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Hello people!

In this last update for this year we're glad to present you new releases from Still*Sleep and Semperflorens labels, a big amount of CDs from Polish martial industrial label Rage In Eden, a couple of new cassettes from BioSonar^Lo-End and new works by Russian acts Dvory, Rajfajh and Prognostic Zero.

Besides, we open the now traditional winter sale! Conditions are the same as in previous years - when you order 10 or more items from the mailorder catalogue marked with the symnol [-50%], you buy them for half-price. Some items from used & rare list also included in sale, they are marked with green colour. The sale will last until the end of winter.

Please note that we'll be away for the New Year holidays - from December 31st to January 7th. During this time we'll stay offline, but you can still send emails with orders - they will be sorted after the holidays and items reserved on a first-in / first-out basis.

Thank you everyone who's been supporting us during this year! Wish you all good health and undying strength of spirit!

Happy New Year!


I. Forthcoming Events

28.12.2013 - Recipes of Eternity V
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

02-13.01.2014 - Structuredness
Moscow / St. Petersburg. More info...

11.01.2014 - Nightmares Dark Ambient vol.III
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

Volgograd, "Cemter 28". More info...

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Ad Ombra -- "Magna Charta Illusorum" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2009 Rage In Eden, RAGE 66
One year after his debut, George D. Stanciulescu returns with a neatly distinguished opus, this time reaching the heights of malignant Drama, in a suite of 12 tracks of majestic excess and voluptuously carven diversity. Elegant and compelling orchestral densities full of sophisticated charm, profound recesses, heart wretching scents of tragedy, viciously intense sopranos effusions, all morphed into a dynamic and ingenious set of cinematic impulses, elite livresque allusions and selected grains of madness. Ultimately emotional dramatic art with an excellent production, not to be missed by the admirers of (post)modern classical masters, industrial, dark ambient, opera/ethereal voices, Elend, Devil Doll or The Protagonist. 12 tracks, 45 minutes, 3 panel glossy digipack. [press-release]

Ad Ombra -- "Rites Of Genesis (Equinox Tremendum)" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 53
Romanian project Ad Ombra’s debut album “Rites of Genesis” (equinox tremendum) offers a suite in 15 parts of Dramatic Orchestral art, rooted in the timeless fragrance of Classical music, adorned with Eastern lullabies, funeral dirges, monumental choirs and operatic female chants, theatrical soliloquies, industrial hues of a dark disturbing manner, all coagulated in order to depict the aesthetical testimonies of the project’s mastermind, George D. Stanciulescu. A spiral of emotions, thoughts, opalescent visions, essential recurrences, for Creation’s shrine that stands as a living mirror where everyone can reflect the(m)selves. For fans of Elend, Stoa, Sophia and Chaostar. 15 tracks, 42 minutes, 3 panel matt digipack with original artwork by Luna. [press-release]

Artificial Memory Trace -- "Attracted By Light (Collection 7)" -- CD -- €10
2013 Semperflorens, sf10, (ltd. 500)
The album consists of 3 long compositions assembled in 2011-2012. First track "Attracted By Light" was constructed from underwater sounds of crustaceans, mollusks, soniferous fish and insects, including ants, termites and bees, also sounds of wind, fire, ice and New Year fireworks. Second track "Hydrones 8" is based on underwater recordings of subaquatic insects partly recorded in ultrasonic range, tonal sounds of electric field of Gymnotiform fish, and also sounds of water-pump, propellers, boat-engines and tucuxi dolphins. Third track "Pegamorsego" is based on ultrasonic echolocation and social calls of various micro-bats and insects recorded in Brazil.

Auswalht -- "Pagan Theory" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 101
The third record of AUSWALHT - no disappointment, no experiments, martial industrial, strong drums, dark and very dark atmosphere, strong recommendations! [label info]

Belorukov, Ilia -- "Tomsk, 2012 04 20 (Live)" -- CD -- €8   [-50%]
2013 Intonema, int005 / Akt-Produkt, [akt-produkt 10], (ltd. 220)
Solo performance of Ilia Belorukov in Tomsk after the festival of different kinds of arts «Theses» (Kemerovo), 46 minutes 46 seconds by length, separated into 3 parts for convenience. Ilia plays alto sax using preparations and extended sound making techniques (breathing into the tube, knocking on the surfaces etc.), presenting the embodied «death» of the instrument to the grateful Siberian public. However this «death» becomes in some sense a prolongation of micromovements of a weird post-life... We've got here a rather minimalistic sound document: an investigation of indiscernibilties, extremities of sound field, a balancing on the edge of scarcely audible, a stay between shadows of sound and even shadows of shadows of sound close to its nonexistence. But this tendency for «nullity» and reduction turns also into a test of boundaries between, let's say, «music» and «non-music», probing their mangled edges, groping for gaps in the coordinate system of «contemporary music», for lacunas in the text it's made of. This groping movement turns out to be a random movement and at that particular moment it becomes a successful one (but that's how things go in improvised music basically). Meanwhile the traces of hard work appear here and there, this rupturing movement is methodically and well organized. However its organization, a real-time composition in its turn is also presented-at-hand and it does not prevail over sound matter, the structure itself becomes a part of something that resembles the structure. No plot, no story, there's just a trace of something familiar. Fascinating, meditative movement, a space. [Maxim Evstropov]

Cold Fusion -- "ORP Orzel (Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt Act II)" -- CD BOX -- €20
2006/2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 102, (ltd. 160)
A long time ago announced, moving musical vision of tragic and romantic history of brave crew of polish submarine. Some fragments of this story was published on Scontrum act III ( WOP 04 - sold out ). Now there is the time to listen whole 45 minutes of this amazing sounds. Music from "ORP Orzel" has been used as a soundtrack to the documentary movie "Legend of the Orzel" produced by Nederlands Film Instituut from Holland. There are four TV stations at the moment that will be broadcast the film in several countries, like ARTE, TV Estonia, TV Poland and Italy. Limited edition reissue of original CD WOP30 from 2006. Edition of 160 in wooden box, with 28 page booklet in Polish & English describing the history and crew of the submarine. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Concrete Mascara & Umpio -- "Concrete Vs Umpio Vs Mascara" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Terror, TR-28 / Obscurex, OBS021
This is completely different from the 7". Aggressive, yet entertaining and interesting album. You couldn't expect less from this sort of duo. Mail collaboration combining the ultra-hate of Concrete Mascara (NY) with the junk psychedelix of Umpio (Fin). [label info]

Dapnom / Kenji Siratori -- "Nhir-otkiv Yima'k" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2008 Sabbathid Records, hoof043
French Satanic black-ritual-ambient project Dapnom in a face-off with Japanese "cyberpunk poet" Kenji Siratori. "From the dark vault of the French underworld, Dapnom unleash 3 tracks of Ritual Ambient with mystic and necro soundscapes. Kenji Siratori offers hyper-modern harsh electronics with a ton of harsh noise that leads everything to total catastrophe. This is another new-age musical apocalypse for all perverse ears of mal du siecle." [label info]

Day Before Us -- "Misty Shroud of Regrets" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 98, (ltd. 300)
“Misty shroud of regrets” presents a corpus of spleen-piano based ambiences and nightly soundscaping laments for electric organ and darkened chords. The musical ensemble reveals microtonal bitter melodies occasionally punctuated by a few narrative parts, an array of noises, found sounds and field recordings. “Misty shroud of regrets” is a timeless musical effort based on the existential photographic poetry of Yulia Kazban... Day Before Us is a darkly cinematic and semiclassical ambient project from France and formed by the piano player Philippe Blache. Since 2011 a handful of albums have been published on independent labels such as Rage in Eden, Cathedral Transmissions and Kadaath Records. [label info]

Day Before Us / Nimh -- "Under Mournful Horizons" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Rage In Eden, RIE 91, (ltd. 500)
Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh) is a brilliant Italian underground musician specialised in organic / visceral ambient tales. He is notably known for his collaboration with Maurizio Bianchi and modern experimental electronic artists (Nefelheim, Baghiri from Italy...). He released more than 10 albums (between 2001 & 2007, including collaborative projects). His charged, orchestrated abstract universe features dynamic musical motifs (from acoustic percussions, exotic instruments to e-guitar) superposed on electronic dronescapes. His work is now called ambient-electronic-ethnic-experimental music... Day Before Us is an acoustic micro-tonal ambient project formed in 2010. The musical signature is turned to solemn soundscaping ritualism, dada-esque hypnopedies and soundtracky ambiences. The content is sometimes sustained by digital field recordings. All tracks are recorded live. The main sources of inspiration come from odd literature, ghostly presence, angelology, cinematic poetry and the magical realism. Day Before Us means the everlasting power of ancient time which saves us from the amnesia of everyday life. [label info]
[mp3]   [youtube]

Dippoldismus Satan / Vyazkiy Sharab / To-Bo -- split -- CD-R -- €5   [-50%]
2012 Shit Noise Records, SNR 338, (ltd. 44)
Dippoldismus Satan - two weirdly collaged tracks with elements of post-industrial, noise, synth ambient and pure dadaism. Unpredictable music. Vyazkiy Sharab from Siberia presents one 10-min. long track of lo-fi psychedelia syrup. To-Bo goes even further with 19-min. track full of heavily overdriven lo-fi noise.

Disgorged Faeces / Ataraxy -- "1986" -- CD-R -- €6   [-50%]
2012 Kadaath Records, Kadaath 37, (ltd. 20)
HNW split of projects from Belarus and Germany, dedicated to the Tchernobyl catastrophe.

Dvory -- "Autumnal Ragas" -- CD-R -- €8
2013 self-released
Young project from Tver, Russia, which we know for a split cassette with Lunar Abyss and hypnotic live gig at Systo 2013 festival. The duo performs beautiful drone ambient on guitar and trumpet. Coiled loops of guitar harmonies eternally sway just like ocean waves, creating timeless atmosphere, and mild trumpet parts glide through the musical canval like feathery clouds in clear sky. As this is an "autumnal" album, there is a touch of melancholy, but it is just semi-transparent hues, never breaking serene contemplation. Incredible handmade cardboard sleeve.

Fanum & Exit In Grey -- "Dust Storm" -- CD -- €10
2013 Daphnia Records, ph13
A collaboration album of two Russian droners dedicated to the phenomenon of dust storms. The disc starts with a subdued rumble of radio frequencies, instantly rolling over the listener with a layered sonic wall outlined by a disturbing guitar tune. As if one's watching the coming of such storm behind a thick window glass of a weather station - it seems safe, but still somehow uneasy. Second track starts off with a more mild melody gradually covered by a web of sharp radio noises, still maintaining calmer atmosphere. The album is closed by a lengthy 17-min track with a guttural drone and remote rumbles, field recordings and melancholic guitar timbres, dissolved in omnipresent radio interference... Music for contemplation, but not for relaxation.

Harvest Rain -- "Gentile Peasantry" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Rage In Eden, RAGE 93, (ltd. 333)
This album is the Sister album to HARVEST RAIN "Blood Hymns". It also contains the original members of HARVEST RAIN. The songs were recorded during the same Yuletide - Winter Solstice Sessions as the tracks on "Blood Hymns". In fact there is really nothing all that different from this version of "Pillars of Ice" than on the BLOOD HYMNS version except the chanting in the song which is a "Listian Magickal Formulae" or an "Armanen Magickal Formulae" (Listian as in Guido Von List). This version of "Thuletide" is the original. I added the icy keyboard version on BLOOD HYMNS later on right before that album was released. This album was in fact the original album that I had released under the moniker of "CAIN RIVER" instead of HARVEST RAIN. It was my first attempt at playing HARVEST RAIN with electric guitars, drums and record what one could call a "rock" or "dark wave" album instead of being strictly limited to dark folk. The album is inspired by MIGUEL SERRANO just as BLOOD HYMNS was and is. The extra tracks were recorded mostly during the same sessions, but kept off of any albums. [Jason Thompkins]

Haynes, Jim -- "Ununtrium's Daughter" -- CD -- €10
2013 Semperflorens, sf11, (ltd. 500)
The new album of a California based sound artist Jim Haynes, also known for Coelacanth project, Helen Scarsdale Agency and 23five labels, etc. Four detailed and dynamic audio images, created from all sorts of field recordings, playing with objects, electronic sounds and effects. Sharp concrete textures and long background waves, unexpected turns and always high degree of saturation, true abstract psychedelia in sound.

I.R.O.N. -- "Evolving" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 99, (ltd. 300)
The information, that I.R.O.N and Legionarii is the same person would be pretty good recommendation, but then we could ask why it isn't just next Legionarii album? All the more it is also martial industrial. But, the music on "Evolving" it's different than Legionarii recordings. It's pure domination of industrial and machines, in short - Legionarii is into spiritual sphere of war, while I.R.O.N is technical. And that's the album is. Rhythmical, mechanical, industrial and martial. [label info]

I.R.O.N. -- "Re-Forge: Metalized, Mechanized & Upgraded" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 104, (ltd. 300)
We can only give you a faint image of what you should expect from the new I.R.O.N. release, because you need to be there for yourself to experience it. A completely futuristic atmosphere, combined with explosions of old school industrial power, and now with something totally new to this project - a touch of heavy metal. All of this is there to forge a landscape of militarized world of future, where technology aggressively reigns supreme, and where wars are no more waged flesh to flesh, but steel to steel... "Re-Forge" took a job of upgrading some of the old material (4 tracks out of 9), completely recharging it into a new, heavier, more futuristic frame and wrapped into a more progressive and crushing sound. If it was possible to make tracks from "Evolving" even heavier, this release completely nailed it. Every track is manufactured to make your adrenal glands produce rushes of hormones, to make you feel uplifted by power and even bang your head on certain moments. The other half of release (5 tracks) is forged out of a completely new material, for which similar story can be applied. "Re-Forge" presents one more step forward in the evolution of the sound in the genre, and will certainly be a strike in the center for the fans of powerful and head-smashing, advanced industrial sound, and even fans of metal, fans that I.R.O.N. expects to already have aquired. If not, a time for them to become close followers of I.R.O.N. project is no better than after this release. [press-release]

IA -- "Labyrinth" -- CD-R -- €8
2013 Still*Sleep, CDR24
New album by Alex Copeland (IA), featuring Julien Demoulin & Ross Copeland. Alex uses voice & environmental recordings, creating deep drones, and guest musicians add emotional colours with guitars and some keyboards. Very calm and soothing ambient.

Laibach -- "Let It Be" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
1988 S.B.A./GALA Records
This is a "cover" of the Beatles album of the same name, but it does not include the title track. Russian edition made by S.B.A./GALA Records under license of Mute Records.

Legionarii -- "Disciples of the State" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 100, (ltd. 300)
With powerful hammering of industrial drums, with epic and monumental choirs that roll down on listener like a mountain, the release provides a total immersion in a tidal wave of militaristic Power, a feeling of creation from destruction, an Order out of War, following the previous established, dark and glorious militant cult of Legionarii. Only this time, the evolution has gone a different but the right way, the music has taken a great dose of grandiosity, orchestrality and overall epicness and awe - because of all that, this monumental release will certainly present one of the Titans in the scene of martial industrial. [label info]

Nimh & Antikatechon -- "Out Hunting For Teeth" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 97, (ltd. 300)
I've got an email from Giuseppe with exciting information, that he recorded together with Antikatechon 49 minutes of sound. It was very intriguing. I haven't heard the music, but my imagination already started. What can we get from fusion of NIMH and Antikatechon? How does it sounds? Who has left the stronger imprint on this album? Is it compact or rather splitted into two different parts? Such questions absorbed my mind. Of course I will not answer now for all the questions, but this what I have listen have been successful beyond my dreams. Both acts are well known and critically acclaimed, and the union of musical sensivities of NIMH and Antikatechon made the album, which... [label info]

Organisation Toth -- "The Sword Of Creation" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 103, (ltd. 300)
One year after The Living forces of evil Organisation Toth presents the Sword of Creation. Eight Cold electro tracks dedicated to self-discipline. An Apocalyptic soundtrack with mystical elements and an heroical spirit. "Choose the hardest life. Even if the fight is lost. Loyalty is mightier than fire!" [label info]

Prognostic Zero -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8   [-50%]
2013 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 013
Debute full-length album of two Russian musicians: Alexander I (ZINC ROOM) and Kein (SCRATCHING SOIL, CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS, CHURCH OF HOWLING DOG), recorded back in 2008-2009 but released only now. A work that combines lots of allied styles: from classical dark ambient with Catholic chorals and abstract soundscapes filled with various samples to rough old school noise collages in vein of Zinc Room and powerful industrial metal.

The Prosphenes / Monuments Are No Good To The Dead -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Blue Spectrum Tapes, (ltd. 20)
Ritualistic experimental performance from The Phosphenes and dark sick HNW from Monuments Are No Good To The Dead. Double sleeve. [YAOP]

RAjFAjH -- "Cult Of Ctulhu" -- CD -- €8
2013 Pain Of Dark Shadow Of Insanity
RAjFAjH was formed in 1991 in St. Petersburg by Dmitriy and Victor, and it became one of the first Russian black metal bands. However they have also been interested in noise experiments and electronic grind-core. After Victor's death and appearance of the new guitar player Alice the new live program was prepared and successfully performed by the duo in many Russian cities and abroad. The material on this album is mostly based on this live program, but it can't be strictly called metal or experimental, as it includes both metal music and post-industrial infloences: dark ambient, noise, drone. Light acoustic compositions turn into aggressive black metal, but most of the tracks are filled with the freezing atmosphere of despair.

Sect -- "Great Desired Utopia" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 58
The debut album of Polish act called Sect. Musically is a fusion of oppressive mechanical industrial with military rhythms, but also with participation of calm ambient accents. The essence of this work is confrontation of lofty ideas in the name of human's development with unrestrained lust for power and domination. The attempt of answer what factors form the development of civilisations and what factors make them falling. 15 tracks, 49 minutes of hypnotic, absorbing music. CD in digipack. Artwork made by Michal Karcz. [press-release]

Sect -- "Imperative" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2009 Rage In Eden, RAGE 69
Brand new album of Polish promising act, neoclassical martial industrial, a HUGE step forward of Sect, very mature material. [label info]

The Spaghetti Junction Ensemble -- "Demos 3 & 4" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Quagga Curious Sounds, QCS_058, (ltd. 19)
Live performances by a young British project. Experimental improvised noise with the use of a lancet, razorblade, cassettes, broken flute, plastic fork and many other things. Half-DVD box, full-colour cover. [YAOP]

The Spaghetti Junction Ensemble -- "Demo # 5" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Blue Spectrum Tapes, (ltd. 10)
Young British improv-noise project uses radio, foil, broken flute, balloons, etc. All recorded during nighttime on a cassette recorder without an eraser head. Energetic, energetic, energetic :). Sleeve. [YAOP]

Tzesne & Carlos Villena -- "A Coded Message" -- CD-R -- €8
2013 Still*Sleep, CDR23
A collaboration of two Spanish musicians, each having a solo album on Mystery Sea label and serious amount of releases on other honorable underground drone labels. Three tracks balancing between gritty abstractions and hypnotic drone ambient. Mostly rough sound material (field recordings with typical tape hiss and rude electronic drone) is slowly layered, dissolved, transformed and evolved into nice imagery compositions.

Vigilante -- "The Heroes' Code" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2005 Irond, IROND CD 05-1095
Vigilante offers danceable and hard EBM in the same class as HOCICO, FEINDFLUG or the most electronic DIE KRUPPS tracks. The incredibly dense and always danceable electro-hymns on 'The Heroes' Code' are predestined for frequent heavy club play! Formed 5 years ago in a country that - so far - was not very famous for harsh EBM Electro, VIGILANTE had in mind to conquer Europe with their sound straight from the beginning. Jürgen Engler (of Die Krupps) said about VIGILANTE: "On the dancefloors VIGILANTE will be a serious threat to even the biggest names in Industrial music, with their enormous grooves and heartfelt lyrics. This album is a powerful statement!" Russian edition, with 16-page booklet & video multimedia track. [press-release]

VoidWork -- "Basement" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2011 Rage In Eden, RAGE 80
“Basement” is dark wave/ambient release revolving around variations of a central musical theme. As the album progresses, the melodies become less apparent and the tone of the songs becomes darker and more abstract. Varied yet coherent, a part of the story is told by each individual track, culminating in the auditive equivalent of a short horror story. Featuring Guest vocal contributions by Ann-Mari Thim (ARCANA), Melissa Ferlaak, Zuberoa Aznarez and Sven Houflijn. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]


Croatian Amor -- "Mercure" -- 7" -- €8   [-50%]
2013 Terror, TR-22
Croatian Amor from Denmark managed to gather quite a group of followers during quite a short time of existence. And it is not for nothing. Their unique approach to sounds creates music full of grey sadness and I'm glad to release their 7". Two tracks - melancholic soundtrack, suitable for the very middle of autumn - light synth melodies, carrying you towards the empty airports. These tracks were released on tape by Posh Isolation label in 19 copies edition. You can hear November breathing because May is October and January is August. [label info]

Horologium -- "Der Volksmund Sagt Pt I" -- 7" -- €7   [-50%]
2010 La Esencia, LER002, (ltd. 300)
Is there anything more enriching than a pastime in the countryside? And yet, has there ever been more gief and misery than in the countryside? Der Volksmund Sagt 7” - the first release starting a trilogy of Horologium’s postmodern - folkish adventure - comes limited to 300 black vinyl records. [label info]

Jarboe -- "Indemnity" -- LP -- €16
2013 Burning World Records, BWR033
Burning World Records is proud to present a new release on the label: Jarboe – Indemnity on vinyl. Jarboe of course is well known from her work with Swans/World Of Skin in the 80s and 90s but is also a influencial artist in her own right. Indemnity contains interpretations of classics from Swans and World Of Skin selected from Jarboe albums Indemnity I and II.

L'Horrible Passion -- "Le Dernier Portrait" -- 7" -- €7   [-50%]
2013 La Esencia, LER007, (ltd. 250)
Officially presented in their concert with Blood Axis in Barcelona and after years of silence, they come back again to present us with their new pieces, unique and of an authentic musical value. Le dernier portrait composes of 2 pure dark ambient pieces with neoclassical touches that will simply delight the lovers of genre. The jouney into your darker human side begins... [label info]


The Phosphenes / Murder Cult -- split -- MC -- €8
2013 KIKS/Girlfriend, KIKS/GFR 009, (ltd. 16)
Great split from the young British label. The Phosphenes play ritual acoustic drone on metal objects in vein of Hati and Z'EV. Murder Cult - retro-futuristic musique concrete, compared to the works of Russian project T.A.U. Handmade cardboard slipcase, cassette with stickers, only 16 copies. [YAOP]

Pustota -- "Techno Which Doesn't Exist" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 BioSonar^Lo-End, 039, (ltd. 9)
Meditative hypnotic looping of cassette noises. In fact, this is a step aside from the concept of noninterference in the structure of sound, but taking in consideration occasional capture of tape noises by a very simple looper, the participation results only in periodical pressing the button. Whatever the case, the recording turned out to be minimalistic, smooth and pacifying. Ultra-limited edition on old cassettes and DIY fetish-artwork in a cardboard box. [press-release]

Radiostalking -- "MW-Control" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 BioSonar^Lo-End, 038, (ltd. 9)
Radiocapture made with an open microphone from a late Soviet radio receiver "ABAVA RP 8330" in MW range. Monotonous fixations of anthropomorphous cyclic modulations in the ether of noise flows. Fluent tone & amplitude changes provide the feeling of a controlled process which is most probably just an additional nonsine modulation of an infra-low frequency. Ultra-limited edition on old cassettes and DIY fetish-artwork in a cardboard box. [press-release]

Strup -- "Age of Exacerbation" -- MC -- €5
2013 Destroy Sounds Records, [DSR-035]
"Beginning and continuation of the Information War. Soldiers don't know they're duying young in front of camera lenses. Rituals of damp rooms and metal clank along with clicks of a movie projector and echoes of places forever abandoved . Evacuation completed successfully. To the sounds of new-borns the single organism of the human brotherhood dissolves in grinders of their native inevitable age. Exacerbation has devoured the spirit. Lying position, CRAWLING through an avalanche. Drops of lead on the uniform and never-ending season of rains. Eternity switches to winter time. Cold settled in minds of the observers. Rubber people form columns continuously moving to the Exile. Millions with no hopes. Last survivals watch final dreams. Mind falls asleep and starts to snore in the walls of human ignorance. Snore interrupts the ending record. Needle is off the groove. Eternal peace devoured all those clinged with their skin to the concrete." [from the author]

V/A -- "Koi Pond" -- MC -- €7
2013 UIS, UIS-03
A collection of dark experimental music from drone to darkwave to power electronics. Participants: Ihor, Krrau, Per Aspera, Kabul, Strup, [Qamat Is-Sa'atu]. Part of the edition was distributed by putting cassettes in populous places in Seoul, South Korea. Full-colour cover. [YAOP]

III. Back in stock

Calarco, Juan Jose & Velez, David -- "Bahias" -- CD -- €10
2011 Semperflorens, sf06, (ltd. 500)
On December of 2009 Juan Jose Calarco and David Velez captured sound from bays near the cities of Buenos Aires and NYC respectively. They exchanged files for over two years until mid 2011 when the piece was finalized. The artists wanted to explore the opposite weather conditions as an element of difference and the site where they will record (bays) as an element of concurrence to support their site recording work. On the compositional process the artists make gestural and intuitive use of those recordings based on mere formal and aesthetic considerations: Concrete sounds used as material to build new experiences on the listener's conscience where the perception of space and time is altered and distorted under artistic acoustic means. [label info]

Celer -- "Perfectly Beneath Us" -- CD-R -- €8
2012 Still*Sleep, CDR22
Ultra-calm minimal harmonious drones.

Cold Fusion -- "Architecture" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2011 Rage In Eden, RAGE 82
After 4 years of "Simmetria" album, Cold Fusion releases premiere material. "Architecture" is a combination of the best parts of the album "Occupatria" and "Simmetria." Strong orchestral arrangements, a clear and pulsating rhythm. The album’s cover has been designed by Lukasz Pawlak, requiemstudio.pl. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Cold Fusion -- "Report" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2005/2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 56
This record is the re-edition of Cold Fusion's classic second full-lenght work. The concept album entitled "Report" with 46 minutes of military ambient soundscapes and rhythms, so characteristic for Cold Fusion. The first issue ( sold-out ) was published by War Office Propaganda only in 200 CDR copies in 2005. Now re-issued on CD in digipack with Michal Karcz's artwork. [press-release]

Cold Fusion -- "Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt I" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2010 Rage In Eden, RAGE 73
"Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt" – the experimental radio engineering outpost created in Germany in July 1940. Cold Fusion’s next record; this time you will find some compositions on the CD that were available earlier on previous publications, i.e. "Parabellum", "63 days", "The Sound Of Nothingness". Additionally, the CD has been enriched with several tracks that have never been published before. Graphic design by Lukasz Pawlak - REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Cold Fusion & Rukkanor -- "Wunderwaffe" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 50, (ltd. 500)
The 5th anniversary of War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden we'd like to celebrate with our classic re-edition. Critically acclaimed martial industrial split "Wunderwaffe" of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor, after first versions V-1 and V-2, this time comes as a V-3 weapon - third (and definitely last) time. Album contains two unpublished bonus tracks, both from "Wunderwaffe" session, and original, conceptual artwork made by Michal Karcz. Total time 42 minutes, 8 tracks in digipack. Limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Cyclotimia -- "Algorithms" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2005/2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 52
Moscow duo Cyclotimia is one of the best recognized, well-known Russian projects in the electronic scene today. On "Algorithms" album Cyclotimia presents apocalyptic version of electronic music, dark ambient sounds supported by bouncing electronic rhythms, religious samples and different effects, all blended in that way which makes this album very intriguing. Cyclotimia's trademark sound proceeds from using a mix of the modern synthesis technologies and cult vintage analog / Soviet machines. For all who listen into Ulver, Holon or Forma Tadre. 11 tracks, 52 minutes, 3 panel glossy digipack. [press-release]

Dead Man's Hill -- "The Daemons of Death" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2006 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP29
The newest Dead Man's Hill CD contains 8 songs consisting of organic howling sounds, crossed with lots of choirs, strings, horns and trumpets, beautiful clean vocals and usual DMH-percussions. Includes the track "Masks of Egypt", which appeared also earlier on the WOP promo-sampler. [press-release]

Esche & Fanum -- "Broen" -- CD-R -- €8
2012 Still*Sleep, CDR21
Two pre-material projects convolved in creative union referring to the imperishable classic prose of XIX-XX centuries. Aristocratic imprint of "Broen" is dedicated to the personality and works of the Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun - this is the bridge built by the means of primordial drone ambient over the bottomless archaic abyss. The unseen ink of unwritten works, the unmatured "fruits of earth", the downside of literature. [label info]

Exit In Grey -- "Perception" -- CD -- €10
2012 Daphnia Records, PH12
New album of the Russian project Exit In Grey - and their first release on a "factory-pressed" CD! Two long tracks in their classic style: slowmotion ambient with light melancholic guitar drones and melodies, mysterious radio frequencies, tape noises and artifacts, loops of field recordings and found sounds.

Five Elements Music -- "Herbal Cemetery" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Still*Sleep, SS19
Two long ambient tracks made of field recordings: rustling leaves, herbs, branches, blowing wind, etc. An immersion into sonic micro world filled with it's unordinary life.

Five Elements Music -- "Magic Of Deconstructor Band" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Still*Sleep, SS08
Rustling and slightly ringing ambient sometimes turning into drone, collected from processed field recordings. Very calm atmosphere like with always that [S] creates.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Five Elements Music -- "Nexus" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, SS15
Electroacoustic ambient made from field recordings. The album consists of two long tracks. The first one, unlike many F.E.M. recordings, has dense and saturated sounding. The second one is more smooth and calm in atmosphere, but not less in density of sound - several sonic layers collide and create multifarious wave pattern drawing inside like a swirl in which you can notice every tiny detail while drowning...

Five Elements Music -- "Pictures from Sand : Boiling Line" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, SS18
Two mini-albums on one disk. "Picures from Sand" is based on the sounds of sand: low-frequency gentle drones, layered and rustling, gradually accumulate slowly lingering resonances, then again turning into dry field recordings. The theme of "Boiling Line" is the sound of boiling water, but it's not that obvious at once: the noise of electric kettle transforms into wind moans, hi-pitched signals turn out to be seagull voices, and the sound of gurgling liquid is set off by monotonous low drones.

Five Elements Music -- "Summer Session" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Still*Sleep, SS20
Summer & winter recording sessions from the master of field recordings from Moscow region. Two lengthy sound canvases united by strident and rustling wafts of summer sounds and under-icy cold currents of winter aethers. A recording of fairytale beauty. [Abgurd]

[haven] -- "A2982" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 60, (ltd. 500)
42 minutes 05 seconds. This is the duration of the album. It will communicate any meter of time. Let us not however be deluded by the spells of this sorcerer; because the first sounds overturn its acknowledged and safe definition and begin construction of different, weirder spaces. This is the last chance to resign and turn back. Otheriwse, when you listen to the end of first track the only thihg left to say is "Toto, I have an impression that we're not in Kansas". You begin your own, separate (and the longest?) journey. What do you see on your way? What unknown ladns, traditions, incomprehesible rituals and dialects will you discover? I do not know. But I am sure that if David Lynch will ever undertake the filming of "Alice in the Wonderland" the soundtrack of the movie will be filled with the music from this particular album. "Victoire Vrist "Le Figuro". 10 tracks, 42 minutes, CD in digipack. [press-release]

[haven] -- "Naos" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2006 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP31
The debut of [haven] - "The Last Breath of Lonely Buildings" released by WOP in 2005 was critically acclaimed, and the edition was sold out immediately. And now it's time for second opus of this very interesting act [haven] - "Naos" is more mature than debut, musical travel between Europe and Asia, oriental atmosphere and raw dark ambient both create visions of rich history of Middle East. CD released in WOP standard - beautiful digipack designed by Michal Karcz. [press-release]

The Joy Of Nature -- "The Empty Circle Part III - Anitya" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2010 Rage In Eden, RAGE 74
Anitya is that which has no existence in the beginning and no existence in the end. Its nature is impermanence. The record was created in two different and very special periods of time and it musically unites both western and eastern sounds. The tracks contained are the musical expression of different kinds of dreams. It consists of folk, experimental, psychedelic and industrial elements, and even classical music but sounding, at various places, like ritual music. The structures of the tracks owe as much to classical as to psychedelic music. [press-release]

L'Effet C'Est Moi -- "Il Sole A Mezzanotte" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Rage In Eden, RAI90, (ltd. 500)
It was the project’s debut released as a CD. In the distant past that is 2007, War Office Propaganda released a record L'Effet C'est Moi –"Tomber En Heros". After 5-year-time L'Effet C'est Moi releases another record, not in War Office Propaganda but in Rage in Eden. The time I did not listen to the music, composed by Emanuelle, let me see the big change that had taken place in the music. The new record is definitely more mature. The music stuns from the very first beats that intrinsically impel my associations to works of Blood Axis. It is not a copy but it deals with similar aesthetics. The music is full of space and pugnacity. Recommended! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

L'Effet C'est Moi -- "Tomber En Heros" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP39
Adopting a quote from Friedrich Nietzche as name, this new interesting music entity rises from Recanati, Italy, same hometown of Der Feuerkreiner, with whom it seems to share a passion for epic, neoclassical and martial compositions. L'Effet C'Est Moi ("the result is me") refers, in particular, to a concept with which the famous German philosopher suggested an identification between the ruling class and the results achieved by the community. The idea of power and domination dwells among the two parts in which the CD is subdivided, the first coping with the splendour of the Roman Empire at its zenith, the second with the dark sides of its might, that have survived through the ages and formed the totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century. A magnificent world of conquests, armies, battles, emperors and immortality, through excellent orchestral keyboards, epic piano themes and hammering martial percussions. 12 tracks, approx. 44 minutes running time, CD in digipack. [press-release]

Legionarii -- "Iron Legion" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Rage In Eden, RAGE 95, (ltd. 500)
The beginning of 2012 was a time for a premiere of the first record of Legionarii – “Europa Rex”. Now, it’s September and I am presenting you a descendant of the debut - “Iron Legion”. The record is not similar to its predecessor; a lot has changed in the musical sphere. The arrangements are more elaborate. An intrinsic component, which appears in the music, is a clear and powerful rhythm which highlights the author’s message. What about the message? Like on „Europa Rex”, there is no compromise; the message is clear and legible. "Legionarii continues to forge the iron spirit of today's world! "Iron Legion" now leads you into the modern battlefield, created especially for you, to provide an ultimate spirit of war using only your speakers. Embrace a vision of a thousands of tanks rolling accross the vast battlefield, crossing the minefields, constantly bombarded by heavy artillery; Behind them, the supporting units of infantry are marching forward, with the strength of an animal and the mind of a machine, with no option for retreat or surrender. The Iron Legion of Europe is rising - and there is no other way than the way of victory!" [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Liles, Andrew -- "The Dying Submariner (A Concerto For Piano And Reverberation In Four Movements)" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2006 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt110a
Leviathan low end growls belch a hazy pitch into the sea, rendering daylight useless to penetrate the unknown depths. Andrew's concerto for piano and reverb conjures many spirits, including that of wrathful Poseidon. The piece (in 4 movements) also conjures the spirit of nothingness. A sense of complete loneliness prevails in the echoey death throes. The faint scent of forebears fascinated with watery graves and abandon lingers from the wake of such pieces as Gavin Bryars’ The Sinking Of The Titanic and many of Harold Budd's early works, though Liles’ fitful concerto paints his submariner's demise more as a dissonant, prolonged struggle than as a melodic, majestic descent. Spatially, the work tends to build into shifting layers similar to Charlemagne Palestine, Henry Cowell's clusters or La Monte Young's Well Tuned Piano (though Andrew's work is not based on a microtonal system). The ringing resonances sometimes fan out as distinct harmonic phrases, and sometimes the notes simply propagate and clash with the reverb creating ripples of pure metallic sound, even to the point where the piano's strings melt into the sculptural, welling up more like tidal pools alongside Bertoia and Dumitrescu. A beautifully disturbing wet suit suite of sonic sound. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Lingua Fungi -- "Flowery Dreams" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2006 War Office Propaganda, WOP 23
Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. No sharp line between sorrow and joy, dark and bright moments. Lingua Fungi takes us along on the trip to the land of subconscious. Real instruments - flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin and different kind of ethnic percussions mixed with ambient soundscapes. Glossy varnished digipack designed by Michal Karcz.

Lingua Fungi -- "Tlapallan Pantonal" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP32
Tlapallan Pantonal is a personal interpretation of Central American mythology. This album is inspired particulary by the myth of Quetzalcoatl - one of the most important and greatest gods of Mesoamerican Indians. More than utilizing the sound of native american music tradition, this record is made entirely around the mood that the Great stories personally evoked. Sounds vary from purely abstract ambient to acoustic folk passages. Yet another very interesting record of Lingua Fungi. [press-release]

Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles -- "Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Cold Spring, CSR139CD
From England to the United States and back again... it all started as a simple drone project between LULL (aka Mick Harris of Scorn, ex-Napalm Death) and BETA CLOUD (aka Carl Pace), based on the concept of how insomnia can effect your thought patterns. Billows of powerful bass drones set to indistinct flourishes of temporary insanity. The original track is there, but also included is a fierce remix track by legendary sound artist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Fans of Lull and Beta Cloud will really sink their teeth into this one; what Liles has created here is not a simple remix but a raging, deconstruction as only he can do. Originally released as a limited 3" CD in 2008, now proudly presented in a deluxe digipak edition with stunning new artwork. A captivating listen for dark ambient and harsh noise fans alike. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Mushroom's Patience & Outofsight -- "Split" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2006 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP26
Long awaited album, an excellent split of legend of italian avantgarde - Mushroom's Patience and very promising polish project Outofsight, critically aclaimed on "Gloria Victis Vae Victis" (WOP 15) compilation. 50 minutes of very interesting sounds and rhythms. Matt varnished digipack, as usualy beautifully designed by Michal Karcz. [press-release]

Noises Of Russia -- "Hydrophobia" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Electroindustria, 06EICDr
In our new program HYDROPHOBIA we continue investigations into the stereotypes of perception. If our latest program INVISIBILITY AND LABOUR was dedicated to the full disintegration of personality under the social pressure which is mechanizing all the life processes, the program HYDROPHOBIA materializes the response of individuum to the social aggression. The object dissection is mechanism of manifestation so-called forbidden emotions such as mystical joy, inexplicable sorrow, in-depth horror, catharsis which are opposed to the legalized feelings of cleanness, sterility, health, happy unconscious alcohol intoxication, enjoyment of material comforts. [press release]

Objekt4 –- "Mindscars" -- 2 CD -- €14   [-50%]
2007 Regimental Records, REG046 / Sabbathid Records, hoof026 / Ravenheart, RAVEN 51
Industrial Death Ambient, Sweden. 2 CDs unit. "Realms of Rust, Domains of Decay" & "Other Side of Light"... [label info]

Organisation Toth -- "The Living Forces Of Evil" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Rage in Eden, RAGE 89, (ltd. 300)
After several years of silence, Organisation Toth points out, that it is still active. The music on the album is not "nice" martial, there are no neoclassical notes, no clear structures, no bombastic melodies. In return, we get a raw industrial sounds located in the area of achievements of the legendary project Turbund Sturmwerk. Howling sirens, chaotic rhythms, noises and creaks make feeling of confusion and strong sense of unspecified anxiety. The album is dominated by austerity, the sounds are sharp and prickly. Organistaion Toth reminds us that martial industrial have had such roots, martial is idea, and the music is only the background to express beliefs and values. [press-release]

Outofsight -- "Vodka Likes Smoke (The Damned Poets)" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 51
Poor alcohol and smoky interior of a pub. The common despair shouted out in rare moments of sobriety. The terrible, absurd atmosphere of Poland in 50’s and 60’s of last century. Young people, poets, writers, painters and musicians thrown out of „happy and ideal” society created by communistic authorities. People sinking their dreams in vodka. The works of those damned: Kazimierz Raton (1942-1983), Marek Hlasko (1934-1969) and Edward Stachura (1937-1979) was inspiration for this moving album. Musically it is perfectly blended mix of cold wave, neofolk, pop and even echoes of decadent cabaret with different guest vocals. With no doubt one of the most interesting albums from Rage In Eden Records / WOP in 2007. [press-release]

Pale Roses -- "Unveiled" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2011 Rage In Eden, RAGE 79
PALE ROSES is a neofolk project originated from France. It is based on music of the acoustic guitar, the piano and vocals. The lyrics have been inspired by history (the First and the Second World Wars), mythology (Celtic, Nordic and Greek). The presented album is the second official release by Pale Roses, contains 11 tracks about the war, melancholy and the pagan origins of Europe similar to SOL INVICTUS, FIRE+ICE, DEATH IN JUNE, CURRENT 93 or STRENGTH THROUGH JOY. The album’s cover has been designed by Lukasz Pawlak, REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Rukkanor -- "Deora" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2005/2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 55
This title needs no special introduction. In answer to huge demand after sold out first edition, here comes the reprint of this critically acclaimed album, with new artwork made by Michal Karcz. An original mix of styles and cultures. Oriental melodies and rhythms, live percussions and synthetic beats, ethereal sounds and electromilitary marches, gregorian and muezzin chants, symphonic and jazzy instruments. Electrocrusade back again! [press-release]

Rukkanor -- "Despartica - Face One" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP44
Despartica is a collection of impressions, situations and moments in life. The particular parallel between lyrics based on old poetry, and all this what happens nowadays, creates often the atmosphere of bitter reflection and irony. Desires, beliefs, dreams, emotions, experiences, beauty of life and sight of inevitable death in 19th and 20th Century poems "framed" in varied music, from strong industrial rhythms to romantic ballads with melancholic recitations and singing. Yet another different chapter in Rukkanor's musical book. First part of double CDs set - "Despartica - Face One" is now available. 10 songs, 45 minutes, CD in digipack. [press-release]

Rukkanor -- "Despartica - Face Two" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2008 Rage In Eden, RAGE 64
The mixture of styles and musical ages. Echoes of 70's electronic, new romantic of 80's (OMD, Numan, Heaven 17, Visage). A bit of industrial, a pinch of EBM, a touch of synth-pop. Second part of the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry. This time in more gothic and electromantic "musical sauce". Achtung! No martial nor neo-folk songs. A very last album of Rukkanor. 11 hits :-), 44 minutes, CD in digipack designed by Michal Karcz. "...Only by breaking with what is already achieved, man can create the space for new events." [press-release]

Rukkanor -- "Ende" -- CD EP -- €10   [-50%]
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP36, (ltd. 400)
"Ende" is retrospective compilation of unpublished tracks of Rukkanor. Five tracks composed during Scontum act IV, Triumvire and Despartica sessions with supplement of live recorded track Virus Dei in new interesting arrangement. War theme, military atmosphere - this is the face of Rukkanor on this EP. Release limited to 400 copies only! 6 tracks, 30 minutes. [press-release]

Sect -- "Auctoritas" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2011 Rage In Eden, RAGE 84
„Auctoritas” is the next material by Polish project Sect, backed up by Lukasz Maj. The powerful and orchestral instrumentation, which Sect is famous for, was enriched by Lukasz with new accents that have made Sect’s music ascend a level higher. Sect is offering 55 minutes long feast for fans, who love dark and neoclassical sounds which are interlaced with crazy tunes. Additionally, „Auctoritas” is both a derision and disdain for contemporary authorities that were magically covered with sounds. The album’s cover has been designed by Lukasz Pawlak, REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL [press-release]

Sister Loolomie & Kryptogen Rundfunk -- "[W]interloop[s]" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR11
This is a mail-art collaboration between two Russian experimental musicians. Kryptogen Rundfunk has prepared the sonic canvas from radiowaves reworked with a computer, and Sister Loolomie has painted it with toned guitar fingering, sample of cosmic vibraions and melodic synth lines. This resulted into one deliberate ambient noise track lasting for half an hour, in which persistent resonances harmonize with glitchy digital effects, non-aggressive noises - with long spatial drones, repetitive loops and samples - with airy melodies...

Toroidh -- "European Trilogy" -- 3 CD -- €25
2006 War Office Propaganda, WOP33
The campaign starts again - European Trilogy 3CD box in War Office Propaganda! Reworked and remastered legendary Toroidh records: "Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It", "Europe Is Dead", "Testament" in new versions, made especially only for this release. 3 x CD packed in unprecedented excellent case. No need to say more. [press-release]

Umpio -- "Sauna" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2010/2013 Terror, TR-06 / Obscurex, OBS018
Reissue of the sold out UMPIO "Sauna" tape, originally a C-30 on ObscureX, with a bonus intro recorded in a 90 degree Celsius sauna situation, and 4 crunchy junk electronix bonus pieces recorded in summer 2011 featuring SS Offizier PPT on radiator electronix, from a session for a tape that never happened. A solid full-length junk noise trip, co-released between ObscureX and Terror. [label info]

Vir Martialis -- "Hierophanie - Prelude To A War Of The Future" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Rage In Eden, RIE 96
Rage in Eden present the more recent work of Vir Martialis under the name of “Hierophanie - Prelude to a war of the Future-“. This work focused on the sacred, has 11 tracks and more than 45 minutes of pure Industrial Martial music, with a great orchestration and overwhelming forcefulness, Vir Martialis presents complex compositions, epic and evocative of virtues, in this work the spirit of the Vir (Hero) is manifiest more than ever. Barbarossa Umtrunk prints his mystical sign with his collaboration and the German neofolk group Karma Marata gives voice to a powerful track. [press-release]

The Well Of Sadness -- "I'm Uprooted From It" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2005 War Office Propaganda, WOP 19, (ltd. 515)
And finally the real masterpiece has found the right place and the right time. With no doubt one of the greatest releases from War Office Propaganda delivered by this Italian one-man act of Daniele Giustra. Beautiful music, very moving songs in apocalyptic, martial neo-folkish atmosphere mixed with oppresive soundscapes. 10 songs, 40 minutes of music comes on CD in nice gloss varnished digipack. [press-release]

The Well Of Sadness -- "In Our Last Times" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 54
The next full-lenght album from Italian The Well Of Sadness headed by Daniele Giustra, with even more mature and excellent sounds than on "I'm Uprooted From It". Twelve neofolk / neoclassical / dark orchestral songs create unique atmosphere, so specific for The Well Of Sadness. Highly recommended! [press-release]

V/A -- "John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth" -- 2 CD -- €14   [-50%]
2011 Cold Spring, CSR150CD
The double-edged nature of the harvest season can be both a blessing and a burden; a vision of superabundant excess than can’t possibly be consumed before it rots. Our pre-industrial forebears expended considerable time and energy on conserving some of autumn’s bounty against the scarcity of winter… yet somehow, people would survive to till their fields again the following spring. The compilers of the first ‘John Barleycorn Reborn’ compilation, released in 2007, faced a similar embarrassment of riches - a testament both to English folk heritage and the health of the contemporary folk music scene. So here we have the second crop from that original sowing. Originally released for download only, now finally available as a stunning double CD, with every track completely remastered to the highest quality. 33 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold" -- 2 CD -- €14   [-50%]
2010 Cold Spring, CSR100CD
The follow-up to our award winning Folk compilation "John Barleycorn Reborn" from 2007. 34 tracks and 146 minutes of music from the best of current British Folk artists. CD1: Barron Brady, Cernunnos Rising, Corncrow, Dragon Spirit, Drohne, Emil Brynge, Kate Harrison, Kim Thompsett, Laienda, Magicfolk, Mama, Philip Butler & Natasha Tranter, Sproatly Smith, The Rowan Amber Mill, Tinkerscuss, Tony Wakeford, Touch The Earth and Wyrdstone. CD2: Autumn Grieve, Beneath The Oak, Demdyke, Ian McKone, Jennifer Crook, John Parker, Rattlebag, Relig Oran, Richard Masters, Ruby Throat, Sedayne : Sundog, Telling The Bees, The Fates, The Hare And The Moon, The Kittiwakes and Venereum Arvum. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

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