ZHELEZOBETON news - 09.10.2019
Yes, we are on the air again!

We're glad to present you our 80th release – a collaboration between well-respected Russian mystic symbolists Majdanekw Waltz, Belorussian neoclassical project Vintersolverv and the adepts of dark forces, hiding behind black hoods – The Noktulians! Compact-discs, magnetic tapes and digital files are ready to invade your collections! More info just a bit below!

Russian underground scene has lately pleased us with the new releases by the labels BioSonar^Lo-End, Nazlø Records, PANTHEON, NEN Records, Insofar Vapor Bulk and the projects Tervaink, Moxomex (Uhushuhu + w i i), Yrii Samoilove and Dark Glass.

New arrivals from the international scene include fresh releases by Entartete Musikk (label owned by Deutsch Nepal), Drone Records / Transgredient Records (label owned by Troum), Marbre Negre (Spain), Attenuation Circuit (Germany), Aliens Production (Slovakia) and OPN Records (France).

As usual, send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. Reservations are possible for reasonable time.

And of course, many of the new tracks are included in our October podcast:

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I. New release

Majdanek Waltz · Vintersolverv · The Noktulians - Der Weg der Toten

Majdanek Waltz · Vintersolverv · The Noktulians - Der Weg der Toten

Majdanek Waltz · Vintersolverv · The Noktulians
"Der Weg der Toten"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Das Ufer
2. Dunkles Wasser
3. Strahlenkranz
4. Die Küste
5. Der Weg der Toten

total length: 41:16
price: €10

CS (ltd. 50)

A1. Das Ufer
A2. Dunkles Wasser
A3. Strahlenkranz
A4. Die Küste
B1. Der Weg der Toten

total length: 21:52 + 19:35
price: €7

"Der Weg der Toten" @ bandcamp

Majdanek Waltz: bandcamp | website | facebook | vk.com

"Der Weg Der Toten" (“The Path of the Dead”) is a collaboration by the renowned musical mystics Majdanek Waltz, the Belorussian neoclassical project Vintersolverv (ex-Erde, ex-Svalbard) and the dark horse of the Russian underground scene – The Noktulians. The work is dedicated to the marinistic images appearing in the poems of the expressionist and symbolist poets of the turn of the 20th century: Georg Heym, Stéphane Mallarmé, Arthur Rimbaud and Aleksandr Blok.

Recitations by Pavel Blyumkin and Larisa Arkhipetskaya are skillfully framed by the sound of the chamber ensemble of Majdanek Waltz, supported by piano and string arrangements of Vintersolverv, at times referring to the melodic themes of his solo album "Frost På Träden" (2018, Infinite Fog Productions). But this harmony is fragile, occasionally it becomes covered with the rust of dark ambient and noise passages, and sometimes it is completely destroyed when the sonic field is invaded by the harsh dissonant music of The Noktulians. As a result, the whole album turns into a maelstrom of sounds and melodies dragging an unguarded listener into its abyss…

The artwork for the album was created by Elena Lisitsa. The physical edition is presented in two versions: a CD limited to 300 copies in a matte 4-panel digisleeve and an audio cassette limited to 50 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

II. Forthcoming events

12.10.2019 - Drone Gathering
St. Petersburg, Poznay Chai. More info...

St. Petersburg, Opera. More info...

Moscow, Pravda. More info...

St. Petersburg, Mod. More info...

Moscow, Pravda. More info...

20.10.2019 - October Darkness
St. Petersburg, Дюны. More info...

St. Petersburg, Opera. More info...

26.10.2019 - Lunar Moss
St. Petersburg, Мотив. More info...

Moscow, Aglomerat. More info...

27.11.2019 - Circles on the Water XII
Moscow, Grindhouse 48. More info...

Moscow, Paper Factory. More info...

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

Moscow, DOM. More info...

Moscow, Vermel. More info...

Moscow, Paper Factory. Более подробно...

Moscow, Bezumiy. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

AMBIGUOUS -- "The Garden Of Ruins" -- CD -- €10
2018 Aliens Production, AP 43, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Rhythmic Industrial. One of the darkest Aliens Production releases is momentarily actual thanks to this gentleman. Igor aka Ish and his devious side returns after a longer silence under the wings of Aliens Production. Once again Ambiguous is opening the gates of the mystery where is no boredom to dig and the remains of dead souls over which the sacred dust is decomposing will alive. Movies atmospheres are a strong source of energy and pulsating percussions shifts this piece into industrially tuned proportions. Atmospheric backdrop is wrapped in scary areas in which on the places embrace ancient testaments and abstract images. Painful but beautiful beginning of the end where various testaments and undiscovered corners meet. [label info]

ANARCHIST MOUNTAINS -- "Macedonians" -- CD -- €10
2019 Pantheon, PAN124, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Drone. Open wide and endlessly fluid, the force of nature, the magic unseen yet so obvious when you feel it. Breathing it in with the air, seeing it in the reflections on water streams, hearing it with the wind that blows from the tops of the mountains. They seem so ancient and still, breathing static is their lesson. Yet remember that even mountains move, they're basically waves on earth, same as in the ocean... Each element seems to have its own nature but it's easy to feel them united. Like a family in a huge, neverending cycle. We see those waves still, for them we are sparkles... No matter what scale is, the cycle continues. [label info] Hand-numbered edition of 50 copies in handmade cardboard sleeves.

AOOM -- "Aequinoctium" -- CD -- €10
2019 Pantheon, PAN108, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Drone. AOOM is the collaborative project of UHUSHUHU & CREATION VI. Air and sound, lake and water, water and ice, wind and cold... So many different words for the things so alike. What seems opposite, from different realms, unfolds in simple conjunction made naturally – by Nature. What seems unspeakable is obvious in sound. Dualities of elements and cycles are merging into a river of tones and noises, forming something which can be called music, yet may be just the air fluctuation. It's up to the perception to decide where it starts and when it ends. It's simply a question of point of view, whether it's time or space, whether it's listening or hearing. [label info] Hand-numbered edition of 50 copies in handmade cardboard sleeves.

B°TONG -- "Probing The Boundaries" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Marbre Negre, MN 091, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. "This album was made with the intention of creating a real hostile and dark piece of sound." [from the artist] 100 copies in full-color cardboard digifile.

BELL, JAKE -- "Awake In My Flying Dream" -- CD -- €10
2014 self-released, (ltd. 500)
Space Ambient / Electronics. New York guitarist Jake Bell played with Simeon (Silver Apples) in the legendary band Random Concept from 1966 to 1972. Silver Apples became famous for the first time in history that they began to use electronics in rock music. Simeon played on oscillators and tone generators, analog synthesizers did not exist then, and those first units that just appeared were too bulky to use on stage. Thus, Jake Bell stood at the origins of great historical events: the psychedelic revolution, the formation of the experimental music scene, etc. Unfortunately, due to personal disagreements, he and Simeon parted, and the recordings of Random Concept music remained unreleased. Jake disappeared from the scene for a quarter of a century, and only in 1997, after meeting Simeon again, decided to release his first solo album “Synjase”. The material of the album is a kaleidoscope of guitar instrumentals with accompaniment of electronic rhythms and ambient noises. Jake Bell is a master at transforming instrumental music into other dimensions. Dreamy, passionate, light, bright, but at the same time bizarre and eccentric, it always sounds fresh and unusual, although it retains a certain emotionality typical for the mid-80s: Herbie Hancock, Jean-Michel Jarre, Yello, etc. It is also interesting that the guitar parts sound very unusual, creating a lot of tonal shades and contrasts in each composition. Reviewers called Jake Vangelis of the next generation, heir to Pink Floyd at the zenith of their fame. “Awake in my flying dream” is the first CD of the series to include his latest work in the style of space ambient: beautiful cosmic landscapes, a captivating synthesis of art rock and electronics, melodic new age progressions that unfold in amazing atmospheric paintings. Jake Bell is not only a musician, but also an artist in a broad sense. He was engaged in ivory and wood carving, paints in the style of primordial, primitive art, draws with fluorescent paints that glow in the dark, and also holds unique workshops on art therapy, neo-expressionism, spontaneous painting, etc. The CD contains a booklet with reproductions of some of his works. Limited edition stylized as a mini-LP sleeve, with an inner sleeve and silver foil embossing, 500 copies. [Monochrome Vision]

BLACK STATE -- "Valkyrie / See You All In Hell" -- CD -- €15
2016 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-143
Power Electronics / Noise. CD reissue of two cassette releases.

BU.D.D.A. -- "All Der Guten Dinge Drei" -- CD -- €7
2019 Attenuation Circuit, ACU 1016, (ltd. 100)
Bu.d.d.A. - "Bund des dritten Auges" ("Third Eye Society") is a fairly new project involving experimental musicians Sascha Stadlmeier (EMERGE, Attenuation Circuit Records) and Chris Sigdell (Leaden Fumes (ex-Phased), b°tong) and which plays meditative ambient drones. Sometimes they play with a guest musician, and sometimes not. For those who need names, it may sound like Troum meets Earth together with Eno… but in reality Bu.d.d.A. builds on the legacy of German industrial band NID (1995-2005), who Chris was a member of, and which released a post-humous CD on Auf Abwegen (Asmus Tietchens, etc.). [label info] Factory-pressed CD in cardboard sleeve.

DARK GLASS -- "Elemental" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Buzzing Bird, (ltd. 100)
IDM / Experimental. Ivan Budaev from Moscow, Russia is an experimental musician, avant-garde artist, and video designer. Through his music he sets a goal - comprehension of noise and formation of utopian fantasies out of it, immersing listeners in multifaceted informational sound canvases...

DAY BEFORE US -- "Ode A La Nuit D'Ombre" -- CD -- €10
2019 OPN Records, OPNCD0035
Neoclassical / Dark Ambient. Day Before Us is an influential melodic dark ambient project currently active under a duet form and whose style borders graceful neoclassical tones, oneiric soothing textures and chilling soundscapes. A number of albums have been published on well-noted indie labels and the project occasionally gives life performances in a wide variety of contexts... In these new pieces Philippe Blache and Natalya Romashina are embarking in a musical journey of immediate expressive moods, oftenly mystical, exalted, animated by a tragic and existential breath, touched by a seraphic sense of poetry and guided by poignant emotional stories. Lead singer Natalya Romashina provides achingly beautiful singing parts with poetical lyrics which favor the aesthetic of suggestion and a tremendous sense of musical fluidity. Those evocative, virtuosic lyrical components communicate with the invocatory, litanous and harmonious qualities of Philippe Blache’s instrumental compositions. «Ode à la nuit d’ombre» is an album of staggering beauty where all pieces come together organically. [label info]

DEUTSCH NEPAL -- "Staring At My Wall" -- CD -- €12
2019 Entartete Musikk, EM11
Industrial. Staring at My Wall consist of eight psychedelic pieces of industrial music, ambient beauty and darkness. What else is there to be expected when Lina Baby Doll open up his distorted brain to the world and exposes his wildest fantasies in the creative process of producing another excellent and genuine album? Concrete sounds mixed with buzzing noises, drums banging as if all ancient armies in history were standing outside the door about to break down, not only the door but the hole town and leave it as a cloud of dust swaying over a surrealistic sculpture.... then I crawl through my fluid mirror... life's so easy when travelling there... buy your ticket and follow. [label info] 4-panel digipak, comes with a Deutsch Nepal pin.

DEUTSCH NEPAL -- "Vintage Musikk from Deutsch Nepal -- CD -- €12
1996/2019 Entartete Musikk, EM13
Industrial. This album contains Vintage Musikk from Deutsch Nepal. It's a documentation of mainly improvised recording sessions and a recollection of material recorded and released in the mid-90s. Consequently the music you will hear is industrial isolationistic, repetetive drones, ambient tunes and experiments that might influence not only your mood but your psyche as well in an irrevocable way. Featured releases are: "The Very Top of Lina Baby Doll" 12" released by Noise Museum in 1996, "Environment" 7" released by Ant-Zen in 1997, material from the "2/3" compilation released by Hands Productions in 1996 and + two additional tracks from the same era. This is Deutsch Nepal for the harcore fans, the conaisseurs of Deutsch Nepal that failed to collect the original releases and want the full story. Beware! [label info]

DISHARMONY -- "Fragments of Time" -- CD -- €10
2016 Aliens Production, AP 39, (ltd. 333)
After three years of silence and several releases on American label Tympanik audio, the Bratislava formation dISHARMONY is coming back with its completely fresh program and a new dark campaign is again presenting under their maternal label Aliens production. 13 new stories is awakening again under the guise of dark sheath, in which the protagonists mixes magical threads of sound surfaces, which we are accustomed to expect from this Petrzalska’s duo. Broken rhythms in a combination of beautiful atmospheres, crystal clear sounds and cinematic corners are the main characteristic of this latest message, which combines a variety of styles and mysterious landscapes. Downtempo waves are rocked in the waters of idm and ambient. Everything in the raw frequencies of the old school EBM and minimalist tones gives this release the new scheme, which is dominated by orthodox vocalizations and Industrial bandage. For the quantity of painful sounds, cheeky samples and distractive elements by listening there’s no emergency. dISHARMONY may affect you as engineers of the human souls, which will devour you with their charm and mainly with their artistry in the way that they can transfer life paths and stories into the music, that will be rotating for a long time in your bowels... [label info]

EMERGE -- "Materia" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Attenuation Circuit, ACU 1014, (ltd. 100)
Electroacoustic / Experimental. The album, which manages to pack a variety of ideas and dramatic tension into its crisp 31 minutes, was recorded live in Poznan, Poland, in January 2018. EMERGE improvised with prepared samples and amplified objects made of various materials – hence the title – , namely wood, stone, and plastic. While the use of such basic, scratchy, even harsh sound sources is nothing new in EMERGE's work, the way in which he uses them here certainly is. They are often used to generate rhythmic loops that create downright beats, moving the piece to the brink of IDM or minimal music structures, but then collapsing such expectations by falling silent and moving into another direction altogether. While on the one hand silence is often used as a structuring medium, the drones so familiar in EMERGE only come into play as sound-effects that add colour to an otherwise monochrome palette. But this sparseness makes the compositional structure easy to hear and understand and certainly makes this album a perfect introduction for interested, yet inexperienced listeners who want to get into electroacoustic improvisation. More surprising than the rhythms, perhaps, is the direct, almost in-your-face way in which distorted voice like samples are used as a counterpoint to the live-generated sounds. They are used in dramatic gestures that almost resemble pop or rock dramaturgy, yet still are used sparingly enough so as not to become clichéd. This masterfully balanced mix of stylistic elements makes "Materia" an important addition to EMERGE's large body of work, if not a milestone. [label info]

GOVERNMENT ALPHA / MSBR / NOTCHNOI PROSPECT -- "Japanoise Action in Russia" -- CD -- €10
1998/2019 Insofar Vapor Bulk, IVBCD13, (ltd. 100)
It was the first and the only performance of MSBR and Government Alpha in Moscow and also the first presentation of Japanese noise artists in Russia in general. The event, curated by Moscow based publisher and promoter Dennis Danchenko, took place at Moscow underground venue "Krai" (End/Edge). The supporting band was Moscow post-industrial formation Notchnoi Prospekt (Alexei Borisov, Richardas Norvilla, Roman Lebedev). The 3rd track of the album is a recorded jam between all participating musicians and some members of the audience, young underground musicians Roman Sidorov (Staruha Mha), Eugene Voronovsky (Cisfinitum) and Ivan Tikhomirov (Moscow Holocaust Soundtrack). The CD also contains a bonus section of 3 tracks of recycled material: Notchnoi Prospect reworking recordings of MSBR and Government Alpha, and T.A. Lab reworking MSBR. The artwork includes a replica of the original club's ticket.

HEDOROMERUHEN -- "Airs" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Attenuation Circuit, ACRS 1014, (ltd. 100)
Folk Noise / Absurd. Yasutoshi Yoshida (electronics noise artist aka GOVERNMENT ALPHA) and Daisuke Ichiba (Bijinga drawing artist) meet in Berlin 2012 for exhibition. They clicked together that making "Folk Music Noise" sound. Then they started to perform as HEDOROMERUHEN. They released the 1st album "1" with experimental acid folk noise sound in 2013. The 2nd album "2" with experimental psychedelic noise sound was released in 2014. Then the 3rd album "3" with new wave and electronics noise style was released in 2015. HEDOROMERUHEN were invited to LUFF 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland, then they had small tour in Europa. They recorded a lot of sound materials on this tour, not only live sounds. Yoshida and Ichiba destroyed these sound materials, then they re-constructed new tracks as a "Fake Live Documentary". This is "Airs". [from the artists]

KLIMPEREI -- "Ostinatii 2" -- CD -- €10
2017 In-Poly-Sons, IPS0417 / Monochrome Vision
Modern Classical / Art Rock / Experimental. "Since I like this musical genre, I have had this urge for a long time to dabble in repetitive and roughly serial music. First (just like everybody else?) I discovered, listened to and loved Terry Riley, then Philip Glass and La Monte Young. Yes, but how could I have done otherwise? Yes, but what could have been done otherwise? How to follow in the "Klimperesque" tracks? One of the characteristics of "canonical" Klimperei is the imprecision of the tempo, slight deviations from regular metronome beats, which pleases our Japanese friends so much. It is precisely what I tried in some pieces. Beats, minimal differences in meter and harmonies, light vacillations allow me to stay in familiar territory while approaching more austere shores (here: no melody)... The first version of Ostinatii was recorded at home, then I was given the opportunity to play these pieces live (which was not the plan to start with) (thanks a million Monster K7). In 2013, at number 1Bis in Ivry, with Sabine (Milk & Fruit Juice), Pauline Boisaubert, David Fenech, Tagubu, André Cheval & Tycho Brahé (many thanks to them too), a set "with drums" was played for the audience. The approach is that of a conductor rather than a composer. It is based on simple outlines which include random evolutions, within a rather vaguely defined frame. Each piece contains its own special constraints. After this show, mutually impressed, Tagubu and I decided to record a version of these pieces "with drums". A particularly difficult exercise due to the aforementioned tempo variation. This was in 2014-2015. Immediately afterwards Dmitry Vassilyev from the Monochrome Vision label (Russia) visited us, (him, me, and many others) and we vaguely discussed the project. It is as of now published on In-Poly-Sons (F) together with the very select Monochrome Vision. And I must admit I'm really proud of it!" [Christophe Petchanatz]

MANKOWSKI, ADAM -- "Dzwieki z Offu" -- CD -- €10
2018 Attenuation Circuit, ACU 1013, (ltd. 100)
This name you may not recognize straight away, but before Adam Mankowski worked as LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS and as such reviews of his work appeared in Vital Weekly (Vital Weekly 1070 and 905). In the first, he played homage to Luciano Berio. This new work deals with the debut film of Grzegorz Krolikiewicz, 'Na Wylot', which apparently wasn't too well received. This according to the information I got along with this release, as I never heard of this, or seen the movie. Apparently, there is a "new path of film acoustics", "which allowed to significant extent the psychological portrait of the main characters of the drama". Alright, I'd be happy to take their word for it, even when it makes considerations about the music not easy. I can only judge it on the basis of what I hear. The nine pieces here present an interesting mixture of musique concrete manipulation of acoustic sounds, sampled and resampled, along with the crackles of old vinyl and rhythms from various machines. In the opening 'Bez Wyjscia' that results in a trip-hop approach, while 'Tam Byta Milosc' has a very dub like character; the rhythms that are as he spins rather musique concrete like sounds around it. That is a pattern for more pieces actually. There is a melodic touch to be noted in these pieces, via rhythm, sampled piano sounds, church bells, synthesizers and woven into the fabric of field recordings, acoustic objects being sampled and some highly processed computer sounds. As I said, it is very hard for me to judge in relation to the filmmaker and his debut film, but hearing the music independently, I'd say, it is all a most decent job, even when it's not the most original things you can hear. Especially since trip hop's history already has a proven track record of sampling acoustic sources, adding beats to it and generating a cinema for the ears narrative music, then this is something that works well, for sure, as Mankowski does some great music, but following the path already laid out, which of course is fine thing to do. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

MEDIADATA -- "Adore" -- CD -- €10
2019 Aliens Production, AP 44, (ltd. 100)
IDM / Ambient / Neoclassical. Denis aka MediaData is guaranteed a protagonist who under our shield, changes and moves the concept and our music feeling in a slightly different direction. Even though this project is not so different and the handwriting leans and breaks down into the electronic community, this release is still different and opens more colorful path in our musical feeling. The Russian project, which beginnings starts somewhere in 2008, is built on IDM foundations. Clear crystalline sound in a minimalistic form, where dominates elements of classical music and melancholy atmospheres. Fine glitch blocks penetrate into the wombs of ambient structures and beautiful surfaces. The sound of the piano and melodies, in the down-tempo rhythms, speaks to the stories that often balance at borders with unknown. With this concept, do not expect any predation or loading from the factory, but a huge amount of emotions and atmospheres that will shatter you like a storm of meteorites and strayed stars. You only need to wish something. Definitely for fans who likes the sound of bands like: TINEIDAE, R.ROO, ACCESS TO ARASAKA. [label info]

MEDIADATA -- "Adore Resurrect" -- CD -- €10
2019 Aliens Production, AP 46, (ltd. 100)
IDM / Ambient / Neoclassical. The Russian pioneer of melancholy tones is coming back in short time with its next work. As the name itself suggests, this album will follow its predecessor conceptually. In a sound way, Denis has again focused on a more modest down tempo, in which beautiful melodies and hybrid structures waggle. The penetrating rhythms seconds to melodic lines and atmospheres. Plenty of noises and synthetics strings is filled with the sound of harmonious instruments and even greatly blended traditional balalaikas. Dense, bass lines and emotional corners, will give the listener again great play of atmosphere and emotions. Electronics that will delight with its clearness. It moves but doesn’t bite. Creatively will be packed into your subconscious. Fragments and melodies can long resonate in the listener's mind. Strikingly rhythms, nicely unfolds every single story and reveal another world of Adore. In the past in his birth, now in his resurrection. On album has again contributed great Anatoly TOKEE Grinberg with it sound and with its visual arts and beautiful photographs has contributed talented Bernard André. So the next tasty thing is in the world… [label info]

MODELBAU -- "Neither Nor" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Attenuation Circuit, ACN 1001, (ltd. 50)
Drone / Experimental. When I started Modelbau, I wanted to use various lo-fi sound sources, such as Dictaphones, walkman, shortwave radio, small synthesizers and such like. This would not be a project for improvisation, but more or less planned pieces of music. These days Modelbau uses pre-recorded cassettes, iPad apps, sound effects, laptop, shortwave radio, small synthesizers, ancient 2bit sampling device; everything is recorded on the spot, as is, and without multi-tracking and very minimal editing (save for fades and mastering). The pieces on 'Neither Nor' were all recorded on a single, particular fruitful afternoon in October 2016, while waiting for guests who arrived too late to be part of any recording. Free form spacious and lo-fi, complex and minimal, steady and yet always with movement. [from the author]

NIETO, JUAN ANTONIO -- "Dry Grass" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Marbre Negre, MN095, (ltd. 50)
Experimental / Field Recordings. First solo work by master Juan Antonio Nieto, after publishing a work with Javier Piñango here, for the Marbre Negre label. Essential. 12 excellent songs, incredible textures, field recordings, electronic manipulations, desolate soundscapes... [label info] 50 copies in cardboard digifile with full-color artwork.

ODRZ -- "ODRZ67" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Marbre Negre, MN090, (ltd. 50)
Industrial. Three tracks collective CD; in each one is present an ODRZ female guest musician. Braconidae, Laura Agerli and LaMetàFisica. From gloomy electronics to dark and harsh noise, for a feminine journey within "other" sounds. [label info] 50 copies in cardboard digifile with full-color artwork.

REM KORAL -- "Purity of Mind" -- CD -- €10
2019 Pantheon, PAN081, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Drone. Into the blurred reality of everyday motion, into a flow of noises and blinking lights, inside it all and deeper – seeing no limits in chaotic movement, embracing it, we call it a reality. Even if someone tells it's all just a hologram, even if it's only a collective projection of what infinite multiverse can be, we keep believing in limits of reason, while dwelling in unlimited disorder. What if the illusion is here, no inside our minds. What if the things we see in dreams are no less real? There's no simple answer for a troubled mind. There are no words to put it clearly. Yet, there's music, there's sound, there's silence. Our biggest fear, slow motion, the calmness of the seas, bright starry sky which reminds of the infinity... Who dares to look inside those eyes, to face the gaze of bottomless Universe? Aren't it looks like our inner self – so bright and close, yet infinitely unreachable? [label info] Hand-numbered edition of 50 copies in handmade cardboard sleeves.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "Extrasolar Planet 43tir-8-sd-78" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Unholy Barbarism Productions, UBP-014, (ltd. 20)
Space Ambient / Minimal / Drone.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "Structure AM 0644​-​741" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Sea of Clouds, 009, (ltd. 20)
Space Ambient / Minimal / Drone. Comes with a photo card and a label sticker.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE / S4TVR4TI0N -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2015 La Série Noire, LSN#004, (ltd. 25)
Dark Ambient / Minimal / Space Ambient.

TERVAINK -- "Metabola of the Bull's Tower in Three Episodes" -- DVD-R -- €9
2019 Kislorod, kisl 005, (ltd. 20)
Drone / Industrial / Noise. A project from St. Petersburg, Russia with the first physical release on DVD-Audio. Monotonous industrial drone, three massive tracks with the shortest one being 13:20 mins, the longest one 75:57 mins. "..A plant, living, singing with all its obscure lives when the last worker exits the gate house. Again and again. Steel and electricity in a symbiosis generating textures: melting, crumbling, burning, and floating, thus discovering themselves. Again and again, as the last worker leaves the gate house.." [label info]

THEE MAJESTY -- "Thee Fractured Garden" -- CD -- €18
1996/2004 Temple Records, TEMPVP031CD
Thee Genesis P-Orridge Spoken Word Series. Previously released in 1996 and credited as "Genesis P-Orridge and Spliter Test". "Splinter Test" was used as group name for Larry Thrasher and Genesis P-Orridge along with other Psychic TV musicians during departure of PTV and foundation of Thee Majesty.

THEE MAJESTY -- "A Hollow Cost" -- CD -- €5
1994/2003 Temple Records, TEMPVP032CD
Thee Genesis P-Orridge Spoken Word Series. Previously released in 1994 and credited as "Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV feat. Larry Thrasher".

WIND / VORONMRAK -- "Oseni Sled V Otrazhenyah Myortvyh Vod" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 NitroAtmosfericum Records, NRN-033, (ltd. 50)
Dark Ambient. Pro-CDR, slim-box.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Homo Strepitus" -- CD -- €12
2019 Entartete Musikk, EM12
Industrial. A compilation of modern music of the world. The finest selection of industrial artists doing their utmost in their war against silence. With the infamous Lina Baby Doll as curator as well as composer of the thematic raw material forwarded to the musicians given free hands to their estetic decisions, we can guarantee there have been a thorough preparation going on during the 10 years passing since the project started and all this only to give you the most excellent listening experience that could be found in the darker realms of the industrial music scene. Featured artist in running order are: HORSE GIVE BIRTH TO FLY, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, RAISON D'ÊTRE, REUTOFF, MORTHOUND, DEUTSCH NEPAL, KOLLAPS. [label info] 4-panel digipak, comes with a pin.


2019 Attenuation Circuit, ACW 1007, (ltd. 300)
Electroacoustic / Musique Concrete. ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE aka Slavek Kwi and PBK aka Phillip B. Klingler have been pillars of the global DIY experimental music culture for decades. Both of them have released work on Attenuation Circuit before. Here, they team up with label owner EMERGE aka Sascha Stadlmeier and his colleague Gerald Fiebig. Each one of the four artists contributes one track of about 10 minutes to the album. But while the four-way split LP is a common format in the global sound culture scene, "Fiction Circuit" is more than just a compilation... All of the artists on this album share a love of creating electroacoustic music from field recordings or found sounds. Therefore, label manager Stadlmeier invited ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE (AMT) and PBK to supply source sounds from their archives. These were then used as the basis for the compositions. Leaving the source material identifiable was not the task – it was to be used as raw material to be sculpted, very much in the spirit of acousmatic musique concrète. On the AMT side, we find the tracks by PBK and Gerald Fiebig. They both used AMT's source material to create their tracks. PBK delivers a dense, rather rhythmic track with a decidedly “industrial” feel. Fiebig's track, on the contrary, uses the front cover artwork – a digital collage by EMERGE of visual works by Kwi and Klingler, with other works by them reproduced on the lavishly printed LP insert – as a graphic score for realising a rather harmonic ambient piece. On the PBK side, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE and EMERGE “play” the source sounds supplied by PBK. The piece by ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE qualifies as exuberant rhythm noise, while EMERGE goes all the way into rather meditative laminar lower-case drone minimalism. Therefore, regardless of which side of the record one plays first (“AMT” and “PBK” are engraved on the vinyl itself to guide the listener), one will experience, thoroughout the whole album, a change between very different sonic textures and temperaments that showcase the wide range of expressive possibilities of electroacoustic music. This is not the product of good luck, but of planned collective composition: AMT and PBK, as the “guests” on the label, were invited to create whatever they liked without any formal restrictions. As it turned out, both of their works were rather intense and direct in character. Therefore, EMERGE and Fiebig both made an effort to complement each side with a more subdued, quiet piece. [label info]

ENTERTAINMENT -- "Club D'Affaires" -- 7" lathe-cut + CS -- €27
2008 Total Black, 101, (ltd. 29)
Industrial / Minimal.

IAETUN -- "Himinsenda" -- 8" picture lathe-cut -- €44
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR114, (ltd. 40)
Dungeon Synth. A project by Wagner Odegard aka Wulkanaz, Semilanceata, etc. 8" two-sided square lathe-cut picture disc, ltd. to 40, prined sticker with info on generic plastic bag.

IRR. APP. (EXT.) -- "Are All Things Equivalent?" -- 10" -- €15
2019 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-26, (ltd. 300)
Drone / Experimental. Drone Records is proud to present two new tracks on vinyl by the master of surrealistic, enigmatic sound (and visual) worlds, whose collages and titles often reveal a cryptic and thought-provoking nature. As soon as the music starts you might get the impression that micro- and macroscopic dimensions intermingle and oscillate, these multi-layered drone expansions and deep humming drones evoke a strange organic feeling, ominous half-concrete acoustic shadows seem to live inside this, ghosty saw-blades conquer the sonic space, there are rolling mechanic eruptions, and you could be stuck in huge spinning machines, it's music that consists of complex noises and drones that seem to be in a circling state of an endless metamorphosis... irr.app.(ext.) has been the project of sound, performance and visual artist M. S. Waldron for more than 20 years. He currently resides in Hillsboro, Oregon (USA), just slightly to the left of the picturesque midriff of the Pacific Northwest... Known for recurring collaborations with NURSE WITH WOUND and through a phantastic trilogy of albums with reference to the radical psychoanalytic and founder of body psychotherapy WILHELM REICH, the creations are much grounded in non-orthodox surrealism and collage and fall somewhere between beauty and absurdity, between amorph drone ambience transcensions and bewildering and attacking noises, often with deep philosophical and psychological implications involved... Released in an edition of 300 copies on clear vinyl, with full colour artwork by M.S. Waldron himself. [label info]

MONOCUBE & TROUM -- "Contemplator Caeli" -- LP -- €20
2019 Transgredient Records, TR-14, (ltd. 200)
Drone / Experimental. CONTEMPLATOR CAELI denotes the antique notion and skill of immersing into the (night-) sky, in order to feel connected to the immeasureable dimensions of the universe and the unearthly powers. The celestial spheres and objects are interpretated as living entities, building a shelter for the earth and the humans, reflecting an eternal cosmic order and it's principles. The sky is being watched with deep humbleness, amazement and praise... Inspired by this old notion TROUM & MONOCUBE wanted to capture it's emotional bearing, understanding the sky also as our 'psychic firmament', the universe that is linked with every single cell in our bodies... Ukraine's transcension guitar drone project MONOCUBE and German dream atmospherics TROUM collaborated on four long tracks, working with each other's basic material, using acoustic guitars, melodica, accordeon, voice and electronic effects... The result is this very first vinyl release on TRANSGREDIENT, the initial edition is limited and numbered to 200 copies and comes on multi-"sky"-coloured vinyl and with inlay, feat. a phantastic artwork done by sukkeret.og.pepper studio (Berlin). [label info]

ORDER OF NINE ANGELS -- "Mark Of The Beast" -- LP + CS -- €39
2017 Total Black, 84, (ltd. 77)
Dark Ambient / Noise. Doubled sided glued artwork, each copy hand-stamped. Special edition includes additional cassette. Artwork printed on red paper, hand numbered edition of 77.

V. SINCLAIR -- "A Name, For Desire" -- LP -- €24
2019 Total Black, 105, (ltd. 20)
Ambient / Experimental. Active since 2013 with a multitude of acclaimed cassette releases on Summer Isle, Strange Rules, Clandestine Compositions, and our own imprint; "A Name, For Desire" is the debut V. Sinclair LP and vinyl release. Twelve movements composed of piano, synth, and field recordings display significant growth from the earlier works. [label info] Test pressing with alternative covers, hand-numbered edition of 20 copies.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol. 7" -- LP + CD -- €20
2019 Drone Records, Mind-07, (ltd. 400)
Drone / Experimental. Finally a new issue in our "drone-explorers" LP-series, for the first time with full bonus CD! Featuring: SKELDOS (the new drone-melancholia phenomenon from Lithuania), OPENING PERFORMANCE ORCHESTRA (Prague - incredible dense and tight drone waves with scientific approach - full length / different version of their piece on the bonus CD), enchanting guitar / field recording drones from London based SPECIMENS, and MYTRIP from Bulgaria continues his mission to create timeless expanses of pulsing, spectral synth drones... Cover-art by Tilmann Benninghaus using two paintings by British artist Pete Greening. Edition of 400 copies on turquoise coloured vinyl. Mastering by Peter Andersson. [label info]


DARK GLASS -- "Cocoon" -- CS -- €9
2019 Eonian Autumn Records
IDM / Glitch / Experimental. Cocoon - a story that tells about the sound and information flows surrounding each city dweller... This album reflects experiments with the distortion of ordinary sound forms, their repeated repetition, the displacement of individual fragments with the addition of subtle noise structures, showing the reflection of the interaction of the ecology of the modern world and the sound environment... This album helps to comprehend the global environmental catastrophe by interweaving thin sound structures into the space surrounding us, which gives the key to understanding the current situation, with the possibility of understanding what we have done and how to fix it. [label info]

ENTERTAINMENT -- "Biology Of Desire" -- CS -- €13
2008 Total Black, 110, (ltd. 49)
Industrial / Minimal. Featuring DEATH KNEEL and V. SINCLAIR on one track.

FURRR -- "Pugs for Sounds" -- C-44 -- €6
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR115, (ltd. 50)
Experimental / Leftfield. Abstract lo-fi music from the Moscow-based producer Vera Vishnevaya. "we've been trying to post this long-awaited debut release by someone you all know, but we felt like it's too much responcibility to write about things of this kind, so we had to use ouija to get in a state of demonic posession and receive the following text from some unknown entity: The musical equipment is as much as a contributing member to any musical group as any other person. Furrr use to describe what musical compositions come out of the equipment that are sometimes unrehearsed or consciously thought of." [label info] Recycled black tapes, riso-printed cover.

2018 Marbre Negre, MN066 / Pure Reactive Records, PRR006, (ltd. 75)
Drone / Experimental. An album full of dark electronic drones and shifting textures, recorded live by these three musicians in August 2017 at Larraskito studio, Bilbao, Spain.

GE-STELL -- "Seizure" -- CS -- €7
2017 Marbre Negre, MN068, (ltd. 40)
Industrial / Experimental. "Seizure" is a concept album wich explores tools, development and political / social implications of the early modern psychiatric movement. Released on blue cassettes, package includes a disposable medical mask.

KADAVER -- "The Gospel Of Getting Kicked In The Head" -- C-40 -- €7
2019 Marbre Negre, MN094, (ltd. 50)
Noise / Death Industrial. Magnificent four songs of the Israeli Kadaver. Abrasive textures that move between the harsh noise with touches of Death Industrial. Another masterpiece by one of the veterans and most appreciated of the scene. A dream come true. [label info]

LUNAR ABYSS / MYKORIZA -- "Solar Mixture" -- C-90 -- €8
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 102/2019, (ltd. 15)
Drone / Experimental. Split of two related projects, intermingling in mixed and parallel forms. Side A presents the DJ set by LUNAR ABYSS from the Solar Systo 2017 festival, these are fragments of tracks, mixed in a rhythmic hypno-kaleidoscope, with tribal and sometimes techno foundation. Side B is from Solar Systo 2018, one of the sets by MYKORIZA, minimalistic drone ambient, saturated with analog-synthesized insects and alien callsigns. A phonogram for home trips and kitchen gatherings, walks in evening semisomnolesce. Artwork – cardboard sleeve with applique work, hand-written info and numeration. [label info]

MOXOMEX -- "Liquid Golden Fur" -- C-90 -- €6
2019 UtrovortU, I-03
Drone / Experimental. MOXOMEX = W I I + UHUSHUHU. A retro-futuristic duo from St. Petersburg, Russia. Improvised analogue stream of sound combined unhurried melodies played on Soviet synthesizers with guitar tunes deeply drowned in reverb. The variety comes from field recordings and hardly audible hisses and rustles that merge in homogenous, at times almost tropical white noise. Cassettes are packed in special cardboard boxes.

PUSTOTA -- "FON-38" -- C-60 -- €6
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 103/2019, (ltd. 13)
Noise / Minimal. Random numeration of the "FON" ("Background") series, random effects of multi-layered mixing of tape noises, resulted from multiple re-recordings with the use of different classes of equipment. Extracted from the depths of magnetic deposition, that very noise, which was fought against during the entire history of using magnetic tape as a carrier of information. In certain circles the phonograms of this series are used for sound design of psycho-training and divinations. Ultra-limited edition in cardboard box, painted and signed by hand. [label info]

SAMOILOVE, YRII -- "Dead Chips Are Dead" -- C-50 -- €7
2019 Invisible Animals, IA017
Experimental / Musique Concrete / Noise. Moscow-based musician Yrii Samoilove recorded two lengthy pieces with abstract noisy atmosphere created by the layers of industrial samples, fragments of acoustic instruments and sound effects. Dense sonic stream, flickering with all tints of atonality.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "Orbital Structure Of Venus" -- C-15 -- €5
2012 Hammerkrieg Productions, HKP007, (ltd. 30)
Space Ambient / Minimal / Drone.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "STTI - 300 - 028" -- CS -- €7
2014 Depressive Illusions Records, cut 1471, (ltd. 41)
Space Ambient / Minimal / Drone. Hand-painted black & silver cassette with cover printed on recycled paper and with hand-painted plastic case.

SAVAGE CULT / GERMAN ARMY -- split -- CS -- €9
2019 NEN Records, NEN32, (ltd. 45)
Loss is the theme that unites the participants of this split. Savage Cult (Rennes, France) considers it in a mythical way. The archetypal story of an exiled king who lost his throne and Kingdom is told through cinematic ambient and tribal techno. German Army (San Bernardino, USA) continues its exploration of endangered cultures and languages, capturing them in ethnoise collages. Reference to the internment of the Japanese Americans during World War II, which resulted in 120,000 people losing their home, is an unplanned but appropriate rhyme with the first side of the split. Despite the difference in sound strategies of the participants, this album is an integral journey into the realm of the reflective nostalgia. [label info]

SUDARIA -- "Live at the Temple of Flesh" -- C-60 -- €7
2018 Marbre Negre, MN087, (ltd. 25)
Dark Ambient / Noise. Excellent document of the concert that Sudaria made last year. Unsettling, dense, dark and disturbing. Magnificent recording, without a doubt one of the best projects of the current dark panorama. [label info]

ZOLOFT EVRA -- "Hypoxyphilia" -- C-30 -- €7
2017 Marbre Negre, MN057, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Noise. A compilation of three tracks recorded by this Italian project in 2015-2016. Two tracks were previously released by Butcher's House Prod. in their "Destination Morgue" compilation CD series, third track is previously unreleased and taken from the "Murder Chamber" recording sessions. Program repeats on both sides.


UHUSHUHU -- "Zoa" -- t-shirt -- €27
2019 self-released
Black t-shirt wih the cover of "Zoa" mini-album. Pic 1 + Pic 2. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

Flea market

ISH - Structures Of Mind - CD - M/VG+ - €5
LAIBACH - Across The Universe - 12" - VG+ - €13
MINDVOID - Thundernoisespell - CD - NM - €3
NORMA REAKTSII / RUUHI - split - 3"CD-R - VG+ - €3
SEMILANCEATA - Jordtron - CD - NM/VG+ - €5
SEMILANCEATA - Wallmoburna - CD - NM/VG+ - €5

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IV. Back in stock

BAD SECTOR -- "Quaternion" -- CD -- €16
2010/2017 Alone At Last, AAL[7], (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Space Ambient. This work is based on noisy, apparently monochromatic soundscapes, created with layered sounds that move and rotate in the tridimensional space. The resulting micro-spatiotemporal structures are complex and organic, so an overall super-structure is no more strictly necessary. This CD contains a reshaped/remastered version of the original music, available free in 2010, for a limited period of time, from Bad Sector's official website. Limited edition of 300 copies in special packaging - custom made of metallic coated paper with UV print, assembled by hand. Comes with the set of 6 postcards with 3D-graphics of mathematically modelled surfaces. [label info]

BRIOLINE -- "Mountain Desert" -- CD-R -- €3
2016 Attenuation Circuit, ACK 1036, (ltd. 50)
Khamzat Ozov lives in Cherkessk city on North Caucasus. This album was recorded at home using field recordings, samples of Caucasus folk music, ambience sounds and old atmosheres of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. [label info]

CHAOTALION -- "Tannenholzrauch" -- CD -- €7
2015 Attenuation Circuit, ACU 1004
Dark fir woods and weird pentagram-esque runes on the cover: How can the contents of this album not be a cliched, possibly black-metal influenced rendition of the idiotic “stay true to the soil” creed? Well, Alexander Marco has succeeded in tricking us all. His music on this album under the Chaotalion moniker is a vast expanse of breathing, pulsating ambient dreamscapes, cleverly evoking certain black metal genre elements, but totally eliding its ideology... Marco uses guitar and electronics to create the music on this album, but his textural approach owes a good deal to his work with not-so-musical sounds. A regular participant in the Noise Factory sessions hosted by Y-Ton-G, Marco is also schooled in musique concrete and assemblage of found sounds, and this rather constructivist approach gives this release a refreshingly sober, clear, kitsch-free touch. Actually, the album, with all its packaging and teutonic titles, might well be a conceptual ‘joke’ on certain ‘black’ aesthetics, but the music is too well-crafted to allow for an easy interpretation as a simple parody. [press-release]

2017 Ostroga, OTR-090, (ltd. 50)
Live recordings from the archives of the Children's Noise Orchestra of Children's Arts School #1 located in a remote Russian town of Kamensk-Uralskiy. Several short abstract improvisations played by children with the use of a few flutes and percussion instruments. Mini-CDR in a hand-made cardboard cover.

DARK AGES -- "The Tractatus De Hereticis Et Sortilegiis" -- LP -- €11
2011 Primitive Reaction, PR032, (ltd. 330)
A most certain strange and true discovery of blackest blasphemies, nighttime rituals and terrible crimes against our mother church. New dark ambient masterpiece from a frontman of DRUDKH and HATE FOREST. With this third album Dark Ages has lifted their dark art to the new level. [label info]

DARK AGES -- "Twilight Of Europe" -- CD -- €5
2005/2010 Inferna Profundus Records, IPR011 / Primitive Reaction, (ltd. 1000)
Dark ambient from Ukraine. Second edition on CD in digipak.

DER GOLEM -- "Zmet / Discipline of Exploded Bridges" -- 2 CD -- €23
2012 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-29, (ltd. 199)
Der Golem was a band from Moscow suburb Fryazino formed in 1999 by the musicians Dmitry Zubov (Hypnoz) and Roman Sidorov (Staruha Mha, Fatal, Sedativ). The music is a weird mixture of Industrial, Post Rock, Shoegazer, Ambient, Post-punk. Roman Sidorov ceased his existence in September 2003, Dmitry Zubov in November 2011... Zmet: "The genius of man is felt immediately and is reflected in everything what this man touches. In music, aside for all-pervading depression and complete minor mood, one can feel the note of some universality / cosmicality. Rock on the verge of industrial music is perceived as a kind of dark ambient in the widest sense of this term. Slow drumming is hypnotising, vocals are mesmerising and guitar sound brings some transcendent anxiety in the acoustic space..." Discipline of Exploded Bridges: "... Dirty industrial sound produced mainly by electric guitar and old analogue synthesizers. Excellent material with exceptional spirit of its creators felt in sound. Every time I listen to the "Discipline...", every time I find not only my own nostalgia for old party times, but also something timeless and not bound to my subjective feelings. This is the classics of Russian industrial underground..." [press-release]

DEUTSCH NEPAL -- "Alcohology" -- CD -- €12
2015 Entartete Musikk, 08
Deutsch Nepal and Lina Baby Doll is back after 5 years in the retreat of the Swedish woods with a new album - “Alcohology“. Obviously in between (or even during) the recordings there was some examination of bottles and the liquor they contained going on, the object for the album is the impact alcohol might have on people when consumed. Alcohology mainly contain slow pounding industrial music in the vein that are familiar to all Deutsch Nepal fanatics in the same way as the previous album Amygdala. Swirling mirrors of looped sounds loosely glued together with pounding or haunting beats followed with simple melodic input. The dystopian vocals present a surrealistic scenario built up inside your head while listening. The album take off in the track Alcohology Superior which might be a praise to the misery of a meaningless life only decorated with boredom, violence and a lot of alco …and then the study of the fact of this situation - Alcohology … followed by To the Earth’s bombastic description of celestial visions that might strike one under intoxication … “and falling asleep outside the liquor store one day“ together with a hungry Python. The thoughtful statements of the gain and dangers of the consumption of alcohol continues as a theme all through the album and end with a re-recording of Erosion from the album with the same name from 1999 where the impact fluids have, not only on the human body but also on Mother Earth itself. Though a frequent appearance on stage alone or together with others in different constellations releases from Deutsch Nepal are comparably rare. So don’t miss this chance for some fresh Deutsch Nepal released on Entartete Musikk. [press-release]

DN23RD -- "Nix" -- CD-R -- €5
2006 Abgurd, AB-32, (ltd. 23)
Latest album by date. Three morose tracks. Sun rising over ruins... Nothing alive, only ether carries cuts of useless liturgies. [label info]

DOM VDOVY -- "Wilczyca" -- CD -- €7
2010 Salts & Ashes Productions, starlit003, (ltd. 500)
The project Dom Vdovy ("House of Widow", coming from Leningrad region) released its first demo records back in 2002, and in 2010 put out its first CD album. The project's style can be described as classical black ambient with elements of neoclassic - foggy obscure atmosphere, adherence to funeral and afterworld aesthetics, abundance of synthesizer pads, sepulchral samples and ritual rhythms. The CD also contains a video for one track.

DUGHPA -- "Dughpa" -- LP -- €27
2016 Aetergap Productions, AEP020
Space Minimal Ambient side-prohect of Wagner Ödegård. Heavy black vinyl, glossy cover, lyrics sheet.

DUGHPA -- "Dughpa II" -- LP + 7" + zine -- €27
2018 Brugmanziah, BRUG005
Space Minimal Ambient side-prohect of Wagner Ödegård. LP released with 7" and 32-page A5 zine "Tellusting".

EGO COLLAPSE -- "Red Wings Of Autumn" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Ostroga, OTR-036, (ltd. 30)
Experimental noise / dark ambient / field recordings. Ego Collapse: Vitaly Maklakov + Philipp Konieczny. "Together with Philipp Konieczny completed work on a new album. Today, 30 copies of "Red Wing autumn" saw the light. This long composition is dedicated to my friend Sergei Okonechnikov. During the recording, we often talked with Sergey on the topic of this music. He was particularly inspired by the realization of my text in this album. Work on the material was completed shortly before the death of Sergei." Pro-CDR, 30 copies. [label info]

ELECTRO-HARAM -- "Hur" -- 7" picture lathe-cut -- €19
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR104, (ltd. 25)
Experimental / Sound Collage. New single of the Moscow-based obscure underground project on a one-sided square 7" picture lathe-cut record, edition of 25 copies.

FRAGMENT. -- "Temporary Enlightenment" -- CD -- €10
2013 OPN, OPNCD0020, (ltd. 500)
Drone Rock / Metal. Fragment is the brainchild of Thierry Arnal, a musician/composer based in Lyon, France, one-man-project born in 2006 who has just digitally released his brand new album Temporary Enlightenment, a quite remarkable record which I'm sure will please all fans of Jesu, Nadja and Godflesh. [label info]

HIV+ / BABYLONE CHAOS -- split -- picture 10" -- €10
2008 OPN Records, OPN EP02 / Divine Comedy Records, DCR 999 / BKO Media, BKOMEP 01
Following their previous collaboration under the name of Univers Carceral with Divine Comedy records, HIV+ & Babylone Chaos, two well known musical projects within the French industrial scene, join once again their talents to give birth to this new 10"ep picture disc. Both the visual and the music show the maturity of the french underground industrial scene, which has constantly drawn out through the years the picture of a dark vision made of rough and incisive sounds. This sonic object released through OPN records in collaboration w. BKO media & Divine Comedy Records has to be considered as the final testament from HIV+. For their final release under this moniker, Pedro & HIV+ give us 3 tracks to be considered as an electronic & industrial manifesto, covering in an amazing way the "Warm leatherette" track from The Normal. For their part, Babylone Chaos, after their 'Les machines e'carlates' album, have composed 2 epic and tortuous tracks bringing the listener in an introspective journey between old school noise and concrete music. [press-release]

KROMESHNA -- "Simple Mysteries" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Still*Sleep, CDR17
Two mysteries from the Russian musician Vitaly Maklakov (Light Collapse, Obozdur, and lots of other projects) from the Urals. Quite cryptic swamp-cosmic drone framed into industrial field recordings. Despite being minimalistic, this is a dense and saturated work with a strong atmosphere.

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK & DN23RD -- "Silentium Universi" -- CD-R -- €5
2010 CSRC, CSB-01, (ltd. 25)
Radionoise description of the Universe with total length of 45 mins 55 secs, made by comrades MM and DN in autumn 2002. Human factor is reduced to an essential minimum, and eloquent pithiness of the natural signals of radio ether comes to the forefront. "It is only an emission produced by processes that are purely physical, natural, and totally uninhabited, therefore devoid of any linguistic character, of content, of meaning..." The medium is packed in a kraft paper envelope with b/w photo, a quotation from "His Master's Voice" by Lem unique for each copy, and all the necessary and sufficient information. [press-release]

KSHATRIY -- "Sunyata Research" -- CD-R -- €10
2014 self-released
This is a mastered recording of my live gig on dRemA-4. In the night from 11 to 12 October, 2014 I played for the sleepers, trying to completely disengage from the everyday realities in order to plunge into a state of active sleep and joint experience with no any ideas and concepts, to plunge into the world of pure perception of infinite shining ocean-space-mind, love, energy and beauty. [from the author] Professionally recorded CD-R Mitsui MAM-A Digital Audio Gold 24K in cardboard with metallic photo print, handmade by Kshatriy.

LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Cut" -- C-60 -- €5
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-105, (ltd. 10)
Harsh noise / HNW. A sincere and uncompromising album of Urals project. [label info]

LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Flowering Grass" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Ostroga, OTR-030, (ltd. 10)
Ambient / drone / noise. Subject-associative summer picture. Synth insects and other forest secrets. Pro-CDR, A5 full colour envelope. 3 photo inserts with graphic works Vitaly Maklakov. A special edition of 10 copies. [label info]

2014 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 019, (ltd. 33)
Radionoise split from three projects from the Urals, Belarus and Leningrad. Three legends, three mystic acts hidden below the gritty flows of radiowaves waiting for the experienced psychonauts to find them. CDR with printed surface, packed in a half-dvd box. [label info]

LIGHT COLLAPSE & RADIOSON -- "Projections for Somnambulas" -- CD-R -- €10
2017 Ostroga, OTR-092, (ltd. 30)
Radioambient / Radionoise. Second collaboration between two Russian projects from Moscow region and from the Urals. Secret night operations for stealing one's dreams. Disc comes with a 20-page A5 booklet.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Nochniki" -- C-60 -- €10
2017 Ostroga, OTR-091, (ltd. 30)
Light of a night-lamp enveloped in myriads of insects. Tactile world of a summer night. The caves of the old Trans-Ural house, covered with thousands of living points. There is air, land and water. The recordings of the album include: field recordings from the village of Malyi Atyaj and the sound of homemade analog synthesizers. [label info] Handmade cardboard cover with a 16-page mini-booklet and a numbered card with an artist's fingerprint.

NORMA REAKTSII -- "Silver Thunder" -- CD-R -- €5
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT59, (ltd. 88)
Minimalistic angst ambient / indurtsial filled with sounds of vintage electronics, radionoise, guitar chatter, field recordings, amplified powerful voice recitating austere traditionalistic lyrics. Aesthetics of Karl Runau and November Novelet combined with author's talent and right ideology! Slim DVD box with an insert. [press-release]

NORMA REAKTSII -- "Tectonic Charge Condensation" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 Valgriind, VG 06, (ltd. 50)
Radionoise recorded with an old pre-war radio-gramophone with resoldered components. A project of the founder of the young Russian D.I.Y. label Valgriind. Minimalism, handmade artwork (cardboard, drawing). [label info]

NORMA REAKTSII -- "Telluric Energy" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 Valgriind, VG 08, (ltd. 50)
Four tracks of pure unprocessed radionoise.

THE OPPOSER DIVINE -- "Barb Wire Around Your Neck" -- CD -- €10
2015 Aliens Production, AP 31, (ltd. 333)
After successful experimentations and several digital releases we have a news from protagonist of TERMINAL STATE, he has released his solo album entitled The opposer divine. Minor Float on his album brings us a very interesting mix of electronic and experimental surfaces. Atmospheric tracks in down tempo surfaces of minimalistic tones and melodic lines often sound like the soundtrack for the dark sci-fi movie. Numerous analogue sequences of cybernetic vocals and explosive themes pressing on you from the introductory minutes. The combination of film music, ebm, idm and ambient color makes this project colorfully creative. Slovakia's production starts to take over a strong position in the generating of serious musical particles that knows to offer the concept for each music enthusiast. On this Cd has appeared interesting collaborations and this release is available in digital and in a physical form. Follow this project from the beginning and you will have a chance to look into a new galaxy named TOD. [press-release]

PSYCHIC TV -- "Live In Russia" -- CD -- €8
2006 FeeLee Records, FL 3212, (ltd. 1000)
We say Psychic TV and mean Genesis P-Orrige. Conceptualist, mystifier and follower of Crowley. Myth creator who founded the mysterious religious organisation "Temple of Psychic Youth" and the band Psychic TV which stands for it's mystical aims in arts. A suspicious person who was blamed by UK government for satanism and ritual sacrifice and had to move to US. Official record-holder of the biggest amount of albums released within one year (23 albums of Psychic TV during 23 months in the middle of 80-ies). Wild freak thoroughly proving and documenting all his weird actions like sex change or implantation of a golden jaw. Follower of William Burroughs, who brought infernal depth to synth-pop music and first invented the term "acid house". Androgyne entity who in 2004 played a noise postpunk concert in Moscow and told a story about a squirrel... [press-release]

RECFRAG -- "Recovered Fragments" -- CD -- €10
2016 Aliens Production, AP 38, (ltd. 333)
IDM / Ambient. Belarusian pioneer of electronic frequencies and break beats aka Recfrag under which is the protagonist Dimitry is not a newcomer on the music scene, and thanks to the previous releases he has drawn our attention for his interesting experiments and balancing in the waters of idm and ambient. Music that this gifted seeker of tones and melancholic corners offers is a great combination of break beats, beautiful atmospheres and melodic electronics. Musically this project is interesting combination of atmospheric dust and destructive attacks similar to meteor shower. Strong corners and beautiful atmospheres almost rotates in the machinery of machine rhythms as on the places they want to destroy your auditory system and penetrates with every tone to your cerebral cortex. Many hypnotic loops and movies blocks adds to this promising path a perfect experience. This message will certainly be for the fans, who likes the sound of bands like: Gridlock, Anhedonia and Stendeck. CD is enriched with powerful remixes by XSODECT, ISH, TOD, TOKEE. You have to listen to this loudly!!! So that in the near future you only hear the name Recfrag. [label info]

RYR -- "In Spring 117" -- CD-R -- €19
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA05, (ltd. 117)
New head from RYR project. War... Emptiness... Deapair... Hope... Mist... Blood... View... History... Fall... 117 steps... Down... 46 minutes of new experience of the martial atmosphere for the people who have to know more and maybe more dreadful. Vagueness of position turns into doom and rage, urge to kill turns into the only way to live. Retreat as a look into eternal existence. Monuments remember about this... The album is very musically diverse and saturated. Distorted noise, military samples, ritual pulsations, ambient soundscapes. Aside for typical Ryr samples you'll hear apocaliptyc poetry in French, Russian, German, Swedish... The album starts with sprightly hymn of "German girls union" gradually sinking in shots, shouts and weeping, and ends with magnificent "Last Spring" of Grieg. Non-standard package, first 46 disks are sprinkled with blood. [press-release]

RYR -- "Until the End of Times" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Ufa Muzak, UFA62, (ltd. 130)
Apocalyptic military industrial. Black archangels, twisted in the air in the form of a swastika, how much time do they whirl, but - a single moment - and their skeletons like spikes are put over the ruined city. Vision as a kind of hypnotic dream isn't available for anyone, their eyes will see the complex pictures of destruction. Distraction from life, few steps ahead, inaccessible to mortals, dream unfolds like a flower. Cities, woods and rivers, industrial zones, warehouses and stations - they are, and at the same time they are not - the fire wave from space covers everything to turn it into dust. The newest album of the project opens the spiritual ties that hindered unclear presentiments and suspicions. The inner castigator comes with bright light, so that every gap is opened. Alchemical curses in mirrors, micro frequencies emanating from dolmens, inaudible words of exhumated bones of the kings, vellums with secret maps falling to pieces, coldness of the crypts of the noble families, sounds of atonal music in the desert and ancient dreams of cursed monks exiled from the temples. No sentiments, only strict bridges of stone rhythms and hammered towers of noise breakdowns. Fragments of the said gliding in eternity in the total flow, as last documents of the died world. Dark concentrated atmosphere, not calling to any senses, only silence and awe. 10 tracks, 46 minutes, pro-CDr, 6 panel cardboard sleeve with a postcard. [press-release]

RYR feat. MORBUS MUNDI -- "Hyperborea :Gibur:" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 UFA Muzak,UFA18, (ltd. 108)
Martial Industrial Avanguarde. Synergy of Polar Blue blood continues the way of inner astral war of the Hitlerian age. Gods of the 3rd Reich are awaken and wait for putting the right question, saying the right word, finding the magical hyperborean sound. This time Ryr collaborates with another Russian mystical fascist project Morbus Mundi and presents the picture of creating other spheres and other planes through the prism of martial industrial, ritual noise, dark ambient and techno trance. Rattling and charming dance of anscient ices plays fairy melodies, prancing and swirling crosses whistle in the sky, thunder and lightning break from shining blood. Schwaben borders of Antarktida have come to their Ultima Faterland to the North, and now we witness the "secret terrain" - Hyperborea. The place where everything will start from the beginning. 88. "Hyperboreans, The White Gods will once appear from The Inner Land, or come back from the starn on a feathery serpent, on a golden eagle in the Age of Condor, or on a white horse. The will come to guide us in the end of Kali-Yuga and show the right direction for the axis of Earth to obtain the right state, into the harmony after the staggering events, with wich this Manvatara ends, this cosmic age consisting of four aeons. The poles will be united then again." 4 page A5 booklet made of textured cardboard. [press-release]

RYR feat. ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIE -- ":Thule:" -- CD-R -- €10
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA50, (ltd. 111)
Ritual industrial / Apocalyptic avantguarde. Coming to the last point on Mercator's map, to the deeply hidden mountain of Meru. Everything ends and starts again. Two twilight projects present the last chapter, which has bound with a fine thread the encrypted numbers, from 1 to 50, and created the trajectory on an invisible map between the poles. In the foundation of the swastika-like pyramid, in the center, embossed ias an ornament locked inside itself like Ouroboros snake. The relict radiation here reaches the maximum level of spectral power illuminating background body covered with runes. The polar night of supernova stars lays out the white continent in parts, ready to accept the "Highest Unknown Ones". Silence lit only once by a giant of KV III spectral class, creating the "moment of history end". Apollo's chariot explodes with swan-like projections and moves behind the boundaries of Borea, crumbling in huge celestial statues of Aryans. The hyper-speed of Big Bang repetition inversely recreates the cosmological model of the old Universe, for everything to remain in memories, here, after the end. The sonic radiation of the album is filled with retrospective sounds of the past and breaking through the dark matter of present mechanical outrage of infernal future. The last chapter of the polar trilogy, the symbolical point - year of 2012. "The path is inside of you". 8 tracks, 43 minutes, 4-panel sleeve with a film insert. [press-release]

RYR / TRANSISTORWALD -- split -- CD-R -- €10
2010 Ufa Muzak, UFA40, (ltd. 121)
Martial industrial / Dark Ambient. The mysterious pre-execution rite has been done, no barriers left, only shadow left in this cell forever... Ryr and Transistorwald - preparation for something not coincidental. Borders passed by wanderers in black uniform, they took cover where no living will ever be. The pits are dug out and immersion of symbolical artifacts is finished with vein bloodletting. Sturm music, goes out of line without accompaniment, with the sound of needle cutting a plate. His eyes are covered with soil, but he breathes deeper and stronger than those who go, he believes. Inside the house burnt down just yesterday will pour stranger's guttural speech, a steel knot will be tied in the heart. Befor the taste of lead bullets and ground line riddled with tank dead grids there's a symbol of Ahnenerbe on yellow leaves. Weisthor whispers with fire and moves in a stream, in the place where he is. The earth is covered with ice on fire... A5 cardboard sleeve + insert printed on transparent film. [press-release]

T-WALD -- "Luzifers Hofgesind" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA55 / Skalde Jord, SKALDE-01, (ltd. 120)
Esoteric dark ambient. The new album of the project hiding behind the new mask, but not losing the mystic connection with the mythological codes of the North. In this new album the author's talent discloses the themes of authors-avatars of occult researches of the origins of "forbidden magical belief". Sounds that seem infinite flow, but they can't fill up the magic cup reflecting sunrays with gold. It exists, and at the same time it's just an illusion used to braid the false myth to protect the truth from pharisee's hands. T-Wald invites to visit its artificial forest maze, but the golden thread of Ariadna is too thin to follow it and find the way out escaping the face of the Beast. This is an action where meistersang, creator of this sound lithography of the sacred Lucifer, makes hommage by concluding the vassal agreement between this and the other worlds. Slowly, silently falls the curtain, but before that important things should happen, don't miss them. 9 tracks, 52 minutes, pro-CDR, 4-panel cardboard sleeve + transparent film insert. [press-release]

TROUM -- "AIWS" -- CD -- €12
2007 Transgredient Records, TR-05
AIWS is the first full-length cd release from Troum since 2003. It covers studio-recordings composed from 2002-2005. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release. Presenting nine analogue (4 & 8 track) recorded compositions that lead the listener through vast feelings of beautifully deep melancholic and hypnotic states of mind. Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves. Ingredients: Sufi-songs, old vinyl-crackles, acoustic & e-guitars, e-bow, e-bass, voice & whisperings, accordion & flute. Stunning photography & design work by Alan McClelland (Eye.lyft). One of the most emotional and profound Troum releases to date now available on Transgrediant Records. Dedicated to Eternity. [press release]

TROUM -- "Ryna" -- CD -- €12
1998/2006 Transgredient Records, TR-04
Re-release of Troum's long sold out first album from 1998 with new artwork by Tilmann Benninghaus. Digipack.

UHUSHUHU -- "Geoscience" -- CD-R + DVD-R -- €10
2015 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XLVII, (ltd. 111)
The third studio album by the St. Petersburg-based group Uhushuhu continues the line of the two previous works: "Long Songs Pleasant For Hearing" (Zhelezobeton, 2014) and "Onega" (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, 2015), namely - long spatial tapestries filled with a whole host of electronic and organic events drifting on a leisurely contemplative wave. One can listen to this music endlessly, it seems to be created of several layers of semi-transparent mirrors reflecting everything that comes in the field of the musicians' imagination: smooth synthetic pads, singing birds and (perhaps?) whales, radiowaves and a heavenly female voice, lurking whispers, instrumental loops, field recordings and various found sounds. All this creates a complex electro-acoustic image, surely still pleasant for hearing to the connoisseurs of the ambient genre. The release also contains the video version of the album with a special fractal visualization, the dance of mathematic formulae programmed by programmed by VJ B≜H⊗G (UtrovortU).
[bandcamp]   [+]

USHERSAN & HIV+ -- "Black Monolith EP" -- 12" -- €12
2012 OPN Records, OPN EP04, (ltd. 100)
NORMA LOY's old fan since the mid 80s, Pedro Penas Robles aka HIV + could not help crossing the road of Anton Usher Shield at a given time... From this encounter four tracks as well as cover of "I remember" from the legendary band SUICIDE (New-York duo loved by both characters since their younger years) saw the light on the "Black Monolith EP" released in France on OPN Records. An amazing project, that offers original compositions based on sounds and analogical or industrial electro rhythms strewed with the voices of HIV+, Ushersan or Vera... A sometimes vindictive haunted music, with a particular view on the madness of our world and on the human relations, often undermined by the emotional, spiritual and social disorientation from our times. On this album (strictly limited to 100 numbered copies) you will find dazzling tracks materialized, all apart from glaring influences, except maybe those of LSD and post punk electronic sounds. The whole album has been mastered by Normotone, and will please as well fans of Suicide as those of TIMOTHY LEARY, CLOCK DVA, SKINNY PUPPY, TRISOMIE 21, HAUS ARAFNA, THROBBING GRISTLE, ALDOUS HUXLEY, FACTORY FLOOR... and necessarily NORMA LOY. [press-release]

VEPRISUICIDA -- "Untitled" -- 8" picture lathe-cut -- €40
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR111, (ltd. 40)
Noise / Sound Collage. New record by one of the most influential and famous Russian noise-industrial artists, Alexander Lebedev-Frontov, the person behind LINIJA MASS, PILA and VEPRISUICIDA, participant of VETROPHONIA, STALNOY PAKT, DEAD HIPPIES, etc., also know as a curator of label Ultra. Unreleased material dedicated to Ungern and Mongolia of 1920s by legendary VEPRISUICIDA, no need for further explaination. 8" square lathe-cut picture-disk, limited to 40 copies. [label info]

WAGNER ODEGARD -- "Nidvintern" -- LP -- €35
2017 Brugmanziah
Experimental / Dark Ambient from Sweden. Handmade cover.

Y -- "De Occulta Philosophia" -- C-90 -- €17
2015/2017 Baumwurzel, Root 2, (ltd. 33)
Dark Ambient / Black Metal from Greece. 33 hand-numbered copies in a pouch with printed sigil, incl. 3 cards.

Y -- "Imaginativa, Rationalis, Mentalis" -- C-90 -- €17
2017 Baumwurzel, Root 4, (ltd. 33)
Dark Ambient / Black Metal from Greece. 33 hand-numbered copies in a pouch with a mirror and inserts.

YTERCE, ALEXANDRE -- "Contra Temporum Iniquitates" -- 2 CD -- €15
2018 Licenses / Monochrome Vision
Musique Concrète. Double-CD containing the works of the French electro-acoustic composer Alexandre Yterce from the period of 1988-2017. Glossy 6-panel digisleeve with a 24-page booklet containing images & stories behind each composition in French and English.

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