ZHELEZOBETON news - 30.06.2020
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Today two long-awaiting publications will finally see the light of day: a compilation of EPs by the Canadian project The Sand Rays, working in the field of abstract isolationism, and a new mini-album by the Moscow electronic industrial duo Cyclotimia, which continues the anti-utopian line of soundtracks to the existence in the world of global capitalism.

Not so many additions to the distro catalogue this time: several new titles from the Russian labels Operator Produkzion, Dödens Kultur and Garðarsk Uruz, several CDs from the Greek label Eclipsis (and their sub-labels OKO Records and Lalia Records), plus a small assortment of noise tapes and records from various international labels and projects.

As usual, you can send your orders by email to mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. We can always reserve your order for a reasonable time.

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I. New releases

The Sand Rays - Remembered Vol. 2 (more EPs in coalescence

The Sand Rays
"Remembered Vol. 2 (more EPs in coalescence"

CD (ltd. 107)

1. Melodica
2. Señor Trainwhistle (extended) (edit)
3. No Fault
4. Narrator
5. Obscurantism, Maybe
6. The Room Divides Itself
7. A Mysterious Disk 1
total length: 66:54
price: €10

"Remembered Vol. 2 (more EPs in coalescence)" @ bandcamp

The Sand Rays / The Infant Cycle: website | bandcamp | facebook

The Canadian musician Jim DeJong (ex-The Infant Cycle) continues to splinter and perplex his discography, releasing mini-works under different monikers: The Sand Rays, San Andreas, Sand Ra, etc. And we are making already the second attempt to collect these sprawling entities under a single cover after the CD "Remembered Vol. 1 (EPs gathered together)" in 2017.

This time Jim doesn’t reveal the list of tools that he used, but we know his passion for recycled sounds of shortwave radio, household appliances and malfunctioning electronics. His music is like ghostly monochrome corridors and sound tunnels which often end with sudden turns and dead ends. It is like endless fields of inner calm, woven from reverberations and atonal textures, giving way to mysterious several second-long cuts in which seemingly almost nothing happens. It is like a quiet psychedelic introversion, a contemplation of bitcrushed emptiness, a parallel existence in intangible layers of space.

The glass-mastered CD edition is limited to 100 copies and comes in a 4-panel matte digisleeve. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

Cyclotimia - Regnum


CD (лим. 300) / CS (лим. 60)

1. Battlefield
2. Cantus Firmus
3. Nocturne
4. Dasein
5. Regnum
6. Sinking Ships
7. CLV MMXIII (bonus)

total time: 34:38 / 26:33
price: €10 / €7

"Regnum" @ bandcamp

Cyclotimia: website | bandcamp

More than five years of silence could suggest that the album "The Invisible Hand of Market" released in 2014 was the last sign of life of this Russian project. However, the musicians of the Cyclotimia duo, who consistently create soundtracks for a society of global capital dominance in their works, still have something to say, as it turns out.

The album “Regnum” consists of six tracks (the CD version additionally contains a long-playing bonus track) and lasts for about half an hour. The compositions have a distinctive vibe of “the blessed 80ies” typical for the synthwave genre that has been in fashion in recent years, yet they distinctively go beyond the borders of this predominantly stereotyped style towards rhythmic post-industrial.

"Regnum" comes out in turbulent times. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the cover shows a man walking on a deserted night street into the unknown? And although the musical atmosphere doesn’t inspire anything optimistic in the end, the opening track with the characteristic name “Battlefield” is apparently intended to set the listener in a combat mood in relation to the future.

The album is released in collaboration with Monopoly Records and Shadowplay Records. The physical edition is presented in two versions: a CD limited to 300 copies in a matte 4-panel digisleeve and an audio cassette limited to 60 copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

>O< -- "Emerald Leaves" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT151, (ltd. 22)
A beautiful meditative Drone Ambient / Progressive Electronics mini-album, imbued with the breath of spring, gentle breeze and freshness. Bright spring foliage yet not covered with dust sways on branches, emitting an emerald chime, and the movement of juices in the trees resonates with the pulsations of space. An ideal soundtrack for contemplative and psychedelic walks through forests and parks. Handmade and hand-painted cardboard envelope with textile applique in the form of an emerald leave. [label info]

THE CHURCH OF HATE & YAO 91404 D -- "The Harbour Of Abyss" -- CD-R -- €8
2020 Dödens Kultur, DK№01, (ltd. 18)
Experimental / Electroacoustic / Avant-Garde. The collaboration of two Russian post-industrial projects recorded on February 26, 2019 as a live performance without listeners in the harbor area of​Vasilyevsky Island, where Northern Europe, covered in snow, opens its jaws to the cold waters of the Baltic Sea and the endless starry blackness of the night sky: the Harbor of Abyss. YAO 91404 D extracts iron staccatos of night factory halls and hospital chambers from the prepared "Red October" piano, The Church Of Hate ingeniously processes them with a chain of analog devices. The result is harsh, unusual, deadly and avant-garde, like a mixture of early Shostakovich and the besieged Kirov Plant. Textile and cardboard handmade digipack, all information is written by hand. [label info]

DADHIKRA -- "Bolotniy Zuy" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Garðarsk Uruz, URUZ ᚱ, (ltd. 40)
Archaic Garðarsk Pagan Ambient, riddled with mystical signs and sound experiments, full of dense hum breathing, deaf swamp gurgle, bird voices, excerpts from the works of modern classics of northern Russian literature, Vladimir Lichutin and Vasily Belov. The cycle of life and death in family traditions and the energy of the swamp land. Released on CD-R, limited edition of 40 handnumbered copies. Handmade digifile made of wood and vintage paper, all information is written by hand. [label info]

EARZUMBA -- "Bye Bye Butterfly" -- CD-R -- €5
2010 Absurd, absurd#85
Experimental / Plunderphonics. No doubt the current state of the Greek economy is partly responsible for the disappearance of the Absurd label, but not entirely. Maybe it was time to move forward and do something else. Old men do not fade away that easily. In line with their other farewell release, a 7" with butterfly package, this final/last release on Absurd has also a butterfly package for this extended EP/short album by Earzumba, who takes the credit for sampler, piano, bass, guitar, synths, maus (?, mouse, computer??), along with a bunch of guest musicians, on one track. Not that that track sounded particular different than the others, I thought. Earzumba proofs once again that he is a master on the sampler deconstructing all sorts of pop/jazz/rock music and cooking up something that is a hybrid form of things: plunderphonics without the satirical/political/sociological aspects that some of his peers have, especially in the anglo-saxon world. Twelve relatively short tracks, spanning just over twenty five minutes of great pop tunes. Earzumba didn't move yet into the world of radioplays, as I (wrongly) predicted, but alas, he delivers another fine release. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

GUS, LARRY -- "Iasmos" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 OKO Records, OK 01, (ltd. 252)
Experimental / Electronic / Children's. Lovely baby pop electronica with live extracts. Very special package in five folded wagon parts like a train. "Somewhere in the more remote area of Xanthi there is family who treat their two children with unusual birthday gifts, usually specially played recorded CDs. One Larry Gus played some music for the second birthday of Orion (who I saw being baptized, but that's another story), which seems partly based on field recordings of a children's party and, for a larger part, on electronic keyboards, loop devices and a bit of vocals. Eighteen short pieces here of highly improvised music - there is a story about the original master being and it had to be restored or recreated in a short time span, but it sounds quite nice altogether. Childlike, obviously I'd say, intimate and also at times joyous. At thirty two minutes also having the right length for such a thing." [FdW, Vital Weekly]

KANEDA, KIWAKO -- "Cake Of Sea" -- CD -- €5
2007 Eclipsis, #02 / absurd, #60, (ltd. 500)
Acid Folk / Ambient / Children's. Ten beautiful, innocent tracks with the sweet voice of Kiwako. Toy instruments, guitar, piano, electronics etc. "No delay no echo. This is innocent ambience / acid folk with an analog tape sound. Narrow short range sound in a locked room. It brings you back to childhood memories with simple musical instruments and layers of innocent vocals —it's like angels singing. If you're trying to compare this incomparable song, it's like saying "Does Robert Wyatt make an album with only kid’s voices and cassette MTR?" — "Does Daniel Johnston suddenly wake up making ambient music with only a multi recording cassette MTR?". - Doi Uroco..." Three panel circular cover in two different colours, white and green.

KATSIMERI, LOUKIA -- "Sohos" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Editions Zero, #12
Ritual / Field Recordings. Following an unexpected rescue in Edition Zero’s archives, we’re now in presence of a peculiar item featuring field recordings by the late Loukia Katsimeri, a member of the Greek experimental movement “Oi Mihanologoi”, who was sadly killed in 1991 at only 28 years of age while bycicling in Paris. It looks like Katsimeri was a natural born traveller, her tape recorder constantly ready to capture local expressions and rituals that she would then utilize within her group. “Sohos” lasts about half an hour and, despite the low quality of some of the tape parts, contains sounds that facilitate states of boisterous stupor. During the carnival, people in Sohos walk or run around the village wearing goat masks and dresses while agitating enormous cowbells; underneath this continuous tolling we also hear wind instruments, whose tone recalls a bagpipe or a zurna, getting mixed with the natives’ voices and laughs. The deriving mayhem is really something to be heard, a never ending clamour which could be associated – at very large – with other hullabaloo-based environmental compositions. Two references come to mind: Hermann Nitsch’s Aktions and Charlemagne Palestine’s “Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn”. We’re not on that refined status, but this material deserves to be carefully considered. [Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes]

LIGHT COLLAPSE -- "Indigenous Vision" -- CD-R -- €6
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT128, (ltd. 26)
Frantic Harsh Noise Wall, attacking with an invincible roll at all frequencies, from the Ural-based project, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Power. Handmade cardboard DVD-box. [label info]

MICROSPORA -- "Vexxzikki" -- CD-R -- €6
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT105, (ltd. 59)
Subtle and minimalistic Drone Ambient with strong hypnotic atmosphere, in the style of some works by Francisco Lopez. The A5 sized cover А5 reproduces tribal graphic works by the talented psychedelic artist Nikita Shavlovskiy from the archives of Valery Rakcheev. [label info]

TCHERNOBLYAD -- "Military Dope" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2020 Dödens Kultur, DK№02, (ltd. 31)
Power Electronics / Noise. The release is dedicated to individual medicine kits in orange cases, widely distributed in the Soviet Army and civil defense, and the psychoactive drugs contained in there, familiarity with which led many adolescents and youths to the slippery slopes of psychonautics and drug addiction. Three tracks of the experimental toxic psychedelic Power Electronics / Noise, each inspired by one of the drugs (opioid "promedol", amphetamine "aphin", cholinolytic "taren"), depicting its effect. The three-inch disk is equipped with two inserts and is packed in the case of a first-aid kit wwith an engraved copy number. [label info]

THEPERSONWHODIDTHIS -- "Aquarium" -- CD-R -- €8
2019 OKO Records, OK 02, (ltd. 44)
Experimental / Electronic / Children's. OKO Records is a brother-label to the Greek label Eclipsis, releasing exclusively experimental / childish recordings prepared specially as birthday gifts to the Eclipsis founder's son Orion.

UN CADDIE RENVERSE DANS L'HERBE -- "The Reversed Supermarket Trolley Flies Towards The Rainbow" -- CD -- €9
2006 Lalia Records, LA 01, (ltd. 388)
Experimental / Electronic / Children's. This is a unique rare live recording of "Un Caddie Renversé dans l' Herbe" which took place at Iasmos, on Saturday, November 12th 2005 during the birthday party of Amaryllis. Enjoy the dreamy, surreal, avantgarde, ethnic sounds of Un Caddie mixed with sounds, toy instruments and songs the children perform. An unusual & fascinating combination of laptop & traditional instruments as Balaphon, Mbira, Kalimba, Berimbau plus Piano, Cello, Guitar, Bass, Melodica, Chimes and more! The CD comes in an extremely special design and package which is folded like a cartoon picture toy-book and is limited to 388 hand-numbered copies... [Dead Master's Beat]

VOLAKAS -- "Stigmes apo ta Dromena" -- CD-R -- €12
2016 Eclipsis, eclipsis 07, (ltd. 100)
Ritual / Field Recordings. A live recording of a pagan folk celebration held every year between 6-8 of January in Volakas village, North Hellas, Greece. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies (only few copies are available, as most of them were given for free to Volakas people). Pro-printed CDR with 5 double-sided postcards, all in a handmade furry cloth bag with a bell.

VOLAKAS -- "Stigmes apo ta Dromena (deluxe edition)" -- CD-R -- €14
2016 Eclipsis, eclipsis 07, (ltd. 23)
Ritual / Field Recordings. A live recording of a pagan folk celebration held every year between 6-8 of January in Volakas village, North Hellas, Greece. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies (only few copies are available, as most of them were given for free to Volakas people). Pro-printed CDR with 5 double-sided postcards, all in a handmade furry cloth bag with a bell. The bags and bells are much bigger than in standard edition.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Productive Operations. Obscure Tracks From YAOP Circle" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT150, (ltd. 15)
In April 2020 our label celebrates its 15th anniversary, and we decided to make an exceptional release. Firstly, this is a compilation, which Operator has never had before and which is unlikely to repeat. Secondly, the compilation isn't simple: we didn’t make the usual selection of tracks from our artists, which would result in a regular "sampler", but instead decided to make an "esoteric" compilation from the rarest, mostly unpublished records and versions of tracks from the deepest "dungeon" of YAOP and Operator. The "inner circle" of artists, mystery and absurdity from the very bottom of our crucible. Handmade foldout sleeve, minimal edition. [label info] Artists: YAO 91404 D, ANTI-VERSTAND, BELOMOR, TCHERNOBLYAD, DADHIKRA, ADRIVA 91404 D, OLIVIER (of LASKOVOE ECHO).


ATARAXIA / ALLERSEELEN -- "Ultima Thule" -- 7" -- €10
2008 Eclipsis, eclipsis 03, (ltd. 300)
Modern Classical / Neofolk. 7" split vinyl record with ATARAXIA and ALLERSEELEN. ATARAXIA – Lunar Oceans, inspired by “The Silmarillion” of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. ALLERSEELEN – Der König in Thule, based on “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The concept of this release is based on the journey the Greek Pytheas made to Ultima Thule, the outermost limit of the ancient world. “On that day in 335 B.C. the city of Massilia was buzzing with excitement as news of the event spread amongst the traders, both great and small, in Massilia Street, the main shopping thoroughfare that ran along the entire length of the seafront next to the sea. Pytheas was preparing for a very important mission: to set sail for the North, in search of the sources of tin and amber…” (Exclusive text by Historian Mr. Christos D. Lazos). Black color heavy 7" vinyl of 70 gr. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [label info]

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO -- "Plays The Clockwork Orange" -- LP -- €10
2003/2010 Hot Releases, HOT-19
Experimental / Sound Collage. Reissue of a February 1980 decomposition (M.B. skippin' up the film's original soundtrack) from the Italian industrial forereunner. Halting tape cut-ups of the classical score from Kubirick's film. One of the strangest M.B. recordings! [SoundOhm]

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO / CHRIS-X -- "Heczplaser / Black Pulse" -- LP -- €10
2010 CX Records, 02, (ltd. 300)
Ambient / Experimental / Industrial. Split-album by two Italian musicians: Maurizio Bianchi and Cristiano Luciani (aka Cris X). Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl with pro printed\glued glossy covers and 2x 30x30cm full colour inserts.

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & LAND USE -- "Tse-K" -- LP -- €10
2007 SmallVoices, SVV011, (ltd. 340)
Industrial. Maurizio Bianchi is back on vinyl! A new special limited edition from SmallVoices and the father of Italian industrial music, together with Land Use in this new chapter of his legendary career. An oppressive meditative obscure early-industrial symphony based on two monolithic pieces of thick throbbing stuff. A long deep trip into the darker meanderings of the human mind... good luck! [SoundOhm]

CULVER & MURDER BOOK -- "Night Of The Killer's Moon" -- LP -- €10
2010 Turgid Animal, TA256, (ltd. 250)
Drone / Industrial / Noise. Gateshead drone legend Culver and Turgid Animal´s very own Mutant Ape side project Murder Book. Two longs sides of blackened heavy music. There is nothing pretty about this record other than the sexy girl on the front... you´ll see. [Freak Animal]

CULVER-COURTIS -- "s/t" -- LP -- €10
1997/2004 Riot Season, REPOSELP06, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Drone. Limited edition, untitled 500 only clear vinyl LP by drone / experimental duo CULVER-COURTIS. This is a collaboration between Anla Courtis of Reynols (Argentina) and Lee Stokoe aka Culver (England). The album is based around beautiful hypnotic drones, kind of avant-garde and kind of calming at the same time. Slightly similar in style to some of Makoto Kawabata's solo work perhaps. Although there are only four 'songs' on the record, it clocks in at near 50 minutes. The LP is a completely remastered reissue of a previous cassette only self release. The basis of the record was recorded in the sweltering heat of Buenos Aires by Anla of Reynols and then sent to Culver in the UK for him to mix and overdub his own parts. This was the first mail collaboration both of these respected underground artists ever created and now thanks to some serious remastering is available for the majority to enjoy for the first time. Clear vinyl album housed in clear PVC sleeve with double sided insert. For fans of : Makoto Kawabata, Sunn o))), Reynols, etc. [label info]

1999 Duebel, WHOL4 / Flenix, FLR02, (ltd. 300)
Industrial / Noise. Collaboration between two Japanese musicians.

PRINS, GERT-JAN -- "s/t" -- 10" lathe-cut -- €15
2012 The Spring Press, SP#14, (ltd. 70)
Experimental. A new EP featuring unreleased recordings from this Dutch electronic master. For over twenty years Prins has explored the spatial, textural and compositional possibilities of electronic systems with his custom circutry; both through sound and his arts practice. Reconsidering the technologies of club culture he has defined his own very radical approach to music; having also collaborated with the likes of Christian Fennesz, Lee Ranaldo, Carlos Giffoni as well as being an integral member of MIMEO... The Lathe Edition series is a number of lathe-cut 10" records produced in very restricted runs. Each disc is cut by hand in New York City, packaged in foil stamped tip-on Stoughton sleeves, individually titled and numbered.

XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION -- "Must Be Ready / Hang The Nigger" -- 7" lathe-cut -- €75
2010 Assembly of Hatred, AOH01, (ltd. 30)
Power Electronics from Finland.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Enid Blyton - Die Fünf Freunde Erzählen Kindergeschichten" -- LP -- €18
2018 Psych.KG, Psych.KG 417, (ltd. 100)
Experimental / Fluxus. Weird conceptual LP, for which the five musicians appear as characters by Enid Blyton. Each character presents a children's story as cut-up collage with distorted electronics: DITTERICH VON EULER-DONNERSPERG, NOBU KASAHARA, CATAHERINE MEHRL BENNETT, MAJA RATKJE, KOMMISSAR HJULER.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Like A Frog In Winter" -- LP + 7" -- €11
2008 Hospital Productions, HOS-138, (ltd. 500)


ALBREICH -- "Of Man, Of Genius" -- C-10 -- €18
2010 Hospital Productions, HOS-280, (ltd. 200)
Industrial / Power Electronics.

ALO GIRL -- "Die Erbin Des Dracula" -- C-20 -- €7
2012 Narcolepsia, narco019, (ltd. 57)
Harsh Noise Wall. “Die Erbin Des Dracula” finds this Italian based HNW project offering up a C20’s worth of pummelling yet atmospherically under-fed walled noise. The release's title translates to “The Heiress Of Dracula” (which was the German title for Jess Franco’s euro sleazy horror classic Vampyros Lesbos), and the cover artwork/inlay suggests late 60’s to early 70’s euro horror b movies... With “Die Erbin Des Dracula” the project perfectly mixers wall intensity with more atmospheric horror fed moodiness. [Musique Machine]

ALO GIRL -- "Unleashed Perversions" -- C-30 -- €18
2010 A Dear Girl Called Wendy, WE10
Harsh Noise Wall.

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO -- "Technology-X" -- CS -- €12
2011 Mirror Tapes, MT006, (ltd. 218)
Mirror Tapes present a stunning issue of unreleased, archival work from notorious electronic noise pioneer, Maurizio Bianchi. 'Technology-X' was salvaged from tapes dating to 1981 and carefully restored and remastered for cassette by Edward Sol of Quasi Pop records, faithfully representing MB's crushing dynamics and incredibly visceral textures. [SoundOhm] Cassette comes with a badge.

BIANCHI, MAURIZIO -- "Y" -- C-32 -- €10
2010 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio - Y, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

BLACK LEATHER JESUS -- "Recycled" -- CS -- €7
1993 RRRecords / Recycled Music
Harsh Noise. Part of the Recycled Music series on RRRecords.

BLADARE -- "Dåndimpen" -- C-60 -- €25
2008 Styggelse, Stygg 16, (ltd. 120)
Power Electronics / Noise / Industrial. A project by Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania, H.K.S.O., Blood Ov Thee Christ, etc.). An all-but-forgotten classic (well...). Extremely dirty, lots of junk abuse, recorded on god-knows-what... In the middle of it all sudden bursts of vocals, enmeshed in the general brutality. It sounds like Survival Unit got at least drunk and recorded a tape, and perhaps there are reasons for that. Great stuff from HKSO. Chaos, violence, dåndimpen. [Yrjö-Koskinen]

BOTCHER, DANIEL S. -- "Another Red" -- C-36 -- €10
2013 Posh Isolation, Posh Isolation 114, (ltd. 90)
Noise from Denmark.

CRACKSTEEL / FECALOVE -- "Noisedeath Orgasm" -- C-60 -- €7
2009 Turgid Animal, TA394
Japanese harsh noise vs italian harsh noise/power electronics! Ugly xerox on deluxe gold paper. [Terror]

CREEPING -- "Wish You Cared Like I Do" -- C-47 -- €9
2017 Bacteria Field, Bacteria Field 047, (ltd. 75)
Power Electronics from the US. A project of Jeff Plummer aka IMMACULATE:GROTESQUE.

CREMATION LILY -- "April 21" -- CS -- €12
2012/2015 Strange Rules, RULE-043, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Power Electronics from the UK. Second edition with foldout cover.

CREMATION LILY -- "Brotherhood Of Gold" -- 2 x C-10 -- €16
2013 Strange Rules, RULE-058, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Power Electronics from the UK.

CREMATION LILY -- "Christening Summer" -- 2 x C-12 -- €20
2014 Strange Rules, RULE-070, (ltd. 48)
Synthwave / Dark Ambient / Field Recordings. With this release Zen Zsigo moved from harsh electronics (as bookended on Alter Records’ fabulous Fires Frame The Silhouette LP) to lo-fi shimmering ambience. [tape headz]

CREMATION LILY -- "Fluids Of October" -- C-15 -- €10
2014 Angoisse, angoisse 09
Synthwave / Dark Ambient / Field Recordings.

CREMATION LILY -- "Funeral Home" -- 2 x C-10 -- €20
2011/2014 Strange Rules
Industrial / Power Electronics from the UK. Second edition.

CREMATION LILY -- "Sexless Merit" -- C-30 -- €10
2011/2014 Strange Rules, RULE-006
Industrial / Power Electronics from the UK. Third edition.

CREMATION LILY -- "Uncomplicated Explanations" -- 2 x C-12 -- €20
2013 Strange Rules, RULE-044, (ltd. 44)
Industrial / Power Electronics from the UK.

DEAD BODY COLLECTION -- "Her Beautiful...Blood" -- С-30 -- €12
2011 Psych.KG, Psych.KG 019, (ltd. 47)
Harsh Noise Wall. Packed in a jute bag with j card.

DRAHEIM, CHARLIE -- "Recycled" -- CS -- €7
RRRecords / Recycled Music
Harsh Noise. Part of the Recycled Music series on RRRecords.

ENCEPHALOPHONIC -- "Chronicity Of A Disease" -- C-32 -- €13
2011 Self Abuse Records, SAC-46
Harsh Noise project of the Italian musician Emanuele Bonini.

FECALOVE -- "Recycled" -- CS -- €7
2008 RRRecords / Recycled Music
Harsh Noise. Part of the Recycled Music series on RRRecords.

FECALOVE / FUKTE / MUTANT APE / INDCH LIBERTINE -- "Behind The Pink Door" -- CS -- €15
2013 Toxic Industries, T+039, (ltd. 54)
Bruises, stingy farts and hangovers are long gone. This is the only trace left from a disastrous Turgid Animal Italian tour in 2010. Live sets from Mutant Ape, Fukte, Fecalove and Indch Libertine, recorded at Second Sleep's headquarters in rural Veneto... Comes in special package: pink cassette painted with white drops in plastic case with stickers, artwork is printed on pink paper with an original 80s sexy poker playing card glued on it (each one is different), the whole release comes with a thong (each one is different too). Limited to 54 hand-numbered copies. Recorded live on 25 February 2010 at Vida Loca, San Vendemiano (TV), Italy. [label info]

FECALOVE / MDT -- "La Merda" -- C-60 -- €7
2012 Santos Productions, SNTST12
Experimental / Noise. Split by two Italian noise projects. Entirely recorded while sitting on the toilet. Shit field recordings and synth tweaking from the white throne. [Turgid Animal]

FFH -- "Recycled" -- CS -- €7
RRRecords / Recycled Music
Harsh Noise. Part of the Recycled Music series on RRRecords.

GOLDEN GEISSEL -- "Die Herrin Und Ihr Sklave" -- C-45 -- €13
2009 Institute Of Paraphilia Studies
Noise. Studio live guitar orgy. Guitar treated like perverse ladies treat their slave-dog. Harshness and fierce brutality. Black chrome tape in a soft tape shell with J-card. [label info]

HAARE / BETE LUMINEUSE -- split -- C-40 -- €10
Heavy Meditation, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Drone. Bête Lumineuse delivers 5 tracks of dark noise/industrial, Haare track is a 20 minute piece of droning noise meditation music. [Staalplaat]

IL LAZZARETTO -- "Omnopon" -- C-34 -- €6
2020 Dödens Kultur, DK№03, (ltd. 16)
Catacomb Death Ambient / Dungeon Drone / Black Synth from the secret project. Monks in a cellar shooting up their veins and listening to black metal. The echoing darkness of night corridors and draining oppressive opioid lo-fi drone in two parts. Handmade boxes decorated in the style of stained glass, primitive photocopied covers. [label info]

LAST RAPE -- "A Rendezvous With Death" -- CS -- €8
2014 Vulnavia Editions
Harsh Noise Wall project of RICHARD RAMIREZ and SEAN E. MATZUS.

LE COSE BIANCHE -- "Aesthetics Of A Good Pornographer" -- C-40 -- €7
2013 Industrial-Culture, ixc-mc-0006, (ltd. 25)
Power Electronics.

LE COSE BIANCHE -- "Copkiller" -- C-60 -- €10
2015 Custom Body Records, CBR21, (ltd. 20)
Power Electronics. Work inspired by the movie of Faenza, contains two tracks: A side featuring pure improvisation analog, while the B side contains an old track of the first demo of LCB "Attraversovagina" (Spell - 2007, self released) reworked, re-assembled and re-treated with analog synthesizer. Realized for the X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE. Tape (various colors tapes) inside a cardboard envelope with info insert.

LE COSE BIANCHE + SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS -- "X Congresso Post Industriale" -- C-40 -- €8
2017 Old Europa Cafe, OEC113 / SoundScape 713, SS713-LIVE2, (ltd. 50)
Power Electronics. Recorded live at "X Congresso Post Industriale", 31.10.2015 at Der Kindergarten Club, Bologna, Italy.

LE COSE BIANCHE / WERTHAM -- "Contempt" -- C-50 -- €8
2015 Angst, ANGST_21, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics. Split / collab of two Italian projects.

MACRONYMPHA + VOMIR -- "s/t" -- С-60 -- €10
2017 Bizarre Audio Arts, (ltd. 25)
Harsh Noise. Split / collaboration between two reknown projects, packed in an oversized plastic bag with an attached cover.

NECROPHONIE -- "s/t" -- CS -- €10
2009 self-released, (ltd. 99)
Industrial / Noise. Necrophonie was the last name used by the ceased-to-exist noise duo formed by M. Nothing (aka M. Corbelli / ATRAX MORGUE) & Devis G. (TEATRO SATANICO). Ceased to exist since M. Nothing passed away in 2007. Side A contains 9 tracks recorded bt the duo live in Tokyo on 03.12.2006, side B contains 11 tracks recorded by Devis G. solo on purpose for Necrophonia in April-May 2006.

NURTURE ABUSE -- "s/t" -- C-12 -- €10
2010 Razors And Medicine, Razors And Medicine 24, (ltd. 75)
Power Electronics. Nurture Abuse is Chris Potenza and Mike Cardoso also of the legendary Providence grindcore band Suffering Bastard. Nurture Abuse create seething walls of power electronics with hateful vocals and an often subversive live performance. [Existence Establishment]

PHILLIPS, DAVE -- "Kelelawar" -- CS -- €8
2011 Banned Production, bp 176
Experimental / Field Recordings. Flying fox (kelelawar in indonesia) is the common name for bats of the genus pteropus, the largest bats in the world. Side A features original (untreated) recordings of flying foxes, side B manipulations thereof. Recorded on Pulau Kelelawar, Riung Marine Park, Flores, Indonesia, February 2010.

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Lafitte Filth" -- CS -- €8
2013 Deadline Recordings, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Volume 1 in Hellfire Series, named after the gay biker/S&M organization Hellfire Club.

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "The Joys Of Self Abuse" -- CS -- €8
2013 Deadline Recordings, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Volume 2 in Hellfire Series, named after the gay biker/S&M organization Hellfire Club.

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Learning The Ropes" -- CS -- €8
2013 Deadline Recordings, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Volume 3 in Hellfire Series, named after the gay biker/S&M organization Hellfire Club.

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Without Option" -- CS -- €8
2014 Room 2A, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Volume 4 in Hellfire Series, named after the gay biker/S&M organization Hellfire Club.

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Without Consent" -- CS -- €8
2014 Room 2A, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Volume 5 in Hellfire Series, named after the gay biker/S&M organization Hellfire Club.

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Without Consern" -- CS -- €8
2014 Room 2A, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise. Volume 6 in Hellfire Series, named after the gay biker/S&M organization Hellfire Club.

SHAPEDNOISE -- "The Day Of Revenge" -- CS -- €13
2013 Hospital Productions, HOS-370, (ltd. 100)
Industrial / Techno. The Day Of Revenge sees Shapednoise exploring all sides of his sound, ranging from throbbing techno to ambient collages and distorted synth experiments. [Resident Advisor]

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS + LE COSE BIANCHE -- "Carnaliter Development" -- 2 x С-60 -- €15
2015 Spatter, SP031, (ltd. 67)
Power Electronics. New and unreleased material coplayed by Paolo Bandera and Giovanni Mori. Black & white xeroxed paper cover, A4 insert, hand-numbered.

STELLA, RODGER & SCANT -- "Third Phalanx" -- C-40 -- €8
2016 New Forces, NF039, (ltd. 100)
Industrial / Noise. Something bad is going to happen, tension building, nerves shot. A perfectly realized collaboration between Rodger Stella (Macronympha, One Dark Eye) and Scant. Like all great collaborations this combines the best of both artists and arrives at a totally unique place. Minimal textural studies build to satisfying noise outbursts as each side of this tape builds and builds. Imagine a perfect one-second noise loop stretched out for 40 minutes, subjected to expert manipulation and increasing violence. [label info]

TAIGA REMAINS -- "Beehive Sutra" -- C-20 -- €10
2006 Tone Filth, TF44, (ltd. 100)
Experimental / Drone from Alex Cobb. Chrome cassette with hand screened covers, cases and tapes.

WEREWOLF JERUSALEM / CULVER -- split -- C-30 -- €7
2009 Turgid Animal, TA391
HNW from the prolific Richard Ramirez aka WEREWOLF JERUSALEM on one side, harsh drones from Lee Stokoe aka CULVER on the other. Two legends of their respective styles.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Arachnid Claims Its Prey – A Tribute To Atrax Morgue" -- 2 CS -- €10
2012 Scrape Tapes, scrape/019, (ltd. 250)

III. Back in stock

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM -- "Daft Jarring Effects" -- LP -- €10
2004 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2006, (ltd. 250)
Unique Japanese experimental madness. Recorded live at Tokuzo, 2002 Nov. 01, Nogoya, by Hiroshi Hashimoto, Kenji Kobayashi, Shingo Sugiura.

DARK GLASS -- "Cocoon" -- CS -- €8
2019 Eonian Autumn Records
IDM / Glitch / Experimental. Cocoon - a story that tells about the sound and information flows surrounding each city dweller... This album reflects experiments with the distortion of ordinary sound forms, their repeated repetition, the displacement of individual fragments with the addition of subtle noise structures, showing the reflection of the interaction of the ecology of the modern world and the sound environment... This album helps to comprehend the global environmental catastrophe by interweaving thin sound structures into the space surrounding us, which gives the key to understanding the current situation, with the possibility of understanding what we have done and how to fix it. [label info]

DEAD BODY COLLECTION -- "The Rostov Ripper" -- С-60 -- €8
2012/2013 Terror, TR-23, (ltd. 53)
Harsh Noise Wall. Rereleasing recent HNW release might seem like quite a weird action, but since the first edition was only 12 copies and the material is truly interesting, it's truly worth it. Material on the tape is not purely static as you could expect from Dead Body Collection. Two sides with half an hour of material on each different approaches to sounds. I think there's no need to talk about A. Chikatilo, who was the main inspiration for this record for it would be difficult to find a person who doesn't know about his crimes. 53 victims and 53 tapes. Instead of numeration you get separate photo with short description of the killing etc. (there are a few sheets without photos since they don't seem to exist). [press-release]

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