DN23rd - Signals from Outside

"Signals from Outside"

CD-R (ltd. 23)

1. SFO

total length: 46:28
release date: December 24, 2002
out of print

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DN23rd is a project coming from Moscow, Russia, which recordings can be called absolutely unmusical, because they are made of pure (not processed with anything) radionoise. The creative work consists in selection of necessary interference frequency. This is the first album and it presents a very uncommon frequency which combines usual laminated radionoise and signals of unknown origin. This disc fits perfectly for submergence into trance or practice of outer-body experiences. Only a few may be carried away by such kind of "music", that's why this edition is extra-limited to 23 copies. The CDR is packed in painted slim box with burned titles and a real tablet with codes of memory blocks from Soviet computing device.

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