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Hello dear friends,

Today we'd like to present you six new editions released with our participation: But that's not all!

In the wake of the recent "Cosmonoise" fest, our friends from the kultFRONT label blast out a space audio-greeting with the fragments of live recordings from Govorit Radio "Kosmos", Cisfinitum and Sal Solaris. You can stream and download the release here: https://kultfront.bandcamp.com/album/cosmonoise-12-2015

By the way, the members of Sal Solaris have recently launched their own small label NEN Records and released a new EP as a web download. They have some interesting plans in mind, keep an eye!

Meanwhile, disto catalogue has got some updates too: few releases from an old underground Russian label Spirals Of Involution, fresh CD on Ufa Muzak from the same town, new album by the Siberian neofolk ensemble Sistema Bezopasnosti, including the fancy collector's edition, plus some recent releases from such labels as Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Posession Productions, Impulsy Stetoskopu, Fourth Dimension Records / Lumberton Trading Company, and other...

It happened so that in few days I'm going on vacation and will be away for three weeks, from April 25th to May 20th. All emails and orders will be answered in order of arriving as soon as I come back. Thank you for understanding!

Till next time,

I. New releases

Neznamo - Aiwyasto


CD (ltd. 300)

1. Aiwyâstô

total length: 42:22
price: €10

* bandcamp.com
* neznamo.moonsun.info

If somebody still doesn't know, behind the Neznamo project stands the Moscow-based musician Dmitry Shilov who stepped on the path of ritual ambient music in 1996 under the stage name of Unknown. After releasing five albums on the "Strely Peruna" ("Perun's Arrows") label, the project temporarily fell in a lethargic sleep but woke up again in 2006 with a renewed name and approach.

As Neznamo Dmitriy has released several mini-albums on his own label Moonsun Productions, as well as a number of collaboration works with several other acts from the Russian drone underground: Misery, Bardo, Lunar Abyss, Siyanie, etc… For those interested in the project's roots and branches we can give some more keywords: Temnozor', Medve Na Meche, Peal Grim, Magickal Things.

"Aiwyâstô" is Neznamo's first full-length album and first "factory-pressed" CD. The album consists of one 42-min long composition recorded in a deep transcendental state. Covered in ornaments of unhasting vibrations, flickering and parallel sound layers, dense string drone permeates the whole track. This music is for lovers of deep inner self diving. Towards the depths of pitch-dark sound where one can see all forms dissolving in emptiness and being reborn by it again in an endless game of space and imagination.

Peal Grim

Peal Grim

CD (ltd. 100)

1. Miss Airee
2. Soar Row
3. Be Reef Meant
4. Days Pair Eat
5. Soul Etude

total length: 50:08
price: €9

* bandcamp.com

Peal Grim is one of the names of Dmitriy Shilov known for the projects Unknown, Neznamo and Magickal Things. Peal Grim explores the theme of dramatic experiences of the human life using acoustic and electric guitars, overdrive, distortion and spatial effects. Their sound creates clouds of guitar drone, noise and ringing, assuming different shapes in the acoustic atmosphere: sometimes floating like an impenetrable fog, sometimes rolling like a gigantic front of thunderclouds, sometimes creeping over a dark pit of overwhelming melancholia…

These five compositions were recorded over the course of three years from 2007 to 2009 and were mastered by Sergey Bulychiov (kshatriy.pro) in 2014.

"This record is not recommended to listening for depressively inclined persons".

Creation VI & Ugasanie - Birds of Naukan

Creation VI & Ugasanie - Birds of Naukan

[photo 1] [photo 2] [photo 3]

Creation VI & Ugasanie
"Birds of Naukan"

CD-R (ltd. 80)

1. Nuneangan
2. Yttygran
3. Souls of Whales
4. Pegtymel'
5. The Keepers

total length: 50:40
standard edition: €7

collector's edition: €20

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/creation6 | facebook.com/sixcreationsix
* vk.com/ugasanie | facebook.com/uga5anie

Creation VI is a Russian-Ukrainian project from the new wave of drone music. Started in 2006, the project has released many works on net-labels, cassettes and CD-Rs, both as solo and as joint efforts with many other musicians. The project members Tim Six and Aloe also run their own label ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝUgasanie is the alias of Pavel Malyshkin from Vitebsk, Belarus. He also has a decent luggage of published works including several albums on the highly acclaimed dark ambient label Cryo Chamber.

Their collaboration disc "Birds of Naukan" is dedicated to the so-called "Whales Alley" - a big ancient Eskimos sanctuary in Chukotka, built from huge bones of the Greenland whales. The album investigates the sacral nature of interaction between man and the world in rituals where the very essence of human intention merges with the information field of the Earth. The musicians use shaman's drum, vargan (mouth harp), throat singing, singing bowls, synthesizers and percussion, carefully crafting ritualistic dark / drone ambient compositions.

The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 80 copies in a sleeve of designer cardboard. First 20 copies come as collector's edition with special handmade artwork from the ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label!

Uhushuhu - Geoscience


CD-R + DVD-R (ltd. 111)

1. Firm Ground
2. Loam Glade
3. Windbody
4. Coal Harbour

total length: 48:51
price: €9

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/uhushuhu
* facebook.com/uhushuhuu

The third studio album by the St. Petersburg-based group Uhushuhu continues the line of the two previous works: "Long Songs Pleasant For Hearing" (Zhelezobeton, 2014) and "Onega" (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, 2015), namely - long spatial tapestries filled with a whole host of electronic and organic events drifting on a leisurely contemplative wave.

One can listen to this music endlessly, it seems to be created of several layers of semi-transparent mirrors reflecting everything that comes in the field of the musicians' imagination: smooth synthetic pads, singing birds and (perhaps?) whales, radiowaves and a heavenly female voice, lurking whispers, instrumental loops, field recordings and various found sounds. All this creates a complex electro-acoustic image, surely still pleasant for hearing to the connoisseurs of the ambient genre.

The release also contains the video version of the album with a special fractal visualization, the dance of mathematic formulae programmed by programmed by VJ B≜H⊗G (UtrovortU).

Lunar Abyss - Aikana Uni

Lunar Abyss
"Aikana Uni"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Aikana Uni

total length: 68:02
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/lunarabyss
* facebook.com/lunar.abyss.deus.organum

The recording of this material was made deep in the night of March 2015. According to the author of the project, Evgeny Savenko, he caught an interesting "sweeping" combination of settings of his equipment, hit the "record" button and fell asleep a few minutes after. When he woke up he found a recorded track just over an hour long. In a more conscious state Evgeny edited the track by wrapping it in thin layers of field recordings and modulated sound waves. The result is a viscous drowsy composition with soft enshrouding drones, electric signals running through the circuits of oscillators and effects, rain rustling on a tent's roof and a swarm of all kinds of tones of unspecified origin… True music for sleeping, sedating not only listeners, but even musicians themselves!

Cisfinitum - Live Earth

"Live Earth"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Comatose Dream
2. Siddhartha
3. Blueblack
4. Decaying Jackal
5. Cisnormativity

total length: 36:40
price: €7

* bandcamp.com
* vk.com/cisfinitum
* facebook.com/cisfinitum

A live recording made in the "P!PL" club in Moscow on February 9th, 2015 when Cisfinitum shared the stage with Nadja and Earth. For this night they prepared a special program with previously unreleased and most likely never-to-be released tracks which makes is truly unique. Despite the fact that the project is mostly known for its dark ambient recordings, during this gig the duo of Evgeny Voronovsky and Inna Echoes performed heavy rhythmical electronics, sounding like powerful space-industrial stoner-sludge. A monotonous drum-machine beat, the roaring of samplers and synthesizers, 8-bit gameboy sequences and surprising moments of calmness, soaked in a female voice - one can only envy those who were lucky to hear this live on that earthy winter night.

II. Reviews

A.T.M.O.M. "Andromeda" CD-R:
FANUM / KARNA "Something Else" CD:
OGNI VIDENIY "Sounding Emptiness" CD-R:

III. Forthcoming events

25.04.2015 - Geoscience release party
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

07-11.05.2015 - Solar Systo Togathering - Noize Glade
Leningrad region, open air. More info...

22.05.2015 - Coarse Grinding
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

23.05.2015 - Nightmares Dark Ambient Vol. V
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

Moscow, "P!PL" club. More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Avrorin, G. -- "4 Fantasie Per Violino Solo" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 055
Harsh Noise played on a violin by Grisha Avrorin (Alisa-Yhtye, Dr. Kinchev, ex-Monopolka, etc.).

Belorukov, Ilia -- "Moscow, 2013 10 25 (live)" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Noplyn Records, npl_003
For this live, recorded in Moscow in 2013, the set consists of his usual partner, alto saxophone, and also objects and laptop. A powerful live. Raw textures balancing between silence and sound explosion. From heavy metal samples to soft howling saxophone, the “real-time” creative freedom becomes part of Ilia to offer the anarchic state of objects and sounds at dizzying heights. [label info]

Comforter -- "Analog Years Volunme One" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 056
Harsh Noise. A compilation of tracks recorded by this old Russian project in late 90-ies with analogue equipment. One of the tracks was published on a split-tape with TALONOV NET, others previously unreleased.

Comforter -- "The End of the Ball Game" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 030, (ltd. 61)
Harsh Noise.

Corazzata Valdemone -- "Stornellando In Grigioverde" -- CD -- €10
2015 Wolf Age, WAR 09
10 tracks of totalitarian Martial-Industrial and a touch of Italian Folklore. Inspired by the iron storms of the first World War. Special guests: Absentia Lunae, Art Inferno, Faust(O), Stefania Domizia.

Cuhmanubiana -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Nekorekords, NEKO-27, (ltd. 52)
Cuhmanubiana is the side project of Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset, a finnish band formed by Faarao Pirttikangas. Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset plays sacred temple music. Here they present 3 drone sessions from the late hours of recording of their albums, mixed and arranged into one album of levitation sounds. [label info]

Cult Of Youth -- "Final Days" -- CD -- €12
2014 Sacred Bones Records, SBR 118 CD
For their third full-length for Sacred Bones, Cult of Youth have delved deeper into their style of punk-influenced psychedelic neofolk and created a self- described “post-industrial Pet Sounds.” Using acoustic and electronic instruments, found sounds and an extensive tribal rhythm section, Cult of Youth have put it all out on the table and left us with their magnum opus... The band has returned with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and an all-new lineup. Sean Ragon, once the project’s lone member, is now flanked by Jasper McGandy on bass and Christian Kount on electric guitar (both of whom were members of seminal Sacred Bones band The Hunt). Cory Flannigan on drums and Paige Flash on cello complete the five-piece. The end result is Cult of Youth as they were always meant to sound... The contributions of the new members are evident on every track on Final Days, from the anthemic “Empty Faction” to the gorgeous album closer “Roses.” Final Days is the culmination of everything Cult of Youth has been moving towards the past seven years — post-industrial, post-punk, and post-enlightenment... Addendum: Real human bones were used on this recording and a portion of the lyrics were written in jail. [press-release]

Cult Of Youth -- "Love Will Prevail" -- CD -- €12
2012 Sacred Bones Records, SBR-084CD
Sean Ragon has been active in the DIY punk, industrial and experimental music communities on the east coast for over 15 years while also running a record store and label in Brooklyn (Heaven Street and Blind Prophet Records, respectively). He has been recording under the moniker of Cult of Youth for the last five years. Their last album, produced by Chris Coady, was a huge leap forward for the band, which had expanded to a four piece. It landed them on tours with Zola Jesus, Cold Cave and Iceage last summer and caused quite a stir; not only among more indie-centric press outlets such as Pitchfork and Stereogum, but with underground publications such as Heathen Harvest and Special Interests magazine as well... For this album, Ragon built his own recording studio from scratch in the back of his record store. This allowed him to control every aspect of the album and to take his time recording; he plays five different instruments on LWP and also engineered and mixed the album by himself. The record features contributions from Glenn Maryansky on drums and Christiana Key on violin as well as percussion from the enigmatic ning nong and female vocals from former Battletorn vocalist Beverly Hames. For long time fans of the project, Love Will Prevail sees the marriage of the spontaneity of the earlier releases with the better recording quality of the more recent eponymous LP. This album expands on the psychedelic neofolk foundation of the early work and adds lush atmospheres not dissimilar from Austrian post- industrial futurists Novэ Svet (or even the more haunting side of late-60s Miles Davis). There is also an intentional nod to the Crass Records bands that influenced Ragon as a teenager and a tasteful hint of Velvet Underground worship. The lyrical content is also fairly politically charged this time around, and serves as a plea for peace in a world gone mad. The first single, “Man and Man’s Ruin” finally realizes the majestic beauty that has always been bubbling under the surface of Ragon’s work. Love Will Prevail is by far and away Ragon’s crowning achievement and the true embodiment of DIY idealism. [press-release]

Daina Dieva & Skeldos -- "Aviliai" -- CD -- €10
2015 Skeldos, SLS-02, (ltd. 300)
"Aviliai" is an album by two Lithuanian drone-ambient projects Daina Dieva and Skeldos. Their idea on working on a record together has matured over a couple of years, and finally, when materialized, became a multifaceted soundscape. The sound travels in between the silence and the noise, layered voice-patterns give way to a harsher wall of sounds, easing out again to the minimal volume, maximum tension. Skeldos tell, that "the album is about a dream, which is being born while you fall into the sleep while surrounded by the branches of a tree, as if in your bee-hive. It is as if you'd walk though viscous sands that become endless seas, into the sound of the rain of moths. It's a dream which needs you body-less. It's a dream from which you can't return..." "I've filled "Aviliai" album with the sweetness of honey, with my pain and heartburn, my longing for serenity and the fatigue of time. All of those feelings and forebodings, dreams and nightmares unfold themselves and turn to sound," shares Daina Dieva. This sound-trip starts with a flutter of a butterfly in a mirror and goes through to the core of a dream. [press-release]

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones -- "Quatorze Pieces De Menace" -- CD -- €13
2013 Denovali Records, DEN178CD
Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones are back with their third album called "Quatorze Pieces de Menace". This new full-length of the cult French Dark Jazz collective is the follow up of the highly acclaimed 2011 output "Metamanoir" - the second release for the German experimental music label Denovali. Halfway from their debut "Parole de Navarre"'s ambient and drone driven soundscapes and the more orchestrated "Metamanoir", this new collection of tracks is following their quest for dreamy but mysterious places... A hint of 50s cool jazz, a truckload of noise and melodies, again tiny references to Twin Peaks' series soundtrack and some ghostly and deep tone voices: the Dale Cooper Quartet pushes the genre Dark Jazz towards other spaces. The album is further enriched by appearences of guest musicians such as Gaelle Kerrien (Yann Tiersen) and Alicia Merz (Birds of Passage) on vocals. Recorded in Brest, Britanny, France, this album always conveys an atmosphere of strangeness and beauty, the trademark of each of the Quartet's records. Based upon the live experiences of the band and their everlasting love for the local landscapes, "Quatorze Pieces de Menace" is as striking, deep, fascinating and beautiful as a storm in the middle of the Atlantic. [press-release]

Egida Aurea -- "Live A Parigi" -- CD -- €10
2014 Hau Ruck! SPQR, SPQR XXXIII
Marking the anniversary of their most celebrated album ”DERIVE”, Egida Aurea is finally back with an astonishing live in Paris featuring some of their greatest songs. Folk-Rock at their best. [Old Europa Cafe]

Ensemble SP -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8
2004 Perineum Productions, 013, (ltd. 33)

Ensemble SP -- "Boutique De Pensee Magique" -- CD-R -- €6
2005 Verato Project, verazitat 037, (ltd. 60)

Extnddntwrk -- "Just Tracks" -- 2 CD -- €14
2014 Fourth Dimension Records, FD2CD92D
Long before the man with the fixed ‘fuck you’ stare, can of beer, e-cigarette and laptop found a home as one half of Sleaford Mods, Andrew Fearn was making music at home comprising samples, loops, frazzled electronic textures, deep bass rumbles, mutated beats, punk snarl, post-dancefloor meltdown mayhem and all manner of other abstract and disparate sounds. Rammed home by the same DIY sensibility that drives Sleaford Mods, Andrew’s (mostly) solo works are where he cuts his teeth on new ideas, fresh sounds and music that sways heavily between that of a chemical-soaked film soundtrack and an obvious passion for all things that filter in from those less obvious edges most people prefer to keep at bay. Just Tracks collects the latest album of the same name alongside a bonus disc which delves into his back catalogue (otherwise to be found residing on Bandcamp and various other spots over the ‘net). It, perhaps as suggested, merely hints at the little sonic dust-storms Andrew kicks up at every available free moment he gets (presumably over rugged and much abused equipment stained by coffee and with overflowing ashtray nearby…). Many of the pieces may at first appear like simple sketches, but there’s a huge emotional scope to them that’s perfectly ripe for throwing like a grenade into the often bland waters passing for today’s better realms of electronic music. And, yes, let’s just see who picks up on that classic Steve Albini ditty of yore very nicely covered here… [press-release]

Franck, Yannick -- "Memorabilia" -- CD -- €10
2011 Silken Tofu, stx.15, (ltd. 500)
Silken Tofu is proud to present the debut album of Belgian sound artist Yannick Franck, known as the founder of electroacoustic noise project Y.E.R.M.O. and head of Idiosyncratics Records. Seven dreamlike, deep and highly trance inducing soundscapes evolve in a subtle, oceanic progression through intense yet obscure atmospheres. Electronically processed instruments, voice, field recordings and samples form the basis for this truly evocative, inspirational soundtrack. “Memorabilia arises from my fascination with the relation between memory and present, dreams and existence - the grey areas where inner and outer life merge.” -- Yannick Franck, May 2011. ‘Memorabilia’ is limited to 500 copies and comes in a 6-panel ekopack. [press-release]

Jarboe -- "Wabi Sabi" -- CD-R -- €35
2015 The Living Jarboe
Fresh from the Jarboe sound lab, Wabi Sabi is an artful collection of exciting new songs with sensual beats and atmospheres. What you hear may surprise you. "It's the beauty of the raw and organic - meets technology." - Jarboe. Pro quality CD-R format. Each one individually hand drawn zen circle sleeve. Handmade. Signed. [from the artist]

Jarboe & Helen Money -- "s/t" -- CD EP -- €20
2015 Aurora Borealis, ABX063
Legend of underground music Jarboe joins forces with visionary cellist Helen Money (aka Alison Chesley) to create what is probably the most beautiful release in the label's history. While still a "heavy" record in many ways, Chesley's cello looming massive and distorted over much of the proceedings, there are moments of transcendent beauty with Jarboe's ethereal vocal and piano work soaring above the drones, reaching for the beyond... Working together and separately on the compositions, the album comes together as a seamless whole under the mastering of Kris Force, with moments of sparse beauty mirrored by howling squawls of intensity. This is a very human record, organic, the voice of Jarboe and the many textured strings of Chesley's cello combining with an earthy depth but reaching for the stars. [label info]

Joutseno, Erkki -- "Relaxing At Tervalampi" -- CD -- €10
Mad House Records
Finnish free jazz veteran Erkki Joutseno has been delivering rumbling beats and an unhinged attitude since the 70's in various line-ups and style variations, but always coming across with a method to his madness. Discipline and humor meet in his music as they do in his life. This is the first album of Erkki's own compositions and improvisations, compiled over a lengthy period of time since the mid-00's. The improvised pieces deliver atonal moods on prepared solo piano, a beautiful ballad and some noisy metal junk duets with woodwinds. The composed pieces range from stillstanding tripping to stomping noise-rock. Erkki Joutseno has played with Alan Silva, Riko Goto, Tapani Varis, travelled across Europe, played on stages and street corners and nowadays lives amidst nature in a small forest house. The compositions on this album are purification trips into different personal infernos and back. The people involved include players from finnish underground powerjazz long-liners Sound & Fury, Astro Can Caravan and Kuhmalahden Nuubialaiset. The instrumentation ranges from drums, reeds, piano, double bass, etc, to metal junk, alarm clocks and toys. The album was not recorded in any studio, but slowly pieced together from group sessions at the practice room and smaller scale home recordings. [Record Heaven]

Karna -- "Forever In Darkness" -- CD -- €10
2008 Possession Productions, PS42
Another pitch-black grume of Darkness has appeared from the Abyss once opened by Possession productions. Newest album of the absolute leaders of Russian Black Ambient scene. Much horrific and grim now. Somekind of alternative soundtrack for the "Darkness" movie released as Digi-CD. Listen in absolute Darkness ONLY! [label info]

Karni Mata -- "Rathood [Expanded]" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 rice4rats, r4r001b
Illbient / IDM / Downtempo / Dubstep / Experimental.

Kriegsfall-U -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2015 UFA Muzak, UFA67 / Mozgalom Records, MM 011/2, (ltd. 200)
Martial industrial. We give you a ticket of the Hungarian cult, to go to the place where the heart of all disasters is born, where the multi-ton door reminds of heaviness of a zinc coffin. Frosty wind of lowlands will find with it's tongue the salty traces of secret guards, as everything contains a part of everything. Emblems of sorrow are not erased from those walls and black feathers covered the nearness of His eyes. Raw, rough, underground martial industrial of the old school here rumbles like an obliquely moving armored truck, we see only the tracks of its crawler chains, creeping away in a symmetrical crown. Acrid sounds of smoke cover the speakers alignments with its tails; blood, sweat and tears expectorated by the choked narrow radio channel. Unintelligible commands are quotations, and code names are the ciphers of keys to the citadel towns. Exclusive reprint of the very limited second self-release of these Hungarian traditionalists. This is not the material to fill the charts of the independent media. No sentimentality and sweet melodies, only overdrived feedback background and combat-ineffective rhythm. Despair and hastily hidden fear, just dried uniform, rust stuck in a crossroad of damnations and incantations. Bloodcurdling slow roar, a kind of music a blind monk can play on a cemetary of eternally disabled tanks. The adequate art for the twilight of days. Inspiration from knowing the lies of all augurs. "Giver of all things faire, but fairest this of all thy gifts, nor enviest. I now see Bone of my Bone, Flesh of my Flesh". 8 tracks, 35 minutes, 6 panel digipak. [press-release]

Linekraft –- "Delusional Disorder" -- CD -- €10
2015 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 044, (ltd. 200)
We are proud to present this release from one of the most interesting modern Industrial / Noise acts from Japan (and probably in the world). Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies CD in metal boxes. [label info]

Maldur Atai -- "Umbra Nihili I" -- CD -- €10
2014 Moontrix, MTXCD007
After nearly two years of silence, Maldur Atai wave gives us a retrospective remix album – Umbra Nihili I. This is the first record of the project, which is released under the Moontrix label. So far, four albums and three short vinyls of Maldur Atai have been released by Autarkeia. Born in early 2010, an idea of remix album was transforming and evolving along with the microstages of Maldur Atai activity. A concept of Umbra Nihili album series has been inspired and framed by the perception that every aspect of reality is divided into two sides only until the mechanical moon-shaped puzzle found in mystic temples of Nepal is not solved. It is a moment of change and endeavour to reassess the previous heights and abysses and to start new cycle with one more opportunity to unfold the riddle of the last tabula rasa. Sound system of Maldur Atai is a result of integration of various approaches and energy parts composing them. While designing the Umbra Nihili I, it was strived to involve as many factors as possible to influence the final structure of work. It is no coincidence that ultimate shape of the album concept was formed by friends from Lithuania – OORCHACH, SKELDOS, POGROM, America – VOICE OF EYE and Sweden – DEUTSCH NEPAL. Final sound adjustments were made by COLIN POTTER, a magician of electronic music, and concepts of design were transposed from dreams by Opera Dreamhouse. [press-release]

Mars -- "Blood Is The Food Of The Gods" -- CD -- €10
2014 Lichterklang, LK024, (ltd. 250)
‘Blood is the Food of the Gods’ - MARS, a pagan brotherhood founded in 2011, present their third release after the folk-debut ‘Sons of Cain’ and the powerful vinyl-e.p. ‘Sacrifice’. Inspired by American pagan folk and apocalyptic philosophy the sound of MARS is dominated by purely acoustic arrangements using guitars, various percussions and two male voices. Their drum-driven hymns tell of the persisting powers of nature, of the ancient breath of the gods and of the Eternal Cyclic Law of life. This is no simple escapism into dreamy realms, it’s a multifaceted journey into the subconscious parts of the human spirit, driven by pounding rhythms and accentuated guitars. With ‘Blood is the Food of the Gods’ MARS has become a powerful force in the European pagan underground. Their songs are energetic rituals to awaken the forgotten powers. Like the 12” ‘Sacrifice’ before this album displays unique hand-painted artwork by Nadine O. Demmler. Featured are new interpretations of ‘Icarus Falling’ (:Golgatha:) and ‘Man is Disorder’ (Aeterna). [press-release]

Mott, Nick -- "Here Begins The Great Destroyer" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB024D, (ltd. 300)
Nick Mott, previously known mostly for his work in and as a founding member of the eclectic group, Volcano The Bear, has since his departure been forging a path very much his own as, largely, a solo artist... Similar to his drawings or art experiments with photocopied collages, his music beams in from some kind of distorted or fractured reality more focussed on those murkier twilight places the likes of H.P. Lovecraft cast their imaginations into. As the ten pieces on Here Begins the Great Destroyer pay witness to, a world of unfolding electronic textures, uneasy tones, rhythmic bursts and general sense of things not being quite as they seem serve as Nick’s main preoccupations. However, this is no daft ‘dark ambient’ muck. Rather, like certain other artists on LTCo, it uncomfortably resides in a space where the likes of Renaldo & the Loaf, Tuxedo Moon, Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles each all crawled from. A space, essentially, few others would dare, or wish, to venture to in the first instance. Of course, there is a crooked humour evident, too, as no artist can truly traverse such places without it. Well, at least not if they want to keep their sanity more or less functioning… [label info]

Nadja -- "Bodycage" -- CD -- €10
2005/2013 Broken Spine Records, BSPR01
CD re-issue from Broken Spine Productions of Nadja's 2005 album. Comes in a cardboard digipack sleeve. Previously released on CD by Nothingness Records (2005), Profound Lore Records (2006), & Daymare Recordings (2013), & on LP by Equation Records (2007).

Neon Rain / Earth Incubator -- "Animal Kingdom" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 062, (ltd. 64)
Vegeterian power-electronics / old school industrial / experimental from France and Russia. Neon Rain is the project of Serge Usson, who is also the head of experimental projects STORM OF CAPRICORN, LIGNE CLAIRE, and the vocalist for black and doom metal bands ACARUS SARCOPT, SAEL, SILVER MACHINE. The material is dedicated to the ALF (Animal Liberation Front). EARTH INCUBATOR is the Russian project of A. Kibanov, also known for such names as Black Blessed Demon With Angelic Heart, Headless Kamikaze, Illnathix and multiple splits and collaborations. [label info]

Noluntas -- "Noluntas Divina" -- CD -- €10
2008 Possession Productions, PS58
Project of Voist Angiras (UDUMBAL, PRAGNAVIT, M.O.B.A.S.). Only this first line can already serve as the review of release. But only with one addition. This is his most deep Work. The most thin both desperate. Very personal and sincere. Simple Dark Wave inspired by music of his adolescence - Great KRAFTWERK. Inspired by atmosphere of those times, Sincerity and Pure Beauty. It is necessary to listen to this album from the beginning and to the ending. It is fine gloomy trance Music which will open something important in everyone’s mind. It is checked up. It works. Viva la Muerte!! Viva Noluntas Divina!! [press-release]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Horosho tam, gde "vas" net" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2015 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT109, (ltd. 20)
Anti-peasant futuristic noise manifesto for the followers of Marinetti, Mayakovskiy and Kruchenykh. Lo-Fi cyclic noise collage with retrograd sound. Both discs contain folders with author's photo works. Artwork made of coloured found pictures, comes with many amusing inserts, all info hand-written. [label info]

Pragnavit -- "Viede..." -- CD -- €10
1998/2010 Possession Productions, PS 47, (ltd. 500)
Re-edition of classical Dark Folk Ambient album of PRAGNAVIT “Viede…”! This album is dedicated to the Kryvian shamanic practices of Ecstasy. Those recordings from 1998 are perfectly re-mastered. Album was released with previously unreleased bonus-track. [label info]

Saturn Form Essence -- "Forgotten Space Of Chaos" -- CD-R EP -- €5
2012 Human Cross Records, HCR 010, (ltd. 30)

Saturn Form Essence -- "Orbital Structure Of Venus" -- CD-R EP -- €6
2012 Human Cross Records, HCR 010, (ltd. 30)

SiJ -- "Way to Dream" -- CD -- €10
2015 self-released
Solo musical project of Vlad Sikach, founder of the net-label GV Sound, formed in March 2011. His experiments started with noise ambient of industrial kind, but gradually SiJ shifted to drone ambient and released over 30 albums - mostly as web downloads. Physical releases include "Deep In Space" CS (Depressive Illusions Records), "Nightwave", "Fragments Of Memories" (CDR, USC) and "Influence Of Darkness" (CD, Radiodrone). Using guitars and virtual synthesizers along with handmade electro-mechanical devices, Vlad has been recently experimenting with field recordings, collecting them in various places - on city streets, at abandoned military training grounds and industrial objects. [Monochrome Vision]

Sistema Bezopasnosti -- "Martian Dust" -- CD EP -- €9
2015 Heimdall Records
New mini-album of this Siberian neofolk act features four compositions which were intended to be releases on a 7" vinyl, but because of problems with customs, it was never imported to Russia and never distributed, so now it's re-released on a CD. The disc contains 8 tracks: the original vinyl version + instrumental & alternative versions of the same songs prepared for the CD. "The album title "Martian Dust" has several meanings and storylines. In black magic, literally, martian dust is the dust from cemetaries, soil from graves, ashes from crypts collected in a specific time under the influence of the martial planet Mars. This substance in one of the most dangerous, most energetically powerful and thus used only for the most obscure rituals. On this premise, the album is soaked by mystical mood, filled with the occult and astral symbolism, decandent spirit and dark gothic aesthetics. Despite the short playing time, the disc is conceptually complete, built up and finalized. This work has several key images. First - male - the image of a black magician, embodied in the chrismatic and mysterious personality of Aliester Crowley. Second - female - appearing dunring the process of recording and becoming more evident, bringing mystique and romanticism, adding sensuality, tenderness and delicacy, manifested in visual images and artwork." [from the author] Standard edition in matte 4-panel digipak.

Sistema Bezopasnosti -- "Martian Dust" -- CD EP -- €19
2015 Heimdall Records
Collector's edition with handmade artwork - CD in digipak placed inside a textured cardboard box with natural silk lace, satin ribbon and eyelets.

SQE -- "5 + 4" -- CD -- €10
2012 Silken Tofu, stx.16
SQE. is the moniker of J GRECO, living and working in New York, USA. Active in the electro-acoustic/experimental scene since the mid-1990s, he founded Smooth Quality Excrement together and collaborated with such artists as Ure Thrall, Paul Lacosta and Michael Hensley (Blood Box, Yen Pox), before concentrating on his solo material as SQE. As SQE, J. Greco with collaborated the likes of Amber Asylum, Tony Wakeford and Alan Trench & Tracy Jeffery (Orchis/Temple Music). This resulted in releases on Old Europa Cafe, Drone Records and Anticlock Records. With ‘5+4’, J Greco takes his work to a completely different level, perhaps more accessible sounding but still with its necessary hooks and experimental sounds. Stylistically, it might surprise some (quite a few) people, with its contemporary electronic sounds and dub influences. Armed with effects, acoustic instruments and the lovely voice of Tracy Jeffery, SQE has made the soundtrack to some hazy, warm summer nights, combining this warmness with a slightly fuzzy mood and an at times cold 80s feel. Silken Tofu goes dub. Yes, dub. [press-release]

T-Wald -- "Landeinwarts: In Memory Of Hermann Hesse" -- CD BOX -- €47
2014 Ufa Muzak, UFA 66 / Valgriind, VG 56, (ltd. 25)
Symphonic ambient / Neoclassic. The album dedicated to Hermann Hesse opens like his book, from the very first lines inviting to the inmost fabulous world of his impetuous imagination, intellectual fiction tightly related to the moments of his own life. Hesse set himself against the society and was running from it into his dreams, in journeys, in complete dissolution in nature which was the confirmation of the existence of God. He couldn't imagine life without creativity, having truly healing force, being able to bring up a personality, giving answers to the essence of things. Hesse wrote about that in his last philosophical surrealistic novel "The Glass Bead Game", in which an order of intellectuals invents the universal art influenced by Buddhism and mathematics in addition to music. Like in the aesthetics of Romanticism, kept up by the German classic, the idea of progress and civilization is opposed by returning of a human to the roots of nature, so in the music of T-WALD one can hear quiet whisperings of wildlife spirits, always having a powerful impact on the ability to create. The album touches the key points of the writer's world of imagery. Deliberately quiet recording prepares the listener for the attentive contemplative mood, in which he would open again and again the faery grottos inviting to take a rest in each of them, being imbued by the magic. Light weightless melody, like a breath of wind from Bodensee, carries long faded smells, voices, rustling of leaves and splashes of water from the past. There is no return, the only thing left is the book read long ago and buried in a pile of dry leaves, and the eternal music in a long abandoned empty house. "Oh, was not all suffering time, were not all forms of tormenting oneself and being afraid time, was not everything hard, everything hostile in the world gone and overcome as soon as one had overcome time, as soon as time would have been put out of existence by one's thoughts?"... 9 tracks, 45 minutes. First 25 copies: cardboard 2-side-printed box, 6-panel cardboard cover, 3 postcards, oak leaf, poster 480?300 mm. Packed in stamped & numbered craftpaper with picture-sticker. Sealed by wax seal. [press-release]

Udumbal -- "From Beyond MXMVIII-MMVIII" -- 4 CD -- €30
2011 Possession Productions, PS 44
UDUMBAL Box contains previously unreleased albums: "Iaf Sabaf" (Beast of the Abyss) 1998-2001 "Sarva Harah" (Devouring) 2001-2003 "Bahih Samsthitim" (Infinite Death) 2005 "Janua Inferni" (The Gates of Hell), 2006-2008 All the albums have been remastered and fully reproduced in 2010-2011. Each album included booklets with lyrics and special images. Three different designer worked on the creation of booklets artwork. One of them is Horth (KARNA). UDUMBAL is a project of Voist Angiras who also known for his work in such projects as PRAGNAVIT, MOBAS, NOLUNTAS and GUSZCZAR. UDUMBAL performs ritual and deep dark music that named as the Left Hand Path Art style. By the uniqueness of the atmosphere UDUMBAL can be compared with ENDVRA, MORDOR, BEHERIT, EQUIMANTHORN and RAISON D'ETRE. Without trying to be someone's copy and not going in the wake of fashion trends for departed quire years UDUMBAL could crystallize completely recognizable musical style and create a truly monumental occult masterpiece. Many people wait for this release for a very long time. We do not see this is one as the problem - such works have no limitation period, because their source is outside of time. UDUMBAL's music as well suited for the dark other-worldly atmosphere, for aghoric meditations, and just for the serious intellectual work. [press-release]

Unknown -- "Ever" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Strely Peruna, SP 021
The album was recorded in 1997 and distributed for some time as a cassette release, later the master-tape was lost and the distribution stopped. Some time ago it was found again, turned into digital, remastered and now available as a CDR release. Like other releases of UNKNOWN, "Ever" has minimalist package: slim-case with an insert. The album represents the transition from the cosmogonic ideas ("Equinox") and natural ("The Seasons") to the over-worldly, sacerdotal journeys of the Spirit. This album is an initiation, it guides the listener through the human aspirations and emotions to the realization of self as a non-human, eternal being. "Ever" was used in a clinic for the rehabilitation of drug dependence and showed interesting results as a therapy for achieving the catharsis. [from the author]

Weihan -- "Bloodslitin a Steininum" -- CD -- €10
2014 Lichterklang, LK025, (ltd. 260)
Stronger than ever before and seven years after their last album, WEIHAN return with their impressing new album „Blурslitinn б Steininum“. While the previous album of the belgium project were characterized by the divergency between Neofolk and martial based influences, Jurgen and Miguel used the long period to strengthen their music on a more sophisticated and variable version of Martial Industrial that is conceptionally founded in norsk sagas and sacrifial pagan rites. The title of the album therefore might also be translated as "The colour of blood on stone". „Blурslitinn б Steininum“ emphasizes WEIHANS outstanding position in that particular genre. The album was mastered by Axel Frank at the „Blue Lounge Studio“ in Berlin. [press-release]

Wozzeck -- "Fort!" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 063
Wozzeck "Fort!" was recorded by Ilia Belorukov (alto-saxophone, electronics) and Mikhail Ershov (bass guitar, electronics) in 2010 spring-summer. The material of this disk is a legacy of the noise release "Act II" which is also recorded by duo. The style is vary from a tough noise glitch to a quiet drone-ambient. [label info]

Wyrm -- "Live On KSER.org The Tunnel 90.7 FM 12/12/08" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 022, (ltd. 111)
WYRM is the project of ALLAN ZANE & LIZ LANG; flickering & pulsating dronescapes, somewhere between ZOVIET FRANCE and BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, complex & breathing drone-structures, lim./numb. 111 copies in amazing handmade art-package (silver-foam stuff). [Drone Records]

V/A -- "Luigi Russolo Contest 2014" -- CD -- €11
2014 Monochrome Vision / Studio Forum / Gracia Territori Sonor
New compilation presenting works of the winners of the international contest of electroacoustic music named after Luigi Russolo: John Nichols III (USA), Loise Bulot (FR), Sunjin Lee (South Korea), Franco Alberto Pellini (ARG), Pietro Dossena (IT), Wen Bihe (China), Rocio Cano Valino (ARG), SiJ (RU). Cooperation release of Monochrome Vision with Studio Forum (France) and Gracia Territori Sonor (Spain).

V/A -- "The Machine Started to Flow into a Vein (Vol. 4)" -- CD -- €10
2014 Moontrix, MTXCD008, (ltd. 300)
This release is made special for event “The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol.4)” which took place in Anyksciai, Lithuania, November 08, 2014. CD includes exclusive tracks by COH (Ivan Pavlov), Colin Potter, Skeldos, Oorchach, Morrigun, Inwards and Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio). [label info]

V/A -- "Your Talk May Kill Your Comrades (Negative Message From Collective Mind Vol. 2)" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 054
Second part in the series of compilations by SOI Tapes, dedicated to the industrial and noise scene of the Post-Soviet region. This time the compilation features projects from Russia: MISERY, OUT OF FOCUS, FROZEN OCEAN, FEAR KONSTRUKTOR, CIRCLE OF IRON TAPE, MAAAA + MINUALA, SUDAN STRAIN, AVRORIN / ZUBOFF, BUNKER, BIOMASS, NECRASOTA, ORGANOID, MAAAA, COMFORTER and MUSICPRODUCT. [label info]


Romutus -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €6
2014 self-released
Romutus = Umpio vs Noituus. 17 tracks in 12 minutes. Harsh junk abuse grindcore bulldozer music.


AZ -- "s/t" -- MC -- €6
2013 Tastes Differ, 003
Leftfield / Experimental / IDM. Solo album of Alexander Zaytsev ("EU").

Belorukov, Ilia / Kurt Liedwart / Andrey Popovskiy -- "Somebody Rattled" -- MC -- €7
2014 Hideous Replica, HR6
Ilia Belorukov - alto saxophone, effect pedals, phone, ipod, objects. Kurt Liedwart - ppooll, electronics, found objects, space. Andrey Popovskiy - lap steel guitar, effect pedals, electronics, objects. Recorded on 22.02.14 at Experimental Sound Gallery, Saint-Petersburg. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ilia Belorukov.

Big City Orchestra -- "Impetuoso" -- C-90 -- €5
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 037, (ltd. 100)
Another trip into BCO's very own dimension of enchanting ambient scapes, unbelievable weird collages & rumbling drones.. C-90, lim. 100, printed silver paper cover with extra fragile paper sleeve, very handmade. [Drone Records]

Creation Through Destruction vs. Nundata -- "2213: Decomposed Circuits" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 036, (ltd. 100)
Collaboration of two Serbian noise projects. Constructed + deconstructed on 2nd February, 2013 by A. N. and Srdjan Eftimovski. No mastering, no editing, no overdubs, just pure live noise! [label info]

Doroga -- "II" -- MC -- €5
2011 Obscurex, OBS011
Second album of finnish duo: Doroga (Hinageshi Bondage + Umpio)! Hazy and bizarre Ambient / Experimental music with a touch of eastern mysticism! [labels info]

Faarao Pirttikangas -- "Kaatopaikan Kuningas" -- MC -- €5
2013 Berber Tapes Marocco
Weird blues / folk rock from the founder of the Finnish underground band Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset.

Minoy -- "Treatment Resistant / The Year Of The Dog" -- 2 С-60 -- €10
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 039, (ltd. 100)
This double album contains some of the last works Minoy ever completed. "The Year Of The Dog" was the final audio work found in the Minoy tape archive. None of these tracks were released/distributed during his lifetime. "Treatment Resistant" recorded in 1993, "The Year Of The Dog" recorded in 1994. Double side box with a cover made of aluminum foil and printed transparency.

Murderous Vision -- "Hidden Histories" -- С-90 s/s -- €5
2014 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 042, (ltd. 100)
You think you have a free will? You think your achievements in life are owed to yourself only or to chance? The latest work from Stephen PETRUS with guest appearance from David RUSSELL (aka ARC/COLLAPSED ARC) and Gary MUNDY (of RAMLEH / SKULLFLOWER) will dispel those delusions. [label info]

Nunnauuni / SSRI -- split -- MC -- €5
2014 Untergeschoss, UNTER27
Nunnauuni (nun oven) is a "free jazz drummer meets cut-up noise" project of Pentti Dassum (known from Umpio) and Jaakko Tolvi (known from various Finnish underground bands). Wild and crazy stuff to be filed under spastic electroacoustics and microsounds on speed. SSRI presents again three tracks, first two showing the project's more spastic, restless, edited and even playful cut-up/fuck-up noise side, and a closer that is a monotonous dark piece of death meditation. Professionally dubbed tapes. [label info]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "...Govorite, vy v "pryamom" efire" -- C-90 -- €5
2015 YAOP, YAOP 073, (ltd. 16)
Tele-radio-noise abundantly stuffed with distorted voice samples. 100% analogue work from the cult artist coming from the remote region of the Russian North. Artwork created from the pages of the book by R. Ilyin "Television Image" (1964), all info hand-written. [label info]

TDK -- "Senseless Bells" -- MC -- €6
2014 Kaukana Vaijyy Ambient, KVA-005
One of the multiple side-projects of the FInnish musician UMPIO. Noisy ambient soundscapes from icy north.

V/A -- "Pedro Omnis" -- MC -- €6
A Collection of post-apocalyptic music: Alchemy Of The 21st Century, KSNK, Umpio, Diagram A, Sonno Ferrum Group.

Frea market

Alio Die - Under An Holy Ritual - CD - VG+/VG - €5.20
Chaos As Shelter - Message - 3"CDR - NM/VG+ - €3.00
Dark Ages - Twilight Of Europe - CD - VG+ - €5.20
Do Shaska! - Lange Nacht Der Bibliotheken - CDR - VG+ - €7.80
Giscard Le Survivant - Seul Contre Le Programme Commun - CDR - VG+ - €3.00
Lieutenant Caramel - Early Tape Works - 2 CD - NM/VG+ - €5.20
Lieutenant Caramel - The Pandora's Box - CD - F/VG+ - €3.00
NON - Blood & Flame [unofficial] - CD - F/VG - €3.00
Off The Cuff - Part of the Sky - CDR - VG+/VG - €3.00
Pacific 231 & Rapoon - Palestine - CD - G - €3.00
Phurpa - Nag bDud Ceremony - CD - NM - €5.20
Sleep Research Facility - Nostromo - CD - NM - €10.20
The Gerogerigegege - None Friendly - CD - VG+ - €21.70
V/A - Cosmic Translation Of Unconsciousness (Anna-Christin Albers + Sonja Wendebourg, Syntetika, Evgeniy Karpenko, Iggy Spears, Underbell, Andrei Samsonov, Urby, Russian Nuclear Project, Fiir, Paxob) - CD - VG+/VG - €3.00
V/A - Epicurean Escapism (Krank, IRM, Human Larvae & Anemone Tube, Jarl, Martin Bladh) - CD + DVD - VG+/NM - 700 руб.
V/A - Table For Six: All Quiet? (Tarkatak, Cisfinitum, Civyiu Kkliu, Kendo Nagasaki, The [Law-Rah] Collective, 33 MHz) - CD - NM/VG+ - €5.20
Yen Pox - New Dark Age - CD - VG+ - €21.70

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

V. Back in stock

Cisfinitum -- "Music Of Light" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 050, (ltd. 157)
This is the most atypical album for Cisfinitum - a collection of most experimental, harsh and uneasy noisy tracks. Contains a fragment of insane live performance in Moscow, 1999.

Comforter -- "Values, Needs & Delicate Brainwash" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 047
Ultra-harsh-noise in vein of Japanese school. Absolute brain cleansing.

Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal -- "Apocalyptic Climax 2" -- CD -- €12
1999/2011 WKN / Eternal Pride Productions, WKN05
In 1999 "Apocalyptic Climax 2" was the result of mutual collaboration of the leading martial\industrial\ambient formations Der Blutharsch и Deutsch Nepal. The state of despair and hopelessness is the main leitmotif of this music. Death floating in the uncertainty, death as the basic obsession standing behind all your thoughts and feelings-the monotonous and cold language and fixed scenes. Albin Sunlight Julius & Lina Baby Doll stand here for the chroniclers of Europe , its dramatic historical way which gave rise to the bloody outbreaks & mystical spiritual revelations-war as the phenomenon of the human nature which is constantly testing itself for strength. Apocalyptic despair is the leitmotif of the whole album which was released as limited edition 10'' in 1999, and which is still available on CD as release WKN5 in the format of Digi CD by the exclusive distribution of Eternal Pride Productions. [press-release]

Doroga -- "I" -- CD -- €10
2010 Ikuisuus, IKU-021 / Nekorekords, Neko-02
Debut CD by a new Finnish duo (Hinageshi Bondage + Umpio). Slow ritual gongs, metals, percussions, loops and free clarinet/sax meditations, etc. Slow and intense... A study in evolving emptiness and truly a hypnotic trip. Comes in a 7" size sleeve. [labels info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Fanum -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €27
2008 KERPG, KERPG_11, (ltd. 68)
Black mystical drone. Concreteness read eternity rotations great completeness. Ogrubelosti broken pity beauties and purities. Leaving not humanity pulsation. The Atonal tune Sky. The Drone eternal flying heavy birds. Carrying read. False. Choking in ETERNAL FLAMES. The Death with the Sky. All-embracing. Return and finish. The Overheated thick masses. The Pressure and Pain. The Thermodynamic balance. The Echo will sound the Deceased a name, reflected from lowered Chill. Wars. The Black bag, double black\white booklet 20/16, Cd-r in envelope will drink up on booklet. [press-release]

The Fields Of Hay -- "Songs For Nine Ladies" -- CD -- €10
2007 Fourth Dimension Records, FDCD72
Debut album by Stuart Carter (Theme, ex-Heroin/Splintered), from 2007, comprising five pieces of setting sun psychedelia, textural murmur, loops, field recordings and a general feeling of ambivalence where things are never quite as they seem. Includes Sonic Boom (E.A.R, Spectrum, ex-Spacemen 3) and Richo (Theme, Splintered, Husk, etc.) guesting on a couple of the tracks. [label info]

The Haters / La Cyanescence -- "s/t" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 033, (ltd. 100)

Side A - two tracks from The Haters - primordially raw repetative hypnotic noise. Side B - La Cyanescence - no less raw and monotonous harsh. Grease outwards. Standard cassette case with a mini-poster.

K2 -- "Musik Fur Enthauptung" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 034, (ltd. 100)
New material recorded in spring 2013. Ultra-compressed cut-up harsh noise.

Karna -- "Haunted (Age of Destruction)" -- CD -- €10
2007 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP011 / Posession Productions, PS36
Cold post industrial pulsations, freezing ambient passages and explosive military rhythms... musical shapes mimicry and hide in a secret Spheres, which power is able to destroy illusory of «reality» and move the listener over the boundaries of limits, as it is the goal of the True Satanic Art. [label info]

Kleistwahr -- "This World Is Not My Home" -- CD -- €10
2014 Fourth Dimension Records, FDCD91, (ltd. 300)
The latest album from Gary Mundy (Ramleh), who has been using this moniker since the early ‘80s to further furrow the worlds of intense electronics, harrowing psychedelia and violent or claustrophobic atmospherics he is already known for. Less prolific than Ramleh, Kleistwahr began with several cassette releases on Gary’s own much revered Broken Flag imprint and has subsequently been afforded more releases by labels such as Noise War, Noiseville and Harbinger Sound. This World Is Not My Home collects seven pieces recorded between 2013 and 2014 of mostly instrumental sprawling guitar & electronic works. Released in an edition of 300 in a Broken Flag-type sleeve. [press-release]

Knurl –- "Mesosoma" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 016, (ltd. 120)
All pieces produced and recorded live Jan/Feb 2009 using scrap metal + violin. Limited edition of 120 copies in a metal box with multiple colour inserts.

Konstantin Magical Mystery Orchestra -– "Inner Ambient" -- CD -- €9
2014 self-released
It's better to call it the orchestra man, because this is the studio project and there's only one performer of all parts. He is also the composer, sound engineer, producer and art director of the project. Konstantin Zadorozhnikov is a doctor of alternative medicine in musical therapy, musician and video producer. The author of "art-n-science" concept whic lies in the basis of the musical project "Magical Mystery Orchestra", performing in the innovative author's genre "noo-ambient". It's not easy to categorize the noo-ambient genre. It's based on a synthetic interaction of several directions. The author refers noo-ambient to advanced music and names the basic features of the genre, such as created by him sympho-ambient, progressive electronica, modern classic, cosmo ambient, contemp. "Noo" is always an experiment, it plays with sparkles of images of various directions, constantly refilling and integrating them, making something new all the time... Undoubtedly the early creative period was influenced by New Age genre and classical music, later - by classical ambient of Brian Eno with the elements of the third world music and avantgarde. Tempo-rhythmical range varies from serene to expressive, tensed and pulsating, often with powerful intro or powerful coda. Polyphony is typical, as well as the use of many kinds of instruments combining acoustic and electronics. Vocals are rare, characterized by emphasized short choir riffs with clear pattern. On the last album "Inner Ambient" (2014) in addition to the traditional computer VST instruments, the Magical Mystery Orchestra also uses native ones - guitar and bamboo sax-flute. [press-release]

Kromeshna + Bardoseneticcube -- "Lilac Honey" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Ostroga, OTR-019
One collaborative 21 min. track from St. Petersburg based Bardoseneticcube and Kromeshna from Ural. "Like psychedelic balm pouring in florid patterns in eternal search for otherworldly clouds" [UFA Muzak]. A5 paper sleeve with a herbarium.

Neznamo -- "Utrata" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 Moonsun Productions, MS002, (ltd. 111)
Ancient ritual ambient tapestries will take you to the times of blossoming Tradition. Three ceremonial weeping songs for lost legacy of the Ancestors.... CD-r with handmade layout, 111 copies. [label info]

Neznamo -- "Zavet" -- CD-R -- €10
2010 Vetvei, V10, (ltd. 111)
This is the last part of Neznamo's 'MY' trilogy. 'Zavet' finishes this song devoted to the Tradition. First two parts, 'Seme>Zemlya' and 'Utrata' were published by Moonsun Productions. Themes of 'Zavet' - the Fall of Tradition, Defeat of Spirit, and their future Revival. Eternal Primary Myth of Death and Rebirth appears here as sounds and echoes. This release presents majestic Drone Ambient canvas weaved of drones and noises created with wind, string and percussion instruments and field recordings. Decorative design presented as full-color six-panel envelope. [press-release]

Obozdur -- "Nemezida Probkovogo Shlema (Pith Helmet Nemesis)" -- CD-R -- €3
2014 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 018, (ltd. 25)
Drone/Noise. "In the damp basement between the worlds, where bearded scrapers hide in slots of tile, waiting for an opportunity to bite your hill with their sharp teeth, remember about the main thing - don't meet an eye of Pith Helmet Nemesis. Even if she looks like a simple kitchen girl..." New album from the cult project from the Urals, Russia. More than 40 minutes of lo-fi droning noise, rumbles, rustles and mystical chimes. Especially recommended for night insomnia listening. Just keep the kitchen door closed. CDR with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [press-release]

Peenemunde -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2011 Obscurex, OBS007
38 minutes of carefully crafted, dark and gritty Industrial Noise by finnish noisemasters: P. Dassum (Umpio) & Pekka PT (Gelsomina / Sick Seed). [label info]

Peenemunde -- "II" -- CD -- €10
2013 Freak Animal Records
I wasn't personally very excited when Peenemunde approached with their first recordings. I gave harsh critics and eventually project decided to completely re-do the material what eventually became their (improved) debut album. Case was entirely different with this second full length. I saw their great live performance and had opportunity to hear some raw out-takes of upcoming second album. Instantly I offered to publish material as proper CD, if rest of material stands equally strong. And it does. No critics of suggestions was needed. On first album P. Perä-Takala (Sick Seed) and P. Dassum (Umpio) basically combined the known elements of their projects as mere "collaboration", but now Peenemünde stands as project of its own identity! Second assault of Peenemünde abandons smashing junk metals and enters the dark laboratory of poisonous experiments with cold electronics! Duo created material live on tape in sessions what to me sounds unlike anyone else does. It has the cold electric feel, without the elements of "techno". It has the fierce junk metals, without fitting into line with other junk metal noisers out there. It is rotten sound from gutters of laboratory, without being unnecessary "lofi" or poor quality. Thematically Peenemünde is based on inventiveness of mankind in the field of warfare and cruelty, concentrating especially on WWII. Essential! [press-release]

ROME -- "Confessions d'un Voleur d'Ames" -- CD -- €25
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi172
Only a few months after the release of its first full-length album NERA, ROME is back yet again to show that it's here to stay. CONFESSIONS D'UN VOLEUR D'AMES is a call from a world where love and despair are locked in an embrace. A black craving in the fangs of war, the joys of stealth in a riot of blossoms. This second album is much calmer and rather more personal than NERA. These confessions are often dark and poetic, sometimes brutal, but most of all intimate. Again you will find traces of all kinds of genres of obscure music; ambient, neo-classical, dark wave, apocalyptic folk, martial industrial. ROME couldn't care less about boundaries of genres. However, the tone is less militant, the main themes being treachery and sacrifice, temperance and composure. With a distinctive slice of military suicide pop fiddled into their sound, ROME has established itself as one of the most lively and interesting "martial" folk acts up and about. These confessions prove that ROME has become a force to be reckoned with. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Telepherique vs. Alienlovers in Amagasaki -- "Globalisierung" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 034, (ltd. 150)
This release is dedicated to the consequencies of globalization process, and is represented by two solo tracks by each artist and mutual remixes. Telepherique plays pretty mild electronics in comparison with Alienlovers in Amagasaki - pure japanese noizze muzak with typical sandy digital sound.

Umpio -- "Junk Electronix Vol. I" -- CD -- €10
2010 Nekorekords, Neko-03, (ltd. 500)
Heavy junk rhythms, beatboxing, accidental idiot breaks and harsh textures. This one actually is almost music. Comes in a 7" size sleeve with postcard. [label info]

Umpio -- "Opium Electronix Vol.III" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Nekorekords, NEKO-24
One long drone track with minimal yet quite rich & evolving textures and waves obtained from sounds of taped seismic subharmonics, broken motherboards, refrigerator and a computer program. Finnish quality.

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