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This catalogue update, as usual, features lots of interesting music, among which we can mention new releases of the local projects Tlen, Interior Disposition, Bardoseneticcube, Pustota, and labels Evil Dead Productions and Operator Produkzion. Great amount of CDs, records and cassettes are added to the list of rare & used items... Wish you true pleasure of discovering & listening to new music!

All the best,

I. Forthcoming Events

16.10.2013 - Inner Sounds II
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Zeppelin Pub. More info...

Volgograd, Black Dog. More info...

Moscow, "Moscow Hall". More info...

St. Petersburg, "The Place". More info...

26.10.2013 - Black Ambient Mind III
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

27.10.2013 - Radiosculptures
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

Moscow, "DOM". More info...

St. Petersburg, "da:da:". More info...

Moscow, "Theater". More info...

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Abandoned Asylum -- "Derelicts Of Distant Hope" -- CD -- €10
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD63, (ltd. 500)
The debut album from Poland’s Abandoned Asylum and a welcome new entry into the Malignant family, fitting nicely alongside roster mates Rasalhague, Collapsar, and Phelios, in its ability to explore not only the outer edges of the cosmos, but deep into catacombs and dimly lit underground passages. Derelicts of Distant Hope is a collection of 7 tracks in total where shape shifting tonal swells are met with a host of nebulous textures, distant mechanical whir and industrial debris, and drifting atmospheric desolation, all expertly constructed and layered into a sprawling and expansive whole. With dark ambient, it’s not so much about re-inventing the wheel (which isn’t so easy to do given the genre’s defining characteristics) as much as it is about setting the mood, and Abandoned Asylum accomplishes that with great precision and skill. In 6 panel digipak, lmtd 500 copies. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

Akhkharu -- "Celebratum" -- CD -- €10
2013 Silcharde Records, Rite 004
Highly enigmatic, Aeonic dark ritual ambient sound sculptures of a spiritually disturbing nature. An audial ceremonial ritual temple of extreme Nightside Occult cosmology. "Celebratum", the long-awaited debut CD release of former Dark Age Productions and Ishnigarrab Recordings artist AKHKHARU, comprises remixed, remastered, as well as exclusive newly reworked material sourced from the DAT masters of the AKHKHARU project's three scarce cassette releases, originally issued in 1995 and 1996. The 73 minute audio CD includes a 12 page booklet of sigil artwork printed in metallic silver ink on Midnight Black paper with a unique, semi-translucent outer vellum cover. [press-release]

Anemone Tube -- "Death Over China" -- CD -- €10
2011 Silken Tofu, STX.19 / Topheth Prophet, TP024, (ltd. 731)
"Death Over China" is a unique blend of dark ambient, post industrial and power electronics in the tradition of European industrial music. Using field recordings, collected in China in 2007, ANEMONE TUBE creates an unsettling yet intriguing sound experience with a sinister atmosphere and an apocalyptic undertone. [label info]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Game Over" -- CD -- €12
2013 Deserted Factory
New CD from the legendary Russian project. The material was created back in 2009 and by now has been only available via torrent-service rutracker.org, and now finally sees the light of the day in physical format being slightly reworked for CD release. Minimalistic dark ambient slowly evolving into more spacious soundscapes and picturesque surrealistic forms richly spiced by hypnotic loops and speech samples.

Bianchi, Maurizio & Mauthausen Orchestra -- "Spiritual Noises" -- CD -- €12
2012 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 155
Historical collaboration between two of the fathers of Italian (and not only Italian) Old-School Industrial: MAURIZIO BIANCHI [M.B.] and PIERPAOLO ZOPPO [M.O. / MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA]. “Creating noise is determined by the presence of an original particle to which randomly apply an alteration to convey a voltage-activated disturbing that determinates the electro-phonic perturbation. As a result we obtain the SPIRITUAL NOISES”. Sounds by M.B.: ancient loops, modern metals and futuristic waves, M.O.: synthesizer, loops, noise effects. Final sound manuipulation by Gianluca Favaron: masterful amalgam and mixing. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [youtube]

Braces -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released
A collaboration of two Danish noisicians: Klaus H. Hansen (aka Ashley C, also formerly involved in Posh Isolation label) and Nicolas F. Kauffmann (Rare Blood, Family Underground, etc.). This is a compilation of all the early Braces recording sessions - quite raw noise collages, yet not exactly pure harsh noise.

Caul -- "The Long Dust" -- CD -- €10
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD62
The Long Dust signifies the first full length Caul recording for Malignant since 1998's "Light From Many Lamps' CD, and while, stylistically, Brett's sound has evolved, there's no question it has also matured, moving further away from the climatic drift of the early works, into more structured, composed realms, adding layers of noir-ish percussion and gentle guitar melodies to the arching tones and cinematic textures that define the Caul sound. This is music that speaks of grey skies and introspection... solemn, yet abounding with serene beauty. [press-release]

Ceremony Of Innocence -- "Der Rote Glanz Der Flammenfee" -- CD-R -- €4
2008 W.A.R. Productions, WAR045 / Beverina Productions, BP051, (ltd. 150)
A neoclassical / synth ambient project by Alex Wieser (Uruk-Hai, Bonemachine, Hrossharsgrani, Hrefnesholt, etc.)

Church Of Howling Dog / Prognostic Zero -- "Across The Road / Ver.0.02.013." -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 012
Split of two Russian projects from Ekaterinburg. Church Of Howling Dog (side-project of mr. Kein from Carved Image Of Emptiness) presents three measured tracks in vein of atmospheric martial industrial / neoclassic, finely shaped according to the canons of the genre. Prognostic Zero (duet of Kein and Alexander i from Zinc Room / EDP label) starts with a dark ambient track with gregorian chorals and malignant whisper; then continued with a serious composition with industrial bass & rhythm, radionoises, strange voice samples and distorted pieces in vein of Zinc Room; and ended with another dark ambient track with quotations from classical church music.

Claustrum -- "Isolato" -- CD -- €11
2000 Semema-Industrial.net, semema 01, (ltd. 500)
Claustrum are one of the pioneering acts from Riga, Latvia of the Latvian industrial scene. Since 1992 they have been experimenting, breaking the barriers of styles of industrial and electronic music, crossing over from minimalism and dark ambient to orchestral industrial, neoclassical and power electronics. The album has multimedia part.

Colley, Joe -- "Anthem (Static for Empty Life)" -- 3"CD -- €6
2002 Crippled Intellect Productions, C.I.P. CD 08, (ltd. 500)
One of Joe Colley's most aurally dynamic recordings to date, "Anthem" draws upon a rich array of acoustic and electronic sources, deftly composed into a rich, cohesive recording with the trademark meticulousness that helped establish (and define) Joe's status as one of the premier sound artists recording today. Hand-numbered edition of 500 in mini jewel case. [label info]

Con-Dom -- "A Prince Of Our Disorder" -- 3"CD + MC -- €30
1993 Sounds For Consciousness Rape, SFCR CD004, (ltd. 500)
3"CD and cassette with inserts in printed hessian sack tied up with thong. Live material from 1991-92.

Con-Dom / AntiChildLeague -- "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" -- 3"CD -- €12
2006 L. White Records, LW-027/9, (ltd. 350)
Part 9 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Currents Of Death -- "Cretodoh!" -- CD -- €5
2012 Provoloka, PRVLK-0005, (ltd. 500)
Possibly first power electronics project on exUSSR scene. First records was made at 91/92 in Novokuznetsk,Russia. Raw and angry synth,pulses, distorted vocal - five tracks of true classic power electronic! Also,there is additional bonus on disc - videoclip by Vadim Koshkin and Natalia Popikova, especially made for festival Exotica in 1993. [label info]

DMDN -- "Sling Trip" -- CD -- €10
1994 RRR / Pure, PURE 44
First collection of tape-material from the 80's by this Dutch noise-artist. He is also known as member of THU20, LEWD, BUNKUR and with his labels Midas Music and Supreme Tool Supplies. This first volume of Sling Trip contains the more alienated and furious soundscapes in M.B.-style. All tracks were released in 1987-1991 by MIDAS TAPES. Featuring collaborations with FRANS DE WAARD. Released by RRRecords' sublabel Pure. [Clear Spot]

Earth Incubator / Strup –- split -- CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 13)
Russian-Belarussian split. 58-minute light melodic ambient/post-rock/experimental/industrial/noise adventure on private author themes. Living, bright, multifarious and very atmosheric album. EI used for the first time in the records technology of transformation of movements in a sound matter. Design - red-black leatheretted bag closed on a button for most safeties + monochrome print. Limited 13 copies. [from the publisher]

Echoes Of Yul -- "Cold Ground" -- CD -- €10
2013 Avantgarde Music, AV212
A stylish 6 panels digipack to sweeten the hallucinating performance of this Polish band, one of the best European acts in terms of experimental post doom... A traumatic voyage by all means... [label info]

Ex.Order -- "This Infernal Age" -- CD -- €15
1998 Power & Steel, PAS 11, (ltd. 500)
Classics of power industrial.

Ex.Order -- "This Infernal Age" -- CD -- €20
1998 Power & Steel, PAS 11, (ltd. 500)
Classics of power industrial. Copy signed by the band.

Flooded Church of Asmodeus -- "Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum" -- CD -- €10
2012 Bestial Burst, BeBu-054
With added bats and blood, the mighty FCOA returns with a full lenght album! 10 traxxx of blasphemous distortion and mayhem: some slow and sludgy, some short, sharp and shocking. All pounding black noise from Finland's ritual circles of deepest Satanic underground. Not for tender ears or easily offended souls. This group has signed their souls to burn in Hell forever, and now it's YOUR turn to feel the fire! [press-release]
[reverbnation]   [youtube]

Goldenrod (Streicher + Macronympha) -- "Fuck You All" -- CD -- €10
1995/2009 Industrial Recollections, IR-STR-MACRO
Goldenrod, obscure collaboration campaign of Streicher, where each release was contributed with source sounds of some international noise artists. In 1996 3 different C-60 tapes was released, but when Zero Cabal label quit their activities, material barely reached listeners. Now Industrial Recollections is proud to present these utmost crude and nasty assaults of analogue destruction, filthy rumbles, broken electronics, physical wreckage... Black & White covers faithful to original design and sound that has not been cut/edited, only transferred from tape to digital medium with best possible means. [press-release]

Green, Clinton & Andrew McIntosh -- "Kasoundi" -- CD -- €10
2013 Shame File Music, SHAM071
Collaborating originally on The Unnameable project (2002-5), Kasoundi sees the two artists combine their more contemporary interests in minimal, often-acoustic, noise improvisation. Exploring the natural and manipulated sonic properties of a variety of objects and machines (record player, tape deck, rocks, bowls, percussion instruments, kitchen utensils, aluminium foil, broken records), the duo weaves a naturalistic yet compelling series of improvisations that alternate between slow-build tension and luxuriating in these unique sonic textures. [press-release]

The Grey Wolves -- "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" -- 3"CD -- €12
2006 L. White Records, LW-027/8, (ltd. 350)
Part 8 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

The Grey Wolves -- "Judgement" -- CD -- €12
2009 Hospital Productions, HOS-247
Reissue of our personal favorite cassette-only release from the legendary UK industrial icon known as The Grey Wolves to celebrate their 23rd year of existence. Despite their power electronics fame, Judgement exhibits the dark rhythmic industrial and ritualistic minimal synth half rarely heard. Two side long oil slick tracks of filthy crumbling rotten beats hammer away with nihilistic chaos. Militant synth lines raise the occult flag. Ancient ethereal feedback howls voiceless language through the hallway of industrial fallout. The Grey Wolves are in the area! [press-release]

Grunt -- "On The Edge Of Cultural Apocalypse" -- 3"CD -- €12
2005 L. White Records, LW-027/4, (ltd. 350)
Part 4 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Havohej -- "Kembatinan Premaster" -- CD -- €10
2009 Hells Headbangers, HELLS 033
Black Metal / Ambient / Avantgarde. The second full-length album is now complete! Deemed to be the grand master of unholy darkness and black perversion, "Kembatinan Premaster" destroys all past work & is the definite Havohej ritual to be observed by ALL devotees of the genre. Easily the ultimate contender on the bestial black throne of metal to deliver such complete utter fucking darkness so very few can capture. "Kembatinan Premaster" is a single meditation consisting of 8 parts in 37 minutes of total fucking blackness with acclaimed black vocal vomits and signature style profanatic percussion. This is the continuation of the now classic Ledney atrocities committed in 1993 and yet again breaking major ground 16 years later. [press-release]

Herbst9 -- "Buried Under Time And Sand" -- CD -- €12
2005/2012 Loki Foundation, LOKI 39
Originally released in 2005 this album marked the beginning of Herbst 9's Babylonian cycle which was later continued with "The Gods Are Small Birds..." CD and the most recent "Usumgal Kalamma" double CD. The natural sound stands with Herbst9 and the ritual motives developing visionary sequences. "Buried Under Time And Sand" can not be reduced to a certain basic feeling, and it can not be categorized as pure ambient music. That is simply one of the most sensitive and most concentrated records in the wide field of ritual ambient music - direct, endlessly devoured and deep. Re-edition comes in cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

Herbst9 -- ":Eta Carinae:" -- CD -- €12
2001/2012 Loki Foundation, LOKI 28
Eta Carinae was the second album released in 2001 that continued the exploration through vast landscapes of a holy and intangible aura. In amongst spirals of multi layered drones, monumental vibrations and catacombs depths, rich and tribalised percussions rise out of the chasm and turning this album into another textured slice of ritual and archaic atmosphere. Re-mastered by Andreas Wahnmann. [press-release]

Huren Aquarium / Strup -- "Harsh Noise Split" -- CD-R -- €4
2010 self-released
Split of Russian (St. Petersburg) and Belarus (Bobruysk) noise musicians.

I Am Nothing + Light Collapse -- "Music For Transistor" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Smell The Stench

Interior Disposition -- "Cranium Vult: Unreleased & Rarities 2003-2013" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 InterioRepertoR, IR12, (ltd. 150)
A collection of previously unreleased tracks of this Russian project from the last decade. Space ambient with trademark "rustling" sound and minor consonances, quite resembling Bad Sector of "Polonoid" period, but with more minimalistic and abstract atmosphere, sometimes with rough rhythmical constructions.

Irikarah -- "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" -- 3"CD -- €12
2004 L. White Records, LW-027/1, (ltd. 350)
Part 1 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Iron Halo Device -- "The Collapsing Void" -- CD -- €10
1996 Malignant Records, TUMOR 07
"The Collapsing Void" has two distinct segments. Tracks 01-04 were recorded live at the Hurricane in Kansas City on July 31, 1996. The performance was composed entirely of samples taken from other bands. You can easily identify the obvious cuts borrowed from Nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, Skinny Puppy, Coil, Curve, Lords Of Acid, SPK, etc., etc. The detailed letters from music industry lawyers contained within the liner notes show that Iron Halo Device is definitely not a band that fears litigation. Tracks 05-08 were compiled from home studio demos written and recorded in August and September 1995, utilizing the same guerilla recording techniques. Most of the sample material, however, is based on slowed or accelerated percussion and drones, rather than than readily identifiable cuts. Yet the trained ear can hear a bit of Lustmord on 'The Abduction of Winter' so the samples are not that well masked. A slithery, all encompassing sonic octopus of diverse samples manipulated into cohesive, illusive, mind altering songs. A jumble of percussive elements, a hazy rippling horizon of sounds and sonic textures flow from inception to realization with smooth, deceptive grace. You'll applaud Philip T. Easter (STONE GLASS STEEL) for his daring sample based construction techniques and his dedication to the artists who contributed unknowingly. [Sickness Still Abounds].

JFK -- "La Bas: 1987-1992" -- CD -- €10
2013 Fourth Dimension Records, FDCD083 / Tiger On Box Records, TOB001
JFK is the project of British Rock and electronic musician Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh, Skullflower, Ethnic Acid). Originally active between 1987 and 1992, JFK was conceived as an experimental rock band that could create: ‘a total music, absorbing all possibilities’ (Di Franco). This collection compiles rare and previously unreleased tracks, including the ‘Temple Of Set’/’ Sexodus’ 7” (previously released by Fourth Dimension in 1992). The JFK sound is a brain-melting clash of electronic rhythms, blazing guitar riffs, warped vocals and walls of feedback. As one reviewer said: ‘JFK seem deformed by the first wave of avant rock coming out of the USA post-Sonic Youth but with an intense/ecstatic Industrial overload appeal that is uniquely brain-boggling… combinations of lightning strikes of bass, chainsaw fuzz, pugilistic a-temporal drum machine assaults and warped, urgent vocals – think Suicide, Chrome, the opening chords of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’, all reduced to insane gravities of electricity.’ [label info]

Koude -- "Schizophilia" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2013 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT106, (ltd. 66)
Long awaited new material from this Russian project, two albums of which have already been released by our label. Schizophrenic industrial avantgarde based on ambient foundation, with lots of samples and gothic influence. Sleeve. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Extensive Program" -- 2 CD-R -- €5
2012 Vomit Bucket Productions, VBP 098, (ltd. 30)
This double CD-R with 7 tracks in total from Russia's Light Collapse offers almost 2 hours of Dadaist experimental (harsh) noise, very trippy stuff! CD-Rs with black/white stickers and black/white layout with very cool artwork from the artist himself for a double slim-DVD-case, limited to 30 copies. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Lost" -- CD-R -- €5
Smell The Stench

Luftwaffe -- "Dissension" -- CD -- €12
2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 169
Here comes the "new and also last" full-length album from Neofolk and Post Industrial duet Luftwaffe (USA) featuring fifteen uncompromising tracks of Solipsistical Nihilism with several new collaborative efforts. Dissension is the aural harbinger of an inevitable finality of which none have yet conceived. Special guests: Axel Menz (Hekate), Art Abscon, Erin Powell (Awen). [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

MAA -- "Tuhkankantajat" -- CD -- €10
2010 Anima Arctica, AUER-007, (ltd. 500)
A groundbreaking band, right on the leading edge of what neofolk as a genre can be capable of. "Tuhkankantajat" draws together folk, classical, experimental, ambient and noise influences with quiet and organic perfection. Although built on a core of acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and pathos-laden Finnish vocals, MAA also use piano, chimes, strings, and various electrical devices. Each song invites us into a rich weave: introspective, sombre, edgy, emotionally complex. Mournful-wistful-joyous, weary elation, measured but indefatigable momentum. Aching beauty, inky and dark and heavy, yet dappled with sunlight like the earth in a primordial forest. "Tuhkankantajat" is darkness tempered with ecstasy; raw and sophisticated; deeply interior yet verging on the boundless. These Finnish masters have been quietly forging rich new possibilities for Neofolk. [Cold Spring]

Macronympha -- "Intensive Care" -- CD -- €10
1998 Self Abuse Records, SAD-07
Harsh-noise album from the classic of the US noise scene.

Macronympha -- "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania" -- CD -- €10
1995/2009 Trash Ritual, trash050, (ltd. 500)
"Western Pennsylvania is a graveyard. No ideas or worthwhile activities exist in this decaying nightmare of horror and stupidity. Just hatred and broken lives. The native population is an indigenous mutation of inbred sickness and mental corruption. Someday everyone and everything here will die a miserable death. That day cannot come soon enough." The long awaited CD issue of the LP previously issued on Praxis Dr. Bearmann in 1995. Due to limitations of format "Rusted Steel And Rotted Flesh" was previously cut to fit LP format. Trash Ritual is proud to present the full uncut session clocking in at just under 45 minutes. [label info]

Mangenerated –- "1996" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 RRs.R, 2006/05, (ltd. 40)
Experimental Old-School Industrial, archive recordings of the Belgium project from 1996. Tapes, metal junk, drum kit, record player which turned into infinite loop machine after it's needle was broken, radio. Most influences were Steve Reich, Marcel Duchamp, Smell&Quim, K2, Deche-Charge. Aluminum foil sleeve, 2-sided A4 insert. [YAOP]

Metaconqueror -- "Of Steel, Bone, And Fire" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Syzmic Records, syzmic02, (ltd. 150)
J. Stillings is back again with more amazing solo material. This time crossing the lines of eeerie death industrial and obscure black metal.. This release will definitley be sure to gives your ears a workout. This is the second full length Metaconqueror release following up 2004's "Banishment of the Unforsaken" on the now deceased Somnambulant Records. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

MS30 -- "T.I.A." -- CD -- €10
2012 Silken Tofu, stx.21
MS30 is born from the encounter between the Korg MS20 of TZII and the Korg MS10 of Aymeric De Tapol, resulting in massive frequencies, sharp cuts and hypnotizing pulsations. Both artists share a fascination for West-Africa, which brought them to work around on this thematic, with their own vision and cultural codes... AYMERIC DE TAPOL is an experimental and electro-acoustic composer, based in Brussels. He works for contemporary dance pieces, radiophonic creations and as a freelance sound engineer for cinema and documentary films. Since 1998, he focuses his work on climatic sound takes. The final result is a composition where minimalist soundscapes interact with each other and lead to organic maps, close to microsound or noise. His works could be described as ‘travelling music’: the music score for a non-existing movie... Since 1996 TZII has been spreading his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world by touring from Europe to Australia, passing by the USA, Canada, Japan and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows, spreading cinematic ambient and raw electronic anger. He’s a co-founder and active member of the V-ATAK collective & dvd label, one half of SOLAR SKELETONS and a member of DUFLAN DUFLAN and several other bands. He also works for dance companies, living performances, movie soundtracks and any other mediums with sound inside. [press-release].

No More Music At The Service Of Capital -- "Universal Prostitution" -- CD -- €10
2006 iDEAL Recordings, iDEAL041 / Absurd, #63 / 8mm Records, 8mm 012
Hardcore improvisation. Extreme, sharp and filled with burning energy - No More Music (at the service of capital). This is a beautifully painful record recorded in Oslo, Brussels and Strasbourg in early 2006 by the duo of Argentinian Lucio Capece on saxophone, often feedbacked through a mixer and Basque computer improviser/feedbacker/ destroyer and thinker Mattin, both based in sunny Berlin. "Universal Prostitution" moves in the wastelands between extreme reductionism, noise and focused improvisation. Get into the void. [press-release].

One Wobbly Egg -- "A Tribute To Lobster Priest" -- CD-R -- €4
2007 Infinite Exchange, IECDR004, (ltd. 23)

Plethora -- "The Inner Workings Of The Mechanism" -- CD-R -- €10
2004 Psychochrist Productions, PSYCHO 07, (ltd. 50)
Plethora is Seattle musician Stan Reed, a member of noise music outfit Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and The Broken Penis Orchestra, the latter a surrealist/absurdist one-man band and sometimes Nurse With Wound associate. Reed uses the Plethora alias to channel his more ear-friendly electroacoustic musical ideas. This extremely limited CD-R is noted as ‘deleted’ from Reed’s own label MySpace page, and most of Plethora’s dozen or so other releases (mostly as cassettes or CD-Rs) are either ridiculously limited, out of print or unavailable. ‘The Inner Workings…’ offers a series of minimal, electronic installations where a few creaking and groaning sounds are set in motion in front of the listener while the composer applies various sound treatments, a bit like a David Tudor at the mixing board. Tracks #4 and 5 are by far the most impressive of the set, their glacial and mysterious proceedings reminiscent of Brume, Ricardo Mandolini or Ricardo Sinigaglia. While the music certainly lacks stereo imaging and is rather mono-dimensional, it is indeed well balanced between electronic sounds and musique concrete (samples from a closing door or motor engine, for instance). Outstanding disc. [Continuo]

Predominance -- "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence" -- CD -- €12
2000/2012 Loki Foundation, LOKI 26
Originally released in 2000 the second album of Predominance marked another step further into new dimensions. Pulsating heavy background textures are contrasted by symphonic-monumental and rhythmic proportions, brooding walls of sweeping soundwaves and vocals as well. A deep ambient soundtrack that rises from the very center of a convoluted labyrinth and creates a unique image of ancient myths and extraterrestrial traces. Comes with two bonus tracks Trans-Atlantis and Dust of Lost Paradise from Nord Ambient Alliance V.A. CD. Re-mastered by Andreas Wahnmann. [label info]

Rasthof Dachau -- "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" -- 3"CD -- €12
2005 L. White Records, LW-027/6, (ltd. 350)
Part 6 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Reflector -- "The Heritage" -- CD-R -- €4
2012 Rock Is Hell Records, RIP47 / Noise Appeal Records, NOISE33 / Interstellar Records, INT27
Along with their idiosyncratic song structures, the band Reflector is well known for their live concerts where they fuse their songs and song elements in a compact dramaturgy. And now, fifteen years after founding their duo, they present the album "The Heritage" - an album that dispenses completely with songs, one that comprises of a single, complex and varied piece that lasts the length of the album, a piece in which the listener is swept through different soundworlds and voicings. Like a soundtrack to movie that is not yet filmed, the piece is built up acoustically. Taken through desynchronised pieces and parts of sludge rock, from stirring metal quotations to sustained, melancholic and repetitive guitar playing. In this way, Reflector's "The Heritage" navigates around possible cliches of sounds or riffs, building their own small universe of musical voicing. [press-release] Promo-version of the LP release on pro-CDR with full-colour artwork.

Sala Delle Colonne -- "Il Destino Della Orchestra Aurora" -- CD -- €12
2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 166
Third full length CD by this Italian Martial Industrial project after their sucesfull album out on CMI. “Il Destino della Aurora Orchestra” CD album by SALA DELLE COLONNE, in his symbolic title already declines his strong intentions, with the word “Destino” that can be translated in English either with "Destiny" or with "Doom". We can read it as "The Destiny of Aurora Orchestra", when the September 8, 1943, during the Second World War, the musicians was divided (someone followed the Republic of Salo, others went with the Partisans), to symbolize and remember the tragedy of separation in Italy that followed the end of fascism and the outbreak of civil war that put brothers against brothers. And we can listen it as "The Doom of Aurora Orchestra", following the neoclassical martial orchestration in doom key adopted by Sala delle Colonne in some tracks, an "orchestral doom" like the evolution of the style used in earlier work “XX A.D”. Another great leap in quality and innovation of this eclectic Italian artist, by now well known even outside the neoclassical / martial world in which it was - so far - located. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Satanismo Calibro 9 -- "Isis Rising" -- CD -- €12
2012 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 168, (ltd. 300)
SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 "Isis Rising" is the manifestation of Tempio 328. “Isis Rising” is the celebration of shunned archetypes through the most morbid deathcult. “Isis rising” emanates from a journey through the core of the abyss, where Death is the source of all Power and Knowledge. Six tracks that will plunge you in death-like darkness, where the rituals of Tempio 328 will lead you through Death, Desperation, Hallucination and Violence. To Isis Rising! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Scum From The Sun -- "4" -- CD -- €10
2013 Avantgarde Music, AV218 / X-Pianeta Records
Scum From The Sun, an italian experimental project combining ambient/noise with guitars and bass performed in a post-rock at times or doom style. Digipak with booklet. [label info]

Sektion B -- "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" -- 3"CD -- €12
2006 L. White Records, LW-027/7, (ltd. 350)
Part 7 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Sirotek -- "Kafkianstvo" -- CD-R -- €8
2013 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT102, (ltd. 33)
Twilight foggy experimental music inspired by books of Franz Kafka with no less of sickness and inadequacy. Inexplicable lyrics with mannered declamation to the accompaniment of expressive Art Noise and melancholic Space Post Rock, illustrated by concrete noises. Psychiatric radio theater. Full-colour cover + 2 inserts. [label info]

Sleep Of Ages / God Pussy / Shue -- "Tropical Bi-Polar" -- CD-R -- €4
2012 Vomit Bucket Productions, VBP 113, (ltd. 50)
This split features the well-known Brazilian harsh noise projects Sleep of Ages and God Pussy from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro plus the very young harsh noise project Shue, also from Sao Paulo, this split being his first release. Here you get over 78 minutes of audio destruction, very good and recommended! Brazil isn't only about cachaca and samba... CD-R with black on green 2-page cover and black on yellow insert, limited to 50 copies. [label info]

Slogun -- "Bestial" -- 3"CD -- €12
2005 L. White Records, LW-027/5, (ltd. 350)
Part 5 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Splinter vs. Stalin -- "Eravamo Cosi Felici" -- CD -- €10
2008 Turgid Animal, TA400 / H.I.E. Production, HIE002, (ltd. 450)
More italian goodness! Band formed in 2003 by Nicola (Fecalove) and Marco. First official CD release and first one featuring Lorenzo (Thanatologist, Nave, Entropic Degrade Behind Phylogeny) on vocals. Seven tracks of decayed and wrong industrial/noise/power electronics with brutal vocals in italian. Analogue and digital noise, various electronics, tape looping and much more. Quite a change from the past releases. A concept about the last years of Mirko Sartori, a reclusive mad man who lived with the mummified corpse of his mother Anna for three years in a little town in northern Italy, covering their apartment's walls with weird prayers and requests of help. Lyrics are nothing else than what he wrote on the walls. No changes or interpretations. Pure italian suburban depression, madness and void. Comes in japanese style pvc protection sleeve, full colour paper digipack, 8 page booklet featuring lyrics in italian and translation in english. [press-release]

STROM.ec -- "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" -- 3"CD -- €12
2004 L. White Records, LW-027/3, (ltd. 350)
Part 3 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

Survival Unit -- "Our Lives In Their Hands" -- 3"CD -- €12
2004 L. White Records, LW-027/2, (ltd. 350)
Part 2 of 9 in "Free Speech - Fight For Your Right" 3"CD series by German noise/PE label L. White Records. Packed in a small glassframe with nice layout.

A Taste For Decay -- "Beneath Black Waters" -- CD -- €10
2010 Black Goat Records, BGR045, (ltd. 1000)
Terrifying industrial-tinged blackened soundtracks to bludgeon your ears with. Featuring collaborations with Alan Dubin (GNAW / Khanate / OLD), Billy Anderson (Blessing The Hogs) and John Paul Whetzel (Pro-Death / StemCell Research Project). [label info]

Tlen -- "s/t" -- CD -- €8
2013 Dystopian World Prod., DWP01
TLEN (Decay... or Dust) is a Russian dark ambient project, formed in 2008 by Demetrius. Its purposes are the creation of sound landscapes and the structures drawing in consciousness, the atmosphere of loneliness and abandonment. The author doesn't limit himself in choice of sound palette, representing field recordings, sounds of household subjects, digital and analogue synthesizers, acoustic instruments, etc. This eponymus debut was recorded 2008-2011. File next to Raison D'etre or Nortaunt. [Cold Spring]

Tlen -- "Timelessness" -- CD -- €8
2013 Dystopian World Prod., DWP02
The second album from Russian act TLEN (Decay... or Dust) is very personal, and was created in the classic dark ambient style. It's an attempt to express the emotional state during the immersion to the depths of unconsciousness and researches some aspects surrounding reality. Poetry in Russian and images of artist and mathematician Anatoly Fomenko give completeness to this release. File next to Raison D'etre or Nortaunt. [Cold Spring]<

Tonal Y Nagual -- "New York Studio Edition II" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Confusibombus, cf03, (ltd. 100)
... This EP reveals a kind of hidden side of Giuseppe Tonal and Tikki Nagual. Both debut songs are more into a mix of EBM and electro-pop with some typical and cool new-wave guitar playing on top. The song “Schau Nach Oben” is a quite promising song and maybe a path the band has to explore a bit more. The last 2 songs move into explicit new-wave influences. The songs are pretty electro-like as well, but the good-old new-wave influence clearly emerge at the surface... [Side-Line]

Troum -- "Mare Idiophonika" -- CD -- €12
2010 Silken Tofu, stx.12, (ltd. 500)
Mare Idiophonika ('The Self-Playing Ocean') is the new album by the German duo TROUM and contains the studio-version of the live programme Troum performed in 2007, with a new ending added later. Using bass, guitars, metal objects, voices and choirs and for the first time also singing-bowls and ‘dry’ beats Troum creates yet another magnificent journey into unknown dimensions. Its sounds are stunning and enchanting, leaving one in a state of bewilderment while exploring the world of the unconscious. With its compelling drones and haunting atmosphere Mare Idiophonika is a masterpiece of transcendental soundscapes. It is a mind-blowing dreamy and moving experience, reaching out towards the inner self and beyond. [press-release] European edition in oversized cardboard folder with silver print.

TSIDMZ -- "Pax Deorum Hominumque" -- CD -- €12
2012 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 158
"Pax Deorum Hominumque" is the soundtrack for the "new man" who fights for a Eurasian spiritual unity, just as this unity always expressed itself in many and varied cultural forms. A great mix of electronic, boombastic martial, neofolk, post-industrial and post-atomic music. Featuring a wide range of special guests like: Gnomonclast, Horologium, Sala Delle Colonne, Barbarossa Umtrunk, Heiliges Licht, Embersreich and Flubeda... Final mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d'etre). Art-work by Nickolay Busov (Ufa Muzak). [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Verticchio, Giuseppe -- "Resonant Ambiences" -- CD-R -- €5
2000 self-released
Self-released solo recordings by Giuseppe Verticchio done before the Nimh project started.

Verticchio, Giuseppe -- "Tjukurpa" -- CD-R -- €5
1999 self-released
Self-released solo recordings by Giuseppe Verticchio done before the Nimh project started.

Vesicatoria / Carved Image Of Emptiness -- "Void / Necro" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 011
Vesicatoria - a project from Belarus presented 5 tracks of dense claustrophobic industrial dark ambient. Carved Image Of Emptiness (C.I.O.E.) from Ekaterinburg, Russia - active rhythmic industrial with thick textures, good sound and imagination.
[+]   [+]

Voe_Ero -- "Prosh'anie Vesn" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2008 Zhivu, Zhivu07-58
Old project of Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, Vresnit, Vetvei label). Lo-fi experimental garage rock.

Voe_Ero -- "Rozhdenny" -- CD-R -- €5
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu12-39
Old project of Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, Vresnit, Vetvei label). Lo-fi experimental garage rock, recorded in 2009.

The Vomit Arsonist -- "Go Without" -- CD -- €10
2012 Assembly Of Hatred, AOH08, (ltd. 500)
Three years after the last full length, “Wretch”, and after a series of limited cassette releases, THE VOMIT ARSONIST returns with his most recent full length, “Go Without”. Depressive, bleak, and monotonous electronics. Clanging, ripping scrap metal noise. Maddening, insane vocal work… “Go Without” is a semi-concept album about spending a near-lifetime in the throes of dependence to psychoactive drugs. This is a look in the mirror. This is letting you know who you really are. There is no escape from the truth. [label info]

Wakeford, Tony -- "Oddities" -- CD -- €8
2011 Tursa, Tursa 13oclock
A collection of out-takes not included in previous works of Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus). Digisleeve.

Wapstan -- "L'Appel Du Vent" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Audiobot, BOT 141
Wapstan (misspelling of the cree word "Wapistan" meaning "Marten") is the name of the main musical project of Canadian noise musician Martin Sasseville based in Montreal, Quebec. Originally formed as a project to create experimental sounds influenced by the experience of coldness, Wapstan based most of his sounds as a tribute of the north. The Wapstan sound is often self-described as "hypothermic drones". Wapstan's sound was originally constructed as a vitalist ambiance opposed to the general pessimism of the noise scene. [Wikipedia]

Wiese, Klaus / Sam Schlamminger / Ted De Jong -- "Koan / Age Of Aquarius" -- 2 CD-R -- €17
1996/2007 Aquarius International Music, AQ 0095
Classical album by Klaus Wiese & friends in late CDR reissue, comes with a bonus-CDR compilation from Aquarius label.

Williams, David E. -- "Pseudo Erotica and Beyond, 1986-1998" -- CD -- €10
1987/2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 063
Nearly 2 decades after its original release, Williams’ debut EP comes to CD in all its degenerate glory, along with 19 previously unreleased and amazing tracks from the same period of perverse creativity. Hear Williams’ original deadpan lamentations of vomiting dogs, stolen glass eyes, and the rape of the retarded; set against an increasingly sophisticated musical backdrop of classic pop, dreary dirge, industrial, neoclassical and an early form of what would later be known as “dark ambient”! Some of these songs were eliminated from earlier releases because of their political and sexual offensiveness. But now their time has come. Simply a not to loose masterpiece of best apocalyptic neo-folk'n'pop! [press-release]

Williams, David E. -- "Trust No Scaffold Built Of This Bone" -- CD -- €12
2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 177
Williams is back! An undisputed yet controversial cult icon for over 2 decades, David E. Williams continues to expand the boundaries of dark cabaret and neofolk in ways that perpetually leave him as the ultimate outsider of both genres. As always, his 6th full length release documents the violent dread of every moment for a troubadour narrator on the nexus of existential angst and cultural despair. The new music ranges from finger-snapping ditties to chamber synthpop to his ever popular piano-driven art songs, with lead vocals by himself and other luminaries such as Andrew King, Lloyd James (Naevus) and Jane Elizabeth (Tesco USA). Other participants include Jerome Deppe, David Talento, Adrina Hansen, Ken Brune and Wendy Mittelstadt. An essential release from this former and current collaborator of Deathpile, Blood Axis and Rozz Williams of Christian Death! [press-release]
[mp3]   [youtube]

Winterkalte -- "Disturbance" -- CD -- €15
2004 Hands Productions, D069
Fourth album of this famous rhythmic noise project. Packed in a very unusual flocking digipak.

Winterkalte -- "Drum 'N' Noise" -- CD -- €15
1999 Hands Productions, D013
Third album of this famous German rhythmic noise project.

Winterkalte -- "First Album" -- CD -- €15
1996/2006 Hands Productions, D100
CD reissue of the first self-titled album previously released in 1996 exclusively on vinyl LP.

Winterkalte -- "Greenwar" -- CD EP -- €8
2001 Hands Productions, D006
Almost two years after their second CD ("Drum'n'Noise"), Winterkäte, one of the biggest and most essential act in the rhythmic noise genre, come back with a small but elegant item. "Greenwar" and its four tracks come in a cardboard sleeve that is itself packaged in two pieces of folded cardboard with metallic ink. [Recycleyourears.com]

Winterkalte -- "Structures Of Destruction" -- CD -- €15
1997 Hands Productions, D006
Second album of this famous German rhythmic noise project.

V/A -- "The Promises Of Silence" -- CD -- €8
1993 Hic Sunt Leones, HSL 004
Hybryds, Djen Ajakan Shean, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Jeff Greinke, Art Of Primitive Sound, Ora, Alio Die, Robert Rich, Saffron Wood, black tape for a blue girl, Temps Perdu?, Dwight Ashley & Tim Story.

V/A -- "The Sound Of Sadism" -- CD -- €10
1999 Crowd Control Activities, Crowded 16 / Malsonus, M004, (ltd. 1000)
Deathpile, Iugula-Thor, Taint, Skin Crime, Atrax Morgue, Hydra, Gruntsplatter, Bloodyminded, Con-Dom, Black Leather Jesus, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Slogun, Discordance, Stahlnetz.


Darkwood -- "Notwendfeuer" -- LP -- €23
2006/2013 Fronte Nordico, DW I, (ltd. 138) Fronte Nordico is proud to present its vinyl edition of one of the best neofolk albums ever - Darkwood's classics «Notwendfeuer». Originally released in 2006 it has deserved a cult status immediately. Our release is made with a great love and respect to this brilliant record and we strongly recommend it to all the neofolk followers - not to be missed. Regular edition - silkscreen printed die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with full-colour picture in the centre, attached full colour 12" info sheet, black vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico cut-out inner sleeve. [press-release]

Mania -- "Grotesque Mirth" -- 7" -- €8
2011 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-51, (ltd. 200) Harsh noise / PE from USA on Finnish label.

Turbund Sturmwerk / Inade -- "Peryt Shou" -- LP BOX -- €20
2003 Loki Foundation, LOKI 30, (ltd. 555) Peryt Shou is the second part of LOKIs "Germania Occulta" collection (after "Saturn Gnosis" 2 x 10" compilation). The collection covers the occult rising in the 20th and 30th of the last century in Germany. Red vinyl, comes as a large box, containing a 10"-sized booklet, and the LP comes inside a gatefold sleeve.


Cent Ans De Solitude -- "Les Enfants De L'Oubli" -- MC -- €7
1987 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.004
Dark and cold electronics with a lot of sound collages, first side in the way of early LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE, second side in the way of early CURRENT 93, very recommended, comes in a dark decorated wrapping with photos and inserts. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Culver -- "Toward The Death In Suspense" -- MC -- €4
2006 Matching Head, Matching Head 126

Culver / Harm -- split -- MC -- €4
2006 Matching Head, Matching Head 113

The Grey Wolves -- "The Chaos Ov Creation" -- C-90 -- €15
Strength Through Awareness
On this cassette, two different sides of the Grey Wolves can be heard. The "A" side features hard/harsh electronics, creating an aural attacking soundtrack. The "B" side offers you a darker, more atmospheric sound, a functional side for those special occasions, a soundtrack to accompany you on those journeys deep into the mind.

The Grey Wolves & Macronympha -- "The Comfort Zone" -- C-60 -- €20

The Grey Wolves / Shock City -- "Blood And Sand" -- MC -- €15
Strength Through Awareness
Split cassette originally released by Old Europa Cafe in 1990, later reissued by Strength Through Awareness.

Huren Aquarium -- "Brave New Age" -- MC -- €4
2010 Noo Slava Bogu, NSB 001, (ltd. 30)

Huren Aquarium / Biomass -- split -- MC -- €4
2010 self-released, (ltd. 50)

Mania -- "Grim Conditions" -- C-20 -- €7
2013 Freak Animal Records
It's like combination of pretty much PE type "Grotesque Mirth" 7" reminding shorter pieces with great vocals, and then Coma Detox / Mania LP last track type somewhat stripped down metal junk recordings, but with very good sounds. Power tools. Piercing electronics. High pitched feedbacks. Heavy yet super clear noise sounds. [label info]

Merzbow -- "Pornoise 1KG" -- 5 MC BOX -- €65
1984/1993 RRRecords / Statutory Tape, STATAP 17
In the 80s Masami Akita had a mail art project called Pornoise, in which he made collages using discarded magazines – in particular pornographic magazines – taken from the trash. These were then sent along with his cassettes, the idea being that his art was like cheap mail order pornography. "Pornoise 1kg" was released as part of these activities, the 1kg refers to the total weight of the original package. Originally released in 1984 by ZSF Produkt, reissued by RRR sublabel Statutory Tape in 1993. [Wikipedia]

Noz V Wodzie -- "s/t" -- C-60 -- €7
Experimental work from an Orthodox Christian project from Izhevsk. Noise Ambient фтв Minimal Techno mixed with absurd voice samples. Minimalistic photocopied artwork. [YAOP]

Pustota -- "Dekompressiya" -- 2 x C-32 -- €5
2013 Biosonar^Lo-End, 033, (ltd. 9)
This release circumstantially illustrates the imperfection of digital technologies and futility of judgements about digital being better than analogue. Technically the phonogram was made during re-recording of tape noise to digital formats with high degree of compression (each side features its own compression format) and then recording back from a usual computer to AGFA master cassettes which lost their full-scale qualities after 20 years of usage, which brought back some tape sound to these files, the actual semantic decompression. Ultra-limited edition and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box. [press-release]

Pustota -- "FON-12" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 Biosonar^Lo-End, 035, (ltd. 12)
Random numbers in "FON" series, random effects of multi-layered mixdowns of tape noise appeared as a result of repeated re-recordings with the use of apparatus of various classes. Extracted from the depths of magnetic spattering, that noise which was fought against during the whole history of using magnetic tape as data storage media. Ultra-limited edition and DIY fetish-package in a cardboard box. [press-release]

Frea market


414 - Bone - CD - €8.70
A.N.P. feat. K.K.Null - Ultrasonic Action - CD - €6.90
Adriva - Adtasa - 3"CDR - €2.30
Adriva - Cuore Mini - CDR - €4.10
Adriva - Ombre Parties (Predchustvie) - CDR - €6.90
Adriva - Oriens - CDR - €4.10
Aeoga - Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus - CD - €6.90
Anthesteria - Beyond Nimbostratus - CD - €5.30
Anthesteria - Nebesnaya - CD - €5.30
Anthesteria - Phobos 1953 (OST) - CD - €5.30
Arktau Eos - Ai Ma Ra - 2 CD - €16.00
Bardoseneticcube - Biosphere - CDR - €2.30
Bardoseneticcube - Geosphere - CDR - €4.10
Bardoseneticcube - Necklace - CD - €5.30
Bardoseneticcube - The Other Heaven - CD - €5.30
Bardoseneticcube - Technosphere - CDR - €4.10
Bardoseneticcube & Philippe Blanchard - s/t - CDR - €4.10
Basinski, William + Richard Chartier - Untitled 1-3 - CD - €16.00
Brown Wing Overdrive - ESP Organism - CD - €13.30
Canal Street - Pitches Crew - CD - €5.30
Cardell, Jan - Rytmobile - CD - €4.60
Column One - The Audience Is Sleeping - CD - €10.30
Column One - Feldaufnahmen I - CD - €8.70
Con-Dom / Militia - Scorched Earth Policy - CD - €6.90
Conrad, Tony / Ralf Wehowsky / Jim O'Rourke - Avanto 2006 - CD - €13.30
Cotton Ferox - Defragmental - CDR - €5.30
Cranioclast - Iconclastar ((Green) Icons No I. - VI.) - CD - €10.30
De Kift - Koper - CD - €28.60
Dead Voices On Air - Fast Falls The Eventide - 2 CD - €16.00
Deutsch Nepal & In Slaughter Natives - Mort Aux Vaches - CD - €40.00
Doldrums - Besides (promo) - CD - €2.30
Drumbone2 - The Knotty Stick - CD - €10.30
Falkenstein - Urdarbrunnen - CD - €6.90
First Law - Beyond IO - CD - €6.90
First Law - Chaos Structure - CD - €10.30
First Law - A Future So Bright - CD - €10.30
First Law - Refusal As Attitude - CD - €10.30
First Law - Terrorforming - CD - €10.30
First Law - Velochrome - CD - €10.30
First Law - Violent :: Sedated - CD - €10.30
Frakmundt - Heiwehland - CD - €6.90
Goldie, Tim - Abjector [sic] - 2 CD - €10.30
The Hafler Trio - An Utterance Of The Supreme Ventriloquist - CD - €13.30
Halo Manash - Am Kha Astrie - CD - €8.70
Haunted House - Up In Flames - CD - €10.30
Herbst9 - From A Dark Chasm Below - CD - €10.30
Hladna / Pogon' - Travyenakonye - CDR - €5.30
Horned Gate - Burial - CDR - €2.30
The Hub - Boundary Layer - 3 CD - €26.30
IAMNOTHING + Light Collapse - Levelheaded / Urban Machinery - 4 CDR - €6.90
Immedia - 2|1 - CD - €6.20
Jerman, Jeph - Four Drivers - CD - €6.90
Kahn, Jason & Takefumi Naoshima - In A Room - CD - €10.30
La Casa, Eric - The Stones Of The Threshold - CD - €2.30
Lebedev-Frontov, Alexander & Valeriy Rakcheev - Cerveaustructures Panmongoliques - 2 CDR - €5.30
The Legendary Pink Dots - The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse - CD - €8.70
The Legendary Pink Dots - From Here You'll Watch The World Go By - CD - €8.70
The Legendary Pink Dots - Hallway Of The Gods - CD - €8.70
Light Collapse - Crushing Philosophy - CDR - €2.30
Light Collapse - Purl Stitch - CDR - €2.30
Light Collapse - Walls - 2 CDR - €4.10
Ludi Trio - Postludi - CD - €6.90
Maeror Tri - The A.V.E. - Tapes / Live In Nevers (spec. ed.) - CD - €40.00
Martz, Jasun - Raspad - CD - €4.10
Mattin - Proletarian Of Noise - CD - €6.40
Mauthausen Orchestra - Sonic Deprivation - CD - €6.90
Muller, Gunter / Voice Crack / Jim O'Rourke - Table Chair And Hatstand - CD - €6.90
N.B.S. - From Space Chaos To Cosmic Noise - CD - €2.30
Nimh & Mauthausen Orchestra - From Unhealthy Places - CD - €5.30
Nono Orchestra - Angels Breakin' - CD - €6.90
Nurse With Wound - An Awkward Pause - 2 CD - €16.00
Nurse With Wound - Echo Poeme: Sequence N° 2 - CD - €6.90
Nurse With Wound - Huffin' Rag Blues - CD - €13.30
Nurse With Wound - Salt Marie Celeste - CD - €6.90
Nurse With Wound - Soundpooling - CD - €20.60
Nurse With Wound - Who Can I Turn To Stereo (unofficial) - CD - €5.30
Oliveros, Pauline / Francisco Lopez / Doug Van Nort / Jonas Braasch - Quartet For The End Of Space - CD - €16.00
Palumbo, Fabrizio Modonese & Ernesto Tomasini - Canes Venatici - CD - €13.30
Perry, Frank - Temple Of The Ancient Magical Presence - CD - €6.90
Piotrowicz, Robert - Lasting Clinamen - CD - €6.90
P-Orrige, Genesis & Splinter Test - Thee Fractured Garden - CD - €13.30
Rapoon & Birds Of Tin - Monomyth - CD - €6.90
Reductio Ad Absurdum - Back-ups Stay on Earth / Anisotropy of Vestigial Radiation - CDR - €2.30
Reductio Ad Absurdum - Deformation of Unformed Brain - CDR - €4.10
Reed, Rick / Keith Rowe / Bill Thompson - Shifting Currents - 2 CD - €16.00
Schnitzler, Conrad - Windvogel - CD - €10.30
Scott Fields Ensemble - From The Diary Of Dog Drexel - CD - €10.30
Steamboat Switzerland - Live - CD - €6.90
T.A.U. - s/t - CDR - €4.10
T.A.U. - Absolutely Black Body - CDR - €4.10
T.A.U. - Bionic - CDR - €13.30
T.A.U. - La Splendeur Geometrique / Urbanomania - CDR - €13.30
Tenhi - The Collected Works 1997-2007 - 7 CD BOX - €103.00
Tenhi - Saivo - CD + DVD - €28.60
Thomas, Matthew - _Remodulation - CD - €6.90
Toop, David - Screen Ceremonies - CD - €12.10
Troum - Dreaming Muzak - CDR - €4.10
Verlaine, Tom - Around - CD - €4.10
Verticchio, Giuseppe - Distant Skylines - CDR - €4.10
Vetrophonia - Symformoza - CDR - €2.30
Zoat·Aon - Star Autopsy - CD - €10.30
Zoat·Aon - The Triplex Bestial - CD - €8.70
:Zoviet:France: - Norsch - CD - €28.60
V/A - Cryosphere (Closing The Eternity, Northaunt, Tho-So-Aa, Lightwave, TUU, Troum, Aidan Baker, Netherworld, Oophoi) - CDR - €10.30
V/A - Ditch Avangarda (Roughage, Cisfinitum, The Haters, Erinys, Streicher, Kallabris, Arkkon & Membranoids, Leif Elggren & Alexei Borisov, E-Shak MMS, De Fabriek, Kapotte Muziek, Ultra Milkmaids & Alexei Borisov, Cotton Ferox, Nomuzic, Nocturnal Emissions remix Psilocybeast, Vishudha Kali) - CD - €5.30
V/A - A Final Testimony (Tore Honore Boe, Propergol, Operation Cleansweep, Thorofon, I-C-K, IRM, Svartsinn, Inade, raison d'etre, Herbst9, Wolfskin, Tribe Of Circle, Toroidh, In Gowan Ring, Karnnos, Hekate, Sieben, Novy Svet, Camerata Mediolanense, Turbund Sturmwerk, Instincts) - 2 CD - €10.30
V/A - Invisible Domains (Vromb, Stone Glass Steel, Soldnergeist, Contrastate, Kirchenkampf, Illusion Of Safety, Yen Pox, Voice Of Eye, Maeror Tri, Lull) - CD - €10.30
V/A - Iznutri (Cisfinitum, Allerseelen, Reutoff, Sedative, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Majdanek Waltz, Sal Solaris, Hypnoz, Troum, Cyclotimia, Otzepenevshiye, O Paradis, Rapoon, Neutral, Hum, Quattro Bravo Eballieros) - CD - €6.90
V/A - Bunker Archeology (Vance Orchestra, Myiase, Telepherique, Soldnergeist, Daniel Menche, Voice Of Eye, In Between Noise, Ultra Milkmaids) - CD - €10.30
V/A - Lunar Blood Rituals (Melek-Tha, Zwickau, Inade, Chod, The Epiphany, Tombstone, Baal, Arkanyus. I.D.T., Idpa) - CD - €6.90
V/A - Ten Years Of Madness - 1st edition (Reutoff, Inade, Skrol, Sal Solaris, Marienburg Jugend, 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse, Fir§t Law, Sanctum, Reptilicus, Turbund Sturmwerk, Dissecting Table, Cyclotimia, Anima In Fiamme, Feverdreams, Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Ostara, Argine, Novy Svet, Troum, Ataraxia, Hybryds, The Infant Cycle, Dream Into Dust, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Ain Soph, Stahlwerk 9) - 2 CD - €13.30
V/A - Ten Years Of Madness - 2nd edition (Reutoff, Inade, Skrol, Cyclotimia, Marienburg Jugend, 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse, Fir§t Law, Sanctum, Reptilicus, Turbund Sturmwerk, Dissecting Table, Sektion B, Anima In Fiamme, Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Ostara, Matt Howden, Novy Svet, Ataraxia, Shinjuku Thief, Hybryds, Troum, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Ain Soph, Stahlwerk 9, Bad Sector) - 2 CD - €10.30
V/A - Tesco Disco: Heavy Electronics II (Inade, Anenzephalia, Con-Dom / Grey Wolves, Satori) - 4 CD - €28.60
V/A - Widerstand (Propergol, 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse, Orphx, Allgrena, Control Resistance, Genitor Lvminis, Blood Conspiracy, Predominance, Dream Into Dust, Citadel, Survival Unit, Con-Dom, Maison Close, Wutanes Heer) - 2 CD - €10.30


Contagious Orgasm - Hydrophobia - 7" - €16.00
Eckloff, Jurgen - Zwei Sinterflaschen In Wechselschaltung - LP - €13.30
Ex.Order - Broadcast 23 - LP - €10.30
Hands To - Flatline - 2 LP - €28.60
Land:Fire - Gone - LP - €6.90
M.O.W.E. - Humsibum - LP - €18.30
Mueller, Jon - Physical Changes - LP + CD + DVD - €35.50
O'Rourke, Jim - Two Organs - LP - €18.30
Pateras, Anthony - Errors Of The Human Body - 2 LP - €28.60
R.Y.N. - Whistle And I'll Come To You (promo) - 7" - €4.10
Stahlwerk 9 - 212 - 12 x 7" BOX - €57.20


Con-Dom - Live Faith [1st ed.] - 2 MC BOX - €28.60
Con-Dom - Live Faith [2nd ed.] - 2 MC BOX - €22.90
The Grey Wolves - Nothing Short Of A Total War - 2 MC BOX - €72.10
Grunt / Mutant Ape - split - C-10 - €4.10
Soldnergeist / Anenzephalia / Contrastate - Festival Karlsruhe - 2 MC BOX - €22.90
V/A - Fuck Off ... We Murder!! (The Grey Wolves, Atrax Morgue, Discordance, Ex.Order, Spiral, Wertham, Kirlian Camera, Con-Dom, S, Lasse Marhaug, Wuornos Aileen, Inade, Murder Corporation, Jormungand, Robert X. Patriot) - MC - €28.60
V/A - Heavy Electronics: Two Days Of Agony (Brighter Death Now, Advokat Ihrer Hoheit, Con-Dom, Deutsch Nepal, The Grey Wolves, Genocide Organ) - 3 MC BOX - €35.50
V/A - Noise War (Masonna, Merzbow, Incapacitants, Freudwerk, Illusion Of Safety, Mortal Vision, Taint, The Grey Wolves, Controlled Bleeding, Emil Beaulieau, Monde Bruits, Macronympha, Trance, Telecorps, Sudden Infant, C.C.C.C., Con-Dom, Kapotte Muziek, MSBR, Thirdorgan, The Haters, Onomatopeia, One Dark Eye, Evil Moisture, Solmania, David Gilden, Shockcity, 159 61 4538, Grae·Com, Mother Savage) - 2 MC BOX - 3€4.60

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.


Con-Dom -- "Go Violently" -- t-shirt -- €17
2013 Tesco Organisation
Red print on black shirt. Image. Size XL.

Crewzine #6 -- zine -- €5
1994 Crewzine
Old Slovak electro music fan-zine written in English. Blink Twice, Apoptygma Berzerk, Armageddon Dildos, Individual Industry, Aghast View, Total Harmonic Distortion, Insekt, Borley Rectory, Panic On The Titanic, lots of reviews. A5 format, sturdy cover, b/w print, 56 pages.

III. Back in stock

>o< -- "The Autumn Has Come" -- MC -- €4
2006 YAOP, YAOP 022
Dilettantish improvisations on two acoustic guitars, flute and bells. Primitive anti-rock referring sometimes to pitch dark depression of Joy Division, sometimes to cold autumnal meditativeness of a teenager, sometimes to primeval drive of garage bands of 60-ies, sometimes to "hippie" psychedelics. Anti-rock position here is presented not only in inability to play, but mostly in anti-song and anti-pop-musical form: this album is listened more like something ambient-meditative than like traditional music. Fotocover. [press-release]

>o< -- "Autumnightabyss" -- MC -- €4
2006 YAOP, YAOP 021
Ragged gloom of dark autumn night. Severely minimalistic work - one long improvised track played on old Soviet synthesizer "Yunost-21" and recorded with wild overload. Obscure oppressive pulsations of primitive power electronics gradually transfer to dirty ultra-loud gothic noise ambient and finish with unhealthy collage of high pseudo-symphonic trills and crackling electro-noise. Fotocover. [press-release]

>o< -- "Pohjolan" -- CD-R + 3"CD-R + MC box -- €12
2009 YAOP, YAOP 037, (ltd. 6)
This boxset includes new full-length album of >o< "Pohjolan Maa" finished in late July 2009 (completely analogue cassette copy from the chrome mastertape; a cassette with handmade stickers in slide-case), live album "Yollinen" (2006, ritual industrial with flutes, radio, male and female voices and metal constructions), and a set of photos. Completely handmade artwork, sturdy cardboard folder with laces. All info is handwritten. Only 3 copies are for sale and only through Zhelezobeton. [press-release]

>o< -- "Yollinen" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 8)
Previously unreleased live recording done on November 13, 2006. Ritual industrial with the use of a flute, radio-receiver, make and female voices and metal objects. Shamanism. Completely handmade artwork: cardboard folder A5 with a photo 15x20 cm, hand-written info and a herbarium. [YAOP]

Adriva -- "Voix de Mythe" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 Abgurd, AB-54, (ltd. 50)
A new mini-album from this Russian project which album Cold Sea Week released by Abgurd in 2007 got good acknowledgement. The new material is completely acoustic without usage of any musical instruments. Only field recordings and feedback. Everything melts down into electroacoustic drone ambient of live tension. [label info]

Ain Soph -- "Aurora" -- CD -- €12
1992/2012 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 053 II / Misty Circles, MCR79
After his first edition back in 1992 on "Cthulhu Records", and the OEC re-edition in 2003 here comes the 3rd edition of this very seminal album! As for the first re-edition to the album was added one unreleased exclusive track recorded during the same first "Aurora" recording sessions but never used on any album nor compilations. This album is to be considered a pioneers opera of neo-folk cabaret which was influencing many artists. A very controversial and politically incorrect album talking about Italy during & after "WW2". Digipack artwork basically in the same form of the original but for the first time all lyrics on the booklet are in both : original languages (such as Italian, French, Spanish, Latin ..) and English translations. The whole album was completely re-mastered for best and high quality sounds. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Alisa-Yhtye -- "s/t" -- C-46 -- €4
2008 self-released
First untitled tape from Grigoriy Avrorin, a noisician from St. Petersburg, Russia (ex-Monopolka, Huren Aquarium, Dr. Kintchev, Extreme Stench Cock, etc.). Brutal violent harsh noise.

Alisa-Yhtye -- "s/t" -- MC -- €4
2008 Blam Blam
Second untitled tape from Grigoriy Avrorin, a noisician from St. Petersburg, Russia (ex-Monopolka, Huren Aquarium, Dr. Kintchev, Extreme Stench Cock, etc.). Harsh.

Alisa-Yhtye -- "s/t" -- C-46 -- €4
2007/2011 Phage Tapes, PT:122, (ltd. 100)
Reissue of a self-released cassette on a Minneapolis based label. Old school noise on various useless and needless waste (metal junk, strings, cassettes, bad wires, etc.), recorded on a broken 4-track. [from the author]

Aural Holograms -- "Vol. 1" -- CD -- €10
2007 Aural Hypnox, [AH08], (ltd. 1000)
The very first part of the Aural Holograms series incorporates various call and response patterns manifesting vibrating, subtle energies, all of which have been accurately divided into separate rhythmic dimensions and time-shifting aural tapestries. The overall experience - i.e. the ecstatic effect - is transmitted by the intensity of syncopated rhythms, reed organ lingering on a few tones, self-transforming vocal work accompanied with carefully chosen oscillating tunes and a variety of percussive patterns utilising artefacts crafted according to the methods of traditional metallurgia, as well as real-time tape operations. Comes in six-panel hand finished cardboard booklet, in an edition of 1.000 copies. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Lord Of Light" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Deserted Factory, DF033, (ltd. 180)
Dark Industrial Noise / Ambient from Russia. [label info]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Saturn Wind" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Deserted Factory, DF032, (ltd. 180)
Dark Noise / Industrial from Russia. [label info]

Bogdanov / Potsukailo / Stukalin -- "Slaughter in the Pigeon-Hole" -- CD-R -- €5
2009 self-released, (ltd. 69)
An archive recording from 1997, previously released as limited CDR editions by Black Dead Rabbit label twice - in 1998 and 1999. This is a collaboration between the group Reductio Ad Absurdum with yet unknown Igor Potsukailo (Bardoseneticcube). This compilation is a second part of the collaboration recordings of RAA and Igor made in spring 1997. All material was recorded during 3 or 4 noise sessions in two months. First part of this material was previously released as Genetic Load "Tollenkisten". These recordings were not included in "Tollenkisten" because of somewhat different sound concept which, compared to "Tollenkisten", is more primitive and rough. [from the publisher]

Bunker -- "The Document First" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Ufa Muzak, UFA03, (ltd. 101)
Power-electronics from creators of Ryr. Violence, pain, agression and sound frequencies corresponding with these parameters of human existence.

Cloama -- "Lernaean Catacomb Complex" -- C-55 -- €11
2008 Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, EST.008, (ltd. 199)
55 minutes of Cloama at its best! The tape simply has everything you can wish from a highly detailed rhythmic power electonics/industrial release. There are STROM.ec-ish rhythmic loops, analog sequenzes, oriental style droning synth melodies, metal rhythms, melancholic electric guitar, speech samples and rough in-your-face vocals! 6 track on A-side. B-side includes Cloama live concert in Oulu from summer 2007, which is greatly composed industrial-ambient. No excuse to live without this tape!.. High bias chrome tape and special handmade transparent plexiglas packaging sealed with 6 screws. Comes with 4 transparent foil inserts. Handnumbered and limited to 199 copies. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Illegal Occupation of Ears" -- CD -- €10
2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 026
The Japanese master of recycled ambient-sounds! 2 long tracks, 2 real sound sculptures, 2 more surprises for your ears with his unique way to re-work & assembling broken sounds! The cover presents some collages by Ryuta Nogouchi a new very interesting japanese designer. [label info]

Dark Ages -- "The Tractatus De Hereticis Et Sortilegiis" -- CD -- €10
2011 Primitive Reaction, PR032
A most certain strange and true discovery of blackest blasphemies, nighttime rituals and terrible crimes against our mother church. New dark ambient masterpiece from a frontman of DRUDKH and HATE FOREST. With this third album Dark Ages has lifted their dark art to the new level. CD comes with 12 pages booklet. [label info]

The Days Of The Trumpet Call -- "Purification" -- CD -- €12
1999/2010 Trutzburg Thule, TRUTZCD004
"Purification" is the re-issue of Raymond P.'s first album (1999, Black Rain). This edition comes remastered and in all new artwork. "Purification" was recorded at the same time when Josef K. and Raymond P. recorded Von Thronstahl's first two albums for Cold Spring. Dark and Neoclassical soundscapes with many voice samples. Digipak. [Cold Spring]

DN23rd / Strup -- "Spirali Nebitiya" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 23)
A collaboration between Moscow radionoise 'project' DN23rd and Strup from Bobruisk, Belarus. Three long tracks, combining static interference, ethereal howls and scraps of voices with analogue and digital noise, electronic signals and recordings of unknown origin. All this sound mass oscillates back and forth from one-two layers to dense collage, and during one hour totally erases the idea of normal music from listener's mind. Double sleeve, handmade package.

Emeralds -- "Solar Bridge" -- CD -- €10
2008 Hanson Records, HN 183, (ltd. 1000)
HANSON RECORDS is proud to announce EMERALDS - SOLAR BRIDGE, the trio's first full-length album after numerous cassette and cd-r releases on such labels as American Tapes, Chondritic Sound, and the bands own imprints Wagon and Gneiss Things. The album opens with the side long 'MAGIC' where the band builds a quiet drone into an extreme thick sawblade of swirling noise as beautiful as it is menacing. The flip is yet another sidelong journey titled 'THE QUAKING MESS', a track that stabs your brain with fluttering sparks of synthesized needles before relaxing you into a Göttsching-esque dream state while slowly bringing you back to earth with an electronic wave of molten rumble. Fans of the smooth tones of 'New Age Of Earth' era Ash Ra Tempel and the buzzing thick drones of Throbbing Gristle's 'Heathen Earth' should take note, as EMERALDS may be their new source for electronic drugs. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Eonic -- "Nothing is Forever" -- CD-R -- €11
2004 Sigil, (ltd. 50)
Music of this project stands somewhere between neoclassic, synth-pop and new age. Cold and detached synthetic sound, absence of vocal parts and rhythms. Despite of obvious "computer" sound timbres, everything is done on a very high level. This mini-album contains 3 interesting cover-versions/remixes of Anthesteria tracks.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Eonic -- "Fragile Dreams" -- CD-R -- €11
2004 Sigil, (ltd. 50)
The last full-length album of the band for today. Nice ambient tunes, light atmosphere and simple rhythmic patterns - ideal music for relaxing after industrial world suffocation. One of the tracks composed by Sudan Strain.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Eonic -- "Shadows" -- CD -- €12
2005 Oskorei Music / Abgurd Subdivision, (osmcd 015) / AB-20
Album `Shadows` by EONIC - a project from the South of Russia - was recorded in 2003 and got multiple enthusiastic reviews in zines and web-zines. Reviewers noticed reminiscences of ANTHESTERIA, WEJDAS, DONIS, AMETHYSTIUM, DELERIUM & even ALLERSEELEN `Venezia` & `Neueschwabenland`. `Shadows` brings forth 50+ minutes of calm, soft electronic Ambient with a touch of oriental-style melodies. The album takes you to absolute serenity from Beyond. With its marvelous pieces it builds castles in the air, creates out-worlds, spreads forth yearning for the parallel spaces. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ex.Order -- "Shuchu Ryoku" -- CD -- €12
2010 Power & Steel, PAS 28
Ex.Order presenting ten new tracks of unrelenting Noise Electronics covering numerous areas of violence, disillusionment and abstraction. Shuchu Ryoku means the focused power and the wall of sound here is underlayed by hypnotical ambient-noise layers which stands for a well known trade mark of Ex.Order. A throbbing audio force built up by massive analogue soundwaves, heavily driven mechanical percussion, sample-collages and vocals. This is another complex and explosive industrial tapestry of sound, performed with control and brutality. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Fanum & Kromeshna -- "Zapredel" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Radiodrone Records, RD-04, (ltd. 100)
Sacred / pitch darkness drone ambient from Moscow and Ural musicians. The view out of transcendent territories. Ropy postmortality saddle stitched thin ordinary existence by rough crow’s cawing. The Metaphysics of the other world. Mamleev’s Idlers meets Mercier and Camier. Envelope from craft-paper with fullcolour print. Limited 100 handnumbered copies. [label info]

First Law -- "A Future So Bright" -- CD -- €12
2012 Loki Foundation, LOKI 58
In its 20 years of existence -meanwhile the mastermind Andreas Wahnmann also has been active in several other musical projects- FIR§T LAW released six full length CDs up to now and developed a trademark in sound research that is truly genre defying. The album title and the cover art for this magical 7th album stand in strong contrast to the musical content and the album manifests its ironical and deliberately conflicting nature right from the start. Deep and throbbing rhythmic patterns, endless layers of guitars droning and manipulated vocals are opposed by disturbingly beautiful melodies. The complexity of the recordings just emphasizes its depressing nature and takes the listener on a journey through sound and emotion. A FUTURE SO BRIGHT is nothing less than an outstanding sound-scape that flows like a hallucinatory maelstrom and marks the darkest release of FIR§T LAW so far. [press-release]

Funkstillesender -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 Abgurd, AB-57, (ltd. 50)
FUNKSTILLESENDER along with ZFK, PUBLIC IMMORALITY and KOMATOSERZUSTAND was a part of mysterious alliance that existed in Lipetsk, Russia, in 2004 and 2005. During that period the projects created a solid amount of very talented albums that cloaks the listener with scorching Harsh Noise (ZFK and PUBLIC IMMORALITY) and hollow Radiodrone (FUNKSTILLESENDER and KOMATOSERZUSTAND) in a masterly fashion. The mini album we have here contains two last tracks that appeared in 3 years after the author's death in May of 2005. If you had listened previous albums of FUNKSTILLESENDER you know what to expect: lo-fi drones and trance radionoise united in a monumental all-devouring clutter. There is nothing to add — just listen to the message from Beyond. [press-release]

Goldenrod (Streicher + Smell & Quim) -- "Korova Scumhaters" -- CD -- €10
1995/2009 Industrial Recollections
Goldenrod, obscure collaboration campaign of Streicher, where each release was contributed with source sounds of some international noise artists. In 1995 3 different C-60 tapes was released, but when Zero Cabal label quit their activities, material barely reached listeners. Now Industrial Recollections is proud to present these utmost crude and nasty assaults of analogue destruction, filthy rumbles, broken electronics, physical wreckage... Black & White covers faithful to original design and sound that has not been cut/edited, only transferred from tape to digital medium with best possible means. [press-release]

Grassow, Mathias feat. Jiri Mazanek -- "Music Infinity Meets Virtues" -- CD -- €10
2009 Nextera, ERA 2059-2
Performed Live at Church of St.Simon and Juda, Prague 1 - Old Town, May 23rd, 2009.

Halo Manash -- "SYoMA" -- CD -- €15
2004 Aural Hypnox, [AH03], (ltd. 1000)
Another great album (the third one) from this Finnish band continues exploration of hidden natural forces through diving in deep droning ritualistic ambient music of their own style. "All of the material on this album is dedicated to and inspired by the dynamic subconscious force which gave impulse to visions relating to auto-cannibalism and metempsychosis". Comes in nice black 6-panel digisleeve with silver drawings.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Halo Manash -- "Taiwaskivi" -- CD + DVD -- €20
2009 Aural Hypnox, [AH12 / AHDVD01], (ltd. 500)
As winter hibernation and spring awakening gives way to summer, Halo Manash rises radiant into luminosity, with wings spread into all worlds, and brings forth Taiwaskivi, an opulent work of solar ambience and primordial Ur-music... Taiwaskivi, a work of sonic flame and aural ash, consists of seven interrelated tracks, utilizing such diverse instrumentation as organ, horns, vocals, drums, gongs, percussions and various string instruments as well as field-recordings captured during the pilgrimage that the creation of the work embodies... An air of finality abounds, as Taiwaskivi, although a complete work in itself, can also be viewed as the third and final facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation – a treelogy, with seed, root, trunk and finally, branches. Being the culmination of an ascending journey through the aforementioned realms within and without, Taiwaskivi is the celestial crown at the peak, reaching toward Sol, source and beyond; it is the leaves and fruit of the branches and their skybound nectar ever-flowing - the sacred fire, the consummation and conjunction of All... Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet with inserts. [press-release]

Herbst9 -- "The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon" -- CD -- €12
2008 Loki Foundation, LOKI 48The all new album of Herbst9 is a step further into the depths of the Assyrian and Asian mythologies, using authentic audio and visual fragments of sacrifices, lamentations, prayers and ancient rituals. The result is a deep labyrinth of sounds with meditative percussions, ghostly vocal fragments and singings which melts with detailed and multi-layered tones of various traditional instruments. All this is constructed around a core of dark and ongoing floating drones creating an atmosphere of true archaic music which has been developed by Herbst9 to perfection. This soundtrack is the secrecy from the deep and hidden places of the sacred earth transcending us beyond the real world to the inner realm of ourselves. The CD is presented in 6-panel digipack. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hladna -- "Vetrokamni" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 self-released
Basic material for this new album of St. Petersburg-based project was found in old recordings from 1996, which then had been seriously reworked in 2007. If one tries to define the style, he can find electroacoustics, lo-fi, drone ambient, ritual, noise, etc... but all these definitions are secondary, and primary is the power, the spirit lying inside, and here are no problems with that. The disc instantly grasps your mind and holds until the end for an hour, and forces to press "repeat" afterwards. Earnestly recommended to everyone who loves hypnotic records. The artwork consists of a woven sack with b/w inserts.

Hototogisu / Prurient -- "Snail on a Razor" -- CD -- €10
2006 Hospital Productions, HOS-159
Live in person collaboration of mid ranged feedback hell laden with raw human drones of cosmic existential turbulence from from Matthew Bower (Legend Of Total, Skullflower, Ramleh, etc.), Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaimph, GHQ, etc.) and Dominick Fernow (Vegas Martyrs, Nihilist Assault Group, Ash Pool, etc.). [label info]

Indra & Tchernoblyad -- "Collaboration" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2007 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT09, (ltd. 35)
Psychedelic Drone Noise Ambient. Traditional St. Petersburg's sound, waves of spreading space sounds alternate with explosions of sub-bass rumble. Live digital collaboration without processings and overdubs. 35 copies in slim-boxes with hand-made plastic cover and a sticker. [label info]

Interior Disposition -- "Blood & Scars" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 InterioRepertoR, IR11
Tracks included in this album were recorded in various moments between 2007 and 2011, united by mastering made in 2012. Science fiction driven space ambient will all genre attributes: electromagnetic signals, textured background noises, paddy synth lines and simple but effective melodies.

Interior Disposition -- "From Autumn..." -- CD-R -- €7
2011 InterioRepertoR, IR08, (ltd. 100)
New album of this Moscow based project envelops the listener with sorrowful drones and uncomplicated melodies, immersing into autumnal melancholy. [label info]

Ion & Sophus -- "Transit Station" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 InterioRepertoR, Ir05, (ltd. 100)
New album by one of the projects of Sergey [S] (Exit In Grey, Sister Loolomie, Candyman & Evil Flowers, etc.) deals with the theme of railroad stations, so close to the heart of any Russian man. First long track (nearly 29 minuites) - samples of traffic controllers and recordings of rail station stmospheres interlaced in mild yet persistent substance, balancing between melody and drone, merging altogether into an unhurried ambiental soundscape. Second track features same kind of melody combined with wave-like celestial noise creating more active and cosmic feeling.

Luftwaffe -- "Ere I Perish" -- CD -- €12
2010 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 129
The new full-length CD featuring 55 minutes of oratorical demagoguery from U.S. Martial and Neofolk duet, Luftwaffe. With 16 original tracks with collaborations by with Richard Leviathan (of Ostara and Strength Through Joy), Awen, Valence, Gnomonclast. Features an original cover-art painting by the internationally renowned NY artist Richard Phillips. The uncompromising marriage of Martial Industrial, Acoustic Folk and Solipsistical Nihilism; Luftwaffe continues to forge new awakenings within the Post Industrial genre. "The overriding voice. The word bespoke is power. And these words shall be the last. And that voice is ours. Thou shalt perish. Ere I perish." [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Kujvo" -- C-60 -- €9
2012 L.SH., (ltd. 28)
A modest release on a mysterious label from Leningrad, related to the Heliophagia movement. The conceptual cassette series L.SH. opens with a recording of L.A.D.O., long time gathering dust on a shelf, but being not less interesting than nowadays recordings. This is a weaving of threads of tales and visions of polar lands, reindeer herders' and hunters' dreams. Side A: three pieces consequently take listener's attention through the horizons of life substances of the water world with its dances of ringed seals; the world of earthly beings; and the air world of winds, of star and solar light. Side B focuses attention on the force of warmth and heat as the most rare and important for life in subpolar areas - this is not the exhausting heat of southern countries, but hardly seen smudging light of an oil lamp in a tent, the warmth of living beings in an icy desert. The sounds of this album consist of many field recordings, ethnographic and home-made sketches, mouth harp playing and voice loops, all this is flavoured with distant radionoises and rustles. Chrome cassette with a handmade insert. [press-release]

Mine Ocean Effect & Voe_Ero -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €4
Zhivu, Zhivu05-88, (ltd. 88)
Ambiental of reverb\delay guitar, bass, drums. Without words and extensively, structures dragging oneself along spontaneously, disintegrating in a taciturn adventureand removed supervision. Joint living work of comrades from MINE OCEAN EFFECT, NIGHT SHIFT and basic participant Voe_ero. Psy Post-rock \ Experimental. [label info]

Moon Far Away -- "Belovodie" -- CD -- €11
2005 Shadowplay Records, SPR 007
Moon Far Away is the band whose debut album "Lado World" was with the single heart recognized as the first true gothic release in Russia. In 11 years of they existence this Arkhangelsk ritual darkwave \ neo-folk project became the cult one on a Russian dark scene and became very popular abroad. The tracks of the band were presented both in Russian and foreign compilations of the dark scene. The musical press gives excellent reviews on all Moon Far Away creations. You can find picture of the band as the centerfold in German magazine Zillo. Japanese director Susei Nisi made a film that is devoted to the Moon Far Away... Belovodie is the first studio disk in last five years and the third full-frame studio album in the history of the band. Like previous releases of Moon Far Away Belovodie has it's own concept. From the very beginning the band underlines in different ways the ritual component in it's creative work and it's closeness to ancient traditions. And at the same time journalists were asked by the question - why does the band ignore in it's creative work the Russian north tradition theme that is the subject of interest of the musicians? So that is the moment! The new album almost all consists of folk songs of the Arkhangelsk state in original arrangement of Moon Far Away. [press-release]

Moon Far Away -- "New Hymn of Russia" -- CD -- €11
2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 064
Enhanced CD, contains one brand new track "Mama Rus' (Mother Russia)" + 6 exclusive remixes by REQUIEM FOR FM, TITLO, SIX DEAD BULGARIANS, SEVERE ILLUSION, ASTRALASIA, E-SEX-T, plus multimedia section incl. "Zhito Zhala" videoclip, movie "Ty Vzoydi Krasno Solnyshko" feat MFA music, MFA photo gallery. [press-release]

Neznamo & Siyanie –- "Sonans" -- CD-R -- €8
2012 Moonsun Productions, MS006, (ltd. 111)
Live inprovisation from Dmitry Shilov (NEZNAMO) and Sergei Ilchuk (SIYANIE) with guest appearance of Pavel Kuzmin. Recorded in Otgoloski Festival 11/25/2011. The weave of soft soundstreams, chants, overtones, ritual drones and recitations. Triune Sound of Universum that long even after you stop the record. Lo-fi Drone Ambient. CD-R, 111 copies, 6-panel envelope. [label info]

Novatron -- "New Rising Sun" -- CD -- €10
2000 Cold Spring Records, CSR28CD, (ltd. 1000)
NOVATRON is the main project of ANTHONY DI FRANCO, who many of you will know from his previous projects - RAMLEH, SKULLFOWER and AX, and noise technician, KEVIN LASKA. This debut, exclusive to COLD SPRING, is a powerful journey into dark noise, slamming percussion, and subsonic bass rumbles. An excellent album, rich in variety and sonic textures. [label info]

Novy Svet -- "Fin. Finito. Infinito" -- CD -- €12
2004/2006 The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret, neko 16
Even within the enigmatic discography of NOVY SVET the album FIN. FINITO. INFINITO takes a special place. The original 12" coming in an edition of 77 copies only offered nothing more than the title in embossed red letters - the rest was all blackness. The group's comments to this major work summed up to complete silence, which opened space for a mass of partly obscure interpretations. For sure this album was conceived as a good-bye, finding a climax in the suicidal title track. Rare example of a cult item coming up to the listener's expectations for the first time on digital format. [label info]

Olhon -- "Sinkhole" -- CD -- €12
2006 Eibon Records, Olh062
A cooperative effort of Massimo Magrini (mastermind of the genious BAD SECTOR) and Zairo (of the ultra-obscure dark ambient travellers WHERE). "Sinkhole" was composed using original field recordings taken (mainly underwater) in the "Pozzo del Merro", the world's deepest sinkhole. The result is an extremely organic, almost "breathing" dark ambient journey. Very challenging, that's for sure..... Nobody knows what lies in the abyss. Just sit down and listen to the sound of the earth's depths. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Prurient -- "The Black Post Society" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR85CD
"The Black Post Society" embraces and accepts the depression of not having anything left to hunt. The mask without a face to hold. The depression of the hunter after the deer is killed. It is better to be hungry than to have eaten. As fantasy shatters under the whip of reality, erotic malaise settles in the nest of the mind inverting this dormant fuel to rekindle the endless cycle of sexual chaos. Black Industrial / Power Noise from this highly respected US act! [press-release]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass, Yellow Bastards?" -- CD -- €7
1997/2012 Provoloka, PRVLK 0004, (ltd. 375)
Fifth album of the veterans of post-Soviet noise industrial music, previously released by Ultra label in 1997 as a cassette edition of 30 copies. The reissue also features bonus track "Subfrontal zoomorphism accompanied by dysphoria" taken from "Zvukoterror-3" compilation (Ultra, U25, 1998).

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Sovmehkastratsiya" -- CD -- €7
2009 Provoloka, PRVLK 0002, (ltd. 375)
Reductio Ad Absurdum is one of the most interesting and original noise projects emerged from the post-Soviet Russia. They started their collective experiments in 1994, having recorded and released almost twenty albums, part of them was released by Ultra and Black Dead Rabbit Productions, another part by their own label Plodovitaya Suka. "Sovmehkastratsiya" was released on a cassette in far 1996 by Ultra as a limited edition of 30 copies. After almost 15 years this album is now available on digital media with an additional bonus-track taken from "Zvukoterror" compilation (Ultra 14, 1996). The musical component of this album won't leave untoched the lovers of oldschool analogue noise: noisy trance of Noizeclot, aesthetics of Dog As Master's "Conduit" period, inclination to alogical rhythmics of early Esplendor Geometrico - the music of Reductio Ad Absurdum combines all these approaches making their own, easily recognisable style. [press-release]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Triumph of the Will and Phallic Personification of the Great Prince Alexander Nevsky / Phenomenal Spectre of the Distant Galaxies" -- CD-R -- €5
1998/2008 self-released, (ltd. 99)
Fantastic old school industrial from Kirill Stoukaline, Russia. Two tracks, 52 minutes. Samples from movies, cut with unhealthy sense of humour, noise pickups from various devices, metallic noises, peeps of modulators. [Abgurd]

Ritual Front -- "Two Lightnings" -- 3"CD-R -- €17
2003 Ingria 003, (ltd. 100)
First recording of St. Petersburg's martial/dark-folk project. Cheerful marching samples, classic dark-folkish guitar tunes, heartfelt lyrics and strong energy. Undoubtly one of the best bands in this genre. First edition in photo cover 11.5 x 9 cm. A rarity.

Ritual Front -- "Advayta" -- 7" -- €11
2004 Der Angriff, Angriff Nr. 20, (ltd. 220)
Debut vinyl release of the new project from Saint-Petersburg. They blend classic dark-folk guitar passages with electronic background and martial song structures. To be compared with Derniere Volonte, mid-80's Death In June and the best Eis & Licht stuff. [label info]

Rituals -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €5
2010 Cold Graey, MF17, (ltd. 57)
Dark drone ambient from nonamed project with untitled tracks. Unidentifiable sounds, electronics, touch of granular and nice old school influences. What kind of rituals is it - the listener must decide for himself. Occult or social, both or neither - difficult to say. But you will want to know it when you start listening. The release presented as unique fold-pack. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Sirotek -- "Slon" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 15)
First release of Sirotek project contains most successful psychedelic tracks recorded during active exploration of the Soviet analogue synthesizer Yunost-21. Also used were drill, hair dryer and guitar pickup. [from the author]

Sphare Sechs -- "Tiefschlaf" -- CD -- €10
2012 Malignant Records, TUMORCD56, (ltd. 500)
The formal debut of Martin Stürtzer’s (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel’s deep ambient project, Tiefschlaf was recorded live during a “sleep-concert” which took place in the Sophienkirche (Phobos Festival) in Wuppertal, Germany in September 2011. Few names in the dark ambient field carry more weight than Martin Stürtzer, so it’s no surprise at the nature and quality of the music spanning the 6 tracks found here. And while it covers some of the same terrain as Phelios, Sphäre Sechs is a much more singular sonic expedition; gorgeous passages of sweeping, cosmic drones and textural ripples that fan out over a vast, luminous landscape, the amorphous tones and glassy, serene ambience melding together in pristine, meditative washes of sound. This is some of the purest ambience you’ll find and the perfect atmosphere for drifting off into a seemingly endless dream state. Lmtd 500 copies, this is not to be missed! [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

Stpocold -- "What Happened Outside" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Misfake, MF05, (ltd. 57)
Strange rattling mix of power electronics and modern technologies. Howling feedbacks accompanying by masked and shredded lyrics. Native device pulsations keeps monotonous rhytm and cheap drumbox dies overloaded. Tape loops and digital granulations. Hopeless and boiling, shrinked into oneself atmosphere. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sunchariot -- "Komodia / Eidyllion / Eikon" -- C-90 -- €5
2007 Observatoire, Observatoire 16, (ltd. 36)
Serie of restored recordings collected under the sign of "delta": "Komodia", "Eidyllion", "Eikon". Obscure post-industrial ambient. Recommended to fans of quality-done old school / lo-fi.

Sutcliffe Jugend -- "This Is The Truth" -- CD -- €10
2008 Ground Fault Recordings, GF-166 / Hospital Productions, HOS-166, (ltd. 1000)
The first new recordings from Sutcliffe Jugend in over 8 years. Sutcliffe Jugend began in 1982 as a sub-project from the main extreme band, Whitehouse, and instantly gained notoriety as one of the harshest exponents of the original power electronics scene in the world. After releasing the monumental 10xCS boxset "We Spit On Their Graves" on Come Organisation in 1982, Sutcliffe Jugend released a handful of albums until 1999. A single 7" was released in 2001 and they weren't heard from again since 2006 when they played their first ever live show. Four shows were performed in 2006 and work on a new studio album was soon underway. One of the most extreme, influential and mysterious bands of the early 80s were back almost 25 years later. Recorded and mixed during the latter half of 2006, Kevin Tomkins returns to vocals for the first time since "The Victim As Beauty". While this album is a continuation of all before, it feels like a new beginning for them, for the first time Kevin and Paul have started to experiment with the Sutcliffe Jugend sound. Lyrically things have also moved on a great deal, with a more personal aspect to the songs than ever before. [press-release]

Temple Of Tiermes -- "Telakka" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Neuroscan.Org, T.O.S.008, (ltd. 77)
One 17-min track recorded live at Telakka on 08.01.2001 in Tampere, Finland + short video film. Housed in metal box with painted logo on the front.

Turbund Sturmwerk -- "s/t" -- CD -- €12
1995/2003 Loki Foundation, LOKI 36
Finally, after nearly 8 years this sensational album is returned to the homeland, manifesting once more the piercing effect of Turbund Sturmwerk. 6 stormy compositions--beautiful and poignant--linking the subtle concept with innovative sounds and arrangements. With this first album, a collection of tracks was compiled seeking independence and continuity of a musical style - Neurosemiotic Marching Tunes at it's best. This masterpiece is a milestone of the post-industrial culture and affected the scene world-wide. The recordings were digitally revised and enhanced, so that they radiate now in a clean, insidiously pristine new light. Turbund Sturmwerk polarize calculated, set gauges and create music like a functional text - acoustic information as sophisticated reading. This introductory work is the often referenced catalyst within the Turbund Sturmwerk catalogue, bent on changing the expectations of the listeners, altering the norm and creating a manifesto for things to come. Digipack. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Unit+Ass -- "Black Hole" -- CD-R -- €4
2012 Torga Amun, Amun-037, (ltd. 21)
Side-project of Gorduw. Folvork electronics / power industrial. [label info]

Vedunkoloverti "Lesnoy Sobor" / Babayoga "Zelye" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2009 Hladna
Vedunkoloverti - another new project by Nikolay Kalmykov, previously known for HLADNA. Forest recordings, pipe and soft ringing of the bells are mixed with powerful crunches sounding like breaking branches. Silent electronic drones, then suddenly a monk sings, and his voice is refracted by effects which create strange warped dimension where listener stays until the end of the disc... Babayoga - a new side project of Hladna vivdly shows the change of musical view of the author after his move from St. Petersburg to deeply remote Vepsians village Yarogora. The first track is almost 40-min. long field, or more precisely forest recording with minimal instrumental presence. Sunny tranquillity, singing birds, light rustles and rattles with just a few moments interrupted by deeply reverberated noisy overloads. Despite the soothing quality, it's still possible to feel some brutality, primitivity of sound, so peculiar to Hladna, and in the end of the track it shows up in a short intense fragment made from author's one year old daughter voice. On the 2nd track the recording of dripping serves as a background, against which unfold cold electronic noisy soundscapes... 2 CDRs packed in linen sack.

Voe_Ero -- "s/t" -- 2 CD-R -- €7
2007 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 05, (ltd. 34)
2 cd 2 day - 5 and on May, 9 of 07. 2 lives 2 views 2 living records. LIFE. We often only read about it, only examine it on reproductions. But it exactly in us. We are Life. Bass, 2 acoustic guitars, drums, flute, voices: near to ambiental post-rock. Enveloping simple minimalistichnaya, konstatiruyuscheopuskayuschaya, but golovopodnimayuschaya music. Intercourse and narration. About current time and dryings up hands certainly raspustyaschikhsya and raspravyaschikhsya. They will fly away where wanted. They have the intercourse. They will fly away where wanted. They have the intercourse. About harm and force. It is necessary to stop and turn. To turn forward, to look ahead.. that it for you? - what did you do? do you do? Stop and think.... [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €4
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu01-57
Reissue of the self-titled 2 CDR release, includes complete second disc + 2 tracks from the first disc.

Voe_Ero -- "1858" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 07, (ltd. 18)
Living experimentally-improvisation ambiental post-rock garage record from 18.05.08, in the special spirit of the first recordings, but with a few by a cradle tint. Drums, guitars, vocal, flute. Vitality and cleanness, simplicity of form and depth of maintenance. [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "Pamyat" -- CD-R -- €5
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu08-128
Memory about that was always, about the dearest people, about deep connection, about a fight, about our children, soaring in skies and going by land. We are links in an enormous chain. But anxiety on what be going on and to our place in him. What does take a place?... Again living improvisation record in characteristic stilistike and melodic, for this time most raw from all of written down. By the clean eyes of child in the World. There are not rehearsals, in this life nobody enables you to rehearse. Stream of the deep experiencing for the moment of flying in critical moment, extremely short interval of time, is all of life before eyes. As symbolical sleep. you living and beautiful when you are those, who you are. Time as is there a clock? No, time is deep thoughtful. Guitars, drums and perkussion, vocals and flutes, dear mother, sun and birds. Post-rock \ Psy-folk \ Experimental. [press-release]

Voe_Ero -- "Shmy" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 08, (ltd. 12)
First record of Voe_ero. By the alternated functions three men standings together through already characteristic establishments and clean reflections intertwined in the removed voices, bass, accoustic guitar, drums and word in a finale and synthesis. A bird sang about reflected in the middle of street, carrying out, desiring to climb and harden. [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "Spasibo" -- CD-R -- €5
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu10-39
Eighth title in project history marked new grounds for band. A base for the album is live recording on 21.03.98 in GEZ-21 (Spb) in performed by 5 members of project. New live sound - an departure from past band's recordings but with the same gist - singing madrigals to Life as heard by band members. Spring, Mother looking at Son - she will lead her child into new world. World full of joys and sorrows, stones roots and opened arms. Song lost in itself, a lull sung by somewhat aloof, but dancing and smiling people. Psychedelic \ Folk \ Post-rock. [press-release]

Voi -- "9107" -- DVD-R -- €8
2007 KERPG, KERPG_10, (ltd. 39)
Black Chaos \ Power Еlectronics. The Project of BUNKER\PUGNA\RYR. Live in Yaroslavl, Ars-forum 9.10.07. The Envelope from rough black paperboard 16/17. Insert from thick red paper A4. Dvd-r in envelope. Blackenning paint and cuts ....10 000 000 000 pools in heads ...10 000 000 000 knifes in necks ....10 000 000 000 nails in heart ....10 000 000 000 garnets in gulp ....10 000 000 000 razors in eye ....10 000 000 000 bombs in building ....10 000 000 000 poisons in mouths ....10 000 000 000 curses in showers ...10 000 000 000 gases in light ....10 000 000 000 abortions mother ....10 000 000 000 deaths. The Nucleus presence of the fire - there is self-sacrifice for EIHWAZ. The Ritual fire self-immolation - there is flame for new life. The Equinox for the God in limit - there is initiation. Prediction Ragnaroka - there is nucleus Holos and return all atom in point of the report. Sucrifice - there is presence notion INRI and notion "Holy Fire". All there is fire! Primary fire, voice - a noise, religious hate, transition. Not for all! 39 - a number of the New Beast! Black Sulifur. [press-release]

Voice Of Eye -- "Emergence & Immersion" -- 2 CD -- €15
2009 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 123
In 2007 Voice of Eye ended their 12-year silence with 2 CD-R improvisation volumes: Emergence and Immersion. The works were released for their European tour in editions of only 100 each and sold out fast. Now those impossible-to-find, extremely limited releases are finally available on factory-pressed CD’s! Old Europa Cafe of Italy has re-released Emergence & Immersion in a fine 2-CD 4 page full-color digifolder, re- mastered with a new bonus track, “Peacock Symphony”, offering 2 and a half hours of music. Spontaneity and raw emotional expression punctuate and keen throughout. Although completely improvised, the music seems amazingly composed. One can intuit that the musical re-uniting of this duo created a vortex in the worlds. Wildness, beauty, humor, darkness, fear, horror, yearning, grief and vast spaciousness inhabit this mysterious lively music. Herein one finds some of the source material for their recent live shows: “Immersion”, “Dark Ritual”, “The Gates of Oblivion”, “Free”. A large array of instruments are used here including guitars, trombone, flutes, double-reeds, percussion, voices as well as Voice of Eye’s self-made instruments: Squawk Box, Bass-Thing, Jeemna, Thing and Thing-mini. Step into the vortex! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Von Thronstahl -- "E Pluribus Unum" -- CD -- €10
2001/2004 Cold Spring Records, CSR37CD
Martial Industrial / Neoclassical. "E Pluribus Unum" neatly collects all compilation tracks and rare 10" releases together, along with some remixes and unreleased pieces. Another statement confirming the power and majesty of VON THRONSTAHL! Martial industrial epics! Stunning digipak format with booklet. [press release]

Wakeford, Tony -- "Into The Woods" -- CD -- €10
2007 Tursa, TE 03
Two years after SOL INVICTUS "The Devil`s Steed" (one of the best-selling Neo-Folk albums in the last 2 years) TONY WAKEFORD (aka SOL INVICTUS) is back with a new Folk Noir album. Loosely influenced by the prog records of Tony Wakeford's youth, Into The Woods describes a weird England of the 60's and 70's where pockets of woodland hold out against the encroaching suburbs. A dark England of out-of-work hangmen, dubious priests and Woman's Institute covens. Music Direction: Traditional Folk / Folk Noir with elements of 70's prog and psychedelia. Recorded in London and mixed by Israeli / New York studio producer M. Guest appearance's by Kris Force of AMBER ASYLUM, Reeve Malka and Guy Harries from ORCHESTRA NOIR, and the whole SOL INVICTUS crew (Caroline Jago, Andrew King, Renee Rosen). The CD cover artwork is by painter Richard Moult. [label info]

Wiese, Klaus -- "Baraka" -- CD -- €10
1981/2007 Nextera, ERA 2042-2
Originally released in the early 80's on cassette only, this timeless and legendary album is finally available on CD! Re-mastered and re-edited by Klaus Wiese himself, this masterpiece rediscovers one of the finest moments in Wiese's discography and his entire music career. Enjoy a musical adventure with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tambura, Zither, Ney Flute, voices, bells and field recordings. [label info]

Williams, David E. -- "Hope Springs a Turtle" -- CD -- €10
2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 063
Known among others for his collaborations with Rozz Williams (see the album "Accept the Gift of Sin") and Blood Axis, this great US song-writer delivers after a long silence again a unique combination of best & lovely apocaliptic-folk & pop tunes! Wonderfull songs to be discovered, simply great! "The unbearably important lightness of being Earnest"... [label info]

Wolfskin -- "O Ajuntar das Sombras" -- CD -- €10
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD22
Finally, after years of delay, O Ajuntar das Sombras by Wolfskin is finally unleashed. Initally intended to be a re-issue of 2001-s very limited The Gather of Shadows by the Setting Sun CDr (Ajna), it eventually evolved into a re-working of three tracks from that release, complimented by 7 newly recorded tracks. As the Wolfskin era comes to end, this release represents a glimpse into their past - a more organic, flowing ambient record than what you may find today, and perhaps the least conceptual of all their releases. That being said, it most certainly will go down as one of their more stunning, darker visions; a masterpiece of shadowy atmospheres and drifting currents, featuring multiple layers of archaic sounds, foggy, nebulous textures, and ritual invocations, perfectly combined to form a release of intense depth and complexity. Must certainly rank among the finest dark ambient records released in the history of Malignant. In elegant 4 panel digipak. [press-release]

Yen Pox -- "Universal Emptiness" -- 10" -- €13
2011 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-14, (ltd. 500)
Finally NEW material (two side-long tracks named ABOVE & BELOW) by this cult project from the US, working with deep e-bass sounds to create a really isolationistic mass of darkest cosmic ambience, a kind of "black hole" ur-drone; when you put this on you are immediately touched by the cold breath of an amorph "otherness" - this sound is so monumental and complex that it seems to suspend not only the mind but also the physis, and you experience intensely that both are the same anyway... there's something in this music that lets you really shiver and feel levitated at the same time.. gloriously, the self is dissolving... filed under: DARK OCEANIC! Artwork by the great artist & photographer EYELYFT (eyelyft.blogspot.com) feat. gloss spot printing parts. Lim. edition 500 copies, comes on BLACK vinyl in order to have the best possible sound quality, over 30 minutes of playtime! [press-release]

Zhivu -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu04-35
Experimental materials of 03-05. 3 tracks of ambient dream house and down tempo. Vocal and keys, conditional rhythm and fixative continuation of points. In the moment of finding of object carrying out Life in area of a bit naive surprise great conformities to the law and sincere. Cleanness of smooth submerged in the unchanging vector of Onward. Dream house \ Dountempo. 3 tracks, 15 minutes, envelope + colour card. [press-release] ex-Voe_Ero, a project of Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, Vresnit, etc.

Zhivu (ex-Voe_Ero) -- "Open Space" -- 2 CD-R -- €7
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu 13-119
This release presents big, almost 2 hours long, concert of the project presented in extended and modified line-up. Along with two guitarists and a drummer, four more people took part in this action: percussion (several darbukas), experiments with voices, mouth harp, flute and a rainstick. They have actively underscored the concept and widely enriched the sound pallete. There were just four concerts in the history of the project, two of them - in park areas of Yaroslavl, Russia, and now this is a small cosy gallery "Open Space" in the city center, it's name was chosed for the release title. Everything is unchanged: walks with Mother through Childhood, Human Memory, irrepressible flow of Life in clear spontaneity in forms of psychedelic folk \ post-rock atmospheres \ states. The project has obviously grown up, the eurhythmy of common Spirit increased, and with this release it shows it's closing and also transit to different stages, returning to the name of Zhivu. A good recording which has become unusual for the project reflecting the priority of quality over quantity. Full-colour A5 sleeve. [press-release] ex-Voe_Ero, a project of Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, Vresnit, etc.

V/A -- "Energia" -- CD -- €11
2007 OMS Records, OMSCD03, (ltd. 460)
UKRAINIAN DARK SYNDICATE proudly present an ENERGIA tribute compilation dedicated to a centenary of the founder of world's practical astronautics – S.P. Korolyov (1907-1966). Former USSR chief engineer and designer, he has gone down to spacecraft history as an ingenious inventor of world's first satellites, rockets, and human spaceflights, Y. Gagarin's including. Herein we render homage to a genius who brought human phantasies to outer space reality. An exclusive compilation which ranges from multi-faceted deep dark ambient to electroacoustics-related is featured by ATOMINE ELEKTRINE, AUTOPSIA, CISFINITUM, DEUTSCH NEPAL, FILIVS MACROCOSMI, FIRST HUMAN FERRO, ISOMER, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, POLYGON, SATORI, THOLEN, VESTIGIAL and VISIONS; compiled and executed by Olegh Kolyada (FHF / Oda Relicta). Coming as a glossy six-panel digipack CD with 12-page booklet. This special recording is a must-have piece of art to all space-addicted people of good will. [press-release]

V/A -- "Immo Vero" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2011 InterioRepertoR, ir09/ir10
A new compilation featuring dark ambient tracks from the new generation of underground artists from Russia and throughout the world: Xalm Retribution, Andres Westrvm & Alex Hedin, Electroshepherd, Ego Ex Nihil, Shebuzzz, Interior Disposition, Jism, Exploplasmatic Coagulation, Brut, Oleg Hurvatov, Fanum, Exit In Grey, Dark Legacy, Dispersive Light, Lanceolaria Im Licht Der Laterne, Gulp Of Noise, Sister Loolomie, Square Goose.

V/A -- "The Information Apocalypse Compilation" -- CD -- €10
2002 Annihilvs, ANNIHILVS001, (ltd. 1000)
Navicon Torture Technologies, Gruntsplatter, Tarmvred, Lab Report, Converter, Wilt, Hollowing, Land:Fire, Control, Death Squad, Unter Null, Jarl, Nothing, Abfall.

V/A -- "Listen To Something Different" -- CD -- €12
2007 Ars Macabre, amrec 04
Fascinating collection of Dark Ambient, avant-garde, minimal and experimental tracks, released for the 10th anniversary of German shop / mailorder / concert organiser Ars Macabre. Features exclusive tracks from: Asmus Tietchens, Aube, Beequeen, Column One, Controlled Bleeding, Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg, Etant Donnes, Inade, Rapoon, The Hafler Trio, Troum and Windfahnenamt. Presented in a foldout digipak.

V/A -- "Roulette Russe pour un Peu de Caviar" -- CD -- €7
2007 Monochrome Vision, (mv12)
A compilation of Russian experimental music gathered by Moscow-based label Monochrome Vision in cooperation with French Studio Forum headed by Philippe Blanchard (Lt. Caramel) for presentation at "Bruit de la neige" festival. Featuring: Kolpakopf, Bardoseneticcube, Exit In Grey, Cisfinitum, Instant Movie Combinations, Hum, CD-R, Interior Disposition, Alexey Borisov, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Moscow Laptop Orchestra, Noises Of Russia.

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