ZHELEZOBETON news - 04.02.2022
Dear friends,

Together with the label Nebosvod we are pleased to present the long-awaited extended reissues of the first three albums of the St. Petersburg project Uhushuhu: “Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing”, “Onega” and “Geoscience”. Each album is released as a double CD, meaning that the whole set contains three bonus CDs with previously unreleased material! The price of each edition is €14, when purchasing all three at once – €36.

Besides, we now have the double CD version of the KRCFHL album, supplemented by four remixes. The analogue version on an 85-minute cassette was released in December. Detailed information about all new titles is just below in the newsletter.

Among the new entries in our distro catalogue – releases by Russian labels Destroyed Room Tapes, Other Voices Records, Lagunamuch, Operator Produkzion, electrotapes archive, new works by Hum, Totentotem, DOR, Ultrapolar Intrusion, plus new t-shirts from Uhushuhu. International scene is presented by releases of the labels Winter-Light (NL), Cold Spring (UK), Steinklang Industries (LT), Galakthorrö (DE), Staalplaat (DE) and Avalanche Organization (DK).

As usual, some of these works are featured in the new mix:

As a reminder, there is only a month left before the end of our WINTER SALE. When ordering 10 or more items marked with the [-50%] sign from the distro catalogue, they will be subject to a 50% discount. Part of the second hand list also participates in the sale, discount items are marked in green. A good chance to replenish your stock of strange music in economy mode!

Take care & see you soon,

I. New releases

Uhushuhu - Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing

"Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing"

2 CD (ltd. 200)

vol. 1 (2014):
1. Surface
1. Underwater
2. Underground

vol. 2 (2014-2021):
1. Terrestrial
1. Sonar
2. Abyssal

total length: 52:44 + 47:35
price: €14

"Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing" @ bandcamp

Uhushuhu: bandcamp | website | facebook | soundcloud

Uhushuhu is a project led by Pavel Dombrovskiy, a musician and graphic designer from St. Petersburg, member of the bands Utrovortu, Pigeons and Insane Porrige-Makers, Krol’, etc. “Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing” is the project’s debut work, originally published in 2014.

Following these songs, we set off on a journey through structures and surfaces in a shell of experimental drone ambient. We will face sonic anomalies, random wanderings in unstable and unpredictable spheres, vague rustles and semblant echoes, spaces of various densities, moods and origins, hidden dead-ends, spontaneous phonations and labyrinths enclosed in themselves.

The 2022 reissue comes with a second disc containing three previously unreleased compositions with a total duration of 47 minutes. The edition is presented in a matte 4-panel digisleeve with a new design by Lilia Akivenson and limited to 200 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

Uhushuhu - Onega


2 CD (ltd. 200)

vol. 1 (2015):
1. Onega

vol. 2 (2015-2021):
1. Nega-O (Creation VI remix)
2. Onega (reshape)
3. Caravan

total length: 41:34 + 60:49
price: €14

"Onega" @ bandcamp

Uhushuhu: bandcamp | website | facebook | soundcloud

“Onega” is Uhushuhu's second album, originally released by ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ in early 2015 and later re-released in cassette format with a remix by Creation VI and an alternative version of the material by Uhushuhu themselves.

Archaically natural, truly psychoactive drone, woven from hundreds of sounds that appear and disappear. Thick as a pre-dawn haze, haunted by the spirits of the forest and river nymphs. Flowing under the water like a transparent fog, descending deep to the smallest of shells on the muddy bottom of an ancient lake. Ripples on the liquid surface, stones dancing in the dark, tales of mosses and their inhabitants, the lightness of dew, the dizzying helicity of snails...

The 2022 reissue comes with a second disc containing two bonus tracks from the cassette version along with one previously unreleased 26-minutes composition. The edition is presented in a matte 4-panel digisleeve with a new design by Lilia Akivenson and limited to 200 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

Uhushuhu - Geoscience


2 CD (ltd. 200)

vol. 1 (2015):
1. Firm Ground
2. Windbody
3. Loam Glade
4. Coal Harbour

vol. 2 (2015-2022):
1. Mar'
2. Black Forest
3. Empty Nests
4. Underwater

total length: 48:52 + 48:27
price: €14

"Geoscience" @ bandcamp

Uhushuhu: bandcamp | website | facebook | soundcloud

The third studio album by the St. Petersburg-based group Uhushuhu continues the line of the two previous works: "Long Songs Pleasant for Hearing" and "Onega", namely – long spatial tapestries filled with a whole lot of electronic and organic events drifting on a leisurely contemplative wave.

One can listen to this music endlessly, it seems to be created of several layers of semi-transparent mirrors reflecting everything that comes in the field of the musicians' imagination: smooth synthetic pads, singing birds and (perhaps?) whales, radio waves and a heavenly female voice, lurking whispers, instrumental loops, field recordings and various found sounds. All this creates a complex electro-acoustic image, surely still pleasant for hearing to the connoisseurs of the ambient genre.

The 2022 reissue comes with a second disc containing three previously unreleased compositions and the tape version of the “Underwater” long song. The edition is presented in a matte 4-panel digisleeve with a new design by Lilia Akivenson and limited to 200 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.



2 CD (ltd. 200)

disc one:
1. KRCFHL (part I)
2. KRCFHL (part II)

disc two:
1. KRCFHL (Notum remix)
2. KRCFHL (Bezvlastje remix)
3. KRCFHL (Svetlo111 remix)
4. KRCFHL (Symphocat remix)

total length: 43:07 + 42:20
price: €14

"KRCFHL" @ bandcamp

Kryptogen Rundfunk: website | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud
Cisfinitum: bandcamp | facebook
Hladna: bandcamp | facebook

The recording entitled "KRCFHL" was made on September 28th, 2005 by the musicians of the projects Kryptogen Rundfunk, Cisfinitum and Hladna in the home studio of Evgeniy Voronovskiy in Moscow, right before the performance at the Our Baikonur mini-festival. Armed with analogue drum-machines, synthesizers and an electric violin with effect processors, this spontaneous trio delved into researching the present moment, moving along the rhythmic soundscapes filled both with emotional cosmic reveries and noisy psychedelic visions.

The recording was kept "in the drawer" for 16 years until kultFRONT dug it out and turned it into this release, prepared with the support of ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division. In addition to the original material, the label invited four projects – Notum, bezvlastje, Svetlo111 and Symphocat – to participate with remixes which showed their unique visions and peculiarly expanded the sound pallette of this album.

The edition is embellished with the photos of old St. Petersburg walls and was initially made in the form of 50 copies of 85-minute audio cassettes. Now it's also available as a double CD in a matte 4-panel digisleeve. The digital version is waiting for you on bandcamp.

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

ASKA -- "Út Við Sundin Grá" -- CD -- €15
2021 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 051
Darkwave / Industrial. The second album from Aska is the first on Galakthorrö. Aska’s initial Synth-Wave underwent a metamorphosis into darkest Angst Pop. Disturbing frequencies are now part of Aska’s sound spectrum and merge with deeply sad melodies and skeletal rhythms. No shallow Wave, no dull Noise, but a fruitful symbiosis that is absolutely unique in this form. Aska remains accessible, at the same time creating a dense, apocalyptic atmosphere. This is decisively shaped by depressive and ghostly sounding vocals exclusively in Icelandic. On Út Við Sundin Grá Aska has perfected his technique: the words fall effectively phrased, and in an emotionally moving, magical fashion, into the complex arrangement formed by the raw sounds of analogue synths. The drum machine starts up for the ghost dance. Distant. Empty of human life. Darkness is more than the absence of light... CD in jewel case with 6 page wrap fold booklet. [label info]

THE CIRCULAR RUINS & MYSTIFIED -- "Fantastic Journey" -- CD -- €11
2013/2021 Cold Spring, CSR298CD
Ambient / Drone. "Fantastic Journey" is an homage to writers such as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and other pioneers from the early age of science fantasy. Stunningly adventurous dark ambient, dronescapes, pulsing synths, melancholic strings, and exploratory ambient electronica take us on a journey of imagination and ingenuity. Tales are woven of fantastic voyages and feats of scientific endeavour, through subterranean worlds, mysterious unexplored islands, Utopian societies, travels through time, and the farthest reaches of outer space... "Fantastic Journey" perfectly encapsulates the wondrous visions of these futuristic writers over the last 150 years. Designed for serious listening and exercising your imagination... Originally released in 2013, we are proud to release "Fantastic Journey" on CD-proper for the first time, with an exclusive 10-minute bonus track, taking the intrepid listener on one last marvellous adventure... Composed and performed using various samples, synthesizers, and field recordings by Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins) and Thomas Park (Mystified). [label info]

COLOSSLOTH -- "Plague Alone" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR277CD
Industrial / Experimental. When these tracks were recorded in spring-summer 2019, when the prophetic album title was set in stone, who knew what turbulence the world would undergo, what social isolation we would endure. To face a plague alone... Landscapes sheathed in cacophony, a new sound being forged, emerging from the fractured sonics and sepulchral bass rumblings. A bold move forward towards the cinematic... transcendence born from ancient currents stirred up into frenzied and chthonic ritual. Esoteric music for transportation and immersion, taming the wilderness of the ravaged psyche. Digipak. [label info]

CORONA BARATHRI / AKHTYA -- "Summum Malum / Thronos Tou Satana" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 149)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. Occult split of Russian and US projects.

DET KATTERSKA FORBUND -- "Lidaverken Del I: Att I Vådeld Förgås" -- CD -- €11
2021 Cold Spring, CSR265CD
Death Industrial / Dark Ambient. Cold Spring presents two Swedish titans - NORDVARGR (MZ.412) and ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ (TREPANERINGSRITUALEN) - teaming up for a bludgeoning dose of Death Industrial majesty. Det Kätterska Förbund, consisting of the two giants dominating the Death Industrial world - Thomas Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words) + Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Pouppée Fabrikk, Folkstorm etc) - has been slowly and methodically working for almost 5 years to finish the first album of this double-headed abomination. Patience richly rewarded... You can instantly feel the presence of lurking unease as the album slowly opens up a distorted world of familiar sounds and voices, but there is something special about these recordings; the menacing aura that has been created adds new elements to the otherwise rigid tropes of the genre. Punishingly heavy rhythmic tracks, with savage incantations from both Thomas and Nordvargr, gratifyingly familiar to fans of the artists' main projects, are flanked by these death-scarred lamentations... CD in debossed digipak. [label info]

DIEUX DES CIMETIERES -- "European Fire" -- CD -- €11
2020 Steinklang Industries, SK129, (ltd. 100)
Martial Industrial / Neoclassical. "And it is this, that makes us European: that we want out stories to be told, passed on as tradition to coming generations, who in their time shall forget the lessons and repeat the suffering." For fans of PREDOMINANCE, TURBUND STURMWERK, etc. [label info]

DOR -- "The Trial" -- CD-R -- €12
2021 Agfa Archive, AGFA 05, (ltd. 50)
Power Electronics. An extremely metaphysical work from 2020, especially appreciated by the author, now available on physical media in an expanded form with all the texts and artworks that can shake your mental balance towards borderline metasleep. Walk through all the corridors of your essence, open all the doors. Shout, cry and don't say we didn't warn you. A sip of liquid black as oil will take you to the lower world, to underground Russia, embraced by flames of irrational chaos and bloody rakes. This album is about all of us. The trial is already underway... 14-panel artbook, sandpaper insert, postcard. [label info]

GRIM -- "Hermit Amen" -- CD -- €14
2020/2021 Steinklang Industries, SK128, (ltd. 250)
Religious / Ambient / Experimental. "Hermit Amen" is based on unreleased melodies made by GRIM with Tascam Porta One one between 1980's and 2010's. For all fans of early GRIM and JUN KONAGAYA material! CD edition comes as laminated heavy cover digibook and CD with pit-art. Includes bonus track and additional design page, made specially for this edition. [label info]

HUM -- "Untitled" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2021 self-released
Ambient / Drone / Minimal. Three minimalistic untitled tracks recorded by the Russian project in 2017-2019 as a result of recycling of the same sound sketches. One of the tracks was previously released by the French label taalem in 2017 on their web-compilation "Homework - Year 2".

JULII -- "Taste Of Triumph" -- CD -- €11
2021 Steinklang Industries, SK138, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Martial / Neoclassical. Jupiter Reclaims His Throne. Horns sound and the timpani rumbles. Nascence of the Imperium. “Taste of Triumph” is an ambient, percussive, Neo-classical ode to the Old Gods who perpetuate the cycle of history. Written and recorded in 2020 to explore the drama of a time and empire that continues to shape the world and foretell the zenith and nadir of civilization. Celebrate beauty and venerate love. Cherish the battle and welcome death. [label info]

KLOOB -- "Parallel States" -- CD -- €12
2021 Winter-Light, WIN 038, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. A welcome return to Winter-Light for Kloob with new work 'Parallel States'; his third solo album on our label. ‘Drifting helplessly in unchartered space. Gripped by fear and an inherent dread; the mind becomes wracked with feverish blurred visions. Intermittently slipping in to dreamlike sequences, spliced with harsh realities and the surreal. A sudden pulse courses throughout the body, triggering a magnificent view of the quantum limits. At once comprehending and understanding even the most intricate of macrocosmic notions... Once the whole structure of mind, body and soul has undergone significant changes, the known boundaries of existence cease to impose such limitations...’ Ethereal soundscapes, deep-low drones, subtle-faint dub chords and gloomy atmospheres slowly slide in to assemble nebulous structures. [label info]

MEI JUNG BING -- "s/t" -- CD -- €13
2020 Other Voices Records, VOX 53 CD, (ltd. 200)
Synthwave / EBM / Industrial. Méi Jùn Bìng 霉菌病 (Mycosis in English) is a synth-punk project made by Ben Le Millionaire (French based in Wuhan, China) combining elements of dark wave and synthwave with the energy of punk music. Méi Jùn Bìng is influenced by music genres such as Punk, Synthpunk, Neue Deutsche Welle, Post-punk and Old-School Industrial. The CD is released in a deluxe matte laminated 4-panel digipak. [label info]

MERZBOW -- "Yahatahachiman" -- CD -- €13
1983/2019 Other Voices Records, VOX 45 CD, (ltd. 200)
Industrial / Noise / Experimental. True hidden treasure of Merzbow-Music! Recorded in 1983 it's for sure not your another typical Merzbow album. It was buried deep in artist's archives for the past 35 years. Masami Akita never liked them as it had too much synth (!), too much guitars (!!), too much rhythm box (!!!). This remastered version was previously released as a part of Lowest Music & Arts 1980 - 1983 10x LP box on VOD label. Now you can taste it on CD. Enjoy psychedelic atonal guitar-noise in combination with minimal synth and technoid rhythms. Let's get this droid party started! [label info]

MICROSPORA -- "Jambudvipa" -- CD-R -- €5
2022 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT141, (ltd. 42)
Psychedelic Drone Ambient and Ethno Breakbeat with a ritual flavor, infused with the spicy spirit of India. Tons of ethnic sampling and powerful electronic rhythms. The album will appeal to fans of Muslimgauze and Sergey Gabbasov, but you shouldn't expect dub riddims from it - this work is distinguished by a strict Indo-European approach without Jamaican influences. DVD-box, handmade cover of vintage paper with a vintage Indian handicraft postcard on the front, unique to each copy. A part of the edition has a textile Indian elephant inside the box. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Emak Bakia" -- CD -- €13
1994/2021 Other Voices Records, VOX 57 CD, (ltd. 300)
Tribal / House / Experimental. We have repeatedly surprised you with unusual releases that sound uncharacteristic for wellknown artists. Remember Merzbow with guitars, synth (almost said synth-pop) and drum machine? Well, Muslimgauze's turn came up. Emak Bakia – long out of print masterpieces from 1994. Even in the huge Bryn Jones' discography Emak Bakia really stands out of albums from the period due its rather unique (house-music related) sound and short, by the standards of Bryn Jones, tracks. Like a crossmix between Psychic TV (circa Towards Thee Infinite Beat) and Muslimgauze's trademark percussion and eastern vibes... Deluxe gatefold mini-LP sleeve with mini poster. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Farouk Enjineer" -- CD -- €13
1997/2021 Other Voices Records, VOX 66 CD / Kontakt Audio, AKT05CD, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Dub. This is extremely intense Arabic dub noise music, designed to blow minds and loudspeakers. 2021 Remastered reissue with new artwork in gatefold mini-LP sleeve. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Sulaymaniyah" -- CD -- €11
2009 Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive, 7, (ltd. 700)
Tribal / Breakbeat / Experimental. Sulaymaniyah is part of Staalplaat’s ongoing Muslimgauze archive series, masters originally submitted in 1997, then “replaced” by what became Vampire of Tehran released early in 1998. It was not uncommon for the prolific Bryn Jones to replace masters with what he believed to be a more fit release. Short of two tracks, “Fez Tishan” and “Hamas Pulse of Revenge”, this is Vampire of Tehran with nine additional, unreleased tracks. Because Sulaymaniyah was “replaced”, it was stored in Staalplaat’s vault’s until a decade after Jones’ passing and it will take several more years before they have completely caught up with additional “replaced” and unreleased masters. Sulaymaniyah is stylistically varied and has ethno-electro, ethno breakbeat along with several dub cuts. Ethno-electro/breaks are analogous to urban dance/hip hop with catchy, distortion ridden breaks and heavily edited ethnic music, cut-up and reassembled into Frankenstein hybrids—sometimes further complicated with dub elements. Wanton mixtures of styles are one of many defining qualities of Muslimgauze music. Like “replaced” masters, versions of tracks such as “Arabs Improved Zpain” and “Arabs Return Zpain” demonstrate Jones’ near obsessive search for the right sound. For those who appreciate the latter, rhythmic ethno-breaks and dub phase of Muslimgauze circa Tandoori Dog, or completists, Sulaymaniyah is a “must have”. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Sycophant Of Purdah" -- CD -- €11
2009 Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive, 9, (ltd. 700)
Tribal / Industrial / Experimental. Part of Staalplaat’s ongoing Muslimgauze archive series, Sycophant of Purdah was submitted in 1994 then “replaced” by another master Bryn Jones felt more fit for release. Sycophant then languished in the vaults until present, nearly a decade after Jones’ passing. It is no secret that Jones was a prolific artist and that numerous labels combined could not keep up with his output and will take several more years more for them to do so. Sycophant opens with a radio broadcast on the on-going Palestinian crisis set to breakbeats and marmalade-thick bass lines; the forward to another sonic treatise on struggles of the Muslim world. Tracks that follow are more consistent with Industrial stylings of the Muslimgauze oeuvre including Zealot, Blue Mosque, Silknoose and Izlamaphobia. Industrial, in the context of Muslimgauze, is often characterized by tightly woven percussion loops with scant variance while melodies hover. Additionally, tracks like “Radif Avaz and Dastgah” and “Mossad Evil” are another facet of Industrial, Industrial in the classic sense of the word meaning, ‘mechanical’, ‘machine like’, with little in the way of melodic overtones. The commonality is rigorous, dogmatic structure that are nonetheless hypnotic and engaging. Because the above albums vary, despite being of the same sub-genre, Sycophant could be considered a ‘missing link’ that ties them together—with ethno-breaks added for variance. None of the track listings, handwritten by Jones, are repeated on any other release hence Sycophant of Purdah is a ‘must have’ for fans and collectors. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Uzi" -- CD -- €13
1989/2021 Other Voices Records, VOX 63 CD / Kontakt Audio, AKT01, (ltd. 300)
Tribal / Industrial. Muslimgauze's gem from the late 80s. Cinematic, minimal, noisy, hypnotic, and gloomy. Probably not so overtly Middle Eastern as his later works, though definitely bearing an influence. Backed by electric drones percussion forms a living, breathing atmosphere of impending menace. For a strange reason, this album was missed in VOD's Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones 10xLP Box-set. Now you have a chance to complete your Muslimgauze discography! [label info]

NO NEW DAWN -- "Double Dream" -- CD -- €13
2019 Other Voices Records, VOX 49 CD, (ltd. 200)
Minimal Synth / Industrial. No New Dawn is a manifestation of creative force informed by the perspectives and understanding gained through the path to void consciousness by J. Czarn. The artistic work and exploration of NND is primarily done through the utilization of electronics, however all forms of media are infinitely within consideration. No New Dawn is an ideological reference to universal oneness and present action... No New Dawn is a post-industrial minimal synth project with Black Metal background based in Detroit by J. Czarn. Beginning in 2016, the first full-length album "Double Dream" was finished in 2018. No New Dawn's illumination of modern bleakness and struggle contrasted with intervals of meditative and reflective clarity provide a fitting backdrop to the cold soundscape captured on this album. The project's music uses a mix of analog, midi, sampling and live recording methods to achieve an often cavernous electronic and vocal sound. "Double Dream" also exhibits a shift in focus throughout the album from conventional song structures to loose and ambient instrumental compositions. J. Czarn is a multi-instrumentalist and artist affiliated with the One Void art collective... Absolutely must have for fans of early 80s synth scene (Gary Numan, The Human League, Clock DVA, John Foxx or Second Decay), Cold Cave, early Lust For Youth, November Növelet, late Haus Arafna, Martial Canterel. [label info]

O YUKI CONJUGATE -- "Equator" -- CD -- €13
1995/2021 Other Voices Records, VOX 68 CD, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Tribal. British post-industrial / ambient group O Yuki Conjugate arrives on Other Voices Records with the reissue of their 1995 release Equator. Coming four years after their lauded Peyote release, the group split and reformed into their Mk II phase with the two original members Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme, along with Malcolm McGeorge, Dan Mudford & Pete Woodhead (who later went on to form Sons Of Silence on Leaf Label)... Making use of the emergent technology of the early 90’s, Equator was one of the first albums to be mixed with digital equipment, weaving together a blend of studio, live and location recordings to create their own deeply immersive, enveloping soundscapes. Brooding atmospheres unfold underneath a wide range of ethnic percussion and deep, meditative basslines - existing in a unique cross-section of Hassell inspired 4th world mystery, Industrial landscapes, and the rich middle-eastern projections pioneered by Muslimgauze... It's a deeply hypnotic work that joins the dots between the late 80's industrial scene and the smoked-out chill-out rooms of the '90s, released on the brilliantly haphazard Staalplaat label who ensured O Yuki Conjugate remained total obscurity in their home country. Now revisited, this expanded edition features an additional 30 minutes of material, together with new glorious artwork from artist and actor Frederick Schimmelschmidt. [label info]

PRONOISE -- "Low Light Vision" -- CD -- €10
1997/2016 Other Voices Records, VOX 22 CD, (ltd. 300)
Post-Punk / Industrial / Darkwave. This album was recorded between 1996 and 1997 in Valencia by Nacho Artax and Javi Andreu. Originally released on vinyl in edition of 320 copies by Horizonte Espectral. Now we offer you this perfect blend of ebm, industrial, darkwave & post-punk music on limited compact disc. CD edition has one bonus track, not on original LP. [label info]

RECOIL -- "Prey / Allelujah" -- CD EP -- €28
2008 Mute, CDMute372, (ltd. 1000)
Leftfield / Experimental. This single was only available from the Russian Depeche Mode fanpage. The reason for it is that this release was completely realised by Russian fans — the record companies just gave their "ok". Mute didn't release a CD version of Recoil's single "Prey", only a very limited 7" vinyl and digital downloads were available, but the fans still believed that there was a special market for physical items on vinyl & CD, and wanted to convince the company of that by releasing this single. Alan Wilder completely supported this idea.

REGARD EXTREME -- "Ars Veterum" -- CD -- €11
2021 Steinklang Industries, SK142, (ltd. 200)
Martial Industrial / Neoclassical. A Dark Medieval work that takes us across Europe of Middle age. Mutation of a civilation that is at the same time dark, romantic and cruel, paving the way towards a century of rebirth and light... Regard Extrême is a French musical project founded by Fabien Nicault in 1990. Influenced both by the dark underground scene of the 80's and ancient or classical music, Regard Extrême presents a dark orchestral sound with a brooding martial quality... Comes as 6-panels glossy laminated digipak with 12 pages booklet. [label info]

SHE SPREAD SORROW -- "Huntress" -- CD -- €11
2021 Cold Spring, CSR282CD
Industrial. The new album by She Spread Sorrow (Alice Kundalini) is the story of a huntress and her morbid and psychotic relationship with her prey. The protagonist is Blue, a girl whose existence is marked by obsession with another woman of the same age and by nightmares that leave her without peace. Between love and psychosis, a tragic story is consumed, which vibrates in the stomach, like the music that accompanies it - dark and hypnotic death industrial, with moments of dark ambient, power electronics and noise... Inspired by Kundalini’s nightmares and her fervent world of dreams, "Huntress" was born after 3 years of intense recordings. It pursues the need to whisper secret, forbidden tales and to stimulate the deepest shadows of the human being, exploring the boundaries between the delicate and the violent; between love and obsession; between fantasy and madness... "Huntress" is the soundtrack of a tragic game between opposites in a reality of total solitude... CD in 6-panel digipak. [label info]

SOBAKI TABAKA -- "Naidu, Ub'yu!" -- CD -- €10
2009 Zenith, ZEN 024
Industrial / Noise Rock. SOBAKI TABAKA are the most significant representatives of the Russian industrial scene. The band was created in 1993 by Robert Ostrolutsky, on the ruins of the group CROWNEAR, which played heavy music and was popular in the 80s. The performances of SOBAKI TABAKA were always powerful and dazzling: otherworldly, blinding blue-green light, the wild rumble of breaking metal elements and the roar of out-of-tune bass guitars. In fact, DSOBAKI TABAKA are the only project in Russia working in the genre of "industrial noise rock", which in the mass consciousness is associated primarily with such names as MINISTRY, NINE INCH NAILS and possibly GODFLESH.

SOBAKI TABAKA -- "The New Body" -- CD -- €14
2012 self-released
Industrial / Noise Rock. SOBAKI TABAKA are the most significant representatives of the Russian industrial scene. The band was created in 1993 by Robert Ostrolutsky, on the ruins of the group CROWNEAR, which played heavy music and was popular in the 80s. The performances of SOBAKI TABAKA were always powerful and dazzling: otherworldly, blinding blue-green light, the wild rumble of breaking metal elements and the roar of out-of-tune bass guitars. In fact, DSOBAKI TABAKA are the only project in Russia working in the genre of "industrial noise rock", which in the mass consciousness is associated primarily with such names as MINISTRY, NINE INCH NAILS and possibly GODFLESH.

TOTENTOTEM -- "Misprints" -- CD -- €10
2021 Lonely In Records, LIR-05
Spoken Word / Industrial / Experimental. Second full-length album-collaboration of the Russian orchestra of experimental electronic musicians guided by the boss of Lonely In Records – Ilya Odinokov. The recordings feature Alexandr Aronov (TORFF / TORCH PROJECT), Alexandr "i" & Andrey Kein (ZINC ROOM), Alexei Borisov (NOTCHNOI PROSPEKT), Zhanna Oganesyan (HARDCORE POETRY), German Guger (T-UNION) and Alex Kervi. "Musically this is the most real old-school industrial with good sound, concept and lyrics. You can see that the musicians put a lot of attention into this material and it turned out to be moderately radical and aggressive. This is a really good and high-quality product that is sure to find its fans among the industrial-minded youth, frowned bearded men in military clothes and sullen guys with jeans jackets full of mysterious embroidered patches." [TSEKH.]

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN -- "Veil The World" -- CD -- €11
2011/2021 Cold Spring, CSR205CD
"All seals have been broken" proclaims a demonic voice on the titular track of Veil The World, and that is something terrifyingly evident in the music contained therein. On Veil The World, Trepaneringsritualen veers from crepuscular ritual moods to rabid death chants revealing, even celebrating the imminent end of flesh. Veil the World - originally released in a very limited and ultra-lavish box by Kosci Tapes in 2011 - marks the half-way point between the earlier, more atmospheric works of T x R x P, and the more visceral aggression of the later material... Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magick and the hidden realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient & death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, and oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation at others, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerizing visions of the end-times... Second CD edition in 4-panel digipak with new artwork. [label info]

TUNNELS OF AH -- "Deathless Mind" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR279CD
Industrial / Dark Ambient. The ambient drones and angular abstractions on 'Deathless Mind' combine to carry the listener on a disquieting journey into dark recesses. TUNNELS OF ĀH pursue a singular sonic path. Each album has been recorded with a visualised location arising in; for 'Charnel Transmissions' it was a childhood landfill, 'Thus Avici', a field of pig arks in a Golgotha landscape. How these places emerge and obsess is a mystery. 'Deathless Mind' is set on a half mile stretch of abandoned railway where various human transgressions have occurred... With contributions from Primitive Knot on 'Ritual For The New Dumb' and Adam Probert (The Mannequin Factory) on 'Saint of Slaves', 'Deathless Mind' is an album recorded at the height of summer and sounding like the depths of winter. [label info]

ULTRAPOLAR INTRUSION -- "This War Will Have No End..." -- CD -- €11
2021 Steinklang Industries, SK147, (ltd. 100)
Death Industrial. "This War Will Have No End ..." is the 4th full-length album by the Russian project named ULTRAPOLAR INTRUSION (ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIE). An oppressive and brutal chronicle of a war that never ceases to go on throughout the entire history of mankind. A war in which man is only a means, and victory is only an illusion, a mirage wandering through time. Here is no romance, no militarism or pacifism, no insignia and no state flags. Only a given, expressed by means of heavy sound and burnout emotions... Comes as 6-panels glossy laminated digipak. [label info]

VAEV -- "Drømmenes Spejl" -- CD -- €12
2021 Winter-Light, WIN 039, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Dark Jazz. The debut album from Væv ("web" in Danish), explores the interconnectedness in our lives, perhaps chief among them the connection between our day to day reality and our spiritual development. These threads were woven before we entered this world; they are our world. "Drømmenes Spejl" is a rich contrast of dark ambience, sombre melodies, dark jazz, and minimalistic drones. "Drømmenes Spejl was produced during a very turbulent time in my life. It reflects my personal journey through a depression which culminated in my family falling apart. But crisis is the mother of change. From the ashes of the World Tree, new seeds can grow. I found comfort in these pieces, and it is my hope that they may bring comfort to other suffering souls who find them. I would like to dedicate this album to the gods and people who stood by me in its making". [label info]

VUKOVAR -- "Cremator" -- CD -- €13
2019 Other Voices Records, VOX 43 CD, (ltd. 300)
Post-Punk / Darkwave / Industrial. Vukovar formed in 2014 in a crumbling placefiller town in the North West of England and set about creating their own world within an otherworld. In their short yet eternal time, they have been relentlessly productive. Cremator is their 7th album and marks The First Death of the group: the ending of the Shades incarnation / incarceration. Heavily featured are Simon Morris (Ceramic Hobs, Smell & Quim), as well as Holly Hero (Smell & Quim). Vukovar have had amongst their ranks: Michael Cashmore (Current 93, Nature & Organisation), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Coil, Current 93 etc), actor Graham Duff, and others. This is an essential release by a group at the peak of their creative powers moving on ever forward in increasingly surprising ways. Includes 2 bonus tracks not present on the LP edition. "Vukovar combine the raw energy of Joy Division with a post-pop edge combining to make a mix of experimentalism and commercialism which has the potential to touch many a heart and soul" (Louder Than War). Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak. [label info]

VUKOVAR -- "The Great Immurement" -- CD -- €13
2021 Other Voices Records, VOX 65 CD, (ltd. 200)
Post-Punk / Darkwave / Industrial. For the late Simon Morris (Ceramic Hobs, Smell & Quim); His Name Means First And Last. The track "Cement & Cerement" was the first output by the NeuPopAct and the last song Morris recorded. "They continue to plough a lonely furrow - like nothing else out there - sounding like the next incarnation of Joy Division. Perhaps... the tracks flow wonderfully from one to the other like a seamless tapestry of optimistic gloom. Spoken word evolves the album into a mysterious commentary which draws in the listener, picking out those subtle keyboard strokes twinkling in the background on your way to that impending eternity. Once more Vukovar prove that they are a force to be reckoned with... The Great Immurement is an album borne out of turmoil, loss and obsession... miss it at your peril. " (Louder Than War). This is the second CD in a "Eternity Ends Here" triptych of releases in collaboration with world renowned artist Andrzej Klimowski. Features Jane Appleby (Ceramic Hobs). Ltd x 200 copies in a digipak. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Spiritual Sounds For Artsakh" -- 2 CD -- €14
2021 Steinklang Industries, SK144, (ltd. 200)
Neofolk / Neoclassical. 20 musicians from around the world created a neofolk / neoclassical charity compilation for the Armenians of Artsakh who were prosecuted and forced to move from their land last Winter... MUNKNÖRR, SIXTEEN STRINGS UNDER, ARUS, LAMENT LULL, KATANA, SONNENKIND, IMBARU, CABINET NOIR, MEADOWS AT NIGHT, MIEL NOIR & CHANGES, THE QUESTION, WALDEN, VETTEN RUNOTAR, LE CHOEUR DES OMBRES, REGARD EXTRÊME, MILOS ASIAN, CRAZY SANDY, OTTO VAN KLEIST, UWE NOLTE, DARMSTADT 1313. Comes as 6-panels glossy laminated digipak. [label info]


KROL' -- "T'ma (Darkness)" -- LP -- €27
2017/2022 Destroyed Room Tapes, DRTV-08 / Fog & Frogs, F&F-01, (ltd. 120)
Shoegaze / Dream-Pop / Experimental band from St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the reissue of their second album which was previously released only digitally. Contains an additional live track recorded in 2019. Vinyl mastering was done by Andreas Petersson, who worked with the releases of Muslimgauze, Vinyl On Demand, etc. Released on 180 gram vinyl, limited to 120 copies. Recommended to the fans of early Dead Can Dance, bands from 4AD and those who enjoy good dark music. [label info]

MAT' TEREZA -- "Pozdno Domoy (Late Home)" -- LP -- €27
2012/2021 Destroyed Room Tapes, DRTV-05, (ltd. 200)
Post-Punk. This retrospective album was recorded by the songwriter Alexander Nektov, Yaroslav Pavshin (guitar, bass, post production), Vladislav Selivanov (bass), Evgeniy Voronovskiy (keyboards, sound production) and Andrey Pankratov (drums). The songs were composed in 2001-2004 while Nektov was living in Moscow, and arranged by the Moscow-based musicians. In 2010-2011 work on this material resumed: at first, Pankratov recorded all the drum parts in one day at the rehearsal room, then the same method was applied to strings (in some tracks, the number of guitars reaches seven!) and vocals. The recording of keyboards, effects, mixing and sound production of the album were made in 2011 at the home studio of Evgeniy Voronovskiy, who joined the bad as a constant member. In 2012 the material saw the light at first on CD-R, in 8 more years it was reissued on cassettes and digitally... and only now, in 2021 it has finally found its embodiment in the form of this vinyl record! This version is printed on black vinyl, limited to 100 copies, comes with an lyrics insert and two numbered cards with band photos. [label info]

THEATER OF POISON -- "Ray Machines" -- 2 LP -- €40
2001/2021 Destroyed Room Tapes, DRTV-06 / Softunderground, ST-03, (ltd. 250)
Experimental / Darkwave. "Ray Machines" is the long-awaited reissue of the cult Theater Of Poison album, originally released on a small-edition CD-R in 2001 by the label No Music. The psychedelic musical and poetic project Theater Of Poison (pronounced in Russian – "Teatr Yada") was formed in Moscow in 1997. The band's mysterious music, difficult to describe, was characterized by the project participants as "trimelodeclamative suprematism, psychorealism and post-nihilism" and evoked myriads of associations ranging from psychedelia of the 60s, early industrial of the 70s and the gothic scene of the 80s to the work of Coil, Current 93 and Legendary Pink Dots. The otherworldly and unique lyrics of the project leader N.Yan (aka Yan Nikitin), due to the large number of "intertextual quasi-poetic images", makes one remember Rimbaud, Lautreamont and Khlebnikov, but in general, the music of the Theater of Poison most resembles the art of painting. In October 2012 the not-from-this-world poet, musician, vocalist and painter Yan Nikitin passed away, leaving behind a vast creative legacy, which most have yet to figure out... The album "Ray Machines", recorded in 2000, did not become a turning point for Russian independent music only because the group Theater Of Poison had its head in the clouds of the super-underground scene at that time and did not care about its "promotion" at all. However, later this record was firmly established in the audio collections of motivated listeners and music connoisseurs and greatly influenced the Russian experimental indie scene. In 2021, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the album's release, the labels Destroyed Room Types and Softunderground reissued "Ray Machines" on double vinyl. Especially for this purpose, a new remastering of the album was made in the Mosfilm tonstudio, on which sound engineer Anatoly Ryasov worked with the direct participation of musicians of the Theater Of Poison – Pavel Doreuli, Petr Molchanov and Sergei Zaroslov. This version is printed on black vinyl, limited to 100 copies, comes with a set of postcards with collages, photos and drawings. [label info]


INTERNAZIONALE -- "Vestiges Of Nature" -- CS -- €30
2021 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 141, (ltd. 150)
Ambient / Synth / Experimental. Vestiges of green and blue, a remnant of what once was, collected in museums of the 21st century and in pages of old marine biology books... There is something to be remembered here... Dedicated to All Breathing Beings. [label info]

PROSHCHAYU -- "Kalpa" -- C-34 -- €9
2021 [electrotapes archive], [ETA-TAPE-06], (ltd. 20)
Ambient. "Kalpa" is a fragile and tender story, passing through morning, day, evening and night. The delicate music of PROSHCHAYU describes an atmospheric and touching world filled with memories of childhood and observation of the everyday secrets of a child's mind. Airy, soft ambient envelops the constantly changing sound passages, creating a whole and eventful universe on the verge of dream and reality. The works of Alio Die and Michael Tanner come to mind, which cannot but serve as a recommendation for listening... [label info]

THELXINOE -- "Inner Subspace" -- C-70 -- €10
2012/2021 Avalanche Organization, AVORG - 2, (ltd. 50)
Drone / Dark Ambient. The first full-length album by Thelxinoe was released digitally in 2012 on DNA Production and is re-released now for the first time on audio cassette. This release continues developing a distinct Thelxinoe approach of creating high-quality drone ambient with the stringed and wind instruments involved. There are some slightly Maeror Tri/Troum-influenced moments such as light and a bit psychedelic, sometimes reversed guitar chords – especially in the shorter odd tracks which look like introductions or transitions to much longer even tracks. But the essence of Thelxinoe’s creativity is in the second track full of straight multilayered canvases of meditative drone ambient and particularly in the fourth 33-minutes track. This marvelous piece is called "Corona Borealis Void" and offers dark texture made of overwhelmingly long-resonating brain-blowing drones which goes as perfect background for sometimes melancholic and relaxing, sometimes psychedelic saxophone inclusions... Album released on a black audio cassette wrapped in a cardboard cover. Hand numbered with a business card inside. Limited edition 50 copies. [label info]

UTROVORTU -- "Captains Are Waiting For Dawn" -- C-90 -- €10
2016/2021 UtrovortU, u-03-mc, (ltd. 150)
Psychedelic Rock / Experimental. UTROVORTU is an art collective from St. Petersburg, mostly known for their musical projects, such as psychedelic neofolk band PIGEONS & THE INSANE PORRIGEMAKERS and an electronic project UHUSHUHU, performing textural forest dark ambient. But eveything is different on this album: laid-back drone-folk gives a hand to droning old synthesizers, memories of pipes and violins float out of the darkness, we hear some voices - on this disc the musicians approach morning images seriously and play as if they're trying not to disturb any sleeping person without need... The celebratory edition is made on 90-minute cassettes, packed in hand-made cardboard boxes, hand-painted. Each copy is unique. The album, identical to the digital version, is located on the first side of the cassette. The second side contains alternative and extended takes of the songs of the original album + several previously unreleased tracks recorded during the work on the disc. [label info]


DLAN' -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with colour print on chest. Made for the "Dlan'" festival, designed by Pavel Dombrovskiy (UHUSHUHU). Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

GUDELNAYA ARTEL' -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with white print on chest. Logo of Gudelnaya Artel' - the community of St. Petersburg-based ambient, drone & noise artists of PETROGRAD DRONE GATHERING and other projects. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

PIGEONS & THE INSANE PORRIGEMAKERS -- "Pigeons-Skeletons" -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with colour print on chest. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

PIGEONS & THE INSANE PORRIGEMAKERS -- "Very Wicked Carousel" -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
White t-shirt with colour print on chest. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

PIGEONS & THE INSANE PORRIGEMAKERS -- "With a Bee" -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with white print on chest. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

UHUSHUHU -- "Hands / Branches" -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with colour print on chest. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

UHUSHUHU -- "Nose" -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with colour print on chest. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

UHUSHUHU / AOOM / MOXOMEX / W I I -- t-shirt -- €27
2021 self-released
Black t-shirt with colour print on chest. Image. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, unisex or female.

Second hand

LUST FOR YOUTH - Growing Seeds - CD - VG+/NM - €7
MUSLIMGAUZE - Sulaymaniyah - CD - NM/VG+ - €9
MUSLIMGAUZE - Sycophant Of Purdah - CD - M/VG+ - €9

Don't forget to check the full list of second hand items with all details, it's here.

III. Back in stock

AD LUX TENEBRAE -- "Sketches From That Autumn" -- CD-R -- €10
2006 Abgurd Subdivision, AB-21, (ltd. 132)
The first official release of Ural project AD LUX TENEBRAE (TOWARDS THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS) consists of recordings made during "That Autumn". The main style of ALT's playing is shamanic, ritual Drone\Dark Ambient, performed (mostly) & fixed with improvised means in a hut in the midst of Ural forest. Some tracks can be a perfect soundtrack for `The Blair Witch Project` movie. ALT uses hand-made instruments - a violin with springs instead of strings, which is played with a bow of steel - field recordings, fixed in the forests, swamps and villages of Ural. Harp, acoustic & bass guitars, vocals & voices, as well as old recordings with folk-songs of Bashkir nation were used. Very potent & original album with strong taste of muskarine, fragrance of autumn forest and fierceful mesmerism. [press-release]

ARGYRE PLANITIA -- "Tenth Region Of The Night" -- CD -- €12
2020 Winter-Light, WIN 032, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. Brand new album from German Dark Ambient producer Stefan Voß, following 2018's "The Atomic Age" (Essentia Mundi). Drifting into deep sleep, the night time journeys begin. Images forming behind closed eyes; shaped and sharpened by the senses. Trespassing upon newly created neural pathways; moving ever deeper inwards, flowing effortlessly over magnetic fields and landscapes. Passages of time, vast and unending open before you. Where past, present and future can be one and the same; co-existing all at the same time or even not at all. An inner space to do battle with unimaginable foes, mythological beings and walk shoulder to shoulder with Gods. Night after night, the struggles continue, only ending once the dawn breaks. And break it must... Ltd x 200 copies in a digipak. [label info]

ARIU KARA -- "Medlennii Skaner Stalkera" -- CD -- €7
2005 Lagunamuch Community, LMC300, (ltd. 300)
Ariu Kara is a musical component part of audio-visual project Ariu Lab, created in 2001 by industrial photographer Anastasiya Krutova. Ariu Lab deals with documentary, video installations and visual design. Ariu Kara records sound for all visual parts of the project. Ariu Kara plays gloomy music of post-human future, dead earth, covered with snow of nuclear winter. It's music of dark overcastted sky, and huge rusty broken cars, living alone in their own eternal cycle. They assemble creatures from odd details and disassemble to assemble again. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

ASHTORETH & STRATOSPHERE -- "Between Worlds" -- CD -- €12
2020 Winter-Light, WIN 034, (ltd. 200)
Drone / Dark Ambient. Two Belgian artists combine musical forces and present a new collaborative work of high quality soundscapes. "Seven finely woven pieces that ebb and flow between what we perceive to be real and what we sense but cannot see. A transition from darkness to light; a gradient of black to white. Slipping barely noticed between the two. A blurred movement on the edge of our peripheral vision. A push of air gently felt or a change of pressure within a room. Sensed but never grasped, felt but never seen". While Stratosphere mainly focuses on cleanly produced guitar drones and soundscapes, Ashtoreth tends to dive into the darker, occult side of things. Over 50 minutes of shimmering drone / dark ambient. Dedicated to the life and art of Nicky Hellemans... Ltd x 200 copies in a digipak. [label info]

BARDOSENETICCUBE -- "Noosphere" -- CD -- €9
2008 Monochrome Vision, mv24
New album by russian project Bardoseneticcube dealing with theory of russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky about collective consciousness, emerging from the interaction of human minds. The continuos computer-generated music, minimally changing but reaching maximum concentration, comes as the one long track, designed for your mind challenge. "The universe is full of endless and omnipresent information fields, different in their energy/meaning potentials. Some of them are accessible for people who are using it extensively, others are intended only for machines that seem to be their source and destination at the same time. This soundpiece is pure improvisation by Igor Potsukailo (BARDOSENETICCUBE) and a Toshiba Satellite A-110 laptop (BARDOSENETICCUBE). The laptop is the leading performer here, created by unknown system error and playing the music of solar wind, derived from the information field that is not accessible to anyone else. Igor Potsukailo uses a kind of feedback circuit, adding the elements of human presence into this music and modifying the energy/information balance in that powerful field near our planet Earth called Noosphere... The laptop was stolen shortly after the recording session, so this particular album represents its only appearance in the project BARDOSENETICCUBE." [press-release]

BOW GAMELAN ENSEMBLE -- "Great Noises That Fill The Air" -- CD -- €10
1988/2018 Cold Spring, CSR264CD
Since 1983, Bow Gamelan Ensemble have inspired generations of artists with their radical practices and explosive performances. Charged with their individual virtuosity in performance art, avant-garde music and kinetic sculpture, their sound installations and performances are immersed in an orchestra of instruments made from scrap metal, electric motors, river barges and domestic objects including glass sheets, light bulbs and fireworks. A dissonance between 'noise' and 'meaningful utterance’ that will astonish the ears and ravish the imagination with unearthly magic... Guests: Z'EV, Nicola Kate Heys, Thames Steam Launch Co., Eel Pie Marine... 30th anniversary reissue of the sought-after LP from 1988, on CD for the first time. Mastered by Denis Blackham (Skye Mastering). Digipak. [label info]

CHANEY, NEIL -- "Aura (Original Soundtrack)" -- CD -- €11
2021 Cold Spring, CSR296CD
Dark Ambient / Neoclassical. We are very proud to release the original soundtrack by Neil Chaney to the British supernatural horror film "Aura" (aka The Exorcism Of Karen Walker). From the first notes, the incredibly evocative compositions feature huge swathes of cavernous Dark Ambient, with unsettling dark synths in the vein of the legendary '70's Italian Giallo horror. Quieter, and indeed sinister moments, are evoked by emotive strings, synths and piano, adding pathos and a melancholy atmosphere to the disturbing score... Aura: A couple discover Kirlian Photography apparatus in their new house. Intrigued by the concept of photographing peoples' Auras they unwittingly release an ancient evil. Only the local psychic can help and she knows far more than she reveals. Aura stars: Rula Lenska (a darling of British TV), Shane Taylor (Band Of Brothers), Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (Nemesis)... Composing film soundtracks since 2009, Neil Chaney was also the creative mind behind the cinematic dark ambient / fortean electronics act SATORI (2007-2008 with Justin Mitchell), releasing their acclaimed album 'Kanashibari', and the EP 'Contemptus Mundi' (feat Magus Peter H Gilmore, High Priest of the Church Of Satan). He was also the creator of early 90's Industrial act PESSARY. [label info]

CISFINITUM -- "Music Of Light" -- CD-R -- €5
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 050, (ltd. 157)
This is the most atypical album for Cisfinitum - a collection of most experimental, harsh and uneasy noisy tracks. Contains a fragment of insane live performance in Moscow, 1999.

COIL -- "Backwards" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR203CD
After the ground-breaking release of 1990's "Love's Secret Domain" album, Coil were not dormant; the main project was "Backwards", which was started in 1992, updated considerably between 1993 and 1995, and transferred in 1996 to New Orleans, where it was finished in the magic of the Nothing studios of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). The album saw the fruition of Jhonn Balance's recent vocal coaching, producing haunting, passionate vocals, while reaching new heights. 23 years after its initiation, these tracks have been beautifully preserved by Danny Hyde and are finally available in highest quality audio. Differing substantially from the later, remixed incarnation, "The New Backwards" (2008), "Backwards" contains the original versions of Coil's much-loved tracks; 'A Cold Cell' and 'Fire Of The Mind', which have appeared on various compilations over the years, and are now presented as originally intended. This album is the essential bridge between "LSD" and the later "Musick To Play In The Dark" series. It is an essential conduit, to understand the journey that was taken. It was to be released… it should have been released… but because of issues with grey men it wasn't. It is now, so enjoy. (Danny Hyde).

COIL -- "A Guide For Beginners – The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers – A Hair Of Gold" -- 2 CD -- €14
2001/2020 Cold Spring, CSR288CD
Industrial / Experimental. Deluxe reissue of 2xCD 'Best Of' by the esoteric experimental pioneers. Out of print on CD for almost two decades, Cold Spring are proud to announce the official reissue of a much sought after 'Best Of' set by the acclaimed experimental group Coil, with 'A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver' and 'A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of Gold' being made available together in one deluxe set. Officially licensed from FEELEE, this edition spans Coil's entire career, featuring tracks from all their major albums. They were hand-picked by Coil to represent their best work and originally released to mark their first performance in Moscow in 2001. The artwork (text in English and Russian Cyrillic) sympathetically features the rarest of the images previously used in the original Russian and English editions and is packaged in a deluxe, glossy 8-panel digipak with spot matt-laminate varnish. [label info]

COIL -- "Stolen & Contaminated Songs" -- CD -- €10
1992/2019 Cold Spring Records, CSR276CD
Experimental. “Stolen & Contaminated Songs” was recorded and produced by Coil in 1992. It is comprised of over 60 minutes of outtakes and unreleased songs, evolved during the recording sessions for their prior album, “Love’s Secret Domain”. A wealth of superb material showcasing the diversity of Coil: dark, violent, vivid and fractured, yet cohesive and beautiful. Combined with the latest studio technology and Coil’s ever-evolving production skills, “S&C Songs” walks a fine line between tradition and innovation, continually creating semi-abstract soundscapes with a cinematic quality. [label info]

COIL / NINE INCH NAILS -- "Recoiled" -- CD -- €10
2014 Cold Spring, CSR193CD
"Recoiled" is a rambunctious alchemy, of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa 90's mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde / Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained PRE- BIG studio- mix downs, of four songs which long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde / Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. "Recoiled" includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track 'Closer', which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie "SE7EN". These 5 lengthy compositions (just under 40 minutes) are pre-Ableton / laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumoured to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. 4 of the tracks were released on the download-only "Uncoiled". A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered. [press-release]

COIL + ZOS KIA + MARC ALMOND -- "How To Destroy Angels" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR263CD
COLD SPRING are proud to announce the complete recording of ‘A SLOW FADE TO TOTAL TRANSPARENCY’. Recorded 24th August 1983, at the AIR GALLERY, London, UK. Personnel for the performance – John Balance (Coil), John Gosling (Zos Kia), Marc Almond (Soft Cell) and live mix by Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle). All audio has been remastered from the original tapes, is previously unreleased, and is EXCLUSIVE to this release. Liner notes by Michel Faber (‘Under The Skin‘, ‘The Crimson Petal And The White‘). 1. “HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS” – the complete 23 minute piece. 2. “HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS – ZOS KIA REMIX” – a 9 minute unheard remix by John Gosling. 3. “BAPTISM OF FIRE” – Unreleased recording of Zos Kia / Coil at Recession Studios, London, England, October 12, 1983. Michel Faber: “Imagine how out-of-step with the dominant culture Coil were when they unveiled themselves in the Air Gallery to perform A Slow Fade To Total Transparency. Subtitled How To Destroy Angels, the music – a backing track prepared by John Balance, John Gosling and Peter Christopherson – bears only scant resemblance to the How To Destroy Angels 12" that Coil would release as their debut vinyl the following year. Instead of the meditative ritual gongs of the 12", what we hear here is a restless, queasy melange of industrial noise, its eerie whistles the perfect backdrop for Marc Almond as he recites a bitter tirade against an ex-lover”. CD edition is presented in a glossy 6-panel digipak. [label info]

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER -- "Egregore" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR271CD
Ritual Ambient. Égrégore is a ritual collaboration between B.S.s. (Common Eider, King Eider, Badgerlore / Six Organs Of Admittance collaborator) and Arexis (La Breiche, Coume Ouarnede, Stille Volk, Ihan)… and all of the spirits of the Pyrenees present during those Dark Moon Rituals, wishing to speak. Born under May’s New Dark Moon in 2018, born in secrecy, in darkness, in Ritual. Born in a tiny cabin in the Pyrenees of France… Born in humbleness… in friendship. Born to offer voice to the stones and waters and stars and all the spirits of that land. Born to summon… Born to give thanks... Rituals documented late into the night and early morning hours. Black moon… Black Mother… Voices captured whispering, wailing, lashing out. Rocks ground together, bundles of branches channeling voices hanging in the air, wishing to be heard, but spoken with a foreign tongue. Bells ring to both banish and invoke. Antlers scratching… mapping a direction… drawing digits. Voices speaking of loss, of longing… of hope, of despair. Voices singing of the broken relationship with the land and spirits. Voices screaming for repair and reciprocity... Recorded live using electronics, rocks, antler, branches and voice. Four offerings given as gifts to the black air… the burnt soil… Gifts to the Spirits living in those forests and mountains of the Pyrenees. Dark moon folk magic… Housed in a beautiful matte-laminate gatefold ecopak, with visuals prepared by Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen). [label info]

CORONA BARATHRI -- "Diabolical Path [Part III]" -- CD -- €10
2020 Speculum Diaboli Records, SDR003, (ltd. 150)
Ritual / Dark Ambient from Russia. This compilation contains the most significant works recorded for the section of the Dark Path 2018-2019. [label info]

CORONA BARATHRI -- "Nox Mali" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 43)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. "Night of Evil, Night of the Nights, Night of the Triumph of Evil Force, Feeding the Fire with our blood. Samael is the Father of Sins, the Source of Death. Childs Of Nahemah - Sons of Perdition, Dark Warriors, curse to god, curse to the world, curse to mankind. Orah HaEsh - Orah HaShed, DCLXVI". Limited edition of 43 copies with special booklet.

CORONA BARATHRI / EMME YA -- "Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan" -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Noctivagant, (ltd. 149)
Dark / Ritual Ambient. A new opus of the occult project Corona Barathri recorded together with Edgar Kerval (Emme Ya, Colombia), dedicated to the aspect of Principivm / Leviathan. Chalice Of Venom [Forbidden Gnosis] is the killing of the human by participle, the awakening of the Evil Principle. Limited edition of 149 copies with two art / sigil cards. [label info]

DARK AWAKE -- "The Last Hypnagogue" -- CD -- €11
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK124, (ltd. 100)
Ritual Ambient. DARK AWAKE's new album is a force, a Sacred Quest, an invocation to reincarnation and the continual awakening to the awareness that every moment of life is lived to its fullest potential. Ritual Ambient with feeling of Power & Divinity in oneself and a search for that spark where the Lifestream touches Eternity! Guest vocals in one track by Zoe Dewitt (ZERO KAMA)! [label info]

DMT & INSTITUTE OF THE SOUND THERAPY -- "Electrotest in Metro" -- CD-R -- €5
2010 RWCDAXAGAIN, CDR001, (ltd. 23)
A recording of a concert from the Metro club made in Saratov, Russia on 26.10.2008 where Dmitry Tolmatskiy played with his friends BadRay23 and Edd23. Together they performed a half an hour long set with psychedelic collage made of experimental electronica with dense flow of voice samples, rhythms, analogue synths and digital effects, relaxed ambience and industrial atmosphere. The dics also contains a bonus track "For Sleazy" performed by the side-project of Institute Of The Sound Therapy - Soilcult, dedicated to the memories of Dmitry Tolmatskiy and Peter Christopherson (Coil).

ERTHAD -- "Gma" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-IX, (ltd. 250)
Russian project Erthad, originating from Kazan, exists since late 90-ies, but until now still hasn't made any official releases and preferred to stay in underground, recording music only for himself and his friends. We have been endeavouring to change this situation for a long time and now we're glad to present this wonderful disk to your attention. "Gma" was recorded in 2002 with the use of voice and software noise synthesizers. If one says that the album's style is called "ambient noise" - is to say almost nothing. The disk has very specific atmosphere: this is a noise meditation, calm and detached from emotional fuss. An intuitive electronic pulse synchronizes with brain frequencies, rising and falling waves of non-aggressive white noise pacify thoughts, and constantly rustling high frequencies when listened to attentively evoke dissotiative sensation, dissolving perception in the sonic field. However, everything as always depends on a listener himself.

EZHI I PETRUCCHO -- "Istorii" -- CD -- €6
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC600
Russian spoken word / ambient project, devised in late 90-s by Andrey Andrianov. Some time later the musician Andrey Dergachev joined him and they have recorded several philosophic stories about two fictional characters Ezhi and Petrucco, and then released their first album. Since that the project has become more and more famous and popular, attracting the attention of radio stations, animators and just all the interested listeners. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

EZHI I PETRUCCHO -- "Skazki" -- CD -- €6
2007 Lagunamuch Community, LMC-1000
Russian spoken word / ambient. Ezhi and Petruccho? Who are they? First of all, these are names, just like "water", "stone", "law". The stories about them repeat the eternal genre of "tales by a fire". After two thousand of years we actually continue sitting by a fire, although we have learned how to get water from a tap and electricity from a socket. Basic names don't change. Sounds and names cause each other and again go into silence. We've just found the way into our "inner ArTek" and continue walking light not losing sight of each other... "And Ezhi was a shaman", - says Andrianov in a very wise hypnotic voice. And the music of Dergachev catches you and carries away into the timeless existence. Here, in a half empty room a cup of tea or mulled wine and a chequered plaid are waiting for you, and the stars are goggling in the window. After all, the real tales are told long after midnight. [label info]

FOLKSTORM -- "Sweden" -- CD -- €10
2004/2009 Cold Spring, CSR29CD
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. Discovered in the Cold Spring archives, an album shelved for over two years (recorded 2000). Pulled out, dusted down and remixed by Lord Nordvargr himself! This is the final full body of work by the legendary harsh Industrial Noise project. Prepare yourself for an intense trip through these 11 brutal and punishing tracks! 2nd, unlimited edition with modified artwork for 2009. [label info]

FOLKSTORM -- "Victory Or Death" -- CD -- €10
2000/2009 Cold Spring, CSR31CD
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. The mammoth sound of Folkstorm in captured here, on what has been called the project's finest album to date! Samples of war, speeches, harsh noise, heavy gritty vocals. Distorted rhythms and extremely intense sonics fuse into this mammoth blast of war themed assaults. Executed with brutal thoroughness by Nordvargr, of MZ.412, Toroidh etc. Brilliantly re-mastered, unlimited 2nd edition with modified artwork for 2009. [label info]

GERSEMI -- "Ajna" -- C-26 -- €9
2021 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 134, (ltd. 110)
Ambient / Synth / Experimental. "The spring comes and settles in a careful and weightless manner, encasing each pause in glass, in a shallow ocean blue color..." [label info]

HERCEGOVINA -- "Locusts Of The Summer" -- 2 CS -- €18
2021 Janushoved, Janushoved no. 133, (ltd. 110)
Ambient / Synth / Experimental. "This multiplicity blends with red sirens. A drama of nature unfolds around us, always and forever. Steadfast and bound to each other... For the serpents of the grass, for the locusts of the summer..." [label info]

HUM -- "Corona Florea" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2012 self-released, (ltd. 60)
Drone. Three tracks recorded in 2005-2009. Vague drones streaming like a gauze in a ghostly forest, slow game of resonances and echoes, tranquility and contemplation.

HUM -- "Lambent" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, (ltd. 35)
Drone. 3 new tracks from this Russian lo-fi drone ambient project. For those who love tranquility and harmony.

HUM -- "Landmarks In Mistscape - Extended Version" -- CD-R -- €10
2010 Datura Landscapes, Datura 14
Drone. Extended reissue of Hum material previously available as a very limited edition split-cassette with Misery. Minimalistic drones with wavy rolls od reworked field recordings, glimmer of resonant loops, slow whirling of sonic shadows...

HUM -- "Lost In White Flame" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2006 Datura Landscapes, DATURA 8
Drone. One track recorded in 2001. Dedicated to all fallen asleep in embraces of winter. Melancholic detached drone ambient.

HUM -- "Roots of Cruelty" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2002 self-released
Industrial / Drone. This minion represents more industrial than drone side of the project. Metal objects, rumbling far away, dim noises and lingering sound waves - these are the colours used by Hum to draw the four soundscapes in this album, with beautiful sense of taste which is typical for this project. Nice cardboard artwork.

HUM -- "Thunder Arrow" -- CD-R -- €10
2016 Sphogha
Industrial / Drone. New 20-min. EP from the Russian project Hum with old material recorded in 1999-2001. Polyvox synthesizer, radio, damaged tapes - this EP sounds quite harsh and raw, but even in these rough electic loops one can feel this totally hypnotizing effect so typical for Hum.

HUM -- "To April Waters" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2017 self-released, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone. Two airy tracks dedicated to water in April. Minimal harmonic drones in the best traditions of the genre, one of the lightest works by this Russian project. 30 copies in hand-made mini-sleeves.

THE INFANT CYCLE -- "Playout" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XI, (ltd. 250)
The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994. It may seem surprising, but all these 13 years he remained in the underground of experimental music, and his name is well-known only to inveterate enthusiasts and explorers of this strange phenomenon. The project has put out 6 full-length albums on cassettes and CD-Rs, several singles and an amazing series of minions called "Clear Shape" released in ultra-limited editions on transparent vinyls of unusual forms (square, hexagon and triangle). Jim has also recorded a lot of collaboration works with such musicians as Big City Orchestra, Dronaement, Orphx, Aidan Baker, Delphium, etc., some of them were published by his own label The Ceiling... The Infant Cycle's music has never been notable for tensity or ornateness, instead of this it focuses on the subtle aspects of sounding of separate timbres and their combinations. Such textural orientation allows to create a completely peculiar effect, and the seeming minimalism carries into the contemplation of the infinity of possible microsound combinations. In this connection, Jim knows how to get on with both rhythms and drone ambient prostration. Among his favourite instruments are Poly-800, shortwaves, feedback, field recordings and altered vinyl records... Vinyls deserve special mentioning. Jim carved the runout grooves of records and thus created simple and unembellished (yet in some ways, unpredictable) rhythm patterns. Once he decided to start a project severely limiting the sound sources to one carved playout and the operational sounds of his old 4-speed Califone record player. Additional noises were generated by running a razor blade along the platter while it was spinning (the blade at different altitudes, and the platter at different speeds which was picked up by the needle), and the tone arm being vibrated into different tones by a violin bow (amplified via the needle)... An early track (called, fittingly "Playout (Early)") appeared on "Lágrimas De Miedo N°8 - Sund", a compilation CD coming with the eighth issue of France's "Fear Drop" magazine (2001). Two excerpts were also released as a free promotional 5" by The Ceiling to announce the then-upcoming CD release of "Playout" on the American label Merchants Of Sound. But the label soon folded out, and the recording was lying and lying in the bins of The Infant Cycle's archive. And now we are infinitely glad to have an opportunity to present this work to your attention!
[bandcamp]   [+]

KA-SPEL, EDWARD -- "Tanith And The Lion Tree" -- CD -- €10
1991/2012 Cold Spring, CSR171CD
Finally, Edward Ka-Spel's genius 1991 album is given the re-mastering treatment, complete with bonus tracks. Ballads coupled with a dark, malignant backdrop. A strange, mystical atmosphere carved out by texture and emotion. Housed in a matt-laminate digipak, this is the ultimate solo album from THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS' frontman. Previously unavailable on CD for 15 years. [label info]

KHOST -- "Buried Steel" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR278CD
Industrial Doom Metal. The brand new album by Birmingham industrial doom metal duo Andy Swan (FINAL, IROHA) & Damian Bennett (TECHNO ANIMAL, CARTHAGE), feat Stephen Mallinder (CABARET VOLTAIRE, WRANGLER), Eugene Robinson (OXBOW) and more… ‘Buried Steel’ is the fourth album from KHOST, following the 2017 release ‘Governance’... Themes and sonics of ‘Buried Steel’ range from granite and impassive to dreamlike and somnambulistic, in keeping with the promise – and threat – of the title, dwelling on slow, infallible ruination: a gravitational downthrust upon misshapen monuments and structures which are mangled, overgrown and increasingly forgotten. A monochrome landscape where nature reclaims and redefines us as time passes... Recording of the album was marred with events such as an electrical fire which damaged some equipment. As a result, a number of tracks on the album had to be pieced together from damaged analogue elements such as reel to reel (Khost reel to reel RIP). From this point, the dynamic of some of the songs was altered, shifting their eventual outcome, particularly the tone of ambient work on Buried Steel... Further guests on ‘Buried Steel’ include Syan, Manuel Liebeskind, Daniel Buess (16-17, MIR) and Stephen Ah Burroughs (TUNNELS OF AH, ex-HEAD OF DAVID)... CD in 6-panel digipak with artwork contributions from Talitha Bell, Syan and Craig Earp. [label info]

KHOST -- "Corrosive Shroud" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR211CD
Khost is Andy Swan (Iroha, Final, Atrocity Exhibition), and Damian Bennett (Carthage, Deathless). Corrosive Shroud is the second album from Birmingham band Khost, following the 2014 debut Copper Lock Hell. The album has a singular theme: inside the hand-me-down concrete relics in which we necessarily live and from which we draw perceptions. The music is the sound of lightless blocks, oxygen-starved sheds and apparitions, using stark and unrefined found sounds stacked against Khost's massively detuned guitars. The album includes Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and Syan who add their stories to the narrative, along with personnel Jo Quail, Daniel Buess, Gustave Savy and featuring a contribution from Tel Aviv-based Hostage. [press-release]

KLOOB & ONASANDER -- "Mundus Patet" -- CD -- €12
2020 Winter-Light, WIN 031, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Italy's Maurizio Landini and Spain's Dani Kloob join forces for this collaborative release. Dark ambience, drones and atmospherics evoke the ancient rite of "Mundus Patet", the dark esoteric tradition of the ancient Romans. The opening of the mundus put the world of the living and the world of the dead into communication... Three times a year, "Mundus Cereris", an infernal door located in the Roman Forum and still visible to this day, was opened. On these days the infernal deities and spirits came out of the opening and wandered among the world of the living. During these days all temple doors had to remain closed, and it was forbidden to do battle or take a wife. Mundus Cereris is part of the most obscure and ancient traditions of the archaic Roman religion but the ritual itself is probably of Etruscan origin. The rite provided that on 24th August, 5th October and 8th November the mundus was open and therefore those days were marked in the calendar as "Mundus Patet" ("the earth is open"). Ltd x 200 copies in a digipak. [label info]

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK -- "Live 2005" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XXXII, (ltd. 150)
After several limited edition split and collaborative releases this is the first solo recording by Kryptogen Rundfunk since the release of his album "22.SZ" on Mechanoise Labs label back in 2004. The disk contains live recordings made during the "Noise vs Glamour" festival in 2005 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, later reworked in home studio... In fact the same program was prepared for both shows so some fragments of the compositions intersect, but due to the live mixing of sampled layers of analogue and computer synthesis and use of such instruments as analogue synth "Rokton", radio receivers, voice and processing units, both tracks sound entirely different in the end. In both cases these are constantly moving psychoactive soundscapes spreading from soft pulsations and drones to sprightly noisy fragments spiced up with a couple of funny samples.

LA BREICHE -- "Le Mal Des Ardents" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR224CD
Dark Folk / Ritual / Dark Ambient. LA BREICHE ("the witch") features two well-known musicians: Arexis and Lafforgue of Stille Volk - a band best known since 1994 as one of the pioneers of Pagan Folk in Europe - and of Pagan Black French band Sus Scrofa. "Le Mal Des Ardents" ("Holy Fire") is a concept album about fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism. The album marries minimalism, purity, a fine approach and ancient instruments: traditional music (hurdy gurdy, shawm, polyphonies, percussion, gongs); the gloom of oppressive dark ambient; the slow pace of ritual music, wavering between modernity and archaism. Voices rise towards beauty, lifting it away from some occult mud. Holy Fire takes us back to a forgotten world - a primal, ancient, wild and free world, pervaded by secret dances of sorcerers', unfathomable forests, remote and lifeless places. 6-panel digipak. [label info]

LAIBACH -- "1 VIII 1944. Warszawa" -- CD EP -- €23
2014 Narodowe Centrum Kultury
Polish National Centre for Culture released Laibach EP with three new tracks, titled: 1 VIII 1944. Warszawa. Laibach was invited by the NCC to create the special project CD, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The Warsaw Uprising (Polish: powstanie warszawskie) was a major World War II operation by the Polish resistance Home Army (Polish: Armia Krajowa) to liberate Warsaw from Nazi Germany. [label info]

2005 Peace Technologies, PT 003
"Lazyfish presents his next multifarious great collaboration album OS this time with Alexandroid from Riga. The album contains 11 tracks on cd. Slow melodic tunes and dark heavy beats altogether. Lazyfish has already released an album Vortex in Russia, some deep-tech tunes on Trapez records, an interactive track on the Native Instruments compilation (WMF Records) and his above mentioned collaboration cd with Mewark. Andrew Antonets aka Alexandroid is from Riga. He released 3 albums with his production partner Alex Matrosov on russian electronic labels and album False Starts on Lo recordings, England. OS is the digital translation of experiences and emotions, a shadow of the past and a view into the future. Most of the tracks on OS are made by Alexandroid, four by Lazyfish. Lazyfish and Alexandroid present their rich collection of the (still) wide-range of purely digital-electronic music in many different styles and colours with fantastic additional vocals by Kristi Aivare, Alex Matrosov and Andrew Antonets himself." [press-release] Light airy electro-ambient with unobtrusive admixture of IDM. Sandy sound textures with rustling electronic sounds, fragments of female and less male vocals, deeply processed guitar and the whole mass of various micro-sounds and cracklings, psychedelic atmosphere. Re-edition of the album previously released on German label K2O.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

LAZYFISH / MEWARK -- "s/t" -- CD -- €6
2006 Peace Technologies, PT 005
Alexander Potekhin aka Lazyfish, one of the most talented up-and-coming artists from Moscow electronic music scene, will release his second album in collaboration with Alexander Petrunin aka Mewark. Lazyfish has already released an idm/techno album Vortex in Russia and some more deep-tech tracks on Trapez records in Europe. Alexander Petrunin aka Mewark works as a sound designer & jingle maker on MTV-Russia. Both met about 2 years ago programming for Native Instruments Reaktor and started working on the album. Lazyfish/Mewark contains 14 songs highlighting in the different aspects of these 2 sound designers: starting with some dsp-ambient-dub, floating into some bitter-sweet Autechre influenced melody-monsters, some tricky technical freak-outs, coming down to dsp-ambient again and ending in some dark and modern deep electronic. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

LLYN Y CWN -- "Twll Du" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR254CD
Dark Ambient. Twll Du (‘Black Hole’) is an ominous dark ambient journey through vast atmospheric landscapes. Each beautifully crafted opus is based on a bespoke field recording and is named after an area of Cwm Idwal, home of the Twll Du. Swelling, monolithic drones reveal the majestic power of the mountains. The music conveys an immersive atmosphere and is intended to be played as the listener falls into a deep sleep... Llyn Y Cwn (‘Lake Of The Dogs) is a small lake at 715m in the Glyder mountain range of Snowdonia, North Wales. The Devil’s Kitchen is the name given to the dark, black crack which splits the rock of Clogwyn y Geifr (‘Cliff Of The Goat’) between Y Garn and Glyder Fawr. The Welsh name for Devil’s Kitchen is Twll Du, meaning ‘black hole’, because of the plume of steam that is often seen rising from the crack resembling a chimney. It’s said when steam can be seen rising from the chimney, the Devil is cooking... File next to fellow Welshman Lustmord. Presented in a 6-panel digipak with breathtaking photography by the artist. [label info]

MAW -- "s/t" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2002/2012 Datura Landscapes, Datura 12
Industrial / Drone. Side-project of Hum. One long track recorded in 1999 and previously released on a self-titled cassette by Ultra Low Fidelity label in 2002. The composition starts with a slowly looped flanger coil gradually powering up and then suddenly falling in rusty abyss... metallic clanging comes in, interrupted by unexpected outbursts of insanely hypertrophic voice and subtle resonating waves embracing everything in a droney fog... Beautiful soundscape in vein of isolationist ambient / industrial / drone... "Initially dedicated to a one from Blake's "Proverbs of Hell" in demo version this project had a subtitle - "Everything possible to be believ'd is an image of truth", later reduced. All material recorded and mixed on 4-track in three days in early September 1999 with using tapes, tape loops, Lel'22, radio and Korg ToneWorks. There are two versions of this work. This release contains the original version of September 1999 without any correction. Cassette release of 2002 features a revised version, with some additional treatments and an extra section excluded from original mix of 1999. Final section in both versions co-produced with Roman Sidorov (STARUHA MHA, DER GOLEM), who in turn used same material as basis for the last track on "Diszipline of Blown-up Bridges" album. Both versions are illustrated by photos of Pavel Aleynikov made in 1998/99 and perfectly conveying the idea and spirit of the project." [from the author]

MAW -- "Melancholy Drop" -- CD-R -- €10
2006 Datura Landscapes, DATURA9
Industrial / Drone. New album of Maw (side-project of Hum) is made of recordings from 2001. Four long tracks in best author's traditions - slow, fluent, laid-back, resonant, well, here one can list all the epithets that fit to outstanding lo-fi drone ambient. Again beautiful stylish cardboard cover.

MERZBOW -- "Life Performance" -- CD -- €10
1985/2016 Cold Spring, CSR218CD
Over an hour of best analogue material from the King of Japanese noise. Reissue of an extremely rare cassette, dating back to 1985, originally released by Merzbow's own label ZSF Produkt, and in France by Le Syndicat. All tracks made for "Nil-Vagina Mail-Action February 85". Recorded at Merz-bau Studio, and not 'live' as the title would suggest. All material taken from the original master tapes and remastered for 2016. [label info]

MORTART -- "Annihilation" -- CD-R -- €4
2006 Imbecil Records 017
Dark Ambient / Death Industrial from the south of Russia. As it was noticed by critics "in all Mortart's albums slow death approaches to the listener, but in each album it looks a little different". Here it's incarnated as three long and very slow tracks, filled with senseless scraps of human speech and deep low frequencies. Compositions breathe with despair and blackness in listerer's face.

MURMUR DRIFT -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €10
2016 self-released
Drone. Another project of the Russian musician Dmitry Chistov who stands behind HUM, MAW, MIKOSTERION and a number of other projects. Archival recordings made in 1998-1999. Gentle electronic drones and infinite loops drawing hypnotic ornaments. A beautiful example of haunting minimalistic music.

MZ. 412 -- "Burning The Temple Of God" -- CD -- €10
1996/2010 Cold Spring, CSR140CD
This is the ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act's controversial black metal side and recalling the Norwegian church burnings of the early 90s. Nightmare inducing ritual old school industrial, alongside raw black metal, this album has been hailed as one of the greatest albums in the genre by noise and black metal fans alike! It could actually be considered the first real crossover album between the genres. Remastered and extended version of the 1996 album with bonus tracks and alternate takes culled from the original masters. Housed in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]

MZ. 412 -- "Svartmyrkr" -- CD -- €10
2019 Cold Spring, CSR257CD
Swedish behemoths MZ. 412 return with their first full-length album in 13 years, once again asserting their dominion as the true Kings of Black Industrial. "Svartmyrkr" is a massive tour de force that reinvents the classic sound of MZ. 412 whilst retaining their trademark malevolent harshness... This album is dedicated to the true hell of the north - Helheim - and the giant goddess that rules it, Hel. From blackened ritual incantations, to bleak yet beautiful dark ambient arrangements, to harsh bombastic orchestrations, this album exceeds all expectations... MZ. 412 blur the lines between music, magick and reality. The earth trembles... the mountains quake... all light is vanquished. The Swedish overlords darken the hearts and extinguish the souls of all who bear witness to "Svartmyrkr"... CD in 6-panel digipak. [label info]

NDE -- "United" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR247CD
Power Electronics / Noise. Praise my fame, my violent heart. “United (Through Iron And Blood)” is NDE’s third album and sees a return to the harsher sounds of their debut, “Krieg Blut Ehre Asche”. Deranged Black Metal vocals over uncompromising, blood-soaked death industrial, rhythmic power noise, and claustrophobic power electronics. “United” is NDE’s strongest ‘song-based’ album to date, with assured harsh dancefloor fillers. “Sons of truth gather now, colour your hands with their blood…”. For devotees of Trepaneringsritualen, Consumer Electronics, Propergol, Navicon Torture Technologies, Genocide Organ. [label info]

THE NEW BLOCKADERS -- "Live At Sonic City" -- CD + DVD -- €16
2019 Cold Spring, CSR261CD
Live At Sonic City includes an audio / visual document of TNB's last ever live performance which took place at the Thurston Moore-curated Sonic City festival in Kortrijk, Belgium in 2017... Fans of Noise music will need no introduction to the work of TNB. Ron Lessard, of legendary US Noise label RRRecords, once stated, "I'd give the nod to TNB as being the first truly devoted Noise artists". TNB served as a major influence on legendary Noise pioneers such as Merzbow and their influence on the current crop of popular crossover Noise artists such as Wolf Eyes is immeasurable... TNB's performance at Sonic City can best be described as a noise symphony: metal-bashing and grinding, hammering, eviscerating microphone feedback, torrents of glorious mangle and harsh electronics all skilfully blended with a collage of manifold sounds and dynamics. Far from being a typical Noise show, TNB's performance (if it can be described as such) contained elements of absurdist theatre and performance art, although I’m sure TNB would be loathe to be described as such. A magnificent display of The Art Of Noise, TNB as defiant as ever in their total rejection of everything... "For optimal enjoyment we recommend that this DVD be viewed with no sound"... CD and DVD in 6-panel digipak. [label info]

2016 Cold Spring, CSR216CD
Ritual / Dark Ambient. Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is the colossus behind the world renowned acts Pouppée Fabrikk and MZ. 412. Combine the ritual aspects of MZ. 412 and the darkest ambience from Nordvargr, with vocal materials and a rising spiritual awakening, and you get Anima Nostra - a collaboration between Margaux Renaudin and Henrik N Björkk that marks a new era in the vast cannon of the latter and as well as the former. Anima Nostra is also a visual experience, with artwork that will guide the open mind into deeper understanding. The album features guest vocals by death metal mastermind Nader Sadek, recorded inside the sacred Sneferu pyramid in Cairo. Included is an alternate version of MZ. 412's 'Mourning Star'; an even more ominous behemoth than the original, this track perfectly complements the rhythmical structures contained in the album. A remarkable synchronization of minds. Comes in a magnificent, metallic-print adorned 6-panel digipak, with 8-page booklet, containing stunning alchemical artwork throughout by Renaudin. [label info]

NOVEMBER NOVELET -- "From Heaven On Earth" -- CD -- €15
1999 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 011
Industrial / Angst Pop. Banned from Heaven to a life on Earth the Angels are painting the shadows a little darker: A morbidly melancholic trip through the bitterness of knowledge. The HAUS ARAFNA side-project dispenses with the elements of noise, and places the distant female vocals in a scenario of concentrated minimalistic and partly melodic electronics, cold and gloomy... CD in jewel case, 12-page booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

NOVEMBER NOVELET -- "Magic" -- CD -- €15
2007 Galakthorrö 019
Angst Pop. This magically-charged jewel of electronic music consists of twelve new songs. The analogue foundation combines with electric vibraphone and 8-bit surrealism transformed into sound. Melancholic synthesiser melodies and the ethereal voice of Mrs. Arafna melt into a fragile beauty with emotional depth. Unpretentious and lost, a gripping experience. In spite of all this exploration of the depths, there is also the opportunity to roll up the carpet. Mr. and Mrs. Arafna have conjured up a few dance hits, which because of their minimalism and cultured morbid charm, should kick off the party mood for the creatures of the night. These contrast well with the slow pieces – tinged with a breath of experimentation, resulting in a many-facetted, and at the same time very balanced, Angst Pop album. The long time in waiting for the release of this new record will soon be forgotten in sheer listening pleasure. CD in de luxe matt finish gatefold digipac plus 16-page booklet incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

NOVEMBER NOVELET -- "The World In Devotion" -- CD -- €15
2015 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 037
Angst Pop. In recompense for the long waiting time, November Növelet is rewarding its dedicated listeners with a carefully created complete work of art, which complements its celebrated precursor Magic, in a splendid fashion. The new album shows a further development – the magical mixture continues: Mrs. Arafna’s unique vocal timbres, a beguilingly resigned performance full of melancholy, couched in deep black analogue electronics embossed with the characteristic Növeletic stamp. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European Condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless Synthesiser music, and thus experience – The World In Devotion. CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]

PENDERECKI, KRZYSZTOF -- "Kosmogonia" -- CD -- €10
1974/2017 Cold Spring, CSR238CD
Modern Classical / Avant-Garde. Unnerving, intense, bloodcurdling, sinister, dramatic - the music of "Kosmogonia" features Penderecki's famous, unorthodox instrumental techniques, and some of the darkest music ever composed... Hailed by The Guardian as "Poland's greatest living composer", Krzysztof Penderecki is the maestro behind the unforgettable, disturbing music on The Shining (including 'De Natura Sonoris II', featured here). A complex tapestry of sound with striking use of pizzicato and flexatone, with aggressive barrages from brass and percussion, dissonant woodwind chords, spoken and hissing sounds, fervent strings, swirling organ, climactic choral and solo vocals... Krzysztof Penderecki's unique music has featured in films such as: The Shining, The Exorcist, Children Of Men, The People Under The Stairs, Shutter Island, Inland Empire, Fearless, Wild At Heart, and recently featured on the Twin Peaks reboot... Thanks to the estate of Krzysztof Penderecki, Cold Spring are honoured to present this masterpiece in digital format for the first time since the 1974 vinyl release. Sympathetically remastered for CD by Denis Blackham and Martin Bowes. Digipak. [label info]

PRURIENT -- "The Black Post Society" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR85CD
"The Black Post Society" embraces and accepts the depression of not having anything left to hunt. The mask without a face to hold. The depression of the hunter after the deer is killed. It is better to be hungry than to have eaten. As fantasy shatters under the whip of reality, erotic malaise settles in the nest of the mind inverting this dormant fuel to rekindle the endless cycle of sexual chaos. Black Industrial / Power Noise from this highly respected US act! [press-release]

RNGMNN -- "False Dawn" -- CD -- €12
2021 Winter-Light, WIN 035, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient. Ronny Engmann aka RNGMNN returns to our Winter-Light label with his brand new album 'False Dawn'. Following on in the snow trodden footsteps of his previous venture 'Arctic Interference', 'False Dawn' shrouds the listener in a blanket of ice cold, polar dark ambience. Navigating treacherous, unforgiving landscapes; disorientating and unsettling, filled with percussive elements that could shatter the ice covered peaks of the bones of the world. 'Nothing is what it seems.' RNGMNN delivers us eight new tracks showcasing his strong and inimitable dark ambient style... [label info]

SHE SPREAD SORROW -- "Midori" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR251CD
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Midori is the third album by Italian artist She Spread Sorrow (Alice Kudalini). Midori tells a story, the escape from a harsh reality that becomes an echo of nightmares and visions, a house that is the scene of fear and anguish, a soul that is lost in pain to an epilogue of death and purification. The gloomy, intense, dreamlike sound, sometimes distorted, sometimes angelic is the soundtrack of a dramatic story, but also of relief. Duplicity is the key to this work. Death industrial with female vocals and ambient moments, more dilated, with sounds that also refer to a ritualistic horizon. Presented in a 6-panel digipak. [label info]

SHE SPREAD SORROW -- "Mine" -- CD -- €11
2017/2018 Cold Spring, CSR231CD
Much demanded CD edition of last year's sold out vinyl release, with 2 bonus tracks. "Mine" is the second release for the Italian artist Alice Kundalini with her solo project She Spread Sorrow. Between the dark rooms of an abandoned college, where whispers and obscene thoughts mingle, where little bells and distortions come together, the inner voices are fleeing to the rules of harmony to awaken a darker sound, hidden and deprived, of those who have something to hide. Ritual deathscapes, obscure Death Industrial, sinful Power Electronics. The two bonus tracks, bringing the album to 46 minutes, are majestic, heavy and claustrophobic, perfectly complimenting this already intense masterpiece. 6-panel digipak. [label info]

SHIFT -- "Abandon" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR236CD
Death Industrial. Following the unrestrained act of aggression that was 2014's "Altamont Rising", Swedish Death Industrial act SHIFT returns to more personal and ethereal domains on "Abandon". Created over a ten year period from a huge cache of sources, boiled down to four tracks of unyielding slow moving heaviness. Abandon features several guest appearances and is SHIFT's most complex recording to date. Spot-varnished digipak. [label info]

SOLNZEV, GOSHA & YURI ELIK -- "Voices of the Dead" -- DVD-R -- €7
2006 ZHELEZOBETON Film, ZF-II, (ltd. 250)
Photographer and videoartist Yuri Elik is primarily known as one of the founders and permanent members of multimedia project 2012, creating audio-video installations on various contemporary art festivals (SKIF, Heilige Feuer, Multivision, etc.). Apart from this Yuri performs on his own making video- and slide-shows for a number of experimental musical bands in St. Petersburg. Yuri is also the video show author for the performances of Simon Magus ballet written by D. Kakhovskiy and the designer of several CD artworks and websites. Gosha Solnzev (also known as "Van Gog" - 1g0g) - big industrial showman, leader of the project Noises of Russia well-known in Russia, organizer of several festivals, such as "Noise vs. Glamour", "Military Days", "Noisy Women", etc. Gosha has always claimed that he plays funeral music, so it's no wonder he showed interest in the phenomenon of voices of the dead, discovered by Friedrich Jürgenson in the late 50s of the past century. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (voices of the dead, Raudive voices) are the voices of anomalous origin appearing while making records on tape recorders or other electronic audio devices. EVP researches claim and have proof that this is a possible way of communication between physical and some other non-physical planes of existence. The exploration of this phenomenon led to an effective cooperation between Van Gog and Yuri which resulted in a series of live performances with the "Voices of the Dead" program and this short film, with 24 minutes an obscure psychedelic drama evolving in front of the spectator. A multi-layered collage of concrete visual images and kaleidoscopic colour fields constantly transforms, accompanied by unusual and uneasy sombre ambient with real voices of the dead samples interlaced in it's structure. As a bonus this disk also contains a 12-min. slide-film "City Spirits": alternation of photos by Yuri Elik with his own soundtrack constructed from city noises. Yuri skillfully focuses attention on subtleties of usual things that remain unseen to the eye of a usual human being, generally too busy with thinking over his insubstantial problems and forgetting about the beauty of the world surrounding him. The release is packed in a special cardboard sleeve and goes with a booklet with an encyclopaedic reference about the phenomenon of electronic voices.
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SONOLOGYST -- "Ancient Death Cults And Beliefs" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR270CD
Ritual Dark Ambient / Drone. The veneration of the dead plays an important role in mythology and (nature) religions. It is inspired by fear for wrath of the deceased, and by obtaining their council and favours. A large part of the religious life concentrated therefore around the death cults. This led to the erection of huge monuments (mastabas, pyramids, grave-temples, and rock-graves) in Egypt… but in ancient China, Mesopotamia, and India the dead were also honoured by impressive monuments and elaborate rituals... Although the death cults and burial rituals may be different among the nature religions, the reasons are the same; either affection towards the deceased or else fear for the soul wandering in the vicinity of the corpse and which must be appeased (with offerings, prayers, incantations). Common is also a form of cannibalism where the body is eaten in order to obtain some of the strength of the deceased. The mummification of the dead, which originated in the belief of life after death, was an important part of the death cults too... This album is a deep musical investigation of those cults and beliefs in ancient times. Presented in a matt digipak with evocative, ritualistic artwork by Abby Helasdottir. [label info]

SONOLOGYST -- "Silencers (The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers)" -- CD -- €10
2018 Cold Spring, CSR253CD
Eerie drones, oscillations from the ether, distorted dark matter, signals from other dimensions... The music of Sonologyst fluctuates between scientific sonic documentaries and psychedelic abstraction, illuminated by early experimentation of the 50's and 60's, as well as future possibilities of the electronic and electro-acoustic... "Silencers (The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers)" is inspired by the testimonies of those who have had contact with the so-called "Silencers" or "Men in Black". Federal agents? Aliens? International conspirators?... Sonologyst makes a documentary in music, including spy tech, declassified documents, official recordings, control techs, secreted scientific information, CIA Deep Black Programs, NASA classified tapes, Secret societies and breakaway civilization hypotheses... Recommended for those who follow the nebulous paths of Inade, Schloss Tegal, Bad Sector, Lustmord... Presented in a digipak with booklet. [label info]

SPHOGHA -- "Blackness Experience / Spiritual Tension" -- C-60 + 3"CD-R -- €22
2021 self-released
Industrial / Drone. One of the early project of Dmitry Chistov (HUM, MAW, NIGREDO, etc.), hailing from Fryazino, Russia. Two mini-albums recorded in 1997-1998. High-quality chrome tape packed in an envelope made of unusual black cosmic fabric + two bonus-tracks on a 3"CD-R.

STROM NOIR -- "Mountains Become Machines" -- CD -- €10
2018 Winter-Light, WIN 014, (ltd. 300)
Emil Maťko, the man behind Strom Noir, hails from Bratislava, Slovakia. Since 2008, Emil has released around 15 albums to date on a variety of different formats, as well as a number of singles and also contributed to several compilation albums. His music can possibly be best described as guitar and loop based ambient, with a melancholic feel to it. Strom Noir builds up intricate layers of sound using mostly only electric and acoustic guitars, effected through pedals. [label info] "The beginning of the recording process is dated back to the second half of 2013, that time with the intention to come up with the full-length release consisting of more “stand-alone” tracks built significantly on acoustic guitar, in most cases, heavily transmuted. As I used to set the recorder always in a way that it recorded associated sounds from the recording room as well, recordings are more complex and have some accidental/random aspects; on the other hand, the overall feeling is a little bit lo-fi. That’s the process how the tracks, I would label as the core of the album, were basically recorded... Back then, I was thinking to interconnect these tracks with short guitar drones, some kinds of interludes, however, as you can hear, they became regular tracks over time... So as the result, mountains become machines has a little bit of everything. The more stand-alone tracks are backed by the abstract ones, pictures full of sunshine are followed by dark images and calm parts are accompanied with distorted pieces." [from the author]

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND -- "Offal" -- CD -- €10
2016 Cold Spring, CSR209CD
Post Industrial pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend take everything to a new level with the beautifully packaged album “Offal”. Available on CD in a gatefold digisleeve, featuring monochrome paintings by Kevin Tomkins. With printed lyrics included for the first time, we get to the heart of Sutcliffe Jugend at their euphoric and vilifying best. Words that will make you question what it is to be truly human and not the conformist PC neo-liberal slave so prevalent and encouraged in the modern era. The production on the album sounds massive compared to previous releases, giving the carefully constructed songs an intense, brutal and relentless environment not heard before. Kevin Tomkins’ vocals are pushed to new extremes, doing battle with Paul Taylor’s vicious guitar and synth work. “Offal” features four epic tracks (55 minutes) of naked emotional release that will leave the listener breathless and gasping for more. [label info]

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND -- "With Extreme Prejudice" -- CD -- €10
2011 Cold Spring, CSR143CD
Harsh extreme electronic pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend return with an album of all new material. Three years in the making, and with numerous reworkings, "With Extreme Prejudice" finds Sutcliffe Jugend at the top of their game. Forcing the listener to question their own prejudices and taboos, as modern man struggles to confront and control his inner demons. Musically and lyrically this is SJ's most varied album to date, ranging from harsh electronic onslaughts to a new kind of musical oblivion. Production and sound values are closer to industrial music than ever before, creating a very different feel to their previous filthwork "Pigdaddy". Enter if you dare, the very twisted and real world of Sutcliffe Jugend as they execute With Extreme Prejudice. 6-panel digipak. [press-release]

SUTEKH HEXEN -- "Become" -- CD -- €10
2012/2014 Cold Spring, CSR199CD
First CD edition of Sutekh Hexen's critically acclaimed reel-to-reel / 12" "Become", along with an exclusive bonus track, 'Vestibule', serving as an extraordinary junction in the listening experience. "Become" centres on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. The release serves to bridge the gap between "Behind The Throne" and "Monument Of Decay". Adorned with stunning artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen and source photography by Patricia Cram. Mastered by James Plotkin. Digipak. [label info]

TAMERLAN -- "Infinigrammaton" -- CD -- €10
2019 Steinklang Industries, SK117, (ltd. 200)
Neofolk. This work represents the continuation on of the sonic journey started on the previous album (Luciferian), it is also the start of a completely new chapter, bringing together the ethnic sounds of deep Siberian tribes, nomads from far east, as well as ancient mysticism of Balkan peninsula, shrouded in the modern extreme music tendencies (dark folk, black metal, and industrial). This symbiose takes the already recognizable Tamerlan’s death folk sound to a completely new level, making “Infinigrammaton” the most epic and most ambitious album up to date. [label info]

THE TELESCOPES -- "Stone Tape" -- CD -- €10
2017/2019 Cold Spring, CSR267CD
Psychedelic Rock / Drone Rock. The 10th album from The Telescopes is full of wall-to-wall psychedelic drones, swaying chants, trance-inducing shoegaze and “suspended-in-space magnificence” (Julian Cope). Stone Tape is a concept album inspired by “Stone Tape Theory” (or “residual haunting”), theorized by Thomas Charles Lethbridge in 1961. The archaeologist, parapsychologist and explorer developed the idea that inanimate materials can absorb energy from living beings, and that this mental electrical energy, released during emotional or traumatic events, could somehow be “stored” in such materials and “reproduced” under certain conditions. The hypothesis has been known as “Stone Tape Theory” since the cult 1972 TV screenplay “Stone Tape” by Nigel Neale... Recorded in Powderhorn Minneapolis, The Vicarage, West Yorkshire and The Experimental Health Unit. Originally released on a limited edition LP by Italian publishing house Yard Press in 2017, this CD edition contains a bonus 14-minute version of the track ‘The Living Things’, recorded in Switzerland in 2018. Presented in a digipak with new artwork by Stephen Lawrie. [label info]

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN -- "Deathward, To The Womb" -- CD -- €10
2012/2017 Cold Spring Records, CSR222CD
Trepaneringsritualen’s long out of print debut release: Deathward, To The Womb finally sees a proper reissue. An invocation not so much of BABALON Herself, but of the tormented elemental of Frater T.O.P.A.N., and his fervent attempts to usher in the Aeon of Horus. In the lyrics – based on the texts of Frater T.O.P.A.N. on the Babalon Working – the perilous flame that is BABLON is called upon to ravage creation. She is asked to scorch the earth clean for the coming cosmic renovation. The Eternal Virgin would spring from Her womb. From Her love, the new divine man would be born. 70 years after the Bablon Working was deemed successfully concluded, its utter failure is painfully apparent... "All love songs are of me" She says. This is certainly true of the first five songs of Deathward, To The Womb. The final songs, All Hail The Black Flame, seem different altogether. In this guise, BABALON brings not solely love, but cataclysm; a holocaust brought upon the domain of Man. Manifested as the Black Flame, She reaches from a time before time, formless chaos, and rips apart the very fabric of the created worlds. Such is Her nature: two opposing principles; that of the nurturing mother, and that of the callous destroyer... "She is flame of life, power of darkness – She destroys with a glance – She may take thy soul. She feeds upon the death of men..." Appended to the six original songs is a specially commissioned 12 minutes and 57 seconds long ritual work entitled "I Remember When I Was God", and attributed to Teeraal Räum Pheynix. BABALON was summoned at Winter Solstice 2015, with assistance from Alone In The Hollow Garden, A.I.L of Arktau Eos, Michael Idehall, KzR of Bölzer, Nÿland ii of Hadewych, and Aether. To destroy and to give life. We declare this ritual concluded and successful. [press-release]

VETROPHONIA / F.T. MARINETTI / F.B. PRATELLA -- "Formula Of War" -- CD -- €10>
2011 Der Angriff, Nr. 41, (ltd. 300)
The new album from the project of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt) and Nick Sudnick (ZGA). Old-school analogue industrial with a big influences from early XXth century's Futuristic era, "Formula Of War" is a part of Alexander's series named after Marinetti's volume of poems "Guerra sola igiene del monde" (War the Only Hygiene of the World), published in the year 1915 in the outbreak of World War I. Following the previous parts of the series made by Stalnoy Pakt (a 10" and a split CD with Anthesteria) this release is also dedicated to WWI, expressing the aura of this time by means of sound and artwork. Original compositions written and performed by Futurism leaders Francesco Balilla Pratella and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti are incorporated in the album adding the spirit of time to the whole work. The release is limited to 300 copies and comes in a stylish black & brown A5 folder with 5 postcards. [press-release]

WESTERN, CREED, SPYBEY -- "W ands" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR285CD
Drone / Experimental. A posthumous collaboration between the late Phil Western (DOWNLOAD, BEEHATCH), Jesse Creed (THE PASSENGER) and Mark Spybey (DOWNLOAD, DEAD VOICES ON AIR, REFORMED FACTION, BEEHATCH). Both Phil and Jesse shared a love for vintage analogue synthesizers such as the VCS3, and the music for “W ands” was largely created using this equipment. In the spirit of how it was created, Spybey added improvised passages using his collection of homemade and ethnic instruments and then edited the pieces. Phil would often talk about being ‘taken away’ by music. Both Jesse and Mark have laboured to do this through their own music too, not as a means of escape but to transcend. This music strives to explore the desire to go beyond the ordinary everyday experience and to reach a place where the egos and the individual contributions of the players are largely inconsequential. A place where time doesn’t really matter. A place of healing and invention. An album of expansive drones and analogue electronics, which will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Coil, Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "...That First Season (Winter-Light)" -- 2 CD -- €13
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 007, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. We invited 16 specific artists from all corners of the globe to contribute exclusive tracks for “…that first season”. Many of the artists are favourite listens of ours, as well as the addition of one or two new and interesting ones. The resulting compilation of tracks offers the listener a unique perspective from each artist based upon the one common theme - the winter light... It was always an interesting idea to us to see how this theme would play out from different parts of the world, across both hemispheres and on different continents, with different styles of ambient and artistic approaches. All of the submitted tracks have been included on this double compilation and our expectations have been exceeded with the quality, the variety of rich sounds and depth of the music... Spanning across two discs, Heavy Snow and Long Shadows, Winter-Light and the participating artists are pleased to offer over 140 minutes of exclusive music, brought together for the first time on this, our first compilation. SEETYCA, GYDJA, PHANTOM SHIP, FOETUSDREAMS, NEXUS SUN, ABBILDUNG, CHARADRIIFORM & FILIVS MACROCOSMI, VELGENATURLIG, RAPOON, JEFF STONEHOUSE, HAVDIS, APÓCRÝPHOS, STROM NOIR, KLOOB, MICHAEL BRÜCKNER & MATHIAS GRASSOW, HAKOBUNE. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)" -- 2 CD -- €13
2017 Cold Spring, CSR242CD
A gathering of majestic, heavy, dark ambient, ritual, drone and noise music from Iran. Highly original and monolithic, with stunning production, Visions Of Darkness stands shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the Dark Ambient scene. In a country where youth culture has been heavily restricted for so long, it’s significant when a cultural form such as this has an opportunity to reach a wider audience – aided by the abstract nature of dark ambient, drone and noise. In comparison, the dance music scene has a harder time taking root in Iran due to the illegality of men and women dancing in public together. However, the growth of the experimental electronic scene is going to be about more than a mere novelty reaction to a political paradigm shift. The darkness here is a consequence of the mood of the artists – darker after the country was put on a black list and more restrictions were applied to many things, including monetary transactions to and from Iran. As a consequence, Iranian artists have a great difficulty getting the resources to better develop their projects. Despite this, the enthusiasm and will for Iranian musicians to promote their music shines through. [label info] List of artists: SAINT ABDULLAH, XERXES THE DARK, S.S.M.P., ALPHAXONE, LIMEN, ALI PHI, REZA SOLATIPOUR, NOJAN, HOSSEIN RANGCHI, NARCISSA KASRAÏ, RHONCHUS, DSM, IDFT, NYCTALLLZ, POOYAR, ANUNNAKI SIGNAL, SOHEIL SOHEILI, XSIX, CROWS IN THE RAIN, DOWNTOWN OF HONGKONG, MEHDI BEHBUDI & VAHIDE SISTAANI.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Zvukolan: Atmosphere, Landscapes, Strategy" -- CD-R -- €5
2005 Strely Peruna prod., SP 015, (ltd. 222)
Strely Peruna prod. present the anniversary compilation with projects that supported label in it's 10 year activity with their creative work. The idea of label is spreading the pagan weltanschauung, leaving behind the standards in art perception and liberation from the dogmas of surrounding reality. Geographically this compilation covered North, Centre, Ural and South of Russia which allows to see both common and distinct features in creative landscapes of our Earth. The participants are: Unknown, Hum, Sunchariot, Kromeshna, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, YAO 91404 D. UNKNOWN (Moscow) is a project of Dmitry Shilov who started his activity in 1996. He released several works on Strely Peruna prod. and claimed himself as an adherent of veda wisdom and search of light in the darkness of the present. Dmitry creates profound and meditative ambient landscapes in which he combines his outlook and great cycles of Nature. Dmitry also took part in a project called Medve Na Veche - the debut release of our label. HUM (Fryazino, Moscow region) - one of the oldest Russian projects working with analogue technology of tape loops. His compositions are very deep and sensitive. The atmosphere of Hum can be compared with a walk in autumnal forest. Dmitry Chistov (Hum) took part in a project Off The Cuff released by Strely Peruna. SUNCHARIOT (Rostov-on-Don) originates from the pagan-metal band gradually reduced to one-man project - Denis Shapovalov. Zoroastrian cult and religions of the Sun are the main inspiration sources for Denis. Minimalistic dark ambient sound of Sunchariot - magic rituals of Sun and Blood. KROMESHNA (Kamensk-Uralsky, Ekaterinburg region) is a young project of Vitaly Maklakov from creative union "Ostroga". Enigmatic ladscapes of Ural, laborious work of Nature, mountain ranges settling down into twilight - all this (and something more that is hard to describe) found it's reflection in music of Kromeshna. LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM (St. Petersburg) focuses attention on karelian-finnish shamanism and nothern folklore through the prism of ambient culture and industrial constructivism. The leader of LADO - Evgeny Savenko - also had a project called Koivunmahla released by Strely Peruna prod. YAO 91404 D (St. Petersburg) is a young but promising project absorbing the aesthetics of revolution, labour cult and heroic spirit of industrialisation. Danil Dashkevich (YAO 91404 D) successfully cobines hard psychedelic atmosphere with industrial noises and pagan music primitivism. This symbiosis creates really unusual and emotional ritual/industrial mystery. All projects presented only exclusive tracks for this compilation. The release comes in non-standard handmade sleeve with 6 photos. [label info]

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