ZHELEZOBETON news - 18.04.2022
Dear friends,

Looking at the atrocities which our country is making in Ukraine, at the same time slipping into the triumph of narrow-mindedness and self-profanity, it was difficult for us to continue the activity, so this year's second newsletter comes out with some delay. Many services, which we have been using for decades (PayPal, Discogs, Mailchimp, etc.), have stopped working with Russian accounts and it took us some time to fix all this, thanks to the help of our friends. At some point we managed to gather our spirit and find the strength to continue working in the musical field, so today we are pleased to present a new release – the split-tape between Petrograd Drone Gathering and Moscow Noise Manufactory with live recordings made in November 2021.

During this time our distro also managed to replenish with a considerable number of new releases from Russian labels Evil Dead Productions, Nazlo Records, Paper Moon Republic, Zaimka / Besperech', Status Prod., Noyade Records, Psychomor, Global Pattern, Fulldozer, Agfa Archive, Dödens Kultur, Extra Notes and such projects as Jum-Jum, Kshatriy and Cyclofillydea.

Despite the significant reduction in postal exchange, we still received packages from our international partners & friends abroad: E.C.T. (Greece), Unexplained Sounds Group (Italy), Usagi (Sweden), Cold Spring (UK), Zoharum (Poland), Are Mundal (Norway) and raison d'etre (Sweden).

During these uneasy times Russian Post still remains fully operational and sends packages almost worldwide, except for Austraila, Latin America and a few countries in Europe, which decided to cease postal communication with Russia (Denmark, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine). If you wish to order anything, please send an e-mail to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. All packages are sent registered so they won't get lost. Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

Traditionally, selected tracks from today's update are featured in ZHELEZOBETON April mix #52:

As a bonus, we can suggest you checking out the recording of a tape set, played by DJ Kryptogen during the cassette market in St. Petersburg on February 23rd – just a few hours before the start of the infamous and inglorious Russian "special operation":

Peace to everyone,

I. New release

Petrograd Drone Gathering / Moscow Noise Manufactory - PoluDrëma 26.11.2021

Petrograd Drone Gathering / Moscow Noise Manufactory - PoluDrëma 26.11.2021

Petrograd Drone Gathering / Moscow Noise Manufactory
"PoluDrëma 26.11.2021"

CS (ltd. 150)

A. Petrograd Drone Gathering
B. Moscow Noise Manufactory

total length: 45:00 + 45:00
price: €8

"PoluDrëma 26.11.2021" @ bandcamp

Petrograd Drone Gathering & related: telegram | vk | instagram
Moscow Noise Manufactory: bandcamp | vk | facebook |instagram

Petrograd Drone Gathering exists since 2016; this project was conceived by Evgenii Savenko as an ensemble of like-minded musicians from St. Petersburg, united by the common idea of free undulating musical expression, saturated with the forest psychedelia of the Karelian isthmus.

Moscow Noise Manufactory is a similar creative union of metropolitan musicians, working in many genres from drone ambient and noise to psychedelic jazz and doom metal. The project was organized by Georgiy Orlov-Davydovskiy in the spring of 2021. In fact, both formations are live laboratories exploring the impersonal matter of sound, and the appearance of their joint recordings was just a matter of time.

Such a recording was made at the “PoluDrëma” (“semi-slumber”) party, which took place on the night of November 26th-27th, 2021 at the Red Eyes Moscow club. From midnight until morning the St. Petersburg musicians played in sequence with artists from Moscow, for eight hours weaving a seamless fabric of oneiric sound for an audience which was either sleeping or drinking tea. These recordings were later edited in studio and condensed in two 45-minute pieces, showcasing all versatility of experimental ambient music.

This time the line-up of Petrograd Drone Gathering featured Alexey Korablin (Reconstruction of Moss), Dmitry Maslyakov (Mira Drevo), Evgenii Savenko (Lunar Abyss), М.М. (Kryptogen Rundfunk), Pavel Dombrovskiy (uhushuhu), Lilia Akivenson (tremorkikimor) and Alexandra Isaeva (Jum-Jum).

Moscow Noise Manufactory was represented by Georgiy Orlov-Davydovskiy (Yudol), Dmitriy Bubinskiy (Old Moss), Alexandra Isaeva (Jum-Jum), Vladimir Cherepanov (t_error 404), Philipp Datura (Datura Metel), Fedor Kovalev (Waldgrenze), Anton Kochubeev (Acanto), Alexey Vasilev (Droning Room), Boris Drone ([bɔː]), Alexandr Rust (Cotton Rust), Koloyar Dreved (Hladna) and Ilya Suzdaltsev.

The album is released in a limited edition of 150 copies on C-90 audiocassette: brand new tape in recycled shell with full-colour stickers, double-sided foldout cover and a download card.

II. Forthcoming events

24.04.2022 – AAKT: ritual noise
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

24.04.2022 – Hiss
St. Petersburg, Ugly.

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

07.05.2022 – Arkh Neo-Folk Fest II
Arkhangelsk, Koleso. More info...

20-23.05.2022 - Solar Systo Togathering
open-air, Leningrad region. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Θ -- "Vision Of One" -- CD -- €10
2022 Zoharum, ZOHAR 249-2, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient. After the well-received "Total Division", THETA returns to Zoharum with its successor, the album "Vision of One", on which Themistoklis Altintzoglou consistently explores the formula of his own musical expression, balancing between drone and ambient aesthetics; in this case, it is only a starting point for further excursions to other regions, not so obvious in this genre. The Greek artist with incredible ease juggles rather modest mens of expression in order to bring out new, sometimes surprising, or at least not so usual structures based on a cold massive, even rough and metallic sound. On this core, individual compositions are embedded, which naturally unfold in different directions, but nevertheless create a coherent but multicolored and intriguing album, where the atmosphere thickens with every minute, where you can clearly feel the Scandinavian cold, and everywhere enveloped in an aura of mystery, seasoned with a pinch of post black metal spirit. If you appreciated "Total Division", you will love "Vision Of One" - the younger, more mature successor... Released on CD in 6-panel ecopack in a circulation of 300 copies. [label info]

793 -- "White Rainbow" -- CD-R -- €7
2022 Barbatos Productions, BP 023/2022, (ltd. 50)
Dark Ambient / Drone / Lo-Fi. A mysterious esoteric project from the depths of the Russian underground with one 40-minute track full of synthesizer drone, bass rasp and distant harmonic echoes. Plastic half-DVD-box, 50 hand-numbered copies.

ALPHA + GALATES -- "Oriflamme [Lys Noir]" -- CD-R -- €12
2022 Agfa Archive, AGFA 04, (ltd. 50)
Power Electronics / Noise / Industrial. The name Alpha + Galates refers to the old WWII French secret society studying Hyperborean themes, a kind of French Thule Society, an ark for Nazi-friendly esotericists. A new anonymous project with a radical ideological background has been launched on the underground French label Maltkross. Due to the fact that the musician is our old acquaintance, we decided to publish his new work. A crazy mix of brutal electronics, far-right politics, cyberpunk, heroic and occult aesthetics in the works of graphic novel artists of the 80s and 90s. The work "Oriflamme" has collected new tracks, as well as the best works from the early demos of the project. Multi-level intense noise terror with many references and easter eggs will not leave indifferent the lover of complex music and rich dense aesthetics. As for the design, you are again greeted by our branded thick original envelope pleasantly lying in your hands with many moves and labyrinths, inserts and discoveries. And if you know French, you will also be lucky to get acquainted with the texts and messages of the artist. [label info]

ANDER -- "...Potrwa Wiecznie" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 241-2, (ltd. 300)
Neoclassical / Darkwave. "...Potrwa Wiecznie" (... it will last forever) is the successor to the great debut "Smutek" (Sadness), published a few years ago by BDTA. As on the previous release, we are dealing here with short, slightly song-like forms with a slightly melancholic and oneiric overtone. Each of the following miniatures unfold in such a way as to completely close into one longer story recorded on the album. The music on this album requires that you listen carefully, in a darkened room, detached from the hustle and bustle outside the window, so that its intimate character is fully heard in front of the listener. After all, this is an album for those who appreciate seemingly simple, somewhat fleeting, ephemeral melodies and short forms, woven delicately in a style similar to the atmosphere reminiscent of the sound of 4AD, Talk Talk, sometimes provoking reflection or stimulating the imagination of the audience... CD folded in ecopack, released in strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

ART ABSCONS -- "Nach allen Regeln der Kunst" -- CD -- €16
2021 Opus Abscondi, OA005, (ltd. 200)
Modern Classical / Neofolk / Darkwave. Art Abscon's latest album was produced in 2020 and in perfect seclusion and tranquility. It holds a special secret - a secret that is the result of more than two years of research and preparations. Even if you do not know what it is, you will most certainly feel it. Art Abscon does not wish to talk about it, but has given away one hint: you would not be able to play along to this album with any instrument at your disposal; the music on this album is far outside standard musical conceptions... The album was mixed and mastered by Nathaniel Ritter (Kinit Her) - and it is thanks to him that this is Art Abscon's best sounding release so far. The CD is housed in a 6-panel digifile featuring photographs of Art Abscon's stop motion music video to a song titled "Abscon". [label info]

ATOMINE ELEKTRINE -- "Nebulous (Expanded Edition)" -- 2 CD -- €16
2007/2016 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 217
Space Ambient / Electronics. Peter Andersson brings Atomine Elektrine to an utterly refined and perfectionist sphere. Nebulous leaves all physical boundaries behind and takes you on a trip through endless space towards unknown deep corners of the cosmos. The sound is widening every moment and the walls of your room seem to disappear. Multi dimensional layers of sound makes this record into a cosmic outburst. A truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in form of a masterful ambience filled with energy outbursts, synthetic movements, illuminating pulses and algorithmical rhythms. An aural projection for a detailed exploration of nebulas, black holes, exploding stars and unknown deep corners of the cosmos... Very much influenced by the electronic side of the kraut scene and with the ability of imposing his very own classic trademark, Andersson sets a new stone and makes 'Nebulous', composed in 2005, one of the greatest albums related to this genre since the early 70’s. Peter allowing the ever evolving music to take shape slowly and form amidst the ever changing facades he creates. Truly an amazing achievement... Originally released in 2007 'Nebulous' is now presented in an expanded version with compilation tracks, earlier bonus material, previously unreleased stuff and also a complete live set earlier only released as a digital album with the title 'Space is an Illusion - Live in Vilnius'... Presented in a phantom styled 6-panel digipak based on space friendly original art by Hypsis. [press-release]

ATRX -- "Third Report" -- CD-R -- €12
2021 Zaimka, (ltd. 10)
Experimental / Ambient / Sound Collage. A cocktail made of sounds of different nature. Crossing textures of sound and images that have already changed their color... ATRX is Marcello Groppi, also member of Italian experimental band The Great Saunites. "Third Report" is the final chapter of a noise trilogy started in 2019. Compositions created using field rec, bass, no input mixer, plus various sound sources founded and assembled during summer 2021. Hand-decorated jewel case. Each copy is unique. [label info]

C.H. DISTRICT -- "Live at XIX Wrocław Industrial Festival" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 247-2, (ltd. 300)
IDM / Industrial / Experimental. The latest album of C.H. District is 100% live material, recorderd during a concert at the 19th Wrocław Industrial Festival in the middle of the lockdown and broadcast entirely online. Mirek Matyasik - the founder of the project - presents a material mostly based on the use of modular synthesizers, extracting dense, motor structures, giving the composition a distinctive character. The heavy beats, kept in medium tempos, set the rhythm and fill a large part of the set, constituting a strong pillar for the successive tracks with a metallic, rough sound appearing at different moments. At the same time, their composer consciously uses the available means to build tension and atmosphere in a controlled manner throughout the performance. He does not give way for a moment, does not allow himself to unnecessary shoals, keeping the attention of the audience focused all the time. While in the sound tracks and structures based on heavy, mechanical rhythms, we can listen for references to CH District's work from the initial period of his activity, while listening more carefully to the depths of the composition, woven with a whole lot of flavors, bits of melody, a thicket of means that make up CH District. On the whole, you can feel the experience gained from working on music for Tympanik or M-Tronic. An interesting addition is a recording recorded during one of the streams, which was broadcast from a home studio, based on the same framework, but as a result of improvisation running in a slightly different direction. This publication is a record of a fleeting fragment in the work of C.H. District, captured during two Live performances, which today, after spreading the developed patterns on a modular synthesizer, cannot be recreated... CD folded in six-panels digipack released in limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

CHAOTIC BOUND SYSTEMS -- "Dust Demons" -- CD-R EP -- €5
2022 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 030, (ltd. 30)
Dark Jazz / Avantgarde. This EP from CHAOTIC BOUND SYSTEMS contains its last recordings and was conceived as an addition to the Evil Dead Productions label compilation "Museum II". Atonal piano phrases, chaotic percussion, scattering guitar and double bass parts – all this is kept together by lingering saxophone solos. As if a quintet of jazz musicians got really high and slowed down; the world is collapsing, but they are trying not to lose the remnants of rational perception and they succeed, thanks to their strong musical professionalism. Only this whole quintet exists inside one head, which belongs to the author of the project – Andrey Kein (aka Kein Z. Necro) from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Andrey was also known for such projects as SOL MORTUUS, CHURCH OF HOWLING DOG, CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS and more, but he left this world in the fall of 2021 (RIP!)... Two tracks, 13 minutes, pro-CDR with foldout cover in a PVC-sleeve.

CRAWLEY, ALEISTER -- "All Words Are Sacred" -- CD EP -- €9
2022 Batrachian Recordings, anura001
Spoken Word. A collection of spoken recordings made by Aleister Crowley, captured on wax cylinders between 1910 and 1914. Reissue of some of the only known recordings from the infamous occultist, mystic, magician, poet, novelist, sexual deviant, and all-around misfit, Aleister Crowley. Recorded onto wax cylinder in the early 1910s, and later transferred to 78 RPM discs. The tracks include Crowley’s recitation of the first two Enochian Keys, original poetry, incantations, and songs. Intonations of black magic rituals as well as ruminations on topics from the sinking of The Titanic to American independence that will thrill collectors of the odd and mystical! An absolutely essential piece of occult history. Newly remastered. Presented in a gatefold ecopak with specially-created artwork. [label info]

DID -- "End Of Xibalba" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 242-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Drone. "End of Xibalba" (Xibalba - the mythological place of fear and pain) is a full-length, solo album of DID - the artist, who previously appeared in the Zoharum's catalogue thanks to cooperation with Michał Jabłoński, appearing in two songs on his CD "Humanity". Her latest album reveals a slightly different approach of the artist, who composes music on the edge of drone and ambient genre. Her live performances which refer to the concept of "End of Xibalba" are accompanied by a vocal story that guides the listeners through the peculiar corridors of their interiors. Troublesome might seem the fact that the story is told in a language that does not actually exist... or perhaps this story denudation from contemporarily known words brings us closer to understanding what is really important for the individual recipient… CD in six-panel digipack, issued in strict limit of 300 copies. [label info]

THE FLEA CIRCUS -- "A Touch Of Grey" -- CD -- €12
2022 Usagi, U06, (ltd. 300)
Industrial / Noise. The power trio Mirande/English/Skinner has dug out a strangely lit tunnel between the dustier nooks and crannies of the rich and varied 1980’s industrial scene and the just as elusively defined experimental field of today where they themselves reside. While it certainly reeks S*Core, Illusion Of Safety and whathaveyou, their very own fingerprints are all over the place, freshening things up. An out-of-time album we are very pleased to offer! [label info]

GRIM MACHINE -- "Νεχθειρ Θανμελου" -- CD-R -- €7
2021 E.C.T., #27 / Concrete Noise, C.N.14, (ltd. 50)
Ritual Dark Ambient / Industrial. "Νεχθειρ Θανμελου" (Nekhtheir Thanmelou) is the 6th album of Grim Machine released by E.C.T. Although recorded in 2019, released only now in limited factory CDr edition of 50 numbered copies. Grim Machine (Alex M.) is a noise / free-impro artist. Since 2013 GM performs primitive noise rituals, combining analog gear and amplified built instruments. GM's music is informed by a fertile mixture of ethnological and ancient culture studies, outsider art and performance. [label info]

HYBRYDS -- "Cortex Stimulation / Virtual Impact" -- 2 CD -- €15
1996/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 238-2
Industrial. The next installment in the series of Hybryds classics reissues, consistently continued by Zoharum for years. This time we get two fullalbums, which, despite a few years between them, complement each other perfectly, showing a slightly more electronic face of the work of Belgian musicians... The first CD "Cortex Stimulation" was recorded with the participation of befriended musicians from Dive and Deutsch Nepal. The second disc "Virtual Impact" is a 100% live album, recorded during the band's performances at MS Stubnitz, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Nursery Injection, which also featured guests from Deutsch Nepal, Dive or P.A.L... Originally, both albums were published by Daft Records, owned by Dirk Ivens. Today, refreshed, completely remastered and with new artwork by Sandy Nys, give the opportunity to rediscover for those who already know the earlier publications. For those who have not had yet the opportunity to know them in the past, it will allow to uncover an interesting and creative period in the activities of Hybryds. [label info]

JARL -- "Phonophobia" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 240-2, (ltd. 300)
Experimental / Drone. "Phonophobia" is a kind of continuation of the subject matter of the previous release. While "Hyperacusis" was an attempt to explore this phenomenon and has shown it through the sound and final composition of songs directly influencing the peculiar nature of the album, "Phonophobia" refers directly to the issue of psychology and clinical psychiatry, where, thanks to methodically developed sound structures, arranged and marked appropriately on the scale of impact i ntensity with numbers 1-3, it recreates the world of sounds, closed in the mind of a person suffering from this ailment. Here, the space is suddenly filled with high-intensity sound waves, stimulating the listener to active reception and strongly influencing his psyche (at the same time). The feeling of rising does not disappear here even for a moment and accompanies the last sound on the album. After it, there is absolute silence, becoming a counterpoint to the music that resounds in the head for some time... Once again, Erik Jarl takes an interesting topic into his workshop and realizes it in a peculiar and extraordinary way, providing his listeners with coherent, intriguing material and giving the opportunity to discover it multiple times with each subsequent listening session. [label info]

JARL -- "Spectrum Confusion" -- CD -- €12
2021 Reverse Alignment, RA52, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Drone. Spectrum Confusion is Jarl’s fifth album on Reverse Alignment, following on from 2019’s massive triple CD release Symptoms Variation / Sensory Deprivation. And once again Karolina Urbaniak has masterfully created the cover artwork, as she’s done for the four earlier Jarl releases, also released by RA... Spectrum Confusion consists of three long-form pieces showcasing his trademark psychedelic, hypnotic approach, but this time the presence of bubbling and pulsating sounds makes the music sound closer to the electronic experiments of Northern European avant-garde composers in conjunction with more melodic passages harmonically coexisting alongside the abstract elements. Jarl’s music has entered its more mature stage here, and Spectrum Confusion consolidates his reputation as one of the most interesting and original European electronic music composers. [label info]

KONTINENT -- "Stasis" -- CD -- €10
2017/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 233-2, (ltd. 300)
Power Electronics. Kontinent is half of Polish Power Electronics duo Kevlar, but Kontinent’s solo work is not by all means any less powerful than his mother band. The project is defunct since 2019 and "Stasis" is a "post mortem" and first ever CD reissue of this seminal album previously released on tape and vinyl courtesy of Unrest Productions in 2017... "Stasis" is Power Electronics in its purest form. If you're a connoisseur of the genre - you know what to expect. If you're new you're about to get shocked as this is 8 tracks of brain welding, crunchy distortions on both high and low frequencies mixed with angry vocals and political speeches. This is demanding music for adults. It's also rewarding in its extreme as there is a lot more than "meets the ear". Kontinent seems to capture the essence of negativity - be it fear or anger and channel it in the great walls of noise that flushes over your body and mind with cathartic effect. Listen to a single track for instant effect or dive into the whole album for a complex treatment and you'll find yourself sweating and/or eager to chew concrete stabs in no time... Too bad we won't be able to experience this music live any more, as Kontintent's gigs stay with you like a trauma probably till the very end. At least we got "Stasis" to "cheer" us up. We couldn't recommend it more. But also - you've been warned... CD edition of 300 copies comes in a 6 panel digipack. [label info]

KROMESHNA -- "Chthonic Heritage" -- CD -- €11
2021 Status Prod., SP 18 CD, (ltd. 150)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. "To listen to the river from under the water, to roll over the dead roots on the palm of the hand and to smear peat on the face... To remember what is not there yet, dangling in the cradle of an echo of a boulder slipped off the mountain..." Status Prod. presents the new album of the famous Russian industrial project KROMESHNA "Chthonic Heritage". The album is a series of appeals to the very essence of the chthonic heart of the age-old Ural forests, appealing to the forgotten cults of our ancestors. All the material was played on cassette loops using a small set of pedals and a dynamic effects processor. The album is released on CD in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies and is a gate-fold with an attachment card. [label info]

KROMESHNA + CHEFKIRK -- "Surfaces" -- CD -- €12
2021 Besperech', (ltd. 100)
Experimental / Darl Ambient / Musique Concrete. Sound body not limited to a specific topic. The travel vector can be directed in any direction and fly away, mired in a myriad of smoothly floating and arbitrarily changing abstractions. In the creation of the album were used: field recordings, experiments with tape and synths. Mastering by Carl Kruger. Each copy is unique and is a book of the artist made in the original technique. In the creation of artifacts, the pages of the old Soviet magazine "Decorative Art" of the late 80s and early 90s were used. The pages were used in improvisation with xerox. Each booklet contains 16 pages covered with acrylic lacquer. [label info]

KROMESHNA + NONPANDORAS -- "Volosatye Zvyozdy (Hairy Stars)" -- CD -- €10
2021 Besperech', (ltd. 100)
Ambient / Drone. Collaboration of two artists from the Urals and Siberia. nonpandoras used a guitar, Kromeshna used the sounds of a children's accordion distorted by experiments with tape. This album is dedicated to the infinity of space, Van Gogh and warm deep dreams... [label info]

KSHATRIY -- "Mystical Variations" -- 2 CD-R BOX -- €50
2022 self-released, (ltd. 11)
Ambient / Experimental / Field Recordings. This release includes two albums, each with field recordings in high-end rather than documental style, never heard before: the recordings were made with the best equipment on the market, no wind noise reducers were used — I waited patiently for the breezeless weather and waited, just like a professional photographer, “for the one and only ray of sunshine that will make all the difference”... 1) Mystical Variations for The Birds from Night Forest. The field recordings for this album were made during the white nights period not far from St. Petersburg: this time of the year is not about the dark nights, it’s about the nature being really busy — birds, first off. All the recordings were made at about 4am in such locations where a human being cannot violate their natural activity, so that you could immerse in the world of nature as it is… while it’s re-creating new cycles with all its grandness and deliberation. This is the time when the birds are highly diligent: tirelessly they perform their best songs to settle all their issues… When you face such zeal, you may find yourself thinking, “Here are the real fighters!” even though they’re so tiny... Granular synthesis was used for composition of the music for this album — this technology helps create a sound with such precision that it fits neatly, as if within the sounds of nature, not disturbing them in the slightest... This is not background music — this is a reflection of the experience of the things that’re going on... 2) Mystical Variations for The Spirits from Night Forest. The field recordings for this album were made during the darkest season, when the day is so short that you spend the most of it in the dark. The nature is asleep… Only frozen trees in the dark of the night, fast asleep, keep swaying and uttering piercing moans… What are they dreaming about? Is anybody here at all? Or only spirits of the past are swaying the trees… The musical part of the album is hard to describe… The way it has been done is pure intuition — I used every little detail able to reflect and translate into sound this atmosphere of loneliness, frozen life, and the majestic cycle on hold... Two high-end Gold CD-Rs recorded using professional ceramic recorder — the life time of these archival CDs is more than 300 years. These CD-Rs are absolutely stable while playing on any players & have more natural sound with some brilliant taste on high frequencies — Really delicious! Packaged in the metallic cardboards in a black wooden box with gold print. Only 11 copies! [from the artist]

KSHATRIY -- "Samantabhadra" -- CD-R -- €35
2021 self-released, (ltd. 3)
Drone / Ambient. Samantabhadra name means "Noble in Everything He Does", "Always Lovely". His body symbolizes the immensity of space as the nature of mind. Samantabhadra in union with his wife Samantabhadri (Yab-Yum union) symbolizes the original purity of the emptiness as the nature of mind. Their union is the unity of all in the non-duality, it is also a symbol of the indissoluble unity of bliss and emptiness... This music is absolutely free of any duality concepts... Professionally recorded CD-R Mitsui MAM-A Digital Audio Gold 24K in cardboard with metallic photo print. This CD-Rs are absolutely stable while playing on any players & have more natural sound with some brilliant taste on high frequencies — Really delicious! ...and life time of this CD-Rs more then 300 years! This edition includes a White Rose made of jewelry resin — It glows blue in the dark! Handmade by Sergei Kshatriy. [from the author]

KSHATRIY -- "Sustained Variations for Prepared Piano & Excellent Reverberators (Part 3)" -- 3"CD-R BOX -- €19
2021 self-released
Drone / Ambient. This music is a result of completely atypical use of the grand piano for classical musicians: Main part of this multilayer record was born without touching the keys — This sound recorded inside the instrument with complete destruction of the attack of each touch. In this way, a large number of samples were created that harmoniously blend together and smoothly flow from one to another creating a single canvas of abstract sound creating the embodiment of majesty and perfection inherent in such natural processes as sunrise and sunset, the change of seasons, inhaling and exhaling, birth and death... Blue wooden box with gold print contains mini CD & floral composition of dried plants. Each one is unique! [from the author]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Pangaea Ultima" -- CD-R -- €6
2021 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_68, (ltd. 10)
Noise / Drone / Experimental. A monumental soundtrack dedicated to the hypothetical supercontinent Pangaea Ultima - into which all the lands of the world will merge somewhere in 300 million years. An ode to unhurried massive tectonic processes, before which all our human life is insignificant and ridiculous. The pitiful remnants of the noosphere froze into a stone statue - a time capsule in the depths of geological eras. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box. 10 numbered copies. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Pluto Flower - Chapter Four" -- CD-R -- €6
2022 self-released, (ltd. 14)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. The fourth and final chapter of the noise ambient story about Pluto Flower. Each part of this story was encrypted with its own cipher, but the most sacred version was used for the finale. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box. 14 copies. Numbered with Tarot cards of the same suit (Batons). [from the author]

LITVIN, ARSENY & OXSICAROS -- "Space Agriculture" -- CD -- €10
2022 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_74, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient. Russian-French cosmo-occult concept album. Soundtrack for the Ancient Egyptian Lunar Agricultural Program. Meditative vibrations to accelerate the terraforming of the moon and increase the yield of lunar soil. The editions of this album are approved by the goddess Isis herself! Factory-pressed CD packed in a digifile. [label info]

LLYN Y CWN -- "Du Y Moroedd" -- CD -- €12
2022 Cold Spring, CSR302CD
Dark Ambient / Field Recordings. "Du Y Moroedd" (Welsh - the black of the sea) is an album of abyssal dark ambient - environmental soundscapes and atmospheres from above, below and beside the ocean; field recordings made onboard vessels at sea; sounds from submerged recording devices deep underwater; recordings from the coasts of North Wales to Greenland and the Arctic Ocean... "The tracks were created onboard the RV Prince Madog whilst conducting research using multibeam sonar to locate, survey and identify shipwrecks from WW1. The multibeam sonar creates images of the seabed using acoustic reflections. It is quite an experience to watch the sonar reveal an unsurveyed wreck and be the first person to "see" the ship for over 100 years; the vessel sitting at the bottom of the ocean waiting in the dark to be discovered... Research into the history of each wreck uncovers stories of boats torn in half by torpedoes and mines, U-boats hunted by destroyers and pummelled with depth charges. Many of these sites aren't just wrecks; they are mass war graves. The vital shipping channel to Liverpool passes the North Wales coast, the U-boats would sit and wait; listening. When heard from under the water, each ship has its own unique acoustic signature based on the size of the engine, shape of the propeller, curve of the hull, these acoustic tell-tales were used by the U-boats to identify targets. The shipping lane became a shooting gallery of easy pickings and the submarines were able to slip away undetected into the black of the sea... The album features recordings from the hull of RRS James Clark Ross whilst ploughing through ice fields off Greenland, from a "sound trap" attached to an anchor as it descended through 80m of water to the seabed, and sounds from onboard the RV Prince Madog with its pitched engine drone. There is also a recording of the bell at Trwyn Du lighthouse, Anglesey, that was made in August 2020, days before the bell was removed to be replaced with a modern fog horn - prior to this, the bell had rung every 30 seconds since 1922" (Benjamin Ian Powell)... File next to fellow Welshman Lustmord and Sleep Research Facility. Presented in a 6-panel digipak with breathtaking photography by the artist. [label info]

MACRONYMPHA -- "Ultimate Vibrator" -- 2 CD -- €17
1994/2022 Usagi, U05, (ltd. 300)
Noise. Usagi is proud present this much sought after gem from the vast Macronympha discography. Released in 1994, Ultimate Vibrator is one of the earlier testaments of Rodger Stella's meticulous editing and mixing genius, and above all his ability to crack open sonic chasms and fill them with the strangest of colors. An older sibling of classic Macronympha mind melters such as Grind and Baroque, but also a more aggressive sonic relative to Stella's work under the One Dark Eye moniker. Filling up the closing half of the second disc are a number of previously unreleased tracks and sketches from the Ultimate Vibrator sessions. 2CD digipak, edition of 300, remastered at Elementstudion by Linus Andersson. [label info]

MAROMOKOTRO -- "Yaatra" -- CD-R -- €7
2021 Monotype Series, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / New Age. A project from Novgorod, Russia. This album is a plexus of fresh wind, the whisper of trees and pictures of stars scattered across the sky. Each sleeve is handmade with layer-by-layer acrylic prints. [label info]

MOLJEBKA PVLSE -- "Borrowed Scenery: Appearance" -- CD EP -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 244-2, (ltd. 200)
Ambient / Drone. During the pandemic, many of the restrictions introduced, in particular, on movement, artists, like most of us, made their journeys mainly in their own rooms or made pilgrimages deep into each other. Mathias from MOLJEBKA PVLSE at that time uses his own studio as a vehicle he traverses through virtual field recordings, composing his own abstract environments and discovering distant lands. The map of these borrowed places is written in 3 long compositions, complementing each other like the topography of neighboring places or overlapping grids showing different properties occurring at the same latitude. It is possible to read them separately, just as it is possible to listen to only one of the three compositions and it gives some idea, allowing you to capture a selected fragment, this listening to the whole gives a deeper insight. The material from the session was divided according to a similar pattern and properly divided into two complementary releases: the album "Borrowed Scenery", which will be released next spring on vinyl, and CDEP "Borrowed Scenery: Appearance", introducing the atmosphere of the longplay, respectively. The CD containing over twenty minutes of composition folded in a 6-inch gatefold with two postcards attached is the next installment of a series of short musical forms, initiated in our catalog by the publication of the material "Klechdy" by Rigor Mortiss. [label info]

NORMA REAKTSII -- "Pulse Of Telluric Energy" -- CD -- €11
2021 Status Prod., SP 17 CD, (ltd. 150)
Industrial / Radionoise. When all the elements merge together, when the current gives birth to sound, the vacuum awakens an impulse, the very heart of the Earth gives its power... Status Prod. presents the album of the famous Russian industrial project NORMA REAKTSII "Pulse of Telluric Energy". The album is dedicated to the theme of telluric energy / energy of the Earth, alternative scientific ideas of physicist Nikola Tesla and the semi-mythical image of the scientist as the "father of electricity" in general. Due to limited technical capabilities at that time, the expected sound quality was not achieved. In 2020, the original tracks underwent a radical rethinking and received adequate mastering. The final version received a slightly different name, more in line with the author's idea. An attempt to convey by sound a projection on the consciousness of the telluric, deep forces of the planet, irrational in their essence, a kind of antinoosphere, is quite a difficult task, so it took more than 15 years of various experiments to get the desired result... The album was released in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies in a folder with an insert card made of designer cardboard, with the author's art applied by the method of silkscreen printing. [label info]

NOTHING HAS CHANGED -- "Hissing Guilt" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 237-2 / Old Temple, OLD.174, (ltd. 400)
Industrial / Experimental. Nothing Has Changed is a solo project of Michal Kiełbasa of industrial metal band WHALESONG (if you're into Godflesh totally check it out!). NHC seems to us to be strongly influenced by British electronics. His music is very hard to define in genre. On his newest album you'll hear dark and caustic, heavy in low end mutations of garage/grime/juke/jungle sometimes even dub... Across 10 compositions we get very original industrialesque take on broken beats and bass music. UK's Imaginary Forces/Basic Rhythm comes to mind which is a great association in our opinion. Going deeper, the album brings even echoes of FSOL with its sultry, dense atmospheres and cyberpunk vibes... "Hissing Guilt" is oriented for open minded and demanding dancefloors. The album is very original, well balanced, bass heavy, hard (but not too hard) hitting, bleak and doom driven. What more do you need? CD edition of 400 copies comes in digipack. [label info]

OBOZDUR -- "Natural And Easy / Plastic Domingo" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2022 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_72, (ltd. 12)
Noise / Experimental / Dada. We present you the reissues of two albums of our favorite noise project from the Urals. Natural And Easy was previously released in 2009 on two labels (Heart Shaped Box Prod in 24 copies and YAOP in 10 copies). Plastic Domingo was released only once in 2012 (on Heart Shaped Box Prod with an edition of 25 copies)... 2xCD-R with printing on the surface, packed in Double-Half-DVD-box. [label info]

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms Vol. 6 + 6.5" -- 2 CD-R -- €8<
2022 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_70, (ltd. 16)
Noise. From 2018 to 2020, the Ural project Obozdur published a series of albums on various labels, under the general title "Raw Expressive Forms". Including our label previously released the 3rd and 10th volums. Some time ago we discovered that in this line of editions (from 1st to 12th) the 6th edition was skipped. We made a patch for this hole in the fabric of the abstract noise universe, in the form of the missing 6th part, and also added previously unreleased material created at about the same time as a bonus. Before you is an hour and a half of selected audio sandpaper, which can scratch a tired brain to insensible bloody porridge and by this rest from an information attack saturated in the current realities... 2xCD-R with printing on the surface, packed in Double-Half-DVD-box. [label info]

ORD -- "Withered Bones" -- CD -- €10
2022 Zoharum, ZOHAR 248-2, (ltd. 300)
Ritual / Drone / Dark Ambient. ORD is another artist from Russia to appear in the Zoharum catalog. Behind the project is Alexey Shipilov, the owner of the label Status Prod. The musician can boast of quite a lot of phonographic achievements, which undoubtedly consolidated his position on the Russian experimental scene, with time going beyond its borders... The material on "Withered Bones", the album released in Zoharum, is the result of several sessions recorded between autumn and winter 2020 at the "Yunost" Music Center and mixed in the summer of 2021 in the studio by Andrey Volkov... We are dealing here with ritual music with a deep meditative influence, based on traditional acoustic instruments (singing bowls, flutes, tubular bells, caratals, tambourines and other percussion instruments) with the support of field recordings, samples and effects. Through its own music, graphics and live performances, ORD demonstrates his bond to the Buddhist ritual tradition and shamanic practices that preceded it, which gives a certain color and can be an asset. However, it can undoubtedly be successful in the mind of the recipient who is not too familiar with Buddhist meditation practices. It is worth reaching for this album to explore new areas of music. [label info]

ORD ERR -- "Sleeping & Awakening" -- CD -- €15
2021 Status Prod., SP 19 CD, (ltd. 100)
Industrial / Drone / Noise. The incessant background industrial noise envelops, muffles, plunges into a doze, dissolving it in a viscous dream. And only the awakened impulse will make you revive and live. But he will also be the beginning of the end... Status Prod. presents the solo album of Ord Err (the leader of the Russian ritual / dark ambient project ORD) "Sleeping & Awakening". The album consists of 2 soundtracks for each part of the "Sleeping & Awakening" diptych by Ord Err. Industrial noises of a howling siren, sounds of destructive mechanisms, loops of modular synthesizers paint a picture of the end of all that exists... The album released on CD in an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies and consists of an 25 x 35 cm envelope made of designer paper and two A4 + cards with a reproduction of the diptych. [label info]

ORDAHL -- "The Mourners" -- CD -- €13
2022 Status Prod., SP 20 CD, (ltd. 100)
Noise / Industrial / Atmospheric Black Metal. "Their faces are ridiculous and indifferent to what is happening. Why are they here? Pretend to mourn with the others? Or secretly rejoice at the death of the deceased?.." Status Prod. presents the debut album of the ritual black noise project ORDAHL "The Mourners". ORDAHL is a side-project of Ord Err (ORD, When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter). The material of the album is inspired by the rituals of death and consists of 6 tracks saturated with the atmosphere of black metal, woven from noises, otherworldly sounds, howls and screams. The album is released on CD in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, the artwork contains 3-cards of mini-vinyl size. The artwork used for the album is a painting by Ord Err called "The Mourners". [label info]

RAISON D'ETRE -- "Daemonium" -- CD -- €12
2021 Cyclic Law, 178th Cycle, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. Daemonum marks the 30-years anniversary of raison d'être. With Daemonum raison d'être scrutinizes the secrets of the Shadow; the Anima/Animus archetypes and the manifestation of them as a Soul image. By learning to listen for the voice of our subconscious self, we can call that voice our Daemon, our internal genius that provide guidance, we can find hidden potential within ourselves. Daemonum is the album of the daemons... Hunting in the shadows, for the hidden and the opposite, Daemonum is another crossing, deep down to the shaded domains of the inner world. Struggling in blindness and oblivion, guidance and protectors are needed to unfold the obscure matters of our unconsciousness... Standard edition CD of 500 copies in 6-panel digisleeve, matt lamination. [label info]

RAISON D'ETRE -- "Feasting In Valhalla" -- CD -- €10
2014 Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2014-69
Dark Ambient. This album contains new and unique live only material from 2014 recorded live at Valhalla Festival in Hallarna, Norrkoping, Sweden on the 19th of April 2014. Previously on sold at concerts. [label info]

RAISON D'ETRE -- "Metamorphyses (Expanded Edition)" -- 2 CD -- €16
2006/2014 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 202
Dark Ambient. Transformation is the key to the psyche. It unlocks the hidden domains inside us and finds the paths to inner wisdom. ’Metamorphyses’ is a journey into the deep inner self; a drama of the sublime and trancendental transformation of the psyche through a katabasis ritual presented in six transitional stages slowly moving towards completion. ’Metamorphyses’ is the key to the psyche... Hypnotic, introspective and yet more difficult. Being the seventh full-length album from raison d’être, ’Metamorphyses’ is in many aspects different from previous works by Peter Andersson. The organic flow and the use of drones has been extended, creating a varied output of both calm/meditative and harsh/intense sound structures. The transformation in sound is also present in the perceived emotions. Demanding, tempting and deceptive are only a few elements that characterize the ordeal the listener has to withstand... The expanded double CD edition of 'Metamorphyses' contains the original album remastered according to the K-14 level standard. Additionally, two previously unreleased early sketches from the 'Metamorphyses' session has been added to the first disc. The second disc contains a selection of previously unreleased live recordings from performances made between 2006-2008 in Sofia, Gent, Salzburg, Alkmaar and Budapest. Comes in a 6-panel digipak with original art by Kati Astraeir. [press-release]

RAISON D'ETRE -- "Prospectus I (Redux Version)" -- 2 CD -- €16
1993/2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD173
Dark Ambient / Industrial. A stunning blend of the modern soft gothic sound and the timeless chants of Catholic rituals. It is at once a beautiful sound, yet also filled with melancholy. Archaic layers of string sounds, bells and choirs are intermingling with heavy drums and industrial loops creating an unsettling and threatening background atmosphere whilst spleen and sweetness forms the foreground... 'Prospectus I' became the first CD album by raison d'être, originally released in 1993 by Cold Meat Industry. In order to celebrate the 20th years anniversary it has now been made available as a reduxed and enhanced 2CD album. All the sounds has been restored and re-recorded from source and all the tracks has been carefully mixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with the modern standards for high quality audio. 'Prospectus I' with related tracks can for the first time be experienced with superior audio quality and well balanced mixes. The first disc mirroring the tracks of the original album and the second disc contains a major selection of tracks from the 'Prospectus I' session previously available on the 'Lost Fragments' and 'Collective Archives' collections. [press-release]

RAPOON -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 6" -- 2 CD -- €15
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 246-2, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Tribal. 4 years have passed since the publication of the previous part of "Seeds in the Tide vol. 5". So it's high time to release the next volume in a compilation series containing rare Rapoon tracks scattered across a variety of smaller releases and compilations. The sixth part contains recordings from the years 2013-2016, mainly from the 7" EPs "Moon and Cups Quarter 1-4", "Calling the Rain" and several compositions prepared for the purposes of variety compilations, appearing in the same period of time. The first album "Keepsakes and Oddities from 2013-2016" is complemented by the recording of the Rapoon concert, which took place in the summer of 2013 during the Gorlice Ambient Festival... Two-disc album released in six-panel digipack, limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RIGOR MORTISS -- "Klechdy (OST)" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 235-2, (ltd. 350)
Industrial Rock / Experimental / Soundtrack. Rigor Mortiss aka Małgorzata Florczak, Jacek Sokołowski & Maciek Stoliński are the foundation (as there are some guest artists appearing from time to time) of a Polish alternative/industrial rock band active since the early 90s. For sound reference we recommend checking out their 2019 album “Wbrewny” released by Zoharum... “Klechdy” (Folk Tales) is a soundtrack to a 2018 short and critically acclaimed film of the same title. Movie tells the story of a young African who finds himself in a Polish village in the middle of nowhere and troubles he encounters. If you ever get the chance to watch it - you definitely should. Don’t take our word for it. The film has been awarded by many festivals around the globe: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Toronto Redline Independent Film Festival, Ciudad de Mexico International Film Festival, Bloodstained Indie Film Festival in Tokyo, Five Continents Film Festival in Venezuela to name a few (out of about 25, so...)... Given that it's film music it varies in style and tone. From narrative and holding in suspense electronics to some proper heavy riffage. “Klechdy” is a horror movie so don’t expect light treatment as the soundtrack is an integral part and a proper representation of what you see on the screen. Last track deserves special mention as guest vocals appear courtesy of CB Mvula - actor playing main character in the movie. The song brings reminiscence of 90s rapcore/Rage Against The Machine era... Golden CD edition of 350 copies comes in outsized ecopack. [label info]

ROSE SOBCHAK -- "Love Shy Clown" -- CD-R -- €6
2021 Torga Amun, Amun-144, (ltd. 15)
Noise / Experimental. Smart harsh noise from Moscow decided to be a little sad. [label info]

SHUMOVOY ZAYATS (NOISE HARE) -- "Best Of The Best Of The…" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2022 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_71, (ltd. 13)
Noise. In the conditions of self-isolation of 2020, this project was created, which eventually spawned seven audio cassettes with homemade noise. The PAPER MOON REPUBLIC now brings to your attention a small slice of selected material from that time. Just over two hours of deliciously sizzling dada-madness, made with love and family values... 2xCD-R with printing on the surface, packed in Double-Half-DVD-box. [label info]

SIJ -- "The Time Machine" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cryo Chamber, CRYO 057
Dark Ambient / Drone. The Ukrainian project SiJ explores Time Travel on the album The Time Machine. The Time Machine propels us forwards and backwards in time. From ancient civilization, where the chatter reverberates in clouded temples. To our impending doom in a future stripped of humanity. A grinding squeal as the paradox cracks reality. At our feet blue skies reflected in a desert of broken mirrors... Warm soothing field recordings mix with bright overlays and distant instruments. Taking the help of Textere Oris, Particula, Wandering Wind and others, this album is as detailed as it is complex... For lovers of atmospheric drone and field recording. [label info]

SILENT UNIVERSE -- "The Infinity Coordinates" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cryo Chamber, CRYO 087, (ltd. 500)
Space Dark Ambient / Drone. Belarussian musician Pavel Malyshkin (Ugasanie) presents us with his dark space project Silent Universe. Explore the anomalies that lurk in the infinite dark. Listen to magnetic readings of dark space as you probe the unexplored. This album brings dark rumbling sounds in the raw isolated style that is Pavel's expertise. Recommended for fans of space ambient. [label info]

SPHYXION -- "3" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 243-2, (ltd. 300)
Synthwave / Minimal / Electro. Sphyxion returns with a second studio album for Zoharum and a third studio album at all. The musicians develop their own minimal synthwave formula, introducing it into completely new sound areas. This electronic incarnation of brothers Frederic and Olivier Charlot is a peculiar development of the musical formula of the Maninkari project (the main formation of the Charlot brothers), enriching it with a slightly mechanical, stronger, constantly pulsating rhythm. Despite the fact that the material follows the synthwave convention, it still carries a lot of plasticity, inherent in the richness of sounds, from many intricately woven from scraps of melodies ornaments. They create an atmosphere that evocatively affects the imagination of the listener by combining consciously the classical instruments and electronics in their own way. The musicians could have acquired that illustrative nature of their works both from their academic education and considerably rich experience gained e.g. while working on sounding theatrical performances or composing movie scores. CD folded in six-panel ecopack and limited to 300 copies. [label info]

THEATER OF POISON -- "Ray Machines" -- CD -- €10
2001/2022 Destroyed Room Tapes, DRTCD-01 / Fulldozer Records, FDCD44, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Industrial / Darkwave. "Ray Machines" is the long-awaited reissue of the cult Theater Of Poison album, originally released on a small-edition CD-R in 2001 by the label No Music... The psychedelic musical and poetic project Theater Of Poison (pronounced in Russian - "Teatr yada") was formed in Moscow in 1997. The band's mysterious music, difficult to describe, was characterized by the project participants as "trimelodeclamative suprematism, psychorealism and post-nihilism" and evoked myriads of associations ranging from psychedelia of the 60s, early industrial of the 70s and the gothic scene of the 80s to the work of Coil, Current 93 and The Legendary Pink Dots. The otherworldly and unique lyrics of the project leader N.Yan (aka Yan Nikitin), due to the large number of "intertextual quasi-poetic images", makes one remember Rimbaud, Lautreamont and Khlebnikov, but in general, the music of the Theater of Poison most resembles the art of painting. In October 2012 the not-from-this-world poet, musician, vocalist and painter Yan Nikitin passed away, leaving behind a vast creative legacy, which most have yet to figure out... The album "Ray Machines", recorded in 2000, did not become a turning point for Russian independent music only because the group Theater Of Poison at that time was in the deep underground and did not care about its "promotion" at all. However, later this record was firmly established in the audio collections of motivated listeners and music connoisseurs and greatly influenced the Russian experimental indie scene. In 2021, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the album, the labels Destroyed Room Types and Softunderground reissued "Ray Machines" on double vinyl. Especially for this purpose, a new mastering of the album was made in the Mosfilm tonstudio, on which sound engineer Anatoly Ryasov worked with the direct participation of musicians of the Theater Of Poison - Pavel Doreuli, Petr Molchanov and Sergei Zaroslov. And now the album "Ray Machines" is being reissued on CD with beautiful artwork... The CD is supplemented with a 12-page booklet with lyrics, drawings, collages and photographs; many of the materials presented are published for the first time. Special attention should be paid to the introductory article written by Fedor Svolotch (Theodor Bastard), which includes the memories of the band members about the recording of the album. [label info]

THEATER OF POISON -- "Ray Machines" -- CD -- €15
2001/2022 Destroyed Room Tapes, DRTCD-01 / Fulldozer Records, FDCD44, (ltd. 100)
Special edition: digipak, 12-page booklet, 3 cards, additional bonus track, other CD design. Limited edition of 100 copies.

UGASANIE & XERXES THE DARK -- "Abysmal" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cryo Chamber, CRYO 098, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark team up on this album exploring the darkest depths of the ocean. The walls croak as you find your balance in the swaying research ship. A week in this storm is enough to make any mans stomach turn, but today you enter the depths of the ocean. You slap some pills into your food hole and climb to deck, the bathyscaphe stands ready. You're 10 hours deep into the ocean when the power goes out. What the hell is going on up there? The darkness outside is thick, snake-like shadows worm around the vessel. Your trembling hand pushes down on the radio transmitter button, it's dead... For lover of deep drone and isolated soundscapes, you want to swim with the leviathan? This is your album. [label info]

ULESA -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 236-2, (ltd. 300)
Ritual Ambient / Tribal. Ulesa is an entity of unknown origin and prefers to stay that way. What we're dealing with here is a short but rewarding album of dark and ritual tribalism. This is about a half hour ride of rhythmic ambience. Strongly reverbed voices are playing the main role here. We're not sure if they are more of ritual chantings or echoes of tormented souls crying upon their fate. Nonetheless they set the eerie yet beautiful tone for the record. Drum parts are very hypnotic and trumpet and piano sounds add a cinematic touch making the tracks progress smoothly from one to another... Despite the grim atmosphere and pretty intense tribal drumming the sound design of the album is extremely pleasant and it's hard to pull your ears away from it... If you're about to have a gothic date this will probably be your choice of a soundtrack for the night as you'll just leave Ulesa looped until dawn. [press-release]

VIDNA OBMANA -- "The River Of Appearance" -- CD -- €12
1996/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 239-2, (ltd. 450)
Ambient. Looking through our publishing calendar recently, it is easy to notice that the Belgian artist's releases appear in it regularly. The 6 titles published so far are part of an informal publishing series, consistent by the layout, based on black and white photographs of flowers by Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries's wife. Today, "The River of Appearance" joins this series - a special album in the rich discography of VIDNA OBMANA, refined in every detail, both in terms of sound, composition and creating a favorable aura while listening to it. With every minute, the music seeps lazily, filling the entire environment with a rich palette of sounds from flutes, ocarina, harmonica and percussion, perfectly harmonizing with loops and electronic structures; pulsating delicately and setting the rhythm of our breathing while relaxing. In this way, feedback occurs - music is perceived in a favorable atmosphere. On "River ..." we touch the delicate, sublime musical matter, woven from eight miniatures, making up an exceptionally coherent concept. This album has all the elements that define ambient as a music genre. It is considered to be one of the most important albums in its category, along with the most recognized works for ambient music. [label info]

VITALIY OVCHINNIKOV QUINTET -- "Displacements" -- CD -- €10
2021 Extra Notes, EN 003
Free Improvisation / Avantgarde Jazz. Displacements is a piece in seven parts based on graphic scores with elements of parametric composition. Mobility of several parts, imprecise notation and absence of hard metrorhythmic structures allow musicians to interpret freely both form and content of the piece. However, atonal melodic lines and rhythmic constructions repeating through the piece add a necessary element of stability to the musical material... Vitaliy Ovchinnikov Quintet is: Ignat Khlobystin (flute), Ilia Belorukov (alto sax), Viktor Arkharov (bass clarinet), Vitaliy Ovchinnikov (guitar), Vladimir Pecheritsa (piano). [label info]

ZINC ROOM -- "Carrion" -- CD -- €12
2022 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 030, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Industrial. New mini-album (27 mins) of the Russian musician and head of the Evil Dead Productions label Alexander "I" noticeably differs in its mood from his previous works. If earlier these often were roaring industrial/noise tracks full of metal percussion and distorted bass guitar, here we have more subtle and ritualistic sound. Hoarse incantations and ecstatic mutterings, catchy ringing of a mouth harp, nocturnal chirping of crickets and marshy choir of frogs are combined with abstract ambient synth passages. The percussion and bass guitar are still there, but they have now faded into the background in the overall sound picture, creating an industrial backdrop for these post-urban rituals... The album is released in a deluxe package: a fold-out cardboard cover and an 8-panel A5 photo album printed on thick paper, plus an additional postcard.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Africa Continent" -- CD -- €12
2019/2020 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG048
African music is as diverse as the topography of the land itself, and is said to be comprised of literally thousands of different styles of music. But many experts of regional music tend to separate African music into two distinct groups: North African Music, which is strongly Arabic and Islamic in nature, and Black African music, or that which is centralized in the Western, Central and Sub Saharan regions of Africa... So many iconic Western musicians have incorporated African instrumentation, ideas and ideals into their music. And ultimately there is an almost infinite variety of music forms, most of which, on some level, have been produced as a result of African music, or influenced by it. Whether Western instruments have evolved from ancient African models, or whether we have adopted our knowledge in terms of rhythms and cross rhythms, various scalic patterns, and the basic evolution of melody and harmony, Western music undoubtedly owes an immeasurable debt of gratitude to the African peoples for their wisdom, insight and creativity... During recent decades we've witnessed more and more of the inverse phenomenon, with African musicians absorbing styles and trends developed in Western countries, so that at last the circle has closed. Finally, then, we can embark on our "unexplained sounds" journey into Mother Africa... Artists: FRKTL, Abdellah M. Hassak, Ahmed Saleh, Victor Gama, Eryck Abecassis, Healer Oran, Mehdi Halib, In_o, Nur, 1§ÅdØrÅ dµ§+m1+(∑) jµnk, AMET. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Indonesia" -- CD -- €12
2020 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG058
For many centuries Indonesia, from the Malay Peninsula throughout the vast archipelago, has been subjected to successive foreign cultural invasions which have left their deep imprint on the indigenous way of life. Among the first was the Mongolian intrusion from central Asia. A later cultural wave came from India when Hindu merchants and immigrants introduced Hinduism and Buddhism into the islands. Subsequently, about the 13th century A.D. Islamic influences penetrated the archipelago. Finally in the 16th century, Western culture and Christianity came into the picture. Although, after four centuries, Western civilization has by no means superseded the Islamic hold on Indonesia (90% of the population are Muslims), it has already reshaped the outward appearance of Indonesia life to a considerably extent. The cultural diversity is naturally reflected in the music... In the current globalized and digital communications-dominated era, influences from the Western world become more and more evident, in everyday life, as well in popular art and music from Indonesia. But listening to the tracks included in this compilation presented by Unexplained Sounds Group, you’ll discover how traditional Indonesian music, even in its more 'primitive' forms, as well in the very elaborate and developed ones from Javanese and Balinese tradition, are still very much recognizable. The current mix of influences in the experimental and avant-garde music from this region has resulted in an extremely fascinating kaleidoscope of sounds.... Artists: Senyawa, Asangata, Wukir Suriyadi, Gaung Jagat Ensemble, Stylucipher, Patrick Hartono, The Resonance of ((( US ))), SAABA, Theonugraha, Dadang Dwi Septiyan, Rully Shabara, Genta Nirvana, Artmosf. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Electroacoustic Lebanese Music" -- CD -- €12
2018/2020 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG047
Following the Second World War (1945-1949), Beirut established itself as the cultural capital of the Middle East, with the Lebanese music scene leading the way. Lebanese music has a distinct sound due to the country’s unique fusion of Western and Eastern influences. Even Lebanese folk compositions often reference Western contemporary music. After 15 years of civil war and a decade of post war rehabilitation, the situation of alternative art and especially music was very poor in Lebanon. Things began to change around 2000 with the arrival of a new generation of musicians, born at the beginning and during the war, more interested in experimental art forms than in fame or glory. The experimental music scene in Beirut, may exist in relative geographic isolation from other global movements of a similar ilk, but over the past fifteen years it has become a dynamic hub for a dense concentration of fiercely independent musical voices. From humble beginnings and tiny numbers, the close-knit community has grown and thrived... Unexplained Sounds Group is proud to release an anthology of the contemporary electroacoustic music from Lebanon. As always the compilation doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive of the whole Lebanese experimental scene, being the main goal, simply to turn on a spotlight on it. Another chapter of the "experimental surveys" series to map the best upcoming music from the international underground scene... Artists: Tony Elieh, Marc Codsi, Two Or The Dragon, Jad Atoui, Charbel Haber, Stress Distress, Youmna Saba, Ziad Moukarzel, Fadi Tabbal, Joseph Doumet, Sharif Sehnaoui + Charles Cohen. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia" -- CD -- €12
2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG072, (ltd. 200)
The electronic music emanating from the Scandinavian region encompasses a vast universe and has a long tradition behind it. In 1964 the electronic music studio EMS in Stockholm opened as a conventional analogue studio, its primary intention being to build the world’s most advanced hybrid studio and to conduct an international research program into sound and sound perception. Since then the Scandinavian electronic music scene has continued to flourish decade upon decade, culminating in the most recent ambient and minimalistic sound shapes. Unexplained Sounds Group, started researching Scandinavian electronic and experimental music in 2015 when it published the Scandinavian experimental underground 015 survey. A second anthology was released 2016, its remit being much wider than the first, and entitled Northern Lights - The Scandinavian experimental 016 survey. Both of them were published in digital format only, but finally a CD edition containing a selection of 12 tracks from those compilations emerges into the light. This is an appropriate tribute to an experimental electronic music scene that is still evolving and growing, and as such the Unexplained Sounds network will continue to chart its ever-expanding boundaries as the future unfolds... Artists: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Andreas Karperyd, Lars Bröndum, Øystein Jørgensen, Havdis, Dödsapparaten, VÄäristymä, Claus Poulsen, Untermensch, Castana, Jurko Haltuu, Sysselmann. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Experimental Music From China" -- CD -- €12
2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG070, (ltd. 200)
China’s experimental music and sound art scene began to take shape in the post-Tiananmen era in the late 1990s. A few musicians from the mainland’s underground music scene started to experiment with new ways of making music while the music industry co-opted the once revolutionary and independent rock music scene. The Hong Kong based experimental musician Dickson Dee and the U.S. based artist Dajuin Yao introduced Western avant-garde, experimental music to the mainland through the Internet and through the organization of music tours and festivals. The practice and spread of sound art, particularly installation and performative kinds, was made possible partially by venues such as contemporary art galleries and studios that have come to flourish in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Developed outside of academic and official institutions, China’s sound art and experimental music scene encompasses noise music, experimental music, free improvisation, sound performance art, and sound installation. [Wang Jing] The Unexplained Sounds Group is proud to present an anthology of experimental music from China, showcasing veteran musicians alongside many young and promising artists from the contemporary underground music scene: Chunyang Yao (姚春旸), Liu Yiwei (刘一纬), Baishui (白水), ruò tán (若潭), LiangYiYuan (梁奕源), Broken Thoughts, Vavabond, Yingshui Dijiang (英水帝江), Hualun (花伦), Feng Jiangzhou (丰江舟), Li Yilei (李亦蕾), Aplx, Hong Qile (洪启乐), Sun Wei (孫瑋), Xu Cheng (徐程), Li Daiguo (李帶菓). [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan" -- CD -- €12
2022 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG073
Modern-day noise music has escaped the preserve of academics and avant-garde thinkers, uniting conservatory-trained and untutored participants from the worlds of punk, jazz, metal, contemporary classical, electronic music, and sound art in an exuberant and egalitarian collision. While noise conjures up the image of a cacophonous maelstrom of sound, contemporary improvisers utilize a much broader tonal palate, often offsetting abrasive textures with environmental sound, field recordings, and even silence. This is especially true in Japan, which has become a global center for the genre. Artists including Haino Keiji, Merzbow, Ōtomo Yoshihide, and Hijōkaidan rank among the scene’s most respected and influential names. So synonymous, in fact, is the country with this style of music that the term “Japanoise” was coined to provide a convenient catch-all. Some of the elements of traditional Japanese music seem to a novice like mere “noise” and have clear parallels in modern experimental music: a relative absence of harmony; the dissonant tonal clusters produced by banks of shō mouth organs in the court music called gagaku; the spluttering, wheezing, trills and flutter-tonguing of the shakuhachi; the stop-start rhythms, droning, repetitive vocals, and shrill, unmelodious flute of nō and kyōgen drama; the strident, uartertone jōruri narration and plink-plonk samisen that accompany bunraku puppet theater; and the gaping silences and austere arpeggios plucked out on traditional string instruments like the koto and biwa. No wonder a music coming from the merging of such tradition with new music developments from the West had to take its direction to something “other”. [David McMahon] This anthology of experimental music from Japan showcases the young generation of musicians alongside established names and provides an insight into the current experimental scene, confirming the adventurous character of the Japanese music research: Tukico, Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki, Ryo Murakami, Mosquito, Kenji Ikegami, Minamiryohei, Masayuki Imanishi, Kazuya Ishigami, Kakushin Nishihara, Lynne, Contagious Orgasm, Yuko Araki, Fuguli, MC LAS x ブドウフウセンホコリ( PPTV + NEP ). [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Exploratory Music From India" -- CD -- €12
2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG071
The new Unexplained Sounds Group’s compilation of exploratory music and sound works from India intends to present a comprehensive collection of sonic practices that have emerged from the desire to break away from India’s traditional sounds, e.g. classical music and folk tunes, while simultaneously drawing on ideas and inspirations from these lineages and auditory heritages in the form of recurring motifs and sonorities as well as textures and open-ended compositions. The fragile but complex connection between tradition and modernity is the crucial point of entry in this body of works contributed by Indian-born sound artists and experimental musicians. What is ‘sound art’ and what is ‘experimental’ can be debated at length, but sound art is a Western construct, and experiment is something Indian musicians have long been engaged in whilst keeping their traditions alive and transformative. What is new in this compilation is locating the tension between historical trajectories of sound thinking and the intervention of modernist technologies like recording and mixing that the artists continue to negotiate through their interpretations and reconfigurations of temporality and spatiality. That is why the western invention of CD as a form of sonic object-hood can be a constraint for Indian sound practitioners. This compilation therefore asks its listener to consider the CD just a trace of the sound experience, while the actual listening is ephemeral. This spatiotemporal tension uncovers a few questions around (de)coloniality and its shadows on emerging sonic practices in South Asia with new perspectives. The release, co-curated by Raffaele Pezzella and Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, contributes to the ongoing research Connecting Resonances that encourages critically listening to the sound practices and auditory cultures in the Global South with an interest in sonic confluences and decoloniality, to stand on the right side of music history. [Budhaditya Chattopadhyay] Artists: Surabhi Saraf, Clarence Barlow, JESSOP & CO, Ish Sherawat, Rajesh Mehta, Sukanta Majumdar, Farah Mulla, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Hemant Sreekumar, Bidisha Das, Debashis Sinha, Varun Desai, Sandeep Bhagwati.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music" -- CD -- €12
2019/2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG056
After more than three years, the Unexplained Sounds Group releases a CD version of the previously only digital “Persian experimental underground survey”, one of the most recognized anthologies focusing on experimental and alternative music from Iran. It includes 4 digital bonus tracks, a new cover artwork and was re-mastered for the cd version. Initially, the compilation was released under the banner “Iranian” experimental music survey, but due to political issues with Iran it was put into the black list, so we had to change the title to avoid being blocked on various digital platforms. We want to thank Mohamad Reza a lot for his help in discovering the stunning experimental music scene in Tehran. This work is dedicated to the memory of Elias Leon Vivas, brilliant music critic and dear friend. [Raffaele Pezzella] Music is imprinted into Persian culture pre-dating Islam by more than 1400 years. By the time of its arrival in Iran in the 7th century, Persians had already developed the core of the theoretical framework of music of Middle Eastern origin still valid to this day. The 12th Century represented a point of departure as Sufism penetrated Persian culture and poetry became intertwined with music. By surveying avant-garde music in Iran, Unexplained Sounds Group has made their first incursion outside “western culture” into a highly fertile ground. Not surprisingly, this journey has been handsomely rewarded. The sample consists of high quality tracks where we found a wide range of unique voices and compositional styles resulting in a mature body of work. Upon listening to these remarkable artists you are left wondering if there is a better cultural fit than Iran for experimental music to develop outside the west. [Elias Vivas] Artists: Tehransmission, Umchunga, Idlefon, Bicolor, Nyctalllz, NUM, idft, Spectro Duo, Xerxes The Dark, Ostanes, Alphaxone, S.S.M.P.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Hauntology In UK" -- CD -- €12
2022 Eighth Tower Records, ETR034
Dark Ambient / Experimental. “Hauntology” is one of those difficult philosophy words that seems designed to exist on the margins of our consciousness. The term originates in the work of the notorious Algerian-born French philosopher Jacques Derrida, and is first mentioned in his book Specters of Marx, which was originally delivered as a series of lectures at the University of California in 1993. In Derrida, the concept of hauntology is very much a political one. But the word "hauntology" has gained the currency it has today thanks to Mark Fisher, philosopher, cultural critic and blogger, who took his own life in 2017. Fisher has posthumously assumed the sort of legendary status reserved for thinkers considered to be among the most important or insightful of their time. In Fisher’s view, the 21st century is oppressed by a crushing sense of finitude and exhaustion; the current cultural moment is “in the grip of a formal nostalgia”, in which ostensibly “new” things are produced only through the imitation and pastiche of old forms. It was originally as a way of understanding the “loss of the future” that Fisher – in correspondence with the music critic Simon Reynolds – began to invoke the concept of hauntology... This project by Eighth Tower Records is dedicated to the memory of Mark Fisher. Special thanks to all musicians who joined it: ROBIN STOREY (RAPOON), GAVIN MORROW (GREY FREQUENCY), ROBIN THE FOG (HOWLROUND), RAFFAELE PEZZELLA (SONOLOGYST), MICHAEL BONAVENTURE, ELLEN SOUTHERN (and THE DEAD SPACE CHAMBER MUSIC BAND), PASCAL SAVY, DREW CARPENTER (FORESEER). We all paid a tribute to Mark Fisher, to the past as well as to all the lost futures, but still we forward with hope in our eyes. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Museum II" -- CD -- €9
2022 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 029, (ltd. 60)
Dark Ambient / Ritual / Industrial / Dark Jazz. New compilation with seven tracks from four projects from the Russian label Evil Dead Productions (the first "Museum" was released in 2017). From ghostly industrial dark ambient of CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS to ritual shamanism of SOL MORTUUS, from rugged metallic percussion noise of ZINC ROOM to abstract avantgarde ambient-jazz of CHAOTIC BOUND SYSTEMS. The edition is limited to 60 copies and comes in a foldout cardboard sleeve with an insert.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Music For Abandoned Cold War Places" -- CD -- €12
2020 ZeroK, ZK03
Dark Ambient / Drone / Industrial. Since the 1978 Brian Eno album Music For Airports, subsequent attempts to produce music to create sonorous ambient textures and/or to describe environments through sound have been numerous. With this present compilation, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (SONOLOGYST), ZeroK (in collaboration with GAVIN MORROW, JOEL GILARDINI, ESA J. RUOHO, HEIKKI LINDGREN, ANDRÉS FALIU, DANI KLOOB, ADRIANO RAGNI, MATTEO SCAIOLI, EVGENY PUSTOTA, VALTER ABREU, JARKO M. HEDENIUS, JANNE LIIMATAINEN, JETON HOXHA, JAMES KEELER and WIL CLAEYS) provide sound descriptions of abandoned Cold War places, as part of a wider project focused on abandoned, decommissioned, or even vanishing places. As the decades pass these places will become icons of past ages, existing somewhere between history and modern myth. They currently occupy a Ballardian mental space where reality cannot be distinguished from ghostly parallel dimensions. [label info]


ART ABSCONS -- "Nach allen Regeln der Kunst" -- LP -- €35
2021 Opus Abscondi, OA005, (ltd. 300)
Modern Classical / Neofolk / Darkwave. Art Abscon's latest album was produced in 2020 and in perfect seclusion and tranquility. It holds a special secret - a secret that is the result of more than two years of research and preparations. Even if you do not know what it is, you will most certainly feel it. Art Abscon does not wish to talk about it, but has given away one hint: you would not be able to play along to this album with any instrument at your disposal; the music on this album is far outside standard musical conceptions... The album was mixed and mastered by Nathaniel Ritter (Kinit Her) - and it is thanks to him that this is Art Abscon's best sounding release so far. The 180g vinyl record in stylish black inner sleeves is housed in an elegant gatefold cover with a photograph of the Grandmaster taken by Pantalaimon Fotografie. This is Opus Abscondi's very first vinyl release! A reason to celebrate! [label info]

CYCLOFILLYDEA -- "Nebo v Pritsel / Koten'ka" -- 11" lathe-cut -- €13
2022 self-released, (ltd. 19)
Neofolk / Experimental / Rock. Two compositions recorded by the St. Petersburg project CYCLOFILLYDEA in memory of their comrade-in-arms Zhenya Tikhomirova, who passed away too early. Both songs were written on her poems: Alexey Sheptunov (MOON FAR AWAY) performed "Nebo v Pritsel" ("Sky in sight"), Maxim Danshin sang "Koten'ka" ("Kitten").

FAKE_TRAILERS -- "Sexercise" -- 7" lathe-cut + sex toy -- €30
2022 Nazlo Records, NzR181, (ltd. 40)
"suddenly, like a craft knife splitting the penis shaft - the release of the last hope of the Russian underground. when the city falls asleep, fake_trailers wake up! release information from the artist: Leonid Kotelnikov's Anal Institute presents a novelty: jerk off the ass with Fake Trainers. a unique remix of a famous song by the Fake Trailers Ensemble only on dubplate, approved by the association for the control and turnover of the Leonid Kotelnikov's anus. The set includes a butt jerker, a dubplate and a condom. Each set is unique. Consult your doctor before use." [label info] A single-sided lathe-cut record in a xeno-reflexive plastic bag with a unique sex toy from the author's collection.

KONSTRUKCIJA -- "s/t" -- LP -- €16
2014 Brouillard Definitif / Les Sons Paranormaux, BD/LSP 001, (ltd. 300)
Minimal / Electro / Experimental. More than a side-project, Konstrukcija stemmed from the reunion of Stropu Jurka (STROPS, VSKB, but also the radio show INTERVILNIS) and Gatis Druvaskalns (STARPLIKTUVE, CELMLAUZIS) in spring 2011 when the latter returned from a two-year long stay in the Netherlands. He brought his friend back a Casio MT-40, which he had bought for the modest sum of 5 euros. They started jamming and within a few days recorded several tracks for which the Casio, a Korg Monotron, an Estradin-230 and a diy noise box were utilized. In the end they came up with a full unreleased album. The texts allude to all their friends who have left Latvia to live abroad, as well as to those who have left forever by jumping from the cable-stayed bridge (Riga)... Their sound is very reminiscent of the analogical minimal electronic wave in the vein of early pioneers such as Kraftwerk, El Aviador Dro or Yellow Magic Orchestra to which they added that indescribable Latvian frostbitten atmosphere from a country where the winter temperature may fall to -30º C and winter lasts for half of the year... That was it officially… not until December 2012 when they started playing again in order to get prepared for a set which would be performed two months later in Paris, following an invitation from Les Sons Paranormaux. It is then that they very naturally thought of inviting Erlends Paičs – who had already been active within VSKB a few years earlier, most notoriously for a series of live sets programmed and organized by the above-mentioned organization... During the rehearsals of the set they partly covered their older tracks while improving their quality. By then a cozy relationship had been established between LSP and Thierry Müller, and the organization dared the band to once more cover a track by Ruth which had been played by some of the members a few years earlier, and for which the original singer would come on stage during the gig. Watchwords: Polaroid/Roman/Photo… which has also been included here in its studio version... Back home they played one more set and that was it. That was when LSP and Brouillard Definitif offered them (in 2013) to release their debut album. New tracks were recorded and added to some older ones, this is what is presented here. The design lays somewhere between Georgy Krutikov’s constructivism, the visuals held dear by post-industrial era lovers, and the Dadaist irony of the Deutsche Neue Welle. [label info]

MARBLE / DOLPHIN HOSPITAL -- "Underground Magic For Beginners" -- 11" lathe-cut -- €26
2022 Nazlo Records, NzR183 / Hair Del. Records, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Jazz / Ambient. Split-release of two Russian artists. 11" lathe cut records, in inner sleeves with printed artwork attached, printed labels and total lofi diy triumph, limited to 20 only.

MUNDAL, ARE / N.U.N. -- "Nocturnal Discombobulation" -- 7" -- €9
2021 Telesterion Records, 004, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Sound Collage. Dark atmospheric music from Norway's Are Mundal, who has written songs for albums such as ENSLAVED's "Isa" and IMMORTAL's "All Shall Fall", but who is probably best known for his photography of Fantoft stave church on the day it burnt down in 1992 which ended up as a cover photo for BURZUM "Aske" EP. "Dedicated to the fight against christianity, religion in general, and all destructive ideologies", this EP could be considered the follow up to Mundal's 2020 full-length "Nocturnal Perambulation" as it follows a similar vein. Ltd x 100 hand-numbered copies with artwork by Jack Edward Jaxson. Comes with two artcards. [Cold Spring]

VAN VELDHOVEN, WOUTER -- "De Arbeid / Труд" -- 11" lathe-cut -- €30
2022 Nazlo Records, NzR182, (ltd. 50)
Experimental / Musique Concrète. "let's get back to serious things - the long-awaited release of mr. veldhoven, which can only be said to be like fake_trailers among those who build their identity around cassette-reel forms of electromagnetic sound manipulation, like papa srapa, only in the netherlands, well, or what kind of earthy comparisons - like alexander nikolaevich scriabin before he became a synthesizer, like yannis xenakis, whose budget was cut off - in general, decide for yourself..." [label info] 11" one-sided lathe-cut records, second side silkscreened as well as 12" transparent sleeves, limited to 50.


ACCASARI -- "Wai" -- CS -- €8
2022 self-released
Ambient / Drone / Shoegaze. Moscow-based duo playing beautiful gentle introvert music with guitars and synths. Hand-painted cassette and case, without any text info.

AMOR -- "Danuta Bichel-Zahnietava" -- C-44 -- €13
2021 Nazlo Records, NzR177, (ltd. 40)
Experimental / Minimal Techno / Leftfield. "the long-awaited new release with the most serious production - ultraviolet printing that fits into the most secluded corners of cassette bodies - the long-standing corridor along the berlin-minsk-moscow axis has finally taken shape in one of the directions at the request of the observer or depending on his position - on the left is an advertisement for the Kuryokhin award - I recall the contextual "in general, Kuryokhin and I don't care which way to pump", imperishable, well, you understand, a very lyrical release, the cassette debut of the Belarusian poetess, all her 83 years she probably dreamed of being captured on cassettes with minimal techno from Berlin cellars and all that - but there were no technologies then, but now it seems they are, and now we can say that a person has lived almost to the singularity, what is it, if not accomplished cubo-futurism on earth..." [label info] New c44 tapes with UV-printed artwork on both sides and 2-sided j-card, limited to 40.

ARTEMEIDA / JUM-JUM / ACCASARI -- "Two Lives" -- C-60 -- €8<
2021 Noyade Records, NR-62
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. Two improvised live sessions, performed at the events of Moscow Noise Manufactory. The first one is a collaboration of Artemeida and Accasari recorded on 21.11.2021, the second one is a collaboration of Artemeida and Jum-Jum, recorded on 06.11.2021.

BELORUKOV, ILIA -- "A Fluteophone In The Forest" -- CS -- €9
2022 Raw Tonk, RT056, (ltd. 75)
Free Improvisation / Free Jazz / Field Recordings. St. Petersburg-based musician and multi-instrumentalist Ilia Belorukov plays alto fluteophone in a forest. Recorded on August 5-10, 2019 in the forest of Vologodskaya Oblast region, selected, mixed and mastered in 2019-2021. Pro-dubbed clear shell cassette, comes in a recycled cardboard case with individual lino-print artwork by Colin Webster.

BLACK FAUN -- "White Ghost" -- CS -- €7
2011/2021 E.C.T., #26, (ltd. 25)
Sound Collage / Free Improvisation / Musique Concrete. Limited edition - reprint on double "A-side" C60 cassette of the very first album of Greek experimental, impro, noise duo Black Faun, ten years after the 1st CDr edition. Black Faun are Littlebear (mr clarinet boy guitar spectre domestic loops beats not drums magifuzz radio gnome whistles scratch and zippers) and Salvo (casio warrior tapes disharmonica baglama broken toys invocation musicbox zipriff mix noise words cracks and voices). [label info]

BONCH-BRUEVICH, RACHEL -- "48" -- C-48 -- €15
2022 Nazlo Records, NzR184, (ltd. 30)
Piano / Lo-Fi. "another found tape by Rachel - only as a transparent cassette with #48 on it. it is supposed to be released separately later, if we will be able to do this, but now we decided to release it digitally and physically on ARXIV compilation we prepared for a long time on a flash drive in a still box for 16mm film... dublicated straight from the original master, new transparent tapes with one side UV printed with one of the found pictures and another one in the cover of 2-sided printed j-card, limited to 30." [label info]

CYBER SURFER 3D -- "Biosphere 0.2" -- CS -- €7
2022 Global Pattern, glo124, (ltd. 25)
Ambient / New Age / Vaporwave. New album from the project based in Portland, OR. Cyber Surfer 3D draws inspiration from the local nature - the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Slowed down samples, soundscapes and space synths.

CYCLOFILLYDEA feat. ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI -- "Stanotte M'e' Dolce Morire / Love Supreme" -- CS -- €9
2022 Hvedrungrsmil Records
Neofolk / Industrial. Two tracks recorded by the Russian project CYCLOFILLYDEA with the participation of the Italian maestro Damiano Mercuri, the creator of the famous European dark neo-folk band ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI. The track "Stanotte m'e' Dolce Morire" was previously released on the CD-album "Do you remember the melody of light?" "Love Supreme" is an absolutely new material, which was recorded with the participation of many famous personalities, such as Sergey Letov, Alexey Sheptunov (MOON FAR AWAY) and others. This composition is the first single for the forthcoming new album of the band... Golden cassettes with foamed silk-screen printing.

DYAMUR -- "Biosphere ZeroOne: The Museum Of Preapocalyptic Nature" -- CS -- €7
2021 Global Pattern, glo136, (ltd. 25)
Ambient / Vaporwave / Solarpunk. "Welcome to the museum of the extinct bioma, a memory of not so warm weather, a place for a whole family vacation. Enjoy the air produced naturally by photosynthesis. Please remember that all the organic specimen are fragile. Enjoy your visit and hope you'll learn some things..." [label info]

E.A. (ENTRATA APERTA) -- "The Mirror Sheds Tears" -- C-60 -- €10
1995/2021 S.E.C.T., SECT013, (ltd. 50)
Experimental Ambient / Industrial. E.A. was a project of the Italian musician Raffaele Gallucci, who also ran the label Contaminated Productions. He described E.A. as a kind of ghost project or ghostly collective. The individuals involved in the creation of the music changes with each project, as well as the meaning of the letters E.A. This is the reissue of E.A.'s work from 1995, originally released on cassette by Autoproduzioni Ana Peste. The reissue comes in hand-painted A5 size envelope, including a poster and a 12-page fanzine / booklet.

EGREGOROS & ZHE -- "Oblivion Lake Bottom" -- C-60 -- €9
2021 Psychomor Rec.
Industrial / Drone / Noise / Lo-Fi. A live collaboration album of two underground projects from St. Petersburg.

EMAZTEGAIAK / PHLGZ -- split -- CS -- €7
2021 E.C.T., #25, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Emaztegaiak is a power electronics duo from Euskal Herria, entirely sung in Basque, integrated by two classics of Iberian noise: XEDH and TUBE TENTACLES. PHLGZ is the solo drone / ambient noise project of the vocalist from the band WORMED. [label info]

IAETUN -- "Älloffwo" -- C-36 -- €10
2022 self-released
Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth. Side-project of WAGNER ÖDEGÅRD.

IAETUN -- "Glámur Helblár" -- C-34 -- €10
2022 self-released
Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth. Side-project of WAGNER ÖDEGÅRD.

IF, BWANA + EMERGE -- "Unknown Legacies" -- CS -- €7
2021 Nazlo Records, NzR180, (ltd. 40)
Experimental / Electroacoustic. Two live gigs recorded in October 2018. IF, BWANA: clarinet, objects, recording. EMERGE: live processing, loops, effects, voice samples, field recordings, recording, mastering. Recycled transparent tapes and 2-sided printed j-card, artwork by Agendathnetaim.

INFAME ESPOSITO -- "First Breath As Machine" -- CS BOX -- €10
2021 self-released / E.C.T. Distribution, 0004, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Dark Ambient. The second album of the Italian artist from the 80s, self-released as a box-set containing a 16-page booklet, a handmade card and a sticker. Limited to 50 numbered copies.

INIZIAZIONI -- "Cosmo!" -- C-26 -- €8
2022 Dödens Kultur, DK№11, (ltd. 23)
Dark Ambient / Drone / Lo-Fi. The second full-length of the enigmatic fundamentalist project Iniziazioni sounds nothing like their first cassette, released a month earlier by Moscow-based label Invisible Animals. Here, in five canvases of the symphonically aristocratic cosmological Lo-End Space Dark Ambient / Drone, megalomaniacally openeing up are cold cosmic overflow, deafeningly psychedelic songs of the planets, the holy madness of Jakob Boehme and Otto Rahn. Iniziaizioni mystically travel through the bottomlessly deep and mercilessly fair Universe, through the damp moan of the planets in the porthole and the insane crackle of docking blocks, drowning in the madness of the total Solaris vacuum in search of the Grail, whose name is eternal life in the endless cosmic chaos... Limited edition cassette in a standard box + two A3 posters. [label info]

JARL -- "Phonophobia" -- CS -- €9
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 240-2, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Drone. "Phonophobia" is a kind of continuation of the subject matter of the previous release. While "Hyperacusis" was an attempt to explore this phenomenon and has shown it through the sound and final composition of songs directly influencing the peculiar nature of the album, "Phonophobia" refers directly to the issue of psychology and clinical psychiatry, where, thanks to methodically developed sound structures, arranged and marked appropriately on the scale of impact i ntensity with numbers 1-3, it recreates the world of sounds, closed in the mind of a person suffering from this ailment. Here, the space is suddenly filled with high-intensity sound waves, stimulating the listener to active reception and strongly influencing his psyche (at the same time). The feeling of rising does not disappear here even for a moment and accompanies the last sound on the album. After it, there is absolute silence, becoming a counterpoint to the music that resounds in the head for some time... Once again, Erik Jarl takes an interesting topic into his workshop and realizes it in a peculiar and extraordinary way, providing his listeners with coherent, intriguing material and giving the opportunity to discover it multiple times with each subsequent listening session. [label info]

JUM-JUM -- "Ways and Waves" -- CS -- €9
2022 Utrovortu
Ambient / Drone. Second album of the Russian project Jum-Jum is released on cassettes with handmade artwork. This is what we know about this work: "Water surrounds us. It’s our constant companion and the biggest part of us. It’s in human weins, in tears, in wet air in the lungs, flows like continuous river from our birth to death. And so it is in outer world, where water has its own life in many cycles. Water vapors and clouds transform to rain drops, gather in tiny brooks and then in wide loud streams. Groundwater faces the surface by million murmuring springs. World ocean holds planet Earth in a tremendous and caring embrace..." [label info]

LEEZA SHUMOVA / MEMORY FAIL SAFE -- split -- C-90 -- €7
2021 Speed Dating Records, (ltd. 10)
Experimental. Speed Dating Records is an ultra lo-fi Moscow-based label which uses vintage 10-tape duplication deck to record live performances, thus all its releases are limited to 10 copies only. This split contains live recordings of LEEZA SHUMOVA and MEMORY FAIL SAFE, slowed two-fold and in extremely bad quality. Handmade covers by Agendathnetaim. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Arrow" -- C-60 -- €9
2021 Zaimka, (ltd. 10)
Field Recordings / Minimal / Experimental. An absolutely unauthorized emotion in the view from the fourth floor window. Nimble swifts stir in the hot air passing cars and workers of city services. Replacing communications, empathy, the opposite river bank and periodically passing trains. Emerging from under a heap of fittings, stone rivers and the too transparent water of sleep, you see another dream. A kind of representation that summarizes the sensations and petals of meaning, indefinite until the end. A non-pollinated mirror spreads over the palm without reflection. A free interpretation of a phrase that accidentally flew out is quickly pulled along the roadway by passing public transport and the wind. If you close the window and touch the body of the inaudible sound, then something common and connecting this strange set together will come. [label info]

MAYVAND QASUM / ROMBIX -- split -- C-90 -- €7
2022 Speed Dating Records, (ltd. 10)
Experimental. Speed Dating Records is an ultra lo-fi Moscow-based label which uses vintage 10-tape duplication deck to record live performances, thus all its releases are limited to 10 copies only. This split contains live recordings of MAYVAND QASUM and ROMBIX, made on January 27th, 2022 at High Castle, Moscow, lowed two-fold and not so bad quality after all. [label info]

MUKAI, TAKAHIRO -- "Spell" -- CS -- €7
2022 Nazlo Records, NzR179, (ltd. 40)
Experimental / Minimal / Rhythmic Electronics. "what gives us and has always given us calmness amidst storms and seethings, what elevates us above the world, what finally distinguishes us from animals - of course, cassettes with Japanese near-noise - this is where we will start the year, which by all signs will be delightful" [label info] Recycled cassettes with printed insert, limited to 40 copies.

MYKORIZA / YUDOL -- "st. Komarovo" -- C-90 -- €8
2021 Noyade Records
Drone / Ambient / Experimental. st. Komarovo – split release of the forest projects Mykoriza and Yudol. Mykoriza was recorded live in the village area Komarovo of St. Petersburg, Russia, witnessed by Evgeny Savenko, Alexey Korablin and Georgy Orlov-Davydovsky. The part of Yudol was recorded in the Koptevo district of Moscow, following the spirit of a joint improvisation.

P³O -- "Bla Atomce" -- C-60 -- €9
2021 Psychomor Rec.
Drone / Experimental. Improvised trio of underground musicians from Moscow and St. Petersburg: Andrey Vorobyov (EGREGOROS, II:II, ECHO COMA), Viktor Kiborgov (GARISH_CYBORG, UNDO TRIBE, Kill Ego label) and Arseny Alderverdovitch.

PARROTT, JAMES -- "The Sound of Silence Beneath the Ice" -- C-60 -- €7
2022 Zaimka, (ltd. 10)
Dark Ambient / Drone / Minimal. Viscous substance of water. The moment she stops. As a child, I loved to lie on the ice of the lake and watch how small fish flash under the ice, algae swim by. The sound of cracking ice ran at the very beginning of the crack. Endless expanses of white and a feeling of immensity... [from the author]

RUINS OF MELANCHOLIA -- "Heaviness Requiem" -- 2 C-90 -- €16
2021 Psychomor Rec., (ltd. 7)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Archival recordings of the project run by the Russian musician Andrey Vorobyov, now transformed into ἐγρήγορος and II:II. Two C90 cassettes in handmade packaging, three hour of hypnotic lo-fi drone music, only 7 copies made.

SIRATORI, KENJI & DAO DE NOIZE -- "Elizabeth Aldrich" -- CS -- €6
2022 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_69-2, (ltd. 7)
Noise / Dada / Experimental. Japanese-Ukrainian collaboration. A rustling and rhythmically arrhythmic DADA noise suite in a blue buzz frame. Otherworldly postmodern voices will sing a delicious lullaby to your consciousness. Recorded at recycled cassettes and packed in standart tape case with little sticker. Side B duplicates side A. 7 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

THE SNAIL -- "Vnevremennoe" -- C-60 -- €10
2021 Zaimka, (ltd. 10)
Field Recordings / Minimal. A conceptual project designed to periodically slow down the passage of time. The ability to stop and stare at the pixels of everyday life smeared on tape. The author of the project captures unique situational soundscapes. Recording is made directly to the master tape in an accelerated high-speed mode. Then the recording is replicated on cassettes in real time. No mastering is applied. Black plastic box + A4 poster. [label info]

TETTIX HEXER -- "The Vibrant And Buoyant Heart" -- CS -- €9
2022 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 144, (ltd. 150)
Ambient / Synth / Experimental. "In frantic outward movements the soft and liquid will prevail, a sigil of trust and fervour between agile and limber bodies. The wheel of love continues to turn, the vibrant and buoyant heart ascends forever..."

UKUJULA -- "Tahitiara" -- C-30 -- €7
2021 Global Pattern, glo056, (ltd. 25)
Ambient / New Age / Vaporwave from Russia. "Entering the realm of warmth, singing with the nature's polyphony, hiding and seeking, laying in the grass, flying away with the morning fog..." [label info]

WAVE RESISTANCE / META CHAOS -- "Union of Concerned" -- C-60 -- €8
2022 Noyade Records
Ambient / Experimental. Collaboration of two Russian experimental projects. Wave Resistance is a laboratory for experimental research in the field of electronic music. A philosophical journey to the other side of our world and consciousness using technogenic music. Wave Resistance is focused on idm, post-industrial, rhythmic noise, ambient and experimental electronic music. The project was based in Moscow in 2013 and moved to Canberra recently... Meta Chaos explores the auditory environment as a space for interaction and means of communication through collaborations with various artists. She does not have a specific stylistic orientation, however, due to her chaotic nature, tends to noise and abstract sketches. [label info]

IV. Back in stock

Θ -- "Total Division" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 229-2, (ltd. 350)
Dark Ambient / Drone Metal. Behind Θ (Theta) project stands Themistoklis Altintzoglou hailing from Greece and currently residing in Tromso, Northern Norway. He has been releasing music since 2013 and is also half of the duos METATAG and ISOLATION. Θ has been collaborating with MITSUMIDAI on Brazilian horror film soundtracks (Uptake Fear & the Hand), background music for podcasts and has contributed with soundscapes and atmospherics for TAU CROSS and WAR//PLAGUE albums... “Total Division” presents 9 mysterious, and doom-driven tracks that are drowned in distortion and reverb. On this album, Theta unleashes powerful, dense and textural music that you can almost touch. Altintzoglou states that his origins are rooted in hardcore punk and whatever it may be – punk, black or doom metal - you can clearly hear that guitar sound is the center of his inspirations and sources. As bold as this statement may be - MAEROR TRI comes to mind but put into contemporary context. This is the most ”metal” album we’ve released so far and couldn’t be happier about it. “Total Division” is the example of those rare situations, when the Artist reached out to us directly and we immediately knew we want to release this fantastic piece of work... CD edition of 350 copies comes in a 6 panel ecopack. [label info]

>O< -- "Aurinkoinen" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_8, (ltd. 45)
Mysterious Project >o< with a physical embodiment of a long-awaited album of 2014, which was previously distributed only via bandcamp. Retrospective of the psychedelic experience of walking through the pine forests of Ingermanland and mast meadows Privolhovya. Music of weary sun hallucinations for lazy sultry rituals without beginning or end. Listen and overgrown with dry of violet dust. Psychedelic/Drone Ambient/Abstract/Folk. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box. [label info]

ACCASARI -- "Calvin Cycle" -- C-30 -- €8
2021 Noyade Records
Ambient / Guitar Drone. Completely hand-painted cassettes and cases with no additional info.

ACCASARI -- "Litterae" -- CS -- €8
2021 Noyade Records
Ambient / Drone / Shoegaze. A project by the Moscow musician Peter Lx, who plays electric & acoustic guitars, bass & synths creating emonional shoegaze drones. Hand-painted cassettes and cases with no text info.

ACCASARI -- "Pale" -- C-74 -- €8
2020 Noyade Records
Ambient / Guitar Drone. Pale white cassette with craquelure on black.

ACCASARI -- "Phantom Leaves" -- CS -- €8
2021 Noyade Records
Ambient / Drone / Shoegaze. New album is dedicated to the almost passed summer 2021. Black & silver hand-painted cassettes & cases with silhouettes of leaves.

ANAMNESIS -- "Aldan" -- C-40 -- €6
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR153, (ltd. 40)
Minimal / Glitch. These are images of a dark and cold Siberia engraved in the memory of a child. It is about a high mountain where the snow never melts, about empty streets, about an exploited mighty nature, abandoned with its guts spilling out. It is about a shattered nuclear plant, and black mornings when the freezing air stings the skin with its chilly needles. Landscapes that the child observes quietly, within a very slow motion of time, on which children hover. [from the artist]

ANDERSSON, PETER -- "Sculpturing Time Fragments" -- CD -- €10
2010 Midnight Records, MN024, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. The new solo album from Peter Andersson - the mastermind behind Raison D'etre. Restrained and distant ambience sounding mixed with typical industrial elements like Raison D'etre. Time stops and rearranges here... Check it out if you are a Raison D'etre fan! [label info]

ANENZEPHALIA -- pin -- €10
Tesco Organisation
Metal pin with Anenzephalia logo. Glossy enamel, fastening on a spike. The dimensions are 42 x 25 mm. Image.

ATE & NOWA ZIEMIA -- "Substrate" -- CS -- €8
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 232-2, (ltd. 50)
Guitar Drone / Ambient. Artur Krychowiak (Nowa Ziemia) and Petar Petkov (ate) both hailing from Tricity in northern Poland join their forces to showcase mutual passion for guitar drones and harmony. Nowa Ziemia is not new to our roster and his collaboration with Petkov is his third installment for Zoharum. ate on the other hand has 2 albums released by Bulgarian Amek - a label close to our hearts. “Substrate” consists of 2 long, harmonic ambient tracks. Heavily processed guitars are surrounded by field recordings and subtle electronics creating soothing dronescapes. It’s one of those records which you can play all day long on repeat without fear of getting bored or annoyed, as with each listen you’ll discover new layers of musicality. This music is like a cushion for your mind giving it a sense of safety. [label info]

ATOMINE ELEKTRINE -- "The Deep Invisible" -- CD -- €10
2008 Vendlus Records, Vend032
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Peter Andersson is a must-know name in the world of dark ambient and industrial music. He’s the man behind Raison d’etre, Stratvm Terror, Bocksholm among many, previously released by Cold Meat Industry, Essence Music and Old Europa Cafe. Atomine Elektrine is described as a truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in the form of a masterful ambiance, filled with outbursts of energy and synthetic movements. “The Deep Invisible” is his 5th album as Atomine Elektrine, it is a journey of dark matter to outer and inner space, to the empty regions of the universe outside the ambience of celestial bodies and to the inner most subconscious manifestations of the mind. [press-release]

2020 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG064, (ltd. 200)
Neoclassical / Electroacoustic / Free Improvisation. The piano: the perfect balance between harmony and melody. Processing a piano is always an adventure; having 24 recordings of free improvisations performed by Francesco Arrighi and Mara Lepore is an incredible sound palette to have available. These recordings were deconstructed into individual phrases and micro fragments and then reassembled, both serially and in parallell, to follow a unifying compositional idea. At the same time the tracks were dilated and processed with filters, echoes and granulation techniques in order to create the right mix between the sound of the instrument and its electronic transformation. [Cristiano Bocci]

BUNKER -- "II" -- CD-R -- €12
2011 Agfa Archive, AGFA 02, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Power Electronics. : a return from the secret depths of a document buried in the ground : sound signatures under the camp-ringing echo : an angel of grace settled in a kennel, the prophet has a library - an ideological trap left to descendants : a prize for the invention of new methods of execution, columns of numbers on a transparent film grow before the eyes like a tree-flower of a demon : the skeletonized remains on the appellplatz are carried away by the wind, an endlessly monotonous repetition in the security cinema : the hissing sound of gas and forever remaining shadows, the commandant writes a letter to his wife and draws a guillotine at the end instead of a signature : in the shower room, a file cabinet, a forearm, a newcomer, with help, gas chamber trucks, the sum, poetry in the barrack : an aftertaste of alkali on the tongue, and a resonating concussion from broken tracks, gunpowder and a line of fire : two crossed triangles : a compact disc as gassing from audio systems : stop-play-reverse secret order in a whisper through breakwater of interference : organizing an action, deliberate simplification, counterpoint in agony, numbers, sacrifice... 11 tracks, 60 minutes, pro-CDr, 12-page art-book, postcard, stickers. [label info]

1998/2016 Cold Spring, CSR220CD
A legendary sound collaboration formed of two lengthy pieces. The first track features Andrew Chalk (Mirror, Ora, Ferial Confine) gently reworking the sound materials of Ralf Wehowsky (P16.D4). A hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone with waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches. The second piece, on the other hand, finds Ralf Wehowsky composing a frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from Andrew Chalk and Eric Lanzillotta (Eye Music). These pieces reflect a sound unique from the work of any of the three individual participants, but clearly related. Subtle, but full of detail for the willing listener. Originally issued as limited coloured vinyl only on Lanzillotta’s label Anomalous Records in 1998. Cover painting by Andrew Chalk. Remastered for CD from the original master recordings. Digipak. [label info]

CHANEY, NEIL -- "Aura (Original Soundtrack)" -- CD -- €11
2021 Cold Spring, CSR296CD
Dark Ambient / Neoclassical. We are very proud to release the original soundtrack by Neil Chaney to the British supernatural horror film "Aura" (aka The Exorcism Of Karen Walker). From the first notes, the incredibly evocative compositions feature huge swathes of cavernous Dark Ambient, with unsettling dark synths in the vein of the legendary '70's Italian Giallo horror. Quieter, and indeed sinister moments, are evoked by emotive strings, synths and piano, adding pathos and a melancholy atmosphere to the disturbing score... Aura: A couple discover Kirlian Photography apparatus in their new house. Intrigued by the concept of photographing peoples' Auras they unwittingly release an ancient evil. Only the local psychic can help and she knows far more than she reveals. Aura stars: Rula Lenska (a darling of British TV), Shane Taylor (Band Of Brothers), Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (Nemesis)... Composing film soundtracks since 2009, Neil Chaney was also the creative mind behind the cinematic dark ambient / fortean electronics act SATORI (2007-2008 with Justin Mitchell), releasing their acclaimed album 'Kanashibari', and the EP 'Contemptus Mundi' (feat Magus Peter H Gilmore, High Priest of the Church Of Satan). He was also the creator of early 90's Industrial act PESSARY. [label info]

CISFINITUM & PAHOM -- "93, 23!" -- C-90 -- €9
2021 Nazlo Records, NzR158, (ltd. 93)
Experimental / Sound Collage / Spoken Word. A weird collaboration of two Moscow-based artists: Evgeniy Voronovskiy aka CISFINITUM and Sergey Pahomov aka PAHOM. Recorded live at VIP Vtoroy Etazh on 2/06/2020 by Eugene Voronovsky (Cisfinitum). Voice and sounds by Sergei Pahomov recorded live while online translation from messenger to the mixer desk. “Hook of Schwernik” recorded 28/06/2020 at the Tower by Eugene Voronovsky, Sergey Pahomov and Leonid Kotelnikov aka FAKE_TRAILERS live and reworked by CISFINITUM. Track “Licht Brucke (ending)” also contains some loops and samples from THE GEROGERIGEGEGE EP. Used instruments: turntables, Organelle, FX processor, field recordings. Recycled c90 tapes with stickers and 2-pannel j-card signed by PAHOM! [label info]

COIL -- "A Guide For Beginners – The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers – A Hair Of Gold" -- 2 CD -- €14
2001/2020 Cold Spring, CSR288CD
Industrial / Experimental. Deluxe reissue of 2xCD 'Best Of' by the esoteric experimental pioneers. Out of print on CD for almost two decades, Cold Spring are proud to announce the official reissue of a much sought after 'Best Of' set by the acclaimed experimental group Coil, with 'A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver' and 'A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of Gold' being made available together in one deluxe set. Officially licensed from FEELEE, this edition spans Coil's entire career, featuring tracks from all their major albums. They were hand-picked by Coil to represent their best work and originally released to mark their first performance in Moscow in 2001. The artwork (text in English and Russian Cyrillic) sympathetically features the rarest of the images previously used in the original Russian and English editions and is packaged in a deluxe, glossy 8-panel digipak with spot matt-laminate varnish. [label info]

DET KATTERSKA FORBUND -- "Lidaverken Del I: Att I Vådeld Förgås" -- CD -- €11
2021 Cold Spring, CSR265CD
Death Industrial / Dark Ambient. Cold Spring presents two Swedish titans - NORDVARGR (MZ.412) and ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ (TREPANERINGSRITUALEN) - teaming up for a bludgeoning dose of Death Industrial majesty. Det Kätterska Förbund, consisting of the two giants dominating the Death Industrial world - Thomas Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words) + Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Pouppée Fabrikk, Folkstorm etc) - has been slowly and methodically working for almost 5 years to finish the first album of this double-headed abomination. Patience richly rewarded... You can instantly feel the presence of lurking unease as the album slowly opens up a distorted world of familiar sounds and voices, but there is something special about these recordings; the menacing aura that has been created adds new elements to the otherwise rigid tropes of the genre. Punishingly heavy rhythmic tracks, with savage incantations from both Thomas and Nordvargr, gratifyingly familiar to fans of the artists' main projects, are flanked by these death-scarred lamentations... CD in debossed digipak. [label info]

DOLPHIN HOSPITAL -- "Fuck You up in a Moment" -- 7" lathe-cut + 3.5" floppy -- €23
2021 Nazlo Records, NzR174, (ltd. 30)
Experimental. "tonight's sigil - finally a new single by dolphin hospital, who is said to be the first and so far the best deconstructed shoegaze project in its village! it was meant to be called 'music to play during asphyxia' at first, but polls showed that people tend to get it too sexually, which caused misuse and dangerous consequences, ho have fun a take care, don't forget we are watching you through tapes and web cameras! start listening on maximum volume after 23:23 sharp... german-cut super professional hand-stamped white-label black 7" + 3,5" floppy disc with bonus text material and download code." [label info]

2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG069, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Ambient / Electroacoustic. Portraits is a new series from Unexplained Sounds Group focusing on electronic and electro-acoustic music composers. Each release creates a 'portrait' of three musicians by showcasing representative pieces of their recent musical journeys, serving as a guide for further listening and a means of exploring their work. This first volume is dedicated to three Italian musicians: Gabriele Gasparotti, Daniele Ciullini, and Mario Lino Stancati. Gasparotti and Stancati are among the most talented emerging musicians on the Italian experimental scene, while Ciullini is a veteran of the post-industrial underground who, after a very long silence, returned to music in 2012. [label info]

GC / NC -- "Deprecated" -- CD -- €12
2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG067, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Ambient / Electroacoustic. gc / nc is an electroacoustic duo based in Belgium and the Netherlands, consisting of Sjoerd Leijten and Patrick Bossink. They play instant electronic compositions using self-programmed software and self-made controllers... DEPRECATED is the result of a residency at studio Klangendum inside WORM in Rotterdam (NL). During this residency they explored the realm of broken, obsolete and unwanted sounds and experimented with various classic synths (a.o. ARP 2500, Serge), combined with bicycle wheels, guitars, radios and audio programming environment SuperCollider... Through the use of magnets, reed switches and arduino's (microcontrollers) in conjunction with audio coding environment SuperCollider, gc / nc turn bicycles into electroacoustic instruments. The wheels of the bicycle are controlling the sound of their instruments – a guitar and a synthesizer. The musicians have to spin the wheels to produce sound. The bicycle wheels open up new sound possibilities for the musicians, but function also as disruptive elements, a voluntary self-sabotage, since they are not able to play their instruments in the conventional manner. Piezo discs enable them to use the bicycle as a percussive instrument and to create tones with the spokes. A radio is used to record small fragments of radio channels which are directly used in the performances. When on tour, gc / nc always borrow a bicycle from a local, which they then prepare for the concert. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
1997/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 130-2, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrete / Sound Collage. As the first one in GT Archive Series, we release the debut material entitled simply "Genetic Transmission" released earlier on an OBUH tape in 1997. Now enriched and mastered by Tomasz Twardawa. It has been 20 years since its first release, but the recordings of sonic search still sound fresh and intriguing. We will find here compositions kept in the characteristic style of GT: harsh, metallic sounds, a mechanical structure, brut collages created using only analog sources and recorded in exactly the same manner - without the use of computers. In these dense structures, the artist concluded his entire manifesto, a declaration of his own research which has been developed consistently through his next sessions. "Genetic Transmission 1" is the starting point of your adventure with this project. This reissue is strictly limited to 200 copies. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Ascetic" -- CD -- €10
2007 Beast Of Prey, BOP 4.0, (ltd. 444)
New album of Polish industrial scene leader, Tomasz Twardawa, long-time artist, creator of legendary project Genetic Transmission, coauthor of such projects as ?adne Kwiatki, Godzilla and Hated Bruit Kollectiv. "Ascetic" is an acoustc, experimental album in bruit convention represented by GENETIC TRANSMISION. Over 60 minutes journey trough ascetic world of industrial collages. It's like cubism, synthetic in music, acoustic colours, natural objects and artistic deformation become a discussion between reality and art. What in reality and sorrounding is common for us GENETIC TRANSOMISIONS deforms, shatters and turns in it's bruit style. In recording of "Ascetic" were used mainly field recordings, experimantal-industrial sounds and combined allogether. The album is released in an unconventional package, in form of round paper circles of 150mm diameter. Three round paper inserts plus two round inserts of brown paper. In all circles are four holes and all is combined with a small rope. The CD is attached on a rubber insert between the papers. All hand made and numbered, to 444 copies limit. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Chrzaszcz Brzmi W Trzcinie" -- CD -- €10
2006/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 131-2, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrete / Sound Collage. The second in GT Series Archive is the album entitled "Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie" (A beetle buzzes in the reed - a Polish tounge twister), originally published on a CDR on Tochnit Aleph in 2006. In a short time it was sold out and practically until today the material has not been available in any other form. "Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie" is a recording of the session based on the most primal sound sources which are only arranged in a suitable structures so that they form a concise material; however, they remained unchanged and no post-production was applied to them. The album consists of 6 compositions, about 60 minutes of industrial sound space characteristic of the work of Genetic Transmission. This reissue is strictly limited to 200 copies. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Kapuke / Music For Vienna Aktionists" -- CD -- €10
2003/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 170-2, (ltd. 200)
Experimental. Consistently continuing the GT Archive publishing series, here is its sixth installment... On the album you will find recordings from two releases: "Kapuke" and "Music for Vienna Aktionists". The first part, originally released under the names Twardawa / Jankowski on MCDR, is a recording of sessions based on a large part of the prepared piano sounds and vocals. In fact, three people took part in the recording; Barbara's female voice appears as a guest. The second part of the album consists of seven tracks released originally on CDR, which was the first attempt at creating the soundtrack to the silent films of individual performative actions of the Vienna Actionists (including Otto Muehl and Günter Brus). At the same time, it was possible to present the material live together with moving pictures. Today one can enjoy the document to that event again... This reissue is strictly limited to 200 copies. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Lullabies" -- CD -- €10
2005/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 208-2, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrète / Industrial. “Lullabies” is an eight instalment in Zoharum’s GT Archive reissue series. “Lullabies” is somewhat of a mock title as Tomek Twardawa plays instruments similar to the ones previously used to record “Strychnina” and gives us nothing short of “tour de fear”. This time industrial rawness is accompanied by narrative field recordings creating coherent yet eerie sound collage. Album could easily soundtrack a horror movie or be perceived as a nightmarish soundscape. Moods shift here suddenly keeping you in constant tension. Rewarding listening. Not for the faint-hearted... Album limited to 200 copies comes in 4 panel ecopack with cover design by Wojtek Zięba. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby" -- CD -- €10
2002/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 170-2, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Musique Concrète. We are consistently continuing our reissue series, aimed at reminding the most important materials from the large discography of Genetic Transmission. As the fifth in a row, we present the album "Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby" originally released on CDR by D.S.B.M.W. in 2002. The sound of this album is composed of oscillate in the fields Tomasz Twardawa's project has already been known for (brutism, plunderphonics, field recordings, industrial). Unlike previous sessions, we find here many more experiments referring to cut-up techniques (in the tradition of NURSE WITH WOUND), sound preparation using (for the first time in the history of GENETIC TRANSMISSION) a computer, or building a kind of narrative that forms a sonic story without unambiguous content. The album was reissued in an ecopak and is limited to 200 copies only. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Strychnina (Music For Acoustic Installations)" -- CD -- €10
2005/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 207-2, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrète / Industrial. It has become a sort of tradition that every year during first days of autumn we release at least one part out of GT Archive Series. Keeping this tradition alive we present you seventh instalment of this series that is “Strychnina”. “Strychnina” being one of the most important albums in vast Genetic Transmission discography, originally was released in 2005 as CD-R via his own imprint Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk. It consists of 2 compositions about 20 min each. Limited edition of 200 copies in 4 panel ecopack. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Strychnina (Music For Acoustic Installations)" -- LP -- €17
2005/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 207-1, (ltd. 100)
Musique Concrète / Industrial. It has become a sort of tradition that every year during first days of autumn we release at least one part out of GT Archive Series. Keeping this tradition alive we present you seventh instalment of this series that is “Strychnina”. “Strychnina” being one of the most important albums in vast Genetic Transmission discography, originally was released in 2005 as CD-R via his own imprint Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk. It consists of 2 compositions about 20 min each. 180g LP, limited edition of 100 copies. [label info]

GENETIC TRANSMISSION / MOAN -- "Collaboration 1" -- CD -- €10
2003/2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 149-2, (ltd. 200)
Zoharum continues the GT Archive Series where we reissue and save from oblivion the most interesting recordings from the sumptuous discography of GENETIC TRANSMISSION, most of which appeared exclusively on CDRs in strictly limited quantities. As the third one in this series is the recording which, as the title indicates, is the effect of a collaboration with another project from the Silesian region - MOAN. All the sounds were interestingly developed by both artists. Each of them exchanged sound snippets to arrange them in their own way. Then the entirety was subjected to the final mix and mastering to appear on a CDR back in 2003. The album was reissued in an ecopak and is limited to 200 copies only. [label info]

GHOST REFLECTION -- "A Selection Of Binomena: Towards A Phenomenology of Abyss-Gazing" -- CS -- €8
2020 Noyade Records, NR-48
Dark Ambient / Drone / Experimental. Еxcellent cassette-only release of "intoxication drones" from this Russian project, there are 15 different (partly mysterious) titles, or passages, this album goes through, all of in a great way amorph and evoke lots of suction, and wash your mind away... "Carefully crafted sound impulses bombard the space of the unconscious, revealing its structure, currents and morphologies - and also flora & fauna - based on the picture of registered reflections." - very lim. handpainted MC, highly recommended! [Stefan Knappe, Drone Records]

HIMUKALT -- "Knife Through The Spine" -- CD -- €10
2018/2021 Cold Spring, CSR289CD
Industrial / Power Electronics. Primitive, old school industrial, with an obsessive, post-mortem feel. This is the first CD edition of Himukalt’s cult 2018 LP (originally released on Malignant Records), remastered and including bonus material from the same recording sessions... "There’s something uniquely old school and primitive at work here, capturing the claustrophobic, unsettled and fragmented sound of early Illusion of Safety or mid-late ‘80s industrial on a whole, contemporising it, and filling it in with an obsessive, post-mortem feel. Knife Through the Spine delivers a steady cascade of abstract sounds, festering with grinding pneumatic throb, coarse frequency blasts and sputtering electronic oscillations, with spliced snippets of processed, flanged vocals and a general sense of social anxiety and disaffection. A unique and challenging take on heavy electronics for fans of Puce Mary, She Spread Sorrow, Atrax Morgue"... Himukalt is the Nevada-based project of the enigmatic Ester Kärkkäinen. Presented in a 6-panel digipak. [label info]

HINO, MAYUKO -- "Lunisolar" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR245CD
Noise. ‘Lunisolar’ is the second solo album from the ‘Queen Of Japanese Noise’, Mayuko Hino. ‘Faintainhead’ unleashes swathes of densely layered noise, undulating in intensity and ferocity. Although claustrophobic throughout, there are moments of gentle metallic percussion, punctuating the raging vibrations beneath. ‘Astral Travelling’ offers no such relief, featuring unrelenting, piercing electronics throughout until the final few minutes of psychedelic comedown. In addition to self-made instruments, Hino plays noise with her six-theremin oscillators (in bright pink) – the one and only in the world, specially made by Ryo Araishi (a.k.a. ichion)... Prolific as a live performer, Hino is most well-known for forming C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) in 1990, together with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai and Ryuichi Nagakubo. In its early phase, the band grabbed attention by combining noise music with Hino’s sadomasochism performance using bondage ropes and dripping candle wax. She has since been a member of Mne-Mic, DFH-M3, and Transparentz. Digipak. [label info]

HIRSCH, VLADIMIR -- "Katagenesis" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 226-2 / Old Captain, OCCD53, (ltd. 300)
Modern Classical / Industrial. Vladimír Hirsch is a composer and a veteran of Czech industrial scene. Member (and/or founder) of projects like AGHIATRIAS, SKROL and CZECH INTEGRATED ENSEMBLE to name a few. “Katagenesis” showcases Hirsch’s consistency in style of creation. Melodic, powerful, sublime and absolutely terrifying. Album is presented in the form of triptych „Axonal Transit”, „Metaspheres” and „Hymn”. Across 11 tracks we are taking true tour de fear as we’re experiencing a sonic representation of horror. Orchestral instruments mixed with electronics are holding us in suspense from the very beginning to the very end giving us only a few short breaks to catch a breath. This is as far as you can imagine from easy listening, but it’s definitely worth the effort as when the album stops you feel the cathartic effect instantly. Amazing take on modern classical and experimental music. [label info]

HIRSUTE PURSUIT -- "Tighten That Muscle Ring" -- CD -- €10
2012 Cold Spring, CSR158CD
Music that smells like a man! “I play Hirsute Pursuit at all of my DJ gigs” (Peter Christopherson) “Tighten That Muscle Ring” features collaborators such as Bryin Dall of Thee Majesty, Boyd Rice of NON and Sleazy of Coil / Throbbing Gristle. The music is real. The sex is real. Created by Harley Phoenix and his musical partner, Bryin Dall, this is Gay Sex Music that offers no apologies. Enticing rhythms combined with raw sex and a commanding, deep, resonate voice, Harley has transformed explicit instructions for serving his pleasure into a musical orgy that hits the gay community where it plays, the dance floor and the bedroom. Sleazy dance beats pound along at tempos that encourage carnal exploration, while sounds of ecstasy cannot be ignored... Without any publicity or releases, Hirsute Pursuit has had over 140,000 plays on Myspace in less than a year! Drawing fans from all musical genres, including House, Country, Rock, Hip Hop, etc. Primarily attracting a gay audience, recent fans also include female dominatrixes, middle-class housewives and straight guys (as is evidenced in the video, Boys Keep Swinging featuring Boyd Rice and James Pope, both straight). The raw sensuality has now crossed over into the heterosexual domain. This is music you can fuck to, as well as bump and grind. Comes in a 6-panel digisleeve. [press release]

HLADNA & ORD -- "Tunottauan" -- CD -- €11
2018 Status Prod., SP 07 CD, (ltd. 200)
Ritual Ambient. When the connection between the Earth and the Cosmos is established, the balance is restored, the merging of reality and subtle worlds occurs, the image of Tunnotauan appears, the symbol of duality, polarity, harmony of the universe... Status Prod. presents a collaborative album of Russian ethno - industrial projects Hladna and Ord, recorded during a private session on July 28, 2017 and now, due to the label, this record became available on CD. The ritual ethno-industrial noises and singing of Tibetan bowls, the tinkling of the bells and the clatter of the shaman's tambourine, merge into a single sound canvas, enveloping the whole, leaving in the depths of the subconscious and causing unknown hitherto images... Two-headed God Tunottauan came to Koloyar, the leader of project Hladna, during the deep immersion into the subtle worlds, his image was reconstituted from memory and used in the design of the album. The album released in a gate-fold format, made of design cardboard, with an attachment from naturally aged material, circulated of 200 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

HYBRYDS -- "The Ritual Of The Rave" -- 2 CD -- €14
1995/2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 151-2, (ltd. 500)
For the past several years Zoharum has been reissung the subsequent albums of the Belgian independent scene legend, Hybryds; so far five has been released. "The Ritual of the Rave" is the sixth installment in this series and is an expanded version of the 1995 album. It has not lost its freshness in those years. It is electronica with strong ambient and ethnic music influences locked in six long, slowly developing compositions. Here there are rhythmic elements directly taken from techno (which announced further changes in the Belgian project's repertoire.) "Icarus" or "Sjamanistic Dream" are still classics in the Hybryds catalogue... This is also one of the expanded editions of their classic albums. The second disc shows what Hybryds was like at concerts during the period when the recordings were made (live tracks compose the first five tracks recorded in 1995). In addition, we have three studio compositions here here. The first one belongs to the collaborative Hydra project, whose only official recording appeared on the compilation "The Uncertain Future" on Antler. The other two are the early recordings from 1988 by Magthea with Mark Burghgreave of Klinik. One of them, "Octahedron", appeared on the absolutely first single of the project... The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

JARL -- "Inner Domain" -- 2 CD -- €14
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 203-2, (ltd. 300)
Experimental / Industrial / Drone. “Inner Domain” is a third (after “Tunguska Event” and “Negative Rotation / Intensive Fracture”) release by Jarl on Zoharum label. Artist himself often labels his music as withdrawn electronics focused on isolation. Psychedelic, chemical, unbalanced, from calm to destructive, insomnia with or without structure. In this case music was influenced by experiencing sleep paralysis. Each CD deals with either the hypnagogic or hypnopompic state. The before and after experience. “Inner Domain” offers a bit more primitive and aggressive approach to sound but still has that psychedelic feel to it which hallmarks Jarl’s works. Originally intended for a double cassette release and recorded between 2007 and 2009 on either a 4 or 8 track recorder. Electronic sounds on album made with a wave form generator interwine with acoustic sounds with lots of delay. No computer was used during the recording process. Artwork made by Karolina Urbaniak. 2CD album folded in 6-panel ecopack released in strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

JUICE MACHINE -- "Deep As A Depthless Pond" -- CD -- €10
2021 Besperech', (ltd. 100)
Experimental / Field Recordings. We recorded "Deep as a depthless pond" over 3 weekends in May and June of 2021 especially for Besperech. After repeated listens to the Kromeshna cd "Martyata" we decided to try our hand at a nature based meandering long form recording with hopes of release on the same label. We talked about letting the sounds of nature take more of the lead role and letting the electronics set more of a stable backdrop, which is a bit of a departure for us. Cassette tapes and samples were chosen for these recordings that reflected this above ideal and electronics were kept hypnotic, minimal and sparse. We believe you can enjoy these 3 long form pieces as background sound for your everyday living space or as an engaging thought-provoking meditation on human interaction in the vast world of nature. [from the authors] JUICE MACHINE is the improvisational live electronics wife and husband duo of Heather Chessman + Roger Smith. Working in and around the confined genres of noise, tape music, found sound + drone while focusing on minimal tonal + maximal textural audio with rhythmic pulses and sharp jabs of uneasy waves and slurred motivational speeches JUICE MACHINE makes it music in the Pacific Northwest. [label info]

KONSTRUKTIVISTS -- "Anarchic Arcadia" -- CD -- €10
2015 E-Klageto, Exklageto 12, (ltd. 300)
Konstruktivist, the legendary industrial/experimental group from the UK, returns with a new album entitled 'Anarchic Arcadia'. It is their first regular album since 2007's 'Back to Black' followed by a few self-released CDRs and downloads. The album features 8 new tracks recorded during the past two years. Glenn M. Wallis and Mark Crumby prepared one hour of experimental songs, twisted dance music, dark electronica. The influences span 4 decades. 'Anarchic Arcadia' is an album that will appeal to both fans of classic projects such as Coil, Chris and Cosey or SPK and followers of modern dark electronics in the vein of Demdike Stare or The Haxan Cloak. The great cover was designed by Natascha Schampus. The album is strictly limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK -- "22.SZ" -- C-46 -- €7
2004/2021 E.C.T., #22, (ltd. 50)
Noise / Drone / Experimental. Cassette reissue of the debut album by this Russian project on Greek label. The music is mainly built from manipulations with radio noises. Pulsating rhythms, melodic elements, samples and dense noise attacks lie on a substrate of plangent drone layers extracted from electrified depths of radio receivers.

KSHATRIYAS AGAINST TIME -- "Seelenloch" -- CD-R -- €6
2021 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_63, (ltd. 50)
Dark Ambient. I decided to release another album from the French project. Minimalist, full of archaic winds soundscape inspired by the works of the Norwegian project Ildjarn. An ode to the souls of the ancients, buried in the old Western European barrows of the Neolithic era. "The soulhole" on the overgrown gravestones, as an invitation to contemplate the great cyclical endless nostalgic journey from one body to another. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in Half-DVD-box. [label info]

LAGOWSKI -- "Secrets of Numbers" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 198-2, (ltd. 350)
Electro / Industrial / Techno. After a few years break Lagowski returns to Zoharum with a new album "Secrets of Numbers" - 10 tracks of electronic music preserved in techno stylistics that bring to mind his „Redesine +” album or achivements known from his EPs released on Chronium Industries. The musical side of the album is accompanied by a concept which the artist describes in his own words: "All of the music I make is an attempt at understanding or interpreting something; my psyche, the universe around me, the people I exist with, human behaviour, time….A few months before my father passed away (in October 2000), he gave me a small book called Secrets of Numbers, which is about numerology. It was quite unusual for him to do something like that, as he was generally not interested in such things. It made me wonder if he was trying to tell me something, as after all, I am his SoN"... CD album housed in a 6 panel digipack strictly limited to 350 copies. [label info]

LARMSCHUTZ -- "Insanity Defenses" -- C-60 -- €8
2021 Noyade Records
Avantgarde / Noise. Avant-garde noise release from Utrecht, Netherlands. Four trombone-noise tracks about getting slowly insane in this insane world, but trying to cope with it. Spray-painted transparent cassettes.

LEMNA -- "Omut" -- CD -- €12
2018 Status Prod., SP 08 CD, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Black Industrial. At the moment when the water closes overhead, when the abyss pulls to the bottom, the gates of the Spirit open. When, seemingly quiet, the watery surface instantly turns into a whirlpool, a whirlpool of fear and despair, the darkest depths of consciousness appear. There is no worse water than the water that sleeps... Status Prod. presents the new album "Omut" of the Voronezh dark ambient / black industrial project LEMNA, which is the 2nd part of a trilogy dedicated to the swamps of the Black Earth region. The album was released in 200 hand-numbered copies. Each copy is wrapped in a piece of material with silk-screened printing. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Red Album (L’Album Pour Enfants)" -- C-40 -- €4
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_56, (ltd. 17)
Noise / Experimental / Sound Collage. Lo-Fi sound collage from the yard boy's childhood, passed through the schizophrenic noosphere of the present. Sultry summer days and war games. Dedicated to THAT MOST ARMAGEDONIAN TOAD. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Amalgaam" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 197-2, (ltd. 350)
Experimental / Drone. Amalgaam is a raw and unpolished album. Which doesn’t mean that it’s blunt or trite. The grainy, textural sounds on this record have a fleeting, cinematic quality to them, combining spaciousness with a sense of intimacy – at times interrupted by noisier outbursts. The album is based on a series of improvisations on a very hands-on hardware setup, with an old tone generator, effects pedals, dictaphones, contact mics, etc. This material was then mixed and edited into the pieces on this album, while retaining the liveliness of the source material. The only deviation is ‘Metallic (Edit)’, which is an older track that originally appeared on a Japanese compilation tape, but - especially in this newly edited form - seemed to fit between the Amalgaam pieces perfectly. CD released in limited edition of 350 pcs folded in 6-panel ekopack. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Veldwerk" -- CD -- €10
2011 Cold Spring, CSR156CD
Drone / Experimental. Sublime drone music and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. 'Slovensko I & II' are best seen as a travel diary, recorded in Slovakia. RZ made 'sound snapshots' with a small digital recorder. A major influence both while recording and assembling the tracks was Chinese sound artist Yan Jun. 'Rusland' is a sound collage comprising field recordings and sections of live performances made in Russia. An incredible adventure and culture shock with long train journeys, bizarre venues and amazing people. 'The Breaking Water' can be heard as a sonic portrait of Rotterdam's famous Erasmus bridge. It includes recordings taken from both on and beneath the bridge, along with further sounds from the river that it crosses, the Nieuwe Maas. 'Floor & Radio' is a contrast to the outdoor pieces recorded for the the installation 'Licthung' in Radolfzell, Germany. Contrasted against the outdoor silence was the squeaking floor in the guest house and the distorted signal and static from the radio. Sometimes there's music in everything. Makino Takashi asked RZ to perform a score for his film 'In Your Star'. After a screening in Tokyo, a studio version was recorded. The result is 'Apollo', a sonic journey to space and beyond. Digipak. [press release]

MAEROR TRI -- "Archaic States" -- CD -- €10
1993/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 163-2, (ltd. 350)
Drone / Industrial. Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum ("Autopoiesis / Nahtscato", "Seeing-Ear Gods" and "Dreaming Muzak"), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri ("Emotional Engramm" and "Meditamentum"). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings... Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled "Emotional Engramm." In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio's regular albums... The third release in this series is "Archaic States" originally released in 1993 by the Japanese label G.R.O.S.S. Tapes. It was the ninth cassette in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with an additional track lifted from the compilation "My Lom II" released in 1998. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. [press-release]

MAEROR TRI -- "Hypnobasia" -- CD -- €10
1992/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 112-2, (ltd. 350)
Drone / Industrial. Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum (“Autopoiesis / Nahtscato”, “Seeing-Ear Gods” and “Dreaming Muzak”), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri (“Emotional Engramm” and “Meditamentum”). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings... Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled “Emotional Engramm.” In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio’s regular albums. One of these two tape albums is “Hypnobasia” originally released in 1992 by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe. It was the fifth tape in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with 3 additional tracks lifted from various artists compilations from 1989-1992. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. [press-release]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Etages" -- CS -- €10
2021 Zaimka, (ltd. 10)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental. The influence of Soviet architectural modernism on the first foalfoot flowers in a field. Distance from mom to a crib with a baby. If you look at your hands long enough, they will remain hands. Board games on the floor and on the walls. Moving hefty cardboard cubes painted as sky and clouds from one place to another. The myth of how an invisible universe collapses in a plastic bag with toluene. Unlearned lessons and expired candies. Behind the house, the yard guys dug a hole for missing time and a few pieces of dyslexia. And also, if you find another hole near the Blue Quarry and climb into it, the signals of a train passing nearby will seem unusual. Running on crazy grass, running on crazy water... The album was previously released on Heart Shaped Box Prod. in the amount of one copy with a unique design. [label info] Hand-made honeycomb cardboard box, postcard cover, everything is tied with twine.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Secret Mycology 2-8" -- CS -- €12
2021 Zaimka, (ltd. 10)
Ambient / Noise / Experimental. Live recordings from the Sand Reservation, May 2020. Unique handcrafted design. Acrylic painting and stamp on each copy.

MARIFA -- "Ru'yah Al-Qalb" -- C-60 -- €7
2018 Pahtheon, PAN099, (ltd. 50)
Drone. "Your heart is a polished mirror. You must wipe it clean of the veil of dust that has gathered upon it because it is destined to reflect the light of divine secrets" (Al-Ghazali). Wide fields of blooming meanderings, slowly convergent in perspective. Quiet song of the air, flowing through the body. All-pervading sound vanishes somewhere above the head but returns again vibrating beneath the feet. Eyes closed, but the vision is clear. There's no horizon, only an endless movement to the center of everything. No words can describe the meaning of it. But it's the only real thing now... In memory of Klaus Wiese (1942-2009), explorer of spiritual expanses. [label info]

MESSER CHUPS -- "Don't Say Cheese" -- CS -- €15
2020/2021 Perspex Icon, PI-04
Surf Rock. Cassette version of the 2020 album by the masters of zombie driven surf-a-billy from St. Petersburg.

MOAN -- "Isolate | Desolate | Mutate" -- 2 CD -- €15
2000/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 200-2, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. This release is a great opportunity to celebrate a few important matters. Well, this double-disc album has the number 200. This round number in the Zoharum catalog must have come to a special publication, which is without a doubt a 2 CD album ‘Isolate | Desolate | Mutate’ by MOAN appearing exactly twenty years after the first CD-R version of "Isolate" and "Desolate", which form first CD of this release... Second CD - "Mutate" consists of remixes by Amon, Job Karma, Genetic Transmission, C.H. District, Dead Factory, Another One, Blare For A, Synta[xe]rror, Moan and Maciek Szymczuk which were created between 2003 and 2006, and which, despite earlier plans, have never been published before... In this way we get a complete album that closes certain important period of MOAN's work, which also became the starting point for further activities of Rafał Sądej in the musical field. The album is released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies, in a 3 panel ecopack with a graphic design by Maciek Mutwil (Dead Factory). [label info]

MOAN / GENETIC TRANSMISSION -- "Dedicated to Luigi Russolo" -- CD -- €10
2004/2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 150-2, (ltd. 200)
The fourth installment of the GT Archive Series is the split release by MOAN and GENETIC TRANSMISSION. Tomasz Twardawa and Rafał Sądej wanted to dedicate their music to Luigi Russolo, a composer who greatly influenced the creation of what we now call the urban music... The album consists of two long compositions, one by each project, respectively MOAN (Men at Work) and GENETIC TRANSMISSION (Przebudzenie Miasta). Although artists perform in their own completely different way, their music on this album sounds very consistent. It is worth mentioning that the first composition was a sound installation during the exhibition "People at Work" which took place at the Museum of the City of Jawor in 2004. Originally, the material was released on CDR in 2004. Today, Rafał Sądej remastered his new CD version in 2017... The album was reissued in an ecopak and is limited to 200 copies only. [label info]

MUNDAL, ARE -- "Interloper" -- LP -- €23
2021 Telesterion Records, 002, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Experimental. Dark atmospheric Ambient / Darkwave / Experimental music from Norway's Are Mundal, who has written songs for albums such as ENSLAVED's "Isa" and IMMORTAL's "All Shall Fall", but who is probably best known for his photography of Fantoft stave church on the day it burnt down in 1992 which ended up as a cover photo for BURZUM "Aske" EP. "This album is dedicated to the fight against christianity, religion in general, and all destructive ideologies". Beautifully presented in a matt sleeve featuring cover paintings by Mundal. Ltd x 100 hand-numbered copies with printed inner sleeve and full size insert, plus an artcard with artwork by Stephen Fabian. [Cold Spring]

MUNDAL, ARE -- "Nocturnal Perambulation" -- LP -- €23
2020 Telesterion Records, 003, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Experimental. Dark atmospheric Ambient / Darkwave / Experimental music from Norway's Are Mundal, who has written songs for albums such as ENSLAVED's "Isa" and IMMORTAL's "All Shall Fall", but who is probably best known for his photography of Fantoft stave church on the day it burnt down in 1992 which ended up as a cover photo for BURZUM "Aske" EP. "This album is dedicated to the fight against christianity, religion in general, and all destructive ideologies"... The 2020 album from Norway's Are Mundal - and his first solo vinyl release. Beautifully presented in a matt gatefold sleeve featuring cover paintings by Mundal. Ltd x 100 hand-numbered copies with printed inner sleeve and full size insert. [Cold Spring]

ORD -- "Comprehension & Gaining" -- 2 CD -- €23
2021 Status Prod., SP 16 CD, (ltd. 108)
Ritual Ambient / Tribal / Drone. When evil and violence fill the world, when people fall into barbarism and forget about virtue, spiritual degradation occurs - the era of Kali-yuga comes. Realizing the inevitability of the end and the subsequent beginning, a person finds peace. The label Status Prod. presents a new album of the Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD "Comprehension & Gaining". The album consists of 5 tracks on 2 discs, united by a common meaning. The 4 compositions of the 1st disc turn to the memories of all four epochs (yugas) in the descending Hindu time cycle and lead to the realization of being in the age of Kali-yuga, which will be followed by the end as the acquisition of a new life. The only composition of the 2nd disc plunges into the depths of listener's own mind, embodying the absolute that inevitably follows the completion. This work was recorded as a meditative-trance album with distinctive tribal elements... The album is released on 2 CDs with a circulation of 108 hand-numbered copies in a DVD-box, supplemented with an attachment of naturally aged material and soft Indian incense. Cover art by PAINT-IN-BLACK DESIGN. [label info]

ORD -- "Kamadarshana" -- 3"CD -- €10<
2019 Status Prod., SP 10 CD, (ltd. 108)
Ritual Ambient. The new EP of the Russian ritual / dark ambient project ORD, presented in special wooden packaging. "Spiritual sight as a gift was found, and the mind is enlightened by the light of revelation. A priceless glance of the divine grace, being released from hidden desires... Kamadarshana (Kama, Skt. "love", "sensual attraction", God of love in Hinduism; Darshan, Skt. "contemplation") - can be translated as the Contemplation of the God of Love. Darshan is bilateral: the believer sees the object of worship, while the object sees the believer. The result of darshan is the blessing received from the vision of the divine. 3" CD packaged in a wooden structure, including folded paper insert, and a screen-printed bamboo mat featuring the art of Voronezh artist and tattooist Valeria Khanina. [label info]

ORSI, FABIO -- "Uncharted Waters" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 177-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Electronics. With more than 30 albums under his belt, Fabio Orsi has been one of the leading figures of the Italian electronic scene for over 10 years now. In his work he experimented with folktronica, drones, field recordings, minimalism, and sampling. As the title itself indicates, his latest album (and the first one released on Zoharum) is a journey into previously unknown areas. "Uncharted Waters" is a pulsating, multi-layered, multi-coloured 36-minute composition that can surprise current fans of the artist. It proves you can expect the unexpected from Fabio Orsi. At the same time, the melancholy hovering over the melodies and the atmosphere of this album links "Uncharted Waters" with previous releases of this Italian artist... The CD is housed in a ecopak and the album is strictly limited to 300 copies. [label info]

PACIFIC 231 & RAPOON -- "Palestine" -- CD -- €10
2007/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 228-2, (ltd. 200)
Experimental / Dub. “Palestine” was the first effect of collaboration between two titans of industrial and underground music Pierre “Pacific 231” Jolivet and Robin “Rapoon” Storey. Originally released as limited CD in 2007 by Old Europa Cafe and “Dedicated to the struggling Palestinian Nation and to the memory of Bryn Jones 1961-1999.”... Given that “Palestine” is dedicated to Muslimgauze and Israeli-Palestinian conflict it’s easy to predict what you’ll find here. Both original tracks present artists' take on middle eastern rhythm and sound. Track 1 is raw. For over 20 minutes Jolivet focuses on subtle processing over hypnotic distorted drum loops. On track 2 Storey takes us on a long, a bit IDM-ish trip following what seems to be Muezzin call. CD contains additional 3 rare tracks that were taken from the limited Old Europa Cafe version of the album and Pacific’s “el-Arish” business card CD... This album is as important due to the subject it touches as it’s true and uncompromising and is still relevant now as it was in the time of its creation. Remastered by Robin Storey. CD edition of 200 copies comes in a 6 panel ecopack. [label info]

PACIFIC 231 & RAPOON -- "Palestine" -- LP + CD -- €17
2007/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 228-1, (ltd. 300)
Experimental / Dub. “Palestine” was the first effect of collaboration between two titans of industrial and underground music Pierre “Pacific 231” Jolivet and Robin “Rapoon” Storey. Originally released as limited CD in 2007 by Old Europa Cafe and “Dedicated to the struggling Palestinian Nation and to the memory of Bryn Jones 1961-1999.” Zoharum is proud to present you a first time ever LP reissue of this important album.... Given that “Palestine” is dedicated to Muslimgauze and Israeli-Palestinian conflict it’s easy to predict what you’ll find here. Each side of the record presents artists' take on middle eastern rhythm and sound. Side A is raw. For over 20 minutes Jolivet focuses on subtle processing over hypnotic distorted drum loops. On side B Storey takes us on a long, a bit IDM-ish trip following what seems to be Muezzin call. CD contains additional 3 rare tracks that were taken from the limited Old Europa Cafe version of the album and Pacific’s “el-Arish” business card CD... This album is as important due to the subject it touches as it’s true and uncompromising and is still relevant now as it was in the time of its creation. Remastered by Robin Storey. LP edition of 300 copies comes on red translucent 180 g vinyl with CD insert. [label info]

PANZAR -- "Pratotypon" -- CD -- €10
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 078
Industrial / Power Electronics. OEC was since ever the home for the more harsh & batteling Peter Andersson aka Raison D'etre side projects! OEC was releaseing the debut Stratvm Terrror CD & 2 other very acclaimed ST followers... Now we like to go with this new disc by Peter which will be the very last one for his other "harsh" project: "Panzar"! World War II has ended and so will Panzar... Including a unique live performance from the hot summer desert war 2005 and a number of early prototypes never released before. Also included is a Panzar hit re-mix of the FOLKSTORM track "Victory of Death?"!!! "Pratotypon" contains all you need: harsh and growling electronic sounds, distorted and transformed beats, danger and blood from the battlefield. Comes in jewel case with artwork filled with early tanks. If you have a CD-player in your armoured vehicle this is the definite music to play, or why not: "buy a TANK!" [press-release]

PARANOIA INDUCTA -- "Evil Angel" -- CD -- €10
2010 Beast Of Prey, BOP 7.2, (ltd. 500)
Here it is! The newest work of A.A.Destroyer has came to be, "Evil Angel" is an album touching the deepest emotion in human being, tender, subtle, uneasy. PARANOIA INDUCTA has gain a lot of respect for it's earlier albums and it's one of the most valuable projects on Polish dark sounds scene. With "Evil Angel" it shows that it has a lot to say, as it is one of the most personal albums of PARANOIA INDUCTA, and one of the most sensitive albums released on Beast Of Prey. With great pride and joy we present this album to the world! On "Evil Angel" we have tranquil and balanced dark ambient soundscapes, tender whispers and voices... - and fading in distance. Big dose of incredible industrial sounds, dying machines that represent PARANOIA INDUCTA's music so well. And the quality of individual sounds... beautiful album. Over 50 minutes long album with 11 tracks, released in gloss and colour digipack adorned with artwork of Amelia. [press-release]

PROPERGOL -- "Tormentor" -- 7" -- €6
2003 Nuit Et Brouillard, NB.V.01, (ltd. 1000)
Power Electronics / Industrial. First 7" and vinyl release for this French confirmed project. "Tormentor" is dealing with usual PROPERGOL's intimate obsessions and again music is nothing less than a reflection and an exploration of his confused and chaotic innerworld... Tracks are made of nervous, repetitive and hypnotic pulsations as well as noise injections and vocals in the typical PROPERGOL's style made of anger and despair underlying his personal oversensitivity... With this 7", PROPERGOL takes you both to a trip to places overwhelming with imagination and to a mental journey on the sinuous and unhealthy roads of neurosis when your own imagination is becoming your most intimate enemy. Like a nice musical score on schizophrenia... Deluxe packaging on a glossy fold-out cover plus postcard. [press-release]

PS STAMPS BACK & SHAAN -- "Loop Quantum Gravity" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 RU.MO.RE., RU.MO.RE.002, (ltd. 50)
Experimental Electronics from Greece. Recordings from a night session in Athens, performed in June 2018. Gear used: Korg Electribe ESX-1, Yamaha CS-15, Dreadbox, Erebus, Korg SQ-1 Sequencer, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man. 50 numbered copies in black handmade cardboard sleeve with minimalistic design.

RAISON D'ETRE -- "Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness (Redux)" -- CD -- €10
1994/2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD175
Dark Ambient. Unveiled, the verge of the silence, the voice of the shadow; the cynosure of the psyche is trembling for the essential breath. A subliminal reborn of invisible light strikes the eyes as the underpass appears in the essence and escarps into the esoteric realm of the source of life. A subliminal summon from disappearing heart enthralls the wind of loneliness. Lost spirit leaves deep traces behind as the path is revealing. Circle within circle the lingering path transubstantiates ostensibly, into a revolving contemplation. 'Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness', the second CD album by raison d'кtre, was originally released in 1994 by Cold Meat Industry. It is now available as a reduxed and enhanced CD album. All the sounds has been restored and re-recorded from source and all the tracks has been carefully mixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with the modern standards for high quality audio. 'Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness' with related tracks can for the first time be experineced with superior audio quality and well balanced mixes. 'Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness' has been mastered according to the K-14 level standard. The K-14 system will ensure that the highest dynamical range will be preserved in the music. It will benefit the listener because the music will simply sound much greater than a hot or over-compressed album. All one need to do is to give an extra push one the amplifier volume control to match the gain of a hot mastered album. [press-release]

RAISON D'ETRE -- "Within The Depths Of Silence And Phormations (Redux)" -- 2 CD -- €16
1995/2013 Old Europa Cafe, OECD183
Dark Ambient. 'Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations' takes the listener deep below the world of the ordinary into the catacombs of the subconscious, the worlds lying within us so few ever live to explore. This is music meant to stimulate the mind, to inspire one in their explorations of self and solitude. Layers of ethereal atmospheres and the collage of choirs, strings, bells and occasional voices slowly bleed together to create music for society whose spirituality has been rendered impotent. Soaking in this world, one is left with the impression of overwhelming sadness and profound desolation. This is the sound of all hope nullified. 'Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations' is an expedition into the hidden parts of the inner self and is bridging feelings of deep melancholy to blessful joy as it seeks for the true essence of human existence. Original released in 1995 by Cold Meat Industry the album has now been restorded, re-recorded and mixed to render the modern standard of sound quality still maintaining the perfect balance between subtle and harsh, dark and pure of the original mix. 'Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations' is accompanied with a second disc bringing tracks from various compilations from the period together to form a strong twin album. A unity with double joy: Wallow in the melancholy! The album comes in a 6-panel digipak with awesome photos by Martin Pels. Mastered according to the K-14 level standard. [press-release]

RAPOON -- "Disappeared Redux" -- CD -- €10
2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 029-2
Zoharum welcomes Rapoon to its rooster. We are honoured to present the new album by the legendary avant-garde project. Robin Storey, the man behind the moniker, has been creating music incessantly for more than 3 decades and is responsible for inspiring legions of other artists with his music released together with Zoviet France and then with Rapoon, New Cult of the Sun Moon, Hand & Slim, and also under his own name. With almost 50 releases under his belt, Rapoon is a household name in the ambient world. 'Disappeared' is not entirely new album. It was first released in 2010 as a download and as an extremely limited CDR edition. Now it has been remixed and partly re-recorded especially for this Zoharum release totalling to 72 minutes (the original album was 7 minutes shorter). Hence the title, "Disappeared Redux"... In its author's words: "This album is a continuation of recurring themes that have been interwoven into the entire recorded output of rapoon. Oblique and transitory the little stories and spoken words form connections across time and space. This is about those who disappear in strange circumstances and those who just disappear. The passage of time and change. Ghosts from the past and ghosts from the future." [press-release]

RAPOON -- "Hotel Bravo" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 185-2, (ltd. 500)
Ambient / Experimental. After a longer break Rapoon returns to Zoharum with allbrand new studio recorded album. The eponymous „Hotel Bravo” is a relict of sorts, which lost its splendor with time and water that took away a part of adjacent land. This decaying building is also a symbol. A special place evoking fragile memories, scraps of images and long forgotten conversations. It’s all the movies seen during the time of adolescence. Finally, it’s all the dreams dreamt years ago by guests within its premises… The above depicts a journey to which Robert Storey invites you on a course of its eight intricately woven sound compositions. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Pell Mell" -- LP -- €17
2002/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 215-1, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. Originally released as a 2-track CD in 2002 on Staalplaat, after almost two decades “Pell Mell” gets its well deserved remastered reissue on vinyl with bonus track “Scatter” and new cover art! Album comes on 180g LP limited to 300 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Vernal Crossing Revisited" -- 2 CD -- €14
1993/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 043-2
This is the 4th Rapoon release on Zoharum. And this one is really a treat. The double album celebrates the 20th anniversary of "Vernal Crossing" release, Robin Storey's third album. But it's not a mere reissue. The artist revisited the original and adapted it for the 21 century, hence the title. "Vernal Crossing Revisited" is two sides of the same coin: the first disc contains the original album (faithfully remastered by our label's favourite Lukasz "Wookie" Miernik) and the other one being the 2013 reinterpretation of the original. This is Rapoon at its most rhythmic stage. Prepare yourself for the journey to the desert. [press-release]

RHAD -- "Metamusic" -- CD -- €12
2021 Unexplained Sounds Group, USG066, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrete / Sound Collage. RHaD (Research for Historical Audio Documents) is a side project of Raffaele Pezzella (better known as SONOLOGYST). Metamusic is a 40mn sound collage of mysterious radio transmissions, found vocals, spoken words, vintage electronic sounds and a number of guest stars on classical music instruments like organ, guitar, bass or piano – respectively Michael Bonaventure, Stefan Schmidt, Daniel Barbiero, Francesco Arrighi and Mara Lepore. Adroitly avoiding any ca 2021 digital artifact along the way, Metamusic's sound design is bringing the listener back to the glorious 1960s and '70s, yet the music sounds rather timeless to these ears. Metamusic recreates the sound of early European avantgarde with plenty of tape manipulations, sound collages, buzzing sounds, French spoken word and contemporary classical music instruments. The sound crafting is superb, the collage technique creating an ever-changing musical soundscape full of weird sounds, grotesque sound manipulations and Surrealist juxtapositions. What's not to love? [Laurent Fairon]

S.E.T.I. -- "The Sphere Of Density" -- 2 CD -- €14
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 201-2, (ltd. 350)
Dark Ambient / Space Ambient. S.E.T.I. is one of the most important representatives of the dark ambient genre of recent years. Another incarnation of Andrew Lagowski and his most active project, with releases on labels such as Loki-Found (Power & Steel), Touch, Incoming!, VIVO, Ash International and Syntactic (Klanggalerie). 'The Sphere of Density' is his latest album, which consists of two CDs, of which the first contains completely new studio material, and the second is a record of an improvised concert that was very well received at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival. Both CDs depict various styles of the S.E.T.I. project. Although they were created around the same period of time, they are completely different in terms of sound character or construction of the tracks. The Sphere of Density is inspired by the vision of Alexander Petrovitch Kazantsev - a russian science fiction writer. [label info]

SCHLOSS TEGAL -- "Oranur III - The Third And Final Report" -- CD -- €10
1997/2012 Cold Spring, CSR174CD
Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his encounters with UFOs, this influential album has been remastered and reworked from the original recordings, with new bonus tracks and new remixed versions. Originally released in 1997 on CD by Tegal Records (Ltd x 1000) and LP by Artware Productions, Germany (Ltd x 1000), all of the original subject matter has been taken to a new level with this digital recording from the analogue sources. This is the third and final warning to the sleeping beings of the earth. This album influenced many other electronic artists and has been hailed as one of the first recordings to be labelled “dark ambient”. [label info]

SCHROTTERSBURG -- "Melancholia • Dekonstrukcje" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 214-2, (ltd. 300)
New Wave / Experimental. Schrottersburg (city of Płock in German) is well known to post punk fans due to 3 well received albums and a no nonsense demo. What makes them different from the other bands (except for great music of course) is their ability to incorporate other musical genres while maintaining the new wave core. Here post punk meets kraut/space/psychedelic or even noise rock and shoegaze. Those broad interests pushed the band towards experiment where they invited their friends who reinterpreted the songs from “Melancholia” album, which resulted in „Melancholia. Dekonstrukcje”. New versions of songs range from trip hop, through traces of electro, industrial, experimental (think of shogaze black metal, seriously) psychedelia and mesmeric, trance inducing sounds. Not wanting to spoil the fun we’ll leave those aural pleasures for you to discover. [label info]

SHE SPREAD SORROW -- "Midori" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR251CD
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Midori is the third album by Italian artist She Spread Sorrow (Alice Kudalini). Midori tells a story, the escape from a harsh reality that becomes an echo of nightmares and visions, a house that is the scene of fear and anguish, a soul that is lost in pain to an epilogue of death and purification. The gloomy, intense, dreamlike sound, sometimes distorted, sometimes angelic is the soundtrack of a dramatic story, but also of relief. Duplicity is the key to this work. Death industrial with female vocals and ambient moments, more dilated, with sounds that also refer to a ritualistic horizon. Presented in a 6-panel digipak. [label info]

SHE SPREAD SORROW -- "Mine" -- CD -- €11
2017/2018 Cold Spring, CSR231CD
Much demanded CD edition of last year's sold out vinyl release, with 2 bonus tracks. "Mine" is the second release for the Italian artist Alice Kundalini with her solo project She Spread Sorrow. Between the dark rooms of an abandoned college, where whispers and obscene thoughts mingle, where little bells and distortions come together, the inner voices are fleeing to the rules of harmony to awaken a darker sound, hidden and deprived, of those who have something to hide. Ritual deathscapes, obscure Death Industrial, sinful Power Electronics. The two bonus tracks, bringing the album to 46 minutes, are majestic, heavy and claustrophobic, perfectly complimenting this already intense masterpiece. 6-panel digipak. [label info]

SKWATS -- "Angst, Lust And Dreams" -- CS -- €7
2021 Perspex Icon
Garage Rock. The Filipino quartet of Skwats doesn't like to toss words and sounds to the wind. They really don't play their music, but squat it. They occupy dusty rooms of post-punk, ironic uncomplicated psychedelia and synth-driven motorik pulses to put them in proper order... "Angst, Lust and Dreams" is an album of catchy melodies and devilish loudness at the same time. It’s could lift even the most plodding man from the couch. Skwats so easily manage to create the feeling of a decent party right in your head that you immediately wonder how these people behave outside the studio and without their instruments. Their music has a completely appropriate sense of fun, which you get into from the very first minutes. And really, what interests every person if not angst, lust and dreams? [label info]

STRATVM TERROR -- "Pain Implantations" -- CD -- €10
1998/2009 Old Europa Cafe, OECD118
Industrial. Formed by aggression and pain the aptly titled CD 'Pain Implantation' is probably a good description of the music, given the focus of the approach. Sparse and suffocating atmospheres float forth while distorted sicken tones are injected. The opening track lulls the listener into a false sense of relaxation before the distorted frequencies leap out to reek havoc on the listeners cerebral area. The music throughout the disc pounds on your skull without mercy and then slows down before the next eruption, ripping through your ears jamming them with feedback and beats tearing the mind apart. Every track has a nerve grating, tympanic membrane agitating attraction, sonically careens off of the interior fortress of the body... Stratvm Terror is Peter Andersson of Raison d'etre, Necrophorus, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine etc. and Tobias Larsson of Ocean Chief. 'Pain Implantations' were originally released in 1998 on Malignant Records as the second CD album release of the band. This re-release from Old Europa Cafe, totally refurbished from the original master and added with two more songs, is presented with complete new artwork. [press-release]

TEHOM -- "Phobos" -- CD -- €10
2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 234-2, (ltd. 350)
Dark Ambient. TeHÔM is the first ever Croatian dark ambient audio-visual project and one of Europe’s mainstays within the genre with released 5 albums on labels such Twilight Command, Cyclic Law and Zazen Sounds. “Phobos” is an audio documentation of a live performance held at the extraordinary location of Sophienkirche in Wuppertal, Germany during Phobos Festival in 2019. It was recorded directly at the mixing desk and over a microphone capturing the church's acoustics, which can be heard on the recording itself. The music is atmospheric and ritual. Grim and narrative electronics enriched by TeHÔM’s chanting and processed acoustics of percussive nature are at the same time pleasant for the ear and unsettling for the mind. Phobos is a dark, dark place to be... [label info]

TESLA AIRLINES -- "ISO/2021" -- CS -- €8
2021 Noyade Records, NR-56
Ambient. Psychedelic ambient with Berlin-school influences from the Moscow project Tesla Airlines. A big journey between emptiness and fullness, through space / time, looking into the dark hidden corners of thoughts, sensations and perceptions. Detached and empathic, contemplative and brooding, static and aspiring. Some of these tracks have come a long, thorny path to being heard. Each of them has a different history, geography and character, but all of them are united by the desire to explore the endless mysteries of the Inner and Outer Space, carefully keep stillness and dissect the silence with their waves. [label info]

TROUM -- "Autopoiesis / Nahtscato" -- CD -- €10
2010 Zoharum, ZOHAR 012-2, (ltd. 500)
Two elder vinyls first time on CD. These vinyls materials aren't unvailable + bonus tracks. Packaged in exclusive 3-panel digipack. 'Autopoiesis' was originally released as picture LP on Small Voices in October 2004 in limited edition of 567 copies. 'Nahtscato' was originally released as a 12"EP on Paranoise Records in July 2005 in an edition of 300 copies. The bonus tracks were recorded in 2003. [label info]

TROUM -- "DA-PU-RI-TO-JO (The Singles 2004-2016)" -- CD -- €10
2017/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 218-2, (ltd. 500)
Drone / Dark Ambient. Troum returns to Zoharum with "DA-PU-RI-TO-JO" – a collection of tracks taken from 7” singles (and one digital EP) that were released through the years 2004-2016. Drone masters offer 12 dreamscapes that range from soothing, etheral and meditative through emotional and mysterious to dark, industrialesque and nightmarish. Listening to the album in one go Troum takes us on a journey to the farthest corners of human psyche. From heaven to hell and back. It’s all here. If you’re Troum’s fan it’s a great opportunity to have these lesser known tracks in one place. If you’re about to become one it’s a great way to start here your journey into the depths of subconscious. CD edition of 500 copies comes in 6-panel digipack. [label info]

TROUM -- "Dreaming Muzak" -- CD -- €10
1998/2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 074-2, (ltd. 350)
"Dreaming Muzak" is the first full-length material od TROUM duo originally released on tape in 1998 and later re-released on a limited CDR (100 copies only) in 2005. This edition is the first one on a regular CD. The material was thoroughly remastered by Lukasz Miernik (who is also responsible for the sound of the previous MAEROR TRI reissues on Zoharum). "Dreaming Muzak" is composed of 2 drone ambient compositions so characteristic for the TROUM style. They were created as a muzak tuning our brainwaves into the proper dreaming stadium. The following prerequisites have been accompanying the duo for many years, hence they have become their credo executed on many excellent records and gigs. It is "Dreaming Muzak" that constitutes an excellent introduction to the adventures with TROUM and their music. The cover design is based on the artwork of Wiktor Jackowski. This edition is released in a 3-panel digipak stroctly limited to 350 copies. [press-release]

VIDNA OBMANA -- "Revealed By Composed Nature" -- CD -- €10
1990/2021 Zoharum, ZOHAR 230-2, (ltd. 400)
Ambient. There is no doubt that standing behind Vidna Obmana project Dirk Serries is outstanding creative force and it’s always pleasure to have him in Zoharum. Serries turns to magic whatever he touches. Whenever it’s dark ambient, drone or more experimental sounds you can always expect highest quality of musical expression... This time we offer you reissue of his “Revealed By Composed Nature” previously released in 1990 on Belgian Decade Collection. Album consists of magnificent and gentle sounds with slight new age feel. Beautiful harmonics seep through speakers and induce sedative state. Perfectly constructed tape loops peacefully float into infinity carrying us with them. Tender electronics and treatments enrich created ambience giving us blurry yet amazingly soothing soundscape that you never want to end... We’re almost sure that these tracks have medical quality and this album as a whole serves its purpose as aural therapy that we all needed for our disturbed minds in these crazy times. [label info]

VIDNA OBMANA & SERGE DEVADDER -- "The Shape Of Solitude" -- CD -- €10
1999/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 211-2, (ltd. 400)
Guitar Ambient / Experimental. "The Shape of Solitude" is Vidna Obmana’s collaboration with Belgian guitarist and synthesist Serge Devadder. The album marks once again Vidna Obmana’s constant strive for experimentation and expanding his oeuvre with new combinations, blending genres so to speak. Influenced by way more than only the ambient music he stood for, Vidna Obmana believed in music that exist beyond classification and that also the genre in which he operated could use way more than the standard approaches. THE SHAPE OF SOLITUDE is an unique album in his oeuvre: bold, abstract, emotionally-charged and eerie. [label info] The Shape of Solitude takes Vidna Obmana’s music nearer the realm of the Avant-Garde. This collaboration with guitarist Serge Devadder demonstrates Vidna Obmana’s willingness to lead the audience, not persue them; fans of his gentle soundscapes or tribal grooves will find themselves challenged by this CD. The source for all the pieces was the guitar. Devadder’s already contorted riffs were bent even further by Vidna Obmana’s studio wizardry. Even the pacing of the album is somewhat difficult: a piece of dissonant outside music - followed by something warm and mysterious - into a harsh studio mutilation of yet another twisted guitar loop... The music is questioning and plaintive, completed only by a listener’s comprehension. Fortunately, the music is as interesting as the process by which it was realized. At moments edgey and inpenetrable, at others deep and serene, The Shape of Solitude is a successful experiment in the use of timbres and sounds to portray moods and feelings avoided by most musicians. [Chuch van Zyl, Star's End]

WAGNER ODEGARD -- "Sju Vaglosa Mil III" -- CD -- €10
2017/2019 Solstice Rex, SOL 015, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth. CD reissue of two tapes previously put out by Wagner's own imprint Brugmanziah in 2017: "Ursumar" and "Nidvintern". Lo-fi industrial atmosphere, folk tunes and elements of sound collage combined with minimalistic, yet very peculiar kind of dark ambient approach...

2018 Status Prod., SP 09 CD, (ltd. 200)
Ritual Ambient / Death Industrial. The lunar tree stretches its branches, as if they were the tentacles of a monster, and pulls, clings, embraces the lost souls. Soon, paths and glades slowly covers with mosses and herbs. Forest spirits groan between the tumbled-down tree trunks, giving birth to the horrifying music, when the Moon is in her second quarter... Status Prod. presents the self-titled debut CD album of the anonymous ritual ambient / death industrial project When the Moon is in its second quarter. Two nameless hymns-rituals narrate the chthonic nature of the forest, which resists any manifestation of the human presence. Whimsical drawings of rhythms and drones call into the darkest, forbidden forest thickets and make the souls get lost in them forever... The album was released in 200 hand-numbered copies in a folder/pennant made of black designer cardboard with the silk-screened artwork by PAINT-IT-BLACK DESIGN in silver color. For connoisseurs of old-school ritual industrial in the spirit of Korpses Katatonik and Trepaneringsritualen, as well as Phurpa and Vril Jäger. [label info]

WHEN THE MOON IS IN HER SECOND QUARTER -- "Like Dead Leaves" -- CD -- €11
2020 Status Prod., SP 14 CD, (ltd. 200)
Ritual Ambient / Death Industrial. The deaf darkness of the chthonic forest gives birth to hitherto unseen monsters and their moans, like dead leaves, are carried by the wind between the skeletons of trees, as ancient as the Earth itself. Lost souls sigh, wheeze, howl, revealing their essence, when the Moon is in her second quarter... Status Prod. presents new CD-album of the anonymous ritual ambient / death industrial project When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter “Like Dead Leaves”. Two nameless hymns–rituals are dedicated to the memory of Yevgeniy Yufit, the founder of the genre Necrorealism in cinema, painting and literature. The record features guest appearance of Ord Err (ORD). The album was released in an edition of 200 hand-numbered copies in a foldout folder made of brown designer cardboard with the art by PAINT-IT-BLACK DESIGN, applied by silk-screen printing on it, in silver color. [label info]

ZHELTYE CHULKI GRAFA DZERZHINSKOGO -- "Katina Progulka" -- C-46 -- €7
2020 Perspex Icon, PI-01
No Wave / Post-Punk from Saratov, Russia. Hand-painted green & yellow cassettes and full-colour j-card.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Earthen - A Cold Spring Sampler" -- 2 CD -- €5
2018 Cold Spring, CSR250CD
A massive double CD to celebrate our 250th release! 29 tracks - including an EXCLUSIVE unheard track from COIL. An unrivalled collection of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial, Experimental, Torch Songs, Electronica. Unearth the world of Cold Spring! Ltd x 4000 copies in a gatefold ecopak... MERZBOW / GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE, SHE SPREAD SORROW, PENNY RIMBAUD, NDE, SONOLOGYST, NYTT LAND, DET KÄTTERSKA FÖRBUND, PSYCHIC TV, KHOST, LEFT HAND RIGHT HAND, THE NEW BLOCKADERS, THE TELESCOPES, VIVIANKRIST, ILPO VÄISÄNEN, COIL, MZ. 412, ANNI HOGAN feat LYDIA LUNCH, XERXES THE DARK, SHIFT, JOTUNSPOR, MAYUKO HINO, ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI, C.3.3., COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER, SOFT ISSUES, COLOSSLOTH, COIL + ZOS KIA + MARC ALMOND, TUNNELS OF ĀH, BARRY ADAMSON + PAN SONIC + THE HAFLER TRIO. [label info]

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