ZHELEZOBETON news - 31.01.2020
Dear friends!

We are pleased to present to you two new editions made with our participation. After a long hibernation our label Muzyka Voln is back in business! Together with the Moscow publishing house Frozen Light, we released a new album of drone-ambient project Exit In Grey and we strongly recommend to plunge into the abyss of its melancholic contemplative harmonies!

The second release is a joint venture between the Electrotapes Archive and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division, a new full-length work by the folk ambient project Mira Drevo, dedicated to many abandoned villages of the Russian North. Authentic field recordings, minimalistic electronics and soulful female vocals will tell you the tales of the impermanence of existence...

Over the past two months, our distro-catalog has been replenished with a considerable number of various editions – the new releases by the Russian labels Nazlo Records, MIC Label, BioSonar^Lo-End, NEN Records, Operator Produkzion, Intonema and projects Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Myortvye Hippy, etc., as well as the additions from our foreign colleagues from Opa Loka Records (DE), Volok Records / Red Engineering Production (UA), E-Klageto (DE), Cold Spring (UK), Lichterklang (DE) and many more.

If you appreciate the vinyl format, we recommend you to check out the vinyl section of our catalogue. We've just received many interesting 7"s + significantly reduced prices for many records!

Just in case, a reminder about the last month of our WINTER SALE! Until the end of February, you can still place an order for 10 (or more) positions marked with the sign [-50%] and purchase them at half price.

In the second half of February (more precisely, from February 16th to March 2nd) the mailorder will be on vacation, but as always, you can send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru, all of them will be processed upon return.

In the meantime, here is the January mix with the fresh stuff from our catalogue!

The complete archive of our mixes can be downloaded here: https://yadi.sk/d/Bs4Vf88v3TF4WT

All the best – and till next time,

I. New releases

Exit In Grey - Control Points

Exit In Grey
"Control Points"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Ferro
2. Lamontines
3. Pyramid

total length: 49:10
price: €10

"Control Points" @ bandcamp

Exit In Grey: website | soundcloud | vk

The new album by the Moscow region based drone ambient project Exit In Grey is released by joint forces of the labels Muzyka Voln and Frozen Light. It represents the completion of the symbolic trilogy started by “Shadows of Stillness” (2013, Muzyka Voln) and continued by “One Lumen from the Past” (2016, Frozen Light).

Exit In Grey stays true to his creative method: using an electric guitar, voice, effects, field recordings, radio waves & digital synthesizers he creates spatial sound canvases immersing the listener in gentle melancholic and contemplative atmospheres and dissolving his attention in endless fields of sonic vibrations.

The CD is released in an edition of 300 copies in 6-panel matte digisleeve, digital version is available at bandcamp.

Mira Drevo - Dreams of Abandoned Villages

Mira Drevo
"Dreams of Abandoned Villages"

CD (ltd. 100)

1. Dream 1: The Road
2. Dream 2: The Landmark
3. A Verse about Death
4. Dream 3: Beyond Winter
5. The Sun Shines on Everyone...
6. Dream 4: Ashes
7. Dream 5: To Those Who Go Away
8. Epilogue

total time: 58:55
price: €10

"Dreams of Abandoned Villages" @ bandcamp

Mira Drevo: bandcamp | soundcloud | vk | facebook

The second full-length album of the St. Petersburg folk ambient project Mira Drevo is dedicated to the numerous abandoned villages of the Russian North. The idea of this work came to the author during ethnographic trips inspired by the interest in Russian folklore and village culture.

In these expeditions many field recordings were collected: the stories of the elderly – about an uneasy life, war, beliefs and traditions, about what’s around and what’s inside; creaking floorboards of abandoned houses; dogs barking in the neighbourhood; rustling of spirits in the branches of dead apple trees; sounds of a cranberry swamp…

Additional recordings were made on Solovki, on the Vottovaara mountain and in the Karelian woods. Some of the acoustic instruments were captured during these trips on a portable recorder and later woven into the fabric of minimalistic synthesizer ambient. A significant contribution to the sound of this album was made by the soulful vocals of Anastasiya Kharchenko who sang several folk songs and lyric poems.

The album is released on a factory-pressed CD in an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies in matte-finished 4-panel digipaks, a tape version produced by the Electrotapes Archive label is also available. Digital version can be found on bandcamp.

II. Forthcoming events

01.02.2020 – Circles on the Water XIV
St. Petersburg, Hors. More info...

02.02.2020 – Mirror Symmetry
St. Petersburg, Motiv. More info...

07.02.2020 – Retarded Brutal Fest 6
St. Petersburg, Ionoteka. More info...

Moscow, DOM. More info...

22.02.2020 – Darkness Rises
St. Petersburg, Les Villa. More info...

St. Petersburg, Ionoteka. More info...

Moscow, Podval. More info...

13.03.2020 - Angst Me
Moscow, SHAGI. More info...

14.03.2020 - Angst Me
Moscow, SHAGI. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

>O< -- "Episola" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2020 self-released, (ltd. 5)
Bright iridescent Drone Ambient. Long morphing track / message lasting more than 20 minutes. Copy number and date are engraved on the box by hand. Cover and outer sleeve made from antique textile paper. The front cover is decorated with a vintage golden bas-relief. Outer sleeve has a vintage postage stamp attached. All information is written by hand with a calligraphic pen.

A² -- "Das Beste Aus Hagen" -- CD -- €10
2019 E-Klageto, Exklageto 21, (ltd. 400)
Minimal Wave / Analogue Synth. A² is the one-man project of Andreas Arndt from Germany whose background is the 80’s minimal synth scene just as much as the more experimental/noise/industrial scene. You can tell from his recordings, squeaking and whizzing synth sounds meet noises, monotonous rhythms and emotionless vocals. His demo cassettes have been put together on an LP on Genetic Music. His main project has always been the more industrial project IRIKARAH. [Genetic Music]

AD LUX TENEBRAE -- "Ouroboros" -- CD -- €10
2013 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-37 / Vegvisir music, (ltd. 170)
Ritual Ambient. Ad Lux Tenebrae, one of the most interesting phenomena in Russian ritual/drone music, have proven themselves as uplifters of first-class ritual sound. Each of their few works, is the fruit of serious musical practices, long-term loneliness, and consequently, the identity, the roots of which can also be seen in an unusual tools and authors. Great powerful sounds from primeval Ural woods. To create music they use original musical instruments - bubens, handmade drums, blowing horns, flutes and other instruments which have no name made by the musicians themselves. The CD contains two live recorded rituals, each of them was played in this form only once and never will be repeated. "Ouroboros" was recorded with the assistance of Podonok (Nuclear Winter). Sound design by 121 (Closing the Eternity/Velehentor). Ltd x 170 (!!) copies only, with artwork by Artem Grigoriev. [label info]

AKHLUTH -- "Coma Cluster" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-27, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Drone. Akhluth is a collaborative effort between two artists - Andrii Kozhukhar (Kojoohar, Kadaitcha) from Nova Kakhovka, UA and Mykola Yosypenko (Motorpig) from Kharkiv, UA. The project started in 2018 as an aural alloy of modular synthesis, granular textures, noise and field recordings from the different regions of Ukraine. [label info]

AND REMAIN THERE FOREVER -- "Silence" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-28, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Drone. AND REMAIN THERE FOREVER – a project of Ilya Gorlov from Kramatorsk, Ukraine. This is a dark ambient drone with a gloomy chilling atmosphere. Just what you need for fans of the genre. «After 5 years, the ghost mechanism of otherworldly visions started working again in a rotten station. Broadcasting the silence of the places left, which breaks the dances of ignorance in irreversible chaos, supressing hatred towards the system. By that indifferently prompting the void to meditate in the void». [label info]

AS WE LAY -- "Sacrilege" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 VOLOK Records, VR-15, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Drone. A dark, monotonous canvas, frightening with its infinity. Sucks you down into a black hole of a disturbing dream. Filled with unclear images. Only for real connoisseurs of the genre. [label info]

ATTRITION -- "The Unraveller Of Angels" -- CD -- €10
2013 E-Klageto, Exklageto 03, (ltd. 500)
Darkwave / Industrial. The long awaited album from legendary dark industrial pioneers ATTRITION. Founder Martin Bowes has teamed up with US singer Tylean on vocals and created 10 new works varying in style from industrial to gothic to dark ambient soundscapes, whilst lyrically continuing his exploration of introspective themes of life, love and death... With a host of special guest appearances: Mona Mur (Einsturzende Neubauten, En Esch etc), Matt Howden (Seiben etc), Annie Hogan (Marc and the Mambas, Nick Cave etc), Erica Mulkey (Unwoman), Ian Arkely (My Silent Wake, Seventh Angel), Jyri Glynn, Joanna Dalin and more... [label info]

THE BEAUTIFUL DISEASE -- "Hallucination Picturebook" -- CD -- €10
2008 Unidentified Recordings, UIFR0019
Psychedelic Rock / Darkwave. A somewhat sister project to BIRDMACHINE (both members of Birdmachine: Chris Goellnitz & Michael Schaffer, aided by Stanley Carr) playing a mixture of post-gothic darkwave and psychedelic rock music. Once again, think about slightly darker German relatives of The Legendary Pink Dots...

THE BEAUTIFUL DISEASE -- "Have A Nice Dream" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Unidentified Recordings, UIFR0015
Psychedelic Rock / Darkwave. A somewhat sister project to BIRDMACHINE (both members of Birdmachine: Chris Goellnitz & Michael Schaffer, aided by Stanley Carr) playing a mixture of post-gothic darkwave and psychedelic rock music. Once again, think about slightly darker German relatives of The Legendary Pink Dots...

BELORUKOV, ILIA & JON HEILBRON -- "Studio & Rotonda" -- 2 CD -- €14
2019 Intonema, int031, (ltd. 200)
Minimal / Experimental / Free Improvisation. Recently we released the solo album Pieces for Chord Organs by Australian musician Jon Heilbron, which was recorded during an artist residency in St. Petersburg in August 2018. While there, he performed and recorded alongside Ilia Belorukov, resulting in this new double release... The first disc (aptly named Studio) consist of private recordings, in which silence and static sounds are punctuated by saxophone, snare drum, Bontempi organs, and toy harmonica... The name of the second disc, Rotonda, will not be surprise to regular Intonema listeners: this is a continuation of a series of recordings made in the Rotunda of the Mayakovsky Library. The unusual acoustics of the former Dutch church acts as a "third" member of the collective. Sounds coming from the street, random rustlings, and movements of the public are woven into a general outline forged by the musicians. [label info]

2019 LaoBan Records, LB 05
Free Improvisation. Ilia Belorukov – alto saxophone; Konstantin Samolovov – selected drums, objects, radio, voice recorder; Christian Meaas Svendsen – double bass, voice. Recorded live at Vinylla Sky Bar and Cement Factory Studio in St. Petersburg, March 25th-26th 2018.

BIRDMACHINE -- "Alle Stillen Völker" -- CD -- €10
2007 Unidentified Recordings, UIFR0018
Experimental Ambient / Psychedelic Electronics. German duo consisting of Chris Goellnitz & Michael Schaffer. Hmm, think maybe of The Legendary Pink Dots, but almost completely stripped off the rhythmical / rock component, yet with a touch of somewhat gothic atmosphere. Psychedelic vocals (mostly female) meeting melodic and abstract soundscapes...

BIRDMACHINE -- "God's Own Marmalade" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Unidentified Recordings, UIFR0021
Experimental Ambient / Psychedelic Electronics / Darkwave. German duo consisting of Chris Goellnitz & Michael Schaffer with some allusions to The Legendary Pink Dots (mainly because of the vocals).

BIRDMACHINE -- "There's A Hole In My Karma Suit" -- CD -- €10
2013 Opa Loka Records, opa loka 24
Psychedelic Electronics / Darkwave. German duo consisting of Chris Goellnitz & Michael Schaffer. If you have ever been looking for a band playing psychedelic darkwave music, here it is! Catchy melodies, easy rhythms, deep thoughtful arrangements and dreamy female vocals singing in English and German... beautiful!

2019 Malignant Records, Tumor Cd 118
Industrial / Noise. Active for over a decade, Los Angeles based THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND has managed to amass an impressive discography, primarily released through their own label Hate Mail, and including some notable splits with such industrial luminaries as TOMB, MACRONYMPHA, THE VOMIT ARSONIST and WEREWOLF JERUSALEM. For their Malignant debut, they’ve put some of these connections to use, and the bulk of the material present here is comprised of collaborative work, including contributions from TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, ADERLATING, ACTUARY, DEMONOLOGISTS, RICHARD RAMIREZ, ANTICHILDLEAGUE, and SODOMY FROM BEYOND. TBSU material has a history of being fairly diverse and unpredictable, and can range from a murky and putrid form of black industrial, to smoldering and oppressive occult soundscapes, to more abrasive disharmonics, with reverberating metal on metal scree, modulated squelch, and grinding machine abuse. It’s all on display here, and no matter the composition style, everything is awash in unpleasantries, collectively making for a harrowing and immersive listen. [label info]

BRIGHTER DEATH NOW -- "With Promises Of Death" -- CD -- €13
2014/2015 Familjegraven, GRAV-01, 2nd edition
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. "With Promises Of Death" is the first new full length album from seminal death industrial legend BDN in eight years. The inaugural release on Roger Karmanik's new label, Familjegraven, created with the sole intention of producing releases from BRIGHTER DEATH NOW in the wake of Cold Meat Industry's demise, heralds a slew of planned reissues and new material. This is now over! [label info]

CAPECE, LUCIO -- "Elemental Pulse" -- CD -- €10
2019 Intonema, int030, (ltd. 200)
Minimal / Experimental / Free Improvisation. Lucio Capece's new solo work is the second album by the Argentinian musician on Intonema after 2013’s Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers. Taking un/natural silence as his starting point, Capece continues his research into the perception of sound and music, both as a listener and performer. The work features three new compositions, using diverse sound sources including slide saxophone, analog synthesizers, effects and field recordings, with which Capece crafts a vast array of textures, from drone canvases and sounds of nature to rhythmic loops and beats. [label info]

CLOSEDUNRUH -- "Sand Atmet Zeit - Los!" -- CD -- €10
2001 E-Klageto, 01001
Experimental Electronics / Ambient. A project of the German musician Thomas Tier. Abstract electronics and instrumental rhythmical compositions.

COIL -- "Stolen & Contaminated Songs" -- CD -- €11
1992/2019 Cold Spring Records, CSR276CD
Experimental. “Stolen & Contaminated Songs” was recorded and produced by Coil in 1992. It is comprised of over 60 minutes of outtakes and unreleased songs, evolved during the recording sessions for their prior album, “Love’s Secret Domain”. A wealth of superb material showcasing the diversity of Coil: dark, violent, vivid and fractured, yet cohesive and beautiful. Combined with the latest studio technology and Coil’s ever-evolving production skills, “S&C Songs” walks a fine line between tradition and innovation, continually creating semi-abstract soundscapes with a cinematic quality. [label info]

CORIUM -- "Ba#56" -- CD -- €10
2015 Opa Loka Records, OL16014 / Ecocentric Records, E.R.#200-CD, (ltd. 300)
Experimental / Musique Concrète / Industrial. The heterogenous nature of the CORIUM is based on a tension field which is generated by the two founding members Michael Schaffer and Matt Weigand. The musical roots of ambient and studio artist and guitarist M. Schaffer are located in projects such as BIRDMACHINE, INDIAN TREE PIE or MONOFLOW and vary from experimental abstraction to a clear harmonic form. Nearly standing opposite to his rather musical approach is the intonation of non-musician M. Weigand. His early musical education ocurred via 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, END OF SILENCE and XQM... While Schaffer is co-running the label for ambient and free sounds named Opa Loka Records, Weigand is the owner of Ecocentric Records, well known for its harsh and noisy obsessions... Common to both members of CORIUM is a gift to fill the room with sculptures made of tones and frequencies - this room is simply shining in the blaze of the CORIUM! The structures are yielding in an unique complexion of constructing / desconstructing euphony and - due to their will for transcendency - are interferring with entchanting additives to put the listener onto a magic journey alongside the dreamtime... So please be prepared to get melt down - and listen to the CORIUM! [label info]

CUT WORMS -- "Cable Mounds" -- CD -- €10
2017 Opa Loka Records, OL1707
Drone / Dark Ambient. After his well received debut album "Lumbar Fist", Richard van Kruysdijk (ex-SWARTALF, ex-PHALLUS DEI) returns with his second output under the moniker CUT WORMS. "Cable Mounds" was created in an equally intuïtive manner as his first CD. Again, Van Kruysdijk used an array of ingeniously cross-connected effects to manipulate simple electronic sources, mainly a monophonic synth and a circuit-bent Omnichord, and some Baritone Guitar. He builds his compositions improvising from scratch without any prefab sounds, beats or loops and recording them straight to 2-track in his studio without any overdubs. Although CUT WORMS' sound palette often tends towards the lower frequencies, it's dark sounds rather present a more open, pastoral quality, reminiscent of Krautrock works by CLUSTER or HARMONIA, than the opaque atmospheres usually evoked by most dark ambient acts, while easily steering free of any hollow new-age babble. [label info]

CUT WORMS -- "Lumbar Fist" -- CD -- €10
2016 Opa Loka Records, OL16009
Drone / Dark Ambient. On the debut album Lumbar Fist, Richard van Kruysdijk’s solo project CUT WORMS (ex-SWARTALF, ex-PHALLUS DEI) playfully builds compositions from scratch without any prefab beats or loops, exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody. CUT WORMS’s long, dark chords are dragged through gravel while sounds are reversed, mangled, chopped, and regenerated into new musical entities, fostering a stillness in harmony that slowly evolves through interacting layers of sound. The result is highly atmospheric, cinematic, intuitive drone music. CUT WORMS is clearly not another ambient laptop act, but distinguishes itself by utilising only live generated and processed sounds, both acoustic and electronic. Musical references: Stephan Mathieu, Tim Hecker, Oren Ambarchi, Glenn Branca, Will Guthrie, Jim O’Rourke. [label info]

DAS BLAUE ZIMMER -- "Tunkal" -- CD-R -- €10
2014 Opa Loka Records, ol13004
Dark Ambient / Spoken Word. A German project closely related to BIRDMACHINE, THE BEAUTIFUL DISEASE and some other projects from Opa Loka Records. Minimalistic dark ambient sound arrangements & spoken word lyrics in German language. Handmade digipak edition with fargments of an 80 year-old parchment and a 20-page booklet with lyrics.

DAISY BELL -- "London" -- CD -- €10
2015 Opa Loka Records, OL15002
Experimental Pop. Shifting between musique concrète and glitchy popsongs, Daisy Bell invokes an obscure atmosphere with warped voices & raw electronic beats. Daisy Bell is a Dutch band founded in 2011 by Evelien van den Broek, Dyane Donck & Richard van Kruysdijk, all their songs are based on the poetry by William Blake (1757-1827). Dyane, Evelien and Richard share a background in performing, producing and composing for the stage, installation and multidisciplinary art, film, theatre and dance and share a passion for genre-transcending music projects. The name ‘Daisy Bell’ is derived from the first song that was ‘sung’ by a computer in 1961.

DAVIS, AG / CODY BRANT -- split -- CD -- €10
2019 E-Klageto, Exklageto 19, (ltd. 300)
Experimental / Noise. 17 new experimental noise tracks by these US artists. AG Davis (Boy + Girl, Extra Sexes) is an author, performance artist /poet and composer from Jacksonville. His work often delves into the aphotic side of the human psyche, exploring the multifaceted realms of psychosis. Philadelphia musician Cody Brant (Flaspar, Toning) has previously collaborated with artists such as The New Blockaders, Pacific 231, Lieutenant Caramel, Kommissar Hjuler and many more. Ltd x 300 copies in a handmade card sleeve. [Cold Spring]

DEAD FACTORY / ATUM -- "Strefa" -- CD-R -- €5
2006 Beast Of Prey, BOP 3.3, (ltd. 213)
Industrial / Dark Ambient. Split album by two Polish dark industrial projects. Cold fusion of industry and factory halls noises with a dark-ambient touch. Cover is made by a grey printed heavy cardboard with a pasted photo as front cover. Inside front and back slip-covers are placed two more photos and a steel net. Numerated edition of 213 copies and pro-printed CDr. [Old Europa Cafe]

DIASTOLIC MURMURS / FURT -- "Hospital Of The Soul" -- CD -- €15
1993/2019 Psych.KG, Psych.KG 501, (ltd. 200)
Musique Concrète / Experimental / Free Improvisation. Reissue of a cassette first published in 1993 by Vintage Productions. A live recording from a special gig that was presented as "an evening of medical sound, hospital (pro) aesthetics, sunken words, compulsive film, spectral and trapped voices from the 19th century…" The Diastolic Murmurs formed themselves in 1985 during electro-acoustic research within Phillip Wachsmann’s legendary Electronic Music studio based in London. Primarily their aesthetic was to explore as fully as possible the “occult” sound-world inherent in any given object or material (with a preference for the damaged, broken, and discarded) and their extraction or autopsy with the use of contact microphones. In the mid 1980’s they performed what they termed “live” Electronic Dissections, turning their microcosm into a macrocosm, acutely aware perhaps of Artaud’s call for “sounds that cannot be endured”. In their 30+ years career they have collaborated and performed with Dr Edward Scheer, Michael Prime, Furt, Clive Graham, and more recently with artist and writer Douglas Park and stylist and film Director Phoenix Blu-Coyle...

ENGEL, CLARA -- "Secret Beasts" -- CD -- €10
2015 Opa Loka Records, Ol15004
Indie / Folk Noir. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clara Engel is an independent, multi-faceted artist and musician. She has independently recorded and released eleven albums, and has collaborated with musicians and artists from the UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Iran, and the US. Engel's music has been played on Italian National Radio, as well as BBC Radio 2, making it onto Tom Robinson's show "BBC Introducing" on several occasions. Her music has been described as "folk noir," "minimalist holy blues from another galaxy," and "sung poetry." Her voice and guitar stylings place her singularly on the genre-map, somewhere between avant-garde torch singer and gothic-blues artist. Her influences span genres and media, amongst them are Vasko Popa, Virginia Woolf, Theodore Roethke, Jim Jarmusch, Arvo Part, Meredith Monk, Robert Johnson, Gillian Welch, and Jacques Brel. [label info]

FRAJERMAN, DENIS -- "Herbes & Golems" -- CD -- €10
2018 E-Klageto, Exklageto 17, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Avantgarde / Ambient. Originally a member of the experimental French group PALO ALTO, Denis Frajerman is a poet first and a musician second. He plays with sounds the way others play with words. Indeed, his recordings have drawn their inspiration from texts by authors as varied as Antoine Volodine and Jacques Barbéri... This album is inspired by Manuela Draeger’s book Herbes et Golems, published by Editions de l’Olivier. Manuela Draeger is a post-exotic author. Postexoticism is a French literary movement led by Antoine Volodine. This is the following of the first album from Denis Frajerman called Les Suites Volodine (Noise Museum / Naïve, 1998).

FROZEN OCEAN / HEATHER GRAVE -- "Beyond Anemonautics" -- CD -- €5
2019 Spectral Halls Productions, hall03, (ltd. 300)
Doom Metal / Blackgaze. A split between two Vaarwel's project - from melodic doom metal in 90's vibe to post rock shoegaze post black metal instrumental jaunt. [from the author]

GINTAS K -- "Low" -- CD -- €10
2016 Opa Loka Records, OL16008
Electroacoustic / Experimental. Low is a third and last album from an album trilogy by Gintas K. The first one was Lovely Banalities (Crónica, 2009), second – Slow (Bascaru, 2013). In Low Gintas K continues to explore microgranulated textures, deconstruction of melodic elements, and sonic plasticities that are altogether melted into blurred colors of acidulous tonalities and dynamic mixtures of metallic sonic palettes. Eleven short melancholic reminiscent pieces are presented in the album. [label info]

GORDUW -- "XXXIV CIF. Buga (Sacral Geography)" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Torga Amun, Amun-142, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Darkwave. New "exploration" album / report by GORDUW featuring Vitaly Maklakov. Simple sleeve.

2016 E-Klageto, Exklageto 06, (ltd. 500)
Noise / Experimental / Sound Art. 'NO MELODY - NO RHYTHM - NO HARMONY - THIS IS FRACTION MUSIC' - the amazing 'digital deconstructivists' O.P.O from Prague collaborate with the 'cosmic' Japanese analogue noiser (aka ASTRO + former member of C.C.C.C. ), the three long tracks (one each by HASEGAWA and O.P.O + the main collab piece "Terrestrial Lightness") show their "pure drone/sound/noise" approach, the BORDERS ARE FLUENT = overwhelming CD with massively morphing and transforming drone noises!! [Drone Records]

HEXAPOD -- "White Corridore" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Red Engineering Production, REPR-04, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Field Recordings / Musique Concrète. A project by the Ukrainian musician Pavel Burgela (DISPERSIVE LIGHT, KESAR, STIFF AND COLD). "HEXAPOD" in translation means "Six-legged". According to the author himself, this is a kind of fusion of living and non-living matter. A symbiosis of metal and flesh. Which is vividly represented in our modern urban landscape. "We go out into the street and before us reveals a horrible, ugly picture of sounds. Screeching, howling sirens and roaring engines, steps of thousands of pedestrians hurrying on their own business. In this artificial chaos, the voice of the one for whom this mechanical "paradise" was created is buried. The voice of a man!" The album consists of six compositions each of which carries in itself not the repeated atmosphere of a modern city. [label info]

HEXAS -- "Liberty Nest" -- CD -- €10
2017 Hagshadow, HAGKENHEX1
Industrial. A collaboration project by Patrick Leagas (6COMM / DEATH IN JUNE) and Gaya Donadio (ANTICHILDLEAGUE). Heavy beating Industrial contaminated by Patrick and Gaya vocals.

HOLOCODER -- "V Logove Vraga" -- CD -- €8
2019 MIC Label, MIC 008, (ltd. 20)
EBM / Industrial. In 2019, Holocoder is back with a new CD box filled with the tank-piercing ammo of industrial. The band, in its 16th year, continues, experimenting with sound and discovering ever new traits of heavy electronic music. “V Logove Vraga” (“In the Enemy’s Den”) marries the 90s rave vibe with the sharp beats of vintage electro and freestyle music. The fire zone around this explosive mix is expanding through the hearts of old-school followers of Holocoder and stylish electro fans. With the new LP, Holocoder steps carefully on a path toward the immediate electronic music trends, while remaining faithful to its EBM roots. [label info]

INDIAN TREE PIE -- "Flight of the Syncretist" -- CD -- €10
2008 Unidentified Recordings, UIFR0020
Experimental Ambient from Michael Schaffer (BIRDMACHINE, MONOFLOW, THE BEAUTIFUL DISEASE, CORIUM, also chef of Opa Loka Records).

KAMALARABIN -- "Arab Tapes Vol. 1" -- 2 CD -- €10
2016 Opa Loka Records, ol16006
Dub / Experimental / Tribal. "The end of a world never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion." The second Kamalarabin album offers ritual trance occult esoteric lo-fi religious arab folk power electronics ambient dub terror horror music and field recordings. Alessandro Di Salvia is the master of mind transforming musical shamanism. His work is skillfull in every respect, it's highly innovative and - what I call a special advantage - it's radical. [label info] Recommended to the fans of MUSLIMGAUZE, RAPOON, VAZHES, etc.

KAMALARABIN -- "Geosophy" -- 2 CD -- €14
2014 Opa Loka Records, ol13003
Dub / Experimental / Tribal. KAMALARABIN is a name of the Italian producer Alessandro Di Salvia. Explorative ambient sound picked up with elements of middle eastern ethno world dub oriental ritual trip-hop glitch noise experimental drone in a very personal low-fi d.i.y. protest analogic live improvised style, with vintage synths, circuit bending instruments, reel tapes, effects, drones, and broken computers. [label info] Recommended to the fans of MUSLIMGAUZE, RAPOON, VAZHES, etc.

KESAR -- "Blind" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Red Engineering Production, REPR-15, (ltd. 20)
Ritual Industrial from Ukraine. Reminds of somehow even more brutal and primitive version of early Trepaneringsritualen...

KESAR -- "Epitome" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Red Engineering Production, REPR-13, (ltd. 20)
Ritual Industrial from Ukraine. Reminds of somehow even more brutal and primitive version of early Trepaneringsritualen...

KRAFT -- "Harvest Of Despair" -- CD -- €10
2017 Opa Loka Records, OL1704
Experimental / Neofolk. The person behind KRAFT is Rotterdam based Robert Hofman. After release of debut album "Gelag van Zwartgeklede kraaien" of his band OSEWOUDT which was received very well in the Neo-folk scene he found himself with a gap as live shows don't happen very often in the small scene. One night he attempted to ruin and rebuild a friends jazz demo which later became the very first song of this album called "The Dreadful hours". At first it was all about personal trouble and difficulties of life. Later the love for MUSLIMGAUZE became an influence and being friends with musicians from Ukraine the protests and conflict and even a war in that country became one of the main topics of the story told in this album. Various instruments were bought and used and new friends were made. OSEWOUDT member Stefan Hayes (also black metal band TERZIJ DE HORDE) decided to add music and later Rotterdam based Ukrainian singer/musician Kate Orange, VARUNNA guitarist Dennis Lamb and Richard Leviathan (OSTARA / STRENGTH THROUGH JOY) joined to add to the whole. As it was quite hard to fit this project in a genre it was even more difficult to find a label for but in 2017 KRAFT found a home with Michael Schaffer's OPA LOKA records. [label info]

LA SOCIETE DES TIMIDES A LA PARADE DES OISEAUX -- "Les Explositionnistes" -- CD -- €10
1995/2018 E-Klageto, Exklageto 14
Avantgarde / Experimental / Dada Rock. The ‘Shy peoples society at the parade of the birds’ (STPO) have been around since 1984 and I have had the pleasure to write about their intriguing music previously. It has been a while though, as La STPO’s last album ‘Les Liquidateurs’ was released three years ago. This album, ‘Les Explositionnistes’, note a trend in titles, was in fact recorded between 1993 and 1995 and first released in 1995. This new release is a re-mastered version of the 1995 edition. Unfortunately I cannot compare the sound to the original version, but the new version on Exklageto sounds clear and direct. The shy people number (around) six and to me have always formed an intriguing link between say the archaic beauty of Déficit Des Annees Anterieures (with whom they share a home country, in this instance France, as well as a love of four letter abbreviations - DDAA) and Magma (who also hail from France – let’s face it; where else would you find a big band playing prog-jazz mixed with avant-garde?). This album adds to their catalogue of unpredictable, eclectic, high-energy music. ‘Les Explositionnistes’ listens like an art manifesto; several tracks are dedicated to/inspired by artists such as Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Barnett Newman, Asger Jorn and Lyonel Feiniger. The last name was a new one to me; Feiniger being a turn-of-the-century (we’re talking 1900 here) representative of Expressionism, which makes perfect sense in the world of les explositionnistes. The cover is clear on the subject; depicted are a number of people (shy people?) who have just attached a bomb to a painting, ready to blow up the art world – ‘les explositionnistes’ indeed! Blowing up the art world is one thing, in fact the artists mentioned earlier certainly did, but what about blowing up the music world? Is La STPO the musical ‘explositionnistes’?... You could argue that La STPO plays expressionistic music: it bounces all over the place, energetic and devoid of basic musical ‘rules’ such as ‘try to keep one tempo per song’ or ‘do not create any complex breaks’. Good. Their songs are played on traditional instruments, such as guitar, bass, drums, woodwind etcetera. There are no soundscapes or drones to be found, which in a sense is refreshing. As said, the music, especially when the tempo slows down, reminds me of DDAA, a group of artists I dearly love and on whose label, Illusion Production, La STPO released an EP in the 80s. But to be honest, La STPO (which my auto correct annoyingly keeps auto changing to STOP) rarely slow down. The music keeps a nervous, jumpy and unnerving edge throughout its ten songs. It reminds me at times of the organized chaos of say The Mothers of Invention. Les Explositionnistes is exactly that: an explosive mix of instruments, structure and sound, aurally exhausting (to me), but rewarding – blowing up the world of music is something La STPO is more than capable of. [FK, Vital Weekly]

LHD -- "Even Still" -- 2 CD -- €18
2012 Troniks, TRO-298, (ltd. 200)
Noise. Two-and-a-half hours covering the LHD vinyl discography recorded between 2002 and 2007 by the double flamethrower unit of PHIL BLANKENSHIP and JOHN WIESE. Pure West Coast destruction, maximum density and speaker shred. Includes tracks from these sevens: Asthma (Helicopter); Hands of the Priestess (Miisc); Fascination (Swampland); Hotel Fire (P-Tapes); Normandie (Tape Room); Lock Up (Helicopter); Los Angeles (Troniks); and Veiled (Helicopter), and tracks from these twelves: Triple Void (Chondritic Sound): Electrophorus (Collective JYRK): Trap (Troniks), split with Immaculate:Grotesque (Truculent Recordings), plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks. [label info]

2013 Torga Amun, Amun-059, (ltd. 22)
HNW / minimalistic experimental sound. Light Collapse + Blue Spectrum - original composition created on the basis of feedback effect. The End Of Empire - abstract portrait of a man by the name of Claussen. [label info]

LIGHT COLLAPSE + VRANIK -- "About Now" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT130, (ltd. 17)
Glitch Art Noise with field recordings and harsh industrial flavor. The artwork is made in cosmo-psychedelic aesthetics. Front cover is an authentic colour photo. The back and insert are made in an unusual technique of engraving on tinted colored paper, everything was done manually by children and adults. An additional insert is a vintage calendar. [label info]

LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM -- "A Sherpa's Sleep Is More Milk Music" -- CD -- €12
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 189-2, (ltd. 250)
Drone / Ambient / Experimental. L.A.D.O. is a project that has literally appeared from a sleep. His founder first saw and heard this name in a dream, and being quite surprised upon awakening, decided to embody it. Subsequently, many fragments of sound, associations and images came from sleep and drowsy moments. So is this album. Each composition is a piece, a fabric woven from the sounds of various origins: resonant dawns and dusks, roars of distant thunderstorms, rustling of small creatures, sough of wind and leaves, ringing of strings and trumpet calls. All this is interlaced by multi-layered electric threads of analogue and synthetic instruments and call signs of unknown radio stations. All this swarm of sounds doesn't fall into chaos but builds up in a forest temple surrounding sleeping children, and the air vibrates with emptiness. [label info]

MENSIMONIS -- "Clone Fever" -- CD -- €10
2017 Opa Loka Records, ol16012
Guitar Ambient / Drone. Mensimonis is the coming together of two counterfigures in counterculture; Radboud Mens and Lukas Simonis. Although the two gentlemen liked and knew each other for some time now, this teaming up was not the most obvious thing to do. Radboud coming from electronic/industrial/noise music, being a sort of whiz-kid in the studio and in general a control freak who doesn't like things to slip out of his hands, and Lukas, with a background in noise and improv and ecclecticism in general (all projects he does seem to come from a totally different source...). Lukas and Radboud met up musically a few years back when they were doing recording & improv workshops for Secondary Schools (VMBO mostly) and in the end found themselves together on the stage where they played noisy improv music for teenagers that would rather watch a stupid game on their iphones... (well, the teachers that accompanied them were not much better). So this must have been the starting point that lead to the project (or is it a band) Mensimonis... Mensimonis try to do a 'musical' thing with the idea of droning away at it. It seems a very simple and basic concept but it always leads to quite different results. Radboud takes care of the lower parts of the sound, using oscillators and effects, Lukas is allowed to stay on top with an accumulation of looped guitarattacks that slowly evolve into drones as the overtones take over. That's only the description of HOW to make these sounds. We'll leave it at that, just have a short listen and it will all become clear... [label info]

MERTVIJE HIPPY -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2019 Provoloka, prvlk 0013-0001, (ltd. 480)
Industrial Rock. A compilation of tracks from one of the earliest projects of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (LINIJA MASS, VETROPHONIA, VEPRISUICIDA) – the band Mertvije Hippy ("Dead Hippies"), which also included Yuri Kovalsky (WORMS, MONUMENT STRAHA) and Alexey Flyorov. These recordings were made in 1991-1993 and never previously releasesd (except for two tracks which came out on a tape "Wash + Die / Smells Like Shit Spirit" released by the Ultra label in 1995 with the cat. no. U 03). A must for the fans of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov's work!

MICROSPORA -- "Chekasin Mochit Mochiko" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT143, (ltd. 16)
Lounge / Acid Jazz / Samplodelics. New release from Valery Rakcheev, which sound is completely atypical for Operator Produkzion. However, for fans of psychedelic music and particularly the St. Petersburg scene this album will sound neither strange nor shocking. This is Lounge / Acid Jazz / Samplodelics with broken rhythms, an unexpected intrusion of Middle Eastern ethnic percussions (tribute to Muslimgauze), scratches, jazz, or pulsations of a Jamaican readdim. Closer to the end the album takes on a more monotonous, industrial tone. Everything was produced on a luxurious hi-fi sound (Valery has been engaged in serious equipment for many years), and sounds no less convincing than the best works of THE NEW COMPOSERS, MESSER Chups or PEPELAZ A.B. Microscopic collector's edition. Completely hand-made covers made with the use of various design techniques: stamping, stickers, etching on on tinted colored paper, cutting with special figured guillotine. Slim case. [label info]

MICROSPORA -- "Pouvoir De La Beauté" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT142, (ltd. 24)
Ambient / Experimental / Drone. Dark psychedelic rhythms of the experimental Ambient from the classic of the St. Petersburg noise school: from geometrically calibrated sterile quasi-IDM spaces to hollow pulsations and drones under the dark arches of gloomy cold dungeons. The impeccable power of a forever frozen beauty. DVD-box, full-color handmade cover and art-insert made of vintage paper and art supplies from the middle of the last century, plus a mini-poster of A5 format. [label info]

MILITIA -- "Ambiorix" -- CD -- €13
2018 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 265, (ltd. 500)
Ritual / Industrial. After releasing the MILITIA debut album into cassette (a split with CON-DOM entitled "Scorching Earth Policy") in 1995, Old Europa Cafe, 23 years later, proudly comes with the new and MILITIA album "AMBIORIX" devoted to the great Gaul King. All sounds with the usual unmistakable MILITIA trademark, a big variety of rhythms with loads of self made percussions and wind instrumets. Songs are sung in different languages including Latin and Gaul. The definitive MILITIA album, the album of their maturity... CD comes in a special eco-leather sleeve with a 3-folded insert containing cover notes. [label info]

MONSTA -- "3" -- CD -- €10
2019 Opa Loka Records, OL1902
Guitar Ambient / Drone. Monsta is a solo project by Boaz Bentur, Bass player and producer from north of Israel combining elements from psychedelic music, electronic and experimental. Always diverse and always changing, this project moves between distorted electronic beats to ambience and meditative music. After realising his debut EP "Nepture" in 2018, which was more electronic and experimental, Monsta is releasing a second album – "3". This album is a part from a series of live psychedelic/meditative sessions performed in special locations and atmospheres when people are lying down on the floor with eyes closed. Boaz Bentur is as well a member of the band Tiny Fingers, Octans and more projects in the alternative music scene in Israel. [label info]

MUZORY -- "Different People" -- CD -- €8
2019 MIC Label, MIC 007
Post-Punk. MIC LABEL proudly presents the physical embodiment of the cult album of the none less cult band from Kirov, Russia – MUZORY "Different People". The release of the album was approved by all musicians of the band and is dedicated to the memory of Ilya Rychkov – the band's guitarist. This CD will appeal to all fans of the band and those who love good old post-punk and such bands as The Cure, Bauhaus, Nick Cave, etc. [label info]

MY SILENT WAKE -- "Invitation To Imperfection" -- CD -- €10
2017 Opa Loka Records, OL1702
Neoclassical / Medieval / Experimental. Over the past decade My Silent Wake have carved their name into the annals of music history. They have become one of the most admired bands in the doom/death metal scene with incredible albums of unsurpassed depth, like the revered A Garland Of Tears and 2015s stunning Damnatio Memoriae opus. However, alongside their formidable melancholy metal releases the band have a whole other side to their musical character. They have stripped their music down to its acoustic essentials both live and on album, and with releases like the acclaimed Eye Of The Needle they have ventured into the world of dark ambience. My Silent Wake have proved themselves as adept with undulating waves of sound as with spirit crushing riffs. After drawing a line under the first ten years of their existence with the successful collection, An Unbroken Threnody 2005 – 2015, My Silent Wake have begun the next chapter of their career with perhaps their most intriguing and adventurous album to date. To create the unique sounds of Invitations to Imperfection the band used over thirty different instruments – from zithers to mandolins, pump organs to karimbas...plus quite literally parts of the kitchen sink. They recorded in a variety of locations, harvesting the sounds that resonated with the vision in their hearts and added the final deft touches by utilising the synth skills of ATTRITION’s Martin Bowes. Anything that was needed to create the perfect sound, the perfect ambience, the perfect atmosphere. The result is a very special album – deeply affecting, quietly powerful; something that can draw the listener into themselves, inspiring reflection and Revelation. [label info]

NAGUAL ART -- "Requiem of a Sailor" -- CD -- €10
2014 Opa Loka Records, ol13002
Neoclassical / Dark Ambient. "Requiem of a Sailor", the sixth album by Nagual Art, combines dark and experimental ambient sounds and classical, soundtrack-like compositions. Stories of old sailors are told... of their longing, loving, hope and sinking. Corresponding to the album's topic, melancholic songs meet deep and gloomy atmospheres. [label info]

NAZGULY BOEVOY PROMZONY -- "Zavert'" -- CD -- €8
2018 MIC Label, MIC 006
Industrial Rock. The Moscow industrial project NAZGULY BOEVOY PROMZONY ("Nazguls of the Military Industrial Base") pensively soars over the vast homeland spaces with its first album. The project was created in March 2018 and strives to combine the gloomy charm of Russian industrial "fjords" with the viscous and majestic Tolkien tale. Everyone is looking for his own snow-capped peak, his own "vortex", everyone keeps under his heart the steel of Morgul blades craving for the great deeds. Measured military drums, upwardly directed synthesizers, unhurried, enticing mouth harp and rumble of electric guitars. The ghosts of Russian Death are calling you on a journey. [label info]

NECRONAUTO PULSAR -- "Nebular Karzer / Hibernation" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Glasir CDR Series, 07
Industrial Noise project by Alexey Gluhov (Ensemble Of Christ The Savior And Mother Earth). A compilation of two works previously published by Zymotic Productions. Powerful dark nervous sound with an abundance of metal rumble. Black and white cover plus A4 insert, reproducing two abstract photographs taken by Alexei. [YAOP]

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "Live in Sevastopol 2019" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 ElectroIndustria
Industrial / Spoken Word / Sound Collage. Second performance of the renowned project Noises of Russia in the capital of Crimea – the city of Sevastopol. New and old ballads about the main things – death and life, spirit and soul, you won't be left indifferent. Learn the texts and sing along, and maybe the Lord will forgive your sins. Experimental apocalyptic music. (First live performance of Noises of Russia in Crimea happened back in 2007, together with the legend of Swedish industrial Deutsch Nepal, the recording was lost). The disc is released by the ElectroIndustria label with support of the Crimean net-label Effect Defect Records. [label info]

OBOZDUR / PASTUHAMOVCI / PULSATING VEINS -- "Blind Ground (BY-RU Unite)" -- CD-R -- €10
2014 self-released, (ltd. 12)
Triple split by the artists from Russia and Belarus. Powerful, brutal Harsh Noise / HNW with rumble and feedbacks, quite homogenous from all three projects. Sleeve + four printed inserts. [YAOP]

OKKULTA -- "Angst" -- CD -- €8
2019 MIC Label, MIC 009
Dark Electro / Industrial. The seventh release of the Russian project Okkulta, and it is quite different from the previous ones. The style of the project changed from romantic trance-like EBM to harsh instrumental dark-electro with a touch of industrial and noise. The new album is a kind of bad trip, during which one is thrown into heat, then cold, into madness and psychosis. A terrible atmosphere will delight the fans of such projects as Down Of Ashes, Psyclon Nine, Alien Vampires, etc.... Overloaded synthesizer parts, noisy and "dirty" sound canvas will unbalance your consciousness. And gloomy, saturated atmosphere and powerful electronic rhythms will lead you and see that you go this way to the end. If you are ready - just drop Angst. Meet you on the other side. [label info]

ONE LAST REGION -- "A Random Set Of Sarcastic Implications" -- CD -- €10
2016/2018 E-Klageto, Exklageto 18, (ltd. 399)
Psychedelic Rock / Noise Rock. Richard Franecki (guitar, electronics), James Warchol (guitar), Lars Kvam (sax) and Rusty (drums, percussion). One Last Region is the latest project by Richard Franecki who worked as F/i and Vocokesh in the past. He is operating since the mid 80s. I keep vague memories of his work with Tom Furgas. I can’t tell you much on Warchol (guitar), Kvam (sax) and Rusty (drums) in whom he found companions for his anarchistic, loud and chaotic excursions. Franecki himself plays guitar and electronics. They make their point in long extended, noisy rock- and repetition-based improvised sessions that are induced with bits of space rock and psychedelica. Over a simple rhythmic base layers of electronic noise are added with soloing and duelling guitars. It is freaked out music, dark and wild, but in a low profile manner. Musically they keep things simple. Just creating noisy and spacey atmospheres is their thing. Most tracks take much too long time for me, but it is an effective way to let these spooky atmospheres penetrate your mood and soul. [DM, Vital Weekly]

ORACLE.SING -- "Sing.Oracle" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Opa Loka Records, ol13001, (ltd. 100)
Electronics / Ambient. Oracle.Sing is a project of Wilfried Hanrath, freestyle and non-genre composer and sound-designer from Wuppertal, Germany. This is a compilation of his works and improvisations from 2008-2013. Instruments used are: fretted and fretless basses, double bass, synths bass, electric and synthesized electric guitars, synthesizers, drums.

ORPHAX -- "Warschauer Straße" -- CD -- €10
2017 Opa Loka Records, OL1703, (ltd. 300)
Drone / Experimental / Minimal. Orphax (NL, Amsterdam) is a musical project with the focus on minimal ambient and drone music. In the music there is a development towards microtonal sounds, where time and spatiality are important factors. In this form of working the eventual result can be a static form of sound where development in the music becomes subordinate to the listener losing any sense of time. [label info]

PACIFIC 231 -- "Kyben" -- CD -- €8
2017 E-Klageto, E-klageto 09 CD
Experimental. Pacific 231 is a long running project from Pierre Jolivet (Vox Populi), originally from Paris, currently based in Dublin. Pacific 231 started with the first wave of music in the industrial / power electronics fields in the early-mid 80's. His works now explore the very limit of sound and space. Four long-form tracks - around 54 mins of music in a card sleeve. [Cold Spring]

PETIT, PHILIPPE -- "A Descent Into The Maelstrom" -- CD -- €10
2019 Opa Loka Records, OL1903
Experimental Electronics / Modular Synth. Inspired by a novel from Edgar Allan Poe «A Descent Into The Maelstrom», this album evokes the struggle of a Man who follows a path leading him to the edge of a steep cliff from where he hears the tumultuous waves of a «synthesized whirlwind», screaming and roaring incessantly that traps him within an ocean of rhythmic sound-in-fusion... A chromatic complementarity between the ultra-coloured and vibrant sounds, inviting adventurous spectators/listeners to a «sinesthési-Kosmiche» journey, played on a mythic vintage machine: The Buchla Easel - The Electric Music Box, as can be read on the keyboard of that original instrument, which is why Philippe Petit wanted to preserve an electric side, sometimes close to a guitar sound. «For a long time Buchla would simply refuse to add a keyboard to his instruments. According to him, the synthesizer should be... a tool for music and experimental musicians. A keyboard would be an invitation to the conventional scale set... so I chose not to use it. Recorded in one shot to preserve the spontaneity and using the instrument connected to an Avantone Pro CLA-200 amplifer and recorded on 2 separate tracks, each treated differently with a GRM «comb flter» to create true stereo spatialization and an even more effcient voltage intercourses between oscillator, modulator, pulser, LFO or other voltage sequencer. A unique vision of the Buchla for a Psychedelico-Shoegaze rendering, whose Drone thickness can also evoke MBV that would rub shoulders with the early Grateful Dead, of the time when Don Buchla was one of them and that his electronic-modular flights made the public lose all meaning under acid. Lysergic West-Coast Electro crazyness…» [label info]

PHURPA -- "Chöd Ritual / Grotta Santarcangelo" -- CD -- €10
2017 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 249, (ltd. 300)
Ritual. On July 07 2017 PHURPA performed a "Chöd" live ritual in Santarcangelo / Italy. The ritual was held inside a cave (grotta on Italian). Chöd is an ancient practice of cutting through tensions, fears, and obstacles in our life. In Chöd, we visualize making an offering of our body, which is transformed into whatever is wanted by all beings in all realms. In this vast offering we create and cultivate a flow with everything around us and are in contact with the boundless dimension of ourselves. Chöd involves all of the senses, as one practices it by visualizing the offering while singing and playing ritual instruments. Practitioners who accomplish the practice find themselves free of the hope and fear that prevents one from truly helping others in every situation. On this CD you can hear the sounds of such "live ritual". Recordings are of best quality, you will wonder about! This is for sure best way to listen to PHURPA, a long (over one hour) tibetan ritual with all typical PHURPA instruments and vocals. The title of this album (Chöd) reminds to the album released by Zoharum but the sounds and intentions are here completely different! [label info]

PHURPA -- "Live at XIV Congresso Post Industriale" -- CD -- €13
2018 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 263 / Scena Sonica, SS1, (ltd. 300)
Ritual. On April 14 2018 Old Europa Cafe and Scenasonica organised the historical OEC label festival in Pordenone / Italy. The venue took place in a medieval deconsecrated Monks church, without doubts the perfect environment for a PHRPA ritual. The live recordings of such ritual was done with high professional skills. Enjoy the full spirit of the ritual music of Bon, the oldest Buddhist tradition from Tibet. [label info]

PORCELLUZZI, ANTONELLA EYE & DEAF SOCIETY -- "The Velocity Of Velocities" -- CD EP -- €7
2018 Opa Loka Records, OL 1805
Ambient / Spoken Word / Experimental. Antonella EYE Porcelluzzi radically rewrote texts by Mina Loy and Theresa of Avila, and interpreted them in accord with the musical language of Deaf Society. A few short qoutes from wikipedia: Mina Loy (1882 – 1966), was a British artist, writer, poet, playwright, novelist, futurist, feminist. Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515 – 1582), was a prominent Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun and author during the Counter Reformation, and theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer... Antonella says: "I liked to work on old texts and rewrite, modify them in the sense of current issues, and link them to Ivan’s tech-music, drones and machine ambient. This experimental lust is very present in our record. Working with Ivan was very interesting in terms of alchemy, since we arrived in a short time to an instinctive reciprocal comprehension, his contribution and mine mixing to create further mystery and deepness than I had normally reached with my texts and voice. The result of our common efforts was suddenly amazing."

PRAY PROJECT -- "Dive In" -- CD -- €8
2019 MIC Label, MIC 010
Industrial Rock / Techno. After ten years anniversary, Pray Project bring 5th full length album - "Dive In". Experimenting with styles such as: industrial rock, techno and synth, band releasing an product without losing melody while retaining the drive in each track. The case when the risk to combine diverse styles was truly successful. [label info]

PRIMOGENITIS -- "(Compilation)" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Red Engineering Production, REPR-14, (ltd. 20)
Raw Black Metal / Lo-Fi / Noise from Crimea.

RABBIT GIRLS -- "Demonizer" -- CD-R -- €5
Roil Noise Offensive, RNOCDR042-2
Sick, demonic, tortured and decayed Experimental Noise. Delusional sound on the verge of Satanism. The source material is live recordings of the Rabbit Girls and Rubbish projects, which were later reworked and mixed together on two tape decks owned by the Library of US Congress. The second edition is released on one CD-R (the first came out in a very similar package, but on two three 3"CDRs). [YAOP]

ROSSIGNOL, FRANCOIS -- "Butoh Vol.1" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-26, (ltd. 20)
Modern Classical / Experimental. Music for Butoh dance by the Canadian composer Francois Rossignol, with quite dark and ritualistic atmosphere.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "Under A Sphere Of Poisoned Uranium" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Kapustin Yar Records
Drone / Space Ambient / Minimal.

SKY BURIAL -- "The Forcing Season: Further Acts of Severance" -- CD -- €10
2019 Opa Loka Records, OL1904
Experimental / Dark Ambient / Industrial. 'The Forcing Season: Further Acts Of Severance' is the the sixteenth full-length release by Sky Burial. These recordings see the project's compositions shift into a new phase with a series of shorter, more complex, and eclectic tracks. While still drawing inspiration from the same acts and genres that inspired him to begin creating as Sky Burial, Michael has favored experimentation over imitation resulting in an album that defies pigeonholing... Sky Burial is Michael Page, a visual and sound artist dividing his time between Cape Cod, Belize, and England. After several years recording and touring in the power electronics/industrial/noise genre as Fire in the Head, Michael formed Sky Burial in 2006 as an outlet to explore the ambient and experimental sides of industrial music, often citing esoteric, literary, metaphysical and mythological subject matter as a muse. Much like the Tibetan ritual from which the project takes its name, the Sky Burial moniker was chosen as an act of cleaning the slate, to be pulled apart and dispersed providing an unfettered route for sonic expression and experimentation. Although initially inspired by early industrial music projects and electronic/ambient/kosmische acts of the 70s & 80s, the music of Sky Burial continues to evolve, creating a grey area between genre boundaries. [label info]

SPK -- "Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers)" -- CD -- €11
1986/2019 Cold Spring Records, CSR274CD
Neoclassical / Industrial. Originally released by Side Effects in 1986, “Zamia Lehmanni” was the third (and final) core SPK album and was Graeme Revell’s first truly solo project. He was in a period of transition, somewhere between the industrial noise of the early years and his later award-winning soundtrack work. On the day before this was first released, this style of music, now ubiquitous (especially in soundtracks), did not exist... After “Information Overload Unit” cleared a space for subsequent explorations, and the environmental percussion and anchored mutilated sound collages of “Leichenschrei”, the “body without organs” was fully eviscerated, Graeme felt ‘industrial music’ was becoming ossified and needed to be taken into radically new territories: ‘post-industrial’... The track “In Flagrante Delicto” (mastered as originally intended here) was later used by Revell for his work on the soundtrack for the 1989 film “Dead Calm”, which won him Best Original Score from the Australian Film Institute... Unavailable in any format since Mute’s 1992 CD edition, we now present this landmark album on newly remastered CD, and on vinyl for the first time since 1986. Approved by Graeme Revell, this release comes with new artwork by Abby Helasdottir and is remastered by Martin Bowes (The Cage). [label info]

STOA / OBOZDUR -- split -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-121, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise split from Finnish-Swedish and Russian projects. Muffled noise on the verge of HNW from STOA and live radio noise recording from OBOZDUR. Sleeve. [YAOP]

SUBPOP SQUEEZE -- "Anacreontics" -- CD -- €10
2017 E-Klageto, Exklageto 16
Industrial Metal / Experimental. Subpop Squeeze is an alter ego of Czech composer and instrumentalist Vladimír Hirsch. The project is designed to the music, outlier from his main conceptual direction. This kind of creation move across wider scope of experimental electronic and industrial rock with predominantly ironic or sarcastic character. This sphere of work is usually called entertainments by the author. The project started in 1996. "Anacreontics" is a conceptual work, named intentionally gracefully after ancient Greek genre of "songs about love and wine", but created with obvious sarcastic and mocking undertone both in musical processing in style, called dark-electro-industrial-thrash synthesis (T.Saivon), with critical, sometimes almost cynical texts, however verbal component plays mainly the role of background. Rock principle of thrash metal characteristics and electronics are surrounded by industrial and dark ambient soundscapes. [from the author]

SUBTERRANEANACT & MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Persistent Objects" -- CD -- €10
2016 Opa Loka Records, ol16005
Experimental. Bass-clarinet and electronics player Henk Bakker (a.k.a. Subterraneanact) is a mainstay in the Rotterdam improv scene, and co-runs the famous Worm studio. Knob twiddler Rutger Zuydervelt (a.k.a. Machinefabriek) is mainly known for being ridiculously prolific. For a gig at Worm, organizer Lukas Simonis came up with the idea to pair Henk and Rutger for a live performance, their first as a duo. They happily accepted the challenge, but not without planning a improv session to rehearse. With Henk on bass clarinet and live manipulation, and Rutger using his analogue tone generator, contact mics, tapes and effects, the two hit it off like a pressure-cooker. Without wasting time to discuss any plans, they simply communicated through their unrestrained, boisterous sounds. In the two hours they spend together, 90 minute of music was recorded. After some editing, the album ‘Persistent Objects’ took shape, and is now released on CD by Opa Loka Records. [label info]

SUTURE -- "Mental Achievement" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT140, (ltd. 21)
Nowadays, even the most daring experimental musician does not always succeed in creating something truly original: there are too many projects and recordings, exclusivity is lost, everything has already been heard and tried. However, looks like the young Italian project Suture from the island of Sardinia has managed to find an unusual sound, which, perhaps, will form the basis of the whole style. Let's call this sound Acid Industrial: it combines the dynamics and minimalism of a rhythmic Old-School Industrial inspired by Esplendor Geométrico with psychedelic Acid House sound and dark trance backdrops. Fast aggressive tracks are interspersed with canvases of frostbitten Illbient. The album is permeated with the spirit of the current dull decadence of the late 2010s, combining painful narcotic mood ("Medicine For Weak Minds"), depressive parties ("Bad Trip") and total hysterical ostentation ("Glass In The Eyes") - these poisonous waters are deadly for the young brainless fish ("Suzy"), who leave only sorrow and despair to their loved ones ("Where Is My Daughter"). Deluxe artwork: lush golden slim case with a hand-engraved number, double-sided collage cover and a three-dimensional acid smiley inside. [label info]

TCHORT -- "Ritual Pop Music" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Torga Amun, Amun-143, (ltd. 20)
Evil Electronics / Decadent / Lo-Fi.

THIS PRESENT MOMENT -- "Phenomenons" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-31, (ltd. 20)
Guitar Drone. Ilya Gorlov, author and performer from the city of Kramatorsk, Donbass. Ilya is a member of the metal group LIFER. He also participates in the SLOW BILLOW. He writes poetry, composes a variety of music. One of his projects AND REMAIN THERE FOREVER with the album Silence VOLOKRecords already published in August this year. Now in line is another work of a musician. THIS PRESENT MOMENT project with Phenomenons album. This is a great improvisational psychedelic guitar drone ambient. To all fans of this direction we highly recommend listening. [label info]

TRANSTILLA -- "I" -- CD -- €10
2019 Opa Loka Records, OL1901
Dark Ambient / Drone. Transtilla is Anne-Chris Bakker and Romke Kleefstra. Since 2008 they have been working together in the trio Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra (KBK), that made eight releases so far. Both are also part of the group Tsjinlûd. Anne-Chris Bakker also made solo-albums and collaborates with ambient musician Andrew Heath. Romke Kleefstra is also part of groups like Piiptsjilling and The Alvaret Ensemble. With KBK they played throughout Europe and Japan. Live KBK sometimes turned noisy and harsh, a side of Bakker’s and Kleefstra’s music they both wanted to explore. This resulted in Transtilla, compared to KBK a bit more expressive and experimental, but still dark and with this constant underlying tension. With ‘Transtilla I’ Bakker and Kleefstra make their debut on Opa Loka Records. [label info]

ULTIMATE SOLDIER -- "New Fury" -- CD -- €8
2018 MIC Label, MIC 004
EBM / Industrial. Old school EBM project Ultimate Soldier returns from oblivion with a new album. Three years have passed since the release of the full-length work with the symbolic name "Game Over". But Ultimate Soldier could not keep silent and stay away from the dark scene. The release, entitled "New Fury", presents the updated sound of the project. The track list consists of 10 original works as well as several remixes including one from NOVAkILL. [label info]

ULTIMATE SOLDIER -- "Nightmare Factory" -- CD -- €8
2019 MIC Label, MIC 011
EBM / Industrial. The Moscow project Ultimate Soldier, whose founder and sole participant is Dmitry Ilyin, has recorded a new album called “Nightmare Factory”. Only a year has passed after the return of the project with the album “New Fury” and Dmitry gave birth to a new full-length album, which is designed in the spirit of the most powerful techno-industrial horror, built on medium-tempo sound with monolithic concept, including killer tracks full of unrestrained energy and an excellent instrumental trilogy. The album consists of 10 main tracks and three remixes from colleagues: Novakill, Nova State Machine (collaboration of Craig Saunders and Dmitry Ilyin, which has also released a new album this summer) and the German project T.A.N.K. [label info]

UNIT+ASS & GOPOTA -- "227" -- 3 x CD-R -- €16
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-125, (ltd. 30)
Power Electronics, Noise, Rhythmic Noise. A bomb from the past to the future !!! "..." NOT A STEP BACK! "WITHOUT ORDER OF A HIGH COMMAND. THE ONLY REASON FOR CARING FROM POSITIONS MAY BE ONLY DEATH! ..." [from the author] Three discs in sleeves + A5 poster.

VAN DONGEN, BART & RICHARD VAN KRUYSDIJK -- "One Two Three Four Five" -- CD -- €10
2018 Opa Loka Records, OL 1804
Modern Classical / Experimental. If there is any instrument that has an aura around it of being rock solid and incorruptible, it must be the piano. It is the cornerstone, the unbending backbone of Western academic music, the guiding light of twelvetone equal temperament. Obviously, any object or concept that appears to embody unwavering authority is prone to being subverted. A Mona Lisa is best enjoyed with a moustache added to it. The first subversions of the piano were executed by composers Henry Cowell and John Cage, who explored the insides of the instrument, until then deemed off limits. They demanded that the strings be stroked and plucked, that they be fitted with all manner of whatsits and doodahs, including sheets of paper and bolts. The thing does sound like a piano, but it sounds like a lot more. It speaks languages it never knew. One might say it speaks in tongues... Pianist Bart van Dongen and electronic conjurer Richard van Kruysdijk (Omnichord, Kaoss Pad, live sampling, effects) push the boundaries of the piano just a little further in joint improvisations, overlaying and interlacing the instrument with fields of otherworldly resonance and beauty. Regardless whether the piano is played with or without modifying additions, this environment gives it new meaning. What’s more, the electronics do not just serve as a setting in which the piano may sparkle and shine, the two become intertwined. They may remain separately recognizable, but they do develop a symbiotic relationship. There is a magic of transformation in the air. The air resonates with musical alchemy. So, rather than subverting the piano, the two musicians forge something that sounds new and beguiling. Five pieces, five compounds, five wondrous hybrids. What once was rock solid has definitively been turned into a fluid existence. [René van Peer]

VOLOK -- "Znamenie" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-30, (ltd. 20)
Dark Drone Folk. The sixth full-length album of this unique project from Kiev, Ukraine. An interesting combination of almost monotonous dark drone background and otherworldly low-pitched voice singing a sort of Russian traditional mournful songs. Like creeping thoughts reluctantly twisting in a head of a forester, locked down in his hut because of endless blizzard... "VOLOK is fear, despair, horror of imminent death. These are chimeras and ghosts that prevent us from sleeping. This is superstition and prejudice, desperation and hopelessness. VOLOK is a mental disease of a prisoner trapped in a dungeon of his own nightmares. VOLOK is lamentation and moaning and gnashing of teeth. VOLOK is the inner darkness." [label info]

WOID -- "Verzweiflung" -- CD -- €8
2018 MIC Label, MIC 005
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Moscow industrial label MIC LABEL is proud to present the re-release of the last album of the oldest Russian post-industrial musician Sergey Korotaev (HOLOCODER, GEKATA) and his project WOID with the new album "Verzweiflung", which was recorded in 2014-2015. Especially for this CD edition, the album was remixed and now it plays out in fresh colours. Old-school electronics, analog synthesizers, hidden samples and light melancholy. You listen to not just music, but the soundtrack to a film, in which not only the characters die, but the actors themselves. This is a mournful song to the world, a world that goes down in a hole... [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Heroes Of The Coal Age / Anthracite" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Ostroga, OTR-109, (ltd. 50)
Lo-Fi Old-School Industrial. Reissue of two albums of the legendary project from St. Petersburg, dedicated to the romance of mining work. The reprint contains a 12-page booklet with graphic works by Vitaliy Maklakov.

ZE-KA -- "Ghost Planet" -- CD -- €10
2017 Opa Loka Records, OL1705
Modern Classical / Experimental. Jean-Philippe Feiss is a French cellist and composer also interested in electronics. He founded Sibiel in 2001. The band made 3 albums, and several scores for silent movies, written by Jean-Philippe. Besides that, he’s a member of the French jazz scene, playing with Emmanuel Bex, Louis Sclavis... He also collaborates with the artist Sigalit Landau on several video installations. Ghost Planet is his first solo release. The names of the tunes such as Fission or Red Forest were inspired by the Tchernobyl disaster, and all the album is related to our environment. The idea of Jean-Philippe Feiss, with this music, slow, minimal, is to take some time for yourself, listen to the music, and let your thoughts travel wherever they need. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Es läuten die Glocken" -- CD -- €7
2014 E-Klageto, Exklageto 11, (ltd. 1000)
Experimental / Psychedelic Rock / Industrial. Genre-conneting compilation with many artists ranging from 70's psychedelic rock to experimental electronics: TYLEAN, UP-TIGHT, MAJUTSU NO NIWA, ULTRA MILKMAIDS & HARRIS PILTON, MARBLE SHEEP, MICHEL HENRITZI & JUNKO, ERIC LUNDE, KARL BOSMANN, HIROSHI HASEGAWA, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, ENGRAM, ATTRITION.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Noise Of Crimea" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 ElectroIndustria
Experimental / Noise. The compilation features "live" Crimean noise projects. This is the first disc released by the ElectroIndustria label (run by Noises of Russia) with the support of the Crimean net-label Effect Defect Records in order to get acquainted with the Crimean experimental scene. Participants: 1G0G, 780AJZ, PEOPALOP, OBSCURE HEAVEN, SOUND OF CRIMEA, PSYCHOGENIC PAIN, SCHISM ANCHYLOSIS, DETUNE DISTORTION DESPONDENCY, SUSTENANCE OUTSKIRT. Free copying and distribution is allowed by the Creative Commons License. [label info]


BIANCHI, MAURIZIO -- "AmenTest" -- 7" -- €7
2014 Dais Records, DAIS 057, (ltd. 300)
Experimental. Amentest is Bianchi's most recent work employing the 7'' single format, a medium that MB has only dabbled in briefly. Keeping his abrasive rhythmic sounds, beautiful use of delay patterns and selective subject matters at hand, MB's genius still shows that he is as relevant today as he was back when he was quietly manufacturing his echoed sound sculptures in the foothills of Italy in 1979. [SoundOhm]

BLOD -- "Romantic and Deranged" -- 7" -- €6
1999 Segerhuva, SEGER 2, (ltd. 500)
Swedish Harsh Noise with sexual overtones.

THE CHURCH OF HATE -- "O" -- 10" lathe-cut -- €35
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR123, (ltd. 13)
Noise. 10" two-sided black lathe-cut records, limited to 13 copies, all-unique handmade artwork.

CON-DOM -- "Colour Of A Man's Skin (Ebony And Ivory)" -- picture 7" -- €7
2001 Tesco Organisation
Initially a part of "Colour Of A Man's Skin" 2 LP + 2x7" set, but some remaining copies were sold by Tesco Organisation separately as a single-sided picture 7".

CROATIAN AMOR / ROSE ALLIANCE -- "The Gold Of The Good Sister" -- 7" -- €7
2012/2015 Morte Creations, Morte 10
Industrial / Synthwave. Reissue of the cassette issued on Posh Isolation in 2012. All copies on clear pink vinyl.

CULVER -- "Cherry Blossom Girls" -- 7" -- €6
2008 Turgid Animal, TA204, (ltd. 200)
Drone / Industrial. First vinyl outing on Turgid Animal for Gateshead based fetishist Culver; but certainly not the last. 2 tracks of dense, thick, cloudy, foggy drone in tribute to his beloved cherry blossom girls. Lee Stokoe has for years been pushing his own brand of heavy drone music all over the globe and hopefully will continue to do so well into the future. Artwork by the man himself in the form of 3 inserts featuring original artwork. 200 copies pressed on black vinyl, 33rpm. [label info]

DUSA -- "1998-1999" -- 7" -- €6
2005 Aderlatning Produktion, 5, (ltd. 200)
Swedish Noise.

FLESHPRESS / THROAT -- split -- 7" -- €6
2011 Kult Of Nihilow / Kaos Kontrol, (ltd. 330)
Sludge / Doom Metal. Two bands that hate you so much they made a record about it. FLESHPRESS spit forth their most straight-forward sludge blast in a long time and make you want to throw your Big Muff out of the window and run to your mother. THROAT presents their brand of sludgey 90s influenced noise rock. No track titles, no useless information, fuck you. 8-page black/white booklet sleeve. Limited edition of 330 copies. [label info]

GIFFONI, CARLOS -- "The Absence of Essence" -- 2 х 7" -- €6
2009 Arbor, ARBOR99, (ltd. 400)
Experimental / Noise. Carlos Giffoni's heavy synthesizer work recalls the crushing, massiveness of early power electronics. Completely consuming the air around it with heavy vibrations and total deprivation. These four tracks rip holes through the sonic barriers, loud and powerful but with entrancing subtleties and discreet builds. The nature of the 7" format does not harm Giffoni's work, which normally exists in extended lengths; instead very succinct and unwavering compositions result, creating four vignettes of his sterile industrial zones. As the person responsible for No Fun Productions and the No Fun Fest, this Brooklyn transplant's presence in the current progression of the genre is undeniable. In an edition of 400 2x7" (one white and one black) sets in gatefold sleeves with art by Maya Miller of Heavy Tapes/Religious Knives. [SoundOhm]

GIFFONI, CARLOS -- "Resignation Letter" -- 7" -- €6
2008 Harbinger Sound, HARBINGER 068, (ltd. 100)
Experimental / Noise. Limited to 100 copies in plain white rubber stamped sleeve. Produced for the UK tour in April 2008.

GOAT / T.E.F. -- split -- 7" -- €6
2006 Dada Drumming, dd28 / Philosophy Shop, kant030, (ltd. 300)
Noise. Dada does it again with another great cut of vinyl and another great document from the Texas noise scene. The label first started their venture into vinyl territory with the excellent Pedestrian Deposit/Armenia split and have since delivered numerous excellent cuts from the like of Macronympha, Thirdorgan, Government Alpha, and even some stoner metal from Rabies Caste and Sourvein. And here we have a new 7” from Texas beasts TEF and Goat split released with Goat’s own Philosophy Shop label... TEF’s side offers up some excellent dynamic harsh noise bursting with energy. The sound remains in constant motion without losing focus. Another nice refresher is the brief moment of what I might call harsh ambience for the lack of a better term. Overblown distortion giving way to seething reverb and a dark atmosphere makes the track complete. Next up is Goat kicking things in with no delay. Rough, dense and unrelenting harsh noise played with total conviction. Personally, I would like to hear something with a little more movement and dynamics to it, but I know that this track is sure to please the harsh wall of noise purists... The 7” is packaged very simply in a nice heavy duty vinyl sleeve with a clear sticker on the front with nothing but type, and two black and gray printed labels on the record. No track titles, no played out sex and gore photos, no pretension, just harsh Texas noise. Letting the noise speak for itself was a good idea, and in this case it certainly paid off. Dada has done a great job documenting the Texas noise scene on cassette in the past, and if this is a sign of things to come, I am very excited to see what happens next. [Blood Ties Zine]

LOCRIAN -- "Dort ist Der Weg" -- 7" -- €6
2011 Flingco Sound System, FSS-014, (ltd. 500)
Drone Rock. Locrian's take on Popol Vuh's classic Dort Ist Der Weg is an outstanding testament to a band possessed. Instead of producing some rehashed, dormant clone copy of this almost inimitable track, Locrian serve up a ritually hypnotic and powerful piece of music that will floor you... Locrian will never belong. Their refusal to stagnate and regurgitate frail musical formula allows the band to constantly reinvent and re-envisage their art. [Lurker's Path]

LOCRIAN -- "Plague Journal" -- 7" -- €6
2008 BloodLust!, B!089, (ltd. 300)
Drone Rock. Pressed in an edition of 300 copies; White vinyl; White labels with minimal black text; Unmarked white cardboard sleeves - sealed on three sides; Black and white insert; Locrian's first appearance on vinyl sees the duo of Andre Foisy and Terence Hannum distilling their specific take on deconstructed metal trance music down to just over a dozen minutes of finely balanced, passive/aggressive, shimmering psychedelic drone; Includes locked-groove on B-side. [label info]

MURNAU -- "Misanthropy" -- picture 7" -- €6
2002 220N, 220N 14, (ltd. 400)
Power Noise. Misanthropy is an intensive 7" picture disc, comprised of two tracks, Null and Void. Two words that may seem synonymous at first, but there is a definite distinction between them in the mind of Mürnau... Null is possibly one of Mürnau's most accessible tracks (used very loosely), focusing on a brutal interpretation of rhythmic noise, matched with repeated distorted vocals. The beat is a constant march of distorted and gritty sounds, matched by Mürnau's vocals, screaming of vengeful rage. The lyrics are basic, as much to the point as they are brutal: "your broken fingers are called justice. now inhale this fire it's my gift to you..." Void goes to the most extreme, with a barrage of wall of noise, static, and possibly screeching (but too extreme to be considered lyrics). The void expressed here is not one of sterility or of emptiness, but rather the opposite, with an emotional and physical overload of the void, and the pain and torment of this... With Misanthropy, Mürnau unleashes a raw attack upon humankind, in an attempt to release the demons within not only himself, but the listener as well. Humanity gives us all plenty of reasons to hate it, and music like this can act as a catharsis, allowing us to channel that energy away from creating yet further reasons to hate. [Squid]

MUTANT APE -- "Live And Proud" -- 7" -- €6
2009 Turgid Animal, TA385 / At War With False Noise, ATWAR059, (ltd. 160)
Noise. Great document of last summer from Mutant Ape. I played both these shows with him and they were two of the best shows I've seen Mr Proctor do... it's just total over-the-top, unpretentious NOISE. It's aggressive and in-yer-face; the haters can say whatever the fuck they want but Mutant Ape always delivers the good quite frankly. HARSH NOISE, NO BULLSHIT. Perfect! First side was recorded here at a great show we did with Bizarre Uproar and Gelsomina and the other from the great Distraction fest in Newcastle. 150 copies on orange/white vinyl and fullcolour double-sided fold-over sleeve. Co-release with the always-reliable Turgid Animal label. [label info]

MUTANT APE / SEPPUKU -- "Soft News / No Friends" -- 7" -- €6
2008 Turgid Animal, TA197 / At War With False Noise, ATWAR025, (ltd. 220)
Noise / Doom Metal. First foray into the world of vinyl and it's a belter if I do say so myself!! The incredibly busy George Proctor smashes us across the chops for the duration of his side of this slab with a punishing six minute lesson in harsh noise brutality. It sounds like a large collection of faulty electric appliances being launched down the stairs of a building on fire. Fucking GREAT! On the flipside is a couple of tracks by the band formerly known as TETSUO. This side sees a change of direction from the previous lo-fi clatterings of before and contains two mercilessly heavy tracks of full-on noise doom!! First track, "The Sound Of Slow Decay" does exactly what it says on the tin...repetitive sub-Sabbath riffing which eventually kills itself, followed by "Vincent Price's Wife Is Dead", which sounds like a hokey 70s nightmare sequence from a Hammer film gone wrong... Stick-on laser printed sleeves and a confusing insert that doesn't really shed much light on anything. [label info]

NODOLBY -- "Axe Magnitude / Altered Beast" -- 7" -- €6
2007 Dokuro, DK001, (ltd. 66)
Exprerimental. Michele Scariot rides the constant saturation of his deskmix from the bleak moaning of downtuned strings to the yell of the 4tk-cassette-recorder all layered and interlaced with synth detonations, radio interferences and fuzzy echoes. Sonic blazes and drones abuse are the keywords for this new kind of noisy "just intonation". Artwork by Merlo. Limited to 66 copies on amethyst (blue/purple) colored vinyl. [label info]

:NRRRRK: -- "Bless The Children" -- 7" -- €6
2008 Turgid Animal, TA355, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics / Industrial / Noise. German power electronics, formerly known as NOISEWERRRRK. Three tracks of almost creepy industrial noise soundscapes with buried, whispered vocals focusing on religious disease and fanatics. [label info]

ONEBOMB>ONETARGET -- "Ich Gegen Mich - Live Sessions 2005" -- 7" -- €6
2005 Hirntrust Grind Media, HIRNTRUST01, (ltd. 290)
Noise / Speedcore. When noisy music experimence go into speedcore dancefloor... Both tracks are taken from two ear-splitting live performances in Vienna, digitally recorded from the mixing desk.

R.Y.N. -- "Whistle And I'll Come To You" -- 7" -- €6
2006 Drone Records, DR-80, (ltd. 300)
RYN is a quite new british duo (with members also active as MARZURAAN) and this is after few CDR-outputs their first vinyl release. Their drone-style could be described as “power-drone”, using solely field recordings (here: electric shaver vibration on bits of metal & refrigerator hum) for these two pieces presented here. These energetic sound-sources build masses of heavy clouds in movement that flood your mind away, pure metallic flood-noises that brings a most welcomed VOID into your head. Filed under: Power-Void-Drones. Purple vinyl. Hand-printed full-colour art sheets & silkscreened covers. [label info]

SHADOW THEATER -- "Ein Splitter Glas" -- 7" -- €6
2005 Apocalyptic Radio, AR 014, (ltd. 500)
Power Electronics / Rhythmic Noise. Shadow Theater succeed where many others fail. They really go off... The track '33rpm' is angst ridden noise at its best. A merciless barrage of sub-sonic frequencies and post-industrial noise almost bury what may be a human voice. The 'B' side of this excellent study in the long-term effects of too much time alone, 'Ein Splitter Glas', presents a vocal treatment laid over a modulating noise loop... Love it. [Auralpressure]

SISSY SPACEK -- "Anti-Clockwise" -- 7" -- €7
2011 A Dear Girl Called Wendy, WE 16, (ltd. 150)
Noisecore. From the same session of Dash LP, on side A – 17 new short hyperactive bursts of the finest extreme noisecore. Lasse Marhaug joins the core duo of John Wiese and Corydon Ronnau. On side B – live capture recorded in Baltimore, march 2010.

SOLDNERGEIST -- "You Want Him / Hyper Climax" -- 7" -- €6
1998 Self Abuse Records, SAR-17
Industrial / Power Electronics.

TENDER LOVE / ANEMONE TUBE -- "TenderAnemoneLoveTube" -- 7" -- €6
1999 Inner Space Records, isr #8, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Noise. Track A recorded & mixed by Mark Headache in September 1998 using wind, voice, dirt, rock and glass as sound sources. Track B by ANEMONE TUBE: Guitar, Synthesizer, Rattle, Voice, Effects, recorded and mixed September 1996. Comes in a foldout cover, includes a 2-sided square 7" sized and a 2-sided 8x12 cm info-sheet.

TOTENSONNTAG -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €6
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK7-04, (ltd. 150)
Industrial / Noise. Part IV is Steinklang's "Zyklus 1" series.

VICE WEARS BLACK HOSE -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €6
2011 Turgid Animal, TA666-01 / GF Noise, GFNoise002, (ltd. 200)
Harsh Noise Wall.

VOMIR -- "Untitled" -- 7" -- €7
2012 Either/Or, EOR001, (ltd. 275)
Harsh Noise Wall. Hand-made sleeve. Two inserts. Limited to 275 copies.

VOMIR / WEREWOLF JERUSALEM -- "Untitled / Premature Burial" -- 7" -- €7
2010 AnarchoFreaksProduction, AFP 020, (ltd. 200)
Harsh Noise Wall vs Static Noise. Limited to 200 copies with a screenprinted sleeve.


Θ16 / MYRRMAN -- "Solastalgia" -- CS -- €10
2019 NEN Records, NEN 36, (ltd. 45)
Post-Techno / Rhythmic Industrial. A split album by Θ16 (pronouned as Krugom16) and Myrrman is a musical meditation on the subject of solastalgia (phenomenon of homesickness that you experience without leaving home), considered both in personal and common contexts. The first project was conceived by Sasha Fersman, a geologist from Olenegorsk, with the aim of crossing four on the floor beat and field recordings. The second project is Arnold_pR's solo enterprise (see Reutoff, Quattro Bravo Eballieros, etc.) for extracting inhuman grief from deposits of techno, new-beat and Italian-disco... Some people will notice that a similar combination of musicians forms "Оцепеневшие" - and it will, of course, be something right. This similarity is rather superficial: Θ16 and Myrrman's cases, cuts, shades of loss and longing are strictly individual, but they are united by high tempos of emotional experience and deep corporal capture of the listener - not so much in stupor as in dance. The authors themselves are captured: speaking of the lost, they are absorbed by the lost form - a linear narrative with an opening and a catastrophe, a verbose and spellbinding memory of the memory. Cardboard slipcase, two-sided color inlay sleeve, three stickers inside, 45 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

2020 Poperec Records
Experimental / Noise. Side A recorded live at Fylkingen in Stokholm on 14/11/2019, side B recorded live at Villa, Augsburg on 2/11/2019. In the name of Alternative Europe and Alternative kind of Union. We are grateful for help and support to worldwide transgender mafia and underground noise community - cheer up, guys, it's not so bad right now! From time to time after all. [label info] Recycled cassettes, duplicated by Nazlo Records.

BOBRYK + THE CHURCH OF HATE -- "The Center Of Hell" -- C-20 -- €13
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR124, (ltd. 9)
Experimental / Techno / Noise. A collaboration of two projects from Kiev (UA) and Moscow (RU). Pink C20 tapes, dubbed straight from analog master recorded live on portable studio at the Studio 51\3. Tied with chords, welded and sealed in plastic bag, info handtyped on sticker on tape.

BONCH-BRUEVICH, RACHEL -- "Triptych II" -- 3 x CS -- €30
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR119, (ltd. 15)
Piano / Modern Classical. One of the most enduringly fascinating projects to watch unfold this year, Rachel Bonch-Bruevich remains a mystery. Described as a late-Soviet outsider pianist whose amateur recordings were recovered earlier this decade, each simply numbered release captured faded piano recordings dubbed over old cassettes that occasionally burst through like radio interference. As a historical document it’s a treasure trove. As a hoax? That would only make these impossibly detailed smears of tape damage and audio drop-out more impressive. But I believe in Rachel Bonch-Bruevich, and exploring the archives of Triptych II (which includes cassettes One, 8 and the essential 13) will make you a believer, too. [Bandcamp Daily] Three tapes of various colours (C-60, C-40, C-60) in a triple case, handtyped label.

CAGE OF CREATION -- "Into Nowhere II" -- CS -- €12
2019 NEN Records, NEN 105, (ltd. 72)
Psychedelic Rock / Acoustic Black Metal. It was said that sometimes moonlight reveals the very marrow of things - the one that is better not to observe, and even simple man’s thoughts couldn’t touch its whole presence... Well, a good few of things said is blather, and listening to this drool to the fragile sense of bipedal works ill. But the latter doesn’t apply well for the new ‘Into Nowhere’: as the first part, it perfectly dwells beyond notions of bale and behoof... Apart from the dead shaman’s junk (that clearly heard on the tape) the wild trio have taken something non-real from impassable backwoods of Elk Pit (Losiniy Ostrog in Russian). But this something is truly substantial, as this heck rankled and worried P., W. and O. several moonlit nights straight a whole year in time... Straining the nerves like a hide on tambourine, now we can lump at this mess too. If every single meditation is an indispensable practice of death then meditation on something not surely dead is nothing than much less a consolation in infinity. Which is first, and last and always with you. Follow up your end-journey deep through the timberline. Just remember - the deeper into the wood you go, the more angry your demons grow!.. A cassette in a gold-embossed cardboard case, comes with a CoC logo patch. 72 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

THE CHURCH OF HATE -- "Moveable" -- C-60 -- €13
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR121, (ltd. 13)
Experimental / Sound Collage. Side A recorded live at Der Autobahn, Berlin 5/7/19, side B recorded live at Bunker på Bellahøj, Copenhagen 18/9/19. Transparent blood-red cassettes with handtyped info and all-unique handmade aplication artwork (pieces of CDs attached to shells).

CON-DOM -- "Calling All Aryans" -- CS -- €10
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Tracks from the early Con-Dom live performances. Originally released in 1984. This is a later edition produced by CON-DOM.

CON-DOM -- "Dragged Into The Gutter" -- CS -- €10
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Tracks from the early Con-Dom live performances. Originally released in 1985. This is a later edition produced by CON-DOM.

CON-DOM -- "Even More Racial Hatred" -- CS -- €10
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Tracks from the early Con-Dom live performances. Originally released in 1986. This is a later edition produced by CON-DOM.

CON-DOM -- "Recycled" -- CS -- €7
RRRecords / Recycled Music

CON-DOM -- "This Sickness Faith" -- CS -- €10
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Tracks from the early Con-Dom live performances. Originally released in 1985. This is a later edition produced by CON-DOM.

CON-DOM -- "War and Ordnance" -- CS -- €10
2016 Freak Animal
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Includes two exceptional live shows. On side A, you have full length War Against Society set, which for my knowledge has never been featured in any of his live releases. Recorded in Zurich 2015. B-side includes even more exceptional set, related to Shards of Ordnance 2xCD release. Live in Lahti, Finland, 2014, Con-Dom performed 35 minute set consisting nothing but rare tracks. Studio versions featured in various compilations, while this was first and only time these tracks have been played live! 12 page mini booklet inside J-card, chrome tapes, 1:1 real speed dubbing. [label info]

CON-DOM -- "The Will Lies Dormant" -- C-60 -- €10
1994 Control Domination
Two live recordings from 1986 and 1987. Author's reissue of a cassette published by Sounds For Consciousness Rape in 1994.

CON-DOM / THE GREY WOLVES -- "Intolerable" -- CS -- €10
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Live at Amesbury, Sport Centre, May 1985. Originally released in 1986. This is a later edition produced by CON-DOM.

CON-DOM / NAILS OV CHRIST -- "Vilification" -- CS -- €10
Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise. Split by CON-DOM (live track from 1986) and NAILS OV CHRIST (pre-THE GREY WOLVES). Originally released in 1986. This is a later edition produced by CON-DOM.

CULVER & HAARE -- "Rusted Zombie Mist" -- CS -- €10
2007 Matching Head, mh 147
Drone / Noise. Mail collaboration between Culver (UK) and Haare (FI).

EMERGE / DAVE PHILLIPS -- "In Memoriam Dmitry Vasilyev" -- C-40 -- €6
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR113, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Dark Ambient / Noise. These tapes were produced specially for the festival in memoriam Dmitry Vasilyev. The material by Emerge and Dave Phillips was recorded live in Sevastopol, Crimea next day after Dmitry's death. Full-color printed j-cards and stickers, recycled tapes.

GOVORIT RADIO KOSMOS -- "Ionnaya Lihoradka" -- C-90 -- €7
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 107/2019, (ltd. 13)
Noise / Radio Noise. Cosmoactive noise from the activists of St. Petersburg catacomb art. Dense layers of radio interference caught by dozens of sensors, narrating about the cult of vanquishment the infernal emptiness of space. A gulp of stardust in the blinding darkness of inhuman images. Since the project is primarily actionist, all the compositions are elements of live recordings. Ultra-limited edition in black PVC pouch with a sticker on it. Cassettes are signed and numbered manually. [label info]

HAARE -- "Recycled" -- CS -- €7
RRRecords / Recycled Music

IINEY + UL.V. -- "Vyaz'" -- CS -- €7
2019 Collapse 2, cII-0119t, (ltd. 70)
Dark Ambient. A collaboration album of Russian noise projects IRINEY and ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIYE (UL.V.). Recorded over a period of five years, working separately and together, using field recordings, digital techniques and studio hardware, the album is finally complete. "Creaks and whispers, deaf, viscous drones, breath of a swamp immerse the listener in an ancient ritual, attach to it through understanding of a fairy tale, through an ancient chant, through contemplation of sacraments of the untouched nature. [Status Prod.] Black shells with stickers, 6-panel fold-out j-card, 2 stickers, insert, red semi-transparent case.

LASKOVOE ECHO -- "Waterland" -- CS -- €5
2019 YAOP, YAOP 096, (ltd. 20)
Experimental. laskovoe echo continues their exploration of the Universe and the elements prevailing in it with an album inspired by water. Sparkling, iridescent and transparent, it is abstract, like the surrealistic films of Man Ray - abstract as if you were in some kind of aquatic civilization that is completely different from our terrestrial one. At the same time, contrary to expectations, “waterland” is far from the drone style of the previous works of the project, it is not at all malleable. It is filled with chased, chopped, yet melodic sounds, arranged freely from each other in the stream of tracks, and lining up in clear structures resembling sometimes techno, sometimes dub or academic avant-garde. The bizarre beauty of deserted shores, mysterious shallows and unknown forms of marine life. [label info]

MEMORY FAIL SAFE -- "11.11" -- C-90 -- €6
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR120, (ltd. 22)
Experimental / Noise / Lo-Fi. Recycled c90 tapes in handmade boxes with handtyped title, limited to 22.

MINERAL MARKET -- "Global Worming" -- C-50 -- €13
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR122, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Abstract / Lo-Fi. Something extremely culturally important right here for the first time probably - the hague tribunal of the northern post-vaporwave, a mix of the european level of masters to make ends meet! - extreme luxury of handmade glamor created by teams of designers / philosophers / photographers from different schools gathered for the sake of this special occation on the 7th floor of out lil upper-inner-kyrgyzs(a)tan - only for you, my darling, may you have a nice new 2020(20spody) and let in be the last one for all of us, amen and fuck everything to death in the name of all the living creatures, electronic music and illegal compounds! [label info] Pink C50 tapes with pink fur and handtyped info, no cover, no case, limited to 30 copies.

MIRA DREVO -- "Dreams of Abandoned Villages" -- CS -- €8
2020 Electrotapes Archive, ETA-TAPE-02, (ltd. 40)
Folk Ambient. The second full-length album of the St. Petersburg folk ambient project Mira Drevo is dedicated to the numerous abandoned villages of the Russian North. The idea of this work came to the author during ethnographic trips inspired by the interest in Russian folklore and village culture. In these expeditions many field recordings were collected: the stories of the elderly – about an uneasy life, war, beliefs and traditions, about what’s around and what’s inside; creaking floorboards of abandoned houses; dogs barking in the neighbourhood; rustling of spirits in the branches of dead apple trees; sounds of a cranberry swamp… Additional recordings were made on Solovki, on the Vottovaara mountain and in the Karelian woods. Some of the acoustic instruments were captured during these trips on a portable recorder and later woven into the fabric of minimalistic synthesizer ambient. A significant contribution to the sound of this album was made by the soulful vocals of Anastasiya Kharchenko who sang several folk songs and lyric poems... 40 hand-numbered copies, 2 cards with pictures by Valentina Mustajarvi, a handmade insert with the download code.

PODOZRITELNYJ PREDMET -- "White Drops of Bodhichitta" -- CS -- €10
2019 Pearly Snowdrift, PS07, (ltd. 10)
Ambient / Drone / Tribal from the depths of the St. Petersburg tape underground. Chrome tape, transparent cassette with a white film application on a clear case. No info on the artwork. Limited edition of 10 copies.

S.T.A.B. Electronics -- "Finland 2015" -- CS -- €10
2016 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-139
Power Electronics from the UK. Two live gigs recorded in Finland in 2015.

S4TVR4TI0N -- "Moons Of Mars" -- CS -- €5
2015 Fuck The Underground, FTU-002, (ltd. 45)
Ambient / Noise / Drone.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "Duophonic Space" -- CS -- €5
2014 Somberlife Productions
Drone / Space Ambient / Minimal.

SATURN FORM ESSENCE -- "Orbital Structure Of Venus" -- C-15 -- €7
2012 Depressive Illusions Records, cut 594, (ltd. 21)
Space Ambient / Minimal / Drone. Hand painted cassette, packed in brown paper with printed information.

SICK SEED -- "Live + 1" -- CS -- €7
2012 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-78, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics / Noise. Includes cover versions of the songs by AUTOPSY and GODFLESH. Pro duplicated tape in polycase with xerox insert.

SVETLO111 -- "Gladebuzz" -- C-90 -- €7
2019 BioSonar^Lo-End, 106/2019, (ltd. 13)
Experimental / Noise / Drone. Svetlo111 is one of the elders of the St. Petersburg noise underground, she plays a lot of gigs with teeth-crushing forms of drone and noise, however has just a few releases. In order to fill this gap we release this 1.5 hour long tape with two live recordings from the festivals Solar Systo Togathering 2017 and 2018. Furious buzzing, rattling and roaring intersperse with cosmic interferences in a phenylethylamine forest. Ultra-limited edition in rubberized paper with hand-written info. [label info]

UMPIO -- "Opium Electronix I-III" -- 2 CS BOX -- €15
2014 Freak Animal
Drone / Noise / Experimental. A compilation featuring first three parts of the "Opium Electronix" series. Vol. I was originally released on cassette in 2011 by Abgvrd / Rokot (50 copies). Vol. II was originally released on CDr in 2012 by Nekorekords (100 copies). Vol. III was originally released on CDr in 2013 by Nekorekords (100 copies). Packaged in a vinyl box with insert. Black shell cassettes with scratched side markings.

UNCLEAN -- "Deranged" -- C-60 -- €7
2012 Untergeschoss, UNTER12
Power Electronics / Noise. Pure post-mortem electronics continuing perfectly the style presented on this new Finnish project’s debut tape on Filth & Violence. Sleazy, ugly and proud of it. Hateful and non-pc content – not for everyone! C60 with same audio on both sides. Professionally dubbed tapes with bodyprints. [Tesco]


KSHATRIY -- "Discography" -- USB Stick -- €50
2019 self-released, (ltd. 15)
Full digital discography from 2004 to 2019 — 16 High-End mastered albums on Crystal USB Flash Drive — luminous with blue light! Packed in a black leather box. Image 1 | Image 2.

Flea market

ATROX - EKG - pic 7" - VG+ - €7
GREY PARK - Heliosis / Severe Heliosis - 7" - VG+ - €6
KRAFT - Harvest Of Despair - CD - NM/VG+ - €5
MURNAU - Recoil - 7" - VG+/NM - €6
VOLLMER, CARSTEN - Arbeit Nummer 7 - 7" - VG+/NM - €6
VOLLMER, CARSTEN / IRIKARAH - Arbeit Nummer 11 / Lovely Geisha - 7" - NM - €6
VOLLMER, CARSTEN / RECTAL SURGERY - Arbeit Nummer 12 / I Actually Tried To Fuck His Girlfriend - 7" - VG+/NM - €6

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

IV. Back in stock

1G0G -- "All Sacred" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Electroindustria, 08EICDR
Dark Ambient / Noise. Solo album of of Noises of Russia frontman Van Gog (1g0g), which he actively performed during his numerous concerts in Russia and Finland in 2006. 50-minute suite forged from heavily distorted orthodox motets, ringing bells, industrial sounds, smooth ambient layers and found samples. True Orthodox Christian harsh noise!

ACCASARI -- "Fracture" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 VOLOK Records, VR-19, (ltd. 20)
Drone Rock. Ex-System Morgue. "At some point you see a bright light. Not consciously. Not knowing the names of objects and phenomena. You look at everything for the first time. Watching the changes. Everything happens gradually. The world becomes the world, the water becomes water, the wind becomes wind, fire becomes fire. "You climb in a spiral to the top". You accept your existence. You learn to understand laws and meanings. You recognize what is good and what is bad. Gaining experience, you immerse yourself deeper and deeper into life. And only for a short moment you remember that you are something else. Something that does not initially have a name." [label info]

ACCASARI -- "La Décès /​Harbringer" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-24, (ltd. 20)
Drone Rock. Ex-System Morgue. Two mini-albums combined in one edition.

AD LUX TENEBRAE -- "Call of the Wild" -- CD -- €10
2008 Vegvisir Music, o:002, (ltd. 963)
Ritual Ambient. First full-length CD of Ad Lux Tenebrae (or K Svetu T'my - in Russian language), released after several split, collaboration and CDR editions. The disk contains two rituals, first was performed in the evening of Jan. 23rd, 2008, second - during the night on May 24-25th, 2004. Shamanic Dark / Drone Ambient of Ad Lux Tenebrae is the sound of the most ancient and deepest layers of existence, irrational and anti-rational, utterly alien to nowadays people, the manifestation of human side not distorted by the influence of "civilization" and "modern society". Message from the source where the essence of Nature and human flow together. Music from pre-times and out of time. The noise produced by humanoid organisms crawling about piles of metal and plastic, now completely drowns the call from the source of all living. Musicians of Ad Lux Tenebrae act as media, conductors that embody this signal, not bringing anything personal in the act of creation. In their rituals they use the original instruments like tambourine, self-made drums, tube, flutes and other untitled instruments made by themselves. Every ritual is put into a completed action only once, and will never be repeated in future... First ritual is intense and uneasy. A ritual of purifying from momentary things and merging with something that was rejected long time ago in blindness and stupidity. This is a wind tearing apart rotten meat of momentary and dissolving in an inexpressible glow from beyond. The storm of the first ritual gives place to pacification of the second one, but this calmness is illusive. Just like a pillow of moss in the middle of a forest looks so calm and safe, but it hides deadly depth of swamp pit underneath. Ghostly lights appearing in the very border of vision in short yet infinite moment of daybreak twilight, they lure inside the thicket warped in ghostly mist. The road of this music is tempting and frightening, what's gonna happen with the one following it?.. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Raven, a permanent member of the band, passed away in cold autumn of 2008. Rituals of "Ancestor's Call" were among the last recordings done with his participation. [press-release]

AD LUX TENEBRAE -- "Ghanood" -- CD -- €10
2014 Vegvisir music, o:011, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Drone / Ritual. Ghanood is new album of Ad Lux Tenebrae played in collaboration with 121 of Closing the Eternity. One more then half of hour long track. 100% organic & synth-free ambient somnolent meditation with strings, bells, drones, bowls, chimes & rainsticks. [label info]

AUBE -- "Blau+Rot" -- 7" -- €6
2007 Auf Abwegen, AATP_Difficult, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Noise. On these two tracks, released for the first european tour by AUBE in eight years, Akifumi Nakajima worked with an old Roland SH-12 percussive synth. The result are two long tracks (each over 6 minutes) with a nice floating mood that sometimes changes into aggressiveness without losing its warmth. A great little record by one of the most important experimental musicians from Japan. [label info]

BITTER -- "Make a Wish" -- 7" + CD-R -- €6
2008 :VENE: / 100% Unsocial Rec. / Apocalyptic Radio, AR 035, (ltd. 520)
Power Electronics. Harsh old school power electronics. Monotonous and penetrating electronics with violent vocals, resulting in four tracks of pure aggression and brutality. Includes a 40 minutes cdr with two full live-recordings from Germany (december 2007) and Belgium (june 2007). Here you get the pure live- recordings, not edited, dubbed or remixed afterwards. Single comes on black vinyl in glued cover with couple of inlays. Joint release of Vene Records, Apocalyptic Radio and 100% Unsocial Records. [press-release]

BIZARRE UPROAR -- "3/10/2014 Lily The Flesh Live" -- CS -- €9
2014 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-105
Power Electronics / Noise. Pro-cassette. White cassette shell with black on-shell imprinting. Pro-printed fold-out j-card. The same program repeats on both sides.

BOLVERKSTORM -- "9 Steps To Death" -- CD -- €10
2013 Vegvisir music, o:009, (ltd. 200)
Martial Industrial. Bolverkstorm it is the name of new russian industrial project. “9 steps to death” is dedicaded to World War II and all those who perished thereat. Album consists of 8 tracks, each of them is about tragedy of soldiers death and act of bravery as well. Music of Bolverkstorm is made of hum of battles, archival records, blustering soundscapes, noises, groans, wardrums and trumpets. [label info]

BORISOV, ALEXEI & VITALY MAKLAKOV -- "Brain Oscillation" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Ostroga, OTR-084, (ltd. 50)
Experimental Electronics. Aditional sounds by Olga Nosova (acoustic string instruments, percussion), Yuri Yaremchuk (sax), Katya Rekk (sound objects). Packed in a PVC sleeve.

BORISOV, ALEXEI & DAVE PHILLIPS -- "Live Duo Recordings Russia 2016" -- C-45 -- €7
2018 Nazlo Records, NzR089, (ltd. 60)
New tape release by Alexei Borisov & Dave Phillips - Live Duo Recordings Russia 2016 (100 years of dada tour) - 45 minute mix of parts of 6 performances in different cities in Russia. Two-sided j-card, recycled tapes. [label info]

CROATIAN AMOR -- "Mercure" -- 7" -- €7
2012/2013 Terror, TR-22
Industrial / Synthwave. Croatian Amor from Denmark managed to gather quite a group of followers during quite a short time of existence. And it is not for nothing. Their unique approach to sounds creates music full of grey sadness and I'm glad to release their 7". Two tracks - melancholic soundtrack, suitable for the very middle of autumn - light synth melodies, carrying you towards the empty airports. These tracks were released on tape by Posh Isolation label in 19 copies edition. You can hear November breathing because May is October and January is August. [label info]

DECONDITION -- "Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin" -- CD -- €12
2014 Force Majeure, Force006, (ltd. 497)
DECONDITION is Arttu LAINE, a Finnish musician living in Helsinki. "Sukellan tuntemattomiin syvyyksiin", "I dive into unknown depths" in english, is his debut CD after a first cassette released in 2006 on Freak Animal Records as FREAK-TAPE-022, "The Universal Nothingness". It contains thirteen tracks recorded before and after the "Universal Nothingness" sessions, at different times. Using electronics, sampler, effects, field-recording, junk metal, processed vocals, some tape-voices, DECONDITION creates hypnotic, repetitive pieces of noise, mixing power or rhythmic electronics with real industrial sounds. The atmosphere is obscure, weird, and very personal, most of the tracks dealing with the death and the resurrection of the ego. Housed in a six-panel digipack, limited to 497 copies. [press-release]

DISPERSIVE LIGHT -- "Illusory" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2018 VOLOK Records, VR-10, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. A collection of previously unreleased pieces of this Ukrainian project, recorded in various moments between 2008 and 2013. Fold-out digifile.

DISPERSIVE LIGHT -- "Mazurka" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 VOLOK Records, VR-5, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. The second full-length album of the Kiev project DISPERSIVE LIGHT - MAZURKA is a perfect example of how tenderness and coarseness, love and hatred, brutality and purity can be combined. In his work the author tries to say how fragile and at the same time uncompromising can be our life. That we are somewhere on the boundary between despair and divine inspiration, we remain the same simple and infinitely lonely people. Moths flying to the light. We can not do anything about it. We can not change anything. The dance of being continues. And again and again, from our lips sounds a question addressed to the creator. Who are we? [label info]

DISPERSIVE LIGHT -- "Sandy Wind" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 VOLOK Records, VR-1, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. The project Dispersive Light was formed in 2008 in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. From the first day of the foundation, we moved farther and farther into the space of guitar noise. Trying to find the right sound that would become the hallmark of the band. Our material is very fundamental, it is a monolithic wall of sound. In it there are no holes and voids, this granite pile rising beyond the limits of silence. Rude bass is all that is needed for the perfect Dispersive Light music. This creativity, perfect abstraction, perfect form without form, movement without movement. [label info]

DISPERSIVE LIGHT -- "Traces In The Dark" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 VOLOK Records, VR-6, (ltd. 20)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Like a mad artist, he paints rough strokes with his brush on the disintegrating canvas of reality. So the author of "Traces In The Dark" shows us the last flickers and sighs of the vanishing world. He seems to give us the pleasure of suffering at the time of death. He tells us, look, look carefully. It happens to you, it happens right now. Do not be afraid of anything, do not regret anything. Walk straight. Follow the trail into the darkness. You have the courage and strength to look beyond the edge. [label info]

DN23RD -- "Signals From Outside / Unconnect" -- 2 CD-R -- €7
2013 Down Elkovca Records, CD-R DER 007, (ltd. 13)
Radionoise. Unique and cult "project" from Russian underground, all the recordings of which are the fixations of radionoises on various frequencies. No editing. Only selection of an interesting frequency and complete human noninterference in the process of radio-receiver's work. This release is a reissue of two previously released radio fixations. Signals From Outside was released three times (in 2001 - ltd. 4 copies, in 2002 - ltd. 23 copies, and in 2004 - again ltd. 23 copies). Unconnect was released only once in 2004 ltd. 23 copies. And now, after 9 years since the last editions, both of these fixations are available again under one cover. Two CD-Rs with printed surface packed in a slim-case. Radio scheme on aged paper used as a cover, info insert inside. [press-release]

DOM VDOVY -- "Somnum Flagellum" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 self-released
Black Ambient. Beautiful unhurried resounding album with a deep viscous atmosphere. Subterranean noises, howling and gloom blend with medieval tunes. Unusual for this style are the variety of sounds and saturation of tapestries, resembling the style of Dungeon Synth. Tape noise slows down the heartbeat, waiting for the coming dread becomes stronger, sense of time is lost. I really enjoyed the rhythmical middle phase of the album - ritualistic, lo-fi, multi-layered and endlessly grim. Closer to the end the clouds thickened and I witnessed the music very much akin to the LLN project and the sound recording techniques of the 90-ies. The title track, after which the album is named, hypnotically brings to contemplative state, bringing back to reality with a repetative phrase and a howl turning into a moan of despair. The album is an interesting continuation and at the same time brings some new features in the sound of Dom Vdovy. [E:\Music\Dark Ambient]

DOR -- "Life in Russhausen" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Ufa Muzak, UFA 42, (ltd. 120)
Power Electronics. Boundless distance of dark areas, corridors, side streets, bottomless niches. Catacombs of endless labyrinth, suppressing with monumentality of its cruelty. Everyone who is here feels horrifying despair, because this territory is not somewhere outside, it is inside of people. Those who are entrapped, beaten and humiliated. Who lives in a country where treachery and violence has become the basis, where all human rights are defied, and there's only one freedom left: survival and slave submission. The project of harsh analogue anti-music in Power Electronics style, presents its requiem suite of the basics of people's structure resulted in a formula: "Hate your neighbour as yourself". Eight tracks of manic depressive convilsions. Sick therapy session either going to cure you, or plunge deeper in the abyss of the vicious circle. To all born in the period of new distemper. Russia is an ordeal... 8 tracks, 45 minutes, 8-page cardboard booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

DOR -- "Something Without A Name" -- CD-R -- €8
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA 52, (ltd. 120)
Power electronics / Angst pop / Shoegaze. Entering the forbidden territories can turn into nothing but total change. Returning into habitual environment is a catastrophic experience, strongest shock of striking difference. Familiar things, people, feelings, dreams turn out to be covered with thin layer of rot and decay. Time of absence turned into "time" of instand death, past and future combined in a dead-end, hidden from the visible existence, and everted to destroy everything completely. If once you touch this hardly visible gray mirage, the objects and forms of living and non-living nature turn into cloud of ashes. That's exactly why there are only two ways: do not enter, or do not return. The second album of DOR presents the radical view of another world. This is not the complete oblivion of the present, but already highly intensive attention to those who stayed at this side. Hammering as pales for the construction of huge columbarium with thousands of non-existing names, philosophic shots, tracks of this album call in there. While listening to them one has to concentrate not to be carried away... 7 tracks, 50 minutes, 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a postcard. [press-release]
[mp3]   [youtube]

ELECTRO-HARAM -- "Hur" -- 7" picture lathe-cut -- €20
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR104, (ltd. 25)
Experimental / Sound Collage. New single of the Moscow-based obscure underground project on a one-sided square 7" picture lathe-cut record, edition of 25 copies.

ET NIHIL -- "Nor Am I" -- CD -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK035, (ltd. 250)
Neofolk. If there is one band in the current Neofolk scene, that stands out among all other bands it’s ET NIHIL for sure. Rising from the ashes from legendary LUFTWAFFE, b9 InViD, RB and Jonathan S consequently follow their artistic vision and present a highly dynamic and powerful variety of the genre. “Nor Am I” is their first official studio release after the limited and sought-after “Onus” CDR, two live-albums and numerous singles and the first one to be released on LICHTERKLANG. “Nor Am I” contains 13 tracks of pure Neofolk mayhem, spanning from the morbidty of the Neofolk genre to intense drumming Martial Industrial is known for up to harsh and distorted vocals characterized by the Industrial scene, defining a new and modernized version of Neofolk. [label info]

FLAGELLATIO ORGASMUS -- "Criminal Russia" -- CD -- €16
2016 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-154
Power Electronics from Barnaul, Western Siberia, Russia on the cult Finnish label.

FREIBAND / KROMESHNA -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-035, (ltd. 30)
Two different views on experimental music combined in one mini-album. Light sparkling light airplanes from the Netherlands. And cool down from the summer sun gloomy landscapes of Ural from Russia. Artwork and design by Vitaly Maklakov. Envelope of photographic paper 10 x 11.5 cm. [label info]

FURRR -- "Pugs for Sounds" -- C-44 -- €6
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR115, (ltd. 50)
Experimental / Leftfield. Abstract lo-fi music from the Moscow-based producer Vera Vishnevaya. "we've been trying to post this long-awaited debut release by someone you all know, but we felt like it's too much responcibility to write about things of this kind, so we had to use ouija to get in a state of demonic posession and receive the following text from some unknown entity: The musical equipment is as much as a contributing member to any musical group as any other person. Furrr use to describe what musical compositions come out of the equipment that are sometimes unrehearsed or consciously thought of." [label info] Recycled black tapes, riso-printed cover.

GALDRAREYNIR -- "Gal anda vidR" -- CD-R -- €5
2012 self-released, (ltd. 96)
Ritual Ambient. Young Russian project "inspired by old nordic mythology, traditional poetry and esoteric practices of ancient north... " Dark ritual ambient, 6 tracks and about 50 minutes filled with the sounds of shaman's drum, pipes, mouth harp, mysterious incantations, incomprehensible and indefinite noises. Technically the quality of recording isn't that high, but the atmosphere doesn't become weaker, on the contrary, with this kind of monolithic sound material this only adds some true liveness and rawness, this even resembles some kind of chtonic interpretation of the music from Finnish label Aural Hypnox. The last track with its crazy exorcist samples only adds a couple od drops of insanity to the overall gloomy picture.

GALDRAREYNIR -- "SolarLjod" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 self-released, (ltd. 48)
Ritual Ambient. Second album of this Russian chtonic ritual project. From the very first minutes the listener gets sucked into a tight cavern of ventral saound, in a foggy veil of which one can feel rhythms, splutter of mouth harp, flute and guitar howls and mutter of endless incantations. Sometimes the texture of sound becomes more clear and spirits manifest themselves from emptiness, but mostly the matter flows like dense jelly and all images come out of focus. Recommended to the lovers of dark ritual psychedelia.

GOROVOY, PROHOR -- "Don Juan" -- CD-R -- €5
2016/2017 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-104, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Ambient / Noise.

GREEN ARMY FRACTION -- "Norrlandsvisor" -- 3"CD-R -- €8
2005 Misanthrope Studio, MS015, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics / Noise.

HEKSEMOTE -- "Denne Kirkegården Tilhører Oss" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2019 Red Engineering Production, REPR-09, (ltd. 20)
Occult Noise / Ambient Noise Wall / Dark Ambient project from Italy.

HILDEREND -- "Narde 800" -- CD-R -- €5
1999/2017 Torga Amun, Amun-115, (ltd. 50)
Side-project of GORDUW. Ultra-minimalistic Industrial / Darkwave.

THE HOUSE OF HIDDEN LIGHT -- "Myliobatiformes" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Volok Records, VR-21, (ltd. 20)
Darkwave / Neoclassical from Kiev, Ukraine. Beautiful and dreamy melodic music – quite a rarity for our weird catalogue.

LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Nikimna" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-093, (ltd. 20)
HNW as it is, for die-hard fans. A5 glossy envelope, photo insert.

LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Species" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-106, (ltd. 36)
Experimental noise / Drone / HNW. A sincere and uncompromising album of Urals project. [label info]

2014 Torga Amun, Amun-068, (ltd. 20)
HNW. Russian-French abstract landscape in two parts. A5 glossy envelope. pro-CDR. 20 copies. [label info]

> Harsh Noise.

2014 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 019, (ltd. 33)
Radionoise split from three projects from the Urals, Belarus and Leningrad. Three legends, three mystic acts hidden below the gritty flows of radiowaves waiting for the experienced psychonauts to find them. CDR with printed surface, packed in a half-dvd box. [label info]

LILES, ANDREW -- "My Long Accumulating Discontent" -- CD -- €13
2004 Nextera, ERA 2035-2
‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’ is the fourth and certainly the strangest recording from Andrew Liles. This CD is in places more ‘melodic’ than Liles’ previous output and its 17 tracks cover a wide musical territory. Some songs are short and harmonious, other pieces are longer, subtle and contemplative with drifting delicate drones. In places the CD is truly bizarre and defies all conventions. The album doesn’t fit easily into any definable bracket and we feel this oddity belongs in a class all of its own. Traditional English vernacular culture connoisseur Andrew King joins Andrew Liles for one track and Aaron Moore and Nick Mott of Volcano the Bear contribute to several other songs. ‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’ is a distinct and peculiar excursion from the norm. [press-release]

LINIJA MASS -- "Fanatisch Eiskalt Maschine" -- C-40 -- €6
1998 Ultra, U29, 2nd edition

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Svad'by Reptiliy Na Ochistnyh (Reptile Marriages At Sewage Facilities)" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Ostroga, OTR-087, (ltd. 50)
Field Recordings. Albums name speaks for itself.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY / BIG BANDES -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €8
2015 Ostroga, OTR-038, (ltd. 17)
Raw field recordings from Russia and France. Special unique design. Mini-CDR, only 17 copies. [label info]

2016 Ostroga, OTR-074, (ltd. 30)
Electroacoustic Noise / Lo-Fi. 30 copies in PVC sleeve.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY & LEFTERNA -- "Solar Mycelium" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-069, (ltd. 30)
Russian-Macedonian mail art collaboration. Hot dazzling summer landscapes. Rust and salt on the sand. Drone ambient mystery implicated with concrete sounds and field recordings. [label info]

MECHANICS OF TRANS -- "Outsiders" -- CD -- €7
2017 Provoloka, prvlk 0006-0001 / Kemerovo – 0001, (ltd. 480)
Provoloka continues to explore the little-known depths of the Russian industrial underground scene of 90-ies. Mechanics Of Trans was a project from the city of Kemerovo, formed by the musicians under the names of Chigibox, REAL and DMA. The material was recorded in 1998-1999 using computers, voices, noises and bass-guitar. Psychoactive ambient / noise.

MELANCHOHOLICS -- "A Single Act of Carelessness" -- CD -- €10
2006 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR2017 / Deafborn, dbcd04, (ltd. 1000)
Drone Rock / Dark Ambient. Without wanting to place Deafborn Records in one particular corner of the musical spectrum, 'dark' and 'atmospheric' are certainly two key-words. I never heard of Melanchoholics, which is a three piece group of Benedikt on guitars, Philip on bass and Lutz on electronics. Their previous interests lie in Death/Grind/Heavy metal and industrial and noise, but none of these influences are shown on 'A Single Act Of Carelessness', which is their second CD, after the self-titled, self-released CD from 2003. In 2001 they got together, discussing 'dark and solitudous sound atmospheres' and started jamming around. They probably do that a lot, since this CD shows a mature sound. The alienated, desolated soundscape of a post nuclear landscape is what is unfolded before our very eyes. Empty industrial sites, dark clouds, a thunder - the fine ingredients of a good nightmare or perhaps the storyboard of a b-movie entitled 'the last man on earth and his wanderings' (sorry that didn't sound very hollywood like). The guitar is plucked, a dark wall of synths and feedback hoover in the background and we hear the sound of highly polluted water running down the drainpipes. The album doesn't very hopeful, nor any where near melancholic. What would they long for? The cross-over between ambient and industrial has been made before, by many (Illusion Of Safety's during the late 80s period spring to mind here), but Melanchoholics translate the sound pretty well to a new millennium. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

MEMORY FAIL SAFE -- "0x7A69" -- C-90 -- €6
2019 Nazlo Records, NzR110, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Downtempo / Lo-Fi. "Beware - some newss today from memory fail safe, who has been working hard for last few months to present a completely new album released on tapes (featuring Sergey Bolotin on drums in some tracks). Recycled c90 tapes in green cases with info handtyped on tape stickers." [label info]

MINDVOID / LIGHT COLLAPSE -- split -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-118, (ltd. 30)
Split from the Ukrainian and Russian projects. Lo-fi industrial sound collages from Mindvoid vs. one long HNW track by Light Collapse.

MOLJEBKA PVLSE -- "Sadalsuud" -- CD -- €13
2007 Some Place Else, SPECD07040
Mathias Josefson is a sound-artist from Stockholm, Sweden, and currently attending the royal university college of fine arts. His main project is Moljebka Pvlse, which is an experimental music group that works with both electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as with field recordings and found sounds. What comes out is hypnotic and meditative soundscapes. Over the years Moljebka Pvlse has performed live in Canada, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and the U.S. Mathias has, mainly as Moljebka Pvlse, released several albums on many different labels, such as Cold Meat Industry, Eibon Records and his own Isoramara label. Some Place Else is proud to release the new album by Moljebka Pvlse, entitled Sadalsuud. For this album, Mathias collaborated with a number of his colleagues who provided him various source sounds to work with. The name Sadalsuud refers to a star of the same name in the constellation of Aquarius. The name comes from an Arabic phrase meaning "the luckiest of them all". Nevertheless the album is rather earthy-sounding, yet mystical and surreal, almost claustrophobic at times. The sound is vaguely reminiscent of some works by Nurse With Wound, Maeror Tri or The Hafler Trio, but carries the trademark Moljebka Pvlse feel. An unsuspecting pre-listener described Sadalsuud as "a visit to a supposedly haunted house, though only once you've entered the house you begin to grasp the real meaning of haunting." [press-release]

NADJA -- "Desire In Uneasiness" -- CD -- €14
2008 Crucial Blast, CBR 65
Following a wave of recent reissues and re-recorded versions of older CD-R titles, Desire In Uneasiness is an album of all new material from the acclaimed Canadian dreamsludge weavers Nadja. Five colossal jams of eternally-fuzzy, ethereal dirge that are powered by the interlocking bass guitars of Leah Buckareff and Aidan Baker, who set loose a wave of monstrous grinding bass riffs amidst a fog of beautiful, swirling electronic effects. Desire also marks the first Nadja album to feature a live drummer in place of the drum machine programming that has driven the band's previous recordings, and the difference in the band's sound is apparent from the first crushing beats of album opener 'Disambiguation'. The organic drumming here takes Nadja's music into new realms of spacious jazzy exploration, dubby rhythms and cavernous psychedelia, while also delivering some of the band's most grooving, crushing hypno-bliss yet. Desire also stands out from the rest of the Nadja catalog for it's bizarre artwork that Aidan commisioned from his friend The Reverend Aitor. Aitor's bright, bold lines and textured magic marker artwork gives the gatefold jacket we've presented this disc in the look of a twisted children's book on acid, with weird images of chickens, trees growing through chairs, and more. The package is a sturdy 4-panel gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton, and it looks killer. [press-release]

2009 Cathartic Process, CP-14
After Sweden's Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar's impressive full length albums Halrum (SNSE) and Skrankverk (Dystonia EK) (among other stellar releases), this collaborative album shows an even further development in their sound. The pairing with Green Army Fraction (also from Sweden) for Westerbotten results in a massive, powerful sound. Their heavy use of cymbals and analog electronics creates impressions that surpass harsh noise trappings, and the listener immediately realizes that Westerbotten exceeds genre definitions or expectations of either group involved. The sounds created reveal the magickal qualities of Metgumbnerbone or Coil, the dark psychedelic ambiance of The Stargazer's Assistant The Other Side of the Island or Wolf Eyes' Black Wing Over the Sand, and the cacophony of The New Blockaders. Prepare yourself for one of the most impressive listens in recent memory. Elaborately printed with metallic inks and packaged in a gatefold sleeve, along with a 16-page booklet. [press-release]

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "Hydrophobia" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Electroindustria, 06EICDr
In our new program HYDROPHOBIA we continue investigations into the stereotypes of perception. If our latest program INVISIBILITY AND LABOUR was dedicated to the full disintegration of personality under the social pressure which is mechanizing all the life processes, the program HYDROPHOBIA materializes the response of individuum to the social aggression. The object dissection is mechanism of manifestation so-called forbidden emotions such as mystical joy, inexplicable sorrow, in-depth horror, catharsis which are opposed to the legalized feelings of cleanness, sterility, health, happy unconscious alcohol intoxication, enjoyment of material comforts. [press release]

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "In Ryazan. Easel Painting, sketch #5" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Electroindustria, 06EICDr
Recorded live in Ryazan on 25.01.2006. "The program EASEL PAINTING opens anthology of industrial sound. The noises of industrial machines represent the monochrome part of spectrum of the industrial-sound palette, the retrospective sight of the XX century - the age when the heavy industry myth was born and was dethroned. The solists are machines. Their interaction with each other and with human voices, with harmonic polyphonies (so-called landscapes) and noises (music concrete) that appeared as accompaniment creates atonal and non-rhythmic sound picture which gives the spectator a rare chance to combine the work therapy with shock therapy." [press release]

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "Live in Ikra Club 2006" -- CD-R -- €6
2006/2019 ElectroIndustria

NOISES OF RUSSIA -- "We Sorrow For You" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 ElectroIndustria, 09EICDr
Second full-length studio album of Noises Of Russia, the result of two-year work with archaic layers of consciousness and saturated sound canvases. The album's sound came out even, dark and discreet. It's textural basis is one of the central monuments of Indoeuropean culture, one of the most anscient spiritual instructions of humanity - "Upanishady" - the precept of defence against the monsters born by endless vigil of mind. The subject of this electronic symphony in 5 parts is the ironical lesson of merited pass out, from child's carelessness to death through the experience of existence. [label info]

NOISES OF RUSSIA / A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR -- "Cimeter & Water: 2010 Secret Assembly Apocalyptic Tour" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 ElectroIndustria
Split-release dedicated to the joint tour of Noises Of Russia and A Challenge Of Honour happened in April 2010. Contains 4 new compositions from Noises Of Russia + 3 previously unreleased tracks from A Challenge Of Honour.

OBOZDUR / URINATE -- "Planet Of Cans" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-111, (ltd. 30)
Split of two noise projects from Russia.

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION -- ":vilification ov:" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2010 Roil Noise Offensive, RNOCDR112
Exploding American Power Electronics with clatter, feedbacks and Neanderthal yells. Colour sleeve. [YAOP]

PSYCHIC TV -- "Live In Russia" -- CD -- €16
2006 FeeLee Records, FL 3212, (ltd. 1000)
We say Psychic TV and mean Genesis P-Orrige. Conceptualist, mystifier and follower of Crowley. Myth creator who founded the mysterious religious organisation "Temple of Psychic Youth" and the band Psychic TV which stands for it's mystical aims in arts. A suspicious person who was blamed by UK government for satanism and ritual sacrifice and had to move to US. Official record-holder of the biggest amount of albums released within one year (23 albums of Psychic TV during 23 months in the middle of 80-ies). Wild freak thoroughly proving and documenting all his weird actions like sex change or implantation of a golden jaw. Follower of William Burroughs, who brought infernal depth to synth-pop music and first invented the term "acid house". Androgyne entity who in 2004 played a noise postpunk concert in Moscow and told a story about a squirrel... [press-release]

RES -- "Spiral" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Red Engineering Production, REPR-02, (ltd. 20)
Death Industrial / Power Electronics from Kiev, Ukraine. Old School!

REYNOLS -- "The Bolomo Mogal F Hits" -- CD -- €12
2004 Audiobot, BOT 007
Lo-Fi Psychedelic Rock.

RHUCLE + KROMESHNA -- "Phantom Holiday" -- C-40 -- €8
2018 Ostroga, OTR-104, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / drone mail-art collaboration between Japanese and Russian artists. Only 30 copies. Each copy is unique and has an original drawing of one of the authors on the cover.

SCHATTENSPIEL -- "R/Evolution" -- CD -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK028, (ltd. 275)
Neoclassical / Martial. Three years after SCHATTENSPIELs last album "Aus dem Dunkel" their new opus "R/Evolution" finally has been released. "R/Evolution" marks a big step forward for SCHATTENSPIEL with the addition of Miss Kitty as a permanent band member back in 2014, taking care of all female vocals and therefore adding more variety to the impressive compositions of Sven Phalanx and Lionel Verney. "R/Evolution" combines neoclassical and Dark Ambient influences with hints of Martial Industrial influenced soundscapes while the arrangements of the fourteen songs are outstanding. SCHATTENSPIEL found their unique and distinctive style proving that musical diversity and integrity can not be missed in todays underground culture. [label info]

SIROTEK / OBOZDUR -- "...After Yufit" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-044, (ltd. 25)
The joint album of two Vitaly. Dedicated to the works of Eugene Yufit. Necrorealism and black and white philosophy in sound. Pro-CDR, 25 copies. [label info]

SIROTEK / OBOZDUR -- "Functional Lessons" -- CD-R -- €5
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-087, (ltd. 15)
Harsh noise.

SMALL THINGS ON SUNDAYS -- "In Slow Motion" -- CD-R -- €10
2013 Attenuation Circuit, ACLE 1004
Based in Copenhagen, Small Things on Sundays is the electroacoustic duo of Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen, who has already released on Attenuation Circuit with his project Star Turbine. Small Things on Sundays use guitar, radio, tapes, viola and various gadgets to create five short tracks of smooth, quite psychedelic dark ambient textures... The members’ interest for experimental music and vinyl records led to the formation of Small Things on Sundays in 2005, starting with free improvisations with electronic treatments of vinyl records in any tempo. The recorded material is edited to finished "live-take" tracks or recycled for new improvisations or mixed into more constructed tracks. This way Small Things on Sundays has refined their signature sounds, and created a wide range of works ranging from noise to ambient compositions. [label info]

SPLENDOR SOLIS -- "...letum - non omnia finit..." -- CD -- €10
2013 Vegvisir music, o:006, (ltd. 347)
Apocalyptic Folk. Splendor Solis (lat. Shining of the Sun) mixes typical dark folk insruments, neoclassical compositional methods and early European musical heritage. Theirs lyrics are inspired by medieval European theology, apocalyptic symbolism, and also by theosophical doctrines and mystical branches of buddism. Splendor Solis' debut album is dedicated to the infinite reincarnation of soul of a man. The album has been created using acoustic instruments only. Music of Splendor Solis is nice, harmonious, not very intricate but melodious right along. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with 12-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. [press-release]

STIFF AND COLD -- "Like A Snake" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 VOLOK Records, VR-11, (ltd. 20)
Drone Ambient. This is the 4th full-length album of the little known project of the Kiev musician Pavel Burgela. The project is completely studio. Recorded exclusively at night. The music of the project can be described in such epithets as gloomy, otherworldly, sepulchral, cold and harsh. The style of the project is unchanged Drone Ambient. The previous three releases of "Stiff and Cold", "Dress Of Flesh" and "Demons Of Alfred Kubin" were published on the American net-label aReW recordings. STIFF and COLD - Like A Snake strangles you with its monotonous tearing. Slowly fetters your will, fills the heart with fear, and the mind with anxiety. Those who are able to appreciate the music of STIFF and COLD are invited to audition. Dissolve without a trace in the dark stuffiness of an endless fall into oblivion. [label info]

SUN RA / MERZBOW -- "Strange City" -- CD -- €10
2016 Cold Spring, CSR228CD
Officially licensed from Irwin Chusid of the SUN RA estate, Cold Spring’s Justin Mitchell negotiated rare and unreleased tracks from the SUN RA archive to be remixed and treated by Masami Akita. The tracks incorporate the jazz power of SUN RA, carried into brutal excess by the legendary Japanese artist, MERZBOW. [label info]

SVALBARD -- "Der Letzte Blick Zuruck" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK006, (ltd. 450)
Military Pop / Neofolk. SVALBARD was started as an ambient one-man project in 2006. It's music was based on the mixture of Dark Ambient and Neoclassic. During the winter of 2007 the first demo titled 'Stille' was recorded and soon SVALBARD received the invitation to take part in the international fest "Crivia Aeterna". After the band's first performance it's conception was reworked and the following year SVALBARD performed their new program together with the new member [K.S.] who since then has become responsible for the lyrics of the project. After this performance the band received their first contract with "Der Angriff" (subdivision of Russian label "Indiestate") and released their first EP 'Treue Vaterland Jugend'. During spring and the summer of 2009 SVALBARD was working on their first LP 'Heimkunft' that was released on the German "Lichterklang" label in 2010 and gained a lot of respect from fans and media worldwide. 2012 now sees the release of the second fulltime album entitled "Der letzte Blick zuruck" again on Lichterklang, strengthening their songwriting skills and sharpening SVALBARD's individual character as that, being the perfect blend of pathetic dance hymns and military pop appeal combined with the depth of russian melancholy and new gained folkloristic influences. The album is released as a standard jewelcase edition including 8-page-booklet, mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum, Triarii) at the Blue Lounge Studios Berlin. [press-release]

T.A.C. -- "Splintered" -- CD -- €10
2004 Small Voices, SVR04009
Here they are again! Less than a year's passed since the release of "Twilight Rituals" and T.A.C. are back with a new full length album, maybe the band most accessible effort to date. But don.t expect a pop oriented sell out. Instead be prepared to fall inside T.A.C.'s kaleidoscope once again. And again. While supposed to slow down their recording activity for a while, during the summer of 2003 the band undertook a series of free form improvisational sessions that in a very short time brought to a bunch of fully produced new compositions. Their twelfth release actually. T.A.C. sonic trip goes on through unexplored territories, forcing the borders between electronica and new psychedelic soundscapes, making room for gentle ballads merciless deconstructed. Enter now T.A.C.'s surreal and swirling world. The tribernetic shamans are back. [press-release]

TCHORT & GOPOTA -- "Engel Of Death" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-127, (ltd. 30)
Lo-fi / Martial Industrial / Rhythmic Noise. TCHORT - one of the projects of Dr. Feitnathoroth from GORDUW, GOPOTA is one of the projects by Vitali Maklakov from LIGHT COLLAPSE, OBOZDUR, etc.

TROUM -- "Nargis" -- 7" -- €7
2007 Viva Hate Records, VHR-45-002.1, (ltd. 400)
Drone. Part one of the "Landscapes Single Series", full-colour artwork & inlay designed by Mars Wellink (adVANCEd).

UNIT+ASS -- "Black Hole" -- CD-R -- €5
2012 Torga Amun, Amun-037, (ltd. 21)
Power Industrial / Dark Ambient from Russia. Side-project of Gorduw. CD-R, printed cover and insert are packed in craft envelope.

UNIT+ASS & OBOZDUR -- "All & Your All?" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Torga Amun, Amun-119, (ltd. 50)
Lo-Fi / Industrial / Rhythmic Noise. A new uncompromising release from cohort of the Torga Amun Rec. Against the modern world and your false dream! Listen and doom yourself to oblivion! [label info]

VAZHES -- "Seid" -- CD -- €10
2009 Vegvisir Music, o:007
Ritual noise / Folk. Many centuries ago noiades, the shamans of ancient Sami, have put seids (seita) on their current places. The centuries have gone, Sami went to the North under pressure of other peoples, wars passed by one by one, but seids still stand on their places. The true harmony never disappears. One can try to forget or destroy it, but nothing can replace it - there are only poor and paltry attempts of replacement to something different which has nothing in common with the natural way of living. Saids can be destroyed, everything connected with the traditional culture can be destroyed, we can forget and refuse everything thinking that it should be this way. But by doing so, a man undoubtedly opposes himself to Nature, instead of being an integral and harmonic part of it as it is in the traditional culture. By breaking the connections with Nature, according to the same law of natural harmony, a man will disappear himself... "Seid" is the debut album of Vazhes, a project by ethnographer Sergey Gabbasov. The album consists of 4 tracks, two of them "Seid" and "Krishna" are recorded by Vazhes, one is a collaboration between Vazhes and Fanum, and another one is created by Vazhes and Akpan. The album is dedicated to the struggle between chaotic and destructive world of contemporary people and eternal natural harmonic principles, embodied in traditional cultures... The beginning - existence and sound of the North - vibrations of stones, Northern lights, spirits of anchestors and crunch of ice. Silence frozen over the icy rocky spaces. Here and there seids, ancient like the North itsels, stand towards the sky. White stillness. Then, suddenly, Hindu kirtan and aggressive heat of radical religious fundamentalists. Struggle to death and Exodus. From ice and tundra to desert and top of the world. Roaring wind among the blinding white peaks promising oblivion. And drying wind taking away the last water and life. And finally, the raging summer storm over the forest swamps of the Ural and Kama river... Thunder and lightnings in the sky, the eternal forest and purifying water streams which feed the rivers and give birth to life... A way from North to South and back to North... Away from the dirt and thoughtless insanity of the modern world! [press-release]

VELEHENTOR -- "Boeing: There And Back Again" -- CD -- €5
2004 Gravestench, STENCH 01, (ltd. 500)
The CD contains two mini-albums: first of the is called "The Rest of Hiroshima" and dedicated to nuclear bombing of japanese cities by american military aviation. Nice cold darkwave. The second part - "Wargasm 911. The Best of USA" - is dedicated to aircraft bombing of New York City by american civil aviation. Dense power electronics. The last track entitled "168:1" is recorded in memory of Timothy McVeigh who exploded the federal building in Oklahoma-city in 1995. Festival of soul for misanthropic comrades. The CD is packed in DVD-box with booklet and a set of postcards.

VELEHENTOR / KARNA -- "The Asha Blaze - 7 Minutes Later / Era Of Cold Hearts" -- CD -- €5
2009 Nomos Dei, LEGIS VI, (ltd. 666)
Split CD of two leading Russian noise projects. This release contains 4 previously unreleased tracks from Karna's EP "Era Of Cold Hearts" and a 30-min long track from Velehentor, dedicated to the biggest railway disaster happened in Russia on June 4th, 1989 near Asha town which maimed and destroyed lifes of many people. The atmosphere of icy inhuman horror from Karna. Sonic minimalism and strict aesthetics of macro-implosion from Velehentor. Special artwork in super jewel case. [press-release]

2008 Vegvisir Music, o:001, (ltd. 976)
"Ishopanishad" is a unique album for present days, as it was created in the process of a real-time performance, and all the music was played on "live" acoustic instruments, without using any "electronics". The album is conceptual and consists of three tracks - preparatory ritual, anticipating the mystery of performing Isha Upanishad, 2nd track - the mystery itself, and the 3rd - long, meditative, concluding, allowing the listener to immerse deep into himself and feel the traces of vibes of one of the most monumental Veda texts. The Upanishad is executed in a canonical style in Sanskrit in state of deepest concentration and meditative practice. During the recording of the album, the "eastern" traditional musical instruments were used, all brought from ethnographic trips... A little bit about the contents of Isha Upanishad - this ancient text is a conditional commentary to Veda, containing the preamble and 18 hymns, and it's one of the ten most authoritative texts (after the Veda) which in short and easy to understand yet very capacious form tell about truth and falsity of so called "human values", not thrusting any doctrines or religions to anyone. It just shows the misery, futility, transiency, caducity and infirmity of so called Karmic, "worldly" activity of modern people. Reading and rereading it's shlocks (quatrains), it's impossible not to feel surprised by that exactness of descriptions of realities of our contemporary life, as if the author could watch forward the time through the centuries while writing this astonishing text, and he showed to us, modern people, from his faraway past, that actually... nothing changed, people remained the same, their problems didn't change, and that's why like 4 thousand years ago this text is still actual and fresh... "Those who honour mystics fall into endless darkness, but even bigger darkness engulf those who worship the Absolute" - Sri Ishopanishad, 9. [press-release]

VETROPHONIA -- "Kuomintang" -- C-40 -- €6
Ultra, U 26, 2nd edition
Live recording of Nick Sudnick and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov at ZGA studio (May 17, 1998). Ritual trance-noise. Second edition (not numbered).

VETROPHONIA -- "Live April '97" -- CS -- €6
Ultra, U20, (ltd. 100), 2nd edition

VIOLET -- "Foreign Lands" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 051
Russian label SOI Tapes published a set of fragments of live performances made by tireless experimentator Jeff Surak in different places during 2005: Budapest, Pecs, Vienna, Yaroslavl. Abount an hour of live breathing electroacoustic material recorded with the use of various unusual devices (i.e. gusli with several e-bows, microgenerators of wave signals, etc.) and improvised means.

VISHUDHA KALI -- "Psenodakh" -- CD -- €10
2013 Vegvisir music, o:004, (ltd. 350)
Ritual Ambient. Dark/drone ambient very ritualistic and with some ethno-noise influences. This opus consists of 4 long ritual tracks recorded with sounds of breathing and vocals, acoustically processed through natural and exclusive equipments. Music of this album was heard by author while long sojourn far in Caucasian mountains at the shore of partly ice-covered alpine Psenodakh Lake (Fisht-Oshten pass). Psenodakh means "lost in the middle of moutains". Vishudha Kali presents hymns to the nature mysteries kind of wind, water, stonefalls, wild animals and birds as well as chants on Sanskrit. Firstly album was released at Vishudha Kali's own label Fight Muzik with limitation of 333 copies. New release limited to about 350 copies. CD contain 4 tracks. Fourth track includes two parts: Vishudha Kali song named "Ritual from fire" and song "Haidakhandi Aarti Sankirtan" - very rare archive record of Hindustani saint Mahavatar Shree Haidakhan Babaji made by officiary of Soviet Embrace in India. It was previously published only on die hard edition of this album as additional CD-r limited to 33 copies. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with eight-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. [press-release]

VOLOK -- "Khorovod" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 VOLOK Records, VR-12, (ltd. 20)
Dark Drone Folk. An interesting combination of almost monotonous dark drone background and otherworldly low-pitched voice singing a sort of Russian traditional mournful songs. Like creeping thoughts reluctantly twisting in a head of a forester, locked down in his hut because of endless blizzard... "What in essence is our life? A sequence of visions and sensations. Once involved in this restless whirlpool full of horror, prejudices and prohibitions. We are not able to escape from it. An inner instinct tells us that something is wrong. That something in this dance of events, designed to break us and subdue us, is not true. It is not the harmony that our nature seekы for. What should we do? How to quench the inner thirst of God? Feeling despair, we rush into the abyss of uncontrollable revelry and self-destruction or try to achieve liberation and pacification in a pious and ascetic way of life. But all this is a temporary salvation. These are pills that get rid of the symptoms, but not the disease. The feeling of bitterness and doubt does not leave us for a single moment. How can we throw off the chains? How to achieve freedom? Unfortunately, the answer to this question remains hidden." [label info]

VOLOK -- "Smertniy" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 VOLOK Records, VR-16, (ltd. 20)
Dark Drone Folk. An interesting combination of almost monotonous dark drone background and otherworldly low-pitched voice singing a sort of Russian traditional mournful songs. Like creeping thoughts reluctantly twisting in a head of a forester, locked down in his hut because of endless blizzard... "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for You. Unfortunately, few of us remember this saying. Immersed in everyday life, we run in an endless circle of concerns and don't remember who we are and why we live. We forget that we are all temporarily on this earth, that we are only grains of sand in the sandglass of eternity. Stop, mortal! Think about it, is it the right way to live your short life?" [from the author]

VOLOK / DISPERSIVE LIGHT -- "Idol" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-22, (ltd. 20)
Drone Folk / Experimental. A collaboration of two Ukrainian projects. Dark ritual-folk singing of VOLOK combined with experimental electronic background of DISPERSIVE LIGHT. Lullabies for drowning into a black dream.

VOLOK / EGO DEATH -- "Bezlyudnaya" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 VOLOK Records, VR-22, (ltd. 20)
Doom Metal / Drone Folk. A collaboration of two Ukrainian projects. Heavy doom guitar riffs of EGO DEATH serve as a background for the characteristic sepulchral singing by VOLOK. An interesting combination.

2016 Lichterklang, LK034, (ltd. 260)
Neofolk. WERKGRUPPE LUDENDORFF, named after a german bunkergroup from WWII, is a young, new german neofolk band that delivers one of the most stunnishing debuts of german neofolk-scene in years. The twelve songs of the album reveal an incredible compositorical maturity as well as great musical skills that could only be found in bands like Forseti, Dies Natalis or early Sonne Hagal. Lyricalwise WERKRGUPPE LUDENDORFF hold up the traditions and values which seem to be lost in modern society, just to name the love for home and nature in general as well as critical and open mind towards current social and political mindsets. [label info]

WORMS -- "s/t" -- CS -- €6
1996 Ultra, U16, (ltd. 100), 2nd ed.
Industrial / darkwave from St. Petersburg underground. True!

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