Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Agdy

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum

CD (ltd. 200)

1. Crystalline Earth
2. Sunfish Hunting (vers.)
3. Kujvoloi (vers.)
4. Efir (ft. Hladna)
5. Vovnevnutri
6. Antarctic Summer
7. Utnapishtim
8. Vaheguru (ft. Kadegu)
9. Nillam Pejv (ft. Nojda)
10. Polar Own Constellation

total length: 79:55
release date: July 18, 2022
price: €10

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The new edition in the “Znaki / Die Zeichen” series, published by kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON labels, is a collection of rare recordings of the St. Petersburg project Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, which traces its history back to 1998. For almost a quarter of a century its author Evgeniy Savenko has been weaving bizarre patterns of acoustic harmonies, shamanic incantations and electronic oscillations, creating multi-layered visions of dreams from parallel worlds.

The first compilation of miscellaneous tracks, named “Uzor”, was released by the author himself in 2011 and contained compositions from 2002-2004, while the current edition includes tracks from the later period of 2003-2013. Some of them were originally released on such cult Russian compilations as “Zvukolan”, “Muzyka Voln”, “Thalamus II”, etc., others – on very limited edition cassettes (“Kujvo”, “Devachan”), the rest are previously unknown compositions, remixes and live recordings.

In addition to his activity in Lunar Abyss and other projects, Evgeniy constantly collaborates with like-minded artists. He is known as the organizer of live events, including a series of sleep concerts "dRЁma" and "PoludRЁma" and the renowned Gudelnaya Polyana (“Droning Glade”) stage at the local forest festivals Solar Systo Togathering and Deadwood Council. This compilation also features references to such friendly projects as Hladna, Kadegu and Nojda. Sound mastering and design work were done by Pavel Dombrovskiy (Uhushuhu) and the artwork features a drawing by Pastushka Sofya (Tremorkikimor).

Previous albums in the “Znaki / Die Zeichen” series:


Evgeniy Savenko is the leading man behind Lunar Abyss Deus Organum. Over the years, I reviewed quite a few of his releases. There is a sub-text in his music that I choose to ignore. Call it gothic, call it ritualistik, but it is just not my thing. However, I always quite enjoy the music that comes along. The combination of electronics with acoustic instruments and processed voices works wonderfully well. On this new release, we find a collection of tracks from 2003-2013, and this is the second compilation of rare, old tracks, following 'Uzor' that he released in 2011. As always, this is an extended release, making full use of the eighty minutes on the compact disc. Ten lengthy tracks, ranging from five to over ten minutes, are all textbook Lunas Abyss Deus Organum pieces. Mumbling voices with mucho reverb, vast drones generated with Tibetan bells and obscured electronics. Reverb is used on almost everything suggesting deep atmospheric textures. A cliche, if you will, but it works very well. Some of these pieces he recorded with friends, such as Hladna, Kadegu and Nojda, changed the scenery a bit. With Kadegu, he created the most conventional piece of this release, with steady percussion and bass lines. With Nojda, he recorded perhaps the most gothic piece. Different sides of the same coin, to be honest, but within such a lengthy release, it also brings the necessary variation. It is music for long winter evenings and not hot summer days.

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