X3D5 x Noises Of Russia - Theurgy

X3D5 x Noises Of Russia

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Sphinx
2. Nonexistent
3. The Mirror
4. The Day of Anger
5. Russia is Bliss, Russia is Light
6. Eternal Peace

total length: 52:44
release date: December 23, 2015
out of print

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Dead Christ, letters of Escher, The Last Judgement, dark ambient with vodka, daemons of anxiety, feverish rhythmic noise with a rash on mucous, a rope, a bullet, icy haze and everything you are afraid to know about the fate of our Heavenly Homeland in the new album of X3D5 x Noises Of Russia "Theurgy". The Gloom Of Motherland, how sweet it is, how homely!

"Our adversaries try to distinguish certain persons who are devoted to illicit arts, whom they call sorcerers, and who, they say, practise witchcraft, from others who seem to them worthy of praise because they practise theurgy. In truth, however, both classes are equally bound by the false rites of the demons when they worship under the names of angels" (Saint Augustine).


The next release seems to be a collaboration between somebody who calls himself X3D5, of whom I had not heard before, and Noises Of Russia, of whom I recall some work (but not all too well). There is some cryptic reference to the writings of Saint Augustine, as well as 'dead christ, letters of Escher, the last judgement, dark ambient with vodka etc'; what we find on the disc itself is spoken word in Russian and dark ambient music. The opening track uses an extensive portion of The Hafler Trio's 'Masturbatorium' opening minutes - well beyond sampling actually and in other tracks there more dark synthesizers, voices with tons of reverb all over it, machine like rhythms and the same dark intoning voice reciting texts, in Russian. Music wise it's all a bit on the minimal side to leave room for the talk, but since I have no clue what this is about it all felt a bit alien to me. Maybe world peace is being preached here or world domination of satan but it's not a message that gets me marching in their favour. But if you like a fair bit of dark ambient and stomping machine rhythms (think old Esplendor Geometrico), and you don't care about the message than this is surely something for you.

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