ZHELEZOBETON news - 21.11.2019
Dobrogo dnya!

Our new release will be familiar to those who follow our label. The collaboration album by Creation VI and Ugasanie "Birds of Naukan", dedicated to the sacred places of Chukotka, has already been released four and a half years ago as a very limited CD-R edition, and quickly found its place on the shelves of collectors. This time we reissue this work in a more serious way: as a factory-pressed CD in six-panel digipak with new design and remastered sound. The reissue is made together with the own label of Creation VI – ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, and with the new Moscow-based label NEBOSVOD, which promises many more interesting releases in near future.

Aside from this our November update features new albums by the Russian projects Kryptogen Rundfunk, Uhushuhu, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Reconstruction Of Moss, and labels Paper Moon Republic, Post-Materialization Music, Glass Jelly Souffle, NEN Records, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, BioSonar^Lo-End, Aquarellist / Dark Jazz Records, plus recent releases from the international community of labels, including Fang Bomb (UK), Zoharum (PL), Aural Hypnox (FI), Steinklang Industries (LV), Cold Spring (UK), Winter-Light (NL) and more... altogether more than 80 new items + lots of back-in-stock titles!

As usual, send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. Reservations are possible for reasonable time.

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I. New release

Creation VI & Ugasanie - Birds of Naukan

Creation VI & Ugasanie
"Birds of Naukan"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Nuneangan
2. Yttygran
3. Souls of Whales
4. Pegtymel
5. The Keepers

total length: 50:43
price: €10

"Birds of Naukan" @ bandcamp

Creation VI: bandcamp | facebook | vk.com
Ugasanie: bandcamp | facebook | vk.com

Together with the labels NEBOSVOD and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ we're glad to present the proper reissue of the work, first published in 2015 in a small edition of 80 copies. This is a collaboration album recorded by the projects Creation VI and Ugasanie and dedicated to several sacred places of Chukotka, such as the Whale Bone Alley on Yttigran island and a collection of ancient rock engravings on the Pegtymel river. The album was inspired by the documentary "Chukotka: The Coast of Memory" directed by Andris Slapiņš and poems of the Yupik poetess Zoya Nenlyumkina, who was born in the now deserted village of Naukan, which at that time was the easternmost settlement of Eurasia.

Petroglyphs carved on stones along rivers, bird colonies and herds of walruses, whale skulls dug in the coast hundreds of years ago - many images were captured in the sounds of this album. Mouth harps and ocarins, throat singing, field recordings and transparent iridescence of cold creeping ambient, saturated with echoes of shamanistic rituals, cries of bird flocks and songs that the ocean sings to heavens, while playing on coastal pebbles.

The sound was remastered in 2019 specially for this edition. The disc is packaged in a glossy 6-panel digipack with photographs of the Whale Bone Alley. You can listen to the album and purchase a digital copy at bandcamp.

II. Forthcoming events

Moscow, Paper Factory. More info...

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

22.11.2019 – Liberation Night
St. Petersburg, Ken Kesey Space. More info...

St. Petersburg, Sound Museum / GEZ-21. More info...

28.11.2019 – Temen'
St. Petersburg, Dyuny. More info...

29.11.2019 – Betonokartonnaya Volna
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum / GEZ-21. More info...

30.11.2019 – Drone Gathering
St. Petersburg, Poznay Chay. More info...

Moscow, Bezumiy. More info...

07.12.2019 – X Years Of Ambient
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum / GEZ-21. More info...

Moscow, ZIL. More info...

St. Petersburg, Lendok. More info...

St. Petersburg, Ken Kesey Space. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

ARKTAU AON -- "Ikuisuus Nakyy Luiden Lapi" -- CD -- €12
2013/2019 Aural Hypnox, [AHUE01], (ltd. 250)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Thought lost and subsequently forgotten, a complete album by AIH & AIL of ARKTAU EOS and JKV of ZOÄT-AON was recently rediscovered. This unknown chapter in the evolution of the classic Finnish ritual sound originates from sessions held in May 2005, when Arktau Eos was still unnamed, beginning work on their seminal opus 'Mirrorion' and Zoät-Aon had just released the equally influential 'Star Autopsy' CD. The album retains the original title of the sessions: 'Ikuisuus näkyy luiden läpi', Finnish for 'Eternity Shines Through the Bones', and for purposes of this release the group is named simply ARKTAU AON. 'Ikuisuus näkyy luiden läpi' is enthusiastic, youthfully vigorous and decidedly ominous ritual music with a total running time of 31:53. Instead of songs, it is divided into different 'movements' or phases: it resembles a field recording of some obscure ceremony from a far-off corner of the world. Boasting a raw but good, clear sound, 'INLL' remains unaltered save for the mastering done in 2013 at Katajan Kaiku studio. Second edition enclosed inside a screen printed covers including a textual and two two-sided inserts. [press-release]

AURAL HYPNOX -- "Underworld Transmissions" -- CD -- €12
2019 Aural Hypnox, AHUE09, (ltd. 150)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Underworld Transmissions was Aural Hypnox label series, filmed and captured on tape in the private séances held in our subterranean lodge located in Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia. The concept was to invite artists from the Helixes collective, in different combinations, to join a séance and to establish through sound and movement an elemental communication. In greater sense, apart from personal goals, these séances aimed to bring forth the seasonal currents of the lodge; the undertone of the Aural Hypnox label and the artists involved. Each séance was guided by a unique automatic-portal-portrait reflecting the planetary and stellar distances seen at that particular time in the lodge altar mirror-receiver. All audio was captured live on tape by using binaural recording technique. Films were captured during séances and also in the preceding and subsequent sessions that took place in Other Rooms and in the surrounding wilderness. The candles have been extinguished; transmissions completed. Underworld Transmissions CD edition is housed in an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers and includes a 16-page xeroxed booklet. Limited to 150 copies. [label info]

BARAN, PAUL -- "The Other" -- CD -- €10
2014 Fang Bomb, FB024
Abstract / Drone / Experimental. The Other is Britain, Student protests, Riots, Neo Liberalism, Fear, Nationalism, Haiti, Chess, Geopolitical sum games, Potlatch, Celebrities, Obama, The Shoah, Love, Reflexive Impotence, The Wheel, Inversion, Tarkovsky, The Zone… At least if you ask Paul Baran himself. To others, it might as well be an equally challenging and diverse collection of electro-acoustic atmospheres, rhythmic experiments, and theoretical manoeuvres, not without a touch of funk. The Other was composed by Baran and recorded together with Werner Dafeldecker, Axel Doerner, Lucio Capece, Sebastian Lexer and many others in Glasgow, and in STEIM studios in Amsterdam, over the last few years... About the artist: Born in 1975, Paul Baran is a composer, electro-acoustic sound designer and improviser based in Glasgow, Scotland. Baran's first album, Panoptic, was released by Fang Bomb in 2009. It was received with great reviews by the global press, and featured collaborations with artists such as Werner Dafeldecker, Ekkehard Ehlers, Keith Rowe and Andrea Belfi. [label info]

BARAN, PAUL -- "Panoptic" -- CD -- €10
2009 Fang Bomb, FB013
Electroacoustic / Free Improvisation. Partially inspired by the writings of the theorist Jeremy Bentham and the concept of globalization, and assisted by Werner Dafeldecker, Ekkehard Ehlers, Keith Rowe, Andrea Belfi and a list of other fine collaborators, Paul Baran has created "Panoptic" - an attempt to soundtrack the lives of creative people affected by such concepts as underclass, surveillance and the dangers of mass consensus... Baran intends "Panoptic" to be a collection of electro-acoustic atmospheres that underscore these concepts, without resorting to blind polemic. And as for the sound of it all - think electro-acoustic, minimalist, idea based, experimental fusion, conceptual improvisation with contemporary song structures. [label info]

BASS COMMUNION -- "Reconstructions and Recycling -- 2 CD -- €20
2019 Aquarellist, aquarel 51-19, (ltd. 500)
Abstract / Ambient / IDM. A limited reissue of the 2003 CD of reconstructions of BASS COMMUNION music by an incredible line-up of artists from the electronic, drone and experimental music scenes. Originally released as a single CD, this new edition on Aquarellist has been expanded to include a second CD containing 2 long remixes by SCORN (17.45) and EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH (10.45) that were omitted from the original version for reasons of space. These and the original interpretations by LULL, MONOLAKE, CARBON BOY, BOLA, RAPOON, BLACK FACTION, RHINOCEROS, VIDNA OBMANA and COLECLOUGH / POTTER have all been remastered by Steven Wilson for this new edition. The artwork has also been reworked by Carl Glover, and now comes in a gatefold card sleeve. Strictly limited one-off 2CD pressing of 500 copies. [label info]

BRODERICK, PETER & MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Blank Grey Canvas Sky" -- CD -- €10
2009 Fang Bomb, FB012
Experimental / Drone. This beautiful collaboration features two of the most prolific talents from the current experimental scene, both with reputations of leviathan proportions. For this release, Machinefabriek, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Peter Broderick, based in Berlin, Germany (although constantly on the road) set out to push each others limits, and to explore new areas within their own creativity... The resulting album is a delicately crafted one, with Machinefabriek and Broderick virtuosically combining instrumental compositions, drone, and heartfelt soundscapes with song structures and vocals. Or as Peter Broderick himself put it: "We tried a lot of different things on this album, pushing ourselves to explore new areas... And for me the result is the collection of music I feel most proud of so far." [label info]

CORONA BARATHRI -- "Diabolical Path [Part II]" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 149)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. A collection of tracks recorded in 2017-2018 for various compilations and special projects.

CORONA BARATHRI -- "Nox Mali" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 43)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. "Night of Evil, Night of the Nights, Night of the Triumph of Evil Force, Feeding the Fire with our blood. Samael is the Father of Sins, the Source of Death. Childs Of Nahemah - Sons of Perdition, Dark Warriors, curse to god, curse to the world, curse to mankind. Orah HaEsh - Orah HaShed, DCLXVI". Limited edition of 43 copies with special booklet.

CORONA BARATHRI / EMME YA -- "Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 149)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. A new opus of the occult project Corona Barathri recorded together with Edgar Kerval (Emme Ya, Colombia), dedicated to the aspect of Principivm / Leviathan. Chalice Of Venom [Forbidden Gnosis] is the killing of the human by participle, the awakening of the Evil Principle. Limited edition of 149 copies with two art / sigil cards. [label info]

THE CRAY TWINS -- "In the Company of Architects" -- CD -- €10
2019 Fang Bomb, FB029
Ambient / Musique Concrete / Experimental. For In the Company of Architects, their second album, The Cray Twins’ Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy has assembled a virtual collective of musicians and sound artists, collaborating with only selective access to the contributions of others, and to the whole... The core duo of The Cray Twins take on the role of directors, composers and assemblers, in the process amplifying not only the performance of the collective, but also natural and artificial interferences, incorporating accidental sound sources encountered when arranging the album... Starting with the almost 40 minute long title track, In the Company of Architects slowly unfolds into a dense exploration of stratified sound. The result is a fascinating piece of acousmatic music; a mix of phonography and distortion, improvisation and unnerving silence, time, tension and release... Minimal but not minimal. [label info]

THE CRAY TWINS -- "The Pier" -- CD -- €10
2016 Fang Bomb, FB025
Ambient / Musique Concrete / Experimental. The Cray Twins are Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy. “The Pier” is the name they have given to their introspective, desolate debut album, conceived in collaboration with an impressive range of musicians including Ken Vandermark, Jos Smolders, Lucio Capece and BJ Nilsen. The Cray Twins are fascinated by how audio systems, electronic and acoustic, are like human systems, and have set out to find the borders areas on this album, regions where things are no longer the same, where sound or the perception of it changes or breaks down. It’s a collaboration with irregularity, in order to find the edge. This is also where the image of the The Pier comes from; the pier as the limit of human extent, our furthest outreach onto the depths, after which the space opens up to the unknown, the unheard. [label info]

DEEPDARK -- "The Themes" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 119)
Dark Ambient from the Russian producer Dmitry Vologdin. It's hard to pin down this album - each track is unique in its own ways, from the piano melodies in Anna to the crashing waves in Cliff. Sublime brooding, emotional dark ambient music well worth a listen or several. [Richard Cheesman]

DISSECTING TABLE -- "All Things In The Universe" -- CD -- €10
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK122, (ltd. 100)
Noise / Industrial from Japan. Factory-pressed CD in a 4-panel digipak, limited edition of 100 copies.

EUNTING -- "s/t" -- 3 CD-R -- €16
2019 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-120, (ltd. 14)
Drone Ambient / Harsh Noise Wall. Meditative textures of endless snowy spaces filled with mineral angularity and archaeological crackling. Cardboard slipcase, three cardboard sleeves with discs. [YAOP]

GOD PUSSY -- "Dedicado á Carlos Lamarca" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 Torga Amun, 073, (ltd. 15)
Brazilian Harsh Noise, dedicated to the personality and death of the leader of the armed underground in the country, Carlos Lamarca. Powerful, dense and diverse sound in the style of Government Alpha and Comforter. Pro-CD-R, black & white cover. [YAOP]

GRASSOW, MATHIAS -- "The World Wars I & II - A Symphony Of Steel" -- 4 CD -- €25
2019 GS Productions / Небосвод, (ltd. 200)
Ambient. The topic of this new album has long been close to my heart. Both world wars significantly changed the world and still influence our daily lives today... No matter from which side one looks at these two wars, terrible atrocities would be committed everywhere. With this work I want to use the music as a non-verbal means of communication. I would like to transform bewilderment and dismay into inner peace and silence in the heart and wish that this has been achieved. Right now we are in such dire need of looking closely at what is happening politically with humans and the environment worldwide. This work, which I call my most important work, stands for forgiveness and love. It is dedicated to all the dead and suffering. It affects us all - everyone and everywhere. [from the author] 8-panel 4-CD digipak, comes with a poster.

GRIM -- "Lunatic House" -- CD -- €10
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK120, (ltd. 300)
Cult Industrial / Noise project of Jun Konagaya from Japan, active since mid-80-s. New album from 2019, released in 4-panel digipak.

HALO MANASH -- "Unetar" -- CD -- €12
2019 Aural Hypnox, [AHUE08], (ltd. 400)
Ritual Ambient / Drone. All audio material on this album originates from the “Tulitania” private ritual held in the deepest forest of Northern Ostrobothnia in December 2006. “Unetar”, an entity awakening after a decade-long hibernation was evoked by Anti Ittna H. in the somniferous Katajan Kaiku studio during January and March 2016. The album’s opening track “Unetar” also features a spectral appearance of JKV captured on tape right after the ritual in 2006. The first two liminal hymns were weaved together on the night of Total Solar Eclipse, 9th of March 2016. This CD edition also includes the original “Tulitania” version, that previously appeared on the “Desert Space” compilation album released by Tosom 2007. The album is enclosed in an oversized, screen printed covers including three insert cards. Limited to 400 copies. [label info]

HILDEREND & KROMESHNA -- "И будут сады..." -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Ostroga, OTR-102, (ltd. 50)
Sound research of landscapes of the Earth and own inner world from the Ural and Siberian projects. Radiant sci-fi ambient with quiet radio noise and brooding hypnotic rhythms. Lovers of Tarkovsky and other film fiction will definitely like it. Great album! Black & white cover with atmospheric photos. [YAOP]

IINEY + UL.V. -- "Vyaz'" -- CD -- €11
2019 Status Prod., SP 11 CD, (ltd. 150)
Dark Ambient. Status Prod. presents a collaboration album of Russian noise projects IRINEY and ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIYE (UL.V.). Recorded over a period of five years, working separately and together, using field recordings, digital techniques and studio hardware, the album is finally complete. "Creaks and whispers, deaf, viscous drones, breath of a swamp immerse the listener in an ancient ritual, attach to it through understanding of a fairy tale, through an ancient chant, through contemplation of sacraments of the untouched nature. Vyaz' is released in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies, presented in an outsized silkscreen-printed gatefold card cover with a silkscreen-printed card attachment, made of designer cardboard, featuring the art of Nizhny Novgorod artist Elena Lisitsa. [label info]

JASPER TX -- "The Black Sun Transmissions" -- CD -- €10
2011 Fang Bomb, FB016
Drone / Experimental. Darker, harder, and even deeper. Frustration. Lack of communication and the feeling that there is no solution at hand... Or picture this. A huge, black sun that covers your entire field of vision. People out of focus, dressed in black, standing by the shore. Looking out towards nothing. Because there is nothing to see... These are the starting points for "The Black Sun Transmissions", the first actual album by Jasper TX to be released in over two years. An album where he has chosen a new direction for himself, challenged his very vision, and managed to find even firmer ground... The album features Mike Weis from Zelienople on drums, the cello of Aaron Martin and the trombone of Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø. [label info]

JASPER TX -- "Singing Stones" -- CD -- €10
2009 Fang Bomb, FB010
Drone / Experimental. Jasper TX, known to his friends as Dag Rosenqvist, is a busy man indeed. Besides being one half of the rather amazing post-rock duo De La Mancha, he has released a number of carefully drafted and very well received solo recordings in his Jasper TX guise over the last few years, with labels such as Miasmah, Kning Disk and Lampse... The visual aspects of Rosenqvist’s music cannot be neglected. Feelings superimposed on feelings; he works his music like a painter, applying layer after layer of colors to his compositions. In these deeply cinematic, drone based pop workings, the guitar is the most commonly featured instrument. It is however not always recognizable as such – his soundscapes could often be anything but. The sound is altered, by gentle hands, until it gets under your skin, into your soul and further... »Singing Stones« is the fifth album proper from Jasper TX. Over almost 60 minutes, we are told a heartfelt story of windswept islands in past times, a small community surrounded by the dark sea. It’s a story of sadness, of being left behind, a story shrouded in darkness and death, but not without a glimpse of light – in hope of a possible reunion... This is a personal album, allowing us a glimpse not only of Dag Rosenquist’s unique musical skills, but also his inner life, his beliefs and his compassion. And by echoing our not so distant history, with »Singing Stones« he actually manages to teach us all a little bit about ourselves. [label info]

KLOOB -- "Unpredictable Signs" -- CD -- €10
2019 Winter-Light, WIN 024, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. Once you begin to settle into this album, you realise that the electronic terrains of "Unpredictable Signs" are more subtly created and vast than on its predecessor, "Remarkable Events" (2018). Beautifully effected synth sweeps and lo-fi bass drones and rumbles paint an infinite pattern of oncoming musical landscapes, stretching as far across the horizon as the musical eye can see to. Conceived and recorded against the backdrop and with the shift of current world events in mind, Dani Kloob tells us a little of the thoughts behind his new album: "Unpredictable Signs. The current global uncertainty all around us. A sign of the times. What is to be expected in the near future? It is the mystery that will always be here. Sometimes there are hidden clues that can help to presage events. However, nowadays it is almost impossible to second guess the scenario that will follow". Such considerations have shaped all these deep and intimate, sculpted soundscapes through the use of vocals, background noises and ethereal drones. [label info]

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK -- "Tales from the Mirrored Spaces" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 186-2, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Drone / Noise. "Tales from the Mirrored Spaces" is the third full-length album by the Russian project Kryptogen Rundfunk, released by Zoharum after “22.SZ” (2004, Mechanoise Labs), “Liquid Circuits” (2016, ZHELEZOBETON) and a number of various split-releases, collaborations and compilations. The project was founded in 2002 in St. Petersburg by Artyom (M.M.), who has been active in the Russian underground scene since the early 00-s: recording music, playing numerous live gigs in Russia and Europe and releasing quite a lot of experimental and post-industrial music from Russian and international artists on his own labels ZHELEZOBETON and Muzyka Voln... Developing his sound from previous works, on this album Kryptogen Rundfunk uses more acoustic instruments (mouth harp, bowed guitar, metal plate, singing bowl, voice), yet stays true to his favourite array of synthesizers, effect units and of course his trademark shortwave radio noises and transmission interceptions. With all this set-up he creates a dynamic sonic universe varying from ritualistic ambiental textures to heavy electronics, abstract multi-layered drones and sharp gritty noises... Standard single CD edition (ltd. 200 copies) in a 4-panel ecopak featuring beautiful artwork by the St. Petersburg-based graphic artist Kirill Rozhkov. [label info]

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK -- "Tales from the Mirrored Spaces / Live in Gdansk" -- 2 CD -- €16
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 186-2, (ltd. 100)
Special double CD edition (ltd. 100) of "Tales from the Mirrored Spaces" with a recording of a live gig based on the same material and played in Gdansk in November 2017. Bonus CD comes in a separate sleeve with the artwork by the St. Petersburg-based graphic artist Kirill Rozhkov.

2014 Torga Amun, Amun-074, (ltd. 15)
Harsh loud HNW in all frequencies. Pro-CDR, black & white glossy A5 cover, hand-numbered edition of 15 copies. [YAOP]

LITVIN, ARSENY / LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Split 2014/2019" -- CD-R -- €6
2014/2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_33, (ltd. 19)
Noise. We decided to reanimate the split which was released on an audiocassette five years ago by Torga Amun Records. Two tracks of old school curtsey to Russian cassette noise from the 90ies from Arseny. And one long meditation inside a rusty metal hypercube from the Light Collapse project (specially for this reissue Arseny also made a remix of this track)... CD-R with printed surface packed in a standard jewel box. [label info]

2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_36, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Noise. Paper Moon Republic present the tribute album to the American-British poet, Nobel Prize winner in literature in 1948 – Thomas Stearns Eliot. Arseny Litvin created this album with the sample support of his noise friends who appeared on different releases of our label, and also with the participation of his daughter. Five audio visualizations of the Modernist poetry are waiting for you. CD-R with printed surface packed in a Half-DVD box. [label info]

2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_32, (ltd. 19)
Noise. A collaboration album of the Paper Moon Republic boss with noise artists from various countries. One collaboration track with each musician coming from Northern Macedonia, Russia, Croatia and Belarus. A joyful DADA manifesto originating from cartoon madness. Chocolate rains, slime, chimeras and plenty of other awkward objects – all masked by rumpled magnetic tape and gray mold. Friendship is chaos! CD-R with printed surface packed in a standard jewel box. [label info]

LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM -- "Onika" -- CD -- €11
2019 BioSonar^Labyrint, 037/2019, (ltd. 100)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. This is a dedication album, a return to the realm of dreams, when pictures and assosiations replace each other and fade out, dissolving like water into water. Or these are the reflections of children days, already so unreal, distant forgotten words that have lost their former sense, and even form, leaving only sensations. Acoustic events allude to slumber and evoke transparent scenes, scents and echoes from the depths of memories. Moss blankets and golden leaves, berry patterns framing mushrooms, stone ridges melting in swamp fog, fibers of attention and scales of memory – fragments of the vast ocean of images. The multilayered fabric of the narrative changes slowly, the character of sound changes imperceptibly. So the rustles of a forest flow into the howl of the wind, stings and horns, voices and manifold of electric currents – every one on its own branch... The CD is limited to just 100 copies, packed in a sleeve made of green cardboard with a hand-painted color varnish stamp, signed with a brush and numbered. First twenty copies contain bonus CDs with some previous albums (leftovers of editions). [label info]

2019 BioSonar^Labyrint, 037/2019, (ltd. 13)
Special art edition (13 copies) is a 40 x 50 cm canvas wall art with a side-pocket containing a handmade hardcover book. The painting and images in the book depict totemic mushrooms and heroes of author's dreams. Manual stamping, decorative graphics and photo collages are used in the design. The set also contains a 90-minute cassette with the mixtape version of the album, including variations of first two tracks. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Colour Tones" -- CD -- €10
2012 Fang Bomb, FB021
Drone / Experimental. Delving ever deeper in the science of his art, this is Machinefabriek's take on what might be the most common sensation of all - the colours around us. Originating from the exhibition Colour Tales, held at the WM Gallery in Amsterdam in 2011, these tracks are based on ideas from a series of Intriguingly visual and original short stories on the theme of colours, written by Latvian writer Imants Ziedonis. The result is an album of meticulously crafted drones with depth, details and a sense of adventure. Soundscapes for an audience of careful listeners... Close your eyes. Can you see the colour you are listening to?.. Music by Rutger Zuydervelt, Rotterdam, January-March 2011, using guitars, memo recorders, looped tapes, old test records, a Korg Monotron, effect pedals and a computer. Additional samples used from Espen Reinertsen (saxophone), Gareth Davis (bass clarinet) and Aaron Martin (cello). Mastered by Guiseppe Ielasi. [label info]

MAHA PRALAYA -- "Nataraja Tandavam" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. Tandavam is a cosmic dance performed by God Shiva. Tandava Shiva is described as a dance that is the source of the cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution of the World, symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, and the daily rhythms of birth and death. Shiva Nataraja is the Creator and Destroyer of the Universe. [from the author]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Leaving no trace..." -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_34, (ltd. 31)
Noise / Abstract / Experimental. Do you like to meditate staring at the shabby walls of an old room which hasn't been renovated since Khruschev? Will you find an untold lurking plot between the lines of an antique yellowed school notebook of your grandpa? Who will you meet when you set off on a leaving-no-memories trip to Jupiters and Saturns of broken tiles? Will they be abstract trunk boxes? Taiga hunters and trackers? Shocked majors? Or just splashes of crystal brains evaporating from sandpaper? Listen to this album and find your own answers... CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box and wrapped in artistically decorated sheet of tracing paper. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY & NICHOLAS FAIR -- "A Pool Of Memory" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Ostroga, OTR-101, (ltd. 50)
Spatial and temporal Russian-American mail art collaboration. Once at a crossroads, you can move in all directions at the same time. A pool of memory is infused with songs of field herbs, radio signals that got lost in a game with the wind, gatherings by the old shabby stove, balalaikas, bayan and other authentic echoes of the past. This album as a subject-associative sound collage about the changes in us, our past and our future. [from the author]

MELEK-THA & CORONA BARATHRI -- "Daimonic Apotheosis" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Noctivagant, (ltd. 129)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. A collaboration of the occult project Corona Barathri with father of the satanic dark ambient - Lord Evil [Melek-Tha]. 3 tracks from each project solo + 3 collaboration tracks.

MOLOCH CONSPIRACY -- "Kur" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Dark Ambient album from the French producer Julien A. Lacroix.

NAHMYRA -- "Prayers For The Asuras" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Ritual Dark Ambient / Doom Metal.

NNHMN -- "Church Of No Religion" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 188-2, (ltd. 300)
Synthwave / Electro / Ritual. NNHMN (pronounce Non-Human) duet who goes by Lee and Laudarg hails from Berlin. They came together in this project to explore their love for the gothic dome of synths spectrum and the desire for immortality. The duo aims to achieve a lot with a little, and that is the singular aesthetic that stands them apart. NNHMN’s Church of no Religion is the collection of purgatory poems and lamentations. Allegorical, dramatic and literal – gruesome and ethereal – all that emphasize the work mortal and ritualistic purpose. It represents power existing within eternity... 'Church of no religion' is putting ceremony, liturgy and ritual influences at the forefront combining it with dark synth music which has strong experimental approach and raw Gothic flavour. Gothic in the context the way the Christian Church used it in the middle ages – anything that was uncivilized and any Gothic influence was uncivilized of not of Christianity was condemned witchcraft... [label info]

NOTNOTICE -- "Astral Temple" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Dark Ambient / Drone from the Russian producer Ivan Somov. The album "astral temple" was written in the period 2016-2017. Many ideas were drawn from the author's dreams. In his attempts at astral projection, he seemed to endure scraps of sounds from other worlds in our everyday world. A third of our lives we are mostly without a memory. Sometimes it is considered to be a return home. I believe that my music will find its home inside of you. Pleasant dissociation! [from the author]

ONEIRICH -- "Kelipot" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
New album from Belgian artist Oneirich. Ritual dark ambient and experimental electronica. [Winter-Light]

ORD -- "Kamadarshana" -- 3"CD -- €10<
2019 Status Prod., SP 10 CD, (ltd. 108)
Ritual Ambient. The new EP of the Russian ritual / dark ambient project ORD, presented in special wooden packaging. "Spiritual sight as a gift was found, and the mind is enlightened by the light of revelation. A priceless glance of the divine grace, being released from hidden desires... Kamadarshana (Kama, Skt. "love", "sensual attraction", God of love in Hinduism; Darshan, Skt. "contemplation") - can be translated as the Contemplation of the God of Love. Darshan is bilateral: the believer sees the object of worship, while the object sees the believer. The result of darshan is the blessing received from the vision of the divine. 3" CD packaged in a wooden structure, including folded paper insert, and a screen-printed bamboo mat featuring the art of Voronezh artist and tattooist Valeria Khanina. [label info]

2019 Torga Amun, Amun-140, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise Wall collab of the Russian musicial Vitely Maklakov and the Croatian project Placenta Lyposuction, which has been working in this genre since 2009 and is known for numerous splits with various projects, including Vomir and Sloth. Static low frequency rumble with degrading lo-fi structure. Sounds wonderful. The design suits: real "live" collage, made by hand for every copy. [YAOP]

RAPOON -- "Sol Laude: Mercury Rising 3" -- CD -- €10
2019 Winter-Light, WIN 023, (ltd. 300)
Space Ambient / Electronics. In celebration Rapoon's 25th Anniversary, Winter-Light are releasing a trilogy of exclusive new studio work entitled 'The Mercury Rising Trilogy'. 'Sol Laude' concludes the trilogy, thundering its way through the universe, leaving its impression trailing across the cosmos like a giant comet's tail. Deep industrial, space ambience and majestic choral bursts are interspersed with retro sci-fi electronica, emotive piano elements and off-world jazz. "The replicants have followed a well known path. Disagreements and divisions began to grow and sectarianism proceeded to develop. Soon it was an all out war of religious intolerance. Fighting took place and many died. Quietly, and without being noticed, those who held no radical religious beliefs gathered their things and slipped away in small ships and set course for a new life somewhere far away from the division and hatred that had developed in what was once a united community. They journeyed for many years and eventually found somewhere new. An indigenous lifeform of primitive primates seemed to be the most advanced species on the warm planet with blue seas and green forests. It was almost Utopia". Ltd x 300 copies in a 6-panel digipak. [label info]

RECONSTRUCTION OF MOSS -- "Highlands Rock Mosslettering" -- CD -- €10
2019 BioSonar^Labyrint, 036/2019, (ltd. 100)
Drone / Experimental. Reconstruction Of Moss is a sound-conducting conglomerate of tendons, bass strings and analogue semi-modular synthesizers under the artistic direction of comrade Alexei Korablin, a native of the paths of Petrograd Drone Gathering. Inspired by the countryside monotony and the simplicity of nature, the author weaves his sonic canvases from lingering drones, microdispersed pulsations and atmospheric creaks; these streams break up into parallel flows and combine again, stratching the focus of attention in unknown audio planes. The project has relatively recently taken shape as an independent phenomenon, but fully represents the Leningrad ambient sound due to deep emotional identity. This is its first solo album, based on two live recordings. DIY artwork by the author – fabric outer sleeve with a stamp imitating lichens growing on stone surfaces, numbered inner cardboard sleeve. [label info]

RIMBAUD, PENNY -- "Oh Magick Kingdom" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR259CD
Dark Jazz / Industrial / Noise Rock. Originally released in a tiny self-financed run of just 60 CDs in 2011, Cold Spring are proud to give this impossible-to-find release by Penny Rimbaud (CRASS) the wider attention it deserves. 27 minutes of dark jazz, industrial, bursts of repetitive noise rock and foreboding classical cello, with the initial music laid down by New York duo JAPANTHER, and organically interwoven with the punk poetry of Penny and other Shakespearean ‘voices’. The lyrical subject centres on broken relationships and the conflicts which can exist between love and desire. All elements were recorded at the legendary Dial House in Essex. Digisleeve. [label info]

RISTEVSKI, BOBAN -- "The Key to the True Kabbalah" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_35, (ltd. 15)
Noise / Drone / Experimental. We present the album of a noise artist coming from the Northern Macedonia. Three tracks – three keys to stone chests filled with occult dust. A possibility to smear with the orgies of masonic lodges, to join the ritual incest of Ancient Egypt and to warm up near the burning Tree of the World. And to keep a muddy lithography creaking with the bones of alchemists... CD-R with printed surface packed in a standard jewel box. [label info]

RNGMNN -- "Arctic Interference" -- CD -- €10
2019 Winter-Light, WIN 026, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. Winter-Light welcomes Germany's RNGMNN to the fold, with his new work entitled 'Arctic Interference'. Having previously released albums on Noctivagant and Reverse Alignment, as well as a collaborative release on Cryo Chamber with Dronny Darko, RNGMNN aka Ronny Engmann now delivers on 'Arctic Interference' 8 new tracks of icy Arctic ambience ranging from cold, drifting pieces to stark, rhythmic, pulsating sound scapes... Field recordings, percussive elements, sampled sounds, dark electronic pads, scrapes and stabs all combine creating a sense of drifting isolation, disorientation and knee-deep, jagged movements across vast snow blown and storm battered mind-scapes. Rest assured there are plenty of variations on this album, to peak the interests of even the most wind swept and experienced Arctic travellers. [label info]

RNGMNN -- "The Devil's Yell" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Dark Ambient. New album released on the American Noctivagant label, from Berlin artist RNGMNN. Following on from his recent release on Reverse Alignment. A classic slice of deep, dark ambient. [Winter-Light]

SCHLIENZ, GUNTER -- "Know Your New Age" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 177-2, (ltd. 250)
Ambient / New Age. ”Know Your New Age”, a third album by Günter Schlienz released on Zoharum, is a great treat both for devout followers of his work and also the newbies. Starting with the shimmering of seawaves, it takes you on a journey through the universe created by one Mr. Schlienz. Inspired by the works of Peter-Michael Hamel, Deuter and Eberhard Schoener, he has created 6 meditative composition clocking in at 52 minutes. Schlienz merely takes cues from his masters to develop a unique sound based on sonic structures built on his own modular synthesizer interspersed with occasional acoustic guitar accompaniment and subtle field recordings. After organ studies, music for space airports and musical interpretation of autumn, this album would be best experienced meditating on the seashore. Yes, ”Know Your New Age” lives up to its title. [label info]

SEETYCA -- "Trances" -- CD -- €10
2019 Winter-Light, WIN 022, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Drone. 'Trances' is the new album from Germany's master of the drone Seetyca, which is a sequel to the album 'Zwischenwelten', previously released on our Winter-Light label in September, 2016... On 'Zwischenwelten' the listener was pulled between worlds, switching from one to the other through dense ambient drone pieces. On 'Trances', one is drawn into different states of mind, slight shifts in sanity and mental disturbances... This is not only evident in the music and some of the track titles but in the musical transitions also. There are subtle changes and shifts used in the cross overs between the tracks. What the artist refers to as experimenting with different "disturbed transitions'... As the album title suggests, the music is very hypnotic and in keeping with Seetyca's signature drone style. But there are other elements at work here, layered between the drones, or inter-woven between each track which also makes 'Trances' a stand alone album in it's own right. Here, Seetyca gives the listener the space to maneuver between sounds, not filling the whole space up, to the point that you feel suffocated. Patient and careful attention to detail. Enjoy. [label info]

SENKETSU NO NIGHT CLUB -- "Ejiki" -- CD -- €12
2019 Dark Jazz Records, DJR 007, (ltd. 300)
Dark Jazz. Third full-length album by this Italian band formed by Giovanni Leonardi, Adriano Vincenti and Ian Ferguson. Another brilliant Jazz-Noir work, this time with more jazzy atmosphere in the spirit of their album "Shikkoku‎" and less experimental / noise influences that we heard on their eponymous CD and the collaboration with Contagious Orgasm. Once again the artwork features photography by the Japanese artist Furachi Life, whose dark tempting imagery perfectly reflects the nature of this music.

SENMUTH -- "RXG-242-11" -- CD -- €10
2005/2019 Nebosvod, EDIEM 7, (ltd. 100)
Industrial metal of the highest quality crafted in the spirit (but not in the vein!) of the classic "Passage" LP by Samael. Senmuth is a nom de plume of one Valery "Av" from Moscow, who's mostly known to the wide public as one of the founders of the ethnic/doom metal band TENOCHTITLAN and who's been unjustly shunned by labels in no small part due to his overwhelming discography (most people rightly assume that quantity does not always equal quality, but that is not the case here) - so far only two of his albums have seen a physical release. "RXG-242-11" was one of the first albums published under the moniker and, in our eyes, still ranks among his best. One of the album's defining features is its atypically organic marriage of the metal and the electronic components, while another is a special focus on melodicism, and the songs are also infused with a healthy dose of diversity composition- and tempo-wise, all of which results in the sound not only not being decidedly mechanical (like the classic works of such pioneers of the genre as, say, early Godflesh), but rather, quite the opposite - somewhat delicate, soaring and unconstrained (just listen to the magnificent closer "Megiste Syntaxis II" or the preceding epic "Enuma Anu Enlil"). The lyrics are also somewhat atypical for early Senmuth, as he used to touch upon more personal and topical subjects in his then-contemporary works, whereas here they mostly deal with cosmogony, microcosm and macrocosm ("Between Sunrise and Sunset" may appear as somewhat of an oddity because it's based on "The Great Hymn to the Aten" - Ancient Egypt is a recurring theme in much of the man's later work - but only at first). This is the first volume in a series dedicated to (re)issuing Senmuth's key albums the way they deserve - presented as a glossy 4-panel digipak with 12-page booklet containing all lyrics in Russian and English. [label info]

THE SERPENT -- "Ascending Duat" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Dark Ambient. The inspiration of this dark ritualistic ambient album has been the story of Ani's soul passing through the Egyptian underworld - Duat as well as the soul's voyage in general through the dark realm of the dead, judgement and test. The conceptual background is being expressed in a way which aims to progressively narrate a story regarding the stages of the after-death experience as mentioned in the ancient Egyptian texts which is deeply tied to a wide variety of the mythos and tradition of ancient religions and Orders. [label info]

SOLCO CHIUSO -- "Slanci Tremori Schianti" -- CD -- €10
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK121, (ltd. 100)
Industrial. Solco Chiuso was born in 2014 as a solo-project of Gabriele Fagnani (Kannonau and Corazzata Valdemone). The name of the project means "closed rut", that was the primitive way to creating loop, carving a closed rut on the vinyl and recording on it a sound that play continously. "Slanci Tremori Schianti" is the third album and is focused on themes about the Italian Futurist Movement. Lyrics are taken from poems by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Valentine de Saint-Point. Solco Chiuso is not involved in politics or any kind of propaganda. Just Futurist Industrial Music. [label info]

STOA + OBOZDUR -- "Water Spirits" -- 3"CD-R -- €9
2018 Ostroga, OTR-096, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Noise. Collaboration between Finnish-Swedish and Russian noise projects inspired by the natural landscapes of their native lands. The work is inspired by the water element, or rather, the spirits that inhabit it. Nevertheless, the industrial component predominates in the sound, and especially metal clangs and electronics. Handmade cardboard sleeve with artistic prints (monotype). [YAOP]

SYSSELMANN -- "Ritual Of The Aurora Noir" -- CD EP -- €10
2019 Winter-Light, WIN 025, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. This is Norwegian artist Sysselmann's third release to date. The project was born on a tiny island in the north of Norway, after experiencing 7 severe winter storms in as many days. "Ritual Of The Aurora Noir" features mountain-shaking horn blasts, heavy rhythmic thunders of crashing drums, throat singing, the serpent-like coiling of warm drones and heartfelt synth stabs that conjure up and offer a glimpse in to the past. Sysselmann has always been true to the meditative sound, using his field recordings as a major tool in his work, employing organic field recordings in combination with acoustic instruments. A celebration of those who came before us. Music with it's roots so deeply embedded in the history of his own land, that it gives rise once again to the myths and legends of the ancients. A modern ode to the might and power of the land of the Norse men and women. [label info]

TABLETS OF A SLEEP -- "Another" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Noctivagant, (ltd. 99)
Dark Ambient from Russia. "We are like a dreamer who sees a dream and then lives inside this dream. But who is this dreamer?" (Twin Peaks). The second album, Tablets of A Sleep "Another" on Noctivagant Records, is dedicated to the memory of Russian writer Yuri Mamleev.br> [bandcamp]

TALES ABOUT DIGITS -- "Water Whistling" -- CD -- €10
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK123, (ltd. 100)
Harsh Noise Wall. First CD of this anonymous project from Michigan, USA, which has previously released 17 digital albums, 10 splits (including one with Vomir), and numerous compilation tracks. [label info]

TAMERLAN -- "Infinigrammaton" -- CD -- €10
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK117, (ltd. 200)
Neofolk. This work represents the continuation on of the sonic journey started on the previous album (Luciferian), it is also the start of a completely new chapter, bringing together the ethnic sounds of deep Siberian tribes, nomads from far east, as well as ancient mysticism of Balkan peninsula, shrouded in the modern extreme music tendencies (dark folk, black metal, and industrial). This symbiose takes the already recognizable Tamerlan’s death folk sound to a completely new level, making “Infinigrammaton” the most epic and most ambitious album up to date. [label info]

THE TELESCOPES -- "Stone Tape" -- CD -- €10
2017/2019 Cold Spring, CSR267CD
Psychedelic Rock / Drone Rock. The 10th album from The Telescopes is full of wall-to-wall psychedelic drones, swaying chants, trance-inducing shoegaze and “suspended-in-space magnificence” (Julian Cope). Stone Tape is a concept album inspired by “Stone Tape Theory” (or “residual haunting”), theorized by Thomas Charles Lethbridge in 1961. The archaeologist, parapsychologist and explorer developed the idea that inanimate materials can absorb energy from living beings, and that this mental electrical energy, released during emotional or traumatic events, could somehow be “stored” in such materials and “reproduced” under certain conditions. The hypothesis has been known as “Stone Tape Theory” since the cult 1972 TV screenplay “Stone Tape” by Nigel Neale... Recorded in Powderhorn Minneapolis, The Vicarage, West Yorkshire and The Experimental Health Unit. Originally released on a limited edition LP by Italian publishing house Yard Press in 2017, this CD edition contains a bonus 14-minute version of the track ‘The Living Things’, recorded in Switzerland in 2018. Presented in a digipak with new artwork by Stephen Lawrie. [label info]

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN -- "Algir; eller Algir i Merkstave" -- CD -- €12
2019 Cold Spring, CSR275CD
Ritual Ambient / Dark Ambient. Trepaneringsritualen return to Cold Spring with an album-long ritual working entitled "Algir; eller Algir i Merkstave". On this record — constructed from a series of rituals designated to guide the last ceasing of T × R × P's sister, it manifests in its most obscure form. Sonically minimal yet devastating in emotional impact, this working lets the listener grasp the last vestiges of Nifl and Múspell, and with them as weapon and beacon traverse the Night. The album reveals a barren landscape where crooked paths lead onward, through soot black veils to a point of radiant light where all that is is Union & Dissolution. [label info]

UHUSHUHU -- "Bones & Drones" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 187-2, (ltd. 250)
"Bones & Drones" is the first release from UHUSHUHU on Zoharum. This successful drone/ambient project is one of the most interesting ones hailing from Russia. Pavel Dombrowski composes and improvises with many other musicians under this guise using their skills to head into various directions in both genres. His albums are characterised by a particular attentiveness to detail and the richness of monolithic tapestry out of delicate melodies. On his album UHUSHUHU successfully creates seemingly lazy, quite somnambulant atmosphere which acts as a signature for the project. "Bones & Drones" is a logical extension of of the forementioned characteristics. In this 45-minute piece we have the development of tones and atomspheres. One can say that the composition is moon music with hints of ethnic sounds. All that is still not enough to describe what this album really is. You should stop, listen to the abyss and discover continuously. This adventure may last forever. The album is released in a 6-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies. [label info]

UNSIGNIFIED DEATH -- "A Weight of Meaninglessness" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Torga Amun, Amun-139, (ltd. 30)
Harsh Noise Wall project of Polwach Beokhaimook - a Death Metal-drummer and vocalist from Bangkok, Thailand. The musician is known for participating in such projects as A Good Day For Killing, arboreal, Biomorphic Engulfment, Chamber Of Tapeworms, Cystgurgle, Ecchymosis, Epiploenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk, Genocidal Sodomy, Gonococcus, Smallpox Aroma and his own HNW label Perpetual Abjection. The album "A Weight Of Meaninglessness" contains exactly half an hour of annoying static HNW with a predominance of mid frequencies, mesmerizing like the sound of rain. Handmade design: an envelope with a disc is wound in several layers of film and tape, painted on top. [YAOP]


MATSUNAGA, KOUHEI -- "Drawings" -- 7" + book -- €15
2013 Fang Bomb, FB023
Experimental / Dub. Kouhei Matsunaga's 'Drawings' is a book and a 7" vinyl record. The book is the first ever major showcase of his drawing skills. Here, smiling horses meet floating people in a strictly minimalist, slightly psychedelic black and white ink world. The hardcover book is cloth bound, 88 pages, 40 drawings, a few words and lots of space... The four track 7" vinyl single accompanying the book, credited to his alias Koyxen Mattsunagnen, takes Matsunaga's music a step further towards a more dance oriented approach, as with his minimal techno project NHK and the recent NHK'Koyxen material released by the PAN label, whilst still clearly and firmly rooted in contemporary, experimental music. [label info]

POST-MATERIALISTS -- "Self-Titled" -- LP -- €19
2019 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 150)
Psychedelic Rock / Free Jazz. Rare 4-track session that was recorded at basement in Moscow' Bay Area in 2015 or so. Original tape was found few months ago and remastered in Germany. From now on this is a super quality vinyl project - first ever in Post-Materialists discography. Some absurd rock scapes transforms into free-jazz and all other ways of psychedelia. The best way of original PostMats! S/sided 12" vinyl with silk-screened covers and handmade pack. Blue or mixed colour blue-green vinyls. Only 150 copies. Includes download code and insert with photos and info on original Post-Materialists. Great package for underground music collectors and all king of weirdos. [label info]

SCHLIENZ, GUNTER -- "Know Your New Age" -- LP -- €17
2019 Zuckerzeit Tonträger, ZEIT 1 LP, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / New Age. ”Know Your New Age”, a third album by Günter Schlienz released on Zoharum, is a great treat both for devout followers of his work and also the newbies. Starting with the shimmering of seawaves, it takes you on a journey through the universe created by one Mr. Schlienz. Inspired by the works of Peter-Michael Hamel, Deuter and Eberhard Schoener, he has created 6 meditative composition clocking in at 52 minutes. Schlienz merely takes cues from his masters to develop a unique sound based on sonic structures built on his own modular synthesizer interspersed with occasional acoustic guitar accompaniment and subtle field recordings. After organ studies, music for space airports and musical interpretation of autumn, this album would be best experienced meditating on the seashore. Yes, ”Know Your New Age” lives up to its title. [label info]


886VG / PISSDEADS -- "Ultimate Space Battle" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n5, (ltd. 22)
Harsh Noise / Noisecore. "Ultimate space battle is happening with big guns and skills." Split of the Chilean harsh noise project 886VG and Russian grindcore / noisecore act PISSDEADS. Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

ANDREEVKA -- "Hi-Tech War Machine" -- CS -- €8
2019 NEN Records, NEN34, (ltd. 45)
Rhythmic Noise. Conglomerates of wires and arteries, inflorescences of vacuum explosions, poetry of mass destruction: the Russian rhythmic noise project Andreevka (see also .nyctalops.) continues to plunge into the depths of mechanical aggression. According to the sound and method of production, Hi-Tech War Machine is a logical development of Heavy Machinery Doctrine. It is a whip of rhythmic noise, a mad maelstrom, in which sporadic synth lines flash like bones in minced meat. Sometimes these melodic rudiments repeat riffs of black-metal bands both liked and disliked by the musician. Other sources of inspiration, as usual, are rooted in his childhood spent in industrial zones and near military bases. No matter how much you are interested in the inspiration processes, the album will affect you the way it is meant to – with its spontaneity and nonlinearity HTWM refreshes and pleases the heart, reminding us of the fact that since Marinetti no one has offered a new hygiene for the world. [label info]

BOBO HANSEN -- "Kosmisk Kærlighed" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n3, (ltd. 22)
Cuut-up Noise / Collage. "Magnificent Bobo Hansen from Denmark with his first ever released tape, powered by queer beast mode records." [label info] Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

DJ JCAK -- "Music 4 Meltdowns" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n4, (ltd. 22)
Noise. "Goa trance noise for your handmade party with puppets and puppies." [label info] Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

HALO MANASH -- "Elemental Live Forms MMV - Initiation" -- C-40 -- €10
2016 Aural Hypnox / Underworld Editions, [AHMC16], (ltd. 70)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Over a decade ago, Halo Manash, an entity previously only known for its aural output, took the force and form of a live ritual perfomed by group of four mediums, in Tampere, Finland. ‘Elemental Live Forms MMV – Initiation’ is a recording of that first public Halo Manash live ritual, and also a complete, previously unreleased work in itself. The work was presented only a single time, also being the only time the involved personae of the group perfomed together as one... The live ritual focuses on the boundless elemental form returning from metaphysical pilgrimage – it bridges the worlds of being and non-being. Ash and antler, blood and bone, drum and drone, tree and metal collide to create an intense audial journey between worlds – one of re-birth, initiation, and primal thundering... Much more than a mere live recording, this seminal work, ‘Elemental Live Forms MMV – Initiation’ is now finally released in limited CD and cassette editions. The package, as an object of power, is handmade in the underground Aural Hypnox laboratories, featuring various guiding sigils, inserts and historical notes from the Halo Manash archives... The cassette edition is enclosed in an oversized screen printed cardboard covers including a 4-panel booklet, 4-panel xerox-insert and eight, two-sided insert cards within a stamped envelope. Limited to 70 copies. [label info]

JGZSCH -- "s/t" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n6, (ltd. 22)
Noise / Collage / Music Recycling. "Remixed up anything you wonder about." [label info] Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

KORSAKOVA, KAROLINA & TERVAINK -- "Старшая Сестра (Older Sister)" -- C-64 -- €9
2019 Pantheon, ПAN120, (ltd. 50)
Drone / Folk / Noise. Steady bass guitar feedback roaring in the amplifier's throat and a matrix of analog drones by St. Petersburg based tervaink forms a watercourse here ~ to carry the voice of folk singer Karolina Korsakova who performs an old Russian folk song in the unique style... On the waves of the river which is frozen in time, along the threads of the stream, in a frame which is a circle. The endless energy of sound and the flexibility of the human voice connected into a repeating cycle, a simple yet boundless scene of dynamic changes of shadows and lights, capturing a short piece of infinity. [label info]

KOZHA U AKULY KAK NAZHDATCHKA -- "Pesnya Parazita" -- C-40 -- €7
2019 self-released, (ltd. 10)
Two tracks of lo-fi psychedelic Droning Noise, each lasting about 20 minutes. Rough, hissing and howling analog experiments of the Ural-based project. Handmade thick kraft cardboard slipcase, A4 poster insert, hand-painted cassette. [YAOP]

KROMESHNA -- "Martyata" -- C-45 -- €10
2018 Ostroga, OTR-097, (ltd. 10)
Dust of last year's herbs and invocation of the spirits of spring. Mouldiness and spring floods on the paths, groves and hillocks so dear to my heart... Hand-made design with an aquarel drawing by the author. Grass and branches in each box. [label info]

KRUELECO -- "Terreur Á Une Étoile" -- CS -- €7
2019 Stupro Rituale, SR-01/19, (ltd. 30)
New work from the Italian experimental Black Noise project: six uncompromising tracks, pierced by severe harsh cracks, chaotic electronic signals and measured hateful Death Industrial pace. [YAOP]

KRUELECO / NIT -- s/t -- CS -- €7
2018 self-released, (ltd. 30)
Luxurious Italian-American split of two representatives of the near-black, occult-blasphemous experimental Power Electronics scene. Krueleco presents ritual-noisy chants inspired by four bible books and filled with harsh Power Electronics buzzing, mystical drums and occult atmospheres in style of early Ain Soph. NIT represents the satanic form of the traditional American old-school Power Electronics, which will appeal to fans of Whitehouse, Rape-X, Snuff, Zyklon SS, etc. Full colour cover. [YAOP]

MARIFA -- "Qumrah" -- C-90 -- €9
2019 Pantheon, ПAN50, (ltd. 50)
Drone. Being one of the most praised albums in our catalog for its meditational & sleeping aid abilities, Qumrah is now out at cassette with a brand-new opening track to make it a full 90-minute experience. Whether you'll use it for those purposes or simply enjoy long-form drones, this tape may turn handy at your place... The moon stays bright when it doesn't avoid the night ~ Rumi. Qumrah – the beauty and the magical charm of the moonlight. Light, that unveils secrets of the night, still leaving everything untouched. A petal in the hand of God, eye of the nightsky, a blooming face of your beloved one... In memory of Klaus Wiese (1942-2009), drone music pioneer and wise soul with exceptional feeling of Sound. [label info]

MICH, LUDO -- "Music From Films By Ludo Mich" -- CS -- €6
2005/2019 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrète / Noise / Experimental. This amazing album was originally released in 2005 on LP by Ultra Eczema. Contains soundtracks for the early films by Ludo Mich. Available for the first time on cassettes. Music From The 'Saturnus' Performance (Ludo Mich Festival 1971) – 'Interplanetary experience / Real estate for sale on Saturn'. Music From The Film 'Deus Ex Machina' – The original version of this track was composed by Ludo Mich in 1966 and used for his performance 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' at theatercafé Babylon (Brugge / Belgium). In 1970 ten minutes of the original 120 minutes soundtrack were used for the film 'Deus Ex Machina', the original 120 minutes got lost. Music From The Film 'Saturnus' composed by Ludo Mich in 1971.

NAKED TRAMP feat. HYSTER -- "Fuckwit Stupendumb" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n1, (ltd. 22)
Noise. A project of Paul Harrison from the UK with a bonus track by Hyster from St. Petersburg, Russia. Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

OUTERNET -- "Catnap" -- CS -- €6
Noise. A project by Phil Wolokitin (Talonov Net, Monopolka) and Kei Yokota (Outermost, Deadly Verity).

PICHISMO & ECOUTE LA MERDE -- "Pochismerdo" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n8, (ltd. 22)
Lo-Fi Noise. Live Lithuanian-French collaboration recorded 07/10/2011 at Pichismo's house in Kaunas, Lithuania. Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

PIKBLOD -- "s/t" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n2, (ltd. 22)
Parody Pop / Noise. "Absolutely stunning album from Copenhagen with his shitcore pop music album." [label info] Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

PUSTOTA -- "Fields E-4" -- C-60 -- €6
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 105/2019, (ltd. 11)
Noise / Minimal. Fields: magnetic, radio fields, psychosocial... everything that produces interference on the texture is used and documented. In order to exacerbate the natural effects of the specifics of magnetic tape recording, we use chains of consequently connected devices of various purposes and pass through them the recording of cassette noise. As before, the art strategy of a compositional and dramatic nature is not used, only the pass-through approach. All sounds here are the result of a combination of many effect machines connected in a circuit, but one can hear a choir of angels, a trumpet call of sea tritons or photosynthesis of aloe. This recording program can be used as a background for a wide range of activities, playing with pets, feeding birds and just relaxing. Ultra-limited edition in a cardboard box, painted and signed by hand. [label info]

PUSTOTA -- "Kontrafakt" -- C-60 -- €6
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 104/2019, (ltd. 11)
Noise / Minimal. Every new idea is questioned, and every established one becomes a popular dogma, any successful product is faked, and popular deviations from the norm are distorted to vulgarity. Even such harmless form of sound as tape noise can be faked to simulate reality. We took a step further, we faked the possibility of a fake. On a "dead" cassette produced in the 80s we recorded an absolutely digital imitation of tape: compressors, saturators, multi-effects and other software stuff. But here's the question: is the fact of a fake reliable? Ultra-limited edition in a cardboard box with hand-written info. [label info]

TIM SIX -- "Dialectica" -- C-60 -- €9
2019 Pantheon, ПAN120, (ltd. 50)
Drone. Continuing the explorations of infinite possibilities of the continuous sound forms, yours truly presents two more compositions of statics and dynamics developed around simple tonal clusters. Using tape loops, sine waves, and different approaches to treat them, Dialectica tape is made for the same reason as any other Tim Six' album ~ to approach the totality of sound experience... The experience of totality can be perceived but not narrated. It will fill your mind with words, concepts, even ideas about how to realize that state again, how to recreate it. It will be a narrative, storytelling or even just an emotional exclamation, but essentially it all simply an endlessly flowing form, disappearing in the singular state of the totality. The same way as with black holes, we can articulate asymptotically, but only silence will tell the whole truth. A special kind of silence, which is always there, behind any sound. As Kasimir Malevich stated: the purpose of music is silence. But silence is also its root. That mutual duality is probably just one of the many which can be applied to that matter. Yet, it's also the cornerstone of drone music or any music in general. To get inside that "stone", to experience it as the thing-in-itself there's a dual way as well – through constant consciousness evolution conjoined with belief that asymptotic approaching has its end there; or though the ascension, an immediate connection with the essence of that thing through intuition which transcends dualities, denying all the categories of rational thinking, merging the consciousness with any thing and all the things in one. Both ways are exquisitely intertwined in our mind and through them it exists. The initial duality of Being, the only answer to which is silent emptiness. [label info]

TUGOSRAL / TSIFROVOY KERDIK -- "I'm So Fuckin Greatful For Your Noise" -- CS -- €3
2019 Glass Jelly Souffle, n7, (ltd. 22)
Lo-Fi Noise / Parody / Shitcore. "Russian split tape between the best russian noise artist Tugosral and nobody known Цифровой Кердык (Tsifrovoy Kerdik)". [label info] Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

Flea market

BORIS - Akuma No Uta - pic LP - VG+ - €57
THE CRAY TWINS - In the Company of Architects - CD - NM - €5
SATORI - Live At The Cave / Salzburg 10.10.2008 - CD - VG+ - €2

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IV. Back in stock

AEOGA -- "Coav" -- CD -- €12
2004/2016 Aural Hypnox / Stellar Mansion, [AHSM11], (ltd. 455)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Finnish label Aural Hypnox was founded only in 2004 but has already obtained reputation of qualified provider of dark drone/ritual music with their project Halo Manash. The new band on this label sounds quiet in vein - music is based on eerie guitar feedback textures, archaic drum and cymbal patterns, atonal/tonal vocalizations and various distant/peculiar sample layers. "To exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and thus receive, realize and create material based on both primal and absent vision". Enclosed inside a screen printed, white Stellar Mansion cardboard covers including four two-sided insert cards and a four panel booklet.

AEOGA -- "Obsidian Outlander" -- CD -- €12
2017 Aural Hypnox / Sublunar Series, [AH16], (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Obsidian Outlander’ slowly weaves together droning fabric of guitars and analog synths that melt together with abstract sounds and field recordings. Whereas earlier works have been more holistic in nature, ‘Obsidian Outlander’ is maybe the most narrow-focused thus far – bound to only certain frame and concept. The album exhales its nocturnal essence upon the listener and inhales this sensory experience back into Aeoga’s mythopoetical dimension, crystallizing into a vision of a vigil standing before a slowly throbbing corpsecloth, while the black loom weaves the fabric of UN-inverse-OM. Total running time: 29:08... The CD version of the album is enclosed in a customised and screen printed Sublunar series cardboard covers, including three two-sided insert cards. Limited to 500 copies. [label info]

AEOGA -- "Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers & Palace For Vultunales" -- CD -- €12
2005/2015 Aural Hypnox / Stellar Mansion, [AHSM08], (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. After a decade of unavailability we are proud to release ‘Triangle of Nebula-Devourers’ and ‘Palace for Vultunales’ by Aeoga on a CD through our Stellar Mansion series. Both of these were previously released in 2005 simultaneously with the ‘Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus’ album; ‘ToND’ was limited to 100 CD-r copies and ‘PfV’ came exclusively as a part of ‘ZBtH-L’ deluxe box set that was limited to only 40 copies... ‘Triangle of Nebula-Devourers’ presents three electro-acoustic pieces that will take you through the hazy desert toward the non-spatial zero time. Tempesting, obscure and flowing archaic ambience where meditative rhythms, transcendental resonances and abstract passages blend together – sonic alchemy that will permute the sub-/ non-conscious patterns of the Self. This album is an incomparable outcome in the field of experimental and abstract ambience... ‘Palace for Vultunales’ presents two dronumental tracks varying from backwards flowing acoustical drones, eerie sample textures and harmonic sound clouds to archaic rhythm patterns. A voyage through the Coprophagik Cycle into the heart of absolute being – an opus between old school drone ambience and experimental ritual music... The album is enclosed inside a silk-screen printed Stellar Mansion cardboard covers including four, two-sided insert cards. Limited to 500 copies. [label info]

ARKTAU EOS -- "Catacomb Resonator" -- CD -- €12
2017 Aural Hypnox, [AH18], (ltd. 423)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Every man is a catacomb resonator; our very being resounds with hidden desires, dreams of unknown origin, and deeper still, primordial voices of our buried ancestry. We are a labyrinth unto ourselves; and equally we stand as a totem-pole at the crossroads of a universe, gazing into distant horizons. We are a nameless grave from which the self divine may rise to witness new constellations light up on the darkening firmament... It is this process which the sixth Arktau Eos album attempts to convey: led by abyssal psalmody, the sonic tapestry is interwoven with dusty, crackling electronics of a bygone era and other, subtler elements for an all-enveloping sound that readily lends itself to prolonged listening sessions. Between the two segments, the sides A and B, lies the secret canticle: heard by few, yet ever present. While the vinyl edition is in some ways the optimal medium for the album at hand, the CD has the advantage of being mixed as a seamless whole. Choose as ye will! The CD version of the album is enclosed in customised, screen printed cardboard covers. Limited to 423 copies. [label info]

ARKTAU EOS -- "Eremos" -- CD -- €12
2018 Aural Hypnox, [AH19], (ltd. 440)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Arktau Eos unveil a new album, Erēmos, one of their most involved and intense creations. While intentionally minimal on the surface, layer upon layer of subtle, haunting, and evocative sounds are slowly revealed to the attentive listener. Erēmos aims at nothing less than the total transition of the listener to the desert realms implied by the title. Old synthesizers and ritualistic acoustic elements are seamlessly blended with even more obscure aural phenomena, including field recordings done in Northern Finland and the untamed steppes of Mongolia... As has been the testimony of wise men and women of all faiths, solitude bestows its own distinct gifts upon the seeker, a process here treated in less intimate terms than on the voice-led Catacomb Resonator. Erēmos is more expansive; the desert that opens before the listener is not a locus of temptations or simple retreat, but a vivid inner mindscape of dramatic confrontations and transformations between flora, fauna, stellar matter, earth, and stone. Gradually they shed away the humanness in its most banal sense, until man identifies with the scorpionic voice of power that carries to the ends of the earth – and cosmos... Erēmos is exactly 49 minutes long, split in 9 nine distinct segments, released in an edition of 440 pcs. The CD enclosed in customised, screen printed cardboard covers including an oversized folded insert on old paper stock. Once again, Arktau Eos have closely collaborated with artist KTL on the artwork. [label info]

ARKTAU EOS -- "Mirrorion – Telegnostic Edition" -- CD -- €12
2006/2016 Aural Hypnox / Stellar Mansion, [AHSM09], (ltd. 493)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. After a long period of unavailability we are proud to release the debut album of Arktau Eos ‘Mirrorion – Telegnostic Edition’ through our Stellar Mansion series. Presented in seventeen chapters that can be approached as singular gateways or a slowly unfolding journey of epic proportions, the debut album of Arktau Eos is a challenging, complex work. Born of intense private musico-magical sessions held in places abandoned by man and further refined in the temple-laboratory of the duo, it is the distillation of seven arduous months of work... As the title suggests, ‘Mirrorion’ is the music of stellar light thrown down from the Heaven’s zenith and its eldritch reflections in the depths below, uniting atavistic elemental noise with serene passages of crystalline, spectral ambience. Ultimately, ‘Mirrorion’ seeks to surpass such earthly definitions in favour of a non-dual vision of reality, hopefully transforming the listener in the process... For this recording Arktau Eos have favoured an organic approach with majority of instrumentation being of acoustic variety, including the unearthly choral of the kanglings, piercings blasts of windbones, accelerating steel-plate rolls, singing bowl and various kinds of stringed instruments... The album is enclosed in an oversized screen printed cardboard covers including an 8-panel booklet with historical and other additional notes and eight full-colour insert cards within a stamped envelope. Limited to 493 copies. [label info]

AURAL HOLOGRAMS -- "Vol. 1" -- CD -- €10
2007 Aural Hypnox, [AH08], (ltd. 1000)
The very first part of the Aural Holograms series incorporates various call and response patterns manifesting vibrating, subtle energies, all of which have been accurately divided into separate rhythmic dimensions and time-shifting aural tapestries. The overall experience - i.e. the ecstatic effect - is transmitted by the intensity of syncopated rhythms, reed organ lingering on a few tones, self-transforming vocal work accompanied with carefully chosen oscillating tunes and a variety of percussive patterns utilising artefacts crafted according to the methods of traditional metallurgia, as well as real-time tape operations. Comes in six-panel hand finished cardboard booklet, in an edition of 1.000 copies. [label info]

CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS / ZINC ROOM -- "Lie, Illusions, Mystifications / Zinc 99,99" -- CD -- €8
2007 Imp. Hate Fac., IMPHF 002 / Evil Dead Productions, EDP 006
This CD contains not even a split, but in fact 2 full-length albums of two Russian industrial projects, both coming from Ekaterinburg, Ural region. Carved Image Of Emptiness isn't so easily categorized with one term, during their half of the disc the style changes in quite unpredictable manner. The album starts with an energetic industrial track with sampled distorted bass guitar (well, when you write about noise music you can't be completely sure about the sound sources, but it sounds like bass guitar here) and various samples. Then comes unhurried, sombre and serious neo-classics which changes with more "fairy" track. Then again, a neo-classical composition in which pompous martial-like "verse" (think about Der Blutharsch) alternates with totally cartoon-style "chorus" (think about "Crocodile Gena"). During the last 4 tracks the same metamorphoses happen... I think this could be a good soundtrack for some slightly naive, but thus interesting industrial movie from 80-90-ies... Zinc Room is quite another matter! Here you can feel the addiction to the old noise school: in his tracks analogue distortion (bass guitar, percussion, steel objects) blends with field recordings and samples. The recordings are mostly not aggressive (unlike, say, Japanese act K2 who uses a lot of iron as well), but somehow sadly pensive. Like an abandoned rusty factory building standing in the field and grown by weeds long ago. However the spirits of industrialization still live there and sometimes continue their mechanical activity.

CELER & DIRK SERRIES -- "Background Curtain" -- CD -- €10
2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 129-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Drone. We are proud to present the collaborative album of two big names in the experimental scene. Four years in the making, “Background Curtain” is a collaboration between the legend of the ambient underground Dirk Serries (otherwise known as Fear Falls Burning, and earlier as Vidna Obmana) and Will Long, dynamically developing his style for over 10 years, known primarily from the project Celer... “In 2012, after trading LPs, I sent Dirk a long track of collaged, stretched tape pieces to see if it was something he could work with. […] this particular set of recordings seemed puzzling to me, and unworkable. […] Later, after a tour (with Mono) he actually sent me some tracks that he had made while listening to the piece […] Out of the blue, maybe a year later, I went back and listened to our tracks, having some distance for my ears, and had an idea. Using the original track that I sent Dirk at the very beginning as a sound source, I shaped it exactly like Dirk’s responding source file – the musical colour and frequencies were the same, but the effects and enveloping was triggered by the waves of Dirk’s track. […] It may be hard to hear the two sides, but it’s really built by the background curtain, and even if you can’t hear it’s place, it’s definitely there. Where does one thing begin and another end? Maybe you can hear it?..” The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is designed by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) based on the photograph by Will Long (Celer). [label info]

DEUTSCH NEPAL -- patch -- €4
2018 NEN Records
Embroidered patch with a DEUTSCH NEPAL logo, which was included in the cassette edition of REUTOFF feat. DEUTSCH NEPAL ‎"Eating The Dust". Design by Lina Baby Doll. Image.

DRONNY DARKO & APOLLONIUS -- "The Sea Of Potentials" -- CD-R -- €10
2017 Pantheon, PAN034, (ltd. 50)
Dark Ambient. In the darkest places, there's always a light. Hidden, untouched yet always omnipresent since it is its nature. The deepest sea levels, the vastness of space, the darkest corners of the human soul. It's always there, waiting for the call, eager to unfold and to show an unexpectedly wide horizon of possibilities. On the fundamental level, it's not even light as we know it – just feasibility of action, of motion and creation. We all have it. It's a boundless sea and we are always on its shores... Pro-printed and varnished hq CDR disc housed in the black cardboard envelope with grey ribbon and pro-printed artwork. [label info]

EUGENEKHA -- "Three Months" -- CD-R -- €10
2018 Pahtheon, PAN068, (ltd. 60)
Drone / Ritual Ambient. Sweetest ray of morning sun opened doors for the gentle wind, first breath of warmth and bliss. Promise of summer was whispered by leaves on the trees, slowly brewed up in soil it was ready to unfold. New cycle of beauty, new kinds of aromas, longer days and warmer nights... Crickets filled every evening with anticipation, singing their noisy sonatas to the sparkles in the sky. Rhythms of awakening, humming of thousands of tiniest creatures, a new mantra for the new cycle. Summer was almost here for another three months — they'll pass like everything else, but its sensations will stay... Hand-stamped linen cover envelope with pro-printed inside artwork. [label info]

2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 114-2, (ltd. 500)
Jürgen Eberhard aka Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim celebrates 25 years of his artistic activity with the first full-length album on Zoharum entitled "A Bug's Life". Keen observers of our activity certainly know his name, for instance from a common vinyl 7-incher entitled "Both Sides of The Looking Glass" shared with Bisclaveret duo or from the composition "Enigmatic Visions", which appeared on a commemorative compilation "07|100|15"... "A Bug's Life" is the tenth full-length album in the discography of Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim. It was being created, like the previous ones, for several years and is another conscious artistic statement. Seven compositions included here are of a collage nature and combine echoes of post-industrial ambient, drone music, musique concrete, field recordings and even plunderphonics. On his first studio album since "Die Legende vom Heiligen Trinker" from 2011, Jürgen Eberhard consciously continues his sonic quest on a depleted terrain and he manages to avoid traps of empty experiments. "A Bug's Life" is at the same time an atmospheric, and even accessible, album, and sonically elaborate and demanding of the listener. [press-release]

HALO MANASH -- "Am Kha Astrie" -- CD -- €12
2008 Aural Hypnox, [AH10], (ltd. 1000)
As the apex of Spring heralds awakenings, Halo Manash emerges from Winter and hibernation ~ Treefaced. Horns spiral skyward and antlers ascend. A tripartite trunk arises - a pillar that splits all worlds... Am Kha Astrie, a work of heliotropic, elemental ambient, is an opening, an awakening, a summoning, a crossing of thresholds. After their previous oneiric and minimal album, Am Kha Astrie sees Halo Manash re-integrate a more diverse instrumentation and a multiplicity of soundsources to create their work, which consists of seven interrelated tracks. Am Kha Astrie is a complete work in itself, but can also be viewed as the second facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation... Archaic elemental drums, bones and spiraling animal horns merge with various metal percussions, chimes, wind-instruments, voices and a multitude of other instruments to create a deep, earthly and yet celestially-bound opus. Am Kha Astrie is a massive and sometimes ominous work, a primal experience of coming-into-being, with all the terror, ecstasy and divine awe that it implies... Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet, in an edition of 1000 copies. [press-release]

HALO MANASH -- "Elemental Live Forms MMV - Initiation" -- CD -- €12
2016 Aural Hypnox / Underworld Editions, [AHUE04], (ltd. 444)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. Over a decade ago, Halo Manash, an entity previously only known for its aural output, took the force and form of a live ritual perfomed by group of four mediums, in Tampere, Finland. ‘Elemental Live Forms MMV – Initiation’ is a recording of that first public Halo Manash live ritual, and also a complete, previously unreleased work in itself. The work was presented only a single time, also being the only time the involved personae of the group perfomed together as one... The live ritual focuses on the boundless elemental form returning from metaphysical pilgrimage – it bridges the worlds of being and non-being. Ash and antler, blood and bone, drum and drone, tree and metal collide to create an intense audial journey between worlds – one of re-birth, initiation, and primal thundering... Much more than a mere live recording, this seminal work, ‘Elemental Live Forms MMV – Initiation’ is now finally released in limited CD and cassette editions. The package, as an object of power, is handmade in the underground Aural Hypnox laboratories, featuring various guiding sigils, inserts and historical notes from the Halo Manash archives... The CD edition is enclosed in an oversized screen printed cardboard covers including a 4-panel booklet, 4-panel xerox-insert and eight, two-sided insert cards within a stamped envelope. Limited to 444 copies. [label info]

HALO MANASH -- "Se Its En" -- CD -- €12
2003/2014 Aural Hypnox / Stellar Mansion, [AHSM04], (ltd. 468)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Drone. ‘Se Its En’ is the first official release of Halo Manash and was originally released in an edition of 100 copies by Finnish underground record label Blue Sector in 2003. After a long period of unavailability the album is now re-released through our Stellar Mansion series... The quintessential tunes for the tracks were received from in seven specific dreams and captured on tape during the following morning under the guidance of awakened subconscious forces. The album as a whole, however, should not be considered only as a self-centered work or a mere outcome of lucid dreaming sessions of the personnel involved; ‘Se Its En’ serves as a continually living and assisting metaphysical implement that guides and enlightens travel in the Great Elemental Current. The seven surrealistic tracks were composed by using manipulated bowed string instruments, percussions, analogue synthesizer, human and inhuman vocalisations & other surreal recordings. ‘Se Its En’ is the key to the gate leading to Sacral Meeting with Halo Manash... The album is enclosed in a customised and silk-screen printed Stellar Mansion cardboard covers including an 8-panel black on black printed booklet and a silk-screen printed insert card. The regular edition is limited to 468 copies. [label info]

HALO MANASH -- "Taiwaskivi" -- CD -- €12
2009 Aural Hypnox, [AH12], (ltd. 500)
Ritual Ambient / Drone. As winter hibernation and spring awakening gives way to summer, Halo Manash rises radiant into luminosity, with wings spread into all worlds, and brings forth Taiwaskivi, an opulent work of solar ambience and primordial Ur-music... Taiwaskivi, a work of sonic flame and aural ash, consists of seven interrelated tracks, utilizing such diverse instrumentation as organ, horns, vocals, drums, gongs, percussions and various string instruments as well as field-recordings captured during the pilgrimage that the creation of the work embodies... An air of finality abounds, as Taiwaskivi, although a complete work in itself, can also be viewed as the third and final facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation - a treelogy, with seed, root, trunk and finally, branches. Being the culmination of an ascending journey through the aforementioned realms within and without, Taiwaskivi is the celestial crown at the peak, reaching toward Sol, source and beyond; it is the leaves and fruit of the branches and their skybound nectar ever-flowing - the sacred fire, the consummation and conjunction of All... Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet with inserts. [press-release]

HOGAN, ANNI -- "Lost In Blue" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR266CD
‘Lost In Blue’ is the brand new album from ANNI HOGAN (Marc & The Mambas, The Willing Sinners). An astounding, attentive work on an emotive shared journey. Songs in despair searching for hope, moments of monumental horror, and outpouring screams of consciousness. A poignant, bleak album for these times. ‘Lost In Blue’ has elements of orchestral delight, dark cabaret, and modern vaudeville, with Anni’s trademark torch songs evoking the dimly-lit corners of bohemian Soho and reigniting the sordid torment of those illustrious Marc & The Mambas days... All this is wrapped in the magical vocals of: LYDIA LUNCH, WOLFGANG FLÜR (ex-Kraftwerk), GAVIN FRIDAY (ex-Virgin Prunes), RICHARD STRANGE (Doctors Of Madness), KID CONGO POWERS (The Gun Club, ex-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, ex-The Cramps), and many more. Produced by DAVE BALL (Soft Cell) and RICCARDO MULHALL, the brilliant guests’ lyrical content responds perfectly to the music, resonating with and cohabiting the sonics created. File next to: Marc & The Mambas, Jacques Brel, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds... CD in ecopak with a bonus track, not featured on the LP edition. [label info]

HYBRYDS -- "The Rhythm of the Ritual / Ein Phallischer Gott" -- 2 CD -- €14
1994/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 116-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum continues reissuing past works of one of the most interesting projects coming from the 1980s underground - Hybryds. ”The Rhythm of the Ritual / Ein Phallischer Gott” is the fifth instalment in the reissue series of Hybryds classic releases... Sandy tells a few words about the period: In the 1990s only small independent labels existed which had their own area to cover distributionwise hoping to spread our music in the world. ”The Rhythm of the Rituals” (1994, Charnel Music) and ”Ein Phallischer Gott” (1997, Crowd Control Activities) shared some songs. There were no official media supporting this world of “underground” music. Acid and rave became popular in the “commercial” scene. Pro Tools was the magic word. But we made our music live on the 8-track. The only sequences were the drum machines. We stayed loyal to working the old-fashioned way. It's the more rhythmical and ethnical side of Hybryds, lots of percussion, played acoustically, or sampled and looped, or from drum machines. Some of the basic music was from the 1980s but by then we worked on a reel-to-reel 8-track tape recorder with a bigger mixing desk. Livewise we started to transfer to our cyberpunk period (as visible in the live version of ”Whisper”). Depending on the demand we had two live shows, the “magical” or the cyberpunk. It was also the time when Yasnaia and me did the live shows alone. We did not work live on stage with others anymore. We had a manager, Patty Hele from Motherdance. It was easier to travel and perform with two people only. Yasnaia released her solo album and started playing live with her solo project... The first CD collects tracks from two studio releases ”The Rhythm of the Ritual” and ”Ein Phallischer Gott”. The live CD contains live versions of the studio CD (some taken from the live Obuh vinyl LP) and some extras, like an unreleased song ”Dusk Falling”... The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

HYBRYDS -- "The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive" -- CD -- €10
1991/2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 089-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum continues reissuing past works of one of the most interesting projects coming from the 1980s underground - Hybryds. This album is the fourth instalment in the reissue series of Hybryds classic releases. It is an expanded reissue of ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (1)” EP released back in 1991. That release featured only the first part of the title composition. The Zoharum edition was extended to a 70-minute full album with the other two parts of ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive” included plus one more bonus song... Contrary to the previous releases (”Mythical Music from the 21st Century” and ”Music for Rituals” - both reissued on Zoharum – with lots of short pieces), ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive” contains slowly-evolving, long pieces which will hypnotise the listener with their sonic magic. Four songs on this album come from the same period, so it sounds very cohesive. And because three of them were not published before, ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive” v.2014 might be treated as a new album... The album has been digitally remastered from the original stereo cassette master by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions. This is the ritual music at its best. Now you can enjoy it in the best digital quality. The CD is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

KOZHA U AKULY KAK NAZHDATCHKA -- "Tam, u reki derevya... Tam ya eschyo ne byl" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_26, (ltd. 7)
Noise. Ultra-limited release with absolutely non-fashionable noise, for true connoisseurs of dadaism and absurdism. Vive la Primitivism! Two CD-Rs with printed surfaces, packed in a Double-Slim-DVD box. [label info]

KREUZWEG OST -- "Gott Mit Uns" -- CD -- €10
2012 Cold Spring, CSR141CD
2nd monumental album from Kreuzweg Ost for Cold Spring, headed by Michael Gregor (SUMMONING / AMESTIGON). "We see a light through the dim and cloudy shadows of our existence. In the electric field between total faith and desperation, hope and doubt, eternal bliss and delusion, we walk an unsure path to an unknown end. When the clouds open, the light navigates. The loud music of the sky: pounding drums surrounded by trumpets and swirling voices echoing from a distance unknown". Kreuzweg Ost rises again with God on their side. "Gott Mit Uns" combines a variety of different musical styles: from Martial Industrial to Classical sounds, from deep Ambient to cinematic Pop music. These musical prayers are made for those seeking salvation. [press-release]

KROMESHNA -- "Eternal Waves" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Ostroga, OTR-105, (ltd. 37)
Abstract Drone music with field recordings and radiowaves buried deep inside the textures of sound. Two long 20+ minutes tracks.

KROMESHNA -- "Mnogotochie" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Monotype Series, (ltd. 20)
Ultra-minimal ambient / noise from Vitaly Maklakov aka Kromeshna. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

KROMESHNA -- "Two Rituals For The Sun" -- CD -- €12
2018 Observatoire, (ltd. 100)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. Experiments with a tape, tape-loops, virtual synthesizers FM8 and Massive were used in the creation of this album. Vitaly Maklakov (KROMESHNA) is an artist and a teacher of fine arts at children art school of a small town of Kamensk-Uralsky. He was born in 1981. His sound experiments started in 2002. The main interest in work with sound is its sequential distortion and transformation, studying its plasticity. Great interest lies in the spectrum of working with field records and homemade instruments as well as sound distortion through various manipulations with the tape. [label info]

KROMESHNA -- "Umolka" -- CD-R -- €6
2017 Ostroga, OTR-086, (ltd. 35)
Ambient / Drone / Lo-Fi. 35 copies in a PVC-sleeve.

LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Lanita" -- CD-R -- €6
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-083, (ltd. 10)
HNW. Madness, absurdity and degeneration of modern civilization. Pro-CDR, only 10 copies. [label info]

LINGUA FUNGI -- "Melankhton" -- CD -- €12
2014 Aural Hypnox / Sublunar Series, [AH14], (ltd. 449)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Aural Hypnox welcomes Lingua Fungi to the label roster. Lingua Fungi has been working in the field of acoustic drone and ambient since 2001 and is run by J. Padatsu, who has during the years appeared in the Zoat-Äon live lineup and is currently member of Halo Manash. The fourth full-lenght album of Lingua Fungi, entitled ‘Melankhton’ is released through our Sublunar series... ‘Melankhton’ is a sonic interpretation of particular illness narratives and a study in experimental anthropology based on fieldwork material gathered especially for this project. The narratives and sounds expressing them reflect the shifting states of the turbulent minds visited by Melankhton... The album was recorded in 2006 using exclusively acoustic instruments and sound sources mixed with processed field recordings. The album consists of five long tracks with sounds varying from maniacal percussive rhythms to dreamy drone passages... The album is enclosed in a customised and silk-screen printed Sublunar series cardboard covers, including a 4-panel cardboard booklet and a silk-screen printed insert card. The regular edition is limited to 449 copies. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENIY -- "Case History" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-092, (ltd. 20)
Old school / harsh noise industrial. Pro-CD-R, 20 copies. [label info]

2018 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_17, (ltd. 20)
Noise / Ambient / Drone / Experimental. Meditative science fiction split from three authors from three Russian cities (Novosibirsk -> Vladivostok -> Kamensk-Uralskiy). Ballads and glorious songs about the inner space through outer space. A set of reconnaissance signals to other worlds in your heads. CD-R with printed surface packed in a Half-DVD case. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Assemblage (Gathered Eccentrics 2010-2016)" -- CD -- €10
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 134-2, (ltd. 300)
”Assemblage” is the fifth Rutger Zuydervelt's album released on Zoharum (including his collaborative album with Dag Rosenqvist). The album, like the already sold-out album "Dubbeltjes", is subtitled "Gathered Eccentrics" and collects rare Machinefabriek recordings from compilations, collaborative releases and the 3-inch EP "Nerf". Among the recordings you can also find unreleased soundtracks for films and installations. Why should you get this compilation? First of all, the artist shows the development in the period of 2010-2016. It is also a good collection introducing into the world of Rutger Zuydervelt's music. A kind of "best of", but without the most famous songs. The album contains 15 tracks and, what Rutger emphasized on the occasion of "Dubbeltjes", short pieces with their limitations give way to experiment while creating a concise forms. The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "The Measures Taken" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 091-2, (ltd. 300)
After last year's two releases (a compilation of rare tracks ”Dubbeltjes” and the reissue of a collaborative album with Dag Rosenqvist entitled ”Vintermusik”) a renowned sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt returns with a completely new album called ”The Measures Taken”. It is the score for a dance performance by choreographer Alexander Whitley and visual artists Marshmallow Laser Feast. ”The Measures Taken” was originally commissioned by the Royal Opera House (it premiered there in May 2014). The spectacular performance involves a lot of hi-tech interactivity between dancers and projected visuals. The theme of man vs/with machine is magnified by the music, which combines warm melodic pads with glitchy white noise and (more than on any other Machinefabriek release) propulsive rhythms. Now you can enjoy the music from the performance on a physical album which is also striking without the use of the visual side... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Veldwerk" -- CD -- €10
2011 Cold Spring, CSR156CD
Sublime drone music and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. 'Slovensko I & II' are best seen as a travel diary, recorded in Slovakia. RZ made 'sound snapshots' with a small digital recorder. A major influence both while recording and assembling the tracks was Chinese sound artist Yan Jun. 'Rusland' is a sound collage comprising field recordings and sections of live performances made in Russia. An incredible adventure and culture shock with long train journeys, bizarre venues and amazing people. 'The Breaking Water' can be heard as a sonic portrait of Rotterdam's famous Erasmus bridge. It includes recordings taken from both on and beneath the bridge, along with further sounds from the river that it crosses, the Nieuwe Maas. 'Floor & Radio' is a contrast to the outdoor pieces recorded for the the installation 'Licthung' in Radolfzell, Germany. Contrasted against the outdoor silence was the squeaking floor in the guest house and the distorted signal and static from the radio. Sometimes there's music in everything. Makino Takashi asked RZ to perform a score for his film 'In Your Star'. After a screening in Tokyo, a studio version was recorded. The result is 'Apollo', a sonic journey to space and beyond. Digipak. [press release]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Wendingen (Selected Remixes 2005-2015)" -- CD -- €10
2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 117-2, (ltd. 300)
This is the third Machinefabriek album (and Rutger Zuydervelt's fourth) released in cooperation with Zoharum. After last year's well-received previous album, "The Measures Taken", containing music to the contemporary dance performance, Rutger prepared "Wendingen" for us. The album which is a compilation and at the same time it is not; which contains recordings of other artists and at the same time is completely fresh look at them through the Zuydervelt's glasses; finally it is an album that contains remixes and at the same time sounds like a completely new Machinefabriek album... In fact, from the beginning of its activity under the name Machinefabriek, Rutger Zuydervelt also acts as a prolific remixer for the likes of Nils Frahm, Balmorhea, Dirk Serries and Amon Tobin. The collection entitled "Wendingen" collects a substantial part of those reworks and contains reinterpretations of tracks by Mensenkinderen, Wouter Van Veldhoven, Fieldhead, Aaron Martin, Coppice, de la mancha, The Moi Non Plus, Djivan Gasparyan, Amon Tobin, Gareth Hardwick, Fiium Shaarrk, Vladimir and Red Stars Over Tokyo. Because they are reconstructions done by, not for, Machinefabriek, "Wendigen" sounds like a completely new album, not a compilation. It is also the proof of the craftsmanship of one of the most interesting figures on the European electronic or experimental music scene... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

MACHINEFABRIEK with ANNE BAKKER -- "Short Scenes" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 174-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Experimental / Modern Classical. Machinefabriek, or Rutger Zuydervelt, is one of the most prolific artists in the field of contemporary experimental music. However, unlike many musicians with extensive discographies, the quantity goes hand in hand not only with the quality but also diversity. "Short Scenes" (the sixth album by Rutger on Zoharum) is a mixture of electronic textures and neoclassical violin parts enclosed in twenty miniatures... Rutger Zuydervelt on the album: ”Short Scenes” came to life when working on a soundtrack with violinist Anne Bakker. Taking a series of her improvisations as a starting point, I started to edit and construct them into new songs - no pre-conceived plan, just being lead by these violin recordings. Still working in the ”soundtrack modus operandi”, the resulting tracks are short and concise. None of them ended up being used in a score, but from the very beginning I felt these little vignettes would form a darn fine album. And here it is...” The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

MAEROR TRI -- "Emotional Engramm" -- CD -- €10
1997/2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 034-2
The reissue of a long-forgotten classic MAEROR TRI album with stunning new artwork and newly remastered sound. Back in 1997, it turned out to be the last album by this experimental trio of German droners composed of Stefan 'Baraka[h]' Knappe, Martin 'GLIT[s]CH' Gitschel and Helge Siehl. The former two later formed TROUM (Zoharum releases: "Autopoiesis / Nahtscato" and "Seeing-Ear Gods" (A Continuous Journey in Six Parts) and the latter 1000SCHOEN. During their nine-year existence, they recorded a handful of albums and cassettes with their unique mixture of minimalism, industrial, ambient and drone, exploring the brains of potential listeners. "Emotional Engramm" is MAEROR TRI 's most refined effort to date. After years of experimenting, the group came to a characteristic sound composed of layers of electrically/electronically-treated acoustic instruments. Their organic sound achieved the most accessible form on "Emotional Engramm";. Clocking in at just under 80 minutes, the seven tracks presented here show Maeror Tri at its best. The reissue is presented in a lavish 6-panel digipak designed by Marcin Lojek (Ibsen Design, New Nihilism label, Mantichora and Schmerz bands) with a foreword by Martyn Bates (EYELESS IN GAZA). The album has been faithfully remastered by Lukasz Miernik (Dead Cat Mastering). [press-release]

MAJDANEK WALTZ & PATIMAT KHRIPA -- "Rat King's Pantry (Kladovaya Krysinogo Korolya)" -- CS -- €10
2019 NEN Records, NEN30, (ltd. 45)
"...That cunning and dark creature can rule the man's mind. It rules the secrets of underground where it's hiding... Has a power of transforming its own shape. They have hands, legs, wear suits, have faces, eyes, movements so that they're not differ from human at all. Pest, hunger, wars, raids relish them. Then rats gathered, secretly transformed, working as people. You'll speak with them, not knowing... what they are." [Alexander Grin, The Ratcatcher] Cardboard case. Two-sided coloured inlay sleeve. Gold glitter cassettes. 45 hand-numbered copies. Postcard included.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "56°29'20''N (56.488839) 63°26'10''E (63.435983)" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Monotype Series, (ltd. 20)
Field Recordings. The recording was made on 03.07.2015 at an unnamed lake lost in the woods of the Dalmatovsky district of the Kurgan region, Russia. Subsequently, the material was digitally revised. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "For A Distant Lands" -- 2 CD-R -- €9
2017 Ostroga, OTR-089, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Drone / Field Recordings. Meditative Drone Ambient from the Russian musician Vitaly Maklakov (Light Collapse, Kromeshna, etc.), full of warm cozy natural field recordings. Lively breathing sound. A real audio trip. Full-colour cover, three colour photo-inserts, two discs. [YAOP]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Setka Dlya Emenatsii (A Net for an Emanation)" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Ostroga, OTR-094, (ltd. 50)
Infinitely tasty soup made of the environment and a man's inner world. Live mixes made of archive recordings, experiments with digital and analogue equipment, field recordings and flow of consciousness... CD-R in a sleeve + 5 photo-inserts. [label info]

MERZBOW / GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIGE -- "A Perfect Pain" -- CD -- €10
1999/2018 Cold Spring, CSR23CD
The incredible power created by GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE (Psychic TV / Throbbing Gristle) – the founding father of the Industrial world, and MERZBOW – the undisputed king of Japanese Noise. Recorded exclusively for Cold Spring, with five brand new tracks, “A Perfect Pain” has been hailed as an important album and an extremely successful collaboration... First edition CD came with a textured, fold-out booklet. Second edition in jewel case. Third edition in digipak including 8-page booklet with all lyrics. [label info]

MERZBOW / Z'EV -- "Spiral Right / Spiral Left" -- CD -- €10
2010 Cold Spring, CSR133CD
In the planning (and many faxes, emails and discussions in person) for 20 years, finally this stunning collaborative release for Cold Spring from Japanese Noise king Merzbow and legendary elemental sound artist Z'EV is here. The tracks were created in London and Tokyo, with each artist remixing the other's original sounds. Two tracks weighing in at 22 minutes apiece! Dark Ambient Noise in a special textured card digisleeve. [press-release]

MZ.412 -- "Burning The Temple Of God" -- CD -- €10
1996/2010 Cold Spring, CSR140CD
This is the ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act's controversial black metal side and recalling the Norwegian church burnings of the early 90s. Nightmare inducing ritual old school industrial, alongside raw black metal, this album has been hailed as one of the greatest albums in the genre by noise and black metal fans alike! It could actually be considered the first real crossover album between the genres. Remastered and extended version of the 1996 album with bonus tracks and alternate takes culled from the original masters. Housed in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]

MZ.412 -- "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi" -- CD -- €10
1995/2010 Cold Spring, CSR136CD
First of 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series, with a new album planned for next year. 1995 bore witness to the resurrection of nefarious Swedish horde MZ. 412 (previously manifest as Maschinenzimmer 412) - Nordvargr, Drakh, Ulvtharm and Shaitan. This ground-breaking, genre-defining album saw the inventors of "Black Industrial" blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. "In Nomine..." captures the darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. This remastered version features two previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions and all new artwork. Housed in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]

NDE -- "United" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR247CD
Power Electronics / Noise. Praise my fame, my violent heart. “United (Through Iron And Blood)” is NDE’s third album and sees a return to the harsher sounds of their debut, “Krieg Blut Ehre Asche”. Deranged Black Metal vocals over uncompromising, blood-soaked death industrial, rhythmic power noise, and claustrophobic power electronics. “United” is NDE’s strongest ‘song-based’ album to date, with assured harsh dancefloor fillers. “Sons of truth gather now, colour your hands with their blood…”. For devotees of Trepaneringsritualen, Consumer Electronics, Propergol, Navicon Torture Technologies, Genocide Organ. [label info]

OBOZDUR / DANSHOKU DINO -- split -- C-60 -- €9
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-113, (ltd. 14)
Noise split between Russian and US projects. Original hand-made design: cassettes placed in hand-cut & painted cardboard sleeves wrapped with rope.

OGLOBLYA -- "Razverza Chernesha" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-110, (ltd. 20)
Lo-Fi / Noise / Drone. 20 copies with acrylic monotype print and minimum info.

PENDERECKI, KRZYSZTOF -- "Kosmogonia" -- CD -- €10
1974/2017 Cold Spring, CSR238CD
Modern Classical / Avant-Garde. Unnerving, intense, bloodcurdling, sinister, dramatic - the music of "Kosmogonia" features Penderecki's famous, unorthodox instrumental techniques, and some of the darkest music ever composed... Hailed by The Guardian as "Poland's greatest living composer", Krzysztof Penderecki is the maestro behind the unforgettable, disturbing music on The Shining (including 'De Natura Sonoris II', featured here). A complex tapestry of sound with striking use of pizzicato and flexatone, with aggressive barrages from brass and percussion, dissonant woodwind chords, spoken and hissing sounds, fervent strings, swirling organ, climactic choral and solo vocals... Krzysztof Penderecki's unique music has featured in films such as: The Shining, The Exorcist, Children Of Men, The People Under The Stairs, Shutter Island, Inland Empire, Fearless, Wild At Heart, and recently featured on the Twin Peaks reboot... Thanks to the estate of Krzysztof Penderecki, Cold Spring are honoured to present this masterpiece in digital format for the first time since the 1974 vinyl release. Sympathetically remastered for CD by Denis Blackham and Martin Bowes. Digipak. [label info]

PSYCHIC TV -- "Kondole / Dead Cat" -- 2 CD + DVD -- €20
2018 Cold Spring, CSR246CD
Cold Spring are proud to announce “Kondole / Dead Cat” – a double CD and DVD collection, presented in a lavish 8-panel matt digipak with booklet. DVD: The film ‘Dead Cat’ was released in 1989, and shown only at a handful of cinemas that year, including once at the infamous Scala Cinema in London. It was never issued on general release and has only recently been uncovered by David Lewis (writer & director). We present the full film, re-authored from the original source. The film itself features unique starring roles from cult film director Derek Jarman, Andrew Tiernan (‘The Pianist’, ‘300’, ‘The Bunker’, Derek Jarman’s ‘Edward II’) and Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle). The film features the music of Psychic TV, included here on CD1, in its complete form... CD1 features the complete, long version of ‘Dead Cat’. “…what could be more beautiful that such a sustaining & chronic radical as Gen could have provided us all – in the form of KONDOLE – with a piece of truly necessary Everyday Listening?” (Julian Cope / Head Heritage)... CD2 contains 3 tracks: Thee First Part, ‘Thee Whale’ was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1988. It is thee soundtrack to an unmade 23 minute film called “Kondole (Thee Whale)”, by David Lewis and Andy Crabb. Thee Second Part, ‘Thee Shadow Creatures’ was recorded at Hyperdelic Studios, San Francisco on 23rd January, 1993. Thee Third Part, ‘Dead Cat’ was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1989. It is thee soundtrack to the film “Dead Cat” by David Lewis. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Blue Days" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 110-2, (ltd. 500)
After three well-received, new albums ("Time-loop Anomalies" [2012], "To West and Blue" [2013] and "Fall of Drums" [2014]) and a series of reissues and archive collections, Rapoon returns to Zoharum with a brand new album. "Blue Days" is completely different from those previous releases. While on those three albums long, slowly developing compositions dominated, here there are as many as fourteen of them with the longest being less than eight minutes long, and the two shortest only forty seconds long. This is a record of ideas, sketches. The album is dominated with conciseness; however, all the songs compose one bigger piece. They show that Robin Storey is constantly looking for new artistic paths. [press-release]

RAPOON -- "Fall Of Drums" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 078-2, (ltd. 500)
It has been a year since the release of highly-acclaimed album entitled "To West and Blue". After various archive releases (the second volume in the rarities collection entitled "Seeds in the Tide" plus expanded reissue of a classic album "The Fires of the Borderlands") and new albums on other labels ("Psi-Transient" and "Conduits And Estuaries"), Robin Storey aka Rapoon presents a carefully woven new masterpiece called "Fall of Drums"... The new Rapoon album marks his return not only to the analogue electronics territories, but also to ethnic rhythms which he was known for in the very early days of his solo project. We are back to Middle Eastern territories, to deserts, opium hallucinations and ghosts whisper amidst the sand. 4 long hypnotic tracks of staggering beauty take us on an hour-long journey into your subconsciousness. In other words, it is another top quality album from Robin Storey... The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "The Fires of the Borderlands" -- 2 CD -- €14
1998/2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 067-2, (ltd. 500)
It's been 16 years since the release of Rapoon's masterpiece entitled "The Fires of the Borderlands". It is arguably his best known work which is still much appreciated by both old fans of his music and new-comers to it. Long out-of-print and much sought after, this classic has now received a well-deserved expanded reissue treatment... Originally, "The Fires of the Borderland" is comprised of 11 tracks full of evocative ambient sonic textures. These sounds generate images of desert lands somewhere in uncharted countries in Africa or Middle East suspended in time. It is a chronicle of those lands which was found buried in the scorching sands. You can almost feel the texture of it in every second of this album which conjures up ghosts of people from those lands with writhing snakes at their feet... This special edition is comprised of two discs. The first is the main album which is mastered from the original tapes, therefore, it sounds significantly better to the 1998 version. The bonus disc is a 40-minute live recording for the San Francisco-based radio KFJC which again proves that Robin Storey has mastered the ability to creating haunting sonic atmospheres... This expanded edition of the album is packaged in a digipak sleeve and is limited to 500 copies worldwide. [press-release]

RAPOON -- "The Kirghiz Light" -- 3 CD -- €17
1995/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 122-2, (ltd. 500)
The next one in the series of classic Rapoon albums reissues is 'The Kirghiz Light', which was originally released in 1995 on Staalplaat. This is a unique position, because it was since sold out for a long time and fetched high prices on few auctions. It is also one of the most interesting Robin Storey albums from the beginnings of his activities as Rapoon, where strong ethnic motifs are combined with atmospheric passages. Originally a double album, this reissue has been extended with an additional album entitled 'Our Calling Light'. The source material used here was original demo recordings for 'The Kirghiz Light', which have been reinterpreted giving it a whole new sonic space. The CDs are housed in a 4-panel digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "My Life as a Ghost" -- 2 CD -- €14
2004/2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 141-2, (ltd. 500)
The next album in the Rapoon reissue series is "My Life as a Ghost" from 2004. It is suspended exactly between the "Rhiz" with its rhythmic structures and the human voice experiments known from, for example, "Disappeared". Another thing that returned are strong ambient textures which were absent from "Rhiz" coming from the same period and reissued together with "My Life as a Ghost". This is one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting Robin Storey album, from the first decade of 2000s. The current edition, along with most other Rapoon re-releases in the Zoharum catalog, has been expanded to include an additional disc featuring refreshed unpublished recordings from the same session. On this second disc Robin Storey penetrates more rhythmic regions again, but with a strong melodious backbone. The extra 70 minutes completes the original album in a perfect way. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Time-Loop Anomalies" -- CD -- €10
2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 030-2
"Time-Loop Anomalies", the next Rapoon offering on Zoharum after "Disappeared Redux", contains more than an hour of eerie, ethereal music lingering on the borderlands of dreamworld and reality. Robin Storey, the man behind the moniker, delivers yet again a subtle woven masterpiece, both being a bold step into the new world and in the vein of his earlier projects continuing recurring themes in his artistic work. [label info]

RAPOON -- "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question) / Project Blue Book" -- 2 CD -- €14
1999/2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 096-2, (ltd. 500)
The mainstay of our label, or Robin Storey aka Rapoon that is, returns with the next release of archival recordings. In this case, it is the third reissue of an earlier album, which has been expanded in the new version with an additional disc with previously unpublished material. This album is coming in 1999. "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)". Different among the works of Rapoon, because it is based primarily on the word. Canvas of this project are the theories related to aliens and their presence on the planet made by William Cooper. Music is therefore subordinate to the text, it is much more withdrawn than on other Rapoon releases, but it does not make it one-dimensional. On the contrary, by moving the centre of gravity to the verbal layer, Robin Storey redefined his compositional language. The bonus disc called "Project Blue Book" is the new album mixed in the current year, which uses the original tracks to the "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)," but this time it is devoid of the narrative. The result is not even an alternate version of the original, but a completely different album, where accents are distributed differently. More ethnic trips here, but it will also include pieces for lovers of shimmering ambient... The CDs is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Maciej Mehring based on Robin Storey's paintings. "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)/Project Blue Book" was mastered by Maciej Bartkowiak. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

RAPOON & PROMUTE -- "Machine River" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 079-2, (ltd. 500)
Not only is Robin Storey aka Rapoon a very prolific solo artist, but also he collaborates with many musicians from all over the world. He has already worked with Mykel Boys, Wyrm, Pas Musique, Kinder Atom, Cisfinitum, Pacific 231 et al. This time he teamed up with Shaun Sandor aka Promute to create 8 haunting tracks... This is the story of their meeting in the words of Shaun Sandor: "This collaboration between Rapoon and Promute is a direct result of the 2011 Endless Form Tour. For several nights in a row in different cities I sat in a swirling mist of sound conjured by Rapoon. The music easily generated notions of timelessness and seductive landscapes. In all of this, I was realizing that the electro-acoustic set that I was performing seemed to be a natural compliment to the music of Rapoon. I created several dozen tracks of homemade instruments, prepared guitar and bass, and sitar and sent them to Robin Storey to manipulate, process and edit. I asked my friend Des Kashyap to contribute some vocals as well, and he agreed. Robin added his music and vocals as well and did the arranging and mixing"... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

SCHLOSS TEGAL -- "Oranur III - The Third And Final Report" -- CD -- €10
1997/2012 Cold Spring, CSR174CD
Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his encounters with UFOs, this influential album has been remastered and reworked from the original recordings, with new bonus tracks and new remixed versions. Originally released in 1997 on CD by Tegal Records (Ltd x 1000) and LP by Artware Productions, Germany (Ltd x 1000), all of the original subject matter has been taken to a new level with this digital recording from the analogue sources. This is the third and final warning to the sleeping beings of the earth. This album influenced many other electronic artists and has been hailed as one of the first recordings to be labelled “dark ambient”. [label info]

SHIFT -- "Abandon" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR236CD
Death Industrial. Following the unrestrained act of aggression that was 2014's "Altamont Rising", Swedish Death Industrial act SHIFT returns to more personal and ethereal domains on "Abandon". Created over a ten year period from a huge cache of sources, boiled down to four tracks of unyielding slow moving heaviness. Abandon features several guest appearances and is SHIFT's most complex recording to date. Spot-varnished digipak. [label info]

SUCKDOG -- "Drugs Are Nice" -- CS -- €6
1989/2017 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 100)
Classic punk / noise / spoken word album! A must! Available for the first time on cassettes by Post-Materialization Music. Pro-dubbed cassettes with pro-printed j-card. [label info]

SUKINY SNY / ROSE SOBCHAK -- "Krik Usilivaet Naslazhdeniye (Scream Enhances Pleasure)" -- C-30 -- €7
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-129, (ltd. 20)
Russian experimental cut-up harsh noise. Here you'll find relieving ambiental moments, fragments of romantic songs, samples of pop music, but mainly harsh noisy structures. Cassette shells are hand-painted, comes with full-colour cover. [YAOP]

TEMPLUM N.R. -- "Spectrum DCXCIII: Poison Portals" -- CD -- €12
2017/2018 Aural Hypnox / Underworld Editions, [AHUE07], (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Drone. On one hazy night I met an elderly man sitting in an old wooden chair. He was wearing an elegant white suit and I could not help noticing the simple white lines in his fore- and middle fingers. In the remaining fingers he had circles. The pitch-black sand of the shore absorbed all the light from the sky. Regardless, I saw fifty-meter-high waves crashing down behind him – and at the same time, they remained static..." ‘Spectrum DCXCIII: Poison Portals’ has a luring, fatal beauty of its own. Redirecting, throbbing analog electronics, slowly swallowing droning textures and sinuous rhythms are accompanied with eternal, eerie melodies – all reeking of the primordial pleasures. Obscure radio transmissions and telepathic resonances are emerging from the parallel universes and will sink you even deeper into the ignorance of your very self or towards the ravishing beauty of transformation... The other worlds and realities are present both in sound and vision; A triple-bladed iron dagger, brought to this world through trancework. Assume its form, pass the Poison Portals, and continue until the opposites intermingle and known territories vanish beneath the colossal waves... This CD version also includes the previously limited ‘The Mass Rattle’ ep with tracks ‘The Viscous Tomb Liquid’ and a Telepath Remix of the ‘I am His Sacrifice’... The album is enclosed in a customised and screen printed Sublunar series cardboard covers, including five two-sided insert cards. Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

TROUM -- "Acouasme" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR213CD
After the much praised collaboration with RAISON D’ETRE released summer 2015 (“De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu”) and the final volume of the ‘Power Romantic’ trilogy with “Mare Morphosis” in late 2013, “Acouasme” is the first full length album from TROUM in over 2 years. With this album, TROUM wanted to go in a completely different direction, creating a ‘harsher’ and more ‘Industrial’ sounding album as a contrast to previous releases. But through the trademark troumatic machining, the final result doesn’t sound at all like standard harsh noise – it’s rather industrial noise as if filtered through a feverish dream, through a deranged perception. The six long tracks of pestering transrational drones on “Acouasme” sound like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality. [press-release]

ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI -- "Maximum Implosion" -- 2 CD -- €14
2018 Cold Spring, CSR260CD
Noise Rock / Industrial. MAXIMUM IMPLOSION collects all collaborative (and most sought after) pieces between Zeni Geva (KK NULL) and Steve Albini (BIG BLACK / SHELLAC): "Nai-Ha" and "All Right, You Little Bastards!". Also included are bonus tracks from the ultra-limited 12"-only "Superunit", presented with meticulous Cedar mastering by legendary mastering engineer Denis Blackham... On the first CD, Zeni Geva present ultra-heavy Japanese noise rock, with sludgy riffs, thundering feedback, lumbering drums, subhuman bass crawl, and complex noise textures, with KK Null's trademark vocals / unique guitar accompanied by Albini's heavy guitar. "Nai-Ha" loosely translates to "broken inside", with the title track relaying the gruesome aftermath of a car accident... The second CD captures Zeni Geva and Steve Albini's live-to-desk tracks from Tokyo & Osaka in 1992. Albini also makes vocal appearances, as well as guitar throughout... All production and mixing by Steve Albini. Final mastering by Martin Bowes at Cage Studios in England, and presented here in its complete form for the first time on Cold Spring... Presented in a 6-panel double digipak with original artwork/photo by Mitsushiro Hiruma and design/layout by Alonso Urbanos. [label info]

ZOAT-AON -- "Star Autopsy" -- CD -- €12
2005/2016 Aural Hypnox / Stellar Mansion, [AHSM10], (ltd. 477)
Dark Ambient / Drone. ‘Star Autopsy’ is the debut release of Zoät·Aon and was originally released in February 2005. After a long period of unavailability the album is now re-released through our Stellar Mansion series... The album presents nine multi-dimensional dark ambient tracks which range from radiant textures, mesmerizing and swirling soundscapes to dense, crushing walls of sound and hidden abstract melodies. By using conventional instruments, various sound generating devices, such as analog synthesizers and samplers, vocals and other carefully chosen sonic objects Zoät·Aon manages to create an unique, dynamic and truly enigmatic and expansive atmosphere that continuously spirals further towards the unknown areas of consciousness. Total running time: 66:21... The album is enclosed inside a screen printed, black matt Stellar Mansion covers including a four panel screen printed booklet and an insert card. Limited to 477 copies. [label info]

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