Necropolis - Necrosphere


CD-R (ltd. 85)

1. Necrosphere

total length: 29:06
release date: October 15, 2003
out of print

Siberian dark drone ambient. This is the second album of Necropolis project from Irkutsk, Russia. The album was recorded as a soundtrack to author's dreams and based on field recordings made in taiga and missile shafts. Cold floating sound of Necrosphere combines detachment of Maeror Tri and at the same time unobtrusive melodiousness of late Raison d'Etre. 85 copies are packed in handmade sleeve with metallic specks and golden stamp. Inserts contain photographs made by the author.


This project is hailed from the very heart of Siberia and it's based upon the field recordings, arranged in one half-hour track. The CDR is placed into finest quality starlit night cardboard which is a true eyecatcher itself. The material is pretty well recorded cinematic journey through various melancholic scenes, following each other fluently or suddenly, but always continuously and refraining obtrusive repetitions (which are often barely avoidable in this particular genre). The music is based on dreams and latent memories, they are very similar to place-related remembrance, emerging from the void and falling down like a waterfall of emotions. Trembling and anxious, the sound is turning to lamentation which shrink your heart and chain your movements. The faint light of solemn melody disturbing by distant industrial roaring, slowly fade out to the tensely silence... and again, feverish dreams and monumental landscapes. All this wonderful trip is going on very shortly - like someone's life being re-living in the seconds before peaceful death. Maybe it's that most appropriate "necrosphere" definition? I would like to expand the album running time with several minutes of prostrate suppressed silence which capture me after the listening. Saturn is almost gone...

Dmitriy Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first. "Necrosphere" is a limited edition cdr release of 85 copies. Read that again. 85 fuckin’ copies! So the chances of you getting your grubby mitts on a copy will be very, very slim. Like Karen Carpenter on her death bed. Also it only lasts for 29 minutes. 29 fuckin’ minutes! But I can forgive Necropolis for both those complaints because…ha, ha…I have a copy and I’ll take 29 minutes of "Necrosphere" over double that from other bile inducing artists I’ve had the displeasure to hear.

If you enjoy the desolate sounds of the bleakest and sinister ambient music then this is right up your street. Its pointless going on about how opulent this sounds because so few of you will ever have the pleasure of its company. Which is a shame. But wait…STOP PRESS…a little dickey bird has told me that "Necrosphere" will be getting proper distribution sometime soon so there is a God of good taste after all. If you can’t wait for that to happen…and I wouldn’t blame you…try and snap up one of the last copies asap. Life affirming and essential to lovers of the darkside of music.

You lost your way in the lone and isolated wasteland of Siberia… Beaten by icy gales and bitten by the remorseless frost you roam through barren lands, looking for a way to escape this nightmare. The wind howls, and underneath its solitary drone you hear something else, or imagine to hear it – a voice, desperately calling, moaning, longing to return to the world of the living…

For hours upon hours you stagger through the waste, until eventually you are semi-blinded by the snow, frozen to the core and almost mad with fear of dying. Suddenly, you perceive dim silhouettes of buildings on the edge of the storm. Could it be…? Sanctuary at last? The closer you get, the higher your hopes – but when you reach the city, you wander through empty streets, and only the hollow windows gaze upon your futile search for life. And while you hear strange sounds rise and fade from far away, the deep whistling of the wind fills your senses and eradicates conscious thought. All the while, the voice beneath the wind follows you – lurking and shapeshifting beneath the surging darkness, it distorts reality and beckons you from beyond. And thus the ghostly voice calls you deeper and deeper into the endless maze of Necropolis, the city of the dead…

"Necropolis" is a hauntingly beautiful dark ambient gem. Warped field samples merge with rare, most sparse, highly emotive, mysterious synth melodies. Like a solid stream of darkness, the single long track shifts from raw, heavily reverbed emptiness towards the sad, subtle melodic parts and back again. The strength of this composition lies with the impressive way dynamics and climatic structuring is used. The different parts blend very well into each other, and the whole recording attains a very vivid, dark and haunting quality. Mostly due to the way field samples – taken in the taiga and in missile shafts – are used, there is an impressive, serene, otherworldly atmosphere that lingers long after the last drone has faded and the listener returned from the city of the dead to the profane world of the living.

Floating, cold, raw at times, wonderfully and subtly melodic at others, "Necropolis" is an immensely captivating and amazing release /.../

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