd. 500)
The new album from two masters of electroacoustic improvisation, who are living thousands miles away from each other, but found some common aesthetic views and originality of artistic expression. This materials were recorded live during their collaborative performances in various locations, consisting of four long tracks, presenting the unique interaction between technology and intuition... Jason Kahn's work includes sound installation, performance and composition. He was born in New York in 1960, grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Europe in 1990. He currently lives in Zürich. He has given concerts and exhibited sound installations throughout Europe, North and South America, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. Kahn performs both solo and in collaborations, using percussion, analog synthesizer or computer in different combinations. He composes for electronics, acoustic instruments and environmental recordings. For larger groups of directed improvisation he has devised a system of graphical scores. Kahn creates his sound installations for specific spaces. The focus of these primarily non-visual works lies in the perception of space through sound... Richard Francis has been releasing works on CD/vinyl, performing solo and in collaboration as a touring artist since 1996. He uses field recordings of natural and electronic sounds and a signal generator to compose layered sound works of textural and tonal detail. He has released solo and collaborative works on a number of labels worldwide and runs his own label CMR through which he currently releases limited edition lathe cut records by New Zealand artists. In performance he uses a computer and electronics and has toured Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA and Europe. Since 2003, Francis has composed works for sound installation, participating in group and solo shows at galleries throughout New Zealand. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Koner, Thomas -- "Novaya Zemlya" -- CD -- €17
2012 Touch, TO:85
The artwork, by Jon Wozencroft, includes an essay by Thierry Charollais, "Thomas Köner's Novaya Zemlya: towards a metaphysical geography"... "Of course we find the unique Koneresque glowing drones that we know from his previous works. But we will also be touched by an unrevealed, barely perceptible sense of melody and harmony that Köner gradually developed since Kaamos (1998) and Nuuk (2004)..." Novaya Zemlya, also known in Dutch as Nova Zembla and in Norwegian as Gеselandet (lit. the Goose Land), is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe, the easternmost point of Europe, lying at Cape Flissingsky on the northern island. [press-release]

Kromeshna + Bardoseneticcube -- "Lilac Honey" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Ostroga, OTR-019
One collaborative 21 min. track from St. Petersburg based Bardoseneticcube and Kromeshna from Ural. "Like psychedelic balm pouring in florid patterns in eternal search for otherworldly clouds" [UFA Muzak]. A5 paper sleeve with a herbarium.

Kromeshna & M.Nomized -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2005 Ostroga, OTR-005, (ltd. 61)
Mini-album. Two tracks recorded together by Russian Kromeshna (side-project of Light Collapse and Obozdur) and French M.Nomized. First track is isolationist lo-fi dark ambient with marsh gurglings completely in Kromeshna style. Second track on the contrary is almost purely electronic rhythmic and also quite sombre.

Lethe (2) -- "Nowhere" -- CD -- €7
2010 A5 Production, AP-04
Lethe is a one-man Dark Ambient / atmospheric project by StormChild from Kiev. With very occult, dark and obscure apocalyptic ambient music, "Nowhere" captures the cold, dead atmosphere of the ghost town of Tschernobyl. 8 tracks and around 43mins of music in a DVD case with professional artwork by Dmitry Mayatsky. Ukrainian import. Not to be confused with the Japanese minimalist composer of the same name. [Cold Spring]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Light Collapse -- "Pop" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-018, (ltd. 31)
Concrete Radionoise. A portrait of Russian radio-ether. Handmade sleeve from a page of some glamour zine. [YAOP]

Light Collapse -- "Trava Def" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-053, (ltd. 22)
Two long tracks of weird radionoise recorded on tape, with minimal interference of human factor. Pure wave flickers of emptiness.

Light Collapse & Clive Henry -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Torga Amun, amun-036, (ltd. 32)
Harsh noise wall.

Light Collapse & RedSK -- "Holy Sect" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Torga Amun, Amun-032, (ltd. 25)
American pedal harsh noise and hypnotic russian HNW. Hand-made carton pack with color photos. [label info]

Majdanek Waltz -- "Frühjahr" -- CD-R -- €10
2012 Nadeln Prod., NaP.IV, (ltd. 50)
A single 24 minute track recorded on the lyrics by Georg Heym featuring Anthesteria project. Compound neoclassic ambient. Handmade package.

Mama Baer & Komissar Hjuler -- "Menschenfresser & Topos Sociopathicus" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Torga Amun Records, Amun-051, (ltd. 29)
Experimental noise performances. [label info]

Moloch -- "Humane Too Sheeps" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-010, (ltd. 24)
Dark factory noise-albient somewhere between Dagda Mor and loud works of Aube. [YAOP]

Moloch -- "Meine Alte Melancholie" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-016, (ltd. 30)
Minimal intuitive ambient from Ukraine. [label info]

Mystified -- "Coming Days" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1003
"Coming Days" is a set of drone pieces made from acoustic sources such as the trombone, overtone flute and pan pipe. The pieces are dark and moody, with titles such as “What is Inevitable” or “The Shock of Coming Days” hinting at the composer’s intention to musically render the fear of apocalypse present in media coverage of current crises. The sound of the release bears resemblances to the work of drone artists such as Tim Hecker, due largely to the acoustic source material. US-based Mystified is an experienced multi-genre project run by Thomas Park. Mystified has been actively recording since 2002. Mystified’s many releases cover a range of styles such as phonography, drone, and noise, among others. Collaboration projects include joint work with Rapoon, aka Robin Storey, and Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions. [press-release]

Mystified -- "Life Is A Carnival" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Attenuation Circuit, ACR 1016
In his ongoing search for new sound sources to cull lush overtone-drones from, Mystified has come up with what the artist calls “carnival instruments” for this album, his second on Attenuation Circuit after “Coming Days.” The tracks do not sound particularly carnivalesque in themselves, but rather soothing. The drones flow rather than pulsate, and the mood is possibly more uplifting than on the doom-themed previous album, which makes the album a perfect ambience for recovering from carnivalesque revelry on the day after going to the carnival. Although it is impossible to gather from the drone compositions which instruments Mystified used, a title like “Hohnorable Drone” gives some indication that a Hohner harmonica may have been involved. The point Mystified seems to be making through his choice of instruments, though, is that the drone is inherent in all sounds and just needs to be freed. And, on a more pragmatic level, that the pleasures of making digitally enhanced drone music can be shared rather democratically because it neither requires classical instruments nor highly trained performers as source material. Some cheap carnival toys might do just as well and still yield beautiful results, as in the case of this album. [press-release]

N|B|K / Light Collapse / Obozdur -- split -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Ostroga, OTR-016
3 tracks of dark and "honest" Death Industrial from now defunct Russian project N|B|K + 2 tracks / projects of pulsating and devouring Noise / Dark Ambient from Ostroga label. Mastered by SGI (Vetvei). Black & white A 5 sleeve with archo-industrial images. [Vetvei]

Noises Of Russia -- "Electrosummer" -- CD-R -- €6
2004 Electroindustria, 03EICDr
Placing the urban people (ourselves) into the nature we risk losing the peace of mind and becoming mentally diseased. Shocking silence, exciting trembling of forest, full relaxation of mind can paralyse the human will and wish for living. The program is composed from the samples of natural sounds combining with polyphonic landscapes. [press release]

Noises Of Russia -- "In Ryazan. Easel Painting, sketch # 5" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Electroindustria, 06EICDr
Recorded live in Ryazan on 25.01.2006. "The program EASEL PAINTING opens anthology of industrial sound. The noises of industrial machines represent the monochrome part of spectrum of the industrial-sound palette, the retrospective sight of the XX century - the age when the heavy industry myth was born and was dethroned. The solists are machines. Their interaction with each other and with human voices, with harmonic polyphonies (so-called landscapes) and noises (music concrete) that appeared as accompaniment creates atonal and non-rhythmic sound picture which gives the spectator a rare chance to combine the work therapy with shock therapy." [press release]

Noises Of Russia -- "Live at Sculptor's Studio" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 ElektroIndustria, 13EICDr
The recording of a live gig with a special program performed in the studio of a Moscow based sculptor A. Mitenyov on June 15, 2011. Noises Of Russia were: Gosha Solnzev (1g0g) and MC Prorok. All tracks are previously unreleased except "Spirit" which is presented here in a live version.

Noises Of Russia & Olga Komok -- "Cantigas De Santa Maria" -- CD-R -- €6
2005 Electroindustria, 05EICDr
In the program CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARIA performed by breath -noise group NOISES of RUSSIA & OLGA KOMOK (the leader of the medieval music collective LATERNA MAGICA) the authentic Spanish music of XIII-XIV centuries is placed into the dramatic sound landscape of the modern urban civilization. Old Spanish spiritual songs (cantigas) singing to the accompaniment of wheel lyre (it's a modern copy of XIV century instrument) are accompanied by harmonic polyphonies (so-called landscapes), noises (music concrete), industrials sounds and rhythms. CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARIA is a monument of medieval culture and cult of Mother of God, which was the most important for Catholics in Middle Ages and is still alive nowadays. Cantigas tell about the different miracles of Virgin Mary: how She defeated basilisk and dragon in Toledo, how She saved drunk monks from the river near Salamanca, how She cured dying horse, how She catholicized Jews and exorcised the devil from the girl. Each story is full of true faith in the infinite mercy. Every tenth story is a the song of praise dedicated to Mother of God. [press release]

Northam, Michael -- "Suhina" -- 10" -- €12
2009 Substantia Innominata, SUB-10, (ltd. 500)
Brilliant new recordings by the prolific cosmopolitan (currently residing in Berlin) MICHAEL NORTHAM. "Suhina" is a notion for the sound of the wind moving through the trees. Instead of doing field recordings of wind MICHAEL NORTHAM tried to capture this feeling & the essence of this process through instrumental recordings from Indonesian flute & keyboard. Nature phenomena seen as the true manifestation of the Unknown. Stunning full colour artwork by Indian artist ROHINI DEVASHER. White vinyl, edition of 500 copies, incl. inlay with text by M. NORTHAM. [press-release]

Oblivion Ensemble -- "Seraphim Hallucino" -- CD -- €10
2006 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD28
The music of Oblivion Ensemble remains as elusive and surreal as the ever-shifting cast of musicians and performer swho participate, knowingly, or unknowingly in their work. Founding members are John Bergstrom and Brannon Hungness (aka Figure). Hungness is a virtuoso experimental guitarist and composer and a former member of the Glenn Branca Ensemble. Bergstrom is a computer-music gearhead and a film composer with a classical music pedigree, and mastermind behind the industrial-noise assembly Torse. Seraphim Hallucino is Oblivion Ensemble's fifth full-length release, the first since the virtual opera "Nightmare: Sinistrotorse" (Complacency, 1995). At Seraphim Hallucino's source are strange, electro-acoustic improvisations of percussion, trumpet, voice, synthesizers and guitar. These improvisations are sculpted and sampled, twisted and turned, shaped into building and diminishing moments, and, at times appearing alone, pure and unmodified. Deeply imbedded in the music and fragmented lyrics are secrets, intertwining themes, voices, and imprinted messages. All come together to create an enormously complex, mercurial mix of surreal, dynamic and dark sounds. To fully appreciate the scope and intricacies of Seraphim Hallucino, headphones in a darkened room are highly recommended. "The band most likely to compose a fitting soundtrack for the end of the world". (Sorted magAZine) "Visionary gothic pyschedelia". (The Wire) "The most undefinable gorgeous musical anything that I have ever witnessed ... a beyond great performance, chilling and anxious". (Best of Times) In superb digipak, with artwork by Matt Vickerstaff of darkwaveart.co.uk. [press-release]

Obozdur -- "Kichiga" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT26, (ltd. 20)
Shamanistic electronics from Ural, Russia. Deep ritual atmosphere, an archetypic message, heavy rhythms in the layers of looped sound. Live recording done in winter 2007, dedicated to the first morning star. Limited to 20 copies in handmade cardboard package. [press-release]

Obozdur -- "Natural and Easy" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-039, (ltd. 24)
Shamanic lo-fi manipulations with guitar, tapes, glockenspiel and field recordings. Resonant rough sound, the atmosphere of autumnal evenings, mountain paths covered with fallen leaves, gloomy days, muscarine nights near a fireplace, and rainy dawns. Colour DVD-box with stickers, handmade cover, all information is handwritten. [press-release of YAOP] Author's edition on Heart Shaped Box Prod.

Obozdur -- "Plastic Domingo" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-054, (ltd. 25)
Collage / concrete noise, dadaism. [label info]

Orchid -- "Das Syndrom der Einsamkeit" -- CD -- €7
2009 Winter Solstice Records, WS006
A masterpiece of Russian darkwave. Sometimes atmospheric and thoughtful, sometimes almost danceable. A project of heathen metal band Nezhegol'. [YAOP]

Out Of Focus -- "Subliminal Collages" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Triangle Records, [TR05], (ltd. 60)
Surrealistic domestic noise, chaos, collages and distorted space. This time Karelian guys use: vacuum cleaner, guitar, naildrawer, cellophane bag, egg-cutter, piano, glass vase, iron ball, slide projector, water, scotch tape, 5-liter jar, paper, foam plastic, strobes, mouth organ, ski stick, pocket flashlight, electric razor, massager, hanger, scissors, engraving machine, gramophone, perforator, oven grill, screwdriver, peas, table spoons, forks. Disk has a multimedia part - clip and photo-album. Rough paper envelope with insert. Cover drawn by children from kindergarten number 114 of the city of Petrozavodsk.

The Oval Language -- "Tapes Singles and Remixes" -- CD -- €10
2010 Monochrome Vision, mv34, (ltd. 500)
This first CD album presents the old tracks restored from tapes, as well as exclusive remixes made by Guido Hu"bner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe). It's a wonderful excursion into the world of underground noise music which is sometimes extreme but always interesting and unpredictable. Thi is a very special appearance in our personal music research, and is a real discovery for all the fans of the experimental music genre... The Oval Language is a project existing since 1987, created by Frank Berendt and Klaus-Peter John. They have worked with a wide variety of artists, performers and bands: Nicolai Angelov (BG), Peter Schu"ler, Daniel Sco"rnig, Wolgang Putz, Jo"rg Thomasius (Das Freie Orchester), Tadashi Endo (J), Guido Hu"bner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe), Heiner Klus, Stefan Schwab, John Tilbury & Michael Parsons (E), Tresspassers W (NL), John Grznich & Michael Northam (USA), Ru"diger Klose (Die Kastrierten Philosophen), Axel Guhlmann, Andreas Bru"ning, Thomas N•O•R•A Noack and Torsten Heilemann. Over the years The Oval Language have taken part in a number of exhibitions, happenings/performances and created various installations... Klaus-Peter John was born 1960 in Leipzig, Eastern Germany. Apprenticeship in Wood-technics (Theaterwerksta"tten), 1976 evening classes HGB Leipzig with G. Thielemann; 1989 study for social-cultural work, and since then is active noise/sound performance artist. He was interested in collecting sounds from all over the world; with this purpose he toured Northern Irland, Poland, Scotland, Easter Islands, Bulgaria, Chile, Hungary, Antarctica and France. He performed at Universita"t Botanischer Garten (Leipzig), Deutsche Bu"cherei, Atomic Bomb Museum (Nagasaki) etc. But the audio output of The Oval Language is not so well known: a number of tapes published 1986-1993, three CDR albums (one of them produced by Jo"rg Thomasius); one 10" vinyl that was released by the now defunct Hypnagogia label (UK), and a few tracks that appeared on various compilations/collaborative albums. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Rose Sobchak -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 Heart Shaped Box prod., HSB-044, (ltd. 41)
Smart serious Harsh Noise a la Lefthanddecision and Werewolf Jerusalem from the Moscow based project. Handmade package, double sleeve. [YAOP]

Sanfilippo, Bruno -- "Piano Textures 2" -- CD -- €11
2009 AD21 Music, ad111
This CD from 2009 features 51 minutes of gentle ambient music. As implied by the release’s title, the principle instrument here is a grand piano (a model 1923 Steinway D, to be exact). Sanfilippo plays gentle Steinway chords that linger with a congenial sovereignty. The melodies pursue an extremely relaxed temperament with each expression isolated by reverent pauses (which are suitably filled with languidly drifting texturals). The electronics are primarily tenuous, establishing vaporous environs not unlike the mists that cloak a beach in the dawn hours. These tonalities engulf the music in translucence, a luster delicately penetrated by the piano notes. Some of the atmospherics exhibit a suppressed grittiness reminiscent of distant electrical currents crackling in an open field. For the most part, though, the ambience remains moderate and courteous. The compositions are ethereal yet compelling. While most ambient music relies entirely on the ebb and flow of harmonic auralscapes, these songs employ a melodic structure generated by the piano keys. Those melodies are then enhanced into pleasant phantasms by the conjunctive application of soft tones. The fragile compositions evoke moods the exact nature of which are wholly derived from the mind of the listener. [Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity]

This Morn' Omina -- "Le Serpent Blanc ~ Le Serpent Rouge" -- 2 CD -- €17
2003 Ant-Zen, act152
After the re-release of '7 Years of Famine' Ant-Zen presents the first part of This Morn' Omina's 'Nyan' trilogy. The concept of 'Nyan I' in Mika's own words: "Le Serpent Blanc and Le Serpent Rouge are the antithesis of one another - as simple as the serpent's split tongue or left and right, positive and negative, good and evil - whereas the former delves deeper into the cause and effect of saccadic movement, the latter is of an introspective nature. Le Serpent Rouge is the musical impression of a French poem / riddle concerning itself with a strange zodiac. A zodiac where the Ophiochus (the serpent) has an intricate yet previously unexplained role. This 13-legged system has been subject to numerous attempted explanations, all of which have failed. We provide no explanation or any attempt towards one - but offer an impression of how the text revealed itself to us - sometimes at length, sometimes mere flashes of the imagination... sometimes focusing on the physical animal the text refers too, sometimes deviating from any tangible relation, as real truth will only reside within that 'early in the morning dream wake state' of the person beholding the zodiac. Le Serpent Blanc describes the rising of the Uraeus. Unrelenting and agressive in some moments - equally deceiving, seducing and gentle in others. A new epoch has begun and all are welcome to join the journey - the old and the new travellers, and especially the ones that participated in this release. This is ritual musik - this is Nyan I." [label info]

This Morn' Omina -- "Les Passages Jumeaux: 25°~33°" -- 2 CD -- €17
2006 Ant-Zen, act172
It took This Morn' Omina three years to reach the next part of the "Nyan" trilogy, and it was worth the wait. Lots of change and experiences happened during this period - the most important change might be that of Sal-ocin, the new band member, his skills as a percussionist have been added to Mika's ultra-precise machinery usage - on stage and in the studio. "Les Passages Jumeaux" is presented as a 2-cd-set. 25° (cd1): You will be blown away by the sheer power and intensity of the first two tracks but then you will be lead into a state of hypnosis, trance and ecstasy - and before you know it you will get trapped in the tribal beats and moody sequencer lines. Lines that lead to the world tree and 33°. 33° (cd2): Your senses will be overwhelmed by thronging rhythmic variations, atmospheric synth lines and voice samples. T.M.O.'s ability to create a continuous musical flow while welding a conglomeration of single tracks to one logical aural concept is always astonishing and is proven here once again. This release is an excellent continuation of This Morn' Ominas work - and "Nyan" will be continued... [press-release]

This Morn' Omina -- "L'Unification Des Forces Opposantes" -- 2 CD -- €17
2011 Ant-Zen, act262
With L'Unification Des Forces Opposantes (the unification of the opposing forces) This Morn' Omina present the third and final part of the Nyan trilogy which now comes to a stunning conclusion after an intense period of 8 years... On this 2CD-set T.M.O. broach the issue of renascence and infinity where the lyrics printed in the booklet are of serious significance for both for the artists themselves and the listener. The reincarnation focus of this release also showcases the recent state of the project with the addition of the new cast member Karolus Lerocq. Musically, this album expresses a multitude of moods from anger and struggle to catharsis and redemption. Hypnotizing tribal ambience exist in parallel with razor sharp syncopated rhythms - a haunting intermixture of industrial, body techno, ritual ambient and ethnic downbeats, successfully forged into one pounding, rushing, euphoric dance explosion. What commenced as pure instrumental tracks at the beginning of this trilogy transmuted into vocalized statements of faith and emotion. A chimerical completion of a great epic. [label info]

Troum -- "Eald-Ge-Streon" -- 2 LP -- €29
2010 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt181 / Equation Records, E=mc21, (ltd. 400)
Welcome to the Thunderdome. Troum’s bone-cracking reverberations respirate with such ferocity that all non-Troum molecules are blown away. Eald-Ge-Streon is a massive, rising beauty. It is a great becoming, and we are nothing but an ant in the afterbirth. Troum has set its controls beyond the heart of the Sunn. The pulsating inferno of these 7 drone concertos may require an insurance adjuster, but what a lovely way to burn. It is in your nature to do one thing correctly. Before Troum, you rightly tremble. But fear is not what you owe Troum. You owe Troum awe! [press-release] Finally the vinyl-version of last years album is available, comes in a "book bound" gatefold-cover with expensive silver-blue metallic coloured design & artwork by STEPHEN O'MALLEY.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Werkraum -- "Early Love Music" -- 2 LP -- €28
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern23, (ltd. 500)

V/A -- "Sunhands" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Invisible Hand Distribution, IHD 058, (ltd. 100)
Exclusive tracks from Russian artists Fanum, Adriva,YAO 91404 D, Sub Figura, Vladimir Epifantsev and Invisible Hand. Drone + industrial + ritual. A cloth sack. [YAOP]

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