Vetrophonia - Russian Universal Robots

"Russian Universal Robots"

CS (ltd. 55)

A. Russian Universal Robots I
B. Russian Universal Robots II

total length: 9:00 + 9:40
release date: December 08, 2017
out of print

"Russian Universal Robots" @ bandcamp

Vetrophonia began its history in 1987 with the recording of an eponymous album, released on tape by the Ultra label much later in 1996. After that Ultra published five more Vetrophonia cassettes, the last being a split-release with the Japanese noise project K2 in 2000. All the later releases were made on compact discs, DVDs and small edition CD-Rs.

In this regard, we're unspeakably happy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the project by publishing their new material in the cassette format! "Russian Universal Robots" is a lecture on the influence of robots on human mind. Like all other Vetrophonia recordings, this is an elaborately constructed collage made of all sorts of sounds, noises, orchestral parts, samples and quotes, depicting the image of robots in Soviet art with a humorous undertone.

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