DN23rd - zum


CD-R (ltd. 48)

1. 130620022400
2. 300520022400

total length: 76:51
release date: September 18, 2004
out of print

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This is the second album of Moscow-based radiostatic noise project DN23rd released by our label. Two tracks digitized from tape demonstrate two sides of ether existence. The first one is an audio-fixation of radionoise mercilessly modulated by household devices: fridge, TV set, video-player and wireless phone. Epilepsy of exhausted radio set. The second track is our answer to japanoise! Fourty minutes of absolutely static heavy droning buzz. Recommended for lonely thoughtful listening. Also gives the best fit for romantic meetings under the moon. Package - handsprayed cardboard sleeve with insert containing a drawing by the author and all necessary information.

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