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Let's make a small summary of the label's activity in this year. It has been quite busy and we hope to keep it this way in 2020! Here's what we have released in 2019:

Kryptogen Rundfunk – Elusive Trajectories 2003-2006

ZHB-LXXIV: Kryptogen Rundfunk "Elusive Trajectories 2003-2006" CD / T-shirt
Another installment of "Die Zeichen" series in cooperation with kultFRONT – a compilation of assorted tracks from the early period of Kryptogen Rundfunk's activity: drones, noises and delusional rhythmic pulsations. T-shirts still available in sizes M-XXL.

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum – Khara-Khoto

ZHB-LXXV: Lunar Abyss Deus Organum "Khara-Khoto" CD / CS
Beautiful ritualistic experimental ambient album from the prominent Russian project, dedicated to the lost Tangut town of Khara-Khoto. Only one cassette left in stock.

Petrograd Drone Gathering – Live at Electro-Mechanica 2018

ZHB-LXXVI: Petrograd Drone Gathering "Live at Electro-Mechanica 2018" CDR
A live recording from the "Electro-Mechanica" festival by the members of Lunar Abyss, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Uhushuhu, Creation VI and Reconstruction of Moss, improvised experimental ambient at it's best. Just one copy left.

Cisfinitum – Monochrome

ZHB-LXXVII: Cisfinitum "Monochrome" CD
CD-reissue of a cassette published by NEN Records in 2018, released in cooperation with kultFRONT and Aquarellist labels. Complex dub-techno-like music with dense atmosphere. Dedicated to our dearly departed friend Dmitry Vasilyev.

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro – Beyond The Edge Of The Universe

ZHB-LXXVIII: Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro "Beyond The Edge Of The Universe" CD / CS
Great space / dark ambient collaboration of Russian and Japanese projects, exploring the ghostly dichotomy of inner and outer worlds.

Notum – Nihil Est In Intellectu

ZHB-LXXIX: Notum "Nihil Est In Intellectu" CD / CS
A newcomer to our label's roster from Berlin with the debut album full of unexpected twists & turns, a truly experimental work defying any genre boundaries. Just 3 cassettes left in stock.

Majdanek Waltz • Vintersolverv • The Noktulians – Der Weg Der Toten

ZHB-LXXX: Majdanek Waltz • Vintersolverv • The Noktulians "Der Weg Der Toten" CD / CS
Uneasy marriage of neoclassical music, neofolk and doomed noise rock, dedicated to the marinistic images appearing in the poems of the expressionist and symbolist poets of the turn of the 20th century. A serious work for the true connosseurs.

Creation VI & Ugasanie – Birds of Naukan

ZHB-XLVI: Creation VI & Ugasanie "Birds of Naukan" CD
Reissue of our own CDR release from 2015, this time as a professional CD in digipak. Cold shamanic ambient album inspired by the sacred places of Chukotka region in the Far East of Russia. Collaboration with the labels ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ and NEBOSVOD.

We'd like to thank you for listening to our music and supporting our label by purchasing our releases and ordering stuff from our vast distro catalogue! Without you this activity couldn't be possible. Wish you all the best in the forthcoming year!

What else? Well, if you're feeling like diving deep into the sea of weird sonorities, we're here to help! Here's a 2-hour long mixtape of the most noisy, glitchy and uneasy tracks ever published by ZHELEZOBETON & sub-labels in 2005–2019.

Our WINTER SALE is still active too! Tired of well-known names? Wanna dig deeper into the underground scene? Check out our worldwide experimental music nerd distro catalogue and use a chance to enrich your collection for half-price!

We'll be offline during the first week of the year, but all your orders will be processed as soon as possible. See you soon, hopefully with the new releases!


Today we have a very small update – just to inform you about the beginning of our traditional WINTER SALE! As always, it's very simple: order minimum 10 (or more!) titles from our distro catalogue, marked with the sign [-50%], and you'll get a 50% discount on them. Please keep in mind that many titles we have as single copies, so it's better to include some extra titles just in case.

A part of our second hand list also takes part in the sale, these items are marked by green colour. Send your orders to or It's possible to make reservations for a reasonable time. The sale will go on until the winter ends.

Creation VI & Ugasanie – Birds of Naukan


Our new release will be familiar to those who follow our label. The collaboration album by Creation VI and Ugasanie "Birds of Naukan", dedicated to the sacred places of Chukotka, has already been released four and a half years ago as a very limited CD-R edition, and quickly found its place on the shelves of collectors. This time we reissue this work in a more serious way: as a factory-pressed CD in six-panel digipak with new design and remastered sound. The reissue is made together with the own label of Creation VI – ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, and with the new Moscow-based label NEBOSVOD, which promises many more interesting releases in near future.

Aside from this our November update features new albums by the Russian projects Kryptogen Rundfunk, Uhushuhu, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Reconstruction Of Moss, and labels Paper Moon Republic, Post-Materialization Music, Glass Jelly Souffle, NEN Records, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, BioSonar^Lo-End, Aquarellist / Dark Jazz Records, plus recent releases from the international community of labels, including Fang Bomb (UK), Zoharum (PL), Aural Hypnox (FI), Steinklang Industries (LV), Cold Spring (UK), Winter-Light (NL) and more... altogether more than 80 new items + lots of back-in-stock titles!

Our traditional November podcast is available here:

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Majdanek Waltz · Vintersolverv · The Noktulians - Der Weg der Toten


We're glad to present you our 80th release – a collaboration between well-respected Russian mystic symbolists Majdanekw Waltz, Belorussian neoclassical project Vintersolverv and the adepts of dark forces, hiding behind black hoods – The Noktulians! Compact-discs, magnetic tapes and digital files are ready to invade your collections! More info just a bit below!

Russian underground scene has lately pleased us with the new releases by the labels BioSonar^Lo-End, Nazlø Records, PANTHEON, NEN Records, Insofar Vapor Bulk and the projects Tervaink, Moxomex (Ухушуху + w i i), Yrii Samoilove and Dark Glass.

New arrivals from the international scene include fresh releases by Entartete Musikk (label owned by Deutsch Nepal), Drone Records / Transgredient Records (label owned by Troum), Marbre Negre (Spain), Attenuation Circuit (Germany), Aliens Production (Slovakia) and OPN Records (France).

And of course, many of the new tracks are included in our October podcast:

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Meet the August mailorder update! This time it turned out to be quite large – more than a hundred new releases on a variety of media, from ultra-limited obscure underground to well-known projects.

Many new releases arrived from Russian labels: Aquarellist (new CDs by The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze and Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity), Post-Materialization Music (from jazz and Philippine soul to early home-taping and ethnographic research), Ksenza Records (new albums by Algol and Alberto Nemo), Podzemnoe Techenie (modern home-taping), a variety of releases from the conglomerate of the Urals labels Ostroga / Heart-Shaped Box Prod. / Torga Amun / Monotype Series / Shift Lines / Asemic Sound Letters, new stuff from YAOP and Operator Produkzion, exotic lathe-cut records and tapes from Nazlo Records and a couple of forestal cassettes from BioSonar^Lo-End.

Quite a lot of new music from the international scene as well! We've got new CDs from such labels as SSSM (Japan), Cold Spring (UK), Reverse Alignment (Sweden), Unexplained Sounds / Eighth Tower Records (Italy), New Approach Records (Portugal), Zoharum and Antenna Non Grata (both from Poland).

Please note that we're going for a small vacation from August 31st to September 11th. Mailorder won't be working during this time and we'll answer all messages right upon return!

The soundtrack for the August update is available on mixcloud, as usual:

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New distro titles from the Russian underground scene – another thematic compilation tape from the UIS label, new tape from Mykoriza (side-project of Lunar Abyss), the debut album of Pavel Mikhailov's project Lunar Seas (someone can probably remember him working with Hypnoz, Zuboff Sex Shop and Neizvestnost'), new releases from Paper Moon Republic and Operator Produkzion.

International scene is presented by the new releases of the German neofolk label Lichterklang and a collection of assorted noise editions with a broad geography from Europe to Japan and the US.

Some of this music can be heard in our July podcast:

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Bardoseneticcube & Shunkiro – Beyond the Edge of the Universe   Notum – Nihil Est In Intellectu

We gladly present our two new releases: third cosmic collaboration by Russian Bardoseneticcube and Japanese Shinkiro, and the debut full-length from the Berlin based experimental project Notum. Both editions are available as CDs, cassettes and digitally.

June mailorder arrivals feature new releases by the cult Germans Galakthorrö, recent editions by the tireless Polish label Zoharum, Ukrainian labels VOLOK Records and Red Engineering Production, collaboration of Senketsu No Night Club & Contagious Orgasm from Dark Jazz Records (Aquarellist sub-label), fresh tape noises from Pustota, and an assortment of various labels releases for the fans of the harder genres: from industrial to harsh-noise and power electronics.

Listen to the tracks from recent mailorder arrivals in the June podcast:

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Our today's mailorder update isn't that big, but we still have something, including recent releases by the British label Cold Spring, Polish Wrotycz Records, Italian Eibon Records and a number of releases from the conglomerate of Greek underground labels E.C.T. / S.E.C.T. / 1000+1 TiLt / RU.MO.RE. / Concrete Noise, as well as the new album by the Russian project Church Of Howling Dog released by Evil Dead Productions.

Like always, fresh podcast is available on mixcloud:

Soon we're leaving for a small vacation: the mailorder won't be working from June 1st till 8th, and all emails will be answered after return!

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Cisfinitum – Monochrome


Together with the labels Aquarellist and kultFRONT we're glad to present the CD edition of the album "Monochrome" by Cisfinitum, which was originally released last fall by NEN Records as a tape limited to just 45 copies. The album is dedicated to the memory of the music journalist and publisher Dmitry Vasilyev and is designed in the aesthetics close to the releases of Dmitry's label Monochrome Vision.

Russian underground scene continues to produce a lot of new music, this time we received the recent releases from such labels as Sidi Doma, BioSonar^Lo-End, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, Infinite Fog Productions, COD Music / COD Nozes / COD Noir, NEN Records and [electrotapes archive].

We should also mention the releases of Drone Records / Transgredient Records from Germany, Force Majeure / Nuit et Brouillard from France, and the truly international publishing project Vibora Collective. The lovers of noise and power electronics will probably be curious to check out the big list of new tape arrivals, from budget items to ultra-limited editions and collector boxsets.

April podcast is now available on mixcloud:

And if you wish, you can download all previous mixes here:

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I don't know how it happens, but for the third time in a row this year we make the newsletter on the 22nd day of the month :) Anyway, congratulation with the Equinox, and I wish you truly vernal spiritual power!

This time Russian scene is presented by the releases of such labels as kultFRONT (third and final part of David Lynch tribute on tape), NEN Records (two killer industrial-techno tapes), Paper Moon Republic (triumph of Siberian lo-end), Aquarellist (reissue of an untitled Muslimgause album from the early period), and works of the projects Bardoseneticcube + Kromeshna, The Red Tibet and Pustota.

International scene is presented by the labels Fourth Dimension Records / Lumberton Trading Company (UK/PL), OPN Records (FR), Gravações Tunguska (PT), Gradual Hate Records (ES), Winter-Light (NL), Silentes / 13 / St.An.Da (IT).

While you're reading this newsletter, don't forget to listen to the fresh mix!

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Kryptogen Rundfunk - Elusive Trajectories 2003-2006  Kryptogen Rundfunk - Elusive Trajectories  Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Khara-Khoto  Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Khara-Khoto  Petrograd Drone Gathering - Live at Electro-Mechanica 2018

It's been a long time since we had new releases – and finally they've materialized!

Firstly, this is the fourth part of the "Znaki" series created with the kultFRONT label, which contains a collection of tracks by Kryptogen Rundfunk from the period of 2003-2006 and wonderful t-shirts based on the cover design made by the maestro Oleg Paschenko.

Secondly, the long-awaited new studio album by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum "Khara-Khoto", released in two versions: on CDs and cassettes.

And thirdly, the recording of the performance by Petrograd Drone Gathering (to which the participants of the aforementioned projects are directly related) at the Electro-Mechanica festival held in November 2018 in St. Petersburg. A small edition in the extremely outdated but still beloved CD-R format.

And of course, additions to our mailorder catalogue: new releases from Allerseelen, Massimo Magrini (Bad Sector), Spiral Vremeni, Theodor Bastard, plus new releases by BioSonar, Nazlo Records, Intonema, Aural Hypnox, Mapawi Records and much more!

Meanwhile, I'd like to remind about our WINTER SALE -50% which will last only for one more week! If you wanted to order something, but hesitated for some reason – now is the right moment to buy it at half price. In the distro catalogue look for the sign [-50%], and in the rare & used list sale items are marked by green colour. Please send your orders by e-mail or Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

And the February mixtape #24 is here:

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So we managed to get to 2019! In our today's update you'll find a selection of works by the Japanese project Shinkiro (and his side-project Kotodama), new releases by the Russian acts Cyclofillydea, SIstema BEzopasnosti and labels BioSonar^Lo-End, Paper Moon Republic, Pearly Snowdrift, Dark Jazz Records and some more yummies!

Don't forget about our WINTER SALE -50%, both in distro catalogue, (look for the sign [-50%]), and in the rare & used list (sale items marked by green colour). Please send your orders by e-mail or Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

The January ZHELEZOBETON mix as always can be heard on mixcloud:

And here you can download the archive of all my mixes:

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