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Ritual Front / Anthesteria23 December 2004

KultFront NBP and ZHELEZOBETON present:

neoclassic dark ambient
martial dark folk

Date - 8 January 2005, Saturday.
Place - Pskov, TIRclub.
Address - ul. Sverdlova, 52.
Phone - (8112) 12 10 54.
Beginninng - 20:00.

01 December 2004

German underground web-zine EverDarkGreen published an interview with NECROPOLIS.

Official website of DN23rd is opened now - welcome!

A fair amount of CDs from such labels as Gravestench, Autarkeia, Still Sleep, Spirals Of Involution, Tantric Harmonies, Abgurd Subdivision has been added to catalogue, some CDs are back in stock. We remind you that you can subscribe to our to receive all catalogue updates and other news right into your mailbox.

10 November 2004

New CDs added:

PUBLIC IMMORALITY "Grjaz" CD-R (BioSonar^EleKtro)
SHUMY ROSSII "Nevidimost' i Trud" CD-R (BioSonar^EleKtro)
HYBRYDS "Tryptykh" CD (Tantric Harmonies)

30 October 2004

We added a small photogallery with some pictures taken at the show in Pskov and several totally zen discs to the catalogue:

Aube "108" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
DN23rd "Signals From Outside" CD-R (Abgurd Subdivision)
DN23rd "Who's Speaking?" CD-R (Abgurd Subdivision)
DN23rd "Unconnect" CD-R (Abgurd Subdivision)

Thalamus19 October 2004

KultFront NBP and ZHELEZOBETON present - OCTOBER 24 - mini-festival "THALAMUS - The Birth" featuring St.Petersburgs projects:

neoclassic dark ambient
drone noise
old school industrial noise

Place - Pskov, TIRclub.
Address - ul. Sverdlova, 52.
Phone - (8112) 12 10 54.
Beginninng - 20:00.

More over, the catalogue grew a little bit up:

BUSSO DE LA LUNE "With Your Ear Down To The Ground" CD-R (Soulworm Editions)
TRUE COLOUR OF BLOOD "Awakened, To Never Sleep Again" CD-R (Soulworm Editions)
ENTRANCE TO EXIT "s/t" CD-R (self-released)
NEON RAIN vs. H-P UNIT 14 "Distructed Dance Factory" CD-R (VS Art/Steelwork Machine)
REUTOFF "Regno Di Pianta" CD (Ewers Tonkunst)
V/A "Extreme Music From Russia" CD (Susan Lawly)
V/A "Holy Mother Russia" CD-R/LP (Steinklang)

DN23rd - zum18 September 2004

ZHELEZOBETON decently presents the new release - DN23rd "zum" CD-R.

This is the second album of Moscow-based radiostatic noise project DN23rd released by our label. It represents two radionoise experiments - dynamics of influence of household devices on radio set, and statics of ether pressure. Packed in handsprayed cardboard sleeve. Limited edition of 48 copies. Price without postage - €7. More information here.

11 September 2004

Our long sold out second release - DN23rd "Signals From Outside" - has been re-issued by Russian label Abgurd Subdivision on CD-R limited to 23 copies.

Also, our third release - Necropolis "Necrosphere" - is sold out now. You can check the list of distributors and grab the original copy if you're lucky. Otherwise you should wait, because British label Cold Spring Records is going to re-release this album on CD in the end of this year.

Mailorder update:

AUBE "RM4" CD (Ultra-Mail Prod.)
AUBE "Duplex-Sphere" CD (Ultra-Mail Prod.)
GRISMANNEN "Panus Anus" CD-R (Yantra Atmospheres)
INDU MEZU "Dustplastic Tube" CD-R (self-released)

04 August 2004

New arrivals:

Aidan Baker "Dreammares" (Mechanoise Labs)
ONTAYSO "Elochim" (Tantric Harmonies)
ID "Galaxys" (self-released)
HLADNA (Abgurd Subdivision)

27 July 2004

Heaps of music for sale from Russian labels Waystyx Records (Contagious Orgasm, Cisfinitum, Bad Sector, Telepherique, Troum), Tantric Harmonies (Muslimgauze, Sala, Staruha Mha), Achtung Baby! (Novy Svet, Europaplan, "Ten Tears Of Madness" 2 CD compilation) plus some CDs from a home label of Contagious Orgasm, SSSM (Sudden Infant, Telepherique + Contagious Orgasm, P. Miles Bryson, K2) and vinyls of Linija Mass from Membrum Debile Propaganda. Check out our catalogue.

Grismannen opened his official webpage: Visit your exkremental music provider!

09 July 2004

2 new CDs from Israeli label Maor Appelbaum Productions:

VECTORSCOPE "Monitoring The Blind" CD

10 euros each. Check this out!

13 June 2004

And again new CDs! This time released by Moscow-based label Insofar Vapor Bulk:

Alexey Borisov + K.K.Null "Xenoglossia" CD
V/A "Ditch Avangarda: Cross-cultural Compilation Vol.1" CD
V/A "In Memoriam Tarkovsky" CD

Look in catalogue section to find more information and mp3s.

02 June 2004

Latest arrivals in catalogue:

ANTHESTERIA "I Killed" 3"CD-R (self-released)
Laurent Pernice "Humus - Musiques Immobiles 5-15" CD (Monochrome Vision)
ODOLEN'VETER "Triptych" CD-R (self-released)
V/A "Like Music To Their Ears Vol. 2" CD (Mechanoise Labs)

16 May 2004

Mailorder update - new releases of Russian labels: Extremal Psyhonauts (Skrytoe Radioveschanie, Sadogipnoz, Boevye Cicady), BioSonar^EleKtro (Brainfork, Pepelaz A.B.), Der Angriff (Von Thronstahl / The Days Of The Trumpet Call), QUAG (Lunar Abyss Quartet).

Grismannen - Absolute Bajs27 April 2004

New release on Zhelezobeton - GRISMANNEN "Absolute Bajs" 2CD-R.
The anthology release of Grismannen, the oldest project of Peter Andersson - Swedish musician known mainly for his Raison d'Etre project. Price - €12. More info...

Mailorder catalogue is updated with a bunch of releases of Ultra (a label from St.Petersburg) - Bardoseneticcube, Nick Soudnick, Linija Mass, Ritualnaya Bioingeneria, Vetrophonia and others. Now the catalogue is divided into sections: CD-R/CD, vinyl, tapes.

25 March 2004

Massive update of our mailorder catalogue - more than 20 items added. CDs and vinyls from various Russian and world post-industrial artists: Anthesteria, Cyclotimia, Halo Manash, Linija Mass, Luciferrato, Lunar Abyss Quartet, Na-Dha, Nick Soudnick, Panzar, Reutoff, Ritual Front, Stalnoy Pakt, Vetrophonia, Vishudha Kali, famous "Heilige Feuer" compilations and more!

Radio Cosmos speaks!15 February 2004

Zhelezobeton and Biosonar present:

February 23 - St.Petersburg, Gallery of Experimental Sound, radioinstallation "Radio Cosmos speaks!" by:


Video-art by VJ Popov.

Club address - Ligovsky pr., 53, 3rd yard to the right. Beginning - 19:30.

04 February 2004

New arrivals from Byelorussian label Tat Tvam Asi:

KORSTA "id.1.0002.1" CD-R
SJ EMA "Outside of All and None" CD-R
SOLARIS "Distorted Perception" CD-R

All discs are packed in DVD-boxes with full-colour print. See catalogue page for mp3-files. Price - €7

01 February 2004

The label finally got permanent address: The design has been changed a little bit. 3 items added to mailorded catalogue:

FIRST HUMAN FERRO "Guernica Macrocosmica" CD (Eibon Records, Italy)
V/A "Evolved as One. A Collection of Emotional Ambient-Drones" CD (Evolved As One, The Netherlands)
KOIVUNMAHLA "Kuolli Ellyavia Ei Tie" CD-R (Kalen Ven, Russia)

01 January 2004

New goodies in distribution catalogue:

SEDAYE MARG "Frashogard" CD (Coup d'Etat Communications)
ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT "R.I.P." CD (Underize Muzik)
V/A "Art Apart" CD-R (EE Tapes).

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