ZHELEZOBETON news - 19.08.2019
Dear friends!

Meet the August mailorder update! This time it turned out to be quite large – more than a hundred new releases on a variety of media, from ultra-limited obscure underground to well-known projects.

Many new releases arrived from Russian labels: Aquarellist (new CDs by The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze and Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity), Post-Materialization Music (from jazz and Philippine soul to early home-taping and ethnographic research), Ksenza Records (new albums by Algol and Alberto Nemo), Podzemnoe Techenie (modern home-taping), a variety of releases from the conglomerate of the Urals labels Ostroga / Heart-Shaped Box Prod. / Torga Amun / Monotype Series / Shift Lines / Asemic Sound Letters, new stuff from YAOP and Operator Produkzion, exotic lathe-cut records and tapes from Nazlo Records and a couple of forestal cassettes from BioSonar^Lo-End.

Quite a lot of new music from the international scene as well! We've got new CDs from such labels as SSSM (Japan), Cold Spring (UK), Reverse Alignment (Sweden), Unexplained Sounds / Eighth Tower Records (Italy), New Approach Records (Portugal), Zoharum and Antenna Non Grata (both from Poland).

As usual, send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. Reservations are possible for reasonable time.

Please note that we're going for a small vacation from August 31st to September 11th. Mailorder won't be working during this time and we'll answer all messages right upon return!

The soundtrack for the August update is available on mixcloud, as usual:

Enjoy diving,

I. Forthcoming events

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II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

_METRONOMOS DOWNLOAD- -- "=+FoulSeassions-=" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-109, (ltd. 50)
Experimental Ambient / Avantgarde. A project by Maxim Mamkin (STRUP). Full-colour foldout paper sleeve.

16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P & LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Neure Alhimii" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-126, (ltd. 30)
Industrial / Noise. A collaboration by Dr. Feitnathoroth (16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P, GORDUW, UNIT-ASS, etc.) and Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR, etc.). Black & white foldout paper sleeve.

16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P & OBOZDUR -- "Frozen Pause. Winter Sessions" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Monotype Series, (ltd. 20)
Ambient / Experimental / Industrial. A collaboration by Dr. Feitnathoroth (16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P, GORDUW, UNIT-ASS, etc.) and Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR, etc.). Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P & OBOZDUR -- "Iron Swans. Spring Sessions" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Monotype Series, (ltd. 20)
Ambient / Experimental / Industrial. A collaboration by Dr. Feitnathoroth (16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P, GORDUW, UNIT-ASS, etc.) and Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR, etc.). Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

23 THREADS -- "I Woke Up at Dawn" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 183-2, (ltd. 250)
Doom Metal / Industrial. Marek Marchoff, Ingrid Swen and Rafał Janus are back with the new album. This is the fourth album released under the moniker 23 THREADS. However, it shows a completely different side of the project. This is a kind of escape from the current formula based on combining dark folk with kraut rock. So what can you expect from "I Woke Up Dawn"? This album is a tribute to the protoplasts of heavy music. The musicians themselves say that it is a doom album. Undoubtedly, in these 9 compositions, you can feel a different weight than before. There are guitars in the foreground, bass lines, thick cylindrical riffs intertwined with possessed vocals. In the background, there is a psychedelic atmosphere of the 1970s. This, however, is a kind of a starting point, a creation that the trio uses to utilize their ideas and to mix in their own musical language already known from previous recordings. It is worth mentioning that in one of the songs there is a guest appearance of ZENIAL who performs his own interpretation, deconstructing previously existing recording by the 23 THREADS musicians, which gives an interesting effect consistent with the whole album, and thus confirms the complexity of the convention adopted by the trio. Taken from the motto from "I Woke Up Dawn", Occult Macabre Doom is the best description of the nature of this recording... The album released in digipak in the shape of a cross limited to 250 copies. [label info]

23 THREADS -- "The Ornaments (The Ghost of Miranda)" -- CD -- €10
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 157-2, (ltd. 300)
Neofolk / Psychedelic. Two years after the well-received album 'Conspicuous Unobstructed Path', which broke their silence after several years, 23 THREADS returns with the brand new material. Known for their style close to neofolk, the musicians have developed into different directions close to krautrock, avant or psychedelia known especially through American artists... 'The Ornaments (The Ghost of Miranda)' is a mysterious tale enclosed in 9 parts, illustrated with music, and each one is a separate song that can exist independently of the whole. The latest 23 THREADS album will appeal to both those who like folk songs and those who look for some experimental music. Undoubtedly, those who have known the band so far will not be disappointed. The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak with a poster in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

AJNA -- "An Era of Torment" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-39, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Drone. 2016 saw the release of Ajna's debut on Reverse Alignment; "Inevitable Mortality". An isolationist journey through desolate landscapes. External, but most of all internal. On "An Era of Torment", Chris F plunge deeper into the darkness of the soul. This time derived from psychological battlefields contemplating on lo-fi textures, blackened drones and abandon hopes. [label info]

AJNA & DODSAPPARATEN -- "Seasons" -- CD -- €10
2019 Reverse Alignment, RA-46, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. After releasing "An Era of Torment", Cyclic Law caught up with Ajna and published it´s latest, and by far, most experimental album "Lucid Intrusion" (Chris F's prime work up to this date). Not stopping there, Cryo Chamber invited Ajna to the V/A "Tomb of Ordeals". We're happy that our former artist's future is brighter than ever as well as we're pleased to see him return to the label. The new release on Reverse Alignment entitled "Seasons" is a cooperative work with fellow musician David Bengtsson, aka Dödsapparaten. He's also known as IOK-1, Tarmskrap and from his work together with Manifesto as dB/Mz. "Seasons" form a synthesis of Ajna's murky isolationism with Dödsapparaten's harsher industrial expression making way for a musical story that highlights the darker sides of life. Ultimately being a dedication to a lost friend. [label info]

ALGOL -- "Timeshifter" -- CD -- €10
2019 Ksenza Records, KSZ 024
Dark / Space Ambient. Ksenza Records and Infinite Fog Productions present the new work by Daniil Kazantsev, the mastermind of the projects Stuzha, Black Wanderer and Algol. It is time to embark on a new journey through the endless cosmic horizons with the good old guide. Having left the usual notions of movement in space and time, we set off on a path led by cosmic winds. The new album “Timeshifter” is Algol's second work released by Ksenza Records and the seventh full-length album in 13 years of the project's existence. Characteristric refined space ambient showing the development of the project, which is a pleasure to watch. [label info]

ANDROMALAR -- "Nunquam" -- CD -- €10
2018 Reverse Alignment, RA-44, (ltd. 200)
Ambient / Drone. Reverse Alignment welcome ukrainian Andromalar to the fold. After three self released titles this magic drone act now found it's way to our label. Vast, dreamy soundscapes is expected. Listen and you'll understand what Andromalar is all about. [label info]

APOPHALLATION reworks of VENTA PROTESIX -- "Cervix 2" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2019 Torga Amun, Amun-138, (ltd. 20)

AQUAVOICE -- "Silence" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 168-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Experimental. "Silence" is yet another, the fourth album by Aquavoice in the Zoharum catalog. Two years after the compilation "Early Recordings", the project delivers a completely new album consisting of 13 compositions stylistically kept in the vein which Tadeusz Łuczejko accustomed us to on his previous materials. "Silence" is the ambient in its purest form, it is extremely rich, interesting, multicoloured electronic music. 300 copies in 3-panel ecopak. [label info]

ARBOREAL -- "Embodiment" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-119, (ltd. 24)
A HNW project by a Thai musician Polwach Beokhaimook. This isn't really an HNW recording though, as it's not particularly noisy. 25 minutes of almost static ambience, created with some background echoing field recordings and forefront scratching sounds. Hand-made design with an art-stamp.

B°TONG -- "The Long Journey" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-35, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. For some unknown reason, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy shoots out an X-ray flare about once a day. These flares last a few hours with the brightness ranging from a few times to nearly one hundred times that of the black hole’s regular output. But back in February 2012, astronomers using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory detected the brightest flare ever observed from the central black hole, also known as Sagittarius A*. The flare, recorded 26,000 light years away, was 150 times brighter than the black hole’s normal luminosity. What causes these outbursts? Scientists aren’t sure. But Sagittarius A* doesn’t seem to be slowing down, even though as black holes age they should show a decrease in activity... Since getting to know Chris Sigdell from a distance in 2010, sending the label a promo copy of ”The Great Disintegrator”, and onwards recognising the release of his project b°tong ‎ through labels such as Attenuation Circuit, Greytone and Silken Tofu, we met up in the flesh 2016. Since then the label invited him to master last years releases from Ajna, Valanx and Dronny Darko and now releases his project b°tong’s two new albums ”Monastic” and ”The Long Journey”... On ”The Long Journey” Chris Sigdell focuses on dark drones combined with ”meant-to-be” sound mishaps, making up a drowsy quagmire to a mixture of avantgarde experimental darkness... Don’t listen properly, behave inaccurate. Don’t be obnoxious, be quiet and feel the concrete. [label info]

B°TONG -- "Monastic" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-36, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. Since getting to know Chris Sigdell from a distance in 2010, sending the label a promo copy of ”The Great Disintegrator”, and onwards recognising the release of his project b°tong ‎ through labels such as Attenuation Circuit, Greytone and Silken Tofu, we met up in the flesh in 2016. Since then the label invited him to master last years releases from Ajna, Valanx and Dronny Darko and now releases his project b°tong’s two new albums ”Monastic” and ”The Long Journey”. ”Monastic” is a configuration of field-recordings that Chris Sigdell recorded together with his companions Benny Braaten and Bertrand Gaude in 2010, while having a day off on tour. In the hands of Chris Sigdell ”Monastic” forms spooky and disturbing waves of sound, dripping carelessly down the spine, crushing rocks... Don’t listen properly, behave inaccurate. Don’t be obnoxious, be quiet and feel the concrete. [label info]

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER -- "Egregore" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR271CD
Ritual Ambient. Égrégore is a ritual collaboration between B.S.s. (Common Eider, King Eider, Badgerlore / Six Organs Of Admittance collaborator) and Arexis (La Breiche, Coume Ouarnede, Stille Volk, Ihan)… and all of the spirits of the Pyrenees present during those Dark Moon Rituals, wishing to speak. Born under May’s New Dark Moon in 2018, born in secrecy, in darkness, in Ritual. Born in a tiny cabin in the Pyrenees of France… Born in humbleness… in friendship. Born to offer voice to the stones and waters and stars and all the spirits of that land. Born to summon… Born to give thanks... Rituals documented late into the night and early morning hours. Black moon… Black Mother… Voices captured whispering, wailing, lashing out. Rocks ground together, bundles of branches channeling voices hanging in the air, wishing to be heard, but spoken with a foreign tongue. Bells ring to both banish and invoke. Antlers scratching… mapping a direction… drawing digits. Voices speaking of loss, of longing… of hope, of despair. Voices singing of the broken relationship with the land and spirits. Voices screaming for repair and reciprocity... Recorded live using electronics, rocks, antler, branches and voice. Four offerings given as gifts to the black air… the burnt soil… Gifts to the Spirits living in those forests and mountains of the Pyrenees. Dark moon folk magic… Housed in a beautiful matte-laminate gatefold ecopak, with visuals prepared by Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen). [label info]

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM -- "Purple Light Section Corners Feel Different World" -- CD -- €10
2018 SSSM, sssm-122
Experimental. Melancholic melodies and distinctive textures with nostalgic echoing from bizarre spirited collages to spiritual ambience. Chopped up vocals and a layer of sampling loops intersect with harsh sounds, producing strange exoticism and psychedelia. Music that makes you feel the vast ocean of deep psyche and deep darkness that was reconstructed into a new sound image by synthesizing the melody of piano and inorganic industrial noise. A bizarre groove with a primitive rhythmic Japanese feel with elements of field recordings and musique concrete. Gatefold digisleeve. [label info]

CRYOGENIC WEEKEND -- "Polar Sleep" -- 3 CD -- €15
2018 Reverse Alignment, RA-42, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Oleg Puzan seem to have his hands full. Not only does he frequently release under his solo alias through Cryo Chamber label but also do he have energy left to cooperate with other artists. From ritualistic dark ambient to minimalism, he has made himself a name in the scene and his creativity doesn't seem to have an end... About a year ago we saw the release of Dronny Darkos collaboration "Black Monolith" with Ajna on Reverse Alignment. This year we release another cooperative creation with Oleg Puzan; "Polar Sleep" by Cryogenic Weekend. This entity is formed together with fellow compatriot Vitaly Lebukhorski (Oil Texture) and is a visit to the coldest regions of the world where widespread glaciars and the kingdom of snow rule. "Polar Sleep" is an invitation to experience the sounds of a realm where ice never melts. [label info]

CUKIER -- "Third Source" -- CD -- €10
2019 Antenna Non Grata, ANG CD05
Free Improvisation / Experimental. CUKIER are a trio formed by the Polish musicians Piotr Mełech (clarinets), Michał Kasperek (percussion) and Łukasz Kacperczyk (modular synthesizer). "Piotr, Michał and Łukasz created quite an eponymus work of sound and improvisational art released by quite underrated Antenna Non Grata. Set up in a landscape of sonorous and widely experimental landscape created by the interaction between clarinets and percussion in a mode of extensive and intensive improvisation with tough blow of the modular synthesis mapping brings once again the famous quote "The Map is not Territory". I usually take improvisational project with huge pinch of himalayan rock salt but hey - the way this trio deals with silence, quiet undertones and then the intensity is like dealing with subtle balance in ecosystem - there is usage of different idioms - a hint to the listener with clarinet sounding like didgeridoo and tribal strata of sounds. There is lots of noise here but not the one you normally associate with harsh noise genre - it's elusive and raw and enticing. This could be easily a soundtrack. It is - three creative people with encyclopedic knowledge of their craft. Stunning!" [Felthat]

CYBORG SEE CYBORG DO -- "Cloudburst" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Monotype Series, (ltd. 47)
Ambient / Drone project from Perm, Russia. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

DIFFERENT STATE -- "Enormous Components of Motor Unit, Vol. 1" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 175-2, (ltd. 300)
After nearly seven years since the last studio album, numerous albums released by Marek Marchoff solo, several reissues and two releases of the reformed 23 THREADS project, DIFFERENT STATE is back with a new album. "Enormous Components of Motor Unit vol. 1" is composed of 8 compositions full of the specific spirit known from the earlier works by the project and, on the other hand, presenting a completely new face of DIFFERENT STATE. Thanks to his restless nature, Marek as a composer does not stop for a moment, does not try to play tried concepts over and over again, but he is drawn into regions that he has not discovered yet. Here illbient rhythms, although still present, give way to the post-krautrock and psychedelic atmospherics constantly floating throughout the entire album. The whole is enriched with widely used acoustic instruments and numerous vocals appearing here and there. Every noise seemingly out of place here, as if by chance, gives an extra flavour. The song after the song flows hypnotically forming one coherent soundtrack to the unmade movie... The album is released in a limited edition of 300 copies in a hexagonal ecopack. [label info]

DREN -- "Time & Form" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 181-2, (ltd. 300)
Industrial / Techno. "Time & Form" is the debut of the duo hailing from Tri-City. The material was recorded at the turn of April and May 2018, shortly after Natt and Akton gave birth to DREN. The music on the album is characterized by stylistic eclecticism. Over the course of eight electronic works, you can hear strong influences of industrial, ritual sounds and widely understood "bass music". From the first beats of "Time" to the last bass breath of "Terminus", DREN spreads a dark aura around the listener. Dense, heavy atmosphere hovers above the unobvious, mechanical, yet ritual rhythms. 300 copies in 3-panel ecopak. [label info]

ENDLESS IMITATION -- "Low Horizons" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Shift Lines, line 003, (ltd. 30)
Drone Ambient, very calm and laid-back.

EXPO 70 -- "Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos" -- 2 CD -- €14
2009/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 162-2, (ltd. 500)
Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock. Here we have another archival material by EXPO 70, the project of Justin Wright. 'Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos' is a collection of rare recordings from 2008-2010, previously released only on two mini CDRs and two cassettes. Unavailable for a long time, they contain some of the finest tracks in the Expo 70 history, most importantly the title recording, reminiscing of ASHRA and the early AMON DÜÜL II. This composition and 'Ostara', which make up the program of the first CD, are the beginnings of a trio version of the project, known as EXPO SEVENTY (in contrast to the solo recordings marked with the spelling EXPO 70). The personnel on both recordings was augumented by Matt Hill on bass... The second CD of this compilation is filled with four songs (clocking-in at around 15 minutes each) from Justin Wright's solo sessions. In addition to traditional guitar sounds, he explores the possibilities of the Moog synthesizer. These compositions perfectly complement the material from the first disc... The CDs are housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Kapuke / Music For Vienna Aktionists" -- CD -- €10
2003/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 170-2, (ltd. 200)
Experimental. Consistently continuing the GT Archive publishing series, here is its sixth installment... On the album you will find recordings from two releases: "Kapuke" and "Music for Vienna Aktionists". The first part, originally released under the names Twardawa / Jankowski on MCDR, is a recording of sessions based on a large part of the prepared piano sounds and vocals. In fact, three people took part in the recording; Barbara's female voice appears as a guest. The second part of the album consists of seven tracks released originally on CDR, which was the first attempt at creating the soundtrack to the silent films of individual performative actions of the Vienna Actionists (including Otto Muehl and Günter Brus). At the same time, it was possible to present the material live together with moving pictures. Today one can enjoy the document to that event again... This reissue is strictly limited to 200 copies. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby" -- CD -- €10
2002/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 170-2, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Musique Concrète. We are consistently continuing our reissue series, aimed at reminding the most important materials from the large discography of Genetic Transmission. As the fifth in a row, we present the album "Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby" originally released on CDR by D.S.B.M.W. in 2002. The sound of this album is composed of oscillate in the fields Tomasz Twardawa's project has already been known for (brutism, plunderphonics, field recordings, industrial). Unlike previous sessions, we find here many more experiments referring to cut-up techniques (in the tradition of NURSE WITH WOUND), sound preparation using (for the first time in the history of GENETIC TRANSMISSION) a computer, or building a kind of narrative that forms a sonic story without unambiguous content. The album was reissued in an ecopak and is limited to 200 copies only. [label info]

2016/2019 Aquarellist, aquarel 48-19, (ltd. 150)
Ambient / Drone. Reissue of the untitled album released on cassette in 2016 by ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ as a limited edition of 77 copies. For this CD edition the new mix was made in January 2018. "Inspired by the astonishing nature of Ural region and folk stories from "The Malachite Box" cycle by Pavel Bazhov (goo.gl/dqDhSG), this collaboration between German drone maestro Mathias Grassow and prominent Russian project Closing The Eternity reveals thoroughly crafted aural world, where deep chthonic drones interact with huge ambiences and multiple percussion sounds. Constantly breathing, organic, always changing and yet truly monolithic sound, which tells stories about hidden secrets of the earth..." [from the original press-release]

HINO, MAYUKO -- "Lunisolar" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR245CD
Noise. ‘Lunisolar’ is the second solo album from the ‘Queen Of Japanese Noise’, Mayuko Hino. ‘Faintainhead’ unleashes swathes of densely layered noise, undulating in intensity and ferocity. Although claustrophobic throughout, there are moments of gentle metallic percussion, punctuating the raging vibrations beneath. ‘Astral Travelling’ offers no such relief, featuring unrelenting, piercing electronics throughout until the final few minutes of psychedelic comedown. In addition to self-made instruments, Hino plays noise with her six-theremin oscillators (in bright pink) – the one and only in the world, specially made by Ryo Araishi (a.k.a. ichion)... Prolific as a live performer, Hino is most well-known for forming C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) in 1990, together with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai and Ryuichi Nagakubo. In its early phase, the band grabbed attention by combining noise music with Hino’s sadomasochism performance using bondage ropes and dripping candle wax. She has since been a member of Mne-Mic, DFH-M3, and Transparentz. Digipak. [label info]

HOGAN, ANNI -- "Lost In Blue" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR266CD
‘Lost In Blue’ is the brand new album from ANNI HOGAN (Marc & The Mambas, The Willing Sinners). An astounding, attentive work on an emotive shared journey. Songs in despair searching for hope, moments of monumental horror, and outpouring screams of consciousness. A poignant, bleak album for these times. ‘Lost In Blue’ has elements of orchestral delight, dark cabaret, and modern vaudeville, with Anni’s trademark torch songs evoking the dimly-lit corners of bohemian Soho and reigniting the sordid torment of those illustrious Marc & The Mambas days... All this is wrapped in the magical vocals of: LYDIA LUNCH, WOLFGANG FLÜR (ex-Kraftwerk), GAVIN FRIDAY (ex-Virgin Prunes), RICHARD STRANGE (Doctors Of Madness), KID CONGO POWERS (The Gun Club, ex-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, ex-The Cramps), and many more. Produced by DAVE BALL (Soft Cell) and RICCARDO MULHALL, the brilliant guests’ lyrical content responds perfectly to the music, resonating with and cohabiting the sonics created. File next to: Marc & The Mambas, Jacques Brel, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds... CD in ecopak with a bonus track, not featured on the LP edition. [label info]

HYBRYDS -- "Dreamscapes From A Dark Side / Voices Without A Sound" -- 2 CD -- €14
1996/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 179-2, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Ritual. The next volume in HYBRYDS reissue programme is a double CD collecting two albums: "Dreamscapes from a Dark Side" and "Voices without a Sound". After the well-received reissue of "Mistrust Authority & Tectonic Overload", which contains a more rhythmic, cybernetic face of the Belgian project, "Dreamscapes" (originally released in 1996) is a return to very atmospheric regions. Next to "Soundtrack for the Aquarium", it is the most ambient album in HYBRYDS discography. Tracks full of stillness are interrupted by samples from several iconic films. "Dreamscapes from a Dark Side" is certainly a unique disc in the discography of the Belgian project... The later album "Voices without a Sound" perfectly goes with the first disc (it contains recordings from 1999-2001), originally released under the name NA-DHA. The recordings on this one are the effect of improvisations recorded live which also can be heard perfectly. Sandy Magthea Nijs shows here a slightly more ritual face of his music, a bit closer to the early recordings of HYBRYDS. Still, it is a pensive, moon music... The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes. Sandy Nys provided the cover based on the previous editions. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

INNER VISION LABORATORY -- "Continuum" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 180-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Dark Ambient. Karol Skrzypiec returns with a new album to the Zoharum fold. This artist, consistently following the path chosen by himself, discovers new areas with every new recording. In his compositions, synthetic structures increasingly give way to acoustic instruments. Not only does it give a different quality to his music, but also affects a completely different reception of it. Nowadays it is more spatial, has richer arrangement and boldly goes beyond the former structures that have been associated with the INNER VISION LABORATORY project. It would be difficult to describe this album as dark ambient. Although it is impossible to deny a composer the skill of building the right atmosphere, he is far from pathos or dark aura. You can find a note of melancholy, thoughtfulness, a space for reflection, but with light seen from a distance. Who knows - maybe it is an attempt to reconcile with the inevitable, with the thought that all that touches us serves the purpose of going further? To sum up, "Continuum" is an album of many sounds, colours, moving not only by the richness of sounds, but also encouraging reflection and bringing solace... The album is released in an ecopak limited to 300 copies. [label info]

KOLACKI, RAFAL -- "Ā’zan. Hearing Ethiopia" -- CD -- €10
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 154-2, (ltd. 300)
Field Recordings. Rafał Kołacki's new album entitled 'Ā'zan. Hearing Ethiopia' is another set of field recordings of this artist in which he aims at an in-depth analysis of the audiosphere of a big city. This time of Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, the place with an extremely wide range of sounds. A multicultural city, both ethnically and religiously, where there are many different languages and different forms of religious activity. The voice of Muezzin praying in the distance, the Christian songs sung in the church or played through loudspeakers throughout the day. It all remind us of the openness and tolerance of the Ethiopians, their ability to function in mutual symbiosis, beyond religion and politics. [label info]

KOLLAPS -- "Mechanical Christ" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR269CD
Industrial. Australian post-industrialists KOLLAPS are a three piece creating a unique brand of primitive noise “intended for degenerates and outsiders”. The bands’ distinctive primordial tones are created using appropriated waste materials like scrap metal, raw plastics and steel plates combined with blistering percussion, bass and vocals. This is no empty “industrial” gesture, for the band this process of creation facilitates the literal use of postmodern society against itself... Mechanical Christ, the bands’ sophomore release, is a conceptual continuation of its predecessor Sibling Lovers. This release sees Kollaps further their exploration of the inherent societal sickness of our times, one that manifests itself in the debasement of individual morality. Themes of exploitation, vengeance, drug addiction, paranoia and slave labour are part of a dissonant, inverted morality play. Testament to the bands’ evolving conceptual depth are the overarching themes of love, life and death that offer a sense of shared experience in the discomfort of the universal human experience. Known for their violent and nihilistic stage performances, this recording encapsulates with harsher clarity the visceral confrontation that is Kollaps’ live act... Mechanical Christ was recorded and mixed over a two-month period at Aviary Studios by Mike Deslandes, and mastered by James Plotkin/Plotkinworks. A journey into the desperation and lack of resolve that is both the crux of modern social ills and at the very heart of the human condition... CD in gatefold digisleeve. [label info]

KOSMODROM -- "The War Of The Worlds" -- CD -- €10
2018 New Approach Records, NAR17, (ltd. 200)
Psychedelic space ambient / noise inspired by vintage sci-fi. The Serbian artist's own soundtrack to H.G. Wells' sci-fi masterpiece. 53 minutes of cosmic noises inspired by: The War Of The Worlds (1953), War Of The Worlds (2005), H. G. Wells - The War Of The Worlds (1897), Orson Welles - The War Of The Worlds radio drama (1938), Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds (1978), Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (1971), A. R. & Machines - Echo (1972), Hawkwind - Space Ritual (1973), and Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass (1974). A.N. also records as CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION and DEAD BODY COLLECTION. Ltd x 200 copies in a digisleeve. [Cold Spring]

KROMESHNA -- "Eternal Waves" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Ostroga, OTR-105, (ltd. 37)
Abstract Drone music with field recordings and radiowaves buried deep inside the textures of sound. Two long 20+ minutes tracks.

KROMESHNA -- "Paratkul'" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT129, (ltd. 25)
Drone / Industrial. Vitaly Maklakov and his project KROMESHNA continue sonic explorations of the Southern Urals' landscapes. This time his attention is focused on the village Paratkul' and its neighborhood. Two tracks of misty resonant Drone Industrial with warm moist lo-fi sound. The cover is handmade of plastic and fragrant wood paper with textured splashes, a photo made by Vitaly in Paratkul', all information is hand-written. [label info]

LARMSCHUTZ -- "Macaca" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-116, (ltd. 40)
Free-improvised brass and string noise from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Paper sleeve with hand-made collage / applique.

LASKOVOE ECHO -- "Raw" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2019 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT149, (ltd. 19)
Experimental Ambient. The new, very laconic, but unusual release from laskovoe echo is a kind of somnambulistic ritual, permeated with raw psychedelia and the spirit of summer nights. Warm analog retro sound, electric organs, motoric rhythm, drones and dreams - a real masterpiece of Psychedelic Ambient. Design: half-century-old vintage textile paper, a herbarium with a leaf of an apple tree from the gardens of an Ingermanland village Kirjasalo abandoned almost 80 years ago. Completely handmade design, all information is written by hand. Box with engraved numbers and branded label sticker, photo insert. [label info]

LLYN Y CWN -- "Twll Du" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR254CD
Dark Ambient. Twll Du (‘Black Hole’) is an ominous dark ambient journey through vast atmospheric landscapes. Each beautifully crafted opus is based on a bespoke field recording and is named after an area of Cwm Idwal, home of the Twll Du. Swelling, monolithic drones reveal the majestic power of the mountains. The music conveys an immersive atmosphere and is intended to be played as the listener falls into a deep sleep... Llyn Y Cwn (‘Lake Of The Dogs) is a small lake at 715m in the Glyder mountain range of Snowdonia, North Wales. The Devil’s Kitchen is the name given to the dark, black crack which splits the rock of Clogwyn y Geifr (‘Cliff Of The Goat’) between Y Garn and Glyder Fawr. The Welsh name for Devil’s Kitchen is Twll Du, meaning ‘black hole’, because of the plume of steam that is often seen rising from the crack resembling a chimney. It’s said when steam can be seen rising from the chimney, the Devil is cooking... File next to fellow Welshman Lustmord. Presented in a 6-panel digipak with breathtaking photography by the artist. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "56°29'20''N (56.488839) 63°26'10''E (63.435983)" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Monotype Series, (ltd. 20)
Field Recordings. The recording was made on 03.07.2015 at an unnamed lake lost in the woods of the Dalmatovsky district of the Kurgan region, Russia. Subsequently, the material was digitally revised. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Aesthetic Culture Metabolism -- CD-R -- €7
2016/2019 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT127, (ltd. 17)
Noise / Ambient. Reissue of an audiocassette, released by Heart Shaped Box Prod. as a non-run edition of one copy. Experimental Art Noise Ambient, full of field recordings, radionoises, voices, improvisations on ethnic instruments. A kaleidoscope of sonic artifacts, interflowing and overlaying, making up the multi-faced essence of the modern culture. Limited to 17 handnumbered copies. Half-DVD box, the cover is made by hand from vintage paper with many years exposure. A pack of fullcolour inserts reproducing the collages that created the original cassette edition. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY / DYKUMA / SVETLO111 -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2019 Ostroga, OTR-108, (ltd. 35)
Experimental split mini-cd from three Russian artists coming from three different cities: Kamensk-Uralskiy, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg. 35 copies with abstract drawings by V. Maklakov, each copy has a different drawing.

MANIFESTO -- "Hive" -- CD -- €10
2018 Reverse Alignment, RA-43, (ltd. 200)
Industrial / Dark Ambient. Magnus Zetterberg is returning with a new haunting opus of darkest industrial ambient accompanied by Axel Torvenius wonderful art. "Hive" is a ghastly exhibition into the foul world of humanity. A soundtrack to devastation. [label info]

MODELBAU -- "Zender" -- CD -- €10
2018 Antenna Non Grata, ANG CD03
Drone / Radionoise / Experimental. "When I was about 15 years old I learned about the existence of experimental music and that it was possible to create it without any formal training and early on I realized that the radio was one of the easiest accessible ‘instruments’ one could use. One of the very first releases I did was KAPOTTE MUZIEK’s ‘Raw Sounds’, a thirteen-minute cassette with just radio sounds. It leads to a lifelong fascination with radio sounds. Later on I used radios with KAPOTTE MUZIEK in concert and on record, with BEEQUEEN, with THE TOBACCONISTS and currently it is part of the MODELBAU set-up. The seven pieces on ‘Zender’ were recorded between October 2017 and February 2018 and all use one or more radios as source material, and in various instances very little else. Part of the set-up is also these days Koma Elektronik’s ‘Field Kit’, which comes with a built-in FM/AM/shortwave radio. The pieces range from very ambient to quite noisy, but all have the trademark minimal slow build-up that MODELBAU is known for." [Frans de Waard]

MOLOCH CONSPIRACY -- "Baclou" -- CD -- €12
2019 Eighth Tower Records, ETR020
Dark Ambient / Drone. During my trip to French Guiana in the Summer of 2018, I was overwhelmed by the luxuriance of nature and the fragility of human settlement. Land of colonization and migration, Guyana is rich of beliefs, often mixed as in the "quimbois" and voodoo. These landscapes, green and sometimes burnt, as during the dry season, contain myths and a surprising folklore as for the invoked entity "baclou", the "viscous gnome" which can cause what is close to collective hysteria. I was inspired by these stories but also from the richness of nature that I have recorded, whether it is the deep jungle or the Islands of Salvation shores, the swamps or the savannah. This land of Guiana can be inhospitable and the climate often causes a feeling of heaviness. The jungle reveals itself in torpor and consumes our consciousness like the waves crashing on this island where I have been locked up for months. I could not say what I saw. The atrocity of these visions and the heat has transformed me forever. I only remember a few sensations, some images. [Julien Lacroix]

MOTHERTAPE -- "Unexplained Mind Bruises" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 165-2, (ltd. 250)
Experimental / Electroacoustic. A new project among Zoharum roster is MOTHERTAPE hailing from Kołobrzeg. Their new album "Unexplained Mind Bruises" is the second full-length album of the duo after the debut "Problems with Talking to Aliens". They have also an EP "Mothertape" and a split with RADIO NOISE DUO under their belt. Their second album is more than 40 minutes of electroacoustic improvisations which draw from the entire output of avant-garde music. The musicians themselves say that they combine Eastern mysticism with Western rigidness in their recordings. They have been polishing their unique style during numerous live performances. And the effect can be heard in seven compositions included on the album entitled "Unexplained Mind Bruises". The album was released in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies. [label info]

NEMO, ALBERTO -- "Tidur" -- CD -- €10
2019 Ksenza Records, KSZ 025, (ltd. 300)
Neoclassical / Avantgarde. Alberto Nemo is an Italian minimal composer, born in 1988 and based in the northeastern province of Rovigo. Prolific, inspired and versatile, Nemo has released the new album "Tidur" on cult Siberian ambient drone label Ksenza. All the artwork was realised by Francesca Vam using actual tattoos made for the artist's skin, on the assumption that tattoos are sacred marks on the surface of Art... Inspired in both measure by everything sacred and esoteric and by scientific studies on sounds frequencies, Nemo creates his own world, where Gregorian chants, Balcanic and Middle Eastern traditional vibes, Michael Nyman Prospero's Book, Olafur Arnald's introspective textures, Dead Can Dance misty soundscapes and Aphex Twin's deep basses join to mesmerise the listener... Nemo's artistic career started back in 2008 in an unusual way, first with him singing at funerals, then from 2011 to 2015 with many travels across Europe to perform music-therapy activities. The first proper release is the album “6x0 Live (Vol. I)” (September '17). It captures a live performance at Dimora, an artistic commune in Rovigo, with the contribution of Guido Frezzato on viola. The final master of the record has not been edited at all. The second album “6x0” was released in March '18, completely realized with the reverse tape technique. In the same year, he also won prestigious Musicultura Festival, with the song named “Ancora”, which features award-winning British classical composer Sephine Llo. November 2018 saw Nemo releasing his most challenging project up-to-date, the two Eps “Futuro Semplice” and “Dante vs Nemo”. Not being enough the former being a series of daring compositions, enclosing the single “Ancora”, the second – also published as an audiobook – draws inspiration from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, which sonnets are used as overtures for each song of “Futuro Semplice”, read by actor Marino Bellini. In 2018 Nemo performed a tour in the cities of Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw and Tallinn. The secret events - on invitations only - were actually silent concerts, with the audience listening individually, in absolute concentration, through headphones. [label info]

NOWA ZIEMIA / ECHOES OF YUL -- "Holter / Fuse" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 160-2, (ltd. 350)
Guitar Drone. Both Nowa Ziemia and Echoes of Yul are well-known to the fans of Zoharum sound. Both projects have already recorded several albums and gained their own fanbase, both explore the drone possibilities of the guitar sound (though in completely different ways). On the initiative of Michał Śliwa from Echoes of Yul, the musicians joined forces to record a collaborative effort. The result is this album showing new elements in the body of work by both projects... Nowa Ziemia in his four works presented here under the name 'Holter' presents a very quiet face. Elements of field recordings combine all the tracks together and this has not been explored much in the work of this project from Gdynia. The nearly 40-minute Echoes of Yul track fits perfectly with the sound prepared by Nowa Ziemia. The static, multi-layered drone is practically stripped of the rhythm. The wall of sound controls every centimeter of the listener's body up to a point where it suddenly becomes silent irrevocably. The only thing that remains to be done is to start listening to this collaborative split again from the beginning. [label info]

OBOZDUR -- "Prostye Dvizheniya (Simple Movements)" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-110, (ltd. 24)
Experimental / Noise. Hand-made paper sleeve with collage design, each copy is unique.

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms - Vol.4" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-118, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise.

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms - Vol.5" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-115, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise.

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms - Vol.7" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-117, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise.

OBOZDUR / URINATE -- "Planet Of Cans" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-111, (ltd. 30)
Split of two noise projects from Russia.

ODRZ -- "ODRZ60 - Symphony No. 2" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-123, (ltd. 40)
Industrial / Noise from the Italian project.

PROTOTIP USLOVNIY -- "Polost' Voprosa (Cavity of a Question)" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Ostroga, OTR-106, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Ambient / Noise from Russia. A mixture of psychedelic drone guitar playing and abstract electronics. Sturdy cardboard sleeve with print.

2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_31, (ltd. 20)
Radionoise / Drone / Experimental. Soundtrack by the noise commune from the Leningrad region. Drone jams on a bench surrounded by radioreceivers and fly agaric mushrooms. A turn-by-turn visit to the master of DIY-synths and the adept of organic sounds. Who drones into the space in mornings, acts wisely! Two CD-Rs with printed surfaces packed in double half-DVD box. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Airstrikes / Early Moon" -- 2 CD -- €15
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 165-2B, (ltd. 100)
Ritual / Ethnic / Ambient. ‘Airstrikes’ is Robin Storey’s brand new album on Zoharum since ‘Blue Days’ released back in 2015. Unlike the latter, ‘Airstrikes’ contains longer compositions that combine the different recurring themes from Rapoon repertoire from the past 25 years. These are both inspirations from oriental music and rhythmic structures that derive directly from dance music. The seven compositions on the album are subtle observations of the processes taking place in the modern world... Airstrikes announced on the news bulletin with the same detachment as announcing a rise in the price of petrol… A computer game… a dancing crosshairs above a target… The sound of a dulcimer playing an ancient song careens through the dusty, dry desert air… Life persists…. We are such stuff as dreams are made on… This version of the album contains the second CD with the recording of the Warsaw gig entitled ‘Easterly Moon’ and is limited to 100 copies only. [label info]

RNGMNN -- "On Darker Trails" -- CD -- €10
2018 Reverse Alignment, RA-45, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. RNGMNN is Ronny Engmann, a multidisciplinary musician working from his base Berlin, Germany. Combining his minimal dark ambient with contemporary horror music making an own experimental style he's now entering the Reverse Alignment territory with the new album "On Darker trails". Releasing several contributions on various net labels since 1999, "On Darker Trails" is the first official physical release on CD. The album takes a dive into the skies above and phenomena that, for humans unreachable, space and there after. [label info]

THE ROOTSMAN meets MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Amahar" -- CD -- €12
2019 Aquarellist, aquarel 50-19, (ltd. 340)
Rhythmic Electronics / Experimental Dub. This material was recorded by Muslimgauze and The Rootsman at the Third Eye Studio, Bradford, UK between 1997 and 1998. Previously unreleased, because this tape was considered lost until recently. Standard edition – 340 copies in jewel-case.

ROSE SOBCHAK -- "Popularity" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Torga Amun, Amun-132, (ltd. 20)
Noise / HNW from Moscow, Russia.

SONOLOGYST -- "Phantoms" -- CD -- €12
2019 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG054
Experimental / Musique Concrete. Voices of children in a park, people playing a handball game, dogs barking, a man talking of philosophy, a demon lurking in a dark corner. Dreamlike mental landscape of nonsensical memories, a metamorphic passage from the blackness, the shadows of a lost beauty. Everything frozen in the stillness of phantom recordings. [label info]

STRUP -- "Kolybel' dlya Biorobota (Cradle for a Biorobot)" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-131, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Sound Collage. The album expresses the very atmosphere of overload and alarming expectations, forced by various structures with the aim of a zero-sum game. The language of anti-propaganda is used to expose social reactions. It is in such conditions that the most acute question for a person is - who am I? [from the author]

STRUP -- "Mirovozzreniya Kletka (A Cell of Worldview)" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-124, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Sound Collage. One more great work from the Russian master of lo-fi psychedelic collage Maxim Mamkin.

TANCE SNU -- "Meander" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 171-2, (ltd. 500)
Neoclassical / Medieval. "Meander" is the second album of Tańce Snu, an intriguing troupe created several years ago by India Czajkowska and Sebastian Madejski, and now extended with a guitarist Christoph Matyaschek - passionate about jazz-blues sounds and a percussionist Adam Rozenman. On this new album the artists invite us on a musical journey inspired by the sounds of the past, often interwoven with avant-garde sounds of neoclassical improvisation. In the maze of melodies, cymbals and zither, a vocal duel takes place, a kind of dialogue of voices repeatedly quarreling and discussing in order to finally combine in harmony. This peculiar dance between the vocalisations of India and Sebastian, characteristic for the work of this project, fits in perfectly with the story which seems to be an extraordinary journey between the worlds. Like slides, we can hear the echoes of early music, sometimes flirting with modern sounds and a hint of psychedelia. "Meander" is a journey to the mysterious realms of musical imagination; to the lands where time goes by with its own course... The album was released in an ecopak and is limited to 500 copies only. [label info]

TAPHEPHOBIA -- "House Of Memories" -- 2 CD -- €14
2007/2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-33, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Drone. As Reverse Alignment was established in 2007 we also made our first contact with Ketil Søraker. His guitarbased drone project Taphephobia had just a moment ago released it's first opus "House of Memories" through the belgium label Nothingness Records. From there on we've been in touch more or less, (in a more constant period) when putting out "Anomie" and "Black City Skyline", (and more or less) over the years when new production's emerged. Since Taphephobia's first release in 2007, Ketil's project is now a permanent act under the banner of Cyclic Law and has since it's start released six albums, and a load of collaborative albums and compilation tracks... Now, 10 years after it's publication, Reverse Alignment release House of Memories again, with new artwork and design from Haerleif Langås and mastered by Frédéric Arbour. As a special treat follows eleven selected compilation tracks put together for this release. All a good way to summarize ten years of Taphephobia, from how the project sounded in the early days to today. [label info]

TEN ATMOSPHERES -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Monotype Series, (ltd. 34)
Ambient / Experimental Electronics, quite atmospheric and contemplative. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

TEN ATMOSPHERES -- "Modern Life" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Shift Lines, line-004, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Experimental Electronics, quite atmospheric and contemplative.

TUNNELS OF AH -- "Charnel Transmissions" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR256CD
Ambient / Noise / Experimental. ‘Charnel Transmissions’ is the fourth TUNNELS OF ĀH release and once more the TOĀH sound is taken into ever more oblique regions. Inspired by the ‘chime and gong stations’ recordings of the Cold War era, ‘Charnel Transmissions’ sets out to evoke rather than recreate the alienated spirit(s) of those recordings. With the ritual percussion of Francis P. weaving throughout the album alongside cracked electronics, ‘Charnel Transmissions’ is a disquieting spiral into an ashen world of ‘mythostatic psychopomp’ where this world is transformed into a charnel ground of gods, ghosts and jackals... Crumbling drones, splintered bursts of noise and buried voices make ‘Charnel Transmissions’ unconventional and non-linear, much like those charnel dwellers who seek out the lowest to attain the highest. For lovers of ceremonial sounds and dark places. Digipak. [label info]

U238 -- "Monotonus Noise Melancholy" -- 2 CD-R BOX -- €20
1999/2017 Torga Amun, Amun-116, (ltd. 23)
Industrial / Lo-Fi. Reissue of the archival materials from this Russian project formed by Dr. Feitnathoroth (GORDUW, TCHORT, UNIT-ASS, etc.) in 1999. Meditation on utopian paintings and unnecessary things. Nuclear flowers and dust. Secret asemic messages and sour rust, eating into the cooling subconscious. 23 copies in hand-decorated box. Inserts: three hand-decorated foto-cards, fragments of a tape with soviet propaganda and educational films, analgin tablets, broken lamps, original cover of first edition from 1999 year + other unnecessary things. [label info]

VALANX -- "Tidelands" -- CD -- €10
2018 Reverse Alignment, RA-41, (ltd. 200)
Water is flooding. Land is obsolete. Scattered tribes rule their part of the world. Struggling. Adapting. "Tidelands" is Valanx soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic future where water is abundant and the circumstances of living has changed radically. This is the final album by Valanx and Reverse Alignment is very happy to release it. We've been fortunate to work with such great artist... "This album is the swansong of my long musical journey and I would like to dedicate it to the most important person in my life, my wife Petra. Without her I’d be lost in nothingness. Eternal love. I’d also like to thank Kristian Widqvist for his continued belief in Valanx and his dedication to the project. Last but not least, a big thank you to all the listeners over all these years." [Arne Weinberg]

VELGENATURLIG -- "Anahata" -- CD -- €10
2019 Reverse Alignment, RA-47, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Drone. VelgeNaturlig has been in our view for some time now. Somewhat underground until recent when releasing "Opalescent Pust" (2017) and "Kundalini" (2018) on dutch Winter Light label. When approaching Reverse Alignment we didn´t hesitate to take care of the experimental soundpiece "Anāhata". Staying true to the VelgeNaturlig format "Anāhata" is another field of soundbits that've been put together to manifest a holistic work. Carefully carresed, VelgeNaturlig deliver an almost hourly long hypnotic track, peeking and depthing. Most easily described as a ocean, waving back and forth, "Anāhata" has to be explored. And felt. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Akusmata" -- CD -- €10
2019 Antenna Non Grata, ANG CD04
Experimental / Musique Concrete. Greek ἀκούσματα translates as ,,heard’’ but also ,,collections’’. It is a collection of statements that were treated both as a source of specific knowledge and as a slogan explaining the complex reality. Pythagoras used them at the turn of the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. Supposingly his students had to remain silent for five years and could not see their master. It was thought the view of the speaker, distracted the listeners and did not let them concentrate fully on the transferred knowledge. Much later, in the twentieth century, the French composer Pierre Schaeffer reminded about acousmatic experiences - listening to sounds in isolation from their sources. On the basis of his experiments, musique concrète was born. This record is an attempt to face these traditions. Selected artists were asked to show their way to blurring the sources of sounds that in the process of experimenting, processing lose their meaningful luggage and become something that must be imagined anew. Akusmata. [label info] Featuring: PAULINA MIU, PAULINA OWCZAREK / ERIC BAUER / KAMIL KOROLCZUK, ADAM GOLEBIEWSKI / MICHAEL ESPOSITO, LUDOMIR FRANCZAK, MODELBAU, GINTAS K, MONIKA PICH, GW94, BARTEK KUJAWSKI, GRUPA ETYKA KURPINA, RADIO NOISE DUO, VOICES OF THE COSMOS.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Drone Islands - Land Rising" -- CD -- €12
2019 Eighth Tower Records, ETR019, (ltd. 200)
Pitchfork Media and Allmusic journalist Mark Richardson defined drone music thus: "The vanishing-point music created by drone elders Phill Niblock and, especially, LaMonte Young is what happens when a fixation on held tones reaches a tipping point. Timbre is reduced to either a single clear instrument or a sine wave, silence disappears completely, and the base-level interaction between small clusters of "pure" tone becomes the music's content. This kind of work takes what typically helps us to distinguish "music" from "sound," discards nearly all of it, and then starts over again from scratch..." Since LaMonte Young early experiments till today, drone music has come a long way. Eighth Tower Records is proud to present an anthology featuring 12 projects from artists who work on classic and new stimulating paths for the drone music. AH CAMA-SOTZ, SATORI, KAMMARHEIT, ASHTORETH, DAIMON, STEFAN KLAVERDAL, SONOLOGYST, INSTINCT PRIMAL, LARS BRÖNDUM, MASSIMO OLLA, NIHIL IMPVLSE, HLER. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Radio Noises" -- CD -- €10
2017 Antenna Non Grata, ANG CD01
Experimental / Radionoise. A compilation on which invited artists proposed tracks using various sounds of the radio. The radio was treated as a musical instrument. Noises for everyone! [label info] Featuring: GW94, DARIUSZ BRZOSTEK & JOANNA WALEWSKA, MIRT, ZENIAL, MICROMELANCOLIÉ, SYNTHOPIA, MOTHERTAPE, GAAP KVLT, URORURO, RADIO NOISE DUO.


ELECTRO-HARAM -- "Hur" -- 7" picture lathe-cut -- €19
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR104, (ltd. 25)
Experimental / Sound Collage. New single of the Moscow-based obscure underground project on a one-sided square 7" picture lathe-cut record, edition of 25 copies.

THE NEW MOVEMENT -- "Theory Of Nothing" -- LP -- €23
2017 The New Movement, TNM016, (ltd. 100)
Noise. Side A contains a studio recording from Northern Rust Studios, Sweden. Side B contains two live recordings. Edition of 100 copies on white colored vinyl. Printed matt laminated cover and insert sleeve. A-Side plays at 33 rpm and B-side at 45 rpm. Mastered by Denis Blackham.

THE NEW MOVEMENT & KH12 QUARTET -- "Nichts Fur Nitsch" -- picture LP -- €23
2017 Psych.KG, Psych.KG 229, (ltd. 90)
Noise. 'Nichts Für Nitsch'? That reeks of The New Blockaders, I would think, but it is not; The New Movement, a duo of Kenny Johansson and Tony Eriksson are however strongly inspired by the Blockaders, as I read on Discogs: "Inspired by anti-'artists' like Marcel Duchamp, Luigi Russolo and The New Blockaders the group emerged from the intention to create a new form of anti-art with a nostalgic feeling but soon moved further into the 'philosophy of nothing' and they wrote the manifesto 'X' even before they ever recorded something in the name of The New Movement. With their manifesto TNM 'stand their ground' to reject and destroy everything for their 'philosophy of nothing' and to be pointless as their weapon of choice", which reads to me like something them Blockaders could have also written. KH12 Quartet is also a duo, Matthias Horn (also the label boss here) and Phillip Zimmermann and in Sweden the four of them recorded this tribute to Hermann Nitsch, the infamous Austrian performance artist, with whom I have absolutely nothing at all. I could launch into a diatribe about performance art, but I will save that for another day. Like I wrote last week about the Blockaders I like a bit of noise, and this is what we get here, as not just the manifesto is copied also their approach to sound is surely a strong source of inspiration. Acoustic objects are hand cranked in front of a microphone and then fed through a bunch of sound effects, while the original bursts of acoustics remain intact. In fact more here than on the latest Blockaders cassette, I would think. No doubt the musicians cringe over me saying this, but it seems to me some thought went into producing these noise pieces, of cracking acoustic objects, loops of metallic rumble and spacing out distortion over the pieces itself. I am not sure, but surely this is music that mister Nitsch would like as a backdrop to his performances as it sounds like the sound of destruction and decay. Me personally, I don't need the performance aspect at all; not even the 'blood' spattered picture disc; the noise that is captured in these grooves is more than enough for me. Stick to what you best and leave out the rest I would say. A bit short this LP, it seems, but quite lovely all around. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

USKE ORCHESTRA -- "Fedamor" -- 7" lathe-cut -- €19
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR101, (ltd. 30)
Abstract / Experimental. "finally the final warning - the new 7" by uske orchestra is out one more time and this time worldwide. two-sided white lathe with all-unique artwork hand-drawn by niko - what else to add? - the video saying 'to be released soon' was uploaded a year ago - not so bad, actually" [label info]

VEPRISUICIDA -- "Untitled" -- 8" picture lathe-cut -- €40
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR111, (ltd. 40)
Noise / Sound Collage. New record by one of the most influential and famous Russian noise-industrial artists, Alexander Lebedev-Frontov, the person behind LINIJA MASS, PILA and VEPRISUICIDA, participant of VETROPHONIA, STALNOY PAKT, DEAD HIPPIES, etc., also know as a curator of label Ultra. Unreleased material dedicated to Ungern and Mongolia of 1920s by legendary VEPRISUICIDA, no need for further explaination. 8" square lathe-cut picture-disk, limited to 40 copies. [label info]


BODY MORPH / OBOZDUR -- split -- C-45 -- €7
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-112, (ltd. 21)
BODY MORPH presents a mixture of free-improv music and raw lo-fi noise, while OBOZDUR produces abstract noisy analogue electronics.

THE CHURCH OF HATE -- "Disorder Live" -- 2 C-20 -- €15
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR109, (ltd. 15)
Experimental / Noise / Sound Collage. Two live recordings from the obscure underground Russian project. A double-tape set consisting of double butterfly-type case with handtyped info, a piece of green leaf and two c20 tapes of different colour. Limited edition of 15 copies.

CLARIN, DIMPNA B. & THE HABAGAT SINGERS -- "s/t" -- C-40 -- €8
1975/2019 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 300)
Vocal / Folk. First official reissue of the 1975 album by the Philippine singer Dimpna Clarin, previously released by Sun Ra's label Saturn Research. Digitally remastered and professionally dubbed on new cassetes. Side A contains songs in Filipino language. Side B is performed with the support of the vocal ensemble The Habagat Singers.

CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA -- "Wild Beasts" -- CS -- €8
1986/2019 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 100)
Cool Jazz. Official re-release of the original 1986 album released on Ralph Records (The Residents' own label)! Cassette only. Limited to 100 copies!

CORPUSCLE -- "Untitled I" -- C-20 -- €7
2019 self-released, (ltd. 10)
One of the projects by Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, OBOZDUR, KROMESHNA, etc.). Minimalistic noise textures bordering with Harsh Noise Walls. Sterile black & white & transparent artwork with abstract forms of the cover. Ultra-limited edition of 10 copies.

CORPUSCLE -- "Untitled II" -- C-20 -- €7
2019 self-released, (ltd. 10)
One of the projects by Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, OBOZDUR, KROMESHNA, etc.). Minimalistic noise textures bordering with Harsh Noise Walls. Sterile black & white & transparent artwork with abstract forms of the cover. Ultra-limited edition of 10 copies.

CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION -- "Omega Deconstruction" -- CS -- €7
2017 New Approach Records, NAR12, (ltd. 50)
Experimental Harsh Noise from Serbia. Electronics, field recordings, samples and mix. by A.N. Mastered by Pentti Dassum (Umpio). Artwork by André Coelho (Sektor 304).

DE FABRIEK -- "Future Print" -- CS -- €8
1982/2018 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 100)
Experimental. Official reissue of one of the first recordings by the Dutch experimental project. Riso-printed cover.

DOM S TRUBOY -- "s/t" -- CS -- €7
2019 Podzemnoye Techeniye, pt001, (ltd. 79)
Abstract / Improv / Lo-Fi. Minimalistic Russian lo-fi project, creating abstract music with the use of guitar, drums, radio receiver, organ and samples. Brother project to POLUSTANOK.

ELECTRO-HARAM -- "The Emirate of Haram" -- CS -- €8
2018/2019 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 50)
Tape manipulations / raw sound collages from this underground Russian project. Riso-printed cover.

GESSESSE, TILAHUN with WALIAS BAND -- "s/t" -- CS -- €8
2010/2019 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 50)
Ethiopian soul music from 80s. Full album was re-released on cassette in it's original form without any mastering. Riso-printed cover.

ISHIGAMI, KAZUYA + BOBAN RISTEVSKI -- "Сollaboration" -- C-50 -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone collaboration of Japanese and Macedonian artists. Limited edition of 30 pro-duplicated copies on unlabeled, unmarked pink cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided pink paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

KAMERA SENSORNOY DEPRIVATSII -- "0705201508092016" -- C-90 -- €10
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-114, (ltd. 5)
Experimental / Noise. One of the projects by Vitaly Maklakov (KROMESHNA, LIGHT COLLAPSE, OBOZDUR, etc.). A compilation of archival recordings. Limited edition of just 5 copies.

LIGHT COLLAPSE + H04 -- "Mail-art Collaborations" -- C-90 -- €10
2017 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-108, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise. Collaborations by Russian and Portugese projects, gathered on a C-90 cassette. Tape manipulations, D.I.Y. synths & live records. Cassette shells and cases have fragments of random images pasted on them, all copies are different.

LUNAR ABYSS + MYKORIZA + 73! -- "Topographonothylamine" -- C-60 -- €8
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 101/2019 tape, (ltd. 21)
One hour long split/collab of related friendly projects. Side A features the mix of live recordings: LUNAR ABYSS from 2015, touring in the Volga region, and MYKORIZA from 2019 in a factory building of an arsenal. These recordings differ so much in the type of sound, that combining them gave a specific kind of expansion in feelings, parallel worlds of drone and rattling, a piece of intermediate existence. Side B presents a collab recorded live by LUNAR ABYSS and 73! at Solar Systo 2019 forest festival: suspended guitar ambient mixed with natural-industrial rustle and drone. These recordings are made in totally different conditions and mixed in a single narrative fabric, a cohesive feeling is completed by the overall electronic-acoustic form of sound. A phonogram for solo walks and kitchen gatherings, may be useful in easy level trips. Artwork – envelopes made of white and black fabric with sewn-in elements of branches. The inscriptions and numbering are made by hand. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY & KONSTANTIN ROSLYAKOV -- "Plyosina V Nevidimom Meste" -- C-60 -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. A collaboration of two artists from the Ural and Siberia regions. 30 copies on hand-painted white cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided sheet of paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

MOCANU, GILI + VITALY MAKLAKOV -- "One Moment Please" -- CS -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Ambient. A collaboration by Gili Mocanu (SOMNOROASE PASARELE) and Vitaly Maklakov (LIGHT COLLAPSE, KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR, etc.). "Focus on fleeting. How to slow down time and consider a moment? Convert original sound by speeding up when recording sound + virtual synthesizers." 30 copies on hand-painted blue cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided blue paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

MONOFAKTURA / ULYBKOYSLOMA -- "11.06.2015 / Gnoymekhanizmu" -- C-85 -- €20
2015 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-096, (ltd. 10)
Two experimental-noise project from Russia. MONOFAKTURA - expressive abstract noise. Live session from the archive. ULYBKOYSLOMA (УЛЫБКОЙСЛОМА) - stream of consciousness sinking in the depths of hum and noise. Unique design with 11 cards with experimental graphics by Vitaly Maklakov. [label info]

MYKORIZA / KURUM -- "Armillaria" -- C-90 -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Drone. Split release of two Russian drone projects, dedicated to mushroom theme. Mykoriza is Evgenii Savenko also known for LUNAR ABYSS, HATTIFNATTER, PUSTOTA, etc. One 45-min long track of slowly evolving electronic drones and pulsations created with analogue equipment. Kurum is Vitaly Maklakov (KROMESHNA, LIGHT COLLAPSE, OBOZDUR, etc.). Three long tracks on side B, very abstract atmospheric drones & field recordings. 30 copies on hand-painted brown-gray cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided sheet of paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

OBOZDUR -- "Skuchniy Albom Dlya Snoba (A Dull Album For A Snob)" -- C-90 -- €7
2019 Torga Amun, Amun-133, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Experimental / Noise. Hand-painted black recycled cassettes.

OBOZDUR / DANSHOKU DINO -- split -- C-60 -- €7
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-113, (ltd. 14)
Noise split between Russian and US projects. Original hand-made design: cassettes placed in hand-cut & painted cardboard sleeves wrapped with rope.

OBOZDUR / PASTUHAMOVCI -- split -- C-90 -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Noise / Experimental. Quite raw noise tracks from Obozdur and more tricky looped / collaged tracks from Pastuhamovci. 30 copies on hand-painted gray cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided sheet of paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

ORDER OF THE VIOLENCE -- "Studies For Degeneration And Destruction Of Brain Cells" -- CS -- €7
2014 New Approach Records, NAR10, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics from Serbia (side-project of CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION).

POLUSTANOK -- "s/t" -- CS -- €7
2019 Podzemnoye Techeniye, pt002, (ltd. 38)
Abstract / Improv / Lo-Fi. Minimalistic Russian lo-fi project, creating abstract music with the use of guitar, drums, radio receiver, organ and samples. Brother project to DOM S TRUBOY.

PROTOTIP USLOVNIY -- "Mysli v Prostranstve (Thoughts in Space)" -- C-34 -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Ambient / Noise from Russia. A mixture of psychedelic drone guitar playing and abstract electronics. 30 copies on hand-painted green cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided sheet of green paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

PROTOTIP USLOVNIY -- "Pro Hlebniy Myakish i Lesok (About a Bread Crumb and a Forest)" -- C-40 -- €7
2019 Asemic Sound Letters, (ltd. 30)
Noise / Experimental from Russia. A mixture of harsh noisy electronics and psychedelic distorted guitar playing. 30 copies on hand-painted ocher cassettes. Cover is a multifolded A4 sized double-sided sheet of paper with abstract images and inscriptions.

SUKINY SNY / ROSE SOBCHAK -- "Krik Usilivaet Naslazhdeniye (Scream Enhances Pleasure)" -- C-30 -- €7
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-129, (ltd. 20)
Noise split from two Russian projects.

SUTURE -- "Audio Stress" -- C-42 -- €5
2019 YAOP, YAOP 095, (ltd. 20)
Fresh full-length from the young Italian project which has already put out a split with Macronympha, a cassette on the iconic Phage Tapes label and several other successful releases. Powerful rattling Old-School Harsh Noise / Power Electronics, full of screeching magnetic tapes, feedbacks and seismic bass. Cassette packed in a ziplock bag. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "From India to Siberia (PMM Folklore Re-Search Mixtape)" -- C-60 -- €5
2018 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 50)
Ethnic / Folk. Compilation mixtape of found shellacs and vinyl records dedicated to Indian and Siberian traditional music! Folk split k7! [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Lo-End 100" -- C-90 -- €6
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 100/2019 tape
Ambient / Noise / Experimental. BioSonar^Lo-End 100th anniversary release. The 100th release is of course a formality, but it was decided to celebrate it with the most saturated medley of the projects once published by this department of noise-drone-cooperation. Escaping tracklists and order, you will here two astounding mixes from PUSTOTA, RADIOSTALKING, MYKORIZA, 73!, LUNAR ABYSS, NAVIA, BOEVYE CIKADY, GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, ARSENY LITVIN, UHUSHUHU, W I I, SVETLO111, SMEHOPIL0RAMA. Of course, these all are the fragments describing the broad range of this publisher, but it's not a simple boring compilation, not a dry catalogue listing, but a fascinating journey through the corridors and squares of noise sound. And traditionally, DIY artwork. Every copy is unique in it's own way of packaging, and the edition is unlimited, meaning that if you're a design fetish maniac, you can purchase more and more copies endlessly)) [label info]


NORMA REAKTSII -- "Chaosgaze" -- floppy 3.5" -- €5
2008/2019 NitroAtmosfericum Records, NRN-056, (ltd. 15)
Reissue of the classical album of Norma Reaktsii in shortened version with fresh remastering made in 2018. Sleeve, full-colour cover and a sticker on a diskette, contains download code. [YAOP]

Flea market

BONEMACHINE / MASKINANLEGG - War Against Banana - 3"CDR - M/VG+ - €7
MERZBOW - Puroland - CD - M/VG+ - €10

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

III. Back in stock

16P17R15O19T15O19O23Y16P -- "Plast XXI 91342018191723" -- 2 CD-R -- €15
1998/2017 Torga Amun, Amun-117, (ltd. 24)
Radionoise / Field Recordings / Minimal Industrial / Lo-Fi. One of the projects by dr. Feitnathoroth (Gorduw, Hilderend, Lilly, Unit+Ass, etc.) and Depth Tyrant (Tchort). Portraits of weird radio broadcasts: flowing frequencies, signals, transmission interference, distorted voices & noises, industrial dictaphone recordings and an unexpected remix on a track by Mental Detsruction. Utter minimalism for immersion into your self and into nowhere. Recommended to listen in a gas mask. The material was recorded in 1997 and released on cassette by Folvork prod. (Kfeytzez 011) in 1998. The reissue is done in handmade cardboard sleeves with applique and insert, eacg copy is unique.

ALGOL -- "All These Worlds Are Yours" -- CD -- €10
2016 Ksenza Records, ksz 015, (ltd. 333)
Space Ambient. The fifth full-length album by ALGOL brings to you digital and analog sounds combined with some soothing guitar tunes. A conceptual and contemplating album for virtual cosmic journeys. ALGOL is a project of Daniil Kazantsev, also known for STUZHA.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM -- "Invasion" -- CD -- €10
2009 SSSM, SSSM-111
From the outside space to the inner space. Processed field recordings & electro-acoustic sound art collage, a mixture of constituted delicately industrial and noisy ambient sounds. [label info]

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM -- "Ultramarine" -- CD -- €10
2016 SSSM, sssm-118
Brand new album from Japan's Contagious Orgasm. A very unique sound with strange landscapes in numerous and different musical styles. But because of the countless noise, electronica, classical and experimental sounds to dark ambient it is so much more than that. Great twists of sound and colour, a wonderful scene description on each track, a true tour through the electronic sound space. Gatefold digisleeve. [Cold Spring]

2014 SSSM, sssm-113, (ltd. 300)
Giant Fish is the result of creative collaboration and sharing of sounds between Contagious Orgasm and Instinct Primal. The album is a rich mixture of deep, dark, funereal and space ambient with rhythmic beats. Some tracks demand your full attention and there is no escape. Some can have a hypnotic effect on a sensitive mind and trigger a whole new inner world of abstract ideas and imagination. Clear your mind after a difficult day and immerse yourself. The sound is made for a experience listeners who like to enjoy a daily dose of "primal orgasm". Released in a four panel cardboard sleeve. [label info]

THE FUTURE / KURUM -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Shift Lines, line 001, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Experimental split between two mysterious projects.

GOVERNMENT ALPHA / HIKARI NO OKA (THE HILL OF LIGHTS) -- "Schwingend / Obelisk" -- CD -- €10
2005 Licht-ung / Punk Kein Rock, (ltd. 300)
Split-CD featuring 6 pieces of high-pitched table-core harsh-noise by Government Alpha produced 2004-2005. German Licht-ung with one long minimal electronic piece plus 5 short blasts of harsh direct mic & effect noise. [Tochnit Aleph]

2015 Ostroga, OTR-034, (ltd. 60)
Studying invisible at first glance processes in nature. The movement of air particles and disclosure of mentality mushrooms. Secret Laboratory of Russian-Japanese subconscious. Modular analog synthesis and endless intellectual drift, invisible pulsations of the world. Artwork and design is done by Vitaly Maklakov. [label info]

JARL -- "Amygdala Colours - Hemisphere Rotation" -- CD -- €10
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-21, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Drone / Industrial. Jarl has a long discography behind him with more than 15 releases since his solo project started in the early years of the millenia. Describing his music as unbalanced, turbulent, withdrawn electronics that focus on isolation he's made an impact on the electronic scene defining an own explicit sound. "Amygdala Colours - Hemisphere Rotation" is the second album on Reverse Alignment and follows the critically acclaimed "Case 1959 - Dyatlov". But where previous album explored the external mysteries of Dyatlov 1959 Jarl take us unto an internal trip through the structures and events of the cognitive mind with a main focus on the Amygdala, where the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions occur. This album is built with layers of sound which slowely gets audible and disappears psychedelically. A variation of electronic and acoustic treatments has been used and the whole album is a mastodon track passing 50 minutes. As usual, the listener gets a mixture of drone, ambient and industrial that are molded perfectly into "that" typical Jarl-ish sound that sure wont dissapoint. Accompanied with the musical expression comes astonishing work from Karolina Urbaniak who designed the cover. It is as if you could touch the music. [label info]

JARL -- "Hypnosis Colour" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-38
Dark Ambient / Drone. Without taking as much as a short break, Jarl is returning with the new production "Hypnosis Colour", mastered by fellow musician Peter Andersson (Raison D'être) and arts crafted by Karolina Urbaniak. Continuing from where "Amygdala Colours - Hemisphere Roation" ended Jarl takes us on a 47 minute trip further into the psyche of human mind. Hypnotically coloured sounds that evovles into a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds are to be expected. Disturbing and beautiful. [label info]

KROMESHNA -- "Two Rituals For The Sky" -- C-60 -- €8
2018 Ostroga, OTR-100, (ltd. 15)
Dark Ambient / Noise / Analogue Electronics. Two 30-min hypnotic tracks performed on self-made synthesizers. Handmade cardboard cover.

KURUM + NONPANDORAS -- "Another Attempt To Return Home" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Shift Lines, line 002, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Guitar Drone / Experimental. A collaboration of two obscure Russian projects.

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Assemblage (Gathered Eccentrics 2010-2016)" -- CD -- €10
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 134-2, (ltd. 300)
”Assemblage” is the fifth Rutger Zuydervelt's album released on Zoharum (including his collaborative album with Dag Rosenqvist). The album, like the already sold-out album "Dubbeltjes", is subtitled "Gathered Eccentrics" and collects rare Machinefabriek recordings from compilations, collaborative releases and the 3-inch EP "Nerf". Among the recordings you can also find unreleased soundtracks for films and installations. Why should you get this compilation? First of all, the artist shows the development in the period of 2010-2016. It is also a good collection introducing into the world of Rutger Zuydervelt's music. A kind of "best of", but without the most famous songs. The album contains 15 tracks and, what Rutger emphasized on the occasion of "Dubbeltjes", short pieces with their limitations give way to experiment while creating a concise forms. The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK with ANNE BAKKER -- "Short Scenes" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 174-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Experimental / Modern Classical. Machinefabriek, or Rutger Zuydervelt, is one of the most prolific artists in the field of contemporary experimental music. However, unlike many musicians with extensive discographies, the quantity goes hand in hand not only with the quality but also diversity. "Short Scenes" (the sixth album by Rutger on Zoharum) is a mixture of electronic textures and neoclassical violin parts enclosed in twenty miniatures... Rutger Zuydervelt on the album: ”Short Scenes” came to life when working on a soundtrack with violinist Anne Bakker. Taking a series of her improvisations as a starting point, I started to edit and construct them into new songs - no pre-conceived plan, just being lead by these violin recordings. Still working in the ”soundtrack modus operandi”, the resulting tracks are short and concise. None of them ended up being used in a score, but from the very beginning I felt these little vignettes would form a darn fine album. And here it is...” The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

MANIFESTO -- "Exit" -- CD -- €10
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-22, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. Being a part of the alternative scene since more than 15 years past, Magnus Zetterberg's Manifesto has created a trademark of bleak and dark electronica, industrial textures and blackened ambient that satisfies a diverse taste of listening with it's manifold expression. Catching up with this act in 2008, in connection with the release of the album Core, the label found it only natural to get in touch again. Since then, Manifesto has released material on such labels as Silken Tofu and Bone Structure (to mention a few) and played live across northern Europe. Exit is the finalization of four years of transformative work where turbulence, creation and re-creation sets the thematics. The entering track unfolds existence as elusive and impermanent and onwards the harsh sides of reality push us towards entropy. [label info]

MOLJEBKA PVLSE -- "Discourse on Lightness" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-32, (ltd. 300)
Drone / Dark Ambient. After 2015's "A Transformation" Moljebka Pvlse is back with a new work on Reverse Alignment. As the title "Discourse on Lightness" suggest, the new album explore the semantics of "light". As "light" can have obvious different meaning, the three tracks that comprise Mathias Josefson's new album also has a different approach soundwise. As entering track "A History of Levitation" takes a swarming grip on drone with carefully laid out details the second one, "Between Lightness & Luminance", is more experimental, unpredictable to it's character but still keeps to the format. Ending track "A Field Guide to the Sunrise" is somewhat a mixture between the two previous, as if two unmatched views or discourses becomes one common. [label info]

N-616 -- "[Ex-Planet Earth]" -- CD -- €6
2005 Desolate Catacombs of SMERSH, SMERSH01, (ltd. 500)
First CD-album by Russian electro-project from the city of Stavropol. Side A of the CD contains same-titled full-length album, side B - mini-album "Winter World III" with bonus track. Rhythmical brisk electro body music with lots of keyboards and samples as well as small pseudo-black-metal hail! [label info]

NOISECONCRETE x 3CHI5 -- "Transit of Thought" -- CD -- €10
2017 SSSM, sssm-119
Trip-Hop / Noise / Experimental. Second collaborative release from these two Japanese acts. They develop the electronic sound, which is eroded from the outside, with a poetic, lyrical sense. It was put together centering on song structures. The vocals that gradually soak into the Harsh industrial / noise / trip hop-like sensibility come from the heart. Gatefold digisleeve. [Cold Spring]

NYTT LAND -- "The Last War" -- CD EP -- €10
2018 Ksenza Records, KSZ 11, (ltd. 300)
Nordic Ritual Folk Ambient. New EP from this Russian folk ambient band, two new tracks + two remixes + a cover version by LIHOLESIE. Packed in glossy 4-panel digipak.

NYTT LAND -- "Odal" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR249CD
Nordic Folk. Siberian band NYTT LAND presents its new epic musical canvas. Working with the same unchanging 4 band-members, the musicians continue to revive the true magical sound of the Ancient North. OĐAL… HERITAGE… PATH TO THE ROOTS… Oðal is inspired by the traditional music of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Old Icelandic epic and the atmosphere of classic Norwegian black metal. This time the album was recorded without using samples; all parts of the instruments were performed live. All songs were recorded and mixed in one of the technical quality best Russian studios, “Radio Sibir”, which strongly affected the sound quality. All the sounds of nature were recorded in western Siberia and northern Norway... For the first time the 4-year-old son of Natalia and Anatoly, Yuri Pakhalenko, took part. By this they emphasise the concept of the album – heritage. As in the previous album, Fimbulvinter (CSR234CD), Oðal features the traditional Siberian overtone singing technique “kargyraa”, but the overtone singing by vocalist Natalia Pakhalenko gives a special character to the sound. This is very unique, since this technique is a almost exclusively a male singing practice due to its physicality... So, it’s time to start the path to the roots… Presented in a 6-panel digipak. [label info]

OGLOBLYA -- "Razverza Chernesha" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-110, (ltd. 20)
Lo-Fi / Noise / Drone. 20 copies with acrylic monotype print and minimum info.

RHUCLE + KROMESHNA -- "Phantom Holiday" -- C-40 -- €10
2018 Ostroga, OTR-104, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / drone mail-art collaboration between Japanese and Russian artists. Only 30 copies. Each copy is unique and has an original drawing of one of the authors on the cover.

SALA -- "Shcut enteRing Worts" -- CD -- €10
2005 Autarkeia, acd 006, (ltd. 500)
"Schut enteRing worts" consists of two forceful tracks of ritual ambient style. They are not distinguished in the compact disk as the ritual couldn't and shouldn't be accelerated or perceived in separated pieces. Starting from hypnotic mantra, music gradually unravels to the strong and mystical ambient, the main feature of which being reiteration transmitted by the sound loops. These are organically supplemented by the tabors, bells, magic spells and mysterious sounds floating from the distance and generating only the strong mystic mood of the audience. Actually, concerning the impact, this music is in line with the works of world's famous artists acting in this field - Coil, NWW, Omenya, Hybryds, Deutsch Nepal. The "Schut enteRing worts" album was recorded by the participants of SALA project when experimenting with Brion Gysin's dream machine, which formerly inspired the well-known William S. Burroughs and had a strong psychedelic effect. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

SEKTOR 304 -- "Communiphones" -- CD -- €10
2014 New Approach Records, NAR08, (ltd. 500)
Probably not what you’d immediately expect from Sektor 304, but by the same token, not all that surprising either given their periodic propensity to create extended passages of more atmospheric material; "Communiphones" consists of 35 minute piece built on synthesizers and field recordings, aiming for a monolithic and dronish paranoid ambience. Even if the approach is different, the sound is definitively and uniquely Sektor 304, with shifting layers of industrial clutter, mechanical whir, and gloomy, unsettled synthdrift. A necessary companion to all Sektor works and a nice counterpoint to the heavier, more rhythmic based material. [Malignant Records]

SEKTOR 304 -- "Live Reaction" -- CD -- €10
2014 New Approach Records, NAR07, (ltd. 500)
Excellent compilation of live recordings (2010-2012) by Portugal's Sektor 304, channeling the essence of the old school Industrialists (Test Dept., SPK etc). A fantastic audio document filled with dynamic, hammering percussion, junk metal abuse, shouted vocals, and haunting atmospherics. Vocals on 2 tracks by Martin Bladh (IRM, Skin Area) for the Radio Sonores Project 2012. [Cold Spring]

SHE SPREAD SORROW -- "Midori" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR251CD
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Midori is the third album by Italian artist She Spread Sorrow (Alice Kudalini). Midori tells a story, the escape from a harsh reality that becomes an echo of nightmares and visions, a house that is the scene of fear and anguish, a soul that is lost in pain to an epilogue of death and purification. The gloomy, intense, dreamlike sound, sometimes distorted, sometimes angelic is the soundtrack of a dramatic story, but also of relief. Duplicity is the key to this work. Death industrial with female vocals and ambient moments, more dilated, with sounds that also refer to a ritualistic horizon. Presented in a 6-panel digipak. [label info]

SIJ & ITEM CALIGO -- "Queer Reminiscence" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-37
Drone / Dark Ambient. Since 2015's album "The Lost World" Vladislav Sikach ambient project SiJ released "Reflections Under the Sky" in February 2016. This time together with Textere Oris and under the banner of the Cryo Chamber label. With "Queer Reminiscence" SiJ returns to Reverse Alignment, teaming up with Item Caligo. As you can expect, "Queer Reminiscence" deliver drifting ambient to get carried away with. [label info]

SUN CITY GIRLS -- "Pelican'92" -- CS -- €8
1992/2017 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 100)
Experimental / Avantgarde. We all waited for this! Sun City Girls classic Pelican'92 available again on cassette and as digital download! 100% official Russian release! You should get it now! [label info]

TROUM -- "Syzygie" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR183CD
Formed by Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] in 1997, Troum rose from the ashes of Maeror Tri. The duo create unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak. Syzygie: Zusammenkunft und Gegenschein zweier Planeten, or: an antithetic relationship between (personified) beings of the spiritual world and their shadows. A collection of rare / deleted tracks from compilations Vol. II (1999-2002). Everything recorded by TROUM between November 1999 and May 2002 on analogue 8-track. 9 meticulously crafted tracks, carefully compiled by Troum and delicately remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition). [label info]

VELEHENTOR -- "From The Gloom of Graves: Stonewells of Aeternity" -- CD -- €10
2008 Desolate Catacombs of SMERSH, SMERSH02, (ltd. 460)
Classic dark ambient: cold echoes of the unknown rituals, roaming in te utter darkness of resonant stone labyrynths. Paranoiac trance induced by the feeling of lifeless presence in the anscient crypts, breathing with deadly dampness. Icy calmness of indifferent doom. The album was recorded in winter 1999-2000. Packed in an absolutely black digipak (double-sided print, double black paint), the pictures are applied with varnish. [label info]

WAGNER ODEGARD -- "Skugg-Hasse" -- 12" lathe-cut -- €55
2018 Nazlo Records, NzR087-II, (ltd. 30)
Our first (and probably last) repress – finally finished the reissue of or first and only 12" lathe by Wagner Ödegård (Wulkanaz, Semilanceata, Dughpa, etc.) – 30 copies of UV-printed one-sided picture discs in handmade envelopes with etching-engraved picture made on human-powered XIX century machine, black-on-black silkcreened inserts. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Earthen - A Cold Spring Sampler" -- 2 CD -- €8
2018 Cold Spring, CSR250CD
A massive double CD to celebrate our 250th release! 29 tracks - including an EXCLUSIVE unheard track from COIL. An unrivalled collection of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial, Experimental, Torch Songs, Electronica. Unearth the world of Cold Spring! Ltd x 4000 copies in a gatefold ecopak... MERZBOW / GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE, SHE SPREAD SORROW, PENNY RIMBAUD, NDE, SONOLOGYST, NYTT LAND, DET KÄTTERSKA FÖRBUND, PSYCHIC TV, KHOST, LEFT HAND RIGHT HAND, THE NEW BLOCKADERS, THE TELESCOPES, VIVIANKRIST, ILPO VÄISÄNEN, COIL, MZ. 412, ANNI HOGAN feat LYDIA LUNCH, XERXES THE DARK, SHIFT, JOTUNSPOR, MAYUKO HINO, ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI, C.3.3., COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER, SOFT ISSUES, COLOSSLOTH, COIL + ZOS KIA + MARC ALMOND, TUNNELS OF ĀH, BARRY ADAMSON + PAN SONIC + THE HAFLER TRIO. [label info]

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