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Our August mailorder updates features over 50 new titles on CDs, vinyl and tapes!

If you enjoy dark-ambient & drone music, you probably should try the CDs of the labels Winter-Light (Netherlands), Purple Soil and Nextera (both from Czech Republic), and if you're into harsher side of things - check out some stuff from Aliens Production (Slovakia), Les Nouvelles Propagandes (France), 4iB Records (Singapore) and the new releases of Galakthorrö (Germany).

Russian scene is presented by new releases of the projects Pustota and Bardoseneticcube and the labels &#8734, Post-Materialization Music and NEN Records.

The new podcast featuring the tracks from these releases is here:

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I. Recent reviews

Porch Nap "Antidot (Selected Works 2007-2017)" CD:
Otzepenevshiye "Razryv Svyazi (Disconnection)" 2 CD:
The Sand Rays "Remembered Vol. 1 (EPs Gathered Together)" CD:

II. Forthcoming events

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

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12.09.2018 - Industrial Music Night
Moscow, Vermel'. More info...

21.09.2018 - Odyssea
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III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

ABBILDUNG -- "All Demons Are Horned" -- CD -- €10
2015 Winter-Light, WIN 004
Dark Ambient from the dark realm of dreams. ABBILDUNG's 10th years anniversary CD entitled 'All Demons Are Horned' puts together probably the best work so far from the Romanian sound artist. Spanning over 3 years in the making, the release takes you to a transcendental journey through finely crafted, dark ambient soundscapes, mystic drones with a touch of oriental inspired music... This is an incredibly interesting release from ABBILDUNG, utilising a broad, and sometimes brave, use of sounds, field recordings and voices within this genre. This is a release that is pushing at the boundaries of ambient and taking it so much further. The tracks are exquisitely crafted pieces that at times are tinged with fusions of an oriental journey, propelling you through harsh atmospheric re-entry or simply leaving the listener alone to drift in absolute solitude. The opening track drags you in from the very first moments, taking you on a dark journey and eventually pulling you through to the other side. Whether that outcome is one of light or dark only the listener can decide. [label info]

2012 Deathforce Records, DF086CD
Anemic Royalty: Post-Rock, beautiful, transparent, like the air of a sunny September day. Monochrome: hallucinogenic Space Ambient with elements of Berlin school. Slim box. [YAOP]

BARDOSENETICCUBE -- "DroBussy" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2018 Inner Demons, IND045, (ltd. 42)
Surrealistic interpretations of the music of Claude Debussy. Three tracks of weird ambiental electronics, as if the music of Debussy was reflected in a number of crooked mirrors. Yet the sonic approach of Bardoseneticcube is quite recognisable here...

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & SOSTRAH TINNITUS -- "Peripherycal Minimaltronics" -- CD -- €10
2018 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0916/032, (ltd. 200)
Peripherycal Minimaltronics is the collaborative project of MB (Maurizio Bianchi) and Sostrah Tinnitus, made up of fellow Italian ambient/experimental artist Mario Costa. This album is presented in its full ambient richness through both artists applying varied techniques from sources such as old electronics, magnetic tapes, electroloops and other obscure found and forgotten objects. Recorded in Goa, India, these 6 tracks reflect the vibrant biodiversity of flora and fauna of the place, all brought about by the complex electronic textures and treated sounds of piano sounds, chirping birds, fading footsteps and distant echoes. [label info]

BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES ‎-- "Nightmare of the Blackened Heart" -- CD -- €10
2011 Aesthetic Death Records, ADCD 022, (ltd. 1000)
Black Depths Grey Waves is a black occult industrial project from the sickened minds of Clint Listing (As All Die, Long Winters Stare, When Joy Becomes Sadness) and Saint Ov Gravediggers (Ordo Tyrannis, Grim Pig) Noise-filled, black industrial, occult evocations - music that will make you feel at one with your disturbed mind. [label info]

BRIDGE TO IMLA -- "The Radiant Sea" -- CD -- €10
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 013, (ltd. 300)
Bridge To Imla is the duo of Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Michael Brückner, created in 2017 to distinguish their particular style of cinematic ambient from their respective solo projects. The album is a rich woven tapestry of dark ambient soundscapes and deep electronics mixed with more traditional instruments. It will pull you across the vast stretches of the mighty Pacific Ocean, dragging you down to it's murky depths and across it's vast plains before depositing you in to the deep trenches and ridges that lurk there. Polluted by radiation and man's indifference to nature, 'The Radiant Sea' continues in its struggle to restore the balance and maintain its beauty and dignity. Mastered by Robert Rich. [label info]

2017 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0816/028, (ltd. 250)
Serbian experimental harsh noise act Creation Through Destruction (Aleksandar Nenad) teams up with Italian Industrial maestro Maurizio Bianchi to create an industrial themed noisescape composed with analog equipment and treated with digital electronics... The basis of this album revolves around the churn of machinery and throbbing pulses of mechanized loops. The overall ambience of analog sounds derived from field recordings, tape loops, radio static from a compact stereo and a damaged vinyl ebb and flow through the various layers, exuding a bleak reality of an industrialized dystopia. [label info]

DEMONOLOGISTS -- "Acid Until I Rot" -- CD -- €10
2017 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0517/029, (ltd. 250)
This blackened noise release hails from Indiana and comprises duo Cory Rowell and Evan Price. It features 13 tracks of pure evil sounding industrial churn of grim and hatred. Akin to what your worst nightmares are made of, nightmarish visions of nefarious delirium manifest through the extreme electronic soundscapes and eerie chants to low frequency growls of hatred. This darkened industrial noise release absorbs you into a sonic environment of relentless nihilistic mayhem that destroys the human soul. [label info]

ECLIPSED -- "The Probabilistic Mind" -- CD-R -- €10
2018 Aliens Production, APD018, (ltd. 66)
Electro / Industrial. The chemical connection between the community of old school Slovak musicians was finally combined and the reaction of this Hlohovec-Trnava cooperation has finally got it’s final concept. The project of members of SAMHAIN and KIFOTH has gotten the form of an analogue school, and this connection will be for sure a strong beginning for the fans of analog strings of dancing beats and the wild-torn sound of sound tortures. The concept is based on a raw analogue sound that has a lot of hallucinations and hard attacks on your mind. The project's purpose is to use the hybrid beats with amount of the strong sounding tones that are pulsing in the machine park. Excellent combination of electronics and experimentation. This is a concept for an open mind and a community that is willing to break into the oasis of analogue storm. This project is designed to respond to projects such as: Noise Unit, Intermix, Download... Unique pure sound concept full of cracking blocks and hybrid tortures. This digital edition is followed with strictly limited cdr edition in a special mechanical package of 66 copies. [label info]

EGO DEATH / MR. TINKOBLE ‎-- "Moma Split" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 Cat.n.Bone self-released, diy#15, (ltd. 30)
Physical split-release of two digital releases of The Museum Of Microcassette Art - the net-label run by Hal McGee, which releases only material created with the use of microcassette dictaphones. Ego Death material - classical, although a bit eccentric Musique Concrete, with lots of industrial noises, field recordings, musical excerpts and samples. Can be compared to the works of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov from 80-s, i.e. "Chaos" and "Cosmos". Mr. Tinkoble - Lo-Fi Industrial Noise Ambient. Packed in a paper sleeve with a big double-sided poster cover of A3 size, wrapped in a piece of a magnetic tape. Interesting, diverse and fascinating release. Recommended! [YAOP]

FOETUSDREAMS -- "Brouillard" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Winter-Light, WIN 001, (ltd. 150)
Dark Ambient. From start to finish "Brouillard" is a real ambient journey; sometimes an introspective one, sometimes a glance from the inside looking out and far beyond the reach of the human eye. The tracks are beautifully sculpted pieces of ambient excellence and from the opening moments of the first you are transported into the world of "FoetusDreams". Rich drones resonate across starkly crafted, ice-cold landscapes where your only companions are the sounds that flow around you. Vibrant musical layers, occasionally punctuated with a clever use of samples, draw the listener ever further away from reality towards a deeper, more meaningful sense of self. You could easily be standing on the edge of the universe looking out, or traversing the caverns of your own mind in a search for that place of inner peace. The title track "Brouillard" is a master class in drone ambient with its ever present trance inducing hum that lowers a mist over the eyes and takes you to a very dark place indeed... If you are looking to go on a journey then it begins right here. The tracks have been mastered by Frederic Arbour from Cyclic Law... "There is only one God and that God is man himself." [label info]

THE HAFLER TRIO -- "Cleave: 9 Great Openings" -- CD -- €10
2002 Nextera, ERA 2017-2, (ltd. 2017)
"Cleave: 9 Great Openings" was released as "Part The First" of a trilogy which later included CDs "No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful And Seamless Unions" and "No More Twain, Of One Flesh: 11 Unequivocal Obsecrations". It is a 62 minute piece with a very wide, low, and resonant sound. It’s almost ambient, or "meditative music", with very special atmosphere, and a few surprises! Source material for this album was recorded in 1999 for Andrew McKenzie's friend's wedding ceremony in Nepal. Packaged in deluxe embossed paper wallet with special transparent wraparound. [label info]

HERZ JUHNING -- "Samsara" -- CD -- €15
2018 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 045
The first vinyls from Herz Jühning are today much sought-after collectors’ items. The latest offering Paradise was sold out within hours, in spite of a considerable stock in hand. What we have been waiting for has become Reality. The long-awaited new Album! It consists of a concept album and deals with the cycle of Being and Passing On. A nightmarish work in which Herz Jühning is also reborn. In his new life he has climbed to a higher level: Herz Jühning’s sound is now denser and perfected, but remains concentrated and fundamental. He possesses the rare ability to combine effectively voice and abstract elektroniks, nothing appears random. This results in not just Tracks, but Hits, also contained on Samsara. So enjoy a masterful mixture of Angst Pop, fragmented Power Electronics and “Old-School” Industrial of the darkest kind. CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [label info]

INNER VISION LABORATORY -- "Relics" -- CD -- €10
2018 Winter-Light, WIN 017, (ltd. 300)
The inspiration for this album came from different science-fiction and post-apocalyptic books and movies, but also from the artists’ personal thoughts regarding mankind’s condition... ‘Relics’ is a musical illustration for the very distant future, where humanity has failed in its progress and moved to total annihilation. Relics are the only things humanity has left behind. Other higher advanced civilisations will come to visit our now desolate planet to collect these relics; these fading tokens of the past. They come to visit the Museum of Savages, who destroyed their own habitat and rendered their once beautiful planet uninhabitable... 'Inner Vision Laboratory' is a musical project brought into existence by the Polish artist/musician Karol Skrzypiec. Created in March 2005, stylistically the project qualifies as industrial dark ambient. Nevertheless, it also includes elements of ethnic music, classical music, et al... 'Inner Vision Laboratory' has released a series of albums on labels such as Rage In Eden, Zoharum, and Beast Of Prey, collaborating with other artists such as Hoarfrost, Roto Visage and Nepenthe. His other works include the highly acclaimed 'Anywhere Out Of This World', 'Perpetua' and 'Austeros'. [label info]

KLOOB -- "Remarkable Events" -- CD -- €10
2018 Winter-Light, WIN 015
Here on 'Remarkable Events', Kloob has brought a darker, much more intense, rich feel to his music, quite different from some of his previous works. The tracks switch between dark and light and you can feel the influence of his recent Eastern travels, crackling in the air, in the field recordings, in the synth sweeps and patterns and in the sonic landscapes that the album creates and carries you along. Make no mistake, this is not an album filled with the chants of Hindu monks and the busy clatter of every day Indian life. It is an intensely spiritual album, which for its duration will take you along the same paths traversed by the artist himself. [label info]

LOPEZ, FRANCISCO -- "Untitled (2012-2014)" -- 2 CD -- €14
2017 Purple Soil, 008
"Untitled (2012-2014)" consists of 16 pieces ranging from just shy of three minutes to a bit under 14, and it functions well as a compilation or overview of the work he has been doing in that time span. One thing that does define these works is an intensive use of low frequencies. Listening on headphones (as recommended) results in some moments of near silent volume, but significant vibrations and rumbling... One of the major reasons for the diversity of these two CDs is the differing sources of sound López utilized to create them. Four of the pieces stem from raw sound material provided by other artists that he radically reworked into his own compositions. "Untitled #316 (for Zbigniew Karkowski)" uses material from the late composer (and friend of López) to create an expanse of low frequency that, without adequate headphones or speakers, would probably sound like complete silence. With the addition of shrill digital static, the piece builds to a harsh roar before falling back to the open space. At times I could not tell if what I was hearing was actually on the recording or sound of my headphones barely being able to handle the low end noise... In a similar vein, "Untitled #297", using source sounds from the artist Shhh… is another pastiche of extreme frequencies. It functions almost as a study of significant contrasts, where foundation shaking low frequencies are paired with almost ultrasonically high register noises verging on the upper limit of human hearing. In truth, it is not too dissimilar to the approach of some of the earliest Whitehouse recordings, but here executed with a scientific, almost clinical precision... Most of the remaining pieces are works derived from field recordings, although in a less obvious manner than Lopez has presented on his Epoché series of recordings in recent years. Here is where a significant amount of variation can be heard. "Untitled #293", created from recordings made in Lima and Panama City, leads off with an almost startling lack of bass, but instead glistening, shimmering shards of noise. The volume rises and falls, and sounds almost resembling horns and pseudo-rhythmic segments appear, before the piece ends on a foundation rattling note... There are also pieces included with less clear sources, but are no less engaging. Voices appear at erratic times throughout "Untitled #296", augmented by swirling tones and understated electronics. There is a notable amount of activity to be heard, though where it is coming from is anything but clear, ending with what sounds like a sharp spring reverb passage. "Untitled #304" is at first what I would consider a "standard" López composition: a droning, almost air conditioner like din sets the mood as quiet electronic-tinged noises cut through. Later, however, and almost drum-like thump is introduced that gives an entirely different feel to the piece... To sound a bit cliché, the compilation is well suited for the casual listener or unfamiliar person interested in Francisco López’s daunting body of work, but can easily be appreciated by those who have followed him for awhile. [Creaig Dunton, Brainwashed.com]

MACRONYMPHA -- "Infinite Perversion" -- CD -- €10
2017 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0517/030, (ltd. 250)
Infinite Perversion brings you 4 long tracks totalling more than an hour of extreme harsh metal-junk industrial noise. This release is definitive in putting you through the true threshold test of mental tolerance by crushing you with pure multilayers of harsh analog-tronics. Submit your senses and sanity to extreme provocation as you soak in the complexities of high and low frequencies while allowing the swirling madness envelope you in sonic chaos. [label info]

MONOLITH -- "Spectres" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Iceage Productions, ICE007
Drone Ambient, opalescing with hypnotic sinewaves and cold industrial sound. Slim-box. [YAOP]

NAM-KHAR -- "Secret Essence​/​Sangwa Dupa" -- CD -- €10
2018 Winter-Light, WIN 016, (ltd. 300)
Nam-Khar is a Ritual/Drone collective that utilises various ethnic instruments and synthesised material within its works. What Nam-Khar offers up here are nine very different pieces of ritualistic music, each with the common thread of bringing you to a place of both focus and isolation. The subtle use of traditional instrumentation creates small vacuous pockets for the listener to move into, which are then juxta-positioned with slightly harsher, more industrial sounds. These are then all neatly sewn together with ice cold drones, warm bass sounds and synth sweeps... With its short stabs and metallic sounds, the music can sometimes feel cold, unsettling and edgy. Tracks such as Shidak (re-shaped) could easily soundtrack the nightmare segment from a film, where the drones pull you stumbling through dark corridors, treading uncertain footsteps with a feeling of anxiety, never knowing what shapes are hiding out in the shadows, or what lies just around the corner. But the other side to the music from Nam-Khar lies in the warm, rich textured sounds and the drones that slowly build in density. Each aspect complimenting each other to bring a rich varied sound to the whole album and drawing all the tracks together... "Secret Essence/“Sangwa Dupa is a sonic journey to the archaic energies/powers in Tibetan culture, which in the end, are not to be seen as being separated from one’s own mind. [label info]

NO WAY OUT -- "Devoid of Luminary" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Smell the Stench / Parkbench Records
Living, breathing, natural, sometimes noisy ambient from the French project. Sounds like a hypothetical collaboration between Aube and Lunar Abyss Deus Organum. Samples for the second track are provided by David Von Ekberg. Slim-case. [YAOP]

O PARADIS -- "Tierra Embrujada" -- CD -- €12
2018 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 255 / 4iB Records, 4iB CD/1212/031, (ltd. 300)
After some years, O PARADIS returns with a new collaborative release between 4iB Records and Italian label Old Europa Cafe. As ever, Demian’s “Catalunyan” music flows with flawless fluidity through his unique vocal rendition of sexy Mediterranean romanticism, professing good wishes, undying love and nostalgia through beautifully composed melodies. This album is made even more unique with the special guest presence of Jürgen Weber from Nový Svět. Here, Jürgen contributes in the composition of one track while lending his voice to 2 others. [label info]

OOPHOI & PAUL VNUK JR. -- "Dreamfields" -- CD -- €10
2011 Nextera, ERA 2067-2
After highly regarded and critically acclaimed album Distance To Zero released in 2006 on Hypnos, italian ambient artists Oöphoi and american synthetist, percussionist and sound designer Paul Vnuk Jr. (also known from tribal ambient duo Ma Ja Le with Christopher Short) decided to release their new dark ambient masterpiece called Dreamfields on Czech label Nextera. Paul Vnuk reveals: "For me the story of Dreamfields starts before our [Gigi’s & my] first collaboration Distance to Zero. Back in 2005 I sent Gigi a CD of loops improvised in my studio on a Lexicon Jamman and a Boomerang looping pedal. Part of those even included my then 8-year-old son reading improvised poetry. These loops were meant to get the ball rolling on our collaboration, but rather than using these loops at the time, Gigi instead sent me back a set of all new tracks that were inspired by my loops. I then added my parts and that became our 1st album. Then in 2009, unknown to me he went back to those original loops and blended them into his alchemic audio processes and created a whole new musical work. I then spent parts of 2010 and 2011 overdubbing further additions, crafting a final mix and a master. Dreamfields is a deep collaboration made up of many layers. I see it as a great sonic painting that contains a nice balance of our individual voices as well as some new sonic landscapes that neither of us expected and I am very proud of the result!" [label info]

PHANTOM SHIP -- "Spheres" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Winter-Light, WIN 002, (ltd. 150)
'Spheres' is the third studio album from Italy's Phantom Ship, following on from the self-released I.G.N.O.T.O. , in 2012. As with the previous releases, one gets the feeling when listening to 'Spheres' of being a passenger. A passenger aboard this vast, ghostly vessel that eerily glides through the galaxy, or across the thoughts and expanses of the inner mind; equally just as distant. Aboard this vessel, you become an observer. A witness to the might, power and wonders of the universe. A coming together of great forces; clashes between energies of immeasurable magnitude, such as on the track 'Orbiting Iron Spheres'. On this offering, quite possibly his best to date, we are treated to 6-tracks of symphonic and celestial awe. The universe is indeed a haunted house and Phantom Ship is one of its bigger spectres... In the words of the artist himself - "'Spheres' is inspired by the eternal dialogue between the inner and the outer sphere of the human psyche"... "The hidden harmony is better than the visible" - Heraclitus Of Ephesus... The sounds were forged by Roberto Faloci at the Port of Shadows Studio, Perugia, Italy in the Winter of 2013/14. All tracks have been mastered by Peter Andersson of Raison D'Etre. [label info]

PUSTOTA -- "Nenuzhnye Vospominaniya" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2018 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_19, (ltd. 20)
Field Recordings / Noise. St. Petersburg-based project Pustota presents almost two hours of conceptual useless filling of the surrounding ether. Two whole discs as a result of mental cleansing and informational self-cleaning. Monotonous chaos and complete absence of any inner systematics. Absurd meditation for complete detachment from any positive or negative characteristics. And all this without a doctor's prescription... Two CD-Rs with printed surfaces, packed in a DVD-box. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Sanctus Equinox: Mercury Rising I" -- CD -- €10
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 012, (ltd. 300)
Many people will already be familiar with Robin Storey. Not just for his pioneering work as founder of the industrial group :zoviet*france: in 1979, but also of course for his solo-project Rapoon, which began life in 1992. Now, 25 years after the inception of his solo ambient project, Rapoon is still very much with us and still very much active... In celebration of this, his 25th Silver Anniversary, we are releasing a triptych of new work from Rapoon entitled ‘The Mercury Rising Trilogy’. The Mercury Rising Trilogy will comprise of three brand new studio albums, all with exclusive material. The albums will bring a new feel to Robin’s work, that of a more off world spacious feel, jazzy in parts with a ceremonial thread running throughout. Each album interlinked by this feel and theme, as the titles suggest, but with each one still having it’s own unique identity... Here we present to you the first part of the Mercury Rising Trilogy, ‘Sanctus Equinox’... What if you had created a race of sentient beings and then simply abandoned them, having no further use left for them? What might become of them and what sort of world would these replicants create for themselves, if left to their own devices?.. ‘Sanctus Equinox’ is a portrayal of that world, a painted landscape of the secret rites and ceremonies practiced by it’s inhabitants. Celebrations and rituals created to overcome the sense of loss and abandonment, after being discarded by their creators, deemed to have no further worth. Scattered across the many moons in their new solar system, they gather en masse to worship under alien skies, bathed in the fractured light of moons and suns. Dressed in splendid costumes, they sing and dance along great winding, standing stone pathways; a procession of vibrant colours and chants moving hypnotically towards stone circles raised high to the heavens... As the solar winds blow across now empty plains, time stands still as chants of ‘Sanctus Saves….’ echoes through the air... Processed vocals, atmospheric pads, sub bass patterns, strings and old school sci-fi sounds all exquisitely layered to produce an album of intense beauty. The feel is one of ceremonial celebration and ritualistic joy. A ray of shining hope in the lives of a forgotten people. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Offworld OP1 Equs: Mercury Rising 2" -- CD -- €10
2018 Winter-Light, WIN 018, (ltd. 300)
In celebration of his 25th Silver Anniversary, we are releasing a trilogy of new work from Rapoon entitled ‘The Mercury Rising Trilogy’. The Mercury Rising Trilogy will comprise of three brand new studio albums, all with exclusive material. The albums will bring a new feel to Robin’s work, that of a more off world spacious feel, jazzy in parts with a ceremonial thread running throughout. Each album interlinked by this feel and theme, as the titles suggest, but with each one still having it’s own unique identity... Here we present to you the second installment of the Mercury Rising Trilogy - 'Offworld OP1 Equs'. The trilogy began with 'Sanctus Equinox', released through Winter-Light in November 2017. The journey now continues....... Every 150 years the moons align and block out the light entirely from the small inhabited planet of Offworld OP1. Too cold even for the androids to survive they move en-masse to the farthest moon Celios and wait out the winter in the relative warmth. The ice crystals in the nearby gas planets rings reflect the meager light of the far sun and throw rainbows down to the surface of Celios… a sign… The androids have built their shelters in the shape of the six pointed star with a circular perimeter representing the outer rings of home system Saturn and the sun that moved. Looking back along the aligned moons they diminish in intensity until Offworld is just a shadow, a memory. Waiting. It will take six months before the the first light shines again on Celios and another six before the androids will return. Celebrations await that return…. for now there is only the slow resignation of winter and a promise of it’s end... Spacious synth sweeps glide through the air, whilst icy piano tones play out, filling the spaces with crystallised sounds. Drums crack and fall away, a lo-fi saxophone plays a sombre song to itself, as alien voices raised to the skies chant the mantras of a temporarily dislodged Offworld race of sentient beings. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Wanderlust" -- CD -- €10
2016 Winter-Light, WIN 005, (ltd. 400)
Robin Storey aka Rapoon needs no introduction, having released around 60 albums alone under his avant-garde project. Robin has collaborated with many artists over the years and for this release additional vocals for the album have been supplied by the Russian folk singer Tatyana Stepchenko aka TOLOKA... As the title indicates, ‘Wanderlust’ is the endless yearning, the search for questions and for answers, the horizon ever drawing onward with the lure of what lies beyond. The pull of the mountains and the deserts and the infinitive light of the stars, shining from the distant past. We travel… [label info]

SECT37 -- "Legion" -- CD -- €8
2013 Aesthetic Death Records, ADCD 028
The sick older brother of "The Kudos Of Serial Killing" (2011), "Legion" is more obscure, experimental, eclectic, avant-garde electro, to be expected from this UK act (aka Section 37), in existence since 1999. Using original poetry composed by founder Stuart Harris, he began writing new material with John Frost to produce the album "Legion". The new album retains a darker, more disturbing portrayal of the sociopathic nature of serial killers - be they psychopathic, or simply mentally disturbed - again, utilising various styles to signify various killers own tastes. Though more "accessible" in nature, it becomes for that reason - more real. These people walk among us! [Cold Spring]

SEETYCA -- "Nemeton" -- CD -- €10
2015 Winter-Light, WIN 003, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient. In the ancient Celtic tradition, a Nemeton was a sacred space, primarily situated in natural areas, often sacred groves of trees. The album 'Nemeton' will take you to your own sacred place, as it hints at what lies hidden, ever deeper in the thick forests and darkened woods of Germany. A lo-fi master piece in dark ambient, the six tracks on this CD invoke feelings of apprehension, wonder and longing for a place never visited in the flesh but often travelled to in the minds eye. A place that lies tantalising just out of reach in the distance but that at any moment can become all consuming and enveloping. Encompassing you in thick dark layers of ambience and transporting you to a space from which there is no return. [label info]

SEETYCA -- "Winterlicht" -- CD -- €10
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 011
As the album title indicates the theme is that of the winter's light and comprises of 12 new tracks, combining deep drones and sparse musical pieces to create a vast wintry landscape. The opening track 'cold morning' invokes images of sunlight playing across fields steeped in deep white snow while your cold breath disappears in to the morning air. The title track 'winterlicht' is a slowly evolving darker, deeper 13 minute drone piece. Here the heavy mantle of winter steadily envelopes the listener, drawing the darkness of the nights ever nearer, as the cold winds howl and the ice begins to form, locking the landscape in to a frozen tundra... The play between light and dark, the subtle use of environmental sounds and carefully chosen instruments, played by a stellar array of Seetyca's friends, is what makes this album truly engaging. [label info]

SEETYCA -- "Zwischenwelten" -- CD -- €10
2016 Winter-Light, WIN 006, (ltd. 300)
‘Zwischenwelten’ is an immensely deep journey, characteristic of Seetyca’s music. The listener is pulled between worlds, shrouded in dense layers of fog or pinned to the edge of a scene, forced to watch as an observer, while the part plays out. Interspersed with environmental sounds, and both electronic and traditional instruments, ‘Zwischenwelten’ is a beautiful, hypnotic album switching between what is real and what is perceived to be real by the listener. The album is laced with lush melodies, light ambient touches and otherworldly samples which bring to this piece a welcome sense of detachment... For this release, Seetyca has been joined by a number of contributing artists including Thom Yeesland (ambiant guitar sounds), Julian Eckstein (trombone) and Kris Caelis (glockenspiel and environmental sounds). Seetyca himself plays an array of instruments including e-maschinen, samplers, ocarina, recorder, zither and acoustic guitar to name but a few. [label info]

SEKTOR 304 ‎-- "Communiphones" -- CD -- €11
2014 New Approach Records, NAR08, (ltd. 500)
Probably not what you’d immediately expect from Sektor 304, but by the same token, not all that surprising either given their periodic propensity to create extended passages of more atmospheric material; "Communiphones" consists of 35 minute piece built on synthesizers and field recordings, aiming for a monolithic and dronish paranoid ambience. Even if the approach is different, the sound is definitively and uniquely Sektor 304, with shifting layers of industrial clutter, mechanical whir, and gloomy, unsettled synthdrift. A necessary companion to all Sektor works and a nice counterpoint to the heavier, more rhythmic based material. [Malignant Records]

SEKTOR 304 -- "Live Reaction" -- CD -- €11
2014 New Approach Records, NAR07, (ltd. 500)
Excellent compilation of live recordings (2010-2012) by Portugal's Sektor 304, channeling the essence of the old school Industrialists (Test Dept., SPK etc). A fantastic audio document filled with dynamic, hammering percussion, junk metal abuse, shouted vocals, and haunting atmospherics. Vocals on 2 tracks by Martin Bladh (IRM, Skin Area) for the Radio Sonores Project 2012. [Cold Spring]

2014 Smell the Stench, (ltd. 24)
An invigorating abrasive harsh-noise fuck-up in vein of Merzbow and Government Alpha against persistently feedbacking industrial drone. Slim-case. [YAOP]

SOMA, TOMOAKI -- "Evanescent" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Highland, highland-02
Drone Ambient from the Japanese artist, gentle and trembling, like petals, circling in a cloudless midday sky of a hot summer city. Slim-case. [YAOP]

SOUND_00 + LEFTERNA -- "Elementals: Collabs 2" -- CD -- €10
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 010
After a series of collaborative publications on multiple experimental labels, the duo of Toni Dimitrov (Sound_00) & Boban Ristevski (Lefterna) finds its 'Elementals: Collabs 2' conceptual release on Winter-Light. 'Elementals: Collabs 2' is an ambient/experimental release of deep drone contemplations and ambient exploration, good for deep meditative and learning sessions... 'Elementals' gathers together selected collaborative works from the artists Sound_00 + Lefterna. All tracks have previously been released separately on compilations from the labels Fall Into Void, Post Global Recordings, HNM Recordings, AOsmosis and Crna Zemlja. For this release on our Winter-Light label, the tracks have been completely remastered by Cruel Sound Works, adding a richer, more distinctive warm feel to each piece. [label info]

STAIRWAY MAZE -- "Hollow Spaces" -- CD-R -- €10
2018 Aliens Production, APD016, (ltd. 66)
Industrial / Electro. After debut release Aries, Denis aka Stairway Maze did not let us to wait long and he brings us his debut album Hollow Spaces, which is mainly published as a digital medium, even though its cd version is available in a strictly limited package of 66 copies together with this format. Stairway Maze returns with what he has started on his EP release, and in his production, he again combines cinematic moods in industrial balsams and downtempo tones. Melancholic sequences and a bright variety of melodic lines waves throughout the whole material. Tribal rhythms and direct militant marching blocks are a strong part of this fascinating blend of electronics and a gothic movie atmosphere. Noises and the wave of emotions in the tribal suit and the movie spirit is definitely a strong experience for the fans of the unusually sounding projects which Stairway Maze for sure is. Do not forget that this digital release follows strictly limited pro-cdr edition in 66 copies in mechanic pack and poster. The sound was taken care of by the great Anatoly Tokee Grinberg and the design was shared by Stairway Maze and Ish. [label info]

STROM NOIR -- "Mountains Become Machines" -- CD -- €10
2018 Winter-Light, WIN 014, (ltd. 300)
Emil Maťko, the man behind Strom Noir, hails from Bratislava, Slovakia. Since 2008, Emil has released around 15 albums to date on a variety of different formats, as well as a number of singles and also contributed to several compilation albums. His music can possibly be best described as guitar and loop based ambient, with a melancholic feel to it. Strom Noir builds up intricate layers of sound using mostly only electric and acoustic guitars, effected through pedals. [label info] "The beginning of the recording process is dated back to the second half of 2013, that time with the intention to come up with the full-length release consisting of more “stand-alone” tracks built significantly on acoustic guitar, in most cases, heavily transmuted. As I used to set the recorder always in a way that it recorded associated sounds from the recording room as well, recordings are more complex and have some accidental/random aspects; on the other hand, the overall feeling is a little bit lo-fi. That’s the process how the tracks, I would label as the core of the album, were basically recorded... Back then, I was thinking to interconnect these tracks with short guitar drones, some kinds of interludes, however, as you can hear, they became regular tracks over time... So as the result, mountains become machines has a little bit of everything. The more stand-alone tracks are backed by the abstract ones, pictures full of sunshine are followed by dark images and calm parts are accompanied with distorted pieces." [from the author]

VACANT STATIONS -- "Clones" -- CD -- €10
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 009
Awaken. Force yourself up. Draw the blinds. Grey light burns your eyes. Plug yourself in. Step out of the door and fade in to the swim.... From the first opening moments of 'Day', you already know that you are about to experience something totally different from the artist 'Vacant Stations'. As the first solemn sounding notes play out, the mood is set, hanging in the air like a heavy, dark oppressive mantle. But all is not lost... there is always hope... Vacant Stations is an ambient project hailing from London, UK who has a background in film and video. Through his music, Vacant Stations generally hopes to conjure visuals and inspire creativity. A little bit about the thoughts behind 'Clones' in the words of the artist himself: "Some of the motivations and intentions behind 'Clones', are mostly concerning the theme of identity: A meditation on the conflict and pressures of striving for individualism in an era of homogenisation, while considering implications about the future of human identity as it inevitably merges with the technology it creates. A self-reflexive comment on what have come to be regarded as dark ambient genre conventions. Hopefully a sense of narrative also comes through." [label info]

VELGENATURLIG -- "Opalescent Pust" -- CD -- €10
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 008
VelgeNaturlig is no stranger to Winter-Light, having appeared on our recent DCD compilation "...that first season", with his beautiful track 'Golden'.'Opalescent Pust' has an entirely different feeling altogether, one of constant motion, one of change. 'Opalescent Pust'; the breath opal, the colour of pearl, the purest form of breath. A cleansing process, that of a purifying experience. Purity... From the opening moments of the first track 'Onset', you know you are entering a world that is both familiar to you, but also somewhat alien at the same time. It's an inward journey that you have begun; a travel within yourself that you should feel comfortable with as it's you. But the dark tones and underlying menace of the music let you know that, in no uncertain terms, before you can reach that light, that purity, you must first traverse the dark paths of your own mind and wrestle with whatever it is you find lurking there. And so the tone is set... Tracks such as 'Opal' push you further into the blackness where, lying there in state, you can hear the electrical impulses of your own thoughts, embellished through 'Amorphous Silence'. 'Diffraction','Gold Opacity' and 'Pust' will leave you floating and submerged in your own flotation tank. Drifting into nothingness, a time to shed and let go. 'Obsidiana', 'The Hum' and 'Plateau' push you upwards and on towards a ceiling of light, crashing first through barriers of your own constricting thoughts and feelings where finally...with 'Exhale', you can at last breath; the purest breath... The album began life as a one take improvisational piece, which was then fine tuned in the studio by Ivo Santos (aka VelgeNaturlig), resulting in the fluid, organic wave of sound that you now hear. This full CD of new and original music comprises of 10 tracks of experimental drone and ambient soundscapes. [label info]

VOMIR -- "Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous" -- CD -- €10
2017 Decimation Sociale, DSCDCLOITREZ / Narcolepsia, narco081 / 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0517/027, (ltd. 300)
With “Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous”, Vomir aims to return to the most basic essence regarding his identity as a Harsh Noise Wall practitioner. This single full length track of more than one hour is the final result of that depurating mindset; focusing on achieving the true bone of his signature sound, while continuing to devastate all ears with a raw and unmovable wall of static. Still as relentless, the boundaries of its aesthetics get pushed further and deeper by the storm of distortion overlayed by the bleakness of massive cloistered sounds. Romain stays true to his non-conformist approach by presenting his Harsh Noise Wall entirely stripped of any ideas and unabided by any rules. This album reflects Vomir´s nihilistic view of the world through the effective manifestation of his noise-craft, delivering a remorse-less and emotionless sonic punishment. [press-release]

WHALESONG -- "Disorder Deconstructed" -- 2 CD -- €10
2018 Old Temple, OLD.117, (ltd. 500)
Industrial Metal / Experimental. A double CD with remixes of songs from the well-acclaimed Whalesong debut album 'Disorder'. 'Disorder Deconstructed' gathers more than 2 hours of dark and experimental sounds from: Troum, Miro Snejdr (Herr Lounge Corps, Death in June), Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, ex-Minsk), Horologium, Brandkommando, Harsh Noise Movement, Submerged (The Blood Of Heroes, Have Demons), Moan, Luke Lund (Have Demons, Ropes Of Maui), Mussorgski, Shocker (Iperyt), Synapsis, Lugola, Dancing Deadlips, Grave Of Love, and I, Eternal. Finally, the band itself have prepared new mixes of their songs. 'Disorder Deconstructed' is a great addition to the original album, combining industrial, doom metal, ambient, dub, drum 'n' bass, martial, techno and noise. Double Digipak. [Cold Spring]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "...That First Season (Winter-Light Compilation)" -- 2 CD -- €14
2017 Winter-Light, WIN 007, (ltd. 500)
We invited 16 specific artists from all corners of the globe to contribute exclusive tracks for “…that first season”. Many of the artists are favourite listens of ours, as well as the addition of one or two new and interesting ones. The resulting compilation of tracks offers the listener a unique perspective from each artist based upon the one common theme - the winter light... It was always an interesting idea to us to see how this theme would play out from different parts of the world, across both hemispheres and on different continents, with different styles of ambient and artistic approaches. All of the submitted tracks have been included on this double compilation and our expectations have been exceeded with the quality, the variety of rich sounds and depth of the music... Spanning across two discs, Heavy Snow and Long Shadows, Winter-Light and the participating artists are pleased to offer over 140 minutes of exclusive music, brought together for the first time on this, our first compilation. SEETYCA, GYDJA, PHANTOM SHIP, FOETUSDREAMS, NEXUS SUN, ABBILDUNG, CHARADRIIFORM & FILIVS MACROCOSMI, VELGENATURLIG, RAPOON, JEFF STONEHOUSE, HAVDIS, APÓCRÝPHOS, STROM NOIR, KLOOB, MICHAEL BRÜCKNER & MATHIAS GRASSOW, HAKOBUNE. [label info]


HAUS ARAFNA -- "Blut + Nachblutung" -- 2 LP -- €70
1995/2018 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 006, (ltd. 641)
Blut was Haus Arafna’s first Album. It first appeared in 1995 as a limited edition CD, was remastered and reissued in 2006 as CD with the inclusion of three bonus tracks (Nachblutung). Blut was never released as a vinyl version, this omission is now amended. Blut consists of three sections (Trilogie des Blutes), each side of the vinyl containing one section. The fourth side contains Nachblutung. The tracks have all been remastered, and lean acoustically on the original 1995 version. On Blut, classic “Old-School” Industrial is to be heard, there is only a vague hint of the Angst Pop movement to be ascertained. This Album is loved for its ecstatic violence and unbridled energy, right up to the present day... 12" 2LP, blut red vinyl, heavy cardboard gatefold, printed inner sleeves. [label info]

HERZ JUHNING -- "Samsara" -- LP -- €35
2018 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 045, (ltd. 680)
The first vinyls from Herz Jühning are today much sought-after collectors’ items. The latest offering Paradise was sold out within hours, in spite of a considerable stock in hand. What we have been waiting for has become Reality. The long-awaited new Album! It consists of a concept album and deals with the cycle of Being and Passing On. A nightmarish work in which Herz Jühning is also reborn. In his new life he has climbed to a higher level: Herz Jühning’s sound is now denser and perfected, but remains concentrated and fundamental. He possesses the rare ability to combine effectively voice and abstract elektroniks, nothing appears random. This results in not just Tracks, but Hits, also contained on Samsara. So enjoy a masterful mixture of Angst Pop, fragmented Power Electronics and “Old-School” Industrial of the darkest kind... 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve, insert card. [label info]

TANZ OHNE MUSIK -- "Night" -- 7" -- €20
2018 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 046, (ltd. 515)
Angst Pop decays down to its molecular components. That applies especially to the title track, a pinnacle in Tanz ohne Musik’s work and a pinnacle of Abstraction. Elektronik and vocals in total accord. Dark and haunting – complex in its simplicity, purity and transcendence. Distorted voice, analogue synth monophonics, noise impacts, oscillating frequencies, drum machine and crying harmonica. Four new tracks from the Minimalists of Bucharest. Guaranteed pure and kosmik!.. 7" EP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover. [label info]


BEGGE, PAUL -- "Resist the System" -- CS -- €8
2018 NEN Records, NEN22, (ltd. 45)
NEN Records presents an album by Paul Begge, also known by Forgttn and Blind Assault projects. In spite of the devilish productivity of the Moscow musician, 'Resist the System' is a first large format for Begge, a kind of summing up for a life chapter. Eleven tracks are brought together by the concept of ‘resistance to the system’, and there is no doubt it's not a fluffy bunny who is unleashed, but someone completely hell-bent. So Begge's short-circuiting and neurotic techno declares a total war and claims to possess the audience 'systematically', with lock, stock and barrel. And like all resistance in a psychoanalytic sense of thе word, it is a story about something repressed and forgotten - that you are able neither think nor speak of. Hence the effect: 'Resist the System' leaves the listener anxiously fucked up, but invigorated as after a good whip session... Cardboard case. Two-sided color inlay sleeve. 45 hand-numbered copies. Three stickers inside. Comes with a "Resist the System" pin. [label info]

2018 &#8734, &#003, (ltd. 11)
At the very edge of the city plants are standing like a guards, black in the warm darkness, working day and night, erecting a protective barrier of metal noise and smog. Dark giants of factory buildings. Stretched out arms of the cranes. Trembling factory outskirts covered in a dim haze. But what is hidden behind them? The forest... Warm, soft, lulling, patiently waiting. Never in a hurry. Beckoning from early childhood to the very old age, the ancient guardian of tranquility and life itself. You're feeling the smell of rain and slowly moving deeper. The brances are bowing behind your back... Green cassette, printed insert with two dried leaves, wrapped in hand-dyed fabric, limited to 11 copies. [label info]

KRUELECO -- "Regno" -- CS -- €7
2014 Stupro Rituale, 001, (ltd. 200)
Harsh noise and black metal rhythms! 7 crushing tracks, 30 minutes of non stop black harsh noise violence. [from the author]

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS -- "Apparition" -- C-30 -- €8
1982/2018 Post-Materialization Music / XII Chasov, XII-II, (ltd. 200)
One of the early classical albums by The Legendary Pink Dots gets an official cassette reissue in Russia! Pro-dubbed tapes, two color / two-sided riso-printed inserts.

MINAMATA -- "Methylmercure" -- C-60 -- €7
1985 Europa, EURO 002
Second album of the French industrial / noise project Minamata, dedicated to the technological pollution and the diseases caused by it. "Minamata disease (Japanese: 水俣病 Hepburn: Minamata-byō), sometimes referred to as Chisso-Minamata disease (チッソ水俣病 Chisso-Minamata-byō), is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning. Symptoms include ataxia, numbness in the hands and feet, general muscle weakness, loss of peripheral vision, and damage to hearing and speech. In extreme cases, insanity, paralysis, coma, and death follow within weeks of the onset of symptoms... Minamata disease was first discovered in Minamata city in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, in 1956. It was caused by the release of methylmercury in the industrial wastewater from the Chisso Corporation's chemical factory, which continued from 1932 to 1968. This highly toxic chemical bioaccumulated in shellfish and fish in Minamata Bay and the Shiranui Sea, which, when eaten by the local populace, resulted in mercury poisoning." [Wikipedia] Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes, with original artwork in thick PVC-wallets with inserts and a booklet.

PUSTOTA -- "Dachniy Sezon" -- C-60 -- €6
2018 Biosonar^Lo-End, 079/2018, (ltd. 11)
We continue the series of audio fixations, the beginning of summer house season has started with drilling of a well, sawing timber and hammering of nails, simultaneously from various sides of the area, with children and dogs....) The packaging consists of a bulky envelope made of warped corrugated plastic and a fragment of wallpaper. [label info]

PUSTOTA -- "Simpheropol - Zelenogorsk" -- C-60 -- €6
2018 Biosonar^Lo-End, 078/2018, (ltd. 13)
This cassette continues the field recording series of the PUSTOTA project. Just as in the technogical series, the main criterion for the material is the maximum "non-presence" of the author. This phonogram illustrates two rain phenomena, or rather the sounds of droplets being smashed against surfaces. Side A was recorded in October 2010 in Simpheropol, side B - in July 2018 in Zelenogorsk. Pure fixation that however has some aesthetic flavour. Packed in a cardboard box artistically painted by the author. [label info]

PUSTOTA -- "Siren'" -- C-60 -- €6
2018 Biosonar^Lo-End, 080/2018, (ltd. 14)
Not every audio-fixation can become an object of aesthetical interest for the most of uninitiated listeners. However this cassette is an obvious exception: a recording of a spring morning can only upset an extreme listener - spring birds and rustling of leaves are recorded onto a dictaphone. An ideal release to bring one's family into cassette culture. Packed in a tissue pouch with a picture of lilac. [label info]


FENNESZ & WOZENCROFT -- "Liquid Music" -- USB stick -- €33
2012 Touch, RGB01, (ltd. 11)
Over a decade after “Liquid Music” premiered live, the experimental collaboration between electronic musician Christian Fennesz and the founder of Touch (a multimedia publishing company, label, and music publisher) Jon Wozencroft, has received an official digital release. The audio/visual project is composed of Wozencroft’s footage of the movement of water primarily in Greece over a six-year period. These visuals were used as a live projection during Fennesz’s performances on the 2001 Touch tour, and audio was later added from a live recording of one such show to create the 30 minute short film which has been screened at Tate Modern, the British Film Institute, and is now available as a .mov file on a USB flash drive. “Liquid Music is in some respects a laptop response to the celluloid flicker film from the 1960s – Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, Stan Brakhage – Peter Kubelka’s Arnulf Rainer,” says Wozencroft. A synthesis of Fennesz’s static drone, glitch, and white noise, juxtaposed against Wozencroft’s blurry footage of the sea and rain. [Beautiful Savage] Packed in a black velvet string bag.

NORMA REAKTSII / MR. TINKOBLE -- "Leninfall / Crosses" -- 2 x floppy 3.5" -- €6
2018 self-released, (ltd. 38)
Excellent split of two virtuosic projects with a different look at the aesthetics of Old-School Industrial. TNorma Reaktsii starts with vague old-fashioned industrial rumble dedicated to dethroning the unhealthy cult of Lenin, which brought so much misery to the peoples of different countries. Mr. Tinkoble presents spatial pompous industrial, based on the hammer-like rhythm and feedbacks, and inspired by the aesthetics of the cemeteries. Two floppy disks with stickers and tracks in mp3 Surround format are packed in a printed envelope and are provided with a download link for wav files in trimmed and full format. Assembled and numbered manually. Recommended! [YAOP]

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ALIO DIE - Music Infinity Meets Virtues - CD - NM/VG+ - €3.90

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AUTOGEN -- "Mutagen" -- CD -- €10
2012 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0712/002 / Sturm, Mandat nr. 36, (ltd. 500)
This is an intelligently orchestrated ambient and pulsating rhythms of the Cold Elektro, during the period of 2008-2012, all 12 tracks are written and arranged by Kaps. Mutagen is an aural journey of post-industrial influences, all echoing a soundtrack atmosphere that is overwhelming, dreamlike and surreal, Mutagen’s soundscape of electronic textural layers and minimal sampled digitized voices will provide you with a mesmerizing experience of a post apocalyptic emotional ride, struggling between the tensions of despair and hope, order within the realm of chaos. [label info]

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO -- "Elegietroniche" -- CD -- €10
2016 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0114/020, (ltd. 200)
Elegietroniche displays the softer phase of MB’s long journey of musical experimentation with a focus on the spiritual themes of suffering and deliverance. This second chapter sees him moving away from the earlier stages of chaotic electronic incongruity into a religious and philosophical environment. The 5 tracks in this album revolve around a meditative soundscape of calming ambience, laden with distant church bells and choral chants layered heavily with the hum and drone of melancholy and desolation. [label info]

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & ROADSIDE PICNIC -- "Dictatorship Of Dead Labour" -- CD -- €10
2014 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0114/006, (ltd. 250)
A collaborative release that features the imaginative efforts of Justin Wiggan’s (Birmingham) solo noise project Roadside Picnic, and Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.), an Italian pioneer of industrial music. This intriguing project marries Wiggan’s immersed expedition of field recording, samples, treated loops and drones, manifested through the calming nature of Maurizio Bianchi’s almost ambient soundscapes. Minimal layers of noise, radio frequencies, rhythmic recitals, textural electronic interference, abrasive gut-wrenching white noise, organic loops, harsh industrial, finishing with ambient trance-like aural echo. The final epiphany is how the line between art and music gets distorted through deeper exploration and discovery of space and void, demonstrating the disunion of parameters between sound and silence, everything and nothing. [Cold Spring]

FLUTWACHT -- "Breath" -- CD -- €11
2008 Mask Of The Slave, MS-015 / The Tourette Tapes, TT#11, (ltd. 500)
New full length album from the wellknown german Power Electronics/Noise projekt. Flutwacht returned to Mask of the Slave Records with this great stuff, after several releases with other labels in the industrial/experimental scene. The best Flutwacht release to date, highly recommended for PE/Noise/Experimental maniacs. [label info]

FREE AS DEAD -- "Tombeau Vital" -- CD -- €10
2016 4iB Records, 4iB CD/1215/019, (ltd. 200)
Free As Dead is another project of prolific French Harsh Noise Wall artist Romain Perrot, who deviates from his other known projects like walled noise acts Vomir and guitar noise Falot. Free As Dead builds it’s disturbing ambience with harsh funeral organ noise, and together with the collaborative efforts of Andy Bolus (of Evil Moisture) Tombeau Vital creates an almost soundtrack-like horror story revolving around Perrot’s (pervasive) alter ego of a B-Grade masked monster and his doll captive. This is a conceptually heavy album that distinctively defines itself from Romain’s other projects from start to end. The 4 tracks take you on a crazy epic horror-tale filled with dramatic effects like squeals and squelches (from Andy Bolus) set against the background atmospheric ambience of wind and rain and crazy organ playing by a mad man. Staying true to Romain’s sarcastic and sick sense of humour, one can only expect that this epic aural journey will inevitably result in a tragic ending. [label info]

GOHAN -- "Peur" -- CS -- €8
2016 &#8734, &#001, (ltd. 30)
Soft soil, the path hardly could be seen in the darkness of night. The air is getting thicker, light is dripping on the humid leaves; ghost lights are gleaming through the tangle of branches. Shadows sticking the fingertips. Your eyes, slowly opening and closing. Hypnotic vibe of the traffic lights and glowing windows of the megacity is circulating, remaining constant, but changing a little every single time. The intense feeling of something happening wrong. Reality is blurring. And in the end of the journey you found yourself again in the dark woods... Black cassette wrapped in hand-dyed fabric. [label info]

GRASSOW, MATHIAS & JIRI MAZANEK -- "Inner Path" -- CD -- €10
2008 Nextera, ERA 2051-2
Inner Path – the idea of combining pure handplayed acoustic instruments with modern electronics, samples and nature-sounds. With a spiritual sight behind, Inner path is open for free direction and interpretation nevertheless with a strong focus inside ourselves by considering the existence here on earth as ONE of many journeys back into the inner light. This work is a remembrance... Mathias Grassow: electronic creations, nature-sounds, singing-bowls, voice. Jiri Mazanek: 86-string zither, 8-string kantele, 5-string kantele, guitar, overtone singing. [label info]

GRASSOW, MATHIAS FEAT. JIRI MAZANEK -- "Music Infinity Meets Virtues" -- CD -- €10
2009 Nextera, ERA 2059-2
Ambient / Drone. Performed Live at Church of St.Simon and Juda, Prague 1 - Old Town, May 23rd, 2009.

GRASSOW, MATHIAS & THOMAS WEISS -- "Conscience" -- CD -- €10
2006 Nextera, ERA 2041-2
An authority between the human made ego and his creator. The conscience is a regulator and gives always precisely feedback about our emotional actions. Everyone has the free will to accept this. Many people have forgotten to follow their inner voice. Instead their decisions are depended on status symbols and social standards. This music don't want to entertain you, but give you a view inside your "self". As soon as we have spirit, mind and body together we are practising the truth. [label info]

2013 4iB Records, 4iB CD/1013/004, (ltd. 250)
This split release features two long time experimental noise artists: Hiroshi Hasegawa and Positive Adjustments (Krister Bergman), both whom hail from different regions of the world: Japan and Sweden and being specially curated for this album. Cryptic Void displays the unique qualities of each artist’s personal creative expressions in the field of sound manipulation. Independently, they both deliver their own trademark styles of audio mayhem that have been personally developed and reinvented over the years through active participation in the experimental noise scene. [label info]

HAUS ARAFNA -- "Blut + Nachblutung" -- CD -- €15
1995/2006 Galakthorrö, 006
Before someone else does it for us, we'd rather do it ourselves: the debut album from Haus Arafna is, after 11 years, once more available. In re-freshed sound quality, and with a new look: a 24 page monster booklet which is filled to the top with blood-enriched pictures and texts, with which the listeners can also enjoy themselves visually. In addition to the well-known "Trilogie des Blutes" from 1995, there are three bonus tracks ("Nachblutung"), to listen to, which also stem from this period. These have, however, only now been fully completed in order to be included in this re-issue from mr. and mrs. Arafna. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

HAUS ARAFNA -- "New York Rhapsody" -- CD -- €15
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 028
This is no typical Haus Arafna album. It has already celebrated its premiere in September 2009 as part of the New York Fashion Week. Haus Arafna had accepted the offer to create the soundtrack for a show featuring the fashion designer Katie Gallagher. Somewhat of an unusual venture into a new environment, and in front of a new audience, this was obviously an exciting challenge for creative artistes, and for “Industrialists”, considering the extreme style of expression, a very pleasurable experience. The emphasis laid on the various elements on this album is different to that of the earlier releases. That is why Haus Arafna has preferred to delay the issue of “New York Rhapsody” until after the release of the “official” album “You”. Angst-Synthesizer, raw electricity, metal percussion, artfully reduced electronic textures and unusual vocal performances combine into a “sound from the Abyss” with deep ritual undertones. No sign of “Screams’n’Shouts” here. Instead Haus Arafna has created Angst-Pop hits and Industrial Monsters with an extra dose of darkness, almost as if the March into Destruction has to be sweetened somewhat. Well-dressed, of course... CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

HAUS ARAFNA -- "You" -- CD -- €15
2010 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 025
"You" is an album of contrasts and leads the listener along carefully selected levels of suspense through the full gamut of the Arafna-esque art of sound creation. The spectrum extends from dark jewels which permeate nerve and brain, to great boulders which avalanche their way through the intestines. A peculiar hybrid of various Industrial Music styles forming a malicious monster, remarkable for its changeability and the unexpected. Difficult to control, cunningly applied analogue electronics meet sawing Angst-synthesizer ensembles ingeniously accompanying scream, -speech, -distortion vocals to the beat of noise and steel. That has proved itself, but today’s music from Haus Arafna is generally more advanced, more to the point. All probably created just for "You". CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

HERZ JUHNING -- "Miasma" -- CD -- €15
2009 Galakthorrö 024
After Herz Jühning has whetted the appetite of so many listeners with his Faces EP, Galakthorrö now is proud to be able to present Herz Jühning's first Longplayer. On Miasma he combines the kinetic energy of Power-Electronics with favourite ingredients from the witches'cauldron of Angst Pop. You will hear brutal bass-drones, nasty electrified currents, pumping analog rhythms and eerie frequency modulations. The sound elements have been ruthlessly selected to emphasise the reductive characteristics, and brought together around the incisive vocals to form an homogenous and complete work of art. Whether ailing popsongs, aggressive noise-attacks, or ominous sound experiments, all is artfully united in the 13 songs found on Miasma. Once more it is Jühning's no-frills arranging technique, that shows itself to be so highly effective on Miasma, just as it made Faces so successful. There is much to discover and Miasma will take the hearts of its listeners by storm! How could it not? CD in matt finish digipac, 16-page booklet incl. lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

AN INNOCENT YOUNG THROAT-CUTTER & THE RITA -- "Wide-Eyed In The Dark" -- CD -- €10
2017 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0216/024, (ltd. 250)
This is an immersive collaboration between 2 heavyweight practitioners of the noise sub-genre Harsh Noise Wall: AIYTC (An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter) and The Rita. Wide-Eyed In The Dark features the ever prolific American noisemaker Richard Ramirez with one of his HNW projects An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter comprising partners in wall noise, Sean E. Matzus, Sarada Holt, James Tallis and Monica Isabel Sanchez. Formed in 1994, Giallo horror-slasher theme takes centrestage in this noise project. With the cooperative inputs of (also) prolific Canadian The Rita (aka Sam McKinlay), expect nothing less than the double dose of relentless textural noise intensities as they put you through the aural abuse of pure abrasive harshness. [label info]

ISH -- "Resonance Level" -- CD -- €10
2012 Aliens Production, AP 27
IDM / EBM / Ambient. Another next pearl in the waters of IDM and ambient. This time the protagonist and member of the Ambiguous project chooses a natural way in which are pulsing organic materials and shamanic spaces in original IDM compositions. Project who can attract with his dominated sound and many magical spaces which often exceed the borders of our world. In the songs are often overlapping multiple colors of sound and developing many moods itself. The combination of machined electronics and down temped loops moves the project to pulsing positions and opens to the listener the feeling of a pulsing live form. A strong atmospheric message. Many analogue spaces, hybrid loops and melodic lines. [press-release]

2015 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0915/018, (ltd. 200)
Acognitive Culture consists of 5-Parts featuring the collaborative inputs (and outputs) of 3 prolific American harsh noise experimentalists GX Jupitter-Larsen (of The Haters), A Week of Kindness (also known as Sean E. Matzus of Black Leather Jesus, among many others) and Richard Ramirez (namely of Werewolf Jerusalem and Black Leather Jesus). These 5 different sounding tracks start off with the gentle buildup of low-range vacuum-like hums that form the basic textural sound ambience. The overall electro-acoustic landscape gradually gets engulfed by the incessant build up of raw rhythmic drones with occasional minimalistic feedback noise and snippets of film dialogue. The unsettling intertwining of sonic dischord and all the nuances that they encompass reflect the true essence of each individual artist involved, which make this joining of creative minds a unique experience deeply rooted in sonic aestheticism. [label info]

KK NULL -- "Extropy Ground Zero" -- CD -- €10
2017 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0117/026, (ltd. 250)
In Extropy Ground Zero, Kazuyuki Kishino displays an intriguing approach towards the genre of experimental noise. Deviating from his usual genre style, he unleashes new material of percussive blast beats which take dominance in the 2 tracks (one studio and one live) contained within. The juxtaposition of electronic percussive noise tempo against layers of interweaving swooshes and electronic bleeps provide an interesting ambience of sound, which strongly reflect KK Null’s unique creative process in noise experimentation. [label info]

KK NULL & DAO DE NOIZE -- "Mizuchi Creation" -- CD -- €10
2015 4iB Records, 4iB CD/1214/014, (ltd. 200)
Mizuchi or ‘Master of the Water’ is a name used to describe a well known mythical Japanese water deity resembling a serpent that lives in and around water. Titled ‘Water Snake’ in Japanese, this collaborative release showcases the sound wizardry of Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist K.K. Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) and Ukraines’s ambient and noise artist Dao De Noize (Artem Pismenetskii). Mizuchi Creation comprises 2 tracks that flow continuously as one. Just like the impending ferocity of the serpent gliding through expanse of calm water, the album effectively maintains its sonic equilibrium of noise and soundscape through the complex balance of structured pulses, rhythmic noise, drones and hisses with the serene ambience of nature, mythology and life. [label info]

KOPP, HERMANN -- "Under a Demon's Mask" -- CD -- €15
2008 Galakthorrö 021
Everybody who has seen the Buttgereit films Nekromantik 1+2 and Todesking, has heard of Hermann Kopp. The music he wrote and performed for them is ever-present, pervading the atmosphere and has contributed considerably to the advancement of these films into classics. He still retains to this day his exceptional musical ability, and proves it yet again. Galakthorrö is proud to be able to present 13 new songs from the nekrodramatist: more than 40 minutes of new material, which today - just as it did then - has as its core his dissonantly tempered and individualistic violin playing. Combined with electronics, a host of weird instruments and metal percussion he creates an unequalled gruesome opus, carried by an effectively conceived minimalism, and the most beautiful and haunting Angst melodies imaginable. So morbid and wonderful in fact, that we have to ask ourselves how we could manage to survive for so long without any new material from Hermann Kopp - and which demons were riding him that he had to keep us waiting so long. CD in matt finish digipac, 20-page booklet incl. all texts and lyrics. [press-release]

KOPP, HERMANN -- "Zyanidanger" -- CD -- €15
2013 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 032
On his new album Hermann Kopp devotes himself to the subject of Alchemy, having been triggered by the book “Die Geschichte Der Chemie” (The History of Chemistry) which was published in 1843 in Braunschweig written by an author by the name of Hermann Kopp. One is always astounded by these strange accidents of Fate. Notwithstanding, on the Zyanidanger album, nothing is left to Fate, conceptually or musically. The theme is excitingly put into action, the script is expertly interpreted (“mise-en-Scene”) and every weird note perfectly placed. The recording is full of gruesome melodies and it should be mentioned that Hermann Kopp lays a high value on production technique, bringing back to us, rejuvenated, the raw scent of the 80s. This in combination with his morbid-minimalistic compositions is an unbeatable mixture. The music on Zyanidanger is so utterly poisonous and deathly tragic, that it turns all the right mind-screws, letting us float in a kind of melancholy high. Which goes to prove that as a Sound Wizard and Tonal Alchemist, Hermann Kopp has certainly done his homework! An die Chemie! CD in matt finish digipac, 16-page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3   [mp3   [mp3]

LA NOMENKLATUR -- "Autoportrait" -- C-60 -- €7
1990 La Legende Des Voix, LDV 00A
Industrial. Self audio-portrait by TIBURCE / LA NOMENKLATUR with selected tracks and texts in French. Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes, with original artwork in thick PVC-wallets with inserts.

LA NOMENKLATUR -- "Interdependance Interpenetration" -- C-40 -- €7
1988 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.008
Industrial. Since a few years, MINAMATA is becoming visible again, playing live and having new releases. After creating Minamata, first active as band from 1984 to 1986, and before resuscitating that name as a solo project, TIBURCE was LA NOMENKLATUR from 1986 to 1992 or so... "Interdépendance Interpénétration" was his third cassette. [Nostalgie De La Boue] Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes, with original artwork in thick PVC-wallets with a booklet.

LA NOMENKLATUR -- "La Legende Des Voix" -- C-60 -- €7
1986 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.001
First tape of the French project La Nomenklatur, recorded in 1986. Powerful pulses and cold noises layering in very electronic sounding sheets of bruitalist percussions and distorted vocals. This aggressive aggregate is a raw document from the early days of rhythmic industrial noise. [Ant-Zen] Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes, with original artwork in thick PVC-wallets with inserts.

LA NOMENKLATUR / DMDN -- "L'Apparition / Hitsig" -- C-60 -- €6
1990 E'ostrate, OST 001, (ltd. 100)
A-side: excellent unreleased contributions by LA NOMENKLATUR - rhythmic/cold electronics with metal percussions and powerful vocals. B-side: the Dutch project DVA MET DVA NICHTS - good experimental ambient noise... [Nuit Et Brouillard]

LOPEZ, FRANCISCO -- "El Dia Anterior A La Emergencia De Los Adultos De Magicicada" -- 3"CD -- €5
2006 Purple Soil, pulse three: one, (ltd. 505)
Repress of 1993 tape only release, showing the ambient-most face of Lopez' music. Deep, droning ambience at the usual threshold of the audible. [label info]

MASKA GENETIK -- "Strada" -- CD -- €15
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 027
“I’ve reached the limits of my strength” said Amon Radek, and set off in search of a new life. There was to be no place for Maska Genetik, it was too much of a torture to justify those high standards he insisted on. We were astounded and couldn’t believe it, and so we held his album back for some considerable time. Perhaps he wanted urgently to replace one of the songs? An artist of course, has his sensibilities, and a Russian has an additional inbred melancholy. So let us not be too hasty. Over the years we have certainly fulfilled our role as inheritance trustees, and so now we present his first and probably last album. It is all the more regretful, because Maska Genetik represented a pinnacle in the history of Galakthorrö, for us and for many of our listeners. This is obviously the case with Strada. There are songs to be heard that were created before, and after, the sought-after Quarantine EP. Radek’s inner conflicts and his very real suffering have shaped his Angst Pop into its own unique form. We are not presented with self-pity, but with anger and a deep sorrow, at a world fashioned by mankind, in which a future for humanity is hard to imagine... CD in jewel case with 8 page booklet. [press-release]

MERZBOW / RAVEN / DAO DE NOIZE -- "Animal Liberation" -- CD -- €10
2015 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0514/016, (ltd. 200)
Animal Liberation features 3 characteristically powerful tracks of varying harshness and noise intensities with it’s theme strongly centered on animal rights and its firm stand against animal abuse. The journey into the audio slaughterhouse begins with 2 harsh noise tracks presented by prolific Japanese noise artist Masami Akita, otherwise famously known as Merzbow and Serbia’s harsh noise artist Raven (or Djordje Miladinovic), who is highly recognisable in the harsh noise circuit as anti-war as well as a strong supporter of animal and human rights and conscious environmentalist. These two violently painful tracks are complex with a high level of hypnotic and sonic energy. The message of what these artists stand for are uniquely expressed by heavy layers of organic sounds, high frequency screeches and low level drones that almost sound like animal screams and grunts in the abattoir. This journey of butchery finally comes to an end with a closing ambient track from Ukraine’s noise/ambient artist Dao De Noize (Artem Pismenetskii). The tranquil hums overlapped by murmuring soundscapes with the background beating of hearts and animal bellows, bleats and cackles complement and complete the album. These 3 highly emotive tracks successfully propagate the intended message through a unique display of artistic sonic expression that is now one of the greatest social change movement around the world. [label info]

NOVEMBER NOVELET -- "Unintended By Nature" -- CD -- €15
2016 Galakthorroe, Galakthorroe 041
This CD contains all the November Növelet EPs: Heart Of Stone, Sacred, More Satanic Heroes, that have appeared to date. It is enhanced by three bonus tracks that were recorded exclusively for this collection... CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

NOVEMBER NOVELET -- "The World In Devotion" -- CD -- €15
2015 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 037
In recompense for the long waiting time, November Növelet is rewarding its dedicated listeners with a carefully created complete work of art, which complements its celebrated precursor Magic, in a splendid fashion. The new album shows a further development – the magical mixture continues: Mrs. Arafna’s unique vocal timbres, a beguilingly resigned performance full of melancholy, couched in deep black analogue electronics embossed with the characteristic Növeletic stamp. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European Condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless Synthesiser music, and thus experience – The World In Devotion. CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]

OOPHOI -- "Arpe Di Sabbia" -- 2 CD -- €14
2007 Nextera, ERA 2045-2
"Arpe di Sabbia" (Harps of Sand) is a new double live album recorded in Archiaro, a remote location immersed in the woods of southern Italy, and it features exclusive music composed for this special event. The two discs contain more than 130 minutes of slowly-changing textures and abyssal drones that try to describe the hidden voices of Nature: the endless movements of the ocean waves, the rustle of the crescent moon, the sunset's undercurrents, the life of nocturnal animals, the silent flow of the stars. A magical connection with a world of forgotten sounds. [press-release]

OOPHOI -- "Mare Tranquillitatis" -- CD -- €10
2004 Nextera, ERA 2026.2
Instruments: digital and analog synths, samples, tibetan singing bowls, stones, electronics. The most mysterious Sea of the Moon inspired this monumental work of Italian droning artist Oophoi. The music leads us through different levels of space ambient music, from vast and resonant alien soundscapes to mystic and solitary drones for bass flute and electronics. At times reminiscing of Robert Rich's first works, with sustained and undulating chords. Mare Tranquillitatis is a masterpiece of slow atmospheric space music. [press release]

OOPHOI -- "Upuaut" -- CD -- €10
2007 Nextera, ERA 2043-2
„Upuaut“ is the unique, over 65 minutes long composition recorded by the Italian drone-ambient musician Oophoi featuring Amir Baghiri and Mathias Grassow, who back in 1999 joined as guests during one special private concert. Since then it's been circulating around the world as hard to find and poor (often bootlegged) CD-R releases only and now "Upuaut" is finally officially and properly released. [label info]

OOPHOI & TAU CETI -- "Subterranea" -- CD -- €10
2003 Nextera, ERA 2029-2
After their acclaimed debut CD release "Celestial geometries" released in 2001 on Amplexus, considered as one of the best space albums ever, italian sound sculptors Oцphoi and Tau Ceti are back with the long awaited second CD "Subterranea", inspired by a book about the myth of Agharti, the hidden realm located in central Asia. Vast sonic explorations with synths, flutes, stones and shells, ranging from subtle and mysterious atmospheres to highly dynamic passages, describe this out of reach underworld. The last part of the long suite "The chamber of eternity" features the unique sound of the tibetan singing bowls of Klaus Wiese. After the outer space adventures of their first CD, "Subterranea" deals with the inner space. [press-release]

THE OPPOSER DIVINE -- "Barb Wire Around Your Neck" -- CD -- €10
2015 Aliens Production, AP 31, (ltd. 333)
After successful experimentations and several digital releases we have a news from protagonist of TERMINAL STATE, he has released his solo album entitled The opposer divine. Minor Float on his album brings us a very interesting mix of electronic and experimental surfaces. Atmospheric tracks in down tempo surfaces of minimalistic tones and melodic lines often sound like the soundtrack for the dark sci-fi movie. Numerous analogue sequences of cybernetic vocals and explosive themes pressing on you from the introductory minutes. The combination of film music, ebm, idm and ambient color makes this project colorfully creative. Slovakia's production starts to take over a strong position in the generating of serious musical particles that knows to offer the concept for each music enthusiast. On this Cd has appeared interesting collaborations and this release is available in digital and in a physical form. Follow this project from the beginning and you will have a chance to look into a new galaxy named TOD. [press-release]

THE OPPOSER DIVINE -- "Reverse / Human" -- CD -- €10
2016 Aliens Production, AP 35, (ltd. 333)
A talented member of the Terminal State and his next cybernetic attack is a hot candidate for other electronic storm and it’s not so long ago from his debut with his creative work beneath our wings. Yes Minor is back and this time presents itself again with something that will be for the listeners of this one man project a must have. In comparison to album "Barb Wire Around Your Neck" a new clothing of TOD is less experimental and more dynamic and we can say that the songs are built more on a compact surfaces. They are much cleaner although the older garment is the main distinguishable sign. The melodic lines of plasmatic vocals and direct toxic beats are the main source of this virus. Quantity of styles collisions and atmospheric surfaces in modern guise. New album is again a presentation of creative electronics and excellent presentation of Slovak sounding bands that knows how to properly stir the boxes that is called underground. [press-release]

2001/2005 Purple Soil, pulse zero: three
Repress of the most beautiful of several live collaborations of these projects. Recorded already in 2000 in Oslo, originally released as limited CD-R on AMBERMUSIC year later, using fragments from still legendary, but still unreleased ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA "Laos Vegas" album, this high-peak of live ambience comes again carefully re-mastered from the original minidisk (by Karel Kourek, man responsible for the sound of all recent h3o and OOPHOI albums) and re-packaged in nice paper fold-out cover. [label info]

POTTER, COLIN & THE HAFLER TRIO -- "A Pressed On Sandwich" -- CD -- €10
2006 Nextera, ERA 2040-2, (ltd. 1010)
Colin Potter explains: „I attended The Hafler Trio performance of 'How to slice a loaf of bread' in Preston and was very impressed on many different levels. During a discussion with Andrew McKenzie after the event, he suggested that we might try a joint project. Shortly afterwards he sent me some of the original source material from the performance. It was my intention to preserve the overall shape & sense of the material, but at the same time move it to another (sonic)place. I hope I have achieved this, by a process of reformation.“

PSICOPOMPO (HERMANN KOPP + LORENZO ABATTOIR) -- "Synchronicity (Theory Of Carl Jung)" -- CD -- €10
2015 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0115/012, (ltd. 250)
Psicopompo is the death guide that accompanies the dying to the afterworld. Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. From the conceptualization of these two themes combined, German composer/musician Hermann Kopp (of Jorg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik and Der Todesking soundtracks) and Italian Noise Experimentalist Lorenzo Abattoir (Nascitari) merge their unique compositional techniques and source equipment (Hermann Kopp: Violin, Tambourine, Electronics / Lorenzo Abattoir: Shruti Box, Timbal & electronics), leaving the results entirely to chance. The final result is the unity of an audio event joining together 2 separate executions of melody and rhythm without any post production or added effects, bringing out the forlorn emotions of being on the journey to the new world upon death. [label info]

RUNAU, KARL -- "Beyond Frequencies" -- CD -- €15
1999/2000 Galakthorrö 010
There are only a few traces to be found on this record of the industrial flavor of Karl Runaus' early period. For the most part, instrumentally embellished electronic constructions have been skilfully presented in a minimalistic setting. This sound Universe follows its own unique logic. The listener becomes an adventurer and must conquer strange and challenging concepts of harmony and order, and thus becomes irresistibly drawn in by them. A play of contradictions, which is what makes this album so interesting. On the one hand technical and cool, and on the other hand in an unusual way, imperfect and human. Like Kraftwerk's dejected half brother, the forgotten illegitemate son of Kris Kelvin and MU-TH-R 182, that has been created somewhere beyond the frequencies. "Beyond Frequencies" – a trip through the unending expanse of the Universe of Sound. Timeless and not of this world. CD in jewel case, 4-page booklet. [label info]

SHROUD OF VAPOUR -- "Suicide Forest Sessions" -- CD -- €10
2015 4iB Records, 4iB CD/1114/013, (ltd. 250)
Hiroshi Hasegawa, Rohco, L’eclipse Nue (Daniel Sine) and Yoshiko Honda collaborate with one another as Shroud of Vapour in this special project entitled Suicide Forest Sessions. The Suicide Forest in Aokigahara, Japan serves as the recording ground due to its strong historic association with demons in Japanese mythology as well as being a popular place for suicide in Japan. The dense forest and it’s still quiet void of almost all wildlife bring out the very nature of the artists true intent, reflecting the atmosphere of desolation and despair of a haunted suicide ground. The weaving in and out of distant female wails and ambient like soundscapes seem to echo the lost spirits of those that have chosen to take their own lives here. This entire project was recorded using only equipment that required no electricity and relied purely on battery power. Strangely enough, out of a total of 3 recordings that were done that day, only 2 were able to be retrieved, and are thus presented here in their true form. [label info]

SORFEUM -- "Ancient Rocks" -- CD -- €6
2003/2011 Nihil Art Records, NAR 019, (ltd. 500)
Nature-inspired Dark Ambient / Drone from Ukraine. "Ancient Rocks" was originally released as an MCD in 2003 (when Sorfeum was formed). This reissue features 2 bonus collaborative tracks with Filivs Macrocosmi (which originally appeared on an extremely limited CDR by Filivs Macrocosmi called 'Oxymoron Structures' in 2005). Five lengthy, evocative Dark Ambient tracks. [Cold Spring]

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND & JUNKO -- "Sans Palatine Uvula" -- CD -- €10
2013 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0513/003, (ltd. 500)
Sans Palatine Uvula showcases the amalgamation of 2 pioneering artists of their respective genres: Power Electronics and Japanoise, both whom have made their presence significantly felt (through sight and sound) ever since the early 1980s in England and Japan. Sutcliffe Jugend and Junko (from ????/HIJOKAIDAN) are renowned artists in their own right, having been uniquely defined in the experimental noise scene as innovators of sound through their personal style of artistic expression that involves the churning of audio mayhem through guitars, electronics and vocals... This album sees Sutcliffe Jugend taking a step beyond as they push the envelope of sound progression to greater heights. Junko‘s piercing screams and squeals serve as a canvas for Sutcliffe Jugend to work on and develop it further in their own innovative style. The results demonstrate a very unique reconstruction of the shriek queen’s original vocal outbursts, which see them being reworked and reinvented separately through manipulative treatments of cut-ups, distortions, samplings and introduction of other sonic elements... This collaborative work between these two unique and respected artists of different genres from East and West encloses the listener with sonic chaos through its ten varied tracks. For some, it may seem like a difficult album to digest at the first listen. However, the tensions that have been separately produced from the harsh elements of voice and sound eventually subside as they resonate with each other, bringing forth a balanced unity of yin and yang. Best Played Loud! [press-release]

T_ERROR 404 -- "Buddha 2.0" -- 2 CS -- €17
2017 &#8734, &#002, (ltd. 18)
Megacity is still vibrating with neon signs and carstreams, that turned the streets into a glowing web by headlights, while you're connecting to the Net. Night here is always bright. But among all this, far from the noisy streets there are temples and sanctuaries, hidden in the virtual subspaces and modified brains, on flash drives and cloud storages, outside of time and physical territories. Cybermonks are uncovering new boundaries of fractal areas here, practicing and working out their karmas in an accelerated mode. Knowledge is flowing through the neon skies. Forms are changing, consciousness is tuning to a feedback channels, encoded in rhythmic patterns. And, disconnecting from the network once again, you're feeling a whiff of incense... Set of 2 blue cassettes wrapped in hand-dyed fabric. [label info]

TERRA TERATOS -- "Meditations about secret of my Dark destiny. Part 2" -- CD -- €6
2010 Electrica Caelestis, ELECTRICA 001, (ltd. 500)
Electrica Caelestis presents the third album of a Voronezh based one-(wo)man project Terra Teratos – the trilogy’s final part “Meditations about secret of my Dark Destiny”. Symphonic art of the strings, keyboard passages, unhurried percussions plunge you into oppressive ambience of dark dungeons, breathe out coldness of a spellbound forest, hand down shadowy echoes of the dark mass in honor of forgotten Gods. “Meditations about secret of my Dark Destiny. Pt.2” is post-black ambient at its best. Epic, sombre, bewitching… [press-release]

VOMIR -- "Recouvre La Merde (En Trois Mouvements)" -- CD -- €10
2014 4iB Records, 4iB CD/0714/008, (ltd. 250)
“Recouvre la merde” or to loosely translate, “Cover the Shit” embodies the dark and sick humour of French ‘troubadour’ of Harsh Noise Wall, VOMIR. In this 3-parter, Romain Perrot unleashes a no-nonsensical torrent of unyielding wall-of-noise-harshness through 3 brain-convulsing tracks delivered in one long continuous movement. Guttural avalanche of sonic boom deluges upon the listener as the 3 long textural pieces of unpleasant roar harangue the listener into psychotic submission. The grinding movement of each abysmal track succumbs the listener into a state of sonic claustrophobia through its absolutely unique monolithic tonal amplification, all streaming seamlessly as one complete orchestral symphony... Other than copious abuse of the aural senses, the album is also visually disturbing due to the vivid reference to coprophagia. This is attributed to the creative design work of imagenumérique’s™ Felix Rosier’s innovative art direction combining photography and installation art, and a crazed mind... “Recouvre la merde” completes the entire Perrot experience by staying true to Romain’s consistent classification of the term ‘ultra shit folk’. This album clearly asserts Perrot’s psychological position about the sad state of the world we live in, reinforcing his statement (in more ways than one): “We all eat shit everyday, women more than men. The shit is everywhere. Now it’s time to overlay all this shit, and noise is one way to do it”! Listen Loud! [label info]

VRIL -- "The Observer" -- CD -- €10
2007 Skull Noise Records / Electronics In Koenji
Spanish act Vril, headed by Paco Rodriguez, makes a lot of deep experimental electronics based Noise with a bitter blend of industrialism and ambient. A great album full of high frequencies sustained on a solid floor of harsh bass. "From everything pure until the most gross form of substance, everything is in vibration". 7 audio documents and an hour of truly analogue high voltage noise. Adorned with amazing artwork by Alonso Urbanos. [Cold Spring]

WIESE, KLAUS -- "Baraka" -- CD -- €10
1981/2007 Nextera, ERA 2042-2
Originally released in the early 80's on cassette only, this timeless and legendary album is finally available on CD! Re-mastered and re-edited by Klaus Wiese himself, this masterpiece rediscovers one of the finest moments in Wiese's discography and his entire music career. Enjoy a musical adventure with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tambura, Zither, Ney Flute, voices, bells and field recordings. [label info]

WIESE, KLAUS -- "Perfume" -- CD -- €10
2006 Nextera, ERA 102-2, (ltd. 1019)
These 12 brand new colorful electro-acoustic recordings were written, recorded and produced by Klaus Wiese playing keyboards, Tibetan singing bowls, chello, tabla and using natural sounds of wind and ocean. The perfect introduction for those who haven't yet discovered the beauty of the ambient music. Composed, performed and produced by Klaus Wiese in winter 2005. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Cenotaphe" -- C-60 -- €7
1991 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.009
A compilation of European experimental electronics from 1991. De Fabriek, Laurent Pernice, La Sonorité Jaune, Muslimgauze, Pacific 231, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Esruk, Brume. Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes, with original artwork in thick PVC-wallets with inserts.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Le Pacte" -- C-60 -- €7
1985 Europa, EURO 003
Controlled Bleeding, Tools You Can Trust, Non Toxique Lost, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Tox Movement, Vox Populi!, Ankh, Club Moral, Le Rituel, Elcarna, La Nomenklatur, Le Syndicat, A.I.Z. Later unlimited reissue made by Les Nouvelles Propagandes. Packaged in a plastic VHS case with wrap-around cover and an eight-page booklet.

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