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Here comes the first catalogue update in 2014 which contains new releases from such labels as Databloem, Cold Spring, Steinklang / Percht / Ahnstern, Monochrome Vision, Dronarivm, Pocket Fields, and also new CDs from such projects as Troum, raison d'etre, Hum / Maw, Midal E Garda (Six Dead Bulgarians), Der Blutharsch, Atrium Carceri / Sabled Sun, etc.

I can remind that the winter sale action is still active! You can buy some items from our catalogue for half-price, and this offer will last until the next update somewhere in March. Don't miss your chance to fill your collections and record libraries with the unknown music!

May you be fine,

I. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Exit In Grey "Shadows of Stillness" CD:
Sal Solaris "Die Scherben 2004-2010" CD:

II. Forthcoming Events

15.02.2014 - From Madness to Insight
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

22.02.2014 - Electro Mission Vol. 1
Moscow, China Town Cafe. More info...

01.03.2014 - yoMaslenitsa - Russian Droning
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). More info...

St. Petersburg, "da:da" club. More info...

Moscow, "Manifest" club. More info...

Moscow, "Theater" club. More info...

St. Petersburg, "da:da" club. More info...

Moscow, "Theater" club. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

45 KO -- "Maailmankuva" -- CD -- €10
2012 Databloem, DB041-2012
45 KO is Asko Miikael Lintunenan from Finland, who has been producing music since his early teens. Composing music has always been therapeutically, originally producing underground techno but later expanding to other genres. Maailmankuva (worldview) is his debut album and composed between 2008-2011. Tracks are inspired by nature, spirituality and Asko's personal life. There's a dark edge to his thematic and melancholic sound but all done with a reasonable amount of hope and humor. A remarkable newcomer Databloem is happy to introduce. [label info]

Anti-Verstand feat. Noumen -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT111, (ltd. 46)
New full-length album by Anti-Verstand is recorded with the help of Noumen (MNL9, Monologue, IAMNOTHING, Morbus Mundi, Endlosung (Russland), etc.) and based on his ideas and recordings. Voice harsh in vein of Masonna, sound poetry of Kurt Schwitters, dada experiments, musique concrete, psychoanalysis and transpersonalism, Noumen's gut-wrenching existential vocal outbursts, eccentric scenes, children's grindcore and sweet noise. The album comes with a Noumen's dadaist video "Death is near". Each copy is packed in a slim DVD-box, comes with a unique handmade cover with hand-written info and vintage amateur photography as an insert. Five random copies also contain vintage leather chevrons. [press-release]

Asbaar -- "Aurora Folia" -- CD -- €12
2013 Steinklang Industries, SK73, (ltd. 150)
ASBAARs new album "Aurora Folia" dives deeply into the magic of nature, with sounds evoking landscapes full of light and shadows within dense forest vegetation, immersing in the cold waters of a river, or a look into the sky of earth's creator. This album gives a different point of view within Dark Ambient Music and a change to a new direction in the musical work of ASBAAR. A walk through nature's mystics, hidden between the empirical and the rational against the world of magical dreams. [press-release]

Atrium Carceri -- "The Untold" -- CD -- €13
2013 Cryo Chamber, CRYO 005
Tesco Distribution releases the next CD of CRYO CHAMBER a new label run by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) focusing on deep high quality dark ambient with a cinematic edge. From beyond the illusion, Simon Heath brings us another chapter in his dark ambient epic. With this ominous release, he takes us to the origins: the primordial metropolis and into the void where the creator abandoned us. Ripe with otherworldly soundscapes, dusty field recordings and a meticulous attention to technical quality, this album stretches the boundaries of dark ambiance and imparts our id with a raw slab of flesh to digest. Comes in nice designed 6 page Ekopak. [press-release]
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Baghiri, Amir -- "Exosphere" -- CD -- €10
2005 Bluebox, BB001
A mixture of masterful, spooky alien soundscapes and fluid textures by one of ambient music premier electro-tribal sound designers. "Exophere" offers ten tracks making up 68 minutes of music continuing the fine tradition of space & tribal ambient which Baghiri is known for. The album starts off quiet but after a few minutes a slow and later on accelerating and prominent sequence shows up which is reminiscent of the extended track "In the Heat of Venus" on Steve Roach’s album "Western Spaces". [label info]
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Baghiri, Amir -- "Live Long And Prosper" -- CD -- €10
2011 Blue Box, BB1107
Amir Baghiri is back after 5 years with a spacious ambient release, dedicated to Star Trek fans from all over the world. Transforming space and time into ambient drones and subtle tribal rhythms, pushing space music to its highest level. Welcome back to the deep, emotional and mystical soundworlds by one of the ambient music world's premier tribal ambient sound designers. [label info]
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BpOlar -- "The White Heads" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Practising Nature, PN07021
Cinematic, intense and moving soundscapes from Antwerpen (Belgium). Composed like a painting ... layer by layer ...until something is bigger than the sum of it's elements ...BpOlar's dynamic and unique sound will grab you from the first note and will keep you hooked till the last note fades away. [label info]
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Cold Fusion -- "Elisabeth Bukez" -- CD-R -- €9
2005 War Office Propaganda, WOP 14
Cold, mobilizing, inbued with European esoterics, Martial Industrial from the well-known Polish project. Digipak reissue with two bonus tracks. [YAOP]

Column One -- "Early Apes 1993-1995" -- CD -- €10
2011 Nefryt, N 021, (ltd. 500)
Remastered LP "Dream Box Experience" + alternative version of tracks from "This Is My Dream", "An Analog Anthology - Never Mind The World" & one track unpublished never before. Comes in very nice A5 folder includes 6 cards extra. [label info]

Column One -- "Early Tapes 1992-1994" -- CD -- €10
2011 Nefryt, N 020, (ltd. 500)
Unknown versions of tracks from: "The Individual Box", New-Re-Generation", "Various Dreamdances", "Coincidentia Oppositorum", "THX1138", "Two Flowers For The Travel" & "Odyssee" + 4 tracks unpublished before. All material is remastered by Robert Schalinski. Comes in A5 folder includes 8 cards extra. [label info]

Cymphonic & Vintage H -- "Post Mortem Investigations" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB033-2010
Three years after the highly acclaimed Strataradialis album Cymphonic (Stanley Swinkels from The Netherlands) is back with a special album, created together with his father. In this unique project two generations work together with heart and mind to convert sound into an audiomovie experience, which covers the whole spectrum of atmospheric ambient music. Their story is told through spacious drones, surrounded by flocks of cinematic textures and heavenly voices. The first soundtrack, Post Mortem Investigations, guides you through possible stages of a Near Death Experience. The second titled Notturno, invites you to a synaesthetic panorama of the night. Depending on the state of ones attention, the listener can actively search and explore the music or take a more introvert position in receiving it. What will this album induce in you? [press-release]
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Dannagoischd -- "Emm Dichda Ondrholz" -- CD -- €10
2009 Percht, Percht13
Dannagoischd - the ghost of the dark forest - is a project coming directly out of the deep Alpine and Swabian woods. ”Emm dichda Ondrholz” (in the dense brush-wood) features 16 tracks of ALPINE FOREST FOLK, telling tales in ancient Swabian language about creatures living in darkest woods, with all their legends, atmospheres and myths. The album carries a vast variety if instruments and styles and also includes two video-clips. The atmosphere spreads between melancholy, tradition and pure forest life. Dreamy songs are mixed with dark and natural (sound)tracks, as well as with more folky tunes. ”Emm dichda Ondrholz” is a perfect trip to the misty fir tree forests. Feel the rustling of the trees, the burning of fires, the ghosts and creatures around you… Meet wild animals, feel the aura of the woods and sink into a unique forest atmosphere. All lyrics on the album are written in deep Swabian dialect and the album was mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum/ Sturmpercht) at the Blue Lounge Studios in Berlin / Germany. Dannagoischd is a project of Waldwuudz, alias cz (Vinterriket / Atomtrakt / Nebelkorona / Battle Dagorath / Nocternity / Sturmpercht...). 16 songs / 58 min. (+ 2 videos). [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand -- "The Cosmic Trigger" -- 2 CD -- €17
2013 WKN, WKN 44
Formerly inventor of "military pop" Der Blutharsch in their history evolved towards a sort of real kinky dark rock band. Gone are the times of provoking images - on their journey towards new territories DB reincarnated and now invite you to celebrate life and love together. If you are ready to praise the gods of the cosmic universe - then you will enjoy the ride. For this album Dbaticotlh were: Lina Baby Doll, Jörg B., Niko Potocnjak, Marthynna and Albin Sunlight Julius supported by: Didi Kern (Bulbul, Fuckhead), Geoffroy D, Jerry White (Seven that spells), Mazo Tomez (The Attention) Dennis Lamb, Patrice L'Amour, Lloyd James, Matt Howden (Sieben) , Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) and Sabaan. The first edition of the CD will come with an extra CD containing extremly good and extremly different remixes by Geoffroy D. (DERNIERE VOLONTE). [press-release]
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Entheogenic Sound Explorers -- "Magic Garden" -- CD -- €10
2011 Databloem, DB034-2011
Entheogenic Sound Explorers are Stefano Contini and Piero Marchesi and Magic Garden is their third album on Databloem. Over the years the band have taken several musical influences and channeled them into something that is truly their own. But if comparisons must be made it could be with The Orb or Future Sound Of London. Expect a masterful blend of analog and digital sounds, which will carry you away on a psychedelic journey through the gardens of dubby, hypnotic ambient. [press-release]

F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay -- "His Master's Void" -- CD -- €12
2013 Steinklang Industries, SK75, (ltd. 150)
This avant-garde solo project of Luigi Maria Mennella constantly evolves, dating back to 1990! Each of his recordings is different and inaugurates the transition to a duo-lineup with this concept album focused on deconstruction and re-arrangement in a contemporary way of old XX century songs. Starting from Musique Concrete research, passing through electroacoustic music experimentations, stretching to Industrial extremism, the tracks of this album plan to fill a technological void and pull the “cover” classic conception down according to a wider spectre of expressive instruments with which translate the intuitions of these authors of the past, to whom they pay a simply 'volcanic' tribute. [press-release]

Falkenstein -- "Urdarbrunnen" -- CD -- €10
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 04 / Kraftplatz Records, KRPL 02
Falkenstein is a young oaktree in the fairywoods of new Pagan Folk Music. Born out of the mystic nature and ancient cult-places of southern Germany, Falkenstein guides you gently to your heathen ancestors and their natural religion. Falkenstein's music is classical NeoFolk in best tradition, with beautiful lyrics about hallowed trees and woods, ancient tales from veiled times and long forgotten natural rites. Falkenstein is definitely a unique and outstanding NeoFolk artist of the new generation, who knows how to play his instruments and who's lyrics directly creep under the skin of each Pagan and Folk Music lover... Falkensteins self produced debut-album "Heiliger Wald" gained a lot of applause in Folk music press and was highly recommended by many reviewers. Their brandnew album "Urdarbrunnen" is now released by the STEINKLANG / AHNSTERN NeoFolk daughterlabel HEIMATFOLK. "Urdarbrunnen" is again a perfecly played, strong and dreamingly beautiful album with a rich, varied instrumentation, even more dense and powerful than the debut album. The musical range lasts from acoustic ballads over Martial Folk songs to dark fairietales about naturaly mysticism, paganism and natural rites in the Alpine regions... If Falkenstein would have been 40 years earlier, today they would stand in line with bands like early Steeleye Span, Magna Carta and Pentangle... All songs recorded by Tobias Franke - mastered by Axel Frank (WERKRAUM) - artwork, layout and most fotos by Max Percht (STURMPERCHT). [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Frakmundt -- "Heiwehland" -- CD -- €10
2011 Percht, Percht 19
After more than one year FRÄKMÜNDT are back with their new masterpiece „Heiwehland“ ( “Land of Nostalgia“). Sixteen unique, expressive and headstrong songs grant the listener a passionate glimpse of the alpine areas of Inner-Switzerland. On “Heiwehland”, accordeon, guitars, hurdy-gurdy, bass, flutes, and the percussion contributed by Merlin (ELUVEITIE) blend together to form the unique and unconventional Swiss Ur-Folk. A primordial male voice and spoken passages contrast with the powerful voice of Anneli. Furthermore Chrigel Glanzmann (ELUVEITIE) and the renowned opera singer Christiane Boesiger contribute their guest vocals on two of the songs. New guitarist Guschti enriches the album with his string virtuosity. The varied songs in Swiss Alemannic dialect take you to a more than one hour long journey into the heart of the alps. They speak of historic events, tragic tales, frightening creatures, strange events, mysterious beings and the melancholic longing for a beautiful homeland that is disappearing in its original form but also about its outlasting beauty. As on the previous album “Urbärglieder”, traditional songs are reinterpreted and of course the comical and humorous elements have their place... This extensive digipak contains a twenty-page booklet full of breathtaking alpine photography and includes all the lyrics in Swiss Alemannic dialect as well as their description in English. [press-release]

Frakmundt -- "Urbarglieder" -- CD -- €10
2010 Percht, Percht15
“Urbärglieder” is the debut CD of the Swiss Ur-Folk project FRÄKMÜNDT which was born out of the idea to revive old sagas and nearly forgotten songs and atmospheres of the alpine regions of Switzerland. Performed in alemannic central-Swiss dialect, the songs on “Urbärglieder” simulate a journey through landscapes and sagas of the quaint regions of Switzerland. They let you chase through stormwinds with the wild hunt at mount Pilatus or stroll under the paintings of the danse macabre over the Spreuerbridge in Lucerne. One can meet the devil in the Schöllenen gorge and follow the alpine herdsmen during their sad walk down to the valleys in autumn. The album is alternated by two sound-accentuated sagas and two atmospheric pieces, letting one share the horrors of the ghost-house in Stans and the mythical ambiance inside the Mondmilchloch cave. On “Urbärglieder”, acoustic guitars, accordion, violin, flutes and various percussion instruments generate melancholic melodies full of nostalgia, but also rousing hymns which invite to dance. The album is very diverse and never gets boring. Something new which was never heard before: Ur-Folk at its best. [press-release]
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Gomikawa -- "Live At Yaneura 1997" -- CD-R -- €8
1998 Solipsism, Solipsism-10, (ltd. 100)
Almost 40 minutes of high quality meditative space noise from the members of Pain Jerk, Hijokaidan and Incapacitants. Jewel case, full-colour cover. [YAOP]

Grassow, Mathias -- "Dissolution" -- CD-R -- €9
1999/2009 Practising Nature, PN09030
Re-mastered and re-designed reissue of out of print classic album from 1999. Mathias Grassow about this album: "Dissolution is the ground, a below zero, where everything stands sill for a while and the wheel of life stops for a moment. This work is my personal musical realization of the 'deepest night of soul'. It was made with electronic equipment and some streams of Bow-Chime, Up-Right, Glass-Harp. Most interesting piece is PLUTO. That was a channeled weird thing, through a night session in 1989. I remind the strange 'space' around this track and the altered state while playing....." [label info]
[CD Baby]

The Green Kingdom -- "Expanses" -- CD -- €11
2014 Dronarivm, DR-18, (ltd. 200)
This album is, for all intents and purposes, is an homage to classic ambient and ambient techno albums of the past (of course filtered through the distinctive sound world of The Green Kingdom). This is not to say that the aim was to recreate or mimic the sound of these recordings, but rather the feeling they create through the use of sustained tones, repetition, melody and texture. As indicated by the title, these pieces are meant to evoke vast and expansive environments, either real or imagined. These landscapes can often provide a sense of calm and wonder at our relative insignificance in comparison to the majestic grandeur of the larger universe all around us. Although the cover is one example of such a landscape, the tracks remain untitled in hope that the listener might attach their own associations... Mike Cottone is a graphic designer and musician based in Detroit Michigan. Under The Green Kingdom moniker, he produces minimal ambient music using a variety of digitally manipulated sounds sourced from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments. [press-release]

Grim -- "Psycho Sun" -- CD -- €12
2013 Steinklang Industries, SK68, (ltd. 500)
What Steinklang presents You here is the next REVOLUTION after the brilliant revival of Japans Ritual Industrial legend VASILISK. "Psycho Sun" is the first new album of Japans Noise-Pioneers GRIM since 27 years and their sound did not loose a single quantum of power in all those years! This is PURE GRIM, like three decades before!... In the mid 80ies GRIM released three incredible milestones of Industrial Noise music, the LP "Folk Music", as well as the 7" "Amaterasu" and the more folky 12" "Message". These three releases always were and still are the "holy grail" amongst the most wanted collectors-items of this genre... Short history: GRIM as well as VASILISK developed out of the legendary Industrial duo WHITE HOSPITAL (aka Jun Konagaya and Tomo Kuwahara). Both artists were mainly inactive over the last 25 years and now both felt the sparkle to start again doing music, but not like most other "re-starters", who are just a pale shade from their earlier times - GRIM and VASILISK are doing the same fantastic music now, than they did in their early years! [press-release]

Hum -- "Corona Florea" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2012 self-released, (ltd. 60)
Three tracks recorded in 2005-2009. Vague drones streaming like a gauze in a ghostly forest, slow game of resonances and echoes, tranquility and contemplation.

Hum -- "Landmarks In Mistscape - Extended Version" -- CD-R -- €9
2010 Datura Landscapes, Datura 14
Extended reissue of Hum material previously available as a very limited edition split-cassette with Misery. Minimalistic drones with wavy rolls od reworked field recordings, glimmer of resonant loops, slow whirling of sonic shadows...

Iamnothing / Omut Mora / Strup / Ultimaratio -- "Lenin" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Lilith Сake Records, lcr_02 / Спаси И Сохрани Records
Split by four artists from Russia and Belarus. Totalitarian Musique Concrete and noise, radio and ambient. Slim box. [YAOP]

Infestation -- "Second Souffle" -- CD -- €12
2013 Steinklang Industries, SK74, (ltd. 300)
Five years in the making, the new INFESTATION album "Second Souffle" is now finally available on Steinklang records. After the debut album "Bastion Intouchable (2008)", the French-Canadian martial industrial attack is back! On this new release, violence is now at it's peak. Complex orchestral phrasing is mixed with devastating war drums and destructive vocals. "Second Souffle" is a unique martial industrial album, a paroxysm of affirmative cultural resistance. It's a firm statement against globalisation and the hypocrisy of multiculturalism. The album also explore the themes of sentimental nihilism and the duality of life and death. This is a must have for all fans of Von Thronstahl, Derniere Volonte, Triarii, In Slaughter Natives, Arditi or early Der Blutharsch. [press-release]

Kammarheit -- "The Starwheel" -- CD -- €12
2005/2011 Cyclic Law, 12th Cycle, (ltd. 1000)
Reissue of Kammarheit's long deleated second album wich has become a true classic in the Dark Ambient spheres. The Starwheel offers us an eloquent, more profound and highly personal album. The deeply serene drones and melancholic soundscapes are as always the main focus, but this time Pär Boström introduces an engulfing spiritual depth to his soundscapes. Here is a new glimpse of the world of Kammarheit, here's the second meditation. 2nd edition of 1000 copies in 4 panel Digipack, Remastered. [label info]

Koji, Saito -- "Good Night" -- CD-R -- €9
2013 Pocket Fields, PF039
Saito Koji - is a master of melodic minimalist drone ambient from Japanese Fakusima. Saito is always welcome-resident at respected labels such as taвlem, Ritural Colours, SEM, Resting Bell and Somehow Recordings. PF039 - this is the second album of a double release series of Saito Koji, specially written for the Pocket Fields. Material of the album is very characteristic of Saito’s music creation. This is repeated cycles of guitar loops placed in a viscous, covering texture of the background sounds. During the hearing, musical moving changes so harmonious that it’s hard to notice. This piece is the final second part of duble series album. This one hour part painted in darker colors. Saito’s music will take you into a voyage through the dark warm night. "Good Night" and have a nice dreams... [press-release]

Lingua Lustra -- "Triquetra" -- CD -- €10
2011 Databloem, DB036-2011
A brand new collection of sound poems from Dutch atmospheric artist Lingua Lustra. Composing and releasing for the past decade, Lingua Lustra now definitely created a true masterpiece of ambience. A subtle magic ride, full of contrast, dark and light colours pass the mind's eye and intermingle along the way. Let this intricate musical aroma unfold itself, the sonic scent of a new delicious flower on the Databloem tree. [label info]

Martin, Aaron / Christoph Berg -- "Day Has Ended" -- CD -- €11
2013 Dronarivm, DR-14, (ltd. 250)
Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg’s split called “Day Has Ended” is a piece of quiet, intimate music, interfused with daylight and covered by a soft mist of evening dreams. This album spans the course of a day until the point where night falls. The first part, created by Aaron Martin, is a water-colour, cool and delicate. The twinkling sun reflected itself in a slow river, transparent silvery clouds sparkle and brush the heads of drowsy trees. The closer to the middle of the album, the lower goes the gentle shadow, saturating. In the second part – Christoph Berg’s one, water-colour turns into gouache. The sound becomes more full, more sensuous, it comes in waves, like breath of a sleeping man. Just close your eyes, be all ears and you’ll feel – the night is not silent. Sweet tune of twilight and darkness full of echo, humming blue, vague voice of the strings and clear gleaming of bright stars in a velvet sky – that is the night. It’s a perfect and severely sincere work, slightly bittered with melancholy... Aaron Martin is a very talented multi-instrumentalist from Topeka, Kansas who has releases on such labels as Experimedia, Preservation, Under The Spire, Sonic Meditations. Christoph Berg is composer and sound artist currently living and working in Berlin focusing on fragile acoustic chamber music compositions. Also writes electro-acoustic music as Field Rotation. He has releases on Facture, hibernate, Denovali Records, Fluid Audio. [press-release]
[bandcamp]   [youtube]

Maw -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2002/2012 Datura Landscapes, Datura 12
Side-project of Hum. One long track recorded in 1999 and previously released on a self-titled cassette by Ultra Low Fidelity label in 2002. The composition starts with a slowly looped flanger coil gradually powering up and then suddenly falling in rusty abyss... metallic clanging comes in, interrupted by unexpected outbursts of insanely hypertrophic voice and subtle resonating waves embracing everything in a droney fog... Beautiful soundscape in vein of isolationist ambient / industrial / drone.

Midal E Garda -- "Comprehending The Clearness (Postizhenie Yasnosti)" -- CD -- €10
2013 Shadowplay Records, SPR 146
New CD by the side-project of the oldest Russian experimental band SIX DEAD BULGARIANS. To everyone who loves to bend his mind in unexpected places, authors have to tell that "the title born by our mind has nothing to do with reality". This project has never been a complete one-man project, it featured many musicians of different schools, styles and directions, but the main ideologist has always had the final word, as he mixed and sculpted the material in his own image. New CD presents a mixture of analogue rhythmic pulsations, droning handmade analogue synths and live ethnic instruments. [press-release]

Murmer -- "We Share A Shadow" -- CD -- €10
2007/2009 Helen Scarsdale Agency, HMS 011, (ltd. 475)
Murmer is the pseudonym for Patrick McGinley, a man with several passports which have taken him to many a foreign land in search of found sounds of the unsettled, the forgotten, the mysterious, and the beautiful. His field recordings of activated environments (e.g. resonant industrial spaces, windswept telephone lines, bowed branches, gasping ventilator systems, etc.) originate from all of the locations where he has traveled; yet, the documentation of these sounds is the not the terminus of McGinley's work. He is far more interested in extracting a particular emotional, transcendent, or metaphysical kernel from those sounds, and then recontextualizing that germinated sound into sympathetic compositions of magnificent dronemusik... We Share A Shadow continues where Murmer left off with the exceptional Husk album (in collaboration with Jonathan Coleclough), in spiraling his manipulated field recordings as a slow revelation of the environmental sonorities that undeservedly go unnoticed each and every day. Singing frequencies of a bowed piece of metal undulate against a grey tapestry of rain and rasping insects. Golden overtones from shimmering drones quell what agitated textures reside in McGinley's active field recordings, rendering the aggregate sound a nocturnal opiate with considerable potency... Package features hand water-coloured artwork and letterpress printing. [label info]

Opium -- "Chaos Theory Laboratories" -- CD -- €10
2011 Databloem, DB037-2011
Rhythmical explorations and ambient depths by Italian soundsculptor Teo Zini. Moving fractal beats drifting through layers of deep, ambient soundscapes. Fresh-sounding and engaging throughout. [label info]

Pleq & Philippe Lamy -- "Sans Titre" -- CD-R -- €10
2013 Pocket Fields, PF042, (ltd. 200)
Finally come out a long-awaited album, which was a continuation of the fruitful cooperation and friendship between Pleq and Pocket Fields. At this time it is new collaboration with talented French electronic musician Philippe Lamy. What you will hear on “Sans Titre” - a fascinating musical trip full of suspense and unexpected findings in terms of sound plot. Pleq and Philippe Lamy skillfully balance on the verge of experimental ambient, noisy textures and modern classic in minimalism tradition. Aged and cold sound of this record only emphasizes its advantage - it’s the case when austerity atmosphere of music literally breathtaking. Furthermore, in the creation of “Sans Titre” also participated several artists, without which it is difficult to imagine modern ambient scene. 3 remixed was made by Pjusk, Marcus Fjellstrцm and Ben Lukas Boysen. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Psychic TV -- "Hacienda" -- CD -- €10
1984/2013 Cold Spring, CSR187CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV, 5th November 1984, Manchester. This was PSYCHIC TV’s first show at NEW ORDER / FACTORY’s legendary HACIENDA club! For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling (Zos Kia, Coil), Paul Reeson, and Alex Fergusson. This is the complete show with unseen photos! [label info]

Psychic TV -- "Live At Thee Marquee" -- CD -- €10
1988/2013 Cold Spring, CSR189CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV’s complete, unheard show, recorded at the prestigious Marquee Club, London, 20th May 1986. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best. Ltd x 1000 copies, featuring an 8-page booklet of unseen photos. [label info]

Psychic TV -- "Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light" -- CD -- €10
1985/2013 Cold Spring, CSR188CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV in a unique line-up – a unique show, recorded 19th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais, London. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Max Prior, Mouse, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Dave Ball (Soft Cell), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow, Coil, Current 93). This is a completely unheard show, with unseen photos! [label info]

raison d'etre -- "In Sadness, Silence And Solitude" -- 2 CD -- €17
1997/2014 Retortae, elixir 4, (ltd. 400)
Mammoth stone walls stretching high into the unknown, dank cellars stewn with bones and ashes. A chill in the lonely night wind disturbed by the utterance of arcane phrases. This is music guaranteed to at least bring about thoughts of mysticism, if it doesn't produce mystical states outright. This defines the term hauntingly beautiful. «In Sadness, Silence And Solitude», first released in 1997, is the fourth full length album of raison d'etre and is yet another astonishing dark ambient industrial masterpiece. This time, «In Sadness, Silence an Solitude» has been considerably expanded with bonus material and made it into a double disc set featuring a bunch of unique, previously unreleased compositions, live material and compilation tracks; everything connected to the same period of time of the original album. In addition, an ultra-limited special expanded edition with a bonus 7" vinyl is released containig new deconstructed versions of two tracks from the original album. «In Sadness, Silence And Solitude» (expanded edition) is released on the newly formed label Retortae and has been carefully mastered according to the K-14 level standard for highest possible sound quality. The disc set comes in a 6-panel cardboard sleeve with freshly designed artwork, just as ultimately beautiful as the music, almost to the point of being indescribable; one must experience it to fully comprehend. [press-release]

raison d'etre -- "In Sadness, Silence And Solitude" -- 2 CD + 7" -- €38
1997/2014 Retortae, elixir 5, (ltd. 100)
Special edition set limited to 100 copies including regular edition and an extra 7” packed in full colour envelope-like folder sealed with a special metal sticker.

Sabled Sun -- "2146" -- CD -- €13
2013 Cryo Chamber, CRYO 003
Tesco Distribution releases the next CD of CRYO CHAMBER a new label run by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) focusing on deep high quality dark ambient with a cinematic edge. The follow up to the album 2145 takes us to the second year after our protagonist awakens from deep hibernation sleep to a world in ruins. Seeking signs of life he encounters the illuminated cities still powered by automated energy and its robotic inhabitants moving with pointless tasks void of meaning. Simon Heath takes us to a cold place of nuclear winters and lost hope in this genre bending release. This album has a High Dynamic mastering for audiophiles, meaning a lower output volume and a greater dynamic range. Comes in nice designed 6 page Ekopak. Production, Artwork, Mastering - Simon Heath. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

Sigillum S -- "Studs And Divinity" -- CD -- €10
1989/2013 Monochrome Vision, mv47, (ltd. 500)
Formed in Milan on 23 December 1985 by Paolo Bandera, Eraldo Bernocchi, and Luca Di Giorgio, Sigillum S has been developing their own special brand of a post-industrial audio project of many different natures, where concepts have led the effort and employed sound as a tool for the exploration of the forbidden areas of the subconscious... the result has been a endless paradigm of alien electronic mutations, merging concrete noise research with acoustic transmigration, while visuals and many other forms of media have been also adopted, in order to achieve maximum interaction intensity. Their unique sound is derived from the use of a variety of instruments, ranging from samplers to ethnic instruments, and guitar synths to shortwave generators. In addition to their extensive musical output, Sigillum S also works in the areas of videoart and text... In 80s, Sigillum S collaborated with other italian post-industrial acts like Gerstein and Ain Soph, produced the range of private edition tapes and released some remarkable albums on labels like ADN, Minus Habens and Broken Flag. Getting more attention from the worldwide underground music network, they performed live in Italy, Germany, France, Canada and published more exceptional, influental music on CDs and LPs - "Cybertantrick Quantum Leaps" (Artware), "Dispersion: Sliced Carrions and Pixel Handcuffs" (Minus Habens), "Tidal Surface Tension" (Old Europa Cafe), "Bardo Thos-Grol" (Unclean) etc., to name a few. In 1993, they launched their own Verba Corrige label and kick off many solo/side-projects like Ashes, SSHE Retina Stimulants, Somma, Komplet, Charged, SIMM, Sidra and so on. Re-issued some old recordings like "Simulacra" and "Klimax Axis" on vinyl through Old Europa Cafe, "Private 8788" on special edition CDR through Blade Records, they recorded the "Abstraction" CD for Dirk Ivens' Daft Records in 1999 and went to hiatus for almost a decade. Returning in 2007 with new album "23/20" released by Verba Corrige, more live shows and preparing the whole archive of their music for reissue campaign and digital distribution, Sigillum S are back for the full activity. "Studs And Divinity" was their 1989 album, originally released by Minus Habens only on tapes, now it's fully remastered and expanded with some bonus tracks from the same time, pushing themselves through the challenge of reconfiguration without external reference. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sobocan, John -- "A Soft Circle" -- CD -- €10
2012 Databloem, DB042-2012
John Sobocan was born, bred and raised in Ontario (Canada), moved to India for a while and upon returning, used the over abundance of time for making music, paintings and galaxies. Got hooked and started creating Ambient music after a close encounter with Brian Eno's early works. "A Soft Circle" nails three essential qualities of good ambient music that makes his work stand out: the music is richly organic; the sounds are layered and resonant, fully rewarding the kind of deep listening that Eno declared is essential to true ambient music; and the music transports you somewhere, providing a soundtrack for either travel or stillness, whichever state you happen to be in... [label info]
[CD Baby]

Solvent Cage -- "The Day Of The Locusts" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Iceage Productions, ICE008
Cold industrial Power Electronics from Australia. Music of desolate industrial suburbs, depressive monocities, pessimism and abandonment. Slim box. [YAOP]

Strup / Tchernoblyad -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €16
2013 YAOP, YAOP 062D, (ltd. 4)
Conceptual split-EP dedicated to the Jewish issue in the years of WWII. Retrograde industrial sound, lots of sonic quotations. Special collector's digital version: CD-R in handmade plastic sleeve and hand-written insert comes with a rare illustrated book on a relevant theme. [label info]

Sturmpercht -- "Alpengluhen" -- CD -- €12
2013 Percht, Percht 23, (ltd. 400)
The Sturmpercht'n private and live at the alphouse, in caves and on stage. All songs recorded between 2003 and 2008, total playtime 77 minutes. Digipak. [label info]

Sturmpercht -- "Bergentruckt" -- CD -- €12
2013 Percht, Percht 22, (ltd. 700)
During their work on the soldout 10 years jubilee 8LP boxset, the Austrian pioneers of Alpine Folk Music created this Dark-Psychedelic collection of scary tales around the holy mount Untersberg. Legends telling about people who went inside the hollow mountain, to visit Kaiser Karl and his folks living/sleeping there, waiting for the end of days to fight the final battle. In most of these tales the visitors were only a few hours or days inside the mountain and his inside castles and monasteries, but when they returned to the outer world (IF they ever returned), many years had passed - this phenomenon is called "Bergentrückung". Don't expect the Sturmpercht-typical nice fairietales, beautiful Folk songs or joyful drinking hymns - this album is pure Alpine Darkness. [press-release]

Taphephobia -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2012 Greytone, grey011
Second album for norwegian maestro Ketil on greytone label. Bleak and secluded sound world, featuring six looming movements of darkly, post-industrial, isolationist ambience in the pure nordic shining coldness. The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music. [press-release]

Taphephobia -- "Escape From The Mundane Self" -- CD -- €12
2013 Cyclic Law, 61st Cycle, (ltd. 500)
Sixth release (and the first for Cyclic Law) of the Norwegian drone ambient project Taphephobia created by Ketil S (also of Mulm and ex-Northaunt.) As emphasized by its title, this record is intented to take one away from the mundane everyday world, it is not a concept album, rather an album where both the music and the titles are open for interpretation. The soudscapes lead to an inner experience where you can discover your own hidden voices and your own secret world of colours. An inner journey which stretches the imagination from terrifying seastorms to idyllic moments of wintery landscapes. Artwork by Dehn Sora. Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digi sleeve. [press-release]

Troum -- "Mare Morphosis" -- CD -- €12
2013 Transgredient Records, TR-09, (ltd. 1000)
'Mare morphosis' forms the third & final part of TROUMs so called 'Power Romantic' trilogy that started with 'Mare Idiophonika' in 2010. The basic materials & arrangements for this one long epic piece were created from 2009-2013 (partly based on the recordings for the 'Bach Eingeschaltet, Dritter Band' 7" dealing with experimental reworkings of J.S.BACH pieces) & to some extent used live in different live-programmes: A piece like an 'Ocean of Transformations', morphing through various stages of intensity. 'Mare morphosis' stands out in the history of TROUM studio-albums as their most symphonic, refined and orchestral effort so far. Cover photography by Paul Takahashi, graphic design by Tilmann Benninghaus (8 panel fold out digipack). [label info]

Troum -- "Syzygie" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR183CD
Formed by Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] in 1997, Troum rose from the ashes of Maeror Tri. The duo create unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak. Syzygie: Zusammenkunft und Gegenschein zweier Planeten, or: an antithetic relationship between (personified) beings of the spiritual world and their shadows. A collection of rare / deleted tracks from compilations Vol. II (1999-2002). Everything recorded by TROUM between November 1999 and May 2002 on analogue 8-track. 9 meticulously crafted tracks, carefully compiled by Troum and delicately remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition). [label info]

Tunnels Of Ah -- "Lost Corridors" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR184CD
Tunnels Of Ah is the new project of former Head of David vocalist Stephen Ah Burroughs. “Lost Corridors” is the first Tunnels Of Ah release and features Burroughs’ “industrial esoterica”, evoking the spirit of the pioneering underground experimental scene in the new dark age. This is psychick war. A mandatory release for those who worship at the altars of Coil, Psychic TV, Arktau Eos, Z’EV… [label info]

Umpio + irr. app. (ext.) -- "Observation Affects The Outcome" -- CD -- €10
2013 Monochrome Vision, mv48, (ltd. 500)
Umpio is a finnish word for vacuum, as in a light bulb. Umpio is not "alter ego" or an "artist name" of Pentti Dassum, but more like an isolated place where extreme sound research and experiments take place. The project started in 2006 after building some primitive contact microphones to amplify the junk percussions in used in the bands Astro Can Caravan and Kroko. Later it has gone deeper into noise psychedelia, self-built instruments, and electroacoustic explorations. Pentti slowly arriving at his own style which we could call Junkyard Elektroautistix, because you will find junk noise, electronic overload and autistic contemplation, which might seem calm on top, but is boiling and splintering into a million directions under the surface... Since the beginning of the 1990s, irr. app. (ext.) has been the tellurium-plated public megaphone (both particularly and severally) for a displaced Canadian of broadly miscegenated Gaelic-Barbarian ancestry. Following the appearance of 'An Uncertain Animal...' in 1997, a consistent routine of releasing and failing to release recordings in more-or-less equal proportions has been zealously pursued. Public performance remains a dubious prospect and is approached with the same enthusiasm that most people would approach exploratory bowel surgery. An association with Nurse With Wound was established in 2005 and devious collusions with R K Faulhaber, At Jennie Richie, Thomas Carnacki, Andrew Liles and sundry others are periodically undertaken. It is not the sound of the present that is investigated, it is the residual vibration of Mesolithic glacial retreat lingering within the rhizosphere and its influence on vegetative growth. And the satisfying crunch made by shucking away of unnecessary notions, like this one... First ever collaboration between these finnich and american soundartists, collaborating by mail, incorporates both of their styles, interwined with some kind of disorienting and intricated attitude. Electroacoustic treatments applied to harsch noise and atonal ambient parts, producing a tapestry of disturbing and psychedelic soundscapes. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Verde -- "Acib" -- CD-R -- €8
2000 self-released
Modular oscillations, synthesizers made os sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, guitars, field recordings of animals, insects and water - all gathered in multi-coloured experimental tapestry with a touch of good old krautrock. A project of Mika F. Rintala, also known for such bands as Ektroverde, Eturivi, Kirvasto, and cooperation with the legendary Circle. Full-colour sleeve. [YAOP]

Verde -- "Asill" -- CD-R -- €8
2000 self-released
Modular oscillations, synthesizers made os sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, guitars, field recordings of animals, insects and water - all gathered in multi-coloured experimental tapestry with a touch of good old krautrock. A project of Mika F. Rintala, also known for such bands as Ektroverde, Eturivi, Kirvasto, and cooperation with the legendary Circle. Full-colour sleeve. [YAOP]

Verde -- "Kato Internetist" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2005 Musically Incorrect Records, MIR #23 / Ruma Puulaaki / Karkia Mistika
Modular oscillations, synthesizers made os sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, guitars, field recordings of animals, insects and water - all gathered in multi-coloured experimental tapestry with a touch of good old krautrock. A project of Mika F. Rintala, also known for such bands as Ektroverde, Eturivi, Kirvasto, and cooperation with the legendary Circle. Full-colour sleeve. [YAOP]

Vinterriket -- "Horizontmelancholie" -- CD/DVD -- €10
2009 Heimatfolk, HF 07
Vinterriket was born in 1996 as a one-man project in order to capture the dark side of nature. "Horizontmelancholie" features 7 tracks full of coldness, melancholy and chilling atmospheres. "Horizontmelancholie" is a pure NeoFolk masterpiece and a tribute to the darkest side of mother nature. Haunting and cold electronic soundscapes are mixed with atmospheric acoustic guitars and clean vocals. "Horizontmelancholie" is a conceptual album, a masterpiece of haunting and evocative aural tapestries, an emotive display of tension and calm. A darkened imagery of shadowed forests and expansive still landscapes. Join the journey into the deepest side of the forest and get lost in misty, snow-covered hills and majestic mountain landscapes. "Horizontmelancholie" was mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum / Sturmpercht) at the Blue Lounge Studios, Berlin, Germany. The whole album is featured as music CD and DVD on one disc. Enter the realm of desolation and emptiness... Aural and visual.... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Waki -- "Hurry Up And Relax" -- CD -- €10
2011 Databloem, DB039-2011
After years of silence Waki is back with an album full of beautiful and abstract tones that have one foot in the past and one in the future. As the title suggests, delicate techno grooves are followed by hypnotic Steve Reich like sequences showcasing both the rhythmic and minimal ambient side of this unique Japanese artist. Expanding on textures of sound, minimalistic in approach but fully realized in textures that Brian Eno or Vladislav Delay would understand deeply. [label info]

Weiss, Tomas -- "Dato" -- CD -- €10
2011 Databloem, DB032-2010
Known for his collaborations with Mathias Grassow and The Circular Ruins, Dato is Tomas’ first release under his own name. With this album he proves to be one of the leading names when it comes to top notch produced cinematic soundscapes.Finely crafted from beginning to end with a fascinating blend of traditional and contemporary sounds. As Tomas says: "DATO means to me to live musically in the now. The past can be a trigger or an inspiration but should never be reproduced or repeated just to be on the safe side. As much as we live in the present, I believe that as artists we should use all the great technical tools we have today at our disposal. Therefore in DATO I integrate all my current ideas in music, sounds, structure as well as my experiences and influences. The key to DATO is to combine not separate". [label info]

Wicked King Wicker -- "Evolving" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR154CD
Brand new studio album from Wicked King Wicker. WKW return to Cold Spring with their seventh album proper. Thick, black noise is underpinned by monolithic, crawling doom, in a way that only Wicked King Wicker can deliver. Total annihilation spread over 4 immense tracks. 45 minutes of music to shatter souls. Features cover art from Steve Cerio (The Residents’ regular designer). [label info]

Z'EV -- "A Handful Of Elements" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR182CD
With “A Handful Of Elements” Z’EV returns to the “dense, carefully laid and deep drone works” [adnoiseam.net] of “Sum Things” (CSR101CD). However, for this release he has drawn deep from his 40 year old sonic archive (from live performances both instrumental and vocal to a range of soundscapes from around the world), producing soundtracks to accompany you to the other side of ambient, through the door between your eyes. [label info]

V/A -- "15 Shades Of White" -- CD -- €11
2013 Dronarivm, DR-19, (ltd. 300)
Dronarivm sums up the year 2013 with ’15 Shades of White’ CD compilation. 15 tracks that are different in atmosphere and sound are united by a common winter mood. Winter is a favorite season of philosophers and introvert dreamers, a territory of remembrances and quiet reflections, where nonlinear time allows to bring together the disparate fragments of memories and create a multi-layered collage of pieces of the future, present and past. Neoclassical pianos, hypnotic strings, light strokes and soft undertones leave a quirky musical pattern on the glass of eternity. Following is the list of the artists involved in the order it will be heard: Anne Chris Bakker, Talvihorros, Kreng, Ben Lukas Boysen, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo, Jacaszek (Pleq remix), Marsen Jules, Ian Hawgood & The Green Kingdom, Orla Wren, Kaboom Karavan, Marcus Fjellstrцm, Striл, The Frozen Vaults, Olan Mill. [press-release]

V/A -- "25 Years Of Kapotte Muziek" -- CD -- €10
2010 Korm Plastics, KP 3039, (ltd. 300)
A CD to celebrate the 25 years of existence of Kapotte Muziek, with tracks by Radboud Mens, Kapotte Muziek, DMDN, Asmus Tietchens, Asra, Howard Stelzer, Jos Smolders.


Brume -- "Two Characters" -- 10" -- €12
2013 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-19, (ltd. 500)
The French "atmospheric musique concrete" master on the Drone Rec.-sublabel with two highly evocative drone-pieces, full of tension & great sounds, showing a compelling densification process. Lim. 500 coloured vinyl; cover-artwork by Mal Hoeschen (Multer). [label info]

Illusion Of Safety -- "Sweet Dreams" -- 10" -- €12
2012 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-17, (ltd. 500)
3-track EP by the legendary experimental project from Illinois / Chicago-area around DAN BURKE, one of the inventors of what once was called "Ambient Industrial", undergoing through many musical changes through their almost 30 years of existence; SWEET DREAMS is an almost psychedelic record, using many incredible acousmatic sounds coming from field recordings & instrumental sources; lim. 500 3-colour vinyl with stunning artwork by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS, Berlin, and mastering by THOMAS DIMUZIO!! [label info]

JFK -- "Teenage Fantasy 1987-88" -- 2 LP -- €24
2012 Harbinger Sound, HARBINGER071 / Hospital Productions, HOS-269
This massively potent retrospective collection of early work by ANTHONY DI FRANCO of RAMLEH… bundles the Il Pach Preserve and Woelf cassettes (Broken Flag 1987 and 1988) with two previously unreleased tracks and a track from the Inna Inner Amen cassette (Sound of Pig 1988). Like the early Total and Skullflower sides, JFK seem deformed by the first wave of avant rock coming out of the USA post-Sonic Youth but with an intense / ecstatic industrial overload…. Combinations of lightning strikes of bass, chainsaw fuzz, pugilistic a-temporal drum machine assaults and warped, urgent vocals—think Suicide, Chrome, the opening chords of ‘Iron Man,’ all reduced to insane gravities of electricity. [Mind Heaven]

V/A -- "Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol. 2" -- LP -- €15
2012 Drone Records, MIND-02, (ltd. 500)
The NEW LP-series from Drone Records, dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds. A kind of continuation of the Drone 7"-series on a more user-friendly format. Each LP features four artists from the international drone-scene and is limited to 500 copies, pressed on four different vinyl-colours. Volume 2: YANN NOVAK (USA), STROM NOIR (Slovakia), EMMA YA (Colombia), KARL BÖSMANN (Germany). [label info]

Frea market

Auswalht - Paroxysm - CD - NM - €6.30
Bleiburg - Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter - CD - VG+ - €6.30
Bleiburg - Till The Last Night - CD - VG+ - €6.30
Combative Alignment - Image Acoustique - 7" - NM/VG+ - €3.60
Dervenn - Gwad Roueel - CD - VG+ - €6.30
Guionnet, Jean-Luc - Pentes - CD - NM - €12.20
Guionnet, Jean-Luc - Tirets - CD - NM - €12.20
Hybryds - Ritual Anthology - CD - NM - €6.30
Hybryds - Soundtrack For The Antwerp Zoo Aquarium - CD - NM - €6.30
Kreuzweg Ost - Gott Mit Uns - CD - VG+ - €6.30
Kriegsfall-U - s/t - CD - VG+/VG - €6.30
Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester - Overlook Hotel - CD - M/VG+ - €6.30
Kryptogen Rundfunk & DN23rd - Silentium Universi - CDR - M/VG - €2.10
Liyr - Sub Terra Inferis - CD - NM - €6.30
Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles - Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured - CD - NM - €6.30
Naevus - Soil - CD - NM - €6.30
O Paradis - Personas - CD - VG+/NM - €6.30
Phelios - Astral Unity - CD - M/VG+ - €6.30
Sect - Auctoritas - CD - NM - €6.30
Suverana - Vanguard - CD - M/NM - €6.30
Taeter - Absolut Nothing - CD - VG+/NM - €8.40
TenHornedBeast - Hunts & Wars - CD - NM - €6.30
Terra Sancta - Sunken | Buried | Forgotten - CD EP - NM/VG+ - €6.30
Voice Of Eye - Anthology Two 1992-1996 - 2 CD - M/VG+ - €9.50
Wiese, Klaus, Sam Schlamminger & Ted De Jong - Koan - CD - VG - €6.30

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

IV. Back in stock

Aere Aeternus -- "Humanity Needs No Funeral" -- CD -- €10
2008 Kaosthetik Konspiration, KSTK 006
The dominant atmosphere combines a sense of impending insanity with sexual deviancy and a large dollop of occultism, creating a dark and troubling misanthropic sojourn that is relatively unique. The final track is probably the most musical, as it is centred on a guitar arpeggio, but no such concessions to convention are present elsewhere on this deeply troubling disk. The accompanying video of "Invocation" shows a Satanic ritual in all its kitchsy glory. Recommended for those looking for something a darker than the usual entities. [Chronicles Of Chaos]

Allerseelen -- "Hallstatt" -- CD -- €10
2007 Aorta, AORCD12
The Allerseelen CD Hallstatt contains thirteen brand-new apocalyptic and passionate songs about love and death. This release - musically situated somewhere in a terra incognita between folklore, krautrock, metal and industrial music - is inspired by the beautiful Upper Austrian village Hallstatt which belongs to the world cultural heritage due to its amazing tomb findings of the Hallstatt culture and the unique ossuary with the painted skulls. The songs have lyrics and vocals by Gerhard Petak and R.N. Taylor from Changes. [label info]

Allerseelen -- "Rauhe Schale" -- CD -- €10
2010 Aorta, AORCD13
"Rauhe Schale" ('Rough Shell') is the brand new album from Austrian legends Allerseelen, which fascinates musically as well as visually. Everything moves and flows in a field of force between industrial, metal, folklore and pop. Lovers of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Einstürzende Neubauten, Laibach or Underworld could also fall in love with Allerseelen. Gerhard Hallstatt sometimes describes his music as Electronic Folklore or Apocalyptic Rock. But basically there is no real description for Allerseelen - all attempts to find an expression for their music may be valid for some time, yet lose their meaning after a couple of months or years. The songs were inspired by various magical mystery tours in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia. Gerhard is assisted here by Dimo Dimov (Svarrogh, Miel Noir, Sturmpercht), Marcel P. (Sagittarius, Miel Noir, Halgadom), Meri Tadic (Eluveitie) and Annabel Lee (Blood Axis). 70 mins. of music in a digipak with booklet. [Cold Spring]
[mp3]   [mp3   [mp3   [mp3   [mp3   [mp3]

Allerseelen / Sangre Cavallum -- "Barco do Vinho" -- CD -- €10
2006 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 21
Barco do Vinho is the Portuguese word for Wine Boat - the boats that in the past brought the barrels of wine from the vineyards in Callaecia (Northern Portugal) on the river Douro to the town of Porto. The CD features four exclusive songs by the Northern-Portuguese group Sangre Cavallum and four exclusive songs by the Austrian group Allerseelen - ancient and traditional but at the same time brand-new avant-garde music, somewhere between apocalyptic folklore and psychedelic rock. Poetical songs about wine taken down rivers with crews of strong men, floating down throats with crews of sparkling spirits. Inspired by the vineyards that welcome the sun bringing character to grapes. Then a silent darkness, a timeless life inside oak barrels turn wine into flavoured blood for a toast between men and nature. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Anapthergal -- "An Intracranial Disclosure" -- CD-R -- €7
2000 Soulworm Editions, Worm IV
From the mainstay of Finnish woods, from the depths of frozen lakes - here comes Anapthergal. Spooky, carbonized ambience, noisy textures, ritual preparations... A ghoulish orgy heard by the pitch black nights around Anapthergal's lair. The following album consists of the first and the second material, previously released separately on AFP. Now they are gathered together and wrapped in the brand new artwork. [label info]

Arcana -- "As Bright As A Thousand Suns" -- CD -- €13
2012 Cyclic Law, 49th Cycle, (ltd. 2000)
Four years after the release of their last full length album "Raspail", and following their "Emerald" EP released earlier this year, ARCANA now offers us brand new material on their 7th full lenght album. As accustomed from this legendary act we are graced with Peter Bjargo’s solemn voice echoing through the blend of strings, guitars, piano and a variety of percussion instruments. Ann-Mari Thim’s beautiful, picturesque soprano floats through the air together with Nuria Luis’ emotional violin and Cecilia Bjargo’s soft, mellow alto blends in with Mattias Borgh’s and Sergio Gamez Martinez’ percussive rhythms. As Bright as a Thousand Suns is a sincere and sapience filled opus from a mature collective, ten diverse songs of thoughts and emotions on one album of pure splendour. Edition of 2000 copies in 6 panel Digipack. [press-release]

Arditi -- "Omne Ensis Impera" -- CD -- €12
2008 Equilibrium Music, EQM020
The highly anticipated new album by the Swedish duo is finally upon us, under the title “Omne Ensis Impera” . The sense of determination that echoes through their music and which has brought them to the forefront of Martial / Industrial Neo-Classical scene has stayed untouched, evoking the sense of duty and commitment that Italy’s WWI elite storm troops, from which the name Arditi originated, were known for. “Omne Ensis Impera” introduces an additional strength to Arditi’s compositions - epic orchestral loops and thunderous percussions are granted a more prominent role, stirring the damp and suffocating ambiance that the duo have always produced so well with their use of ominous synths, obscure speeches and mesmerizing narrations. Similarly, shades of the Italian Futuristic movement of the early XXth century, which served as inspiration in the early days of the project, remain imprinted in Arditi’s work – “Omne Ensis Impera” could well be a modern interpretation of the Futurist’s goal of glorifying warfare to an artistic expression beyond its inherent violence and intrinsic sense of heroism. “Omne Ensis Impera” has been mastered by Kamrat Nordvargr of Mz.412 and Toroidh, an old ally of the band. Nordvargr has also contributed with additional arrangements on a couple of tracks, and prepared a slightly modified track list, which will feature on the vinyl version of the album that will follow soon, together with a limited edition box set. The CD version is presented in a deluxe glossy Digipak, with embossed artwork. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Arditi -- "Spirit Of Sacrifice" -- CD -- €12
2004/2011 Equilibrium Music, EQM032
Originally issued in 2004, "Spirit of Sacrifice" was Arditi's second full-length album, a release that would not only establish them as one of the leading projects in the Martial Industrial scene, but also one which brought along the controversy that seems to come with such a post. Concerns regarding Arditi's imagery and their references to the Italian Futurist Movement prompted some of the press to refuse any coverage of the band, leading to timid promotion for the album upon release, as the original label discreetly retracted from a more active role in its exposure. The name Arditi gained something of a cult status nevertheless, as their followers grew steadily in numbers and new alliances were forged. These included a colaboration with Toroidh, at the time a recently established project by Nordvargr of Mz.412, which resulted in the "United in Blood" album. Shortly after, Arditi would also come to be invited by the notorious Swedish Black Metal band Marduk to contribute material to a couple of their albums... Unavailable for some years, "Spirit of Sacrifice" is now given a proper re-issue, with revised artwork, on matt Digipak, complete with spot-varnish. The album features classic Arditi anthems such as "Religion of the Blood", "Palingenesis" or "Nicht Mehr Schande", and has also been augmented with one bonus track in this reissue. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Arnica -- "Numancia" -- CD EP -- €7
2010 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 47
Numancia was a small castro (name in Spanish for celtiberian village). The inhabitants from Numancia fought against the Roman Empire for more than twenty years. It was 133 b.C. Roma sent their best military man called Escipion to create a siege and destroy Numancia so they could have controlled the entire peninsula. However, when the Romans entered the village, the survivors decided to kill their own children, set their own belongings on fire to end up with their own lives. If the Empire controled Celtiberia they could not control their people. Musically Numancia is a invigorating trip from the magnificence of the village to the final decision of choose to die instead of being conquered. Solid drums and ritual elements are mixed with Heathen tunes the recognizable Ur-Folk sound. All texts are written and sung in Spanish and in the ancient Celtiberian language. After this release to homage our ancestors, Аrnica will depart back to the vast mountains of the Pyrenees… [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Arnica -- "Viejo Mundo" -- CD -- €10
2009 Percht, Percht11
АRNICA is a Barcelona based project. The artist's interests are deep rooted in the ancient Iberian culture and traditions. Their music is a mix of traditional Pyrenne Folk and heathen Battle- and Hunting-songs. Their first fullength-album "Viejo Mundo" is a tale narrated by an old man as his last legacy to a casual traveler. In a hut and near by fire the traveler will be the depositor of ancient knowledge about forgotten gods, wisdom of life, tradition and statements of war. All lyrics and singing is in spanish or catalan language. A wide range of instruments is used, on top of them accordion, guitars, drums and flutes. АRNICA creates wild and rural atmospheres, quite similar to their friends from STURMPERCHT, but just from the opposite part of the holy Alps. ARNICА is one of just a very few bands, who play 100% pure and perfect ALPINE FOLK! АRNICA is the ultimate tip for STURMPERCHT fans! [press-release]

Aube -- "Reworks Stefano Gentile II" -- CD -- €10
2008 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0720
Long static drones and suspended frequencies of harmonic, sonorous wafts in constant evolution riding cyclical hypnotic perennially changing synthetic curved waves... Loops and fluctuating waves meet expand sonorous carpets and push-buttons electronic micro-sequences that progressively decompose in minimal rhythmic structures... Submerged melodic fragments emerge soft between stuffed with wadding magma flows... Extraordinary atmospheres and great new tension for this, most waited chapter of "Aube Reworks Stefano Gentile"! [press-release]

Baghiri, Amir -- "Planet X" -- CD -- €10
2006 Bluebox, BB002
Inspired by the exotic astrophysical phenomena of the 10th planet. An in-depth ambient turmoil of 76 minutes, blending deep soundscapes with sequenced pieces (in Amir’s words: "multidimensional ambient & groove creation") and environmental sounds. A certain touch of Steve Roach’s music still can’t be missed, but again Amir shows he’s has found his way in the genre by exploring his own musical pathways over the years. In a way it’s a pleasant dream flight with some more active passages, but in no way background music. This highly atmospheric and well produced recording certainly deserves both thumbs up. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Baghiri, Amir & Wee Bandits -- "A Brief History of Light" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Bluebox, BB0706
On "A Brief History Of Light" Amir Baghiri and guests mix mesmerizing floating textural electronica and high tech chill-out/down tempo music. The cd kicks off with the dynamic "Falling Star", which featured quite a heavy dance beat, before we move into the great sequencing and soundscapes of the engaging "Cosmic Axis". More floating textures follow in the very nice tracks "Ghosts of the Dark Wood" and "Between Shadows and Fog", which beautifully realm in sort-of Steve Roach territory. The ten minute "Origins of Light" is another atmospheric outing with mesmerizing, deep sound worlds, fx's, vocal samples and a slow sequence, in which more trance rhythms pop in halfway. "Asphalt Wolf" is next, a four minute trance dance track with lots of fx's, moving into "Princes of Light", which has some vocals. The realm in this and the following tracks is overall chill-out. It's difficult to describe the music on this album, so you best check out the sound clips. [press-release]
[CD Baby]

Blood Axis -- "Born Again" -- CD -- €13
2010 Storm, STRM-12
The second full-length studio album in the group’s twenty-year history, Born Again signals startling developments and a radical maturation. Old vines have been cut back and carefully tended in order to bear strange new fruit. Over the course of the twelve tracks that comprise Born Again, Blood Axis explores an epic yet human universe in which gods are summoned, kingdoms rise, riddles are unlocked, love is lost, and worlds crumble. This is psychedelia in the literal sense: a “mind-manifesting” journey through the collective psyche of its creators. Born Again weaves a web of potent pleasures. Whereas the earliest Blood Axis music was marked by keyboards and samples, Blood Axis in 2010 is stripped down to an essential core of natural instrumentation, but with force and bombast fully intact. The sonic ingredients on Born Again include electric and acoustic strings (guitar, violin, bass, bouzouki, banjo), melodeon, piano, highland bagpipes and Galician gaita, marching percussion, the mysterious Annabel-a-tron, and Bobby BeauSoleil’s growling, prison-vintage guitar eruptions circa 1976. Underpinning the album and propelling much of the music is the traditional Irish drum the bodhran, recorded here with unprecedented power. Moynihan’s ominous voice is well matched by Annabel Lee’s elfin intonations, just as her violin finds a perfect counterpoint in Robert Ferbrache’s protean guitar parts. A selective cabal of guest musicians from Europe and the USA add tasteful embellishments to these deceptively simple arrangements. Shot through by myth and romance, the expressive lyrics on Born Again have their roots in ancient and modern poetry, archaic invocations, and tragic laments. Alongside modern English and German, songs are sung in medieval 10th-century Old English and 13th-century Middle High German. The end result is both unclassifiable and unforgettable: neither folk nor rock, traditional nor avant-garde, modern nor archaic. It is simply Blood Axis. Born Again was recorded over a span of many years in remote locations ranging from rural Vermont to the catacombs of Absinthe Studios in Denver, Colorado. Engineered and produced by founding Blood Axis member Ferbrache, the dense sonic tapestry of Born Again is simultaneously raw and refined, synergistically more than the sum of its primal parts. Packaged in a beautiful gatefold cover, Born Again includes a 24-page booklet with complete lyrics and translations, striking portraits of the band members, and solemn photographic images from France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and the USA. To everything there is season. For those who are cursed, a time to die and to be forgotten. And for the blessed, a time to be born again: to live on, beyond death, in the minds of men. Now is the time for Blood Axis to be Born Again. [press-release]

Blood Axis -- "The Gospel of Inhumanity" -- CD -- €13
1996/2001 Storm Records, STRM05
The debut album and an absolute milestone in military-verged Neoclassical music. Coming in the original digipack artwork. A blend mixture of military rhythms classical parts with traditional instruments and the strong voice of Michael Moynihan. [label info]

Blood Axis -- "Ultimacy" -- CD -- €13
2011 Storm, STRM-13
Ultimacy (1991-2011) brings together on one CD the definitive versions of all the singles and compilation tracks released by Blood Axis during the first two decades since the project was founded. Packaged in an elegant digifile case designed by Davide Maspero and Max Ribaric of the Italian underground journal Occidental Congress, and expertly re-mastered by Blood Axis member and renowned studio engineer Robert Ferbrache, Ultimacy presents these rare tracks in their ideal form, exactly as the band itself has always heard and envisioned them. The songs appear in a reverse chronological order, beginning with more recent work and moving back through time to the distant past. Blood Axis has never been bound to a particular style of music, and this is amply demonstrated here with material that spans from aggressive folk rock to atmospheric ritual pieces, all the way to menacing electronica. The topical themes of these songs encompass European folklore; early 20th-century German occultism; Norse and Perso-Roman mythology; fatalism, militarism, and Nietzschean romanticism. In addition to the three core Blood Axis members-Michael Moynihan, Robert Ferbrache, and Annabel Lee-the songs on Ultimacy also feature a number of notable guest contributors including Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson), Boyd Rice (Non), Thomas Thorn (Slave State / My Life with the Thrill Kill Kill Kult / Electric Hellfire Club), and Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Blood Axis has always elicited strong, polarized reactions and a fair dose of controversy that still lingers to the present day. Ultimacy provides a unique opportunity for both the initiated and the uninitiated to explore the history of an influential an uncompromising musical project that refuses to be categorized or contained, and which always operates according to its own rules. "A thunderstorm was in our sky, the nature which we are grew dark-for we had no road." ­- Nietzsche. [press-release]

Boevye Cikady -- "Shtrihi Trepeta" -- CD-R -- €19
2004 Extremal Psyhonauts, ExPsy 003, (ltd. 23)
Wave and microtonal minimalism, acusmatic pieces from the depths of electroacoustic abyss, "drawn sound" + two pieces of live cicada singing. [label info] Hand-sprayed CDR in the ejector box attached to a handmade A5 cover.

Boevye Cikady / Brain Fork -- "There's no love under snow / Play my Anima" -- CD-R -- €15
2005 Extremal Psychonauts, ExPsy 009, (ltd. 44)
Evgeny Savenko (Boevye Cikady) starts off his part of the disc with high frequency digital crystallines which interlace in elastic nubbins and fancifully crumble to sinusoids. Then follows the submergence in a computer running the engine of atomic submarine and unexpected emersion in multidimensional space impregnated with distinct erotic modulations. Roman Obuhov (Brain Fork) supports the romantic initiative and directs it into fairy animated concretics. Ghosts beyond the looking glass and aliens, voice of electrodrill and piano tunes, all is glued by electronics into distorted picture which generates lots of strange associations and thus has unusual attraction.

Cities Last Broadcast -- "The Cancelled Earth" -- CD -- €12
2009 Cyclic Law, 21st Cycle, (ltd. 1000)
Pär Boström, the man behind the acclaimed project KAMMARHEIT offers us a new and unexpected entity under the name Cities Last Broadcast. The Cancelled Earth album is the result of almost a decade of sporadic field recordings mainly recorded in airports, train stations, various tunnels and under numerous bridges all greatly polished and turned into a refined mass of desolate ambience and subtle hypnosis all engulfed in Pa"r's legendary signature sound. Uniquely packaged in a gatefold book like format with rich and singular artwork made by Boström himself. Through Cities Last Broadcast the buildings themselves will gather to whisper about their inscrutable story. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Cold Fusion -- "Occupatria" -- CD -- €13
2005 Steinklang Industries, SKD 07, (ltd. 1000)
An oppressive atmosphere in a occupied town, in a occupied country. Only illusion of freedom - no freedom. Cold Fusion - Occupatria - a musical journey on the thin line between urge of freedom and lack of its realisation. 45 minutes of beautiful symphonic Martial music, compared to A Challenge Of Honour, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, with a strong touch of early Dead Can Dance and Graeme Revell's soundtracks! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Column One -- "AntiphoNA" -- 10" -- €12
2013 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-18, (ltd. 500)
'ANTIPHONA AD INTROITUM'! Finally on SUBSTANTIA we can present to you the highly regarded German masters of experimental dadaism & de-construction, whose releases are always a thoughtful play with hidden meanings, conceptions & contradictions: 'Learning to play. Disorder. Destruction of programmed Solutions. Learning to see.' COLUMN ONE is a long existing collective of multimedia artists hailing from the Berlin-area with frequently changing members; their performance & artworks are as important as the music (see also their impressive website: www.column-one.de). On this mysterious 10" you will disocver two pieces that sound completely different: ANTIPHONA is a bewildering work of musique concrete, changing between very fast moving collages and quieter parts, always surprisingly fractured, using an amazing quantity of different sound-sources of all kinds. The second piece INTROITUM is a meditative overtone bowl-drone recorded at the legendary "Sibirische Zelle" in Berlin with three microphones in three different rooms, resulting in strange sound-effects and audio interactions. Both tracks can be regarded as anthiponies forming a single whole. For us these are metaphors for the emergence of the "Irrational" and "Sacred" in the daily profane lives, using notions from religious scopes in a new context. Side A ends in an endless groove, the artwork comes from SEAN HILLEN, pressed on bleak vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. [press-release]

Contrastate -- "Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater" -- CD -- €10
1995 Functional Organisation, Functional 008
Ambient soundscapes interspersed with rhythms and noises from the masters of ritual industrial. [label info]

Cruelty Campaign -- "Distressed Signals" -- CD -- €10
2002 Tesco Organisation, TESCO048
The Los Angeles-based group Cruelty Campaign utilizes site recordings, found sounds, and interviews to create musical atmospheres and harsh soundscapes that are both beautiful and disquieting. Excellent experimental dark tech. Packaged in a Digipak. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Discordance -- "Supremacy" -- CD -- €10
1998 Crowd Control Activities, Crowded 06, (ltd. 500)
The first full lenght CD by this great power electronic unit from Italy. [Slaughter Productions]

Faryus -- "Silence Spells" -- CD-R -- €9
2010 Practising Nature, PN10037
The sound of this album is diverse, because each of the tracks have been recorded over time in different places. Everything developed towards the final idea when I was in Portugal at the end of 2007. I sat on a cliff above the coastline and looked down at the sea. There was almost complete silence after the rainfall, the rush of the waves barely audible from that height. I sat there for a long time and gradually felt my mood alter. I began to hear a stillness, to perceive itas a substance, she whispered to me.. it was like the "Silence Spells". [from the author] A varied album with four highly atmospheric pieces recorded over time in different places by Andrey Sadovnikov, founder of the Faria Records label. Dark synth washes, subtle noises, nature sounds and distant voices create a trance-like soundscape which asks for a careful listening to uncover its secrets. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Flutwacht -- "Herbstrost" -- CD -- €11
2008 The Tourette Tapes, TT#10 / Deserted Factory, DF045, (ltd. 500)
Last year performance by Flutwacht at Noise Central Festival in Utrecht was one of the best gigs I saw that Year. Especially the encore he gave due to the absence of the DJ. With a Grinder machine he attacked his own made metal string instrument he also used during the performance and looped the scraping sounds with an awesome result. Herbstrost starts subtle with subcutaneous drones and distant voices. The atmosphere is threatening while the deep brooding spacious sound crawls up the spine. Slowly it swirls around your neck. Visions of abandoned factories appear in front of your eyes, an industrial landscape with huge machines connected with tubes releasing scary rumbling sounds from animal running through them. Within the third track some noise is coming up, a wall of distortion is carefully built and it even becomes rhythmic. The huge wall is full of sound is made from layers of distortion but sounds subtle in frequency. From here Herbstrost becomes noisier and more rhythmic. Harsh threatening and rhythmic noise from within the depths of this metal machine. Scraping rhythms like grinding metal surfaces. Nice layers of noise and screaming voices in track four. This is a harsh track with a more aggressive approach and a deep rumbling bass. Friends of more rhythmic noise are served promptly in track five. Heavy rhythmic squeaking and grinding noises looped into a fine rhythm on which you can move your body firmly if you like. The sound is changing constantly while thy rhythm pounds on harshly and monotonous. With some machine gun rhythms in track six Flutwacht is transforming in real rhythm industrial that wouldn't disappoint machine fest fans. As the track evolves the sound grows thicker with more layers of noise added. Then the sound returns to deep rumbling distortions with subcutaneous bass sounds. Monotonously the metal machine rotates on, grinding your bones with its massive instruments. The last song returns to the ambient side of Flutwacht with a hypnotizing pulsing sound that continues for over fifteen minutes, and the circle is closed as Herbstrost ends subtle with subcutaneous drones. Herbstrost is good noise with something to offer to everyone enjoying this genre from subtle dark ambient to aggressive power electronics to rhythm industrial. A great new CD from a great performer. [Remco / Gothtronic]

Flutwacht / The Sound of Earth -- "Poltergeist" -- CD -- €11
2006 The Tourette Tapes, TT#2 / Theremin Noise Club, TNC 037, (ltd. 300)
5 tracks from FLUTWACHT, 1 from the Austrian band THE SOUND OF EARTH using sheet metal, contact mics, broken wire and electronics, FLUTWACHT creates industrial atmospheres and Extreme Power-Electronics while THE SOUND OF EARTH offers harsh rhtyhmic electronics a la STEINKLANG all well-structured again. 6 tracks, total length: 68:12. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Franck, Yannick & Pietro Riparbelli -- "Whinny Muir" -- CD -- €10
2011 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1148
A singular long, deep moving, slow and expansive drone-track, built on always changing sonic masses, low frequencies, strong electric-electronic sounds, field recordings, feedback, buzzes, hisses, rough distortion, fading organ chords, cellos and orchestral parts. Alternation of progressive crescendos, ambiental pauses, sudden, dramatic and catchy dynamic shocks. An evolving and extraordinary trip through an obscure sonic journey, convincingly assembled by Italian Pietro Riparbelli (K11, PT-R) and Belgian Yannick Franck. (Y.E.R.M.O., Idiosyncrasia). [label info]

Funerary Call -- "Nightside Emanations" -- CD -- €10
2012 Malignant Records, TUMORCD55
First created in 1994, Funerary Call has established itself as one of the premier purveyors of archaic black atmospheres. With Nightside Emanations, Funerary Call presents his most organic and purely ritual experiences... 8 tracks that spiral into darkness, led by the ceremonial fire rite of the opening track, then descending into even blacker, more ominous realms as the CD progresses. Extended pieces of opaque ambience are augmented by slow, foreboding, tribal percussion and sedated vocal incantations, full of ancient mysticism and creeping miasma. Material used in the recording process ranged from found objects such as rocks, scrap metal, antlers and bones, to an assortment of ritual implements; chimes, bells, gongs, rattles and kangling. The result is unequivocally one of the darkest releases you'll find under the Malignant banner and one of the more focused and complete recordings from Funerary Call. In 4 panel DVD digipak with stunning artwork by renowned Russian artist Denis Forkas. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

Golem Gross / The Bastard Noise -- "Universe Of Dishonor" -- CD -- €10
2009 Housepig, HPIG-19
In 2002, GOLEM GROSS was an unknown "Skull Ally" in Brooklyn who displayed a strong sense of composition, gentle restraint & an arsenal of malfunctioning audio. "Universe of Dishonor" transports the listener to an intergalactic incubus wherein Abrupt Millipede Feeding and Stegosaurus Wars are apt titles. Abysmal canyons, absolutely blunt lyrical style & episodes of severly destructive battle make "Universe of Dishonor" a dynamic, possessed & grievous opus paying tribute to the colossal failures of man. Rather than 'just another CD' in the discography, "Universe of Dishonor" shines as a high point in a long career of dedication to premium audio display. [label info]

Grassow, Mathias -- "Calibration" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Practising Nature, PN09028
Mathias Grassow is back with over an hour of atmospheric drone ambient with an incredible deep mood. What makes this album special is the smooth flow between the typical long-form drone tracks and shorter, atmospheric pieces. Recommended! [label info]
[CD Baby]

Grassow, Mathias & Tomas Weiss -- "Electric Angels" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB031-2010
Grassow & Weiss join up for another spacious adventure, showcasing an hour of high quality Ambient with an amazing array of subtle and intricate detail. Although the music evolves slowly and deliberately, it's probably one of their most varied albums up to date. Ranging from dynamic and engaging dronescapes to razor-sharp produced textures, flavored with a touch of early Space Music. Electric angels is a fusion of heart and mind. Leaving the industrial age of the 19th century and the information age of the 20th century behind, the 21st century opens the door to the age of consciousness. Electric angels is a musical representation of this passage from the old era into a new one. Limited CD in special two panel digi file. [press-release]
[CD Baby]

Hum -- "Blade Charm" -- CD-R -- €9
2006 Sphogha, (ltd. 52)
The album is compiled from recordings made in summer 2001 with the use of synths, radio, tapes and tapeloops. It reminds more early projects of Dmitry Chistov (Nigredo, Sphogha), then late soft drony Hum in way of "Sleepland Emission". Here the sound is more rough and shaggy, with dominating wheezing noises, though of course he couldn't do without long resonances and hypnotic atmosphere. Beautiful and tidy handmade cover.

Hum -- "Lambent" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, (ltd. 35)
3 new tracks from this Russian lo-fi drone ambient project. For those who love tranquility and harmony.

Hum -- "Lost In White Flame" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2006 Datura Landscapes, DATURA 8
One track recorded in 2001. Dedicated to all fallen asleep in embraces of winter. Melancholic detached drone ambient.

Hum -- "Radonej" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2003 Datura Landscapes, DATURA2
What is lo-fi as definition of sound of post-industrial projects? Usually this means that frequency spectrum is much wider than possible perceiving range, and this leads to "flat" inexpressive sound. But not with Hum. Formally the project stays within the borders of lo-fi with rather "old" kind of sound, but it's so blameless and atmospheric that such masters like Maeror Tri or Zoviet France come to mind. The disc opens with wheezing composition which dissolves in aerial emptiness of the second track which in it's turn changes with shimmering crackling soundscapes of the final piece. Classic drone.

Hum -- "Roots of Cruelty" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2002 self-released
This minion represents more industrial than drone side of the project. Metal objects, rumbling far away, dim noises and lingering sound waves - these are the colours used by Hum to draw the four soundscapes in this album, with beautiful sense of taste which is typical for this project. Nice cardboard artwork.

Hum -- "Sleepland Emission" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2003 Sphogha, Ultra Low Fidelity 10
Beautiful drone! Soft and at the same time moderately raw analogue sound carries away into spiral depths of unknown levels of consciousness.

Hum / Small Town Zombie -- "Stupefactons" -- CD-R -- €9
2005 Datura Landscapes, DATURA 5
"Collaboration" between two projects of Dmitry Chistov is dedicated to stupefactions. The music is quite corresponding - steady, almost static sonic fields, bringing into stunned trance state.

Inner Vision Laboratory -- "Perpetua" -- CD -- €10
2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 028-2
The focal point of the album is the condition of mankind entangled in the cycle of creation, stagnation and destruction. Creation is an idealistic picture, it dwells in an idea of fiat lux et facta est lux. It is a blueprint for the musical narrative that is comprised of unrestricted admiration of life, of order that is mankind’s objective, and ultimately of conflict which is the most inherent human condition. In the war of mankind against itself the ideals permeating creation become obscure and only annihilation brings forth a new illusion – a promise of another beginning. The ubiquitous illusion is an all-encompassing device that folds these non-recordable events into a cycle. It is channeled in the unifying wave of music of Karol Skrzypiec – an artist more complete, yet still debating the finality of his form of communication. Syntactically, the latest release of INNER VISION LABORATORY is an effect of thoughtful construction. Perpetua is an unconventional harmonious image which draws also from beyond of the repertoire typically associated with the instrumentarium characteristic of its genre, the accord of the album’s narration, however, is not lost. [press-release]

Isomer -- "Zero Lounge" -- CD -- €10
2005 Tesco Organisation, Tesco 061
The follow-up to "Serpent Age", the highly acclaimed first CD by the Australian artist David Tonkin, the man behind Isomer. Isomer does not remain in the field of dark rhythmic ambience, with the second release it explores new fields. This CD brings a blend mixture of classical industrial elements, power elctronic noises and ritual soundscapes... it still has its very own touch and varies its style often but never losses the thin red led of an extraordinary brilliance in recording. [label info]

The Joy Of Nature -- "The Empty Circle Part II: Rastos De Sangue E Fragmentos Da Tradicao" -- CD -- €10
2009 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 38
The second part of the trilogy "The Empty Circle" by The Joy of Nature reflects and gathers fragments of the Perennial Tradition. Naturally, it is also about the Spiritual inheritance of the Portuguese ancestors. Musically, it's the most song-orientated The Joy of Nature release until now, with its roots in the folk tradition of rural Portuguese regions, especially the Azores. The album is not just a Folk-album, it also has several amazing psychedelic moments. Features collaborations with R. Coutinho, B. Ardo (Sangre Cavallum), Rui Almeida (Massa Asltima), Triarca, Mara Neves and M.J. Over an hour of music. [Cold Spring]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Kammarheit -- "Asleep and Well Hidden" -- CD -- €12
2003/2005 Cyclic Law, 3rd Cycle
First "official" CD from this Swedish master of what we could term apocalyptic dark ambient. After a streak of CDrs and an apperance on the "Nord Ambient Alliance" compilation CD, Kammarheit offers us a unique album of tortured sonic landscapes taking us on an unsetteling journey through darkened dreams. Homogeneous dark ambiences combined with serene drones and put together as a shadowy collection of dreamy, melancholic soundscapes, Kammarheit forms images of long lost ruins, barren lands and gigantic, rumbling machines. "Asleep and well hidden" was created as a tool for dreamers, a place to flee to when the outside world comes too close. [label info]
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Lamia Vox -- "Sigillum Diaboli" -- CD -- €12
2013 Cyclic Law, 56th Cycle, (ltd. 600)
We are proud to welcome Russia's LAMIA VOX to our roster for her second full length album "Sigillum Diaboli". We are taken on a journey where Sabbatic fires burn into the night, incense smoke dances around the sorcerer's circle and while whispered incantations are delivered. The album alchemically combines ritualistic elements with vocals and chants, martial percussion, combined with haunting ambient soundscapes, creating its own ceremonial atmosphere. Edition of 600 copies in 6 panel Digipak. 9 Tracks. Running Time 56:20 [press-release]

Light Collapse & Acerbitas -- "Massively Convince" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Torga Amun, Amun-049, (ltd. 32)
HNW split between Russian and English projects.

Lingua Lustra -- "Extramunda" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Databloem, DBCD09028
Lingua Lustra is Albert Borkent from Amsterdam, known from some minimal ambient releases on early Databloem and Practising Nature. This new relase is a jewel of an album that will not be unnoticed by the more sensitive listener. A blend of deep emotions, and a more ethereal touch brings on a magical and mysterious atmosphere. Here's a ticket for a journey through the soul, along the stars, encountering the otherworldly. [press release]
[CD Baby]

Lucisferrato -- "Weltanschauung" -- CD -- €13
2004 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 054
Re-edition with some aditional unreleased material of the Lucisferrato masterpiece album out in 1998 only as CDR in a limited edition of 100 copies on the Russian label Black Dead Rabbit! Surely the most intriguing and controversial Russian dark industrial & martial project, known also for his releases on Hau Ruck! [press release]

Maw -- "Melancholy Drop" -- CD-R -- €9
2006 Datura Landscapes, DATURA9
New album of Maw (side-project of Hum) is made of recordings from 2001. Four long tracks in best author's traditions - slow, fluent, laid-back, resonant, well, here one can list all the epithets that fit to outstanding lo-fi drone ambient. Again beautiful stylish cardboard cover.

Maw -- "Pallid Light Nocturne" -- 2 x 3"CD-R -- €9
2002 Datura Landscapes, DATURA6
First CD of this "nocturne" is relatively split on three parts: desolated ambient turns to rarefied industrial-field drawing which then dissolves in melancholic and sad depths. Second CD contains two strange industrial-ambient pieces filled with emptiness and howling of electronic winds. Very calm work with late autumn mood. Comes in plastic box.

Merzbow vs Nordvargr -- "Partikel III" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR180CD
The third and final part of the Partikel trilogy is finally here! Another beautifully constructed collaboration from the two noise giants – Japanoise King Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and Swedish Overlord Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Toroidh). The styles on ‘Partikel III’ range from total noise barrages, to intelligent electronics, to subtle dark ambient pieces. Essential! Presented in a luxurious matt laminate digipak. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [soundcloud]

Moon Far Away -- "Minnesang" -- CD -- €10
2010 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 45
Brand new album from cult Russian Neofolk act Moon Far Away! "Minnesang" is an album of 21st century ritual music encased in a unique fusion of the most diverse and zeitgeist-capturing musical styles, from neofolk, dark folk and post punk to practically future pop. The theme of the album, the deep-rooted feminine archetypes in contemporary art, is embodied in the title, which identifies a genre of medieval knight lyrics. At the same time, most of the original Russian lyrics on the album are drenched with the trademark Pomor flavours, emphasising the pride that the band has always taken in its cultural roots that extend deep into the epic traditions of the Russian North. "Minnesang" is a new milestone achieved by a cult group who already gave contemporary art scene a number of discoveries and revelations. This Ahnstern version has partly different artwork to the Russian edition and the last song is completely different to the Russian version. 61 minutes of music in a digipak. [Cold Spring]
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MZ.412 -- "Burning The Temple Of God" -- CD -- €10
1996/2010 Cold Spring, CSR140CD
This is the ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act's controversial black metal side and recalling the Norwegian church burnings of the early 90s. Nightmare inducing ritual old school industrial, alongside raw black metal, this album has been hailed as one of the greatest albums in the genre by noise and black metal fans alike! It could actually be considered the first real crossover album between the genres. Remastered and extended version of the 1996 album with bonus tracks and alternate takes culled from the original masters. Housed in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

MZ.412 -- "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi" -- CD -- €10
1995/2010 Cold Spring, CSR136CD
First of 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series, with a new album planned for next year. 1995 bore witness to the resurrection of nefarious Swedish horde MZ. 412 (previously manifest as Maschinenzimmer 412) - Nordvargr, Drakh, Ulvtharm and Shaitan. This ground-breaking, genre-defining album saw the inventors of "Black Industrial" blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. "In Nomine..." captures the darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. This remastered version features two previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions and all new artwork. Housed in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nekyia -- "Purgatory As The Serpent Domain" -- CD -- €10
2005 Beast Of Prey, bop 2.3
New album of Polish project playing music somewhere between military industrial, darkwave and gothic dark ambient with male and female vocals. The album is decorated with captivating pictures from the course of retro-anatomy.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nocturne -- "Hymn For Herest I & II" -- CD -- €10
2002 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 040
Second release by Nocturne on OEC after the legendary 10" vinyl! Nocturne is the musical representation of "Art Schock" visual work, which is completely based on historical facts related to the 2 World Wars... Representing on a crude way this reality in sounds & images...! Over 75 minutes of uncompromising bubbling & rumbling "military" industrial sounds with lots of sampled voices from the past & war sounds! Pain & reality... Special large folding poster cover, as usual devoted on explicit way to the wars... [press-release]

Nostalgia -- "Echoes From The Borderland" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB029-2010
After years of silence, Nostalgia is back with a mournful album released on the renewed (pressed CD in special two panel digi file) Databloem label. Echoes from the Borderland is a fusion of all the different styles Nostalgia stands for, ranging from tribal drone ambient to psychedelic and post–rock elements. With guest appearances by Torsten Hirsch and John Haughm, who enrich this album with their exceptional experimental guitar-sounds. An impressive and massive piece of work, not for the faint hearted. [press-release]
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NXFXTXEX -- "Northern Dark Goat of Blaspheme Voodoo" -- CD-R -- €3
2004 Deserted Factory, DF0002, (ltd. 99)
Manifold Norvegian noise - from experimental to brutal harsh. Invigorative! [YAOP]

Off The Sky -- "The Geist Cycles" -- CD -- €10
2007 Databloem, DB07017
Off The Sky returns with a fascinating set of experimental ambiances, acoustic and glitchy rhythmic excusions. The geist cycles project began as a series of live sonic collaborations via Lexington (KY, USA) artists interacting to interpret an idea of life in transit to afterlife. The takes were later studio swept and fabricated with various piano arrangements and custom rhythmic texture. After repeated post-studio live performances, the tracks evolved into their current iteration. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Off The Sky -- "Gently Down The Stream" -- CD -- €10
2005 Databloem, DBCD 013
Jason Corder, recording as off the sky, has released an album that expertly blends the warm textural melodicism of flowing ambient music with the beats, clicks, pops, and effects from the glitch and laptop subgenres. The composite result is an album which brims with imaginative sophistication, a multi-hued affair that rewards the listener as layer after layer of smooth beauty intermixed with computer-controlled rhythms is revealed slowly and deliciously. A flowing collection of sophisticated and glitchy rhythmic ambient. "I consider Gently Down The Stream one of the best in the glitch/laptop subgenre since the turn of the century." Bill Binkelman. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Oophoi -- "Mare Vaporum" -- CD-R -- €9
2000/2010 Practising Nature, PN10035
Re-mastered reissue of Oophoi's classic album, third part of the Moon trilogy after Mare Tranquillitatis and Mare Imbrium. The music leads through different levels of space ambient music, from vast and resonant alien soundscapes to mystic and solitary drones for bass flute and electronics. Another masterpiece of slow atmospheric space music. Oophoi plays synths and vocals. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Opium -- "Pain(t)" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Databloem, DB09023
Opium is well known for his ultra-deep atmospheres, made from the finest ingredients. On Pain(t) Teo Zini expands his musical pallet with gentle rhythmic elements, creating an extra dimension to his highly refined sound. An challenging, edgy album for both the atmospheric as the groove ambient fan. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Opium -- "Watercolours" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Practising Nature, PN07022
Opium is Italian soundsculptor Teo Zini and with Watercolors he offers a fascinating and colorful sonic trip of elegant and highly refined ambient music. With the use of mainly software he creates rich drones and complex soundscapes often flavored with ethnic/tribal sounds and beats. Teo is also part of Sola Translatio project with Alio Die. [label info]
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Pleq & Segue -- "The Seed" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB030-2010
Two of the most promising names in the minimal/ambient scene, Polish artist Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Canadian Segue (Jordan Sauer) are teamed up for this beautiful release on the renewed (pressed CD in special two panel digi file) Databloem label. Each track is well thought creation of organic soundscapes, deeply layered with glitchy patterns of clicks and warm synthetics. Incredibly rich, minimal ambient/glitch in the vein of Off The Sky, Blamstrain, Beta Two Agonist, Shuttle358. [press-release]
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Sangre Cavallum -- "Troadouro - Retrospectiva 1997-2007" -- 2 CD -- €14
2007 Folcastro, F 001
A worth hearing retrospective over 10 years, made from unreleased, rare and rough material. Troadouro contains 44 rare and collectable songs. It includes songs from “Alborada do Douro”, their debut tape of ritual folklore, and it follows with excerpts of rehearsals, demos, a live song with Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee of Blood Axis, a home version of Wir rufen Deine Wolfe with Gerhard Hallstatt of Allerseelen and a lot of exciting unreleased songs in their unique style. The double digipack CD is released by FOLCASTRO, the new Portuguese label connected to Sangre Cavallum. This new folklorist and field collector label researches in the area of ethnomusicology and lore along with the new paths of folk music. But its work goes beyond the purely musical level. It will release field recordings, soundscapes, bioacoustics, bruitage, audio art illustrations and phonographic documents about traditions and environment from northern Portugal, Galiza and other ethnic regions of Iberia and Europe. An expedition to the world of pagan tradition with a contemporary interpretation. A clear co-operation with the Alpen song hunters of Ahnstern. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sangre Cavallum -- "Veleno De Teixo" -- CD -- €10
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern28
The northern Portuguese Sangre Cavallum return with a new and outstanding folk album. It is titled “Veleno de Teixo” meaning Yew Poison and it is a collection of tributes to women and to the cult of mother-goddess in pre-Christian era. "Veleno de Teixo" contains a brand-new set of 16 powerful songs between pagan folk and power-psych atmospheres. Inspired by the music and ethnography of their homeland Callaecia/northern Portugal. It is laboriously produced, capturing the revolutionary minds of these musicians. Among many traditional instruments they play the hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, flutes, folkloric guitars, war-drums and many times these acoustic instruments are transformed with heavy distortions and meet the psychedelic bass and vintage guitars. It also features the new singer Emanuel Melo da Cunha on a fine debut. "Veleno de Teixo" is a step forward in their wonderful path and a pleasing example of how tradition is a living thing when folklore meets folk rock or dark industrial music. Includes great artwork and a 16 page booklet with psych-photo art and beautiful texts. 63 min. / 16 tracks. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Schloss Tegal -- "Neoterrik Research: The Hidden History Of Schloss Tegal" -- CD -- €13
2004 Cold Spring, CSR45CD, (ltd. 1000)
A collection of compilation tracks, pieces only originally available on vinyl, and new and exclusive material from this project. This is a definitive statement on the rise of Schloss Tegal from the early days of vinyl and noise to the modern soundtracks of a uniquely brooding nature. [label info]

Skullflower -- "Tribulation" -- CD -- €10
2005 Crucial Blast, CBR 55
The new emission from the UK trance-noise legends SKULLFLOWER. A black-void beaming of utterly destroyed drone rock and crushing amplifier obliteration that rains down black ash and punishing blasts of feedback skree on the listener. A dynamic, bleary-eyed meditation. An avalanche of powerdrone that threatens to take your cranium apart and transport your grey matter into filthy new dimensions infested with melodic razor cuts and submerged mantras. A triumphant eruption of apocalyptic meta-metal and radioactive raga swarms, guaranteed to loosen eardrums. This album is one of the heaviest, harshest slabs of guitar armageddon from Matt Bower since the glory days of Total, and bridges the void between the krautrock/celestial free drone influence of the last few Skullflower albums, and the blackened molten death of his Mirag material. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Spielerei -- "Publix" -- CD -- €10
2005 Databloem, DBCD 014
There are times when just by listening to the first few notes you instantly know that you are in for a treat. I do not know how is does, but it works for me every time. I hope this is also true for you as the opening track entitled Tradition is a magnificent slice of electronic music. Surely there is no way that this standard can be maintained. The following track features gentle ambiences and moody bass notes that are carefully assembled into a haunting main theme composed using lots of differing sounds and sequences that continues to maintain the fascination. I think that Delight certainly lives up to its title and on reflection is even better than the opener. Area starts as being very low-fi with muffled sequences that are almost on the point of annoyance but slowly the quality appears to improve and rich Tangerine Dream style sequences emerge that are bound to please many. Technical quality is restored on the following track that again provides classic melodic electronic ambiences that persuade the mind to relinquish the mental pressure and all anguish is banished. Relaxation is the only thought to be encouraged when listening and thoroughly enjoying Renovation. This excellent release finishes in true ambient style with the appropriately titled Restplace, which describes the evocative piece precisely. Dennis Knopper has a major flair, which thankfully he shares with those who choose to listen to this truly exquisite music. [Modern Dance]
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Stokes, Saul -- "Radiate" -- CD -- €10
2003 Databloem, DBCD 006
Saul Stokes (USA) is a ambient-electronic artist with a number of highly regarded albums to his credit, and a very distinctive sound derived from his hand-forged electronics. Radiate is a startlingly bright and beautiful album, with sonic washes both warm and experimental. It also offers newcomers their best glimpse at the two modes of Stokes's work , willful improvisation and chilled ambient-techno. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Sturmpercht -- "Schattenlieder" -- CD -- €10
2009 Percht, Percht12
Three years have passed since Sturmpercht released their cult-album "Geister im Waldgebirg". Now the masters of ALPINE FOLK are back with their new album "Schattenlieder - eine kleine Nachtmusik fuer Waldteufel und Berggeister". The album features 20 diverse and unique songs full of alpine mystic, heathen legends and tales about strange fairies and pagan rites. "Schattenlieder" entrains you into deep forests, arcane mountains and dark chasms and guides you to hidden places in the depth of the central European forests, where hunters meet strange creatures from dusk til dawn. The atmosphere of the album varies between gnarled songs about creepy fairies, catchy folk hymns and dark songs about the hard life in high alpine regoins. The lyrics deal with alpine myths, forest tales and hunter sagas. "Schattenlieder" is the perfect "soundtrack" for misty autumn evenings as well as for dark winter nights. The album features a large variety of instruments and sounds: obscure, strange, folky, psychedelic, but always original and weird, in Sturmpercht's very unique way. "Schattenlieder" is a completely unpredictable album - each track is a "standalone", but contributes to the overall ambience of this alpine folk masterpiece and in the end the album creates a round, whole atmosphere. With almost 80 minutes of scary/dreamy folk songs, the album definitely sets a new benchmark within the Alpine Folk genre... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sturmpercht -- "Sturm ins Leben Wild Hinein!" -- CD -- €10
2004/2010 Percht, Percht02
Due to many requests for a digital version of the first Sturmpercht LP, we decided to rerelease this obscure pearl of Alpine-Folkmusic on CD now... This album is pure weird Alpine-Folk music with martial drinking-songs, alpine battle-hymns and strange fairie-tales out from the deepest Austrian and Bavarian forests, all embedded in a breath of black Monty Python humour. [label info]

Sturmpercht -- "A Wilde Zeit" -- CD -- €10
2007/2008 Percht, Percht09
An extended reissue of the limited CDR. The album contains all songs from the previous vinyl releases: "Der Tanz Des Tatzelwurmes" 7", split 7" with Jägerblut, "Alpine Bann- Und Segensspruche" single-sided LP + CDR, "Der Marsch Der Wampelereiter" 7" + three previously unreleased tracks.

Troum -- "AIWS" -- CD -- €10
2007 Transgredient Records, TR-05
AIWS is the first full-length cd release from Troum since 2003. It covers studio-recordings composed from 2002-2005. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release. Presenting nine analogue (4 & 8 track) recorded compositions that lead the listener through vast feelings of beautifully deep melancholic and hypnotic states of mind. Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves. Ingredients: Sufi-songs, old vinyl-crackles, acoustic & e-guitars, e-bow, e-bass, voice & whisperings, accordion & flute. Stunning photography & design work by Alan McClelland (Eye.lyft). One of the most emotional and profound Troum releases to date now available on Transgrediant Records. Dedicated to Eternity. [press release]

Troum -- "Ryna" -- CD -- €10
1998/2006 Transgredient Records, TR-04
Re-release of Troum's long sold out first album from 1998 with new artwork by Tilmann Benninghaus. Digipack.

Troum -- "Sigqan" -- CD -- €12
2003/2009 Transgredient Records, TR-06
Sigqan was produced January to April 2002 at Ghuto-m studios, in Bremen, Germany. It was based on a live performance on their tour throughout Germany and Netherlands with Ultrasound in October 2001. Part 1 & 2 were recorded live in the studio in one take with no overdubs. Part 3 is a new ending-part added later. The first edition was originally released in June 2003 on Desolation House Records (a side-label of Relapse Records).

Troum & Martyn Bates -- "To a Child Dancing in the Wind" -- CD -- €10
2006 Transgredient Records, TR-03
Profound songs inspired by Yeats-poems: The acoustic transformation of the deepest yearning for this release, the German 'transcendental-drone'-duo Troum teams up with the legendary British singer/songwriter and Eyeless In Gaza-member Martyn Bates. More than 2 years in the making, Martyn Bates has sung & played (mouth organ & melodica) over basic material Troum provided - consisting of harmonic minimal loops & basic song structures derived from accordion, e-bass & guitar, percussion, who were then also responsible for the final subsequent additional mastering (adding more guitar-work, voices & balalaika). Martyn Bates has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W.B.Yeats, and he did this with a most impressive sensitivity for Troum's very sublime & rather hidden harmonic structures. There are also two instrumentals in a more experimental style on this disc, one being a dark drone reprise of the main piece 'Mad As the Mist and Snow #2.' Martyn's voice is surely not something for everyone - it's of an extreme emotional & yearnful quality that might be not easy to stand - a yearning which is like a deep 'cry out to the horizon,' to something that is unreachable per se, feeling a passion that tears you apart inside. This is pure emotional poetry transformed into yearnful audible spherics! [label info]

Verde -- "Legenda" -- CD -- €13
Musically Incorrect Records, MIRCD4 / Zum Teufel, ZUMCD-004 / Ruma Puulaaki, verde-666
Another psychedelic masterpiece from this Finnish artist. Field recordings, space electronics, theremin, kraut-rock guitar, hypnotic rhythms... Flying... [YAOP]

Verde -- "Vuoronumero" -- CD -- €13
2006 Karkia Mistika / Ruma Puulaaki, verde-010
Mika F. Rintala is a multi-talented musician. He assembles "synthesizers" from vacuum cleaners and electric saws, arranges field recordings which he catches like butterflies, and creates wonderful psychedelic audioscapes. One of the best tracks from this album - "Veron Saa Masaa Ensimmaisena Arkipaivana" - combines field recordings, space keyboards, weird tribal singing and somewhat eccentric sci-fi. Then come the acoustic guitars, fucked-up blues, recitations in Finnish, almost shoegaze... This work is ritual, hypnotic, trip-like... [YAOP]

Vinterriket -- "Entlegen" -- CD -- €12
2013 Heimatfolk, HF 14, (ltd. 500)
Similar to the last full-length album “Horizontmelancholie” (Steinklang Industries/Heimatfolk, 2008), the new VINTERRIKET album "entlegen" (meaning “remote”, ”far-flung”, “outlying”) features songs full of coldness, melancholy, desolation, emptiness and chilling atmospheres which do perfectly capture the dark side of nature. "Entlegen" is again a Neofolk/Dark Ambient masterpiece and an outstanding tribute to the darkest side of nature. Haunting and cold electronic soundscapes are mixed with atmospheric acoustic guitars and clean vocals. "Entlegen" is an album of haunting and evocative aural tapestries, an emotive display of tension and calm - a darkened imagery of shadowed forests and vast, endless landscapes - a journey into deep woods, misty snow-covered hills, majestic sceneries, into the dark side of the soul. "Entlegen" was mastered at Luftschutzkerker / Switzerland and features 8 tracks with a playing time of 62 minutes. Comes in 6 pannel digipak. [press-release]

Voice Of Eye -- "Anthology Two (1992-1996)" -- 2 CD -- €16
2011 Transgredient Records, TR-08
Rare & unreleased tracks from the U.S. dark ethno/drone cult-project, all re-mastered by VOICE OF EYE themselves; you can find here: the famous "Sprocket" 7" for Drone Records (1994), the lost mCD for ND that was never released (1995), rare compilation tracks (some of them came never out), plus a complete, fantastic rehearsal for a live show (1996) and an extract from Tryst 8 (split MC with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, 1995); comes in a nice 6-panel digipack & full colour artwork by Bonnie McNairn. [label info]

Waldteufel -- "Rauhnacht" -- CD -- €10
2005/2007 Percht, Percht08
6 songs and 40 minutes about the Austrian / South German Rauhnacht rituals. "Rauhnacht" is a rural, ancient soundtrack for the holy Jul nights, combined with dreamingly sad Folk balads and Pagan Folkmetal hymns. All artwork for this edition was painted by Markus Wolff in may 2007 on wood-plates and the CD, as well as the LP, has a booklet with german and english lyrics. The album was mastered by Axel Frank (WERKRAUM) at the Blue Lounge Studios / Berlin. [label info] Released + remastered from edition on Terra Fria (2005). Includes 2 new songs.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

The Well Of Sadness -- "I'm Uprooted From It" -- CD -- €13
2005 War Office Propaganda, WOP 19, (ltd. 515)
And finally the real masterpiece has found the right place and the right time. With no doubt one of the greatest releases from War Office Propaganda delivered by this Italian one-man act of Daniele Giustra. Beautiful music, very moving songs in apocalyptic, martial neo-folkish atmosphere mixed with oppresive soundscapes. 10 songs, 40 minutes of music comes on CD in nice gloss varnished digipack. [press-release]

The Well Of Sadness -- "Tarantella for the Death" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Bunkier Productions, BIX CDr, (ltd. 170)
Ten misanthrophic hymns, ten totally new tracks... Marriage between obscure neofolk and cold electronic sounds. Very gloomy music. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Werkraum -- "Early Love Music" -- CD -- €10
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern23
14 progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love. 14 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times. Together with friends of the groups CHANGES, LADY MORPHIA and STURMPERCHT. "Early Love Music" is not just a Folk album. "Early Love Music" is a quantum leap for the new Folk generation of the third millennium and an enhanced assortment of early and new Folk-styles. Progressive- and Psychedelic Folksongs mix up and alternate with British and German traditionals in the vein of early Donovan (HMS), Spirogyra, Shirley Collins, Mellow Candle, Ougenweide,... just to name a few. Some songs even have a songwriter-like character, as if they were played somewhen in the mid 60ies in a dark Britanny forest by a suicidal Jackson C.Frank or Shawn Phillips. The complex arrangements and large variety of instruments even remind to The Incredible String Band and some early Acid-Folk bands. As a dot on the i, "Early Love Music" brings 2 coverversions of Donovan's ingenious fairytale "Jabberwocky" and Steeleye Span's traditional-hit "The Blacksmith". With "Song for Erik" Nicholas and Axel have created the sadest song ever sung, filling every father's eyes with a lake of tears. "Early Love Music" comes in a highest-quality 6-side-digipack with 16-page lyric-booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Werkraum -- "Kristalle" -- CD EP -- €7
2005 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 10
The new mini-album of WERKRAUM is not only fascinating because of it's gracile perfection in composition and musical virtuosity, but also through it's musical diversity, supportet by Nicholas Tesluk and Robert Taylor (CHANGES), by Nick Nedzinsky (LADY MORPHIA) and by Antje Hoppenrath. Fulfilled with traditional melodies and psychedelic moments, WERKRAUM guides the listener in a magical world of acoustic sounds and picturesque poetry, telling from ancient fairiedays. The 6 beautiful Folk-songs of this mini-album together fill handsome 32 minutes. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Wyrm -- "Divination Bones" -- 7" -- €7
2010 Drone Records, DR-99, (ltd. 400)
Excellent abstract drone-experimentalism by this mysterious project by the long active ALLAN ZANE, feat. LIZ LANG (AURACENE); this is second, revised & complete version of both tracks previously released as a picture-7"; silver coloured vinyl & new full cover design. [label info]

V/A -- "Wilde Jaeger" -- 2 CD -- €14
2007 Percht, Percht10
WILDE JAEGER is a unique compilation of Alpine Folk Music, Pagan Ritual Music and authentic field-recordings from the darkest woods and deepest valleys to the highest peaks of the sacred Central- European Alps, as well as of other pagan and alpine regions in Europe and the USA. Wilde Jaeger is accompanied by an astonishing 24-page booklet, housed in a highest-quality 6-sided digipack with cover- paintings by Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Participants: Svarrogh, Werkraum, Sangre Cavallum, A Minority Of One, Allerseelen, Heiliges Licht, Waldteufel, Scivias, Hamramr, Haberfeld, Ernte, Teatro Satanico, Fanes, Sturmpercht, Magdalena, Elli Riehl, Jagerblut, Hekate, The Joy Of Nature, Soulsearch, Jahrtal, Foresta Di Ferro, SagenToeterRiharcSmilesTrollFerd (Riharc Smiles), Thelema. [label info]

V/A -- "Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe" -- CD -- €10
2003 Aorta, AORCD09

Tesco Organisation -- "Industrial Culture Heritage" -- t-shirt -- €13
2013 Tesco Organisation
Grey print on black shirt. Tesco Logo and slogan "Industrial Culture Heritage" since 1987. Image. Size M.

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