ZHELEZOBETON news - 24.08.2020
Buenas tardes, amigos!

In the past two months the work of international post has been restored and we were able to receive packages from several European labels: At War With False Noise (UK), Aliens Production (SK), Cold Spring (UK), Zoharum (PL), Narcolepsia (PT), and an interesting compilation "Intonarumori: Ieri ed Oggi" recorded with the use of restored noise instruments of Luigi Russolo and published by the labels Diplodisc (IT) and ReR Megacorp (UK).

Russian labels also pleased us with new releases, we got new discs and tapes from Status Prod., Paper Moon Republic, Garðarsk Uruz, Dödens Kultur, Glass Jelly Souffle, Global Pattern, NEN Records, Dark Jazz Records, and from the guitar drone projects Accasari и Exit In Grey.

From August 29th to September 6th the mailorder will be on vacation, but as usual you can send your orders to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru, they will be processed upon return.

The August issue of Zhelezobeton sonic panorama awaits you at this link:


I. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

ANGST78 -- "78-Angst" -- CD -- €10
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 190-2, (ltd. 250)
Dark Ambient / Techno. ‘78 Angst’ is a conceptual compilation of tracks composed by Patryk Gęgniewicz (REVISQ) and Lukasz Szalankiewicz (ZENIAL) between 2013 and 2019. This music was composed in various places and circumstances: Zenial recorded in Poznań, Kraków and New York, Patryk in Wałbrzych, Jelenia Góra and Warszaw. Thus, every track has its own specific atmosphere and sound. The musicians have also invited other artists to make their remixes and reworks. One of them ‘At The Gates’ has been made by duo FISHERBOYZ. Dawid Chrapla and Dominik Żochowski are the authors of the next two tracks. The compositions on this album fluctuate around ambient, EVP-drone and techno. The name of the band comes from Gerald Kargl's movie ‘Angst’ and 78 is the year of birth of both project members. The CD is housed in a ecopak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 250 copies. [label info]

CHAZEV -- "Katatonia" -- CD -- €10
1986/2020 Narcolepsia, narco095, (ltd. 300)
Industrial / Noise. Obscure solo venture of Heinz Christian Wilp (founder of DER SCHWARZE KANAL, as well as ZU guitarrist and occasional member, as percussionist, of DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE), which was active from 1984 to 1987... “Katatonia”, originally put out by italian cult label ADN, is probably the release most people associate with the project, and an absolutely essential document of 80s tape culture that Narcolepsia is very proud to unearth in this new format... Enshrouded in the thick darkness of the postmortem era, this is a classic that contains every element to satisfy worshippers of those inimitable early days: diluted rawness and sinister vibes echoing throughout its entire length, in a spiral hypnotic descent into abyssic primitivism, spawning solemn and archaic rituals exhumed from forbidden regions, a macabre incursion into the saturated hiss of pure negativity. [label info]

DADHIKRA -- "Kartulikuljused" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_49, (ltd. 38)
Noise / Drone / Folk / Experimetal. Kartulikuljused is “deaf bells” in Estonian. This is the name of the book by Aimée Beekman about the fate of Estonian villages, which this album of the project from the mysterious Ingermalandia is dedicated to. Noisy reflection on the fate of the Baltic-Finnish peoples living on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland - that is, Estonians, Izhora and Vody. Folk droning noise with interspersed radio noise and fragments of Estonian, Vodsky and Izhora folklore from the rare soviet vinyls. Also, as the instrument used the authentic medieval archaeological stuff, including «deaf bells». CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box. [label info]

DIFFERENT STATE -- "Enormous Components of Motor Unit vol. 2" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 199-2, (ltd. 250)
Industrial / Experimental. DIFFERENT STATE is back with the new album. A continuation of the last year's 'Enormous Components of Motor Unit vol. 1'. Although both of these materials were created in a short period of time, they differ significantly from each other. In here the acoustic parts developed in the previous part give way to a raw drones resulting in quite corase and electric sound. Psychdedelic aura known from the previous part disappears here in the density of outwardly chaotic, trance inducing loops which determine the nature of the album, more predatory, full of emotions, well presented through music and text. In this short time, the artist's form of work also changed. The previous part ripened slowly, changed in the following stages from the idea to the new arrangements, while on the new album we get a record of several sessions, recorded shortly after each other, reflecting the spirit in which they were created in order to capture that time, place, circumstances and experiences. "Enormous Components of Motor Unit vol. 2" is an extremely personal album through which the author tries to redefine the current system values, using his latest experience. Like the first part, "Components of Motor Unit vol. 2" is released in a limited edition of 250 copies, in a hexagonal ecopack. [label info]

ESCAPE FROM WARSAW / SANTA MARIA & KAROL SU/KA -- "Materia / Czas Snu" -- 2 CD -- €14
2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 184-2, (ltd. 350)
Illbient / Dub / Experimental. After many years of absence in Zoharum, Karol Su/Ka returns with his music to our catalog. The release presented here is a double album, showing two different faces of his work. ESCAPE FROM WARSAW (formerly known as ARKONA) presents a style known from his previous recordings. A lot of here dub-based rhythms, electropunk nerve, sometimes even club-oriented structures and samples taken from various sources. All that is mixed in the characteristic psychedelic EFW style. It is a bit of a nod to a listener (perhaps due to the use of instruments and the electroclash conventions of the pastiche). However, lyrically he tells us about important things to a large extent. In simple words which Karol likes to put together, he has included many topics that are food for thought: ecological threat, modern life, loneliness etc. On the one hand, these are protest songs, but, on the other hand, they give a lot of pleasure from listening to them... The second disc belongs to the duo under the name of Santa Marta / Karol Su/Ka. "Czas Snu". The compositions on it are sonic illustrations to the intriguing poems of Marta Olszewska. Karol's music moves from the electropunk realm towards ambient structures, spatial compositions, much more subtle and intimate. Originally, these two discs were to be released separately, but combined in one package seemed a perfect complement to each other, just like the Taoist ying-yang... A double album is released in an ecopack limited to 350 copies. [label info]

EXIT IN GREY -- "K7" -- CD -- €10
2020 Frozen Light, FZL 074, (ltd. 150)
Guitar Drone / Dark Ambient. Frozen Light presents "K7" - new album by Sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey. Recorded in 2010, this work is a good example of Exit In Grey classic sound: distant guitar echoes, flickering melodies, cautious noises and – a unique and original sound canvas each time. 40 minutes of melancholic and detached guitar Drone Ambient. This album is essentially an archive one – it was recorded in 2010 for a European four-cassette compilation, which was never released. The "tape" name of the album - "K7" – goes since there. Physical edition – three-panel digipak, 150 numbered copies. [label info]

FM EINHEIT / ANDREAS AMMER -- "Hammerschlag" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR281CD
Industrial. “Hammerschlag” – created by FM Einheit (member of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN early 1980’s to mid-1990’s), with Andreas Ammer – features many percussive industrial elements and ‘machine music’ (chains, scraping, coiled springs, objects), noise, experimental electronics and provocative musical compositions familiar to the ears of Neubauten fans. An oratorio with prelude and two noise interludes, based on Russian futurist Aleksej Kapitonovič Gastev, the “bard of the machine age”... FM Einheit (Mufti) is an industrial and electronic musician and actor, primarily known for his percussion and compositional work with Einstürzende Neubauten, notably on the classic albums: “Kollaps”, “Halber Mensch”, “Haus Der Luege”, “Tabula Rasa” and “Ende Neu”. He played the lead role in the 1984 feature film Klaus Maeck’s “Decoder”. He has also collaborated with musicians such as: Diamanda Galás, Eraldo Bernocchi, Mona Mur, KMFDM, Goethes Erben and many more. Andreas Ammer has been creating works with FM Einheit since the early 1990’s. [label info]

GALDRAREYNIR -- "Gal Anda VidR / Modra Wyrta" -- CD -- €7
2012/2020 Valgriind, VG63 / Garðarsk Uruz, URUZ ᚲ
Ritual / Dark Ambient. Garðarsk Uruz continues to explore the Nordic heritage of the Volkhov area, this time in cooperation with the brother label Valgriind, addressing to the works of the unique Ritual Ambient project GaldrareyniR from the ancient city of Holmgard (Veliky Novgorod), which hardly has any analogues on the world music scene. Dense and raw like swamped forests on the banks of the Volkhov river, a ritual canvas saturated with the live sounds of traditional instruments, inspired by the runic practices and the tradition of Edda. Having joined forces, the two labels have released the full discography of GaldrareyniR on two factory CDs, as his works were previously released only on self-made CD-Rs. The first CD includes the full-length album "Gal Anda VidR" from 2012 and a previously unreleased 15-minute track "Modra Wyrta". Jewel case. [label info]

GALDRAREYNIR -- "SolarLjod" -- CD -- €7
2014/2020 Valgriind, VG64 / Garðarsk Uruz, URUZ ᚷ
Ritual / Dark Ambient. The second disc from the reissue of the full archive of works of the Volkhov-area project GaldrareyniR contains its second full-length album "SolarLjod", originally released in 2014 as a small edition DIY CD-R. Nordic ritual action full of hypnotic vibrations of a mouth harp and a tambourine, dark forestal drones and an abundance of raw guitar clangs accompanying runic spells. Jewel case. [label info]

IL LAZZARETTO -- "Giftig Død" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Dödens Kultur, DK№04, (ltd. 16)
Venomous Black Ambient, filled with the echoing gloomy breath of vintage synthesizers and the painful buzzing guitar clangor, as abrasive as in Black Metal albums, but absolutely devoid of signs of melody. Toxic sound of death, sick belch from the deepest underground of the 90s. Limited to 16 handnumbered copies in handmade A5 rough technological paper cover with a fullcolour photo of the darkest building in St. Petersburg (the Research Institute of Toxicology) glued at the front. All information is handwritten with silver ink. Supplied with a b/w A3 poster. [label info]

K2 -- "Tekhnodrug" -- CD -- €10
1993/2019 At War With False Noise, ATWAR187 / Narcolepsia, narco051, (ltd. 500)
Noise. Reissue of a long-lost tape from 1993 here. K2 has long been at the fore-front of Japanese noise and is known for his harsh, collage style. This record isn't an all-out harsh-fest in that way that contemporaries like Hijokaidan are, but is very varied in sound. There's creeping synth tone, screeching feedback, piercing blasts of white noise, rumbling static. Compositionally there are long periods of coherence, with an almost musical sensibility, but these are often brought to a shattering halt by a blast of ear-splitting noise. [label info]

KINOTEATR PROVOLOCHNYKH PIROZHKOV -- "Ultimate Collection 2008-2020" -- 10 CD-R -- €17
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_44, (ltd. 10)
Noise / Experimental / Dada. I presents in one edition a full twelve-year anthology of the Kinoteatr Provolochnykh Pirozhko project. In 2008, a provincial Siberian visual and noise act began with this project. Unlike my other projects, all this time it had practically no physical incarnations - only web releases. Now I have fixed it and made this artifact containing noise work in a variety of forms. Here and field recordings, and radio noise, and dadaistic audio collages and dark ambient and minimalistic drones and much more. From early naive work to more thoughtful. All so that you can fill the silence of your environment for more than ten hours. The design of the release is made under the same motto under which all this activity began twelve years ago: Vive La Primitivism! Ten white CD-Rs with blue spots (the number of spots corresponds to the disc number), packaged in a large multi-disc DVD box. The design of each copy is individual. [from the artist]

KRZYWDY -- "Czary" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 205-2, (ltd. 300)
Dark / Folk Ambient. Krzywdy (plural form of noun, which means "harm") is a one man project, which combines drone/ambient music with influences of folklore music. Ethnic instruments combine with the sound of synthesizers and samples to create a soundscape journey through shadows and marshlands of human thoughts. CD released in strictly limited edition of 300 copies, folded in 6 panels digipack. [label info]

KSHATRIYAS AGAINST TIME -- "Dämmerstunde" -- CD-R -- €6
2020 Glasir CDR Series, 08, (ltd. 50)
A collection of the best tracks from the French traditionalist Dark Ambient project. Obscure mystical atmosphere, austerity and minimalism. Black & white sleeve. [label info]

LA BREICHE -- "Le Rite" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR280CD
Post Rock / Dark Ambient / Ritual. LA BREICHE (“the witch”) features YAN AREXIS (Stille Volk / Sus Scrofa / Common Eider, King Eider / Coume Ouarnède), and PATRICK LAFFORGUE (Stille Volk / Sus Scrofa / Hantaoma). The two musicians are also the creators of the cult festival L’Homme Sauvage, held in Midi-Pyrenees each year. After their 2017 debut “Le Mal des Ardents” (Cold Spring), “Le Rite” opens a new door, with post-folk sounds close to post-rock, influenced by ancient music, with folk used in a modernist way. Dark, ambient and yet mystical… deep with grandiose landscapes. The sound of La Breiche is situated at the crossroads of early music and dark ambient; ambient music, industrial music with a strong ritual dimension. Their electro-acoustic is music based on old instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy, mixed with analogue synths, field recordings, and ritual objects, taking a mystified look at nature, archaic societies, rites, beliefs and lores, animism... Presented in a stunning 6-panel digipak with artwork by Dehn Sora. For fans of: Bark Psychosis, Sigur Ros, Wolves In The Throne Room, Hexvessel, Ulver, Rosa Crux. [label info]

LAGOWSKI -- "Secrets of Numbers" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 198-2, (ltd. 350)
Electro / Industrial / Techno. After a few years break Lagowski returns to Zoharum with a new album "Secrets of Numbers" - 10 tracks of electronic music preserved in techno stylistics that bring to mind his „Redesine +” album or achivements known from his EPs released on Chronium Industries. The musical side of the album is accompanied by a concept which the artist describes in his own words: "All of the music I make is an attempt at understanding or interpreting something; my psyche, the universe around me, the people I exist with, human behaviour, time….A few months before my father passed away (in October 2000), he gave me a small book called Secrets of Numbers, which is about numerology. It was quite unusual for him to do something like that, as he was generally not interested in such things. It made me wonder if he was trying to tell me something, as after all, I am his SoN"... CD album housed in a 6 panel digipack strictly limited to 350 copies. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Boer Of Golden Worm" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_48, (ltd. 12)
Drone / Minimal. The monotonous drone emitted by the Boer of Golden Worm. Its penetration into your core is soft and unhurried, but inevitable. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Nochleg V Bronzovom Lesu (Overnight In A Bronze Forest)" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_44, (ltd. 14)
Drone / Noise / Experimental. Among muddy patterns of old Soviet wallpaper is hidden door to the famous Bronze Forest. The White Lion is already waiting for you to go with you to meet magical adventures. But do not forget about the rest. When the time comes, get up for the night and immerse yourself in the magical buzz of ancient tree trunks, admire the fire-flowers and enjoy the noise of night birds. And falls asleep... This release is a literary, sound and artistic collaboration between me and writer-artist-designer Dar'ya Yudina. The sound is inspired by her specific literary images from the book “My Friend from the Bronze Forest”. And she also painted the art by which the album is designed. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box 14 numbered copies. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Siberia - Alpha Centauri (Posthumous trip)" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_50, (ltd. 50)
Drone / Noise / Experimental. He left our time to enter eternity. In his last flight through the material universe, only the sounds of Their wordless prayers will penetrate the walls of the Ritual Capsule. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "Vremenno (Temporarily)" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_43, (ltd. 12)
Noise / Experimental. Anxious-meditative sound canvas lasting more than an hour. You can listen to the whole, you can listen to fragmentary in any sequence and direction. Ode to temporary buildings and activities on this earth. But there is nothing more permanent than temporary. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box. 12 numbered copies. [label info]

LLYN Y CWN -- "Dinorwic" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR286CD
Dark Ambient / Field Recordings. Llyn Y Cwn conveys atmosphere and environment through deep ambient sounds. The sound of nature re-establishing itself in the post-industrial wilderness of a former quarry. A phantasm of echoes reflecting the bleak majesty and poetic melancholy of the hinterland of North Wales. A hole within a void, a place defined by absence in a world of negative space... The backdrop for this cavernous soundtrack is Dinorwic slate quarry. The field recordings were taken in this vast subterranean environment where an exposed scar of rock is carved out of the mountainside on the western slope of Elidir Fawr in Snowdonia, North Wales... Standing alone in the quarry, which covers 700 acres up to a height of 600m, it isn’t difficult to imagine work going on around you with the abandoned industrial landscape juxtaposed against the backdrop of the majestic Snowdonia skyline... Each track is named after an area of the quarry, descending ever deeper through each rock gallery, with their acoustically unique echoes and sounds. The landscape is in a state of constant flux with small avalanches of rock and spoil slate tumbling over itself – it was such a landslide that led to the eventual demise of the quarry. The hydroelectric power station, built deep underground inside the mountain, can be heard rumbling away through the various air shafts dotted around the quarry, adding to the overall ominous feel of the pieces... File next to fellow Welshman Lustmord. Presented in a 6-panel digipak with breathtaking photography by the artist. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Amalgaam" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 197-2, (ltd. 350)
Experimental / Drone. Amalgaam is a raw and unpolished album. Which doesn’t mean that it’s blunt or trite. The grainy, textural sounds on this record have a fleeting, cinematic quality to them, combining spaciousness with a sense of intimacy – at times interrupted by noisier outbursts. The album is based on a series of improvisations on a very hands-on hardware setup, with an old tone generator, effects pedals, dictaphones, contact mics, etc. This material was then mixed and edited into the pieces on this album, while retaining the liveliness of the source material. The only deviation is ‘Metallic (Edit)’, which is an older track that originally appeared on a Japanese compilation tape, but - especially in this newly edited form - seemed to fit between the Amalgaam pieces perfectly. CD released in limited edition of 350 pcs folded in 6-panel ekopack. [label info]

MARZURAAN -- "Five Years Worth Of Fuck All" -- CD -- €10
2008 At War With False Noise, ATWAR021
Noise Rock. This collection comprises demos, live stuff, rarities and rehearsals from the UK's most consistently interesting, forward-thinking, and just plain fucking great band of the last decade. Starting off from now and moving backwards through time to the early bedroom demo days, this CD shows Marzuraan's evolution from simplistic droning minimalism of the two bass lineup to the full-on rock beast of today... The album kicks off with a cover of Loop's "Afterglow", putting it through the post-Ginn blender and coming out with something great. The other cover here is a raging, lo-fi recording of Rollins Band's "Turned Inside Out", performed at the inaugural Glasgow Implodes fest a few years ago. There's a fierce, noise-ridden performance of "Nice Wang" that I think I recorded on Julian Cope's last tour (crowd (un)reaction the MZ was hilarious), the epic dark drone rock of GMT recorded at the Lord Clyde in Byker, and the aptly-named Kraut-esque monotone riff of "Earth 3" from the confusing Manbyrd cassette... All in all, Marzuraan do it better than anyone else going right now; be it bleak minimal droning walls of sound, controlled experiments into feedback or baws-out "post" rock, without the scene points. They sound like the late, twisted Flag stuff on a mid-period Voivod album, with Swervedriver on in the background. Played by Helios Creed... Three-panel chipboard sleeve, double-sided print, with stark black letterpress and clear varnish. [label info]

METADEVICE -- "Studies For A Vortex" -- CD -- €10
2020 Malignant Records, TumorCD127
Industrial / Power Electronics. As a founding member of the now defunct SEKTOR 304 and a major contributor to BEYOND ENCLOSURE, Andre Coelho is no stranger to the Malignant roster, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back with his brand-new project, METADEVICE. For those familiar with his previous work, you’ll recognize a lot of the same traits and characteristics: assemblages of bruising musicality, as fed through a cacophony of factory dirge, alienating drones and insectile frequencies, often with distorted rhythms and resonating clangs, and vocals that range from spoken word to more aggressive and in your face. No matter the project, Andre has always managed to tap into an authentically old school industrial sound, and METADEVICE is no exception. A must For fans of IRM, Einsturzende Neubauten, STROM.ec. [label info]

MOAN -- "Isolate | Desolate | Mutate" -- 2 CD -- €15
2000/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 200-2, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. This release is a great opportunity to celebrate a few important matters. Well, this double-disc album has the number 200. This round number in the Zoharum catalog must have come to a special publication, which is without a doubt a 2 CD album ‘Isolate | Desolate | Mutate’ by MOAN appearing exactly twenty years after the first CD-R version of "Isolate" and "Desolate", which form first CD of this release... Second CD - "Mutate" consists of remixes by Amon, Job Karma, Genetic Transmission, C.H. District, Dead Factory, Another One, Blare For A, Synta[xe]rror, Moan and Maciek Szymczuk which were created between 2003 and 2006, and which, despite earlier plans, have never been published before... In this way we get a complete album that closes certain important period of MOAN's work, which also became the starting point for further activities of Rafał Sądej in the musical field. The album is released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies, in a 3 panel ecopack with a graphic design by Maciek Mutwil (Dead Factory). [label info]

NATT -- "A Better Place" -- CD EP -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 195-2, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Drone. For those following the publishing activities of Zoharum Records for a while now, NATT became known as a co-creator of the project DREN, which led to creation and release of the album "Time & Form" in 2019. The album was well-received by the audience seeking more off-beat and unique sounds and got good reviews in the press. Recently issued EP ‘A Better Place’ contains merely four compositions: a coherent whole, an unusual story closed in just around 20 minutes. We’re still dealing here with electronic music, pulsating, still leaning towards darkness, but this time making more space for melodic tunes and nuances – that’s how each piece is built and arranged. ‘A Better Place’ is a promise of something bigger, which served piece by piece, will allow the audience to get to know NATT’s creative work and its characteristics better... CD EP released in a fixed amount of 100, hand-numbered CDs, packed in a metal box with few collectibles. [label info]

NNHMN -- "Shadow In The Dark" -- CD -- €10
2019/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 196-2, (ltd. 300)
Electro / Synthwawe. The year 2019 was a very productive time for the band, publishing a musically cohesive trilogy. In February they released their debut ‘’Second Castle’’ - a rhythm and ambient oriented album. The second album of 2019 ‘’Church Of No Religion’ (released by Zoharum Records) is an experiment in playing with conventional ambient techno to build a quasi-spiritual world. December 2019 the duo published the album ‘’Shadow in the Dark’’ - six stirring, sensual, deeply emotional seething Dark Wave cuts that hopelessly ignite your dark heart and cold body. ’’Shadow in the Dark’’ vinyl edition released in February 2020 by Oraculo Records. A surrealist painting by Aleksandra Waliszewska graces the album Cover and also CD edition will be released in February by experimental Record Label Zoharum... NNHMN’s dizzying sound is defined by analogue textures and arpeggiated bass lines, a sense of sonic investigation that veers from techno to haunted Synth Wave via electronic soundscapes. Obsessive synth lines and sultry vocal deliveries guide the listener through a thrilling dimension with Minimal Synth qualities and Gothic undertones... CD edition is strictly limited edition to 300 copies, folded in 6-panel digipack. [label info]

NOMA / REJECTAMENTA -- split -- CD -- €10
2009 At War With False Noise, ATWAR052, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Ambient. This CD combines two of Glasgow's best experimental bands, neither of which really seem to get the credit or attention they deserve. John Comar AKA Noma has been wowing audiences for a few years now with his constantly changing live sets, a slew of CDr releases on various labels, and as an auxilliary member of metal powerhouse Black Sun, but this is his first "proper" CD release. He takes on two tracks here, the first is a slowly-building tone-fest. Very ambient, and hauntingly beautiful... bascially what Noma does best. Next track "Amusia" is a little atypical of what most people will expect. Imposing thuds are interjected by what sounds like some form of screeching metallic machine being thrown down some stairs, electronic blasts. Surreal, bizarre, unpredictable... very Noma... This is only the second ever release by Adam Cresser's Rejectamenta, and his one track here, "SSilence" is a follow-up to his CDr on At War from a couple of years ago entitles SServant. This couldn't be any further away from silence, total overload of a billion circuit-bent instruments all melded together into one massive orchestral binary cacophany. Lovely hooks come here and there, the whole thing takes a few listens just to figure out what the hell is going on, great stuff. [label info]

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms Vol. 10" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_47, (ltd. 15)
Noise. Anniversary, tenth volume of "Raw expressive forms" from the Ural project Obzdur. Four harsh, uncompromising noise canvases born in the Secret Municipal Place. Prepare to lose their cause-effect relationships, and plunge into grinding gaits. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box. [label info]

ORD -- "Avalokiteśvara" -- CD -- €11
2020 Status Prod., SP 13 CD, (ltd. 108)
Ritual / Drone. Status Prod Label. presents the new album of Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD "Avalokiteśvara". Avalokiteśvara is a bodhisattva, the embodiment of infinite compassion of all Buddhas. The Dalai Lama is considered his incarnation and regularly conducts Avalokiteshvara initiations. The material was recorded on 06.07.2019, the Dalai Lama's Birthday, at a private session at the "Yunost" music center, and was finalized with field recordings and modular synthesizers in the winter of 2020. As a result, there were 5 compositions united by a common meaning, a meditative-trance sound, opening new facets of sound shamanism. The album was released in an edition of 108 hand-numbered copies, in a poster with the author's design, supplemented with a patch. [label info]

PAS MUSIQUE & RAPOON -- "Composited Reality" -- CD -- €10
2018/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 192-2, (ltd. 500)
Ambient / Experimental. Zoharum presents the collaborative album previously released on tape and USB stick in strictly limited editions in 2018. It is being released for the first time in the CD form. Rapoon and Pas Musique have teamed up again for their third collaborative release titled “Composited Reality”. 6 new tracks and field recordings mix the two sonic worlds of Robert L. Pepper and Robin Storey. Field recordings originate from Brooklyn, New York, USA, Indonesia, and New Castle, England which are mixed together with a light backing tracks of various instruments... The CD is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

PETROGRAD DRONE GATHERING -- "17022017" -- CD -- €11
2020 Status Prod., SP 12 CD, (ltd. 150)
Drone / Experimental. "Streams of sounds of winter ice-covered rivers, the rumbling of mountains and frozen forests in the snow are tightly intertwined with iron loops and electric current. Intertwined, tangled, rooted with age-old roots in the concrete walls..." Label Status Prod. presents the album of Petrograd Drone Gathering "17022017". Petrograd Drone Gathering is an improvisational orchestra of experimental Petersburg (and not only) musicians with non-permanent membership, widely known in Russia and abroad. All performances of Petrograd Drone Gathering are distinguished by an unusual sound, a subtle interweaving of forest noises and urban hum, the unique charm of ambient and the strict rumble of drone... Album contains a recording made at a concert at the Sound Museum (Art Center "Pushkinskaya 10") on 17.02.2017, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The unique atmosphere, captured on the CD, was created by: SNEZHANA REIZEN, UHUSHUHU, LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, OGNI VIDENIY, MIRA DREVO and NEZNAMO... The album was released in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies and is a folder made of designer cardboard with a curly card-attachment. [label info]

PHENGOPHOBOS LETARGIA -- "The Ice. The North. The Wind" -- CD-R -- €6
2020 Glasir CDR Series, 09, (ltd. 50)
Raw lo-fi Drone Ambient, flowing with its cold waters and depressive tones in the abyss of Lovecraft's dungeons. A project by Alexey Glukhov (Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Crude Mother Earth). Black & white sleeve. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Ghosts From A Machine" -- 3 CD -- €18
2010/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 194-2, (ltd. 500)
Ambient / Ritual. The compilation “Ghost From A Machine’ has been initially issued by the record label Vinyl-On-Demand. It contains alternative versions of the pieces, which were created while early albums of Rapoon, mainly "Raising Earthly Spirits", "Fallen Gods", "Vernal Crossing", "Easterly 6 Or 7", were in the making. All those pieces were put together by Robin Storey and Frank Mayer and created an entirely new album, released on 3 vinyl records. For 10 years since the premiere, that release has become a rare collector’s item and surely a delight for a refined collector. The new edition, prepared together by the author and Zoharum Records, is visually and sonically referring to the first issue, creating a sort of a replica, available for the first time on 3CDs. Issued as an 8panel digipak the volume is limited to only 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Hotel Bravo" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 185-2, (ltd. 500)
Ambient / Experimental. After a longer break Rapoon returns to Zoharum with allbrand new studio recorded album. The eponymous „Hotel Bravo” is a relict of sorts, which lost its splendor with time and water that took away a part of adjacent land. This decaying building is also a symbol. A special place evoking fragile memories, scraps of images and long forgotten conversations. It’s all the movies seen during the time of adolescence. Finally, it’s all the dreams dreamt years ago by guests within its premises… The above depicts a journey to which Robert Storey invites you on a course of its eight intricately woven sound compositions. [label info]

RUMINSKI, ARTUR -- "AR" -- CD -- €10
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 202-2, (ltd. 300)
Psychedelic Rock / Ambient. Artur Rumiński, apart from countless projects (including ARRM, THAW, FURIA, GRUZJA, MENTOR), also composes under his own name. The effects of this work have been so far published by such labels as Wounded Knife or Sqrt. Contrary to what he presents within the bands mentioned above, Artur’s solo output appears in a slightly different style, cherrishing minimalist forms. Being moderate in measures, he builds an extremely intimate, slightly oneiric and reflective atmosphere of intricately woven sounds, from which echoes psychedelia with references to world and illustrative music. His latest album appearing under Zoharum banner consists of 7 compositions creating a uniquely coherent and strongly affecting listener’s imagination history with proper beginning, development and ending. CD released in a 4-panel digipack, strictly limited to 300 copies. [label info]

S.E.T.I. -- "The Sphere Of Density" -- 2 CD -- €15
2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 201-2, (ltd. 350)
Dark Ambient / Space Ambient. S.E.T.I. is one of the most important representatives of the dark ambient genre of recent years. Another incarnation of Andrew Lagowski and his most active project, with releases on labels such as Loki-Found (Power & Steel), Touch, Incoming!, VIVO, Ash International and Syntactic (Klanggalerie). 'The Sphere of Density' is his latest album, which consists of two CDs, of which the first contains completely new studio material, and the second is a record of an improvised concert that was very well received at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival. Both CDs depict various styles of the S.E.T.I. project. Although they were created around the same period of time, they are completely different in terms of sound character or construction of the tracks. The Sphere of Density is inspired by the vision of Alexander Petrovitch Kazantsev - a russian science fiction writer. [label info]

SENKETSU NO NIGHT CLUB -- "沈丁花" -- CD -- €12
2020 Dark Jazz Records, DJR 008, (ltd. 300)
Dark Jazz / Experimental. The new album available by Senketsu No Night Club, a long journey in the territories of Japanese free jazz noise. Six unreleased tracks refer to the very first debut album, but with more elements and the strength of a new tenor sax Terry Vainoras already a member of Last Call at Nightowls. [label info]

THE STARGAZER'S ASSISTANT -- "Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids" -- CD -- €10
2013/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 193-2, (ltd. 300)
Dark Ambient / Post Rock / Soundtrack. Eyes closed, ears wide open, we are given freedom to dream the void. Sweeping, intricate, sometimes ominous yet always exuding a warmth and depth of emotion, The Stargazer’s Assistant produces pure cinema of sound. For this record David J. Smith (Guapo) is joined by Circle vocalist Mika Rättö’, who sings on the heartbreaking “Coral Butterfly”. David also had the honour of playing the late Finnish jazz drummer Edward Vesala’s Sound & Fury collection of unique metal percussion. Ancient forests, vast plains, billowing clouds, rusted metal hulks, wet rock walls, light flickering in dark: these are the subtle visions of The Stargazer’s Assistant. Originally released on Utech Records in 2013 as a double 10” vinyl this recording is now available for the first time on CD... David J. Smith, perhaps best known as the band leader & drummer of avant garde rock group Guapo, formed The Stargazer’s Assistant in 2007. Originally a solo recording project set up to provide soundtracks for his work as a visual artist, it has since grown to encompass live concerts and collaborations with film makers and performance artists. The group is at present a trio comprising: David J. Knight (Danielle Dax, Lydia Lunch) with whom Smith also performs in the group UnicaZürn (together with Stephen Thrower - Coil, Cyclobe) and Michael J. York (Coil, Cyclobe, Teleplasmiste). Smith & York have collaborated since working together from 2012 in the live incarnation of Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown’s group Cyclobe... [label info]

TAETER with SEKTOR 304 -- "The Hermeneutics Of The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle" -- CD -- €10
2020 Narcolepsia, narco065 / New Approach Records, NAR20, (ltd. 200)
Industrial / Noise. Back in 2015, by the same time TAETER´s debut release on vinyl came out (“THE HUNT HAS GONE FULL CIRCLE” 7” on Narcolepsia), André Coelho (SEKTOR 304/METADEVICE) created some material based on the reinterpretation of various source materials used on the recording sessions for that same 7”. The idea was to do a special tape edition, but it never materialized. Recently, André exhumed his archives and suggested the reactivation of this forgotten plan. Nicola contributed with alternative versions of the two tracks that came in that original release, and the collaboration took shape in its updated incarnation... While listening to this material now, it is safe to say it has passed the test of time, retaining its atmosphere of uneasiness, its pulsating decrepitude, the personal recounts of over-sexualized failure whispered to our ears by a sweaty entity. André shreds Nicola´s seed unto a more arid and diluted fluid, infusing it with a twisted sci-fi vibe, a vile mechanical eroticism that deforms and suffocates its host. Minimal and obsessive, “slow and steady”, degraded past recognition as the blurry memories of an old late night amateur webcam session... Making sense on its own, as a consistent “new” record, or as a companion object for Taeter completists – there must be some out there, right? – “THE HERMENEUTICS OF THE HUNT HAS GONE FULL CIRCLE” should hopefully help to expose more listeners to this excellent project, and particularly to that defining moment in its discography, still one of the absolute best Power Electronics 7” in recent years. [label info]

TCHERNOBLYAD -- "Verbrennungsofen" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Dödens Kultur, DK№05, (ltd. 16)
Stripped to the bone, minimalistic electronic Death Industrial. The heat of a cremation oven, burning corpses, and its coldness, abandoned, worn out by time and dampness. The hand-made cover of hand-tinted paper is framed with analogue photographs, printed from film, taken in August 2002 in the stoves of a destroyed bathhouse, where, according to media reports at that time, the cremation process was established during the Leningrad blockade of the WWII. [label info]

TIM32 -- "Radiotrilogy" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_46, (ltd. 50)
Space Ambient / Radio Ambient. We present you the first release of the Novosibirsk project Tim32 on physical media. This album previously released fragmentarily in the form of three separate Web-EP releases. For this edition, new mastering was done on part of the tracks, and another new composition was written. Tune your internal radios and get ready to receive nostalgic signals from the lords of the times. Dissolve in a collective space together with your new friends: the space polar explorers, orbital ghosts and living capacitors. CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box. [label info]

UNGUTH VAENTRON -- "Tomb Of The Ancient Northking / The Lair Of Warlords" -- CD-R -- €6
2020 Glasir CDR Series, 10, (ltd. 50)
Cold epic Dungeon Synth from a Russian project from the Urals, pierced by the icy breath of the Northern mountains and ancient tales. Contains two mini-albums. Black & white sleeve and an insert. [label info]

VIDNA OBMANA & DAVID LEE MYERS -- "Tracers" -- CD -- €10
2003/2020 Zoharum, ZOHAR 204-2, (ltd. 400)
Ambient / Drone. „Traces” is a fourth album in VIDNA OBMANA reissue series released by Zoharum. This time we present a collaboration with American artist David Lee Myers that was released in 2003 by Klanggalerie. In the early years of 21st century, vidnaObmana teamed up with US experimentalist, of the ARCANE DEVICE fame, for a collaborative album that showcases their shared fascination for processing and recycling sound. “Tracers” is the audio evidence of this meeting. A few years later this material was mastered by Dirk Serries and got the new design based on Martina Verhoeven artworks... Album folded in 6-panels digipack. Limited edition of 400 copies. [label info]

WESTERN, CREED, SPYBEY -- "W ands" -- CD -- €10
2020 Cold Spring, CSR285CD
Drone / Experimental. A posthumous collaboration between the late Phil Western (DOWNLOAD, BEEHATCH), Jesse Creed (THE PASSENGER) and Mark Spybey (DOWNLOAD, DEAD VOICES ON AIR, REFORMED FACTION, BEEHATCH). Both Phil and Jesse shared a love for vintage analogue synthesizers such as the VCS3, and the music for “W ands” was largely created using this equipment. In the spirit of how it was created, Spybey added improvised passages using his collection of homemade and ethnic instruments and then edited the pieces. Phil would often talk about being ‘taken away’ by music. Both Jesse and Mark have laboured to do this through their own music too, not as a means of escape but to transcend. This music strives to explore the desire to go beyond the ordinary everyday experience and to reach a place where the egos and the individual contributions of the players are largely inconsequential. A place where time doesn’t really matter. A place of healing and invention. An album of expansive drones and analogue electronics, which will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Coil, Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Helophagia 06" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Anthropocide Prod., AP002, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Doom Metal / Darkwave. Split Heliophagia 06 made by three russian underground musical projects, each of them dedicated one track to the 2006's Winter Solstice and it coincided with the Sostice itself. NOJDA, PANACEA ENTERPAINMENT, SYSTEM MORGUE. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Intonarumori: Ieri Ed Oggi" -- CD -- €15
2020 Diplodisc, DSP02 / ReR Megacorp, ReR1913
Experimental / Neoclassical / Sound Collage. New and old compositions for LUIGI RUSSOLO's legendary Intonarumori. After publishing his visionary manifesto, the Art of Noises, in 1913, the futurist painter Luigi Russolo designed and built a revolutionary family of new instruments with which to compose with noise: black, wooden boxes, fitted with huge acoustic horns, crank-handles (to drive them) and levers (to vary the pitch). They came in different varieties – designed to give composers access to five of what Russolo had identified as ‘the six families of noise’, namely: 1. Roars, Thunderings, Explosions, Hissing roars, Bangs, Booms; 2. Whistling, Hissing, Puffing; 3. Whispers, Murmurs, Mumbling, Muttering, Gurgling; 4. Screeching, Creaking, Rustling, Buzzing, Crackling, Scraping; 5. Noises obtained by beating on metals, woods, skins, stones, pottery, etc.; 6. Voices of animals and people, Shouts, Screams, Shrieks, Wails, Hoots, Howls, Death rattles, Sobs... There followed concerts and the obligatory riots - and then war intervened; and although Russolo resumed the project afterwards it was always too extreme for the musical world to adopt, and so Russolo remained until the end of his life, a lone voice in the wilderness. By the end of the Second World War all the surviving instruments had been lost or destroyed. Until, 52 years later, in 1977, the Venice Biennale commissioned early music specialist and instrument builder PIERO VERARDI to research and reconstruct some of the instruments for their festival. He built twenty different varieties – and seven of these are what made this record possible. ALESSANDRO MONTI (UNFOLK) visited Professor Verardi and recorded a number of demonstrative performances on the reconstructed instruments. He then selected three percussionists: CHRIS CUTLER, ANDRZEJ KARPINSKI (from REPORTAZ) and NICK SUDNIK (from ZGA) to compose pieces for them. They came up with three very different approaches, which are documented here, along with short assembly by ALESSANDRO MONTI himself. Also on this CD are two rare-as-hens-teeth recordings of orchestral works composed using the original instruments in the 1920s, and recorded here for the first time using the reconstructions. Beautifully packaged in a threefold digipack featuring four impressive paintings by Futurist IVO PANNAGGI and an explanatory text. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Nonexistence" -- CD -- €5
2001 Independent Electronic Music, IEM#4, (ltd. 300)
Experimental music compilation made by Dmitry Vasilyev as a CD supplement to "Independent Electronic Music #4" magazine. 14 exclusive tracks from various industrial / experimental artists from around the globe: DAVE PHILLIPS, AMK, FRANÇOIS DOURIS / CISFINITUM / KAPOTTE MUZIEK, KLANGKRIEG, PBK, SIGILLUM S, LAURENT PERNICE, COTTON FEROX, JOHN WATERMANN, MAEROR TRI, ROSANNA MAGGIA, NLC, KLIMPEREI, LT. CARAMEL. 300 copies in a 16-page color booklet closed with a banderole.


OEDE -- "One Man's Trash" -- 7" -- €3
2012 Holy Terror, HT-010, (ltd. 600)
Black Metal / Noise / Blues from Norway.


人間関係 -- "新命" -- CS -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo068, (ltd. 25)
Vaporwave / Ambient / Signalwave. "The transmission is on, waves of images vague and forgotten, or maybe even never seen. The voices and tunes are different, but you hear something familiar, something very close, something your heart..." [label info]

夜明けを残す -- "夢の哲学" -- CS -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo073, (ltd. 25)
Vaporwave / Ambient / Drone. "The science of dreaming, the essense of mind, stillness is a key." [label info]

A E R O エアロ -- "一瞬" -- C-40 -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo080, (ltd. 25)
Vaporwave / Ambient / Drone. "Please take your seats, then close your eyes, enjoy the flight." [label info]

ACCASARI -- "Medium Coeli" -- CS -- €7
2020 Noyade Records, NR-43
Drone Rock / Shoegaze. Accasari’s new work that tends to distort all the things achieved in SYSTEM MORGUE. Or to harden them; point of view is the listener’s choice. Exploration of the Inner Space according to Outer, but greatly accessible to the bystander on the edge of dissolution and growth of thoughtparticles and psychonebulae. A dronegaze expedition into the lanes of peculiar memories, the dream-quest of unknown path between the awareness of existence’ quasi-reality and the ideal arrangement of mind, hour in total. Sequencer games with Ego and the Others, a soundtrack to unissued part of Homeword (with no home at all then)... Like Warm Dust was tied strictly to the dusty and corrosive summer of metropolis, seven eloquent pieces of Medium Coeli match the spring in Neverwhere. The record is alike transpersonal credit loan to the time of passage’s outside. However, it is not exploding and highly availiable after the cash out. Just try to avoid seeing the inspector in every stranger and every playback device would be your checking machine. The recommended departure time is the dream. [label info]

ACCASARI -- "Sunlight" -- CS -- €7
2020 self-released
Drone / Ambient. Accasari have grown up to the duo – but the preciousness of its music remains unchanged and reached the nature of true imagism. The new album holds the power inherent to this lanterne magique étternelle, dedication to which it bears: soundwaves of “Sunlight” sometimes break into smallest but substantial particles, shimmering in dazzling beauty. To play this record is like to wake up in sun-gleaming rambling room full of circling dustgrains, blazing and disappearing in beams coming through windowpane. As though as every shine, the moments of “Sunlight” is blindingly bright: the irregular pulses of “Infinitude” and ”Resist/Resist” capture the focus and do not release it, dissolving the mind in boundless flow of blood solar, circulating into the cosmic aorta inward and back. This trip of Accassari locks into eternal (re)currence, although this circle is opposed to be vicious. Every globe with an orbit returns to one certain point of it, and so the feelings of hearing “Sunlight” remain. [label info]

CHRISTOPHAGOS -- "Howl Of Blizzard Swamps" -- CS -- €7
2018/2020 SwordArm Production, SA01
Black Metal / Noise. First release of the new tape sub-label of Valgriind. Noise Black Metal project of Alexey Glukhov (Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Crude Mother Earth). Reissue of an album previously published by Zymotic Productions. Black & white cover. [YAOP]

DOLORE -- "L'Orrendo Spettacolo Della Morte" -- CS -- €7
2019 At War With False Noise, ATWAR198, (ltd. 100)
Synthwave / Horror. New one-man project from Italy here, which is apt as the Italians are the undisputed masters of true macabre art! Italy's long been my personal fulcrum for horror cinema, scores and music and Dolore does an excellent job of paying homage to the masters!.. Dolore's music is mostly instrumental (there are incidental vocal lines for effect) and is very much in the early 80's synth vein which is de rigueur at the moment. Not really riding the wave of more mainstream synth-wave kinda stuff or retro-cool-Drive-soundtrack guff, this is a more gritty and less polished take, but the tunes are still ultra-memorable. Fans of the Repeated Viewing tape I put out will absolutely love this!.. Giorgio comes from a metal background - serving time in Undead Creep, Haemophagus etc - but he definitely gets the score (pun intended) with what this kinda gear is all about. 100 copies, pro sleeve and tape. [label info]

INSCISSORS -- "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" -- CS -- €7
2009/2013 Werewolf Promotion, WP255 / Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 010, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" in brief means "The World's Requiem" or "The Earth's Requiem" and in the case of this album the second explanation given fits better to its concept and thematology. It is a requiem for the destruction that has befallen Earth/Nature inflicted by humans. It describes a world deserted and the only inhabitants are life forms that used to dwell beneath the Earth's surface even long before the Nature's fall and they still do after it... An excellent follow-up to 'The Veratrine Evangelicum', more structured and mature. An album that will grow on you after a few listens. For fans of Sanctum, Mental Destruction, Sui Generis Umbra, Bisclaveret, Dead Man's Hill. [Zoharum] This is the cassette reissue with new artwork: 10-panel full-colour hand-numbered cover and stickers on cassette shell.

INSCISSORS -- "The Veratrine Evangelicum" -- CS -- €7
2007/2013 Werewolf Promotion, WP254 / Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 009, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient. Greek project IN SCISSORS created dark ambient/experimental album "The Veratrine Evangelicum" based on religious thread, where main idea was to make soudtrack to some place deep in underground. Wet, dense atmosphere, stench of fust and thrills which you can feel in ancient tombs or fallen sanctuaries. In Scissors takes us there to show forgotten, frightful ceremonies, cultivated by groups of fanatics. For them Promised Land is... under the surface. [No Angels Productions] This is the cassette reissue with new artwork: 10-panel full-colour hand-numbered cover and stickers on cassette shell.

JASH TEUA -- "Amentia" -- CS -- €9
2019/2020 Aliens Production, APT003, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Ambient / Neoclassical. From far Nalchik we got this talented artist by the real name Zalim Bekulov, whose Caucasian roots and Russian nature armed him with both unusual producer perceptions and creative breakings of all kinds of dark styles that this artist is creating. In his sound visions, Zalim distributes his production loops into the waters of industrial down tempo trip hop or ambient. Often will bring every listener to uncertainties since the songs often unpacks and mingles in seminal stories and styles. All this sound delight is enriched with movie blocks in beautiful emotions on hypnotic waves. Industrial idm and pulsing electronics. Tribal corners in ambient dress and trip hop beat? I really can't choose. Bright palette of moods and styles. Clear sound and strong musical legacy. That's the debut album of this one man project that is worth a lot of attention! [label info]

LIFE2979光 -- "Neo-Xelaju" -- CS -- €7
2019 Global Pattern, glo061, (ltd. 25)
Vaporwave / Ambient / Dreampunk. This album features Marimba Guatemalteca music of 1930-1950s, combined with dreampunk ambience and depicts the Mayan culture set in the cyberpunk future. Enjoy your ride through a futuristic Mayan city on your way to Sun Pyramid Mall! [label info]

MAENG DA / SXSXCXBX -- split -- CS -- €3
2020 Glass Jelly Souffle, n19, (ltd. 22)
Noisecore / Grindcore split by Maeng Da (UK) and SxSxCxBx (Russia). Cassette is wrapped in a riso-printed cover in a form of a candy.

METADEVICE -- "Aesthetics of Disappearance" -- C-40 -- €8
2020 Narcolepsia, narco private #2, (ltd. 60)
Industrial. "Aesthetics of Disappearance" consists of two exhaustive and rough granitic tracks, slow and obsessive pulsating synth drones and dirty industrial textures saturated to the point of an alienating bleakness suitable for the cancelled-armageddon fetishist: there is no reality, no meaning, rather the inertia of this time-halt, the dead-end of History... Synthesized cyclical waves of distortion invoke the irreversible technological "progression”, a blurred soundtrack to abandon all hope and subjugate completely to the simulated existence. Sounds for dormant dominance. [label info]

MOROSE MONTHS OF MELANCHOLY -- "Skorbotniy Schlyakh" -- CS -- €6
2020 SwordArm Production, SA02
A compilation of the archival recordings from 2000-2005 from the Ukrainian Dungeon Synth project from the city of Kharkiv. Classic tracks in the best traditions of the genre are diluted with the interludes played on folk instruments and rare inclusions of Black Metal. Black & white cover. [YAOP]

PARANOIA INDUCTA -- "Sanctified Destruction" -- CS -- €7
2004/2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 042, (ltd. 33)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Paranoia Inducta is one of the flagship projects representing the Polish Dark Ambient and Industrial scene since 2003. Anthony Armageddon Destroyer is the character who has created many great albums under the name Paranoia Inducta.That`s why we are proud to present to you the reissue of the first two albums, this time on cassette tapes, as a form of return to the roots of this anti-music style, as defined by Anthony. The second one - "Sanctifed Destruction" is a dehumanized kaleidoscope of a radical anti-musical attitude, a roller of industrial sounds, adorned with dark ambient nothingness. The album simply paralyzes the senses of hearing, soothes the pain of existence, and at the same time involves us into tumble of all emotions and a hypnotic machine session, where human feelings are replaced by machine trance. Both tapes are limited to 33 pieces, hand-numbered, include about 150 minutes of heavy music, like tank, crawling on human nature, causing extreme emotions.Both tapes are a prelude to the latest Paranoia Inducta album which will be released soon in Heerwegen Tod Production! [press-release]

PARANOIA INDUCTA -- "The Unholy Place" -- CS -- €7
2004/2020 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 041, (ltd. 33)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. Paranoia Inducta is one of the flagship projects representing the Polish Dark Ambient and Industrial scene since 2003. Anthony Armageddon Destroyer is the character who has created many great albums under the name Paranoia Inducta.That`s why we are proud to present to you the reissue of the first two albums, this time on cassette tapes, as a form of return to the roots of this anti-music style, as defined by Anthony. The first of them - "The Unholy Place" is a unique vision of the original machine loops, combined with a dark, suffocating atmosphere and an apocalyptic vision of the world, located in the sounds of non-standard compositions.Long and melancholic songs are combined with the dynamics of the world of destruction, where the fall of civilization shows anxiety passing by in sounds. Both tapes are limited to 33 pieces, hand-numbered, include about 150 minutes of heavy music,like tank, crawling on human nature, causing extreme emotions.Both tapes are a prelude to the latest Paranoia Inducta album which will be released soon in Heerwegen Tod Production! [press-release]

POLYGON -- "Mental Border" -- CS -- €9
2001/2020 Aliens Production, APT002, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Experimental. Originally never officially released album of this German top of minimalistic approaches and cold atmospheres. Now, after a long silence, appears under our label in the new audio set. Minimalist procedures in which melancholic moods and experimental blocks weave. Strong melodies and flesh tones that can be stabbed directly into your perceptual apparatus are a great part of this rare material that has been resting in the darkness of the tomb for a long time. Fourteen stories of light and darkness. Dark opus of chimes and hypnotic structures. Dark ambient surfaces encased in electronic transfusions and cold blocks. This album is as a big rarity and also a piece of atmospheric storm of emotions and complex sound experiences. [label info]

REGEN GRAVES -- "The Cruelty of Hope" -- CS -- €7
2019 At War With False Noise, ATWAR197, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient. Regen Graves is frontman with Italian horror-doomers Abysmal Grief but this, this solo work is completely different in terms of tone and style. Inspired by the works of Krzystof Kieslowski, the haunting analogue synth tones here bring the post-modern isolation of his series Dekalog. There's a vagely sci-fi sound and a lot of it is very abstract, which at its best moments brings to mind the more ambient works by the all-time master, Maurizio Bianchi. There's a vaguely organ sound creeping in sometimes which betrays Regen's day job, and also reminds me of another Italian masterpiece, Paul Chain's criminally ignored epic, Opera Decima. 100 copies, pro sleeve and tape. [label info]

RENAUTAS GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY -- "Company Orientation" -- CS -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo057, (ltd. 25)
Vaporwave / Office Muzak. "We would like to welcome you to Renautas! Your application has been accepted by our chief of directors! The future is near and we will like to make sure you are properly prepared!" [label info]

RUST ON THE AX -- "Luciferian Poetry" -- CS -- €7
2015 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 014 / Werewolf Promotion, WP 390, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient. Split-reissue of the two albums by the Polish Satanic Dark Ambient project from the member of GOAT THRON - "Pierwotne Znaczenie" and "Eritis Sicut Dii" - prerviously released only as promos on CD-Rs in 2013. Dark rituals, underground rhythms, dull Lovecraftian mood and apocalyptic mysticism. Hand-numbered black & white 8-panel cover, stickers on cassette shell and case. [YAOP]

RUST ON THE AX -- "Sigil" -- CS -- €7
2016 Heerwegen Tod Production, HTP-MC 022 / Werewolf Promotion, WP 418, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient. A full-length of the the Polish Satanic Dark Ambient project from the member of GOAT THRON. Labyrinths of painful, dense, nocturnal Dark Ambient of grim dungeons and sadomasochistic spirit. Hand-numbered full-colour 8-panel cover, stickers on cassette shell and case. [YAOP]

SETE STAR SEPT / PUTA MALARIA / DISINTELLECTUAL / SQUELCH CHAMBER / SLOTH -- "Sympathy for the Savage Bitch Noise" -- CS -- €3
2020 Glass Jelly Souffle, n20, (ltd. 22)
Grind, noise, shit. --Core everything you want. All problems of humanity is in the tape. Don't believe the hype. Don't trust poli(се)ticians. Dedicated to no one. Stay strong and drink water. Please. [label info]. Cassette is wrapped in a solkscreened cover in a form of a candy.

SHUMOVOY ZAYATS -- "№4" -- CS -- €6
2020 self-released, (ltd. 6)
Lo-Fi / Dada / Noise hometaping project of Arseny Litvin from Novosibirsk, Russia. "Noise Hare continues its meaningless DADA activity. Recorded at recycled cassettes. 6 hand-numbered copies." [from the author]

SHUMOVOY ZAYATS -- "№5" -- CS -- €6
2020 self-released, (ltd. 6)
Lo-Fi / Dada / Noise hometaping project of Arseny Litvin from Novosibirsk, Russia. "The clock is ticking and noisy. Ticking and noisy. And howl like a hare. Recorded at recycled cassettes. 6 hand-numbered copies." [from the author]

SPHERE REX -- "For Electronics and Piano" -- CS -- €8
2009/2020 NEN Records, NEN38, (ltd. 45)
Ambient / Electronics. Cassette tape reissue of the album, originally released on CD in 2009 by the labels Muzyka Voln, Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records, now with two bonus tracks. "The music featured on Sphere Rex’s „For electronics and piano“ album dates back to 2007. The initial impulse for recording was synthesizer improvisations and experiments with vintage preamps and compressors, which created soothing, sleep-inducing, like the rhythm of alpha waves, harmonic vibrations and pulsations. The idea to emphasize the created musical texture with minimalistic piano parts was born immediately. The combination turned out to be interesting, and within three weeks all the material was recorded. Looking back from today, it seems to me that the album as a whole has passed the «test of time», in the sense that nothing in it would like to change or «improve» (and this is not always the case)..." [from the author] "According to the idea of the artist Ivan Spitsyn, the design does not include any usual graphic symbols — only embossed Braille, which is applied to the name of the project and album, as well as the number of copies in circulation. There is an inlay inside with different visual textures. This design solution, in our opinion, emphasizes the palpable and open to interpretation atmosphere of the unique recording". [label info]

SUPERCULT -- "Ummo" -- CS -- €3
2020 Glass Jelly Souffle, n18, (ltd. 22)
Synthwave / Experimental Free Jazz from Voronezh, Russia. Cassette is wrapped in a solkscreened cover in a form of a candy.

THEOROTH -- "Nights Shine In The Five Towers" -- CS -- €6
2020 SwordArm Production, SA07
Dark Neoclassic / Dungeon Synth from the Russian project coming from the Urals. "In the five towers of the Forgotten Lands, the avatars of the Ancient God sleep in impenetrable darkness. The highest vampires, representing a single personality. Rather demons than old bloodsuckers, they fly out to the call of the night and sweep through the sky. Over the dried, lifeless forests, where burn the fires of the dead gods rituals. Scarred by billions of swords of hundreds of nations, they await their hour of incarnation into a single entity. In their eyes are the ghosts of many moons of dead worlds, and the madness of one of them, who almost completely fell into a necrotic coma, makes them suffer at every awakening..." [from the author]

UHUSHUHU & W I I -- "Snegi / Reki" -- CS -- €7
2020 Pantheon, PAN143, (ltd. 50)
Drone / Ambient / Field Recordings. "Snegi" is a collaborative album by two St. Petersburg-based projects, which brings a perfect enveloping curtain for the upcoming snowy days and long winter nights. Recorded live at a summer festival it captures not just the longing to the different seasons, but to the different places and states, far away from the earthly plane. Nature, Cosmos, the human inner space – everything came into the connection on these streams of sound... Continuing the moods of the previous collaborative record "snegi" (snows in Russian), "Reki" shifts from the crystalline beauty of the frozen fields and forests towards the next manifestation of the water element ~ rivers (in Russian: reki). With the same formula of improvised guitar ambience spiraling freely over the deep torrents of analog synth drone and decorated with many exquisite details such as flutes, voices, occasional tape manipulations & field recordings. The best sides of both St. Petersburg-based projects intertwined into an inward excursion through the psychic landscapes, both well-trodden and many still pathless ones. [label info]

Flea market

ALISON WAIT - Dove Esistono Solo I Ricordi - CD - VG+ - €3
ARCHON ORCHESTRA - Cenotaph - CD - NM/VG+ - €3
BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE - Black Earth - CD - NM/VG+ - €7
CURRENT 93 - Judas As Black Moth - 2 CD - NM/VG+ - €12
CYCLOTIMIA - Styx - CD - NM - €2
CYCLOTIMIA - Trivial Pleasures - CD - NM - €2
HLADNA - s/t - CDR - M/VG+ - €7
HYPNOZ - Breath of Earth - CD - NM/VG+ - €2
THE INFANT CYCLE - Playout - CDR - VG+ - €2
I.M.M.U.R.E. - The New Circle - CDR - NM - €2
KSHATRIY - Slepok Soznaniya - CD - NM/G+ - €2
KSHATRIY - Transforming Galaxy - CD - NM/VG+ - €3
MAJDANEK WALTZ / SAL SOLARIS - Nebo Reicha / Nebo Nad Berlinom - CD - NM/VG+ - €3
ÜL - III - CDR - NM - €2
UNTERMENCSH (BARDOSENETICCUBE side-project) - s/t - CDR - NM/VG+ - €4
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Bruitisme 1913-2013 (Le Syndicat, Tommi Keränen, Government Alpha, Rodger Stella, Lasse Marhaug, Entre Vifs) - CD - NM/NM - €6

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

II. Back in stock

CYCLOTIMIA -- "Celestis: Space Ceremonial Music" -- CD -- €3
2007 Gravitator Records, GRR 017
The new album by CYCLOTIMIA is inspired by the activity of the American aerospace company Space Services Inc. which among other things dispatches human ashes in space. For more than 30 years Space Services Inc. has been a leader company in the sphere of private space missions of scientific and educational character. Company's modules successfully landed on the Moon. And in 1997 happened the first memorial flight in history. Over these years more than 200 families from the whole world made their deceased relatives' dream come true - a dream about space flight. Also many well-known persons choosed to be buried not in the ground but in Space. Among them are the creator of "Star Trek" Gene Roddenberry, the icon of psychedelic culture Timothy Leary, NASA scientist Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, astronaut Gordon Cooper, actor James "Scotty" Doohan. By agreement with Space Services Inc. a copy of "Celestis" CD will be launched in space on board of the rocket with ashes of 179 people from different countries (!!!). The music of CYCLOTIMIA got the status of the official soudtrack for the memorial "Legacy" flight planned for March 2007. Musically "Celestis" fundamentally differs from their previous works. Here you won't find neither harsh rhythms, nor huge amount of voice samples, nor finally the suffocatingly dark despair, the music is more ascetic than before. As explained by the musicians to create real old-school atmosphere on this album they had to use the whole bunch of vintage devices. Among others such "wonders" like several Casio toy-synths from early 80-ies, classics of Soviet analogue technics - synthesizer "Ritm-2" and even Japanese rhythm-box assembled in 1971. The album has been recorded in 2 years and then mastered by well-known specialists in one of the best Russian studios. From the starting theme "Capsula" the music immerses the listener into the world of spiritual experience and calls to make an imaginary space travel, along with the remains imbedded in capsules, to fly towards Space... Be prepared for strong experience. The closest associative row includes the following musicians: Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze, DELERIUM (early), SYNAESTHESIA, INTERMIX, DOWNLOAD, COIL, BAD SECTOR, TANGERINE DREAM, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Edward Artemyev, FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON, THE ORB… [press-release]

DESIDERII MARGINIS -- "Thaw" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 073-2
Of the Swedish wave of ambient acts from the 1990s, Desiderii Marginis is one of the few still active and definitely one of the finest of those few. Far from being a typical project in the vein of Brian Eno/Lustmord, Johan Levin, the mastermind behind Desiderii Marginis, has created and developed its own unique sonic palette merging digital and analogue: melancholic electronica with electroacoustic elements and intravenous rhythms. From the early days his music met with positive reactions resulting in albums on renowned the legendary Swedish Cold Meat Industry label, and lately also on Canadian Cyclic Law... Over the course of 20 years, Levin released 7 full-length albums, a 3-way split and a collection of rare pre-debut demos plus numerous tracks on various compilations. His latest offering entitled "Thaw" compiles the latter and adds 3 tracks from the split "Lost Signals from Unknown Horizons". On the one hand, it is simply a collection of rare tracks, but, on the other, it may serve a purpose of a "best of" album. With the chronology unaltered, it gives you the full picture of the project and its progress. It is a history lesson of the last 20 years in sonic melancholia of Desiderii Marginis. [press-release]

EXIT IN GREY -- "Audiometry" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2004 Still Sleep / Daphnia Rec., ss05 / ph02
Guitar drone ambient duet coming from Moscow region. Their music sounds like underwater journey amidst dark depths of oceanic space: sonic waves and streams slowly come and pass away, leaving the listener in a spellbound numbness. One of EiG members is also known for his solo project Sister Loolomie.

FORDELL RESEARCH UNIT -- "The Illusion Of Movement" -- CD -- €10
2011 At War With False Noise, atwar101 / Braw Records, BRCD001, (ltd. 500)
Guitar Drone / Noise. Absolutely chuffed to be putting this out after talking about it for literally years. FRU is one of the absolute best drone bands not just in the UK but on the planet and over the past few years I've seen Fraser (and then Fraser and Grant) play some of the most dense, suffocatingly heavy drone noise time and time again that has only been surpassed by the untouchable Culver. Lee Stokoe's work is a good basis for comparison if you're a FRU virgin and they tread similar sound-in-a-vaccum stasis and churning, crunching, collapsing-building noise as Gateshead's finest. This band is a major force in its own right though and there's a real foreboding horror movie atmosphere going on here. Really glad to be bringing this band to a bigger audience and I just hope this leads to giving these guys the attention they so thoroughly deserve! 500 copies jewel case, co-release with BRAW RECORDS of Edinburgh. Nick's a nicer guy than me, puts on good gigs and has a moustache, get it off him too! [press-release]br> [bandcamp]

2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_14, (ltd. 26)
Noise / Experimental. Mail collaboration of two Russian musicians from Sratov and Novosibirsk. 50-minute noise suite inspired by the poetry of Aleksei Kruchenykh. This canvas is full of details, it will lead you through the winter of futuristic dimensions: from barely heard to loud and widescale. We recommend listening in headphones on full volume. And hibernate. CD-R with printed surface, packed in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

HYBRYDS -- "Dreamscapes From A Dark Side / Voices Without A Sound" -- 2 CD -- €14
1996/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 179-2, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Ritual. The next volume in HYBRYDS reissue programme is a double CD collecting two albums: "Dreamscapes from a Dark Side" and "Voices without a Sound". After the well-received reissue of "Mistrust Authority & Tectonic Overload", which contains a more rhythmic, cybernetic face of the Belgian project, "Dreamscapes" (originally released in 1996) is a return to very atmospheric regions. Next to "Soundtrack for the Aquarium", it is the most ambient album in HYBRYDS discography. Tracks full of stillness are interrupted by samples from several iconic films. "Dreamscapes from a Dark Side" is certainly a unique disc in the discography of the Belgian project... The later album "Voices without a Sound" perfectly goes with the first disc (it contains recordings from 1999-2001), originally released under the name NA-DHA. The recordings on this one are the effect of improvisations recorded live which also can be heard perfectly. Sandy Magthea Nijs shows here a slightly more ritual face of his music, a bit closer to the early recordings of HYBRYDS. Still, it is a pensive, moon music... The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes. Sandy Nys provided the cover based on the previous editions. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

HYBRYDS -- "Mistrust Authority & Tectonic Overload" -- 2 CD -- €14
1996/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 161-2, (ltd. 500)
Ritual Ambient / Industrial. For the seventh time, we present a piece from the history of the Belgian underground legend Hybryds. This time Sandy Nys reached for slightly different albums than before. The following set consists of the material from 'Mistrust Authority Promote Decentralization' released on vinyl in Iceland (1996) and a full-size CD 'Tectonic Overload' (1998). These two discs show Hybryds in a slightly different light. Strong rhythmic motifs of ethnic origin are still here, but music is much more aggressive, technoid and cybernetic. It was certainly a big surprise twenty years ago, but it can be surprising for those who have reached for the earlier Hybryds reissues released on Zoharum... As with almost every previous Hybryds reissue, some additional material is also given here. This time it is a large fragment of the Munich concert from 1996 lasting more than half an hour. It shows, similarly to both core albums, the beginning of the new cyber punk face of Hybryds... The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by TraumaSutra. Sandy Nys provided the cover based on the previous editions. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

IINEY + UL.V. -- "Vyaz'" -- CD -- €11
2019 Status Prod., SP 11 CD, (ltd. 150)
Dark Ambient. Status Prod. presents a collaboration album of Russian noise projects IRINEY and ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIYE (UL.V.). Recorded over a period of five years, working separately and together, using field recordings, digital techniques and studio hardware, the album is finally complete. "Creaks and whispers, deaf, viscous drones, breath of a swamp immerse the listener in an ancient ritual, attach to it through understanding of a fairy tale, through an ancient chant, through contemplation of sacraments of the untouched nature. Vyaz' is released in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies, presented in an outsized silkscreen-printed gatefold card cover with a silkscreen-printed card attachment, made of designer cardboard, featuring the art of Nizhny Novgorod artist Elena Lisitsa. [label info]

KRIEGSTROMMELN -- "2013-2014 Sammlung" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_38, (ltd. 30)
Martial Industrial / Dark Ambient / Neoclassical. Even the Paper Moon Republic is familiar with the tread of war. The echo of war drums resonates in the hidden attics of our cultural heritage and interpretations. Along with it we're presented with a terrifying and somewhat attractive collage from the inevitable cannonade of fear, violence, cheerful children’s voices and pure unadulterated love. The steel gates of the upcoming Valhalla's propaganda sparkle as a fiery star through the hazy fog of everyday life. Let in the collection of things from the Empire of War Factories. You have to love it. Two surface-printed CD-Rs packed in a Double DVD Box. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY -- "A Сollection Of Abstract Feelings" -- CD-R -- €5
2018 Ostroga, OTR-099, (ltd. 43)
Experimental ambient / sound collages from the musician from Novosibirsk, Russia.

LITVIN, ARSENY & PROKHOR GOROVOY -- "What die the beasts see? (Chto uvideli zveri?)" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_25, (ltd. 15)
Noise / Drone / Experimental. A thematic split by the authors from Novosibirsk and Saratov, Russia. A contamination of a child game with toy beasts by abstractionism, occultism and a concrete thriller. CD-R with printed surface, packed in a Half-DVD-box. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY / LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Split 2014/2019" -- CD-R -- €5
2014/2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_33, (ltd. 19)
Noise. We decided to reanimate the split which was released on an audiocassette five years ago by Torga Amun Records. Two tracks of old school curtsey to Russian cassette noise from the 90ies from Arseny. And one long meditation inside a rusty metal hypercube from the Light Collapse project (specially for this reissue Arseny also made a remix of this track)... CD-R with printed surface packed in a standard jewel box. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY & LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Unauthorized Garden Gnome Night Activity" -- CD-R -- €5
2020 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_40, (ltd. 16)
Noise. While you sleep, under the cover of night, in the backyard, the garden gnome erects an altar from papier mache. He dances around it, then breaks and burns down. And do not try to find any traces behind it, except for unconscious soundwaves. Surface-printed CD-R, packed in a standard jewel box. [label info]

LITVIN, ARSENY / VITALY MAKLAKOV -- "Inside The Structure / Labyrinth" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_27, (ltd. 13)
Ambient / Drone. A double-CD split of the musicians from the Urals and Siberia: humming, rustling and enveloping by a sapphire ivy. Study of the inner flows of an abstact structure on the first disc, and a journey inside a labyrinth with soft walls on the second one. Two CD-Rs with printed surfaces, packed in a Double-Slim-DVD box. [label info]

2018 Ostroga, OTR-103, (ltd. 30)
Experimental ambient / noise from two Russian musicians coming from the Urals and Siberia.

LITVIN, ARSENY & TSYGANSKAYA GRUST' / VITALY MAKLAKOV -- "Spontaneous Bouts of Art" -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_30, (ltd. 12)
Noise / Experimental. Three creative acts, spontaneous and sudden like hiccup or belching. Action for the sake of action. Sounds for the sake of sounds. Art for the sake of art. Documented for the future archaeologists and culture researchers. CD-R with printed surface packed in a standard jewel-case. [label info]

2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_32, (ltd. 19)
Noise. A collaboration album of the Paper Moon Republic boss with noise artists from various countries. One collaboration track with each musician coming from Northern Macedonia, Russia, Croatia and Belarus. A joyful DADA manifesto originating from cartoon madness. Chocolate rains, slime, chimeras and plenty of other awkward objects – all masked by rumpled magnetic tape and gray mold. Friendship is chaos! CD-R with printed surface packed in a standard jewel box. [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "The Measures Taken" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 091-2, (ltd. 300)
After last year's two releases (a compilation of rare tracks ”Dubbeltjes” and the reissue of a collaborative album with Dag Rosenqvist entitled ”Vintermusik”) a renowned sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt returns with a completely new album called ”The Measures Taken”. It is the score for a dance performance by choreographer Alexander Whitley and visual artists Marshmallow Laser Feast. ”The Measures Taken” was originally commissioned by the Royal Opera House (it premiered there in May 2014). The spectacular performance involves a lot of hi-tech interactivity between dancers and projected visuals. The theme of man vs/with machine is magnified by the music, which combines warm melodic pads with glitchy white noise and (more than on any other Machinefabriek release) propulsive rhythms. Now you can enjoy the music from the performance on a physical album which is also striking without the use of the visual side... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

MACHINEFABRIEK with ANNE BAKKER -- "Short Scenes" -- CD -- €10
2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 174-2, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Experimental / Modern Classical. Machinefabriek, or Rutger Zuydervelt, is one of the most prolific artists in the field of contemporary experimental music. However, unlike many musicians with extensive discographies, the quantity goes hand in hand not only with the quality but also diversity. "Short Scenes" (the sixth album by Rutger on Zoharum) is a mixture of electronic textures and neoclassical violin parts enclosed in twenty miniatures... Rutger Zuydervelt on the album: ”Short Scenes” came to life when working on a soundtrack with violinist Anne Bakker. Taking a series of her improvisations as a starting point, I started to edit and construct them into new songs - no pre-conceived plan, just being lead by these violin recordings. Still working in the ”soundtrack modus operandi”, the resulting tracks are short and concise. None of them ended up being used in a score, but from the very beginning I felt these little vignettes would form a darn fine album. And here it is...” The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. [label info]

MAEROR TRI -- "Archaic States" -- CD -- €10
1993/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 163-2, (ltd. 350)
Drone / Industrial. Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum ("Autopoiesis / Nahtscato", "Seeing-Ear Gods" and "Dreaming Muzak"), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri ("Emotional Engramm" and "Meditamentum"). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings... Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled "Emotional Engramm." In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio's regular albums... The third release in this series is "Archaic States" originally released in 1993 by the Japanese label G.R.O.S.S. Tapes. It was the ninth cassette in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with an additional track lifted from the compilation "My Lom II" released in 1998. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. [press-release]

MAEROR TRI -- "Hypnobasia" -- CD -- €10
1992/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 112-2, (ltd. 350)
Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum (“Autopoiesis / Nahtscato”, “Seeing-Ear Gods” and “Dreaming Muzak”), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri (“Emotional Engramm” and “Meditamentum”). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings... Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled “Emotional Engramm.” In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio’s regular albums. One of these two tape albums is “Hypnobasia” originally released in 1992 by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe. It was the fifth tape in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with 3 additional tracks lifted from various artists compilations from 1989-1992. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. [press-release]

MAEROR TRI -- "Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia" -- CD -- €10
1991/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 113-2, (ltd. 350)
Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum (“Autopoiesis / Nahtscato”, “Seeing-Ear Gods” and “Dreaming Muzak”), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri (“Emotional Engramm” and “Meditamentum”). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings... Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled “Emotional Engramm.” In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio’s regular albums. One of these two tape albums is “Sensuum Mendacia” originally released in 1991 by the Welsh label Direction Music. It was the third tape in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with 5 additional tracks lifted from the split tape with Nostalgie Eternelle duo released in 1990. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. [press-release]

MAEROR TRI -- "Ultimate Time" -- CD -- €10
1994/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 164-2, (ltd. 350)
Drone / Industrial. Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum ("Autopoiesis / Nahtscato", "Seeing-Ear Gods" and "Dreaming Muzak"), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri ("Emotional Engramm" and "Meditamentum"). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings... Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled "Emotional Engramm." In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio's regular albums... The fourth release in this series is "Ultimate Time" originally released in 1994 by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe. It was the tenth cassette in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with an additional track lifted from the compilation "The Art of Marginal Talent" released in 1997. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. [press-release]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Leaving no trace..." -- CD-R -- €5
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_34, (ltd. 31)
Noise / Abstract / Experimental. Do you like to meditate staring at the shabby walls of an old room which hasn't been renovated since Khruschev? Will you find an untold lurking plot between the lines of an antique yellowed school notebook of your grandpa? Who will you meet when you set off on a leaving-no-memories trip to Jupiters and Saturns of broken tiles? Will they be abstract trunk boxes? Taiga hunters and trackers? Shocked majors? Or just splashes of crystal brains evaporating from sandpaper? Listen to this album and find your own answers... CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in jewel box and wrapped in artistically decorated sheet of tracing paper. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY & ARSENY LITVIN -- "Eclecticism and Simultaneity" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Ostroga, OTR-081, (ltd. 44)
Mail-art collaboration between two artists from Siberia and the Urals. [label info]

MEDIADATA -- "Adore Resurrect" -- CD -- €10
2019 Aliens Production, AP 46, (ltd. 100)
IDM / Ambient / Neoclassical. The Russian pioneer of melancholy tones is coming back in short time with its next work. As the name itself suggests, this album will follow its predecessor conceptually. In a sound way, Denis has again focused on a more modest down tempo, in which beautiful melodies and hybrid structures waggle. The penetrating rhythms seconds to melodic lines and atmospheres. Plenty of noises and synthetics strings is filled with the sound of harmonious instruments and even greatly blended traditional balalaikas. Dense, bass lines and emotional corners, will give the listener again great play of atmosphere and emotions. Electronics that will delight with its clearness. It moves but doesn’t bite. Creatively will be packed into your subconscious. Fragments and melodies can long resonate in the listener's mind. Strikingly rhythms, nicely unfolds every single story and reveal another world of Adore. In the past in his birth, now in his resurrection. On album has again contributed great Anatoly TOKEE Grinberg with it sound and with its visual arts and beautiful photographs has contributed talented Bernard André. So the next tasty thing is in the world… [label info]

NACE, BILL & SANDY EWEN -- "Live" -- 7" lathe-cut -- €30
2019 Post-Materialization Music, PMM#101, (ltd. 30)
Free Improvisation / Noise from the members of WOLF EYES and BODY HEAD (project of Kim Gordon from SONIC YOUTH). Transparent square 7" lathe-cut, 3 colour silk-screened package with an insert.

ORDER OF VICTORY -- "Lost December" -- CD -- €10
2014 Status Prod., SP 02CD / Casus Belli Musica, CBD 02CD, (ltd. 410)
The band made a decision to celebrate their 10th anniversary releasing this album, and finish any creative activity of their old project COLD DESIGN. The CD includes some unreleased tracks not used in any of COLD DESIGN’s albums, and it includes the songs united with military themes. The album is released as a 6-panel card-sleeve with a card – a X-mas ball and a newspaper leaflet with the songs lyrics in Russian and English. The number of printed hand numbered copies is 410. [label info]

PAGE, MIKE -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2008 At War With False Noise, ATWAR042, (ltd. 500)
Noise. First "solo" album from the incomparable Mike Page, he of Fire In The Head, Sky Burial etc etc. When I got sent the original cut of this record he put a note in saying something like "Here's my new record...no PE, no ambient, JUST NOISE". Whilst this IS a departure from a lot of what he's known for, it would be a travesty to describe this as JUST noise. What you get here is one lengthy plunge into the depths of carefully-constructed aural extremity, utterly loud and heavy as fuck and utilising as many extremes of tone that your poor lugs can take! Sometimes it all goes a bit quiet and you think there's going to be an extended period of aural respite...until some shrieking high-end comes in and blows away any idea of shelter from the onslaught. I was really disappointed when Mike announced he was giving up F/I/T/H but if he keeps up this level of intensity and sheer bloodyminded bludgeon the future's bright. 500 copies on CD. Great FEAR - MORE BEER rip-off artwork (brilliant band, shite album eh!). [press-release]

PHURPA -- "Chod" -- 2 CD -- €15
2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 127-2, (ltd. 400)
Tibetan “chöd” roughly means “being cut off”. That is also the title of the new piece of work of shamans from Moscow. Phurpa returns with a completely new material, without doubt, the best in their discography. It perfectly shows the strength of their music based on the “rgyud-skad” singing, meditation and the use of traditional instruments, often made of human bones... Chöd is the practice of sacrificing the body. To actively participate in meditation we invite not only enlightened beings, but also the residents of the six realms of existence, including the essence of hell and all the spiritual “filth” there is, all possible demons. They just have to be the main beneficiaries of the sacrifice made, and the body of the meditator becomes their food. Traditionally, this practice was carried out in desolate and lonely places, and often even frightening – in the fields of cremation and burial grounds near the dismembered corpses and wild animals preying on them. The practitioners of chöd were called crazy yogis... Over a 90-minute monolith in two scenes. The musical trans introducing listeners into the state of meditation. “Chöd” is released as a double album in 3-panel ecopak, in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies. [label info]

PHURPA -- "Mantras Of Bon" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 075-2 II, (ltd. 250)
PHURPA is one of the most interesting recent music phenomena. Founded by Alexey Tegin they create meditative music with its roots in the ancient pre-buddhist tradition BON. Their concerts resemble shamanic mysteria where sounds, singing and rhythms invoke trance-like state introducing the listeners into the realm of dead gods and the times of culture that is already gone. The musicians themselves stress the spiritual nature of their activity. They have carried their message to many cities all over the world. They played gigs in Paris, Bristol and Amsterdam among others, and also took part in prestigious festivals. They are a staple of Moscow concert scene, where they hold live sessions lasting a few hours. One can look for a similar band in vain, a band that approaches the sound matter and its creation in such an accurate way. They use traditional instruments, but also human bones found in Tibetan wastelands. They meditate and practise the way of singing called "rgyud-skad." The magic and strength of their music has been appreciated by Stephen O'Malley among others, who released one of their albums on his own label... Zoharum would like to present the latest album by the band entitled "Mantras of Bon." It is an extraordinary release, even for such an extraordinary and unusual project as PHURPA. More than 70 minutes of music here is divided into two parts. The first one, featuring Alissa Nicolai on vocals, shows the band from a completely different angle; the other one presents the most important and interesting sessions recorded over the past few years, with a recording from CTM festival where they impressed the audience with "kuntunzangpo." "Mantras of Bon" is an excellent introduction into the adventures with PHURPA, the world of Tibetan music filtered by contemporary reinterpretation free from rigid rules. It may enchant both those looking for interesting sacral music and the ones searching for a new form of sonic statement. [press-release] Second edition.

PHURPA -- "Ya Tog Rid Pa'i Gyer" -- 2 CD -- €15
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 145-2, (ltd. 500)
This double album is the successor to the previous release entitled “Chöd” from nearly a year ago. The new release shows how Phurpa constantly transforms itself through their own musical exploration as well as personal spiritual development. Apart from intensive concerts, its members are famous for their long meditation trainings/sessions. This constant movement, the exploration of various techniques and discovering new inspirations in eastern culture makes Phurpa musicians more and more eager to use traditional instruments in addition to their distinctive “rgyud-skad” singing, thus enriching the already familiar formula. By emphasizing the sacred and spiritual nature of their activity, they seek to enrich it in such a way that the listener can find the novum, bearing in mind that not only the aesthetic but very spiritual world of the ancient deities of the Bön tradition is particularly important. The title, referring to the magical quest for the universe, should set the direction for the interpretation, or be merely a pretext or an invitation to this mystical journey... The album consists of two discs with over 90 minutes of music. It is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies. [label info]

POTERNA -- "Fate" -- CD -- €10
2015 Status Prod., SP 03CD, (ltd. 260)
"The whole history of mankind is a prolonged history of a living matter that, by the Creator’s will, acquired an ability to think, but that did not know what to do with this fatal ability. It could not find any better use for this ability than invention of the most effective ways of global suicide..." The apocalypse created by the mankind’s own hands is the main idea of the debut album "Fate" of a side project POTERNA by Shilov, the leader of martial/neofolk duet ORDER OF VICTORY. Sounds recorded in steel and forge plants of different industrial enterprises, as well as samples from movies, were used for recording of this album. Sound production and mastering by Antuan Graftio (THEORY, SACRIS TANDEM, CONJUNCTURE). Design by The Temple of Theturham (theturham .blogspot.com). The album is released as 6-band card-sleeve CD with a pennant card. Album edition is 260 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Airstrikes / Easterly Moon" -- 2 CD -- €15
2017 Zoharum, ZOHAR 165-2B, (ltd. 100)
Ritual / Ethnic / Ambient. ‘Airstrikes’ is Robin Storey’s brand new album on Zoharum since ‘Blue Days’ released back in 2015. Unlike the latter, ‘Airstrikes’ contains longer compositions that combine the different recurring themes from Rapoon repertoire from the past 25 years. These are both inspirations from oriental music and rhythmic structures that derive directly from dance music. The seven compositions on the album are subtle observations of the processes taking place in the modern world... Airstrikes announced on the news bulletin with the same detachment as announcing a rise in the price of petrol… A computer game… a dancing crosshairs above a target… The sound of a dulcimer playing an ancient song careens through the dusty, dry desert air… Life persists…. We are such stuff as dreams are made on… This version of the album contains the second CD with the recording of the Warsaw gig entitled ‘Easterly Moon’ and is limited to 100 copies only. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Darker By Light" -- CD -- €10
1996/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 173-2, (ltd. 500)
Ritual / Ambient. Here's another one in the reissue series of rare and sought-after albums by Robin Storey, entitled "Darker by Light". Originally released in 1996, it is a document of the early period of Rapoon's work. It was full of strong rhythmic emphasis hidden behind the wall of ambient dust... This desert period of Rapoon's work falls on the 1990s, from which we have already released three CDs: "Vernal Crossing" (1993), "The Kirghiz Light" (1995) and "The Fires of the Borderlands" (1998). "Darker by Light" is also a part of this exploration which consists of static walls of sound coming as if from the distance and processed rhythms inspired by ethnic music, sometimes complemented by the sounds of flutes and pipes. This great album, unavailable for many years, is worth another spin... The CD is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "Fall Of Drums" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 078-2, (ltd. 500)
It has been a year since the release of highly-acclaimed album entitled "To West and Blue". After various archive releases (the second volume in the rarities collection entitled "Seeds in the Tide" plus expanded reissue of a classic album "The Fires of the Borderlands") and new albums on other labels ("Psi-Transient" and "Conduits And Estuaries"), Robin Storey aka Rapoon presents a carefully woven new masterpiece called "Fall of Drums"... The new Rapoon album marks his return not only to the analogue electronics territories, but also to ethnic rhythms which he was known for in the very early days of his solo project. We are back to Middle Eastern territories, to deserts, opium hallucinations and ghosts whisper amidst the sand. 4 long hypnotic tracks of staggering beauty take us on an hour-long journey into your subconsciousness. In other words, it is another top quality album from Robin Storey... The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "The Kirghiz Light" -- 3 CD -- €17
1995/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 122-2, (ltd. 500)
The next one in the series of classic Rapoon albums reissues is 'The Kirghiz Light', which was originally released in 1995 on Staalplaat. This is a unique position, because it was since sold out for a long time and fetched high prices on few auctions. It is also one of the most interesting Robin Storey albums from the beginnings of his activities as Rapoon, where strong ethnic motifs are combined with atmospheric passages. Originally a double album, this reissue has been extended with an additional album entitled 'Our Calling Light'. The source material used here was original demo recordings for 'The Kirghiz Light', which have been reinterpreted giving it a whole new sonic space. The CDs are housed in a 4-panel digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

RAPOON -- "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question) / Project Blue Book" -- 2 CD -- €14
1999/2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 096-2, (ltd. 500)
The mainstay of our label, or Robin Storey aka Rapoon that is, returns with the next release of archival recordings. In this case, it is the third reissue of an earlier album, which has been expanded in the new version with an additional disc with previously unpublished material. This album is coming in 1999. "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)". Different among the works of Rapoon, because it is based primarily on the word. Canvas of this project are the theories related to aliens and their presence on the planet made by William Cooper. Music is therefore subordinate to the text, it is much more withdrawn than on other Rapoon releases, but it does not make it one-dimensional. On the contrary, by moving the centre of gravity to the verbal layer, Robin Storey redefined his compositional language. The bonus disc called "Project Blue Book" is the new album mixed in the current year, which uses the original tracks to the "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)," but this time it is devoid of the narrative. The result is not even an alternate version of the original, but a completely different album, where accents are distributed differently. More ethnic trips here, but it will also include pieces for lovers of shimmering ambient... The CDs is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Maciej Mehring based on Robin Storey's paintings. "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)/Project Blue Book" was mastered by Maciej Bartkowiak. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

RAPOON & PROMUTE -- "Machine River" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 079-2, (ltd. 500)
Not only is Robin Storey aka Rapoon a very prolific solo artist, but also he collaborates with many musicians from all over the world. He has already worked with Mykel Boys, Wyrm, Pas Musique, Kinder Atom, Cisfinitum, Pacific 231 et al. This time he teamed up with Shaun Sandor aka Promute to create 8 haunting tracks... This is the story of their meeting in the words of Shaun Sandor: "This collaboration between Rapoon and Promute is a direct result of the 2011 Endless Form Tour. For several nights in a row in different cities I sat in a swirling mist of sound conjured by Rapoon. The music easily generated notions of timelessness and seductive landscapes. In all of this, I was realizing that the electro-acoustic set that I was performing seemed to be a natural compliment to the music of Rapoon. I created several dozen tracks of homemade instruments, prepared guitar and bass, and sitar and sent them to Robin Storey to manipulate, process and edit. I asked my friend Des Kashyap to contribute some vocals as well, and he agreed. Robin added his music and vocals as well and did the arranging and mixing"... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 500 copies. [label info]

ROSENQVIST, DAG & RUTGER ZUYDERVELT -- "Vintermusik" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 080-2, (ltd. 300)
One album, seven tracks, two people. Who are they? Dag Rosenqvist is a Swedish musician releasing solo music under his own name/previously Jasper TX moniker, and Rutger Zuydervelt is prolific Dutch sound artist familiar to most as Machinefabriek, already known to Zoharum followers via ”Dubbeltjes” compilation of his rarities. And what is ”Vintermusik”? Actually, it is another rarity being reissued. The tracks from this album date back to 2006 and are one of the early tracks commited by both Dag & Rutger. They did not meet at the time of the recordings, they used the Internet to exchange files. And so 50 minutes of music was created. It is contemplative music full of shimmering guitar drones, delicate piano melodies and bits of field recordings. They sound cold, yet warm at the same time. So the time for releasing this music is just right – it is a little bit of winter music for the end of the summer... The original version ”Vintermusik” came out on a CDR limited to just 200 copies. Due to a popular demand we decided to re-release it. It has not dated in the least bit, it is as fresh as on the day of its release. As a special bonus, another rare gem was added, that is ”Feberdrom” coming from a 3” CDR. It gives you the full picture of those early ventures into duo collaboration between Dag and Rutger... ”Vintermusik” is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

SLOTH -- "A Whole Other World Of Fun aka 13 Songs 13 Samples" -- CD -- €10
2007 At War With False Noise, ATWAR018, (ltd. 500)
Garage Rock / Noise Rock. The first At War CD release is finally out!! Ohio's SLOTH have been creating some of the most fucked up, weird, funny music of the past 10+ years and this is their first ever CD full-length album! Known for split records with bands such as Corrupted, Grief, Floor, Upsidedown Cross, Noothgrush etc etc, this album sees Sloth in a much more musically diverse frame of mind than usual. The painful sludge noise is still there but there's an altogether more considered approach. There's piano on it for fuck's sake. Weird lo-fi songs that sound like they were written by a fucked up kid mix sit happily with garage rock high end jams and tar pit slo-mo doom dirges. The "13 samples" are bang on and the humour is as bizarre and hilarious as ever. Full CD (NOT A CDr) with full colour 4 page booklet, drawn by artist-in-chief Uberneecie and coloured in by a group of five year olds from Glasgow. [press-release]

VIDNA OBMANA -- "Soundtrack For The Aquarium" -- CD -- €10
2001/2019 Zoharum, ZOHAR 182-2, (ltd. 400)
The next installment of VIDNA OBMANA in the Zoharum catalogue is the third album of the Dirk Serries' project, reissued here in a remastered form. It is a kind of continuation of the informal series bringing back to life long-forgotten albums of this Belgian artist. This is also a continuation of the releases created specifically for the needs of the Antwerp Zoo, the second after Hybryds' "Soundtrack for Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" CD... The album features a total of 7 ambient compositions made between 1992-1993, mastered again by the musician himself in 2019. The artwork is composed of the photographs by Martina Verhoeven. The album is released in a limited edition of 400 copies. [label info]

VIDNA OBMANA -- "The Surreal Sanctuary / The Contemporary Nocturne" -- 2 CD -- €14
2000/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 172-2, (ltd. 400)
By releasing "The Trilogy" not so long ago, we have opened a new series in which we are trying to bring closer the VIDNA OBMANA albums, which have long been unavailable in regular distribution and which reach exorbitant prices on auction portals... This time we took two regular albums to work on. "The Surreal Sanctuary", like "The Contemporary Nocturne", recorded with the guest appearance of Steve Roach, Jim Cole and Joris De Backer, originally appeared in 2000 on Hypnos as separate publications. However, their character, the time in which the compositions were created and the participation of the same guests combine them into an extremely poignant and musically rich entity. Therefore, together with the artist, we decided to publish a two-disc album, closing this chapter in the discography of Vidna Obmana... All the material was remastered by Dirk Serries in 2018. Photos for this album were made by Martina Verhoeven. The 2CD album is released in an 8-panel digipak, strictly limited to 400 copies. [label info]

VIDNA OBMANA -- "The Trilogy" -- 3 CD -- €18
1996/2018 Zoharum, ZOHAR 159-2, (ltd. 400)
Dirk Serries, known for his Zoharum collaboration with Celer entitled 'Background Curtain', was operating for many years as Vidna Obmana. The first recordings under this moniker appeared in the mid-1980s. Initially in his work he penetrated very rough industrial sounds, but at the beginning of the following decade he turned to ambient music with subtle ethnic undertones. His first albums, where he successfully explored this style and which also brought him wider notoriety, were 'Passage in Beauty' (1991), 'Shadowing in Sorrow' (1992) and 'Ending Mirage' (1993), composing a trilogy in both sonic and visual sense. A few years later, they were reissued in one package by the American label Relic... This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the last album from these three. This is a good opportunity to bring the entire trilogy to light again, as it is considered one of Dirk Serries' outstanding achievements as Vidna Obmana. On top of that, all three albums, both in the form of a triple compilation and as single discs, have long been unavailable and reach quite high prices on auction sites. The discs received a new graphic design, their sound was also remastered by the artist himself. We can enjoy over three hours of these classic ambient sounds again... The triple album is released in an 8-panel digipak and it is strictly limited to 400 pieces. [label info]

XTEMATIC / ARSENY LITVIN -- "Not Physiological Sounds" -- CD-R -- €3
2019 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_29, (ltd. 15)
Noise. Croatian-Siberian split. Almost 79 minutes of non-physiological sounds for destruction (by Xtematic's efforts) and alcoholising (by Arseny's efforts) of your nerve-endings. Your mama won't like it – listen only in headphones. CD-R with printed surface packed in a paper sleeve. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Viva Negativa - A Tribute To The New Blockaders, Volume 1: UK" -- CD -- €10
2010 At War With False Noise, ATWAR064, (ltd. 500)
Volume I in a series of UK / European / US and Japanese artists' tributes to the pioneering UK Noise group The New Blockaders including exclusive tracks by: NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, SMELL & QUIM, DIETER MUH, PUTREFIER, SRMEIXNER, CHEAPMACHINES, EVIL MOISTURE, ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS, JAZZFINGER, MUTANT APE, ANOMALI, HALALCHEMISTS (incl. members of SKULLFLOWER, CULVER, SNOTNOSED, ROMANCE & MARZURAAN).

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