Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Khara-Khoto

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Khara-Khoto

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Plusquam Perfectum (feat. Neznamo)
2. Lama Chenno
3. Khara-Khoto (Anamezon rmx)
4. Radio Druk
5. Sinie Ozera
6. Khatwamga
7. Yagodnoe Dno (Anamezon rmx)
8. Verbilki

total length: 67:52
release date: February 22, 2019
price: €10

CS (ltd. 50)

A1. Plusquam Perfectum (feat. Neznamo)
A2. Lama Chenno
A3. Khara-Khoto (Anamezon rmx)
A4. Radio Druk
B1. Sinie Ozera
B2. Khatwamga
B3. Yagodnoe Dno (Anamezon rmx)
B4. Verbilki

total length: 34:02 + 34:00
release date: February 22, 2019
out of print


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We gladly present the new Lunar Abyss Deus Organum full-length album "Khara-Khoto"! In fact, this is the first big studio work of the project after "Atimudra" (2012, BioSonar^Labyrint) and a long series of split-releases, collaborations, live recordings and various small editions.

Khara-Khoto was the name of a Tangut city with Buddhist culture which existed in the XI-XIV centuries before it was captured by the troops of the Chinese Ming dynasty (nowadays it's geographically located in the Chinese Inner Mongolia). The idea of creating this album appeared after visiting a special exhibition at the Hermitage, which presented a lot of original artifacts from this ancient settlement buried in the sands. Special inspiration came from a deep understanding of the ephemeral and impermanent nature of existence – even prosperous cultures can die in one moment because of the blind greed of invaders.

From the musical point of view, here one can hear the full sound palette typical for Lunar Abyss. This includes multilayered ambiental sketches with flowing chains of samples, voice loops and acoustic instruments; rhythmic percussive tracks with vigorous pulsating energy; abstract collages made of analogue electronics, radio noises and fragments of television programs; semi-static enveloping drones spiced up with field recordings. The psychedelic kaleidoscope of aural images continues its work – the fans of the albums "Snovidenie", "Tuntury" and "Atimudra" won't be disappointed!

The physical edition of the album is made in two versions: a CD limited to 300 copies in a matte 4-panel foldout digisleeve and an audio cassette with a chrome (type II) tape, limited to 50 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.


Also around for a couple of years is Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, with a string of bigger and smaller releases. This new release is inspired by a Tangut city with Buddhist culture, existing from 1100-1400 before being captured by the Chinese. An exhibition of artefacts inspired the music and here we get, according to the information, the complete musical picture of the group. I agree it is quite a diverse release. There are the usual more ritualistic inspired drone patterns, made with humming voices, rainmakers and bowls, but now they seem to add quite a bit of rhythm and field recordings and it becomes an interestingly varied bunch of pieces. What I particularly like about this is the variation of the music, but also the abstract notion of it. This is not some easily fabricated drone record; press a few keys, let a few bowls shake and rumble and loop your chanting voice. Lunar Abyss Deus Organum's sound palette also seems to include small synths and radio and television sounds, bringing the music into a much more abstract or even experimental line, and that's what I like best. It is because some of this doesn't seem to go as planned, nor smoothing out any irregularities the music might have, it becomes less static and more organic. It surely also has some of the more cliché elements of weird ambient music but for me it all was great. I would think this is their most varied and, for me at least, their best work yet.

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