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Dear friends!

We gladly present the new work by the St. Petersburg-based glitch / noise / techno project Porch Nap, a collaboration release by Fulldozer Records and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division. After a long period of silence this project finally comes back to the scene with the new material, part of which was recorded in cooperation with several more or less known experimental musicians. All info is just below.

Our mailorder update features new releases of Russian underground labels Post-Materialization Music, Intonema, Status Prod., Paper Moon Republic, as well as releases by the French label Les Nouvelles Propagandes and Japanese SSSM.

Like always, you can order by email - mm(AT)radionoise.ru. Don't forget, we still have the amazing winter 50% sale, and you can still buy a lot of items from our catalogue for half-price!

Fresh podcast made of new arrivals is available here:

Have a nice end of the week,

I. New release

Porch Nap - Antidot (Selected Works 2007-2017)

Porch Nap - Antidot (special edition)

Porch Nap
"Antidot (Selected Works 2007-2017)"

CD (ltd. 175)
CD + 3"CD-R + CS BOX (ltd. 35)

1. Antidot (feat. Fedor Svolotch)
2. Verisimilitude Recurrencies (feat. Kryptogen Rundfunk)
3. E nego Rework
4. Freq Out (feat. PBK)
5. Anti-Social Ultra-Pop Pt. 1
6. Non-Linear Bass Metronome
7. Signal
8. Cliffhanger (feat. Brompton's Cocktail)
9. Granular Liminal Beat (feat. Alexei Borisov)
10. Intelligent Noise Monday (Alexander Zaitsev Live Remix)

total length: 79:09
release date: January 26, 2018
price: €10
special edition: €20

"Antidot (Selected Works 2007-2017)" @ bandcamp

Porch Nap: bandcamp

During the last ten years this moderately active figure of the St. Petersburg underground has been engaged in acoustic research, almost invisible for most people but passionate in its cosmologic nature. The result of these experiments turned into a fusion of seemingly incompatible genres of modern music – techno and improvised noise. However in the interpretation of Porch Nap this paradoxical combination sounds quite natural.

The album features selected tracks of Porch Nap dated 2007-2017, most of which were reworked in recent years. For five compositions additional parts were recorded by honored figures of the Russian experimental scene: Fedor Svolotch, Alexei Borisov, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Brompton's Cocktail, as well as by the famous American noise musician Phillip Klingler aka PBK. And the final track "Intelligent Noise Monday" was remixed live by Alexander Zaitsev, known as a member of the band EU (Ёлочные Игрушки).

Porch Nap's creative method is rooted in deep minimalism and almost complete disregard of musical setup in its traditional meaning. The basis of almost all compositions is built on live recordings of an analogue feedback generator transformed by the author’s algorithms of digital processing. Peculiar frequency combinations and extreme binaural effects obtained in a random manner during improvisations will arouse interest of the most inquisitive music lovers. Recommended to listen in headphones. Not recommended to listen before sleep.

The edition is released in 2 versions. Standard edition includes CD in digisleeve with two cards. Limited to 175 copies. Special edition includes CD in digisleeve with two cards, bonus mini-CD-R in cardboard sleeve with an alternative version of the title track Porch Nap feat Fedor Svolotch "Antidot" and two additional compositions, Porch Nap ""Ordo Ordinans" audio-tape (reissue of the 2001 album), all packed in white rag bag with silk-screen printing. Limited to 35 copies.

This is a co-release by Fulldozer Records and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division.

II. Forthcoming events

26.01.2018 - Presentation of the album "Antidot"
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

31.01.2018 - Night of Greek electronic music
Moscow, DOM. More info...

03.02.2018 - Penthesteria
Moscow, SHAGI. More info...

17.02.2018 - Losar - Drone gathering
St. Petersburg, Silent Tea. More info...

Moscow, Vermel. More info...

25.02.2018 - Presentation of the book "Viva Italia"
Moscow, Chinese Pilot Jao Da. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Abisyeikah -- "Observation About Air" -- CD -- €10
2013 [...]dotsmark, ooo-28
Noise / Experimental. Lo-fi / nonsense and bad taste and deep thinking living together performance, too matched progressive style and thorough underground & home-made terrorism. Acoustically many blind and enthusiastic "Noise" as a foreign object unit and Abisyeikah who got praise. This work will be their first press CD / regular circulation work as their 4th original album. When are you not paying attention to them now and when are you paying attention? It is!... Formed in 2004. Gunma ~ Gyoda ~ Koenji ~ Roppongi ~ Shibuya hiding in, consistently live and releasing repeatedly. Since its debut, "Gore Grind" and "Noise Grind" are proclaimed, and the creative activities such as Extreme Music ~ Noise ~ Performance Art are repeated repeatedly unexpectedly expanding interpretation or misunderstanding of that keyword... He repeatedly appeared in the real underground event of the land he had called and so far from Japan Punk / Rock's great master such as Tsunematsu Masatoshi, OH MY COW !, Kill (KILL) Shunji Mikawa + HIKO, Dave Phillips, Francisco Meirino , Yousuke Fuyama and other gachinko noises / electronic acoustic forces. In addition, in collaboration with a certain artist who went with a refrigerator man, Kawasaki CHITTA, both Moriyama Mirai and Genre / Industry / Career / Overground or Underground, Opportunities for co-starring with any scene, country artist and borderless I am blessed with each other, and I am going to meet each other... In 2012 he released 3 way remix album with JESUS​OF NAZARETH and KUSARI GAMA KILL from the label "GRINDCORE KARAOKE" presided over by AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBREED member of USA J.Randall in USA... In 2013, the live video is highly appreciated by the UK beatbox champion "Beardyman" and gets international attention. [label info]

Bain Wolfkind -- "Music For Lovers & Gangsters" -- CD -- €10
2005 Hau Ruck!, HR!76, (ltd. 1000)
Noir Blues / Rock. Music For Loves and Gangsters is steeped in noir-Americana, dripping in sleaze inhabited by low-lifers, pimps, whores, mobmen and killers. Wolfkind's sand and sawdust vocal recalls Tom Waits, while the music touches upon the aforementioned along with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Leather Nun and The Gun Club. It conjures up visions of dark alleyways, nightime streets populated with hazy neon bar room signs and strip joints. A late night sex-killing can be found on 'Burlesque' cloaked in an edgey noir soundtrack. Wolfkind's takes his cues from the seedy underbelly characterised by American pulp crime novels. Like in the books of James Ellroy redemption isn't something that you are going to find here but as a soundtrack to American crime novels this works particularly well. Music For Lovers and Gangsters where hate calls the shots. [label info]

Bain Wolfkind -- "The Swamp Angel" -- CD -- €10
2008 Hau Ruck!, HR!92
Noir Blues / Rock. The Australian songwriter and DER BLUTHARSCH member returns with an album, featuring 15 reverb drenched tales of love, loss, betrayal and revenge. The album is guitar driven and features a Motley Crew of guest musicians spanning a sound from Johnny Thunders style ballads and rocking numbers to downtempo psychedelic torch songs. [label info]

Bain Wolfkind -- "Wasteland" -- CD EP -- €7
2007 Hau Ruck!, HR!86
Noir Blues / Rock. This release finds Bain Wolfkind treading a similar path to previous releases only this time much darker, autobiographical, tragic and southern than ever before! Purely a solo 'back to basics' release, guitar, organ, tambourine, maracas, voice and nothin' much else. Think Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Young, Hank Williams and Michael Gira in a Mexican flophouse with a cheap guitar, a case of tequila and a tape machine. [label info]

Belorukov, Ilia / Miguel A. Garcia / Jason Kahn / Frantz Loriot -- "Invanskrue" -- CD -- €10
2017 Intonema, int025, (ltd. 200)
Improv / Electroacoustic / Minimal. In December 2016, Ilia Belorukov and Miguel A. García were on tour in France and Switzerland, with Zurich as the final point of their trip. Jason Kahn and Frantz Loriot, who live in Zurich, accepted the invitation to participate in the studio session with visiting musicians. This spontaneous meeting was saved in Invanskrue, Intonema's 25th release. The quartet explores the connections between electronic and acoustic sources of sound, getting to the territory of free improvisation, electroacoustics and microtonal play on the instruments. [label info]

blackhumour -- "Selected Pieces" -- CD -- €10
2014 noise-below, (ltd. 300)
Probably one of the more curious careers in music: blackhumour, who spells it without capitals, like any thing he writes really. so we humour him with this review without capitals. curious career, since in the late 80s he was active on the cassette scene, released a lp even, and then seemed to have disappeared and releases have become more sparse since then. what i enjoyed back then about the music of blackhumour was the consistent use of only voice material, which he cut into loops and layered them together, very much like steve reich did with his 'come out' and 'it's gonna rain'; in later he work blackhumour cut phrases out of conversations and moved them around, creating new contexts. that work appealed less to me, i must admit. the six selected pieces here are from the period 1996 to 2002 and hold the middle ground between those 'heavy' drone like pieces from the early years and the cut 'n paste pieces of later. repetition plays a big role here, and most of the time it seems like not much is changing here - except for 'arbitrary', which seem to contain glitches from the digital audio tape it was once recorded on (unless this is a dirty cd), which add something to the voice material. Otherwise these pieces are as minimal as you can get, and it's the blackhumour i like very much. it has that fine hypnotic sound, with enough information to concentrate on one thing for a while and then something else. 'le mot juste' is the piece in which things change around into something entirely different. 'revision' adds in density over the course of seventeen minutes before changing over, in order to grow again, which is pretty much a standard blackhumour compositional technique. this is a most wonderful release. it should have fitted on monochrome vision (blackhumour has a strong black and white aesthetic too), but on noise-below is equally in the right place. if you have no idea who blackhumour is or what he does and if 80s unsung cassette heroes is your 'thing', then this cd is the best place to start. my pick of the week. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

Cawatana -- "Struggle For Wisdom" -- CD -- €10
2003 Eis Und Licht, Eis031
Neofolk from Hungary. Digipak with 4-page lyrics booklet.

Cent Ans De Solitude & Flint Glass -- "Sprengbagger 1010" -- CD -- €10
2017 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.027
Industrial / Soundtrack. Germany, 1929 – After developing the plans for a huge excavator for his coal mining company, the engineer Karl Hartmann yearns for the fresh air far from his smog-filled industrial world. He returns to the village of his childhood going back to his roots in the countryside, participating in rural life, working in his grand-mother’s mill and enjoying his free time with Camilla, the pretty girl from the nearby castle. However, his assistant, Olga Lossen, discovering the plans for his machine and recognising their importance, asks the board of directors to bring Hartmann back in order to build it... The engineer is torn apart by the two women and the two conflicting ways of life. At the very moment he has to make a choice, he discovers that the village was built on a giant coal mine. This revelation seals the fate of the whole community. The giant machine, like an apocalyptic creature begins its deadly task, swallowing up the very ground, destroying the natural environment and the castle, tearing people away from their collapsing homes and bringing death and ruin into the midst of what ought to have been an Eden... Cent Ans de Solitude and Flint Glass offer a musical interpretation of the conflicts arising throughout the movie. The live performance consists of a mixture of their own unique approach to sounds, made up of electronic layers and including acoustic elements deriving from objects being transformed from their original functions, such as scratching metal, hitting stone or bending springs. These sounds mimic the devastating effects of the monstrous machine and the industrial world it comes from. This cinema concert immerses the viewer into a dense musical environment, backed by the melodic electronic lines which echo the cold and brutal sounds of metal. [press-release]

Cisfinitum -- "O vs 0" -- CD -- €10
1999/2014 Old Captain, OCCD07, (ltd. 250)
The debut album by charismatic Eugeny Voronovsky and his enigmatic project Cisfinitum “0 vs 0” is re-released in a CD format after 15 years of its cryptic lurking in the dark. True minimal post industrial analogue sound. The first album recorded by Cisfinitum circa 1998 is a unique archival work from internationally renowned underground dark ambient composer from Russia. The lunatic and lo-fi album with a distinct industrial aftertaste. It is kept unremastered and its pristine condition hints at obvious hisses, noises, clicks, abrupt frequency amplifications and sporadic channel drops. Approach the record with caution, play it not loud to reveal its morbid charm which is extreme simplicity that hurts. For the lovers of Archon Satani and No Festival of Light. The CD comes in limited Digisleeve edition of 250 copies. [press-release]

Fujinami, Yasuhito -- "Lotus" -- CD -- €10
2017 SSSM, sssm-120
Ambient / Noise / Experimental. Another fine release from Japanese label SSSM that fits right in line with their style of idiosyncratic noise and experimental albums. Layers of heart-ache synth, vocal samples and abstract sound collage come together into something with a sentimental, dream-like quality, often harsh but always rewarding. [Keenan Johnston, bandcamp] A bold sampling collage and painful synth melody from Japan. Industrial and Harsh Noise in style, the sound composition comes with an apocalyptic world view. The sense of darkness... blackness... melancholy felt here is outstanding. It builds into ambient noise which finally flows from grief to love. Gatefold digisleeve. [Cold Spring]

Gate To Void -- "Black Empty Void II" -- CD-R -- €11
2017 Auditive Abstraction, AA0001, (ltd. 111)
Dark Ambient. "Once you have endured the Horrors revealed through the flesh sphere, there's still a long way to go in order to overpass the veil to a higher consciousness, and thus see/experience the light which emanate from Darkness. Black Empty Void part II is the sonorous expression of this journey. The Sinister path which each being have to cross in solitude." [label info]

Gorovoy, Prokhor & Arseny Litvin -- "Zima" -- CD-R -- €6
2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_14, (ltd. 26)
Noise / Experimental. Mail collaboration of two Russian musicians from Sratov and Novosibirsk. 50-minute noise suite inspired by the poetry of Aleksei Kruchenykh. This canvas is full of details, it will lead you through the winter of futuristic dimensions: from barely heard to loud and widescale. We recommend listening in headphones on full volume. And hibernate. CD-R with printed surface, packed in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

Lash, Dominic & Seth Cooke -- "Egregore" -- CD -- €10
2017 Intonema, int024, (ltd. 200)
Improv / Electroacoustic / Minimal. Intonema presents Egregore, the third album by this English duo, in which Dominic Lash replaces the contrabass with rarely played electronics, and Seth Cooke continues to work with cymbals and microphones. Moving from process-based improvisation to process-based composition, they develop long-drawn textures, spreading and assembling in a natural way into a common sound system. Egregore? Solve it yourself! [label info]

Lemna -- "Stray Lights" -- CD -- €10
2017 Status Prod., SP 05CD, (ltd. 200)
Black Ambient / Industrial. Since the immemorial times , belated travelers, between dark trees and snags, see the lights far off . It seems, the flame of fires or light of the human dwelling will give heat and food to the tired traveler, but the closer the fires became, the heavier gets the way , the bog tightens more and more deeply. And now, on the surface of the swamp not even a trace left, just quietly swaying duckweed, and devilish sparks, as if the flames of a myriad of candles, twinkle in total darkness... STATUS Prod. presents a debut album "Stray Lights" of the Voronezh dark ambient/black industrial project LEMNA. Drawling guitar riffs, the disturbing, howling, humming sounds of a deaf thicket and the swamp forest, which were skillfully mixed in a uniform sound line by the leader of the project - Kha Vesh, transfer the pressing atmosphere of hopelessness, inevitability, helplessness in a minute when water close up over the head... For achievement of authenticity of sounding, guitar record and mixing of the album were made directly in the wood. The album is released by 200, hand-numbered, copies, each copy contains the package of a dried duckweed, which, having placed in water which, in a combination with audio, everyone can reach an effect of "full immersion". [press-release]

Litvin, Arseny -- "Litarsgen-Reverberoidnaya Kislota" -- CD-R -- €6
2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_12, (ltd. 18)
Noise / Drone / Experimental. Small portion of audio drugs from the label boss. Sepia schizophrenia inside a boarded up wooden house. Unbearable reverberation of the universe in just one dose. One pill will make you primitive, another one will turn you in an old shabby tile. And from there it's not far to a theoretically infinite zen effect. CD-R with printed surface, packed in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

Litvin, Arseny & Tsyganskaya Grust' -- "Zangezi" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_10, (ltd. 11)
Noise / Experimental. Home-made semi-improvised noise set on the verses of Velimir Khlebnikov. Recorded from the third take on March 4, 2016 at Arseny's home. Mini-CD-R with printed surface, packed in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

Llovespell -- "Symmetric Poetry" -- CD -- €10
2004 Sonderübertragung!, Sü05, (ltd. 500)
Electronics. llovespell is the project of Stephan S. and Mandie K., founded after the split of Radio Eichenlaub in the year 2002. They create outstanding productions of sometimes bizarre electronica, with song-like structures from the postmodern era containing elements of krautrock and early 80s new wave and industrial electronica; a cold narrative female (and or sometimes male) voice surrounded by whirling electronic movements and weird sounds dominated by straight but sometimes colliding or collapsing rhythms, flanked by floating melodies that lounge around in every day’s melancholia, placed in a timeless otherworldly almost fairytale-like dreamy aural context. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Zheleznye Skazki #3" -- CD-R -- €6
2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_13, (ltd. 33)
Noise / Industrial / Experimental. We present you the third installment of the "Iron Tales" (two previous parts were released by Ostroga and Frozen Light). We suggest you become extraterrestrial archaeologists and immerse yourselves in studying the remains of the extinct civilization of the planet Shelezyaka. History, ancient tales, religious texts - all drowned in dust and rust of the dead world. Echoes of old stories are now woven in a bizarre anachronistic pattern. Still try to unravel it. CD-R with printed surface, packed in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

Minamata -- "Fukushima" -- CD -- €10
2017 Force Majeure, Force 011, (ltd. 500)
Industrial / Soundscape. This album by the industrial French project was inspired by the disaster at Fukushima nuclear plant initiated primarily by the tsunami following the Tōhoku earthquake on 11 March 2011. The Fukushima disaster was the most significant nuclear incident since the Chernobyl event on April 26, 1986... Huge waves of dense sound rise and fall, creating a symphonic feeling for this industrial soundtrack filled with shredded voices, pounding beats and screeching loops. Four lengthy tracks clocking in 48 minutes. Limited edition of 500 copies in 6-panel digifile.

N.K.R.T. -- "Lectio Tenebrarvm" -- CD -- €10
2017 Mantra Spenta, SACRAMENT IV, (ltd. 300)
Ritual Ambient / Dark Ambient. Founded upon eastern and western mystic traditions, NKRT translate symbols into sounds and perform music as a ritual action. Chants and proclamations, bone and wooden instruments, bewitching rhythms and haunting bells. Procession from the darkness and into the darkness. The album was recorded in Sancta Crucis capella. A5 digipack. [label info]

Noiseconcrete x 3CHI5 -- "Transit of Thought" -- CD -- €10
2017 SSSM, sssm-119
Trip-Hop / Noise / Experimental. Second collaborative release from these two Japanese acts. They develop the electronic sound, which is eroded from the outside, with a poetic, lyrical sense. It was put together centering on song structures. The vocals that gradually soak into the Harsh industrial / noise / trip hop-like sensibility come from the heart. Gatefold digisleeve. [Cold Spring]

ORD -- "Live Fire Meditation" -- CD + DVD BOX -- €22
2017 Status Prod., SP 06 CD 01 DVD, (ltd. 200)
Ritual Ambient / Drone. The Fire purifies... Our wise ancestors considered fire sacred and worshipped it, endowed with magical properties. The fire was believed capable of protecting from any negative influences. The flame of the candle helps to purify the soul and aura, to practice meditation, to enter into a higher spiritual sphere and to be heard by the Universe. Fire is the most powerful, beneficial and mysterious force of nature that bestows health and prosperity... STATUS Prod. presents "Live Fire Meditation" from Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD. Fire meditation is a contemplative practice. Flame of handmade candles in combination with audio next,etched on CD, allows you to focus on your internal state, to reveal internal reserves. At the same time, a DVD with video of the fire ritual is a full replacement for live fire. Herbal tea will contribute to a soft exit from meditation, warmth and peace, saturated with aroma and taste of herbs picked by hand... Fire ritual was held Ord Err & Darina Voinova 09.06.2017 on the 16th day of the lunar cycle, full moon. Fire meditation was held by Ord Err 18.06.2017 n cultural center “Shangrila” Voronezh,Russia. "Live Fire Meditation" was released edition of just 200 hand-numbered copies. [press-release]

Tea Man Is Tea Bastard -- "Yulia Loves Joe" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
Tea Man With Tea Gum + Joe Lombardo + Yulia Nova.

Theodor Bastard -- "Utopia" -- CD -- €11
2017 Theo Records, THEO006, (ltd. 500)
Ethereal / Ambient / Soundtrack. Theo Records presents the long-awaited soundtrack for the game Pathologic 2. Actually it is a full special album that reminds the early works of Theodor Bastard band. It is dedicated to the mystery of the childhood, to the childhood as the temple of forever young soul. The spirit of the album is very close to the atmosphere of the game - a dark adventure in the bizarre world somewhere in a parallel Universe. Both the music and the game tell about the other, not material side of the existence. Collector's edition: 4-panel digipak, deluxe slipcase, 8-page booklet. Limited edition of 500 copies. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Atmen Oszillationen" -- CD-R -- €7
2011/2017 Valgriind, Glasir CD-R Seies 03, (ltd. 44)
Digital reissue of the album previously released on tape in 2011 by YAOP. The original press-release: "Electroacoustic psychedelic canvas created from processed recordings of heart and lungs auscultations. New full-length album of YAO 91404 D, almost 1 hour of sound. Vague retrograde sound ranging from Droning Noise Ambient to Old-School Industrial, physiological concretics and industrial shamanism." Thick paper sleeve, each copy contains three x-rays with hand-drawn runes.


Black Vomit -- "Tape Promo" -- CS -- €5
2017 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 50)
Free Jazz / Noise. Russian band featuring members of Monopolka, Post-Materialists and Ankylym. Insane free-jazz brought to the state of raw bru(i)talism. Recycled tapes and A4 inserts.

Bookwar -- "Bulavka (Pin) - Remixes" -- C-60 -- €5
2014 Bookwar Records, book04 / Attenuation Circuit, ACP 1041, (ltd. 70)
East meets west as European and North American artists remix several versions of the punk/lo-fi synth-pop song “Pin” by Russian artist Bookwar. Both the originals and the remixes travel through all sorts of weirdness based both on odd humour and experimental sounds... This is a fine example of how pop and really far-out experimental stuff can go together. In addition to the six versions supplied by Bookwar and his fellow musicians, there are wildly diverse remixes by EMERGE, Gerald Fiebig, Der 2te Freund, Iritu, Zeitwind, mutanT.R.I., Niku Senpuki, elektrojudas, Red DrugOn, Tamayukarurage, HumanHate666, and Doug van Nort. [label info]

Club Sound Witches -- "Revolutionary Spray" -- C-40 -- €6
2014 LF Records, lf039, (ltd. 70)
Minimal Techno / Lo-Fi. Wowzers! 24th century technoid jams from Brisbane, Australia duo Club Sound Witches. Guys came to our intention through several bewildering CDR's on the very fine Breakdance The Dawn label, gotta say I was instantly hooked to their otherworld vibes. ‘Revolutionary Spray’ is two sides of crude but clever electronic pulse and patter with minimal keyboard lines and whispered wraith-vox summoning’s. Deep funk inside the void with a queasy-rhythm dream soundtrack. This is an instant antidote to much of the machismo ‘noise-techno’ doing the rounds nowadays, will leave you nodding your head and shuffling your feet with none of the associated brain damage of the genre. [Electric Knife Records]

Electro-Haram -- "Electro-Boco" -- C-60 -- €6
2017 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 40)
Lo-Fi / Field Recordings / Tape Manipulations. Hasteless lo-fi tape collages with crazy samples and inclination towards Middle Eastern radio broadcasts. A5 sleeve with an A4 silk-screened poster printed on black paper, and a couple of inserts.

La Nomenklatur -- "Autoportrait" -- C-60 -- €7
1990 La Legende Des Voix, LDV 00A
Industrial. Self audio-portrait by TIBURCE / LA NOMENKLATUR with selected tracks and texts in French. Comes in a nice audio box with a beautiful photo-cover and insert. Second edition. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Minamata -- "Niigata 1964-1965" -- C-40 -- €7
1986 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.002
Industrial / Noise. 3rd album of MINAMATA. Second edition in a small white video box with inserts.

Regard Extreme -- "Aux Morts" -- C-40 -- €7
1993 Perspectives, PERS 01
Neoclassical. First album of this French project. Reissue of the original tape, coming in small vinyl case with inserts.

Rombix -- "Land of the Moscow" -- 5 CS BOX -- €30
2008 self-released, (ltd. 80)
Long sold out hand-made wooden box contains 5 cassettes with offset printed j-cards. Released in 2008 in edition of 80 copies. Hand-numbered and still sealed. Russian electronic / experimental / tape-loops weird stuff! [Post-Materialization Music]

Smegma -- "s/t" -- CS -- €6
2017 Post-Materialization Music
Electronic / Experimental / Free-Jazz. Since the mid-70s Smegma has been stirring up the minds and ears with their uncompromising dilettante (which really works). Formed inside the art group "Los Angeles Free Music Society", using the early techniques of The Residents, Smegma however clearly follows its own path. Absolute freedom, variety of instruments and "no member of the group is a musician" - all this leads to unexpected and more than interesting results. In Russia Smegma's album is released for the first time with the support of Post-Materialization Music. Silk-screened cover + riso insert. [label info]

Sonntag -- "Le Tambour" -- C-40 -- €7
1987 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.005
Industrial / Electro. Solo project of ex-Minamata member Marie Cardenne, with the help of Tiburce (La Nomenklatur).

Sun City Girls -- "Pelican 92" -- CS -- €6
1992/2017 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 100)
We all waited for this! Sun City Girls classic Pelican'92 available again on cassette and as digital download! 100% official Russian release! You should get it now! [label info]

Flea market

Gae Bolg And The Church Of Fand - Live In Ehrenstein - CD - VG/VG+ - 2006 - Le Cluricaun - cl003 - Ltd. 500 - €5.80

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

IV. Back in stock

Babil -- "Coucou, Bazar Ou Les Malheurs Du Buffet A 3 Pattes" -- C-45 -- €7
1994 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.019
BABIL = BRUME + SYLLYK. Very good minimalist experimental electroacoustic music with female voices, between BRUME and D.D.A.A. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Bad Sector -- "Plasma" -- CD -- €10
1998 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 011, 2nd edition
If "Ampos" is the "plastic" masterpiece by Bad Sector this is the "surgerical" masterpice by the Italian industrial master! great conceptual work! sound sources: Magnetosphere, Vostok + Salyut + Soyuz original recordings, Pulsar, High Voltage, Neon... all this sounds are building a unique powerful & pulsing sound sculpture, a great mind experience! The cover presents a series of interesting "electricity / energy" photos! Second print with a new full color re-worked cover! [press-release]

Brume -- "Autoportrait" -- C-60 -- €7
1991 La Legende Des Voix, LDV 00B
Second release in La Légende Des Voix's autoportrait series. Each copy is numbered, signed, and dated. Housed in a vinyl case.

Cisfinitum -- "Industriewerke 2002-2012" -- CD -- €10
2013 Old Captain, OCCD09, (ltd. 200)
Cisfinitum’s industrial works, compiled for the 1st time on one album, cover a period of 10 years and range from death industrial tracks to rhythmic electronica to analogue and modular synths to Bad Sectoresque ambiences with an unmistakable original touch of the talented Russian musician. Including the rare compositions from 7” Drone series as well as hard-to-find compilations by Der Angriff, Cold Lands, and Fear Drop and one exclusive track. Edition of 200 copies in matte laminated 4 panel b/w Digipak with original demotivating pictures by Paperdaemon, a famous Russian web-artist. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Ultramarine" -- CD -- €10
2016 SSSM, sssm-118
Brand new album from Japan's Contagious Orgasm. A very unique sound with strange landscapes in numerous and different musical styles. But because of the countless noise, electronica, classical and experimental sounds to dark ambient it is so much more than that. Great twists of sound and colour, a wonderful scene description on each track, a true tour through the electronic sound space. Gatefold digisleeve. [Cold Spring]

Desiderii Marginis -- "The Ever Green Tree" -- CD -- €13
2007 Kaosthetik Konspiration, KSTK 005, (ltd. 1000)
In the pure vein of his previous realization, Dark ambiant industrial with very personal feelings and innovations. "The Ever Green Tree" is a concept album based on eternal youth, eternal values, fame and immortality. 'The deepest definition of youth is life as yet untouched by tragedy.' - A.N.Whitehead (1861 - 1947). Comes in a textured digifile, first eddition limited to 1000 copies. [label info]

Halo Manash -- "Taiwaskivi" -- CD -- €12
2009 Aural Hypnox, [AH12], (ltd. 500)
Ritual Ambient / Drone. As winter hibernation and spring awakening gives way to summer, Halo Manash rises radiant into luminosity, with wings spread into all worlds, and brings forth Taiwaskivi, an opulent work of solar ambience and primordial Ur-music... Taiwaskivi, a work of sonic flame and aural ash, consists of seven interrelated tracks, utilizing such diverse instrumentation as organ, horns, vocals, drums, gongs, percussions and various string instruments as well as field-recordings captured during the pilgrimage that the creation of the work embodies... An air of finality abounds, as Taiwaskivi, although a complete work in itself, can also be viewed as the third and final facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation - a treelogy, with seed, root, trunk and finally, branches. Being the culmination of an ascending journey through the aforementioned realms within and without, Taiwaskivi is the celestial crown at the peak, reaching toward Sol, source and beyond; it is the leaves and fruit of the branches and their skybound nectar ever-flowing - the sacred fire, the consummation and conjunction of All... Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet with inserts. [press-release]

Hildebrand, Gustaf -- "Primordial Resonance" -- CD -- €10
2005 Cyclic Law, 15th Cycle
Dark Ambient. Gustaf's second full lenght is a unique, evolved experience offering you to embark upon an odyssey through ancient and lifeless surroundings. Sweeping ambient soundscapes and delicate textures mingle with the distant shrieks of surreal machinery - conjuring up images of abandoned and forgotten places, clouded skies and dead cities where time has been standing still. A captured moment from a strange no man's land lit by a perpetual gloom, Primordial Resonance is a voyage only limited by the imagination of the listener. [press release]

La Nomenklatur / Stigma Pronuclei -- "1986-1988 / Dervishes Of The Disgust" -- C-60 -- €7
1992 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.011
La Nomenklatur "1986-1988" is a follow-up to the "Un Recueil De La Nomenklatur" CD. It collects unedited & compilation tracks. The second side brings you some exclusive material of the french band Stigma Pronuclei: rhythmic power electronics, between SLAVE STATE and MK U.L.T.R.A. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Light Collapse -- "Krasota?" -- 4 CD-R -- €7
2016 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 026, (ltd. 20)
Radionoise. We'll be short and neat to fit the minimalistic artwork of this edition. Four discs of radionoise from the Urals. More than 4.5 hours of radio interference of various mood. Is this beauty ("krasota" means "beauty" in Russian) or not - that's still a question. Although we've decided that for ourselves long time ago. Four white CD-Rs with painted bugs. The amount of bugs equals to the number of the disc. Packed in a DVD-box. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "ZX Sedative" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_4, (ltd. 30)
Noise / Abstract. Digital intelligence was born at the very moment when two first computers were connected in a proto-network. Civilization hidden from human eyes somewhere in the depth of world wide web, with its own cities and infrastructure. Human vices and virtues exaggerated and hyperbolized in these virtual souls. And the great Info-river with cities of databanks and anti-virus fortresses standing along. Take a sedative and prepare yourself for an unhurried travel to the core of Alting. CD-R with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

Litvin, Arseny-- "Tiksi" -- CD-R -- €10
2015 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_5 / Ostroga, OTR-075, (ltd. 30)
Drone / Noise / Experimental. Exactly 5 years ago, 19 January 2012, at the St. Petersburg label BioSonar ^ Lo-End was released this album with a circulation of 23 copies. And now we, together with the Ural label Ostroga, present its anniversary reissue. Each copy have is unique disign! We invite you again to take a trip on the polar town Tiksi, along with the mysterious and invisible extraterrestrial intelligence. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in A5 format envelopes, made on the basis of oily monotypes and photographs pasted scraps. [label info]

Maaaa & Galaxy The Incubator -- "Fury From Outer Space" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Triangle Records, [TR023], (ltd. 66)
Dreaming about nothing. Collaboration of two projects coming from Petrozavodsk, Russia, recorded on the night of May 18-19, 2007. Dense and pitch-dark wall of meditative drone-noise. "Fury From Outer Space" is a fixation of hidden reality, the parallel worlds. Thr truth is over here. Packed in 2 plates of radio-chips, fastened with screws, an insert with detailed description and polygraphy. [label info]

Maelstrom -- "Ecmnesia" -- C-40 -- €7
1991 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.012
Side project of Angustere and Julien Ash from LES NOUVELLES LECTURES COSMOPOLITES - dark cold experimental electronics, sometimes quiet and melodic, sometimes extreme and powerful. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Minamata -- "Residuels" -- C-40 -- €7
1987 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.007
The testament of MINAMATA, published a few months after the split of the band. This tape contains 8 tracks of extreme power electronics extracted from several compilations and unreleased material comes with inserts about the MINAMATA disease. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Bite A Horizon" -- C-90 -- €5
2013 YAOP, YAOP 064, (ltd. 13)
Continuation of psychedelic opus magnum of this underground Russian artist. The cassette is packen in vintage promotional materials of "Aeroflot" from 70-ies, each copy has unique peculiarities. [label info]

V/A -- "Cénotaphe" -- C-60 -- €7
1991 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.009
A compilation of European experimental electronics from 1991. De Fabriek, Laurent Pernice, La Sonorité Jaune, Muslimgauze, Pacific 231, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Esruk, Brume.

V/A -- "Le Pacte" -- C-60 -- €6
1985 Europa, EURO 003
Controlled Bleeding, Tools You Can Trust, Non Toxique Lost, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Tox Movement, Vox Populi!, Ankh, Club Moral, Le Rituel, Elcarna, La Nomenklatur, Le Syndicat, A.I.Z. Packaged in a plastic VHS case with wrap-around cover and an eight-page booklet.

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