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Today we got a small update with releases of the Lithuanian label Autarkeia, reissues of the first two albums by raison d'etre on Old Europa Cafe and some new stuff from Russian ultra-underground from YAOP and BioSonar^Lo-End labels.

In a couple of weeks we'll have a break in mailorder activity - from August 2nd to 19th.


I. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Kshatriy "From Heart to Heart" CD:
Otzepenevshiye / Vir' "For a Knife" CD:

II. Forthcoming Events

Moscow, "Moscow Hall". More info...

Moscow, "Moscow Hall". More info...

25.08.2013 - Noise Pollution Fest Vol.8
St. Petersburg, piano-bar "Niko". More info...

25.08.2013 - Monofest
Ukraine, Kiev, "Cinema" club. More info...

28.08.2013 - Monofest
Ukraine, Odessa. More info...

30.08.2013 - Monofest
Ukraine, Sevastopol, concert studio "Crystal". More info...

30.08.2013 - Meeting at Volga
NOISES OF RUSSIA, X3D5 & 1g0g with P27, and more...
Volgograd, open-air. More info...

Moscow, "THEATER" club. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Alfarmania -- "Skracken" -- CD -- €10
2012 Autarkeia, acd 069, (ltd. 300)
A deeply rooted transnational policy of methadone promotion by a jew George Soros, one of the major drug lords in the world, has changed genetic code of human beings and provoked apocalyptic catastrophe of civilisation. A synthetic opiate turned to be a reason of mutation resulted in la carte noire for the world’s population. A synthetic substitute of opiate has unique feature. A special formula was created in a way that eliminates sensual pleasure, however ensures strong addictiveness and intoxication that erase human emotions by destroying neural points responsible for hope and faith. Billions of methadone seekers, with no feelings yet with a horrible hunger for methadone, provoked massive riots and overtook control of a planet. A black-and-white regime, a new order prevailed in the world, driven by anxiety. Faded and intoxicated bodies trespassed to the new level of existence where pleasure was replaced by addictiveness, emotions – by emptiness, colours – by greyness. A kingdom of mutant dominated on the ruins of a planet. A continuous flow of regime agenda and propaganda has been broadcasted through the corrupt media. This world is expressed in sound structures of the latest album Skracken by a cult Swedish post mortem project ALFARMANIA. As depressive, dark, claustrophobic, toxic as synthetic METHADONE of G. Soros, exterminating population, emotions and future. [press-release]

Deutsch Nepal -- "Amygdala" -- CD -- €11
2011 Autarkeia, acd 066
Amygdala is the latest album of the Swedish industrial music guru Der General. After listening to this album, one finds it difficult to decide whether it is a masterpiece of hypnotic music, the hallucinations of delirium tremens or perhaps the sign announcing the approaching apocalypse? Magnificent, gloomy and profound tracks create the atmosphere reminding the last days of the last member of the royal family or the celebration of the collapse of its era by a majestic empire. But that is only the general mood of the album. The tracks are very different from each other. Some of them frightful, some majestic, while the rest are calm and deep like dreams. And yet the subject matter of all lyrics is in one or another way related to death and the secret lurking behind it. Actually, Der General conveys it with remarkable subtlety. The album contains a number of crescendos, at least three hits and yet none of them reveal the secret fully. Der General music mesmerises with its slow and massive rhythms inherent most probably only to the Scandinavian electronics, and icy ambient flow inborn to the Northern men. Amygdala is the undisclosed secret. In various shapes it occurs throughout the album tracks where Der General to Heaven travels to meet Jesus and the holy family and investigate the nature of the supernatural ecstasy. Something bothers him and he leaves Heaven. In other tracks he states that we have to be reborn and continue living, later he takes part in the mystic funeral train burying and then resurging dead dogs. Upon their revival, the dogs attack the participants of the train and spread panic. Amygdala is a very colourful kaleidoscope of psychedelic visions. Der General concludes the album by letting us know that it is all clear to him and that the atmosphere is absolutely rotten. Perhaps it is a result of the empty bottle, or much more serious reasons… [press-release]

IRM -- "Anthology" -- 2 CD -- €20
2012 Autarkeia, acd 065, (ltd. 500)
Having started out in 1997 when Erik Jarl asked Martin Bladh to join him, 2012 sees the 15th anniversary of IRM. 15 years - incidentally the legal age of consent in their native Sweden - that have seen them mature from bedroom autodidacts to masters of the studio environment. Taking their cue from the confrontational sounds of BDN and Whitehouse on the tape debut, IRM have honed their sound by each album and eventually fleshed out the sonic tapestry by the addition of Mikael Oretoft (ex-Katatonia) on bass. By tapping into the mindsets of outsider artists/authors such as Mishima, Rudolf Schwarzkogler and Francis Bacon, their obsessions with pain, purity and beauty leaked into Bladh's personal lyrics. This aesthetic amalgamated with the volcanic eruptions of Jarl and Oretoft have set IRM apart as true originators in the diluted sea of contemporary power electronics. [press-release]

IRM -- "Oedipus Dethroned / An Act Of Self Mutilation Is An Act Of Freedom" -- 2 CD -- €20
2011 Autarkeia, acd 062, (ltd. 300)
This release calls for a very laconic word, actually, it speaks for itself. One sentence say it all: IRM Oedipus Dethroned / An Act of Self Mutilation Is an Act of Freedom box containing two golden discs is the pearl of the global post industrial; re-released after being fully sold-out, basking in glory, enjoying the same relevance after so many years and still vehemently desired and sought-after. After the first edition of the cult album Oedipus Dethroned, the audience of heavy music realised that Sweden had once again defended its heavyweight champion's name on the industrial scene. Disturbingly massive, crushing and oppressive Erik Jarl’s analogous loops and rhythms combined with uncompromising vocals and poetry of Martin Bladh create shockingly ruthless and naked idea of deliverance through unbearable suffering. The tortured body in all its most hideous conditions turns into an instrument for revealing the true nature of being and surpassing its limitations. In destruction and devastation it opens the true road to the genuine unconditional beauty in its decay. Very elegant, valuable package and a new booklet with Martin Bladh's collages raise the release to the new aesthetic heights in the pantheon of gods of industrial culture. [press-release]

Kromeshna -- "Kornilovo" -- CD-R -- €8
2013 YAOP, YAOP 065, (ltd. 13)
Cold breath of majestic northern landscape. 43 minutes of archaic Drone Noise Ambient. Art-edition with a full-colour photo of a beautiful Russian landcape attached to a hard mount 22 x 22 cm. Each copy is unique. [label info]

Maldur Atai -- "Borgata" -- CD -- €10
2012 Autarkeia, acd 085, (ltd. 300)
The forth full-length album by the Lithuanian project Maldur Atai is dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, famous Italian film director, writer an poet, brutally murdered by his enemies in 1975.

Morder Machine -- "DeathShow" -- CD -- €13
1998 Slaughter Productions, SPCD04
In 1998 Marco Corbelli (Atrax Morgue) founded a side-project Morder Machine with rhythm in music. Under this name two albums were released, first on a cassette, second - CD "DeathShow". Aesthetically this music is very close to Atrax Morgue with same power and sickness. Dreadful aggressive sounds cut through the flows of raw drone ambient, and vocals sound like inner voice giving relentless commands. Uncompromising and heavy music, not for weak-nerved! [Monochrome Vision]

oro!oro! -- "Sastingis" -- CD -- €10
2013 Autarkeia, acd 091, (ltd. 200)
The latest oro!oro! album is dedicated to the eternal winter. To the everlasting glacial stagnation. Just imagine it is one and the same season - the season of winter - all year round. That is the true core of the stagnation. Excessively deep meditative sounds remind ether, the habitat of spirits. Reluctantly you ask yourself if you are still alive? In terms of style, the album harks back to the cult ambient albums of Current’93. Those who still recall The Stars Are Marching Sadly Home may expect the same atmosphere. Perhaps now is the time when the waiting for the spring will never end? [press-release]

raison d'etre -- "Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness (Redux Version)" -- CD -- €13
1994/2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD175
Unveiled, the verge of the silence, the voice of the shadow; the cynosure of the psyche is trembling for the essential breath. A subliminal reborn of invisible light strikes the eyes as the underpass appears in the essence and escarps into the esoteric realm of the source of life. A subliminal summon from disappearing heart enthralls the wind of loneliness. Lost spirit leaves deep traces behind as the path is revealing. Circle within circle the lingering path transubstantiates ostensibly, into a revolving contemplation. 'Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness', the second CD album by raison d'кtre, was originally released in 1994 by Cold Meat Industry. It is now available as a reduxed and enhanced CD album. All the sounds has been restored and re-recorded from source and all the tracks has been carefully mixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with the modern standards for high quality audio. 'Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness' with related tracks can for the first time be experineced with superior audio quality and well balanced mixes. 'Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness' has been mastered according to the K-14 level standard. The K-14 system will ensure that the highest dynamical range will be preserved in the music. It will benefit the listener because the music will simply sound much greater than a hot or over-compressed album. All one need to do is to give an extra push one the amplifier volume control to match the gain of a hot mastered album. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

raison d'etre -- "Prospectus I (Redux Version)" -- 2 CD -- €17
1993/2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD173
Long time sold-out, finally here comes the re-edition of this cult and seminal album! A stunning blend of the modern soft gothic sound and the timeless chants of Catholic rituals. It is at once a beautiful sound, yet also filled with melancholy. Archaic layers of string sounds, bells and choirs are intermingling with heavy drums and industrial loops creating an unsettling and threatening background atmoshere whilst spleen and sweetness forms the foreground. 'Prospectus I' became the first CD album by raison d'etre, originally released in 1993 by Cold Meat Industry. In order to celebrate the 20th years anniversary it has now been made available as a reduxed and enhanced 2CD album. All the sounds has been restored and re-recorded from source and all the tracks has been carefully mixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with the modern standards for high quality audio. 'Prospectus I' with related tracks can for the first time be experineced with superior audio quality and well balanced mixes. The first disc mirroring the tracks of the original album and the second disc contains a major selection of tracks from the 'Prospectus I' session previously available on the 'Lost Fragments' and 'Collective Archives' collections. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Slogun -- "Visit Revisit" -- 2 CD -- €20
2011 Autarkeia, acd 070, (ltd. 300)
John Balistreri and his project Slogun are perfectly known to those interested in industrial subculture. This is the most famous American power electronics project, fully embedding the tendency of American brutal sound and ideology. Aesthetics of serial killers, mass murders, and crimes have been used to finely illustrate uncompromising tracks full of hatred against society, the sound of which had provoked the terrible thoughts of mass destruction. Previous tracks of Slogun used to carry the extraordinary straightness which is specific to almost all American artists of PE. However, his last two albums dramatically diverge from previous Slogun releases. The project's sound and ideology were visibly transformed by Balistreri, and they became closer to the European conception of the "PE sound". The straight, uncompromising brutality of Slogun trespassed into a gloomy atmospheric landscape, and the ideology of their last words clearly reveals the cause, this metamorphosis of a lonely, hopeless, trapped human being to uncompromising collector of human lives. These are authentic thoughts and memories concentrated to the cause of trauma rather than to brutal crimes. The last albums of Slogun may be seen as the deep-dark confessions of a person whispering to us his reasons of fatal breakdown, ending up in human hunting. The monumental Slogun Visit Revisit box will unlock to the audience both the primal and newly transformed sound of Slogun. The first CD, the album Visit, is absolutely fresh and contains never-before published pieces delivering the converted, atmospheric side of Slogun. The second disc, Revisit, compiles rare tracks previously published in limited editions for collectors, and represents the initial straight brutality the project is known for. The two CDs are wrapped in Autarkeia labeled slip case box including cover and informative 20 page booklet. [press-release]

Velemara -- "Abysmia" -- CD -- €10
2013 Autarkeia, acd 090, (ltd. 200)
A new project of a certain Lithuanian and we breath with relief that not all is lost on Lithuanian industrial scene. Not everyone is biding their time in the piss rotting with the glass of beer in their hands. Velemara sound quality shows that there still exist people who invest a lot of time into the music equipment. Very responsive Velemara sound takes you to a phantasmagorical world of dusk. At times, the atmosphere is futuristic and militaristic, and then again so mystical as to evoke interesting associations to the audience. The style of music makes one infer that the author has indeed heard NTT, Nordvargr and MZ412 projects. In broader terms, Velemara offers a remarkable solid Scandinavian-type sound and a black industrial atmosphere. [press-release]


#define -- "{blowOUT}" -- 7" -- €11
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK7-06, (ltd. 150)

Alfarmania -- "Halogd Insikt" -- pic 10" -- €15
2011 Autarkeia, avi 055, (ltd. 244)
Alfarmania - the medicined men of northern Sweden, returns with the second entry in their vinyl triology on Autarkeia. With "Halogd insikt", Alfarmania are moving away even more from their earlier sound, even if their foundation is in post-mortem scene they are genuine in their expression and manage to distance themselves from average power electronics / industrial groups. Heavy pulsations of bass, thick as smoke arising from tin foil when chasing the dragon. The despaired sounds of faceless inhabitants of Sundsvall succumbing to their own habits, left mutilated for display in the forest, hanging from a belt in their prison cell or just jumping from the Alno bridge. Recorded during conditions under which most people would perish or take the rope as exit, Alfarmania find the essence of their work through spiritual winter and extreme human conditions. [label info]

Baker, Aidan -- "Already Drowning" -- LP -- €25
2013 Gizeh Records, GZH43LP, (ltd. 300)

Body Cargo -- "Flesh Waste / Recycling" -- 7" -- €9
2011 Autarkeia, avi 053, (ltd. 165)
BODY CARGO Flesh Waste / Recycling is an aggressive charge of two hits dedicated to the war crimes in Papua New Guinea and the religions that emerged as a result of these crimes. Aggressive, dirty and psychotic postmortem record for the fans of conspiracy theories and brutal electronic sound. Only for the elect. [label info]

Deutsch Nepal -- "Rapist Park Junktion" -- 2 x 7" -- €15
2011 Autarkeia, avi 056, (ltd. 370)
Perhaps the most charismatic figure of the industrial scene - Lina Baby Doll - has recorded a new 25 minute material for his cult project Deutsch Nepal. Many people call this extraordinary artist Robie Williams of the industrial scene. Yet, after listening to the latest record of Deutsch Nepal, many will undoubtedly call him Frank Sinatra of the scene. The atmosphere of the new Deutsch Nepal tracks somewhat reminds the American genius’ old hits pervaded by deep longing and specific black humour. However Rapist Park Junktion is far from the return to the depressive epoch of Erosion. The new tracks contain the features of all periods of Deutsch Nepal music. They remind ritual aspects of Deflagration of Hell and Benevolence, rhythms of Tolerance and nightmares of Comprendido… time stop, as well as mournfulness of Erosion coupled with wild sexuality of Erotikon. Lina says Rapist Park Junktion is a bridge between his earlier music and that what is coming soon. To be more precise, this is a connecting-link to the mysterious Amygdala. So, Rapist Park Junktion is the same old and charismatic Lina Baby Doll now playing the role of Frank Sinatra instead of Nick or Robie Williams, and the gloomy atmosphere of drinking-songs glowing in the background of horrible audio hallucinations. [press-release]

Emptyset -- "Material" -- 12" -- €15
2013 Subtext, SUB007

Fear Falls Burning -- "We Slowly Lift Ourselves From Dust" -- pic 10" -- €14
2007 A Silent Place, ASP07

Jennifer Gentle -- "Sacramento Session / 5 Of 3" -- LP -- €16
2006 A Silent Place, ASP03

Maldur Atai -- "Alarm / Valhala" -- 7" -- €8
2010 Autarkeia, avi 046, (ltd. 230)
The second single of Maldur Atai is much sharper than the first. Expressive ambient / martial, powerful WWII samples generate darkly uncanny and psychedelic atmosphere. Like the first single, this one is also characterised by its astonishing completeness. It seems any addition would disturb this especially precise and well-balanced harmony of tracks. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Maldur Atai -- "Holy Grief" -- 7" -- €8
2010 Autarkeia, avi 042, (ltd. 246)
This first single of Maldur Atai project is surprisingly complete although comes out in a short format. This is a rare case among 7 inch vinyls. It is organic. After you finish listening, you have an impression that a longer format including more tracks would simply destroy this deep, delicately sacral atmosphere. Speaking about style, the single could be classified as ambient, yet while listening to it, it becomes clear that the atmosphere generated by the single is much more than the antiseptic, statistical classification. Compression was deliberately not used for mastering the record. The authors recommend listening to the single silently. [press-release]

Menche, Daniel -- "Marriage Of Metals" -- LP -- €27
2013 Editions Mego, eMego 174

My Cat Is An Alien -- "Different Shades Of Blue" -- LP -- €16
2005 A Silent Place, ASP01

Nymphomatriarch (Venetian Snares + Hecate) -- "s/t" -- LP -- €16
2003 Hymen Records, Y043

Sable Mouvant -- "Out Of The Nightmare / Back To The Dream" -- 7" -- €8
2009 Autarkeia, avi 033, (ltd. 257)
After his debut drone / ambient album bridge that leads nowhere, Lithuanian composer gys produced two new especially suggestive tracks. This is a hypnotic trip to transitional states: between sleep and wakefulness, day and night. This is a travel to the twilight and its secrets, of both nature and subconscious. This short album marked by genius reminds a certain transformation. Opening with sombre anxious accords, the album ends with total immersion into the state close to deep sleep. The album has been released in the heaviest brown 7 inch vinyl. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Venetian Snares -- "Salt" -- 12" -- €15
2000/2003 Zhark International, 12006

Vinyl Terror & Horror -- "Late Night Show" -- 7" -- €11
2006 Vinyl Terror And Horror, VTH 02

V/A -- "Touch. 30 Years And Counting" -- 2 LP -- €30
2012 Touch, Tone 33, (ltd. 1000)
Fennesz, Bruce Gilbert, Rosy Parlane, Oren Ambarchi, ELEH, BJ Nilsen, Nana April Jun, Chris Watson, Mika Vainio, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Jana Winderen, Philip Jeck, Francisco Lopez, Z'EV, Hildur Gudnadottir, Biosphere.


Body Cargo -- "Conspiracy Of Containers" -- MC -- €6
2011 Autarkeia, acd 057, (ltd. 100)
Conspiracy of Containers is the latest release of Lithuanian postmortem artist Body Cargo. War crimes are committed each and every second and the impassable jungle of Papua New Guinea remains cannibal Bermuda triangle where all ends and witnesses of war crimes vanish into thin air and the pyramids of sleek skulls are growing fast. Where do the abducted Muslims disappear from the US concentration camps? Perhaps you truly believe they come back or are deported home? What do the containers, transported by the latest B52 to the territory of Papua New Guinea, contain? Why do the fiercest cannibal tribe wars take place in those locations of Papua New Guinea above which the unregistered CIA aircrafts are observed? You will find all answers in the newest Body Cargo conspiratorial tape released in a signature pack of Autarkeia. [press-release]

Body Cargo -- "Echoes" -- MC -- €5
2010 Autarkeia, acd 052, (ltd. 100)
The powerful echo of bomber engines obscures the scream of the falling live flesh. In his earphones, the pilot hears the echoes of radio noise, and feels the perturbations of the bomber changing its altitude. Muscular guys with stony faces have quickly handled the affair above the jungle drowning in the dusk. The pilot curtly informs the base: mission complete. The jungle echoes when the live falling flesh is torn at the collision with lianas and tree branches. The startled birds soar up and the beat of the wings echoes high above. The baboons shriek in parallel with the echoes of bloody cannibal rituals in the thicket. The sounds of violence pierce the jungle. The echoes are the only substance remaining at the shed of blood. All those dead and tortured transform into one loud echo of the world. Echo is the ghostly face of the world. Dirty sound of this tape is a tribute to things remaining after the bloodiest crimes. Their only testimony is the echoes and not some bloody Amnesty International's declaration. [press-release]

Body Cargo -- "Posthum" -- MC -- €5
2010 Autarkeia, acd 051, (ltd. 100)
The same end awaits all the human efforts to create or achieve anything positive, good or harmonious. The evolution of all human ideas, works or plans collides with the concentration of illusions, pain, suffering, torture, slaughter and, finally, corpses that need to be discarded. The major architectural achievement of the human race is also related to concentration. It is a concentration camp, of course. Even after being taken down it does not abandon human conscious. Thus, the concentration is the supreme characteristic inherent to human civilisation and realm that can be defined as POSTHUM, while a human being that has perceived it becomes its supreme realisation form. He or she then is POSTHOMO. Dead or alive, he/she represents the same superbeing - POSTHOMO or a corpse. Gloomy, aggressive, low & dirty quality postmortem record of Body Cargo is dedicated to the concentration of civilisation dusthole posthum and its product posthomo. [press-release]

Hladna -- "9.12.2002" -- C-90 -- €5
2013 YAOP, YAOP 063, (ltd. 13)
Electronic post-industrial avant-garde in vein of forefathers of experimental scene. Art! Completely handmade and hand-painted package. [label info]

Jarl -- "Tunnel Vision / Mind Reaper" -- 2 MC -- €8
2008 Autarkeia, acd 031, (ltd. 200)
Tunnel Vision/Mind Reaper, the eleventh album of Swedish artist Erik Jarl, is undoubtedly the most suggestive music recorded by the author under the flag of JARL logo. Although in terms of style the sound reminds previous albums, the tracks are characterised by very long duration and deep hypnotic effect. Each album composition separately and the album as a whole that are marked by special completeness create very strong and specific mood. In short, Tunnel Vision/Mind Reaper can be described as an alien hostile space: still unknown and undiscovered abyss where staying too long is dangerous. This album is the radiation disrupting the inner world of the audience silently and uncompromisingly. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Messer Chups -- "Bride of the Atom" -- MC -- €7
2000 Elektrus, EL003MK
One of the best albums of Russian samplodelic project. Rare. [YAOP]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Bite A Horizon" -- C-90 -- €5
2013 YAOP, YAOP 064, (ltd. 13)
Continuation of psychedelic opus magnum of this underground Russian artist. The cassette is packen in vintage promotional materials of "Aeroflot" from 70-ies, each copy has unique peculiarities. [label info]

Pustota -- "MK-60 Svema" -- 2 x C-60 -- €5
2013 Biosonar^Lo-End, 032, (ltd. 13)
This release is the complete apotheosis of the concept of tape noises implemented by the Pustota project. The cardboard box, habitual to the fans of the project, contains two white cassettes of MK-60 trademark, produced by "Svema" factory in 1991. First off, the concept is maintained by the fact that the cassettes have been kept at a warehouse since 1991, sealed in boxes, their cosmetic condition is ideal, but some interesting changes happened to magnetic tape - static pink noise and polyrhythmic clicks appeared. As an interactive element, the listeners are suggested to make some re-recordings themselves while listening, from tape 1 to tape 2, adjusting the sound to the concept. Recommended amount of re-recordings is 13. [press-release]

Radiostalking -- "Cemetary of Radioactive Animals" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 Biosonar^Lo-End, 031, (ltd. 11)
One more lo-fi radio-recording, one more cassette full of radionoise. This time the recording was made on a Finnish portable cassette recorder from 80-ies, with an Yugoslavian cassette used as a master-tape. The story behind this recording is as follows: in St. Petersburg on Vasilyevsky island there is a place, in some narginal circles figuratively called as "cemetary of radioactive animals". The city legend explains that in 1930-s there was a laboratory studying the effect of radionuclides with a small ground for burying test animals tortured by radiation... Now this territory is a part of a secure facility and has no entrance for normal people. Perhaps this is just a legend, all the more so the Vasilyevskiy island is called to be an island of undisclosed mysteries, legends and strange tragic events. Here some magic ceremonies and rituals were held. And this is here, to Vasilyevskiy island, aimed the most extraordinary and mysterious people: magicians, sorcerers and great augurs. For ages Vasilyevskiy island had its special mystical atmosphere. All the very enigmatic, unexplained and odd things happened here. No surprise that this all brought the fame of the most mysterious island to Vasilyevskiy among all the islands of Neva delta. The recording was conducted just nearby this place and contains the manipulations of radionoise flow made mostly by moving in space. Even the most simple rhythmical structures that sound like an intense knob twisting were actually the reaction of recorder antenna to the steps and approaching to objects. [press-release]

Frea market

Body Cargo - Logistics Of Religion - 10" - €7.10
Maldur Atai - Patrols Of Paradise - 10" - €7.10

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.


Autarkeia -- t-shirt -- €15
Highest quality, 100 % cotton t-shirt of army green colour. Label's black logo emroided in front. Size L. Image.

IV. Back in stock

Argentum / Sigvegr -- "Black Sun Is Rising" -- CD -- €11
2007 self-released
High quality Martial Industrial from two acclaimed projects. Exalted compositions with different sound, from pompous melancholic neoclassics to harsh urban industrial, lots of military and political samples, tracks dedicated to historical past and the realities of modern NS movement. Jewel case, 8 page booklet. [YAOP]

Bocksholm -- "Rinna Leathercluster Liveaction 2008" -- CD -- €10
2009 Autarkeia, acd 044, (ltd. 500)
Lina Baby Doll [Deutsch Nepal] and Peter Andersson [Raison D’etre], two famous punks of the industrial scene, played the havoc again. In the beginning there was a very drunken gig that resulted in a very drunken album. Nevertheless, it is impossible to accuse the musicians of unprofessional recording or unusual state when recording. Since seas of beer are the most favourable condition for the records and gigs of these Swedish blokes, the concert in Malmo is simply perfect. In the meantime, well-mastered record does not leave any hints of non-studio work. Bearing in mind the reputation of these well-know masters of havoc, no wonder that this record is dominated by remarkable, powerful industrial rhythms, outbursts of psychedelic ambient, intoxicated, gargling vocals, sombre and dismal atmosphere transfused by alcoholic delirium, alcoholic despair and alcoholic hysteria that has only one culprit... No, no, it is not the alcohol, but this isolated, remote Swedish provincial town Bocksholm with its fauna and polluted nature that had such a heavy impact on the childhood of these alcohol addicts. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Fire In The Head -- "Icon" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autarkeia, acd 023
I/CON is an exploration of religion as a both a catalyst for mental illness born of the human condition and as a disease itself. These are the incessant and uncontrollable screams of a deified ego mired in its own fallacies, of the pious and the possessed, of hypocrisy and holocaust, of resurrection and insurrection, of suffocating paranoia and immaculate deception, a final descent into a mind consumed with lies left to putrefy since youth, a head first plummet into the burning depths of malignant neuroses where the borders between reality and aberration have been razed, a maelstrom of auditory hallucinations and recurring apocalyptic nightmares. The dark ambient interludes of previous F/I/T/H releases are absent from this release having been replaced by a highly hysterical hallucinatory component resulting from the use of human voices used as a key of the aspect of the source material. I/CON shunts pure psychosis through eleven tracks of densely layered power electronics / industrial / noise leaving no room to breathe. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Foundation Hope -- "Our God Is A Consuming Fire" -- CD -- €10
2008 Autarkeia, acd 028
The latest album Our God Is A Consuming Fire by the Dutch project Foundation Hope, just like its earlier output, aims at the exposure of hope institute promoted by the Christian religion. The album is characterised by the transparent but melancholic atmosphere, where each track radiates with quiet and modest despair. Our God Is A Consuming Fire is the high class of ambient deeply affecting human emotions. In short, this album may be labelled the despair consolidated in sound. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Girnu Giesmes -- "Bevardes Salos" -- CD -- €10
2008 Autarkeia, acd 029, (ltd. 500)
The tenth album Bevardes salos (Nameless Islands) by the Lithuanian post industrial pioneer Girnu Giesmes uniquely marks the jubilee of composing and is distinguished by its special maturity and professionalism. All tracks are indeed intricate, complex and original sound fabrics. Each frequency, sample or rhythmic we hear in them has been composed by the author himself without the use of any other source. Some tracks are in drone style, others in ambient, while the third contain dynamic, elemental rhythm. However, all tracks in the album have one common trait - they cannot be compared to anything else you heard before. Even the general mood of the album, although it is very close to human emotions, is practically indescribable in words. Most probably the title of Nameless Islands has been purposefully chosen for this musical journey, so that various listeners could explore and discover their unique vision emerging from the play of sounds. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Girnu Giesmes -- "Rupus Miltai" -- CD -- €10
2005 Autarkeia, acd 011, (ltd. 299)
Rupus miltai presently counted as the eighth album of Lithuanian post-industrial music pioneer Girnu Giesmes. The begetter of this Project Laurynas Jukonis used to mark all his albums by some most archaic and original elements of Lithuanian culture, such as the glee, rhymed recitations in ancient Lithuanian language, some ornament on the cover. They reflect the coherence between the author and archaic worldview, genetics of ancestors, moreover - they perfectly adopt the ancient code for enriching the collective future thinking. The newest album entitled with the ancient relic, genuine and dearly fine Lithuanian euphemism - Rupus Miltai - which is not translatable into other languages, perhaps even not explicable to foreigners, but naturally acceptable by everyone of Lithuanian descent as some higher element of communication, open to selected ethnos. The author of this Project chose this relic of sublime reality as the guiding point to surreal, psychedelic trip into different, more universal reality where the ocean of associations and infinite possibility of interpretation rise. The web of senses generated by the album Rupus Miltai throws the listener along the emotional draughts as if the whirlwind carrying the small butterfly. A stream of transparent ambient suddenly grows into the hysterical ritual dance of shamans, leading to the labyrinth of feelings hiding the fearful obscurity. As the battle falls, the light descends, and the vanishing mind erases every thought and sense. Rupus Miltai is a peculiar, psychedelic album talking of .... With various eclectic post-industrial accents twinkling in it, with unique style aesthetics unrolling and blazing in unconventional loops of dark and hypnotic ambient and frozen industrial pulse. [press-release]
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Girnu Giesmes -- "Tiems, Kas Budi Uz Slenkscio" -- CD -- €10
2006 Autarkeia, acd 014, (ltd. 500)
Laurynas Jukonis, the author of GIRNU GIESMES project and the pioneer of the Lithuanian post-industrial, has dedicated his ninth album "Tiems, kas budi uz slenkscio" (For Those Who Keep Vigil Beyond the Threshold) to the next element of the archaic worldview of the Lithuanians, that is, the mythological sagas. To be more precise, it is dedicated to the weird reality functioning in accordance with specific laws in sagas that has been deeply ingrained in human mind from time immemorial. The modern rationalism has not managed to destroy this system until our days. Probably the mythological reality with all its strange creatures can relatively be called the remnant of the evolved shamanism. This is arcane, but not necessarily unapproving worldview of the supernatural world as the dark powers. The latest GIRNU GIESMES album conveys exactly these features. Each track projects a fascinating interpretation of the archaic thinking system in music. Vivacious and a bit eerie music of "Tiems, kas budi uz slenkscio" album is difficult to define in terms of music style. Some tracks sound with mysterious psychedelic ambient, while the others reverberate with bizarre broken rhythms and loops. Yet, a strong and interesting mood is undoubtedly created by the rich and professionally compiled sound collages featured in the CD. [press-release]
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IRM -- "Red Album" -- CD -- €10
1999/2010 Autarkeia, acd 054, (ltd. 500)
To celebrate that a decade has passed since the release of the IRM "Red Album" LP, a CD reissue is now presented by Autarkeia. Martin Bladh and Erik Jarl had already known eachother for a few years when they began their mission as IRM in 1997. Fuelled by the rage of sonic power-houses like Whitehouse and Brighter Death Now, they recorded a demo tape that landed them a deal with Cold Meat Industry. Immediately upon its arrival, "The Red Album" was met by great enthusiasm as it breathed new life in a genre gone quite stagnant at the time. The sound displayed a unique amalgamation of Jarl's analogue bass-heavy eruptions, and Bladh's revelatory lyrics/vocals which were thematically more aligned with the apocalyptic preachings of Michael Gira and Nick Cave than the confrontationalism of William Bennett. Also the monochrome cover designs that IRM chose to work with stood in stark contrast to the cheap shock tactics that had infested the power electronics scene for so long. On subsequent landmark albums such as "Oedipus Dethroned" and "Virgin Mind" IRM honed their sound and dug deeper into the maze of the human psyche, while in parallell both Bladh and Jarl have explored new aestetic avenues with diverse solo projects. Now when looking back, it is perfectly clear that IRM have fulfilled and surpassed all the expectations that the release of "The Red Album" promised. More than ten years down the road, the adolescent debutants have become the revered minstrels of industrial gospel. [press-release]

Jarl -- "Breaking Point Syndrome" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autarkeia, acd 021
Breaking Point-Syndrome is the ninth album of Erik Jarl, Swedish industrial genius. Just like his previous albums, this one radiates the remarkably icy, mercilessly depressing and languorous as well as claustrophobic mood. To reach the effect, Erik simply generates unique industrial sound. His each accord smacks of unexplainable anxiety, the feeling of degenerate future, drug-induced reality, poisoning and exceptionally technocratic character. Jarl music can be qualified as psychedelic industrial/drone, while the album Breaking Point Syndrome is an excellent example of the Scandinavian mastership in creating esp. persuasive and visionary sonic landscape. [press-release]
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Jarl -- "Turbulence Colour" -- 2 CD -- €20
2008 Autarkeia, acd 030, (ltd. 500)
Turbulence Colour is the tenth album of talented Swedish composer Erik Jarl, containing two and a half hours of new, never released sound material in two CDs. In terms of music, Erik Jarl remains loyal to his original but dismal style. Very long, hypnotic tracks convey unbearable, depressing and morbid states of human psyche. Turbulence Colour is at the same time a journey into the grey matrix of anxiety where the listeners are masterfully taken through the sickly labyrinths of the author’s mind. The latest Erik Jarl’s release is the top class drone psychocollage packed into a very elegant package. [press-release]
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Jarl -- "Vertigo Emission" -- CD -- €10
2009 Autarkeia, acd 045, (ltd. 200)
Vertigo Emission, the twelfth album of Erik Jarl, this Swedish genius of sound construction, is a logical continuation of his earlier works. The composer remains loyal to the style he propagates. Slow, very heavy and dismal sound waves grip the listeners and take them into the colourless, uncanny and morbid world. Like the previous ones, this album reminds a person who could earlier see the colours but became colour blind and in order to adapt to the new situation has to understand familiar yet irreversibly changed signs anew. The aesthetics of Erik Jarl's sonic decoration is like always very austere and merciless, however, it is marked by endless charm resulting from especially sensitive and subtle construction. Regular edition in digipak, limited to 200 copies. [press-release]
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Jarl -- "Vertigo Rebirth" -- CD -- €10
2010 Autarkeia, acd 053, (ltd. 200)
Vertigo Rebirth is the fourteenth album of Swedish composer Erik Jarl and the third and last part of the Vertigo trilogy. It is difficult to say anything more about Jarl’s music on the whole. Like the earlier albums, this one generates particularly severe emotions that could be shortly defined as isolation, intoxication and especially negative, poisonous intuition. This impression is enhanced by the contrast. Erik opens the album with a track that has a construction uncharacteristic to his previous compositions. This composition contains quite strange rhythmics and is rather dynamic, which generates deceptive elation. But that’s only the first track of the album. The rest fling the audience back to the cold uncompromising space of drone, piercing and crushing all attempts to perceive the phenomenon of Jarl’s impasse. This is one more remarkable album for potential suicides. [press-release]

Jarl -- "Wound Profile" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autarkeia, acd 024, (ltd. 500)
The album Wound Profile by Erik Jarl, the genius of Swedish electronics, previously released in a cassette, has now, after some processing of the record, come out as a CD in a very elegant digipack. The album consists of two record sessions: one of them (6 tracks) was recorded by Erik in 1999, while the other (one track) was recorded 18 months later. Those closely following the music of the Scandinavian master may recognise the early sound of Erik’s compositions in Wound Profile album that at certain points even remind the first IRM records. Clear-cut, abnormal, psychedelic rhythmics, its distorted, massive repetitions, analogous loops of synthetic sound generate the emotions of anxiety, morbidity and degeneration. Unlike Erik’s later music marked for its abstract structure and closer to drone style, the album Wound Profile can be characterised by emotional straightforwardness and brutality. [press-release]
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Lieutenant Caramel -- "The Pandora's Box" -- CD -- €9
2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 035
This is the most "Futurist" & "Post-modern" musician of the french "musique-concrete" generation! Sounds which are re-proposing on a new way his more authentic & first rough works… Cover art-works presents burning super-hero toys melting inside moulding vinyl discs. Music for the Theater writings by Christophe Pellet and directing by Anastasia Politi. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Kujvo" -- C-60 -- €11
2012 L.SH., (ltd. 28)
A modest release on a mysterious label from Leningrad, related to the Heliophagia movement. The conceptual cassette series L.SH. opens with a recording of L.A.D.O., long time gathering dust on a shelf, but being not less interesting than nowadays recordings. This is a weaving of threads of tales and visions of polar lands, reindeer herders' and hunters' dreams. Side A: three pieces consequently take listener's attention through the horizons of life substances of the water world with its dances of ringed seals; the world of earthly beings; and the air world of winds, of star and solar light. Side B focuses attention on the force of warmth and heat as the most rare and important for life in subpolar areas - this is not the exhausting heat of southern countries, but hardly seen smudging light of an oil lamp in a tent, the warmth of living beings in an icy desert. The sounds of this album consist of many field recordings, ethnographic and home-made sketches, mouth harp playing and voice loops, all this is flavoured with distant radionoises and rustles. Chrome cassette with a handmade insert. [press-release]

Maldur Atai -- "Checkpoint" -- CD -- €10
2010 Autarkeia, acd 047, (ltd. 300)
This is the first full album of industrial/ambient project Maldur Atai, titled Checkpoint. This dose of music of nearly one hour emanates strong and solid atmosphere that grows, develops and changes during each exquisitely constructed track. The notional indexes of the album touch upon a variety of religious aspects. Yet, they all are related to violence in religion and religion as an arcane or masked violator acting in informational reality. This album reveals religion as a system marketed and propagated by invisible conspirators. The system marked by powerful structure, network and techniques. It exists as a secret institute in the informational field of hallucinations, entices with its promises and attractive images, however, in reality opens horrible nightmares, marauds and kills. What is worst in this matrix is that it chooses children as its main target. The adults have been conditioned in their childhood so that they would sacrifice their children to the system later. Checkpoint is a filtration camp where the children's souls are met by elitist creatures of the arcane society wearing black mantles and hiding their faces. They lie, they enslave, they manipulate and they involve you in the vicious circle with almost no hope of retreat. Checkpoint is an abstract, universal and purified vision of Maldur Atai in which many will recognise their own very personal experiences and the symbols of the everyday secret war. [press-release]

Maldur Atai -- "Verger" -- CD -- €10
2011 Autarkeia, acd 060, (ltd. 300)
History is falsified. Facts are fiercely distorted, while the reasons for that are hidden with even more ferocity. A powerful network of a secret organisation creates phantasmagorical projection that has nothing to do with reality. Official explanations for the millions of people killed during the Second World War and the official causes of this war smack of absolute farce, while the political leaders have never existed in the first place. These were new generation 4D holograms. The actual war causes are concealed by a formidable conspiracy and lie in the pre-Buddhist epoch, the history of Maldur Atai puzzle. Although concealed so vigorously, the true causes of the Second World War and all other wars have been far from economic or political. They have to do with religion, the old Maldur Atai cult and the anticipated second Resurrection. According to the conspiracy, those building the falsified hologram of the world do everything to prevent the prophesy from happening and the ancient cult from returning as predicted. They do not want the truth to be disclosed. They seek the reference and the element containing the encoded signs of its Revelation. It is suspected that the main obstruction of time machines and projector of holograms is hidden in deep labyrinths under one of the small countries that has been responsible for the Crusades of the ancient times as well as all invasive wars. Indeed strange events took place on the threshold of the Second World War, the bloodiest war in human history. A secret leader has rallied all his agents and they have performed some kind of special ritual, the purpose of which is not known until today. A number of signs were seen and then the war raged with lethal outcomes. The truth remained hidden. What does the leader conceal from us? And, after all, who is he? What will his next ritual bring forth? The rebirth of Maldur Atai cult or the Third World War? MALDUR ATAI’s album Verger is exactly about all of this. [press-release]

Maldur Atai -- "Vermin" -- CD -- €10
2010 Autarkeia, acd 049, (ltd. 300)
Vermin is the second full album coming from the industrial/ambient project Maldur Atai. The subject-matter of this album is the arcane supernatural world that is sometimes accidentally opened by unawares people. They summon demons they cannot control later. Vermin is a contact with otherworldly powers with unpredictable aftermath, the word about which will spread for ages. It is an album testifying the outburst of aggression destroying safe existence. This is one of the gloomiest and most persuasive albums released recently. The atmosphere of the tracks varies greatly, yet they have one common impact: they make your hair rise. Languorous, ominous and full of longing sounds turn into devouring mentally disturbed elements. Rich sample library was used for the composition of the album. The layout of samples in the sonic fabric is not accidental. The place of each sample is meticulously chosen and well-thought, so the album seems incomposite and involving. Vermin is the invasion of powerful and especially malicious demons into the everyday life upon the accidental uttering of the forbidden mantra. Do not forget to make the circle in chalk, the vermin knock on you door. [press-release]

Marchetti, Lionel -- "Sirrus" -- CD -- €14
2001 Auscultare Research, aus 014
Enter Lionel Marchetti, a fine member of the concrete school, who opts for the spins of the tape machine and processing rather than the laptop. Marchetti's music abstracts sounds at points equal to Schaffear and Luc Ferrari. But an even closer reference point is Stockhausen's "Sans la Soleil" as well as Karlheinz's other abstract works (although that segment of Stockhausen’s corpus is not strictly speaking musique concrete)... Marchetti's music, however, channels more eclectic sources than Stockhausen's. In “Passerele,” a fragment of wild organ brings a moment of warmth to a landscape of analog blurbs. “Sirrus” features some sped-up sounds providing a balance to the darker drones below. At times the album has the feel of a full fledged score, with sounds disengaged from their original source congealing into symphonic structures... On pieces like “Micro-climat,” though, Marchetti uses a structure closer to field recordings than the abstract sequences of distortions that make up much concrete. Perhaps Marchetti owes a little to the acoustic-ecology of R. Murray Schafer in that this work sounds more like a study of the acoustics of an environment than a direct abstraction of a symphonic score. But Marchetti seems less worried than Schafer about decorating casual listening environments with a conceptual premise. Sirrus is a complex work, with each segment unfolding into a recurring motif of ambient noises that's ahead of the pack of laptop manipulators... Marchetti’s work is hardly a new direction for concrete, but holding Marchetti up to such groundbreaking impositions might be too lofty. Like the clicks-and-cuts punks who see this school as their predecessors, what’s important here is that the music on Sirrus is a challenging, rewarding, and engaging experience, just not a new one. [Andrew Jones, Dusted Reviews]

Oorchach -- "Chtonikka" -- CD -- €10
2008 Autarkeia, acd 027, (ltd. 300)
Chtonikka is the second album of OORCHACH, Lithuanian post industrial project. Six new tracks are dedicated to the arcane world Chtonikka whose vision the author conveys through the gloomy industrial loops, coarse and dirty lo-fi sound. Powerful tribal rhythms provide the tracks with vehement dynamics, while the album as a whole smacks of strong archaic mood. [label info]
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Spanxti -- "Dheghom" -- CD -- €10
2011 Autarkeia, acd 068, (ltd. 200)
Lithuanian project Spanxti may be called a professional of post industrial scene, nevertheless that Dheghom is their first album. The new ambient/martial record is full of maturity and has a highly elaborated structure, dedicated to recall the atmosphere and gravity of ancient rituals. Every single track represents a separate ritual which is extremely authentic in the way it simulates rituals performed by ancestors in the past. They were created by the Indo-European tribes in Indo-European languages, i.e. ancient Iranian, Old Prussian, Old High German, Old Greek, Hittite and Gothic. It was strived to restore the authenticity of rituals by using the original actually witnessed scripts of ritual/mythological content, created in the ancient Indo-European languages above. All scripts are authentic, written down hundreds or thousands of years ago, and clearly represent the outlook of the ancient world. The title of the album is the reconstructed word of the Proto-Indo-European, which means “the earth”. The whole album is an integral ritual, consisting of a few smaller ones, and a certain attempt to experience the archaic spirit in authentic way. The album is released in 200 copies in four different package design versions. This is an absolute ambience of sound through the deep autumn. [press-release]

Survival Unit -- "Fentanyl Martyrs" -- 2 CD -- €20
2007 Autarkeia, acd 020
Survival Unit Fentanyl Martyrs 2-golden-CD box is the latest cultural terror attack coming from cultic non-compromising Swedish postmortem/power electronics project. This time an especially dreadful and relevant theme has been chosen for compromising the declared illusions of human civilisation. Both discs have been dedicated to Chechnya undergoing the total genocide, the total war where neither honour nor rules are acknowledged, except perhaps those of Marquis de Sade, who - bearing in mind the facts of this war - would have never imagined how far the fantasy of brutal people can advance in order to dominate, torture and control those resembling themselves [...] This time the album of the conceptual project Survival Unit - unlike the earlier albums contained in intentionally cheap, anarchistic DIJ aesthetics and packages - will be a posh release. A special 3-part digipack, 20-page booklet, 2 golden CDs and a special manually-made box will spit into the face of those mocking underground and the truth. Total dirt, horror, bloody audiovisual collages, non-compromising mockery of illusions: the TRUTH will be packed in special luxury. On the one hand, it is a real pity because this is the grand pre-funeral wake of the Survival Unit project. Yet, the legendary project leaving to Valhalla must be specially honoured. So, no wonder that the independent AUTARKEIA, which has previously buried Megaptera giant very solemnly, has been chosen for arranging the funeral. [label info]
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Survival Unit -- "Murder For The Mission" -- CD -- €10
2005/2009 Autarkeia, acd 034
Although the cult album Fentanyl Martyrs embodied the death of Survival Unit project, the latter is toxic even while buried. The zombies are coming back. The new album Murder For The Mission is Volume 1 of old and very rare, almost unobtainable retrospective records of the Swedish cult project or the collection of cultural terrorism. The album Murder For The Mission includes both released and yet unreleased tracks from a few sessions. These are Vemod label's tape Murder For The Mission, a concert in Paris and the CDR Utan Fana released as very limited edition. So the audio terror goes on and those who believe that it has ended after the Fentanyl Martyrs act, now will pay the double price. The extremely aggressive psycho-powerelectronics shock full of hatred and insane samples will get them. [press-release]
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Svaixt -- "Virsme Versme" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autarkeia, acd 022, (ltd. 500)
Words swaixtix, svastika, svaiksti have a common root that in Sanskrit or Indo-European mother-tongue means to shine, to glow, light. Svaixt, coming from Laurynas Jukonis, the master of the Lithuanian post-industrial, is one more project revealing his sincere interest in the roots of the civilisation, the beginning of the archaic, multi-meaningful, solid and conflictless reality. Demo version of Svaixt album Virsme versme was released in 50 copies by the very author in CDR format and sold in a blink. The album for the second edition was complemented by new material placing new stress in its concept. Svaixt music consists of deep, pulsating and very transparent ambient building up mystic, arcane atmosphere. The value of the album lies in the absence of digital sound generating means in the recording. Virsme versme was recorded by playing the single brass percussion inducing meditation and providing the sound with a strong oriental zest. The cover of Svaixt Virsme versme contains the photo of the legendary marsh opening Ulos Akis located in the Lithuanian region Dzukija, whereas the CD is packed in the elegant digipack. [label info]
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Torturecide -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Slaughter Productions, SPCD53
Very strong genocidal power electronics influenced by misanthropic ideas of Ragnar Redbeard, LaVey and Nietzsche. [YAOP]

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