Theodor Bastard - BossaNova_Trip

Theodor Bastard

CD (ltd. 300)

1. as_fee X
2. W.E. dma
3. Ter(DM) jzz
4. _094
5. [K]VA.drt
6. Bsnv_Trp
7. Se`~Ko/
8. Se`~Ko/2
9. h://
10. PU's_Tota (ver.1.0)
11. ^SX
12. All_g [Br@]
13. sCR+ipt - 65/2
14. Gy_h*
15. PU's_Tota (Vocal Version)

total length: 49:41
release date: September 29, 2018
price: €10

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"BossaNova_Trip" is the highlight of the early experimental period of Theodor Bastard. A non-vocal electronic album recorded by Fedor Svolotch (Alexander Starostin) in 2002 several years before the formation of the band’s key line-up. 14 original utterly minimalistic tracks of the album were on the cutting edge of the avant-garde trends of that time and are worth comparing to the best glitch releases of such labels as Mego, Raster-Noton and Sonig. Aimed at the most sophisticated music lovers, "BossaNova_Trip" has completely fulfilled the ambitions of Fedor Svolotch as a skillful master of sound design and had a strong influence on the unique sound of the later well-known albums of Theodor Bastard. It was on this recording that the track "PU's_Tota" originated in its initial electronic proto-version which, in highly modified form, became the band's first major hit two years later. This reissue features a bonus track – the vocal version of "PU's_Tota", originally released on the compilation that came along with the BulDozer#2 magazine. The melody and the lyrics sung by Yana Veva, which are now so familiar to the fans of Theodor Bastard, appeared in this version for the first time.

This is a co-release by Fulldozer Records and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division.

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