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Good night (or maybe morning or noon?), dear friends!

It's been a long time since our last update, amd the time has come - along with the new release produced together with the wonderful publishing house "Own Editions". This is a small book with absolutely unique content - complete illustrated collection of poems by Franz Kafka in German and Russian languages, and their multi-faceted musical interpretations on a double CD compilation. See more info just below.

The mailorder update features a lot of Russian editions this time. There are new works by such projects as Dom Vdovy, Nubiferous, Kaztalien, CDs and a t-shirt by a long-standing Siberian project Liholesie, a cassette with the archive live recording by Dm. Zubov (Hypnoz) and G. Avrorin on a new label Secretly Chuvashian, a vinyl record by Alexander Selivanov (ex-Mortart), two new cassettes by Lunar Abyss (collab with Kromeshna and split with System Morgue), new hi-end CD-R from Kshatriy with recent live material, CDs from St. Petersburg's minimal improv label Intonema and cassettes from Spina!Rec.

Also worth mentioning are the new CDs from Aquarellist label: the latest album by Rapoon in both standard and collector's editions, and the album by Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones side-project called Noroeste.

We also got some new discs from the nice Slovak electro-ambient label Aliens Production, some records from the American Helen Scarsdale Agency and a whole collection of rare Russian industrial releases from late 90-ies - early 00-s found by our long-time supplying partner, including early releases by such labels as Ultra, Ufa Muzak, etc. (sorry, but their prices are not for the faint hearted!).

Ugh, that's it for now!

Till soon,

I. New release

15 Poems by Franz Kafka

[photo 1] [photo 2] [photo 3]

Various Artists
"15 Poems by Franz Kafka"

book + 2 CD (ltd. 300)

disk one:
1. K.V. Renstalbaldanken (Chumaho DRU) - Pod Beskraynim Nebom
2. Nick Sudnick - Ich kenne den Inhalt nicht
3. Popovskiy, Sorokin, Shershenkov (GES-21 collaboration) - Drei
4. Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe - Aus dem Grunde
5. Monocube - Aleph
6. Pavel Mikheev (Eject) - Nichts halt mich
7. UtrovortU - Rodilis' i Poplyli
8. Pustotsvet - Mechtay i Plach
9. Kryptogen Rundfunk - Was für eine Stille?
10. Majdanek Waltz - V Tyomnye Vody

disk two:
1. Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe - Das Trauerjahr war vorüber
2. The Tune 3.0 - Nabludaya
3. Sal Solaris - Aus dem Grunde
4. Nick Sudnick - Niemals ziehst du das Wasser
5. Ilia Belorukov - Terrassen weit und leer
6. Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe - Kleine Seele
7. Sequoian Aequison - Abendwasser
8. Utrovortu & Uhushuhu - Pod Beskraynim Sinim Nebom

total length: 64:57 + 61:35
price: €10

* bandcamp.com

We are pleased to present this unique double release produced by our label along with the "Own Editions" publishing house, the translator Olga Roschina, the illustrator Daniil Grazhdankin and a number of musicians from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Odessa. The first part - the "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" book - is the first ever bilingual illustrated edition of all known Kafka lyrics (in German and Russian). The second part is the musical compilation based on the material of this book.

As it turned out Kafka's works and their atmosphere are close to musicians from very different cultural layers. It's the point where many musical styles interwine: radical chanson and neofolk, female choir and collage electronics, post-industrial and dark ambient, rampant neoclassic, minimalistic improvisation and post-rock. The compilation features I. Belorukov, A. Popovskiy + D. Sorokin + B. Shershenkov, Pustotsvet, N. Sudnick, UtrovortU, Uhushuhu, Chumaho DRU, Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe, Eject, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Majdanek Waltz, Monocube, Sal Solaris, Sequoian Aequison, The Tune 3.0.

II. Reviews

Some new reviews of our releases:

Exit In Grey "Shadows of Stillness" CD:
Fanum / Karna "Something Else" CD:
Kshatriy "s/t" CD-R:
Kshatriy "Slepok Soznaniya" CD:
Sister Loolomie "Signals" CD-R:
Uhushuhu "Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing" CD-R:

III. Forthcoming events

05.12.2014 - CP Dances
St. Petersburg, DaDa Underground. More info...

Moscow, "Theater" club. More info...

05.12.2014 - Industrial / Improv Night
Moscow, "Dom". More info...

St. Petersburg, "The Place" club. More info...

Moscow, "Ex:Libris" cafe. More info...

13.12.2014 - Cutting by Zero
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

St. Petersburg, Summer Bar. More info...

St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

20.12.2014 - dRёmA Мск
Moscow, "Dikaya Planeta" club. More info...

26.12.2014 - Recipes of Eternity VI
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

27.12.2014 - Cold Sun
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Ashley Blues -– "Arise And Let Us Spit On Your Body" -- CD-R -- €3
2012 Shit Noise Records, SNR 309, (ltd. 22)

Atolon -- "Concret" -- CD -- €9
2012 Intonema, int004, (ltd. 250)
Concret is not only 4th release of Intonema but also it's the long-awaited 4th release of the Spanish trio Atolon that was recorded in January, 2011 by Simon Reynell, director of English label Another Timbre. Alfredo Costa Monteiro (acсordion, objects), Ferran Fages (acoustic turntable, objects) and Ruth Barberan (trumpet, objects) are using their instruments by unusual way: they are preparing them, playing on their surfaces, knocking and inventing a lot of other ways for sound making. Despite of these non-musical sounds, the trio is following almost melodic motive all through the piece. [press-release]

Belorukov, Ilia / Kurt Liedwart -- "Obwod" -- CD -- €9
2013 Copy For Your Records, CFYR012, (ltd. 200)
First collaboration album of Russian improv musicians Ilia Belorukov (playing prepared alto saxophone) and Kurt Liedwart (using laptop). "The general approach on "Obwod", the subtle, soft melding of enhanced alto with electronics, brings to mind the Cathnor release from Graham Halliwell and Tomas Korber of a few years back, though this one contains perhaps a smidgen more rudeness. The four tracks don't diverge all that far from one another, tackling slightly different timbres, always long, shifting tones, usually very attractive on their own in a sour fashion, quiet throughout. In essence, it's not anything we haven't encountered along the way at times, but it's extremely well handled, carefully considered and well worth hearing." [Just Outside]

Belorukov, Ilia / Kurt Liedwart -- "Vtoroi" -- CD -- €9
2013 Mikroton Recordings, mikroton cd 25, (ltd. 300)
The first Mikroton release featuring Russian musicians Ilia Belorukov, a saxophonist from Saint-Petersburg, and Kurt Liedwart, an electronic and computer musician from Moscow who also runs the label. It’s their second longplaying work following Obwod which was released on Copy For Your Records. On the new CD the duo goes even further into the realm of unknown contriving to work with silence, space and chance with their traditional means like sinewaves and saxophone’s long tones. Saxophone preparations went into the background now and Ilia focuses on working with the saxophone’s surface using contact microphones which he feeds into a guitar mini-amp. At the same time Liedwart actively uses field recordings which he unexpectedly intertwines into the music texture. The duo offers its listeners to witness the investigation of saxophone’s new possibilities and synthesizer capabilities of ppooll. Eventually the duo finds itself not only in the field of contemporary improvised music but it also employs the means of Wandelweiser composers and noise music. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

Buckner, Thomas / Edyta Fil / Ilia Belorukov / Alexey Lapin / Juho Laitinen -- "Bewitched Concert" -- CD -- €9
2011 Intonema, int002, (ltd. 300)
The second step we took was the album Bewitched Concert by international quintet Thomas Buckner (USA), Edyta Fil (Poland), Ilia Belorukov, Alexey Lapin (both Russia) and Juho Laitinen (Finland). This is a record of a concert that took place at the Experimental Sound Gallery on November 6th, 2009. Spontaneously arising cast nothing negotiating played music rather reminiscent of academic music with some adds of free improvisation elements and acoustic drone... “It may feel strange but everything that played and sung on this album is very natural for instruments and voice – despite cello solo in Epilogue (performed with extravagant technique of string over-pressing which reminds Pierre Henri’s classical Variations for a Door and a Sigh) and Buckner’s shaman roaring. It makes a deceptive impression that this music can be easily notated by conventional way and if having a great desire – even can be performed according to that notation. Perhaps, only Deep Listening founded by Buckner’s compatriot (and probably a friend) Pauline Oliveros, sounds comparatively similar. Ilia Belorukov describes the concert atmosphere as “academic” and quite calm though, the performance form reminds the first movement of Witold Lutoslawski’s Second symphony Hesitant – when you listen to it you can’t trace that it invisibly involves you into a vortex of very fast music in which all sound events – like granules in the computer music - merge in one unique timbre.” (Dmitry Ukhov, from CD booklet)

Capece, Lucio -- "Less Is Less - Music For Flying And Pendulating Speakers" -- CD -- €9
2013 Intonema, int009, (ltd. 300)
Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers - a new work by Lucio Capece, known primarily for preparing of wind instruments and post-reductionism. Currently he is focusing on a region of perception and sound being in space. In the first of two presented compositions Capece is playing in the cathedral in Bern using speakers flying on balloons, soprano saxophone and the sound of the room itself. The second part of the dis? is a piece for speakers as pendulums, moving according to the oscillation phenomena, and analog synthesizer. Filigree work based in acoustic properties of various materials and objects. [label info]

Disharmony -- "Cloned II" -- CD -- €9
2014 Aliens Production, AP 30, (ltd. 333)
Another dose of cloned, this time under the sign of Aliens production. After successful series of unreleased works and remixed projects, Slovakian duo dISHARMONY is once again showing its remix activity. Their new achievement presents a varied palette, either with every way routing electronic genres or never released pieces which are part of this project from the beginning. Many electronic nooks, industrial turbulences, movie atmospheres and original passages are accompanying this rare matter. Contrasted, but still compacted, wraps in a electronic spirit and for sure once again something from the archive which was never published. Bratislava's electro underground never sleeps, so watch out for this release, which transfers you into a dimension where the clones are pulsing in your blood circulation. [press-release]

Dom Vdovy -- "Somnum Flagellum" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 self-released
Black Ambient. Beautiful unhurried resounding album with a deep viscous atmosphere. Subterranean noises, howling and gloom blend with medieval tunes. Unusual for this style are the variety of sounds and saturation of tapestries, resembling the style of Dungeon Synth. Tape noise slows down the heartbeat, waiting for the coming dread becomes stronger, sense of time is lost. I really enjoyed the rhythmical middle phase of the album - ritualistic, lo-fi, multi-layered and endlessly grim. Closer to the end the clouds thickened and I witnessed the music very much akin to the LLN project and the sound recording techniques of the 90-ies. The title track, after which the album is named, hypnotically brings to contemplative state, bringing back to reality with a repetative phrase and a howl turning into a moan of despair. The album is an interesting continuation and at the same time brings some new features in the sound of Dom Vdovy. [E:\Music\Dark Ambient]

Eubanks, Bryan & Jason Kahn -- "Drums Saxophone Electronics" -- CD -- €9
2014 Intonema, int013, (ltd. 200)
Bryan Eubanks and Jason Kahn's debut album was released in 2011. Then Eubanks used his own customized open-circuit feedback system and analogue electronics and Kahn played his modular synthesizer. Intonema releases their second recording where Eubanks plays soprano saxophone with electronics and Kahn drums the kit this time. While you can hear Jason's drums in full scale, Bryan's saxophone takes a lot of effort to detect it in the rich texture of the duo's sound which continues its studies of microtones, dynamic shades and the work of hybridization of acoustic and electronic instruments. [label info]

Flowers Turn The Light -– "Earth Similarity Index" -- CD-R -- €4
2012 Kadaath Records, Kadaath 18, (ltd. 50)

Frontier Guards -- "Interface" -- CD -- €9
2013 Aliens Production, AP 28 / Signifier, SIG 015
Dark Electro / EBM. Once again, Signifier and Aliens Production Label team up to release the very best in dark electronic music to a worldwide audience. Frontier Guards returns to the scene after a lengthy hiatus to bring forth a killer follow up to 2008's "Predestination". Hailing from the Czech Republic, Martin Pavlik and Thomas Galle have been hard at work on their new album entitled, "Interface". Featuring nine exceptional new dark electro tracks with a decidedly dark ambient bent and an original remix from Wyvern Origin, Frontier Guards prevails with dance floor friendly music for the discerning listener. Don't miss this genre defining release with its intermittent catching vocals, dark synths, and progressive ebm structures. Don't miss this exciting new release; "Interface" seems destined to become a genre classic. For fans of Disharmony, OTX, and Individual Totem. [press-release]

Funkstillesender -– "Fixed Communications" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2006 Abgurd, AB-35, (ltd. 44)
Prestressed Concrete released this album in 2004 but it has got no proper distribution. Now we provide you with some copies of this work, which is definetely an important chapter in the radionoise culture. [label info]

Headdreamer -- "Human Frequencies" -- CD -- €9
2014 Aliens Production, AP 29, (ltd. 333)
After many digital releases comes project Headdreamer with his new production and his modern sound will not leave any fan of ambient music unheeded. Melodic lines in down tempo rhythms and magical atmospheres are rolling the emotional canals of the listener. Many mysterious atmospheres, spherical elements and unmistakable atmospheres from dISHARMONY member. This listening discloses many uncharted corners and many interesting collaborations from projects like Huron, Esoteric sob, Ish, Stasis Device, Rentip, Lucidstatic, Basementgrrr... [press-release]

Hydra Division V -- "Ostracized" -- CD -- €8
2013 Artificial Sun, ArtSunCD #009, (ltd. 500)
TBM / Aggrotech. "Ostracized" - the debut album of Greek Aggrotech Hydra Division V team preparing for six years, tough and uncompromising rhythms and rough dance music just fit for the dark club parties. In addition to the main part of the disc are present bonuses in the form of two remixes of Larva and Acylum. [label info]

In Death's Throes -– "Tactical Disorder" -- CD -- €9
2003 Art Konkret, ART 36, (ltd. 500)
This rare CD is recommended for the lovers of good old analogue power electronics / death industrial. Abrasive and analogue sounds, synthesizer pulsation. Top-level sounding dark culture of terror. Featuring Schloss Tegal. [UFA Muzak]

ISH -- "Resonance Level" -- CD -- €9
2012 Aliens Production, AP 27
IDM / EBM / Ambient. Another next pearl in the waters of IDM and ambient. This time the protagonist and member of the Ambiguous project chooses a natural way in which are pulsing organic materials and shamanic spaces in original IDM compositions. Project who can attract with his dominated sound and many magical spaces which often exceed the borders of our world. In the songs are often overlapping multiple colors of sound and developing many moods itself. The combination of machined electronics and down temped loops moves the project to pulsing positions and opens to the listener the feeling of a pulsing live form. A strong atmospheric message. Many analogue spaces, hybrid loops and melodic lines. [press-release]

Kaztalien -- "Atonal Tales of Drunk Woods" -- CD-R -- €8
2014 Nadeln Prod., NaP.VII, (ltd. 93)
There is some borderline, dividing space. Space with broken laws of logic, perception, eventfulness - space between the worlds of Reality and Unreality. And this state of being between the worlds is very interesting to feel. Reflections of fire on tree trunks, something comes close to silence... Weird forest psych-ambient, coming in and out of the woods. Listen to this disc at night with crackles of cooling embers turning into ashes, looking at stars... 93 numbered copies, handmade artwork. [label info]

Komatoserzustand -– "Koma" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Abgurd, AB-61, (ltd. 95)
The audio on this was apparently inspired by the artist's intoxication on dichlorvos, which is an insecticide, and the coma that followed. As far as the audio goes I think it illustrates that very well. Long barely audible and rarely changing synth drones that move like a specter through the fog. It's really well done. I didn't have the highest hopes for this based on what I will talk about next but I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging on this is pretty forgettable. It's not horrible or anything. In fact it's fine but I honestly have to keep picking it up to literally remember what it looked like. I get dark, green, words… and that's about it. Also, the name is upside down on the spine, which isn't a big deal but it bugs me. I think it's also these slimline cdr cases that just scream boring to me. It's probably not fair but in the end I don't think it matters because the audio is super good. I recommend finding this if you can. It was limited to 95 copies and is probably almost gone. [Demian Johnston, Dead Formats]

Konstantin Magical Mystery Orchestra -– "Inner Ambient" -- CD -- €9
2014 self-released
It's better to call it the orchestra man, because this is the studio project and there's only one performer of all parts. He is also the composer, sound engineer, producer and art director of the project. Konstantin Zadorozhnikov is a doctor of alternative medicine in musical therapy, musician and video producer. The author of "art-n-science" concept whic lies in the basis of the musical project "Magical Mystery Orchestra", performing in the innovative author's genre "noo-ambient". It's not easy to categorize the noo-ambient genre. It's based on a synthetic interaction of several directions. The author refers noo-ambient to advanced music and names the basic features of the genre, such as created by him sympho-ambient, progressive electronica, modern classic, cosmo ambient, contemp. "Noo" is always an experiment, it plays with sparkles of images of various directions, constantly refilling and integrating them, making something new all the time... Undoubtedly the early creative period was influenced by New Age genre and classical music, later - by classical ambient of Brian Eno with the elements of the third world music and avantgarde. Tempo-rhythmical range varies from serene to expressive, tensed and pulsating, often with powerful intro or powerful coda. Polyphony is typical, as well as the use of many kinds of instruments combining acoustic and electronics. Vocals are rare, characterized by emphasized short choir riffs with clear pattern. On the last album "Inner Ambient" (2014) in addition to the traditional computer VST instruments, the Magical Mystery Orchestra also uses native ones - guitar and bamboo sax-flute. [press-release]

Kromeshna -– "...From Distant Box" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Kadaath Records, Kadaath 44, (ltd. 20)

Krotevich, Dmitriy -- "Olgoi-Khorkhoi" -- CD -- €9
2013 Intonema, int006, (ltd. 200)
Dmitriy Krotevich is already presented in the Intonema catalog: he participated in the recording of Wozzeck "Act III: Comics" release. At this time we are releasing his solo album which was recodred using turntables and no-input mixer. Last year Dmitriy released several albums on internet labels that represent him as an electronic musician and composer, while the Intonema release presents him as an improviser expoloring the territory of electroacoustics. In the cover we used the artwork of Mongolian artist Solongo Monkhooroi. The album itself is dedicated to the Mongolian death worm called Olgoi-Khorkhoi - the worm is mentioned in various literature, but no one had ever seen it... The Mongolian death worm, also known as Olgoi-khorkhoi is rumored to live in the Gobi Desert, one of the most inhospitable regions of the planet. It is generally considered a cryptid: an animal whose sightings and reports are disputed or unconfirmed. This freakish creature is said to spray acid, send out electric shocks and explode when threatened. [press-release]

Kshatriy -- "Sunyata Research" -- CD-R -- €10
2014 self-released
This is a mastered recording of my live gig on dRemA-4. In the night from 11 to 12 October, 2014 I played for the sleepers, trying to completely disengage from the everyday realities in order to plunge into a state of active sleep and joint experience with no any ideas and concepts, to plunge into the world of pure perception of infinite shining ocean-space-mind, love, energy and beauty. [from the author] Professionally recorded CD-R Mitsui MAM-A Digital Audio Gold 24K in cardboard with metallic photo print, handmade by Kshatriy.

Light Collapse / Sleep Column -– "Normal Asphyxia" -- CD-R -- €3
2013 Church Of Freedom, 021, (ltd. 28)

Light Collapse / Toxic Bliss -– split -- 2 CD-R -- €4
2013 Untitled Productions

Light Collapse / Yura Gorodezkii -– "Split 2012" -- CD-R -- €3
2012 Church Of Freedom, 015, (ltd. 25)

Liholesie -- "Primeval Rotation" -- CD -- €5
2004 Stygian Crypt Productions, SCP011
First album of the Siberian dark folk / ambient project released on a CD after the self-released demo tape "Eternal Call". "Primeval Rotation" showcases the wheel of times, the year as a symbol of the eternal return, the mystery of ascent and decline, death and birth. The album contains almost all tracks from the demo plus new material. [dark-world.ru]

Liholesie -- "Vast Homeland" -- CD -- €5
2005 Stygian Crypt Productions, SCP019
Second album of the Siberian dark folk / ambient project - a tribute to its own Siberial land and the spiritual mother of Europe. Graceful ambient melodies, enveloping the listener during unhurried walks and martial hymns overfilling the dust of ages. [dark-world.ru]

Liholesie -- "Visions" -- CD -- €9
2007 Stygian Crypt Productions, SCP032, (ltd. 1000)
Third studio album of the Siberian dark folk / ambient project. "Vague, lurking, hazy like daybreak dreams, but crystal clear as a gulp of cold spring water - the visions. Thick dark ambient, mainly pacified, contemplative, melancholic. Like a pause in a row of intense trips. After a vision comes the re-thinking... " [dark-world.ru]

Linija Mass -- "Mechano-Faktura" -- CD-R -- €17
1999 Ultra, UCD 04, (ltd. 120)
Original edition in A5 sleeve.

Linija Mass -- "Proletkult" -- CD-R -- €10
1999 Ultra, UCD 02, (ltd. 60)
Original edition.

Moloch -– "Meine Alte Melancholie" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 self-released, (ltd. 100)
Promo CDR self-released in 2010. This CDR not incl tracks "Unsere melancholie" and "Melancholie 17.06.06". Instead it, 3 bonus tracks are incl.: "By the winds give born a pain on the way..", "Berkana", "Nordish Steig". 100 copies in A5 white/silver package.

Moweton / Astma & Edgars Rubenis -- "Guitaroid vs Megadrumster / Tickling Valmiera" -- 2 x 3"CD-R -- €5
2013 Intonema, int007, (ltd. 100)
The seventh Intonema release is a split of two projects. The purpose of Moweton (its creator is Saint Petersburg guitarist Pavel Medvedev) - achievement of ultra-intense typical for grindcore by experimental means within the limits of the genre: cyber blast beats mutates into a glitch, riffs into noise improvisation, extreme overdrives into a kind of firing lasers in an old console game. Astma is a Moscow duo of one of the Russian noise pioneers Alexey Borisov and drummer Olga Nosova (Motherfathers, Syncopated Silence). Track for the split was recorded at one of their perfomances on tour with Latvian guitarist Edgars Rubenis, the genre range of whose works spreads from noise and drone to blues-rock. Together with him Astma finds oneself on the territory of psychedelic noise-rock. Images for Moweton’s side were done by artist Yomi-Ferus; the painting by Erik Shutov was used for Astma’s cover. [press-release]

Myelin (Birgit Ulher & Heddy Boubaker) -- "Axon" -- CD -- €9
2011 Intonema, int003, (ltd. 250)
Intonema extends its mucisians geography and presents the new CD "Axon" by the Myelin duo of German trumpeter Birgit Ulher and French saxophonist Heddy Boubaker. It is their second work together created during a studio session in Hamburg, July '10. While using the instruments as a source of signal and using improvising means (radio, sordinos, mini-speaker, other numerous objects) for preparations and sumplementing the sound of a saxophone and trumpet, the musicians almost play whisper without loosing expression and passion. [label info]

Mynoda -- "Nopirith" -- CD-R -- €8
2014 Ostroga, OTR-033, (ltd. 20)
Dark ambient. Voices of the dead, live instruments, panoramic and impartial picture of eternity in a monotone rite. A5 envelope + 3 glossy colored inserts. [label info]

Naevus -– "Soil" -- CD -- €10
2001 S.P.K.R., THUK I
First edition of the legendary neofolk album. Digipak.

Nebula VII -– "Dawn Of A New Era" -- CD -- €4
2014 Kadaath Records, Kadaath 68 / AREA 51, A51_016, (ltd. 500)
Space Ambient.

Noroeste -- "Respiration Etang" -- CD -- €12
2014 Aquarellist, aquarel 27-14, (ltd. 500)
The new project by Gael Loison, founder member of Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones. Slowly drifting cinematic ambient electronics with a touch of dark jazz elements. Recommended to those who like Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Angelo Badalamenti.

Nubiferous -- "Mana" -- CD -- €10
2014 Post Tenebras Musica, PTM 01 / :Vegvisir music:, o:010 / Le Crepuscule Du Soir, LCDS 193/43, (ltd. 499)
Ritual Dark Ambient | Acoustic | Field recordings. This album initiated experiments with acoustic musical instruments adding archaism and folk colors to the sound canvas of Nubiferous that harmonizes with the album concept: “mana” is a supernatural force or power that may be ascribed to persons, animals, inanimate objects or spirits. Deep ritualistic music on the edge between raw ritualism of Ad Lux Tenebrae and refined soundwork of Troum. CD, 4-panel A5 digifile, h/n, ltd.499. [label info]

Obozdur -– "Silver Cross Clone" -- CD-R -- €4
2012 Kadaath Records, Kadaath 43, (ltd. 30)

Pastuhamovci -– "AZ" -- CD-R -- €3
2014 Toxic Industries, Xi035, (ltd. 33)

Png -– "Son To Noko To Ej" -- CD-R -- €4
2009 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-040, (ltd. 25)
Lo-fi ambient / drone. Hand sewn textile envelope + coloured inner sleeve.

Pogrom -- "Degancios Suros" -- CD -- €10
2013/2014 Unrest Productions, UNPRCD07 / Terror, TR-34, (ltd. 300)
More than an hour of power electronics/noise from Lithuania, exploring the political and religious clash of muslim world and olde Europe. Digipack CD, 300 copies, 8 songs. Re-release of a tape on Unrest that was sold out too fast. No extras comparing to tape. [label info]

Popovskiy, Andrey -- "Rotonda" -- CD -- €9
2014 Intonema, int012, (ltd. 200)
Intonema expands its catalogue with a Russian musician Andrey Popovskiy. His debut solo album was recorded in the rotunda of the Mayakovsky Library in St. Petersburg, a space with special acoustics and demands to a musician where a tiny sound of any object ends in a very long reverberation. Andrey researched the acoustic properties of the space in advance and built his improvised set on their basis, working with a miniature sound and silence as well as a listener's sound perception. [label info]

Potter, Colin & The Hafler Trio -- "A Pressed On Sandwich" -- CD -- €10
2006 Nextera, ERA 2040-2, (ltd. 1010)
"I attended The Hafler Trio performance of 'How to slice a loaf of bread' in Preston and was very impressed on many different levels. During a discussion with Andrew McKenzie after the event, he suggested that we might try a joint project. Shortly afterwards he sent me some of the original source material from the performance. It was my intention to preserve the overall shape & sense of the material, but at the same time move it to another (sonic)place. I hope I have achieved this, by a process of reformation." [Colin Potter]

Rapoon -- "A Long View Across" -- CD -- €12
2014 Aquarellist, aquarel 26-14, (ltd. 450)
"A Long View Across" refers to the feeling you get when touching an artefact that was made more than 7,000 years ago, in this case stone rock carvings in the Cheviot hills in Northumberland. Spread out across the top of the hills lie huge stone tables carved with many petroglyphs weaving in and out of each other. The sites where you find the carvings are all places with fantastic views across the hillsides and lowlands. Places of great beauty and serenity. There is a sense of “being out of time” at these sites. You are separated from yourself and instead feel a sense of being part of a greater whole. A spirituallity, if you will. The sense of a connection with our ancestors and being part of a continuity. looking backwards and forwards... a long view across. [Robin Storey]

Rapoon -- "A Long View Across" -- 2 CD -- €27
2014 Aquarellist, aquarel 26-14 b, (ltd. 100)
Collector's edition of the new Rapoon album comes with a bonus CD containing the live recording from The Place club made in St. Petersburg, Russia on 25.10.2013. The artwork is completely different from the standard edition - it's a double digisleeve made of black designer's cardboard with silver silk-screened print.

Rowe, Keith / Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart -- "Tri" -- CD -- €9
2014 Intonema, int011, (ltd. 300)
In 2013 Ilia Belorukov and Kurt Liedwart invited famous and legendary Keith Rowe to Teni Zvuka Festival in Russia for a collaborative project, they played concerts in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and recorded several times. In a year Intonema and Mikroton Recordings release two albums with this electroacoustic master. The first will be the album called "Tri" where you can listen to the full set at the festival at Experimental Sound Gallery and a track which they recorded the same day before the gig. [label info]

Rowe, Keith / Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart -- "Contour" -- CD -- €9
2014 Mikroton Recordings, mikroton cd 32, (ltd. 300)
Weird recording for Mikroton featuring a duo recording of Keith Rowe and Alfredo Costa Monteiro and a quartet recording of them with Ilia Belorukov and Kurt Liedwart, two recordings made at the same day at spina!studio in St. Petersburg during Teni Zvuka 2013 festival... Their duo recording forms an exchange of personal experiences that bring the music into rather dry territories, with an acute sense of musicality. They conjured a unique sound world with accordion and prepared guitar, combining different sound qualities at the same moment. The quartet recording goes even beyond prevalent methodologies of working with sound, unpushingly pushing the sound around and violating many rules of the nowadays improvisation. [label info]

Stalnoy Pakt -– "Okkupacija" -- 3"CD-R -- €125
2002 ALF Produkt, No.1, (ltd. 20)

Structural Fault -- "Intro/Version" -- CD -- €9
2011 Aliens Production, AP 25, (ltd. 333)
Structural fault: it is a solo project, based in Buenos Aires (Cap. Fed) Argentina, at the beginning of 2007, Jose Luis Colque "EL Sarco", gets his first basic tools for music production and begins to venture into the field of electronic music, thus giving some experimental models. The Sarco says that (Structural Fault) is the archetype of a neo-apocalyptic futuristic world, sometimes round in our dreams. Tried to expose her great attraction for art "minimalist" and "brutalist" manages the creation of hybrid sounds that are in turn surrounded by melodic atmospheres. On the other hand, the Antonomasia philosophical, sentimental, highlighted in each of the songs of love, with melodies melodramatic, they sink into a deep industrial landscape. The course of Structural Fault, is the free will of a rhythmic formula that will go exploring, new horizons inconclusive. Start a full-fledged mission to Structural Fault, with the invaluable support of the great hand of Sauron and Ryby (Aliens Production) and the challenge is the future! [press-release]

Vile Cretin (Miguel A. Garcia & Nick Hoffman) -- "Vile Cretin" -- CD -- €9
2013 Intonema, int010, (ltd. 200)
They call it dark electroacoustic music. A duo of a Basque guy and an American bloke. Field recordings, drones of analog electronics and showers of digital devices, samples of animals and seemingly unknown beasts, whimsical forms and contrasting dynamics, recondite compositon/improvisation and lo-fi sound irony at the same time. On this anniversary tenth release Intonema presents Miguel A. Garcia and Nick Hoffman's Vile Cretin project. Four tracks and approximately forty minutes of modern experimental music. [label info]

Vomir / Rose Sobchak / The End Of Empire -– split -- CD-R -- €3
2012 Church Of Freedom, 017, (ltd. 30)

W.A.R. (Projectile of the Simon) -- "Symphony II" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 RZM Records, 003/07
Third work of this vigilante fighting against dirty world. Same kind of poem composed with sounds of explosions, gunshots, clatter of tracks. Much less melodic sounds. [Strely Peruna]

Wozzeck -- "Act 5" -- DVD -- €9
2013 Intonema, int008, (ltd. 300)
The eighth Intonema release is Act 5 by Wozzeck. This monumental work which lasted from 2010 to 2013 year will be released in the sixth birthday of the project: September 10-11 2013. This is as much as 200 minutes of playing time. The album contains 5 compositions by Ilia Belorukov that are united by one idea and performed as a trio with Mikhail Ershov and Alexey Zabelin. Monotony, meager growth and micro changes of a composition structure coupled with hidden surprises and sound changes from one part to the other - these are the basic properties of Act 5. Boring, tedious, interesting, entertaining, long, short, loud, quiet, fast, slow, why, how, what, where, who, whom. The album is releasing on audio-DVD disc with a 32-page booklet which describes in detail all the cycle compositions with their scores. [label info]

xCrymore / Blockhead's Guts -– split -- CD-R -- €3
2011 Shit Noise Records, SNR 179, (ltd. 33)

V/A -- "Ruthenia: From West To East" -- CD -- €10
2014 Sulphur Flowers, SF 1, (ltd. 500)
Neofolk. The debut release of a young Russian label 'Sulphur Flowers' contains 16 tracks composed by artists from different parts of the region historically known as Ruthenia: Austras Laiwan, Splendor Solis, Eirikura, Rybon'ka, Acoustic Dream, Svalbard, Bukaba Ava, Kratong, Blood & Sand, Majdanek Waltz, Nightwood Movies, Sunset Wings, Vintersolverv, Voronovo Krylo, Six Dead Bulgarians, Moon Far Away.


Millis, R. -- "Relief" -- LP -- €15
2013 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 025, (ltd. 400)
Our man Millis is a Climax Golden Twin and a noted curator of globe trotting / time traveling esoterica, amongst other accolades. In the former category, Millis and Jeffery Taylor steadily release some of the most headscratching amalgamations of avant-rock, decontextualized temple music, heightened-state minimalism, and collaged field recordings this side of the Sun City Girls (including the soundtrack to the cult film Session Nine); and in the latter, Millis has published a number of acclaimed anthologies for Sublime Frequencies (Scattered Melodies, This World is Unreal Like a Snake in a Rope, Phi Ta Khon, The Crying Princess, etc.) and Dust-To-Digital (our personal favorite, aptly titled Victrola Favorites). With his fingers in so many jars of jam, it can seem like an uncommon occurrence for Millis to release solo work although he is one to smear his sticky hands all over himself in performance, installation, and collaboration. Thus, The Helen Scarsdale Agency is delighted in presenting his latest opus, Relief... A fever dream of blurred harmonics and ethnomusicological spelunking, Relief repeatedly returns to variations on a peculiar yet beautifully serpentine drone, whose twinkling acoustic properties meld the hallucinatory mouth-music of the Bangladeshi Murung people and the curved air hypnosis of Terry Riley. Millis bookends and interrupts his mysterious miasma with comedic interludes snatched from his lauded collection of antique 78s, maudlin piano tone-clusters, and teleported crescendos of spectral ballroom waltzes. More Nurse With Wound than The Caretaker, this polyglot raga-drone of daytime somnambulism and psychedelic slipperiness speaks to the uneasy borders at psychological, cultural, and geophysical states of being. Oh, to be a human on this planet. [press-release]

Nilsen, BJ & Stilluppsteypa -- "Big Shadow Montana" -- LP -- €15
2011 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 020, (ltd. 500)
After producing their frozen trilogy of intoxicated dronemuzik for the Agency, these Scandinavian gentlemen have ventured into more absurdist territories through fictionalized soundtracks for imagined Mondo films and science fiction serials. It is in this context that BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa present the apparitional Big Shadow Montana, an album of slow-motion delirium manifested in occluded smears, nocturnal gasps, and arcane tones from a variety of analogue synthesizers. Amidst the near constant wash of bleary-eyed etherialism, Big Shadow Montana cycles through several sonic themes and leitmotifs, displayed in varying states of clarity. In these transitions between half-remembered phrases and bleary-eyed thrumming, the album emerges as if it were the aftermath from a protracted bout of metaphysical channel surfing. Flickered impressions flash in conjunction with Breton's manifesto of Surrealism in the form of the memories from happily drunk escapades in the heart of winter, the sidereal spells cast by the innerspace travelers Klaus Schulze and Coil, and the nagging questions of existential portent: "Was that bassline from Goblin, or was it German Oak? Maybe something from Faust IV?"... The trio of Nilsen, Sigmarsson, and Thorsson elegantly twist and bend these fleeting images into a spiraling symphony of bubbling electronics and spectral drones that mutate on both sides of the record into lugubrious yet carnivalesque waltzes. When this first appears, it is the echoing undercarriage of a simple melody, bobbing amidst rattling chains and cascading cymbal crashes only to dissolve into sequences of cold-war era tone beacons and empathic swaths of maudlin sound design. At the second occurrence, the melody washes ashore on the Iceland beach, where nude Viking men and women try in vain to get a tan when the sun is just barely going to rise above the horizon in the winter months. It is a pyrrhic jubilation of calliope harmonies set down by organs and synths turning a pale-blue hue in the wake of all that white skin shivering underneath the arctic sky... A hauntological album? Quite certainly. And yes, the vinyl does come with a download code. [press-release]

RV Paintings -- "Samoa Highway" -- LP -- €15
2010 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 019, (ltd. 500)
RV Paintings were born in California. Humboldt County, to be exact. It is nearly impossible to imagine their origins being elsewhere since the brothers Brian and Jon Pyle, who currently pilot RV Paintings, constantly mine the metaphysical properties of their homeland through a heavy-lidded psychedelia. The redwood trees that majestically rise from the rugged terrain may have been one of the endemic objects that inspired RV Paintings to "jam nature;" but Humboldt County's other major cash crop -- marijuana -- cannot be far behind. As much as the Pyle brothers channel a psychotropic animism through sound, their diaphanous drones and foggy ambient tangles spring from a schematic intelligence that belies any method acting of getting stoned and jamming in a room... Samoa Highway is the second full album for RV Paintings, following the nature jam transmissions of Trinity Rivers published by Root Strata in 2007 and a well-suited split LP with Taiga Remains from Blackest Rainbow. Just as the debut payed homage to the rugged river system that cuts through forests and mountains of the region, Samoa Highway refers to the lengthy bridge that runs between two coastal communities in Humboldt County, one of which houses a municipal airport. A swarm of drone guitars announces the opening of the record on "Millions," with a shoegaze wash collapsing into rarified tone purity and bulging through a metallic buzz. Field recordings of airplane take-off and firework explosions punctuate the undulating bleary smear of the Pyle brothers' guitars. The result is one of levitation, even as RV Paintings seem to be plugging their guitars and electronics directly into the moss, soil, and mycelia of the Humboldt forest. Echo-soaked flutes, maudlin strings, scabrous noises unearthed from the bottom of the Pacific, and a cinematic arcs of guitar shimmer complete the beautiful and haunted miasma of Samoa Highway that falls somewhere between Taj Mahal Travellers, Organum, and The Caretaker... Brian Pyle may be best known as one of the founders of the Starving Weirdos and records his solo work as Ensemble Economique. Samoa Highway stands the first piece of vinyl published by Helen Scarsdale Agency and includes a code for a digital download. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies. [press-release]

Selivanov, Alexander -- "K7" -- LP -- €11
2014 Don Contemporary Art Foundation
The debute vinyl release from Russian musician and painter Alexander Selivanov previously known for his project Mortart. The material was recorded in 2001 but released only now. Unlike now defunct Mortart, where Alexander performed dirty suffocating music in death industrial style, this record contains much more abstract sound - slightly melancholic remote autumnal drone ambient. Side B contains unexpected deep minimal techno remix of the basic material made by Indeepend.

Taiga Remains -- "Works For Cassette" -- LP -- €15
2014 Helen Scarsdale Agency, hms026
Here be the final drone / hypnogogic statement from Taiga Remains. The man behind Taiga Remains has now shelved this moniker; but he's far from hanging up his hat, as he now works under his given name Alex Cobb -- also known as the philosopher king who benevolently reigns over his Students Of Decay. There are those at the Agency who can claim to speak with the poetics of corrosion, and we have long admired the sympathetic aesthetic in Cobb's gorgeously elegant compositions for guitar, bells, tape hiss, and whatnot. A sadness of things hangs in the air for Cobb's suspended mantras as these pieces evolve through a state of perpetual (un)becoming. For Cobb, the decaying sound is a steady dissolution of one chromatically rippling pattern into another which in turn diffuses into another and the cycle continues; but for every slippery note that pools into watery aquifers, Cobb distances himself from discursive and didactic languages that affix specific meanings onto work. He prefers a mystery and an ambiguousness to hang upon his crepuscular minimalism where the audience can entertain guided excursions of subjective thought. For us, these radiant guitar drones flecked with impressionist melodies bath in the snow of a thousand radios placed throughout Easter Island offering forth their eerie, luminous and beautiful sound that floats amongst those stoic heads that gaze beyond the horizon of the pacific ocean towards infinity, or oblivion if you prefer a more sublime reading. As the title to the album states, this album originally published in small cassette editions, long out of print. The material has been gloriously mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin... Those with an ear for Andrew Chalk, William Basinski and those long-form passages from Natural Snow Buildings will find much to celebrate in Taiga Remains. [press-release]

Urodi Pod Vodoi / Mars-69 -- split -- LP -- €10
2013 Spina!Rec, sr000 / Retrotrasher, #009 / Post-Materialization Music, PMM102, (ltd. 250)
The first, but zero release of Spina is vinyl split: Swedish from Moscow Urodi Pod Vodoi are side by side with the Mars-69 (or 96). Sound of synthesizers, laid-back voice, electronic rhythm section, abstract texts, the lack thereof, and three design options. Release of vinyl 12'' issued jointly with Retrotrasher and Post-Materialization Music.


Astma / Mars-96 -- split -- MC -- €4
2013 Spina!Rec, sr003, (ltd. 25)
This is a split cassette between Russian/German duo Astma and three-piece band Mars-96 from St.Petersburg. The music is a mix of noise rock, electronic music and free sound forms. Be prepared for rhythmic and abstract drums, rumbling sounds of bass and various electronics, with guitar and keyboard melodies! [label info]

B.L.O. -– "The Spiritual Spiral" -- MC -- €10
2001 World Nihil
Full name of the project is Black Light Orchestra, and its author Matthias Muetzlitz is known for such projects as The 120 Days, Birkenau, Blank Banner, Iron Youth, MX Nihil. On this cassette Matthias performs quality German industrial with historical samples. [YAOP]

Bardoseneticcube -– "Technosphere" -- MC -- €14
2001 Ultra
Rare cassette version of this CD-R release.

Bardoseneticcube -– "Tek-Now" -- MC -- €14
2001 Drugaya Kultura Product, DK009AC07/01 / Svobodniy Polyot
Rhythmic ambient with saxophone and ethnic samples will impress the fans of Muslimgauze and Rapoon. [YAOP]

Belorukov, Ilia & Lauri Hyvarinen / Alexey Sysoev & Denis Sorokin -- split -- MC -- €4
2014 Spina!Rec, sr009, (ltd. 25)
Spina!rec is exited to announce the split tape of the debut duo records from Ilia Belorukov (Saint-Petersburg) with Lauri Hyvдrinen (Helsinki) and Alexey Sysoev (Moscow) with Denis Sorokin (Saint-Petersburg). Russian-Finnish duo has long worked as a creative unit dedicated to acoustic improv with the involvement of small electronic devices. Moscow-Petersburg collaboration was delineated for the first time during the Teni Zvuka 2014 festival, where the written track was presented. In their arsenal they have laptop with maxMSP, no-input mixer, guitar pickup, tv-remotes and different objects. [label info]

Blank Banner -– "s/t" -- MC -- €10
2002 Uniformity
Fine German industrial with a touch of power electronics from Matthias Muetzlitz (The 120 Days / B.L.O. / Birkenau / Iron Youth / MX Nihil). [YAOP]

BOG -– "Virus 25/17 -- C-90 -- €14
2001 АСТРАRecords, мс05, (ltd. 20)
Very rare representative of Russian experimental scene - BOG from Velikiy Novgorod - has recorded only one album back in 1998, using voices, radio, shoes, "Zippo" lighter, keys, drums, noises, honey, aspirin, loops, tapes, tin cans, vinyl records, samples, books, globe, beer, cannabis, mixer, video, cigarettes, compact discs, sticks, TV-set, cymbals, broken guitars, effects and a pile of equipment. The result is something between industrial, noise and ambient with elements of radio theater and remixed throat singing of YAT-KHA. [YAOP]

Empire Satanicum -– "In A Shadow Under Wings Of Satan" -- MC -- €3
2009 Desolation Production, DP03|09

Ersatzhuman -– "Schreibekus Logika" -- MC -- €9
2001 Drugaya Kultura Product, DK011AC08/01 / Svobodniy Polyot
A project of Sergey Matveev, former member of Bardoseneticcube. Dark ambient of St. Petersburg school. [YAOP]

Glina / All Blacks -- split -- MC -- €4
2013 Spina!Rec, sr004, (ltd. 25)
An autumn atmospheric ambient on a split-tape by Glina (the members of Benzolnye Mertvecy and Coaxil) and All Blacks (the one-man band by Nikita Voyakin). A melancholic monolithic rhythm section, the guitar phrases, a saxophone's complexity - just wallowing in the clay, it is difficult to get out. The air textures, a shimmering sound, the slow melodies - everything is not so black as it may seem at first. [label info]

Kakaokamkami & Wozzeck / Harlekino -- split -- MC -- €4
2014 Spina!Rec, sr006, (ltd. 25)
Harlekino is a trio from Benzolnye Mertvecy family. Kakaokamkami from Helsinki and Wozzeck from Saint-Petersburg recorded collaboration in March 2011. [label info]

Kharadrai -- "III - Hexapteron" -- MC -- €5
1999 Meat Hook Productions, MEAT 25
Dismal Darkwave / Neoclassical from Finland. Mega-rare. [YAOP]

Liedwart, Kurt / MWton -- split -- MC -- €4
2014 Spina!Rec, sr005, (ltd. 25)
Kurt Liedwart is mostly known as a musician working in the field of electroacoustic and contemporary improvised music. On this split cassette release on Spina he filled the whole side with ambient verging on digital sound and lo-fi aesthetic. By the way, it's his debut solo release... Project`s name "Moweton" and its glitchy grindcore style ('Guitaroid vs Megadrumster' already released on Intonema) has changed and now as "MWton" it becomes dark and atmospheric, with all kinds of sounds in which you can hardly discern guitar. [label info]

Linija Mass -- "Mechano-Faktura" -- MC -- €14
1999 Ultra
Original edition with bonus material from "Genus Ferrum / Staleprokat" 7".

Linija Mass -- "Proletkult" -- MC -- €14
1999 Ultra
Original edition.

Linija Mass -- "Trud" -- MC -- €20
1999 Ultra, U24
Original edition.

Lunar Abyss + Kromeshna -- "Kopalhen" -- C-60 -- €6
2014 Ostroga, OTR-032, (ltd. 33)
Two Russian project from St. Petersburg and Kamensk-Uralsky. This collaboration album is like diving into an old northern tale. Tale that has no beginning and no end. Discussions with mushrooms and endless wandering between worlds. Design: 33 chrome tapes dressed in exclusive cardboard covers. Unique handmade design. Also attached are two photo cards with wall art remains of an old abandoned children's summer camp. [label info]

Lunar Abyss / System Morgue -- "Dunke af Mosen" -- C-45 -- €5
2014 Noyade Records, NMC-01, (ltd. 30)
Split cassette from two Russian drone ambient projects. Shimmering canvases of Lunar Abyss are soaked in muffled voices like semi-forgotten memories. Rotating are the wooden gears of mighty subliminal mechanisms, stars are shining, reflected from a hyaline, dreams sway and interwine with the reality of night creatures… System Morgue sets in a gloomy fog, with leisurely guitar drones waving from semitone to semitone and ghost pictures creeping in light haze along a swamp, slowly dissolving in tape hiss… Each cassette comes wuth a download code for digital version.

Moon Far Away -– "The Slovisha's Songs" -- MC -- €58
1995 self-released
The very first demo from the legendary Russian project from Archangelsk. Self-released by the band with an original cover. [YAOP]

Nazoilivye Bliznecy -- "Svyashennaya Govyadina" -- MC -- €4
2014 Spina!Rec, sr008, (ltd. 25)
First met at the Spina studio, Benzolnye Mertvecy (Saint-Petersburg) and Studiya Neosoznannoi Muzyki (Novosibirsk-Kemerovo-Tomsk) poured in a vial free-jazz, psychedelic rock, noisecore and voice madness, seasoned all this explosive mixture with an irrestrainable fun and an absolute spontaneity. [label info]

New Composers -– "Magnitola" -- MC -- €5
1997 Caravan Records, CAR 018
Retro-futuristic Space Ambient for the fans of old sci-fi movies from 60s and 70s. A collaboration album of New Composers from St. Petersburg, Russia and Bob Stoute from Rotterdam, Netherlands. [YAOP]

Nik-Nik -– "Shumosphera 1" -- MC -- €125
1996 Ultra, U 13, (ltd. 30)
Solo live recording by Nick Soudnik (ZGA, Vetrophonia).

Nik-Nik -– "Shumosphera 2" -- MC -- €125
1996 Ultra, U 15, (ltd. 25)
Solo live recording by Nick Soudnik (ZGA, Vetrophonia).

Padla Bear Outfit -- "Sunday Morning Tapes" -- MC -- €5
2014 Spina!Rec, sr007, (ltd. 50)
Padla Bear Outfit (PBO) is probably the last band in my life whose shows I was visiting at least once every three months. Firstly it could fit my routine and secondly their music used to change irreversible over a three month period which made me to run wide-eyed suggesting everyone to listen to their songs. Basically, that's what I was doing and I was criticized for this while working in "Afisha" magazine. "Sunday Morning Tapes" represents a late (but not the latest) period of PBO existence. Madness and conceptualism of the original squad had changed into a much more phlegmatic vibe. Music is dominated by a dry, sharp, and almost kraut-rockish groove. It seems like, in this particular period, a combination of brutal and tender feelings, which was always amazing in Arseniy Morozov's songs, reached its culmination. Several tracks on this record are released for the first time while others are early versions of what appeared on the only "produced" 7-inch. Finally, few songs are well known but once again re-written. It is a linguistic pleasure to compare small edits in "Grin" lyrics. But the main thing here is what is not here. Even three years after this record has been made and PBO retired, "Sunday Morning Tapes” makes us not feeling sad about what is gone but happy about what we have now. Nevertheless, who cares if you are or you are not. [Alexander Gorbachev, Afisha Volna]

Pila -– "Gipnoticheskaya Faza" -- MC -- €67
1991 self-released, (ltd. 5)
Early No Wave / Noise project by Alexander Lebedev-Frontov. Only about 5 copies of this cassette exist. Artwork features unusual print and a piece of a cinefilm. [YAOP]

Querbeat -– "Im Krankheitsfall: Euthanasie" -- MC -- €10
2001 World Nihil
German Noise / Power Electronics from Matthias Muetzlitz (The 120 Days / B.L.O. / Birkenau / Iron Youth / MX Nihil).

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Deformation of Unformed Brain" -- MC -- 1600 руб.
1996 self-released

Reductio Ad Absurdum -– "Subarachnoidal Analysis of Pathological Process" -- MC -- €27
1998 Plodovitaya Suka / Relax Key, RK 01 98, (ltd. 39)

Reductio Ad Absurdum -– "Tri Voli F.P.V.K.A.N. / F.S.D.G." -- MC -- €27
1998 Plodovitaya Suka, PS05, (ltd. 40)

Reductio Ad Absurdum -– "Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass, Yellow Bastards?"-- MC -- €27
1997 Ultra, U 21, (ltd. 30)

Reductio Ad Absurdum -– "Live In Youth Theatre On Fontanka 12.03.98"-- MC -- €14
1997 Ultra, U 27, (ltd. 50) 1st edition

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Sparks Of Lower Reign" -- MC -- €27
1996 selfissued, (ltd. 100)

Stoukalin, Kirill -- "Radiopornographia" -- MC -- €20
1999 Black Dead Rabbit Productions (ltd. 40)
Harsh noise from Kirill Stoukalin (Organomehanizm).

Sudnick, Nick -- "AXE Music" -- MC -- €125
1999 Ultra, U 34
Only about 10 copies of this cassette exist.

T.A.U. -- "s/t" -- MC -- €14
2000 Ultra
Trance-noise project by Kirill Rozhkov (S36NZ-Okh) and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass). Rare cassette version of a CD-R release.

Totalnaya Vivisekziya -– "Vmeshatelstvo №2" -- MC -- €14
2000 АСТРАRecords, мс03, (ltd. 20)
Underground Noise / Power Electronics of Leningrad school with lots of radionoise. Absolute rarity. [YAOP]

Unknown -– "Equinox" -- C-60 -- €8
1996 Стрелы Перуна, СП 013
Archive material from 1996! The debute recording made in analogue way plus the reversed playback technique. The most meditative work of Unknown. 40 minutes. [label info] Unknown - an old project of Dmitriy Shilov (Neznamo, Magickal Things, Peal Grim).

Unknown -– "Unity" -- MC -- €8
2002 Стрелы Перуна, СП 011
Side of light and side of darkness. Futuristic ambient electronics. [label info] Unknown - an old project of Dmitriy Shilov (Neznamo, Magickal Things, Peal Grim).

Veprisuicida -- "s/t" -- MC -- €20
1996 Ultra, U 05, (ltd. 50)
First edition with a postcard and an anti-record 7".

Veprisuicida -- "La Rivoluzione Egofascista" -- MC -- €20
1997 Ultra, U22, 2nd edition

Veprisuicida -- "Radio Stigmata" -- MC -- €42
1996 Ultra, U 06, (ltd. 15)

Vetrophonia -– "s/t" -- MC -- €27
1996 Ultra, U 07, (ltd. 100), 2nd edition

Vetrophonia -– "Secret Protocols" -- MC -- €27
1996 Ultra, U 11, (ltd. 100), 2nd edition

Whetham, Simon -- "From The Mouths Of Clay" -- MC -- €5
2014 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 029
For 3 months in early 2013, Simon Whetham had the space and opportunity to develop his work, ideas and methods, taking part in the inaugural residency of a lab project run collaboratively by the Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Antioquia and Casa Tres Patios in Medellнn, Colombia... Combining and building on recording and playback methods and ideas with found objects, discarded technology and methods of his working practice and others such as Alvin Lucier and Nicholas Collins he investigated sonic, acoustic and phenomenological qualities of the gallery space and faulty or used equipment that was donated or found in nearby market La Cascada... Following on from a 'recreation' of “I am Sitting in a Room”, the process was applied to a selection of 3 prehispanic burial urns and 3 examples of more recent variations on this theme. The internal resonances were captured and then played back inside the urns utilising small speakers, or through them using transducers, the process repeated to uncover tones held within the clay and the space within... The result was demonstrated as an 8 channel installation, with each of the 6 vessels singing with it's own voice and 2 speakers playing lower tones created by the vessels using the same process, but using a microphone inside each and a larger speaker placed against the outside. This work combines sound material from the installation and further investigations carried out during the residency period, recorded in the space, from inside the vessels or reproduced inside and through them. [press-release]

ZFK -- "Mashina Yest / Medizinisch" -- MC -- €5
2011 Rokot, RKT-13, (ltd. 50)
ZFK was a noise project from Lipetsk, Russia, it was part of the "black soil region" underground noise scene together with PUBLIC IMMORALITY, FUNKSTILLESENDER and KOMATOSERZUSTAND, and also mysteriously disppeared in May 2005. More than five years ago Abgurd label has released "Rabochiy Kontrol" CDR which has drawn attention of the Japanese label Teito Sound which has re-issued it as a CD of 500 copies. Now we present two pieces we obtained along with the rest of the archives of those projects, recorded in same period, in 2004. Factory-industrial titanic harsh noise. [press-release]

ZGA -– "ekZGAlation" -- MC -- €125
1996 Ultra, U 09, (ltd. 30)
Home recordings from 1988-1990.

ZGA -– "Son Formy" -- MC -- €125
1996 Ultra, U 10, (ltd. 30)
Live recordings from 1992-1994.

Zubov, D.M. / Avrorin G. -- "s/t" -- MC -- €5
2014 Secretly Chuvashian, SC001, (ltd. 60)
Dmitriy Zubov needs no introduction, as he was behind the cult project DER GOLEM, recording experimental dark ambient as HYPNOZ and was the head of the insane band ZUBOFF SEX SHOP. Grigoriy Avrorin is another actionist of the Russian undergrouns, famed for his harsh noise and wild radical performances. This recording was made during a gig in St. Petersburg in September of 2010. This short album lasting for only 30 minutes includes three uncompromised compositions in the genre of improvised noise. The main quality of these three tracks is their completely international and timeless nature. This cassette sounds like it was recorded never and nowhere. Even some shouts coming through unexpected noise modulations seem to belong to the electronic voice phenomenon, but not to human speech. [Monochrome Vision]

V/A -- "Ultragamma" -- MC -- €14
1999 Ultra, U 35, (ltd. 60)
Bardoseneticcube, ZGA, K. Stoukaline, Veprisuicida, Reductio Ad Absurdum, Rabfuck, S36NZ-OKH, Sadogypnoz, Zaubertote, Vetrophonia, Misery.

V/A -– "Zvukoterror" -- MC -- €27
1998 Ultra, U 25, (ltd. 30)
KF, Linija Mass, Morra (pre-S36NZ-0Kh), Veprisuicida, Talonov Net, Worms, Navia, Reductio Ad Absurdum.


Hiers XXVI -– "Seedlings. Poetry. Stahl" -- DVD-R -- €14
2009 Ufa Muzak, UFA 30, (ltd. 41)
Death Industrial / Noise. 22 minutes, 3''DVD-r, black carbdoard handmade + inserts. Steel cold Russian winter crossed slits memory. Moscow recreates the project on the visual canvas this crosse, through interference, crunches and nodules, "sacrificial whirlwind of war", he prophesies a long and gloomy picture. Russian village in flames charred scraps... unnecessary movements. 22 minutes overlap heavy sound and image. Convulsions between the lines... [press-release]

Frea market

Life's Darker Than Death - Silence - CDR - NM - €3.30
Moloch - Nur Die Berge Erinnern Sich Der Winde Die Hier Ihren Anfang Fanden Vor So Langer Zeit - CD - NM - €3.30
Stratvm Terror - Pariah Demise - CD - NM - €7.30
V/A - Hyperreality (OTX & Kenji Siratori, Terminal State, Anhedonia, Empty, Enclipse, Tabor Radosti, Xabec, Gaping Chasm, Flint Glass, Oxyd, Last Influence Of Brain, Anima Mundi, Mnemonic, Disharmony & Anhedonia, Polygon, Stendeck) - CD - M/VG - €4.90

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.


Green Army Fraction -- t-shirt -- €14
Erratic Sporadicism Tapes
The only one official t-shirt of Green Army Fraction. Quality dark green shirt made by Fruit Of The Loom, black print on both sides. See image. Size XL.

Liholesie -- t-shirt -- €13
2014 Liholesie
Black t-shirt with white print on a chest. See image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

UFA Muzak -- t-shirt -- €14
UFA Muzak, (ltd. 50)
Black t-shirt, gray silk-screen print, 2 cards come along. Made in Russia. See image. Size M.

UFA Muzak -- patch -- €5
UFA Muzak
Black patch made of foam rubber, 5,5 x 6 cm, made in Belarus. See image.

V. Back in stock

Ambiguous -- "Stone Cross" -- CD -- €9
2010 Aliens Production, AP 22, (ltd. 333)
This year's winter had quite strong and freeze roots, which has taken its cold into the wombs of this new Slovak project, which has with its charisma found a place in our family. With this Aliens Production opens next phase and brings this time horrifying and darker form of Slovak deep dark terror. Mystical, deep project covered with mystery, in which protagonist combines beautiful moods in combination with destroying, almost after death atmospheres and out of space surfaces, which are covered with a veil of mystery. Soundtrack for the movie in other surface, cleaning for the soul or look into imaginary world, that is the best escape from the reality. Real, Slovak dark ambient, that will take you through dark corners of Slovak woods. A certain choice for fans of: Cold Meat Industry, Malignant Records, Cyclic Law, Ars Benevola Mater... Limited edition 333 copies and exclusive metal packaging... [press-release]

Anenerbe Music Club -- "The Night Porter" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 Collapsar Publishing, mpec-01-2014, (ltd. 100)
Second album of the cult Moscow band Anenerbe Music Club made in retro-aesthetics and dedicated to the underground "new wave" music culture of 1980-s, true ex-Soviet nostalgia.

Anhedonia -- "Ontology" -- CD -- €9
2009 Aliens Production, AP 19, (ltd. 550)
A long awaited album of this talented musician, who has with its album DESTRUCTIVE FORCES crossed waters of idm genre and his next phase will be for sure a desert for fans of industrial community. Crystal electronics in pulsating rhythms and atmospheric labyrinths is again timeless phase in production of this creative artist, that is crossing over boundaries of human perception. Noncommercial electronic full of alterations and industrial methods in combination with melodies and destructive surfaces. On this album you can find interesting cooperations with projects like: DOCTOROFMINDMD, SOMBRA, DISHARMONY, that has moved this work again on higher level. [press-release]

Arbeit -- "Zum Einem Neuen Licht" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autumn Wind Productions, AWP017
Experience the Martial and Neo-Classical sounds and the lives of Men, Women and Children thrust into an environment of Total War... Total Loss.... What would we have been in this time of uncertainty... what would we have done? [label info] Martial Industrial. Digipak.

Architects Office -- "Soundtracks" -- CD -- €9
2014 Monochrome Vision, mv49, (ltd. 500)
The debut CD album of the american project existing since the early eighties, but still one of the most unusual musical units in electronic music underground. Beyond any styles and trends, these abstract collages and avantgarde pieces deserve more attention of wide audience. Architects Office is a volunteer electro-acoustical intuitive aleatoric music-making performance & project group begun in the spring of 1983 during the sudden renaissance of cassette self-publishing in the international correspondence music network. Emphasis is on live performance (over 100) with technique and aesthetic of rendition aimed at manifestation of “musical adventure” often in unusual locations — a former enormous Woolco store location, outdoor band shells, roofs, and over the telephone, having taken place in Colorado, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Lawrence Kansas, Albuquerque New Mexico and elsewhere. Membership has always been in flux, with the only one core member - Joel Haertling. Instrumentation has included Crumar DS-2 and other synthesizers, French Horn, Hunting Horn, Plant Communicator, found audiocassette recordings, Tabla, Esraj, Contrabassoon, and other instruments over 30 years. Architects Office releases include 6 self-published cassettes, full-length cassettes published by Flowmotion (UK), audiophile Tapes (US), Subelecktrik Institute (US), ADN (I), Realization (US) as well as 73 appearances on compilations on cassette, LP record and CD. Extensive film and sound collaboration with Stan Brakhage began in 1986 and continued until his death including several 16mm films and the play Caswallon the Headhunter by Jane Brakhage with music by Architects Office published on LP record by Silent Records in 1986. Other film collaborations include those with Paul Lundahl and Joel Haertling. Parallel activities included the self-publication of the Zamizdat Trade Journal magazine about cassette underground (13 volumes) including a co-published with Flowmotion (Leeds UK) and 3 extensive tape compilations featuring 65 groups from 10 countries. This release is comprised on music from the 1980s. Several of the tracks featured on this release were prepared for major fizzled projects with Third Mind, Recloose Organization, Auxilio de Cientos, Silent Records, Subelectrik Institute, Azteco Records, and others which were never released or rejected by the label. Previously published tracks are included as bonus. AO personnel 1983-1987: Joel Haertling, Rick Corrigan, Charlie Verrette, Douglas Stickler, Trevor Haertling, Lynn Ablondi, Claude Martz, David Lichtenberg, Evan Cantor. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Barbarossa Umtrunk -- "Wehrwolf Dharma" -- CD -- €27
2010 Ufa Muzak, UFA 33, (ltd. 200)
Military pop / Esoteric industrial. UFA presents a grandiose album by the French sound battalion BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK. This masterpiece is hard to file under a certain style, as they are so interwoven in music and can't be clearly defined. Ethnic elements, cimbals, shamanic singing, heavy drones, synth lines and lots of vocals blend together into an insane mix of apocalyptic, ritual and orchestral neoclassics. The album's concept is no less complex and sophisticated, it was inspired by the theories of Hans Horbiger and northern dark shamans cults. Spinning around the magic of seids and werewolf mysteries, the hidden plot of the songs tells us about the attempt to rewrite the history of Hyperborean race from the very beginning, from the fall of Thule legend. The ice-cold atmosphere of this album penetrates into the fundamental principle of a mystery, and the werewolf spirit sleeping in collective unconscious wakes up. BU ised in their work texts by J. Parvulescu, R. Howard, A. Rosenberg, M. Marmin (creator of "Greece" new right-wing group in France). The album contains tribute songs to Runes Order and Celtic Frost... Cold merciless ambience of a forest where secret is buried in soil itself, dark paths that protect and wreck, gibbous Moon singing silent songs... in darkness it starts the dreadful game of death, and the sound of broken bones and the wild howl of wolves become a new catastrophic believe. 10 tracks, 72 minutes, 200 copies, sturdy 4-panel sleeve with an insert. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Bardoseneticcube -- "Geosphere" -- CD-R -- €9
2001 Ultra, UCD 08, (ltd. 120)
Electronic and concrete sounds combined with inner motion and metamorphoses.

Bardoseneticcube -- "Technosphere" -- CD-R -- €9
2001 Ultra, UCD 06, (ltd. 120)
Soft obducing enviroment of a dying city.

Birchville Cat Motel -- "Gunpowder Temple of Heaven" -- CD -- €10
2008 Pica Disk, PICA004
Birchville Cat Motel is the project of New Zealander Campbell Kneale, who has from his base in Lower Hutt since the mid 90-ies established himself as the leading voice of this generation of NZ sound artists. Gunpowder Temple of Heaven is a new highlight in his extensive discography. A single 40 minute long-form piece that keeps building and unfolding; heaven for drone-noise enthustiasts. The CD comes with a booklet with a complete Birchville discography as well as liner-notes by Bruce Russell. From the liner notes of Bruce Russell (The Dead C): "I've been listening to the music of Campbell Kneale for more than a decade now. Recently I've been listening with a sense of increasing admiration as he stacks up monumental sound slabs in an architecture of audition - building a lofty tower of sound. Always a dedicated worker at whatever he does, Campbell had mastered the detailed work required to place many sounds accurately across each another. Often this kind of 'more is more' strategy backfires into murky sludge, where the increasing layers merely obscure each other. On the contrary, the more BCM puts into a piece, the more you hear coming out." [press-release]

Bunker -- "13" -- DVD-R -- €14
2008 UFA-Muzak, UFA 13, (ltd. 65)
Power Electronics. Video-line used on live 24/02/07. Staff not for over sensitive from film "Der Ewige Jude". The soundtrack consists of identical compositions which were executed, some tracks from "The First document" and new material. Atmosphere of total destruction, mysticism and war. "Genocide: methodical destruction of ethnic group by destruction of her separate members" (Larus Dictionary). [press-release]

Bunker -- "YAD Vashem" -- 3"CD-R -- €14
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA09, (ltd. 90)
The 2nd savage clot of ruthless hatred from this project. Ultra dark, oppressing and slow atmosphere submerges into the world of forbidden tabooed myths. Forms of administration, mysteries, substitutions, conspirological theories - themes known as "fascist" which became a synonym to "inhuman". But it's not as simple as we are told, and this release should give a cause for all who dare to search the answers for the questions that are dangerous to ask in a pseudo-liberal state. "Yad-Vashem is a huge memorial complex built in memory of the victims of the catastrophe of the European Jewry during WWII, which is called Holocaust in Europe, or Shua in Hebrew. A warning memorial, where buildings are built from 6 millions (?) of stones, symbolizing these victims. The title is translated as Hand and Name, although the word "yad" has one more meaning in biblical Hebrew - monument, memorial, tombstone. The title is taken as a quotation from the Bible: the memory and the name will stay in human deeds." 5 tracks of aggressive and obscure heavy electronics, 22 minutes full of aversion and fear. [press-release]

Bunker / Gorngolz -- "Ashes" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 UFA Muzak, UFA26, (ltd. 91)
Heavy Electronics. The Iron Birth of the new archetype pervaded before edge by memory about "good" times. Ashes in our blood is degenerated... sickness, hunger. Too late. Black as Hell BUNKER's work is a fury in burning captivity. 4 pulsing heavy electronics bullets. Nightmareish record. In vision of endless murder... defect tape... controled bile. GORNGOLTZ is asphyxiating gas noise... cut the vein... mass kill like cattle. 3 deep cuts. The secret burning pages of the terrible will. Else more? 7 + 1 tracks, 35 minutes, black glossy envelope with 8 page black & white booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Bunker / Pugna -- "Live at ESG-21 SPb 12.10.07" -- 3"DVD-R -- €14
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT33, (ltd. 168)
Half-hour long concert film from two Russian projects. Bunker - totalitarian Power Electronics with genocidal video from 3rd Reich archive. Pugna - shamanistic Drone Industrial plus ritual animation. Black/white picture and clean stereo-sound. Limited to 168 copies. Package designed by UFA Muzak & KERPG. You're dead. [press-release]

Bunker / Ryr -- "Dust" -- CD-R -- €14
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA04, (ltd. 91)
Cold Heavy Еlectronics/Martial Avanguarde. War as a path to inner desolation and dependence. Odd hate built in new discipline, specified and frightening. Detailed in disgusting heavy sound from BUNKER, bleeding through the pray of tank tracks and dirt mixed with rage and despair. 4 pieces of concentrated aversion. RYR continues to wind the barbed wire over the insides. 2 steps to the abyss and plague. Shades of soldiers. Dust... Non-standard package with prints and wire. [press-release]

Creation Through Destruction -- "Belt-Zone Circulation" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-29, (ltd. 300)
Creation Through Destruction is a more raw harsh noise amplua of Dr Alex (aka Dead Body Collection). This CD is a collaboration of Creation Through Destruction and four Japanoisers - Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, K2 and Hiroshi Hasegawa. The CD consists of 4 long tracks that were recorded in 2009-2013 by Dr Alex, using radio static, field recordings (wind, water, trains and various machines) and additional sounds by aforementioned Japanoisers. Sounds - more than an hour of playing time, ranging from drones to pure harsh noise attacks while exploring the cosmic theme of four gas giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Digipack with 8 page booklet. Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Crown of Cerberus -- "Her Everlasting Strength" -- MC -- €5
2014 Terror, TR-31
The final part of the triptych, consisting of "Strength", "Her Strength" and now this tape. This is a tape with very personal and sentimental approach that I don't even want to ruin the feeling with unneccessary words. Crown of Cerberus is the project of Waddiah Rabbiah Chami (Koufar, Insurgent, Bachir Gemayel) and those who has ever heard Crown of Cerberus, can more or less feel what to expect - melancholic and light synth melodies and a weird feeling in the air while this tape spins over and over again. Excellent artwork created by Si Clark. [label info]

Der Jager / Ryr -- split -- CD-R -- €27
2007 UFA Muzak, UFA14, (ltd. 99)
"I will never die" - repeating like a prayer-spell thousand of times, going forward and never back, falling, believing and dying. The buttress on an inner core is a belief in impossible as an exact description of war, which strenghts lies in the choice of a single right decision: never to surrender. Two projects present their view on depth of kshatriya spirit through the times of carrying the true fire of victories, defeats and valuables inherent only in heroic life. DER JAGER, a young project from the town of Danilov, Russia, has created c collage martial soundscape glorifying "The Thousand-Year Reich" and it's fall, so beautiful in it's severity and mercilessness. This musical project has a distinct goal and orientation, totally sodden with ideology and politics. RYR settles down in the 2nd part and proves it's status with a good portion of enigmatic and solemn music of war. Even more loss here, even more search. "Save your dreams, not to make your world loose the hope". Martial industrial. 8 tracks, 41 minute, CD-r, cardboard sleeve, 2 inserts. [press release]

Dieter Muh -- "Cari Saluti" -- CD -- €12
2002 Functional Organisation, Functional 014
Voices, loops, field recordings of airport terminals, travelogues, and electro-acoustics are layered into a mix of low- and hi-fi, analog and digital, novelty, special effects, and humor, juxtaposed with hallucinatory journeys into darkness. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Disharmony -- "Malignant Shields" -- CD -- €9
2007 Aliens Production, AP 15, (ltd. 550)
Lord Sauron and Ryby are standing behind this Slovak dark-electro project. Cold atmospheres, samples from the movies, hypnotic rhythms, crystal electronic and distorted vocals are the main elements of this project. Completely new album. Modern-electro-IDM. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

FaLX cerebRi -- "Trials Textures Errors" -- CD -- €9
2014 Monochrome Vision, mv15, (ltd. 500)
Almost 7 years in making, finally this milestone of pioneering & legendary german noise outfit is released - more than 25 years after the last recorded FaLX cerebRi track, compiles several contributions to compilations, as well as outtakes, erratic experiments, live cuts and unreleased tracks. The name FaLX cerebRi was chosen for the new music and art project by Graf Haufen early in 1983, as he felt it was a complete departure from his previous minimal synth endeavours. The name suited the project as it describes the borderline between the brain hemispheres. On one side the rational and analytical part of the brain, on the other the intuitive and creative part. The music of FaLX cerebRi was never meant to be consistent. Errors were embraced. Confusion was intended. Hence also the strange way of spelling. The project always remained open for all sorts of experimentation – ranging from noise to ritualistic drone ambience, from cut up collage work to hardcore electronics, from conceptual static surface noise to rhythmic evocations of the demon beasts. Always somewhere in the grey areas between conceptual work and – in its own strange way – regular "song" structure. The first release was unleashed in June 1983 on a limited edition promo cassette called «Pyogenic Organism», that came packaged with a real human blood sample and covered in sheep's brains. The promo opened the doors for FaLX cerebRi, as its tracks appeared on several cassette compilations in 1983 and 1984. Newer, exclusive tracks appeared furthermore on labels such as Schrei Records, Gut Level Music, Illuminated 666, Fraction Studio, Broken Flag, ZSF Product, Al Khemi, Selbstmord Organisacio'n, Requiem Productions, Cthulhu Records, Illusion Production, Zamizdat Trade Journal, Necronomicon, De'viation Culturelle, Insane Music, Alien Artists, Korm Plastics, Bog-Art, Club Moral, Les Ballets Me'chaniques and Dill Prod. A year later in June 1984 the first and up to now only album of FaLX cerebRi was released simultaneously on 7 labels: «Rite 64», a C60 cassette, was published on Graf Haufen Tapes in Germany, Korm Plastics in Holland, Gut Level Music in the USA, Fraction Studio in France, Requiem Productions in Norway, Servile Ghost in Australia, Calypso Now in Switzerland and Auxilio De Cientos in Spain in a print run of 500 copies. A remastered CDr with bonus live cuts was released by Korm Plastics in 1999. The following contributions to cassette and vinyl compilations saw a shift in musical directions – on one hand towards drone ambient or simply voice based melancholic echo-loop compositions, on the other hand very conceptual outer edge works like surface scannings with a variety of microphones or field recordings to replace composed music. FaLX cerebRi performed a couple of ritualistic live shows in 1985 in Berlin, Budapest and Bordeaux, worked on soundscapes for installations and exhibitions, as well as conceptual sound installations and photo performances for international art exhibitions. A second album was planned in 1985 but never fully realized apart from a rough mix that didn't work properly, partially due to technical factors, but also because of the variety of compositions and conceptual works. Instead Graf Haufen published a limited edition 7" EP on this new imprint Artcore Editions with scannings and a rather rhythmic «Nature Is Noise Enough» field recording. FaLX cerebRi only recorded seldomly after that – a few tracks appeared on compilations and some long, static drone compositions remain unpublished and were shelved away. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Frontier Guards -- "Predestination" -- CD -- €9
2008 Aliens Production, AP 18, (ltd. 550)
Cybernetic revolution in our community is getting new face and at ALIENS PRODUCTION we would like to present very promising project, that will make a debut in our label with very strong album. Dazing, dark ambiental surfaces in which are concentraiting various space dust and catastrophic references and heritage. Music, that will very fast drawn you and won't let you back. Bright palette of sounds, noises and unexpected turns will follow you during this whole space trip. To songs very often seconds hybrid beats and industrial marches. Mix of idm, ambient and synthetic electornics. On cd will be great remixes by projects like: Oxyd, Subheim and Anhedonia. In our family for now the most darkest album, that will tickle to imaginarilly tuned listeners and also this material will present by its visual concept excellent photographer Tom Galle and his futuristic compositions, that goes with this creative grown project. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Funkstillesender -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €8
2009 Abgurd, AB-57, (ltd. 50)
FUNKSTILLESENDER along with ZFK, PUBLIC IMMORALITY and KOMATOSERZUSTAND was a part of mysterious alliance that existed in Lipetsk, Russia, in 2004 and 2005. During that period the projects created a solid amount of very talented albums that cloaks the listener with scorching Harsh Noise (ZFK and PUBLIC IMMORALITY) and hollow Radiodrone (FUNKSTILLESENDER and KOMATOSERZUSTAND) in a masterly fashion. The mini album we have here contains two last tracks that appeared in 3 years after the author's death in May of 2005. If you had listened previous albums of FUNKSTILLESENDER you know what to expect: lo-fi drones and trance radionoise united in a monumental all-devouring clutter. There is nothing to add — just listen to the message from Beyond. [press-release]

Funkstillesender / Komaoserzustand -- "DNO" -- CD-R -- €6
2005 self-released
Lo-frequency static drone/radionoise, obscure, deep, sticky, like a heavy nightmare from which you can't awake.

Funkstillesender / Komatoserzustand -- "Gribnoy Sezon / Smert' Kosmonavta" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Abgurd, AB-13CD, (ltd. 51)
Thick, mangling Radiodrone. Abundantly harsh & noisy album. The last release of the project. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Gorngoltz -- "Ave Totalitarismus" -- 3"CD-R -- €14
2008 UFA-Muzak, UFA 17, (ltd. 60)
Power Electronics. Brutal and evil power electronics from nazist and misanthrope. The curse, hatred, slavery, hopelessness, metal instruments of murder and rivers filled by empty hope. The domination of a Devil comes back in a channel. We are obliged to accept that we deserve, for the sake of what we shall be worship and kneeled as dogs, ready always to receive in teeth and pity moan - "Ave! ". Eulogy of totalitarism as sole way to say to herd: "Know your place". As a sole task to make last kind business for them, to force them to submit to the Master. Skilful mastering from the project PUGNA. 5 tracks, 21 minutes, 3"CD-r, artful cardboard envelope, insert. [press-release]

Hum / Misery -- "Landmarks In Mistscape / Vjosla Navjih Rek" -- MC -- €14
2009 Linija Shuma, SHUM 0009, (ltd. 33)
Split-cassette from two Russian musicians. Wonderful handmade box package.

Hypnoz -- "Chronica Plennyh" -- CD -- €12
2006 Insofar Vapor Bulk, IVBCD12
"Chronica Plennyh" is the first album of Hypnoz, or better not, it's rather mystical-sonic notes of Dmitry Zubov, very personal and disgracefully sincere, shocking with their non-standard approach to recording. For instance, on a track "Elektrichestvo" he plays backand forth the recording of laughing of his friend Roman S. (project Staruha Mha) who took LSD-25 for the first time, plus overlay of glass breaking by metal crow-bar at his home, altogether mixed with sounds of boiler-room. Or recording session with a man who was imprisoned for a murder ("Serdcebienie"). The 9th track "Radio "Artem" is dedicated to the fond memories of Artyom Grechko (silly and funny man, founder of a style "dispanser rock"), brutally killed at a spring in a sleeping-quarter somewhere in Moscow. After listening to 14 tracks one unwittingly finds himself in a dark space realm of unknown sides of Russian soul. As author says himself, he's been travelling there often. [press-release]

Ierophania -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €14
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA07, (ltd. 131)
Martial ritual industrial. Traditionalism, Authority and Weapon in the 'athanor' of this post-industrial project from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Particular admiration of the highest authority creates confrontation against vulgar "hypermarket world of NWO", the goals are irreconcilable, we have to win. People of "other kind" start fighting their enemy, fighting with his own weapon. By making the basis of kuulturkampf industrial culture confirms its existence as the basis of confrontation between "contemporaneity" and struggle-life under any regime. 8 pieces of martial backgrounds, metallic percussion and aggressive nervous vocals create the atmosphere of damnation, hatred and power. You have to understand this. Find the vertical and enter the war against the golems' world. [press-release]

Ierophania -- "Post-military, Chapter 1" -- 3"CD-R -- €14
2008 UFA-Muzak, UFA 19, (ltd. 80)
Martial Ritual Industrial. "This track anticipates fullenght album "Post-military", and is thus both promo and single and exclusive track simultaneously. Recorded on April 25, 2007 and marks by itself radical crisis in sound philosophy of IEROPHANIA. Is characterized by low-frequency aggression, plentiful use of analogue shockingly not brushed sounding, every possible linear "clips", active white noise, overloadings and other preasure things. In his basis lay ritual sessions which have been spent by us on Northern city cemetery and in deserted railway depot. On ritual depth is, probably, best, that for today was made by IEROPHANIA. Above this track we worked in complete line-up. He was by expression of that condition of absolute despair, pain and hatred, which has taken possession by us after performances in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, when we have confronted with the general decomposition which has captured these cities" (information of the project) Malicious, orgaistic hysteria of a funeral cold and eternal darkness. The world will die. 1 track, 19 minutes, 3"CD-r, cardboard envelope А6. [press-release]

Ierophania -- "Post-Military, Chapter 2: Localization of Fear" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 UFA-Muzak, UFA21, (ltd. 113)
Noir Martial / Power Ambient. The project of military ritual chanson and occult blessing from Rostovs-on-Don have spread out on a bloody altar of the Great Black Mother the special mercury medicine. The effect constant of "restless presence" has given amazing result in an image of a new album: on trails of infinite war and through furnaces of true faith, to the greater acceptance Nigredo and incessant nervous pressure. It is a very serious album up to extreme limits. And it is necessary to listen to it standing, Without tears, without hysterics, without splits, having compressed in a fist all "human". Having washed, having dressed in clean clothes and having understood that the road back already no. The history already no. Through severe industrial form of steel sculptures of the past accept the fear as a duty, in blood now there is more IEROPHANIA. The group which to the full expressing "the mystery of Russian soul". Light dies away, everyone leave… 10 tracks, 67 minutes, 6x panel envelope with the texts, made from a rough cardboard drawn by a cord. [press-release]

In Meditarium -- "Les Fleurs Du Mal" -- CD-R -- €5
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XVII, (ltd. 300)
Another fine incarnation of the almighty Ukrainian artists of the First Human Ferro fame. In Meditarium has that easily recognisable sound, but makes a few steps deeper into dark atmospere of decadent joys of an alienated human being. Some ritualistic influnces are to be heard (say Archon Satani in the 'Virgin Birth' period), the rudimetary melodies fulfill the whole setting. The lyrics deal with consensual aspects of love and completion on the one hand, pain and serenity on the other. James Joyce's lines (taken form 'Giacomo Joyce') constitute the final comment and an invocative epitafium to this masterpiece... [press-release]

Invisible Hand -- "Babalon" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 YAOP, YAOP 033, (ltd. 23)
Neoritual music. First worthy Russian answer to the works of such bands as Ain Soph, Psychic TV, AIT! and Mushroom's Patience. Simple esoteric music, mesmerizing voice and allusions to the legacy of Crowley and Miguel Serrano. The single contains one song in studio and demo versions. Handmade cardboard cover A5, insert with information and three texts. [press-release]

K2 / Veprisuicida -- split -- MC -- €10
2000 Ultra, U 38, (ltd. 60)
Japanese-Russian split of two big noise-lovers.

K2 / Vetrophonia -- split -- C-46 -- €10
Ultra, U 37, (ltd. 60)
Split Japanese-Russian release from Kusafuka Kimihide (K2) and N.Sudnick / A.Lebedev-Frontov (Vetrophonia). Recorded in the beginning of 2000.

Lebedev-Frontov, Alexandr -- "Nitchevo" -- MC -- €9
1993 self-released
Some of the early recordings by Alexandr Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt, Veprisuicida) made in 1987-1991. Collage noise music.

Les Mort Skin -- "Provocative Aesthetics" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 UFA-Muzak, UFA 20, (ltd. 121)
Heavy Martial Industrial. The second release of wonderful martial project from Bulgaria. Severe, strange, rushing, untelling, immensly desperate. This noise tells unverbal more about that war, about last Great War which has marked the end of times and a beginning untiming. A powerful sound, melodious soundscapes, front ambient, confusion and madness. Melodies lost in twilight, in a fog of days, infinite and ineffectual attempts to rise. One of most interesting materials, which beats out a chair from under legs. Hang, only 9 days, that HE has accepted your victim. HAIL KRIEG! 9 tracks, CD-r, colour cardboard envelope, insert. [press-release]

LS -- "A Slip" -- C-60 -- €8
Ultra, U 12, (ltd. 25)
Chaotic noise improvisations on guitar's strings and metal objects by Roland Shala and Nick Sudnick (ZGA).

MSBR -- "The Final Harsh Work №7" -- C-60 -- €27
Ultra, U 31, (ltd. 50)
Seventh final harsh work from Koji Tano. Two tracks from the first side are really harsh works. First track from the other side is Rhythm & Noise with harsh-noise scratches. Second track contains calm ambient gurgle.

Mynoda -- "No Day / Raw Flower" -- 2 CD-R -- €9
2014 Ostroga, OTR-028, (ltd. 20)
Mysterious musical project from Belarus. The brainchild of Maxim (Strup). This edition contains two albums. Here, experiments are intertwined with a drum machine, field recordings, old tapes, piano and other sinking in general haze of sultry atmosphere. In fact the author painted a fairy tale, his fictional world jumping out of our reality, the reality of the author, his memory and experiences. Old toys come to life and tell their stories, and where there are heroes and villains. 2 x pro-CDR, green envelope A5 + 3 glossy colored inserts. 20 handnumbered copies. [label info]

Navia -- "Stulm / Sleepy Metropolis" -- 2 MC -- €14
2011 Biosonar^Lo-End 004, (ltd. 5)
The release of conceprually primitive material recorded in 1995-1999. Sides A & B - unreleased late material of the project, chaos and deconstruction, metal percussion, recorded onto an open microphone of a portable radio-tape recorder. Sides C & D - first recording of the project, previously released on cassette. Home recordings done by binding the wires from various sources. DIY fetish artwork made of b/w pictures and various odds and ends in plastic container. [label info]

Nigulesugci -- "Dalit / Now Free" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT37, (ltd. 40)
Esoteric ritual noise. Radionoise, industrial clanks, noisy drones, Indian melodies, meditative singing. Buddhism. Dedicated to Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Packed in silver plastic with engraved number, red paper. [label info]

Norma Reaktsii -- "Vril" -- CD-R -- €4
2008/2011 Nitro Atmosfericum Records, NRN-006, (ltd. 100)
Analogue Ambient with Radio noise elements, recorded with the restored radio of 1937 release, with the Russian language lyrics and pure female voice. Sound manifestation of Eternal Ice and Hollow Earth theories. CD-box with radio details. [Valgriind]

Organomehanizm -- "Bez Masky" -- C-46 -- €14
2001 Ultra, U 42, (ltd. 30)

Organomehanizm -- "Dichlophosrelaxator" -- C-46 -- €20
Ultra, U 41, (ltd. 40)

Ortokon -- "Extermination" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA11, (ltd. 122)
New noise project from Russia presents 27 minutes of serious and dark material dedicated to the Soviet correctional work-farms of the past century. Ortokon is translated from the language of a small nation from the North of Eurasia as "burnt piece of land". This word lies at the root of the name Orotukan - a settlement (506 kms from Magadan) established by the prisoners in polar darkness and inhuman conditions. Where, as few survived witnessed, the barrack walls were laid round outside by frozen copses for protection from the wind. Where the action of baneful labour was often forestalled by an impatient bullet. Harsh and malicious noise with heavy lower step of rhythm, dirty and oppressive atmosphere of bestial horror and the end limits of human state. Death of still living and live of already dead. [press-release]

Oxyd -- "Astral Border" -- CD -- €9
2009 Aliens Production, AP 21, (ltd. 550)
OXYD is project, which has in our family succeded move forward and significant change in production releasing the album LARVA. The actual shape of this project is another search in electronic territories, and with sound this album is connected to paths and corners, which appeared in the previous release. Atmospheric elements in the combination of dominant beats and monumental sceneries. Gothic voices accompanied by synthetic pulses and melodic lines. Mix of IDM and analog elements in which flows dark ambient surfaces and industrial elements. This album is again a step forward to dynamic face and stronger attitude to production again suggests next musical experience which can not be missed. [press-release]

Oxyd -- "Larva" -- CD -- €9
2007 Aliens Production, AP 17, (ltd. 550)
Larva could be described as unlimited quantity of transformations and pulsating moves in electro oasis, that brings us third release of Slovak Oxyd, behind which stand both of protagonists from the project Disharmony. New release brings a new voyage and in comparison with last releases, sound of these two is for a step closer to technological ways, where darker messages follow organic melodies, machine rhythms and atmospheric floods in combination with scenic elements. Combination of dark ambient moods, industrial and IDM elements is great combination of various styles in electro music. Let your fantasy flow and travel around the world, that will bring you guaranteed industrial transfusions. Open the gates of your mind. Enjoy direct messages from the world of imaginary civilizations and become a part of atmospheric vibrations. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Oxyd -- "Liveforms" -- CD -- €9
2012 Aliens Production, AP 26 / Signifier, sig005, (ltd. 333)
You didn't have to wait very long for the first joint collaboration between record labels Aliens Production (Slovakia) and Signifier (USA). Oxyd follows up their 2009 release, Astral Border, with Liveforms, a rare recording of live performances that showcase this talented duo's ability to drift somewhere out in the darkest waters of ambient and IDM. Oxyd, a side project from the members of Disharmony (Tympanik Audio / Aliens Production), delivers dark tones and mysterious twists that balance seamlessly to create hypnotic sequences and atmospheric soundscapes that surge beyond the typical industrial voyage. Featuring several unreleased tracks along with songs selected to elicit a new emotion around every corner. [press-release]

PTU -- "Hard Week" -- CD -- €10
2009 Laton, Laton 051
Modern technologies, Soviet synthesizers from the 1980s and live sessions form the basis of Electro, Minimal, Techno and - yes! - Pop oscillating sound cosmos of PTU. The trio, consisting of the twentysomethings Alexey Belousov, Alina Isolenta and Kamil Ea has not only the seriously-ironic bandname ("PTU" in Russian means "vocational school"), but also develops their own direction of danceable and fresh soundscapes filled with technoid and exotic imaginings of their place of origin - Kazan. [press-release]

Public Immorality -- "Grjaz" -- CD-R -- €9
BioSonar^EleKtro - 003, (ltd. 98)
Take a plate in your hands, untie laces, read text fragments about good behaviour, lick clean and thoroughly wash disposable fork and knife, put a CD into player and dance! Real dance music for people with atrophied limbs and predominance of occasional impulses in central nervous system. At the same time there's almost none of drum instruments, all music is built with multidimensional loops of short noise and wave fragments. Schizophrenic form of rhythmic noise. Interesting hand-made package.

Public Immorality / Ganzer / SudanStrain -- "PIGs" -- CD-R -- €5
2006 Abgurg, AB-29, (ltd. 154)
PI is the one from now-dead FUNKSTILLESENDER / ZFK / KOMATOSERZUSTAND ranks. His part had been recorded during 2004 and remastered during the beginning of 2005. The base of its piece is songs of THE BEATLES. Brainquaking Harsh Noise is the result of the processing. Project of MAJDANEK WALTZ Dark Folk band — GANZER. `Factory War` is a sort of a radioshow based on the book `Mona Lisa Overdrive` by W.Gibson. Radio-controlled robots, made of metal junks, (the Witch, the Judge and the Investigator) are crushing in a battle in a factory yard. Monotonous, transcendent Harsh Noise. SS — Harsh Noise / Power Noise project of POLARIS with a couple of split-tapes done. 4 tracks of hysterical Harsh Noise & buzzing Power Electronics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Pugna -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €20
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA06, (ltd. 111)
Ash over ruined city, slowly settles down, everything's dead. Desctuction has become a new mother. Shadows of the dead remain in smoke of the post-war world after bombardment, they are the silent signs, this will happen again and again. New Russian project Pugna presents 2 dark lifeless canvases created with the sounds of electroguitar, voise, electronics and various effects. Ambient atmospheres, full of sorrow, feeling of being lost and emptiness. In vein of Karna, Odolenveter. Black Ambient. [press-release]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Deformation of Unformed Brain" -- CD-R -- €10
2007 KERPG, KERPG_7, (ltd. 72)
Pathological ambiental old-school industrial. Envelope A5 from light-sulphur of the paperboard with sticker, 12 paged xero-booklet KERPG art in the manner of books A5, cd-r in envelope, paint blackenning. Kirill Stukalin (ORGANOMEHANISM, ETc.), Sergey Bogdanov, Yuriy Akimov certain time toilled in RAA in the aggregate. Given sounds one from joint. Original publishing presented from itself cassette with incert, xerocopyed on yellow paper. In 1996 this material was published on Ltd. 50, on founded these comrade aspic PLODOVITAYA SUKA. Fine recorded analog industrial of the old school , fat bass sound on that side, original anti-music side. The Variety-wickerwork-droning monotony in laminated proportion. The Pulsation sensor, voice, speech, blackenning emptiness, wire, sing remains and miscarriages of illusions, torn gulp, skins and strings. Exists bright PROOF FROM OPPOSITE. Show whole "charming of" other variant. The Death what-that - a fetus to lifes \ life - a death other. The Repeated notification on determined to wave. Observe. [press-release]

Ryr -- "116 G.OT R.A.G." -- CD-R -- €33
2005 Verdikt88/Neuropa, (ltd. 50)
Insane mixture of right-wing-oriented martial-industrial with all it's typical elements (speeches of führer, exploding bombs, etc.), retro-songs and concrete music in vein of Brume with atonal noises and crooked composition structures.

Ryr -- "118. The Hidden Sword" -- CD-R -- €27
2007 UFA Muzak, UFA10, (ltd. 118)
"...The Gods enter the world, they come to fight with the blind forces of Fate to change them. They fight with the Dragon and the Bull. In reality - with Demiurge, the master of this world. They either win or become expiatory victims. And in the beginning of each new Age, if we are able to see beyond the demiurgic look, in Archetypes and Aeons, the Hero is given the hidden message of Yearning, allowing him to forge the most powerful weapon to open the road of liberation and the way out from the prison of Fate. Archetypes carry the message and unveil the mysteries of science which allow to create the sword..." Even more deep, even more secret. Vagueness. Through the alloy of martial industrial and dark ambient is built the task of comprehending the unexplained. The presence of the mystery of general European myth throught the concrete historical cut. Thundering stretching layers of sound, cuts from the past, overloaded remembrances, dark calling depths, pulsating air of a dream. Wake! [press-release]

Ryr -- "Avvertimento 1909" -- 3"CD-R -- €33
2008 S und S records, SS-2008-006-01, (ltd. 13)
New work of this Russian project brings you back to beginning of the 20th century, the age of Italian futuristic movement. The project develops it's non-standard collage technique: fragments of retro-songs, arrant industrial sounds, wild noise cut-ups and martial tunes may caper in feverous gallop through the one track. Don't take this music seriously, otherwise you take a risk to catch mental derangement. This is the 2nd edition of this work on S und S label, with a bonus-track, with simple but nice handmade package.

Ryr -- "In Spring 117" -- CD-R -- €27
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA06, (ltd. 117)
New head from RYR project. War... Emptiness... Deapair... Hope... Mist... Blood... View... History... Fall... 117 steps... Down... 46 minutes of new experience of the martial atmosphere for the people who have to know more and maybe more dreadful. Vagueness of position turns into doom and rage, urge to kill turns into the only way to live. Retreat as a look into eternal existence. Monuments remember about this... The album is very musically diverse and saturated. Distorted noise, military samples, ritual pulsations, ambient soundscapes. Aside for typical Ryr samples you'll hear apocaliptyc poetry in French, Russian, German, Swedish... The album starts with sprightly hymn of "German girls union" gradually sinking in shots, shouts and weeping, and ends with magnificent "Last Spring" of Grieg. Non-standard package, first 46 disks are sprinkled with blood. [press-release]

Ryr feat. Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie -- ":Thule:" -- CD-R -- €14
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA50, (ltd. 111)
Ritual industrial / Apocalyptic avantguarde. Coming to the last point on Mercator's map, to the deeply hidden mountain of Meru. Everything ends and starts again. Two twilight projects present the last chapter, which has bound with a fine thread the encrypted numbers, from 1 to 50, and created the trajectory on an invisible map between the poles. In the foundation of the swastika-like pyramid, in the center, embossed ias an ornament locked inside itself like Ouroboros snake. The relict radiation here reaches the maximum level of spectral power illuminating background body covered with runes. The polar night of supernova stars lays out the white continent in parts, ready to accept the "Highest Unknown Ones". Silence lit only once by a giant of KV III spectral class, creating the "moment of history end". Apollo's chariot explodes with swan-like projections and moves behind the boundaries of Borea, crumbling in huge celestial statues of Aryans. The hyper-speed of Big Bang repetition inversely recreates the cosmological model of the old Universe, for everything to remain in memories, here, after the end. The sonic radiation of the album is filled with retrospective sounds of the past and breaking through the dark matter of present mechanical outrage of infernal future. The last chapter of the polar trilogy, the symbolical point - year of 2012. "The path is inside of you". 8 tracks, 43 minutes, 4-panel sleeve with a film insert. [press-release]

S36NZ-Okh -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8
2000 Ultra, UCD 05, (ltd. 120)
Trance-noise from Kirill Rozhkov.

Sala Delle Colonne -- "Cronache" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autumn Wind Productions, AWP021
A Martial Industrial / Electronics study of war in song... the song of war infused into our history and over-flowing into our present... The shell-shocked mind on display before you. Sala Delle Colonne From Italy liberates the minds occupied zone with this first full-length album. [press-release]

Shoemaker, Matt -- "Erosion Of The Analogous Eye" -- CD -- €10
2009 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 015, (ltd. 300)
The studio of Matt Shoemaker is alive with electricity. Impossibly complex wirings channel signal in and out of analog synth modules, an array of curious aluminums boxes with unmarked knobs, slinkies strung from ceiling to floor creating a set of giant spring reverb units, accelerometers attached to consumer electronic errata, and even a few conventional tools like guitar stomp boxes and a bruised computer. For all of the convoluted engineering that goes into Shoemaker's equipment, the resulting mesmerism in sound appears effortless and strangely organic... Shoemaker has enjoyed a semi-obscure career through his polymath activities that bridge such electronic experiments with a choice library of globe-trotted field recordings and a broad knowledge of avant-garde cinema. For Erosion of the Analogous Eye, Shoemaker waves his hands about his laboratory to construct an ever-evolving album for mutant dronemuzik. His electrical seas of synthetic bristling undulate with placid regularity, only to find Shoemaker contorting these brain-melting psychedelics into cancerous, atonal bellows. Out of his allotropic shifts, one can find swells of irradiated static transform into the graceful chime of temple bells; and electrical phase patterns slip into deep forest murmurings dotted with narcoleptic birds calls. On one hand, this album is prescient of the revival for progressive electronics currently underway in the flood of US post-noise projects; it's easy to triangulate this between Emeralds and Heldon. But on the other hand, Erosion of the Analogous Eye is the continuation of where Shoemaker had begun with his early work on Trente Oiseaux with its grotesques exaggerations of field recording into this beguiling piece of art... The artwork on Erosion of the Analogous Eye features unique hand-dyed abstractions mounted onto letterpressed paper. This has warranted a very small pressing of 300 copies. [press-release]

Sinweldi -- "L'homme Au Coeur De Fer" -- CD-R -- €27
2009 Ufa Muzak, UFA 32, (ltd. 150)
Neo Folk / Military pop. 32nd release from UFA is a folk-martial message from the French project Sinweldi. Politically incorrect and unambiguous. The utter questions of the lost mission of Teutonic chiefs. People among ruins in ice flames of tradition. Mystic law of territory of Ancient Europe. Holy regalia left and marked by that blood. Symbols and colours... In beautiful sound of French language and military atmosphere, in clear sound of acoustic guitar and various percussion all these themes crop out and become a normal reality again in this album of "A man with iron heart". 13 tracks, 50 minutes, 6-panel DIY-made digipak. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Spiracle -- "Ananta" -- 2 CD -- €14
2009 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 017, (ltd. 300)
Hitoshi Kojo (aks Spiracle) professes to have some difficulties in falling asleep. When sleep comes to him, it can often arrive at dawn, when the colors of the sun begin to break through the darkness of night and when some are just rising after their own good night's sleep. Ananta is a twin set of compositions that urge the listener toward a dreamless sleep-state, while reflecting the glowing warmth of a blossoming sunrise. In constructing the two variations of Ananta, Kojo began with finely tuned drones extracted from a Dilruba and a Sarangi, and applied a process of merging sympathetic field recordings and other tonal interferences alongside those instrumental sounds. The resulting pieces are elliptically static drone compositions that brightly shimmer with hues of gold, crimson, and aquamarine... One of the two variations of Ananta was published back in 2006 as a micro-edition CDR through Mystery Sea. In composing the Mystery Sea version, Kojo purposefully eschewed the representational sounds of the "Night Ocean Drones" espoused by the label, opting for these aforementioned concepts. On this piece of tiny churning textures streaming along a linear path, Kojo's piece nearly achieves infinity, which happens to be the translation from Sanskrit of "ananta." While other works from Kojo enjoy the darkly elegant arches found in select recordings from Organum and Lawrence English, the Mystery Sea Version of Ananta fits more of the tradition of the Roland Kayn, Yoshi Wada, and Charlemagne Palestine in constructing pieces which require endurance, lest you succumb to Kojo's audio hypnosis. The Strato Version of Ananta is a previously unreleased composition, that bends and undulates around a fundamental drone, all the while still maintaining the sun-flecked glints magnified in the Mystery Sea version. [press-release]

Splendor Solis -- "...letum - non omnia finit..." -- CD -- €9
2013 Vegvisir music, o:006, (ltd. 347)
Apocalyptic Folk. Splendor Solis (lat. Shining of the Sun) mixes typical dark folk insruments, neoclassical compositional methods and early European musical heritage. Theirs lyrics are inspired by medieval European theology, apocalyptic symbolism, and also by theosophical doctrines and mystical branches of buddism. Splendor Solis' debut album is dedicated to the infinite reincarnation of soul of a man. The album has been created using acoustic instruments only. Music of Splendor Solis is nice, harmonious, not very intricate but melodious right along. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with 12-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. [press-release]

Spoonbender 1.1.1 -- "Stereo Telepathy Academy" -- CD -- €10
2006 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 006, (ltd. 333)
At the beginning of the first 'transmission' of Stereo Telepathy Academy on November 3rd, 2004 - a performance where the group supported Genesis P-Orridge's PTV3 - 1.1.1's Dustin Donaldson announced that "tonight's Spoonbender 1.1.1 show is governed by chance operations and the 'third mind' technique. Spoken text was taken from one film, overlayed onto images from another film, and the score was composed while viewing a third (and secret) film source. The synchronistic results appear to be intentional." Such was the strategy of Duchamp's pieces nearly a century ago; but Spoonbender 1.1.1's collision of artforms also employs the technique found in the William S. Burroughs / Brion Gyson classic The Third Mind. As the images of David Cronenberg's rarely seen film Crimes Of The Future flickered, Spoonbender 1.1.1 radiated an inverted telekinetic minimalism of undulating tones supporting the third piece of the puzzle: spoken text from Cronenberg's Stereo, a faux-documentary detailing a surgical procedure for the advancement of telepathic communication. The result: a sort of 'Wizard Of Oz / Dark Side Of The Moon' for the mimetic engineering mindset... The same principles and elements apply for Stereo Telepathy Academy, the group's long-awaited debut studio recording. [label info]

Spreu & Weizen -- "Gott Erhalt's. Roman Edition" -- CD-R -- €14
2010 UFA Muzak, UFA 37, (ltd. 100)
Martial / Neoclassic. The reissue of the best album of the German duo S&W is dedicated to honour the great European thinker - baron Julius Evola. His imperial superhuman ideas inspire those "last" people who still consider the traditional principles unbreakable. And martial industrial music scene honours his writings and contribution in the new conservative mentality against total bourgeois order. Steeping deep in the musical epic fields of the Aryan project we see a marching Roman column with a raised fascia, and through the rumble one can hear the roaring cry: "Going to death, we hail you!" On this album you'll find the rattling explosive martial with tragic neoclassic in vein of Von Thronstahl with lots of epic samples. "Romans had clear and aristocratic vision of the afterworld, very close to the spirituality of the "Olympic" type common for the period of all the great Indo-European civilizations. They did not fear death. They believed great men and heroes would have the priviledge of godlike and bright immortality..." - Julius Evola. 11 tracks, 60 minutes, pro-CDR, cardboard A5 sleeve + insert. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Stalnoy Pakt -- "O Roma O Morte / Giovinezza" -- 2 x 3"CD-R -- €43
2006 ALF Produkt, N6, (ltd. 23)
Two mini-CD-R's: one contains a video-clip "Giovinezza", another - 16 minutes long composition dedicated to the Italian warriors: a superb military-industrial collage made of ambient layers with fragments of anthems, old recordings and gramophone crunch. Beautiful and conceprual work is astoundingly decorated by Alexander Lebedev-Frontov: cardbosrd "passport" with the discs and inserts lies inside of a plastic packet which is hidden into a wooden box with metal badge.

Stalnoy Pakt -- "ROA" -- 3"CD-R -- €27
2008 ALF Produkzion, ALF Produkt No. 11, (ltd. 30)
First 30 copies come in handmade artwork with a special stripe.

Strup / MNL9 -- "Age of Aggravation / La Redoute" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT101, (ltd. 69)
Splendid dada-split from two talented post-Soviet artists: musique concrete, collages, noise, field recordings, trashy melodies and rhythms, voyeurism, radio intercepts and mass animators popular in herds. Not really musical, but way more interesting than a middle noise release. Dedicated to Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Double-sided A5 cover with a reproduction of author's handmade collage. [label info]

Strup + Obozdur + Light Collapse -- "Dietary Regime" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Torga Amun, Amun-028, (ltd. 21)
Impulsive autistic industrial (mail-art collaboration). Dedication to the consumption of people by people... CD-R, hand-made slim-box with inserts. [label info]

Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie -- "Steel Formation (Stalnoe Stanovlenie)" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 UFA Muzak, UFA24, (ltd. 88)
Nordic Industrial/Combative Noise. There will be a day when some books will be burnt, and other rewritten. It will be a different language, of different people, not understandable for us, something completely non-verbal, related to the highest form of communication. When this language will sound, the mind will be silent, but the sense will come right into the heart. Noise is also a language, a different text, possible prototype or an echo, an attempt to transfer the knowledge to another level, to understand Thule. In ideological and musical ways the release of the new project from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, continues the line started by the first act - UFA01 ANTARKTIDA - the concentration of the Northern emanation: rough noisewaves, cryptographic industrial, technocratic power ambien. Morose voice of Kaleuche. 7 tracks, 64 minutes, CD-r, print on transparent paper, jewel DVD box. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Veprisuicida -- "Chinese Meat" -- C-55 -- €14
2000 Ultra, U 36, (ltd. 50)
Old school harsh-noise project of A.Lebedev-Frontov.

Veprisuicida -- "Vaginocentrism" -- CD-R -- €20
8th Moon Art, 8M-19, (ltd. 62)
Cut-up/collage project of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Vetrophonia). Scraps of sonic garbage mixed with harsh noise, lo-fi schizophrenia.

Veprisuicida / Organomehanizm -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €10
2001 Ultra, UCD 11, (ltd. 50)
Mutual work of two harsh-noise musicians from St. Petersburg: Alexander Lebedev-Frontov and Kirill Stoukaline.

Veprisuicida / Organomehanizm -- "s/t" -- MC -- €12
2001 Ultra, (ltd. 40)

Vetrophonia -- "Generalissimus Chiang Kaishek" -- 3"CD-R -- €14
2008 ALF Produkzion, ALF Produkt No.10, (ltd. 30)
Audio portrait of famous Chinese politician. The art of noise with Chinese flavour. Recorded in December 2007 - January 2008.

Vetrophonia -- "Risveglio di una Citta" -- C-60 -- €14
1999 Ultra, U 33, (ltd. 100)
Ritual ambient and futuristic noise.

Vetrophonia -- "Symformoza" -- CD-R -- €8
1999 Ultra, UCD 09, (ltd. 120)
Old-school industrial with ethno elements.

The Violet Grind -- "Ballad For The Republic" -- C-46 -- €27
1998 Ultra, U 28, (ltd. 50)
Recordings from californian noisemaker Gary Ransford.

Voi -- "9107" -- DVD-R -- €14
2007 KERPG, KERPG_10, (ltd. 39)
Black Chaos \ Power Еlectronics. The Project of BUNKER\PUGNA\RYR. Live in Yaroslavl, Ars-forum 9.10.07. The Envelope from rough black paperboard 16/17. Insert from thick red paper A4. Dvd-r in envelope. Blackenning paint and cuts ....10 000 000 000 pools in heads ...10 000 000 000 knifes in necks ....10 000 000 000 nails in heart ....10 000 000 000 garnets in gulp ....10 000 000 000 razors in eye ....10 000 000 000 bombs in building ....10 000 000 000 poisons in mouths ....10 000 000 000 curses in showers ...10 000 000 000 gases in light ....10 000 000 000 abortions mother ....10 000 000 000 deaths. The Nucleus presence of the fire - there is self-sacrifice for EIHWAZ. The Ritual fire self-immolation - there is flame for new life. The Equinox for the God in limit - there is initiation. Prediction Ragnaroka - there is nucleus Holos and return all atom in point of the report. Sucrifice - there is presence notion INRI and notion "Holy Fire". All there is fire! Primary fire, voice - a noise, religious hate, transition. Not for all! 39 - a number of the New Beast! Black Sulifur. [press-release]

W.A.R. (Projectile of the Simon) -- "Symphony #1" -- CD -- €5
2003 RZM Records, 001/03
Projectile W.A.R. is a blind movie in military march rhythm where main musical instruments are the implements of hot murder: MG-34 & 42, MP-38, 98-K, FLAK-41, etc. Mortars and artillery are alternated with sonorous ricochets against antitank blocks and fortifications. Soul freezing evacuation in hospital train under the enemy's cross-fire, tedious peripeteias of battle till the last shell turn into joy of long-awaited victory. In the history of music such experiments are known in Europe since 18th century. At that time orchestra sounded to the accompaniment of artillery. There was an interesting technique of teaching in Bad Tolz SS officers training school. They were took out to the range where they had to define by ear the type of the arms, quantity and place of dislocation of the enemy and take appropriate measures on it. W.A.R.ning: during the concerts or CD listening it's possible to feel such side effects as aggressiveness and desire to entrench yourself deeply. People occupied with potentially dangerous activities should be careful. These actions intensify with simultaneous alcohol drinking. [label info]

Waldron, M.S. / Steven Stapleton / Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson / Jim Haynes / R. K. Faulhaber -- "The Sleeping Moustache" -- CD -- €10
2006 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 007, (ltd. 1700)
M.S. Waldron may be best known for his work as irr. app. (ext.), an unwieldy moniker that begets uncanny, hallucinatory sound. Steven Stapleton is the genius behind Nurse With Wound, the consistently unpredictable project that scrambles musical obsessions for krautrock, surrealism, and avant-garde composition into a brash quest for expressionism through experimentation. Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson hails from the Icelandic electro-absurdist duo Stilluppsteypa, which continues to investigate the finer points of drunken minimalism. Jim Haynes prefers to merely state that he rusts things. R.K. Faulhaber is something of a mysterious figure, looming around Mr. Waldron's irr. app. (ext.) recordings and performances while keeping his own work a hermetic secret... Each with a peculiar understanding of the audio arts, these five artists came to the proverbial table and thought it a good idea to collaborate. Given the predilection for the surreal and the sidereal that each of these five employ in their many audio and visual projects, those agendas oozed from the recordings that became known as The Sleeping Moustache... An epiphany of controlled disorder, a convulsion of beauty, a cascade of thought from delirious minds, The Sleeping Moustache is an exquisite manifestation of sound poetry scattered into a tortuous collage mired in an oblique melancholy. Magnetic tones extracted from the ether, mechanical sounds smeared into a lugubrious growls, horns trumpeting straight out of John's Book of Revelation, ululations sliced into information overload that Schwitters himself would be proud of. The Sleeping Moustache presents a psychically instable landscape, where dreams and nightmares wreak havoc upon the drudgery of daily life. The closest audible territory for The Sleeping Moustache might be the psychoactive constructions of Nurse With Wound's Homotopy To Marie, although the characters in this drama happened upon an entirely different map of that terrain. [label info]

ZFK -- "Rabochiy Kontrol'" -- CD-R -- €14
2005 Abgurg Subdivision, AB-11, (ltd. 37)
45-min. industrial symphony woven from workshop sounds, brutal harsh-noise, electronic frequencies and fragments of radio-transmissions. Great rude sound.

ZGA -- "Zoo Geometrical Aleathory" -- C-46 -- €20
1998 Ultra, U30, (ltd. 100)

V/A -- "Last Call Of Gjallarthorn" -- CD-R + zine -- €27
2009 UFA Muzak, UFA 27, (ltd. 100)

V/A -- "Sunhands" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Invisible Hand Distribution, IHD 058, (ltd. 100)
Exclusive tracks from Russian artists Fanum, Adriva,YAO 91404 D, Sub Figura, Vladimir Epifantsev and Invisible Hand. Drone + industrial + ritual. A cloth sack. [YAOP]

Terror #2 -- zine -- €5
2012 Terror
Terror #2 is out today. Magazine, oriented to noise / power electronics / industrial. Interviews: Martin Bladh (sharing thoughts about IRM, Skin Area, performance art, art in general, sound etc.), Mikko Aspa (huge interview about Special Interests and other magazines, Freak Animal, Grunt, Nicole12, Northern Heritage and many more things), Slogun (USA true crime power electronics legend - answers from back then to what's up now), Sick Seed (one of the greatest from Finland - about imagery, releases, what and why), Dieter Müh (UK industrial veteran - from early days to now - more than 30 years of activity), Barrikad (chat with one of quite a few anarcho-noisers in here - war?), Remlap (Canadian HNW artist - Art As Intent label owner - why the sound should be free and other nuances), Impulsy Stetoskopu (label from Poland - Encyclopedia of Industrial music, DIY releases). Bunch of reviews. 44 a4 pages. Offset printing. English language. [press-release]

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